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Online Environmental Justice Resources

Prepared by Wil Burns, PhD (Santa Clara University School of Law) and Marley Bauce, MA (New York University) This compilation of over 500 entries celebrates the tremendous diversity of internet-based champions of Environmental Justice, Environmental Sociology, Economics and Philosophy, Grassroots environmental action movements, and Political Ecology. Committed to the idea of justice to which we speak, our entries are all readily available to be utilized by any user with access to the World Wide Web ­ nothing requires a fee, membership, contribution or disclosure of personal information of any kind. These resources range from scholarly articles and syllabi, to websites for community-based and national organizations, to documents issued by governmental and intergovernmental bodies; this formidable diversity of sources found within this database is meant to accurately survey the complex varieties of rationales, goals, implementation models and interests of environmental justice initiatives in the United States and abroad. In the efforts of reaching an evermore-comprehensive listing, we welcome your input and suggestions for additional entries and/or categories.

Table of Contents

1 Academic Entries

a. b. c. d. Journals Reports and Articles Academic Syllabi Lectures, Interviews, Power Point Presentations and Multimedia

2 Definitions, Applications and Research-Based Entries

2.1 Declarations of Principles a. Resources for Assessment of Threats b. Case Studies c. Research Bibliographies

3 Public Communications

3.1 Discussion Boards 3.2 Blogs 3.3. Lists

4 Nongovernmental Organizations

4.1 National Organizations 4.2 Place-Based Organizations 4.3 Foundations

5 Domestic Governmental and Legal Entries

5.1 Domestic Legal Documents 5.1.1 California Legal Statutes/Responses 5.2 Domestic Agency Sites 5.3 Reports and Reporting Services on Legal Issues

6 International Entries

6.1 Treaties and Soft Law Declarations

6.1.1 Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-making and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters (Aarhus Convention) 6.1.2 United Nations Convention on Environment and Development 6.2 Reports and Articles 6.3 Nongovernmental Organizations and Campaigns 7 Brownfields 7.1 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Listings 7.2 Other Federal Brownfield Listings 7.3 State and Local Brownfield Sites 7.4 Academic and Non-profit Brownfield Sites 7.5 Brownfield Reports, Articles and Newsletters

1 Academic Entries

1.1 Journals Badlands Journal for Social, Economic and Environmental Justice Capitalism, Nature, Socialism: A Journal of Socialist Ecology (The Center for Political Ecology) Environmental Justice (Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.) The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability (Routledge) Journal of Environmental Philosophy (University of Oregon Press) Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology, (Science-Business eXchange, Inc.) Journal of Planning Education and Research, (SAGE, Inc.) Journal of Political Ecology: Case Studies in History and Society (University of Arizona Press) Race, Poverty & Environment: A Journal for Social and Environmental Justice (Urban Habitat, Inc.) 1.2 Reports and Articles Troy D. Abel and Mark Stephan, Tools of Environmental Justice and Meaningful Involvement, 10(4) Environmental Practice (2008) The Abraham Fund Initiatives, Environmental Justice Newsletter Alison Alkon, Where We Live, Work, Eat and Play: Approaching Food from an Environmental Justice Perspective (2006) Bradley Angel, A Toxic Threat to Indian Lands, Greenpeace (1991)

Anonymous Author, Environmental Justice Teaching Curriculum Anonymous Author, Toxic Traps, Public Housing and Pollution, Dallas Morning News (2000) Michael Ash & James Boyce, Measuring Corporate Environmental Justice Performance Damayanti Banjeree, Justice-as-Rights: Environmental Justice and the Human Rights Question (2009) Roberta Barbalace, Environmental Justice and the NIMBY Principle, Environmental Chemistry (2001) Vicki Been, What's Fairness Got To Do With It? Environmental Justice and the Siting of Locally Undesirable Land Uses (1992) Ludovic Blain, The Struggle for Environmental Justice in New York Frank Dexter Brown, Saving Black Lives and Land (2002) Harriet Bulkeley & Gordon Walker, Environmental Justice: A New Agenda in the UK (2005) Robert D. Bullard, Race, Class and the Politics of Place, chapter 2, Dumping in Dixie: Race, Class and, Environment Quality Robert D. Bullard, More Blacks Overburdened with Dangerous Pollution: AP Study of EPA Risk Scores Confirms Two Decades of EJ Findings (2006) Robert D. Bullard, Nightmare on Eno Road (Dickson, TN): Environmental Racism Kills, Environmental Justice Resource Center (February 26, 2007) Robert D. Bullard, Wasted People: Environmental Racism, a 20-Year Saga, Black Agenda Report (May 9-15, 2007) Robert D. Bullard, et al., Race, Equity and Smart Growth: Why People of Color Must Speak for Themselves (2005) Robert D. Bullard, et al., Toxic Wastes and Race at Twenty 1987 - 2007: A Report Prepared for the United Chuch of Christ Justice & Witness Ministries, United Church of Christ (2007) John Callewaert, Identifying the Face of Environmental Justice in New England (2006) Elaine Chalmers & Nancy Garcia, Twenty-first Century Environmental Justice in San Antonio and South Texas Borderlands (2003) Jeff Change & Lucia Hwang, It's A Survival Issue: The Environmental Justice Movement Faces the New Century (2000) Chris Clarke, Is the Green Movement Too White?, Terrain Newsletter Eli Clifton, Climate Change Hits African American Harder (2004) The Crisis Magazine, The Fight for Environmental Justice (2007) William Cronon, The Uses of Environmental History (1993) Pamela Davidson, When Two Moral Worlds Collide: Women's Involvement in the Environmental Justice Movement and Their Conflict with the Experts (2009) Jennifer Dodge, Discursive Democracy and the Civil Society Organization: The Challenge of Transmitting Environmental Justice to State Policy (2009)

Liam Downey, Assessing Environmental Inequality: How the Conclusions We Draw Vary According to the Definitions We Employ (2004) Lynne Duke, A Well of Pain - Their Water Was Poisoned by Chemicals. Was Their Treatment Poisoned by Racism?, Washington Post (March 20, 2007) Economic & Social Research Council, et al., Environmental Justice: Rights and Means to a Healthy Environment for All, (2002) Environmental Economics: Economists on Environmental and Natural Resources, That's Not Fair! Environmental Justice and Economic Efficiency Blanche Evans, Environmental Concerns for the Homebuyer, Reality Times (1998) Scott Frickel & Deborah Davidson, Building Environmental States: Legitimacy and Rationalization in Sustainability Governance (2003) Kenneth Gould, Class Conflict and Environmental Justice (2009) J. D. Graham, et al., Who Lives Near Coke Plants and Oil Refineries: An Exploration of the Environmental Inequity Hypothesis, Harvard Center for Risk Analysis (1999) Harvard University Working Group on Environmental Justice, Environmental Justice and Biotechnology The Heartland Institute, States Protest Environmental Justice Plan (1998) Michael Heiman, Race, Waste, and Class: New Perspectives on Environmental Justice, (1996) Michael Heiman, Waste Management and Risk Assessment: Environmental Discrimination through Regulation, (1996) Cathy Hinds, et al., The National Toxics Campaign: Some Reflections, Thoughts for the Movement, National Toxics Campaign (2002) J. Andrew Hoerner & Nia Robinson, A Climate of Change: African Americans, Global Warming, and a Just Climate Policy for the U.S., Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative (2008) Dale Jamieson, Duties to the Distant: Aid, Assistance, and Intervention in the Developing World (2002) Kentucky Environmental Foundation, Chemical Weapons Working Group, Chemical Weapons Disposal and Environmental Justice Claudette Langley (Urban Habitat), Environmental Justice Principles Fall Victim to Semantic Attack Donna Latham, Teaching Tolerance: A Report on Environmental Racism League of United Latin American Citizens Air of Injustice: How Air Pollution Affects the Health of Hispanics and Latinos (2004) Zada Lipman, Trade in Hazardous Waste: Environmental Justice Versus Economic Growth (2008) Jonathan R. London, et al., Problems, Promise, Progress and Perils: Critical Reflections on Environmental Justice Policy Implementation in California, 26 UCLA Journal of Environmental Law & Policy (2008)

Keri Lydersen, Fighting the Cloud Factory Dave Mann, Separate But Toxic: The Houston Environmental Magnet School That's An Environmental Catastrophe, Texas Observer (March 23, 2007) S. Martinez, Color-Blind, Color-Mute, and Color-Deaf: Race and Expertise in Environmental Justice Rule Making, 1(2) Environmental Justice (2008) Mary Jo McConahay, Black Neighbors Know U.S. Still Ignores Environmental Justice (2003) Corina McKendry, Competing for Green: Neoliberalism, Environmental Justice, and the Limits of Ecological Modernization (2008) George Middendorf & Joseph McCormick, The Encyclopedia of Earth: Roots of Environmental Justice (2006) Gordon Mitchell & Graham Walker, Environmental Justice Impact Assessment Paul Mohai & Robin Saha, Reassessing Race and Class Disparities in Environmental Justice Research Using Distance-Based Methods (2003) Rachel Morello-Frosch, Environmental Justice and Regional Inequality in Southern California: Implications for Future Research (2002) National Environmental Justice Advisory Council, A Report on the "Public Dialogues on Urban Revitalization and Brownfields: Envisioning Healthy and Sustainable Communities," National Environmental Policy Commission, Final Report to the Black Caucus: Environmental Justice Braintrust (2003) Ozguc Orhan, Three Modes of Environmental Justice in World Politics (2003) Michael Palenchar & Bernardo Motta, Community Right to Know and Environmental Justice: Public Relations Practitioners Are Neither Getting Nor Using the Message (2008) Thomas M. Parris, Spinning the Web of Environmental Justice, 39(4) Environment (May 1997) Manuel Pastor, Unfair Exposure: Seeking Justice for Neighborhoods Bearing the Brunt of Toxic Hazards, UC-Santa Cruz Review (2004) Manuel Pastor, et al., Still Toxic After All These Years: Air Quality and Environmental Justice in the San Francisco Bay Area, By Area Environmental Health Collaborative (2007) Pastor, Sadd & Hipp, Which Came First? Toxic Facilities, Minority Move-In, and Environmental Justice, 23(1) Journal of Urban Affairs 1-21 (2001) Anne Petermann & Orin Langelle, UN Climate Convention (2009) Christopher Robinson, Restorative Environmental Justice (2008) Christopher Robinson, Truth, Reconciliation, and Environmental Justice (2009) Joanna Robinson & David Tindall, The Potential for an Environmental Justice Movement in British Columbia (2006 Patricia Salkin, Intersection Between Environmental Justice and Land Use Planning (2006) David Schlosberg & David Carothers, Indigenous Struggles, Environmental Justice, and Community Capabilities (2009)

Sierra Club: Environmental Justice Activist Newsletter, Environmental Justice and Community Partnerships Andrea Simpson, Halting, Heroic, Hopeful: Today and Tomorrow in the Environmental Justice Movement (2009) Renee Skelton & Vernice Miller, The Environmental Justice Movement (Natural Resources Defense Council) Chad Smith, The Importance of Space: Environmental Inequality in Post-Industrial Detroit, Michigan and Portland, Oregon (2005) The Southern Organizing Committee for Economic and Social Justice, Air of Injustice: African Americans & Power Plant Pollution (2002) Carolyn Stephens, Environmental Justice: A Critical Issue for Environmental Scientists Everywhere (2007) Susan Strife, Childhood Development and Access to Nature: A New Direction for Environmental Inequality Research Julie Sze & Jonathan K. London, Environmental Justice at the Crossroads, 2/4 Sociology Compass (2008) Johnn Tan & Eric Odell, Student Environmentalists Learn Hard Lessons, SEAC (1997) Cheryl Teelucksingh, Partial Knowledge: Environmental Justice Research in MidScarborough (Toronto) Canada (2003) Urban Habitat, Race, Poverty & the Environment Andrew Van Alstyne, The Two Logics of Environmental Action (2009) Allison Varga, Monolithic Categories: Important or Not? Monolithic categories and their significance in Environmental Justice and Epidemiology (2009) Gordon Walker, Environmental Justice and the Politics of Risk Gordon Walker, Who Bears Environmental Risk?: The Challenges of the Environmental Equality Agenda Gordon Walker & Harriet Bulkeley, Geographies of Environmental Justice Gordon Walker, Kate Burningham, Jane Fielding, Graham Smith, Diana Thrush & Helen Fay Addressing Environmental Inequalities: Flood Risk, Science Report: SC020061/SR1 Gordon Walker, Jon Fairburn, Graham Smith & Gordon Mitchell, Environmental quality and social deprivation, R&D Technical Report E2-067/1/TR Gordon Walker, Gordon Mitchell, John Fairburn & Graham Smith, Industrial Pollution and Social Deprivation: Evidence and Complexity in Evaluating and Responding to Environmental Inequality Gordon Walker, Environmental Justice and the Distributional Deficit in Policy Appraisal in the UK (2007) Timothy Weiskel, Moral Resources for Reflection on Public Policy Wilmington Area Planning Council, Environmental Justice Report (2009) Janet Wilson, State (California) has Most Minorities Near Toxic Facilities, L.A. Times (April

12, 2007) Kai Wright, Beyond Environmental Justice, Blacks and the Green Movement (2009) Zabihollah Yousefi, A Survey of Pesticide Toxicant Utilization from Caspian Sea Banks, Mazandaran Province, Northern Iran, 1(2) Environmental Justice (2008)

1.3 Academic Syllabi Maria Bastaki, The Evergreen State University, Environmental Health: Science, Policy and Social Justice Andrew Biro, Acadia University, The Politics of Water Steve Breyman, Rochester Polytechnical Institute, Environmental Politics & Policy Phil Brown, Brown University, Environmental Sociology: An Environmental Justice Approach Dale Bryk, Yale University, Environmental Protection Clinic Robert Bullard et al., Clark Atlanta University, Environmental Racism JoAnn Carmin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Environmental Justice Michael Cermak, Boston College, Planet in Peril - Environmental Issues and Society Teresa Cordova, Planning Issues in Chicano Communities: An Environmental and Economic Justice Approach Stentor Danielson, Environmental Justice Amity Doolittle, Yale University, Environmental Justice Maxwell Dworkin, Harvard University, Introduction to Environmental Justice Robyn Eckersley, University of Melbourne, Environmental Political Health Robert Ford, Loma Linda University, Nature/Society Thought and Social Policy Robert Gerrard, Columbia University, Climate Change Law Jill Harrison, University of Wisconsin, Environment, Natural Resources, and Society Bryan Higgins, State University of New York at Plattsburgh, Environmental Justice Barry Hill, Vermont Law School, Environmental Justice Sarah Hill, Western Michigan University, Engendering the Environment Holmes Hummel, University of California at Berkeley, Climate Policy Design Jim Igoe, University of Colorado, Denver, Conservation, Globalization, and Indigenous Communities Maria Ivanovia, The College of William and Mary, Global Environmental Governance Catherine Kleier, Regis University, Environmental Justice in the United States of America Matthew Klingle, Bowdoin College, Green Injustice - Environment and Equity in North American History David Lewis, University of Albany, Introduction to Environmental Planning Jonathan Links, The Johns Hopkins University, Environmental Health Loyola University, Environmental Justice Practicum: The Central Valley Robert McGinn, Stanford University, Ethics, Science, and Technology James Murton, Nipissing University, Food, Land, and Subsistence in Human History Colleen O'Neill, California Polytechnic University, Ethnicity and the Land Devin Pena, University of Washington, Cultures and Politics of Environmental Justice Tom Perreault, Syracuse University, Geographies of Environmental Justice Max Pfeffer, Cornell University, Environment and Society Frank Popper, Rutgers University, Property Theory and Land Use Policy

Danielle Roth-Johnson, University of Las Vegas, Green Feminism John Sandlos, Memorial University of Nefoundland, The History of Environmental Ideas in Canada and the United States Geraldn Shenk and David Takacs, California State University at Monterey, Social and Environmental History of California Cynthia Toms Smedley, University of Notre Dame, Environmental Justice and Human Rights in the Aftermath of Katrina Jonathan Spiro, Castleton College, The Conservation Movement in the U.S. Samara Swanston, Pratt Institute, Environmental Justice Jim Tantillo, Cornell University, People, Values, and Natural Resources Peter Taylor, University of Massachusetts at Boston, Re/constructing risks and selves: the possibilities and limits of popular epidemiology and political ecology David Walls, Sonoma State University, The Environmental Movement Ted Whitesell, The Evergreen State University, Environmental Advocacy Rick Worthington, Harvey Mudd College, Politics of Environmental Justice 1.4 Lectures, Interviews, Power Point Presentations, and Multimedia Black Feminism and Environmental Justice Lecture Series, Syracuse University: Gender and Environmental Justice in the 21st Century Building Healthy Communities for Children: The Physical and Social Environments, South Jersey Environmental Justice Alliance A call for a "new environmental justice": Challenges and Theoretical Foundations A Catholic Understanding of Environmental Justice, Jocelyn Stauffer Citizens for Global Solutions: Environmental Justice Video Environmental Justice: An Interview Environmental Justice: An Interview with Robert Bullard, Earth First! Journal Environmental Justice Considerations Involving Toll Roads, Jimmy Tyree Environmental Justice: Strategies for Creating Healthy and Sustainable Communities, Dr. Robert Bullard, Environmental Justice Resource Center Environmental Justice and Emergency Preparedness, Wynecta Fisher Environmental Justice Interview, Diego Ruiz Environmental Justice Law Intent Environmental Justice Spring Lecture Series, Yale University Environmental Justice Video Archive Green Video of the Week: Anderson Cooper Tackles Environmental Racism Implementing Connecticut's EJ Law, Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice Justice and the Environment, Scot Yoder KQED QUEST Radio Report: Earth Day Radio Special: The History of Environmental Justice Overview of Cumulative Risk: What It Is and What It Can Tell Us?, Mid-Atlantic

Environmental Justice, Environmental Protection Agency The Quest for Environmental Justice: Human Rights The State of Environmental Justice in America (2008), Howard University School of Law A Vision for Environmental Justice: Our Responsibility for God's Creation, Princeton University

2 Definitions, Applications and Research-Based Entries

2.1 Declarations of Principles 10 Principles for Just Climate Change in the U.S.,, 2002 African American Environmentalist Association's Principles of Environmental Justice Bali Principles of Climate Justice,, 2002 Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives' (GAIA) Principles of Environmental Justice GreenFaith: Religious Principles of Environmental Justice Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing,, 1997 Mission and Vision of Environmental Justice in Maryland Principles of Alliance with Green Groups, Second National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit, 2002 Principles of Climate Justice, We Act for Environmental Justice, 2009 Principles of Environmental Justice, First National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit, 1991 Principles of Working Together, Second National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit, 2002 The Ruckus Society: Principles of Environmental Justice State Environmental Resource Center's Principles of Environmental Justice World Rainforest Movement, Climate Change 2.2 Resources for Assessment of Threats Environmental Justice Geographic Assessment Tool Environmental Justice Maps Environmental Justice Scorecard National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences- National Toxicology Program (NTP) Right to Know Fact Sheets: Hazardous Substances, New Jersey Department of Health & Senior Services Toxics/Pollution Community Scorecard, Environmental Defense Toxicology Assessment for Risk Assessment Toxics Release Inventory TOXMAP

2.3 Case Studies Adams Landfill Facility, Fort Wayne, IN Agriculture Street Landfill Arizona Department of Transportation: South Park Avenue Improvement Project Beard Elementary School Sitting on Contaminated Property Buffalo Creek Disaster Colby College, Devil's Tower Colby College, Houston v. Chevron: A Case of Environmental Justice Colby College, PacifiCorp Dams and Yurok Salmon The Dearborn, Michigan Arab American Community and Industrial Air Pollution Delray Neighborhood Lawsuits Against Local Polluters Emelle, Alabama: Home Of The Nation's Largest Hazardous Waste Landfill Environmental Justice Case Study: DDT Contamination Environmental Justice Case Study: Navajo-Hopi Struggle to Protect the Big Mountain Reservation Environmental Justice Case Study: The Yucca Mountain High-Level Nuclear Waste Repository and the Western Shoshone Environmental Justice for the Navajo : Uranium Mining in the Southwest Hog Farming in North Carolina An Incinerator in Flint, Michigan Industrial Pollution in Barrio Logan Innovative Waste Utilization and the Concerned Residents of South Phoenix, AZ Michigan Department of Transportation, The DIFT Environmental Justice Case Study North Carolina Department of Transportation: East-West Expressway Environmental Impact Statement Northern New Jersey Department of Transportation: Job Access and Reverse Commute Planning North River Sewage Treatment Plant Oakland Department of Transportation: Fruitvale BART Transit-Oriented Development Project Ohio Department of Transportation: MPO Environmental Justice Analysis Eric Petersen, The Spread of Environmental Justice into Transportation Planning: A Chicago Case Study The Race Equity Project, A Case Study of Environmental Justice Work in West Oakland San Francisco Energy Company in Bayview/Hunter's Point, CA Shintech PVC Plant in Convent, Louisiana

Smart Growth/Smart Energy Toolkit, Jackson Square Redevelopment Project, Boston, MA Solution Mining in White Pine, MI and the Bad River Reservation South Carolina Department of Transportation: South Carolina 72 Environmental Assessment Southern California Department of Transportation: Southern California Regional Transportation Plan The Struggle for Religious Freedom in Bear Butte State Park, South Dakota The Struggle for Sierra Blanca, Texas Against A Low-Level Nuclear Waste Site A Study of the Initiative To Shut Down Henry Ford Hospital's Medical Waste Incinerator in Detroit, Michigan Toxic Neighbors of Corpus Christi Toxic Waste in Chester, Pennsylvania University of Michigan: Environmental Justice Case Studies Waste Technologies Industries, Inc. and the Fight Against A Hazardous Waste Incinerator in East Liverpool, Ohio West County Toxics Coalition and the Chevron Refinery Wisconsin Department of Transportation: Verona Road and West Beltline Needs Assessment Study

2.4 Research Bibliographies Bibliography of Environmental Justice publications, Michigan State University Extension Discriminatory Siting of Locally Undesirable Land Uses Environmental Health and Toxicology: Environmental Justice Environmental Inequality Bibliography Environmental Justice and Environmental Racism, An Annotated Bibliography and General Overview, Focusing on U.S. Literature, 1996-2002, Robin Lanette Turner & Diana Pe Wu, Berkeley Workshop on Environmental Politics Environmental Justice: An Annotated Bibliography, 1980-1998, Clark Atlanta University Environmental Justice Resource Center Council Environmental Justice Annotated Bibliography, Environmental Defense Fund Environmental Justice Bibliography, U.S. EPA, National Environmental Justice Advisory Environmental Justice Database, Michigan State University Indigenous Peoples and the Environment: An Annotated Bibliography, Alexandra Ashton & Joe Bryan, Berkeley Workshop on Environmental Politics Issues in Environmental Justice, James Hoyte & Timothy C. Weiskel PhilPapers: Environmental Justice

Poverty and Environmental Justice, Tom Tietenberg, Colby College Some Sources on Environmental Democracy and Environmental Justice, Tufts Institute for the Environment Thinking Outside of the Box: Environmental Justice Archives, Radical Noesis

3 Public Communications

3.1 Discussion Boards California Environmental Justice Listserve Ethical Eating: Food and Environmental Justice Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable Listserv 3.2 Blogs Charlotte (North Carolina) Unitarian-Universality Church Blog The Contented Cow Pub: Environmental Justice...Myth or Fiction? Environmental and Food Justice Environment and the Psychology of Behavior: Environmental Justice Environmental Justice Blog Block, Street & Building Blog: 5 Current Environmental Justice Issues Centre for Environmental Justice (Sri Lanka) myMADRE: Environmental Justice NCC-Eco-Justice Weblog 3.3 Lists Center for Public Oversight, Brownfields Internet Forum Catholic-Environmental Justice Alternatives for Community & Environment (EJ issues in Massachusetts/New England) California Brownfields San Francisco Bay Area Environmental Justice

4 Nongovernmental Organizations

4.1 National Organizations Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment Alternatives for Community and Environment: Law and Education for Environmental Justice

American Bar Association, Environmental Justice Committee Asian Pacific Environmental Network: Environmental Justice & API Issues The Association for the Study of Literature & Environment Black Rhinoceros: A Green Activist's Resource Bullfrog Films: Environmental Films Catholic Conservation Center Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice Center for Environmental Excellence: Environmental Justice Center for Environmental Health Center for Health, Environment & Justice Directory of Bay Area Nonprofits, Berkeley Workshop on Environmental Politics EarthJustice: Because the Earth Needs a Good Lawyer Earth Island Institute EcoEquity EcoTort EJ Matters for Climate Change Energy Justice Network EnviroJustice, Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund Environmental Health Coalition Environmental Integrity Project Environmental Justice, United Church of Christ Environmental Justice & Climate Change Initiative Environmental Justice & Health Union Environmental Justice Coalition for Water Environmental Justice Foundation Environmental Justice Foundation: Protecting People and Planet Environmental Justice home page, Natural Resources Defense Council Environmental Justice home page, Sierra Club Environmental Justice Resource Center, Clark Atlanta University Environmental Law Institute Environmental Research Foundation The Farmworker Network Floresiste: Against White Supremacy Global Community Monitor

Global Justice Ecology Project Global Ministries, United Methodist Church: Environmental Justice Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice Harvard University Working Group on Environmental Justice Healthy Building Network: Environmental Justice Inner City Press' Environmental Justice Reporter Institute for Social & Environmental Justice Education (ISEJE) Maurice & Jane Sugar Law Center for Economic & Social Justice National Black Environmental Justice Network Native Americans and the Environment National Black Environmental Justice Network National Council of Churches: Eco-Justice Programs The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Nuclear Information and Resource Service Pacific Institute: Research for People and the Planet Pan-American Health Organization Peace, Earth & Justice News Pesticide Action Network: Advancing Alternatives to Pesticides Worldwide Pesticide Education Center Planning and Conservation League Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) Rainforest Action Network Redefining Progress -- The Nature of Economics: About Environmental Justice Rocky Mountain Institute: Abundance by Design Sierra Institute for Community and Environment: Environmental Justice Microsite Thimmakka (Environmental Education, Policy and Economics) United for a Fair Economy: Environmental Justice United States Conference of Catholic Bishops: Environmental Justice Program: Caring for God's Creation Urban Program, Natural Resources Defense Council WiserEarth: Resources for Environmental Justice Women's Environmental Institute: Environmental Justice Education and Advocacy Collaboration The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Sustainable Development

4.2 Place-Based Organizations California Environmental Rights Alliance Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice (Riverside, California/Inland Empire) Center for Diversity and the Environment Center on Race, Poverty & the Environment (San Francisco Bay Area/Delano) Central California Environmental Justice Network Coalition for Clean & Safe Ports (San Francisco Bay Area) Commission on Environmental Justice and Sustainable Communities, (Maryland Department of the Environment) Communities for a Better Environment - California Community Coalition for Environmental Justice (Seattle) Concerned Citizens of Tillery (rural North Carolina) Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice DataCenter (California, with campaigns in other areas) Deep South Center for Environmental Justice Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice (Detroit) Domestic Chronology of Environmental Justice Energy and Environmental Justice Environmental Health Coalition (San Diego, California) Environmental History: Explore the Field (The University of California -- Berkeley) Environmental Justice Cultural Studies (Washington State University) Environmental Justice in the Great Lakes Region (Great Lakes Information Network) Environmental Justice, Inner City Press (New York City) Environmental Justice Project, University of California Davis (California, with emphasis on the Central Valley) Environmental Justice Resource Center (Clark Atlanta University) Environmental Justice Resource Center (South Central Oklahoma) Environmental Justice Task Force (Wisconsin) Environmental Justice Through Pollution Prevention (EJP2) Grant Program (Purdue University, Indiana) Environmental Justice Tour '06 Let's Greenwash This City! Literacy for Environmental Justice (San Francisco Bay Area) Madison Environmental Justice Organization (Wisconsin)

Maryland Department of the Environment: Brief History of Environmental Justice in the United States New York City Environmental Justice Alliance New York City Environmental Justice Association (NYCEJA) Northwest Indiana Environmental Justice Resource Center PUEBLO: People United for a Better Life in Oakland Pollution-Weary Minorities Try Civil Rights Tack Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition (California) Southwest Network for Environmental and Economic Justice (SNEEJ): Youth Leadership Development Program (New Mexico) The Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC) Sustainable South Bronx (New York) Title VI and Environmental Justice (Delaware Regional Planning Commission) Toxic Targets: Polluters That Dump on Communities of Color Are Finally Being Brought to Justice Urban Ecology (Northern California) 4.3 Foundations The Barr Foundation: Making a More Livable City Environmental Justice Foundation: Protecting People and Planet The Rufford Maurice Laing Foundation: Environmental Justice Foundation Utah's Environmental Justice Foundation

5 Domestic Governmental and Legal Entries

5.1 Domestic Legal Documents CEQ, "Environment Justice: Guidance under the National Environmental Policy Act (Dec. 10, 1997) EPA's Commitment to Environmental Justice, Memorandum from EPA Administrator, Christie Todd-Whitman (Aug. 9, 2002) EPA, Final Guidance For Incorporating Environmental Justice Concerns in EPA's NEPA Compliance Analyses (April 1998). EPA Office of Federal Activities, EPA Guidance for Consideration of Environmental Justice in Clean Air Act Section 309 Reviews (July 1999). Memorandum, From: EPA General Counsel, "EPA Statutory and Regulatory Authorities Under Which Environmental Justice Issues May Be Addressed in Permitting" (Dec. 1, 2000)

5.1.1 California Legal Statutes/Responses California Environmental Protection Agency, Environmental Justice Section


Environmental Justice Action Plan (2004)

Intra-Agency Environmental Justice Strategy California Government Code sec. 65040.12 California Public Resources Code, secs. 71110-71116 California Department of Toxic Substances Control 5.2 Domestic Agency Sites Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry home page, U.S. DHHS Brownfields home page, U.S. EPA Environmental Justice home page, U.S. EPA, Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response Environmental Justice home page, U.S. EPA, Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance National Environmental Justice Advisory Council, U.S. EPA Toxics Release Inventory Program School Education Page, US EPA, Region 9 5.3 Reports and Reporting Services on Legal Issues 1993 Environmental Justice Initiatives - Annual Report (1993) 1994 Environmental Justice Annual Report 1996 Waste Programs Environmental Justice Accomplishments Report Executive Summary (1996) American Bar Association, Environmental Justice for All: A Fifty State Survey of Legislation, Policy and Initiatives American Bar Association, The Law of Environmental Justice: Update Service Census Bureau, American FactFinder Commission on Civil Rights, Not in My Backyard: Executive Order 12,898 and Title VI as Tools for Achieving Environmental Justice (2003) Department of the Interior, Environmental Justice Strategic Plan (2005) Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Inspector General, EPA Needs to Consistently Implement the Intent of the Executive Order on Environmental Justice, Report No. 2004-P00007 (2004) EPA Response to OIG Recommendations (2004) Environmental Protection Agency, Border Environmental Justice Report (1999) Environmental Protection Agency, Environmental Justice: Reducing Risks for All Communities,Vol I (1992) Environmental Protection Agency, Environmental Justice: Reducing Risks for All Communities, Vol II (1992) Environmental Protection Agency, Moving Towards Collaborative Problem-Solving: Business and Industry Perspectives and Practices on Environmental Justice (2003) Environmental Protection Agency, Building Healthy Environments to Eliminate Health Disparities (2003) National Academy of Public Administration, Environmental Justice in EPA Permitting:

Reducing Pollution in High-Risk Communities is Integral to the Agency's Mission (2001) National Academy of Public Administration, Modes for Change: Efforts by Four States to Address Environmental Justice (2002) National Academy of Public Administration, Addressing Community Concerns: How Environmental Justice Relates to Land Use Planning and Zoning (2003) New York University, Center for Environmental & Land Use Law, U.S. Environmental Justice Public Law Research Institute, University of California, Hastings College of Law, A Response to State Responses (2000)

6 International Entries

6.1 Treaties and Soft Law Declarations 6.1.1 Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decisionmaking and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters (Aarhus Convention) Aarhus Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers Task Force Treaty Text

6.1.2 United Nations Convention on Environment and Development Information for Decision-Making, Article 40 of Agenda 21 (UNCED 1992) Rio Declaration on the Environment, Principle 10 - Public Participation on Environmental Issues UNEP, Dublin Declaration on Access to Environmental Information (2000) 6.2 Reports and Articles Citizen's Guide to the World Bank Inspection Panel, Center for International Environmental Law Doing Better Business Through Effective Public Consultation and Disclosure, International Finance Corporation AP, From Rich to Poor: Ivory Coast Tragedy Highlights Hazardous Waste Trade on Rise, International Herald Tribune, October 17, 2006 Fitz, Genetic Engineering and Environmental Racism (2003) Amos Agbe Utuama, International Issues Relating to Environmental Justice and Community Development Linda Silka, The Southeast Asian Environmental Justice Partnership: Citizens Revive a New England Mill Town River World Bank Policy on Information Disclosure, World Bank Social and Environmental Justice, World Wildlife Fund International 6.3 Nongovernmental Organizations and Campaigns

AmazonWatch: Defending the Amazon Arctic Circle, Social Equity and Environmental Justice Australian Climate Justice Basel Action Network The Climate Justice Project: A Student-Led Campaign for Contraction and Convergence Community Coalition for Environmental Justice ECO-Forum Public Participation Campaign Environmental Justice Foundation Environmental Justice NetworkLocal and Regional Environmental Advocacy Organizations in New York State International Association for Environmental Philosophy South African Exchange Program on Environmental Justice

7 Brownfields

7.1 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Listings Brownfields Technology Support Center U.S. EPA Brownfields Home Page U.S. EPA Brownfields Related Laws & Regulations U.S. EPA Region 5 Brownfields Page U.S. EPA Region 6 Brownfields Page U.S. EPA Region 9 Brownfields Page U.S. EPA Region 10 Brownfields Page 7.2 Other Federal Brownfield Listings Department of Health & Human Services: Environmental Medicine Ecological Risk Analysis Tools and Applications HUD: Brownfields Page HUD EZ/EC Brownfields Page

7.3 State and Local Brownfield Sites Brownfields Initiative (Portland, Oregon) Brownfields Issues Intersection, International City/County Management Association Connecticut's Urban Sites Remedial Action Program IRM, State Brownfields Agencies/Legislation

7.4 Academic and Non-profit Brownfield Sites Brownfields Non-profits Network California Center for Land Recycling The Law of Environmental Justice Update Service, American Bar Association

7.5 Brownfield Reports, Articles and Newsletters "Unwelcome Neighbors, Civil Rights and the Environment", New Orleans Picayune Times Brownfield News Reclaiming Rural America's Brownfields, National Association of Development Organizations


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