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TurboCare SpA Corso Romania, 661 10156 Torino (Italy) Tel. (39) 011 0059081 Fax. (39) 011 0059084 Torino, February 25th, 2011 Our ref. TAL/06050 To Whom it May Concern Reference: (4) x Fiat TG50D5 (701D) 127MW/50Hz gas turbine (simple cycle) power islands, Solicitation for Bid

Dear Sirs, TurboCare SpA currently has available for purchase and delivery, four (4) Fiat TG-50D5 (701D) gas turbine (GT) power islands rated 127MW ISO/50Hz . Both Gas Turbines have been overhauled and upgraded. The generators also have received inspection and overhaul. These are pre-owned and currently in a storage locations in Italy. A copy of the units' specifications is attached. Your company is invited to place a firm price bid on these units. We will be taking bids on the units during the months of March and April, up to midnight April 15, 2011 (GMT-4). The bids shall have the following minimum requirements: 1) Either two (2) units or all four (4) units. 2) Ex-works Turin, Italy, As-Is/Where-Is. No warranty implicit or implied. 3) Bidders will commit to their bid with an immediate deposit of 10% of their bid price by wire transfer to an escrow account with a licensed legal firm; to be designated. 4) The selected winning bidder shall complete the transaction of full payment of the two (2) or four (4) units by 60 days of the initial TurboCare Acceptance and will receive transfer of title upon payment in full. Notes and clarifications about the bid: a) Bids will be valid only if accompanied with a verified deposit of 10% of the bid price and meeting the minimum requirements. Interested parties, after giving TurboCare a written letter of interest, will be provided wire transfer instructions in a separate communication for the deposit. b) All bidders with deposits will remain on the list until July 15, 2011, or until a successful transaction is completed on the sale of these units, whichever comes later. c) On or before July 15, 2011, we will complete the transaction with one of the selected bidders. The successful bidder, upon closing with the remaining payment balance on the units, will be credited their deposit towards his payment to the equipment. The non-selected bidders will receive their deposits back upon the successful transaction of a successful

bidder. Any interest accrued in the escrow account by the deposit, will also be credited back to the non-selected bidders. d) If a bidder that has been selected as the winning bidder fails to complete 100% of the full payment within 60 days of TurboCare's acceptance of his offer, he will forfeit his deposit and the units will be sold to the next selected winning bidder which will undergo to the same above mentioned procedure. e) The GT power islands are offered on an "As-is/Where-is" basis on manufacture and repair defects. However, since TurboCare has fully refurbished the gas turbines and generators, they will carry a warranty of 24 months from transfer of title or 8000 Equivalent Operating Hours , whichever comes first ,only if TurboCare Technical Field Assistance is hired to follow the installation of the units within one year of the sale. The Title to the equipment is being sold with warranty of clear title. f) Please note that these power islands are currently being offered for sale and are subject to prior sale.

g) TurboCare retains its right to terminate this solicitation for bids at any time prior to fully executing a contract with a buyer. h) TurboCare reserves the right to accept or refuse any offer. i) Bidders are encouraged to inspect the equipment in person and discuss details prior to bidding.

Specifications of the units are attached. Visits to site can be arranged at your convenience. Please contact TurboCare SpA +39 011 00 59 081 in order to arrange equipment inspection. Please Email a copy of your bid to [email protected] or [email protected] Please also send a signed original, express-mail to: TurboCare SpA Corso Romania, 661 10156 Torino, Italy Attn: Equipment Bids If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. Best regards and good luck. TurboCare


The gas turbines were manufactured by Fiat Avio and originally installed at site from 1995 through 1998. They can run both on natural gas and distillate oil. Heavy Fuel oil and other liquid fuel operation is also available. The Power Packages are available as paired units, so either 2 or 4 units are available for purchase. Each unit is located in a separate enclosure and is equipped with its own inlet filtration system and water injection for NOx abatement. The nominal net power output is 127 MW per unit. The Gas Turbines have been refurbished and upgraded at the TurboCare , Torino, Italy manufacturing and service center; the original manufacturing site for these engines. The Generators have also been fully serviced by Alstom. The units and associated equipment are packaged and ready for shipment. The equipment is sold as-is/where-is, but with TurboCare project management and Technical Field Support for the installation, we can provide standard warranty on both the gas turbines and generators.

Unit In Year Service Equivalent Hours Last Overhaul Hours since Overhaul

A 1996 19,000 2009 0

B 1996 26,500 2009 0

C 1995 36,700 2009 0

D 1995 43,000 2009 0


Gas Turbines Manufacturer: Fiat Avio Model: TG50 ­ D5 Rating (net): 127 MW Primary fuel: natural gas Secondary fuel: distillate oil NOx Control: water injection Inlet filtration: 4 stages Generators Manufacturer: ABB Model: 50WT 18H-66 Rated kVA: 140,000 kVA at 44°C Hydrogen temp Voltage: 15 kV Power Factor: 0,9 Rated kW: X126,000 kW Speed: 3,000 rpm Cooling System: Hydrogen Exciters: ABB Static Cooling Water to Air-Coolers Quantity: nr.2 x 100% per GT Manufacturer: GEA C.Wtr. circulating pump: 1 x 350 m3/hr, rated head 30 m w.g. Wtr-Air Exchangers: - manufacturer/model: GEA / 5L-4500/7 #10.1.6880 ­ 2827-3V-FE33 - quantity: nr. 5 (4 running, 1 stand-by) - design data: 1 x 450 m3/hr @ 30 bar/45°C (3.140.000 kcal/hr) 4 x 450 m3/hr

@ 45 bar/99°C (3.140.000 kcal/hr) -fans: nr.5 x 10.8 kW each - motors: nr.5 Marelli x 18.5 kW-380 V each GT Refrigerating Air to Air-Coolers Manufacturer: GEA Air-Air Exchangers: - quantity: nr. 4 - design data:15bar/430°C(2.900.000 kcal/hr) -fans: 49.000 Nm3/hr, head 14 mm w.g., Tin/Tout 40°/57°C, 4kW each - motors: Fimet, 7.5 kW-380 V each Control Systems Not available TurboCare can offer a new control system Manufacturer: TurboCare - Siemens Model: S7-400 By-pass Stacks Diameter: 6.5 m Height: 35 m Isolating system: louvers

Asset List for the TG-50D5 Turbigo Econopacs

Gas Turbine TG50D5 (FIAT AVIO) - GT engine - Dual Fuel Std. Combustion System - Turbine Bearing Fire Fighting - On Board I&C Devices - On Board Air Cooling System - On Board Bypass System Generator (ABB) - Hydrogen cooled generator (excitation system) - Rotor Jacking oil system - Hydrogen oil sealing system Control Package - Vibration monitoring system (Bently Nevada) - Gas Detection System(MSA) - Fire Protection board (Ciodue) Electrical Package - Motor Control Center - 6 kv board - Generator protective relay panel - Battery charger - Unit Transformer - Insulated bus bar duct

- Generator Circuit Breaker - Static Excitation System and transformer - Lighting board - Starting system board and transformer (Qty. 1 for two Units) - Emergency diesel generator (Qty: 1 for two Units) Starting Package - Generator is used as an electric motor (ABB) - SSS clutch (SSS) - Barring Gear Exhaust System - Horizontal Diffuser - Silencer - Vertical Stack - Diverter box Mechanical Package - Common lube oil system for the gas turbine - Atomizing and instrument air system - Cooling air system - Gas fuel system skid - Liquid fuel system skid - Cooling water skid - Water injection skid Cooler Assemblies - Air-to-air cooler for rotor cooling - Oil-to-water cooler for lube oil cooling - Water-to-air for water cooling system Firefighting System - GT enclosure - Turbine Bearing - Mechanical Package Enclosure Enclosures with Ventilation and Lighting Systems - Gas Turbine Module - Generator (shed) - Mechanical Package - Electrical Package - Control Room - Battery and DC distribution room - Emergency Diesel Generator GT Pipe Rack Assemblies


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