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Theme: A Flight School where kids learn the basics of aviation and flight. Amid the airplanes and hangars, kids will learn how to achieve higher standards for godliness as they are encouraged to fly higher with Jesus.

Bible Versions Included: Length of the Program: For Ages: Scale of the Program: Age Group Divisions:

Objective: To spur children on towards a life that is lived out every day for Christ. Flight School aims to shake children out of complacency and seeks to create a hunger in children to draw closer to God every day, committing all things to Him for His glory.

NIV, KJV, NKJV, NLT, ESV, and HCSB. Materials are included on the CD-ROM in each of these Bible translations. Five days, with a daily running time of 2½ hours. Can accommodate age 3 thru 6th grade, and also includes workshops for adults. Adjustable scale allows Flight School to fit the needs of very small churches, medium-sized churches, and large churches. Small churches: Two (Preschool thru grade 1 / grade 2 thru grade 6) Medium churches: Four (3's & 4's / K-1st / 2nd & 3rd / 4th thru 6th) Large churches: Eight (3's / 4's / K5 / 1st / 2nd / 3rd / 4th / 5th & 6th) Minimum of four. In large churches, up to eight rooms may be needed. One adult for every ten children, plus five (minimum requirements). One adult for every eight children, plus ten (ideal number of staff). Every day in drama skits at closing assemblies. CD-ROM for Windows and Macintosh or WebLink downloadable format Yes, in unlimited quantities for use in your ministry. Re-selling and re-distribution is prohibited.

Classrooms Needed: Volunteers Needed: Gospel Presented: Format: Reproducible?

Components Included in this VBS Kit Description and Contents

Director's Guidebook Drama Kit with Daily Gospel Teaching Director's Guide Bible Story Lesson Kit Bible Application Lesson Kit Send-Home Materials Kit Adult Workshop Kit Music Kit Crafts Kit Snacks Kit Games Kit Age Group Leader Guides Missions Kit Registration & Scoring Kit Decorations Kit Advertising Kit Discipleship Booklet: "Growing Up In Christ" Gospel Tract: "All About Jesus" Gospel Tract: "Something's Wrong" Gospel Tract: "The Bible in 30 Seconds" Clip Art Library T-Shirt Artwork Flyers Overview of VBS, tips and directions for planning and organizing VBS, and recruiting and supplies flyers Skits and gospel presentations for five days and directions and tips for planning and performing drama VBS lessons and directions for organizing all VBS teaching activities Bible story lessons designed for four teaching levels covering five days Object lessons with Scripture designed for four teaching levels which illustrate how to apply each day's Bible lesson Take-home worksheets at four levels for kids, and take-home Bible studies for parents, covering the five days of VBS Workshop-style lessons for adults covering five days Song lyrics, hand motions, sheet music and music CD containing seven original VBS songs Complete directions, supply lists and templates for five VBS craft projects Complete directions, supply lists and recipes for five VBS snacks Complete directions, supply lists and diagrams for five VBS games Directions for all VBS Age Group Leaders Suggestions for VBS missions projects, fund-raising ideas, and progress tracking poster Complete directions, name tags, score sheets, information cards and flyers for VBS registration and scorekeeping Ideas, suggestions and clip art to be used for decorating your facility for VBS Directions, suggestions, flyers, posters, banner artwork, a promotional skit, and a radio script for promoting your VBS Thirteen lessons and activities, along with extensive Scriptural references designed for parents and children to go through TOGETHER A one-page explanation of the problem of sin and how Jesus' death and resurrection can save us A one-page discussion of how sin curses our world and how Christ is the only solution A two-page rhyming summary of the Bible, showing how sin threatens us and how Jesus can save us A large selection of decorating and advertising artwork, signs and large posters on CD-ROM Artwork for VBS T-Shirts which you can have printed at a t-shirt shop or iron on to your own shirts Recruiting, registration and advertising flyers on CD-ROM


Day 1

Prepare for Takeoff! In order to fly, we must comply with the laws of physics. Unless our aircraft is molded to the right shape, it cannot fly. In the same way, it is only through Christ that we can be saved, and only by being molded to His likeness that we can fly!

Day 2

Trust Your Instruments! Pilots cannot trust their senses while in flight. Their senses can fool them, leading to crashes. In the same way, we cannot trust our hearts, nor can we fully understand God's plan. We must instead rely on God's Word and the Holy Spirit to navigate us through life.

Day 3

Don't Stall; Don't Fall! Unless an airplane is continuously moving forward in flight, it will go into a stall and crash. We are the same way. Unless we constantly strive to grow and move forward in Christ, we will backslide. There is no standing still! Colossians 3:23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.

Day 4

Avoid Drag! Every aircraft has to be as free from drag as possible. We also have to rid ourselves of the things that drag us down as we strive to grow in Christ. We must throw off everything that hinders and get rid of whatever keeps us from excelling in Christ!

Day 5

Go Supersonic! We are commanded to spread the gospel, but as pilots must contend with the sound barrier, we must break through barriers in order to make some noise with the gospel! It's time to overcome our fears and break through to make a sonic boom for Christ!

Overall Focus

©2005 TruthQuest® Ministries. Permission is granted for the PURCHASER of this VBS kit to reproduce this page. Reproduction or distribution of these materials for use by any individual or organization other than the purchaser is prohibited. ·

Memory Verse

(NIV Shown here)

John 14:6 Proverbs 3:5-6 I am the way, the truth, and Trust in the LORD with all the life. No one comes to your heart and lean not on the Father except through your own understanding; in me. all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight. "The Principle of Lift" "Will" explains to Amelia that Christ is the only way to get off the ground. Includes Gospel Presentation "Off Course" Instead of flying by the book, "Boomer" flies by his instincts and crashes. Includes Gospel Presentation

Hebrews 12:1B 1 Peter 3:15A Let us throw off everything But in your hearts set apart that hinders and the sin Christ as Lord. Always be that so easily entangles, prepared to give an answer and let us run with to everyone who asks you perseverance the race to give the reason for the marked out for us. hope that you have. "Sonic Boom" Will challenges Amelia and Boomer to make some noise by living out the gospel. Includes Gospel Presentation "Through the Barrier" Paul Looks Back at a Supersonic Life (Adapted from Acts and 2 Timothy) Paul reflects on a life of ups and downs, breaking through barriers with the gospel. Break Through! An object lesson will illustrate how Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier. This will be compared to the barriers broken by missionary pilot Nate Saint and how the kids can ALSO break through barriers and make a sonic boom with the gospel!

Drama Skit

"Velocity" "Dragging Down" "Will" explains to Boomer that, Boomer and Amelia are faced though he thinks he's a hot with surrendering the things shot, he's really in a stall. that keep them from flying high. Includes Gospel Presentation Includes Gospel Presentation "Uzziah Stalls and Falls" "Everything That Hinders..." How a Good King Crashed and Vignettes from the Parable Burned of the Sower (Adapted from 2 Chronicles 26) (Adapted from Matthew 13:3-23) Though he got off to a great start, From the parable of the sower, Uzziah became too impressed with we see all the things that prevent himself and became complacent in people from responding to the his relationship with God, resulting gospel. These are some of the things in a fall. we must throw off! Don't Slow Down! Using a spinning airplane on a string, kids will see that, once an airplane ceases to move forward at a good pace, it falls to the earth. This principle will challenge the kids to always strive for a better and more mature relationship with God. Lose the Drag! A race is run where one runner has a number of things dragging behind him, slowing him down. During the lesson, kids will evaluate things that slow them down in their lives with Christ and will consider how to be rid of those things. The race is then run again without the "drag" with better results. Sin is a Drag This fun song reminds kids that sin drags them down, but faith lifts them up! Jettison Kids try to shake all the balls off of a parachute. It's a Drag! Teams compete to drag their opponents across their finish line.

Bible Story

"Saul Sees the Light" "Senseless Senses" A Pharisee's Life Finally Takes The Israelites Learn to Trust God by Collecting Manna Off (Adapted from Exodus 6-16) (Adapted from Acts 7 and 9) Their senses told them there was Saul THOUGHT he was flying high no food in the desert. Would the as a Pharisee, until he met Jesus on Israelites trust God to provide as He the road. Then, after being broken said He would, or would they make and rebuilt, his life finally took off the mistake of trusting their senses? in Christ! Flaps up, Flaps Down! Through experiments with paper airplanes, kids will see that an airplane can only go where the air pushes it, and that the plane must adjust its shape in order to maneuver. We must be conformed to Christ's likeness in order to function as Christians. Round and Round! Kids will see that, when spun around in an office chair while blindfolded, they cannot trust what their senses tell them about the direction they are facing and whether they are stopped or still spinning. This will illustrate how our senses can be fooled, while God's Word is always right.

Application Lesson


Take Off! Keep Your Eyes on Jesus Give your life to Christ and get Always trust God over off the ground! yourself and He will keep you on course! Air Mail Teams race to transfer balls down a line of five buckets. Air Mail Teams race to transfer balls down a line of five buckets.

Need for Speed This up-tempo song reminds kids to always move forward with God! Airborne Teams play volleyball using multiple balloons instead of a ball. Don't Stall! Teams race to keep hula hoops rolling so they don't fall.

Supersonic This up-tempo song fires up kids' engines to make some noise for Christ! Breakthrough Teams race to get through an obstacle course. Breakthrough Teams race to get through an obstacle course.

Propellor Scripture Memory Kids try to duck or jump over a Games rotating pool noodle "propellor". Flight Plan Kids try to throw pool noodles through hula hoops.

Crafts, Snacks, and Games Information Available in our Director's Guidebook


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