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Circle Of Hope by Susan Mayer featuring Kimono

quilt made by Sandi Irish

Photo: D. James Dee

52" square

Pattern: Circle of Hope by Susan Mayer, published by and available from See reverse for detailed fabric information 483-485 Broadway, New York, NY 10013 · Phone: 212-226-1400 · Fax: 212-925-4180 ·


The Kimono quilt was made from the pattern "Circle of Hope" by Susan Mayer. The pattern is available from (Phone: 877-454-7967, Fax: 585-617-4868, [email protected]).

Circle of Hope Fabric Requirements Blocks: The pattern calls for 1/2 yard each of 8 black-with-white designs and 1/2 yard each of 8 white-withblack designs for a total of 16 pieces. The Kimono collection has fifteen pieces, so to make sixteen 1/2 yard cuts, we used the following: · 1/2 yard each: Kimono­C7104 Blue*, Kimono­C7108 Indigo** & Denim, Kimono­C7110 Denim & Indigo, Kimono­C7107 Blue & Ivory, Kimono­C7109 Blue, Kimono­C7111 Ivory & Blue, Kimono­C7105 Blue & Ivory, Kimono­C7112 Indigo & Ivory · 1 yard Kimono­C7104 Khaki Background Fabric: 2 yards Hue­C6674 White Border & Blocks (Corners): 11 /4 yards Kimono­C7108 Indigo** Binding: 1/2 yard Kimono­C7108 Indigo** Backing: 3 yards Kimono­C7104 Blue* *Kimono­C7104 Blue is used in the circle blocks (1/2 yard) and as the backing (3 yards) for a total of 31 /2 yards. **Kimono­C7108 Indigo is used in the circle blocks (1/2 yard), the border and corner blocks (11 /4 yards) and the binding (1/2 yard) for a total of 21 /4 yards.

483-485 Broadway, New York, NY 10013 · Phone: 212-226-1400 · Fax: 212-925-4180 ·


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