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Training Bulletin: ACLS Renewal Options

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DATE: December 5, 2008 FROM: Program Administration (PROAD) Subcomittee TO: American Heart Association ACLS Training Centers and Instructors


To provide ACLS Training Centers and Course Directors an alternate ACLS Provider Renewal Agenda. This bulletin provides two optional renewal agendas. Course Directors may choose the appropriate agenda for their course and students.

Course Attendance and Completion Requirements

Students must attend all lessons of the course and pass all skills tests and the written test to receive a completion card. For students who meet all course prerequisites and are eligible to receive a course completion card, students must · Participate in, practice, and complete all learning stations · Successful demonstration of Management of Respiratory Arrest · Pass the 1-rescuer CPR/AED testing station · Pass the Megacode testing station · Pass the closed-book written test with a minimum score of 84%

Instructor Materials, Student Manuals, Lesson Maps, and Equipment

Instructors will use the current ACLS Instructor Manual including the Provider course Renewal Lesson Maps, the course equipment list found in the ACLS Instructor Manual, and the ACLS Provider Course DVD. Student materials include: ACLS Provider Manual (required) and ECC Handbook and/or Pocket Cards (recommended).

Student to Instructor Ratio

The ACLS Learning Stations and Megacode Testing are designed using a ratio of 6 students to 1 instructor. The Management of Respiratory Arrest and CPR/AED testing station student-to-instructor ratio should be 3:1 (2 ACLS instructors or 1 ACLS instructor and 1 BLS instructor per 6 students). Different ratios will add or decrease the required time as explained in the ACLS Instructor Manual.

Student Remediation

These renewal options assume a prepared student who may routinely use ACLS in a clinical setting. These renewal options do not provide the same opportunity to learn the basics of ACLS. Remediation is allowed in the 4 hour renewal option only. If the student fails the challenge testing, no card will be issued by the Training Center and the student will be recommended to attend a standard ACLS provider course.

New Renewal Agendas

With this bulletin there are now three renewal options: 1. The current renewal agenda in the ACLS Instructor Manual 2. An alternate Renewal Agenda, approximately 4 hours 10 minutes - See Sample Agenda Attached 3. A skill testing and written test challenge renewal

Challenge Testing Option

There is no remediation allowed with this option. Students may practice the Respiratory and CPR-AED skills as outlined in Lesson Maps ACLS ­ R 5 - 6 before testing. The Training Center would schedule this testing with a qualified ACLS Instructor. The testing stations, requirements, and Instructor Manual references are: Testing Requirement

Successful demonstration of "Management of Respiratory Arrest" Successful demonstration of "Adult 1Rescuer CPR and AED Test" Successful demonstration of "Megacode Testing Checklist 1, 2, 3, or 4" Student must score at least 84% on the ACLS written exam on first attempt, no retesting permitted

Instr. Manual Page and Lesson Map

Pg. 59. Lesson Map: R ­ 5C Pg. 60. Lesson Map: R ­ 6C Ppg. 69-72. Lesson Maps: R ­ 11A - C Pg 29. Lesson Map: R ­ 12A - B

Sample ACLS Provider - Alternate Renewal Agenda

12 Students and 2 ACLS Instructors

Lesson Maps Agenda Time Content title Duration (minutes)

R-Start R - 1A-B; R-2 R -3 R -8A-B R -9A, 9D-E

8:00 8:15 8:15 8:45 10:00

Welcome/Introductions Lessons 1 and 2 ­ Course Overview/Organization

*Note time condensed to 15 minutes total

15 0-20 30 75 10

Lesson 3 ­ Science Overview

(*Optional, if students renewing an ACLS provider status received after July 1 2006.)

Lesson 8 ­ The Megacode and Resuscitation Team Concept Lesson 9 ­ Putting it All Together (omit lesson maps (9B-C) Divide into 2 groups

(If during this practice session the team leader's performance meets all evaluation criteria that student may be credited for successfully completing their Megacode

Break Group 1 Lesson 5 ­ Management of Respiratory Arrest

(*Airway video optional)

Divide Class into 2 Groups (6 students each) R - 5A, C-D R -6A, C R -7A-B

Group 2 Lesson 6 and 7 - CPR Practice, Testing and Technology Review

(*BLS video optional)


Group 1 Group 2 Lesson 11 ­ Megacode Test

Group 2 Group 1 Lesson 12 - Written Test Group 2 Group 1

30-60* 30-60*

R -11A-C R -12A-B 9A-J 12A-k R - REM


Group 1 Group 2

30-60 30-60 0-70* 10 +

12:10 1:20

Optional working lunch with ACS/Stroke Lessons from the standard course) Remediation and Wrap up

Total duration: ~ 4 hours 10 minutes. With all optional content: 5 hours 30 minutes+.


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