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Sl. No. Standard Grade Dimension Standard Scope Abstract

Type F - Furnace Butt-Welded, Continuous Welded - Grade A, 1. ASTM A53 Type E - ElectricResistanceWelded - Grade A and B Type S - Seamless, Grade A and B

Covers Seamless and Welded black and hot-dipped Galvanized steel pipe in NPS 1/8" to NPS 26". The steel categorized in this standard must be open-hearth, basicoxygen or electric-furnace processed.

Covers Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe for high temperature service in NPS 1/8" to NPS 48" (DN 6mm to DN 1200mm) with nominal (average) wall thickness. 2. ASTM A106 / A106M - 08 Gr. A, Gr. B, Gr. C ASME B 36.10 Pipes are suitable for Welding, Bending, Flanging & similar Forming operations. Key Tests ­ Mechanical testing of the specimen shall include tensile, bending, flattening, hydrostatic & non ­ destructive examination tests.


ASTM A312 / A312M ­ 09

TP304, TP304L, TP316, TP316L, TP316Ti, TP321, TP347, TP409

ANSI B 36.19

Covers standard specification for Seamless, Straight Seam Welded & Cold Worked Welded Austenitic Stainless Steel Pipe intended for high temperature & general corrosive service. Pipes shall be furnished in heat treated condition in accordance with the required heat treating temperature and cooling / testing requirements.

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Key Tests ­ Steel Pipe shall undergo mechanical tests such as transverse or longitudinal tension test & flattening test. Grain Size determination and Weld decay tests shall be performed. Each Pipe shall be subjected to the non ­ destructive electric test or the hydrostatic test.

Covers nominal (average) wall Seamless & Welded Carbon & Alloy Steel Pipe for Low temperatures applications. Pipe shall be made by Seamless or Welding process with the addition of no filler metal in the welding operation. 4. ASTM A333 / A333M ­ 10 Gr. 3, Gr. 6 ASME B 36.10 Key Tests ­ Tensile test, Impact test, Hydrostatic test & non ­ destructive electric test.


ASTM A334 / A334M ­ 04a

Gr. 1, Gr. 6, A161, A200

ANSI B 36.19

Covers minimum wall thickness, Seamless & Welded Carbon & Alloy Steel Tubes intended for use at Low temperatures. Key Tests ­ Flattening test, Flare test (seamless tubes), Flange test (welded tubes), reverse Flattening test, Hardness test and Impact test, Hydrostatic test, non ­ destructive electric test. Materials shall be tested for impact resistance at the prescribed temperature for the respective grades.


ASTM A335 / A335M ­ 10a

Gr. P1, Gr. P5, Gr. P9, Gr. P11, Gr. P12, Gr. P22, Gr. P91

ASME B 36.10

Covers nominal wall & minimum wall Seamless Ferritic Alloy Steel Pipe for high temperature service. Ferritic steels in this specification are defined as low & intermediate alloy steels

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containing up to & including 10% chromium. Pipe should be suitable for bending, flanging and similar forming operations and for fusion welding. Key Tests ­ Hydrostatic test, Non ­ destructive examination, transverse & longitudinal tension test, flattening test, hardness & bend test.

Covers Electric-Fusion-Welded Austenitic Chromium-Nickel Stainless Steel Pipe suitable for corrosive or high-temperature service or both or for general applications. The Pipes shall be sorted into five different classes. Class 1 pipes shall be double welded by processes employing filler metal in all passes and shall be completely radiographed. Class 2 shall be double welded by processes employing filler metal in all passes with no radiography. Both Class 3 and Class 4 pipes shall be single welded except that the weld pass of the latter exposed to the inside pipe surface may be without the addition of filler metal. Class 5 shall be double welded by processes employing filler metal and shall be spot radiographed. The finished pipes shall be subjected to transverse tension test, transverse guided-bend weld test, and hydrostatic test. Several grades & classes of pipes are provided. 8. ASTM A672 / A672M - 09 Grade refers to the type of plate used.


ASTM A358 / A358M ­08a

Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Covers Steel Pipe, ElectricFusion-Welded with filler metal added, fabricated from pressure-vessel quality plate of any of several analyses and strength levels and suitable for

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Class designates the type of heat treatment & pressure testing done and whether radiography done or not.

high-pressure service moderate temperatures.


The specification nominally covers Pipe 16" [400 mm] in outside diameter or larger with wall thicknesses up to 3" [75 mm], inclusive.



10, 11, 12, 13, 20, 21, 22, 23, 30, 31, 32, 33, 40 & 41

Covers Carbon and Alloy Steel Pipe, electric-fusion-welded with filler metal added, fabricated from pressure-vesselquality plate of several analyses and strength levels and suitable for high-pressure service at high temperatures. The specification nominally covers pipe 16 in. [400 mm] in outside diameter and larger with wall thicknesses up to 3 in. [75 mm] inclusive.

Covers Seamless & Welded Steel line Pipe. Includes standard weight extra strong threaded line pipe, standard weight plain end, regular weight plain end, special plain end, extra strong plain end, double extra strong plain end pipe, bell & spigot and through the flow line (TFL) pipe. Class II steel is rephophorized & probably has better threading properties than Class I. Class II has higher chemical properties than Class I, it may be somewhat more difficult to bend. Light, Medium, Heavy wall thickness. Covers the requirements for Welded & Seamless, Plain end, Screwed & Socketed Carbon Steel Tubes intended for use in water, gas, airlines and steam.



A25, A, B, X42, X46, X52, X56, X60, X65, X70, X80

ASME B 36.10


IS 1239 ­ Part 1

IS 1239 ­ Part 1

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Screwed, Socketed or Plain end based on end condition. Black or Galvanized for surface condition.

Medium & Heavy tubes only are recommended for carrying steam services. All electric arc welded tubes used for steam services shall be normalized. Key Tests ­ Hydrostatic test for leak tightness, Eddy Current test, Tensile, Elongation, Flattening & Bend tests.

Seamless ­ Fe330, Fe410, Fe450 ERW ­ Fe330, Fe410, Fe450 Covers Seamless & Welded Carbon Steel Pipes for water & sewage, with outside diameter ranging from 168.3 ­ 2540 mm.


IS 3589

SAW ­ Fe330, Fe410, Fe450


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