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POWDER FREE NITRILE EXAM GLOVES Identification Product Code: Product Description: CASE #: IATA/IACO Hazard Rating: D.O.T Rating: Physical Data Composition: GLP0065 Non-Sterile, Ambidextrous, Disposable, PowderFree Nitrile Gloves,Blue Colored. Not Established Not Restricted Not Restricted Nitrile Sulfur Accelerator, ZDBC Zinc Oxide Stable N/A Foam Carbon Dioxide Water None Not necessary under normal conditions Not necessary N/A Exposure Data N/A Keep away from sunlight and heat. Store at room ° temperature, 10-40 C. Potassium Hydroxide Titanium Dioxide Stabilizer

Fire and Explosion Stability: Flash Point: Extinguishing Media:

Incompatible Materials: Normal Precautions Ventilation:

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Equipment: Spills Clean-up: Eyes: Voice: 888-460-4440 / 760-598-5599 Fax: 888-966-5550 / 760-598-2145 1445 Engineer St Vista, CA 92081 USA



MSDS PF Nitrile Gloves TS

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