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This document was published in MysticPop magazine in the May/June issue 2007. For people outside the USA, you can now get an internet subscription for just $19.95 per year.

Empowering, Life changing HEALING/POWER Symbols.

In 2005 Ascended Master Germain came through with the first of a series of symbols. When we first saw it we were mesmerized by it, covered in goose bumps, chills etc, and tears filled our eyes as he began to unravel the purpose of it. It is now 2007 and since that first symbol, so much has changed within us and our lives. We have met and worked with some very amazing people. We have integrated quietly the energies of this symbol and five others that he has since given through us. We have now been asked to share these symbols with the world every which way we can. The collective consciousness has reached the vibration that was required to integrate the energies of these symbols into our four body systems and beyond. We would like to share with you a piece of the journey. We had known that we were Twin Flames since around 2003 though at that time little was known to us about the true purpose of the Twin Flames or these symbols. The first symbol was given to us originally as the Twin Flames symbol though we now call it the Triality/TwinFlames symbol. You see, it contains the energies of all three and is extremely empowering. It is not only empowering it is also the new wave of healing symbols being given to us by our friends and co-creators on the other side of the veils. We have had two years to work with this one now and we have seen the results while doing readings, seminars, workshops and fairs. Almost always it has a different effect on the person holding it, and even though on rare occasions nothing was felt by the person holding it, as we observed them we could see a shift in their energy fields. We know what these shifts are because Master Germaine and our friends have guided us every step of the way. After integrating the energies and knowledge we needed to work with the Triality/TwinFlames symbol Germain then proceeded to show us how from the very beginning of creation and the original splitting of the ONE that events had taken place that had eventually created a divide between the divine feminine and the divine masculine. He offered us the "Healing symbol" and showed us how to work with the Violet Flame in the center where the two energies meet. After working together with this for ourselves and eventually with groups we realized just how powerful this symbol is. It aligns and balances the two halves of ourselves. Triality/Twin Flames Symbol

The Healing Symbol

Though the Twin Flames rings was not originally provided through us, Germain did show us how the two halves of ourselves both on the physical and the soul level are never, nor can they ever be separated. It is always an ever present energy within us. The rings design depicts perfectly that know matter how much you try, you can never be separated from your divine compliment. Inner Twins Rings The next symbol Germain offered to us during one of our meditations was the Universal Consciousness symbol. When we first experienced this it was a guided meditation led by Germain. He showed us how to work with the infinity symbol with one end in each of our hearts. After experiencing this and the unbelievable power of LOVE we felt, he then guided us to create another infinity symbol. This time one half would be in the heart of Mother Earth herself and the other half in the center of our universe. With all four of these hearts feeling this unbelievably powerful energy and merging at the central point there was an explosion of Light and LOVE that words fail to describe. We have created a recording of this meditation and would love to offer this to you the reader so that you may also experience the awesome power of this symbol. Look for details on how to contact us at the end of the article.

Universal Consciousness

It took us a while to understand all the aspects and the power of the "Universal Consciousness" symbol. When we had mastered it sufficiently Germain came to us again, informing us that we were now ready to move to another level of balanced consciousness and growth.

We were extremely pleased to receive this next symbol "Omniversal Consciousness" as throughout our teaching journey we have been asked this question time and time again: "When do I know to accept information from outside of my self and how will I know if it is accurate or not?" The "Omniversal Consciousness" symbol contains three infinity symbols. Now we had mastered and understood the first two, we were ready to work with the third. When visualizing this symbol in your meditations you follow the flow of energy around all three.

Omniversal Consciousness

In the third infinity symbol you place information you have received from outside of yourself, whether that be from books, seminars, etc in the one half of the infinity symbol, in the other half you place the information inside your heart. Observe how the energies flow and merge in the center, as you do you will feel information coming to you. You can be certain that this information is from the heart of Source/God. It will help you trust and balance or reject information coming to you from outside of yourself. While we were integrating the power and healing that the "Omniversal Consciousness" and previous symbols had brought to us, we knew that we were being guided all the way by Germain and so many of our wonderful family. Surprised, dazed and amazed the next time Germain came to us he told us that we were now going to take the symbols to a totally new level and that there were now eight infinity symbols that we were going to integrate into our being. At first we only saw four of them at which he chuckled and asked us to expand our hearts and close our eyes. He proceeded to show us one by one where they were, after which he showed us what each represented.


He let us know that they were not limited to the balancing/healing powers of the options he had given us and were indeed interchangeable. He allowed us to play with this, integrate and become used to the power of these eight infinity symbols for a while. When we had we brought all of them into the very heart of all eight. It was at this point that we realized something very powerful was happening to us and it was only after we left our bodies that he stepped forward again. He was pleased that we had found the secret to this symbol and that we had received the name. We were to call it the "Time" symbol. We knew intuitively that this symbol was a corridor through the dimensions of Time. He then proceeded to take us on a journey that took us past a great many doors and corridors and we eventually entered a place we recognized from somewhere deep within us. This place we remember as Atlantis. We were suddenly stood in front of a huge Crystal. He proceed to show us what was happening here. There were twelve of us standing in a circle around this crystal and after following his instructions and experiencing energy like never before in this conscious life time. He informed us that 13 DNA strands had been activated to their fullest potential for this moment. He informed us that our Crystalline body had been activated to the Diamond frequencies, our 13 chakra had been activated to a higher level. We are currently looking for someone to record this inner journey for us and as soon as we have, we will make it available to all who wish to experience what we did. We do have a poor quality copy that we are more than willing to share. Please contact us stating clearly in the body of the email which recording etc it is you wish to receive. Just some of the healing/balancing powers contained within these symbols. 1. The balancing/healing of the divine feminine and the divine masculine. 2. Balancing/healing duality/triality. 3. Balancing/healing the electric/magnetic the original split. 4. Balancing/healing separation/oneness. 5. Balancing/healing the connection with Mother Earth/Universal Consciousness or God self. 6. Balancing/healing inner and outer information. 7. Balancing/healing darkness/Light. 8. Balancing/healing unknowing/magic-miracles 9. Balancing/healing doubt/trust. 10. Balancing/healing boundaries/freedom. 11. Balancing/healing past/future. 12. Activating Christ Consciousness, the 13 chakra system, expanding DNA. 13. Expanding our Crystalline bodies and Diamond frequencies opening to our Multi-Dimensional self. Many Blessings and Much Love ALWAYS in all ways..... "IMP". To read more about these empowering/healing symbols we would like to point you to the specific link on our site: Under each of the symbols you will see a link (read more) that leads to the specific purpose and energy within each of the six symbols which contains a break down of each part of the symbols. We feel extremely blessed to be able to now introduce these symbols to you the reader and the World.


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