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The Trunk Shop

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Anatomy of a trunk........................................... Description of parts........................................... Fasteners.......................................................... Handles, handle loops, and end caps................ More handles and corners................................. Locks, closures, steel banding, leather straps... Slats, clamps, and rollers................................. More clamps, hinges, and stays....................... Adhesives......................................................... Ornaments, chemicals, metal, and tools.......... Cloth stays, decoration, liner, and tips........... Valuing your trunk............................................ Victorian prints and trunkmakers' labels......... Price List........................................................... Ordering........................................................... Trunk Books..................................................... 3 4 5 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 14 15 16 18 19

Refinishing Service at The Trunk Shop

Upon evaluation, some people decide that refinishing or restoring their trunk is more than they want to do. At The Trunk Shop we can refinish or restore your trunk using the same care and quality craftsmanship that we use on our own trunks. Please call for a consultation and free estimate for work on your trunk.

Toll Free: 1 877 247-0389

We have a large selection of liner paper. Please call the workshop for more details.

Liner Paper

Anatomy of a Trunk.





Lip Handle Slat Base

End Caps Metal Trim Slat Clamps


Even though there are many styles of trunks most of them use the same types of parts. We've listed the more common parts here with a brief description of each.

PC 3



The bottom part of the trunk.

Drawbolt: End cap: Handle: Lid: Lip:

A two part piece of hardware that tightens the base and lid together with a hook and clamping device.

Used to dress up the end of the handle or to actually hold the handle on.

Made from leather, brass, or steel. Used to lift the trunk. The top part of the trunk. A 1" wide strip of steel around the bottom of the lid to help seal the trunk.


Attaches to the lockplate to secure the trunk.


Usually attached to the bottom of the trunk. Holds the latch.

Metal trim: Slat:

Wide strips of flat sheet steel used to dress up and reinforce the trunk.

Slat clamp: Stay:

Used to reinforce the trunk, usually made of oak or some other hardwood.

Holds the slat onto the trunk. A hinged metal device that holds the lid of the trunk up. Many older trunks had cloth stays.

Circa The term "circa" means around this time. That is, circa 1875 would mean around 1875 give or take a few years. The abbreviation for circa is ca.

PC 4

Fasteners: Tacks, Nails, Rivets, Buttons, and Lid Lifters

Trunk Tacks

Brass Plated D-3610 1/2" long appx. 200 per 1/4 pound. D-3620 3/4" long appx. 160 per 1/4 pound. D-3630 1" long appx. 120 per 1/4 pound. Plain Steel S-3620 3/4" long appx. 135 per 1/4 pound. Aluminum M-3754 1/2" long M-3755 5/8" long M-3756 3/4" long M-3757 1" long

All nails and tacks: $7.00 1/4 lb or 20 for $2.00

Screw Posts

$1.00 per set

Brass B-3744 1/2" long B-3745 5/8" long B-3747 1" long

All posts are sold per each and include two parts: the post end and the screw end.

$3.00 / doz

Trunk Nails

Brass Plated D-3660 1" long appx. 115 nails per 1/4 pound D-3665 1 1/4" long appx. 100 nails per 1/4 pound D-3670 1 1/2" long appx. 85 nails per 1/4 pound Plain Steel S-3660 1" long appx. 145 nails per pound S-3665 1-1/4"long appx 100 nails per pound S-3670 1 1/2" long appx. 85 nails per 1/4 pound

D-3530 Jenny Lind Button Brass Plated Steel 3/4" dia head 1" shank Sold by the dozen

Lid Lifts and Lock Covers


B-4215 Cast Brass Exterior Lid Lift curved and shaped for easy grip and lift. 1 1/4" high x 4 1/8" wide


Brass Plated D-3741 D-3751 D-3761 D-3771 1/2" long 5/8" long 11/16" long 7/8" long

$4.00 $4.00


D-3701 Split Rivet Cap 3/8" dia.

Heads: 3/8" dia Shaft: 5/32" dia All rivets and caps sold in lots of 50

L-4222 Black L-4223 Natural Exterior Lid Lift Tab 3 1/2" high x 41/8"wide 7-8 oz. Single Ply Leather Use these for exterior lock covers and lid lift tabs. L-4224 Black L-4225 Natural 3" high x 3 1/4" wide L-4226 Black L-4227 Natural 3 1/4" high x 3 1/2" wide L-4228 Black L-4229 Natural 4 1/8" high x 4 3/8" wide 7-8 oz. single ply leather

Directions for using split rivets with caps. 1. Tap the split rivet through the wood and/or tin, etc., exposing the pronged ends. 2. Place a piece of wood or metal against the head of the rivet. 3. Place the rivet cap over the exposed rivet prongs and gently hammer. The rivet prongs will curl into the rivet cap.

Ordering Call Toll Free: 1 877 247-0389 PC 5

$3.00, $3.50, $4.00

More Fasteners

$4.00 $4.50

Ordering Call Toll Free: 1 877 247-0389

$4.00 $6.00

B-3500 Escutcheon Pin 1/2" long 16 Gauge Brass Appx 250 nails per pkg B-3510 Escutcheon Pin 3/4" long 13 Gauge Brass Appx 68 Nails per pkg


D-3500A Escutcheon Pin 1/2" long 16 gauge Brass plated steel Appx 215 nails per pkg.

AD-3502 Head 7/16" dia. Nail 1/2" French Natural Finish 50/pkg.

AD-3504 Head 1/2" dia. Nail 1/2" Oxford Finish 50/pkg. AD-3508 French Natural Finish Head 3/8" dia Nail1/2" long 50/pkg. AD-3514 $4.50 French Natural Finish Head 15/16"dia Nail 5/8" long AD-3514D Dull Finish

AD-3507 French Natural Finish Head 3/8" dia. Nail1/2" 50/pkg.


S-3571 $2.50 CUT NAILS CLOUT 3/4" length Similar in design to Shingle Nails, but made from lighter gauge steel. Useful for nailing shingles, for box and crate construction and for the application of thin siding and paneling. Also used for furniture repair, cabinet work, batten doors, and counter tops. Appx. 160 per 1/4lb. S-3572 $7.00 CUT NAILS Headless Brad 1" length Used in wood application where a slender nail will minimize splits. Often used for furniture repair, cabinet work, and picture framing. Appx. 260 per 1/4lb.


AD-3509 French Natural Finish Head 5/16" dia Nail 5/8" long 50/pkg.


Sold by the Dozen


AD-3521 Old Gold Finish Dimpled Head 5/8" dia Nail 9/16" long Sold by the Dozen


$3.00 S-3573 CUT NAILS Fine Finish 1 1/4" length These slender nails are popular for wood applications where a slim brad head nail is appropriate: furniture repair, cabinet work, casing, batten doors, paneling, and counter tops. Appximately 100 per 1/4lb. $2.00 $2.00

S-3574 CUT NAILS Shingle 1 3/8" length Appx. 50 per 1/4lb. Shingle nails have blunt

AD-3522 Old Gold Finish Dimpled Head 13/16" dia Nail 5/8" long Sold by the Dozen


AD-3526 Oxford Finish Head 3/4" dia Nail 9/16" long Sold by the Dozen


AD-3535 Oxford Finish Head 3/4" dia Nail 9/16" long Sold by the Dozen

S-3575 CUT NAILS Shingle 1 3/4" length Shingle nails have blunt points to reduce wood splits, and the cut nail shank holds tight. Appx 35 per 1/4lb.


B-1429 1" long brass hook



AD-3539 Old Brass Finish Head 3/8" dia Nail 1/2" long 50/pkg.


AD-3590 Antiqued Finish Head 7/16" dia Nail 1/2" long 50/pkg.

B-1439 1-1/4" long brass hook


B-1449 1-1/2" long brass hook


D-3039 Brass Plated Stamped Steel Turnbutton 3/4" long x 1/4" wide Sold by the Dozen

PC 6

Trunk Handles, Handle Loops, and End Caps

Ordering Call Toll Free: 1 877 247-0389 All handles are prices per each.

Cap Style

D-4308 2 1/4" wide 2 3/16" long


Standard Grade Leather Finished Topside Unfinished Backside L-4203 Natural 6" long x 5/8"w . Single Ply Great for Doll Trunks!


D-4308 and D-4316 come with one nail to use as a center pin.


Premium Grade Leather Finished front and back L-4210 Black L-4220 Black 8" long x 3/4" w x 1/4" thick 9" long x 3/4" w x 1/4" thick


L-4231 Brown 10" long x 15/16" w x 9/32" thick

D-4316 $1.75 2 1/4" wide 2 1/16" long Brass plated steel.


Premium Grade Leather L-4244 Black L-4245N Natural L-4245B Burgundy L4245C Chestnut 8 3/4" long x 1 1/8" w x 1/4" thick


Standard Grade Leather L-4242 Black L-4243 Natural 8 5/8" long x 1 3/16" w x 5/16" thick

S-4320 Copy of 19th Century end cap 2 5/16" wide 2 1/8" long $2.25 Steel

S-4330 Copy of 19th Century end cap. 2" long x 2" wide


Premium Grade Leather L-4248 Black L-4249N Natural L-4249B Burgundy L4249C Chestnut 8 3/4" ljong x 1 1/8" w x 1/4" thick


Standard Grade Leather L-4246 Black L-4247 Natural 8 5/8" long x 1 3/16" w x 5/16" thick


Open End Style

D-4301 $2.00 5/8" wide 1 15/16" long Brass Plated Steel For use with L-4203 6" Leather Strap D-4314 $2.00 5/8" wide 1 7/8" long Brass plated steel.



Standard Grade Leather L-4252 Black L-4262 Black L-4253 Natural L-4263 Natural 9 7/8" long x 1 1/8" w x 5/16" thick 10 3/4" long x 1 1/4" w x 1/4" thick


L-4272 Black Standard Grade Leather 8 3/4" longl x 1 1/4" w x 5/16" thick L-4273 Natural

D-4326 $3.00 1 1/4" wide 3 1/4" long With attached center pin. Brass plated steel.


L-4282 Black L-4283 Natural 9 3/8" long x 1 1/4" w x 5/16" thick

Standard Grade Leather


L-4292 Black L-4293 Natural 9 3/4" long x 1 7/8" w x 5/16" thick

PC 7

Trunk and Chest Handles

BW-4299 Backplate: 1" high x 4 7/8" wide with 1 3/4"projection Cast Brass with Stationary Wood Handle Mounting Screws Included.


This corner matches B-4570 fancy edge clamp.


D-4295 Wire Trunk Handle & Backplate 90 degree stop. Backplate: 3 1/2" w x 1 3/8" h Brass Plated Steel. D-4294 Interior Trunk Drawer Pull Backplate: 1 1/4" h x 3 1/4" w Used on inside drawers of Wardrobe Steamer Trunks.



B-4470 Discontinued Fancy Trunk Corner Cast Brass Corner for Flat Top Trunk (All 90 degree angles) 2 1/8" x 2 1/8" x 2 1/8"

Brass Plated Steel

F-4297A Small Chest Handle Cast Iron w/black finish. Overall: 3 13/16" high Backplate: 3 3/16" high x 3 5/16"wide


D-4404 1 1/16" x 1 1/16" x 1 1/16"


D-4414 1 5/16" x 1 5/16" x 1 5/16"


F-4297B Large Chest Handle Cast Iron w/black finish. Overall: 4 3/8" h Backplate: 3 13/16" h x 4 1/4" w


D-4418 2 1/4" 2 1/4" x 2 1/4"


D-4434 1 3/8" x 1 3/8" x 1 3/8"


BL-4298 Black Steel Chest Pull - Overall 2 3/4" h x 6 1/8" w.


D-4444 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" x 1 3/4"


D-4456 2 /38" x 2 3/8" x 2 3/8"


PC 8

Ordering Call Toll Free: 1 877 247-0389




D-3815 Trunk Lock w/2 Keys Flush Mount Brass Plated 6 1/2" h x 3 5/8" w.

Ordering Call Toll Free: 1 877 247-0389

Cast Brass Drawbolt

B-3990 Overall - 7" high x 3 5/8" wide Top Catch - 3" high x 3 1/2" wide Bottom Latch - 4" high x3 5/8" wide


N-3815K Nickel plated key. Fits D-3815 Trunk Lock and D-3835 Trunk Lock.


Deluxe Top Grain Leather Straps


D-3835 Spring Loaded Trunk Lock Flush Mount Brass Plated 4 3/4" h x 3 3/4" w. Includes 2 keys.

$24.00 ea $40.00 pr

L-4610 Black L-4620 Natural 60" long x 1" wide Heavy 8 to 9 oz. weight leather. Edges are creased. Comes with brass plated roller buckle & keeper, double riveted.


B-3980 Brass Drawbolt 3 3/8"h x 2"w

Leather Strap Keepers

L-4612 Black $1.50 L-4613 Natural 4 3/8" long x 1 3/4" wide


Leather trunk buckle assembly.

L-4622 Black L-4623 Natural Strap - 7 1/4" long x 1" wide Brass plated buckle - 2" long x 1 1/2" wide $14.50 Includes 2 brass plated screw rivets - 1" long. D-3910 2 3/4" h x 1 1/2" w. Flush Mounted. D-3924 3 1/2" h x 1 7/8" w Flush Mounted.

Heavy Gauge Steel Banding

$9.00/10' $10.00/10'



D-3910, D-3924, D-3940 drawbolts are brass plated steel. Use trunk nails, screws or rivets to mount.

D-3940 5 1/8" h x 2 7/8" w Flush Mounted.


PC 9

S-4037-10 10' S-4037-50 50' 3/4" wide x 23 gauge S-4047-10 10' S-4047-50 50' 1 1/4" wide x 31 gauge

$35.00/50' $50.00/50'

Metal banding for trunk lids, etc. Heavy gauge steel w/black finish. Sold in 10' and 50' coils

Slats, Clamps, and Rollers



Rollers, etc.


W1-4090 Plain Hardwood w/quarter round edges 36" long x 2 1/4"wide x 1/4" thick. W1-4091 Grooved or Fluted hardwood 36" long x 2 1/4" wide x 1/4" thick End view


S-4907 Plain Steel Mounting Plate 1 13/16"long x 5/8"w Roller 5/8"dia. x 7/16"w


S-4917 Plain Steel Mounting Plate 2" long x 1"w Roller 3/4" dia x 13/16"w


S-4927 Brass Roller 3 3/16"h x 7/8"w

Wood slats can be cut down to desired length.

Slat Clamps: Stamped Steel

D-4956 Bottom Studs Brass Plated Steel 2" long x 1 3/8" wide


S-4530 Covers end of wood slat. 2 1/4" w x 3" long


S-4540 Covers seam where one wood slat runs perpendicular into another wood slat. 2 1/2" w x 2 3/4" long


S-4531 Covers end of wood slat. 2 1/4" w x 3" long


S-4541 Covers seam where one wood slat runs perpendicular into another wood slat. 2 1/2" w x 2 3/4" long


S-4550 Clamps wood slat to top of trunk. 2 5/8" w x 3 1/2" long.


S-4551 Clamps wood slat to top of trunk. 2 5/8" w x 3 1/2" long.


S-4560 2 1/2" w x 5 3/8" long Clamps wood slats to top of trunk and bends over side of lid.


Ordering Call Toll Free: 1 877 247-0389

PC 10

S-4561 2 1/2" w x 5 3/8" long Clamps wood slats to top of trunk and bends over side of lid.


Ordering Call Toll Free: 1 877 247-0389

Edge Clamps

Cast Brass B-4533 Triple Legged Trunk Clamp Overall 3 13/16" long x 1 13/16" wide Legs 1 1/4" long from center


D-4700 Flap Hinge 2" long x 1 3/8" w




B-4532 Brass Double Legged Trunk Clamp 2 5/8" long x 1 13/16" wide


D-4705 Stop Hinge 3 1/4" long x 1 1/2" w


S-4701 Flap Hinge 3 7/8" long x 1 1/4" w


B-4534 Quadruple Legged Trunk Clamp Overall 5 3/16" long x 1 13/16" wide Legs 1 1/4" long from center


S-1633 Steel Butt Hinge 1 1/2" h x 1 1/2" w Used on older trunks.

S-4711 Flap Hinge 5 15/16" long x 1 1/8" w



B-4472 Fancy Trunk Clamp Each Leg - 2 1/8" long x 1 5/8" wide


B-4570 Fancy Trunk Clamp Each Leg - 2 1/8" long x 1 5/8" wide


S-4830 Open - 7 1/16" long x 7/8" wide Plain Steel S-4840 Open - 8 1/2" l x 1 3/16" w Plain steel.




S-4850 Open - 10 7/8" l x 1 3/16" w Plain Steel

Brass Plated Steel

D-4546 Each leg - 1 7/8" long x 1 1/2" w


D-4596 Each leg 1 3/4" long x 1 3/8" w


D-4828 Open- 6 3/4" long x 1" w Brass Plated Steel



D-4518 Each leg 1 7/8" long x 1 5/16" w

D-4526 Discontnued 2-hole leg - 2 1/8" long x 1" w. 1-hole leg 1 1/2" long x 1" w

D-4836 Open - 8" long x 1" w Brass Plated Steel


PC 11

All stays can be used on right or left hand side.


Zap Glues (Cyanoacrylate Adhesives)

Ordering Call Toll Free: 1 877 247-0389

Zip Kicker Aerosol Accelerator for Super Glues

These Zap glues are a great time saver for the professional furniture restorer. They work great on small veneer jobs, regluing chairs, and other shop jobs. They work very nicely in conjunction with cleats for repairing cracks and splits in the body of a trunk. Requires NO clamping. Please note: This glue has a 12 month shelf life. To extend the shelf life of unopened bottles almost indefinitely, store them in a freezer at 0 degrees farenheit. The adhesive must be warmed to room temperature before use. Do not store opened bottles in freezer or refrigerator. CA-SLO ZAP Super Thick, Slo Cure CA Adhesive (Yellow Label) G-6880 1 oz Bottle G-6890 2 oz Bottle ZAP/CA Super Thin Penetrating Adhesive (Pink Label) G-6881 1 oz Bottle

G-6893 2 oz. Pump Bottle


G-6894 5 oz. Aerosol Can




Handy pump bottle. Zip Kicker has a special formula designed to instantly set the surface of the Zap glues. Just spray on. (Note: The glue will still need to be allowed its full cure time).


G-6891 $16.00 2 oz Bottle G-6871 4 oz Bottle

This thick glue is often used a s filler. It is best for those jobs where assembly time is required, allowing 30 to 40 seconds of positioningg time. Cures in 1-2 minutes (You can use ZIP-KICKER to accelerate cure when needed.)


Zap/CA is very thin, penetrating, and instant curing. One or two drops are all that's necessary. It's wicking action allows assembly prior to gluing. Hold parts tightly together and apply a drop of Zap/CA to the outside of the seam. It penetrates into the joint and cures in 10-15 seconds. Great for;r tightening loose chair joints.

Z7 DEBONDER Debonding Agent for Super Glues G-6895 1 oz $6.00 Bottle Uniquely formulated water-based Z7 DEBONDER will soften and remove cured ZAP adhesives. Simply apply to cured adhesive, allow to penetrate (26 seconds), rub off softened adhesive. It's also great for removing pesky drops of glue from fingers. Contains Acetone. 5 MINUTE EPOXY GLUES

Z-ENDS TIPS $5.00 G-6896 Package of 10 Z-Ends & one 12" coil of Micro Dropper Tubing An extending reach, slick tip for ZAP Glues. Allows you to get into hard-to-reach areas. Use the Tubing on ZAP/CA. Use the Z-ENDS for Zap-AGap and Slo-Zap. G-6826 $20.00 EPOXY GLUE 5MINUTE Contains one 4 oz. Bottle of Resin & one 4 oz. Bottle of Hardener

CA+/ZAP-AGAP Thick Gap Filling Instant Adhesive (Green Label) G-6882 1 oz Bottle G-6892 2 oz Bottle G-6872 4 oz Bottle

ZAP GEL G-6887 .11 oz Tube


$10.00 $16.00 $27.00

G-6888 .70 oz Tube $10.00 G-6824 5-Minute Epoxy Glue/Quick Shot Automatically dispenses into equal parts with one push. Net Wt - 1 oz


CA+/Zap-A-Gap is a bit thicker and slower than ZPA/CA, allowing more assembly time. It is a great gap filling adhesive for those jobs with spaces or cracks of less than 1/16". Apply the glue then place the parts together. Cures in 30-45 seconds.

A very concentrated CA-like thick jelly. With the same formulation as Zap-a-gap. Ideal for vertical surfaces as it will not run. One drop is all it takes. Bonds in 15 seconds. Cures in 15 minutes

This product retains all of the physical strengths of epoxy adhesives while offering the added advantage of quick setting even in thin films at low temperatures. It will bond wood and nearly all other types of materials, including concrete. It achieves its terrific strength as a result of a chemical reaction when mixed with the Hardening agent. Non-shrinking. 30 MINUTE EPOXY GLUE

CHAIR LOC $7.00 J-6820 3 oz Bottle Repairs loose joints by penetrating wood fibers and then swelling them to make wood joints lock tightly in place. Comes in a three ounce plastic squeeze bottle with applicator tip for easy use in tight quarters. Not a Glue.

G-6828 Contains one 4 oz. Bottle of Resin & one 4 oz. Bottle of Hardener Specially formulated to bond fiberglass, wood, metals, plastics, etc. Produces a tough permanent bond in just 30 minutes, is resistant to shock and solvents, non-brittle, easy to sand, and has excellent gap filling characteristics.


PC 12

Ornaments, Chemicals, Metal, and Tools


Ordering Call Toll Free: 1 877 247-0389

T-4600 Embossed Tin 25 Gauge steel 9 1/2" wide Sold by the foot.

Q-3351 1/2" Brass Bristles on 8" handle For those hard to get at areas.


$4.00 T-2200 Steel 27 Gauge 10" h x 14" w Use for patching rusted areas in your trunk or for the bottom plate.

S-3350 Dental Pick Set Used to get into those hard to reach places. 4 piece set, stainless steel


White Chinese Bristle Q-3334 1" Wide Q-3335 1 1/2" Wide Q-3336 2" Wide Q-3337 2 1/2" Wide Q-3338 3" Wide


$1.00 $1.20 $1.50 $2.00 $2.50

B-4629 1/2" dia. Stamped brass



Touch Up Dye Pen J-3462B Oak J-3462D Mahogany This Water based, pump action touch up pen can be used on interior and exterior wood items. Ideal for disguising blemishes and scratches on finished wood surfaces. Tip is removable for easy cleaning. Comes with one extra tip. The dye is UV light resistant.

$1.00 S-4640 1 7/8" dia Stamped Steel


J-3450 NEVR-DULL Metal polish. Cotton wadding treated with special cleaner. Use on brass, silver, pewter, jewelry, plated metal. Rub with small wad & buff with tissue or soft cloth.

PC 13

Wood Ager J-3491-8 $10.00 8 oz bottle $24.00 J-3491 32 oz bottle A specially formulated waterbased solution that works instantly on new hardwoods. Packaged as a concentrate to allow flexibility of use. NOTE: Does not work well on softwood, especially pine.

Metal darkening solution J-3492 2 oz bottle $2.50 J-3498 $6.00 8 oz bottle $22.00 J-3499 32 oz bottle

Cloth Stays, Decoration, and Miscelaneous

Cloth Stay Material

J-3439 $25.00 PDE Paint Remover 1 pound Can Non-toxic fumes - No Fire Hazard Mix powder equally with water. Powerful, inexpensive, and easy to use remover for old, thick, hardened paints, including latex, casein, oil, and milk. Will dissolve up to 8 layers of paint in one application.

E-3391 Tack Cloth 4 1/2 square feet Anti-static cloth removes dust, dirt, lint, and sanding residue before and between coats.


Antique Trunk Parts Some of the antique parts we have available. Locks: Including brass locks End caps and handle loops Hinges Check our website,, Stays for pictures and prices of items Keys currently available. Rollers Or call: 1 877 247-0389 Drawbolts

Our customers often ask:

E-7509 Black 1" Sold by the yard. E-7518 Green Beige Stripe 1" Sold by the yard. E-7519 Canterbury stripe 1" Dark blue interwoven with red and beige. Sold by the yard. All stay material: $3 per yard.


Liner Paper: please call us or visit our website to find out more about liner paper. $30/roll plus $10/shipping

"When In Doubt, Don't"

What is my trunk worth? There are several ways to determine the value of your trunk. 1. You can take it to an antique dealer with knowledge and a speciality in trunks. 2. You can purchase our book, Antique Trunks: Identification and Price Guide and determine the value yourself. 3. Or you can send us a minimum of six pictures of your trunk, including different angles and interior shots, any additional markings, embossed dates or letters, and the overall dimensions, and for a $35 fee we will prepare a written appraisal with a cover letter that goes into specific detail about your trunk. Should I repair or refinish it? Will I hurt or destroy the value by refinishing? Appreciation and value of antique trunks has risen rapidly over the last decade, with many now worth $1000 or more. Some are now recognized to have value of $6,000-8,000 and up. With most trunks there are good techniques to stabilize and improve appearance and even increase the value and usability. However, it's also possible to lower the value by approaching the work with too little knowledge or "wrong" information. Our book, Antique Trunks: Refinish, Repair, Restore, will guide you through the process with clear step by step information and instruction. Ordering information for books on page 17 of the catalog. For appraisal send information and pictures to: The Trunk Shop, 154 Canaan Back Rd. Barrington, NH 03825 or via E-mail: [email protected]

PC 14

Ordering Call Toll Free: 1 877 247-0389

Victorian Prints and Trunkmakers Labels

A wide selection of color antique reproduction Victorian prints and Trunkmakers' labels.


5.5" x 4"


6.5" x 4.75"


VP104 5" x 7"

5.75" x 7.75" VP109 5" x 7.25"


4.25" x 3.75"


4.75" x 3"


4.75" x 3" VP111 5.5" x 3.75"

All labels and prints $5.00 ea. Dealers Discounts Avail


4.25" x 6.5"


5.5" x 3.5"

Labels Prints $5.00 ea

TL-12 Clinton 8l" x 8"

TL-11 M.M.Secor 7" x 4"

TL-24 R.Horton &Sons 5.75" x 3.5"

Other maker's labels available, please inquire.

TS-7800 Sold in sheets of ten stickers. Ten sheet minimum. Each sticker is 1.5" x 1". Peel and stick.

Trunk Stickers


Paper Interior Trunk Decorative Edging with Crack 'n Peel backing for easy installation. Comes on a sheet with Four (4) Corners. Some trimming required on interior edge. H-4141 Black and Red over a Cream background wash. H-4143 Blue and Gold over a Cream background wash.

$5.00/10 sheets

Paper Interior Trunk Decorative Edging with Crack 'n Peel backing for easy installation. Strip - 1" wide x 26" long H-4142 Black and Red over a Cream background wash. $1.50 H-4144 Blue and Gold over a Cream background wash.

TS-7900 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of 5 different travel labels. Attach to your trunk with household glue.


PC 15

Ordering Call Toll Free: 1 877 247-0389

The Trunk Shop Parts Catalog

To Order Parts: 1.Pick out the parts you would like to order. 2.Write down the name of the item. 3.Write down the parts number. 4.Write down the price and quantity. 5.Call and place your order: Call Toll Free: 1 877 247-0389 The Workshop: 1 603 664-2205 By mail: The Trunk Shop 154 Canaan Back Road Barrington NH 03825 Minimum Order by Phone or Mail:


$20.00 No minimum order when ordering through our web site.

Shipping:We generally ship by UPS or Priority Mail unless requested otherwise . Shipping charges: Orders totaling up to $29.99......... $7.75 Orders totaling up to $59.99......... $9.75 Orders totaling up to $94.99......... $11.75 Orders totaling up to $149.99 ....... $13.00 Orders totaling over $150.00........ $15.50

The Trunk Shop

1791 Carriage House

Payment: We accept Visa, Master Card, or Am Ex when ordering through our website. We accept Check or Money Order when ordering by phone or mail. If you pay by check, please allow enough time for the check to clear. Your order will be sent by UPS or Priority Mail the next business day. No CODs. Guarantee: All parts are fully guaranteed against defects. If you are not satisfied with the quality or condition please return the parts for a replacement, refund, or store credit. PC 16

The Trunk Shop is pleased to offer these two books on antique trunks. 1. Antique Trunks: Identification and Price Guide

192 pages printed in full color containing every style of trunk from 1770-1940 with descriptions and prices, a trunk makers database with over 200 makers, pictures of trunks in color, Victorian prints, makers labels, patent images, and more. Price: $49.99 plus $5 shipping.

2. Antique Trunks: Refinish, Repair, Restore-Revised and Expanded

This is the long awaited second edition "how to" book. If you are working on or plan to restore, refinish, or repair an antique trunk, this is the best book you can buy. It will help you make your trunk into an heirloom.. Approximately 200 pages with over 175 new illustrations. Price: $29.99 plus $5 shipping. Please send ____ copies of Antique Trunks: Identification and Price Guide at $49.99 each plus $5.00 shipping. Please send ____ copies of Antique Trunks: Refinish, Repair, Restore-Revised and Expanded at $29.99 each plus $5.00 shipping.

: Antique Trunks ID and Price Guide 49.99 Antique Trunks Refinish Repair Restore 29.99 Pay only $5 shipping Total $64.98 And receive a complimentary Victorian Print of your choice. A $5 value. (see page PC15)

Special Offer: Buy Both Books

Name____________________________________________________ Address___________________________________________________ Town, State, Zip___________________________________ Mail payment to: The Trunk Shop 154 Canaan Back Road Barrington NH 03825

Dealers discounts available, please inquire.

To order by phone call toll free: 1 877 247-0389 Order on the Internet:

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The Trunk Shop

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Antique Trunks

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