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58th Regular Convention Addison, Texas


Introduction Welcome again to the 58th Convention of the Texas District. The Bylaws of the Synod state the purpose of the District Convention. "Conventions of the districts shall afford opportunities for worship, nurture, inspiration, fellowship, and the communication of vital information. They are the principal legislative assemblies, which amend the district's Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, consider and take action on reports and overtures, and handle appropriate appeals." (4.2.1) By God's grace, this convention will allow us to worship our gracious God, grow in the faith that belongs to all believers, encourage each other in ministry, act on District business, and provide opportunity to enjoy fellowship with one another. It has been my privilege to have served my entire ministry in the Texas District. My placement from the seminary was to the dual ministry of Trinity, Uvalde, and St. Paul, La Pryor. My second parish experience was in a large downtown church, St. Paul, Fort Worth. I have served in the District office as Mission Executive and President. Looking back over these 36 years, one thing stands out change. The state's population has increased tremendously. People have come from many nations and from other parts of the United States. The technological world has also advanced, going from manual typewriter, when I started my ministry, to fast-running computers and iphones. People are living longer and health care is costly. There are other changes, but the one thing that hasn't changed is the life-giving message of God's love and forgiveness through our Savior, Jesus Christ. It is this unchanging message that gives us purpose and meaning for our lives and ministry. We will have opportunities at this convention to encourage one another by our worship and by our study of God's Word. We will be challenged by the essayist; we will hear from the President of the Synod; we will give input to the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Synod's Structure and Governance; and we will receive reports and do District business. Through it all, we recognize God's presence with us and the faith and ministry that are ours in Christ. Theme St. Paul's prayer in Philemon 6-7 is a prayer for growth in the Christian faith. Growth in the activity of the faith given to us the same faith given to all believers. Growth in seeing more and more of all that we have in Christ Jesus. And, growth in refreshing each other as we support and care for all the saints. The theme uses three words beginning with "R's" to help us remember the three components of Philemon 6-7 "Reaching, Receiving, Refreshing." The theme words focus on Paul's prayer for growth. It is my prayer that everyone would leave this convention celebrating and thanking God for everything that is ours through Jesus.


District Staff The District is blessed with capable people working in the District Office. They take serious the mission of the District, "To strengthen congregations to reach the lost, disciple the saved, and to care for people, locally and globally." They are very gifted people with a variety of backgrounds in ministry and outside ministry. There have been a number of changes in the District staff since the last District convention in 2006. Marlys Erickson, who retired this year, served the District for 21 years, 16 of those as treasurer. Not only did she account for all financial assets of the District, she also assisted many congregational treasurers in their tasks, including understanding Concordia Plan Services. Annually, at the New Workers Conference, she met with the new graduates, assisting them to understand what is required of them as self-employed church workers. She also served in a number of positions related to the annual gathering of all District treasurers of the Synod. She and her husband Bob will be at most of this convention. Please express your thanks to her for her many years of service. The new treasurer of the District is Linda Hagge. She has had an extensive background working in the HEB grocery system. Linda brings a broad understanding of large organizations and operations from her experience at HEB that will benefit our District as we expand our ministry to an evergrowing state. Her service to the District began in April of this year. She and her family are members of King of Kings Lutheran Church, Round Rock. Please extend a warm welcome to Linda during the convention. The District has a complete Mission and Ministry Facilitator (MMF) staff as we hold our convention. Mike Newman is the new MMF for Area C of the District. Before Mike joined the MMF team, he was serving as Associate Pastor of Concordia Lutheran Church, San Antonio. He is a deployed worker out of his home in San Antonio. Mike is also serving as the District staff person to the Board of Mission Administration. Steve Misch replaces Bruce Wurdeman, who accepted a position with Lutheran Hour Ministries in St. Louis. Steve is also a deployed staff person working out of his home in Borger. He serves Area A of our District and has had various experiences in ministries from Native American to large and small churches. He is familiar with the pastors and congregations of Area A, having served in the area for a number of years. Mike and Steve join Lou Jander and Paul Krentz as MMFs. The MMFs, along with John Hirsch and the President, form the mission team to assist congregations in planting new missions. John Hirsch works in assessing potential church planters and assisting in communication development in the new starts. The MMFs assist congregations with demographic studies and in planning for the new starts. These men have been blessings not only for congregations looking to plant a new church, but also for other congregations wanting to better understand their community so that the Gospel can be connected to the people of the area. The District Office also has a new office manager, Mr. Jeff Holly. Jeff oversees the office facility, purchases supplies, and manages the overall day-to-day operations of the office. He formerly worked for Augsburg Fortress Publishing in Austin. Gwen Hohle is another new employee since our last convention. She serves as the Administrative Assistant to the President. She has been a rostered church worker for many years, starting as a Parish Worker. Gwen has taught in a parochial school and has served as a worship and music director. She came to the District Office from Concordia Lutheran Church, Kirkwood, MO. In our office, she assists pastors with their PIF and SET forms and congregations with call documents for


calling pastors. Gwen serves pastors and congregations in areas that directly relate to the President's Office. Lois Bittner has served in the President's Office typing letters and following up on a number of things related to keeping Synod updated on status changes of pastors and congregations. Most of the recordkeeping has been her responsibility. After many years of service, Lois is retiring at the end of June. Our State The state of Texas continues to have growth in population with the prediction that this growth will continue through 2040. The areas of Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin, and the Valley are expected to double in size by 2040. This would mean that the Houston area will have a population of over 10 million. For the last two years, most of the population growth has come from people moving in from other states. This is a shift from previous years, when 50% or more of our growth came from foreign countries. Texas will probably see this trend move back and forth depending on the economy. The District and congregations must be prepared to begin new worshipping communities that reach this diverse population. The mission challenge is finding ways to connect people with the Gospel. There will be people who come to a church because it is located in the neighborhood. Many people will need to be connected through the workplace, small groups, interest groups, service groups, and other places where friendships can be developed. Evangelism might happen more through friendships being established than through church programs. Helping congregational members connect with people will be important - along with members recognizing opportunities to share the Good News of Jesus with new friends. Each congregation is receiving a free demographic study of their community in their registration packet at this Convention. The demographic study will also list a website where additional free information is available. The MMFs are available to help congregations interpret what these studies say about the community around the congregation. Not every area of our state will see significant growth in the future. These areas also have many unique opportunities to expand ministry and plant new churches in places not thought of before. God's mission is for all and doesn't lessen because of the size of an area or population. District Finances The treasurer's report can be found in another part of this workbook. Even though the economy in the state shows some slowing, most economists report that Texas will not experience the type of downturn other areas in the United States are facing. Congregational giving has remained strong even though 2009 pledges saw a decrease. This strength in giving has allowed the District to increase the percentage we give in support of Synod. If the economists are correct, then the Texas District will need to increase our support of Synod in the future to help offset the economic challenges other Districts are facing. People of the Texas District understand the mission opportunities throughout our state and have generously given to the general budget and to Texas Partners in Mission. The gifts given through Texas Partners in Mission have played and will play a major role in the District's ability to support mission starts in Texas. Every gift is used 100% for mission support. Thank you for your generosity and for your continued support of the District and new mission starts through congregational giving and individual giving.


Ablaze Synod's Ablaze movement involves personal witness, planting new congregations, and revitalizing congregations. Synod has established goals in each of these areas (one hundred million Gospel sharings, 2,000 new congregations, and 2,000 revitalized congregations), but the main purpose is to encourage us in our mission and outreach. The Texas District has also set goals to assist us in our focus or reaching people with the Good News of God's love in Christ. With God's blessings, we will plant 200 new congregations and share the message of salvation with 250,000 people. Texas congregations planted new congregations until the end of World War II. With the huge increase in births and the mass movement of people in the early 1950s, new church planting shifted to the District to help meet the population surge, especially in the metropolitan centers of the state. The District believes it is time to once again encourage congregations to plant the new congregations needed to reach the new people coming to Texas. District resources of staff and financial support are available to create this church planting movement. A number of retired pastors in the Texas District have been recruited to assist congregations in the Ablaze effort. They are willing to preach and lead Bible class on Sundays or assist in some special Ablaze initiative. The following Ablaze Ambassadors are available to serve in this way: Will Sohns, Donald Muchow, Jim Linderman, Glenn O'Shoney, Leo Symmank, and Carlos Puig. Fan Into Flame The Texas District was the pilot District to help Synod launch its $100,000,000 Fan Into Flame fund raiser to support mission expansion in the United States and throughout the world. Over $6,000,000 has been pledged by people of the Texas District. This truly sets a high benchmark for other Districts. Thank you to all who have made pledges and are remitting dollars to Synod. Of the $6,000,000 pledged to Fan Into Flame, the Texas District has already received over $500,000 to be used to support new mission developments in Texas. These gifts will support mission planting beyond what is used through the general budget. We thank God for giving us resources to be faithful to the Great Commission. 2006 Resolutions A number of mission resolutions adopted by the 2006 Convention called for action by congregations and by the District office. Resolution 01-04-06 has not been implemented in the area of making the District website Hispanic friendly. The District is in the process of creating a new website and will attempt to make it friendly to Spanish speaking people. Resolution 02-02-06 called for forming a committee to address important issues regarding protecting the District archives. A committee was formed, and the committee received reports from Rev. Harry Klepper and the President. Rev. Klepper went beyond the call of duty in saving many items in the archives that were damaged by a water leak. He also did extensive investigation into what it would take and cost to preserve the archives and the amount of space needed to work on the documents and to store them. The cost of chemicals to protect historic documents and the space requirement are prohibitive for the District to secure on its own. Dialogue with Concordia University Texas has started about the possibility to house the Texas District archives with Concordia's. Concordia University Texas does have in its master plan an alumni building that would also serve as an archive. Concordia is open for a joint effort in safely securing both archives and hiring an archivist. The lack of finances to build the facility, buy the necessary chemicals, and pay for the archivist has prohibited the District and Concordia from moving forward.


Resolution 03-01-06 called for any member of the Synod within the Texas District (pastor or congregation) who signed the lawsuit brought against Synod regarding electoral circuit exceptions to repent of their actions and to sign the agreement worked out by the major parties in the lawsuit. The resolution called for the President of the District to take appropriate actions for ecclesiastical supervision for members not making an appropriate response to this resolution. There is still one person serving in the District who has not signed the lawsuit agreement. The President of the District has received verbal assurance from this person to never join in filing any other lawsuit against Synod. The District President worked closely with the Synodical President regarding this issue and has followed his advice to deal patiently and lovingly with this person. This process has been beneficial to all and carries out the spirit of the resolution. Resolution 03-02-06 called for the President of the District to use every possible means to facilitate true unity among us in the District. The President formed a group of twelve pastors and one moderator to sincerely discuss unity issues regarding communion practice, worship styles, and the role of women in the church. This group was asked to use only the Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions in considering these issues. Even though no working agreement was produced for sharing with the rest of the District, this group believed that the time spent in honest dialogue was good. This type of commitment is necessary for true unity among us. The District President thanks these men for the time spent and for the open sharing. A number of circuits have engaged in open dialogue and study of unity issues. This is one of the purposes of the formation of the circuit. As groups of pastors and circuits, using the Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions, continue to share openly and respect each other, unity will grow stronger. Circuit Counselors meet twice a year in conference. At each of these meetings over the last three years, time has been given for doctrinal study led by a circuit counselor. Topics have varied, and the open sharing has been positive. Conclusion The Texas District is comprised of varied and wonderful congregations. God has blessed the District with well trained and committed professional church workers, commissioned and ordained. God will certainly bless us as we move forward in "Reaching, Receiving, Refreshing." To God be all honor and glory!


TEXAS DISTRICT ORDAINED AND INSTALLED 2006 Rev. Daniel G. Borkenhagen, (St. Louis) Ordained August 27 by Rev. Robert J. Gehrke at South Shore Trinity, White Bear Lake, MN, and Installed September 10, by Rev. Dr. Victor Kollmann to serve Messiah, Plano, as Associate Rev. Phil Cook, (St. Louis) Ordained and Installed June 4 by Rev. Randall Haedge at Bethel, Dallas, to serve Lamb of God, Flower Mound, as Associate Rev. John Cordrey, (St. Louis) Ordained July 30 by Rev. Allen Doering at Christ the King, Kingwood, and Installed August 9 at Peace, Hurst, by Rev. Robert Preece to serve Peace, Hurst, as Associate Rev. Vijay Gurrala, (St. Louis) Ordained May 21 by Rev. Donald Black at Epiphany, Pearland, and Installed May 21 by Rev. Mark Junkans at Epiphany, Pearland, to serve as Missionary-at-Large with Lutheran Inter-City Coalition (LINC Houston) Rev. Luke Madsen, (Fort Wayne) Ordained June 18 by Rev. Ralph Walters, Sr. at Grace, Elgin, and Installed July 2 by Rev. Clyde Kieschnick to serve Faith, Sweetwater, as Pastor Rev. Jonathan E. Petering, (St. Louis) Ordained and Installed July 2 by Rev. Donald Black at Hope, Friendswood to serve Hope, Friendswood, as Associate Rev. Matthew L. Popovits (St. Louis) Ordained June 18 by Rev. Clifford F. Bira, at Holy Cross, Flushing, MI, and Installed June 25 by Rev. Bill Woolsey to serve CrossPoint as Associate Rev. Carl David Roth, (Fort Wayne) Ordained June 18 by Rev. Donald Black at Memorial, Houston and Installed June 25 by Rev. Herbert Graf at Trinity, Livingston, to serve Trinity, Livingston, as Pastor Rev. David E. Schatte, (St. Louis) Ordained and Installed July 16 by Rev. James Linderman at Trinity, Amarillo, to serve Trinity, Amarillo, as Associate Rev. Joel Scheiwe, (St. Louis) Ordained and Commissioned May 28 by Rev. James Linderman at St. Paul, Austin, to serve LCMS World Mission as Missionary Rev. Richard James Serina, (Colloquy) Ordained March 12 by Rev. Robert Preece at Zion, Dallas, and Installed March 19 by Rev. David Rohde at Trinity, Albany, to serve Trinity, Albany, as Pastor Rev. Daniel Wing¸ (St. Louis) Ordained and Installed July 23 by Rev. Donald Black at Trinity, Navasota, to serve Trinity, Navasota, as Assistant


TEXAS DISTRICT ORDAINED AND INSTALLED 2007 Rev. David J. Bass, (St. Louis) Ordained August 12 by Rev. Norman S. Meyer at St. John, Union, IL, and Installed August 19 by Rev. Francis Schroeder at Holy Cross, Nederland to serve Holy Cross, Nederland, as Associate Rev. Brian Christian Dupre, (St. Louis) Ordained June 10 by Rev. Roosevelt Gray at Holy Cross, Detroit, MI, and Installed July 8 by Rev. Carroll Kohl at Hope, Lubbock, to serve Hope, Lubbock, as Campus Pastor at Texas Tech Rev. Daniel L. Hauser, (St. Louis) Ordained June 24 by Rev. Leon Hauser at CrossPoint, Katy and Installed June 24 by Rev. Kenneth Hennings at CrossPoint, Katy, to serve CrossPoint, Katy, as Associate Rev. Eric Hiner, (St. Louis) Ordained June 10 by Rev. Wayne Braun at Lamb of God, Flower Mound, and Installed June 10 at by Rev. Russell Tieken St. Paul, Denton, by Rev. Russell Tieken to serve St. Paul, Denton, as Associate Rev. Shin Hwan Kim, (St. Louis) Ordained and Installed May 20 at Centro de Fe y Esperanza, Houston, by Rev. David Leeland to serve the Houston Lutheran Inter-City Network Coalition (LINC) Rev. Jeffrey W. King, (St. Louis) Ordained on July 22 by Rev. Weldon Brinkley at Bethlehem, William Penn, and Installed July 22 by Rev. Matthew Jacobs to serve Bethlehem, William Penn, as Pastor Rev. Richard Alan Mittelstadt, (Fort Wayne) Ordained on May 20 by Rev. Erich R. Fickel at Prince of Peace, Valparaiso, IN, and Installed June 3 by Rev. Carroll Kohl to serve Trinity, Eden, as Pastor Rev. Michael Monterastelli, (Fort Wayne) Ordained and Installed on June 24 by Rev. Kenneth M. Hennings to serve First, Lufkin, as Pastor Rev. Arturo Pena, (Hispanic Institute of Theology, St. Louis), Ordained and Installed on May 6 by Rev. Kenneth M. Hennings, to serve Shepherd of the Hills, San Antonio, as Missionary-at Large Rev. Sherman David Stenson (Fort Wayne) Ordained and Installed March 18 by Rev. Kenneth M. Hennings to serve St. Paul, Austin, as Associate Pastor Rev. Jacob Roger Sutton, (Fort Wayne) Ordained on June 24 by Rev. Carroll Kohl and Installed on June 24 by Rev. James Woelmer at Faith, Plano, to serve Faith, Plano, as Associate Rev. Gregory R. Truwe, (St. Louis) Ordained June 10 by Rev. Ronald Meyer at Grace, Menomonee Falls, WI, and Installed July 8 by Rev. David Schroder at Mt. Calvary, San Antonio, to serve as Associate Rev. David Vandercook, (St. Louis) Ordained and Installed May 27 by Rev. Marcus Mueller to serve Mt. Calvary, Raymondville, as Pastor Rev. Jeffrey William Ware, (Fort Wayne) Ordained and Installed June 3 by Rev. Ralph Hobratschk to serve Living Word, The Woodlands, as Associate


Rev. Brian D. West, (St. Louis) Ordained and Installed August 19 by Rev. Allen Doering to serve Christ the King, Kingwood, as Associate Rev. Wichieng Tang Wetnyangran, (St. Louis) Ordained and Installed May 27 by Rev. Robert Preece at Peace, Hurst, to serve Peace, Hurst, as Associate Rev. Thomas William Winter, (Fort Wayne) Ordained March 18 by Rev. Philip Quardokus at Christ, Stevensville, MI, and Installed March 25 by Rev. David Schroder at St. Peter, Pearsall, to serve St. Peter, Pearsall, as Pastor TEXAS DISTRICT ORDAINED AND INSTALLED 2008 Rev. Robert Daniel Anderson, (St. Louis) Ordained and Installed August 17 by Rev. William Dasch at St. John, Mansfield, to serve St. John, Mansfield, as Associate Rev. Mekru Bekele, (St. Louis) Ordained March 2 by Rev. Kenneth Hennings and Installed March 2 by Rev. Randall Haedge at Emmanuel Ethiopian Church to serve Emmanuel Ethiopian Church as Pastor Rev. Evelio Cruz, (St. Louis) Ordained May 18 by Rev. Kenneth Hennings at Redeemer, Austin, and Installed May 18 by Rev. David Schroder at Redeemer, Austin, to serve as Hispanic Missionaryat-Large for Austin Rev. Martin D. Danner, (St. Louis) Ordained June 22 by Rev. Jon Braunersreuther at St. Paul, Fort Worth, and Installed June 22 by Rev. John Messmann at St. Paul, Fort Worth, to serve St. Paul, Fort Worth, as Associate Rev. Benjamin Joel Francisco, (St. Louis) Ordained August 17 by Rev. Thurman O. Francisco at Our Savior, St. Charles, MO, and installed September 7 by Rev. Carroll Kohl at Mt. Calvary, Brady, to serve Mt. Calvary, Brady, as Pastor Rev. David Sungeun Jung, (St. Louis) Ordained and Installed August 31 by Rev. Bill Woolsey at CrossPoint, Katy, to serve CrossPoint, Katy, as Associate Rev. Christopher Michael Kennedy, (St. Louis) Ordained June 22 at Grace, Arlington by Rev. Robert Preece and Installed July 6 by Rev. Daniel Mueller at Shepherd of the Hills, San Antonio, to serve Shepherd of the Hills, San Antonio, as Associate Rev. Mike Lewis Kimmel, (Fort Wayne) Ordained August 3 by Rev. Ralph Hobratschk at Zion, Tomball, and Installed August 10 by Rev. Robert Preece at Good Shepherd, Mt. Pleasant, to serve Good Shepherd, Mt. Pleasant/St. John, Clarksville, as pastor Rev. Landon Marshall Ledlow, (St. Louis) Ordained July 13 by Rev. Tom Konz at Ascension, Cleburne, and Installed July 27 by Rev. John T. Lindner at Prince of Peace, Carrollton, to serve Prince of Peace , Carrollton, as Associate


Rev. Richard A. Mittwede, (St. Louis) Ordained and Installed June 1 by Rev. Kenneth Hennings at King of Kings, Round Rock, to serve King of Kings, Round Rock, as Associate Rev. Jan G. Rienstra, III, (St. Louis) Ordained June 8 by Rev. Alan R. Kretschmar at Holy Cross, Nederland, and Installed June 22 by Rev. Clyburn Duder at Our Savior, Centerville, to service Our Savior, Centerville, as Pastor Rev. Karl Gareth Schuler (St. Louis) Ordained and Installed July 20 by Rev. Bill R. Woolsey at CrossPoint, Katy, to serve CrossPoint, Katy, as Associate Rev. Larry Lim Wong (St. Louis) Ordained January 27 by Rev. Kenneth Hennings at Family of Faith, Houston, and Installed January 27 by Rev. Michael Ramey at Family of Faith, Houston, to serve as Assistant at Family of Faith, Houston TRANSFERRED AND INSTALLED TEXAS DISTRICT 2006 Rev. Robert Albert Balduc, Peace, Hurst, to Senior Pastor, St. Peter, Roanoke, August 27 by Rev. Kenneth Hennings Rev. Luther C. Biggs, Jr., Messiah, Lincoln, NE, to Senior Pastor, Prince of Peace, Carrollton, February 12 by Rev. James R. Linderman Rev. John Cordrey, Peace, Hurst, to Associate, St. Peter, Roanoke, August 27 by Rev. Kenneth Hennings Rev. John Hans Elser, Prince of Peace, Amarillo, to Veterans Administration (VA) Hospital March 26 by Rev. Steven Misch Rev. Jeffrey D. Geske, Trinity, McFarland, KS, to Pastor, Prince of Peace, Amarillo, April 2 by Rev. David Rohde Rev. Jonathan Andrew Goeke, Zion, Fairbanks, AK, to Associate, St. Timothy, Houston, June 11 by Rev. Donald Black Rev. Paul Hartfield, Emeritus to Pastor, Christ, Loebau, September 10 by Rev. Alfred Gallmeier Rev. Scott E. Heitshusen, Trinity, Athens, GA, to Senior Pastor, St. Mark, Houston, August 6 by Rev. Donald Black Rev. Kenneth M. Hennings, Texas District Executive Staff to Texas District President September 10 by Rev. James R. Linderman Rev. Mark Ross Junkans, Candidate to Lutheran Inter-City Network Coalition (LINC Houston) August 13 by Rev. Donald Black Rev. Mark Frederick Lasch, Hope, Friendswood, to Pastor, Concordia, Bedford, January 6 by Rev. Robert Preece


Rev. Charles S. Mallie, Candidate to Associate, Zion, Tomball, April 9 by Rev. Donald Black Rev. Elder McCants, Holy Cross, Philadelphia, PA, to Pastor, Holy Cross, San Antonio, February 26 by Rev. Charles Boerger Rev. Jerry F. McNamara, Good Shepherd, Cedar Park, to Senior Pastor, Fishers of Men, Sugar Land, February 26 by Rev. Donald Black Rev. Michael James Meissner, Family of Christ, Colorado Springs, CO, to Associate, St. John, Cypress, June 18 by Rev. Michael Ramey Rev. Wilbern C. Michalk, Emeritus to Pastor, Prince of Peace, Bastrop, June 4 by Rev. Kenneth Hennings Rev. Jeffrey Allan Muchow, Grace, Orange, to Associate, Epiphany, Houston, July 16 by Rev. Donald Black Rev. Timnothy R. Niekerk, Living Word, Jackson, WI, to Associate, Salem, Tomball, April 16 by Rev. Wayne Graumann Rev. Walter A. Pohland, Mt. Calvary, Raymondville, to Associate, Faith, Georgetown, July 23 by Rev. James Linderman Rev. Mark Schaefer, St. Paul, Agoura Hills, CA, to Associate, Water's Edge, Frisco, September 17 by Rev. Patrick Miller Rev. Todd David Stocker, Summit Community, Litchfield Park, AZ, to Associate, Gloria Dei, Houston, July 2 by Rev. John Kieschnick Rev. Scott Matthew Tessin¸ Faith, Oakville, MO, to Associate, CrossPoint, Katy, June 25 by Rev. Bill Woolsey Rev. Carl Curtis Trovall, University, Austin, to Professor, Concordia University Texas, October 12, by Rev. David Schroder Rev. John D. Walther, Candidate to Pastor, Trinity, Commerce/St. James, Windom, October 8 by Rev. Wayne Renning Rev. Byron R. Williams, Trinity, New Orleans, LA to Pastor, St. Paul, Dallas, January 1 by Rev. Robert Preece TRANSFERRED AND INSTALLED TEXAS DISTRICT 2007 Rev. Jerry Don Bagwell, Candidate to Assistant, Redeemer Church of Joy, Odessa, November 7 by Rev. Dean Kelm Rev. David R. Bailes, Candidate to Assistant, Living Word, The Woodlands, November 25 by Rev. Ralph Hobratschk


Rev. Oscar Benavides, Prince of Peace, Carrollton, to Texas District Board of Mission Administration as Urban Mission Developer, LINC, North Texas, October 7 by Rev. Robert Preece Rev. Brady W. Blasdel, Christ our Savior, Norwalk, IA, to Pastor, Faith, Grand Prairie, January 28, by Rev. Robert Preece Rev. Matthew St. John Brackman, Redeemer, Cisco, to Pastor, Peace, Texas City, May 20 by Rev. Ralph Hobratschk Rev. Martin J. Brauer, Bethlehem, Santa Clarita, CA, to Senior Pastor, Good Shepherd, Cedar Park, September 30 by Rev. David Schroder Rev. Jason Dail, Spirit of Joy, Murfreesboro, TN, to Associate, CrossPoint, Katy, June 17 by Rev. Bill Woolsey Rev. Russell A. Etzel, Our Savior, Centerville, to Pastor, Concordia, Houston, June 3 by Rev. John Cain Rev. Steven Joel Fick, Messiah, Boerne to Pastor, Redeeming Grace, Austin, September 9, by Rev. William B. Knippa Rev. Gregory A. Finke, Messiah, Midland, MI, to Senior Pastor, Gloria Dei, Houston, August 5 by Rev. Kenneth M. Hennings Rev. Morgan W. Hamilton, Candidate to Pastor, Faith, Corsicana, April 29 by Rev. Robert Preece Rev. Paul G. Helmer, Emeritus to Pastor, Abiding Savior, Zapata, March 13 by Rev. Del King Rev. Donald L. Kirklen, Emeritus to St. Paul's, Aleman, October 21 by Rev. Wilbert Sohns Rev. Harold Meissner, Emeritus to St. Paul's Aleman, October 21 by Rev. Wilbert Sohns Rev. James W. Menke, Holy Cross, North Canton, OH, to Pastor, Trinity, Waco, June 10 by Rev. Robert Preece Rev. Gerald L. Nichols, Emeritus to Pastor, Living Water, Richardson, January 14 by Rev. Robert Preece Rev. Donald L. Olson, Candidate to Pastor, Trinity, Uvalde, May 6 by Rev. David Schroder Rev. Curtis W. Schneider, Pastor, First, Texarkana, to Pastor, Grace, Brownwood, November 11 by Rev. Carroll C. Kohl Rev. Robert L. Sweet, Candidate to Associate, Mount Olive, Houston, January 7 by Rev. Ralph W. Hobratschk Rev. Kevin N. Tiaden, Associate, Timothy, Council Bluffs, IA, to Pastor, St. Paul, Wichita Falls January 7 by Rev. Carroll Kohl Rev. Andrew Doenges Whaley, District Missionary to Associate, St. Paul, Plano, on February 18 by Rev. Ken Hennings


TRANSFERRED AND INSTALLED TEXAS DISTRICT 2008 Rev. Christopher S. Ahlman, Trinity, Elkhart, IN, to Assistant, King of Kings, Round Rock, July 13 by Rev. Richard Mittwede Rev. Edmund D. Auger, Candidate to LCMS World Mission, Safe Harbour Community Church, Snug Harbor, Grand Cayman, September 7 by Rev. Jorge Groh Rev. Randall C. Bard, Christ, Fort Worth, to Pastor, Bethel, Bryan, July 13 by Rev. John M. Hirsch Rev. Brian L. Bibler, Immanuel, Temple, to Pastor, Genesis, Buchanan Dam, March 2 by Rev. Richard Goodwill Rev. Thomas K. Brouwer, Candidate to Pastor, Immanuel Houston, March 2 by Rev. John Cain Rev. Matthew J. Canion, Holy Cross, Warren, MI, to Associate, St. Paul, Waco, October 19 by Rev. Joel Boesche Rev. John F. Davis, Immanuel, Giddings, to Senior Pastor, Memorial, Katy, February 3 by Rev. Ralph Hobratschk Rev. Paul Ferguson, St. Andrew, Houston, to Senior Pastor, Our Savior, Rockwall, January 6 by Rev. Robert Preece Rev. Scott E. Herbert, Candidate to Pastor, Tree of Life, Garland, July 20 by Rev. Ken Hennings Rev. Russell C. Hildebrandt, Intentional Interim Pastor, Good Shepherd, Chattanooga, TN to Pastor, Grace, Arlington, January 13 by Rev. David Joeckel Rev. Duane A. Jalas, Trinity, Prentice, WI, to Pastor, Trinity, Dime Box, March 2 by Rev. David Schroder Rev. Larry Neil Knobloch, Grace, Crockett, to Pastor, St. Peter, Bowie, September 7 by Rev. Kenneth Bersche Rev. Mark Koch, Ascension, Madison, TN, to Pastor, St. Andrew, Houston, July 26 by Rev. Ralph Hobratschk Rev. Barry Kolb, Lord of Life, LaFox, IL, to Pastor, First, Texarkana, March 9 by Rev. Robert Preece Rev. Aaron Leray Lytle, District Missionary, Katy, to Associate, Trinity, Houston, January 13 by Rev. Michael Dorn Rev. Geoffrey Brent McGuire, Our Redeemer, Dallas, to Sole Pastor, Our Redeemer, Dallas, September 7 by Rev. John T. Lindner Rev. Zachary McIntosh, District Missionary, Fishers of Family, Portland, to Assistant, Concordia, San Antonio, September 21 by Rev. Bill Tucker


Rev. Chad M. Miller, District Missionary, Spirit of Life, Richmond, to Pastor, Spirit of Life, Richmond, May 1 by Rev. Steve Simon Rev. Steven Jon Misch, Good Shepherd, Borger, to Mission and Ministry Facilitator, Texas District, September 22 by Rev. Ken Hennings Rev. James Leonard Mueller, District Missionary, Austin, to University of Texas Campus Pastor and Missionary, Austin, August 24 by Rev. Carl Trovall Rev. Russell A. Nebhut, St. John, Hamilton, to Pastor, Holy Cross, Midland, June 22 by Rev. Carroll Kohl Rev. Michael W. Newman, Concordia, San Antonio, to Texas District Mission and Ministry Facilitator September 22 by Rev. Kenneth Hennings Rev. Thomas F. Obersat, Good Shepherd, Lincoln, NE, to Assistant, Memorial, Houston, September 7 by Rev. Scott Murray Rev. Christopher L. Otten, Candidate to Pastor, St. Paul, McAllen, August 24 by Rev. Kenneth Hennings Rev. Richard C. Pfaff, Zion, Pasadena, to Pastor, Messiah, Boerne, November 16 by Rev. David Schroder Rev. Phillip D. Reed, Emeritus to Pastor, Zion, Watauga, October 5 by Rev. Robert Preece Rev. Justin P. Rossow, Salem, Affton, MO, to Associate, Peace, Hurst, May 4 by Rev. Steven Wiechman Rev. John Erich Schmidt, Redeemer, Lincoln, NE, November 9 to Pastor, St. Paul, Serbin, by Rev. David Schroder Rev. Andrew C. Steinke, Zion, Harvester (St. Charles), MO, October 19 to Concordia Lutheran High School, Tomball, by Rev. Timothy Nierkerk Rev. Todd D. Stocker, Gloria Dei, Houston, to High School Faculty, Houston Lutheran South Academy August 22 by Rev. Ralph W. Hobratschk Rev. Charles P. St-Onge, St. Mark, Ridley Park, PA, to Associate, Memorial, Houston August 10 by Rev. Ralph W. Hobratschk Rev. Joshua Wells Sullivan, Candidate, Kansas District, to Pastor, Holy Cross, Kerrville, November 23 by Rev. David Schroder Rev. Paul R. Williams, Grace, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, to Assistant, Our Savior, Houston, on October 26 by Rev. Laurence White Rev. Ryan S. Willis, Bethlehem, Carlyle, IL, to Chaplain called by LCMS for Federal Bureau of Prisons, Fort Worth, on May 18 by Rev. Robert Preece


OTHERS TRANSFERRED TO TEXAS DISTRICT 2006 Rev. Duane A. Brunette, Florida-Georgia District, Emeritus Rev. Gary J. Childs, Oklahoma District, Emeritus Rev. John E. Fibelkorn, Pacific Southwest District, Emeritus Rev. Morgan W. Hamilton, Southeast District, Candidate Rev. Don Kirklen, North Dakota, Emeritus Rev. J. Thomas LaPacka, Missouri, Candidate Rev. Ely Prieto, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Brazil, Candidate Rev. Phillip W. Talley, Southeast District, Candidate

OTHERS TRANSFERRED TO TEXAS DISTRICT 2007 Rev. Thomas K. Brouwer, Ohio District, Candidate Rev. Terry J. Coday, Mid-South District, Emeritus Rev. Dr. James P. Dretke, Pacific-Southwest District, Emeritus Rev. Edward R. Greenthaner, Pacific Southwest District, Emeritus Rev. Douglas R. Kabell, Eastern District, Non-Candidate Rev. Theodore W. Kohlmeier, Pacific Southwest District, Emeritus Rev. Vincent Larson, Jr., Northwest District, Emeritus Rev. Norman Stoppenhagen, Pacific Southwest District, Emeritus Rev. John A. Vavroch, Ohio District, Emeritus Rev. Jonathan Vierkant, Kansas District, Non-Candidate

OTHERS TRANSFERRED TO TEXAS DISTRICT 2008 Rev. Curt J. Cizek, Chaplain, U. S. Air Force by Board for Mission Services, LCMS Rev. Craig A. DuBois, Senior Pastor, St. John, Plymouth, Wisconsin, Non-Candidate Rev. Joseph F. Howlett, North Dakota, Candidate Rev. Thomas R. St. Jean, Pacific Southwest District, Emeritus Rev. Dennis Tegtmeier, Emeritus, Pacific Southwest District

TRANSFERRED TO OTHER DISTRICTS 2006 Rev. Darren Allen Anderson, Candidate to Northwest District Rev. Edward Blaine Andrada, Messiah, Boerne, to Northern Illinois District Rev. Norman Bahlow, Emeritus to Missouri District Rev. Eloy Gonzalez, Cristo Nuestro Salvador, San Antonio, to Missouri District Rev. Jay B. Klein, Apple of His Eye Mission, Houston, to North Illinois District Rev. Peter C. Kolb, Faith, Corsicana, to Central Illinois District Rev. John G. Nordling, Candidate to Indiana District Rev. Jonathan Colin Schroeder, Faith, Grand Prairie, to Ohio District Rev. Theodore H. Vogel, Emeritus to Northwest District


TRANSFERRED TO OTHER DISTRICTS 2007 Rev. Dean M. Bauer, Good Shepherd, Angleton, to Mid-South District Rev. Bradley P. Beckman, Grace, Arlington, to Nebraska District Rev. Melvin R. Boehlke, Emeritus to Rocky Mountain District Rev. Michael Glenn Buchhorn, St. Paul, Serbin, to Michigan District Rev. Mark Arthur Cattau, Our Redeemer, Dallas, to Rocky Mountain District Rev. Timothy J. Carr, Immanuel, Houston, to Iowa East District Rev. Del O. King, Emeritus to Pacific Southwest District Rev. Duane Kirchner, Emeritus to Missouri District Rev. Michael R. McFarland, Our Redeemer, Irving, to Southeastern District Rev. Michael W. Mast, North Channel Area of Houston, to Northern Illinois Rev. Robert B. Mueller, Cross Bridge, Austin, to New Jersey District Rev. Alan D. Struckmeyer, Immanuel, Temple to Florida-Georgia Rev. Daniel Wing, Trinity, Navasota, to Missouri District

TRANSFERRED TO OTHER DISTRICTS 2008 Rev. Bradley C. Aldrich, Candidate to Missouri District Rev. Martin Doering, Pastor, Trinity, Taylor, to Northern Illinois District Rev. J. Lonnie Precup, Candidate to Pacific Southwest District Rev. Michael Ramey, Pastor, Family of Faith, Houston, to Senior, St. Matthew, Bel Air, Maryland Rev. Troy Michael Schmidt, Associate, Gloria Dei, Houston to Pacific Southwest Rev. Roberto Simental, Pastor, El Buen Pastor, McAllen, to Pacific Southwest Rev. Norman E. Steinke, Emeritus to Florida-Georgia District Rev. Scott Matthew Tessin, Associate, CrossPoint, Katy, to Ohio District Rev. Thomas J. Thierfelder, Associate, Tree of Life, Garland, Rocky Mountain District Rev. Jonathan A. T. Vierkant, Candidate to Indiana District

CHANGE OF STATUS 2006 Rev. Walter Albers, St. Paul, Waco, to Emeritus Rev. Darren Allen Anderson, St. Paul, McAllen, to Candidate Rev. Dung Van Do, Trinity, Port Arthur, Removed by action of District President Rev. Philip John Graf, Grace, Brownwood, to Emeritus Rev. Mark Tobias Joeckel, TX District Missionary, Resigned from the Clergy Roster Rev. James R. Linderman, Texas District President, to Emeritus Rev. Brian M. Mosemann, Concordia University, Austin, Resigned from the Clergy Roster Rev. Phillip D. Reed, Charity, Burleson, Emeritus Rev. Raymond Dale Reich, Trinity, Uvalde, Emeritus Rev. William L. Schwertlich, Family of Faith, Houston, to Candidate Rev. C. Michael Snow, Beautiful Savior, Houston, to Non-Candidate Rev. James L. Wells, Holy Cross, Arlington, to Emeritus Rev. John A. Diaz, San Pedro, Houston, to Non-Candidate


CHANGE OF STATUS 2007 Rev. David R. Bailes, Non-Candidate to Candidate Rev. Kenneth W. Baisden, Genesis, Buchanan Dam, to Emeritus Rev. Donald A. Berg, Bethel, Dallas, to Emeritus Rev. John A. Diaz, San Pedro, Houston, to Non-Candidate Rev. Richard Goodwill, Good Shepherd, Cedar Park, Senior to Associate Rev. Randall S. Haedge, Bethel, Dallas, Associate to Senior Rev. Eldor J. Harmann, Bethlehem, Brenham, to Emeritus Rev. Scott E. Heise, Texas District Missionary-at-Large to Chinese in Houston to Candidate Rev. Brad D. Heintz, Gloria Dei, Houston, Resigned from the Clergy Roster Rev. Scott E. Herbert, Trinity, Dallas, to Candidate Rev. Art L. Hill, Associate, Trinity, Tyler, to Pastor, Trinity, Tyler Rev. David C. Johnson, Non-Candidate to Emeritus Rev. Dwayne A. Johnson, Non-Candidate to Emeritus Rev. John Kieschnick, Gloria Dei, Houston, to Emeritus Rev. Roy A. Kieschnick, Trinity, Spring, to Emeritus Rev. Del O. King, Faith, Laredo, to Emeritus Rev. Duane Kirchner, St. Paul, McAllen, to Emeritus Rev. Philip M. Konz, Holy Cross, Midland, Resigned from the Clergy Roster Rev. David L. Londenberg, Synod Missionary to Candidate Rev. Wilbern C. Michalk, Prince of Peace, Bastrop, to Emeritus Rev. Wayne Renning, St. John, Clarksville and Good Shepherd, Mt. Pleasant, to Emeritus Rev. James M. Richardson, Sr., Grace, Smithville, to Candidate Rev. Brian E. Runge, St. Mark, Houston, to Non-Candidate Rev. Francis Schroeder, Pastor to Senior Pastor, Holy Cross, Nederland Rev. William L. Schwertlich, Candidate, Resigned from the Clergy Roster Rev. Leonard E. Stahlke, Concordia University at Austin, to Emeritus Rev. James Sturgis, Faith, Aransas Pass/Trinity, West Sinton, Resigned Trinity, West Sinton Rev. Thomas Thierfelder, Pastor, Tree of Life, Garland, to Associate, Tree of Life, Garland Rev. Victor D. Willmann, Senior Pastor, Trinity, Tyler, to Emeritus Rev. James Woelmer, Associate Pastor, Faith, Plano, to Senior Pastor, Faith, Plano

CHANGE OF STATUS 2008 Rev. Mark B. Anderson, Associate Pastor, Trinity, Sealy, to Candidate Rev. Edmund D. Auger, Texas District Missionary to Candidate Rev. Mac L. Bearss, Pastor, Our Savior, Sulphur Springs, to Candidate Rev. Jay B. Beyer, Pastor, Redeemer, Lubbock, to Non-Candidate Rev. Neil M. Bockelmann, Pastor, Bethel, Bryan, to Emeritus Rev. George Borghardt, Assistant, St. Mark, Conroe to Associate, St. Mark, Conroe Rev. Tige Culbertson, Assistant, Concordia, San Antonio, Resigned from Clergy Roster Rev. Loren A. DuBois, Candidate to Candidate Extension Rev. Gerald N. Epperson, Pastor, Grace, Marlin, to Non-Candidate Rev. John H. Frahm, Professor, Concordia University, to Emeritus Rev. Michael A. Frick, Pastor, Faith, Wylie, to Emeritus Rev. Jayson S. Galler, Assistant, Grace, Elgin, to Candidate


Rev. Ronald F. Gebauer, Non-Candidate to Emeritus Rev. Edward P. Giese, Pastor, Resurrection, Fredericksburg, to Non-Candidate Rev. Thomas W. Hoyt, Pastor, Holy Cross, Warda, to Non-Candidate Rev. David G. Jeske, Pastor, Grace, Mart, to Emeritus Rev. Dale D. Leland, Senior Pastor, Trinity, Sealy, to Emeritus Rev. David Glen Loeffler, Pastor, Zion, Watauga, to Emeritus Rev. Richard Mayerhoff, Senior Pastor to Associate Pastor, Our Savior, Rockwall Rev. Bruce H. Miller, Pastor, Grace, Paris, to Candidate Rev. Donald A. Neumann, Pastor, Our Redeemer, Harlingen, to Emeritus Rev. Paul D. Neumann, Pastor, Immanuel, Fairview, to Candidate Rev. Claudio Perez, Candidate to Emeritus Rev. Gary L. Pohl, Candidate to Candidate Extension Rev. J. Lonnie Precup, Chaplain, Navy, LCMS Board for Mission Service, to Candidate Rev. David V. Schultz, Associate, St. Mark, Houston, to Emeritus Rev. Jonathan A. T. Vierkant, Non-Candidate to Candidate

CALLED TO GLORY 2006 Rev. Alfred Fremder, April 19 Rev. Orville Horn, January 3 Rev. Ronald L. Jenkins, December 11 Rev. Edwin Keiper, December 15 Rev. J. Louis Konz, December 6 Rev. George Price, July 7 Rev. William Rumpel, March 2 Rev. Leland R. Stevens, January 27 Rev. William J. Wollenburg, December 14 CALLED TO GLORY 2007 Rev. Donald E. Bendewald, October 29 Rev. Belvin R. Brummett, November 29 Rev. Robert Felix Gonzalez, March 6 Rev. Philip John Graf, June 4 Rev. Roland C. Hartmann, February 24 Rev. Eugene Edwin Heckmann, December 2 Rev. Clifford Grant Larson, July 6 Rev. Raymond Schkade, June 17 CALLED TO GLORY 2008 Rev. Walter F. Bielefeldt, March 6 Rev. Charles H. Born, January 11 Rev. Roland G. Friedrichs, May 28 Rev. Donald Elmer Ude, December 26


LAY MINISTERS 2006 2007 John H. Kaster, Shepherd of the Hills, San Antonio. to Emeritus 2008 Archie R. Harlow, Mt. Calvary, Brady, to Emeritus Robert O. Waters, Immanuel, Mercedes, to Candidate

APPLICATION AND CONSTITUTION APPROVED BY THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2006 Dallas, All Nations¸ September 25 Forney, Water of Life, March 28 Haslet, Saint Peter, May 23 Houston, Eritrean Evangelical, March 28 Houston, Family of Joy, Formerly known as Houston North Channel Mission Richardson, Living Water Community, September 25 Richardson, Spirit of Life, March 28

APPLICATION AND CONSTITUTION APPROVED BY THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2007 Dallas, Emmanuel Ethiopian, November 27 Houston, Family of Joy, September 25

APPLICATION AND CONSTITUTION APPROVED BY THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2008 Big Spring, Alive in Christ, September 23 George West, St. Paul, September 23 Houston, Zion Christian Center, September 23 Montgomery, Living Savior, September 23 Rosanky, Vineyard of Christ, September 23


NEW CHURCH STARTS 2006 Austin, Austin City Church Dallas, Church of All Nations, Arabic Dallas, Nueva Esperanza Houston, Centro de Fey Esperanza Mercedes, Mision Emanuel Luteran Mission Texarkana, Peace

NEW CHURCH STARTS 2007 Baytown, Iglesia Monte de Sinai Houston, Amigos de Dios Houston, Ethiopian Evangelical Houston, Manantiales de Vida Rosanky, Vineyard of Christ, San Antonio, Abundant Grace Spring, Centro de Alabanza NEW CHURCH STARTS 2008 Austin, Iglesia Luterana Pueblo de Dios Houston, Familia de Fe Houston, Hilltop Lutheran Church of Houston Irving, Grace Community

CONGREGATIONS REMOVED 2006 Dallas, Trinity, Dissolved on November 19, 2006 2007 Alice, Trinity, Dissolved Flower Mound, Emmanuel, Dissolved


COMMISSIONED MINISTERS NEWLY COMMISSIONED & INSTALLED 2006 Douglas Bielefeldt, Texas-Colloquy, Shepherd of the Hills, San Antonio, May 7 by Rev. Daniel Mueller April Bishop, Deaconess, Chicago, Krause Residential Children's Ctr, Katy, October 20 by Rev. Erik Stadler Mindy Brunkhardt, Nebraska, Epiphany, Houston, August 13 by Rev. Michael Welmer Bruce Christian, Texas-Colloquy, Concordia, Tomball, August 16 by Rev. Timothy Niekerk Stephanie DeHaven, Nebraska, Lutheran High North, Houston, September 7 by Rev. Donald Black Joshua Duffy, DCE, Texas, Salem, Tomball, June 4 by Rev. Wayne Graumann Andrea Duley, Nebraska, Lutheran High, Dallas, September 24 by Rev. Donald Berg Nathan Engman, DCE, Texas, Memorial, Katy, June 4 by Rev. Erik Stadler Angela Erickson, DCE, Nebraska, Cross, New Braunfels, August 6 by Rev. Donald Fraker Bradley 'Kyle' Erickson, Nebraska, Cross, New Braunfels, August 6 by Rev. Donald Fraker Tonya Eza, Deaconess, St. Louis, St. Paul, Groves, October 29 by Rev. Richard Turner Stephanie Hillyer, St. Paul, St. Mark, Houston, September 10 by Rev. Scott Heitshusen John Kral, Ann Arbor, Holy Cross, College Station, March 5 by Rev. Mike Hafer Sandra Lietz, Texas, St. Paul, Harlingen, March 26 by Rev. William Reagan Cheryl Mangels, Texas-Colloquy, Trinity, Houston, August 20 by Rev. Michael Dorn Kara Mueller, Texas, Immanuel, Giddings, January 8 by Rev. John Davis, Jr. Lauren Nietubicz, DCE, Texas, Cross of Christ, DeSoto, July 23 by Rev. John DeYoung Julanne Norris, Texas-Colloquy, St. Paul, Ft. Worth, February 26 by Rev. John Messmann Daniel Parker, DCE, Nebraska, St. Paul, Vernon, January 8 by Rev. Paul Neuberger Nancy Payne, Texas-Colloquy, Concordia, Tomball, August 16 by Rev. Timothy Niekerk Joseph Perry, Texas, Trinity, Houston, August 20 by Rev. Michael Dorn Stephen Robbins, Nebraska, Lutheran High, Dallas, September 24, by Rev. Donald Berg Jennifer Saunders, Texas-Colloquy, Trinity-Klein, Spring, August 13 by Rev. Richard Noack Rebecca Sawhill, Nebraska, Immanuel, Houston, August 6 by Rev. David Sawhill Paul Terral, DCE, Texas, Our Savior, Austin, July 9 by Rev. Keith Gravesmill Adrienne Troemel, Chicago, Shepherd of the Hills, San Antonio, August 13 by Rev. Daniel Mueller Nicolas Weiss, Wisconsin, Prince of Peace, Carrollton, August 13 by Rev. Luther Biggs 2007 Jason Bangert, Chicago, Lutheran South Academy, Houston, August 24 by Rev. Richard Pfaff Angele Barthe', Texas, Hope, Austin, August 26 by Rev. Peter Heckmann Carrie Becker, Ann Arbor, St. Paul, McAllen, July 22 by Rev. Kenneth Hennings Brett Bortnem, DCE, Texas, Fishers of Men, Sugar Land, July 15 by Rev. Jerry McNamara Joel Bradley, Irvine, Concordia, Tomball, August 26 by Rev. Stephen Sohns Meredith Brodie, Texas, Our Savior, Houston, August 19 by Rev. Laurence White Allison Brown, Irvine-Colloquy, Trinity-Klein, Spring, January 28 by Rev. Richard Noack Laura Cleland, Texas-Colloquy, Prince of Peace, Carrollton, August 26 by Rev. Luther Biggs Kayla Cowan, DCE, Texas, Immanuel, Temple, January 21 by Rev. Alan Struckmeyer Sarah Engman, Texas, Epiphany, Houston, August 19 by Rev. Michael Welmer Matthew Frerichs, Portland, Immanuel, Houston, August 12 by Rev. Claudio Perez, Sr. Dr. Mary Beth Gaertner, Texas-Colloquy, Salem, Tomball, November 18 by Rev. Wayne Graumann Sandra Grupe, DCE, St. Paul-Colloquy, St. Peter, Roanoke, October 7 by Rev. Robert Balduc Daniel Hall, DCE, Texas, Fishers of Family, Portland, September 7 by Rev. Zach McIntosh


Nathan Henze, DCE, Texas, Concordia, San Antonio, August 26 by Rev. William Tucker Melissa Jander, Texas-Colloquy, Memorial, Houston, December 9 by Rev. J. Bart Day Katherine Jeppesen, Nebraska, St. Paul, McAllen, August 19 by Rev. Robert Holaday Jason Kuiper, Nebraska, St. Paul, Harlingen, August 26 by Rev. William Reagan Bobby Lindquist, Texas-Colloquy, Concordia, Tomball, August 26 by Rev. Stephen Sohns Kay Lindsay, Texas-Colloquy, Lutheran High, Dallas, March 4 by Rev. Robert Preece Kelly Linebrink, Texas-Colloquy, Immanuel, Giddings, December 9 by Rev. John Davis, Jr. Justin Martindale, Texas-Colloquy, Trinity-Klein, Spring, February 18 by Rev. Richard Noack Kristin Matasovsky, Nebraska, St. Paul, McAllen, July 22 by Rev. Kenneth Hennings Jill Moody, Texas-Colloquy, Prince of Peace, Carrollton, August 26 by Rev. Luther Biggs Jacob Mooney, Wisconsin, Trinity-Klein, Spring, August 26 by Rev. Richard Noack Rebekah Morrow, Texas, Zion, Dallas, August 26 by Rev. Robert Preece Jason Phelps, DCE, Nebraska, Trinity, Houston, September 9 by Rev. Michael Dorn Stephanie Sauls, Texas, Zion-Walburg, Georgetown, April 22 by Rev. John Davenport Megan Schmidt, Nebraska, St. Paul, Harlingen, August 26 by Rev. William Reagan Christopher Schneider, Texas, LEAH/Lutheran South Academy, Houston, August 24 by Rev. Richard Pfaff Carol Senechal, Nebraska, St. Paul, Austin, May 9 by Rev. Sherman Stenson Walter 'Trey" Senney III, Wisconsin, LEAH/Lutheran South Academy, Houston, August 24 by Rev. Richard Pfaff Timothy Shewmaker, DPM, Nebraska, St. Paul, McAllen, June 10 by Rev. Russell Shewmaker Mark Thompson, DCE, Texas-Colloquy, Mt. Olive, Austin, August 5 by Rev. Paul Meyer Drew Urban, Nebraska, LEAH/Lutheran South Academy, Houston, August 24 by Rev. Richard Pfaff Kristina Urban, Nebraska, LEAH/ Lutheran South Academy, Houston, August 24 by Rev. Richard Pfaff Elizabeth Wallis, Chicago, St. Paul, McAllen, April 22 by Rev. Duane Kirchner


Vanessa Bakenhus, Nebraska, St. Paul, Thorndale, August 24 by Rev. James Mann Rebecca Bartelt, Texas-Colloquy, Lutheran High School, San Antonio, August 24 by Rev. Mark Barz Rachel Bourassa, Texas, St. Paul, Harlingen, August 24 by Rev. William Reagan Jennifer Brister, Texas, Trinity, Taylor, July 13 by Rev. Martin Doering Becky Conway, Texas, Immanuel, Giddings, August 10 by Rev. Robert Tiner Sean Cramer, DCE, Chicago, LOMT/Camp Lone Star, June 8 by Rev. Dennis Bragdon Amanda Domel, Texas, Shepherd of the Hills, San Antonio, August 24 by Rev. Daniel Mueller Nadine Fink, Irvine-Colloquy, Cross, New Braunfels, March 9 by Rev. Donald Fraker Sarah Ganze, Texas, Our Savior, Houston, February 17 by Rev. Laurence White Melanie Geiger, Chicago, LEAH/Lutheran South Academy, Houston, August 22 by Rev. Ralph Hobratschk Amy Hamilton, Irvine, Crown of Life, Colleyville, August 17, by Rev. David Jung Dr. Barbra Helmkamp, Texas-Colloquy, St. Mark, Houston, January 13 by Rev. Scott Heitshusen Caresse Hendrix,Texas, Redeemer, Austin, August 17 by Rev. David Schroder Steven Hohnstadt, DPM, Wisconsin, Pilgrim, Houston, April 13 by Rev. Allen Bauer, Sr. Debra Jeffers, Texas-Colloquy, Memorial, Houston, February 17 by Rev. J. Bart Day Alexandrea Johansen, Nebraska, Immanuel, Giddings, August 10 by Rev. Robert Tiner Kari Lonneman, DCE, Chicago, Memorial, Katy, January 27 by Rev. Erik Stadler Jeremy Louden, Ann Arbor, LEAH/Lutheran South Academy, Houston, August 22 by Rev. Ralph Hobratschk Jamie Lumaye, Texas, Epiphany, Houston, August 17 by Rev. Michael Welmer


Michael 'Dallas' Lusk, Texas-Colloquy, Prince of Peace, Carrollton, February 10 by Rev. Luther Biggs Sarah Martin, Texas-Colloquy, Memorial, Houston, September 7 by Rev. J. Bart Day Julie Meese, Texas, LEAH/Lutheran South Academy, Houston, August 22 by Rev. Ralph Hobratschk Tiffany Miller, DCE, Nebraska, Christ Memorial, Houston, June 1 by Rev. Steven Simon Jennifer Nielsen, Wisconsin, Trinity, Amarillo, August 24 by Rev. Brian Hesse Remkea Ockander, Nebraska-Colloquy, Lutheran High, San Antonio, February 5 by Rev. Mark Barz Melanie Paceley, Texas, Immanuel, Giddings, August 10 by Rev. Robert Tiner Elissa Roberts, Texas, Shepherd of the Hills, San Antonio, August 24, by Rev. Daniel Mueller Erin Rustan, DCE, Texas, Concordia, Bedford, May 18 by Rev. Mark Lasch Jessica Theilen, Chicago, LEAH/Lutheran South Academy, Houston, August 22 by Rev. Ralph Hobratschk Janna Virus, Nebraska, Our Savior, Houston, August 17 by Rev. Laurence White Karl Winkler, Texas, Trinity, Tyler, June 15 by Rev. Art Hill

COMMISSIONED MINISTERS REINSTATED & INSTALLED 2006 Monica Ehrhardt, Reinstated September 18 Trinity-Klein, Spring, Installed January 28 by Rev. Richard Noack 2007 Linda Buffington, Reinstated September 18 Concordia, San Antonio, Installed December 21 by Rev. William Tucker Sherry Byrne, Reinstated February 14, Messiah, Plano, Installed August 26 by Rev. Victor Kollmann Michael Fuchs, Reinstated September 18, Texas District/ Dir. of Dev., Installed Feb. 24 by Rev. Robert Preece 2008 Karl Streit, Reinstated February 20, LOMT/Camp Lone Star, Installed June 8 by Rev. Dennis Bragdon

COMMISSIONED MINISTERS INSTALLED 2006 Kathleen Fischer, Candidate, St. Mark, Houston, August 13 by Rev. Scott Heitshusen Jennifer Larson, Candidate, Our Savior, Austin, August 13 by Rev. Keith Gravesmill Jennifer Martin, Candidate, Hope, Austin, August 13 by Rev. Peter Heckmann Bonnie Moore, Candidate, Concordia, San Antonio, August 13 by Rev. William Tucker Keith Nordmeyer, Candidate, Cross of Christ, De Soto, October 29 by Rev. John DeYoung Jason Palisch, DCE/Candidate, Concordia, Garland, October 1 by Rev. Kenneth Krippner Paula Thomson, Candidate, Lutheran High, Dallas, September 24 by Rev. Donald Berg


2007 Michael Arldt, DCE/Candidate, Prince of Peace, Carrollton, August 26 by Rev. Luther Biggs Kimberly Appel, Candidate, Shepherd of the Hills, San Antonio, August 26 by Rev. Daniel Mueller Peter Bergman DCE/Candidate, Family of Faith, Houston, February 25 by Rev. John "Mike" Ramey Deborah Christian, Candidate, Concordia Academy, Austin, January 10 by Rev. Walter Pohland Monica Ehrhardt, Candidate, Trinity-Klein, Spring, January 28 by Rev. Richard Noack Glenn Gerber, Candidate, LEAH/Westside Head of School, Houston, April 22 by Rev. Bill Woolsey Kathleen Menzel, Candidate, St. Paul, Ft. Worth, August 26 by Rev. John Messmann Jane Anne Pohl, Candidate, St. Paul, Austin, August 19 by Rev. Sherman Stenson 2008 Ruth Brandon, Candidate, Prince of Peace, Carrollton, November 2 by Rev. Luther Biggs Ruth Brunig, Candidate, Epiphany, Houston, August 17 by Rev. Michael Welmer Sandra Grupe, DCE/Candidate, Prince of Peace, Carrollton, September 7 by Rev. Luther Biggs Christopher Holder, DCE/Candidate, Holy Cross, Dallas, August 17 by Rev. Kenneth Haupt Melody McIntosh, Candidate, Concordia, San Antonio, September 10 by Rev. William Tucker Christie Nelson, Dcns,/Candidate, LSS/Bokenkamp Children's Shelter, Corpus Christi, Feb. 24 by Rev. Gilbert Franke Lisa Schaller, Candidate, St. Peter, Gun Barrel City, November 2 by Rev. Scott Schaller Lisa Schmidt, Candidate, St. Paul, Giddings, December 28 by Rev. John Schmidt COMMISSIONED MINISTERS TRANSFERRED WITHIN TEXAS & INSTALLED 2006 Meredith Arldt, Prince of Peace, Carrollton, August 13 by Rev. Luther Biggs Deborah Beisert, St. Paul-Serbin, Giddings, August 6 by Rev. Michael Buchhorn Stephen Brennan, Concordia, Tomball, August 16 by Rev. Timothy Niekerk Patrick Carlove, Prince of Peace, Carrollton, August 13 by Rev. Luther Biggs Jenny Clifton, Redeemer, Austin, August 13 by Rev. David Schroder Kevin Dierks, Cross, New Braunfels, August 6 by Rev. Donald Fraker David Glienke Pilgrim, Houston, July 16 by Rev. Allen Bauer Mark McClain, Min. of Music, St. Michael's, Winchester, Nov. 12 by Rev. Henry Wied, Sr. Deborah Merkord, Concordia, San Antonio, August 13 by Rev. William Tucker Lanny Merkord, Concordia, San Antonio, August 13 by Rev. William Tucker Hilliary Poehlmann, Grace, Brenham, August 27 by Rev. Matthew Jacobs Bethel Sticklus, Concordia, Tomball, August 16 by Rev. Timothy Niekerk Audrey Stoneburner, Faith, Sugar Land, December 10 by Rev. Kenneth Sinclair Rachel Tally, Salem, Tomball, September 10 by Rev. Wayne Graumann Christina Taylor, St. Paul Ft. Worth, August 27 by Rev. John Messmann 2007 Sarah Black, Trinity, Amarillo, August 19 by Rev. David Schatte Tia Brady, St. Paul, Ft. Worth, August 26 by Rev. John Messmann Cheryl Burmeister, Immanuel, Houston, August 12 by Rev. Claudio Perez Jennifer Davis, Trinity-Klein, Spring, August 26 by Rev. Richard Noack Patricia Fick, CAN-DO Director, Concordia University Texas, Austin, August 30 by Rev. Kenneth Hennings


Julie Finke, Faith, Sugar Land, August 19 by Rev. Kenneth Sinclair Suanne Forrester, Concordia International School, Shanghai, China, December 5 by Rev. John Mehl Larry Hoffschneider, St. Paul, Ft. Worth, August 26 by Rev. John Messmann Kevin Kersten, Epiphany, Pearland, January 28 by Rev. Jon Salminen Michelle Kleb, Epiphany, Houston, August 19 by Rev. Michael Welmer Carol Kluth, Hope, Austin, August 26 by Rev. Peter Heckmann Dr. Norma "Jeanne" Kretzmann, Concordia University Texas, Austin, October 19 by Rev. Kenneth Hennings Kay Lindsay, Concordia International School, Shanghai, China, December 5 by Rev. John Mehl Kara Mendoza, Hope, Austin, August 26 by Rev. Peter Heckmann Lisa Mull, Our Savior, McKinney, August 26 by Rev. Danny Tutwiler Lauren Nietubicz, DCE, Trinity-Klein, Spring, December 16 by Rev. Richard Noack Serena Pace, DCE, Prince of Peace, Carrollton, June 10 by Rev. Luther Biggs David Rahberg, DCE, Prince of Peace, Carrollton, September 23 by Rev. Luther Biggs Garret Riveness, LEAH/Lutheran South Academy, Houston, August 24 by Rev. Richard Pfaff Timothy Walz, Crown of Life, Colleyville, August 12 by Rev. David Jung Gretchen Weesner, Concordia International School, Shanghai, China by Rev. John Mehl Patrick Blake, DCE, Trinity-Klein, Spring, October 26 by Rev. Richard Noack 2008 Jean Boldt, Holy Cross, Dallas, August 17 by Rev. Kenneth Haupt Linda Greenwald, Concordia University Texas, Austin, September 10 by Rev. Robert Preece Rebecca Greer, St. Paul, Ft. Worth, August 17 by Rev. John Messmann Travis Hartjen, DCE, Mission Planter, Water's Edge, Frisco, October 5 by Rev. Wayne Braun David Jander, DCE, Dir. of Worship, Redeemer, Austin, July 20 by Rev. David Schroder Amy Keilman, St. Paul, Ft. Worth, August 17 by Rev. John Messmann Kelly Linebrink, Salem, Tomball, September 7 by Rev. Wayne Graumann Jennifer Loewe, St. Paul, Harlingen, June 22 by Rev. William Reagan Michelle Pierce, Salem, Tomball, September 7 by Rev. Wayne Graumann Donna Rupp, Shepherd of the Hills, San Antonio, August 24 by Rev. Daniel Mueller Kenneth Schmidt, Concordia University Texas, Austin, September 10 by Rev. Robert Preece Elizabeth Wallis, Zion, Dallas, August 17 by Rev. Robert Preece COMMISSIONED MINISTERS TRANSFERRED TO TEXAS WITH CALL & INSTALLED 2006 Landon Becker, DCE, Southern District to Bethany, Austin, October 15 by Rev. William Knippa Sara Birmingham, Southern District to St. Paul, Ft. Worth, August 27 by Rev. John Messmann Rebecca Brockman, DCE, Nebraska District to Peace, Hurst, February 12 by Rev. Walt Waiser Sara Camporeale, Atlantic District to Redeemer, Austin, August 13 by Rev. David Schroder Dusty Drosche, Southern District to Memorial, Houston, August 27 by Rev. Scott Murray Ruth Drum, Deaconess, North Dakota District to LSSS, December 7 by Rev. Russ Tieken Kristi Georgi, Indiana District to Faith, Sugar Land, December 10 by Rev. Kenneth Sinclair David Jander, DCE, Northern Illinois District to LINC, Houston, September 3, by Rev. Mike Mast Eleanora Mansell, DCE, Atlantic District to St. Andrew, Houston, January 15 by Rev. Paul Ferguson Herbert Mock, Ohio District to St. Mark, Houston, August 13 by Rev. Scott Heitshusen


Rhonda Mohr, Family Life Minister, Iowa West District to St. John, Cypress, October 8 by Rev. David Bahn Robert Psencik, Nebraska District to LEAH/Lutheran South Academy, Houston, August 18 by Rev. Richard Pfaff Sheila Psencik, Nebraska District to LEAH/Lutheran South Academy, Houston, August 18 by Rev. Richard Pfaff Matthew Schleicher, Michigan District to Concordia, Tomball, August 16, Rev. Timothy Niekerk Kenneth Schmidt, Nebraska District to Concordia University Texas, Austin, August 24 by Rev. James Linderman Vanessa Seifert, DCE, Nebraska District to Shepherd of the Hills, San Antonio, June 11 by Rev. Daniel Mueller Paul Stark, Southern Illinois District to Lutheran High, Dallas, September 24 by Rev. Donald Berg Robert Walston, DCE, Northwest District to St. Paul, Ft. Worth, February 26 by Rev. John Messmann David Waterman, Missouri District to LEAH/Lutheran High North, Houston, September 7 by Rev. Donald Black Steven Winkelman, Michigan District to Our Savior, McKinney, August 13 by Rev. Danny Tutwiler 2007 Connie Askins, Northwest District to St. Paul, Austin, August 19 by Rev. Sherman Stenson Jordan Boessling, Tchr/DCE, Central Illinois District to Christ, Austin, August 12 by Rev. John Stennfeld Sarah Britton, DCE, English District to King of Kings, Round Rock, October 28 by Rev. Mark Dankis Leta Brown, South Wisconsin District to Crown of Life, Colleyville, August 12 by Rev. David Jung Stephen Eggold, Missouri District to Lutheran High, San Antonio, September 14 by Rev. Mark Barz Robert "Jeff" Fink, Pacific Southwest District to Cross, New Braunfels, July 15 by Rev. Donald Fraker Richard Gutekunst, DCE, Southern District to Lamb of God, Humble, September 16 by Rev. Mark Brunette Christiane Hobbs, DCE, Southern District to Zion, Dallas, April 15 by Rev. Robert Preece Bradley Jurischk, DCE, Missouri District to St. Timothy, Houston, November 4 by Rev. Steven Henze Lillian Kahre, Indiana District to LEAH/Lutheran South Academy, August 24 by Rev. Richard Pfaff Jeffrey Kroemer, Missouri District to Concordia, Tomball, August 26 by Rev. Stephen Sohns Kimberly Lauer, DCE, Northern Illinois District to Bethany, Austin, September 30 by Rev. William Knippa Jonathan Loesch, DCE, Pacific Southwest District to Faith, Georgetown, January 14 by Rev. John Selle Jason Manthe, Pacific Southwest District to Redeemer, Austin, August 19 by Rev. David Schroder Kamara Manthe, Pacific Southwest District to Redeemer, Austin, August 19 by Rev. David Schroder Carol R. Mueller, Nebraska District to Redeemer, Austin, August 19 by Rev. David Schroder David W. Mueller, Nebraska District to Concordia Academy, Austin, September 23 by Rev. David Schroder Kim Schleicher, Michigan District to Trinity-Klein, Spring, January 28 by Rev. Richard Noack Jess Thacker, Kansas District to Memorial, Houston, August 19, 2007 by Rev. J. Bart Day Donn Trautner, Mid-South District to Our Savior, Austin, April 1 by Rev. Keith Gravesmill Cheryl Wilkie, Dir/Fam. Life, Rocky Mntn District to Living Word, The Woodlands, January 14 by Rev. Alfonso Espinosa


2008 David Bangert, South Wisconsin District to Lutheran High, Dallas, August 31 by Rev. Robert Preece Jean Bangert, English District to Our Redeemer, Dallas, August 17 by Rev. Geoffrey McGuire Harold "David" Boldt, Florida/Georgia District to Salem, Tomball, September 7 by Rev. Wayne Graumann Craig Harmann, South Wisconsin District to King of Kings, San Antonio, February 3 by Rev. Jeffrey Doria Dr. Philip Frusti, Wisconsin District to LOMT/Camp Lone Star, June 8 by Rev. Dennis Bragdon Jonathan Held, Southern District to Concordia, Tomball, August 24 by Rev. Steven Henze Gwendolyn Hohle, Missouri District to Texas District LCMS, January 29 by Rev. Kenneth Hennings Jacob Hollatz, Pacific Southwest District to Grace, Brenham, July 13, by Rev. Matthew Jacobs Lydia Holz, Southeastern District to Concordia, San Antonio, August 25 by Rev. William Tucker Melissa Larsen, South Wisconsin District to Salem, Tomball, September 7 by Rev. Wayne Graumann Norbert "N.J." Malenke, Northern Illinois District to St. John, Cypress, February 17 by Rev. David Bahn Dr. Micah Parker, Nebraska District to LEAH/Lutheran South Academy, Houston, March 28 by Rev. Todd Stocker Dale Quickel, Mid-South District to St. Mark, Houston, August 17 by Rev. Scott Heitshusen Lisa Quickel, Mid-South District to St. Mark, Houston, August 17 by Rev. Scott Heitshusen Jonathan Ruehs, DCE, Pac.Southwest District to Concordia Univ. Texas, Austin, September 10 by Rev. Robert Preece Michelle Thompson, DCM, Missouri District to CrossPoint, Katy, August 24 by Rev. Bill Woolsey Robert Williams, Dir/Worship, Michigan District to St. Paul, Ft. Worth, August 10 by Rev. John Messmann Allison Wilson, Pacific Southwest District to Memorial, Houston, September 7 by Rev. J. Bart Day COMMISSIONED MINISTERS TRANSFERRED TO TEXAS WITH INACTIVE STATUS 2006 Ruth Braun, Emeritus, Nebraska District, April 18 Stacy Heinrich, Candidate, South Wisconsin District, July 16 Kathleen Herzberg, Non-Candidate, Missouri District, August 23 Carolyn Oblinger, Candidate, Michigan District, May 2 Sheryl Waterman, Non-Candidate, Missouri District, August 1 Richard Wismar, Emeritus, Northwest District, September 9 2007 Christine Dail, Candidate, Mid-South District, July 9 Judith Gerber, Candidate, Missouri District, January 24 Nyla Gutekunst, Non-Candidate, Southern District, September 1 James Kamprath, Emeritus, Pacific Southwest District, December 11 Paulette Kamprath, Emeritus, Pacific Southwest District, December 11 Karl Lauer, Candidate, Northern Illinois District, September 7 Jayme Nichols,DCE/Candidate, Pacific Southwest District, February 19 James Schroeder, Emeritus, Ohio District, June 3 Karie Sutton, Non-Candidate, Indiana District, December 18 Gail Winningham, Candidate, Michigan District, August 8


2008 Ruth Brandon, Candidate, Pacific Southwest District, July 7 Sandra Clinkenbeard, Candidate, Rocky Mountain District, January 30 Teresa Cornett, Candidate, Pacific Southwest District, March 3 Laura Geske, Candidate, Kansas District, October 1 Andrea Hauser, Non-Candidate, Missouri District, January 15 Jennifer Hipp, DCE/Candidate, Northwest District, July 15 Mary Hooper, Emeritus, Pacific Southwest District, April 15 Edith Jones, Emeritus, Minnesota South District, July 31 Janice Marut, Non-Candidate, Southeastern District, September 18 Patrick Maynard, Candidate, California/Nevada/Hawaii District, April 1 Carol A. Mueller, Non-Candidate, California/Nevada/Hawaii District, June 5 Jay Musfeldt, DCE/Emeritus, Northwest District, January 3 Rebekah Myer, Candidate, Florida/Georgia District, October 15 Daniel Palisch, Emeritus, Florida/Georgia District, August 25 Kari Penrose, Candidate, California/Nevada/Hawaii District, March 4 Lisa Schmidt, Candidate, English District, October 26 Beverly Smith, Emeritus, Florida/Georgia District, June 12 Burge Smith, Emeritus, Florida/Georgia District, June 12 Anna Witt, Non-Candidate, Nebraska District, June 5

COMMISSIONED MINISTERS TRANSFERRED TO OTHER DISTRICTS 2006 Sherry Anderson, Pilgrim, Houston, to Northwest District, August 16 Jaime Christ, Non-Candidate, to Eastern District, June 6 Melanie Dehning, DCE/Candidate, to Nebraska District, May 1 Mervin Dehning, St. Paul, McAllen, with Call to Nebraska District, March 17 Daniel Dueck, Prince of Peace, Carrollton, with Call to Missouri District, June 1 Erin Dueck, Non-Candidate, to Missouri District, June 1 Roy Heflin, DCE/Candidate, with Call to Florida/Georgia District, September 21 Audrey House, Candidate, to Oklahoma District, April 14 Jerry Hoyum, Holy Cross, Dallas, with Call to Florida/Georgia District, July 25 Lynette Hoyum, Holy Cross, Dallas, with Call to Florida/Georgia District, July 25 Jennifer Koch, Our Redeemer, Dallas, with Call to Missouri District, January 1 Melissa Larsen, Salem, Tomball, with Call to South Wisconsin District, August 22 Paul Larsen, Tchr/DCE, Candidate, with Call to South Wisconsin District, March 10 Michelle McClure, Candidate, to Florida/Georgia District, August 8 Edward Mora, DCE, Crossbridge Comm., Austin, with Call to Florida/Georgia District, August 1 Wayne Nelson Jr., St. Paul, McAllen, with Call to Missouri District, July 1 Loraine Rathman, Deaconess, with Call to Southern District, September 1 Ralph Reinke, Emeritus, to Pacific Southwest District, September 14 Dawn Robbins, Candidate, to Minnesota South District, November 20 John Werner, Grace, Arlington, with Call to Minnesota South District, June 15


2007 Susan Ader, Candidate, to North Wisconsin District, April 12 Nicola Becker, Candidate, with Call to Missouri District, July 31 Meghan Butterfield, Candidate, with Call to Northern Illinois District, July 15 Darius Chapman, DCE, Trinity, Tyler, with Call to Michigan District, January 1 Kregg Fritsch, Holy Cross, Dallas, with Call to Michigan District, July 1 Peter Froehlich, Candidate, to South Wisconsin District, August 1 Thomas Geyer, St. Paul, Ft. Worth, with Call to Pacific Southwest District, August 1 David Gottschalk, Concordia, Tomball, with Call to Northern Illinois District, July 20 Stephanie Hillyer, Candidate, to Minnesota South District, February 20 James Hohnbaum, Candidate, to Indiana District, June 1 Krista Kammerlohr, Non-Candidate, to Wyoming District, December 5 Robin Kurth, DCE, St. Paul, McAllen, with Call to Rocky Mountain District, September 1 Janice Ladendorf, Candidate, to South Wisconsin District, February 7 Sandra Lietz, St. Paul, Harlingen, with Call to Indiana District, June 11 David Manning, Immanuel, Temple, with Call to Southern Illinois District, August 1 Delmer Mau, Immanuel, Houston, with Call to Pacific Southwest District, August 15 Jacqueline Mau, Immanuel, Houston, with Call to Pacific Southwest District, August 15 Paul Mieger, Cross of Christ, De Soto, with Call to Kansas District, June 30 Sara Nordling, Deaconess/Non-Candidate, to Indiana District, January 29 Bruce Rudi, Concordia, San Antonio, with Call to Northern Illinois District, July 1 Rebecca Sawhill, Immanuel, Houston, with Call to Northwest District, August 1 William Schatte II, Redeemer, Austin, with Call to Minnesota South District, July 31 Ronald Scherch, DCE, Concordia University Texas, Austin, with Call to Missouri District, June 1 Kristine Schneider, Non-Candidate, to Rocky Mountain District, June 20 Mark Sperry, DCE, Christ Memorial, Houston, with Call to Iowa West District, August 15 Adrienne Troemel, Candidate, to Indiana District, October 23 Karen Wiggins, Reinstated/Candidate, with Call to Pacific Southwest District, April 12 David Willingham, DCE, Good Shepherd, Cedar Park, with Call to Kansas District, February 15 2008 Donald Bader, DCE/Candidate, to Nebraska District, December 1 Andrew Bates, DCE/Candidate, to Missouri District, January 18 Christine Beringer, Candidate, to North Wisconsin District, April 30 David Beringer, Concordia, Tomball, with Call to North Wisconsin District, April 30 Vikki Camper, Candidate, to Pacific Southwest District, May 6 Scott Dixon, Immanuel, Houston, with Call to South Wisconsin District, July 25 Dr. Sandra Doering, Concordia Univ. Texas, Austin, with Call to Northern Illinois District, July 1 Randy Einem, Trinity-Downtown, Houston, with Call to Pacific Southwest District, July 25 Tonya Eza, Deaconess/Candidate, to Southeastern District, May 1 Deborah Heuer, Reinstated/Candidate, to Nebraska District, December 1 James House, Zion, Dallas, with Call to Missouri District, June 30 Chad Janetzke, Concordia, Tomball, with Call to South Wisconsin District, July 9 Erin Janetzke, Candidate, to South Wisconsin District, July 9 Joshua Kammerlohr, Non-Candidate, to Wyoming District, January 24 David Lundin, Candidate, to Mid-South District, January 14 Jacob Mooney, Trinity-Klein, Spring, with Call to Missouri District, July 9 Corby Osten, LEAH/Lutheran South Academy, Houston, with Call to Nebraska District, June 1 David Pendley, DCE, Grace, Arlington, with Call to Northern Illinois District, September 1 Carol Senechal, Emeritus, to Rocky Mountain District, February 7 John Senechal, Emeritus, to Rocky Mountain District, February 7


Joshua Sommermeyer, Concordia, Tomball, with Call to Oklahoma District, June 13 James Wagner, Candidate, with Call to Southeastern District, May 29 Joseph Werner, Lord of Life, Plano, with Call to Missouri District, November 15 Bruce Wurdeman, Tchr/DCE, Texas District Off., Austin, with Call to Missouri District, February 1

COMMISSIONED MINISTERS CHANGE OF STATUS 2006 Angela Albers, Active to Candidate, January 21 Michael Arldt, DCE, Active to Non-Candidate, September 1 Britany Aves, DCE, Active to Non-Candidate, August 20 Dana Beck, DCE, Active to Non-Candidate, June 1 Andrew Becker, DCE, Active to Non-Candidate, September 1 Nicola Becker, Active to Candidate, September 20 Leroy Beer, DCO, Candidate to Non-Candidate, January 25 Elisabeth Behrend, Active to Emeritus, June 30 Peter Bergman, DCE, Active to Candidate, September 10 Liesl Bockelmann, Active to Candidate, August 18 Meghan Butterfield, Active to Candidate, July 31 Jaime Christ, Active to Non-Candidate, May 30 Karen Crone, Active to Candidate, January 19 Brenda Cumming, Active to Non-Candidate, September 23 Veloyce Dorn, Candidate to Non-Candidate, January 10 Beverly Dube, Active to Emeritus, October 1 Gary Einem, Active to Candidate, January 3 Sharlyn Fritz, Active to Emeritus, June 16 Daniel Hauser, DCE, Candidate to Non-Candidate, January 4 Rebecca Hawthorne, Candidate to Non-Candidate, April 24 Jerry Hays, DCE, Active to Non-Candidate, August 1 Audrey House, Active to Candidate, April 14 Joshua Kammerlohr, Active to Non-Candidate, August 18 Patricia Kelm, Active to Candidate, June 15 Bobbie Ledbetter, Active to Emeritus, August 22 Sandra Leger, Active to Candidate, September 19 Shane Lobaugh, Non-Candidate to Candidate, January 16 Michelle McClure, Active to Candidate, August 8 Sharon McDonald, Active to Non-Candidate, July 26 Michael McLain, Active to Non-Candidate, July 10 Victoria Moses, Non-Candidate to Candidate, March 29 Joel Oesch, DCE, Active to Non-Candidate, August 1 Carolyn Quandt, Active to Candidate, June 1 Clinton Reynolds, DCE, Active to Candidate, October 10 Darrell Schepmann, Active to Emeritus, June 30 Melvin Schiwart, Active to Emeritus, December 31 James Wagner, Non-Candidate to Candidate, January 23 Amanda Woelfel, Active to Non-Candidate, May 1 Adriana Yanez, Non-Candidate to Candidate, January 31 Dr. Janice Yung, Active to Emeritus, July 28 O. Thomas Zahn, Candidate to Non-Candidate, March 30 Angela Zuehsow, Non-Candidate to Candidate, January 2


2007 Angela Albers, Candidate to Non-Candidate, January 25 Michael Arldt, DCE, Non-Candidate to Candidate, March 12 Andrew Bates, DCE, Active to Candidate, December 19 Ruth Brunig, Active to Candidate, November 26 Vikki Camper, Active to Candidate, January 15 Kristy Cheney, Active to Non-Candidate, June 30 Susan Church, Active to Non-Candidate, May 30 Anita Claridge, Non-Candidate to Candidate, February 9 Thomas Couser, Active to Emeritus, June 30 Rodney Eckert, Active to Emeritus, May 31 Timothy Fry, Active to Candidate, June 1 Kenneth Germann, Active to Emeritus, July 31 Stephanie Hillyer, Active to Candidate, February 20 Martha Jander, Candidate to Emeritus, January 28 Krista Kammerlohr, Active to Non-Candidate, November 28 Janny Krans, Active to Non-Candidate, September 19 Eloise Kuhlmann, Active to Emeritus, July 31 Michael McLain, Non-Candidate to Candidate, April 30 Kathleen Menzel, Non-Candidate to Candidate, May 1 Jennifer Neafcy, Active to Non-Candidate, June 30 Keith Nordmeyer, Active to Candidate, November 29 Carolyn Oblinger, Candidate to Non-Candidate, January 24 Jennifer Pieper, Active to Candidate, August 7 Theresa Reagan, Candidate to Non-Candidate, January 22 Bruce Schaller, Active to Emeritus, August 1 Carol Senechal, Active to Emeritus, June 30 John Senechal, Active to Emeritus, June 30 Pamela Shealy, Active to Candidate, July 1 David Sommermeyer, Active to Emeritus, February 1 Lee Stocker, Active to Emeritus, November 1 Shelli Stuewe, Candidate to Non-Candidate, April 1 Michelle Turnipseed, DCE, Active to Non-Candidate, September 23 Michael Zimmerman, Active to Candidate, June 30

2008 Phillip "Gil" Abbott, Active to Candidate, July 31 Angele Barthe', Active to Candidate, June 30 Matthew Behrens, DCE, Candidate to Non-Candidate, January 15 Deborah Beisert, Active to Candidate, July 31 Jenny (Krans) Blackley, Non-Candidate to Candidate, July 24 Carol Bradley, Candidate to Non-Candidate, February 9 Guelda Cullen, Active to Non-Candidate, June 30 Tonya Eza, Deaconess, Active to Candidate, January 1 Sandra Grupe, DCE, Active to Candidate, May 20 Daniel Hall, DCE, Active to Non-Candidate, August 1 Sheryl Hansen, DCE, Active to Candidate, June 1 Dr. Barbara Helmkamp, Active to Candidate, June 30 Kathleen Herzberg, Non-Candidate to Candidate, January 18 Erin Janetzke, Candidate to Candidate, February 19


Ann Marie Jung, Active to Non-Candidate, June 1 Troy Karcher, Candidate to Non-Candidate, April 30 Carol Kluth, Active to Candidate, June 30 Dr. Norma "Jeanne" Kretzmann, Active to Non-Candidate, September 4 Julie Lierbo, Candidate to Non-Candidate, January 19 Melody McIntosh, Active to Candidate, February 11 Michael McClain, Candidate to Non-Candidate, April 1 Kara (Mueller) Mendoza, Active to Candidate, June 1 Carol Mycock, Candidate to Non-Candidate, February 13 Carolyn Oblinger, Non-Candidate to Candidate, February 12 Allan Paluch, Active to Emeritus, July 31 LeAnn Perrin, Active to Non-Candidate, May 6 Crystal Rempfer, Active to Non-Candidate, July 31 Angie Roberts, Active to Non-Candidate, January 1 Lisa Schaller, Non-Candidate to Candidate, February 11 Judith Stevens, Active to Emeritus, August 1 Nicole Stewart, Active to Non-Candidate, January 1 Charles Wildauer, Candidate to Emeritus, February 11

COMMISSIONED MINISTERS CALLED TO GLORY 2006 2007 Charles Jennings, Killeen, January 5 Deborah Sales, Justin, December 7 2008 Dr. Lester Bayer, Austin, August 19 Beverly Dube, Austin, June 22 Dr. Andrew Komarchuk, Houston, September 1 Merwyn Miessler, Brenham, July 20 Emilie Wienke, North Richland Hills, January 3

COMMISSIONED MINISTERS REMOVED FROM ROSTER 2006 Teresa Drennon, Non-Candidate, Resigned, July 28 Timothy Frahm, Shepherd of the Hills, San Antonio, Resigned, June 21 Jennifer Frosch, Non-Candidate, Resigned, June 29 William Gumtow, Immanuel, Houston, Resigned, August 16 Rebecca Hannath, Non-Candidate, Removed by action of District President, October 17 Sally Kloppe, Non-Candidate, Removed by action of District President, March 15 Alicia Knippa, Candidate, Resigned, January 29 Gary Linkugel, Non-Candidate, Resigned, April 16 Paula Maddux, Non-Candidate, Removed by action of District President, October 17 Lori Marsh, Candidate, Removed by action of District President, October 23


Christine Morris, Non-Candidate, Resigned, January 27 Jill Moyer, DCE, Non-Candidate, Resigned, January 26 Robbin Strevel, Cross of Christ, DeSoto, Removed by action of District President, October 23 Anita Wiese, Immanuel, Houston, Removed by action of District President, September 14

2007 Kristine Biar, Immanuel, Giddings, Resigned, August 23 Stephen Clausen, Non-Candidate, Removed by action of District President, June 1 Rachel Harris, Candidate, Removed by action of District President, March 14 Rebecca Hawthorne, Non-Candidate, Resigned, January 30 Erin Jackson, Redeemer, Austin, Removed by action of District President, July 11 Kristen Kleinert, St. Mark, Houston, Removed by action of District President, January 2 Carolyn Lamb, Non-Candidate, Removed by action of District President, July 11 Shane Lobaugh, Candidate, Removed by action of District President, April 25 Ryan Marotzke, Candidate, Removed by action of District President, February 15 Sharon McDonald, Non-Candidate, Resigned, January 15 Mary Meyer, Non-Candidate, Resigned, January 23 Alison Smith, Lamb of God, Flower Mound, Removed by action of District President, May 31 Karl Streit, Non-Candidate, Removed by action of District President, February 15 Laurie Teinert, Non-Candidate, Resigned, March 20 Sheryl Waterman, Non-Candidate, Resigned, April 10 Melinda Zoch, Non-Candidate, Resigned, April 9

2008 Caroline Borkey, Non-Candidate, Removed by action of District President, February 1 Heidi Brent, Non-Candidate, Removed by action of District President, March 1 Katherine Campbell, Candidate, Removed by action of District President, February 15 Karen Crone, Candidate, Removed by action of District President, May 29 Nyla Gutekunst, Non-Candidate, Removed by action of District President, May 29 Lynda Mathison, Candidate, Removed by action of District President, May 29 Doris Meyer, Shepherd of the Hills, San Antonio, Resigned, July 1 Victoria Moses, Candidate, Removed by action of District President, May 1 Susan Ostermann, Candidate, Removed by action of District President, May 1 Karen Paluch, Salem, Tomball, Resigned, August 1 Jennifer Saunders, Trinity-Klein, Spring, Resigned, May 1 Amy Streit, Non-Candidate, Removed by action of District President, May 29 Rhonda Suckow, DCE, Non-Candidate, Resigned, December 6 Jennifer Taylor, Candidate, Removed by action of District President, May 1 Michelle Turnipseed, DCE, Non-Candidate, Resigned, December 31 Amy Velten, Candidate, Removed by action of District President, February 15 James Wilson, Trinity-Klein, Spring, Resigned, May 1 Gail Winningham, Reinstated/Candidate, Resigned, May 20


MILESTONES Significant anniversaries, beginning with the 25th, are observed at the District Convention for the three years beginning with the last convention year. Therefore, in 2009, we observe anniversaries beginning in 2006, going through 2008. Anniversaries for 2009 will be observed at the District Convention in 2012. Ordained Ministers' Anniversaries Celebrated in 2006-2008

70th Anniversary Elmer Klenk 1938 60th Anniversary Robert J. Jaeger Ray E. Bowles Wayhne M. Schardt 1946 1947 1948 55th Anniversary Richard Dinda Marvin Koch Guido Merkens Virgil Meyer George Luecke Alfred Scholz 1951 1951 1951 1951 1952 1952 Harold Wageman Herbert Kluck Whitfield McMillan Paul Uhles Richard Wagner Rudy Wendel 50th Anniversary Hubert Beck James Dretke John Ellwanger Herbert Graf William Johnson Ray Martens Roger Neeb Thomas Petersen Paul Volz Robert Wedergren Richard Ziehr Robert Cardaro David Ebert David Ebs Alvin Franzmeier Melvin Herring Elmer Hohle Robert Kuhlmann Mark Steege 1956 1956 1956 1956 1956 1956 1956 1956 1956 1956 1956 1957 1957 1957 1957 1957 1957 1957 1957 M. J. Stelmachowicz Henry Stoeppelwerth Ahlert Strand, Sr. Otto Urban Donald Black Charles Froehlich J. C. Henning David Joeckel Alvin Meissner Alvin Musgrove J. Louis Oetting Ben Rathgeber Ray Reich Frederick Reutz Milton Riemer Norman Schwolert Thomas Sorensen Leonard Stahlke 1957 1957 1957 1957 1958 1958 1958 1958 1958 1958 1958 1958 1958 1958 1958 1958 1958 1958 1952 1953 1953 1953 1953 1953


45th Anniversary Gerald Discher Paul Dorn John Feierabend Roger Grummer Eldor Harmann Robert Hill Carroll Kohl Mark Pepoon Ronald Rodeck John Fibelkorn James Haupt James Herzog 1961 1961 1961 1961 1961 1961 1961 1961 1961 1962 1962 1962 Harold Meissner Don Thierfelder Glenn O'Shoney Walter Dube Reuel Gauger Robert Greene Paul Hartfield Dale Lehfeldt Wilbern Michalk David Schultz David Zersen 1962 1962 1962 1963 1963 1963 1963 1963 1963 1963 1963

40th Anniversary Bruce Blakelock Daniel Canion Clyburn Duder Ernesto Garcia Edward Greenthaner James Haner Donald Kroll Wayne Renning Martin Teske 1966 1966 1966 1966 1966 1966 1966 1966 1966 Fred Gersch Paul Helmer Richard Schroeder Frank Starr Norman Stoppenhagen Donald Berg Keith DuBois Dennis Schurter 1967 1967 1967 1967 1967 1968 1968 1968

35th Anniversary Walter Albers George Ascher Robert Brunig Samuel Cosby Duane Florschuetz Mark Behring Keith Kubitz Wayne Schumpe John Selle Kenneth Sinclair Victor Willmann Mark Behring Neil Bockelmann Duane Brunette Gilbert Franke Paul Howe Paul Muench 1971 1971 1971 1971 1971 1971 1971 1971 1971 1971 1971 1972 1972 1972 1972 1972 1972 Melvin Newman David Schroder William Dasch Ned Dobberfuhl Kenneth Hennings John Hirsch William Knippa Vincent Larson, Jr. John Miller, III Dewayne Nelson Donald Olson Gary Pohl Robert Preece Fred Rogers Jerome Teichmiller Stephen Wagner Michael Welmer 1972 1972 1973 1973 1973 1973 1973 1973 1973 1973 1973 1973 1973 1973 1973 1973 1973


30th Anniversary Kim DeVries Todd Dittloff John Frahm Ralph Hobratschk KimDonald Loeschen David Quail Allen Bauer Charles Boerger Gerald Boerger Tom Hadley Laverne Janssen David Kluth 1976 1976 1976 1976 1976 1976 1977 1977 1977 1977 1977 1977 G. Donald Loudenback Elder McCants Curtis Schneider Dennis Tegtmeier Robert Case Ruben Dominguez Michael Frink M. J. Meyer Carlos Puig Jay Simonsen Ahlert Strand, Jr. Bryan Sullivan 1977 1977 1977 1977 1978 1978 1978 1978 1978 1978 1978 1978

25th Anniversary Jerry Bagwell Douglas Dommer Craig DuBois Daniel Georg Steve Henze Chris Johnson Victor Kollmann Alan Korinek David Leeland John Lindner Paul Meyer Ralph Sackschewsky David Sawhill Richard Snyder Russell Tieken Donn Williams Donald Bahr Mark Barz Robert Boyce Dennis Bragdon Kenneth Burkhard Gary Childs Timothy Dinger Alfred Gallmeier Randall Haedge Art Hill Thomas Hoyt Douglas Kabell 1981 1981 1981 1981 1981 1981 1981 1981 1981 1981 1981 1981 1981 1981 1981 1981 1982 1982 1982 1982 1982 1982 1982 1982 1982 1982 1982 1982 Donald Kasper Rolf Larsen Steve Misch Steve Morfitt Paul Neumann Wayne Schueler Richard Schuller Danny Tutwiler Thomas Waynick Mark Brunette Mark Dankis Steve Simon John Davenport Allen Doering Donald Fraker Paul Harris Steven Larsen James Menke Chad Miller Scott Murray Richard Pfaff Ely Prieto William Reagan Craig Schinnerer Carlos Segovia Roy Southard Thomas St. Jean David Symm 1982 1982 1982 1982 1982 1982 1982 1982 1982 1983 1983 1983 1983 1983 1983 1983 1983 1983 1983 1983 1983 1983 1983 1983 1983 1983 1983 1983


Commissioned Ministers' Anniversaries Celebrated in 2006-2008 65th Anniversary Wilber Schumann 1941

60th Anniversary Ruth Doering Ruby Mueller 1947 1947 55th Anniversary Dr. Leroy Tschatschula Martin Eifert Harold Rutz 1951 1952 1952 50th Anniversary Reynold Kunz Walter Schramm Brice Kuhlmann Ruth Braun 1956 1956 1957 1958 45th Anniversary Marilyn Comotto David Koenig William Rutherford Helen Wenthe William Wenthe, Sr. Elisabeth Gallmeier Edward Gallmeier John Goeke Cherry Hammon Lois Lange Pauline Miller Darrell Schepmann 1961 1961 1961 1961 1961 1962 1962 1962 1962 1962 1962 1962 David Schultz Carolyn Wilke Elisabeth Behrend Angie Bielefeldt Helen Germann Gary Lohmeyer Karen Netherton Jay Musfeldt Sharon Richter Edgar Richter Donna Riske Richard Wismar 1962 1962 1963 1963 1963 1963 1963 1963 1963 1963 1963 1963 Betty Dorn Laura Simon Burge Smith 1958 1958 1958 Norman Beyer Dr. Bernard Gastler George Zehnder 1953 1953 1953 Martin Mueller 1948


40th Anniversary Rodney Eckert Dorothea Eckert Sharlyn Fritz Michael Henke Larry Hoffschneider Martha Jander Dr. Lou Jander Bonnie Noack David Sommermeyer Jerome Berry Lowell Goecker Janice Kueck Eloise Kuhlmann Daniel Palisch Melvin Schiwart Kenneth Schmidt Carolyn Shaver Dr. Donald Zielke 1966 1966 1966 1966 1966 1966 1966 1966 1966 1967 1967 1967 1967 1967 1967 1967 1967 1967 Beverly Bernhardt Carol Bradley Roy Capdeville Michael Held Carol Helms Nancy Hoffschneider Wayne Karcher Jean Kirby Peggy Kirchner Joyce Kokel Dr. Lawrence Meissner Janet Meyer Bruce Schaller Rita Schaller James Schroeder Betty Schulze Karen Wulff John Zacho 1968 1968 1968 1968 1968 1968 1968 1968 1968 1968 1968 1968 1968 1968 1968 1968 1968 1968

35th Anniversary Timothy Dommer Sylvia Kokel Paul Krentz Rebecca Krentz Cheryl Linebrink Dr. Jan Lohmeye Jean Mersiovsky Mary Mountford Sandra Nun Marilyn Petersen Gerhardt Pipho Sally Rudy James Vandercook Ardith Vandercook Steven Allmon Albert Bradley Ruth Brunig Dr. Wayne Kramer 1971 1971 1971 1971 1971 1971r 1971 1971 1971 1971 1971 1971 1971 1971 1972 1972 1972 1972 Norbert "N.J." Malenke Sharon Mueller oel Robinson Deborah Baacke Mark Baacke Dorothy Bredehoft Robert Holliday Carolyn Keys Glen Kieschnick Carol Kluth Barbara Krause Naomi Matthys Randall Moerbe Carol Mycock Keith Nordmeyer Donn Trautner Leslie VanArsdale 1972 1972 1972 1973 1973 1973 1973 1973 1973 1973 1973 1973 1973 1973 1973 1973 1973


30th Anniversary Sandra Clinkenbeard Charles Eaton Ronald Fritsche Mark McClain Leann McClain Eloise Nisayas Michael Rathje Angela Zuehsow Deborah Beisert Annette Boehnke Suzanne Braun Connie Devine Lynette Eickemeyer Pamela Hight Gwen Hohle Ann Jung 1976 1976 1976 1976 1976 1976 1976 1976 1977 1977 1977 1977 1977 1977 1977 1977 25th Anniversary Dennis Boldt Cheryl Cahil Robert Cahill Dr. Donald Christian Eleanor Fowle Robert (Jeff) Fink Gary Himmler Ruth Maas Steven Menke Donna Mueller Diane Severson William Siegrist Douglas Urban Leroy Beer Elizabeth Alyea-Brooks Kimberly Appel Virginia Axtel Sue Davis Judith Friesenhahn Keith Goedecke Nancy Horton 1981 1981 1981 1981 1981 1981 1981 1981 1981 1981 1981 1981 1981 1982 1982 1982 1982 1982 1982 1982 1982 Dirk Kemnitz Pamela Krause Thomas Menke Cindy Miller Linda Miller Faith Nimtz Richard Ryan Daniel Schaefer Susan Schaefer Ellen Stamp Kathleen Tews Richard Ziehr Michael Becker Joel Bode Kathleen Fischer Dr. Philip Frusti Sheryl Hansen Detlef Kemnitz Julie Lierbo Jonathan Loesch Penny Schimank 1982 1982 1982 1982 1982 1982 1982 1982 1982 1982 1982 1982 1983 1983 1983 1983 1983 1983 1983 1983 1983 Carolyn Koslan Dr. James McConnell Cynthia Melcher Deborah Merkord Lanny Merkord Julia Sawhill Thomas Schultze David Bangert Jean Bangert Rob Gerlach Dr. William Hinz Paul Miller David Mueller David Rahberg Wyatt Schultz Barbara Selking 1977 1977 1977 1977 1977 1977 1977 1978 1978 1978 1978 1978 1978 1978 1978 1978



FIRST VICE PRESIDENT - REV. DR. ROBERT PREECE Senior Pastor, Zion Lutheran Church, Dallas The mission of the Texas District is to strengthen congregations to reach the lost, disciple the saved, and care for people -- locally and globally.


URGE! ENCOURAGE! AFFIRM! These continue to be three imperatives for me as I strive in Christ to approach vice-presidential work with a pastoral and missional spirit. The words are consistent with the duties assigned by the District Handbook. So for the last nine years as VP in Area de la Beta (Area B) I have sought in North Texas to lead ... By urging those in ministry to walk together and to work together in bold mission and compassionate service, with the Word of God, Incarnate and written, leading us (Proverbs 3:5-6); By encouraging those in ministry who are discouraged, disheartened, or dismayed by the old and evil foe, the wanton world, and our own ingrained weakness, to take heart in the forgiveness and fellowship we have in Christ and His Holy Church (1 Thess 5:11). As an Area VP, I pray God to help me comfort our parish workers who are sick or in mourning. By affirming (Matthew 25:23) those in ministry who celebrate the life of faith ... and to participate in ordinations, installations, commissionings, retirements, dedications, anniversaries, as well as any good accomplished in the name of Jesus. Thank you, members of Texas District, for the extraordinary opportunity to do the ordinary work constitutionally assigned to a district vice president, which I pray advances the increase of the Church and the faith of those therein. Below are the sanctified statistics, tabulated only for encouragement, as we urge the Church onward, affirming any good that is done for the sake of the Gospel.

June 22, 2006 ­ February 18, 2009 (anticipating activity through June 25, 2009)

· · · · · · · · · · · 20 Installations of Pastors and Commissioned Ministers Ordinations/Commissionings to the Ministry 3 Visitations of Circuit Pastoral Conferences (Winkels) 17 Pre-seminary Interviews of District Candidates 7 Dedications of Church Facilities, Groundbreakings 3 Anniversaries of Churches, Anniversaries of Ordinations and Commissionings of Church Workers, Retirements 12 Participation in or attendance at Funerals of Church Workers 7 Annual Area B Dinners for Retired Pastors, Wives, and Widows with the Holy Eucharist 4 Various preaching, speaking, teaching, participating opportunities at services, conferences and events 28 Various committee meetings 45 Hospital, sick, and grief calls on Church Workers 24


Additionally, I have been blessed to work for and with very special, dedicated fellow servants. Pray the blessings of our Lord upon the following: · · · · · · Our District President, The Reverend Kenneth M. Hennings of Austin; Mr. Paul Krentz, Area B Mission and Ministry Facilitator; Circuit Counselors who served in the past triennium, especially as they help calling congregations, namely, The Reverend Brothers Watson, Tieken, Braun, Lindner, Haedge, Renning, Etzel, Willman, Konz, Austin, Schey, Rynearson, and Mann; The work of LINC North Texas and their new leader, The Reverend Oscar Benavides; Mrs. Gwen Hohle, Administrative Assistant to the President, and Mrs. Lois Bittner, Secretary to the President, who assist vice presidents from the district office in Austin, Mrs. Rosemary Goodwin of Zion, Dallas, who supports VP-B ministry with administrative labor.

May the Holy Gospel be proclaimed and new Word and Sacrament ministries planted as we urge, encourage, and affirm one another in the Holy Spirit--all to the glory of God and the praise of Christ, our Saviour and Lord.

Come, gracious Spirit, heav'nly Dove, With light and comfort from above; Be Thou our Guardian, Thou our Guide, O'er every thought and step preside. The light of truth to us display, And make us know and choose Thy way; Plant holy fear in every heart, That we from God may ne'er depart. Lead us to holiness, the road Which we must take to dwell with God; Lead us to Christ, the living way, Nor let us from His pastures stray. Lead us to God, our final rest, To be with Him forever blest; Lead us to Heav'n, its bliss to share, Fullness of joy forever there. Words: Simon Browne, 1720 On the North Texas Road Crew for Christ and you, The Rev. Dr. Robert C. Preece, Vice President, Area B

SECOND VICE PRESIDENT - REV. DAVID SCHRODER Senior Pastor, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Austin, TX


"Give thanks to the Lord, call on his name; make known among the nations what he has done." 1 Chronicles 16:8 " It has been a blessed time for Area C as the Lord has used so many wonderful people in His church. Let me share with you some of the blessings of our area. · Being able to work and serve with Circuit Counselors from Austin, Manheim, La Grange, Fredericksburg, San Antonio, San Benito, Bishop, Uvalde, and Cedar Park and with all the churches in their areas gives one a beautiful picture of the ministry that the Lord is blessing.


· ·

Being able to work and serve with Mission and Ministry Facilitators, Paul Krentz and Lou Jander, and now with Rev. Mike Newman have been a special blessing for all of us in Area C. I was able to attend installations, dedications, and anniversaries of congregations and called workers. I had the opportunity to celebrate with thanksgiving with many of our retired church workers and at the same time welcome new workers into the area. I had many opportunities to minister in the Lord's name to workers and churches with all kinds of special needs. I pray for our schools in our area and especially celebrate with President Cedel and Concordia University Texas as they began their ministry at the new location in Austin. I pray for our new ministry starts and especially I lift up our Hispanic ministry which has become such an important part of Area C outreach ministry.

· ·

The greatest blessing about Area C is not the programs and activities but the people of God with their dedicated and faithful pastors, teachers, DCE's, and other staff and their families. With St. Paul in I Corinthians 1:4 - I pray: "I always thank God for you because of His grace given you in Christ Jesus."

THIRD VICE PRESIDENT - REV. RALPH HOBRATSCHK Senior Pastor, Hope Lutheran Church, Friendswood


The Lord of the Church continues to reach out through the words and deeds of his people in Area D­from Orange in the East to Jasper and Bryan in the North to Brenham in the West and Victoria in the South, some 100 ministries and missions in all. Our God does amazing things through clay vessels! It has been my pleasure and joy to officiate at three ordinations and six installations in the Area over the past triennium. There have been a number of pre-seminary interviews conducted by the Interview Committee: The Reverend David Bahn, Principal Debbie Baacke and Mr. John Williams. Funerals, preaching invitations and reconciliation have rounded out the official acts of the vice presidency. Their names are almost household words: Katrina and Ike. Both of these hurricanes and the devastation they wrought for the residents of the Gulf Coast changed the landscape and allowed us to reach out with the hand of Jesus to meet the needs of the newly helpless. Katrina Relief from Area D was organized and carried out in conjunction with volunteers from Area B and VP Preece. We substantially restored the home of a 90 year old marine carpenter in Waveland, MS. After Ike hit in mid-September, Presidents Kieschnick and Hennings, John Hirsh, Lou Jander and I toured the Gulf Coast, assessing and attending to the immediate needs of Pastors and people. Weekly demolition trips were organized and executed, mostly through C.O.R.E. operating out of Gloria Dei in Nassau Bay. MMF Lou Jander kept his finger on the pulse of the Area. Again in coordination with VP Preece and volunteers from Area B, the home and yard of Pastor Tim Dinger in Bridge City were substantially restored. The home of Pastor Dinger's son was also completely drywalled. There will be a continuing need in the months ahead for the Body of Christ to carry out the Great Commandment.


LINC-Houston, under the leadership of Pastor Mark Junkans, serves as the Petri dish for future ministries to an ever expanding, diverse population of the Houston area. The foreign mission field has arrived and settled on our shores and throughout our neighborhoods. The Good News about Jesus Christ is being proclaimed in Pentecost Day enthusiasm and tongue. To God be the glory. The Circuit Counselors of Area D serve with grace and a servant's heart. They are truly a gift of God to his Church. Attending the bi-monthly meetings of the Board of Directors of the Texas District supplied a snap shot of the business of a premier District in the Synod. The Directors have given the District Staff and Agencies the latitude and charge to serve our Area's urban population, which will double in the next two decades, innovatively and proactively. The Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ will give us the vision and urgency to Strengthen Congregations to Reach the Lost, Disciple the Saved and Care for People. Thank you for allowing me to serve you and our Lord Jesus Christ.




As you are reminded every three years in the Area A Vice President's report, Area A is the largest geographic area of the Texas District comprising more than 46% of the state. There are 99 Counties in Area A with a total of 121,589 square miles, which is larger than all but five of the states in the Union. Brewster County alone (Alpine), with an area of 6,193 square miles is larger than 21 of the US states. County populations range from 242,628 for Lubbock County to 67 people in Loving County. As far as The Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod is concerned, this area is made up of six circuits, sixty three congregations, 5 preschools, 2 preschool through kindergarten, 2 preschool through elementary and one campus ministry at Texas Tech. In addition to the wonderful teachers and assistants in the schools, there are 47 pastors called to churches and 15 pastors not called to churches in the Area who assist with ministry in various ways Although the majority of the congregations in Area A are small and usually struggling, this does not mean that ministry is not being done in this part of God's Kingdom. During the past 3 years, since the last Convention Report, a new worship/education complex was dedicated by Holy Cross, Midland, a new Campus Pastor was called and installed at Texas Tech (Rev. Brian Dupre), Redeemer Lubbock celebrated its 75th Anniversary, the entire Panhandle of Texas celebrated its 100th anniversary, St. Luke Lutheran Church, Olney also celebrated 100 years of ministry. Six senior pastors, one associate pastor and two Rostered Educators were added to the professional staff of the Area. Six young men from Area A also made application to attend one of our seminaries since our last District Convention. Sadly, two pastors were also called home during this period, Rev. Ron Jenkins, retired, of Lubbock and Rev. Bill Brummett, active pastor in Bowie. The average congregational size in Area A is 192 baptized members with the largest baptized membership being 727 and the smallest being 6 (of those 45 congregations reporting in the 2007 Annual). 10 Congregations of those reporting had less than 50 baptized members, 19 had less than 100 and only 15 had more than 200 baptized. The size of the congregation however does not in any way indicate that the love of the members for the Lord and the Kingdom of God is any less than in larger churches. The members of the churches here are in large part more dedicated to the ministry of the church inasmuch as everyone has to do their job and pull their own weight or things will not get done. No one can assume that someone else will do the work of the Lord if they don't do it because usually there is no one else to do the work. The greatest contribution of the churches in


Area A is probably their "sending" ministry. They nurture the young and new members and then often transfer them to congregations in larger cities where they continue to serve the Lord and their new churches. In this way the smaller churches are often incubators for new Christians and although they are adding members to the Kingdom of God, they struggle to just maintain their present size. As has been often said, many of the churches in West Texas have to run just to stand still. The people of this part of the state are rugged, resourceful, committed and survivors. This is certainly also true in respect to their faith and ministry. On a personal note, being retired from the "Called" pastoral ministry, the past three years have afforded me the opportunity to visit and preach in many of the churches of the Area. During these three years of service to the Lord and my District I have: · Attended a District Mission Board Retreat · Presented a plaque to Former Vice President David Rohde · Attended the National Circuit Counselors Conference in Milwaukee · Represented the District President at the State LLL Convention in Tyler · Attended the Dedication of Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Midland · Attended the Funeral of Rev. Ron Jenkins, Lubbock and Rev. Bill Brummett, Bowie · Conducted a Reconciliation Worship service at one of the churches in the Area · Made trips to visit ill pastors. · Attended Board of Directors meetings at Texas Tech · Attended a farewell dinner for Mr. Bruce Wurdeman, MM&F, a farewell service for Rev. Jay Beyer, Redeemer, Lubbock and a retirement celebration for Rev. Mark Paul, Christ, Lubbock. · Attended the 75th Anniversary at Redeemer, Lubbock and the 100th Anniversary at St. Luke, Olney. · Installed Pastor Richard Mittlestadt, Grace, Eden, Pastor Kevin Tiaden, St. Paul, Wichita Falls, Pastor Curt Schneider, Grace, Brownwood, Pastor Russ Nebhut, Holy Cross, Midland, and Pastor Ben Francisco, Mt. Calvary, Brady, · Attended 5 Circuit Pastors meetings outside of my own Circuit · Interviewed 6 prospective Seminary Students · Attended 6 District Circuit Counselors conferences · Attended 19 District Board of Directors meetings · Conducted and preached at 107 worship services · Served vacancies at Grace, Brownwood and Holy Cross, Midland · Conducted Advent and Lenten services at Grace, Lamesa, Holy Cross, Midland and Alive in Christ, Big Spring. I have a very deep love for my Lord Jesus Christ, my Lutheran Church, my Texas District and my West Texas Area A. After serving 13 years as Circuit Counselor, 6 years on the District Mission Board and 15 years as Vice President of Area A, I would certainly be less than honest if I said I will not miss being involved in the administration of the Circuit, Area and District, but I feel led by God to retire from District Offices. God has blessed His church among us in the past and will continue to do so as even greater things happen in the future. To God Be The Glory!



St. John Lutheran Church, Dumas


With over 30,000 square miles of area, the Texas Panhandle, with its diverse communities, populations and cultural considerations, includes thirteen congregations of Circuit #1 that continue to serve the Lord in their mission for the lost, in the work of their churches and the efforts of believers at large. Cooperative efforts by this circuit with circuits bordering our area (Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado and Kansas) have continued to bear fruit for the sake of Christ in this part of the country. This includes the Pastors who serve Circuit #1 congregations along with their own parishes of adjoining districts. These congregations make up Circuit #1: AMARILLO: Christ Lutheran, shepherded by Rev. Joseph Andrajack Trinity Lutheran, shepherded by Rev. Brian Hesse (S. Pastor), Rev. David Schatte (Assoc. Pastor) Prince of Peace Lutheran, shepherded by Rev. Jeff Geske BORGER: Good Shepherd Lutheran, shepherded by pulpit supply pastor Rev. Tom Lapaka and Rev. Joseph Andrajack, as vacancy administrator Trinity Lutheran, shepherded by vacancy pastor, Rev. Don Poole. CHILDRESS: Trinity Lutheran, shepherded by Certified Lay Minister, Vernon Appel, (Deacon) CANYON: St. Paul Lutheran, shepherded by Rev. Terry Meyer DALHART: Grace Lutheran, shepherded by Rev. John Miller (Dual parish with Hope Lutheran, Boise City, Oklahoma) DUMAS: St. John's Lutheran, shepherded by Rev. Don Poole HEREFORD: Immanuel Lutheran, shepherded by vacancy pastor, Rev. Terry Meyer PAMPA: Zion Lutheran, shepherded by Rev. Mike Erickson PERRYTON: Bethlehem Lutheran, shepherded by vacancy pastor, Rev. Gary McClellan, of Shattuck, Oklahoma SHAMROCK: Trinity Lutheran, shepherded by contracted pastoral servant, Rev. Rick Lovick, (emeritus) of Hollis, Oklahoma We currently have nine full time pastors serving our congregations along with one Certified Lay Minister (Deacon), one pulpit supply pastor and one contracted emeritus pastor. In addition, Rev. John Elser serves full time as Chaplain at the Veterans Administration facility in Amarillo and Rev. Robert Kuhlmann, Pastor Emeritus, who serves part time at that same V.A. Facility. Other Rostered Commissioned Ministers in Circuit One include: Mr. Rick Ryan, Mrs. Nancy Hurst, Mrs. Donna Hauter, Mrs. Sarah Black and Miss Jennifer Nielson, all at Trinity, Amarillo. These individuals teach and administer at Trinity Lutheran School and Trinity Lutheran Church. This year a celebration of the 100th year of Lutheranism in the Texas Panhandle was offered up in recognition of the work of Lutherans in this area over the last century. While demographics and population changes continue to occur in the Panhandle, congregations of our circuit likewise seek to spread the Gospel message to all people as the opportunities widen and expand. Good Shepherd, Borger, is currently seeking a call of a full time pastor and Trinity, Borger, is beginning that same effort for their parish. While there have been declines in some areas and


communities, potential remains, that the lost are still in our midst, and the need for spreading the Good News of Christ Jesus has not declined, but deepened. By the Grace of God, the congregations and Pastors of Circuit One will endeavor to walk and speak that message of salvation to all ears who would hear. God's blessings continue to flow. REV. TIM RADKEY

Hope Lutheran Church, Lubbock


Circuit #3 is located on the South Plains of West Texas. This circuit is comprised of eight churches and the Lutheran Student Center ministry to Texas Tech. There have been a number of changes within the circuit over the last year. Rev. Jay Beyer resigned his call at Redeemer, Lubbock to go through CPE training to become a certified chaplain. Rev. Mark Paul announced that he would be retiring from Christ Lutheran, Lubbock in May of 2009 and heading to East Texas. Rev. Brian Dupre serves as the Pastor to the Lutheran center and is doing the vacancy at Redeemer Lutheran, Lubbock. Hope Lutheran is dedicating a brand new facility and sanctuary in early 2009. Circuit Three is not unlike many other West Texas circuits in that it continues to undergo transitions and challenges in the region, but our churches strive to adapt to the blessings and challenges of serving the Lord in this magnificent area we call West Texas. REV. DEAN KELM

Redeemer Lutheran Church, Odessa


Circuit #4 is an interesting section of Texas geography. It has lightheartedly been referred to as the nation's largest miniature forest.....because over 90% of our trees are less than three feet in height. This western-most circuit begins with Big Spring on the east, continues to Midland, and to Odessa, reaches up to Andrews, and continues west to Kermit, Monahans, and Fort Stockton.....and ends the journey westward in the Big Bend area at Alpine. The Circuit consists of eleven congregations that are served by six pastors, of which four are in fulltime parish ministry. The largest congregations are Redeemer, Odessa and Grace, Midland. The vacancy at Holy Cross, Midland was filled in there are no pastoral vacancies. The newest congregation in the Circuit is Alive in Christ, Big Spring. Faith, Andrews continues to be served by the pastors at Redeemer, Odessa, and one pastor provides ministry to the small congregations of Zion, Kermit, St. Paul, Monahans, Faith, Fort Stockton, and Redeemer, Alpine. The oil industry dominates the Permian Basin, and current oil prices have a major effect on the economy of the area. Yet, with the varied challenges all around, God's Church is alive and well in this area of THE STATE!



Trinity Lutheran Church, San Angelo


Circuit #5 is made up of predominately rural and small town congregations, which offer unique challenges for ministry. A declining and aging Lutheran population has not deterred the Gospel from being preached in Circuit #5, even though change has been a characteristic of this circuit. Since the last convention, four new pastors are serving in this Circuit. Grace, Menard and Trinity, Eden are now being served full time by Concordia, Ft. Wayne graduate, Rev. Richard Mittlestadt. After serving Mt. Calvary, Brady for almost ten years, Deacon Archie Harlow retired and the congregation called Concordia, St. Louis graduate, Rev. Ben Francisco, whose service of installation was celebrated September 7, 2008. In November of 2007, the Rev. Curtis Schneider was installed as pastor of Grace, Brownwood and continues to share the Gospel with the people of that fine town. I thank God for the commitment and the energy of the Rev. Tom Baden who continues to serve four congregations in this Circuit every Sunday. Trinity, San Angelo, the largest of the churches in this Circuit, has a unique ministry challenge of bringing the Gospel to a college town with an unchurched population of more than 30%. Trinity continues to examine ministry outreach opportunities both to their city and to the rural congregations in this Circuit. Trinity's School and Early Childhood Center is a mission field in itself, caring for 225 children from various backgrounds. Circuit #5 includes the following: Bethel, Ballinger ­ Rev. Tom Baden Mt. Calvary, Brady ­ Rev. Benjamin Francisco Grace, Brownwood ­ Rev. Curtis Schneider Trinity, Eden ­ Rev. Richard Mittlestadt Mt. Calvary, Eola ­ Rev. Tom Baden Grace, Menard ­ Rev. Richard Mittlestadt Faith, Ozona ­ Rev. Tom Baden Trinity, San Angelo ­ Rev. Robert Budewig Rev. Randall Wehmeyer Hope, Sonora ­ Rev. Tom Baden


Zion Lutheran Church, Abilene


Faith, Sweetwater - vacant - Rev. Chester McCown (EM) serves as vacancy pastor as Faith proceeds with congregational self-study in calling process. Our Savior, Abilene - Rev. Laverne Janssen serves faithfully and congregation reports good attendance and some growth Redeemer, Cisco - vacant - Rev. Vince Larson (EM) serves the vacancy and the congregation made application for a deferred vicar. Trinity, Albany - Rev. Rick Serina serves faithfully Zion, Abilene - Congregation is growing and Rev. Clyde Kieschnick and members look forward to beginning a 1.5 million construction project - an addition to the present Life Center and All God's Children Daycare



Zion Lutheran Church, Vernon


The Red River Circuit, otherwise known as Circuit #7, incorporates the large area around the Wichita Falls area which includes the thirteen congregations and the pastors who serve them: St. Peter, Bowie: Their beloved pastor, Rev. Bill Brummett went home to his Lord in December of 2007. After some time of healing, they called and ordained Rev. Larry Knobloch of Crockett, Texas who currently serves them. Trinity, Bridgeport and Faith, Graham have been served by Rev. Gerald Peterman, although he will be retiring in the summer of 2009. Trinity, Clara and Immanuel, Harrold are served by Rev. Lynn Lubke Grace, Burkburnett and Good Shepherd, Iowa Park are served by Rev. Timothy Kohlmeier St. Luke, Olney is served by Rev. Sean Reeves Trinity, Seymour and Zion, Lockett/Vernon are served by Rev. Kenneth Bersche St. Paul, Vernon is served by Rev. Paul Neuberger Our Redeemer, Wichita Falls is served by Rev. Dale Snyder St. Paul, Wichita Falls called Rev. Kevin Tiaden of Council Bluffs, Iowa, who currently serves them. The highlights of this circuit for the past triennium have been a couple of installations: Kevin Tiaden, and Larry Knobloch. The circuit-wide celebration of the Reformation also was re-energized and is scheduled for every three years. REV. WAYNE BRAUN

Lamb of God, Flower Mound


Circuit #8 of the Texas District is comprised of nine churches including Lamb of God, Flower Mound; Hope, Corinth; Grace, Denison; Faith, Gainesville; Our Savior Lutheran, McKinney; Immanuel, Fairview; Water's Edge, Frisco; St. Paul, Denton, Zion, Bonham. Right now only two of those congregations are vacant ­ Zion, Bonham and Immanuel, Fairview. Immanuel is in the midst of a call process. For the most part this circuit has continued to experience exceptional growth. One of the exciting aspects of our work together as a circuit has been to work with Water's Edge in Frisco to start the Ablaze Academy for mentoring church planters. Right now we have two men who are being mentored at Water's Edge for future church planting. Here are some other highlights from the congregations of our circuit: The ministry of Word and Sacraments in Denison continues under God's blessing. Increased attendance resulted in an additional worship service on Sunday mornings. A part-time children's minister was added to our staff, providing further Bible study and fellowship opportunities for our children and their friends. Grace continues to support the work of District and Synod with a first fruit tithe, and provides additional funding to support local, Circuit and international ministries. We are in the midst of our first ever capital funding campaign to provide for the support of ministry in this place in the coming years. Time and shifting soil have taken their toll on our sanctuary, so plans are


underway to replace that part of our facility. We pray God will direct us in our efforts to proclaim Jesus Christ as the only hope for all people. To Him alone be the glory! Our Savior Lutheran Church in McKinney continues to build its day school ministry, Concordia Christian Academy, as enrollment doubled in the last three years to over 80 students in the Kindergarten through 4th grade program. The preschool remains strong with over 190 students. The congregation has added a full time Worship Director and experienced a 12% increase in worship attendance in 2008. With a growing church and school population OSL voted to proceed with the next phase of its building program in 2009. The 8 million dollar project will add a Family Life Center, kitchen, 4 classrooms for the day school, Youth Area, and 6 additional meeting rooms. In order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of her efforts to build God's Kingdom, OSL adopted a new policy in 2008. Policy Based Governance replaced a more traditional LCMS model. 2009 will serve as the transitional year in this change. Our Savior Lutheran Church continues to passionately serve her Lord and her community. We give thanks to our heavenly Father for the abundant blessings of the past three years. Hope Lutheran Church in Corinth is a small neighborhood congregation that values tradition. In the last year three years, we have transitioned from a dying member of the AALC to a content member of the LCMS. We are growing and hope to have an additional worker before the next convention. Our Sunday School classrooms are at capacity and we need to find a solution. The last three years of mission and ministry at Water's Edge in Frisco have been both fruitful and humbling. The Holy Spirit continues to do mighty things among us. Here are some highlights: God has expanded the Water's Edge family from 30 initial disciples (in May, 2004), to 675 engaged disciples. More than 60% of the newly engaged disciples connected to Water's Edge from a previously unchurched/dechurched background. We were blessed to move into our own constructed worship facility in October, 2007 We have added a full time Associate Pastor, two mission planters in training, and 15 additional part time staff people. We currently worship 425 souls per weekend, and are launching our third worship service in the next few weeks. God has been very good to Lamb of God in Flower Mound. In the past three years we have added an Associate Pastor for outreach and small groups, a DCE as Director of Children's Ministry, a part time Director of Girls Ministry and moved our Director of Music Ministry to full time. Over the past three years we have expanded our parking lot, redeveloped our Master plan for facilities to better reflect the growing ministries in the area of adult education, youth, children and music. This past spring the congregation voted to take another step forward by approving the construction of an 8 classroom adult education addition, as well as other infrastructure improvements. The Preschool continues to draw in many unchurched families from various backgrounds and ethnicities. This past year we started offering ESL classes for our Korean parents. For the past three years St. Paul, Denton engaged in a capital funding emphasis and worked to define and implement its ministries for the future. Part of our strategy involved calling a seminary graduate to help us carry out the ministries we are planning. Pastor Eric Hiner, Concordia, St. Louis, received the Call as Associate Pastor to oversee In-reach, Evangelism and Campus Ministry. Our DCE, Ron DuPree, has been actively engaged in developing our Children's and Youth ministries. He has also trained a number of youth and adults in a mission outreach to Mormons. He is in the process of training more youth and adults for the third annual mission trip to Manti, Utah. In these past three years we had hoped to build a new facility on twenty acres of property we own north of town. Due to the impact on developers of the present economic struggles, we will postpone these plans and seek to improve and modify our current facilities and continue to build our ministries in our present location. We thank God for the mission and ministry He has given us and pray for His purpose to be accomplished through the gifts and resources He shares with us.


The ministry of Faith Lutheran Church in Gainesville is moving forward. Currently, we have 75-80 people in worship attendance on Sunday morning. During the summer of 2008 we began Camp Faith which is a one day a week camp program. Junior and high school youth participated in recreation, Bible Study and service projects. In September, 2008 we altered our worship service times and began a contemporary worship service. The church thrift store ministry, Helping Hands, has had another record year in sales with many blessings. This spring, 2009 around $25,000 will be donated to community agencies. The ministry focus of Faith Lutheran is the desire for people to know the grace of Jesus and grow in wisdom, care and outreach. REV. KENNETH WATSON

Trinity Lutheran Church, Weatherford


Texas District Circuit #9, encompassing northern Ft. Worth and smaller communities to its west, continues to be one of the fastest growing areas of the state. The congregations of Circuit #9 are blessed with the challenges and opportunities that such rapid growth brings for the proclamation of the Gospel, and continue to experience growth. During the last triennium, a new mission-congregation, St. Peter, was established in Roanoke, and plans for another new mission plant in this Circuit were begun. Because the center of the African immigrant population in the Metroplex area had shifted over the past few years, the African Immigrant Ministry, formerly located at St. Paul, Fort Worth, was relocated to Peace, Hurst. Lutheran Inter-City Network Coalition (LINC) North Texas continued to expand its outreach in Ft. Worth and surrounding areas. In January, 2008, the Circuit pastors began a Circuit Pastors' Prayer Retreat. Having met again in January, 2009, it is planned that the event will be held annually. The need for new facilities in order to accommodate the blessings of growth remained a challenge for a number of congregations in Circuit #9. Holy Shepherd, Haslet, St. Paul, Forth Worth, Crown of Life, Colleyville, and Trinity, Weatherford completed major expansions of their facilities during the last triennium. The Spirit continues to bless all the congregations of Circuit #9. REV. JOHN T. LINDNER

Lord of Life Lutheran Church, Plano


Circuit #11 has ten active congregations and one mission congregation which serve the tri-county region of Dallas, Collin and Denton counties. Our congregations continue to reach out to changing communities offering them a variety of worship styles and ministries. Since our last Texas District Convention in 2006 in Houston, our Circuit has seen a number of changes and some growth. As of this writing, there are only two congregations looking for pastors. The new mission congregation in Richardson, Living Water Community Church planted by retired Pastor Jerry Nichols, is waiting to call a church planter. Living Water chartered and opened her doors in December, 2006. The mission start at Faith, Wylie is currently vacant, yet being served by Pastors James Woelmer and Jacob Sutton from Faith, Plano, the mother congregation to that mission. Pastor Oscar Benavides was called from Prince of Peace, Carrollton to be the new


Executive Director of LINC ­ North Texas which now offices out of our Circuit's geographical area in North Dallas. There have also been a few pastoral changes in our Circuit as James Woelmer was moved from Associate Pastor to Senior Pastor at Faith, Plano. Since then Jacob Sutton has joined Faith as their new Associate Pastor. Brent McGuire also moved from Associate Pastor to Senior Pastor in 2008 at Our Redeemer Lutheran. In addition Messiah Lutheran has added Pastor Dan Borkenhagen as an Associate Pastor in 2006, and Prince of Peace added Landon Ledlow as their new Associate Pastor in 2008. Pastor Andy Whaley moved from LINC ­ North Texas to be the new Associate Pastor at St. Paul Lutheran. Participation remains strong at Circuit meetings held five times during the year. At this time, there are 26 pastors in our Circuit, of whom 8 are retired or candidate status. Two vicars enrolled in SMP also are serving in our Circuit. We are thankful that our Lord continues to mold His people for mission and ministry through the congregations of Christ Our Savior, Coppell; Concordia, Garland; Faith, Plano; Faith Mission, Wylie; Holy Cross, Dallas; Living Water Community Church, Richardson; Lord of Life, Plano; Messiah, Plano; Our Redeemer, Dallas; Prince of Peace, Carrollton; St. Paul, Plano and LINC ­ North Texas. REV. RANDALL HAEDGE

Bethel Lutheran Church, Dallas


Circuit #12 comprises churches in East Dallas, Garland, Rowlett, Rockwall, Forney, and Canton, Texas, churches large and small, churches of different nationalities and ethnicity worshipping in a variety of languages. Recent significant events include the chartering of All Nations Lutheran, an Urdu speaking congregation, the chartering of Emmanuel Ethiopian Lutheran, an Amharic speaking congregation, and the chartering of Water of Life, Forney, an Anglo mission. Also, Trinity Dallas was decommissioned. Installations have included Rev. Randall Haedge as Senior Pastor, Bethel, Dallas; Rev. Paul Ferguson as Senior Pastor of Our Savior, Rockwall; Rev. Scott Herbert as Senior Pastor of Tree of Life, Garland; and Rev. Luke Madsen as an Associate Pastor to Bethel, Dallas. Rev. Mekru Bekele was ordained into the ministry of the LCMS and serves as pastor to Emmanuel Ethiopian. He was ordained the same day his church was chartered. Our circuit is served by pastors, as well as by two licensed deacons who perform word and sacrament ministry. Associated with, but not chartered, are also a Latino worshiping community and another that is primarily African American, both meeting at the facilities of New Hope church. God has blessed Circuit #12 with a heart for reaching those who don't know Jesus. Word and Sacrament ministry is carried out with vigor in the congregations of Circuit #12.



Since the last convention of the Texas District, there have been several important changes among the congregations of Circuit #13. In September, 2006, the Rev. Robert Hill, having retired from Faith, Plano, moved to Hooks, Texas and became a member of this Circuit.


A dual parish was formed between St. James, Windom, and Trinity, Commerce following the death of the Rev. Dr. Walter Snyder, who had served both congregations. The Rev. John Walther was installed as Pastor to serve these congregations on October 8, 2006. After serving more than forty years in the ministry, the Rev. Dr. Wayne Renning retired effective September 1, 2007. He had served Good Shepherd, Mount Pleasant and St. Johns, Clarksville. On August 8, 2008 the Rev. Mike Kimmel, who had completed his delayed vicarage, was installed as the new Pastor of these congregations. At First Lutheran, Texarkana, the Rev, Curt Schneider accepted a call to serve in Brownwood, Texas, and the Rev. Dr. Barry Kolb was installed as his successor on March 9, 2008. Effective August 31, 2008 the Rev. Bruce Miller resigned his position as Pastor of Grace in Paris. As of this writing, the vacancy at this parish continues. Another vacancy also exists at Our Savior, Sulphur Springs as a result of the retirement of the Rev. Mac Bearss on December 31, 2008. This congregation is in the process of calling a new graduate. Even as the above changes in the ministry were taking place, the work of this Circuit continued. Over the past several years, this Circuit has come together to celebrate the anniversary of the Reformation. As a part of our Reformation celebration offerings have been gathered to support special needs. The offerings of two of these services were given to assist Lutheran Church of the Pines, Waveland, Mississippi, as they recover from Hurricane Katrina. This past year's offering (2008) was designated to assist St. John, Galveston recover from Hurricane Ike. The Pastors of this Circuit continue to meet on a monthly basis for the purposes of studying God's Word, discussing topics of special interest and mutual encouragement and support. During these past three years the conference has done exegetical studies of the books of Romans and Ephesians. Various portions of the Lutheran Confessions, as well as other topics, have also been examined. As we continue to work together, Pastors and congregations alike, we thank God for the blessings he has bestowed upon the members of Circuit #13. We also ask our gracious Savior to continue to intercede for us so with the guidance and wisdom of the Holy Spirit the work of his kingdom may be done among us with peace and joy. To the everlasting glory of our Redeemer's name. REV. VIC WILLMANN



The faithful pastors who joyfully share the Good News of Jesus Christ to all people across the vast geography of Circuit #14 are the following: St. John, Athens (Rev. Fred Rogers); Our Savior, Centerville (Rev. Trey Rienstra ­ installed 6/22/08); Faith, Corsicana (Rev. Morgan Hamilton ­ installed 4/29/07); Grace, Crockett (Rev. Thomas St. Jean, Vacancy Pastor); Trinity, Fairfield (Rev. Paul Neumann, interim); St. Peter, Gun Barrel City (Rev. Scott Schaller); Pilgrim, Kilgore (Rev. Joseph Lowery - interim, assisted by six certified pastoral assistants); Our Redeemer, Longview (Rev. Darrell Howanitz); First, Lufkin (Rev. Michael Monterastelli ­ installed 6/24/07); Redeemer, Nacogdoches (Rev. Robert Kobler); Bethlehem, Palestine (Rev. David Bergman); and Trinity, Tyler (Senior Pastor, Rev. Art Hill & Associate Pastor - vacancy). Circuit #14 is privileged and blessed to have serving among us the following Synodically rostered Ministers of Religion ­ Commissioned: Martha Garmon, Director of Parish Music (Trinity, Tyler); Karl Winkler, Director of Christian Education (Trinity, Tyler) and Lisa Schaller, Teacher (ECM Director at St. Peter, Gun Barrel City). Kelly Moore, Early Childhood Director at Trinity, Tyler is currently enrolled in a degree and Synodical roster preparation courses through Concordia University ­ St. Paul.


Our circuit is blessed by the presence, ministry and counsel of the following retired pastors: Joseph Lowery, James Ristevedt, Frank Starr, Thomas St. Jean, Harold Wageman and Vic Willmann. The circuit offers an inviting retirement area and a variety of congregational ministry opportunities for those who choose to retire in the environs of our wonderful circuit. At the writing of this report the following is taking place: Trinity, Tyler is awaiting an answer to a call extended to fill the Associate Pastor position. Pilgrim, Kilgore is seeking a retired pastor to pick up the ministry which Pastor Lowery has carried on for many years. Grace, Crockett is awaiting an answer to the call issued for a pastor. Trinity, Fairfield would be very blessed by a retired pastor who would be willing to live within their community and assist in the building up of the Lord's work which they are doing in that area. Trinity, Tyler is investigating ways to provide additional pastoral support for the satellite ministry in the Hawkins-Holly Lake Ranch area. Circuit #14 meets regularly on the third Thursday of the month, August through May, for uplifting worship, nurture from God's Word and the Sacrament of Holy Communion, Spirit-guided and lively study of a variety of subjects, mutual counsel, along with a genuine fellowship and care for one another.


Our Savior Lutheran Church, Dallas



Faith Lutheran Church, Stephenviille


Circuit #16 consists of eight churches from Arlington, south Fort Worth and points southwest. Two associates have been called and installed, one in Mansfield and one in Grace, Arlington. Christ, Fort Worth is now vacant and in the process of extending its second call at the time of this writing. Rev. Fred Gersch has been serving them. We have been reduced by one congregation with the exodus of Charity, Burleson from membership in the Synod due to doctrine and church practice differences. Grace, Arlington has been invited by Circuit #15 to our east to join that circuit for the purpose of giving it enough congregations to qualify as an electoral circuit. The District Board of Directors is to take that up in its March meeting. The congregations cover both urban and rural communities and therefore offer different prospectives on outreach and ministry as well as variety of worship styles. Holy Cross, Arlington has the distinction of offering what may be the only Lutheran Russian language service in the Synod through their DELTO vicar. The presence of several retired ministers who share a treasure vault of experience adds to the joy of serving the circuit as its counselor REV. BERNARD SCHEY

Trinity Lutheran Church, Copperas Cove


Circuit #17 is comprised of seven Lutheran parishes arranged in a rough "C" shape in four counties of Central Texas (Bell, Coryell, Lampasas, and Hamilton). These congregations surround Fort Hood, Texas, a military installation with its own zip code, whose influence affects every one of our churches, directly or indirectly.


St. Paul, The Grove (Gatesville) is doing well serving northern rural Coryell County. Led by Pastor John Heckmann, the people of St. Paul celebrated their 125th anniversary in 2008; hence their church is the oldest in the circuit. St. Paul's, Aleman (Hamilton) continues to experience good attendance and growth in their rural Hamilton County location, and this parish dates from 1886, so is the second oldest in Circuit #17. Pastors Donald Kirklen and Harold Meissner serve there. The daughter of St. Paul's is St. John, Hamilton who serve in the county seat of the county of the same name. Pastor Russ Nebhut accepted a call to Midland, Texas in June of 2008 and, at this writing--March 1st, 2009--the people there are served by Vacancy Pastor Ben Rathgeber of Cleburne. Fait, Lampasas continues to serve as our only parish in Lampasas County where Pastor Tim Ochsner has been serving since 2002. Immanuel, Copperas Cove is a once-rural parish, but the city of Copperas Cove continues to grow ever closer to the "Church with the Cross on the Mountain." Pastor Bob Wagner has been at Immanuel since 1999, and a recent building project linked the old school structure with the more modern fellowship hall. Trinity, Copperas Cove is served by Pastor Bernie Schey within the city limits of Copperas Cove on U.S. Highway 190. Plans continue to be made for a new educational building, hopefully to be realized in the next several years. Grace, Killeen is in Bell County, in the city most often associated with Fort Hood. Served by Pastor Andrew Green, the parish offers an early childhood school to the members of the community. And now may the Lord of the Church keep us all steadfast in faith and doctrine until he returns in glory! Amen.


Peace Lutheran Church, Hewitt


Circuit #18 continues to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ through its 12 congregations and their ministries. Immanuel, Clifton will say farewell to their pastor, Peter Diebenow, as he enters a well deserved retirement in June. They are hopeful to get a candidate in the Spring placement. Peace, Hewitt, celebrated its 30th anniversary and has begun construction on additional classrooms for their education department. They are served by the undersigned. Christ, Hillsboro is served by The Rev. Michael Nemec and is active in social ministry efforts in the Hillsboro area. Grace, Marlin is currently being served by vacancy pastor The Rev. Roger Benner, as they undergo a period of transition. Grace, Mart saw its faithful pastor, David Jeske, retire due to health reasons in 2008. They are currently partnering in ministry with Trinity, Riesel. Faith, Mexia is served part-time by The Rev. Dale Lehfeldt and is the only Lutheran congregation in Limestone County.


Trinity, Riesel is served by The Rev. Robert Kitson and runs a large daycare/preschool ministry for their area of McLennan and Falls Counties. They celebrated 125 years of ministry in 2008! First, Rosebud continues to be faithfully served by The Rev. Walter Chelmo who drives there from Waco each week to serve them in a part-time capacity. St. Mark, Waco is actively reaching out to their area of Waco through their Hispanic ministry. They are served by The Rev. James Price and The Rev. Juan Garcia. St. Paul, Waco continues to reach out to the northern side of Waco and is led by Senior Pastor Dr. Joel Boesche and Associate Pastor Matthew Canion. The Rev. Walter Albers continues to assist there as he has for over 30 years. Trinity, Waco completed their transition by dedicating a new facility at Badger Ranch in Woodway in 2008. They welcomed The Rev. James Menke as pastor in 2007. Our Savior, Whitney continues to actively engage themselves in the communities around Whitney and is served by The Rev. Dr. James Haner. Also assisting in ministry in this area are: The Rev. Donald Bahr, The Rev. Walter Fisher, The Rev. Eldor Harmann, the Rev. Francis Mennenga, The Rev. Paul Uhles and The Rev. Lewis Wunderlich.


St. Paul Lutheran Church, Thorndale


The seven congregations of Circuit #19 faced a number of challenges in early 2009. Two congregations were vacant and seeking fulltime pastoral leadership. Both of these congregations were greatly blessed by the efforts of dedicated vacancy pastors who kept their mission and ministry focused while the lay leadership worked with the District to call pastors. These dedicated vacancy pastors were Wilbern Michalk and Terry Coday. The Rev. Dana Wilhelmsen has accepted the call to pastor Immanuel, Temple, and was installed on February 8th. The Rev. Donaldo Sonntag has been issued the call to pastor Trinity, Taylor, and by the time of the convention may have accepted and been installed. The members and leaders of Zion, Walburg were convinced that to serve their Lord in a better way, they needed to expand their pastoral staff. After due consideration and assistance by the District office, they issued a Call to the Rev. Pastor James Craver to work with the Rev. Pastor John Davenport. He will serve in the capacity of pastor with emphasis in executive leadership. Pastor Craver was installed into office on March 8th. Two congregations came to the conclusion that they could not continue to support a fulltime pastor to supervise the public ministry of their congregations. There was much struggle and trouble within these congregations as they faced their weaknesses, frustrations, and failed expectations. As of March 1st, Prince of Peace, Belton, is served by the Rev. Pastor Victor Kilian who is contracted as their vacancy pastor. The brothers and sister of Christ, Noack, have me as their vacancy pastor and under my supervision, will be served by various fill-in pastors, elders of their congregation, elders of my congregation, and myself. The Rev. Pastor Nilo Figur has served Grace, Rockdale, as a long-term vacancy pastor. He has accepted a position with the Lutheran Hour Ministries, St. Louis, MO. The members at Grace are in the process of deciding how to continue their mission and ministry as God works among them.


The brothers and sisters of St. Paul, Thorndale, continue to minister with me as their pastor and to maintain their school ministry. The elders continue to stretch themselves as they aid me in serving the congregations of this circuit as well as the members of St. Paul. We continue to seek God's wisdom and guidance as to how we can more fully serve in His Kingdom. REV. BILL KNIPPA

Bethany Lutheran Church, Austin


Circuit #20 extends from South Austin to San Marcos. The Lord has placed us in a rapidly expanding area. May we be faithful servants in light of this reality. During the last three years, established ministries have been strengthened and new ministries established. At present, there are no vacancies. Grace, San Marcos continues to be blessed under Mel Newman's pastoral leadership. Beautiful Savior has established an outreach to the Hispanic community in southeast Austin, with a special emphasis on youth. Bethany recently added a worship service and staff person focusing on young adults and is looking to add education and fellowship space for its ministry. Christ, the mother church of South Austin, has added a family life minister to its staff and is intentionally ministering to their neighborhood's needs. Jesus Church for the Deaf is a vital part of our Christian presence and community which touches many lives at the Texas School for the Deaf. Mt. Olive continues to serve a growing area in southwest Austin and Dripping Springs, bringing blessings to an expanding membership. Redeeming Grace dedicated new worship facilities in far south Austin in February which will position them for increased ministry opportunities. Rev. Pete Mueller accepted the call to pastor Crossbridge in the Lakeway area and is committed to impacting that community for our Lord. Rev. Paul Goeke has assumed full time responsibilities at "The Well," a Texas district mission plant focusing on ministry to the unchurched. Rev. Ryan Newhaus continues to serve there as well in addition to his full time responsibilities as a high school teacher. We rejoice in the ways in which our Lord has and continues to work in and through these congregations and ministries. We look forward to additional doors of opportunity He will open and pray His blessing on all our efforts. REV. KEVIN WESTERGREN

Redeemer Lutheran Church, Austin


This circuit covers the Central Austin area. Sherman Stenson was called to St. Paul Lutheran Church as Associate Pastor as Pastor Mark Nuckols once again was deployed as a military chaplain in Iraq. Pastor Jim Mueller of Austin City Church accepted the call to serve as pastor of University Lutheran Chapel uniting the two ministries at one site.


Evelio Cruz completed the Hispanic Ministry Institute, was called by the Texas District as Missionary-at-Large to the Spanish speaking population of Austin and now has a worshipping community called Pueblo de Dios on the Redeemer Campus. REV. HERB KEISTMAN

Ebenezer Lutheran Church, Manheim


Circuit #22 consists of the following churches: Ebenezer, Manheim; Grace, Elgin; Immanuel, Giddings; St. John, Lincoln; St. James, Lexington; Trinity, Fedor, and Trinity, Dime Box. The Elgin church is in Bastrop County, the rest are in Lee County. Lexington and Fedor are a dual parish. Christ, Loebau, a former Circuit #22 church, has since transferred to Circuit #23. Circuits #22 and #23 have traditionally met jointly for Circuit Meetings for many years. Though representing a diversity of theological approaches, we maintain an active fellowship through exegetical, practical, and dogmatic circuit studies and currently studying Luther's Theology of the Cross and an exegetical study featuring the LSB Gospel reading for the subsequent Sunday. Several changes have occurred in Circuit #22 churches. The Rev. Doug Robbins retired from the ministry at Trinity, Dime Box in late 2006, and the Rev. Duane Jalas accepted their call in March 2008. Rev. Jalas is the first full-time minister to serve the Dime Box in many, many years. Meanwhile, Immanuel, Giddings saw head pastor Rev. John Davis take a call to Memorial, Katy in December of 2007, and intentionally interim Rev. John Fibelkorn was invited to assist the vacancy with the existing associate Rev. Robert Tiner. The call process at Immanuel proceeds as of this writing. In addition, Dr. Jayson Galler, formerly an assistant pastor at Elgin, continues to serve as adjunct professor at Concordia University Texas. REV. DENNIS BRAGDON CIRCUIT #23

Circuit #22 is made up of nine congregations, spread among Bastrop, Fayette, and Lee Counties, including Prince Of Peace, Bastrop, Mt. Calvary, La Grange, Christ, Loebau, Vineyard Of Christ, Rosanky, Zion, Schulenburg, St. Paul, Serbin, Grace, Smithville, Holy Cross, Warda, and St. Michael, Winchester. We give thanks that six of our nine congregations currently have regularly called pastors, with one served by an intentional interim pastor, one served by a vacancy pastor, and one served by a lay deacon. Monthly circuit pastors' meetings are held, together with the pastors from Circuit Twenty Two. These meetings bring lively study and discussion on a variety of topics, including an ongoing sermon study begun this year on the Gospel reading of the upcoming Sunday, and an ongoing study on "The Theology of The Cross." Of our nine congregations, some are experiencing slow steady growth, and others are experiencing slow losses in membership. We continue to work to build a spirit of unity and cooperation, based on God's Word rightly proclaimed in Law and Gospel, and His Sacraments properly administered, that together we might share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and His pure doctrine, with so many who do not trust in Jesus for their eternal salvation, both nearby and far away.





Circuit #24, in the Texas Hill Country just north of San Antonio, extends from Kerrville to New Braunfels. The good news for our Circuit came last November when, on consecutive Sundays, new Pastors were installed after long vacancies at Messiah, Boerne, (Pastor Rick Pfaff) and at Holy Cross, Kerrville (Pastor Joshua Sullivan) At the time of this report, Resurrection, Fredericksburg is studying their call list just received from the District and preparing to call a Pastor to fill their vacancy. In other Circuit news, Cross, New Braunfels (Pastor Don Fraker) is beginning a new sanctuary while Evangelists, Kingsbury (Pastor Duane Bamsch) and Hosanna, Kerrville, (Pastor Todd Dittloff) are planning for building improvements to aid in sharing the Lord's love in their communities. Lutheran schools, preschool and/or day care programs are active in the Circuit at Grace, Seguin (Pastor Rob Sandley); Cross, New Braunfels; Holy Cross, Kerrville; and a new Mothers' Day Out program was begun this spring at Messiah, Boerne. Finally, Word of Life Fellowship, the Mission in Schertz (Pastor Ken Mitschke), will soon be officially added to Circuit #24 when their membership is accepted by the District. REV. HENRY BIAR



Shepherd of the Hills, whose pastor is Dr. Daniel Mueller, celebrated his 30th year as senior pastor of the congregation. It is an active mission driven congregation. They have gone to Hong Kong, Del Rio, and Mexico. The youth have gone to Acuna, Mexico to build a second house. They gave one member of the Acuna trip a cart for his work to support his family and the work of the congregation. Rev. Chris Kennedy joined the congregation in 2008 to enhance the work of the youth program of the congregation. Their proximity to The University Science Health Center and USAA, insurance company headquarters serving the military, has brought people from all over the world in contact with Shepherd of the Hills congregation. They have a thriving parochial school in which every effort is made to connect the families to the congregation and the love of Jesus Christ. Crown of Life's pastor, Rev. Mark Barz, celebrated its 25th year as a presence in North Central San Antonio. He has served here since 1987. Mr. Tommy Moll who heads the position of Minister of Youth & Discipleship began his ministry in 2004 with his internship. Crown of Life gave thanks for the construction and dedication in March of 2007 of a new community Life Center with a large gathering space. A 35 ft. rusted steel cross was installed in the entrance plaza in September of 2008, just in time for Holy Cross Day. They had 400 children for VBS in 2008, sharing the `Friendship Trek' and hearing the Good News that Jesus is our greatest Friend {John 15:13}.The congregation uses its preschool program as an outreach endeavor to bring Jesus into the lives of the non members' children who attend the center. King of Kings' Senior Pastor is Rev Jeff Doria. The congregation is developing stronger outreach through staffing and programming in the following ways: an effective and up to date web site; positive homebound visitation teams; two-part time assisting pastors: Rev. John Diaz and Rev. Dr. Henry Biar, Emeritus (Circuit Counselor). In addition, they have secured the full-time services of Craig Harmann as Music Director/organist, two part-time administrative assistants, a part-time Director of Youth and Family Ministry, a Business Manager and a full-time assistant director of their ECDC. They expanded their Food Pantry, serving in conjunction with San Antonio Food Bank, restructured their Church Council by adding two new boards: Early Childhood Development and Youth and Family Ministry. They are using their web site for congregational interaction and Member


Connect; initiated a Ministry Expansion Planning Committee, investigating the options of expanding their current campus and/or seeking the development of a satellite campus. They worked through a strategic planning process in which they articulated their Mission and Vision, identified their Core Values and outlined specific goals and tasks to carry out the work God has given the Church. The result is their Mission Statement: "Living with purpose to Expand God's Kingdom, Worship the Lord and Strengthen His Family. Concordia, under the pastoral care of Rev. Bill Tucker, hosted a number of interesting events. They were an election center for the city of San Antonio, hosted the Pastoral Leadership Institute (PLI), the Professional Church Workers Conference, and completed the new worship center, which will be dedicated in 2009. Their mission outreach involved youth mission trips to various locations. Celebrate Recovery was begun to help those needing help in hurts, habits, and hang-ups. Their Vacation Bible School averaged 1,300 children with 600 volunteers. Their Mission Festival offerings helped 35 mission organizations. They host Bible Study Fellowship which has 650 ladies studying the Scriptures. They offered video streaming for shut-ins or those who were out of town that weekend. REV. DONALD OLSON

Trinity Lutheran Church, Uvalde


I was appointed Circuit Counselor by President Ken Hennings in the summer of 2007 due to Rev. Del King's retirement and departure from the area. In this capacity, I have had the privilege of serving the congregations of southwest Texas. Three of the congregations of the Circuit are served by DELTO vicars: Mt. Olive, San Antonio is served by Vicar David Brockhouse, who is supervised by Pastor Dan Williams; Divine Savior, Devine, is served by Vicar Odis Doyle, under the supervision of Pastor Robert Gentet and Grace, Del Rio is served by Vicar David Nielsen, under the supervision of Pastor Gary Martin. Abiding Savior, Zapata is served during the winter months by Rev. Paul Helmers. Rev. Thomas Winter serves St. Peter, Pearsall, following his graduation from the seminary in the spring of 2007. Rev. Gary Martin continues to serve faithfully the mission in Del Rio, Cristo El Salvador. Trinity, Uvalde installed, Rev. Donald Olson, Jr. in May, 2007. The Circuit meets on a monthly basis, during the winter months at St. Peter, Pearsall, and during the summer months at Trinity, Uvalde. All of the Circuit pastors and Vicars attend these meetings, which serve as a support group for all who serve the congregations of this Circuit. One congregation, Faith, Laredo, became vacant with the departure of Pastor Del King, and continues to seek direction for its future ministry.


St. Paul Lutheran Church, Bishop


The churches of the Texas Coastal Bend, join our sisters and brothers in the faith "to reach the lost, disciple the saved and care for people locally and globally." God's care is ours for sharing Grace that sets us free! From the high plains' sand to Rio Grande Let us serve him joyfully!


There has been a little attrition and some re-arranging among the congregations in Circuit #27since the 2006 Texas District Convention in Houston. As this report is being written, we have one congregation in the process of calling a seminary graduate and another considering applying for a vicarage. TRINITY, ALICE, Present and former members, pastors and friends from around Circuit #27 gathered on Pentecost Sunday, May 27, 2007, to celebrate the blessings which God so richly poured out upon His people through this congregation -- and to close the congregation and decommission the church building, where the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ was proclaimed and the Holy Sacraments administered for 69 years. Trinity had been served faithfully by Pastor Allan Eckert (St. Paul, Kingsville) for many years. FAITH, ARANSAS PASS, and Trinity, West Sinton, dissolved their dual parish arrangement when Pastor Jim Sturgis, Jr., retired in June, 2007. Faith reaches out to over 100 winter visitors and has grown in membership to nearly 100 members. They called Pastor Sturgis to continue serving them in a reduced capacity in his retirement. ST. PAUL, BISHOP, with Pastor Gil Franke, continues its ministry with two fully accredited educational facilities: a Childhood Enrichment Center and Christian Day School (Pre-K through 3). Principal Susan Moerbe and Teachers Caroline Eckert, and Kathie Felder share their love with the students as they teach basic curriculum about God's creation and his grace in Christ Jesus. LORD OF LIFE, CORPUS CHRISTI, and Pastor Al Schubert, III, reach into the life of the everchanging Flour Bluff community through its Early Childhood Center. They have a contemporary service, exciting, informal, comfortable, and inviting to all strata of society. The Lord of Life Vacation Bible School program has a great impact on their community, reaching over 100 students and involving half of the congregation in service. Pastor. Al Schubert Jr., emeritus, helps with Bible studies and keeps up the website. MESSIAH, CORPUS CHRISTI, with Pastor Dale Brynestad, continues a very successful Mothers' Day Out program. Their youth are actively supported by parents in local service projects, fund raising, camps, and gatherings. Pastor Brynestad serves as Chaplain in the National Guard. Messiah has partnered with a new congregation to our Circuit, St. Paul, George West, by providing pastoral support and an umbrella for membership during their transition from the ELCA to LCMS. They are considering applying for a vicarage program to carry out ministry in George West under Messiah's supervision. MOUNT OLIVE, CORPUS CHRISTI, is served by Pastor Kevin Jennings. They offer an Early Childhood Center under the direction of Noelia Torres. This school has really grown in the past three years and has added new classrooms and teachers, thanks be to God! Vacation Bible School is their signature ministry which is promoted beyond their immediate neighborhood. Mount Olive's outreach is into the fast growing western edge of Corpus Christi. OUR SAVIOR, CORPUS CHRISTI, has been well cared for by Pastor Gilbert Flores, emeritus, during 2008, while Pastor Mark Seaman has been deployed with his National Guard artillery division in Baghdad. In December, Pastor Seaman and his wife, Isabella, welcomed infant daughter, Sofia. Pastor got a pass to come home, but won't be returning until April, 2009. Our Savior is carrying out effective outreach to neighbors in their community. TRINITY, CORPUS CHRISTI, the downtown church of Corpus Christi, has just begun the process of calling a graduate from one of our seminaries. Pastor Phil Phifer accepted a Call to Zion, Decatur, Indiana in February, 2009. Small groups have become a vital part of the members' spiritual


development and Bible study. Trinity has also started a Pre-School, under the direction of Alicia Garcia, for ages 18 months to 5 years. They were voted "Best of the Best" in South Texas for a new school start in 2008! Deo Gloria! ST. PAUL, GEORGE WEST, a small congregation of the ELCA, voted in 2008, to leave the ELCA and petitioned to join the LCMS. Layman David Magouirk and his wife have been most instrumental in bringing new life and a real outreach fervor to the congregation. They held their charter signing service on January 18, 2009, with Pastor Mike Newman preaching. Pastor Roger Hotopp and Pastor John Diaz have played a very important role in the development of the congregation. As of this writing, St. Paul is considering applying through Messiah, CC, for a Vicar program. ST. PAUL, KINGSVILLE, on the southern edge of Circuit 27, served by Pastor Allan Eckert, has strong lay leadership and dedicated members. St. Paul carries on a strong Vacation Bible School and a generous camper scholarship program for their youth. They also provide a contact point for Lutheran students at Texas A & M University, Kingsville. FISHERS OF FAMILY, PORTLAND, provides child care and Christian education opportunities to their community through a very successful Open Arms Child Development center, offering the good news of Christ to families in the growing residential area on the north side of Portland. Since Pastor Zach MacIntosh accepted a Call to Concordia, San Antonio, in 2008, Fishers has been in a noncalling status, served by several pastors of the Circuit. At present Pastor Al Schubert, Jr. holds communion services on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month. TRINITY, REFUGIO, at the northern extremity of the circuit, is served by Pastor Gary Childs, emeritus, who schedules pulpit fills from among the pastors of the circuit when he is not able to lead the 5:00 p.m. Sunday services. The LWML ladies are very busy making quilts and attending rallies PEACE, ROCKPORT, served by Pastor Tom Wagstaff, has added an informal evening service. Members are calling on visitors and carrying on a vital Stephen Ministry. Peace carries on a thriving winter Texan ministry, active Bible studies, and, through the LWML, partners in a resale shop that serves many in their community. TRINITY, WEST SINTON, has been served by a lay Deacon, Jim Autry, since Pastor Sturgis retired in June, 2007. Deacon Autry has been doing classes on line for pre-admission to the SMP program. If everything goes as planned, he will be Vicar Autry before the end of 2009! Thanks be to God! Trinity has a thriving Mothers' Day Out program and has been reaching into the needs of the community through it. REV. MARCUS MUELLER

St. John Lutheran Church, San Benito


Circuit #28 is located in the warm and wonderful Rio Grande Valley, composed of 12 congregations in a geographical area that stretches from Brownsville to Raymondville, the Gulf of Mexico to Mission. This metropolitan area (more than a million inhabitants) continues to be one of the fastest growing areas in the State of Texas. Hildago County (in the western Valley) is the third fastest growing county in the United States. Two Rio Grande Valley cities with more than 50,000 population have no LCMS congregation. Our Circuit is rich in mission possibilities. In the past three years, we have had two pastors retire, three called to other ministries and three new under-shepherds join our ranks. All pulpits are presently filled except for Fishers of Men, Port Isabel (served in vacancy by visiting retired pastors).


Unique to our area, congregations throughout the Valley incorporate ministry to our Winter Texan families who join us from their northern homes to share in our worship and fellowship for 2-6 months of the year. We experience 2 to 3 times increase in worship (in some cases even more) and rejoice in the opportunity to share God's precious gifts with so many brothers and sisters. In 2008, we weathered Hurricane Dolly along with our fellow Valley residents. The coastal counties of Cameron and Willacy bore the brunt of destruction, but we were thankful to God that the storm did minimal damage and we were spared traumatic destruction. Come down and visit some time. Enjoy the sands of South Padre Island. Shop in Mexico. Meet some of your Valley Lutherans in worship. We remain a diverse Circuit of large and small congregations, Spanish-speaking and Englishspeaking, contemporary and traditional worshipers, but all who join hearts and hands in serving the Lord Jesus in His Church. REV. CARLOS BOERGER

St. Paul Lutheran Church, San Antonio


Texas District Circuit #29 is composed of all LCMS congregations within the "410 Loop" of San Antonio, mostly "central city" type congregations and a number with intentional Hispanic ministries. Most are located in neighborhoods with a large majority of the population being Hispanic. Congregations include: Christ Our Savior, Community, Holy Cross, Immanuel, Mision Evangelica Luterana, Mount Calvary, Redeemer, and St. Paul. Immanuel is the only one of our congregations vacant at this point. San Esteban congregation has closed since last convention. Immanuel is presently being served by a part-time interim pastor, and Christ Our Savior is being served temporarily by Pastor Ely Prieto in a cooperative arrangement with Concordia Lutheran Church. Mt. Calvary added an Associate Pastor, Rev. Greg Truwe in July, 2007. The eight congregations/missions of Circuit 29 serve a diverse population. The majority serve lower income populations and a number serve neighborhoods that have changed greatly since the time the congregations were founded. This is a circuit with large challenges but with even greater opportunities for touching the lives of people in Jesus' name and under his blessing. Presently, we are actively working with other congregations in the San Antonio area to form LINC-San Antonio in cooperation with the Texas District. REV. KEITH GRAVESMILL

Our Savior Lutheran Church, Austin


Christ Our Savior, Lago Vista Christ Our Savior is in the process of calling another part time pastor to replace Pastor John Ellwanger who is retiring in July after ten years as pastor of the congregation. The congregation has been steadily growing with an average attendance of 95 per Sunday the first two months of the year. Submitted by Rev. John Ellwanger. Faith, Georgetown Faith, a congregation approaching 1,100 baptized members, hopes to complete their new sanctuary, seating 600, by May, 2009! The former worship area is being refurbished into a large narthex, parlor/library, cry room, and enlarged restroom facilities. The Staff consists of two pastors, Walt Pohland and John Selle, and two DCE's, Becky Krentz and Jonathan Loesch. An exciting ministry


of Christian education brings almost 50% of each Sunday's worshippers together in Bible study. Also, eighteen geographic Compass Groups, with over 200 participants meeting on various weekdays to discuss Scripture. Faith's Footsteps of Faith also provides a vibrant early childhood ministry. Faith looks forward to an exciting future in a growing community as they share their mission: KNOW CHRIST! LIVE CHRIST! MAKE CHRIST KNOWN! Submitted by Rev. John Selle Genesis, Buchanan Dam Genesis had a few noteworthy events in 2008. Rev. Brian Bibler was installed as their new pastor in March; in September the property mortgage was burned; and possibility of a church plant in the Marble Falls area was considered. In January, we added a contemporary worship service. This coming September, Genesis will celebrate its 15th anniversary. Submitted by Rev. Brian Bibler. Good Shepherd, Cedar Park Good Shepherd has been blessed greatly over its 35 year history. The people of Good Shepherd are intentional about taking the Gospel outside the walls of the church to the people of the community and beyond. Good Shepherd is in the process of developing its missions both domestically and abroad, specifically in Costa Rica. Its connection with Concordia University and its surrounding community is growing stronger. These past twelve months, Good Shepherd has grown in attendance by 20%. Even in this economy, offerings are up & building plans are underway. We give thanks and praise to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. To God be the glory! Submitted by Rev. Martin Brauer King of Kings, Round Rock King of Kings now has three pastors on staff, Rev. Mark Dankis (Senior); Rev. Richard Mittwede (Associate); and Rev. Christopher Ahlman (Assistant). They minister to 236 families with an average worship attendance of 307. They have been busy working to expand their children's ministry, develop small group ministry, initiate Stephen Ministry, manage a sanctuary renovation project, and explore the possibility of relocation. God continues to abundantly bless our congregation. Submitted by Rev. Mark Dankis Our Savior, Austin Our Savior Lutheran Church in North Austin celebrated Pastor Gravesmill's 20th Anniversary of Ordination and 10th Anniversary of serving as OSL's pastor last November. Members and staff of OSL once again provided the leadership for Austin's Stand-Down for the Homeless which provided goods and services to over 700 homeless individuals in the Austin area. We are also involved in Angel Food Ministries, the Texas Ramp Project, Interfaith Hospitality Network, and the Lily Project which OSL developed for its members to assist people in need. OSL continues its commitment to help build up to five churches in India through the Fan into Flame program of the Ablaze movement. OSL's school ministry will celebrate its 35th Anniversary in September, 2009. We have averaged two children per year being brought into God's family through holy baptism. OSL also continues to reach out to the blind community through its Blind Ministry Outreach Center. Each Sunday Braille bulletins are provided for its blind members. Stephen Ministry began in 2008. We have truly been blessed. Submitted by Rev. Keith Gravesmill


Point of Grace, Pflugerville Point of Grace is thrilled about the ministry opportunities God continues to call us towards. We were a mission church of the Texas District and launched our first public worship service in 2000. After several years of ministry in temporary facilities, primarily public schools, 2008 saw the construction of our first ministry center on our North Austin campus. God has called us to hold dear the reaching of people far from Him so they might grow in an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. We have used the Alpha course as a vital tool in presenting the gospel so people can make a real connection with Jesus. A huge thank you goes up to our God for the willingness and vision of the Texas District to plant and support a church called Point of Grace. Praise God for this district! Submitted by Rev. Delton Weiser REV. DONALD LOESCHEN

Christ Lutheran Church, Pattison


I was appointed in September, 2008 to finish the term (thru June 2009) of Rev. Mark Anderson, who moved out of the Circuit. Circuit #31 extends to the southwest of Greater Houston. We have nine congregations: St Paul, Edna, served by Rev Paul Kaiser, since 2003. Our Redeemer, Palacios, served by Rev Rob LeBlanc, a worker-priest. Christ, Pattison, served by Rev Don Loeschen, since 2005. Trinity, Rosenberg, served by Rev Wayne Schueler. Trinity, Sealy, currently Vacant. Rev Dale Leland retired in 2008. St Luke, Sweeney, served by Rev Ed Boineau, since 1997. Grace, Victoria, served by Rev Chris Johnson, since 2003. St Paul , Wallis, served by Rev Ray Spitzenberger. St John, Wharton, served by Rev Barry Sharp.


Grace Lutheran Church, Brenham


Solely by God's grace the congregations of Circuit #32 continue to faithfully minister to the needs of God's people and reach out to their surrounding communities with the love of God and the message of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ alone. Circuit #32 includes the following congregations and ministries located in Grimes, Brazos, Burleson, Washington, and Madison Counties: Anderson, Zion Lutheran Church ­ Rev. Daniel Schoessow, Pastor Brenham, Grace Lutheran Church and School ­ Rev. Matthew Jacobs, Senior Pastor and School Superintendent; Rev. William Holzer, Assoc. Pastor; Mr. Jacob Hollatz, Principal; and Mrs. Pamela Riemer, Day Care Director Bryan, Bethel Lutheran Church ­ Rev. Randy Bard, Pastor; Mr. Randy Moerbe, DCE Bryan, Federal Women's Prison ­ Rev. Lynn Stroud, LCMS Chaplain College Station, Holy Cross Lutheran Church ­ Rev. Mike Hafer, Pastor; Mr. John Kral, Director of Family Life; Mrs. Debbie Sadler, Holy Cross Lutheran Learning Center College Station, Texas A&M University Lutheran Chapel ­ Rev. Paul Hoemann, Pastor Lyons, Immanuel Lutheran Church ­ Rev. Matthew Jacobs, Vacancy Pastor Navasota, Trinity Lutheran Church ­ Rev. Don Kasper, Pastor; Rev. John Vavroch, Assisting Pastor; and Mrs. Betty Discher, Preschool Director North Zulch, Bethlehem Lutheran Church ­ Rev. Al Loeschman, Pastor White Hall, Salem Lutheran Church ­ Rev. Matthew Jacobs, Vacancy Pastor William Penn, Bethlehem Lutheran Church - Rev. Jeffery King, Pastor


The Circuit #32 Pastors' Conference is held on the first Thursday of the month during the school year. Social gatherings for pastors and spouses are scheduled from time to time. Retired Clergy living in our area are: Rev. Gerald Discher, Navasota; Rev. George Gibson, College Station; Rev. Neil Bockelmann, Bryan; Rev. John Vavroch, Brenham; and Rev. Wayne Schumpe, Piedmont REV. HERBERT GRAF



In Acts 2:42, we read about the early Christian Church: "They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer." This can also be said about the members of the congregations of Circuit #33 for the past triennium. They gathered together in their congregations to hear the Word of God and to receive Christ's very body and blood in the Sacrament of Communion for the forgiveness of their sins. The pastors gathered together monthly to mutually encourage one another and to grow in the Word through monthly Bible Study. Circuit #33 is located just north of Houston. The congregations of Circuit #33 and their pastors are: · · · · · · · · · Cleveland, Good Shepherd, vacant Conroe, St. Mark, Rev. David Quail and Rev. George Borghardt III Humble, Lamb of God, Rev. Mark Brunette and Rev. Duane Brunette Huntsville, Faith, Rev. Reinhard Wuensche, Jr. Kingwood, Christ the King, Rev. Al Doering, Rev. Doyle Theimer, Rev. Brian West Livingston, Trinity, Rev. Carl Roth New Caney, Grace, Rev. Bruce Blakelock Spring, St. Matthew of Westfield, Rev. Doctor Ronald Bogs The Woodlands, Living Word, Rev. Alfonso Espinosa, Rev. Jeffrey Ware

Other pastors residing in the circuit are: Rev. David Bailes Rev. Donald Kaspar Rev. Dr. Alvin Franzmeier Rev. Robert Cheney Rev. Marion Parker Rev. Dr. James Dretke Rev. Dr. Mark Behring Rev. Arnold Mueller Rev. Herbert Graf Rev. Gerhard Dobberful

Pastor Dretke and Pastor Graf celebrated reaching the golden plateau in their ministry during this triennium...50 years in the ministry. Two congregations of the circuit are observing their 50th anniversary this year: St. Mark, Conroe, and Faith, Huntsville. "We Thy people and sheep of your pasture will give thanks forever: we will show forth Thy praise to all generations." (Psalm 79:13) Clergy widows living in the circuit are: Mrs. Dorothy (Herbert) Dreissner

Mrs. Sue (O. William) Luecke

All praise be unto the Holy Spirit for His blessings upon the sowing of God's Word! ! !


REV. FRANCIS SCHROEDER Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Nederland


REDEEMER, BEAUMONT: Redeemer is being served by Rev. Harvey Fred Kelm. The area around Redeemer has seen incredible growth and the prospects for new members are good. Redeemer has an outstanding and award-winning pre-school and day care program. Redeemer will celebrate her 50th Anniversary in September 2009. Every Christmas Redeemer offers one of the area's best Living Nativity's for the people of the Golden Triangle to see and hear the news of the Savior's birth! St. John is served by Rev. Doug Rathgeber and Associate Pastor, ST. JOHN, BEAUMONT: Rev. Lewis Kash. St. John is located in one of the newest and fastest growing areas of West Beaumont. The congregation is the oldest in the Golden Triangle but sees new opportunities in her second century. St. John serves as the home base for Lutherans coming to assist the rebuilding of our area after Hurricane "IKE". TRINITY, PORT ARTHUR: Trinity is served by Rev. Timothy Dinger. The area surrounding Trinity changes every few years. The current ministry is reaching those from Central America. The Trinity ESL program continues to share the God News through Bible-based lessons. Trinity celebrated two ordinations of her sons in 2007. Andrew Dinger and Matthias Dinger, sons of Pastor Timothy and Nancy Dinger were ordained. Andrew in June 2007 and Matthias in July 2007. Both currently serve congregations in the New Jersey District. ST. PAUL, GROVES: St. Paul is served by Rev. Richard Turner. Deaconess Eza was installed at St. Paul in October 2006. She was one of three deaconesses in the Texas District. St. Paul has an award-winning pre-school and day care that shares the Word of God. St. Paul sees new mission outreach possibilities to the people in mid and south Jefferson County. St. Paul started a Thursday evening vesper service in May of 2007. In December 2007 St. Paul discontinued the Deaconess position. HOLY CROSS, NEDERLAND: Holy Cross is served by Sr. Pastor, Rev. Francis L. Schroeder, Associate Pastor, Rev. Dave Bass, and DCE Kristy Witek. Pastor Bass is the newest staff member of Holy Cross installed in August 2007. Holy Cross is expanding its ministry to serve the children and families of Mid-Jefferson County. Holy Cross has a pre-school and mother's day out with 145 children enrolled. Holy Cross celebrated her 50th Anniversary in 2007 with plans for expansion. A new office complex and improvements to the facility and upgrades to the sanctuary are to be completed in the summer of 2009. All repairs from Hurricane "RITA" (September 25th, 2005) are completed with the rededication of the pipe organ in the summer of 2009. Holy Cross celebrated the ordination of jan "trey" rienstra in June 2008. He serves Our Savior Lutheran Church in Centerville, Texas. GRACE, ORANGE: Grace has completed a two-year vacancy and has been blessed with Rev. Joe Howlett who was installed on Sunday, July 6th. The congregation is moving forward with the Specific Ministry Program from Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne. Through his enrollment in the SMP Program Tom Haas, a former elder of Grace, has been elevated to Vicar. He is receiving instruction from Concordia and is being overseen by Pastor Tim Dinger from Trinity, Port Arthur. Grace Lutheran has one of their sons, Jonathan Kern attending Concordia Seminary in St. Louis.


HOPE, WINNIE: Hope is the westernmost post in Circuit #34 located in Chambers County. Hope is served by Rev. Don Kroll. Hope celebrated Pastor Kroll's 40th Anniversary in the pastoral ministry in 2006. Hope Lutheran continues to faithfully share the precious Gospel message to current and future generations. ST. PAUL, JASPER & FAITH, WOODVILLE: These dual-congregations are being served faithfully by Rev. Mark Follett. Mark is a son on of the circuit growing up at Trinity Lutheran in Port Arthur. Faith, Woodville is the LCMS presence in all of Tyler County while her sister congregation St. Paul represents the Synod in Jasper County. The area around Jasper continues to grow with the hope of new manufacturing facilities arriving in the future. ST. MARK, PORT ARTHUR: The last congregation is St. Mark Lutheran Church in Port Arthur. The damages by Hurricane RITA in 2005 and vandalism in 2007 forced the faithful to meet on the covered patio for Sunday afternoon services since the buildings were unusable. The decline in active membership to ten and operational costs did not diminish the desire and drive of the congregation to remain in outreach. The Texas District presented St. Mark Lutheran with the title and deed to their property on July 18th, 2007. CIRCUIT #34 YOUTH TOURNAMENT is where the Lutheran high school youth compete with area churches in Bible Quiz, Volleyball, Ping Pong, Basketball, and other events. This is held on the last weekend of January. The Youth celebrated the 54th Anniversary of the Tournament in 2009. THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE LWML hosted the 2006 TEXAS DISTRICT LWML CONVENTION at the Holiday Inn in Beaumont. Over 700 ladies attended the convention less than twelve months after Hurricane "RITA" destroyed the hotel and convention facility. Tip of the hat to the ladies for having the convention in trying and difficult times. The Circuit also bore the brunt from Hurricane "IKE" which made landfall on September 13th, 2008. Many Lutherans in Bridge City, Fannett, Sabine Pass, and areas south of Winnie were flooded from the storm surge. The recovery and repairs from "IKE" are ongoing as we begin this Texas District Convention. It has been my honor and privilege to serve the fellow brothers and sisters of Circuit #34 and the Golden Triangle.


Redeemer Lutheran Church, Baytown


The people and congregations of Circuit #35 have experienced three more years of God's grace and blessings since our last convention. Under the watch of our changeless God, the following changes occurred in the past triennium: Our Shepherd, Crosby, and Rev. Jonathan Meyer thank God for the past three years of growth and fiscal blessings and seeks to use these gifts for new opportunities of sharing the Gospel. The congregation continues with future considerations for a new building program, new location, and new possibilities of sharing the Gospel with the growing communities around Crosby. In 2007, Rev. Mike Mast (Joy, Channelview) accepted a call to Northern Illinois District as Mission Facilitator.


In 2008, Joy, Channelview was chartered and constitution approved. Raddatz (Tulsa, OK) who will be installed on May 31, 2009.

They called Rev. John

In 2007, Redeemer, Baytown celebrated 80 years of service. In 2008, it opened its doors to a LINC Houston Hispanic Mission, Iglesia Monte Sinai led by Vicar Mario Casillas. In 2008, Zion, Pasadena, under the direction of Senior Pastor, Rev. Dave Sawhill, dedicated its beautiful new church facility at 5050 E. Sam Houston Parkway. Halleluiah! In the fall of 2008, Circuit Counselor Rick Pfaff (Zion, Pasadena) accepted a call to Messiah, Boerne. Rev. Raymond Van Buskirk (Redeemer, Baytown) was appointed Circuit Counselor. In 2008, Christ Redeemer, La Porte, under the leadership of Rev. Sagar Pilli, submitted and received approval of a new constitution. Rev. Robert Sweet (formerly Christ Redeemer, La Porte) accepted a call to be Associate, Mount Olive, Houston. Deacon Danny Simms continued to lead services at Peace, Galena Park. · · · · Calvary, Houston and Zion Christian Center became part of Circuit #35. Rev. Steve Stutz (Good Shepherd) developed a new outreach ministry, "Oil of Heaven." Rev. Herb Eifert (retired) maintained an active schedule of filling in for circuit pastors. In 2008, Hurricane Ike damaged many of our churches and homes. We were blessed by assistance from LINC Houston, Lutheran churches in Texas and from volunteers from throughout the country, Thrivent, and LC. CIRCUIT #36


St. John Lutheran Church, Galveston

Circuit #36 seems to be the center of Texas Hurricane activity of late. Hurricane Ike hit the Texas Coast on September 13, 2008 affecting the Houston-Galveston-Golden Triangle area. Several of our congregations sustained damage. Many of our members were displaced from their homes. Some, as of the writing of this report, remain displaced. As before, with Hurricane's Katrina and Rita, the circuit congregations mobilized to help those in need. God has blessed us greatly even as He has moved us to be a blessing to others. We take comfort, as always, in the forgiveness, grace and strength of Christ, who has promised to be with us through every trial that assails us. There have been two mission starts in our circuit since the last convention, one in League City and the other in the Missouri City area. Both areas have demonstrated tremendous growth with new homes continuing to be built even though our economy has slowed. We have 8 congregations (excluding the two mission starts) in our circuit. One is currently vacant. REV. STEVE SIMON

Christ Memorial Lutheran Church, Houston


Circuit #37 extends from the southwest side of Houston through Sugar Land. The eight congregations and the mission outreach ministries they support are located in one of the most diverse areas of the Texas District.


The mission outreach ministries include a Vietnamese Lutheran Church, pastored by Pastor Ninh Nguyen, which meets at Christ Memorial Lutheran Church; an Eritrean Ministry under the leadership of Lay Minister Kbrab Issak; an Ethiopian Ministry led by Vicar Zekarias Tesfaye, which meets at Pilgrim Lutheran Church and African ministries led by Rev. Charles Wokoma, which meet at Memorial Lutheran Church and is sponsored by LINC Houston. But reaching out through mission opportunities is not the only effort of the congregations of Circuit #37. The individual congregations have also been active in reaching the people of their communities for Christ by upgrading and adding facilities to provide the space and services needed to reach more people for Christ. Memorial Lutheran Church has added 22,000 square foot of ministry space which includes new facilities for an early childhood center, youth ministry, as well as new offices. Fishers of Men Lutheran Church is building a 24,000 square foot multi-purpose facility. Christ Memorial Lutheran Church is renovating its sanctuary. Pilgrim Lutheran Church is renovating its sanctuary and adding nursery and youth space. The education of children is also an important ministry for outreach in the congregations of Circuit #37. Memorial Lutheran Church, Pilgrim Lutheran Church, and Christ Memorial Lutheran Church in Houston, and Faith Lutheran Church and Fishers of Men Lutheran Church in Sugar Land all operate early childhood learning centers and/or elementary schools to educate both the children of members and children in their communities in Christ-centered learning environments. St. Philip Lutheran Church and Spirit of Life are working together with Faith Lutheran Church, all in Sugar Land, on a new joint ministry approach to reach the people of their community in a new and creative way. Circuit #37 is committed to proclaiming God's love in Jesus Christ to our communities. REV. JOHN DAVIS

Memorial Lutheran Church, Katy


Circuit #38 of the Texas District of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod is made up of seven member congregations and one mission start located in the west by northwest quadrant of Harris County. The congregations are: CrossPoint, Katy Bill Woolsey, Matt Popovits, Dan Hauser, Jason Dail, Karl Schuler, David Jung Epiphany, Jersey Village Mike Welmer, Jeff Muchow The Family of Faith, Houston Vacant (Sr. Pastor), Larry Wong LifeBridge, Cypress (Mission Start) Michael Meissner Memorial, Katy John Davis, Erik Stadler Mt. Calvary, Houston Samuel Cosby St. John, Cypress David Bahn, David Schultz St. Timothy, Houston Steve Henze, Jonathan Goeke

In addition to these pastors, there are also a large number of Commissioned Ministers of the Gospel faithfully serving the congregations of our circuit. One of the themes that is consistent among the ministries of our circuit is change and growth. CrossPoint continues to develop their multi-site ministry. Epiphany and St. John are looking at major capital projects, and LifeBridge is off to a great start in a new community.


Family of Faith is in a call process for a senior pastor and Memorial installed their new senior pastor in 2008.. Mt. Calvary continues to develop their preschool, making a significant impact on their community, and St. Timothy continues to grow in their mission reach, developing new ministries for a changing culture. Bethesda ­ Good Samaritan campus is also located in our circuit. Rev. David Cecil is the Regional Religious Life Director for Bethesda Homes and Services to developmentally-challenged adults in our area and has been faithfully helping out with Family of Faith during their vacancy. Together, our congregations and ministries look forward to the challenges and opportunities that abound in our area to labor in His harvest fields and proclaim the good news of Jesus.


St. Paul Lutheran Church, Magnolia


Circuit #39 is comprised of the following churches and communities in Harris and Montgomery counties. Beautiful Savior, Houston During a process of re-evaluation of her ministry, Beautiful Savior has repositioned the ministry by giving the property to LINC-Houston for a ministry, training, and outreach center. Beautiful Savior continues weekly worship and Bible study by using the original property and receiving ministry service through LINC Houston. Beautiful Savior continues its mission and ministry in a way that reflects the needs of the immediate community and the greater need of urban ministry. God be praised for guiding Beautiful Savior in the transitioning process. Our Redeemer, Houston ­ Rev. Lawrence E. Kelm, Pastor As part of a northeast Houston changing neighborhood, Our Redeemer serves the downtown homeless with soup, sandwiches, pastries, and bottled water. Some 3,500 are served annually. For the past sixteen years an open gym has been hosted on Thursday evenings for 150 basketball players and their friends. The open gym leaders have recently opened a clothing pantry for adults and children. On Sunday evening they lead a Bible study for all ages and serve a light supper. A Wednesday nursing home worship, a Christian Day School and a regular pastoral ministry make for a very active outreach. Partnering with LINC-Houston, donated baked goods are delivered once a month to the food pantry distribution center at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church on West Road. Between February 28 and September 30, 2009, Our Redeemer will house groups of 20, 40, and 75 persons from across the U.S. who will be helping with the recovery efforts from Hurricane Ike. In November, 2009, Our Redeemer will celebrate its 60th year of mission and Ministry. Resurrection, Spring ­ Rev. Stephen Sohns, Senior Pastor; Rev. Ric L.McMillian, Associate Pastor Resurrection Lutheran Church continues to live under the grace of God in Spring and also follow the direction of God to "go out into all the world." In the past three years, three students have graduated from synodical schools and become full-time church workers. In addition to that, three more are currently in colleges or seminary preparing for future service to the Lord. God has blessed Resurrection with the privilege in serving as a partner with LINC-Houston for both work in the greater Houston area and in starting a Spanish speaking service on site. The leader of this ministry is currently on his "vicarage" through his studies at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO. In addition, God's people have been able to serve the community surrounding the area of Spring through Meals


on Wheels, food pantries, job assistance and training, etc. Each year three teams were sent into other countries to share the Gospel message among people in El Salvador, Belize and Mexico (Mazatlan and Mazhua). This next year will also include partnering with Central America Lutheran Missionary Society in Guatemala. This joy of serving in missions has meant involvement in Fan into Flame and direct support of work being done by our partner church in India to plant churches. In the 35+ plus years, the Lord continues to bless the work of the Gospel. Saint Paul, Magnolia ­ Rev. W. Clayton Campbell, Pastor Saint Paul Lutheran Church continues to share the saving grace and love of Jesus Christ through its Word and Sacrament ministry. The members of Saint Paul stepped forward in faith by selling its facilities and purchasing a 21 acre tract of land west of Magnolia on FM 1488. The members of Saint Paul recognized the current challenges which lay ahead, but also recognized the growth potential which the future holds as the population continues to grow in and around Magnolia. Plans for the first phase of construction are being drawn at this time. The congregation currently holds Sunday services in the chapel of the Klein Funeral Home in Magnolia. Salem, Tomball ­ Rev. Wayne E. Graumann, Senior Pastor; Rev. Douglas Dommer, Associate Pastor; Rev. Timothy R. Niekerk, Associate Pastor Salem, Tomball has continued its growth pattern and ministry expansion. Working through Ablaze, the congregation has begun a mentoring ministry for congregations interested in long-term mission commitment to a particular area of the world using short term missionaries. Using a model honed by over a decade of work in Honduras, Salem began a new ministry in Kenya and is now mentoring many congregations using an outreach model that has resulted in 15,000 conversions in Honduras and with only one year in Kenya, the opening of 15 new Lutheran congregations. At home, Salem has built a Community Center with approximately 100,000 spare feet of ministry space dedicated to sports/health, youth, children and community programming. Salem School achieved the National Blue Ribbon Award and record enrollment. Focusing on its mission, "Build a bigger heaven tomorrow, by sharing Jesus on earth today," the congregation is thankful to God for abundant blessings. Trinity, Spring ­ Rev. Dr. Richard Noack, Senior Pastor; Rev. Jeffrey Patterson, Associate Pastor By the grace of God the active ministry of Word and Sacrament has continued for 135 years at Trinity Klein Lutheran Church & School in Spring. In the past few years long-time, faithful, called servants have retired and the Lord has provided new and energetic workers for His kingdom work in northwest Harris County. In 2008 Trinity dedicated a beautiful 1400-seat sanctuary and 200-seat chapel. Our Christian Day School has been blessed with record enrollments ­ over 650 students. New ministries that are now flourishing include MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers), Braille workers, Piecemaker Quilters and annual Quilt Show, ESL classes, Spanish language services, A-Team (young men's service ministry) and Trinity Ablaze in Kenya Missions. The congregation currently has 17 students studying for full-time LCMS church work and supports each of these students with generous financial gifts. Zion, Tomball ­ Rev. Jerome Teichmiller, Senior Pastor; Rev. Charles Mallie, Associate Pastor Zion, Tomball spent the year of 2006 in celebrating "100 Years of God's Grace and Love." The congregation was founded in 1906 in Hufsmith, Texas and moved the three miles to the city of Tomball in 1959. In 2007, the congregation presented to Pastor Teichmiller a quilt which was pieced together from blocks designed by families of the congregation to mark 25 years of service as pastor to the congregation. In 2008, the congregation celebrated the Rite of Ordination for Rev. Mike Kimmel, who had finished his seminary training and had been called to a dual parish in northeast Texas. We give thanks and praise to our God who still showers us with His Grace and Love through Jesus Christ our Lord in Word and Sacrament.



Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Houston


Circuit #41 includes the following Houston congregations, and the pastors who serve them: Concordia -- Rev. Russell Etzel Gethsemane -- Rev. John Cain Holy Three-In-One -- Rev. Larry Lieder Houston Korean -- Rev. Sun Moon Lee Immanuel -- Rev. Tom Brouwer; Rev. Claudio Perez Our Savior -- Rev. Dr. Laurence White Sr.; Rev. Tom Glammeyer; Rev. Paul Williams St. Andrew -- Rev. Mark Koch St. Mark -- Rev. Scott Heitshusen; with Call process(es) underway for visitation and school ministries. During the last triennium, two faithful servants of the Lord were called to their Heavenly reward: Rev. J. Louis Konz (Emeritus, Immanuel, 2006) and Rev. Eugene Heckmann (Emeritus, Gethsemane, 2007). The congregations of Circuit # 41 continue to provide the changing neighborhoods of northwest Houston with a variety of pastoral, educational, deaf, Hispanic and Korean ministries. An exciting development in our area is the addition of the Korean language Hilltop Church of Houston, a worshipping community of 160-180 per Sunday. Hilltop is in the process of becoming an LCMS congregation. Hilltop's Rev. Seungwoong Ok is in a colloquy program, in process to become a rostered LCMS ordained minister. Soli Deo Gloria! REV. DAVID LEELAND

Trinity Lutheran Church, Houston


Circuit #43 of the Texas District serves our Lord Jesus Christ in the heart of the City of Houston and has expanded to include Bethany and St. Luke as circuit congregations. There have been two significant celebrations of years of pastoral ministry with Pastor Lucas at Holy Cross (28 years) and Pastor Black at Trinity (50 years). LINC Houston now partners with Beautiful Savior using that campus to house their offices and teaching, training and mentoring classes for preparing missionaries for all the various ministries sponsored through LINC. LINC has become a major provider of support to families impacted by Hurricane Ike. Bethany has partnered with LINC to establish Spanish-speaking Services on their campus. The UH Campus Ministry focuses on reaching Muslim, Hindu and Korean students. St. Matthew has partnered with Christ the King (Kingwood) in a Midtown / Medical Center / Rice University area mission-planting process known as 705HouseNetwork. Trinity is in the process of purchasing from the city and closing off two side streets next to its present Early Childhood Center in preparation for building a new Early Childhood Center which will double the capacity of ministry to care for little ones and their families.


There are two vacancies in the Circuit with St. Luke and San Pedro being served by retired or bivocational pastors. Circuit #43 consists of God's people eager to share Christ's saving love with all people now to disciple the saved and to reach those who are far from God and don't yet know Jesus as Lord and Savior. Circuit #43 is a diverse circuit made up of Anglo, African-American, and Spanish-speaking congregations, along with LINC Houston (Lutheran Intercity Network Coalition) and University of Houston Campus Ministry. Circuit #43 Ministries include: 1. Bethany 2. Centro de Fe y Esperanza 3. Comunidad de Gracia 4. Holy Cross 5. LINC Urban Outreach ­ Houston 6. Messiah 7. San Pedro 8. St. Luke 9. St. Matthew 10. Trinity 11. University of Houston Campus Ministry



Your Mission contributions are the primary financing for the ministry of the Texas District. The District budget is distributed into two categories: 1) funds expended to support missions and ministries and 2) funds for services to congregations of the Texas District, LCMS. For 2009, the total District budget is $7,254,000 of which $6,400,000 is supported by Mission contributions. The support for missions and ministries is $4,685,237 (64.6% of the total District budget). Of this, the amount designated for The LCMS, Inc. is $1,790,000 (27.97% of the Mission contributions). The LCMS allocation supports world missions and other services provided by the Synod. The amount designated for the Texas District missions and ministries, including special mission agencies, is $2,895,237. Texas continues to be blessed with opportunities to fulfill the Mission Statement of the Texas District to strengthen congregations to reach the lost, disciple the saved and care for people. A multitude of ministries including New Mission Starts, Hispanic, Asian, African American/African Immigrant, Deaf, Anglo and Campus receive support from this allocation, also Lutheran Social Services of The South, Concordia University Texas, Lutheran Outdoors Ministry of Texas, Lutheran Foundation of Texas and CAN-DO Missions. The balance of the budget, $2,568,763 (35.4% of the total District budget) supports programs and people serving the congregations of the Texas District, LCMS. Texas District continues to rank as the second largest contributor of world missions to The LCMS. We thank you for your level of support that has made this possible. Tremendous challenges and opportunities exist in Texas and throughout the world for expanded mission outreach. The Texas District continues to have the largest mission program of any District in the Synod. Such opportunities also create a financial challenge. We very sincerely appreciate the support you have provided for the mission and ministry of The LCMS, Inc. and the mission and ministry of the Texas District. We pray for God's blessings on our continued partnership as we strive to spread His gospel. Marlys Erickson Treasurer, Texas District


REPORT OF THE DIRECTOR OF CONGREGATIONAL AND WORKER CARE The last triennium of my ministry within the Texas District has continued to be a joyful opportunity for me to serve our Lord with and through the congregations, church workers and laity of our District. With the election of President Hennings, I now have the opportunity of working with the third District President since I returned to the Texas District in January, 1995. Each has had his own gifts and talents. An emphasis of President Hennings, which flows out of his formerly being the Mission Executive for the District, is the planting of 200 new mission plants by 2017. With this emphasis on mission planting, my role has also changed. I continue to work with conflicted congregations, but there has been a change in emphasis to being an assessor of potential mission planters for both Synod and our district. I was a mission planter when I came out of the seminary in 1973 with little or no assessment or training for that responsibility. The Lord blessed and it continued to grow. However, the world is much different today. So many things have changed culturally, electronically, morally and ethically that it requires a much different attitude, skill set, and perception of mission. There has to be passion for reaching the lost and an ability to lead, organize, delegate, equip, mobilize and empower laity to be active in the development and maturing process. My role now includes engaging potential mission planters in an exhaustive assessment process with the desire of finding those whom God has most equipped for this challenge. I continue to refine the CARE Process which was developed a few years ago as a tool for congregational conflict resolution. With the change of focus in my ministry through the district office, I have trained three other pastors in the district to serve congregations who have need of this service. I continue to serve as the initial contact for the district and upon assessment of the need for this service I provide names and contact information of one of the consultants. The Commission on Ministerial Health continues to be an active part of the district. With the benefit of a grant from Synod in 2008, we conducted an exhaustive research project seeking to discern information about the spiritual, physical, economic and ministry setting life of the pastors and their families. The results of this survey will help inform the ministry of District and Synod. I continue to work with the president in developing pastoral call lists for congregations. This continues to be an ongoing process that calls for wisdom from the Lord in seeking to match the gifts of pastors with the ministry needs of congregations. The Prayer and Spiritual Formation Committee continues to provide annual prayer retreats each October for all called workers and congregational staff members. This ministry has continued to grow and help change the lives of those who attend. With the four areas of the district now each having a Mission and Ministry Facilitator, I look forward to the next three years of working with them and the president in the expansion of God's kingdom through the planting of and working among many new congregations. To God alone give the glory. Dr. John M. Hirsch Director of Congregational and Worker Care


TEXAS PARTNERS IN MISSION Report, Director of Development Michael Fuchs We are living in Pentecost times! Over 300,000 people are moving to Texas each year creating a population mix from a wide variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds. The mission field permeates our communities and surrounds our congregations. Mission outreach in the Texas District has always been a high priority, but over the past 12 years the focus has become even sharper. In anticipation of expanded growth in support for mission outreach, Texas Partners in Mission (TPIM) was established in 1996 to invite direct gifts from individuals, groups, organizations and congregations. In 2006, the Board of Mission Administration set a goal of starting 200 new Word and Sacrament ministries by the year 2017. The foundation was laid, goals were set, but was God going to bless this effort? Yes! God has richly blessed the outreach mission of our Texas District. 45 new Word and Sacrament ministries have started toward the goal of 200 by the year 2017. 65% of the total Texas District budget is dedicated to mission outreach. As part of this mission outreach 28% of the mission offerings received are sent to the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod for national and international missions and 37% is used to support mission outreach in our Texas District. The Texas District through the Board of Mission Administration currently supports 66 missions and agencies with over 100 missionaries sharing the Gospel message of hope in Jesus Christ in over 15 different languages. And, many of these ministries are led by men who are from these diverse ethnic groups and are also ordained pastors in the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod. Read this paragraph again. God has richly blessed the outreach mission of our Texas District. Since 2005, individual congregations and circuits started new Word and Sacrament ministries but are not receiving financial support from the Board of Mission Administration. Praise the Lord for these new missions: Celebrate Recovery (Concordia, San Antonio), LifeBridge, (St. John, Cypress), 705 Houston City Ministry (Christ the King, Kingwood), Living Savior Lutheran Church (Circuit 22, Magnolia), and Water of Life, Forney (Zion, Dallas). Since 1996, gifts to Texas Partners in Mission have totaled over $3,225,000. Without this additional support, the mission program of the Texas District would have been curtailed. 100% of these gifts have been dedicated to mission planting in the Texas District. Praise the Lord for the individuals, groups, organizations and congregations! But, there's more to the story! In 2001, the Church Extension Fund (CEF) created a unique matching gift and investment program called 100PLUS1. When donors make a gift of at least $1,000 to TPIM and make a new investment of at least $5,000 to the CEF, then CEF will match 100% of the gift to TPIM and give a bonus 1% more on the interest rate of the CEF investment. Since 2001, CEF has contributed over $960,000 in matching gifts to TPIM, while receiving over $14,725,000 in new CEF investments. May God continue to bless all these partnerships! Each of you is invited to become a partner in the outreach mission of the Texas District. Gift envelopes are available at the Texas Partners in Mission display. Drop by and see some of your missionaries and hear some of their stories. Also, be sure to check out the website for TPIM at


REPORT OF DIRECTOR OF SCHOOL MINISTRY The opportunity of school ministry today is to minister to the children enrolled in the school and also to the families of these children. Families with young children experience the love and care of Jesus Christ as they enter the "school door" of the congregation. Many families who would otherwise not be touched by our ministries are looking for the excellence that they experience in many of our Lutheran schools. They are willing to pay us as we share Christ's love with them. The mission field has, like so many other aspects of our global society, reached our front door. Faculty and staff are in a position to minister to the children and other family members. Students are generally in our schools for over thirty hours a week. This provides us with a tremendous opportunity to share the love of God in Jesus Christ and His love and forgiveness to students and families. Congregations are becoming more intentional about their school ministries being strong family ministries. School ministries are vital resources to congregations as they are involved in reaching the lost, discipling the saved, and caring for people - locally and globally. What a tremendous blessing we have in The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod with our heritage of Lutheran schools. Each school day our students hear about God's great love in Christ Jesus for each of us. Lutheran School Ministry in the Texas District During the 2008-2009 school year 136 school ministries were operated by congregations and school associations of the Texas District. Of the 136 programs, there are 87 freestanding early childhood centers, 42 elementary schools (all 42 with pre-kindergarten programs), and 7 high schools. We have 1,428 directors, teachers, and caregivers in the freestanding early childhood centers; 883 administrators and teachers along with 195 aides in the elementary division, and 151 administrators and teachers in the high school division for a total of 2,657. There were 19,079 students enrolled in our school ministries for 2008-2009. Early childhood centers had 8,343 children. At the elementary schools there were 9,148 students enrolled and 1,588 students attended the high schools. Synodical Lutheran School Statistics Statistics are gathered each year by the LCMS Department of School Ministry. The data for 20082009 obtain the following important statistics: 3,527 congregations operate a school at the early childhood, elementary, or secondary level or a combination of these. That represents 59% of the congregations of our Synod. Approximately 273,903 students attend Lutheran early childhood centers and elementary and secondary schools 9,170 individuals joined the operating congregation of the Lutheran school as a direct result of the child's attendance at a Lutheran school during this past year. The number of children baptized was 3,592 while 2,198 adults were baptized and/or confirmed and 3,380 adults transferred to the operating congregation. Office of School Ministry ­ School Assessment Fee The work of the office of the school ministry is supported in part by the school assessment fee. The current school assessment fee is $11 per student attending a Lutheran high school; $8.50 for students in Lutheran schools in grades one through eight, and $6 per student for infants through kindergarten students.


Office of School Ministry ­ Here to Serve The Office of the School Ministry has been established by the Texas District to serve its congregations and those who are in ministry in congregations and schools. Please call us if we can assist your congregation in any way. The following is a partial list of some of the ways we serve you. The Director of School Ministry is involved in a variety of activities and processes affecting schools such as: accreditation, staffing assistance, legal issues, curriculum, Texas Education Agency (TEA) issues, teacher certification, continuing education, conferences, synodical connections, consulting, coordination, vision, educational trends, conflict management, federal & state educational issues and the like. Lutheran Schools Named as National Blue Ribbon Schools We have been very blessed to have six National Blue Ribbon Schools since 2002. Concordia, San Antonio; Prince of Peace, Carrollton; and Shepherd of the Hills, San Antonio are all National Blue Ribbon Schools. In September of 2006, the Texas District School Ministry Office was notified by the United States Department of Education that two of our outstanding schools had again been awarded national recognition for excellence. Only three Lutheran Schools Synod-wide received this prestigious honor in 2006 and Texas was blessed to have two of those schools! We congratulate St. Paul Lutheran School, Ft. Worth and Trinity-Klein Lutheran School, Spring for this significant recognition and award. In 2007, we received notification that another of our outstanding schools was recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School by the United States Department of Education, Salem Lutheran School, Tomball. We congratulate the administrative teams, faculty, and staff, and the entire church and school families for a GREAT JOB! We look forward to congratulating our next Blue Ribbon Schools. Not qualifying as a National Blue Ribbon School does not mean that you don't have an excellent school. We have a number of outstanding schools that have not yet been recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School. Being named as a National Blue Ribbon School is a wonderful statement to your community that has multiple benefits for your school internally and externally.

Early Childhood Education Ministry The Early Childhood Education (ECE) Council of the Texas District was formed in 1998 to assist congregations with early childhood centers ­ day care centers, mothers' day out programs, and preschools. Members of the ECE Council of the Texas District include the following: Dr. Gert Keiper - Concordia University Texas, Austin; Amber Schraeder, Redeemer, Austin; Bonnie Hahn, Leander; Celeste May, St. John, Cypress; Linda Braun ­ Lamb of God, Flower Mound; Marian Hamre - Peace, Hurst; Connie Robinson, Cross Point, Katy; Cynthia Hadley - Crown of Life, Rowlett; Jennifer Chavez ­ Trinity, San Angelo; Kathy Entzenberger - Concordia, San Antonio; Diane Dillow Crown of Life, San Antonio; Liz Brooks, Trinity-Klein, Spring; Kim Chaisson ­ Salem, Tomball; along with Dr. William Hinz, Director of School Ministry and Mrs. Lee Gaines, Administrative Assistant School Ministry office. Annual ECE Conference - The ECE Conference is usually held in late January each year. In 2007 over 830 attended in Dallas, in 2008 over 850 attended in Houston. The 2009 conference was held in San Marcos with over 960 in attendance. The 2010 conference will be held in Austin.


Directors and Assistant Directors Workshop ­ The ECE Council began the annual Directors and Assistant Directors Workshop in 1998. This workshop promotes leadership development and an opportunity to look at new resources and gain additional help through networking. The workshop takes place at Camp Lone Star usually the first weekend in November. Other Leadership Opportunities for Directors In addition, to becoming a larger part of the annual Summer Administrators Conference and adding more leadership sectionals at the Annual ECE Conference, the LEA Institute of Leadership has conducted several workshops. The Early Childhood Certificate of Christian Teaching (ECCCT) is sponsored by Concordia University Texas and the Texas District with scholarship grants provided by Thrivent continues to meet in regional areas across the state. In the spring of 2009, the ECCCT program was introduced to the Ohio District. This program consists of 4 classes; Mission and Ministry in Early Childhood Education; Lutheran Thought and Teaching; Methods and Materials of Early Childhood Christian Education and Faith Development of Children and Families. Upon completion of these 4 classes, participants will receive 4 academic units of credit from Concordia University Texas. Genesis Project - The Genesis Project assists congregations who are seeking to start a Lutheran School. Applications can be received through the Texas District. Strengthening Schools and Congregations (SSAC) ­ The SSAC process is a Synodical Initiative to assist schools and congregations in being even more effective in using their schools as a ministry arm of the church. A specially trained team visits a congregation to gather data and consult with its leaders to make recommendations for effectiveness. Please contact the Office of School Ministry for further information. Congregations Calling a Principal/Early Childhood Director ­ One of the most critical times in the school ministry of a congregation is the calling of a new principal or an Early Childhood Director. The Director of School Ministry of the Texas District works together with calling committees in this important endeavor. Dr. Hinz comes to the congregation for an initial consultation with the calling committee. A 12-page document has been prepared by the Texas District to assist congregations. Congregations Calling Teachers - We have a significant shortage of teachers in the LCMS. The Concordia University System of ten colleges is unique in all of America. We are blessed to have Concordia University Texas right here in our District. The teachers coming out of Concordia are exceptionally well prepared. In addition to our Lutheran Schools some of the best public districts in the state love to have Concordia graduates. Congregations have the opportunity to continue to encourage young people to prayerfully consider church work. Many congregations have established financial assistance for these young people. In addition to their local congregation, another opportunity for students preparing for a teaching ministry in Lutheran schools is the Keith A. & Margie A. Loomans Excellence in Education Scholarship that has been awarded each year beginning with the 2000-2001 school year. Scholarships are awarded based on merit qualifications to students who are preparing to teach in Lutheran schools. This scholarship is a partnership between the Texas District, the Lutheran Foundation of Texas, and Concordia University Texas. Beginning Teacher Workshop - Each year a special workshop is held for all first year teachers. There is a need for congregations and schools to provide special care during the first few years of transitioning into the teacher profession. This special workshop is held in early October.


Lutheran High School Ministry in the Texas District The Texas District is blessed to currently have seven high schools: Concordia Academy, Austin; Prince of Peace, Carrollton; Dallas Lutheran School, Dallas; Lutheran High North, Houston; Lutheran South Academy, Houston; Lutheran High School, San Antonio; and Concordia Lutheran High School, Tomball. The administrators of the Texas District Lutheran High Schools meet on a regular basis for the purpose of spiritual growth and for leadership development. The graduates of our Lutheran high schools have been blessed to go on to the finest schools (Universities) in our country and do exceptionally well as leaders in their own families, communities and congregations. This is a tribute to the Christian upbringing they receive in their own families and also to the development of their Christian faith through the various Christian teachers and mentors they experience. This process is enhanced by the Christian role models they see each day in their Lutheran High Schools.


LUTHERAN SCHOOL ACCREDITATION COMMISSION (LSAC) The Lutheran School Accreditation Commission (LSAC) is an accrediting agency for schools (Early Childhood Centers, Elementary and High Schools) of the Texas District of The Lutheran ChurchMissouri Synod. Accrediting associations recognized by the Texas Commissioner of Education to accredit non-public schools in Texas have formed the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission (TEPSAC). Member associations of TEPSAC, like LSAC, serve in an advisory capacity to the Commissioner of Education concerning the accreditation of non-public schools and recommending accrediting associations in Texas. All accredited schools of the Texas District are listed on the TEPSAC website: Texas School Directory. The accreditation of non-public schools in Texas is a function of TEPSAC and is recognized by the Commissioner of Education as having standards comparable to 19 TAC Chapter 97. Student credits earned in non-public schools accredited by TEPSAC are transferable to Texas public schools. The accreditation of non-public schools under this arrangement became effective on February 12, 1986. The new State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) allows student teachers to do their student teaching in an accredited non-public school. The teaching requirements for Texas certification may be fulfilled by teaching in an accredited non-public school. The website gives information about certification in Texas. In addition to accreditation by LSAC, LCMS schools may also apply for National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA). All of the schools accredited by LSAC also hold national accreditation. LSAC, through an NLSA agreement, has a working agreement with Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) for joint accreditation. A total of forty-seven schools (which consist of freestanding early childhood centers, elementary and high schools) are now accredited by LSAC & NLSA. The following schools are accredited by Lutheran School Accreditation Commission of Texas (LSAC) and the National Accreditation Commission (NLSA) of the LCMS. The current school administrator is also listed. Arlington Austin Austin Amarillo Austin Austin Bishop Brenham Carrollton Cedar Park Colleyville Cypress Dallas Dallas Dallas Dallas Flower Mound Fort Worth Giddings


Grace Concordia Academy (HS) Our Savior Trinity Redeemer St. Paul St. Paul Grace Prince of Peace (K-12) Good Shepherd Crown of Life St. John Holy Cross Dallas Lutheran School (MS/HS) Our Redeemer Zion Lamb of God St. Paul Immanuel

Steve Stigler Dave Mueller Donn Trautner Rick Ryan Glen Kieschnick Mary Eifert Susan Moerbe Jake Hollatz Chris Hahn Ann Block Tim Walz Karen Schulz Dennis Boldt David Bangert Lois Frischmann Jeff Thorman Linda Braun Larry Hoffschneider Daniel Schaefer

Harlingen Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Huntsville Katy Katy Klein McAllen McKinney Midland New Braunfels Plano San Angelo San Antonio San Antonio San Antonio Serbin Thorndale Tomball Tomball Walburg

St. Paul Christ Memorial Gloria Dei Immanuel Lutheran High North (HS) Lutheran South Academy (K-12) Memorial Our Savior Pilgrim St. Mark Trinity Faith Cross Point Memorial Trinity St. Paul Our Savior Grace Cross Faith Trinity Concordia Lutheran High School Shepherd of the Hills St. Paul St. Paul Concordia High School Salem Zion

Julie Walther Barbara Tanz Kathie Walker Cheryl Burmeister Dave Waterman Dr. Micah Parker Rev. Bart Day Lance Gerard Dave Glienke Herb Mock Amy Boatman Kristie Pachers Connie Robinson Linda Stahmer Keith Goedecke Dr. Kathy Lang Steve Winkelman Mary Wood Kevin Dierks Timothy Merritt Ron Fritsche Matt Meier Stephen Eggold Sue Gary David Birnbaum Cindy Melcher Joel Bode Dr. Mary Beth Gartner Howard Voelker

The following schools are in their initial accreditation process: Hurst Tyler Red Apple Preschool (Peace) Trinity Lutheran Preschool Marian Hamre Kelly Moore

Each year an accredited school must submit an Annual Report documenting the progress being made toward meeting the recommendations made by the Accreditation Visit Team. Each report is reviewed by LSAC. The progress of each school is rated on the basis of the report. For those schools holding National Lutheran School Accreditation the District commission is responsible for reviewing annual reports and submitting to the National Accreditation Commission its recommendations for continuing national accreditation for Texas District schools.


LSAC is a 12-member commission with each commissioner appointed for a three-year term. Commission members are: Chairperson Steve Winkelman, Concordia Christian Academy, Mc Kinney Vice-Chairperson Steven Jahnke, Redeemer, Austin Austin Area *David Birnbaum, St. Paul, Serbin Sonja Vickery, Concordia, San Antonio Kris Becker, public school representative, member of Redeemer, Austin Houston Area *Debbie Baacke, Lutheran South Academy, Houston Matt Straub, Concordia High School, Tomball Dave Glienke, Pilgrim, Houston Dallas Area *Jeff Pool, Crown of Life, Colleyville Nancy Hoffschneider, Red Apple (Peace), Hurst Karen Lusk, Prince of Peace, Carrollton Early Childhood Statewide Representative Bonnie Hahn, Leander *Regional Chairs

Dr. William V. Hinz, Executive Director Mrs. Lee A. Gaines, Administrative Assistant - Office of School Ministry


REPORT OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2009 The Board of Directors of the Texas District is one of the elected boards of the District. The Board of Directors is charged to execute the resolutions of the District in Convention and to monitor and maintain the business of the District between Conventions. For a more detailed description of the deliberations and decisions of the Board of Directors, a copy of the meeting minutes is sent to each Circuit Counselor and may be obtained from him. The members of the Board of Directors for the 2006-2009 triennium are: The Reverend Kenneth Hennings ­ President The Reverend Carroll Kohl ­ Vice-President Area A The Reverend Doctor Robert Preece ­ Vice President Area B The Reverend David Schroder ­ Vice President Area C The Reverend Ralph Hobratschk ­ Vice President Area D The Reverend John M. Davenport ­ Secretary The Reverend Walter Pohland ­ Assistant Secretary Dr. Gerald Brunworth ­ Educator Dr. Sandra Doering ­ Educator * Mr. Ray Lauterbach ­ Layperson Mrs. Eunice Otte ­ Layperson Mrs. Pat Biar ­ Layperson Mr. Frank Jennings ­ Layperson Dr. Ernst Kiesling ­ Layperson at Large *Dr. Doering accepted a call in the Spring of 2008 to serve as Instructor, Concordia University Chicago. Director of Christian Education Vanessa Seifert was appointed in summer of 2008 to complete the term of Dr. Doering. In its six meetings each year, the Board handled routine business, ratified appointments, and was attentive to the financial realities of the District. In this triennium the budget of the District was increased modestly from $7.2M to $7.4M; at the same time the Directors urged an increase in the District Church Worker Base Salary and supported the functions of the Board for Mission Administration and the Board for Church Extension. The Board of Directors received reports from a variety of ministries within the District (including Lutheran Social Services of the South, CAN-DO, Concordia University Texas, Lutheran Outdoor Ministries of Texas, Texas Partners in Mission, Lutheran Foundation of Texas, and more). During this triennium the District Strategic Plan continued to unfold. Persistent encouragement to churches and circuits to plant congregations continues. Two Mission and Ministry Facilitators were called to serve on the District Staff. Both accepted. Reverend Steven Misch serves Area A with his office in Borger, and Reverend Michael Newman serves Area C with his office in San Antonio. The Mission of the Texas District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod is to "Strengthen congregations to reach the lost, disciple the saved, and care for people... locally and globally." The goal of the Board of Directors, under the love and leading of God's Holy Spirit, is to encourage and enable that mission directive. Reverend John M. Davenport Secretary, Texas District Board of Directors


REPORT OF THE BOARD OF MISSION ADMINISTRATION "[The Lord] says: `It is too small a thing for you to be my servant to restore the tribes of Jacob and bring back those of Israel I have kept. I will also make you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring my salvation to the ends of the earth'" (Isaiah 49:6). It was too small a thing, too trifling, too easy [according to the Hebrew meaning of the word] for God's Servant to simply establish the tribes of Jacob and protect the people of Israel for return to the land. God had a bigger plan, a plan that would transform the world. The Lord proclaimed in Isaiah 49:6, "I will give you as a light for the nations, to be my salvation to the extremity of the earth." The Lord would stretch His light to all the nations--to all the earth! Settling for one locality was not enough. Ultimately, this promise of God would be realized in the Messiah, Jesus, whose life, death and resurrection redeemed us from the curse of sin and death. And this promise would reverberate through the lives of believers as one servant after another would proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world. God's promise was echoed by Martin Luther in his summary of the Passover deliverance recorded in Exodus 12. Luther said, "In these New Testament times there is always a lack of Christians; there never are enough of them. Therefore we must not stop inviting guests to partake of this Paschal Lamb. But we must keep on preaching. We must also go to those to whom Christ has hitherto not been proclaimed. We must teach the people who have not known Christ, so that they, too, may be brought to the spiritual kingdom of Christ." "Never enough!" Luther said. When it comes to Christians, there are never enough of them! To that end, we, by God's grace, continue the mission journey of the Texas District--an effort begun by mission planters who started the Texas District over 100 years ago.

TOGETHER, WE START NEW MISSIONS The Board of Mission Administration (BMA) of the Texas District is strongly committed to reach out with the Gospel in partnership with congregations and organizations in our District. A. New Ministries Over the past triennium we have been blessed with twenty-three (23) new ministries. The ministries listed below have been started since our last convention: 2006 Dallas Houston Richardson Dallas Roanoke Forney

Church of All Nations -Arabic Eritrean Lutheran Church Living Water Lutheran Church Nueva Esperanza Iglesia Luterana St. Peter Lutheran Church Water of Life Lutheran Church


2007 San Antonio Houston Katy Houston Baytown Houston Spring 2008 Coahoma Houston Houston Irving Cypress Montgomery George West Rosanky Houston Austin

Abundant Grace Lutheran Amigos de Dios CrossPoint - Seven Lakes Ethiopian Evangelical Church Iglesia Monte de Sinai Manantiales de Vida Centro de Alabanza

Alive in Christ Familia de Fe Hilltop Church of Houston Grace Community Lutheran - Pakistani LifeBridge - Satellite of St. John, Cypress Living Savior Lutheran Church St. Paul Vineyard of Christ Zion Christian Center Iglesia Luterana Pueblo de Dios

These new ministries move us further in our Ablaze! goal of starting 200 new ministries in Texas by the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017. More than 40 ministries have started since 2004. We praise God for LINC Houston and LINC North Texas, along with other mission organizations that facilitate the start of new missions and the support of existing ministries. It is also a joy and blessing to join with congregations of our Synod in the effort to start 2,000 new congregations in the United States and proclaim the Gospel to 100 million people world-wide as we reflect the heart of God to be a light to the nations. B. New Ministry Planning and Support A key component of starting new missions is a sound strategy. The Texas District seeks to assist in the start-up of new churches with an approach that focuses on the right person, the right place, and the right plan. Rev. Dr. John Hirsch, Director of Congregational and Worker Care, leads a careful Church Planter Assessment process for each potential ministry leader sponsored by the Texas District. The discernment of a potential mission planter for the Texas District, LCMS is conducted in one of two ways. The first is an assessment conducted by Rev. John Hirsch. The second is through the LCMS assessment program called CPAC (Church Planter Assessment Center). The first is conducted by both online and on site interviews. The second is conducted online and at one of four sites around the country at set times of the year: January, April, August and November. In either case, the wife, if the candidate is married, is significantly involved in the assessment process. The assessment through the District involves contacting Pastor Hirsch and making the request to be assessed as a mission planter. If the church planter candidate has not done so, he will be encouraged to speak to his area MMF to discuss the proposed target mission field, funding, and sponsoring congregation/organization (the right place and plan). If he is encouraged to pursue the mission planting process in that place and at this time, the mission planter candidate will be again directed to contact Pastor Hirsch to begin the assessment process. The Texas District covers the cost for this assessment process.


C. The Frontera Ministry An important Synodical partnership is in the Frontera Ministry. This ministry is a partnership of the Texas District, the Rocky Mountain District, and the Pacific Southwest District. Its purpose is to initiate and expand innovative Hispanic ministries that promote the planting of missions along the U.S.-Mexican border, and in the partner Districts. Currently, three missionary training centers have been developed along the border in Brownsville, Texas (Texas District), El Paso, Texas (Rocky Mountain District), and San Diego, California (Pacific Southwest District). Frontera hopes to facilitate growth in Hispanic ministry along the border and around the nation. TOGETHER, WE FUND THE MISSION The BMA continues to focus on being the best possible stewards of the offerings given by God's people in the Texas District. The Board is also determined to continue ministry growth and development during these challenging economic times. More people than ever need the solid foundation of Jesus Christ in their lives. To that end, we continue the plans implemented in the last triennium. 1. We are on course for all financially assisted ministries to become self-sufficient. In the midst of this transition, our prayer is that these ministries will grow in partnership with congregations and individuals to ensure continued outreach with the Good News of Jesus Christ. The Mission and Ministry Facilitators are available to provide help to ministries trying to explore ways to continue as self-sufficient entities. 2. The BMA is also continuing to implement the funding plan for new ministries. Up to $200,000, repayable over a twenty year period with no interest, will be made available as new mission starts get off the ground. In addition to the financial support, church planter assessment, training and coaching will be made available for workers who serve new starts. 3. Money repaid to the Texas District will be placed in a Texas District Church Extension Fund account and emptied out every year for the purpose of starting new congregations. Nearly $25,000 will be returned in 2009 for new mission starts. This is an exciting and positive step in the stewardship of our shared resources. God continues to bless the mission work done through dedicated individuals, congregations, and organizations connected to the Texas District. The BMA gives thanks to God for His guidance and for the support and partnership of congregations and organizations in boldly sharing the Gospel with those who do not know Christ. TOGETHER, WE GIVE THANKS Generous and committed servants of Christ continue to offer assistance for the District Mission Program through the following organizations: A. MISSION PROGRAM The B. M. Woltman Foundation of Houston provides grants to financially assisted congregations to aid in the developing of their ministry. The Texas District, Lutheran Women's Missionary League Texas Partners in Mission


In addition, the Lutheran Foundation of Texas (LFOT) oversees a number of endowment funds that also directly benefit the Texas District Mission Program. The Herwald Family Endowment Fund The St. Michael Endowment Fund The Ernest and Marie Moerbe Endowment Fund Texas District Mission Planting Endowment Fund Texas District Hispanic Endowment Fund Deaf Ministry Endowment Mathilde E. Taube Unitrust Mathilde E. Taube Irrevocable Trust Grace Urban Endowment Fund B. SCHOLARSHIPS The following provided assistance with tens of thousands of dollars for student scholarship aid for Texas District students preparing for church vocations at our Lutheran schools and seminaries. The B. M. Woltman Foundation The Lottman Trust Fund The Texas District Lutheran Women's Missionary League The Texas District, LCMS In addition to the above, the following scholarship endowments are managed by the Lutheran Foundation of Texas (LFOT) and awarded by the BMA. The Lin Charles Pfluger Scholarship Trust Fund The Mr. and Mrs. August Symmank Student Scholarship Trust Fund The Joseph Maxwell and Elizabeth Jane McKinney Memorial Endowment Fund The Prince of Peace Student Seminary Endowment Fund The Oscar Paul Thieme Memorial Endowment Fund The Kenneth P. and Doris Heckmann DeYoung Family Scholarship Loan Fund The Wanda and Harold Jungman Scholarship Endowment The Elma K. Dutschmann Memorial Scholarship Endowment The Alvin & Martha Kieschnick Family Scholarship Endowment The Rev. Edmund P. and Esther J. Frank Student Loan Endowment The Texas District Professional Church Workers Endowment Fund Agreement The Vastine E. and Louise R. Pietsch Endowment Trust The Hope Lutheran Church Scholarship Endowment The William E. Bird and Edna L. Bird Scholarship Endowment The Moravec-Buchhorn-Teinert Endowment The Eckert-Watters Endowment During the last triennium a number of congregations and individuals have given gifts above and beyond regular District/Synod support for specific ministries. This type of support has continued to grow and, we pray, will multiply significantly in the years to come. We profoundly thank all of these groups for their assistance and pray that they will continue to be supportive of the Mission Program of our District.


C. THE BOARD OF MISSION ADMINISTRATION We also praise God for the service of those who have served the Texas District as members of the Board of Mission Administration during the last triennium: Mr. Ryan Busse Mr. Ekanem Ekanem Mr. David Glienke Rev. John Messmann Rev. Patrick Miller Rev. Walt Pohland Mr. Mike Ratke Mrs. Sylvia Schmidt Rev. Steve Sohns Mrs. Lucy Wilke One Vacancy Harlingen, Texas Balch Springs, Texas Houston, Texas Ft. Worth, Texas Frisco, Texas Georgetown, Texas Farwell, Texas Houston, Texas Spring, Texas San Antonio, Texas To be Appointed

We wish to extend our thanks to the following members whose terms expire this year: Mr. Ekanem Ekanem, Mr. David Glienke, the Rev. John Messmann, and the Rev. Patrick Miller, and Mrs. Sylvia Schmidt. We thank all of them for their commitment and dedication to the mission program of the Texas District.


The Mission of the Texas District is to strengthen congregations to: reach the lost, disciple the saved, and care for people...locally and globally.

Mission and Ministry Facilitators (MMF) of the Texas District, serve all the congregations, called professional church workers, and lay leaders of the District, assisting them to live out a mission orientation as they carry out their ministry. The MMFs are available in the following ways to assist the District in meeting its Ablaze! goals of 200 new "Word and Sacrament" congregations, 2.5 million Gospel sharings, an annual baptized membership growth of 2% and funding to support the accomplishment of these goals: Serving Congregations An MMF may serve the congregations as: an advisor and guide in the church planting/ministry start-up process a partner in strengthening areas and functions of ministry. a facilitator for short and long range planning. a resource in assisting congregations to be relevant to their communities. a broker of resources. a prayer partner and friend. a recruiter and cultivator of resource people both lay and rostered. a supporter and encourager of pastors, DCEs, teachers, deaconesses, and lay leaders. server/servant. one who prepares and assists churches and staff for change. counselor to financially assisted congregations. The Mission and Ministry Facilitators can assist the congregation, school, etc. by facilitating a planning process that includes the identification of critical targets, goals, and action plans. lead staff retreats and congregational leaders' workshops, assisting with team building, mission consciousness, skill development, etc. provide internal and external demographic study resources. assist congregations/circuits in assessing the potential for new mission starts provide a "message" at a Sunday worship service; lead an adult Bible class/study. workshop leader in a variety of topic areas. promote mission awareness. provide stewardship education and resources offer personal support, friendship, prayer partnering with pastors, principals, teachers, DCEs, deaconesses, etc.


An important tool for growing ministry is MissionInsite Demographic information. Every congregation has access to the MissionInsite website. Follow these steps to access demographic data for your area: 1. Go to 2. Click on the "Client Login" tab on the top right of your screen. On the left side of the page you will find the "Church User Registration" area. Choose "Click here to Register with MissionInsite." A new dialogue box will appear asking for your Agency Account Number. 3. The Texas District Account Number ID is: 129BX. Enter this number when prompted. 4. Follow the self registration process where you will create your own Username and Password. Following registration, you will be returned to the Client Login page. Log-in using your newly created Username and Password. That's all there is to it, now you're ready to explore. 5. If you need help, you can click on the "help" button on the upper right hand corner of your screen, or you can contact your MMF for assistance. MMF Contact Information: Area A (Circuits 1-7): Rev. Steven Misch 1511 Gawain Rd. Borger, TX 79007 806-433-4536 (Cell/Office) 806-273-3821 (Home/Fax) [email protected] Area B (Circuits 8-19): Mr. Paul Krentz Texas District Office 7900 E. Highway 290 Austin, Texas 78724 Office: 512-926-4272 Toll Free: 800-951-3478 [email protected] Area C (Circuits 20-30) Rev. Michael Newman 1203 Rheims Place San Antonio, TX 78258 210-633-4368 (Cell and office) 210-764-1291 (Fax) [email protected] Area D (Circuits 31-43): Dr. Lou Jander 10810 Glenora Drive Houston, TX 77065 281-970-5308 (Office) 832/483-5577 (Cell) [email protected]

TOGETHER, WE PRESS ON In a letter to a fellow believer, Martin Luther commented on God's living Word: "This noble Word brings with it a great hunger and an insatiable thirst, so that we could not be satisfied even though many thousands of people believe on it; but we wish that no one should be without it. This thirst ever strives for more and does not rest; it moves us to speak, as David says: `I believed, therefore have I spoken' (Ps. 116:10). And we have (says Paul, 2 Cor. 4:13) `the same spirit of faith...we also believe and therefore speak' until, if this were possible, we have made and merged everyone into one (spiritual) body with us." Luther was convinced that God's goal to reach all people with salvation through His Son was the "great hunger" and "insatiable thirst" that wells up in us as we hear His life-changing Word. As God's redeemed people, we press on to proclaim this Good News of forgiveness and salvation through the crucified and risen Christ. We walk together in the Texas District to reach the lost, to disciple the saved, and to care for God's precious people in Texas and throughout the world. Rev. Michael Newman, MMF, Area C of the Texas District Liaison to the Board of Mission Administration


Texas District Church Extension Fund

The mission of the Texas District Church Extension Fund (CEF) is to extend God's Kingdom by boldly and responsibly assisting congregations to acquire land and buildings and by linking investors with congregations.

This process channels the resources God has placed in the hands of His people to congregations that need additional physical facilities to extend their Gospel proclamation.

CEF Logo

The CEF Logo is a visual representation of the mission statement. The cross element is the central part of the logo and it is also central to our mission. The two intersecting nails remind us that Christ paid a price for each of us. They are also a basic element of construction. All of the other elements are attached to the cross because without Jesus Christ there would be no purpose for our ministry. The open land (panhandle and west Texas) and the brick element (central and east Texas) represent the two principal ways CEF assists congregations ... loans to acquire property and build worship facilities. The person figure represents God's people filled with and empowered by the Holy Spirit (the body of the person is the symbol of a dove) who raise their hands to worship Him and support ministry. The overall image wraps all of the elements together in a unified way in the State of Texas where our ministry is accomplished to the glory of our Heavenly Father.

Serving Congregations

During the past three years, CEF has approved loans for 66 Texas District congregations. The new loan commitments for these congregations totaled $54.4 million. The projects financed ranged from first worship facilities for new mission starts to new or renovated and expanded sanctuaries to funds for repair and refurbishing. At the end of 2008 CEF had $87 million in loans outstanding to 126 congregations of the District. CEF continues to provide low-cost financing for Texas District congregations.














Number of Congregation Loan Requests Approved












$0 2006 2007 2008

Amount of New Loan Commitments

(Dollars in Millions)

CEF lowered the lending rate for self-supporting congregations to 5.00% and for new starts to 4.25%. Both self-supporting congregations and newly formed congregations qualify to participate in CEF's Incentive Rebate Program. This program provides cash rebates to the congregations of up to 1% of their loan balance annually based on the level of supporting investments from their members and friends.

Serving Investors

Investments in Church Extension Fund have grown to $125 million at the end of 2008. CEF continues to offer investors a competitive interest return on their funds and the added bonus of helping congregations extend the Kingdom. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) service is available to investors. This service permits investors to make regular, monthly additions to their CEF investments automatically by direct debit to their checking account. Interest rates paid to CEF investors continue to be competitive with other investment options available.

Kids Into Discipleship and Stewardship (K.I.D.S.) is a program to teach children about stewardship and savings. Their quarters build churches.

$150 Million in Assets

The Board for Church Extension, under the supervision of the Texas District Board of Directors, seeks to keep the Church Extension Fund ministry safe, strong and ready to serve congregations in the future. At the end of 2008, CEF total assets were $150 million and the capital fund had grown to $24 million. The capital to assets ratio is 16.4%. This means that CEF is a safe, secure place for Texas District Lutherans to invest their savings. It also means that CEF is prepared to grow to meet the borrowing needs of Texas District congregations in the future.


100 PLUS 1

The Church Extension Fund ministry was created to serve congregations, particularly newly formed congregations. Missions and church extension have always gone together. To serve the church and to multiply the funds available for mission planting, CEF created the 100 PLUS 1 Challenge.

The program is a simple "Texas Two-Step":

Here's what you do --Step 1 - Make a gift of $1,000 or more to Texas Partners in Mission to support new mission planting. Step 2 - Open a new investment of $5,000 or more in a CEF fixed-rate note. Here's what you get --CEF will match your gift to Texas Partners in Mission 100% CEF will pay you a bonus 1% for the initial term of your investment.

Since the program was introduced in 2001, CEF has matched gifts totaling almost $1 million and has received $15 million in new investments.

The Bottom Line

The preceding sections provide several measures of the growth of the CEF ministry. However, we do not measure success in terms of growth in assets, growth in the number of investors or growth in the capital fund alone. We measure success in the souls of people, touched by the Holy Spirit, who come to know Jesus as Savior and Lord. "Every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything," Hebrews 3:4. CEF seeks to be a useful tool in His hand to accomplish His purposes. In building the link between individual investors who supply the means and congregations who have the need, CEF seeks to make possible a church, a school, a baptism, a confirmation, the Gospel proclaimed! That is the real bottom line.


Texas District Board for Church Extension members

Rev. David Bahn (term ends 2010) St. John, Cypress Mr. Chris Bannwolf (term expires 2009) Shepherd of the Hills, San Antonio Mr. Gene Bode (term expires in 2011) St. Paul, Waco Mrs. Suzanne Braun (term expires 2011) Faith, Georgetown Mr. Terry Brown, Chairman (term expires 2009) Concordia, Garland Mr. James Synatzske (term expires 2011) Faith, Stephenville Mrs. Dianne Moses (term expires 20010) St. Paul, Big Spring Ms. Sandra Nordhausen (term expires 2010) Good Shepherd, Cedar Park Mr. James Wells, Vice Chairman (term expires 2009) Trinity, Amarillo

CEF Executive Staff

Mr. Stephen Block - Executive Director Mr. Bill Siegrist - Director of Development Mrs. Pam Herber - Director of Operations

CEF Staff

Mrs. Ruby Cruz - Loan Administration Assistant Mrs. Sue Eckert - Transaction Processing Assistant Mrs. Darlene Greer - CEF Administrative Assistant Mrs. Jess Rosenwinkel - Web and Graphic Designer Mrs. Sarah Rude - Investor Service Representative Mrs. Joan Zieschang - Investor Service Representative


CONSTITUTION COMMITTEE The Bylaws of Synod (2.2.1 and 2.4.1) require that member congregations of Synod submit their Constitutions and Bylaws for review by their District's Constitution Committee when applying for membership in the Synod and also every time they revise their Constitutions and Bylaws. The Synodical Bylaws further state that submission and approval of new and/or revised Constitutions and Bylaws is a condition of continued membership in the Synod. In compliance with the Bylaws of Synod, the Texas District Constitution Review Committee was appointed by the Board of Directors following the 2006 District Convention. The members serving on this committee are Rev. Dale Snyder (Chairman), Mrs. Becky Hellbaum (Lay), Mr. Dan Parker (Commissioned Minister), and Rev. Gerald Peterman. Over the past three years, this Committee has reviewed the Constitutions and Bylaws of 61 congregations of the Texas District. Some of these reviews were from new congregations submitting their initial Constitution and Bylaws so that they might become members of Synod. Most, however, were Constitutions and Bylaws which were being revised or completely rewritten. The Constitutions and Bylaws of the following 47 congregations have been approved by the Review Committee and sent to the Texas District Board of Directors for approval since the 2006 Convention. Please understand, however, that this report is being written in March of 2009, and that the Constitutions and Bylaws of additional congregations may be completed prior to the time this report is received by the delegates to the 2009 Texas District Convention.

Alpine, Redeemer Aransas Pass, Faith Austin, Hope Austin, Our Savior Azle, Good Shepherd Bastrop, Prince of Peace Belton, Prince of Peace Brady, Mt. Calvary Buchanan Dam, Genesis Carrollton, Prince of Peace Corinth, Hope Dallas, All Nations Dallas, Bethel Dallas, Emmanuel Ethiopian Fredericksburg, Resurrection Ft. Worth, St. Peter Garland, Concordia Garland, Tree of Life George West, St. Paul Hewitt, Peace Hillsboro, Christ Houston, Beautiful Savior Houston, Family of Joy Houston, Gloria Dei

Houston, Trinity Houston, Zion Howard County, Alive in Christ Kerrville, Hosanna (2) La Porte, Christ Redeemer Lexington, St. James Midland, Holy Cross Montgomery, Living Savior Navasota, Trinity Nederland, Holy Cross Richardson, Living Water Rockport, Peace Rosanky, Vineyard of Christ San Benito, St. John San Marcos, Grace Seguin, Grace The Woodlands, Living Word Tomball, Zion Tyler, Trinity (2) Waco, Trinity Warda, Holy Cross Whitney, Our Savior Wichita Falls, Our Redeemer

Respectfully submitted, Rev. Dale Snyder, Chairman


DISASTER RESPONSE ­ TEXAS DISTRICT During the past triennium, Texas has been affected by the following hurricanes: September, 2007 ­ Humberto (western Louisiana and far Southeast Texas District LCMS) July, 2008 ­ Dolly (South Texas) September, 2008 ­ Gustav (mostly western Louisiana, minor affect on Southeast Texas) September, 2008 ­ Ike (Galveston, Houston and Golden Triangle) If one takes into consideration the effects of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in August and September of 2005, Texas has been challenged to respond to the needs resulting from these natural disasters. The congregations of the Texas District and beyond have responded in contributions and in labor. Work groups have regularly been involved in helping the communities impacted by these natural disasters. We have partnered with various organizations in providing both financial and labor response. Those we have worked with include: LCMS World Relief and Human Care, Lutheran Social Services of the South, LINC Houston, and various federal agencies. The congregations of the Texas District have been actively involved in providing work groups to assist the members, congregations and the communities affected. Numerous visits for support and assessment were made by Dr. Jerry Kieschnick, Rev. Ken Hennings, and other members of the Texas District and national staff. The devastation of personal property, church properties, and personal lives have been felt by many. Through the care and support of the church-at-large, we are able to minister to the people in these times of need. Countless stories have been shared during and after each of these disasters...we are strengthened through the power of our Lord in special circumstances. We give thanks and glory to God for His presence and His empowering Spirit to "Reach, Receive, and Refresh" as we serve in this special area of ministry. Here is a summary of funds handled for three of the hurricanes: Hurricane Katrina: The congregations in the Southern District that were assigned to Texas District were sent $13,437.00. The Southern District received ear-marked funds totaling $95,490.00 In addition, Katrina and Rita received contributions of $168,785.00, of which $138,894.00 was distributed, leaving a balance available of $29,891.00. (These contributions came in marked for either or both so funds were accounted for as one) All of these donations were received in 2005 and 2006. Hurricane Ike (2008) Received $211,537.00 and $124,894.00 was distributed leaving a balance available of $68,643.00. The balance is still being disbursed as continued needs are identified.

Dr. Lou Jander MMF and Disaster Response Coordinator


MILITARY SUPPORT: OPERATION BARNABAS This past year, the Ministry of the Armed Forces of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod introduced a program to our church called "Operation Barnabas" to help congregations better minister to family members of military personnel who are deployed overseas, to help provide assistance to military personnel during their deployment and during the adjustment time when they return home, and to help congregations provide recognition of the veterans and military personnel in their congregations for their faithful service to our Country. Each District President in Synod was to appoint a person to be an "Operation Barnabas" contact person to assist congregations to implement this program, if they so wish, and to keep him informed concerning the needs of the District's military personnel and their families. President Hennings has appointed me to be the "Operation Barnabas" contact person for the Texas District. I am very honored to have been selected to serve in this very important position. As you may know, I served 25 years in the Army as a chaplain. Jean and I are very much aware of the many issues that our military and their families have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Unless you have been there, it is nearly impossible for you to understand what they are going through as they serve our Nation. If you would like assistance in designing a program in your congregation to provide ministry, support, and encouragement to your military personnel and their families, please do not hesitate to call me at (512/280-5024). We can share some ideas over the phone, or I can come and personally visit with you and the leaders in your congregation. Those of us who served in the Vietnam War will never forget the lack of appreciation that was shown to us when we returned home. I am very pleased to see our military is now receiving a great deal of support and appreciation, from the civilians, for their contribution and service to our country's security and freedom. I hope that we, and especially our churches, will continue to do that. Let me know how I can help you. Pastor James R. Linderman President Emeritus of the Texas District



(Whole Person Health Ministry....WPHM)

A ministry of assisting individuals and congregations of the Texas District and beyond, in caring for God's people in body, mind and spirit, through health and wellness programs and care ministries. "We love because He first loved us." 1John 4:19 WPHM plays a supportive role to individuals and congregations in health and care ministries through.... *Prayer *Providing information and resources for Pastors, Parish Nurses, health/wellness and care ministry workers *Offering opportunities for education and workshops for Parish Nurses/ Health Ministers *Encouraging Pastors, Parish nurses, health and care ministry workers in their roles *Representing the Texas District as Parish Nurse rep for LCMS WPHM is active in promoting overall wellness through.... *Assisting as needed in the start-up of health/wellness and care ministries *Providing health and wellness materials on request *Offering blood pressure screenings and health/wellness information at various District events *Providing networking opportunities through scheduled events *Connecting congregations and individual workers to Synod materials and resources Some models of Health Ministries within Texas District congregations..... *Parish nurse ministry...RN with current license, paid or volunteer *School nurse programs in our parochial schools...RN with current license *Congregational Health and Wellness ministry...professional health care volunteers providing health education, blood pressure and other screenings, and a variety of health/wellness services similar to Parish Nurse ministry Also including: *Healing/Prayer services *Support groups *Food pantry *Emergency/ disaster assistance *Cards/Calls of concern *Senior assistance *Special needs support *Transportation assistance For additional information contact: *Stephen Ministry *Telecare *Meals *Good Samaritan *Older adult ministry *Shut-in visits *Ministry to chronically ill *Numerous other care ministries

*Dr. Lou Jander, Mission and Ministry Facilitator [email protected] (281)970-5308 * Or, Texas District Health Ministry Coordinator Dottie Simon, WPHM Coordinator, Texas District



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