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Twinfix Lexan Thermoclick

The translucent, profile-free façade system with a thermally broken aluminium frame

Quick and easy to install ­ 40mm thick `X' profile, 500mm wide multiwall polycarbonate glazing panels, with tongue and groove connections

Spans & Properties


Extruded Aluminium "Fix Key" fixed to face of intermediate rails




WITHOUT INTERMEDIATE RAILS ­ panels can be fixed from inside or outside Wind Pressure / Suction in N/m2 600 900 1200 1500 1800 MAXIMUM RECOMMENDED SPANS Span "S1" in mm (Single span) 2500 2250 2000 1750 1500

WITH INTERMEDIATE RAILS ­ panels should be fixed from outside Span "S2" in mm (Centres of rails) 2000 1750 1500 1250 1000

522mm ± 2.5mm Overall width of panel


40mm ± 0.8mm 500mm ± 2.5mm Modular cover width of panel

Panel Properties

Cover Width Typical Standard Length Thickness Weight U-Value Coefficient of linear thermal expansion Temperature resistance Hail Impact 500mm ± 2.5mm 6.0m 40mm ± 0.8mm 4kg/m2 ± 5% 1.5 W/m2K 7 x 10-5 per 0C -40 up to + 1000C Diam. 20mm V21m/sec

DIN 52 619-2 DIN 53752 UL 746 B TNO

Colour Clear Opal (White)

* ** # ##

Order Ref. 112 WH7A092X

LT* 59% 50%

Direct ST* 56% 48%

Total ST** 64% 57%

Solar Heat Gain Coeff.# 0.64 0.57

Shading Coeff.## 0.73 0.66


Light Transmission (LT) and Direct Solar Transmission (Direct ST) acc. EN410 as measured on 600mm x 600mm samples. Total Solar Transmission (Total ST) acc. EN410 is the total solar energy that enters the interior of a building. Solar Heat Gain Coefficient or g-value is the total solar energy the enters the interior of a building, divided by 100. Shading Coefficient or b-value is the ratio of the total solar energy that enters the interior of a building with a given material and the total solar energy that enters the interior of a building with a standard 3mm glass panel.

Key Dimensions & Features

Twinfix thermally broken aluminium frame profiles can be installed to allow fixing of Thermoclick Panels from either inside or outside the building. Ensure that the shorter leg of the frame faces the side from which you wish to install the panels. The frame has a `U' Value of 3.3W/m2K. Each profile has two possible locations for fixing screws (see dotted blue arrows above). It is also possible for fixing cleats to be pre-welded.

Fit Panels from inside the building


Length of Panels limited as intermediate rails are not possible. (See "S1" on page 2.)

Seal ant

Seal ant

Fit Panels from outside the building

Fixing locations

Drain Holes

Drain Holes

Simulation of heat flow through installed Twinfix Thermoclick Panels

Top/Side profile: U Value 3.2 w/m²K

20.00 16.00 12.00 8.00 4.00 0.00 °C

Optional Sill

To ensure accurate alignment of the frame, Joint Plates are inserted between lengths of profile. Profiles to be mitred at corners. 5mm Diameter drainage holes to be drilled at approximately 500mm centres in outside face of Base Rail. When the frame has been completed, a bead of silicone sealant should be applied inside each Base Rail joint prior to installation of the panels. (Ensure it is compatible with polycarbonate.) A bead of sealant can also be applied where the aluminium frame meets the building at the top and sides.




Twinfix Themoclick Panel: U Value 1.5 w/m²K

Base profile: U Value 3.3 w/m²K



`E' Gasket


Joint Plate 32 x 100mm

Wedge Gasket

20 67.5 51 78 67.5



Wedge Gasket


`E' Gasket

Joint Plate 28 x 100mm



The Panels

Length of Thermoclick Panels =



`A' + 40mm or `B' ­ 95mm



1. 2. 3. Cut Thermoclick panels to length using a fine toothed saw. (Internal vertical frame dimension + 40mm, or Overall frame height ­ 95mm). Blow dust and swarf out of the panels. The UV protected side of the panel is covered with printed masking and must face the outside of the building. The nonUV side is protected with clear masking. Prior to fixing masking should be pulled back from the edges and completely removed after installation. Do not cut it off with a knife. Panels are installed Left to Right with the `tongue' on the Right. Apply adhesive tapes to top and foot of panels: Impermeable tape to the top; Breather tape to the foot. Ensure that the tapes are well bonded to the panels along edges and corners.

4. 5.



Cut panel to length and blow out swarf. Apply Blanking Tape to top of panel. Apply Breather Tape to foot of panel.

522mm ± 2.5mm = Overall width of panel

40mm ± 0.8mm UV Protected surface 500mm ± 2.5mm = Modular cover width of panel


Installing the Panels

NB Insert `E' Gasket (without stretching) into groove in aluminium frame and seal base rail joints before installing panels (see page 3). 1. Lift top of panel up into the top rail. Drop foot of panel into the base rail. Slide the panel fully into the side rail. `E' Gasket






Tongue Groove SECTION NB Check the overall frame width. It may be necessary for the first panel to be cut narrower to ensure that the last panel of the run is a suitable width ­ See dimension `X' below and next page.


Install second panel as before and slide firmly until the groove has clicked onto the tongue of the first panel.

SECTION NB If there are intermediate support rails, Fix-Keys must be locked into the joint of each panel junction as the panels are installed. (See page 7 for details.)

NB Dimension `X' must be within the tolerances shown, i.e. 544mm to 950mm

Dimension `X' SECTION Greater than 544mm and Less than 950mm See also Page 6


Finishing a run of Panels

500mm panel module

Dimension `X' (See Below)

The width of the last panel is calculated by: Dimension `X' + 50mm ­ 544mm Cut the last panel to the correct width. Blow, tape and install into frame following the sequence shown below.

Last Panel width

Panel not used

1. Install last panel into frame and push fully to the right into the side profile. 544m m Last Panel width

2. Install a full width panel into the gap. 3. Push the full panel to the right to lock into the cut panel.

Dimension `X'


4. Slide the two locked panels to the left until they lock onto the previous tongue.

Slide left

NB A flat tool e.g. a Bolster Chisel, can be inserted into the panel joint to assist sliding the joined panels.

NB When all the panels have been installed, a wedge gasket is inserted into the frame. (See page 7.)


Fix-Keys & Wedge Gaskets


Support Rail

Extruded Aluminium "Fix Key" fixed to face of intermediate rails

The last "Fix Key" in each run of panels is fixed to the top of rail

Fix Key ­ Type 1

Fix Key ­ Type 2


To complete the Thermoclick system and secure the panels, a Wedge Gasket is inserted into all edges of the frame. Wetting the gasket with a mild mixture of water and washing-up liquid may assist insertion. Do not stretch the gasket when undertaking this task.


Application Photos

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