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The Brilliance of OCR Technology

What is Maestro?

The MaestroTM add-on for Worldox® enables users to use Worldox's powerful text search capabilities to find scanned images. Maestro optical character recognition (OCR) software converts scanned documents into image + text PDF files. With the power of Maestro OCR you can: Easily find documents regardless of how they were filed by performing a text search for documents. Quickly and easily perform a search for a word or phase within a document. Cut and paste text from an image into another electronic document.

Benefits of Maestro

Some of the many benefits of Maestro that differentiate it from other OCR engines include: 1. Text conversion is performed as a back end process. Consequently, documents are scanned faster than with up-front OCR that occurs during the scanning process. 2. Because Maestro runs as a back end process, OCR is not limited to scanned documents. Maestro will OCR all TIFF and image-only PDFs, including historical documents and documents the firm receives via e-mail or e-fax. 3. Maestro does not create a separate text file; rather, it creates an invisible text overlay embedded within the file. This enables a more natural feel to the user whenever they perform a text search within a file (e.g. by providing physical context of where you are in the file). 4. Maestro was specifically created for Worldox and is tightly integrated with the document management system. 5. As Maestro does not directly interact with the scanner or scanning software, users are free to use any scanner or scanning software they chose.

How does Maestro Work?

Maestro monitors the Worldox document repository for newly created and newly modified TIFF and image-only PDF files. PDF.

Maestro processes the document and converts it to an image + text. This format stores the original image and adds an invisible text overlay to the file, thus making it text searchable. The document becomes text searchable within minutes of being saved!

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