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The Pitter-Patter of Little Paws.

The Johnsons Open Their Hearts and Home to Kittens in Need.








The day after the Johnsons took in Chevy and her three kittens they received a call from the Sheboygan County Humane Society in regards to five kittens who were born to a feral mother only to be abandoned shortly after birth. The kittens were only one day old, and we hoped that Chevy would "adopt" the abandoned five and raise them with her own. Despite all efforts, Chevy would not accept the five new kittens. To further prove her point, Chevy moved her own kittens away from the five as if to say, "THESE are MY kittens ... and that's all I'm willing to take care of." But the Johnsons still wanted to help the five new kittens and took on the task of bottle-feeding ... every two hours. Sadly, three of the five kittens did not make it through the first few weeks. But thanks to the Johnsons' constant love and concern the remaining two kittens, Whitey and Margo, turned 5 weeks old on June 11. It has not been an easy five weeks though. Early on, Whitey struggled with a cold and nearly died. His foster parent actually attempted mouth-to-mouth rescue breathing ... along with prayers. Amazingly, Whitey made it through that Phone: (920) 331-0100 Email: [email protected] Websites: OR

rough night and continues to do well. So well in fact that the Johnsons are considering changing his name to Buddah ... in honor of his big belly. Whitey's surviving sister, Margo, started out strong but recently experienced a seizure during an early morning feeding and has since stopped sucking from the bottle used to feed her. The Johnsons are now feeding Margo with a syringe as well as providing IV fluid therapy once a day. It's hoped that both will continue to grow stronger and will be available for adoption soon. The sixth kitten at the Johnsons' house is Henry. Henry is a black tabby with a few white hairs on his neck, and was rescued on June 1 at the age of 8 weeks. Given that Henry is the largest of the kittens in the foster home, he tends to be the naughtiest; trying to wrestle with the other kittens. He isn't crazy about the Johnsons' foster dog, but we trust that in time he will learn to accept dogs as friends. Henry is also very curious. Whenever anything is knocked over or pulled down, you can be sure that Henry is to blame. Henry is currently available for adoption and is looking for a forever home.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 153 Sheboygan, WI 53082-0153

Cat of the Month

Hi everyone. My name is Scout. I was found, living outside as a kitten, with an injury to one of my eyes. TLP took me in so that I could get treatment for the injury. Unfortunately even with treatment my eye never really got better and eventually I had surgery to remove it. I recovered from the surgery, and now I am doing just fine. When I came to TLP, I had never been handled by humans before, so I was rather scared to start with. But after a few weeks, I became accustomed to being handled, and now I just love human companionship. I like to be picked up. I will snuggle with you and I purr a lot. At night I like to crawl under the covers and purr constantly. I am very active. I love to play with toys and with the other cats. I also like to groom and curl up with the other cats. I am ready to find my permanent home ... Might that be with you? Please?

Dog of the Month

Hi! I may be 7 years old but I have the energy of a young pup! I came to TLP because my owners are divorcing and losing their home. My favorite activity, other than going for walks and RUNNING, is playing with my squeaky toys! I will play fetch with them in the house, but not outside. I make a very good lap dog. I get along with other dogs and can easily share my food, treats and toys. I enjoy being around cats as well. But I am shy with people at times. I will play wrestle with dogs, cats and my foster parents. I fancy myself a guard dog and will bark when strangers are in the house ... even if they are only "strange" to me. I am house-trained and crate trained. I sit, shake and jump on command! My foster parents say I don't have many quirks except that I sniff my back end as a nervous twitch of sorts. I would make a great addition to any home. Would you like to provide me with my forever home? I'd love to love you!

Special Needs Animal

I am a cute, petite calico kitty that is a just little over 1 year old. Two wonderful people, Scott and Heather Schaeffer, found me huddling on a porch, trying to stay warm last Thanksgiving. I'm so happy they found me and brought me to Two Left Paws! While I was out in the cold, I had developed a respiratory infection. Two Left Paws and my vet have tried very hard to get my health back to 100%, but my respiratory infection has been resistant to all the medications that we have tried. It has been determined that my condition is chronic and untreatable, and I am not taking medication any longer. My foster mom has affectionately nicknamed me "Vader" (Darth Vader) because that's what she thinks of when she hears me breathe. I am a very sweet little girl that loves attention. I am looking for a forever home that has lots of TLC to share with me ... even if I do sound like Darth Vader.

Mobile Adoption Schedule


5 5&6 12 & 13 12 12 19 19 26 2 2&3 9 & 10 9 9 16 23 Petco­West Bend Pet Supplies "Plus"­Sheboygan PetSmart­Kohler Deer Trace Pet Supplies Port­Saukville Feed Bag­Grafton Kmart­Plymouth Petco­Manitowoc Kmart­Sheboygan Petco­West Bend Pet Supplies "Plus"­Sheboygan PetSmart­Kohler Deer Trace Pet Supplies Port­Saukville Feed Bag­Grafton Kmart­Plymouth Kmart­Sheboygan

All mobiles are from 11 a.m.­3 p.m. Please note that not all animals are at every mobile. If there is a specific animal you would like to meet, please call us at (920) 331-0100. The Feed Bag, Grafton PetSmart, Kohler Kmart, Plymouth You can visit all our adoptable animals any time at

Kmart, Sheboygan

Pet Supplies "Plus" Sheboygan ,

Petco, West Bend



Success Stories

Mena was like many other dogs that end up at humane societies: she came in as a stray dog and no one came to claim her. She was there for a few months until Two Left Paws took her in and found a foster home for her. Mena was a very exuberant young dog to say the least. She kept her foster mom on her toes! She was definitely one of the happiest dogs that TLP has ever had in foster care! So happy in fact that her tail never stopped wagging. Sadly the constant wagging caused extreme injury to the end of her tail, and it ended up needing to be amputated. That certainly didn't stop her wagging, but it was much less painful for her! Through her spay surgery and two tail surgeries, Mena remained as happy and energetic. Never once did she whine, growl, or `complain' about the bandaging, cones, and trips to the vet. TLP fostered Mena for over 9 months before finding the perfect home for her. When we took Mena to meet the Beyersdorf family, they seemed to enjoy her energy and somewhat clumsy manners. Shortly after that home visit, Mena moved to her new home. It has been about 8 months since Mena has moved in with her new family, and we were very excited to get an update recently: Emily entered Two Left Paws foster care in January of 2005 and was adopted this April by Margaret Pohl. Emily is most definitely the one cat that TLP has had the longest! She's a very strong-willed cat; quite independent at times. Finding her forever home was not easy! But now she is living in a condo with Peggy and two male cats, and doing just fine. Peggy has given Emily the time she needs to adjust and get used to the other resident cats. We are so happy Emily has found such a nice, patient person to care for her and give her a "forever home".

Where do we begin? First I would like to say Thank You for A allowing us to adopt Mena, she is such a joy to our lives. of nicely. She few of Mena's issues are or have been taken care has gotten away from us a couple of times but all we've had is to do is call her name and say "let's go inside," and she still right there. She is getting along with our Julie just fine; we Her have some issues as to who gets to sleep with us in the bed! before when we put the food in the eating has slowed down ­ waits dish she would have her nose right there! Now she sits and we've to the dish. A couple of times until the food is poured to go her experienced her leaving her dish before she was done. Now chewing is what we are battling now. length Our December check up with shots was a good one. For the ds; her back side of time we've had Mena she has gained 10 poun a little is filling in nicely. The vet also said that she could gain us, em for bit more. Her sensitive stomach hasn' t been any probl she does occasionally get a table scrap or two. much We still love the car rides, but her spot is in the back, too forth it allows her to go back and jumping around and this way to see out her own windows. far. I hope this gave you an insight on Mena's well being thus g er we will be doin Please feel free to visit anytime. This summ a lot of camping which will be new for her but I feel she will our to enjoy it. Thank you again for such a wonderful addition , it "Mena moo" family. Oh and I have given her a new nickname . went well with Julie's "Julie boo" Kari Beyersdorf and Family

Just wanted to let you know that Emily is doing fine. Every once in a while, there is a few snarls between the three of them. However, when the food comes out, they all line up on the counter (or the floor in the bathroom) and there is peace on earth. Emily is starting to find places in the house to call her own. One is the half wall that separates my stairs and the den. She curls up on it and looks out the side window. A second place is on one of the chairs on my deck. Now that the weather is getting warmer, all three of the cats love it out there. She will sit on "her" chair for hours at night. (I leave the door open to the deck so they can go in and out at will ­ this will be until the bugs come out of their naps.) She also sleeps (sometim es) on a red blanket in my bedroom or on the ottoman in the living room. Laser lighting is a favorite play activity. She will run after the light into my bedroom and try to catch it while standing on her hind legs. I run the light back and forth across the side of the bed. All in all, things are going good. In a couple of weeks I plan to take her to my vet for a first check up and an introduc tion. She doesn't need any "vet" attentio n but I like to introduc e them for future needs. All for now. Peggy Pohl

TLP Animal Stats

120 100 Number of Animals 80 75 60 40 20 0 9 Cats & Kittens Dogs & Puppies 10 107

Intakes and Adoptions. January 1 ­ May 31, 2008

Intakes Adoptions

Are you interested in adopting or fostering a Two Left Paws animal? You can learn more at or visit our current list of adoptable animals at You can also contact us by calling (920) 331-0100 or emailing us at [email protected] See our mobile adoption schedule on page 2.


Memory Album TLP Heroes Pet Walk

Two Left Paws is a 100% volunteer-based organization, and we have a lot of volunteers doing some very amazing work. Their compassion, patience and commitment to helping every animal is both inspiring and heart-warming. Today we'd like to honor two amazing women who exemplify what Two Left Paws is all about.

When Angie was volunteering to take the messages from the TLP cell phone, she received a call from a couple that had rescued a cat from someone who had tried to neuter it by tying off its testicles. Consequently, the cat's urinary tract was severely damaged, and it was not able to urinate properly. The couple that called was desperate to get medical attention for the cat, but could not afford hospitalization, etc. Angie immediately went online to see if there were any agencies dealing with vet emergencies that she could pass on to the couple. She found one specifically for cats that would help with payment for vet bills in emergencies. The agency sent funds to the vets office, and the cat was brought in for treatment. Sadly, he could not be saved, but the couple was very thankful that they were able to at least try to help this abused cat. The agency also received a thank-you from Angie for acting so quickly to send the necessary funds.

We held our 4th Annual "Paws Along the Lake" Pet Walk on May 17, and it was a great success! The sun was shining, a cool breeze was blowing and our volunteers were working hard to make sure everyone had a wonderful time! We had just over 50 walkers this year and brought in almost $3,000! It would be wonderful to double that next year! We tried something new this year and had "challenges" set up at each of the three rest stops. The challenges were "Rally-o" (a dog agility course), Dog tricks and talents and Dog Trivia. For the trivia, we put all the questions There was even a participant with an and answers on the route signs invisible dog at this year's event! along the walk, and when walkers got to rest stop 3, they could test their memory. By participating in the challenges, walkers earned free raffle tickets to win great prizes from area businesses. Prizes included gift certificates for Shuff's, Cousins Subs, Stardust Limo and Scooper Troopers, and "Doggy Fun Bags" that contained items such as a Curves dog leash, Heather's Homemade Treats, frisbees and much more. In addition to all that, we also had a brat fry, bake sale, face painting and doggy games to enjoy. Pet Supplies "Plus" hosted the event and provided three awesome gifts for the top three pledge earners. We also had three local vendors join us at the event that day: Sud-Z-Paws, Heather's Homemade Dog Treats and Custom Crafts by Jodi. So, polish up your walkin' shoes! We want to see you there next year!!

Susannah had rescued a young cat named Lily from another shelter. Upon Lily's first vet exam, it was discovered that she had gingivitis and that the condition was likely to worsen quickly severely affecting her teeth and gums. Susannah went the extra mile by taking Lily to another vet, Dr. Dean Beyerinck, for a second opinion and to get some ideas for possible treatment now while she is young. There was a couple interested in adopting Lily, so Susannah asked the vet to call the potential adopters to give them information about Lily's condition. Dr. Dean did so, and also let the potential adopters know about an eye condition common in Abbysinians, Lily's breed. He consulted an eye specialist in Milwaukee who in turn contacted the family and offered a free eye exam for Lily! Just goes to show you what awesome volunteers we have working for these animals!

All the dogs enjoyed making new friends.

An artist applies the finishing touches at our Face Painting booth.


Dog Wash

Early 2008 Pet Supply Port installed a new dog wash at their premises in Saukville, and Two Left Paws was invited to use the new facilities for a fund-raiser. Our volunteers washed the dogs and all the proceeds go to TLP. In addition, Julie, the manager, also offered us all the proceeds from any nails she clipped while we did the dog wash. How could we say no?

Farmers Market

The first dog wash took place on Saturday, April 26, with all the spaces prebooked and a waiting list. We hit one small problem, the event coincided with another fundraiser and a mobile adoption event, TLP volunteers give the dogs at so volunteers were in short supply. Pet Supplies Port a good scrub. Two TLP volunteers bravely took on the challenge and manned the dog wash from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. ­ with an additional helper for the last hour. It was hard work, with a steady flow of dogs, and of course most of those were larger breeds, including one Great Dane who towered over the volunteers as he sat patiently in the bath while he was washed. He really was a gentle giant, the only problem was getting him into the bath in the first place, and it wasn't as if he could just be picked up when he refused to go up the ramp! Apart from one escapee who ran off around the store, the day was pretty uneventful, and for all our hard work, we were rewarded with just under $300. With the first dog wash under our belts we agreed to set another date ­ May 31. Having learned our lesson, we set a date when there were no other events taking place. So on that day we had seven volunteers, which was fortunate because not only was the dog wash fully booked from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., but there were numerous walk-ins that day. Among the 30 dogs that we washed that day, we once again had the pleasure of bathing a Great Dane. Together with the proceeds from the nail clipping, we raised $500 ­ not bad for a few hours work. TLP would like to thank Pet Supply Port for inviting us to use the dog wash for fund-raisers, and for their continued support to TLP through regular donations of cat and dog food. The next dog wash will be Sunday, June 22.

On April 26 we provided lunch at the First Congressional Church's Spring Farmer's Market. We served grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for lunch. Lee Ann Reinfeldt tried her hand at making tomato soup from scratch and it was excellent! Campbell's® Tomato Soup was also available to patrons. As a team, we worked out the best system to grill the sandwiches and get it to the customer as quickly as possible. One happy customer exclaimed that this was the BEST grilled cheese sandwich she had EVER had! Way to go sandwich makers! Tomatoes were available TLP volunteers serve up the best grilled to add to the sandwich as well cheese sandwiches the community has as ranch dressing for dipping. ever tasted. We included a pickle spear for presentation. Attendees and vendors of the farmer's market really enjoyed this classic lunch. Thank you First Congressional Church for having us again! We hope to see you again this winter.

Upcoming Events

July 12

Aug. 16 Aug. 16

Sept. 20 4-year Anniv ersary of Tw

l need to find 26­36 volun . teers for this event. If yo like to help, please email u'd Tw Check out fullmoonrace [email protected] .com for more informati on and to register as a runner!

Full Moon 1/2 Marathon Race to benefit Two Left Pa We wil ws

Riverdale Country Club in Sheboygan. Scramble format. Starts at noon. You can download the registration form from ou r website, Pet Expo at Memorial Ma ll with Pet Show Cats at 10:30 a.m. Do gs at 1:30 p.m.

FORE! Paws Golf Open


o left Paws!


Did You Know...

What do you do if your pet is lost?

During the warmer days of spring and summer, pets sometimes cannot resist the sights, sounds and smells of the great outdoors and can easily get outside and be gone before you even know he/she is missing! Don't panic, there are some simple suggestions you can follow to help you find your lost pet! 1. Search your property thoroughly. Cats and small dogs can get into the smallest possible places, especially when they are frightened. Look in every nook and cranny, under and over objects, in trees and in holes in the ground, under sheds, etc. 2. Walk your neighborhood and talk to everyone you can. Leave a description of the pet and your phone number. Offer a reward, but do not state the amount. 3. Make noise while you are canvassing the neighborhood. Call the animal's name, squeak a favorite toy, or shake/rattle treat canisters or food containers. 4. Bring along a strong flashlight for looking into dark spaces. 5. Place strong scented items from your home (favorite blankets or bedding, clothing) and place them around your home to attract your pet. 6. Place a lost ad in the local papers and check the found ads daily. 7. Crate your other pets and place them outside your home in a safe and secure area to attract your lost pet. 8. Try baiting a live trap with a smelly, tempting food and check the trap often. 9. Post flyers around the neighborhood within a one-mile radius of your home. Use brightly colored paper and have a color photo of the pet on the poster. 10. Call local veterinarian clinics, rescue organizations and humane societies every other day to check any animals which may have been brought in. Visit animal control and shelters every day or two. It is best to visit shelters rather than just call in. Shelters can easily overlook an animal and many shelters will hold stray animals for only three to five days. Know how long you have before animals would be euthanized! 11. Find out if your pet may have been killed on the road by calling city/county road crews and Animal Control. Call every day! Leave a flyer with your pet's photo at these facilities. 12. Microchipping is another way to identify lost animals if they are brought to a humane facility, animal control facility, rescue or veterinarian clinic. Scanning for a microchip is routinely done anytime a lost animal comes into one of these facilities, and if there is a chip number found, it is a simple thing to contact the microchip provider and obtain the owner's contact information. TLP microchips all of the animals we adopt out. You can also get microchipping done at your vet's office. DO NOT GIVE uP!! Many animals have been found weeks, even months after they have gone missing.

Foster Homes Needed!

Team up with Two left Paws to help homeless animals.

We have a foster mom who, for unseen circumstances out of her control, and our control, can no longer foster for Two Left Paws. We need to move her cats immediately. If you would be so kind to open up your heart and home to one or two of these precious animals, they would be very grateful. Please e-mail [email protected] or call (920) 331-0100 and leave a message if you are willing to help these sweet cats. You would be helping this foster mom in need as well. Thank you!

Anyone with a love for animals should consider fostering. Many people don't understand the responsibility needed to care for an animal and find they can't or do not want to deal with the animal any longer. Other people face difficult financial or personal changes in their life and are forced to surrender their pets. All these animals need our help. Steve Gerdes, TLP Foster Parent People ask "How can you give them up?" When you see the new owner's eyes light up and know the animal is going to a good home, it makes it all worth it. Paul Grade, TLP Foster Parent

(These kittens have not yet been named)

Supporting TLP

How Are you Interested In Helping?

There are many ways you can make a difference and help homeless companion animals reach tomorrow.


q Volunteering at events q Fostering q Becoming a member q Financial support

(Visit and select "How You Can Help" from the navigation menu. There you will find more information about fostering and can also download an application.) ($5. Memberships will need to be renewed in September. Please make check out to Two Left Paws.) (Please make checks out to Two Left Paws. All donations are tax deductible.)

q Other (Please explain.)

Name: Address: Phone: Email: Please mail to: Two Left Paws Animal Sanctuary P.O. Box 153 Sheboygan, WI 53082-0153







Clancy Daisy



Two left Paws is a 100% volunteer-based organization. It would not function without the time and donations from our members and community. We ­ and the animals in our care ­ do want to thank every one of you for your support. Whether it is by posting our flyers, getting involved in fund-raisers or simply telling a friend about our wonderful animals, you have made a difference and we thank you.

MEMORIAl DONATION Anthony & Nancy Lorenz ­ in memory of Libby Berlin FINANCIAl DONATIONS Jeff & Michelle Gentine · Sande Cascante · June Herr · Ted & Amy Truex · Russell & Mary Tooley · Becky Knowles SAMMy'S 2ND CHANCE FuND Charlotte Stockard SPECIAl DONATIONS John & Cindy Hand ­ for Robert & Patti Wenberg ­ for Abby SuPPlIES Pet Supply Port (Saukville) NEW REGulAR MEMBERS Lee Ann Reinfeldt NEW SuPPORTING MEMBERS Jean Van Hoof · Celia Herren · Grace Rindfleisch · Ron Rindfleisch · Jennie Maramonte · Toni Rahlf · Muriel Pennings · Lori Free · Angel Logsdon FOSTER HOMES Many thanks for all our foster volunteers who are providing loving homes and care for Two left Paws animals. New Fosters: Krista and Josh Anderson · Nina and Rich Landen · Sherri Staton "PAWS AlONG THE lAKE" PET WAlK We want to thank the following businesses for their generous contributions that helped to make our 4th Annual "Paws Along the Lake" pet walk a great success: Attorney Mel H. Blanke, Bitter Neumann Appliance/TV/Furniture, Cousins Subs, Curves of Sheboygan, Heather's Homemade Dog Treats, Kohler Company, Kohler Credit Union of Howards Grove, Mike Koenig Construction Company, Pet Supplies "Plus", Scooper Troopers, Sheboygan Chevrolet-Oldsmobile-Cadillac, Shuff's Last Resort, Stardust Limousine, Sud-Z-Paws, Wal-Mart Supercenter of Plymouth, Westland Insurance Services, When You're Away pet-sitting service. FOREVER HOMES FOR TlP ANIMAlS Fran and Dave Klemme adopted Dolce · Michelle Adams (Boots) · Kathy Powers: Eli, Jack (Neiko) · Sherry and John Possley (Amber) · Angela Heinz (Elsa) · Scott Lubach (Dolly) · Nona Parsons (Bette and Violet) · Steve and Debbie Gerdes (Edison) · Donna VanderWyst (Ebony) · Delbert DeBecker (Jade) · Ann and Greg Brown (Socks) · Cindy and Jeff Krueger (Angel Eve) · Carrie and Len Zirbel (Bailey) · Julie and James Hes (Gabrielle) · Margaret Pohl (Emily) · Rachel and Jesse Schneider (Belle and Baby Ruth) · Jacklyn Adair (Copper) · Karen Wagner (Maude and Sushi) · Laurie Dawson (Daphne) · Josie Smith (Hudson) · Ronald Rindfleisch (Fiona) · Virginia Suhrke (Angelina and Abby) · Patrice Zimmerman (Baby) · Karen Brand (Raja) · Cherie Rousse (Simba) · Denys and Tyge Zucker (Whiskers) · Jennifer Van Engen (Gizmo) · Aaron Hinkfuss (Zoey) · Penny and Curt Hinz (Crystal and Miley) · Kari Zallar (Gershwin) · Mary Benz (Amy) · Sandra Hasselbach (Rocky K) · Debra and Richard Mich (Thomas) · Laura Boyle (Timon) SPECIAl THANKS Two Left Paws Animal Sanctuary would like to thank linda Sowinski for all she did for us and the animals while she was the Store Manager at Pet Supplies "Plus" She has taken a new position with . another company, and we wish her the best on her new endeavor!

We would also like to give a special thanks to Phil and Donna of Pet Port of Call for all they did for us and the animals. They have since closed their store in Kohler, and we wish them the best in their hometown of Chicago! We will miss you, the dog washes and the costume parties!

Board of Directors: President: Krista Anderson Vice President: Lisa Casper Treasurer: Jeff Anderson Secretary: Nancy Johnson

Board Members: Susannah Bird, Vicky Grade, Paul Grade, Steve Gerdes, Angela Murphy and Susie Tilden

PAWPRINTS is published four times a year and is compiled and edited by Angela Murphy. Phone: (920) 331-0100 Email: [email protected] Websites: and


Big thanks to Kohler Company, for their generosity in printing this issue of PAWPRINTS.

Would you like to support Two Left Paws by advertising in our next newsletter? Email us at [email protected] for details.


P.O. Box 153 Sheboygan, WI 53082-0153 Animals Love:


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The Pitter-Patter of little Paws ... p. 1 Dog of the Month .......................... p. 2 Cat of the Month ........................... p. 2 Special Needs Cat ........................ p. 2 Mobile Adoption Schedule .......... p. 2 Success Stories ........................... p. 3 Animal Stats.................................. p. 3 Memory Album ............................. p. 4, 5 upcoming Events ......................... p. 5 What To Do If your Pet Is lost .... p. 6 How you Can Help TlP ................ p. 6 Thank yous ................................... p. 7 Contact Information ..................... p. 7

We are a compassionate, innovative and progressive sanctuary fostering alternative environments and humane standards of care. Through exhaustive efforts, we seek to help every homeless companion animal reach tomorrow.

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