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Heavy Duty Custom Fans

Industries Served

Petro-chemical (API 673 and API 560) Cement/Lime Pulp and Paper Iron and Steel Sintering and Pelletizing Power Generation Glass Refinery Incineration Mine and Tunnel Ventilation Automotive - Thermal Oxidation Aluminum Coal/Coke

Experience and Expertise

Quality and resources

Quality you desire. Clarage has the newest factory in North America. Resources you require. The Clarage fan reputation is the result of over one hundred and twenty five years of credibility, proven laboratory and testing facilities, and state-of-the-art stress/design criteria. Rest assured that you have made the best choice for heavy-duty custom fan equipment when the name tag says "Clarage."


xperience makes the difference. Clarage established itself in 1874, and has developed an outstanding reputation for engineering and building custom fan equipment. Each customer's application requires unique fan specifications. We take pride in making sure that we engineer quality fans that will provide the desired results. With our strong focus on quality, our reputation continues today. Expertise you need. Regardless of the application, Clarage has probably designed a fan for it. There are literally thousands of Clarage fans installed worldwide. Our experience, capability, and extensive installation list has been built up over decades of dedication and resourcefulness.

Design and Fabrication

committed to Setting industry Quality Standards

Engineering and Project Management

The Clarage Division of Twin City Fan Companies, Ltd., specializes in the production of heavy duty custom fans that are Engineered-to-Order and Engineered-to-Specification. Around the world, plant managers and engineers turn to Clarage to design fans for their mission critical applications. Our experienced project management team keeps complex contracts on schedule while fulfilling documentation requirements.



The reliability of your dynamically loaded equipment depends heavily on the quality of welding. Clarage welders are AWS certified. Our commitment to exceed industry standards helps to insure component integrity.

"State-of-theart" Balance and alignment Equipment


Factory trained personnel, with "stateof-the-art" balance and laser alignment equipment, are prepared to supervise the installation and start-up of all equipment provided. Engineering and supervision experience, combined with skilled field labor, enable us to accomplish a wide variety of construction work.

Fan Choices


Best airfoil fan in the industry Highest static efficiencies of all centrifugal fans Reinforced blades Solid nose bar and blade liners are available to provide maximum abrasion resistance

Several completely finished custom fans ready for shipment and installation so they can begin fulfilling the customer's needs.


he Airfoil blade design delivers the highest static efficiencies of all centrifugal fans. This is the fan of choice in applications requiring heavy-duty fans operating at low energy cost. Since the Clarage airfoil fan can be used in applications where particulate is present, our design is used extensively in many different industries. A solid nose bar and blade liners are built into each blade and provide maximum abrasion resistance along the leading edge and on high wear areas of the blade. Blades are also reinforced to meet the duty requirement.

Backward Curved Single Surface Airfoil

Designed specifically for applications requiring high static pressure Full blade and housing liners available for severe duty applications Hard surface weld beads are added to break up abrasive dust patterns


The skilled craftsmen in Clarage's in-house manufacturing facility take pride in building the best airfoil fan in the industry.

Backward Curved Airfoil wheel with wear plates on blades next to the back plate. Clarage performed shop performance, mechanical run tests and sound survey on this fan for a major oil refinery.

Backward curved Single Surface airfoil

The Backward Curved Single Surface Airfoil achieves static efficiencies slightly less than an Airfoil. Clarage engineers can assist you in selecting the style that will achieve your performance criteria. Applications requiring higher static pressure impose extreme stress on the wheel components due to high tip speeds. The Clarage Backward Curved wheel is designed specifically to meet this challenge. When required, these fans can also be equipped with full or partial blade liners for severe duty applications. Clarage's unique "S" shaped blade profile delivers higher efficiency with the ruggedness of the radial tip fan. Typical applications include coalfired boilers, electric arc furnaces and cement kilns.

This backward curved wheel is designed for high static pressure in a hot, abrasive gas stream. Partial width chrome carbide wear plates are installed on the blades and back plate where erosion is most likely to occur. Hard surface weld beads are added to break up abrasive dust patterns.

The wheel shown to the right includes chrome carbide overlay wear plates on the full width of the "S" shaped blades due to highly abrasive silica dust in the gas stream.

Radial Tip

Fan Choices

Ruggedness makes it suitable in severe duty service areas Full blade and housing liners available for the most abrasive applications

Clarage Induced Draft (ID) fan ready for shipment. This single inlet, single width AMCA Arrangement 7 fan is direct couple driven by a 600 hp motor. The fan housing and wheel blades are constructed of 1/4" thick mild steel with 1/4" thick high Brinell wear liners for abrasion resistance. This ID fan is located downstream from a high efficiency cyclone dust collector used to capture dust emissions from a ferro-nickel reduction furnace. Note the spring isolator brackets attached to the heavy-duty unitary base.

Radial Blade

First choice for severe duty applications Flat radial blade design is selfcleaning Sustains very high tip speeds to meet high static pressure needs

radial Tip


larage Radial Tip fans are used extensively in many industries. The ruggedness of our radial tip wheel makes it especially suitable in severe duty service areas, such as cement plants, flue gas recirculation and boiler ID fans. It can be armored with full blade and housing liners for the most abrasive applications.

radial Blade

The Clarage Radial Blade fan is the first choice for the severe-duty environment, especially involving hot, abrasive or sticky particulate. The flat radial blade design is self-cleaning, which makes it very cost effective by reducing downtime in critical/ continuous service applications. Clarage's Radial Blade fan will sustain very high tip speeds to meet your high static pressure needs.

The radial blade wheel shown reveals the narrow blade tip width for developing high static pressures, and straight radial design for excellent resistance to material build up.

Custom Features

Tubular Base Provides Trouble Free Fan operation innovative Tubular Base

Clarage recognized that in order to achieve a minimum design resonance of 1.2 times the operating speed of the fan, it would be necessary to include the stiffness of the base in the engineering calculation. The base would require up to 3,000,000 lbs in horizontal stiffness. To achieve this level Clarage designed a tubular base with a rectangular cross-section and thick tube-wall. The resulting base provides trouble free fan operation, even with motors in excess of 800 hp, and gives the fan engineer or user more options for the foundation design. n n n n Machinery base design High lateral rigidity Column support Shimming/grouting only required under pads n Vertical jacking screws and spring isolators available n Bottom pan for integral concrete inertia mass

Two-Stage Fan System

Clarage is the leading supplier of two-stage fans for process applications. A two-stage fan can accommodate applications involving corrosive gases and particulate loaded gas streams, where compressors are unsuited. Two-stage fans also operate at reduced speeds to produce the same pressures as single stage fans, resulting in reduced wear rates. One driver and one foundation result in a smaller footprint and reduced installation and maintenance costs. Clarage two-stage fans are successfully operating on high pressure applications, such as compressor superchargers, air pollution control systems, flue gas recirculation, fluidized beds, boilers, and high pressure chemical processing. n High pressures up to 200" WC n Balanced bearing thrust loading n Creates cost savings in some applications by replacing the need for a turbo compressor

Base Gives more options for the Foundation design

Two-Stage Fans operate on High Pressure applications


Innovative Technology

Leading edge technologies for designing and testing Skilled at redesigning existing fans, as well as designing new fans


Utilizes state-of-the-art AMCA registered sound and performance laboratory for product development 480, 200, 4160V Variable frequency 900 HP

Engineers from around the world routinely visit Clarage facilities to personally witness shop performance tests, mechanical run tests and sound surveys on their critical application fans, such as these Atlanta airport AGT emergency fans.

Proactive Engineering

o design and test our products, Clarage utilizes leading edge technologies, including software such as SDRC's Master Series for finite element stress analysis, model analysis, and steady-state and transient torsional analysis. Fatigue analysis and fracture mechanics calculations are also performed. Accurate, to-scale drawings of fan assemblies can be provided in a number of electronic formats. Clarage has extensive experience in designing new fans, as well as redesigning existing fans for life extension, increased performance and higher operating efficiencies.


State-of-the-art Testing

Clarage utilizes our state-of-theart Minneapolis AMCA registered sound and performance laboratory for product development. Shop performance and mechanical run tests are conducted in Pulaski, TN, utilizing customer drives or our laboratory drives up to 900 horsepower. Non-destructive testing includes in-house ASNT Level III examination utilizing Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrant and Ultrasonic methods. Radiagraphy is also available as needed. Clarage produces weldments in accordance with AWS D1.1 and D14.6 codes, and employs AWS Certified Welding Inspectors to assure compliance. Precise product development, conservative design and aggressive testing combine to produce fans of the highest caliber.



Clarage fan housings are designed for maximum aerodynamic efficiency. n Split for convenient rotor removal n Surface preparation SSPCSP6 n Heavy-duty stiffeners minimize housing vibration

Building Today's Products for Tomorrow's requirements


Clarage conforms to the American Welding Society (AWS) codes. n AWS D1.1 for static parts such as fan housings, bearing pedestals and bases n AWS D14.6 for dynamic parts, including fan wheels

Numerous accessories for custom Fans


Every rotating assembly built by Clarage is statically and dynamically balanced on precision computer balance equipment. Clarage owns a 120,000 lb. capacity balance machine, which is one of the largest in North America. n Standard balance criteria per ISO 1940 Grade G2.5 n Critical balance available (4 W/N levels)

american Petroleum industry

Clarage, consistently recognized as the market leader, regularly meets the strict API 673 and 560 specifications without exceptions. Worldwide installations and our proven reliability in the Petroleum Refinery/ Petrochemical industries sets us apart from most fan manufacturers.

Damper Types and Construction

Variable inlet vanes External linkage radial vane damper Multi-louver damper Low leakage designs Explosion-proof construction

Fan Accessories

Heavy-duty dampers

ariable inlet vanes are highly efficient at maintaining volume control, offer more control than box dampers, and lower part load power consumption. These radial inlets have control dampers that can be used with open inlet fans or fans with inlet boxes. For high temperature fan applications, such as ID fan service, the mechanism can be isolated from the gas stream. External linkage radial vane dampers are also highly efficient at maintaining volume control. Having the bearings and linkage outside of the casing promotes longer life and allows for operation in particulate laden applications. Routine maintenance can also be performed on the bearings and linkage while the fan is in operation. Clarage designs and manufactures both opposed blade (MLOB) and parallel blade (MLPB) multilouver dampers. MLOB dampers are commonly used on fan outlets. MLPB dampers, when used on fan inlet boxes, provide increased fan efficiency at reduced loads. Rugged contruction is a featured quality of these types of damper.


Variable inlet vane

Abrasion resistant construction

Split VIV for retrofit

Variable inlet vanes with external mechanism

Parallel blade multi-louver damper

additional accessories

n n n n n n n Cast iron access doors Steam turbines Bearings Vibration detection systems Speed switches Damper actuators Zero leakage shaft seals n n n n n n Couplings Silencers Oil lubrication systems Clutches AC/DC motor Insulation (thermal and acoustic)

Field Expertise

Field Technical Services

Clarage service technicians travel worldwide providing technical expertise for all centrifugal fans regardless of the original manufacturer. Using state-of-theart equipment, our technicians are trained in all areas of custom fan field requirements including: n n n n Installation supervision Inspection Performance testing In-field balance and laser alignment n Operational training n Vibration analysis

Product development and Testing create Fans of the Highest caliber

Field installation Services

One call to Clarage provides access to all facets of field installation. Clarage has the field experience, supervision and labor force to supply all your needs in the field. Complete turnkey services include: n Demolition n Installation and commissioning n Field repair n Foundation and duct design

In addition, Clarage offers distance learning on many fan topics through our collaborative web-based classroom. Ask your local representative for details.

Shown below is the installation of a large two-stage fan assembly. Even complex installations like this one are well within the expertise and experience of our Clarage Field Installation Crews.

Technical Expertise Provided Worldwide Through Local offices

complete Turnkey Services

ProducTS aNd SErvicES Standard centrifugal Fans

Backward Curved Backward Inclined Pressure Blower Industrial Exhauster -- Radial/ Paddle Wheel Cast Iron Exhauster


custom centrifugal Fans

Backward Curved Backward Inclined Radial Tip Straight Radial Forward Curved Hi-Boost -- 2-Stage Pressure Blowers All Drive Arrangements SWSI and DWDI Selections Inlet Boxes Sleeve or Anti-friction Bearings Volume Control Dampers High Temperature Fans Special Materials


Repair and Rebuild Field Service Upgrade Engineering · Performance · Material Upgrade · Structural Upgrade · Shot Peening to Enhance Fatigue Life Quality Fabrication Erection and Start-up Supervision Testing Services · Structural · Performance · NDE · Strain Gage · Foundation Turnkey Services

axial Fans

Jet Fans Tubeaxial Vaneaxial Fixed Pitch Adjustable Pitch -- In Motion Adjustable Pitch -- At Rest

Multi-cyclone dust collectors

6", 9" and 11.5" Tube Availability Standard (STD) and Totally Accessible (TA) Design Airfoil

Inlet Vane Controls with External Mechanism Turning Gears Circulating Oil System

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ISO 9001

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