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Working List of Materials for Teaching Transition Skills Resources Used at Shelby City Schools TASSEL Site Independent Living 1. Decisions for Independent Living V. Marie Caughey Glencoe/McGraw Hill 3008 W. Willow Knolls Drive Peoria, IL 61614 2. Life Skills Practices (3-ring Binder) Ellen McPeek Glisan PCI Educational Publishing San Antonio, Texas 1-800-594-4263 An indispensable guide for preparing students for life after high school, Life Skills Practice contains hundreds of "real-life," "hands-on" scenarios that encourage student confidence in dealing with a wide variety of everyday situations. This comprehensive program is suitable for individuals with varying levels of ability, and is written in a simple, user-friendly format. The 192 reproducible activity worksheets can be taught in any order and used for instruction or as study guides. They cover such practical everyday activities as decorating a home, dealing with illness, giving medical histories, using travelers' checks, preparing tax forms, eating on a budget, making a savings plan, and more. 3. Me & Others: Life Skills Hooker, Dennis & Almut Educational Design, Inc. 47 W. 13th Street New York, New York 10013 Survival Reading Flash Cards Nancy Lobb J. Weston Walch Publishers Conveniently organized into 6 color-coded units, these handy cards provide practical vocabulary instruction for your students. The 160 words and phrases in the set are fundamental for successful independent living. They include safety vocabulary, medicine labels, signs in buildings, public transportation vocabulary, and road signs. Each card features a single word or phrase on the front and its definition on the back.



Teacher's/Leader's Guide, A Pocket Guide to Independent Living. Lesson Plans, Activities and Worksheets Sheila J. Carter Independent Living Resources 411 Andrews Road, Suite 320 Durham, NC 27705 1800-820-0001 Survival Signs Indoor/Outdoor Janie Haugen PCI Educational Publishing San Antonio, Texas 1-800-594-4263 Survival Signs Software, the interactive version of the popular Survival Signs Curriculum, teaches students to identify important signs found at school and in the community. The easy-to-use software, developed by PCI's Janie Haugen, is ideal for practice and review either alone or in conjunction with any of the Survival Signs programs. The software features 40 indoor and 40 outdoor survival signs presented using international symbols and illustrations. Narration and voice prompts guide students, making the program effective for visual learners and those with limited or no reading skills.



ADA Facts and Fears Cynthia Kay and Wayne Glatz Cynthia Kay and Wayne Glatz Video Publications 214 East Fulton Grand Rapids, MI 49503 616-776-0354 Self-Image, Hot Topic for Teens (video) The Bureau for At-Risk Youth 1-800-99-YOUTH 9. Graduating to Independence: Information for Young People with Disabilities Department of Health and Human Services Social Security Administration Office of Disability This manual is divided into 3 sections: Special Messages to Parents and Students; Fact Sheets for social security information and work incentives; and Success Stories. For further information call: 410-965-5419


10. Buying & Caring for Clothes Janus Books: A division of Janus Book Publishers, Inc. 2501 Industrial Parkway West, Hayward CA 94545 415-887-7070 ISBN 0-88102-052-4 This book includes several topics that assist students in buying and caring for clothes including be a good consumer and knowing how to make wise choices. 11. Learning About Laundering: A professional handbook about principles, products, and procedures Procter & Gamble Educational Services This is a professional handbook about principles, products, and procedures in learning about laundering. This book can be used as a guide for teachers when planning lessons and units on life skills. 12. Clothing Language: A Survival Vocabulary Richey, J. ISBN 0-8224-6804-2 Includes vocabulary words that students use in talking about their clothing and wardrobes. 13. Consumer Skills Elbaum, M & Feldman, A. Fearon Education, A Division of David S. Lake Publishers ISBN 0-8224-4367-8 This book discusses shopping for groceries, buying clothes, looking for furniture, buying home appliances, shopping for home entertainment and buying on credit. 14. Life Skills Handbook Newbury, K. American Guidance Services, Inc. 1-800-328-2560 This book is divided into 10 Life Skill Areas: Goal setting, asking for help, assertiveness, problem solving, relationship skills, risk management, self-esteem, listening, sending messages, stress management.

15. Skills for Independent Living ISBN 0-835-93479-9 This is a hard-cover textbook divided into seven units: Setting goals, dealing with peer pressure, your health and safety, getting and keeping a job, handling your money, living on your own and your community. 16. Living on Your Own: Janus Life Skills Globe Fearon ISBN 0-8359-3348-2 Contents include planning to live on your own, furnishing your home, keeping your home clean, keeping your home safe, personal safety, buying and preparing food, shopping for clothes and sharing responsibilities. Employment 1. Fundamentals of Job Placement and Job Development James J. Costello RPM Press, Inc. P. O. Box 31483 Tuscon, AZ 85751 This multimedia resource provides a complete self-study program for supported employment and other new or less experienced job placement and developmental staff. The program includes written materials, audio cassettes, dozens of ready-to-use worksheets/forms, and an accompanying video tape. Together, they provide step-by-step guidance on how to develop community-based job sites and work with employers. 2. Federal Wage-Hour Guide for Service Providers to Persons with Disabilities C. Harles Harles & Associates P. O. Box 15318 Washinton, D.C. 20003 202-546-2847


Meeting the Needs of Youth with Disabilities: Handbook for Implementing Community-Based Vocational Education Programs According to the Fair Labor Standards Act, 2nd Edition National Transition Network Institute on Community Integration University of Minnesota U.S. Department of Education The Study Group, Inc. 612-627-4008 This handbook provides an overview of the SSI program as it applies to transition students; SSI work incentives; and the role school personnel can play in assisting students and parents in using these benefits in the transition process to enhance postsecondary outcomes.


Ensuring Access, Equity, and Quality for Students with Disabilities in School-toWork Systems: A Guide to Federal Laws and Policies National Transition Network University of Minnesota U.S. Department of Education The Study Group, Inc. 612-624-4512 The purpose of this publication is to provide guidance to state and local administrators and others responsible for planning and implementing comprehensive school-to-work systems for all students, including youth with disabilities. The primary audience for this publication includes: (a) directors of state and local school-to-work systems, special education programs, and vocational rehabilitation agencies; (b) school personnel, community service agency representatives, employers, family members, and others participating in school-to-work partnerships; and (c) members of professional associations, consumer and advocacy groups, and parent organizations. The information provided in this publication is intended to help develop a broader awareness of key federal legislation and policies that specifically address the participation of youth with disabilities in the full range of school-to-work opportunities being made available. The publication further supports administrative decisions and actions concerning the participation of youth with disabilities in school-to-work systems.


The Employer Recruitment and Orientation Guide NW Regional Educational Laboratory 101 SW Main Street, Suite 50 Portland, Oregon 97204 503-275-9519


Yes I Can. . .Work With People RPM Press, Inc. P. O. Box 31483 Tucson, Arizona 85751 Here is a proven multimedia resource designed to help you teach your severely students and adult workers important "people skills" essential for job success. They'll learn how to: cooperate with coworkers, cope with human relations problems on the job, work more effectively with supervisors, adapt to changes in work demands, deal with job related "people stress", work with the public and more!


Setting Piece-Rates: The Time Study. "How To" Guide for Rehabilitation Facilities RPM Press, Inc. P. O. Box 31483 Tucson, Arizona 85751 Get the Marketing Edge! A Job Developer's Toolkit for People with Disabilities Dale DiLeo and Dawn Langton Training Resource Network, Inc. P. O. Box 439 St. Augustine, Florida 32805 Using real-world examples, this book describes essential tools of marketing and job development that addresses the needs of the two prime "customers" in an employment match, employers and people with disabilities. It covers personal interactions with employers and cutting edge issues such as the ADA and "natural supports."



Job Search/Job Survival (workbook) M. Kilmeldorf, M. Roche, M. Brewner, and W. McMahon Educational Design, Inc. 345 Hudson Street New York, New York 10014 Writing for Employment J. Hing-McGowan and Merle Wood South-Western Publishing, Co. Cincinnati, Ohio



150 Ways to Keep Your Job Nancy Lobb J. Weston Walch, Publisher P. O. Box 658 Portland, Maine 04104 Teach students basic work ethics, habits, and attitudes that are critical to staying employed. This activity text gives them 150 "tips" on topics ranging from the first day on the job to getting raises and promotions. Illustrated case-study examples and questions highlight job issues such as sexual harassment and work stress. "Problems on the Job" sections present scenarios of work-related dilemmas for students to read and respond to. Included are pull-out sections of answers and vocabulary lists.


Vocabulary for the World of Work 2, Everyday Office and Business Words Donn Mosenfedler Educational Design, Inc. 47 W. 13th Street New York, New York 10011 Get Hired! Finding Job Opportunities 2nd Edition Durlynn Anema Fearon/Janus 500 Harbor Boulevard Belmont, CA 94002 Don't Get Fired! How To Keep a Job Durlynn Anema and William Lefkowitz Fearon/Janus 500 Harbor Boulevard Belmont, CA 94002 Store Jobs Stuart E. Schwartz and Diane M. Budd Janus Book Publishers 2501 Industrial Parkway West Hayward, CA 94545





Hospital Jobs Stuart E. Schwartz Fearon/Janus 500 Harbor Boulevard Belmont, CA 94002 Social Skills on the Job: A Transition to the Workplace, A Teacher's Guide American Guidance Service (AGS) Circle Pines, Minnesota 55014-1796 1-800-328-2560 This practical, easy-to-use curriculum features a variety of interactive materials that provide a bridge between school and the workplace. Realistic video vignettes model appropriate behavior and illustrate actual work situations. Software helps reinforce skills and is ideal for individual instruction.



Life Skills for Vocational Success, A Resource Manual for Trainers in Vocational Rehabilitation Settings Bart M. Trench Workshops, Inc. 4244 Third Avenue South Birmingham, AL 35222 205-592-9683 Job-Related Social Skills: A Curriculum for Adolescents with Social Needs M. Montague and K. Lund Exceptional Innovations P. O. Box 6085 Ann Arbor, MI 48106 419-536-8560 This comprehensive curriculum manual provides you with step-by-step instructional procedures and activities for training social skills needed for all jobs. Each of the 20 units contains a sample instructional script, classroom activities, role play scenarios, overheads, student assessments, and student handouts. Monitoring forms and master class charts are also included in the 350-page manual. The curriculum was successfully field tested with students in general career education and vocational programs, as well as with students with disabilities.



Resume Express: The Multimedia Guide Cambridge Research Group, Inc. KRO Productions 90 MacCorkle Avenue, SW South Charleston, WV 25302 1-800-468-4227 Allows you to compose a customized resume.


Social Skills: Transition to the Workplace (software) American Guidance Services Circle Pines, Minnesota 55014-1796 1-800-328-2560


At Work Series: On the Job Success for Transition Students (book and movie) Attainment Company Program Development Assoc. 5620 Business Avenue Cicero, New York 13039 1-800-543-2119 Feature transition-age workers in real jobs.


How To Set Hourly Wages (audio cassette) RPM Press P. O. Box 31483 Tuscon, Arizona 85751 602-886-1990 This program explains how to set proper work rates, establish production standards, determine prevailing wages, avoid red flags, and more.


Business Sponsored Support Employment Horizon and Video Inc. 108 Eldon Street, Suite 110 Herndon, VA 22070 703-478-2700


I FEEL MAD, NOW WHAT? (Anger Management Posters for Work) PCI Educational Publishing San Antonio, Texas 1-800-594-4263 This unique and useful poster set introduces participants to "real-life" anger-management skills by using situations often found at school and on the job. The large (12" x 18") full-color durable posters depict typical situations that students or workers might encounter. The dilemma is presented on the front of each poster, and an acceptable way to respond is shown on the back.


Getting Along with People at Work Janie Haugen PCI Educational Publishing San Antonio, Texas 1-800-594-4263 This Reader and Workbook visually relate 25 social situations that individuals might encounter in a workplace setting, such as following workplace rules, acting appropriately during work ride, appropriate social greetings, visiting with co-workers, working with substitute supervisor, continuing to work when supervisor leaves work area, and more. Participants are introduced to the Reader's characters by the use of cameo pictures that give each character's first name. The main characters and their co-workers act out social scenes while they are performing actual job duties. The book helps middle and high school students who are in job training programs or who have jobs in the community to learn to handle work social situations in an acceptable manner.


Fundamentals of Vocational Assessment (3-ring binder training program manual) James J. Costello RPM Press P.O. Box 31483 Tuscon, Arizona 85751 (602) 886-1990 Vocational assessment and evaluation practices are discussed in this training program.

28. Federal Wage-Hour Guide for Service Providers to Persons with Disabilities (3-ring binder) Harles & Associates P.O. Box 15318 Washington, D.C. 20003 202-546-2847 Email: [email protected] This book is divided into eight sections including special wage certificates, employment of persons with disabilities, supported employment and community based services and employment, special situation, staff issues, residential staff, and compliance. 29. Employment Status of Client/Workers, 2nd Edition Harles & Associates Washington, D.C. 202-546-2847 Email: [email protected] This 3-ring binder manual is divided into 6 areas: Overview, Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) and National Labor Relations Act (NLRB).

Self Determination/Futures Planning 1. Speak Up for Yourself and YOUR FUTURE! Katie Shepard Furney, Nancy Carlson, Deborah Lisi, Susan Yuan Enabling Futures Project Department of Special Education University of Vermont 405 A Waterman Building Burlington, VT 05405-0160 A curriculum for building self-advocacy and self-determination skills


Teaching Self-Determination to Students with Disabilities Michael Wehmeyer, Martin Agran, Carolyn Hughes Paul H. Brookes Publishing, Co. P. O. Box 10624 Baltimore, MD 21285 Too many students with disabilities leave school ill-prepared for adulthood. To teach them the specific skills they need for a more satisfactory, self-directed life, educators can turn to this teacher-friendly resource. In it they'll find not one generalized approach, but many ready-to-use practices for teaching the skills related to autonomy, self-regulation, self-advocacy, and self-realization. There are tips on what instructional strategies and materials to use and how best to work with students. Listed objectives and key terms at the beginning of each chapter allow for at-a-glance review and easy access to information. Vignettes and case studies sprinkled throughout the text demonstrate how to anticipate and resolve a range of problems.


Working on a Dream, A Guide to Career Planning and Job Success Don Lavin and Andrea Everett TRN P. O. Box 439 St. Augustine, Florida 32085 904-823-9800 This manual is about person-centered career development for people with serious mental illness. It encourages readers to take charge in choosing a career path, developing job goals and taking responsibility for planning their job search strategies.


The Arc's Self-Determination Scale: Procedural Guidelines Michael Wehmeyer The Arc of the United States 500 E. Border Street Suite 300 Arlington, TX 76010 Self-Determination Program Publication List Publications The Arc of the United States P. O. Box 1047 Arlington, TX 76004


Math 1. Hands-On Math Projects with Real-Life Applications Gary Robert Muschia and Judith A. Muschia The Center for Applied Research in Education W. Nyack, New York 10994 Students learn math concepts best when they're taught in context. This enables them to see how math is related to real situations. In this exciting resource, teachers of grades 6-12 will find an outstanding collection of 60 hands-on projects and lessons to help students apply math skills and concepts to everyday problems--from understanding sports statistics to calculating the cost of having a pet. These tested projects stress cooperative learning, group sharing, and writing while they successfully build skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, decision-making, and computation. Each project follows an easy-to-use format that includes instructions for the teacher, a Student Guide, and one or more reproducible datasheets and worksheets.


What Everyone Should Know About: CHECK WRITING Opportunities for Learning, Inc. 20417 Nordhoff Street Chattsworth, CA 91311 Counting Money and Making Change Nancy Lobb Walch Teaching Masters P. O. Box 658 Portland, Maine 04104 Each of these 44 activities focuses on an essential skill in using U.S. currency. Complete and up-to-date, this easy-to-use material helps students learn to recognize coins and common bills--including the revised $5, $10, and $20 bills. Your students will also learn to count amounts in different combinations and make change. Teacher support materials include reinforcement activities, a pretest, and a posttest.



Menu-Math: For Beginners; The Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor; The Hamburger Hut Remedia Publications 10135 E. Via Linda Scottsdale, AZ 85258 This fun and effective book teaches simple addition, subtraction, and multiplication through the use of real-life restaurant situations. Students will have a great time as they refer to the colorful menu (included) to figure costs when spending money on everything from pizza to pancakes! The easy-to-read menu generates hundreds of simple rebus and word problems. Students are sure to improve their math skills as they gain an understanding of the practical reasons for learning math. Enjoy!


Market Math: For Beginners Remedia Publications 10135 Via Linda Scottsdale, AZ 85258 This fun and effective book teaches the basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division through the use of real-life shopping situations. From peanut butter to paper towels, nearly everything you might shop for in a grocery store can be found on the colorful fold-out price list that generates over 500 math word problems! Students will have a great time as they refer to the price list to figure costs, total sales tickets, apply coupons, and more. So help your students understand the practical reasons for learning math as they "shop" their way to math success!


Department Store Math: For Beginners Remedia Publications 10135 Via Linda Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Technology 1. Tech Work: The Basic Computer Curriculum Murdoch Center Foundation P. O. Box 92 Butner, NC 27509-3000 919-575-7907


Computers at Work Ver. 3.01, For Windows 98 and Macintosh Attainment Company Program Development Assoc. 5620 Business Ave, Suite B. Cicero, New York 13039 1-800-327-4269

Transition Resources/Best Practices 1. Improving Student Outcomes: Promising Practices and Programs Paula D. Kohler and Bonnie J. Troesken National Transition Alliance for Youths with Disabilities 217-333-2325 Occupational English Resources 1. Reading for Survival in Today's Society Book 1 Woods, E. & Lancaster, B GoodYear Books Topics include Food Purchase and Preparation, After High School, Living on Your Own, Dealing with the Government and Other Agencies, Getting Around on Your Own. 2. Reading for Survival in Today's Society Book 2 Woods, E. & Lancaster GoodYear Books This is Book 2 and it includes the same topics that were in Book 1: Food Purchase and Preparation, After High School, Living on Your Own, Dealing with the Government and Other Agencies, Getting Around on Your Own. 3. Vocabulary Makes Sense: Pacemaker Practical English Series Clarke, M.B., & Clarke, A.G. ISBN 0-8224-5111-5 This workbook includes numerous ideas on working towards a better vocabulary: using a dictionary, parts of speech, word parts, synonyms, antonyms and idioms--just to name a few.

4. Writing Makes Sense: Pacemaker Practical English Series Clarke, M.B. & Clarke, A.G. ISBN 0-8224-5103-4 This workbook includes topics for writing, such as sentences, proofreading, paragraphs, letters, resumes, reports, stories, poems, and journalism. 5. Spelling Makes Sense: Pacemaker Practical English Series Clarke, M.B. & Clarke, A.G. ISBN 0-8224-5118-2 Topics include regular sounds, how to use a dictionary, irregular spellings, commonly confused words and spelling patterns. 6. Writing in the Real World Searl, D. Globe Fearon, Inc. ISBN 0-130-23452-4 This books help guide students in writing at school, at home, in the community and at work. Great samples and ideas included in book. 7. Practical English (hard cover text book) Pacemaker Practical English, Third Edition. ISBN 0-130-23606-3 Book has 23 chapters that cover issues on various topics to include: Everyday living, using book, using a library, passing tests, job hunting, interviewing, beginning work and finding a place to live. 8. Passage to Basic English Pacemaker's Globe Fearon Educational Publisher ISBN 0-8359-3463-2 This book includes lessons on sentences and punctuation, nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs and sentences.

9. Mark Your Calendar, Finding Your Way Series Pasley, S.G., & Williams, D.K. Fearon/Janus/Quercus Simon & Schuster Education Group. ISBN 0-8224-1204-7 This book includes topics on organizing your calendar which include: Planning your time, days of the week, months of the year, writing dates, reading a calendar, seasons, holidays and important dates. 10. Using The Telephone: Janus Life Skills Globe Fearon Educational Publisher ISBN 0-8359-3345-8 This easy to use book talks about making telephone calls, using the white pages, using the yellow pages, clues to finding numbers, calling long distance and basic skills on the telephone. 11. Life Centered Career Education: Competency Units for Daily Living Skills Volume 1 The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) ISBN 0-86586-224-9 This 3 ring binder book includes 2 units on Managing Personal Finances and Selecting and Managing a Household. (they are competency units 1 and 2) 12. Life Centered Career Education: Competency Units for Daily Living Skills Volume 2 The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) ISBN 0-86586-224-9 This 3 ring binder book includes 4 units on Caring for Personal Needs, Raising Children and Meeting Marriage Responsibilities, Buying, Preparing and Consuming Food and Buying and Caring For Clothing. (they are competency units 3, 4, 5 and 6)


Life Centered Career Education: Competency Units for Daily Living Skills. Volume 3 The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) ISBN 0-86586-224-9 This 3 ring binder book includes 3 units on Exhibiting Responsible Citizenship; Utilizing Recreational Facilities and Engaging in Leisure; and Getting Around the Community. (they are competency units 7, 8 and 9)


Reading Milestones (there are 8 levels/kits available) King, C.M., McAnally, P.L., and Quigley, R.J. (1991) Edited by Stephen P. Quigley, Cynthia M. King, Patricia L. McAnally and Susan Rose. Exclusively distributed by EDMARK P.O. Box 3218 Redmond, WA 98073-3218 1-800-362-2890 These kits are prepared by level. (there is a separate kit/box for each level that includes 10 copies of workbooks and reading text)

CD Roms: 1. Words Around Me: Vocabulary Development for Students with Unique Learning Needs English/Spanish PreK to adult EDMARK 1-800-362-2890 or Deluxe Reader Rabbit 2 The Learning Company For Windows Version 1.1 and Macintosh Version 1.01 ISBN 1-56893-865-9 The Great Review Game: Life Skills Health American Guidance Service, Inc. 1-800-328-2560 Product #92080



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LIFESCHOOL 2000 Series Health Consumer Economics Community Resources Government and Law Occupational Knowledge Interpersonal Relationships

These can be ordered through Globe Fearon. This comprehensive resource of ready-to-use reproducible student activities offers the flexibility you need to effectively teach key life preparation skills. Filled with motivation activities, LifeSchool 2000 gives you a step-by-step life-skills instruction program, providing the very latest information concerning many topics (listed above) Students need to learn the key life preparation skills that will help them accomplish the task of daily life and attain their goals. Functional Reading 1. READ THAT LABEL: 35 Real Product Activity Cards Nancy Lobb J. Weston Walch ISBN 0-8251-1723-2 Hands on activity cards from real life products that allows students to learn how to read and understand what labels on product say so that they can use and operate various products that you use in everyday life. 2. Survival Reading Skills: Reading Your Newspaper C. W. Knox Order Number: D3917 Media Materials, Inc. 2936 Remington Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21211 ISBN 0-89539-822-2 Giant Size Black Master Activities to help students with skills in reading a newspaper. 3. Real-Life Reading Activities for Grades 6-12 The Center for Applied Research in Education ISBN 0-87628-920-0 Over 200 ready-to-use lessons & activities to help students master practical reading skills


Understanding Advertisements: Janus Life Skills Globe Fearon ISBN 0-8359-3342-3 Content includes what and where are ads, job hunting, apartment hunting, shopping for a car and placing your own want ad


EDMARK Functional Word Series: Job/Work Words 1 and Job/Work Words 2 (3 ring binder) Edmark Corporation P.O. Box 3218 Redmond, Washington 98073-3218 1-800-426-0856 There are 50 lessons in each of these series.


EDMARK Functional Word Series: Signs Around You Volumes 1 and 2 (3 ring binder) Edmark Corporation P.O. Box 3218 Redmond, Washington 98073-3218 1-800-426-0856 There are 50 lessons in each of these series.

Driver Education Videos and Software: 1. Learning to Read Signs: Educational Favorites Trans Atlantic Video, Inc. Freehold, NJ 07728 VHS 30 minute video A self-help program designed so that children can learn and participate as they watch. 2. AAA Traffic Safety Department Starting Early Video 1) Froggy & Dodo 11:50 min 2) Land of Pans 9:00 min; 3) Free to Be 3:28 min. Stock #332


Mindscape Educational Software: A Division of SVE: Keys to Responsible Driving 6L70070 SVE: Society for Visual Education, Inc. 1-800-829-1900 This video helps young adults to become responsible drivers. A CD for APPLE computers is also available.


Right of Way: An Interactive Driver's Education CD-Rom Product of RMC, Inc For Macintosh and Windows Guidance Associates (GA) Driver's Education: The Fun, Safe Driving Simulator By Sierra Can be purchased through Scholastic Books ISBN 0-87177-840-8 Driver's License Language: A Survival Vocabulary Janus Book Publishers ISBN 0-915510-49-9 This workbook includes information on words and meanings that will help students to pass a driver's license test.



Games: 1. I Can Read Road Signs Rembert Publishing A hands-on activity to help students become aware of and learn more about road signs. A cassette tape is included.

2. Road Signs of the Times: The New Look in U.S. Traffic Signs IDEAL School Supply Company Oak Lawn, IL 60453 No 3991 A game where students learn about the shapes, colors and meanings of different road signs

Books & Workbooks on Driving: 1. In the Driver's Seat: Student Workbook Glisan, E.M. PCI Peekan Publications, Inc. Freeport, IL 61032 ISBN 0-944791-93-X Catalog No. DE106 This book is written by a Special Education teacher and is based on Illinois law and general highway safety information. It is intended as an educational tool to partially instruct students in driver's education classes. A Teacher's Manual is also available. 2. Studying for a Driver's License Kenel, F.C. & Vaillancourt The Peoples Publishing Group, Inc. ISBN 1-56256-208-8 This workbook includes information on Traffic laws, licensing, moving in traffic, vehicle safety laws, road markings, signs for life, lights for life and special driving laws. 3. Life Skills Driving Savage, J. and Morrison, R. Educational Design, Inc. (EDI) 47 West 13th Street, New York, NY 10011 212-255-7900 ISBN #0-87694-171-4

4. Things to Know About Cars and Driving: Life Skills Literacy Kimball, R.S. and Bayon, C. ISBN #0-8251-3828-0 This workbook talks about who should have a car, who can drive a car, kinds of cards, under the hood, inside cars, shopping for cars, advice about cars, maintaining cars, car options and many other topics that are useful for drivers. 5. Becoming a Driver Rosemary Grebel and Phyllis Pogrund Fearon/Janus/Quercus 500 Harbor Boulevard Belmont, California 94002

Health & Science Resources The following resources are from Globe Fearon Educational Publisher. A Division of Simon & Schuster, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: 1. What's Your Point of View on the Environment? ISBN 0-835-93334-2 Contents include the following environmental issues: What's in the Water?; It's a Crime!; and Putting it Together! (a teacher's manual is also available) 2. Person-To-Person: Family and Friends ISBN 0-8359-3340-7. Workbook includes 7 chapters including topics such as friendships, family living, showing your feelings and disagreeing in a Healthy Way. 3. Everyday Health: Wellness ISBN 0-835-3372-5 Workbook includes topics such as personal hygiene, infectious diseases and sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS.

4. Everyday Health: Insurance Basics ISBN 0-8359-3376-8 Topics include introducing health insurance, choosing health insurance and using health insurance. 5. Everyday Health: Safety ISBN 0-8359-3369-5 Topics include Safety at home, outdoor safety, and community safety.

6. Everyday Health: Family Living ISBN 0-8359-3373-3 Topics include the family unit, family responsibility and family changes. 7. Family Living and Sex Education ISBN: 0-835-90756-2. Contents include sexuality; reproductive systems; conception, pregnancy and birth; preventing pregnancy; and sex and society. 8. Alcohol and Other Drugs ISBN: 0-835-90763-5 Contents include drugs, stimulants, depressants, opiates, hallucinogens, marijuana, inhalants, steroids, alcohol and tobacco. 9. Self-Esteem ISBN: 0-835-90759-7 This workbook includes self-esteem and mental health; self-esteem and personality; self-esteem and your emotions; stress; resolving conflicts and preventing suicide.

10. Finding Your Way Pasley, S.G. & Williams, D.K. Fearon/Janus/Quercus. ISBN 0-8224-3163-7 Contents include giving and following directions, city maps, city buses, subways, taxicabs, and travel tips 11. Everyday Health: Exercise ISBN 0-8359-3370-9 The book is divided into 3 units: Understanding your body, your fitness choices and fitness decisions. 12. Nutrition and Dieting ISBN 0-835-90767-8. Contents include information on nutrients, a healthful diet, special nutritional needs, food labels, nutrition and weight gain, eating disorders and fad diets. 13. Everyday Health: Nutrition ISBN 0-8359-3371-7 This book has three units as follows: basic nutrition, managing your meals and managing your weight. 14. Staying Healthy: Janus Life Skills ISBN 0-8359-3350-4. This book includes topics such as the importance of being healthy, keeping physically fit, keeping mentally fit, good grooming and finding good medical care. 15. Nutrition Choices for Young Adults VHS videotapes: part 1: 20 min; part 2: 20 min Educational Video Network, Inc. (EVM) 1401 19th Street Huntsville, TX 77340 1-936-295-5767

16. Everyday Life Skills (hard cover textbook) American Guidance Service, Inc. (AGS) ISBN 0-7854-2552-7 This book has 13 chapters and covers such issues as a healthy lifestyle, a safe lifestyle, nutrition and fitness, emotional health and self-advocacy, financial responsibilities and accessing computer technology...just to name a few. 17. LifeFacts: Managing Illness & Injury Published by James Stanfield Company, Inc. This is a kit designed and essential for information about life...for persons with special needs. 18. Life Skills Health: Teacher's Edition American Guidance Services, Inc. 1-800-328-2560 ISBN 0-7854-1862-8 19. CD Rom: Aerobics for Kids by Georgiana Liccione Stewart: the first steps towards aerobic fitness Kimbo Educational P.O. Box 477 Long Branch, NJ 07740 KIM7043CD ISBN 1-56346-005-X 20. Environmental Science: Water & Air ISBN 0-835-90745-7 This book talks about your water supply, water quality, water conservation, the atmosphere and air pollution. 21. Environmental Science: Energy ISBN 835-90739-2 Contents include how people use energy, non-renewable energy, renewable energy and the environment, nuclear energy and the environment and conserving energy.

22. Environmental Science: Ecosystems ISBN 0-835-90553-5 Topics include ecosystems and interactions, cycles in ecosystems, changes in ecosystems and human values and ecosystems. 23. Environmental Science: Lane Use ISBN 0-835-90747-3 This book covers issues on how nature feeds people, farms and farmers, land use in human communities and land management, and how communities get rid of waste. 24. AIDS and Other STDs ISBN 0-835-90766-X Content includes HIV/AIDS, HIV and the immune system, sexually transmitted diseases, impacts of STDs on society and making healthy choices. 25. Passage to General Science ISBN 0-8359-3462-4 Topics include life science, physical science, and earth science. 26. General Science, Third Edition ISBN 0-130-23437-0 This book includes topics on life science, cells and life, the kingdoms of life, the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom and genetics. 27. Human Biology: Science Workshop Series ISBN 0-130-23381-1 Nutrition, digestion, circulation, respiration and excretion, regulation, human reproduction and human health are all covered in this book. 28. Earth Science (hard cover book) ISBN 0-835-91386-4 This book has four basic sections: the solar system, weather, changing earth and earth resources.

Teacher Resources 1. Survival Guide for the First-Year Special Education Teacher Cohen, M.K., Gale, M., & Meyer, J.M. The Council on Exceptional Children (CEC) ISBN #0-86586-256-7 This book talks about Getting Ready to Teach, Tips for the Classroom, Building Rapport, and Interfacing with Regular Educators.

2. RESOURCING: Handbook for Special Education Resource Teachers Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Mary Yeoman Jackson The author, Mary Yeoman Jackson, is a Director of Special Programs in the Fort Bend Independent School District in Sugar Land, Texas. She has been a resource room teacher, diagnostician, supervisor, consultant, director and a special education mediator. This book talks about being a resource to yourself and to others, and accessing resources. 3. Section 504 and the ADA: Promoting Student Access A Resource Guide for Educators, Second Edition Council of Administrators of Special Education, Inc. This is an excellent resource for learning more about IDEA and 504 and ADA. It includes flow charts and background and overview information. ISBN #0-86586343-1 4. Roles in the Transition Process: A Training Unit in Support of the Iowa Transition Initiative Transition Process Model Developed by Joyce D. Shaffer and Jane E. Bell This book is easy to read and well designed. It shares practical situations that are easy to relate to and will help you in your transition planning efforts. 5. IOWA Transition Initiative Video Series: Facilitator's Guide Contents include: Facilitator's Directions, Video Series Introduction and Ground Rules, and Ten Areas of Need. This is an excellent guide for facilitator's using the video series.

6. Promoting Postsecondary Education for Students with Learning Disabilities: A Handbook for Practitioners Brinckerhoff, L.C., Shaw, S.F., McGuire, J.M. Order by contacting Pro-Ed, 8700 Shoal Creek Boulevard Austin, TX 78757-6897 (512) 451-3246 This book is divided into 10 chapters that include Judicial Intent and Legal Precedents: Shaping Policy for Students with Learning Disabilities, Issues in Defining the Population, Issues in Assessment and Diagnosis, Issues in Program Development and Issues in Staffing and Personnel Development.


Transition from School to Work: New Challenges for Youth with Severe Disabilities Wehman, P., Moon, M.S., Everson, J.M., Wood, W.M., Barcus, J.M. This book discusses, in chapter format, the following topics: Transition from School to Work; What Happens to Youth with Disabilities after They Grow Up?; Planning for Transition from School to Work; Interagency Cooperation; School-Based Vocational Preparation; Adult Service Alternatives: Day Care or Employment?; Defining Professional and Parent Roles and Responsibilities; Transition: Local and State Initiatives in Action.


Transitions to Adult Life for People with Mental Retardation--Principles and Practices Ludlow, B.L., Turnbull, A.P., & Luckasson, R. Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co. P.O. Box 10624 Baltimore, MD 21285-0624 This book is divided into 3 sections: Concepts and Trends; Programming Goals and Strategies; and Legal and Administrative Issues.

9. Functional Curriculum for Elementary, Middle, and Secondary Age Students with Special Needs Wehman, P. & Kregel, J. Published by Pro-Ed 8700 Shoal Creek Boulevard Austin, TX 78757-6897 This book is divided into 12 chapters and discusses the following in detail: Curriculum Design; Designing Instructional Programs; Self-Determination; Functional Academics; Financial Planning and Money Management; Socialization, Peer Relationships, and SelfEsteem; Curricular Choices Related to Work; Travel and Mobility Training; Community Living; Living at Home; Teaching Personal Care and Hygiene Skills; and Health and Safety. 10. Making High Schools Work Through Integration of Academic and Vocational Education Bottoms, G., Presson, A., & Johnson, M. Southern Regional Education Board 592 Tenth Street, N.W. Atlanta, GA 30318-5790 To order call: 404-875-9211 Discounts are available on volume purchases. 11. Life Beyond the Classroom: Transition Strategies for Young People With Disabilities This book is divided into 17 chapters and discusses such topics as: Defining and Planning Transition; Identifying the Scope and Vision of Transition; Models and Approaches to Transition Planning; Facilitating and Supporting Transition; Teaching for Transition; Vocational Placements and Careers; and Designing and Implementing Individualized Transition Plans. 12. What Comes Next? An IOWA Resource Guide to Post High School Education and Training for Students with Disabilities This manual is divided into sections: What is Post High School Education; SelfAdvocacy, Accommodations and the Law, and Disability Support Services.

13. Career Development Resource Guide and User's Guide for "Career Choices in North Carolina" Provided by the NC State Occupational Information Coordinating Committee in collaboration with the NC Department of Public Instruction This manual is divided into the following sections: Self Assessment; Career Exploration; Education and Training and The Job Search. 14. Succeeding Together: People with Disabilities in the Workplace Terrie Goldstein, M.S., CRC Project Coordinator, Michael Winkler, Project Assistant and Margaret Chun, Project Assistant The SWD Internship Project is a 3-year demonstration project intended to enhance career services for students with disabilities in higher education. 15. Growing Up Is Like A Journey...Prepare For the Trip! This training packet is the product of the North Carolina Transition Project for Youth with Disabilities, an initiative funded by the Office of Special Education Programs of the US Department of Education from 1992 through 1997. Suggested Subscriptions: 1. Support Employment Info Lines Training Resource Network, Inc. (TRN) P.O. Box 439 St. Augustine, FL 32085-0439 To access on web: 2. The Transition Experiences of Young People with Disabilities: A Summary of Findings from the National Longitudinal Transition Study of Special Education Students The Office of Special Education Programs U.S. Department of Education SRI International 333 Ravenswood Avenue Menlo Park, CA 94025-3493 415-326-6200

3. Transition Planning: The Individualized Transition Plan: Linking Students to Life After Graduation Vocational Special Education Fairfax County Public Schools Fairfax, VA This is a planning manual for students with disabilities. 4. From Education To Employment: A Resource Guide Employment Opportunities, Inc. 3522 Haworth Drive, Suite 101 Raleigh, NC 27609 This publication is supported in part by grant number H158N90031 and H128A02098, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services, U.S. Department of Education. Videos: 1. Life Centered Career Education: Session 5: Teaching Personal-Social Skills The Council for Exceptional Children 1920 Association Drive Reston, VA 22091-1589 Stock No. M5005 703-620-3660 2. Fred's Story Program Development Associates 5620 Business Ave, Suite B Cicero, NY 13039 1-800-543-2119 3. Going Mobile: Portraits of Young Adults with Disabilities in Transition This video portrays the lives of five young adults with disabilities who have successfully made the transition from school to adult life. While each story is unique, all five stories possess the three critical elements needed for successful transition: Having a vision for the future; Being self-determined, and Participating on a collaborative transition team.

4. Close Encounters of the Disability Kind: A humorous video on disability related etiquette Program Development Associates 5620 Business Ave. Suite B Cicero, NY 13039 1-800-543-2119 Fax: 315-452-0710 Includes information on the Americans with Disabilities Act. 5. Facilitating Workplace Supports: Natural Supports for Employees with Disabilities A presentation of the Institute for Community Inclusion/UAP Children's Hospital Boston, MA Training Resource Network, Inc. 14 minutes, closed captioned 6. Attainment's Every One Can Work: A Look at Successes in Supported Employment Featuring Dr. Paul Wehman Distributed by Program Development Associates 1-800-543-2119 ISBN: 0-934731-12-8 7. Attainment's Disability Issues Series: A Different Way of Learning ISBN 1-57861-008-7 1-800-327-4269 Covers the following issues: self-advocacy, job coaching, learning teamwork, transitioning, natural supports, and work place accommodations and adaptations. Looks at on-the-job challenges faced by young people with learning disabilities. An excellent primer for transition students who need to know how disabilities affect job performance and how they can make adjustments. For students, as well as parents and staff. 10 minutes. 8. Attainment's Disability Issues Series: The Road To Take Is Yours 1-800-327-4269

9. College: A Viable Option (University Bound LD Students Transition Project, University of Utah) Interface Video Systems, Inc. 1233 20th Street, NW Washington, D.C. 20036 202-861-0500 10. A Job: Your Ticket To Success: Meet eleven people with disabilities who are successfully employed in the community The Arc of Mississippi 3111 North State Street Jackson, MS 39216 601-362-4830 Lively music captivates viewers as they briefly visit each work site. Job duties are highlighted and the benefits of community employment are noted throughout. 11. Employability: Integrating People with Developmental Disabilities into the Workplace Woolworth Corporation 12. C.A.P.abilities Project with Industry Co-sponsored by Tri-county Industries, Hardees, Roy Rogers and FFM Open captioned 13. Making Sense The Mid-Williamette Education Consortium & Salem-Keizer School District 14. Making (More) Sense The Mid-Williamette Education Consortium & Salem-Keizer School District


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