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Dear Grower Friends, Welcome to the 2007 Twilley Seed catalog. We're hoping for a wonderful and successful season for all of you. This catalog contains over 70 new varieties chosen as the most important ones especially for the needs of Roadside, U-Pick and independent Bedding Plant operations. Look for the important new Beans, long shelf-life Cantaloupes, PM Pumpkins, Gourds, Squash, Corn and Tomatoes including an early TSW and a Roma type TSW. News Flash! Royal Crown Tu rnip made a good crop this year and is at last available again. At the back of the catalog, you'll see beautiful new flowers including the latest colors of the new AAS Winners. This is the year of All American Selections' 75th anniversary celebration. Twilley Seed is re-featuring several of the All America Classics in honor of this event. Our back cover features the original Purple Wave. You will find the original Majestic Giants Pansy also returned to your catalog. And Tomato Big Beef is still here and going strong! In the same spirit, our front cover features Medallion, Twilley's all-time best selling Summer Squash. Beginning in January until Easter, we will be open from 9am til 12pm on Saturdays in addition to our M-F hours. It would be a privilege to hear from you. Best wishes for a happy season of sowing and growing from all the folks at Twilley.

Cantaloupe Halona Hybrid

Tomato Bella Rosa Hybrid


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Gourd Koshare Yellow Banded


Most of our seed is treated with approved seed protectants which help promote better seedling growth, especially under cool, wet conditions. ORGANIC GROWERS, NOTE: Please call ahead if requesting availability of untreated seed.

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Bean Jade

New Vegetables Fresh Market

Tomato Bella Rosa Hybrid Cantaloupe Halona Hybrid Gourd Koshare Yellow Band Bean Jade On The Cover

Squash Medallion Hybrid

Bright yellow, strong semi-crook neck fruits. ® Registered Otis S. Twilley Seed Co., Inc. TM Trademark Otis S. Twilley Seed Co., Inc.


If you pay by check, please make it payable to "Twilley Seed Co., Inc." Payable in U.S. funds only. There will be a $25.00 charge on all returned checks. Credit Accounts are due net 30 days from invoice date. Interest will be charged on past due accounts at a rate of 2% per month (annual rate 24%). Seed is non-returnable except with proper authorization from Twilley Seed Co. There will be a restocking fee of 20% on all returned orders.

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Heat tolerant and TSWV resistant, large fruit. 68-72 maturity, thick sweet orange flesh. 4 1/2" fruit with assorted banding patterns . Long, straight, tender dark green pods.

George B. Park, President

George B. Park, President T h i rd generation seedsman, has been president of FloraStar, past AAS vice-president and flower judge

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Conditions of Sale

All orders are subject to the Conditions of Sale printed on the Order Blank in this catalog.

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ALL-AMERICA SELECTIONS WINNERS........85 GROWING SUPPLIES...................................84 ORDER FORM, WARRANTIES ........Centerfold CONDITIONS OF SALE, TERMS.......Centerfold PROFESSIONAL SEEDS SERIESTM .............2-3


Pepper Muscato Hybrid Pumpkin Hooligan Hybrid


Explanation of Symbols in this Catalog


Listed for the first time in theTwilley catalog. Some of these are newly introduced for 2007. Designated a winner by All America Selections, a non-profit organization which evaluates new seed-grown flowers and vegetables from around the world for home garden performance. All-America Selection winners are consistently and reliably good varieties. The `` P rofessional Seeds SeriesTM'', a selection of exclusive Twilley varieties called ``The Best of The Best''. We believe that our `` P rofessional Seeds Series'' represents the best varieties available in their respective classes. (See page 2 and 3 for more information.) Well-suited to growing in packs for bedding plant sales.When appearing in variety description, indicates specifically good pack performance. Indicates varieties particularly popular or attractive for roadside stand sales. Indicates varieties popular or well-suited for U-pick operations.

Squash Sunglo Hybrid

Artichoke...........................................................4 Asparagus .........................................................4 Beans .............................................................4-5 Beets, Brussels Sprouts .....................................6 Broccoli .............................................................7 Cabbage...................................................8-9, 71 Cantaloupe .................................................10-13 Carrots.............................................................14 Cauliflower.......................................................15 Celery, Swiss Chard, Collards ..........................16 Chinese Cabbage, Pak Choi.............................17 Corn Salad.......................................................55 Cowpeas (Southern Peas)................................35 Cucumbers .................................................26-27 Eggplant ..........................................................28 Endive .............................................................55 Gourds.............................................................49 Herbs..........................................................30-31 Kale, Kohlrabi, Leek ..................................32, 71 Lettuce, Endive, Escarole ................................29 Mustard, Okra, Parsnip ....................................33 Onions.............................................................34 Parsley, Peas, Shallots .....................................35 Peppers ......................................................36-39 Popcorn, Ornamental Corn ........................25, 71 Potato..............................................................43 Pumpkins ...................................................40-42 Radish, Spinach ...............................................43 Rutabaga .........................................................55 Squash ......................................................44-48 Sweet Corn.................................................18-24 Tatsoi...............................................................55 Tomatoes....................................................50-54 Turnip ..............................................................55 Watermelon ................................................56-61

FLOWERS ................................Page

Agastache, Ageratum, Alyssum, Achillea ........62 Amaranthus, Astilbe, Aster ..............................63 Bachelor's Button, Begonia..............................63 Browallia, Carnation ........................................64 Calendula, Candytuft, Celosia ..........................64 Cleome, Coleus, Coreopsis, Cosmos ..............65 Cyclamen,Dahlia, Delphinium ........................66 Dianthus, Didiscus, Dusty Miller ....................66 Geranium ...................................................67-68 Gaillardia, Gerbera, Godetia, Gomphrena ........69 Gazania Gypsophila .........................................69 Heliotrope, Iceland Poppy ................................70 Hibiscus, Hypoestes.........................................70 Impatiens.........................................................71 Larkspur, Lisianthus, Lobelia............................72 Nasturtium, Nicotiana .....................................72 Marigold .....................................................73-74 Melampodium, Morning Glory, Pansy...............75 Ornamental Cabbage, Kale..............................70 Osteospermum ................................................75 Petunia .......................................................76-78 Portulaca,Rudbeckia, Salvia.............................79 Shasta Daisy ...................................................79 Snapdragon, Statice, Strawflower ....................80 Sweet Pea, Sweet William ................................80 Sunflower, Torenia ...........................................81 Thunbergia,Tithonia .........................................80 Verbena, Vinca .................................................82 Viola ................................................................75 Wildflowers ......................................................80 Zinnia .........................................................83-84

Watermelon Bush Sugar Baby

for 2007: Specialties

Pumpkin Hooligan Hybrid Pepper Muscato Hybrid Squash Sunglo Hybrid

Page 40 Page 36 Page 44

Exclusive! Designates a proprietary variety, available only from the Otis S. Twilley Seed Co., Inc. or its affiliated company, Abbott & Cobb, Inc.

PVP This symbol indicates that a Plant Variety Protection certificate has been granted by the USDA because of the uniqueness of the variety. Symbol is also used if this certificate is applied for. Unauthorized propagation of such a variety is prohibited.

Orange/white Jack Be Little, PM tolerant. Blocky orange bell, 5 x 4" heavy yielder. 38-42 day yellow crookneck, PM resistance.

Indicates cutflower production. An exclusive series of homozygous sh2 vari eties, called super sweet. Summer Sweet Brand sweet corn is at least twice as sweet as normal sugary corn, withlong holding ability. ( M o re information, pages 18-20.) Meeting the highest standards for sweet pep pers, Summer Sweet Brand vari eties series have high yield poten tial and disease tolerance. (More information, page 36.) Value-added varieties particularly well-suited as specialty market items. See symbol throughout the vegetable section.

Wa t e rm elon Bush Sugar Baby Page 61

65 day, 5-8 lb icebox type, drought resistant.


Squash, Precious II Hybrid -- Exclusive! Yellow straight neck averaging 6-7 in. long. See page 44 for more information* Pepper, Summer Sweet® Brand Series -- E x c l u s i v e ! High quality fruit, high yield potential. See page 36 for more information.*

The "Best of the Best"

Collard, Blue Max Hybrid--Exclusive! 68-day variety with outstanding yields. See page 16 for more information.*

Cabbage, Solid BlueTM Brand Variety #780 Hybrid -- Exclusive! Excellent main crop for all areas; matures in 78 days. S e e page 8 for more information.*

Exclusively from Twilley:

"Professional Seeds SeriesTM" Vegetables for Commercial Growers

The ``Best of the Best''

Why a ``Professional Seeds SeriesTM''? The people at Twilley believe the vegetable variety chosen for planting is the most important decision made by the grower. Each vegetable variety in the ``Professional Seeds SeriesTM'' offers important benefits designed to improve the potential for a quality crop, and provide the greatest potential return for the grower. Twilley is constantly on the lookout for the best vegetable varieties, testing thousands of varieties from breeders around the world, then selecting what is best in each respective class. All are tested for top quality as well as maximum tolerance to stress and disease. Hence the ``Best of the Best''. Peas, Sugar Sprint -- Sweet and stringless. High yield. See page 35 for more information.* Each year the Series is reviewed, and superior varieties are added if they meet required criteria. Be confident in selecting "Professional Seeds SeriesTM" vegetables. You won't waste precious growing space or eff o rt on unreliable varieties which may not perf o rm well for you. Grow the "Best of the Best".

TM Trademark Otis S. Twilley Seed Co., Inc.


Cantaloupe, Athena Hybrid -- Exclusive! Course netting, small cavity, firm flesh. See page 10 for more information.*

Turnip, White Lady Hybrid -- Sweet, tender and delicious. See page 55 for more information.*

Kale Blue Knight Hybrid -- Exclusive! Early, uniform, high yields. See page 32 for more information.*

Beet Red Ace Hybrid -- Dark red full globe shaped roots with strong, attractive tops. See Watermelon Summer Flavor® Brand Variety #500 -- Exclusive! Royal Sweet type. See page page 6 for more information.* 58 for more information.*

Pumpkin, Pro Gold #510 -- 14-16 in., average 22-26 lbs. See page 40 for more information.*

Choose from these Fine 2007 "Professional Seeds SeriesTM" vegetables Broccoli, Packman (p. 7) Broccoli, Patriot (p. 7) Cabbage, Quick Start (p. 8) Cabbage, Solid BlueTM Brand Var. #780 (p. 8) Cantaloupe, Magic-To-Dew (p. 13) Collard, Blue Max (p. 16) Kale, Blue Knight (p. 32) Muskmelon, Honey Brew (p. 13) Mustard, Savannah (p. 33) Pak Choi, Joi Choi (p. 17) Pea, Sugar Sprint (p. 35) ® Pepper, Summer Sweet Brand Series (p. 36) Pumpkin, Pro GoldTM Brand Varieties (p. 40) Squash, Medallion (p. 44) Squash, Table Gold (p. 47) ® Sweet Corn, Summer Sweet Brand Series (p. 18-19) Sweet Corn, Supersweet Jubilee (p. 20) Tomato, Celebrity (p. 51) Tomato, Mountain Fresh Plus (p. 52) Watermelon, Summer FlavorTM Brand Var. #500 (p. 56) Watermelon, SsupersweetTM Brand Triploid Series (p. 58)


Watermelon, SsuperSweetTM Brand Variety #5244 -- Exclusive! All-Sweet type. Ve ry sweet, bright red flesh is fine and crisp. See page 56 for more information.* Sweet Corn, Summer Sweet® Brand Hybrid series -- Exclusive! sh2 type produces 100% super sweet kernels with high sugar, crisp texture. See pages 18-19 for more information.*


TMRegistered Trademark or Trademark Abbott & Cobb, Inc.

*Available exclusively from Twilley!

Squash, Medallion Hybrid-- SemiCrookneck. Vigorous See page 44 for more information.*

Celebrity Hybrid -- Large, red, deep oblate fruits are firm , flavorful, average 8 oz. ;show crack resistance. See page 51 for more information.*


Bean Festina Bean Derby Bean Kentucky "Dreamer"


You'll find a large selection of high-quality hybrids and favorite open-pollinated varieties listed in the following pages. They've all performed well for us in trials, and we suggest them for your 2007 fresh market growing. Symbols throughout the text give special information about certain varieties at a glance (see symbol explanation on page 1.) Of special note are Twilley's "Professional Seeds SeriesTM" varieties--see pages 2-3.


Bean EspadaPVP


(Asparagus officinalis) A p p rox. 700 seeds/oz. Pkt plants 25 ft. of row; 1/ 2 oz sows 100 ft. of ro w. Seeds germinate in about 15 days. Grow seedlings on until following spring. Set plants 9-15" apart in rows 48-72" apart. Plantings usually yield well for many years under normal conditions/culture . 2020 Jersey Giant Hybrid Plants are good producers of large, uniform spears. The 100% male plants have excellent vigor. Tolerant fusarium wilt.

25 sds $3.60; 100 sds $9.75; 500 sds $35.75; 1000 sds $63.00; 5 MSd $60.00/MSd

2025 Jersey Knight Hybrid Heat resistant. All male hybrid similar to Jersey Giant produce ideal tight head quality where harvest-time day temperatures rise above 85oF. Stems from 38 to / 3 / 4" thick depending on plant spacing. All malemeans every plant produces spears not seed, resulting in higher yield, fewer volunteer off types in successive seasons, premium quality. High tolerance to fusarium, crown and root rot, rust, cerscospera.

25 sds $3.25; 100 sds $8.80; 500 sds $32.50; 1000 sds $57.00; 5 MSd $54.00/MSd

1007 Bush Blue Lake 274 55 days. Bush form of Blue Lake pole, known for its delicious flavor, size, yield and quality. Long, dark green pods are round, 6 x 3 /8 ".; slow to form fiber/seeds. Gdn, Fresh Mkt, Canning. 1012 Bush Kentucky Wonder #125PVP 58 days. Bush form of Kentucky Wonder pole bean. Long, dark green pods to 6-7" held well off the ground. Heavy yields; strong, upright plants. Fresh Mkt, Gdn. Resistant to BCMV. 1045 Kentucky "Dreamer" - 54 days. I m p roved Bush Kentucky Wonder #125 type. Concentrated pod set high on plant. Flat, medium green 6" x 12" pods. Very upright 17" / plants. Good for fresh market and shipping due to low fiber. White seeded. Resistant CMBV1 & NY Strain 15 Fresh mkt, Gdn, Shipping 1027 DerbyPVP 57 days. AAS. Easy harvest! Plants produce attractive, long slim green pods up to 7"; slip easily from the stem without the pedicel ("cap"), makes picking easier. Longer pods stay tender. Mechanical harvest. Tolerant to BCMV1. Commerc i a l , F resh Mkt, Gdn. 1032 Espada PVP 56 days. High quality bean excellent as a substitute for Derby when needed. Holds well in the field over long picking season. Superior disease package makes for high yield potential and durable plant over extended season. Resistant to BCMV (BV-1A), HB (2), A, ALS and tolerant to BBS. Local Fresh Mkt, Roadside. 1037 Festina 56 days. Extra deep dark glossypods, 6" long, very straight with slender appearance, are borne at mid height on upright, sturdy plants. Heat tolerance, vigoro u s g rowth and concentrated set lend potential for high yields. Harvests well by hand or machine, easy and clean, with minimal broken pieces or trash. Pods are tender and refined with just enough fiber for excellent shipping. An improved Blue Lake type. Resistant to BCMC. Whole pod, Fresh Mkt, Shipping.

Bean Alicante

Bush Green Pod (Phaseolus vulgaris humilis) Approx. 1,600 seeds/lb. 1 lb sows 200 ft. of row. Direct-sow 70-90 lbs/acre. Sow seeds 1-2" deep, 2-4" apart, in rows 18-36" apart. Seeds germinate in about 6 days.


1002 Alicante ( F rench filet bean)56 days. Very early. Long, straight, very thin "baby" beans pre f e rred for nouvelle cuisine. Ve ry high quality pods are tender, stringless, dark green and gourmet flavorful. Seed holds well in pods on upright plants giving long harvest window. Harvest at 4-5" while still slim(#2 sieve or 1/4"). Concentrated set; machine/hand harvest. Resistant to BCMV, A. Fresh Mkt.

Bean Hialeah



2005 Green Globe Approx. 608 seeds/oz. Traditional type, large greenheads. About 50% produce artichoke during the first season on 30" stems.

Pkt $3.00; oz $5.95; 1/4 lb $18.00; 1/2 lb $33.25; 1 lb $59.00; 5 lb $53.00/lb; 10 lb $49.25/lb; 25 lb $47.25/lb

Catalog Number BEAN PRICES 1002 1007 1012 1027 1032 1037 1045 Alicante Bush Blue Lake 274 Bush Kentucky Wonder #125 Derby Espada Festina Bush Kentucky Dreamer


/4 lb


/2 lb


5 lb

10 lb

25 lb 8.15/lb 2.90/lb 3.00/lb 3.35/lb 5.15/lb 6.65/lb 2.30/lb

50 lb 100 lb 500 lb 7.65/lb 7.30/lb 2.40/lb 1.95/lb 2.50/lb 2.20/lb 3.15/lb 3.00/lb 4.80/lb 4.60/lb 6.25/lb 6.00/lb 2.20/lb 2.00/lb 7.00/lb 1.60/lb 2.15/lb 2.90/lb 4.40/lb 5.75/lb 1.90/lb

2010 Romanesco Approx. 663 seeds/oz. Exotic Italian heirloom type, stems and artichokes aremarked in bronze and purple. Ornamental/edible.

Pkt $1.70; oz $10.55; 1/4 lb $34.70; 1/2 lb $59.80; 1 lb $106.75; 5 lb $97.90/lb; 10 lb $91.50/lb

$4.20 $2.45 $2.35 $1.75 $2.65 $3.45 $1.45

6.45 3.80 3.75 2.70 4.00 5.30 1.75

10.959.65/lb8.75/lb 4.60 3.70/lb 3.45/lb 5.90 3.85/lb 3.55/lb 4.55 4.00/lb 3.65/lb 6.90 6.00/lb 5.50/lb 9.00 7.95/lb 7.20/lb 3.00 2.60/lb 2.40/lb


Bean Royal Burgundy

Bush Green Beans Cont.

1042 Hialeah P V P 53 days. Widely adapted; proven rugged, productive and capable of quality yields even in areas with tough growing conditions, hot, dry or wet. Upright plant holds pods well off the ground for clean harvest. Pods release well at picking and resist damage, yielding a high packout of whole beans that are uniform, medium green, and slightly oval in cross section. Resistant BCMV1 , Tolerant BBS. Fresh mkt, Shipping, Machine Harvest. Bean Golden Rod

Bush Wax Pod

1143 Golden Rod 53 days. High yielding, white-seeded wax bean. Vigorous and upright plants, 14-16" tall with 6" long, uniform, pods set on sturdy plants. Good anchorage for mechanical harvest or U-pick. Slow seed development with a small seed cavity. Tolerant to BCMV. Fresh Mkt, Gdn.

Shell Bean

1044 Jade- 60 days. Long, straight, extra deep green 6 1/2" pods. Upright bushholds pods well above ground, which reduces damage from splashing soil such as curling and tip rot. Tender texture and sweet flavor ideal for fresh market sales. Resistant BCMV, BCTV Fresh Mkt, Roadside, Shipping 1057 Roma II 59 days. Bush form of the well-known Romano pole, with the same delicious flavor, Italian-type, flat green pods to 1 4 /2" Sturdy plants resist BCMV. Fresh Mkt, Gdn. White seeded.

Culture same as for bush beans. To dry, let pods mature on plants until pods are completely dry and seeds rattle in the pods. Pull up whole plants and hang or place in warm, dry area for several days to finish drying off. Shell the beans and store seeds in airtight containers. Lima beans, cowpeas, peas and other types of beans should be treated the same way when grown for dried seeds.

Bean Jade

Bush Purple Pod

1062 Royal Burgundy 51 days. Round, tender, stringless; purple pods turn green when cooked. Upright, hardy plants. Fresh Mkt, Gdn.

1129 Etna Bean 68 days. Seeds are red & white speckled and pods dry to ivory with re d s t re aks. Young pods are green streaked re d . Variety for use as fresh, semi-dried or dried bean with large 5" pods. Harvest when young for snap beans or let seeds form until plump for tender shell beans. BCMV. Fresh Mkt.

Pole Bean

A p p rox. 1,600 seeds/lb. 1 lb. sows 200 ft. of row. D i rect-sow 20-40 lbs/acre. Sow seeds 1-2" deep, 6-9" apart in rows 36-48"apart. Seeds germ i n a t e in about 6 days.

Lima Beans (Phaseolus limensis)

Approx. 1,200 seeds/lb (small-seeded types), 500 seeds/lb. (large-seeded types). 1 lb sows 150 ft. of row. Direct-sow 40-60 lbs/acre (30-40 lbs, lg. seed). Sow seeds 112" deep, 3-6" apart, in rows 18-36" / a p a rt. Seeds germinate in about 7 days. Fresh Mkt, Gdn.

Bean Etna

1105 Helda SG - 58 days. Big yields, big pods, big flavor. Flat pods are Romano type in both shape and superior beany flavor, tender and white seeded. Yield potential may be double compared to older strains of this type. Vigorous disease resistant vines are capable of long harvest. Resistant BCMV. Fresh Mkt, Roadside, Gdn 1110 Kentucky Blue P V P 60 days. AAS. Pole variety seven days earlier than KY Wonder! Combines characteristics of Kentucky Wonder and Blue Lake for excellent ``beany'' flavor Green pods, 8" in length are round, straight, smooth. Vigorous,highly productive vines. Fresh Mkt, U-Pick, Gdn. White seeded. Resists BCMV. 1112 Kentucky Wonder Brown RR - 63-67 days.Stringless 6"-7" pods are round/oval, medium green and stringless. Fine quality picked young. Rust Resistant Fresh Mkt, Gdn, U-Pick

Catalog Number BEAN PRICES 1062 1110 1129 1081 1086 1091 1112 1044 1105 Royal Burgundy Kentucky BluePVP Etna Fordhook #242 Henderson Bush


1081 Fordhook #242 (Bush) 75 days. AAS. Famous Fordhook quality; improved strain which reliably sets blossoms and pods under adverse weather conditions. Produces reliable yields of high quality, largeseeded limas with delicious flavor; 3-4 seeds per 4" pod. Vigorous plants, heavy yields. 1091 King of the Garden (Pole) 87 days. Popular, giant large-seeded lima beans fine for drying. Large, wide pods contain 4-5 seeds each. Produces a continuous crop over a long season. Bean Disease Tolerance codes:

BCMV HB A ALS BBS 10 lb 2.85/lb 4.60/lb 7.00/lb 3.55/lb 2.65/lb 25 lb 2.50/lb 4.15/lb 6.55/lb 3.00/lb 2.20/lb Bean Common Mosaic Vi ru s Halo Blight Anthracnose Angular Leaf Spot Bacterial Brown Spot 50 lb 2.35/lb 3.60/lb 6.20/lb 2.65/lb 1.90/lb 100 lb 2.25/lb 3.40/lb 5.90/lb 2.45/lb 1.70/lb 500 lb 2.15/lb 3.35/lb -- 2.30/lb 1.60/lb

Bean Kentucky Wonder Brown RR

/4 lb


/2 lb

lb 4.70 7.50 8.95 5.80 4.55

5 lb 3.00/lb 5.15/lb 7.75/lb 3.90/lb 2.95/lb

$2.00 $3.55 $3.45 $2.45 $1.85 King of the Garden $2.20 KY Wonder Brown $1.45 Jade $2.00 Helda SG $7.20

3.15 6.20 5.25 3.85 3.00

3.45 5.15 1.60 2.75 3.20 5.40 11.15 18.80

3.50/lb 3.15/lb 2.65/lb 2.30/lb 2.00/lb 1.95/lb 2.40/lb 2.20/lb 2.00/lb 1.90/lb 1.80/lb 1.75/lb 4.75/lb 4.30/lb 4.00/lb 3.75/lb 3.60/lb 3.45/lb 16.55/lb 15.00/lb13.90/lb13.15/lb12.50/lb12.00/lb

Bean Roma II


Beet Scarlet Supreme Hybrid

Open Pollinated

2040 Burpee Golden 55 days. Sweet fine textured deep golden roots. Non-staining juice . Good eating tops, light green with pale golden ribs. Colorful salad, roots and tops. 2045 Cylindra 55 days. Long shape for more equal slices per root. Dark red quality roots 5" x 11/ 2 ". Fresh Mkt, Gdn. 2050 Detroit Dark Red Medium Top 6 0 days. Well known bunching variety. Deep red Globe shaped roots, uniform, very smooth. Bunching, Processing, Gdn. 2055 Detroit Supreme 59 days. Refined Detroit type. Dark red interior, very light zoning. Smooth globe shape, small smooth crowns. Dark matte green leaf on 14-16" tops. High tolerance to bolting and very high yield potential. Tolerant Cercospora, Medium Tolerance DM. Bunching, Fresh Mkt, Gdn. 2060 Green Top Bunching (Early Wonder) 52 days. Early, sweet roots; high quality tops. Bunching. Fresh Mkt,Gdn. 2070 Lutz Green Leaf 63 days. Glossy green tops, white stems. Deep red roots sweet & tender. Good for fall harvest and storage. Fresh Mkt, Gdn. 2095 Ruby Queen 54 days. Uniform, smooth, round, deep red roots. Proc., table, Fresh Mkt.

Brussels Sprouts (Brassica oleracea, Gemmifera Group) About 9,000 seeds/oz. Pkt produces about 125 plants; 2 oz produces about 10,000 plants. Seeds germinate in about 10 days. Set plants 18-24" apart in rows 24-40" apart. *Note: Days to maturity are from transplant. Seed graded and treated.

Beet Kestrel Hybrid

Beet Merlin Hybrid

Beet Red Ace Hybrid

Beets (Beta vulgaris)

Approx. 1,600 seeds/oz. Pkt plants 25' of row; 1 oz sows 100'. Direct sow 6-10 lbs/acre or 300 MSd. Sow seed 3/4 -1" deep, 2-4" apart in rows 12-30" apart. Germination in about 8 days. Thin plants to 3" apart in the row. *Note: Seed is sized, treated and decorticated.


2065 Kestrel Hybrid 53 days. Roots form smooth globe shape and deep color from very early stage. Dark red interior with very little zoning. 12-13" tops, bright glossy mid green leaves, brilliant ruby stems. Small, late bolting crowns, drought hardy. High yield potential. High 10-12% sugar content. Excellent for baby beet as well as main season production. Tops stay erect and healthy due to high disease tolerance. Top appeal in bunching. High Tolerance Cercospora, Medium tolerance PM, DM, Rhizoctonia Fresh Mkt, baby beets, Processing. 2075 Merlin Hybrid 55 days. Solid dark re d interior resists zoning even in adverse hot weather. Bright red stems 15-17" tall with dark green leaves that stay green all season give extra sales appeal. Roots very even, round and smooth. refined taproot. Small slow bolting crown. High yield potential plus high 1215% sugar content and bright attractive appearance. Tolerant DM, Cercospora and Drought. F resh Mkt, Pro c e s s i n g . 2080 Pacemaker III Hybrid 53 days. Dark red, smooth, globe shaped roots. High yield, widely adapted to varying growing regions. Disease and drought tolerant. Late bolting and erect top for year round cropping. High tolerance Cercospora Leaf Spot, Moderate Tolerance DM, PM, Rhizoctonia. Topped, Bunched, Shipping, Fresh Mkt. 2100 Scarlet Supreme Hybrid 52 days. Best sub for Red Ace when needed. Early, sweet roots hold sugar and texture well. Consistent smooth crown, uniform globe shape, bright red color and even size. Short top, averages 12-14", erect for easy bunching, with red stem and bright green foliage for tender greens. Same leaf disease tolerance as Red Ace. Fresh Mkt, Roadside.

Beet Red Cloud Hybrid 2090 Red Cloud Hybrid 60 days. Perfectly round shape. Solid deep red zoneless interior. Non tapering base, smooth refined crown. Attractive red 14" stems, green leaves. Very high sugar content. Pacemaker type, best sub when needed. Fresh Mkt, Processing. 2085 Red Ace Hybrid 53 days. Hybrid Detroit Dark Red type, well suited to a wide range of growing areas. Full globe shaped red roots, uniform deep red interior color. Strong, attractive tops 13-15" tall. Fresh Mkt, Processing, Gdn.

Catalog BEET PRICES Number M=1,000 seeds 2075 2085 2090 2100 2065 2080 Merlin Hybrid Red Ace Hybrid Red Cloud Hybrid Scarlet Supreme Kestrel Pacemaker III

200 1,000

2199 Dutch Treat Hybrid 130 days. Reliable, easy, high yield. Uniform upright stalks. Flavor very mild, more likely to be slightly sweet and not bitter even when the weather is a bit too warm. Good for fall harvest in most areas or winter in warm areas. 2204 Jade Cross Hybrid 85 days. Very early, can be sown later than most varieties and still matures well in early frosts. Shorter stalks than most varieties, less prone to lodging or other wind damage. High yield of firm, deep green, well wrapped sprouts spaced closely on stalk. Fresh Mkt, Processing.

10,000 50,000 100,000 500,000 1,000,000

Seeds $1.80 $1.80 $2.15 $3.00 $1.75 $1.80 Pkt

Seeds 2.55 2.50 3.65 4.35 2.45 2.55 oz


Seeds .95/M 1.00/M 2.00/M 1.95/M 1.00/M 1.00/M / 4 lb


Seeds .86/M .86/M 1.55/M 1.65/M .84/M .86/M lb 5 lb 91.00/lb 10.40/lb 6.90/lb 9.85/lb 13.40/lb 9.90/lb 16.25/lb oz

Seeds .81/M .81/M 1.15/M 1.45/M .79/M .81/M 10 lb

Seeds .76/M .76/M .85/M 1.30/M .74/M .76/M 25 lb

Seeds .70/M .70/M .80/M 1.25/M .68/M .70/M 100 lb

Catalog Number BEET PRICES 2040 2045 2050 2060 2070 2095 2055 Burpee Golden Cylindra

/ 2 lb

$1.80 $1.50 1 Detroit Dark Red Med. Top $ .45 Green Top Bunching $1.35 Lutz Green Leaf $1.60 Ruby Queen $ .35 1 Detroit Supreme $1.95

10.3032.25 2.50 5.35 1.95 3.55 1.95 4.20 2.95 6.45 2.00 3.75 3.95 7.95


55.00 97.00 8.50 11.20 4.95 7.40 6.70 10.70 8.95 14.15 6.00 10.65 13.95 17.50


-- -- -- 9.80/lb 9.30/lb -- 6.65/lb 6.15/lb 5.35/lb 9.20/lb 8.60/lb 8.15/lb 12.80/lb12.45/lb 12.20/lb 9.20/lb 8.80/lb 8.30/lb 15.25/lb 14.55/lb 14.00/lb


Catalog BRUSSELS SPROUTS Number PRICE CHART 2199 2204 2209 Dutch Treat Hybrid Jade Cross Hybrid Jade Cross E Hybrid

Pkt $2.20 $1.65 $1.50

/ 8 oz

/ 4 oz


/ 2 oz

/ 4 lb


/ 2 lb

lb 611.00 397.00 410.00

9.95 5.65 5.80

17.20 28.75 9.45 16.40 9.70 16.95

50.00 180.00 323.00 29.50 110.00 208.00 30.50 114.00 215.00


Broccoli Southern Comet Hybrid Broccoli Premium Crop Hybrid Brussels Sprouts Jade Cross E Hybrid 2209 Jade Cross E Hybrid 85 days. Popular Jade Cross type with extra disease tolerance. Vigorous stalks packed tight with high yield of firm, deep green, well wrapped sprouts. Early maturing, can be sown later than other varieties and still mature well in eary frosts. Compact stalks less subject to wind damage or lodging. We suggest topping plants 3 weeks before harvest. Good tolerance to Botrytis. Fresh Mkt, Processing.


(Brassica oleracea, Botrytis Group) Approx. 9,000 seeds/oz. Pkt contain about 100 seeds; 2 oz produces about 10,000 plants. Seeds germinate in about 10 days. Set plants 1224"apart in rows 18-36" apart. *NOTE: Days to maturity are from transplant. All seed is graded and treated.

2110 Coronado Crown Hybrid 58 days. Large, very solid, blue green, well-rounded, dome shaped heads for early crown production. Head quality is quite refined with tiny beads and excellent firmness. Plants have good heat tolerance, adaptable to warm areas where growing of good broccoli can be difficult. Excellent stem quality resists fiber formation. Produces a heavy crop of side shoots for continual harvest after the main head is cut. Shows good field holding ability which is a plus for late spring harvest. Fresh mkt, shipping, processing. 2120 Early Dividend Hybrid 45 days summer; 67 days winter. Very early with good dark green color and excellent flavor. Medium 25" plant habit, semi-domed heads with medium beads.Early enough to be direct seeded or may be transplanted for quicker crops. Fresh Mkt, Gdn. 2130 Gypsy Hybrid 64 days Good Pinnacle replacement. Among the earliest to tolerate and perform well after the onset of warm weather, while maintaining its disease resistance. Overall uniformity, excellent smooth domed beads with small tightly refined heads. Resistant DM. Bunching, Crown Mkt, Fresh Mkt, Shipping. 2140 Marathon Hybrid 75 days. Deep, dome-shaped heads, small beads. Vigorous plants are highly tolerant to bacterial leaf spot and black rot; tolerant to DM, hollow stem. F resh Mkt, Processing. 2150 Patriot Hybrid 72 days. Greenbelt type. Small, fine beads and high dome shaped heads. Holds well before and after harvest. Tolerant to brown head and DM. Fresh Mkt, Gdn.

Broccoli Packman Hybrid 2145 Packman Hybrid 50 days summer; 64 days spring. Early, especially suited to n o rt h e rn areas. Large, fine quality heads 6-7" across. Compact, uniform plants. Fresh Mkt, Gdn. 2155 Premium Crop Hybrid 58 days summer; 85 days spring. AAS. Attractive terminal heads are pale blue-green, very uniform , large (7-8") and solid tight beads. Fine texture and longer holding than most others of its class. U n i f o rmplants. Fresh Mkt, Gdn. 2160 Southern Comet Hybrid 55 days. Reliable crop summer to fall in temperate areas or in winter in warm areas. Deep green medium sized semi-domed heads with medium sized beads. Capable of high yields with few side shoots. Resistant hollow stem. Fresh Mkt, Gdn.

Broccoli Coronado Crown Hybrid

Broccoli Raab (Brassica Rapa, Ruvo Group)

A p p ro 9,000 seeds/oz. 1/ 4 oz sows 100' of ro w. x. D i rect-sow 2 lbs/acre. Sow seeds 1/4 " deep in rows 1 2 / 2 -3' apart. Seeds germinate in about 10 days.

2177 Spring Sprouting Broccoli (o.p.) 60 days. Popular ethnic vegetable. Early. Many small, tender shoots and leaves with delicious flavor. Fresh Mkt, Gdn. 2172 Sorrento 40 days. Larger, earlier florets, uniform maturity and top yield even at cooler times, fall thru spring. Tall upright plants. Blue green, narrow turnip shaped leaf. Less harvest labor per lb of crop due to floret

Catalog BROCCOLI PRICES Number M=1,000 seeds 2130 2140 2145 2150 2155 Gypsy Hybrid Marathon Hybrid Packman Hybrid Patriot Hybrid Premium Crop Hybrid

100 1000 5,000

Broccoli Patriot Hybrid

10,000 50,000 80,000 400,000

Seeds Seeds



Seeds 5.60/M 5.20/M 8.45/M 5.95/M 4.15/M

Seeds 5.15/M 4.75/M 7.75/M 5.40/M 3.90/M

Seeds 4.75/M 4.50/M 7.30/M 5.15/M 3.55/M

$1.90 8.80 7.30/M 6.25/M $1.90 8.35 6.60/M 5.75/M $2.45 13.50 10.80/M 9.50/M $1.75 9.45 7.70/M 6.70/M $1.90 6.55 5.30/M 4.60M

Broccoli Disease Tolerance codes:

DM HS BR BLS Downey Mildew Hollow Stem Black Rot Bacterial Leaf Spot

Catalog Number BROCCOLI PRICES 2110 2120 2177 2172 2160



/ 4 oz 1/ 2 oz



/ 4 lb


/ 2 lb


5 lb

10 lb

Coronado Crown Hybrid $1.75 16.80 28.25 49.00177.00 331.00 624.00 594.00/lb -- Early Dividend Hybrid $3.80 16.95 29.25 54.00161.00 305.00 508.00 499.00/lb -- Raab, Spring Sprouting $1.80 -- -- 4.90 9.40 14.65 23.30 22.80/lb 22.45/lb Raab, Sorrento $1.55 -- -- 4.15 13.50 23.25 41.50 38.00/lb 35.75/lb S o u t h e rn Comet Hybrid $2.95 12.00 20.60 34.25114.00 190.00 319.00 311.00/lb --

Fax your order: 864-227-5108


Cabbage Charmant Hybrid

Cabbage Solid BlueTM Brand Hybrid Variety #780


(Brassica oleracea, Capitata Group) Approx. 9,000 seeds/oz. Pkt contains 200 seeds; 2 oz. produces about 10,000 plants. Seeds germinate in about 10 days. Set plants 12-24"apart in rows 2436"apart. All suited to shipping/fresh mkt Note: Days to maturity are from transplant. All seed is graded and treated.


2229 Charmant Hybrid 52-64 days. Stonehead type, with larger heads. Solid, compact, deep green 2 12-3 lbs. heads are uniform, with / good wrapper leaves. Upright, vigorous, compact plants suited to close planting, spring or summer; well-adapted to all growing areas. Resists FY, TB. Gdn, Mkt, shipping. BRT. 2234 Dynamo Hybrid 70 days. Blue green variety producing small heads perfect for one family. Densely packed head and small core. The mature plant size is 22-24" wide weighing 2 to 21/2 lbs. Resistant to FY. Shipping, Fresh Mkt. Resists FY. 2254 Green Cup Hybrid 73 days. Blue greenball shaped 4-6 lb head with short inner core,. Extra disease packages and upright habit provide potential for excellent performance and yield at close spacing. Good holding ability in the field, slow bursting. Tolerant to heat, cold and wet conditions. Excellent for spring to fall harvesting. Tolerant BR, Resistant FY. Fresh Mkt, shipping. 2284 Quick Start Hybrid 55 days. Early, solid head cabbage with a short core.Uniform plants produce 31/2 lb. heads. Shows tolerance to YT. Widely adapted. Fresh Mkt.Gdn. 2304 Rocket Hybrid 65 days. Early mkt type produces round, blue-green heads averaging 3 to 4 lbs. each. Plants with small frame have resistance/tolerance to YR. Fresh Mkt. Cabbage OS Cross Hybrid


2334 Solid BlueTM Brand Hybrid Variety #780 78 days. Exclusive! Excellent main crop for all a reas. Outstanding blue-green color, rugged leaf texture; mild, sweet flavor. Heads have short core and excellent density. Upright wrapper leaves and medium to large frame protect the 31/2-4 lbs. heads (7-712" across). BR, BS and / TB tolerant; FY. 2339 Solid BlueTM Brand Hybrid Variety #790 79 days. Exclusive! Fine main season variety with excellent uniformity and good wrapper leaves. Round heads average 312-4 lbs (6-7" / across). Short to medium core. Tolerant BR,FY. 2274 OS Cross Hybrid 80 days. Large frame, resists bursting til very late. Flat-round 5 lb. heads which can be grown to 14 lb under optimum conditions. Adapted worldwide, heat tolerant. 2219 Blue Vantage Hybrid 67-80 days. Ball head type. Deep blue-green color weigh 31/ 2 4 lbs and 6 3/4"in size with short core on medium plants. Strong, sturdy plants produce well-developed root systems which help withstand moisture fluctuations. Resists FY, TB, BST, tolerant to BRT. Fresh Mkt, shipping. 2239 Fresco Hybrid 75 days. Early, attractive blue green, round, well wrapped with short core. Tight sweet interior holds well in field for extended quality harvest. Thrips Tolerant. FY, TBT. Fresh Mkt when planted close., slaw if more widely spaced.

500,000 Seeds 360/M 3.25/M 3.25/M 4.15/M -- 3.90/M 2.85M 2.25/M 3.15/M

Cabbage Green Cup Hybrid

Catalog CABBAGE PRICES Number M=1,000 seeds

200 Seeds $2.00 $1.55 $1.95 $2.00 $2.45 $2.80 $2.15 $2.00 $2.35

1,000 5,000 10,000 50,000 100,000 Seeds Seeds Seeds Seeds Seeds 6.85 5.65/M 4.80/M 4.30/M 5.95 4.95/M 4.25/M 3.80/M 6.15 4.95/M 4.330/M 3.85/M 7.65 6.30/M 5.45/M 4.85/M 9.20 5.95 5.20 5.25 5.65 7.40/M 4.45/M 4.35/M 3.45/M 4.75/M 6.20/M 4.40/M 3.75/M 2.95/M 4.15/M 5.60/M 4.30/M 3.25/M 2.60/M 3.60/M 4.00/M 3.45/M 3.50/M 4.45/M 5.15/M 4.00/M 3.00/M 2.40/M 3.30/M

Cabbage Blue Vantage Hybrid Special Note: Most of our seed is treated with approved seed protectants. This promotes better growth, especially under cool, wet conditions.

2229 2234 2254 2304 2239 2274 2219 2284

Charmant Hybrid Dynamo Hybrid Green Cup Rocket Hybrid Fresco Hybrid OS Cross Blue Vantage Hybrid Solid BlueTM Brand Series Quick Start Hybrid


Cabbage Super Red 90 Hybrid

Cabbage Megaton Hybrid


2264 Megaton Hybrid 85 days. Potential to make very large size, up to 14-18 lb and 1618" diameter, when grown into extended season. Excellent holding ability, dense head with s h o rt core and large frame. High yield potential. Resistant FY, Tolerant TB. Roadside, Fresh Mkt, Processing. 2269 Milestone Hybrid 87 days. Imp. giantframed round-head cabbage. Higher solid content, sweeter flavor, split resistant, and stands machine harvest better. Like its sister Megaton, Milestone shows potential to make up to 14-18 lb and 16-18" diameter, like bowling balls when grown into extended season. Excellent holding ability, dense head with short core and large frame. High yield potential. Resistant FY, Tolerant TB. Roadside, Fresh Mkt, Processing.

Both varieties: 100 sds $2.15; 500 sds $8.80; 1,000 sds $14.45; 5,000 sds $13.20/M; 10,000 sds $11.75/M; 50,000 sds $10.95; 100,000 sds $10.40/M

Cabbage Rio Verde Hybrid

Cabbage Ruby Dynasty Hybrid 2306 Ruby Dynasty Hybrid - 75-80 days. 7 to 12 lb. Extral large round headed red cabbage. Both wrappers and interior leaves are a good bright red color. Main season. Large frame, holds well in field and storage. CMS Fresh mkt, processing. Cabbage Milestone Hybrid

2299 Rio Verde Hybrid 85 days. Huge bluegreen Danish flat round hybrid, withstands cold very well. Heads are large-framed, weighing 5-7 lbs each, 6 to 7" diameter, with upright wrapper leaves and medium core. Vigorous plants. Heads hold well. FY, BL Speck. Fresh Mkt, Roadside, kraut.


2289 Red Jewel Hybrid 67-75 days. Mid season producer of deep ruby red heads, well filled and full colored, with short core, 6" across weighing about 3 lb. Fine shape, color, solidity and uniform maturity. Semi-open frame, good wrapper protection. Erect plant type holds well above soil splash. 2314 Ruby Perfection Hybrid 80 days. Deepest red color. Very attractive deep re dheads oval, large 3-4 lbs. each. Large-framed, vigorous, uniform plants. Excellent interiors. 2354 Super Red 90 Hybrid - 90 days. 3 1/2 to 5 lb. Solid interior. Red inside and out. Fancy wrappers and high uniformity combine with strong disease package for high packout of premium quality heads. Dark red exterior, medium red interior, large red-green frame. Firm, midsize core. Round head, tough wrappers, holds well in field and shipping. High yield. Resistant Yellows, High Tolerance Tipburn, Moderate Resistance Thrip. Fresh Mkt, storage, shredding.


2319 Savoy Ace Hybrid 78 days. Fine quality main-season savoy heads of good deep g reen color; uniform, rounded, averaging 31 /2 lbs. Excellent interiors; attractive, sold as cut halves in shrink wrap. Medium-sized plants. Adapted to all are a s . 2324 Savoy Express Hybrid 55 days.Earliest maturity in its class, often the first cabbage harvested. Flavor is sweet like a good ball cabbage, non-bitter, unique among savoys. Semi-erect, semi-Napa shaped heads, 8" tall, 6" diameter, with small wrapper leaves, permits close spacing and double yields. Heads are golden-green, average 1 to 11/2 lb. 2329 Savoy King Hybrid 75 days. The most vigorous, uniform, high-yielding savoy-- often 50% higher reported yields than others of its type. Dark green, semi-flat heads average 4 lbs. for fall crops; smaller and lighter green when grown for spring. Excellent for cooking. Cabbage Savoy Express Hybrid

Catalog CABBAGE PRICES Number M=1,000 seeds 2244 2289 2299 2314 2319 2324 2329 2354 2306 Gonzales Hybrid Red Jewel Rio Verde Ruby Perfection Hybrid Savoy Ace Hybrid Savoy Express Hybrid Savoy King Hybrid Super Red 90 Hybrid Ruby Dynasty

200 Seeds $2.60 $4.15 $1.95 $2.45 $2.35 $1.50 $2.45 $2.00 $3.60

1000 Seeds 9.55 15.95 5.55 9.70 8.95 6.40 9.55 7.75 13.75

5,000 10,000 50,000 100,000 Seeds Seeds Seeds Seeds 7.70/M 6.50/M 6.15/M 5.75/M 4.60/M 3.95/M 7.95/M 6.75/M 7.35/M 6.35/M 4.50/M 3.85/M 7.15/M 6.35/M 6.45M 5.50/M 11.30/M 9.75/M 5.75/M 5.30/M 3.55/M 6.00/M 5.65/M 3.45/M 5.75/M 4.95/M 8.70/M 5.35/M 5.00/M 3.25/M 5.60/M 5.15/M 3.25/M 5.50/M 4.50/M 7.95/M

500,000 Seeds 4.75/M 3.00/M 5.40/M 4.90/M 3.00/M 5.40/M 4.20/M 7.45/M

Baby Cabbage

2244 Gonzales Hybrid H a rdly larger than a softball. Bright green, sweet, crispy, dense and early. Holds long in the field and stays quite u n i f o rm Specialty/ Restaurant/ Roadside. . Disease Tolerance Codes: BRT BST TBT FY TT Black Rot Black Speck Tip Burn Fusarium Yellows Resistant Thrip Tolerant


Cantaloupe Athena Hybrid Cantaloupe Classic Hybrid

Cantaloupe Fastbreak Hybrid

Cantaloupe Earlisweet Hybrid 2381 Carousel Hybrid - 80-85 days. 6-9 lb; Oval Super Star type melons, measure 9 1/2 x 7" in diameter with strong sutures like classical muskmelons. Tight cavity, firm flesh & good sugar for excellent eating quality. Strong vigorous vines and double disease package provide high yield potential. Firm melons and firm internal flesh. Good shipper with lasting quality. Well adapted to outdoor production. Resistant PM, F012 Fresh Mkt, Shipping, Gdn, Roadside 2384 Classic Hybrid 85 days. Main season, matures just after Delicious 51. Large, uniform fruits weigh 4-41/2 lbs., measure 7 x 61/ 2" with sufficient net and resiliency for shipping. Fine grained salmon flesh of high quality, excellent flavor, holds well. Widely adapted. Short-distance shipping, Fresh Mkt. 2389 Earlisweet Hybrid 70 days. Early, round type matures all fruit before midseason; grows well in Nort h e rn areas where some early varieties fail. Melons weigh 21/2 -3 lbs. 51/2 x 51/2" with light netting and sutures; deep salmon flesh. High-yield. Fresh Mkt, Home Gdn. 2404 Eclipse Hybrid 85 days. 6 x 8" ovalshaped fruit, 3-31/2 lb. and outstanding shipping ability for an Eastern melon. Tan rind with medium fine net, very light sutures. Resistant to PM, F2. Shipping, Fresh Mkt, Roadside, Gdn.

Cantaloupe Ambrosia Hybrid

Cantaloupe Carousel Hybrid

Eastern Type Hybrids

2369 Ambrosia Hybrid 88 days. Higher than average sugar content, extra-sweet flavor your customers will come back for again and again. Nearly round fruits average 4-4 1/ 2 lbs., 61/2 x 6", with heavy netting and no sutures. Thick, sweet salmon flesh; small seed cavity and very tight seed mass. Vines show some tolerance to DM, PM. Short distance shipping, Fresh Mkt, Gdn. 2374 Athena Hybrid 75 days. Early maturing eastern muskmelon particularly suited to SE, Midwest and Mid-Atlantic mkts. Course netting, small cavity, very firm flesh (5-6 lbs.) Resistant to F1, F2, and PM. Tolerant to sulphur. Fresh Mkt, Gdn, shipping. 2379 Burpee Hybrid PMT 82 days. Pale orange flesh is thick, firm and juicy with a sweet musky flavor. Fruits measure 7" long and 6" across, slightly oval, thick rinded and weigh 4 to 41/2 lbs. Heavily netted and distinctly ribbed. High yields and excellent quality. Tolerant to PM. Shipping, Fresh Mkt, Roadside.

Cantaloupe Burpee Hybrid PMT Melon Disease Tolerance codes:

DM F, F1, F2 PM, PM1, PM2 WMV Downey Mildew Fusarium Wilt, races 1 and 2 P o w d e ry Mildew, races 1 and 2 Wa t e rm elon Mosaic Vi ru s (Cucumis melo)

Athena Cantaloupe -- Sorry, No sales to South Carolina, Sales to all other states of more than 1,000 seeds require a waiver to be signed.

Catalog HYBRID CANTALOUPE 25 100 500 1,000 5,000 Number M=1,000 seeds SeedsSeedsSeeds Seeds Seeds 2369 2374 2379 2384 2389 2404 2381 Ambrosia Hybrid Athena Hybrid Burpee Hybrid PMT Classic Hybrid Earlisweet Hybrid Eclipse Hybrid Carousel Hybrid $3.40 9.65 40.75 $3.75 8.00 29.75 $3.50 9.80 41.50 $3.40 9.90 41.75 $5.00 11.50 41.75 $3.35 11.45 42.50 $1.90 5.90 25.15 72.00 56.00 7300 74.00 80.00 78.00 44.00 65.00/M 53.00/M 66.00/M 67.00/M 77.00/M 74.00/M 40.00/M 10,000 Seeds 61.00/M 51.00/M 61.00/M 62.00/M 76.00/M 64.00/M 37.15/M 20,000 50,000 100,000 Seeds Seeds Seeds 57.00/M 49.75/M 57.00/M 58.00/M 74.00/M 62.00/M 34.90/M 54.00/M 48.75/M 55.00/M 56.00/M 73.00/M 60.00/M 33.30/M 52.00/M 48.00/M 53.00/M 54.00/M 72.00/M 59.00/M 32.00/M

Cantaloupe (Muskmelon)

Approx. 1,200 seeds/oz. Hybrid pkts contain 25 seeds; o.p. pkts produce 12 hills; 1/ 4 lb. produces approx. 2,500 plants. Seeds germinate in about 7 days. Transplant 6,000 plants/acre. Set plants 12"apart in rows 60-84"apart.


Cantaloupe Gourmet Hybrid Cantaloupe Magnum .45 Hybrid

Eastern Type Hybrids Continued

2409 Fastbreak Hybrid 65 days. The earliest melon we offer -- 3-4 lbs. with medium-sized vines, rough corky netting and ribbed rind. Very sweet, outstanding flavor Resistant to F2. F resh Mkt, Roadside, Home Gdn. 2414 Gold Doubloon Hybrid 82 days. Midseason, oval Eastern type melon with orange flesh, distinct sutures and good netting, good set of 6 1/2 lb melons. Avg. size 6 12 x7". / Large vigorous vine carries high yield potential due to multiple disease tolerances. Extra strong internal color, demonstrated highest total yields per acre and among the highest sugar level (Brix%) in Eastern melon trials. Tolerant F0, F1, F2, PM1, PM2. Fresh Mkt, Gdn, Shipping 2419 Gourmet Hybrid - 75-80 days. Superb eating quality. 6" x 7"; 3 - 4 lb fruit. Very early ripening. Rind has sparse but distinct netting over green and orange skin. Flesh is creamy white, sweet and aromatic, delicious. Ripens very quickly, early in the growing season, long before other melons of similar quality. Good intermediate shelf life. High yield potential. Resistant PM, Tolerant F Fresh Mkt, Roadside, Gdn 2421 Halona Hybrid - 68-72 days. 4 - 5 lb. 6" globe shape. An improved Earliqueen type, matures a week earlier. Thick, sweet orange fleshed muskemelons Rinds with heavy netting and distinct sutures. Uniform and productive, with better taste and stronger disease package. Resistant PM, Tolerant F Fresh Mkt, Roadside, Gdn 2424 Magnum .45 Hybrid 80 days. Bred especially as a shipping type for TX, FL, all southern states; also perf o rm well in the NE. If Star s Producer has done well for you in the past, we suggest growing Magnum .45. Large, uniform , slightly oval fruits weigh 21/2 -3 lbs., measure 51/2 x 6" with good netting, light sutures. Deep orange flesh, small, dry seed cavity, outstanding taste. High-yielding plants have concentrated set, PM resistance. Shipping.


M=1,000 seeds

Cantaloupe Moneyloupe Hybrid

Cantaloupe Eclipse Hybrid

2434 Moneyloupe Hybrid 72 days. Full netted nearly round melon in the early Athena class, with strong disease package. Avg size 7" x 8". Avg weight 6 12 to 71/2 lb, with potential of yield/ ing 8 lb melons with good keeping quality and high sugar. Very lightly sutured Large frame vine with high yield potential. Smaller cavity, larger fruit, and about the same maturity. Has demonstrated strong performance in eastern melon trials for size, total yield and flavor. A winner for SE, Midwest and MidAtlantic markets. Resistant F0, F1, F2, PM1, PM2. Fre s h Mkt, Gdn, Shipping.

10,000 Seeds 28.70/M 33.65/M 65.00/M 23.20/M 30.55/M 60.30/M 20,000 50,000 100,000 Seeds Seeds Seeds 27.00/M25.00/M 31.60/M30.15/M 60.00/M58.00/M 21.80/M20.75/M 28.70/M27.35/M 56.70/M54.15/M 24.75/M 29.00/M 56.00/M 20.00/M 26.25/M 52.00/M

Cantaloupe Gold Doubloon Hybrid

Pkt $1.55 $1.75 $3.40 $1.70 $1.60 $3.15

100 500 1,000 5,000 Seeds Seeds Seeds Seeds 4.60 19.40 5.35 22.75 10.35 43.75 3.75 15.60 4.85 20.60 9.60 40.75 34.00 39.90 78.00 27.50 36.15 71.50 30.95/M 36.25/M 69.00/M 24.95/M 32.90/M 65.00/M

2414 2421 2409 2424 2434 2419

Gold Doubloon Hyb Halona Hybrid Fastbreak Hybrid Magnum .45 Hyb Moneyloupe Hybrid Gourmet

Cantaloupe Halona Hybrid


Cantaloupe ACimarron Hybrid Cantaloupe Primo Hybrid Cantaloupe Star Headliner Hybrid

Cantaloupe Strike Hybrid 2464 Sensation Hybrid - 85 days. 8" x 7 1/2", 5 1/2 lb - 6 lb. A novelty gourmet melon with good shelf life in addtion to superb sugar and aroma. White interior with green tinge near rind is super sweet and keeps well when harvested at early yellow rind stage. Flesh is crisp and sweet at this stage with full aroma and flavor. Highest yield potential of its type. Rind is thin but distinctly netted. Skin progresses from green immature, to yellow at good keeping stage, to orange at soft mature stage. PM, F Fresh Mkt, Roadside, Gdn. 2469 Star Headliner Hybrid 84 d a y s .E xclusive! Our best selling melon variety--and popular variety for the North. Excellent for roadside sales. Large fruits weigh 4-41/2 lbs. and average 61/2 x 7" with firm rind, heavy netting and deep sutures. Thick, solid, deep orange flesh with delicious flavor; f ruits have good keeping quality. Strong, vigo rous vines stay green longer than most hybrids. Widely adapted; suited to plastic cult u re. Fresh Mkt, Gdn.

Cantaloupe Saticoy Hybrid Cantaloupe Minerva Hybrid

More Eastern Type Melons

2429 Minerva Hybrid 78 days. 7-8 lb.. Recommended where early size, sugar and holding ability are wanted. Athena type Eastern melon, from same breeding butslightly larger, measuring 7 x 7 1/2" with higher resistance level. Fruit is oval to flat oval and lightly but distinctly sutured, with coarse open netting overall. Flesh is thick with outstanding firmness. Vine is vigorous. Largest sizes have reached 10 lb. under best conditions. Well proven and widely adapted in University trials, especially U of F 2000, where Minerva demonstrated higher yields with same fruit set but 8.3 avg. wt. vs. Athena's 5.6 lb. Minerva performs well and maintains quality under wet field conditions. Firm flesh allows harvest at tan stage and full slip; green harvesting such as for softer varieties is not needed. Resistant F0, F1, F2, PM1, Tolerant PM2. Roadside, Fresh Mkt, Shipping. 2454 Saticoy Hybrid 88 days. Harvest Queen type with very high sugar content.Slightly oblong melons 61/2 x 51/2 weigh 31/2 -4 lbs. and have hard rinds. Excellent-quality flesh is very dark orange, very firm, solid and thick, with delicious flavor and sweetness. Productive, strong plants resistant to PM1 and F2. Fresh Mkt, Gdn.


Western Type Melons

2364 ACimarron Hybrid 81 days. Exclusive! A mid-early We s t e rn shipper with better disease resistance replaces Pronto. Mid size 4 12 lb fru i t / average 6" diam., with potential for large sizes. Thick deep orange flesh, potential for high sugar and fairly concentrated set. Round, fully netted, nearly sutureless. Resistance to F0, F2, PM1. Long and short shipping, Mkt. 2444 Primo Hybrid 79 days. Early, large, dark orange flesh,--very attractive for f resh mkt and shipping. Almost suture less fruit are heavily netted, with a small, dry seed cavity. The colorful flesh is very thick, sweet and flavorful. Fruits average 5-7 lbs. each, 7 x 7 1/2" Plants show tolerance to PM1, PM2, and applied sulfur. Fresh Mkt, Shipping. 2471 Strike Hybrid - 85 days. 6-8 lb; 8" x 6 1/2". Large melon with long shelf life, comparable to Athena. Oval fruits have course netting and no sutures. Flesh is very thick , sweet and firm. Trial results suggest a widely adapted variety with potential for high yields of uniformly large melons, up to 12-14 brix, with good holding ability after 3 weeks in cool storage and lasting well in rainy seasons. Worth testing. Resistant PM, F01 2 Fresh Mkt, Roadside, Shipping

Cantaloupe Sensation Hybrid

Catalog Number HYBRID CANTALOUPE PRICES Pkt 2469 Star Headliner Hybrid

/ 4 oz


/ 2 oz



/ 4 lb


/ 2 lb


5 lb

$3.70 26.25 42.25 72.00 257.00 465.00 859.00 819.00/lb 10,000 Seeds 20,000 Seeds 50,000 Seeds 100,000 Seeds

Catalog CANTALOUPE PRICES 25 100 500 1,000 5,000 Number M=1,000 seeds Seeds Seeds Seeds Seeds Seeds 2364 2429 2444 2454 2464 2471 ACimarron Hybrid Minerva Hybrid Primo Hybrid Saticoy Hybrid Sensation Hybrid Strike Hybrid

$1.45 2.15 6.00 10.40 8.75/M 7.95/M 7.75/M -- -- $3.50 6.65 26.25 49.50 46.75/M 44.75/M 44.00/M 43.25/M 42.50/M $3.15 4.00 14.90 24.85 22.65/M 20.00/M 18.25/M 17.00/M 16.70/M $3.60 12.00 51.00 90.00 83.00/M 74.00/M 71.00/M 67.00/M 65.00/M $3.60 6.80 27.25 46.25/M 45.50/M 44.50/M 43.75/M $3.75 11.45 48.60 85.25 77.50/M 71.90/M 67.60/M 64.50/M 62.00/M


2478 Yuma Grande Hybrid - 88 days; 9" x 7"; 7-8 lb. Large oval Western Shipper. Monoecious type, best for spring and fall harvests when cool conditions limit fruit size, rather than main season. Thick firm deep orange flesh and very compact seed cavity. Heavy netting with no sutures. Very good flavor. Resistant PM, F02 Fresh Mkt, Shipping

Honeydew Hybrids

2399 Early Crisp Hybrid 80 days. Very early, v e ry large green-fleshed honeydew. Has a natural-sugar flavor in a firm crispy flesh. Large f ruited at 7 to 8 lbs. Very early for successfulc rops everywhere. Fruits resist cracking. Resistant to F. Fresh Mkt, Gdn. 2486 Earli-Dew Hybrid 75 days. Early honeydew type especially suited to most northern areas. Fruits average 51/ 2 ", weigh 11 /2 -3 lbs. with smooth skin turning green-gold at maturity. Thick, pale green, sweet flesh. Vigorous vines resist F2. Short-distance shipping, Fresh Mkt, Gdn. 2491 Honey Brew Hybrid 90 days. Highyields of uniform, top quality honeydew type f r u i t . Large, smooth melons 6 x 6"weigh 3-4 lbs. each. Pale green flesh has more stable sweetness than standard Honeydew, especially under cool conditions. Fruits have excellent keeping quality. Strong, vigorous vines last well, are resistant to F and PM. Distance and short-distance shipping, Fresh Mkt, Gdn. 2496 Magic-To-Dew Hybrid 92 days. Exclusive! (4 lbs.). Excellent yield potential, thick, light green flesh is sweet, firm and crisp. Smooth thick rind. Vigorous plants show resistance, tolerance to F, PM. Roadside, Gdn.

Melon Honey Brew Hybrid Melon Earli-Dew Hybrid

Specialty Melons Crenshaw Hybrid

2377 Burpee Early Hybrid Crenshaw 81 days. Famous, delicately flavored melon, widely adapted and early enough to make a crop even in northern areas. Bumper crops of large oval melons weigh 7-13 lbs, measure 7"x10". Beautiful peach pink flesh is firm with delicious, honeylike flavor. Skin starts green and netless, ripens toward yellow. Full maturity when blossom end becomes slightly soft. Roadside, Fresh Mkt, Speciality.

Melon Magic-To-Dew Hybrid

Melon Passport Hybrid Melon Disease Tolerance codes:

DM F, F1, F2 PM, PM1, PM2 WMV Downey Mildew Fusarium Wilt, races 1 and 2 P o w d e ry Mildew, races 1 and 2 Wa t e rm elon Mosaic Vi ru s

Green-Fleshed Melon

2501 Passport Hybrid 75 days. Ve ry early specialty melon gets you to the market first! Large, round fruits average 6 lbs. each and 7 x 7", with very thick, flavorful and aromatic light green flesh. Sweet, firm flesh averages 12-13% sugar at earliest harvest. Rinds have slight or no sutures and fine, full net. Fruits slip when ripe. Plants are vigorous and productive. Shipping, Fresh Mkt, Gdn. Melon Growers, Note: We suggest you grow the correct type of melon for your market. Shipping types are especially resilient with lasting quality for long-distance market. They do, however, taste fine if grown for local market. The varieties we recommend for local or home garden are best used near where they are grown because they have a softer rind/skin and may not hold as well.

Catalog HYBRID MELON PRICES Number M=1,000 seeds 2486 2478 Earli-Dew Yuma Grande 25 100 500 Seeds Seeds Seeds $4.50 11.95 38.75 $1.55 4.80 20.40

CHIEF USE OF CANTALOUPE VARIETIES Long-Distance Shipping ACimarron, Honey Brew, Magnum .45, Primo,

Short-Distance Ambrosia, Burpee Hybrid PMT, Shipping Classic, Earli-Dew, Magic-ToDew, Minerva, Moneyloupe, Passport, Pulsar, GoldDoubloon Fresh Market/ Home Garden Athena, Fastbreak, Earlisweet, Early Hybrid Cre n s h a w, Early Crisp Hybrid, Eclipse Orange Blossom, Minerva, Saticoy, Savor, Star Headliner, Moneyloupe, Gold Doubloon

Melon Yuma Grande Hybrid

1,000 Seeds

5,000 Seeds

10,000 20,000 Seeds Seeds

50,000 100,000 Seeds Seeds

74.00 69.00/M 68.00/M 64.00/M 62.00/M 61.00/M 35.75 32.50/M 30.15/M 28.35/M 27.00/M 26.00/M

Catalog Number HYBRID MELON PRICES 2399 2491 2496 2377 2501 Early Crisp Honey Brew Magic-To-Dew Early Hybrid Crenshaw Passport



/ 4 oz


/ 2 oz



/ 4 lb


/ 2 lb


5 lb 729.00/lb 462.00/lb 331.00/lb 829.00/lb 427.00/lb

Melon Burpee Early Crenshaw Hybrid

$3.45 25.50 38.25 64.00 220.00 $2.90 11.90 20.45 36.00 136.00 $2.00 8.55 14.55 25.50 97.00 $2.80 18.40 33.50 64.00 243.00

409.00752.00 253.00482.00 180.00344.00 469.00872.00

$3.15 18.80 34.75 54.00 151.00 276.00447.00


C a rrot Ingot Hybrid 2538 Envy Hybrid - 66 days. Large, 12" x 13 /4" cylindrical roots. Sweet, smooth, uniform bright orange roots taper very slowly to blunt ends. Fast vigorous growth , early maturity. Top variety for production of fresh jumbo carrots. Fresh Mkt, Gdn. 1 2543 Ingot Hybrid - 70-75 days. 8 x 1- /4". Nantes type with sweet full sugar flavor, high color, beta carotene, high yield potential, smooth roots. Strong midgreen tops, 15-18". Roadside, Bunching, Juicing, Gdn. 2553 Nevis Hybrid 70 days. Core l e s s Nantes/Imperator type, sweet Nantes flavor. 8 x 1" roots. Blunt cylindrical tip. Interior is orange with 12-14" tops. Alternaria tolerant tops. Fresh Mkt, slicer, cello. 2563 Purple Haze Hybrid - AAS Winner 2006. 70 days. Smooth deep purple 10-12" roots. Imperator type shape, broad shoulder tapers to a point. Bright orange interior. Vi g o rous 14-16" tops. Specialty, Restaurant, Salad Blend. 2578 Sweetness III Hybrid 72 days. A sweet European Nantes-type with a mid-early maturity. Cylindrical 8" roots with mediums t rong tops. Good color and smooth bright skin."Slightly later than Sweeetness II."Fre s h Mkt, Gdn.

C a rrot Karina Hybrid

C a rrot Yellowstone Hybrid

C a rrot Envy Hybrid Carrot Nevis Hybrid C a rrot Thumbelina

(Daucus Carota sativus) Approx. 23,000 seeds/oz. Pkt plants 30 ft. of row; 1 / 2 oz sows 100 ft. Direct-sow 2-4 lbs/acre. Sow seeds 1/ 2 "deep, 1-3"apart in rows 16-30"apart. Seeds germinate in about 8 days.


Open Pollinated Types

2533 Danvers #126 Improved 75 days. Heavier yield than Danvers. Smooth, orangered roots have well-colored cores, average 68" long (about 1" longer than Danvers). Heatresistant tops. Storage, Fresh Mkt, Gdn. 2568 Scarlet Nantes 68 days. Popular variety for early mkt. Attractive, quality roots 6-7" long with dependable, delicious flavor -- sweet and tender. Fresh Mkt, Gdn. 2583 Thumbelina 60-70 days. Novelty small, round roots -- cook and serve whole. Thin, tender skin needs no peeling. Bright orange; sweet flesh, small core. Harvest sizes from 1 /2 up to 11/ 2 " across. Close spacing; performs well on all soil types, even clay. Short, strong tops; little or no digging needed. Fresh "baby" Mkt, Gdn. 2588 Yellowstone 90 days. Bright yellow eye appeal. 10-1/2" x 1-1/2" tapered roots, sweet and crispy. Extra interest for salad. Novelty color carrot market, Restaurant and Roadside.

2500 10,000 50,000 100,000 Seeds Seeds Seeds Seeds $2.15 .83/M .65/M $3.15 1.20/M .92/M $2.15 .82/M .63/M $1.55 .50/M .40/M $3.25 1.20/M 1.00/M Pkt oz


Hybrid Imperator Types

2548 Karina Hybrid 75 days. A superior thick, smooth tapered Imperator. 9" length, excellent strong tops, outstanding flavor and bright orange color. Hybrid type crossing the advantages of sweetness from Nantes and intense color and soil tolerance from Kuroda type. For jumbo fresh, cello pack, cutpeel.

Hybrid Nantes Types

2523 Adelaide Hybrid 65 days. Perfect for the baby carrot mkt. 3 12 x 3/4" cylindrical, short, / smooth, blunt roots. Interior is bright orange and coreless. Tops are 6". Fresh Mkt, Gdn. C a rrot Adelaide Hybrid

Catalog HYBRID CARROT PRICES Number M=1,000 seeds 2523 2553 2588 2543 2563 Adelaide Hybrid Nevis Hybrid Yellowstone Hybrid Ingot Hybrid Purple Haze Hybrid

500,000 Seeds .48/M .68/M .44/M .29/M .75/M 25 lb

.55/M .77/M .51/M .33/M .85/M 5 lb

Catalog Number CARROT PRICES 2533 2548 2568 2583 2538 2578 Danvers #126 Improved Karina Hybrid Scarlet Nantes Thumbelina Envy Hybrid Sweetness III

/4 lb


/2 lb


$1.40 2.20 $2.85 15.50 $1.40 2.20 $2.60 10.80 $3.80 23.25 $3.20 19.65

3.45 6.15 51.00 87.00 4.15 5.85 37.25 65.00 76.00 131.0 60.00 111.00

10.25 10.20 9.95/lb 157.00 144.00/lb 135.00/lb 10.15 8.70/lb 7.90/lb 112.00 104.00/lb 235.00 215.00 198.25 181.90 -- 207.00 170.00


Cauliflower Candid Charm Hybrid

Cauliflower Majestic Hybrid Cauliflower White Passion Hybrid


(Brassica oleracea, Botrytis Group)

Approx. 9,000 seeds/oz.; 2 oz packet contains 100 seeds. Seeds germinate in about 10 days. Set plants 14-24" apart in rows 24-36" apart. NOTE: Days to maturity are from transplant. All seed is graded and treated. 2608 Amazing Hybrid 75 days. Top quality early for its class .Self wrapper. Large vi g o rous plant produces thick leaf jacket. Deep domed bright white heads 7 to 8" across are heavy and firm. Adapted for early and late markets. Fresh Mkt, Shipping. 2613 Candid Charm Hybrid 65 days. Fresh m a r k e t - p ro cessing type for summer harvest; best in cool areas. Large, deep dome-shaped curds 7-9" across are pure white, uniform in maturity. Very heavy yields. Excellent quality, non-ricey, long holding ability without purple cast. Vi g o rous, semi-upright plants have large, dark green leaves which cover heads well. Fresh Mkt, pro c e s s i n g . 2623 Cheddar Hybrid - 68 days. Orange heads, uniform, smooth, domed shaped, with good weight, firmness and fine flavor. High beta carotene. Easy to grow when spring planted in areas of moderate temps. Leave heads "untied" for maximum orange color. In warmer regions plant later for head development in cooler fall temp. 2633 Majestic Hybrid 50 days. A few days earlier than Snow Crown. Plants are compact but upright. Smooth, pure white heads are slightly domed, average 7-8" across. Plants show good tolerance to BR, DM and heat. Fresh Mkt, freezing. 2643 Rushmore Hybrid 51 days. Pure white heads weighing 21 /4 lbs. and 6" across. High dome shape with white curds that are slightly knobbed. A lot of bottom and top protection with the dark green leaves. Fresh Mkt. 2653 Snow Crown Hybrid 68 days. Earlier, more uniform Snowball type with plenty of fresh mkt appeal. The high-quality, wellrounded, pure white heads measure up to 8" across, have good depth and stay tight for several days after harvest. Vigorous plants, big yields. Fine raw or cooked. Fresh Mkt, Freezing, Canning, Gdn. 2658 Violet Queen Hybrid 70 days. Beautiful, deep purple, domed 6-7" heads. Upright, medium tall plants with heads weighing about 11 / 2 lb each, excellent for fall harvesting. Medium wrapper leaf. When cooked, heads t u rn to a bright green color. Fresh Mkt, salad mixes, restaurant. 2663 White Passion Hybrid 63 days. A midearly type yields a uniform consistently white head that is covered by an excellent inner wrap and outer leaves. Yields a domed, dense head with a dense curd. Well suited for fresh mkt and is adaptable to many caulifower gro w i n g a reas.

Cauliflower Rushmore Hybrid

Romanesco Shannon YR

Cauliflower Cheddar Hybrid

Cauliflower Violet Queen Hybrid


Approx. 6,000 seeds/oz. 2598 Brocoverde 68 days. A new, sweet tasting, green-headed cauliflower. Medium-sized, semi-domed heads weigh about 14 oz. Plants are strong, upright and of medium height. A real innovation which will have instant popularity! Fresh Mkt, specialty, Gdn.. 2648 Shannon YR 80 days. Vi g o rous large framed grower with high yield potential of attractive bright green peaked 6-7" heads, made up of numerous small spiral coned florets. Stores well in cold. Good item for fall harvest. Resistant Fusarium Yellows. (YR). Cauliflower Snow Crown Hybrid

Catalog CAULIFLOWER PRICES Number M=1,000 seeds 2608 2613 2633 2643 2653 2663 2598 2648 2658 2623 Amazing Hybrid Candid Charm Hybrid Majestic Hybrid Rushmore Hybrid Snow Crown Hybrid White Passion Hybrid Brocoverde Shannon YR Violet Queen Cheddar Hybrid 25 100 Seeds Seeds -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- $2.00 $3.70 $2.65 $3.00 $2.90 $4.15 $2.35 $1.90 $1.90 $3.75 2.70 11.25 1,000 Seeds 9.45 9.60 10.80 17.75 11.90 14.40 5.60 28.25 11.70 77.00 5,000 Seeds 10,000 Seeds 50,000 Seeds 100,000 Seeds

7.60/M 6.65/M 6.00/M 5.75/M 8.70/M 8.40/M 8.15/M 7.90/M 9.50/M 8.50/M 7.80/M 7.40/M 15.35/M 14.15/M 12.95/M 12.15/M 9.75/M 8.60/M 7.80/M 7.35/M 11.50/M 9.85/M 8.70/M 7.95/M 4.35/M 3.95/M 3.00/M 2.25/M 22.90/M 19.45/M 17.20/M 15.75/M 10.35/M 9.45/M -- -- 68,00/M 62.00/M


4339 Rhubarb Chard 60 days. Edible ornamental variety. Thick, savoyed leaves are reddish green; stalks are brilliant crimson, lending a likeness to rhubarb. Good flavor. Attractive in vegetable or flower plantings.

(Brassica oleracea, Acephala Group)


Approx. 9,000 seeds/oz. Pkt plants 25 ft. of row; 1/4 oz sows 100 ft. Direct-sow 2-4 lbs/acre. Sow seeds thinly, 1/4" deep 12-24" apart in rows 24-36" apart. Seeds germinate in about 10 days. All seed is graded and treated. Celery Starlet 2767 Blue Max Hybrid 68 days. Exclusive! Outstanding hybrid yields up to 25% m o re than o.p. types. Fast growth of large, slightly savoyed leaves with large leaf surface extending further down the petioles and close internode spacing assure reliably heavy harvest. Leaves are tender, mild, tasty; hold blue-gre color well even after cutting. Upright, en highly uniform, vigorous plants are sturdy and compact. Fresh Mkt, Processing, Gdn. 2772 Champion 78 days. Vates type selected for longer standing ability. Widely adapted 1-1 1/ 2 ' plants are vigorous, yield well. Introduced by the Virginia A.E.S. 2777 Flash Hybrid 75 days. Smooth, flat, broad, deep green, early Vates type. Upright 18" plants are slow to bolt. Fast regrowth and good uniformity. 2782 Georgia Southern 80 days. Well adapted to all areas; performs well under adverse conditions or poor soil. Plants reach about 3' in height. Upright, large, blue-green leaves on leafy nonheading plants. Fresh Mkt, Roadside Mkt, Processing,Gdn. 2789 Hi-Crop Hybrid - U n i f o rm deep green, , semi-savoyed tender leaves. Versatile and vigo rous hybrid, tolerates both heat and cold. Excellent producer of medium size plants in both long, hot and short, cool season areas. Plants can be harvested at one time. 2792 Morr i s. Popular in traditional southern markets. Leaves grow straight up in young stages and are picked for early greens. After leaf harvest, plant can be left in field to form a head which can be harvested and used like cabbage. 2802 Vates 75 days. The standard, most well known variety. Compact plants with thick, broad leaves grow 11/ 2 -2' tall.

/ 2 oz 2.30 Pkt $1.75 $1.40 $1.50 Pkt oz



Swiss Chard Bright Lights

(Apium graveolens dulce)

Approx. 72,000 seeds/oz. Pkt produces about 500 plants; 1 oz produces about 10,000 plants. Seeds germinate in about 21 days. Set plants 6-12" apart in rows 18-40"apart. Note: Days to maturity are from transplant. 2673 Starlet 120 days. The first Tall Utah type to show excellent tolerance to Fusarium wilt; slower to bolt than Tall Utah 52-70R. O.P. plants produce compact, full-hearted stalks of high market quality with long, smooth, medium dark greenribs. Plants 25-27" tall with few basal buds. Tolerant to F1, F2. Fresh Mkt.

1000 sds $4.20; 5,000 sds 15.50; 10 MSd 2.40/MSd; 50 MSd 2.00/MSd

2678 Tall Utah 52-70R Improved 120 days. Well-known and in demand for high quality harvest superior pack. Thick, smooth long petioles are produced on tall vigorous, sturdy plants, 10-11" to the first joint. Resistant to brown check; apparent tolerance to certain strains of Western celery mosaic.

(Beta vulgaris, Cicia Group)

Swiss Chard

Approx. 1,600 seeds/oz. Also called Leaf Beet. Pkt plants 25' of row; 1/ 2 oz sows 100' D i rect-sow 5 lbs/acre. Sow seeds 1/ 2 " deep 12-15"apart in rows 24-36"apart. Seeds germinate in about 8 days.

Collards Blue Max Hybrid

4329 Bright Lights 65 days this 20" plant has moderated, savoyed leaves. Veins are primarily light green. Petiole colors range from yellow, gold, pink and crimson. 4334 Fordhook Giant 60 days. Vigorous variety provides heavy yields. Thick, fleshy, savoyed leaves with wide, pearly white stalks up to 21/2 " across.

Catalog Number CELERY PRICES 2678 Tall Utah 52-70R Improved Pkt $1.65


oz 3.00 oz 10.20 2.50 3.45



/ 4 lb 8.00


/ 2 lb

lb 19.00 lb 58.00 8.85 15.30 25 lb

5 lb 17.50/lb 5 lb 52.00/lb 8.45/lb 14.60/lb 50 lb



Catalog Number SWISS CHARD PRICES 4329 4334 4339 Bright Lights Fordhook Giant Rhubarb Chard


/ 4 lb

/ 2 lb

17.80 3.70 5.25 lb

31.50 5.00 8.40 5 lb

Catalog Number COLLARDS PRICES 2772 2777 2782 2792 2802 Champion Flash Hybrid Georgia Southern Morris Vates

/4 lb

/2 lb

$ 1.65 2.90 $ 2.25 14.55 $ 1.45 2.25 -- $1.45 $ 1.60 2.15

5.70 9.15 15.80 47.50 83.00 157.00 2.85 4.95 8.80 2.00 3.20 5.40 3.35 4.65 6.85

14.25/lb 13.40/lb12.95/lb 148.00/lb 140.00/lb -- 7.75/lb 7.25/lb 6.75/lb 4.80/lb 4.40/lb -- 5.40/lb 4.70/lb 4.20/lb

Catalog HYBRID COLLARD PRICES Number M=1,000 seeds

100 500 Seeds Seeds $1.75 $1.45 2.25 2.25

1,000 Seeds 2.95 3.65

5,000 Seeds 2.45/M 3.15/M

10,000 Seeds 2.20/M 2.75/M

80,000 Seeds 1.90/M 2.50/M

Collards Hi-Crop Hybrid

2767 2789

Blue Max Hybrid Hi-Crop Hybrid


Pak Choi Joi Choi Hybrid

Chinese Cabbage Blues Hybrid

Chinese Cabbage Monument Hybrid

(Brassica Rapa, Pekinensis Group)

Chinese Cabbage

Chinese Cabbage Michihili Jade Pagoda Hybrid

Approx. 9,000 seeds/oz. Packet plants 25' of row; 1/4 oz sows 100'. Direct sow 1/2 -11/2 lbs/acre. Sow seeds 1/4"deep, 12-24" apart in rows 24-36" apart.Seeds germinate in about 10 days. Napa types somtimes called "Louisiana Lettuce"; all types gaining popularity as a salad bar offering. Fresh Mkt, Gdn. All seed is graded and treated.

Napa Type, Barrel Shape

2688 Apollo Hybrid 65 days. Excellent heat tolerance and good cold tolerance, well suited for spring sowings/early summer harvest in temperate regions. Bright green 5 lb heads, light yellow interior. Excellent field holding ability. Highly tolerant to Clubroot, certain Virus and Soft rot diseases. Fresh Mkt. 2693 Blues Hybrid 57 days. Napa type with broad, squat heads. Early, multiple disease resistance and very slow to bolt. Recommended for spring to early summer crops. Mature heads average 41/ 2 lbs.,fresh green leaves with wide, white midribs. Resistant to alternaria leaf spot, bacterial soft rot, DM, YT, DM , BR and virus. 2703 China Pride Hybrid 69 days. Rugged Napa type best for fall/winter crops. Broad, large heads average 51/2 lbs., with good darkgreen color. Strong, uniform plants show hightolerance to bacterial soft rot, DM and tip burn . Well adapted to cool temperature areas. 2718 Optiko Hybrid 60 days. Early, vigorous, b a rrel shaped Napa type heads 5"x 11" tall. Extremely bolt tolerant. Mid green wrappers, white ribs. High yield potential due to YR, TBT disease package.

Chinese Cabbage Apollo Hybrid Pak Choi Mei Qing Hybrid

Novelty Chinese Cabbage

2735 Japanese White Celery Mustard 60 days. Oriental novelty used as greens. Bulbous shape with broad, pure white stalks; dark green, thick, spoon-shaped leaves. Cold tolerant.

Pak Choi

Culture same as for Chinese Cabbage. 2740 Joi Choi Hybrid 55 days. Extremely well adapted to fall and winter planting. Very tender, shiny, dark green leaves; tender white stalks. Uniform plants are slow to bolt, high yielding, cold tolerant. Fresh Mkt, Gdn. 2745 Mei Qing Choi Hybrid 40 days. First hybrid pak choi with green petioles--produces highly marketable plants. Easy to grow, attractive heads are tender, excellent eating quality. Vigorous, early, uniform plants are upright, compact and slow to bolt. Well adapted to spring/fall sowings; tolerant to heat and cold. Chinese Cabbage Disease Tolerance Codes:

BR YT or YR DM Black Rot Yellows Tolerant or Resistant Downey Mildew

Michihili Type, Narrow Cylindrical Shape

2708 Michihili Jade Pagoda Hybrid 65 days. Early Michihili type, slower to bolt. Very uniform, vigorous cylindridal plants to 16" high, 6 lbs. 2713 Monument Hybrid 80 days. Finest Michihili type hybrid available. Strong, vigorous plants to 18" are tolerant to specking; p roduce tall, uniform, dense, cylindrical heads with deeper green outer color, white interiors, good flavor.

Chinese Cabbage China Pride Hybrid

Cabbage--see pages 8-9

5,000 10,000 50,000 100,000 1,000,000 Seeds Seeds Seeds Seeds Seeds 1.70/M 1.55/M 2.05/M 2.05/M 2.80/M 1.50/M 2.00/M 2.00/M 5 lb 58.00/lb 30.00/lb

Catalog CHINESE CABBAGE/PAK CHOI PRICES 200 1,000 Number M=1,000 seeds Seeds Seeds 2688 2693 2703 2708 2718 2713 2740 2745 Apollo Hybrid Blues Hybrid China Pride Hybrid Michihili Jade Pagoda Hybrid Optiko Hybrid Monument Hybrid Joi Choi Hybrid Mei Qing Choi Hybrid

$1.95 3.00 2.555/M 2.20/M 1.95/M 1.80/M $2.35 3.25 2.65/M 2.20/M 1.75/M 1.70/M $2.45 3.50 2.95/M 2.45/M 2.25/M 2.15/M $2.45 3.500 2.95/M 2.45/M 2.25/M 2.15/M $2.15 5.15 4.15/M 3.60/M 3.15/M 3.00/M $2.40 3.30 2.65/M 2.20/M 1.80/M 1.75/M $2.45 3.40 2.60/M 2.45/M 2.20/M 2.15/M $2.45 3.40 2.60/M 2.45/M 2.20/M 2.15/M


Catalog Number CHINESE CABBAGE/PAK CHOI PRICES Pkt 2698 2735 Bouquet Hybrid Japanese White Celery Mustard $1.45 $1.45

/ 2 oz

oz 6.90 4.75


/ 4 lb


/ 2 lb

lb 59.00 38.00

3.95 3.25

19.65 13.50

33.00 22.00

Chinese Cabbage Optiko Hybrid


Sweet Corn Hybrids

Join the "Sweet Corn Revolution" begun in the `80's -- grow the world's sweetest corn, perfect for shipping to long-distance markets! Exclusive! High-quality sweet corn series is genetically designed for two to three times the sweetness of normal sugary sweet corn. Summer Sweet® Brand varieties are characterized by high sugar content, low water-soluble polysaccharides, and crisp texture. Full sh2 homozygous kernels stay sweet longer than other types of sweet corn, excellent for long-distance shipping. Tasty, crunchy kernels are excellent raw; need no butter or salt. Genetically a shrunken-2 type (sh2), Summer Sweet® Brand varieties produce finequality ears with very attractive, glossy, 100% super sweetkernels of crisp texture . Seed is lighter than other types of sweet corn because of the high sugar content in the kernel. Seed has a shriveled appearance and higher seed count per lb. Plantings require isolation; sow when soil is warm. We supply growing instructions with your s e e d o rd for best crop results. If you're packing and shipping your sweet corn for er sale more than 48 hours after picking, Summer Sweet® Brand hybrid series will please the consumers with its quality. Fresh Mkt, shipping, roadside, Gdn. Note: Sold by kernel count only, not by weight. See price chart, below. We supply a grade size of approx. 4,000 kernels/lb; recommend 25,000 kernels/acre.

Summer Sweet® Brand Series (sh2 super sweet)

Summer Sweet® Sugar3TM Types (Ultra & Supreme)

A tested breakthrough in eating quality offering the best combination of sweetness, creaminess and tenderness of any of the corn tested. High gloss kernels, refined ear appearance, high % marketable ears.Super Sweet-holding sugar for days under good post-harvest conditions, yet creamy flavored with tender pericarp. Superb for Roadside, UPick, grocery mkts and an exceptional garden variety. Rapid emergence, tolerant of cool soil. Strong root system. May develop tasselate ear tips under stress. 1689 Summer Sweet® Brand Variety #642A W Hybrid. 78 days. Extra fine, large, thick 8 1 /2" x 1 7/8" ears with 18-20 rows of white sugar cream kernels. Moderant tolerance to NCLB. 1704 Summer Sweet® Supreme SeriesTM Variety #502 Hybrid. 79 days. 18-20 rows of creamy bicolor kernels combined with supersweet high sugar. 8-8 12"-9"cylindrical ears. / NCLB, SW.

Yellow (sh2) Summer Sweet® Hybrids

1579 Summer Sweet® Brand Variety #600. 80 days. Very bright, high luster yellow kernels on ears 8-8 1/2" x 1 3/4". Sturdy 6' stalks. Very good husk length and flags. 16 rows of yellow kernels. Moderate tolerance to SW, NCLB. 1599 Summer Sweet® Brand Variety #6800R Hybrid. 73 days. First early corn with refined ear and strong disease pkg. Widely adapted to most sweet corn areas. Early for fall and spring plantings. 7" x 1 7/8" ears produce 14 rows of yellow kernels on sturdy 6' stalks. SW, NCLB, CR. 1614 Summer Sweet® Brand Variety #7100R. 76 days. Refined super sweet yellow 8" x 1 7/8" ear. Widely adapted. Good for both fall and spring plantings. Compact, sturdy 6' stalks. Excellent tip fill. 16 rows of kernels. SW, NCLB, CR. 1634 Summer Sweet® Brand Variety #7210 Improved. 76 days. Now, more uniform and slightly smaller version of our famous original. Excellent package, improved appearance, high yield potential. Glossy, bright yellow 8" x 1 7/8" ears produced on 6' stalks. 1416 rows of kernels. NCLB, SW, ALB. 1684 Summer Sweet ® Brand Variety #7640R. 84 days. Very refined, bright yellow 81/2" ear with 18-20 rows of kernels.Consistent high yielder with extra Rust resistance. SW, NCLB, CR. 1664 Summer Sweet ® Brand Variety #8100R Hybrid. 81 days, Improved disease pkg. Refined 8 12" x 1 3/4" ears produced on / sturdy 6' stalks. Widely adapted to most sweet corn areas. Good stress tolerance. Excellent yield and recovery . Good husks, strong flags. 16-18 rows of yellow kernels. SW, NCLB, CR. 1679 Summer Sweet® Brand Variety #945Y Hybrid. 77 days. Strong in cool soil. Rugged, 6 1/2' stalks bear 8" x 1 3/4" ears with tight husks and excellent flags. 16 rows of yellow kernels. SW, NCLB, CR, SCLB. 1349 ACcede Hybrid. 81 days. Refined 7 1/2" x 1 3/4" ear for early havest. Strong 6' stalks resist lodging. Very tight husks, strong flags. 16-18 rows of yellow kernels. SW, NCLB, CR.

1352 ACcession Hybrid - (sh2) 78 days. yellow. Large top quality ears, 8NEW! Bright 7 3 /4" x 1- /8", with long husk and strong flag trait. Supersweet Jubilee type, best compatible alternative for this type.

1654 Summer Sweet® Brand Variety #7650R Hybrid. 83 days. 6' stalks resist lodging & bird peck, super long 8 1/4" x 1 3/4" ears. 16-18 rows of yellow kernels. SW, NLB, CR. 1696 Summer Sweet® Multisweet® Brand Variety #820Y Hybrid - 77 days. Large yel low, cylindrical 8-1/2" ears. 16-18 ker NEW! nel rows, dark green husks with good flags. Comparable to Supersweet Jubilee size and shape, with even more extra Sugar3TM eating quality. Tolerant SW, NCLB

Bicolor (sh2) Summer Sweet® Hybrids

1619 Summer Sweet® Brand Variety #7102R. 75 days. Excellent seedling vigor for cool soil. Rugged, sturdy 6 1/2' plants. 7 1/2" x 1 5/8" ears. Excellent fill, strong contrast. 16 rows of bi-color kernels. SW, NCLB, CR. 1674 Summer Sweet® Brand Variety #8102R BC. 81 days. 8 1/2" cylindrical ears. 16-18 rows of bi-color kernels. Rust resistant version of 8102BC. SW, NLB. CR. 1609 Summer Sweet® Brand Variety #6802R. 73 days. Strong 6 1/2' plants. Full tips, very refined 7 1/2" x 1 1/2" ears for early variety. 16 rows of bi-color kernels. SW, NCLB. A Note about Hybrids... There is a lot of recent interest in old-fashioned "heirloom" vegetable varieties. While these varieties may have their place in the garden, hybrid varieties have advantages to the commercial g rower over these older types: namely diseaseresistance, more plant vigor, and often better yields. We suggest planting hybrid varieties, especially any of the Summer Flavor® Brand or Professional Seeds SeriesTM for best results.

White (sh 2) Summer Sweet® Hybrids

1354 ACcelerator Hybrid. 79 days. Large thick 8"x 1 7/8" ears produced on sturdy, rugged 5' stalks. Excellent germination potential. Long dark green husks, strong flags with excellent tip fill. 16 rows of kernels. 1624 Summer Sweet® Brand Variety #7111W. 75 days. White super sweet kernels produced on 8" x 1 7/8" ears on strong, sturdy 6 1/2' plants with tight husk and excellent tip fill. 16-20 rows of kernels. SW, NCLB. 1669 Summer Sweet® Brand Variety #8101R. Exclusive. 81 days. Bright White supersweet kernels produced on long 8 1/2"9"x 1 34" ears. Improved best white. Rugged / clean plant. Great eating quality. Good husk. Strong emergence and vigor. 16-18 rows of kernels. SW, NCLB, CR. 1656 Summer Sweet® Brand Variety NEW! #7641R Hybrid - (sh2) 83 days. Big 81 /2" ears, slightly tapered. with 18-20 kernel rows. Bright white kernels. Extrra strong disease package. Tall stalk holds ears well above critter level. Tight deep green husk. Best compatible alternate for Snow White. Resistant SW, NCLB, RR-Rp1D

A NOTE ABOUT ISOLATION: The reason for isolating super sweet (s h2) types is the same as for isolating white from yellow corn, but more important because marketability of the ear is affected. The sh2 types are isolated to prevent cross pollination with normal sugary sweet corn or field corn. Isolate in one of three ways: by maturity (10 days to two weeks), by distance (100-150 ft. upwind), or use a barrier planting.

100,000 Kernels* 438.00

SUMMER SWEET® BRAND PRICES #500,#502, #600, 642AW, 6800R, 7100R 7102R, 7210 Imp, 7640R,7641R, 7650R 8100 R,8102 R BC, ACcede, ACcession, 820Y, 945Y, 6802R 6801 7111W, #8101R, Accellator

500 2,500 5,000 10,000 25,000 50,000 Kernels* Kernels* Kernels* Kernels* Kernels* Kernels* $5.50 $20.70 $33.15 $55.65 $122.00 $246.70

$4.50 $5.80

$17.35 $22.45

$28.40 $36.75

$49.00 $109.35 $63.35 $141.40

$200.65 $259.50

$375.00 $485.00


Sweet Corn Super Sweet Corn ACcelerator

Sweet Corn Summer Sweet® Brand Variety #7650R Sweet Corn Summer Sweet® Brand Variety #7111W

Sweet Corn Summer Sweet® Brand Variety #945Y

Sweet Corn SuperSweet Corn ACcede

Sweet Corn Summer Sweet® Brand Variety #8100R

Summer Sweet® Brand Variety #7210 Improved Sweet Corn Summer Sweet® Brand Variety #8101R

Sweet Corn Super Sweet Corn ACcession



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