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Felix Akojie West Kentucky CTC [email protected] Jason Allen St. Louis Community College [email protected] Chantilly Apollon City College of San Francsico [email protected]

Gita Bangera Bellevue College [email protected]

James Battey Georgia Perimeter College [email protected]

Chris Beck Emery University [email protected]

Russell Benford Coconino Community College [email protected]

David Bernemann North Iowa Area CC [email protected]

Lisa Blumke Georgia Highlands College [email protected]

David Brown Southwestern College [email protected]

Susan Burkett University of Alabama [email protected]

Maya Byfield Seminole State College [email protected]

Bryan Campbell Piedmont Technical College [email protected]

Ted Coe Scottsdale Community College [email protected]

Parks Collins Mitchell Community College [email protected]

Elaine Craft Florence Darlington Tech College [email protected]

Frank Decourten Sierra College [email protected]

Sunil Dehipawala Queensborough CC [email protected]



Lisa DiGirolamo City College of San Francisco [email protected] Dan Dimitriu San Antonio College [email protected] John Dwyer St. Catherine University [email protected]

Linnea Fletcher Austin Community College [email protected]

Maria Mercedes Franco Queensborough CC [email protected]

Patricia Franklin Piedmont Virginia CC [email protected]

Judith Fredrickson Truckee Meadows CC [email protected]

Mark Gibson Cochise College [email protected]

Gary Grider Ivy Tech Community College [email protected]

Mark Hall UW - Marathon County [email protected]

David Henry Bristol Community College [email protected]

Jim Hewlett Finger Lake CC [email protected]

Jun Ho Lake Washington Tech [email protected]

Brian Holton Passaic County CC [email protected]

Karen Huffman-Kelly Genesee CC [email protected]

Carol Lamb Youngstown State University [email protected]

Huey-Jane Liao Northern Virginia CC [email protected]

Marshall Logvin South Mountain CC [email protected] .edu



Craig Longtine North Hennepin CC [email protected] Eyma Y. Marrero-Alfonso Midlands Tech College [email protected] Darren Mattone Muskegon CC [email protected]

Joe Mattoon Project Evaluator [email protected]

Kevin McKone Copiah-Lincoln CC [email protected]

John Meteja Murray State University [email protected]

April Moore Lone Star College [email protected]

Shamsi Moussavi Massbay CC [email protected]

Anthony Mwene Bismarck State College [email protected]

George Nora Northern State University [email protected]

Tom O'Kuma Lee College [email protected]

Lance Perez University of Nebraska [email protected]

Paul Pistek North Iowa Area CC [email protected]

Ann Reagan College of Southern Maryland [email protected]

Ajaz Sana Bronx Community College [email protected]

Rihab Sawah St. Louis CC [email protected]

Sonja Schmitz CC of Baltimore County [email protected]

Kamal Shahrabi Farmingdale State College [email protected]



Rebecca Siemers Sierra College [email protected] Sheryl Sorby Michigan Tech [email protected] Susanne Steiger-Escobar MassBay CC [email protected]

Felesia Stukes Central Piedmont CC [email protected]

Nada Tamim Virginia Western CC [email protected]

Jarrett Terry Georgia Perimeter College [email protected]

Collin Thomas Collin County CC [email protected]

Lifang Tien Houston CC [email protected]

Elizabeth Towles Piedmont Tech College [email protected]

Sally Vonada Manhattan Area Tech [email protected]

Yiheng Wang Danville CC [email protected]

Daudi Waryoba Penn State Dubois [email protected]

Bev Watford Virginia Tech [email protected]


Participant List for Publication

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