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Series ELO-231B -- 160 K-factor Series ELO-231B -- 11.2 K-factor Upright and Pendent Sprinklers Upright and Pendent Sprinklers Standard Response, Standard Coverage Standard Response, Standard Coverage

General General Description Description

The 11.2 K-factor, Series ELO-231B, Standard The 160 K-factor, Series ELO-231B, Standard Response,Coverage, Upright and Response, Standard Standard Coverage, Upright and Pendent Sprinklers Pendent Sprinklers (Ref. Figure 1) are auto(Ref. Figure 1) are automatic bulb type. matic sprinklers of the frangible sprinklers of the frangible bulb type. They They are "standard response - spray sprinare "standard response - spray sprinklers" that produce klers" that produce aahemispherical water hemispherical distribution pattern below the deflector. water distribution pattern below the deflector.K160, ELO-231B Sprinklers were subThe jected to full scale, high-piled storage The 11.2 K-factor, ELO-231B Sprin-fire klers were subjected usefull lieu of 80 or 115 tests to qualify their to in scale, highpiled storage, fire tests to qualify theirthe K-factor standard spray sprinklers for use in lieu of 5.6 or 8.0 K-factor standprotection of high-piled storage. ard spray sprinklers for the protection of Higher flow storage. be achieved at much high-piled rates can lower pressures with the K160, ELO-231B Higher flow rates can be achieved at Sprinklers -- making their use highly admuch lower pressures with the 11.2 vantageous in high Sprinklers -- K-factor, ELO-231Bdensity applications, such their protection of high-piled stormakingas the use highly advantageous in age. density applications, such as high the protection of high-piled used to extend Wax or lead coatings can be storage. the life of coatings can be used to Wax or lead the copper alloy components extend in Seriesof the copper alloy comused the life ELO-231B sprinklers beyond ponents used in Series ELO-231B that which would otherwise be obtained sprinklers beyond corrosive atmospheres. when exposed to that which would otherwise be obtained when exposed Although wax, lead, and polyester coated to sprinklers have passed the standard corcorrosive atmospheres. Although wax, lead, and of the applicable sprinrosion tests polyester coated approval klers have passed the standard corroagencies, the testing is not representative sion tests of the applicable approval of all possible testing is not repreagencies, the corrosive atmospheres. Consequently, it is recommended that the end

IMPORTANT Always refer to Technical Data Sheet IMPORTANT TFP700 for the Technical Data Always refer to "INSTALLER WARNING" Sheet TFP700 for the "INSTALLER to that provides cautions with respect WARNING"and installation cautions handling that provides of sprinkler with respect to handling and instalsystems and components. Improper lation of sprinkler systems and comhandling and installation can permaponents. damage a handling and in- or nently Improper sprinkler system stallation can permanently damage its components and cause the sprina sprinkler system or its compokler to fail to operate in a fire situanents and cause the sprinkler to fail to tion or cause fire situation or cause operate in a it to operate prematurely.

user be consulted with respect to the suitsentative of all possible corrosive atmospheres. Consequently, it is recomability of these corrosion resistant coatings mended given corrosive environment. The for any that the end user be consulted with respect to the suitability concentraeffects of ambient temperature, of these corrosion resistant gas/chemical velocity, tion of chemicals, and coatings for any given corrosive environment. Thealong should be considered, as a minimum, effects of ambient temperature,chemical to with the corrosive nature of the concentration of chemicals, and gas/chemical which the sprinklers will be exposed. velocity, should be considered, as a minimum, along with the corrosive of the An upright intermediate level version nature of the chemical to which the sprinSeries ELO-231B Sprinklers for in-rack apklers will be exposed. plications can be obtained by utilizing the Series ELO-231B Upright Sprinkler with the An upright intermediate level version WSG-2 Guard & Shield, and a pendent inof the Series ELO-231B Sprinklers for in-rack applications can be obtained termediate level version of the Series ELOby utilizing the can be obtained by utiliz231B Sprinklers Series ELO-231B Upright the Series ELO-231B Pendent Sprinkler ing Sprinkler with the WSG-2 Guard & Shield,WS-2 Shield. If there is a possibility with the and a pendent intermediate level version of intermediate ELO-231B of the pendent the Series level version Sprinklers can to mechanical damage, a Gbeing exposed be obtained by utilizing the Series ELO-231B Pendent 2 Guard can be added. Sprinkler with the WS-2 Shield. If there is a possibility of the pendent intermeWARNINGS diateK160, Series ELO-231B Upright and PenThe level version being exposed to mechanical damage, a G-2 Guard can dent Sprinklers described herein must be inbe added. stalled and maintained in compliance with this document, as well as with the applicable WARNINGS standards K-factor, Series ELO-231B The 11.2 of the National Fire Protection Association, in addition to Sprinklers deUpright and Pendentthe standards of any other authorities having jurisdiction. and scribed herein must be installedFailure to do so may impair the performance of maintained in compliance with this document, as well as with the applicathese devices. ble standards of the National Fire ProThe owner is responsible for maintaining their tection Association, in addition to the fire protection system and devices in proper standards of any other authorities havoperating condition. The to do so may ing jurisdiction. Failure installing contractor or manufacturer should be contacted with impair the performance of these deany questions. vices.

The owner of Series ELO-231B Pendent SprinInstallation is responsible for maintaining their fire protection system and deklers in recessed escutcheons will void all vices in warranties, as well as condition. sprinkler proper operating possibly void The sprinkler's Approvals and/or Listings. the installing contractor or manufacturer should be contacted with any questions. Installation of Series ELO-231B Pendent Sprinklers in recessed escutcheons will void all sprinkler warranties, as well as possibly void the sprinkler's Approvals and/or Listings.

it to operate prematurely.

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SPRINKLER FINISH TYPE UPRIGHT (TY5151 & TY5851) PENDENT (TY5251) TEMPERATURE 68°C (155°F) 93°C (200°F) 141°C (286°F) 68°C (155°F) 93°C (200°F) 141°C (286°F) BULB LIQUID Red Green Blue Red Green Blue 1,2,3,4 3 1,2,3,4 3 3 3(a) NATURAL BRASS CHROMEPLATED LEAD COATED WAX COATED 3 3(a) WAX OVER LEAD

NOTES: 1. Listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL Listed). 2. Listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. for use in Canada (C-UL Listed). 3. Approved by Factory Mutual Research Corporation (FM Approved). 4. Approved by the City of New York under MEA 291-04-E. (a). FM Approved for a maximum ceiling temperature of 66°C (150°F).


Model/Sprinkler Identification Numbers

TY5151 - Upright K160, 3/4"NPT TY5251 - Pendent K160, 3/4"NPT TY5851 - Upright K160, 1/2"NPT TY5151 is a redesignation for C5151. TY5251 is a redesignation for C5251, G1871, and S2531. TY5851 is a redesignation for C5851.

Technical Data

Approvals UL and C-UL Listed. FM and NYC Approved. (Refer to Table A for complete approval information including corrosion resistant status. The approvals apply to the service conditions indicated in the Design Criteria section.) Maximum Working Pressure 12,1 bar (175 psi) Discharge Coefficient 161,4 l/min.bar0,5 (11.2 usgpm/psi0,5) Temperature Ratings Refer to Table A Finish Refer to Table A Physical Characteristics Frame ...........................................................Bronze Cap ................................................................Bronze Sealing Assembly ................................................. ................................ Beryllium Nickel w/Teflon* Bulb (5mm dia.) ...........................................Glass Compression Screw ................................Bronze Deflector .....................................................Bronze *Registered trademark of DuPont.

Design Criteria

UL and C-UL Listing Requirements The K160, Model ELO-231B (TY5151, TY5251 & TY5851) Sprinklers are to be installed in accordance with NFPA 13 standard sprinkler position and area/density flow calculation requirements for light, ordinary, or extra hazard occupancies as well as high piled storage occupancies (solid piled, palletized, rack storage, bin box, and shelf storage including but not limited to Class I-IV and Group A plastics) with a minimum residual (flowing) pressure of 0,5 bar (7 psi) for wet or dry pipe systems. FM Approval Requirements The K160, Model ELO-231B (TY5151, TY5251 & TY5851) Sprinklers are to be installed in accordance with the applicable "control mode density/area" guidelines provided by Factory Mutual. (FM guidelines may differ from UL and C-UL Listing criteria.)

TFP342 TFP342_EN TFP342

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is is indicated deflector. **Temperature rating is indicated on deflector. Temperature rating indicated onon deflector. * Temperature 7/1 can be Pipe thread connections per ISO 7/1 can be provided on ****Pipethread connections per ISOISO 7/1 can be provided on ** Pipe thread connections per

provided on special request. special request. special request.

1/2" (12,7MAKE-IN NOMINAL mm) 1/2" (12,7 mm) NOMINAL MAKE-IN 12,5 mm (1/2") NOMINAL MAKE-IN 3/4" ** 3/4" ** 1 1 NPT NPT 22

2-13/16" 2-13/16" 71 mm (71,4 mm) (2-13/16") (71,4 mm) TYP. TYP. TYP.



33 44 55

1/2" ** ** 1/2" NPT NPT

NOMINAL mm) 7/16" (11,1 MAKE-IN 7/16" (11,1 mm) 11,1 mm (7/16") NOMINAL MAKE-IN NOMINAL MAKE-IN

3/4" ** 3/4" ** NPT NPT

NOMINAL mm) 1/2" (12,7 MAKE-IN 1/2" (12,7 mm) 12,5 mm (1/2") NOMINAL MAKE-IN NOMINAL MAKE-IN


Components: Components Components: 1 Frame 1 ---Frame 1 Frame 2 Seal 2 ---Sealing 2 Seal Assembly Assembly Assembly 3 ---Cap Cap 3 Cap 4 ---Bulb 4 Bulb Bulb 5 ---Compression 5 Compression Compression Screw Screw Screw 6 ---Deflector * * 6 Deflector Deflector






the need in-rack sprinkler protecthe need forfor in-rack sprinkler protection) cartoned or uncartoned unextion) of of cartoned or uncartoned unexpanded Group A B plastics, or, carpanded Group A or or B plastics, or, cartoned expanded Group A B B plastics, The expanded Group A oror plastics, tonedglass bulb contains a fluid that expands with: with: exposed to heat. When the rated temwhen perature is reached, the up toexpands suffi· a storage height up to 20 feet (6,1 · a storage height of of fluid 20 feet (6,1 m); ciently to shatter the glass bulb, activating m); thea maximum ceiling height of 27 feet sprinkler to · maximumand allowing water 27flow. · a ceiling height of feet (8,2 m); (8,2 m); · a minimum deflector top of stor· a minimum deflector to to top of storage clearance 18 inches (457 age clearance of of 18 inches (457 mm); mm); The Series ELO-231B Sprinklers of 0.60 · a minimum design density must be · installed in accordancedensity of 0.60 a minimum design with the following gpm/ft2 (24,4 mm/min); gpm/ft2 (24,4 instructions: mm/min); · a minimum residual (flowing) pres· a minimum residual (flowing) pressure of 10 psiNOTES (0,7 bar); sure of 10 psi (0,7 bar); Do a minimum design type sprinkler if the not install any bulb area of 2000 ft2 · · bulb is crackeddesignsystemsof liquidft2ft 2 a minimum for wet area of or 2600 (186 m2) or there is a loss 2000 from 2 (186 m2mforfor dry pipe held horizontally, the(242 2With the sprinkler systems ft bulb. ) 2) wet systems or 2600 (242 mair bubble shouldsystems The di) for dry pipe be present. a small FM Approval ameter of the FM Approval air bubble is approximately 1,5 Requirements mm (1/16") for the 57°C (135°F) to 2,5 mm Requirements (3/32")11.2 K-factor, Model ELO-231B The for the 141°C (286°F) temperature ratThe 11.2 K-factor, Model ELO-231B (TY5151, TY5251 & TY5851) Sprinings. (TY5151, TY5251 & TY5851) Sprinklers are to be installed in accordance A leakthe applicable "control mode denklers are to be installed in accordance be with tight 3/4" NPT sprinkler joint should with the applicable "control to 27 Nm (10 to obtained with a torque of 13 mode density/area" guidelines provided by Facsity/area" guidelines provided(30 ft.lbs.) of 20 ft.lbs.). A maximum of 41 Nm may differ tory Mutual. (FM guidelines by Factory Mutual. be used toListing sprinklers with from is to (FM guidelines criteria.) torque UL and C-UL install may differ from UL and C-UL Listing criteria.) NPT 3/4 NPT connections. A leak tight 1/2" sprinkler joint should be obtained with a torque of 9,5 to 19 Nm (7 to 14 ft.lbs.). A maximum of 29 Nm (21 ft. lbs.) of torque may be used to install sprinklers with 1/2 NPT connections. Higher levels of torque may distort the sprinkler inlet and cause leakage or impairment of the sprinkler.


Operation adjustment in the escutcheon Operation plate by underDo not attempt to make-up for insufficient


or over-tightening the sprinkler. Readjust the The glassbulb contains fluid that The glassthebulbcontains aafluid that position of when exposed toto suit. When sprinkler fitting heat. expands expands when exposed to heat. When the rated ELO-231B is reached, the The Series temperature is reached,Penthe rated temperatureUpright and the fluid expands sufficiently to shatter acfluid expands sufficiently to shatterin the dent Sprinklers must be installed the glass bulb, the following sprinkler glass bulb, allowing the sprinkler to cordance with allowing activate and water to flow. activate and water to flow. Step 1. Pendent sprinklers are to be installed in the pendent position, and upright sprinklers are to be installed in the upright position. The Series ELO-231B Sprinklers must The Series ELO-231B Sprinklers must be installed accordance with the folbe installed inin accordance with the folStep 2. With pipe thread sealant applied to lowing instructions: lowing instructions: tighten the sprinkler the pipe threads, hand into the sprinkler fitting. NOTES NOTES Do 3. install any bulb type sprinkler StepnotTighten the sprinkler sprinkler ifif Do not install any bulb typeinto the sprinthe bulb is cracked or there is a loss of kler fitting cracked or there is a 3 Sprinusing only the bulbfrom the bulb. the W-Type loss of liquid is With the sprinkler liquidWrench (Ref. Figure 2),theair bubble kler from the bulb. a small sprinkler a held horizontally, With except that held or 250 mm (8 or The diameter of the 200 horizontally, a 10") adjustable Cresshould be present. small air bubble should be present. The diameter of the cent bubble is to be used for wax coated air wrench is approximately 1/16 inch air bubble With the 155°F/68°C to inch sprinklers. is approximatelyFigure 1, the (1,6 mm) for reference to 1/16 3/32 (1,6 mm) Sprinklerfor the 286°F/141°C inch 3 for the Wrench or to 3/32 W-Type(2,4 mm) 155°F/68°Cthe adjustinch Crescent wrench,theapplicable is to be temperature ratings. able (2,4 mm) for as 286°F/141°C temperature ratings. applied to the3/4 inch flats. sprinkler joint A leak tight wrench NPT A should be 3/4 inch NPT sprinkler joint leak tight obtained with When be obtained coateda torque of 10 sprinklers 10 shouldinstalling waxto 26,8 torque of with to 20 ft.lbs. (13,4 with a Nm). A maxithe adjustable Crescent wrench, additional tomum of 30 ft.lbs. (40,7 Nm). of maxi20 ft.lbs. (13,4 to 26,8 Nm) A torque care of 30 ft.lbs. install sprinklers dammum needs to beto (40,7 Nm) of torque is to be used exercised to prevent with age be used to coating A leak tight 1/2 is 3/4 to theconnections. sprinklers with to NPT wax install on the sprinkler 3/4 NPT flats or frame A leak tight 1/2 wrench connections. arms and, be obinch NPT sprinkler joint should conseinch NPT sprinkler joint should be obquently, exposure of bare metal to the cortained with a torque of 7 to 14 ft.lbs. tained to 19,0 Nm). The jawsto 14of 21 ft. (9,5 with a torque of 7 of the wrench rosive environment. A maximum ft.lbs. (9,5 to 19,0 Nm) of torque may of 21pass lbs. (28,5 Nm). sufficiently wide to ft. should be opened A maximum be used lbs. (28,5 wrench flatswithmay NPT conto install sprinklers without damaging over the Nm) of torque 1/2 be used tonections. Higher levels 1/2 torqueconinstall sprinklers with of NPT may the wax coating. Before wrench tightening nections.the sprinkler inlettorque cause distort Higher levels of and may the sprinkler, the jaws of the wrench are to distort the sprinkler inlet the sprinkler. leakage or impairment of and cause be adjusted to just contact the sprinkler leakage or impairment of the sprinkler. Do not attempt to make-up for insuffiwrench flats. After wrench tightening the Do not attempt to make-up for insuffi-


Installation Installation


FIGURE FIGURE 22 FIGURE 2 W-TYPE 3 SPRINKLER W-TYPE 3 SPRINKLER W-TYPE 3 SPRINKLER WRENCH WRENCH WRENCH cient adjustment in the escutcheon sprinkler, loosen thein the escutcheon wrench jaws before cient adjustment over-tightening the plate by under- or removing the wrench.over-tightening the plate by under- or the position of the sprinkler. Readjust sprinkler. fitting to the position of the sprinkler Readjust sprinkler wrench flats After installation, thesuit. sprinkler fitting to suit. and frame armsELO-231B Upright and The Series must be inspected and the The Series ELO-231B Upright and wax coating retouched (repaired)installed Pendent Sprinklers must be whenevPendent Sprinklers damagedinstalled er the coating has been mustfollowingbare in accordance with the be and inin accordance The the following instructions. metal is exposed. with wax coating on the structions. can be retouched by wrench 1. Pendent sprinklers are gently Step flats to be Step 1. Pendent 1/8 inch diameter and applying a in the pendent position, (M3) installed heated sprinklers are to be installedsprinklers of wax position, been steel rod to the areas are to be installed in upright in the pendent that have and upright sprinklers are back over areas damaged, to position. itto be installed in the upright smooth the upright position. where bare metal is exposed. sealant apStep 2. With pipe thread Step 2. With pipe thread hand tighten plied to the pipe threads, sealant apNOTES pliedsprinkler into the sprinkler fitting. the to the pipe threads, hand tighten Onlysprinkler into the sprinklerapplied to the retouching of the wax coating fitting. Step 3. flats and frame arms is into the the wrenchTighten the sprinklerpermitted, Step 3. Tighten is to be performed only at sprinkler fitting the sprinkler W-Type and the retouchingusing only the into the sprinkler fitting using only the W-Type 3 Sprinkler Wrench (Ref. Figure the time of the initial sprinkler installation.2), 3except that an 8 or 10 inch Figure 2), Sprinkler Wrench (Ref. adjustable except rod should is10 be used for wax Crescent wrench to inch only to the The steelthat an 8 orbe heatedadjustable Crescentsprinklers. to be used for wax coated wrench is With melt the wax, point at which it can begin toreference to coated sprinklers. With reference to and appropriate precautions need to be tak-

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en, when handling the heated rod, in order to prevent the installer from being burned. If attempts to retouch the wax coating with complete coverage are unsuccessful, additional wax can be ordered in the form of a wax stick (the end of which is color coded). Only the correct color coded wax is to be used, and retouching of wrench flats and frame arms is only permitted at the time of initial sprinkler installation. With the steel rod heated as previously described, touch the rod to the area requiring additional wax with the rod angled downward, and then touch the wax stick to the rod approximately one-half inch away from the area requiring retouching. The wax will melt and run down onto the sprinkler. sampling of close-up visual inspections should be made, so as to better determine the exact sprinkler condition and the long term integrity of the corrosion resistant coating, as it may be affected by the corrosive conditions present. The owner is responsible for the inspection, testing, and maintenance of their fire protection system and devices in compliance with this document, as well as with the applicable standards of the National Fire Protection Association (e.g. NFPA 25), in addition to the standards of any other authorities having jurisdiction. The installing contractor or sprinkler manufacturer should be contacted relative to any questions. It is recommended that automatic sprinkler systems be inspected, tested, and maintained by a qualified Inspection Service in accordance with local requirements and/or national code.


in no event shall TFBP' liability exceed an amount equal to the sales price. The foregoing warranty is made in lieu of any and all other warranties express or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. This limited warranty sets forth the exclusive remedy for claims based on failure of or defect in products, materials or components, whether the claim is made in contract, tort, strict liability or any other legal theory. This warranty will apply to the full extent permitted by law. The invalidity, in whole or part, of any portion of this warranty will not affect the remainder.

Care and Maintenance

Series ELO-231B Sprinklers must be maintained and serviced in accordance with the following instructions: NOTES Before closing a fire protection system control valve for maintenance work on the fire protection system that it controls, permission to shut down the affected fire protection system must be obtained from the proper authorities and all personnel who may be affected by this action must be notified. Sprinklers that are found to be leaking or exhibiting visible signs of corrosion must be replaced. Automatic sprinklers must never be painted, plated, coated or otherwise altered after leaving the factory. Modified sprinklers must be replaced. Sprinklers that have been exposed to corrosive products of combustion, but have not operated, should be replaced if they cannot be completely cleaned by wiping the sprinkler with a cloth or by brushing it with a soft bristle brush. Care must be exercised to avoid damage to the sprinklers -- before, during, and after installation. Sprinklers damaged by dropping, striking, wrench twist/slippage, or the like, must be replaced. Also, replace any sprinkler that has a cracked bulb or that has lost liquid from its bulb (ref. Installation Section Note). Frequent visual inspections are recommended to be initially performed for corrosion resistant sprinklers, after the installation has been completed, to verify the long term potential integrity of the sprinkler coatings. Thereafter, annual inspections per NFPA 25 should suffice; however, instead of inspecting from the floor level, a random

Limited Warranty

Products manufactured by Tyco Fire & Building Products (TFBP) are warranted solely to the original Buyer for ten (10) years against defects in material and workmanship when paid for and properly installed and maintained under normal use and service. This warranty will expire ten (10) years from date of shipment by TFBP. No warranty is given for products or components manufactured by companies not affiliated by ownership with TFBP or for products and components which have been subject to misuse, improper installation, corrosion, or which have not been installed, maintained, modified or repaired in accordance with applicable Standards of the National Fire Protection Association, and/or the standards of any other Authorities Having Jurisdiction. Materials found by TFBP to be defective shall be either repaired or replaced, at TFBP' sole option. TFBP neither assumes, nor authorizes any person to assume for it, any other obligation in connection with the sale of products or parts of products. TFBP shall not be responsible for sprinkler system design errors or inaccurate or incomplete information supplied by Buyer or Buyer's representatives. In no event shall TFBP be liable, in contract, tort, strict liability or under any other legal theory, for incidental, indirect, special or consequential damages, including but not limited to labor charges, regardless of whether tyco fire products was informed about the possibility of such damages, and


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Ordering Procedure

A Part Number (P/N) is not specified when ordering sprinklers with thread connections per ISO 7/1. Contact your local distributor for availability. Sprinkler Assemblies with NPT Thread Connection: Specify: (specify SIN), K160, (specify temperature rating), Series ELO-231B Standard Response (specify Pendent or Upright) Sprinkler with (specify finish), P/N (specify from Table B). Sprinkler Wrench: Specify: W-Type 3 Sprinkler Wrench, P/N 56895-1-001. Wax Sticks: (for retouching wrench damaged wax coating) Specify: (Specify color) color coded Wax Stick for retouching (specify temperature rating) temperature rated Series TY-B Sprinklers, P/N (specify). Red for 68°C ......................... P/N 56-065-1-155 Blue for 93°C & 141°C ....... P/N 56-065-1-286 NOTES Each wax stick is suitable for retouching up to twenty-five sprinklers. The wax used for 141°C sprinklers is the same as for 93°C sprinklers, and, therefore, the 141°C sprinkler is limited to the same maximum ceiling temperature as the 93°C sprinkler (i.e. 65°C). 510

P/N 50 -- XXX -- X -- XXX


TEMPERATURE RATING 68°C (155°F) 79°C (200°F) 141°C (286°F)




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Note: This document is a translated document. Translations of any materials into languages other than English are intended solely as a convenience to the non-English-reading public. Translation accuracy is neither guaranteed nor implied. If any questions arise related to the accuracy of the information contained in the translation, please refer to the English version of document TFP342 which is the official version of the document. Any discrepancies or differences created in the translation are not binding and have no legal effect for compliance, enforcement or any other purposes.

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