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Artic workshop 2010: Call for papers Tip of the day, prof. Esa Saarinen Courses in the year 2010 HSE: Ethics of Science, Technology and Design Supply Chain Management for Doctoral Students, Forthcoming doctoral defenses Sunny Summertime! SCANCOR PhD Workshop in Helsinki



Tip of the day

To point of life is to live to the full. The point of a dissertation is growth - the growth of knowledge and personal growth, triggered by the struggles that mark the road to anything truly valuable. Do it, and enjoy the process, the process of your own growth.

Professor Esa Saarinen

Applied philosophy and organization development

Arctic workshop 2010: Design Science Research October 7, 2010, Espoo

We invite doctoral students to submit research papers and research plans to the workshop, and we also welcome other scholars to participate in the event as reviewers, commentators, and audience. The workshop is organized by Aalto University School of Science and Technology, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management. Important dates: Abstract DL 31.8.2010 Full-paper DL 17.9.2010 Registration DL 27.9.2010 Besides discussing thesis topics within the broad field of industrial engineering and management, this year's workshop introduces the special theme of Design Science Research in Operations Management (OM). The goal of Design Science Research is to combine problem-solving and theory-oriented academic research in such a way that practice and theory complement one another. In operations management (OM) research, recognizing and building on this potential benefit is important because problem solving in practice produces the very phenomena that empirical OM research subsequently evaluates in an attempt to build explanatory theory. If we consider novel practices and innovative operations as the object of primary interest then in OM it is the practitioner, not the academic researcher who is engaged in `basic' research. This observation leads us to the central question of the workshop: How can we conduct Design Science Research to enhance the crossfertilization between academic research, practice-oriented research, and industrial practice to simultaneously make novel theoretical insights and contribute to practice? Keynote speakers: - Joan Ernst van Aken, Eindhoven University of Technology - David Denyer, Cranfied University - Matti Rossi, Aalto University

Courses in the fall 2010

Doctoral Summer School on Service Engineering and Management: September 26-29, 2010 Socio-technical Systems: September 27-28, 2010 Research Methods in Industrial Management I Doctoral course on Scientific Logics Scientific writing II Advanced Organization Theory Global Strategic Human Resource Management Practices: Theoris and Applications: November 2324, 2010 For more information see: es_for_phd_students/

HSE: Ethics of Science, Technology and Design, 6 cr

The course aims to provide tools which enable researchers to analyze and respond to the ethical challenges they are likely to encounter in applied research and development work, both in public and private sector. After taking the course students are familiar with good scientific practice and procedures for handling misconduct and fraud in science as they are defined by the National Advisory Board on Research Ethics in Finland. Date: 8.9.-20.10.2010, Wednesdays at 16-19 o'clock Place: HSE, room PC-350 More information: cs_of_science-technology-and_design/

Supply Chain Management for Doctoral Students, Autumn 2010

The purpose of this course is to give a doctoral research -level introduction to the approaches that are used to explain the supply chain management phenomenon. Supply chain management is touched upon at least in the following research areas: operations management, logistics, systems analysis, information systems management, industrial business networks and relationship marketing. Time: November 15-17, 2010 Place: Aalborg University - Denmark, Center for Industrial Production The students interested in participating must send their application to Pia Lund ([email protected]) by 15 August, 2010. Lecturers: · Professor John Johansen (Aalborg University, CIP), · Professor Jan Holmström (Aalto University), · Adjunct Professor Jussi Heikkilä (Aalto University), · Professor Jan S. Arlbjørn (University of Southern Denmark) More information: course_brochure_scm_for_dr_students_in_aalborg_ cip_autumn_2010.pdf

Forthcoming doctoral defenses:

Jouni Kauremaa Antti Peltokorpi For details, see: in_calendar_category=Dissertations

31.5.2010 18.6.2010

Sunny Summertime!

On summer holidays: Professors: have also holiday. Check out you own professors holidays, if needed. DIEM Library Summer time opening hours: 31.5. ­ 31.8.. Mon - Fri 9 - 15 5.-25.7 closed DIEM Study Services is open all summer Salla Määttä 2.-31.7.2010 Katja Lahenius 10.-18.6.2010 and 28.6.-1.8.2010

A SCANCOR PHD WORKSHOP IN HELSINKI, August 30-September 3, 2010

Application deadline, June 1, 2010 This is the eighth Scancor workshop for Nordic and European doctoral students. The audience for this workshop is PhD students with an interest in recent research in institutional theory and organizational studies more generally. The goal of the workshop is to enable PhD students to pursue their research more effectively, using novel research methods to examine theoretically important questions. In recent decades, institutional theory has expanded outside its base in the United States to many settings around the world. This perspective has been valuable in explaining, among other things, the adoption of organizational structures, the incorporation of social movement ideas and goals inside organizations, and the global spread of management practice. The course provides students with a thorough grounding in the canonical works of institutional theory, an overview of recent lines of research, and an introduction to the diverse methodological tools used by scholars pursuing these ideas. The workshop is organized around three related features: (1) a research seminar where the faculty present their current research; (2) a session devoted to discussing both classic and contemporary theoretical developments within institutional theory; and (3) a session focusing on the research methods that advance institutional research. Students will take away new insights and tools, and a deeper understanding of how to match conceptual questions with research methods. The workshop will prepare PhD students to carry out their own individual research using the tools of institutional theory. The faculty for the workshop includes: Stephen R. Barley, Richard Weiland Professor of Management Science and Engineering, Stanford University Jeannette A. Colyvas, Assistant Professor of Learning Sciences and Human Development, Northwestern University Gili Drori, Lecturer in International Relations, Stanford University, and in Sociology, University of California ­ Berkeley Jason Owen-Smith, Associate Professor of Organization Studies and Sociology, University of Michigan Walter W. Powell, Professor of Education (and) Sociology, Organizational Behavior, Management Science and Engineering, and Communication, Stanford University. From 1999-2010, Prof. Powell was director of Scancor at Stanford. See: or Contact [email protected]

NOTE: This newsletter is intended to support and advance your post-graduate studies by providing topical information from the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management. This distribution list will NOT be used for commercial advertisements, nor will replace students' personal interaction with his/her thesis supervisor and the other department staff. If your e-mail address has changed or you want to be removed from this distribution list, please send an email: katja.lahenius(at) Questions or comments? E-mail us at katja.lahenius(at) or call +358 384 1747


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