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Infra Red Flame Detection

S200 Series

Key Features

Ex d Flameproof Solar Blind Flame Detectors


Completely solar blind for outdoor use Selectable field of view BASEEFA approved EEx d IIC T6 Multi IR sensors with built-in microprocessor IP66/IP67 housing designed for external use Analogue Addressable version available Suitable for Zone 1 or Zone 2 use CE Marked


Following comprehensive market research, we have developed the S200 series of advanced infrared flame detectors. The new generation detectors are based on the internationally renowned S100 series of patented solar blind flame detectors and are the result of extensive development and product testing incorporating many new features and operational benefits.

S200 Series


The S200 series detectors have been specially housed in a rugged stainless steel enclosure and designed to meet the demands of adverse environments such as chemical plants and offshore oil and gas platforms.This housing offers a high level of protection against water and dust ingress, with a protection rating of IP66/67. The S200 series detectors benefit from the use of a built-in microprocessor ensuring optimum performance against false alarms together with an extensive self test function that confirms the correct operation of the detector every minute.


Calibrated self-test of window for contamination and sensor performance validation Completely solar blind for outside use High sensitivity to hydrocarbon fires in dirty environments Rugged stainless steel 316 housing and mounting bracket Flexible mounting and angular adjustment Suitable for Zone 1 or Zone 2 use Low power consumption Selectable field of view Variable response time from 3-12 seconds Selectable sensitivity settings Multi IR sensors with built-in microprocessor Long range capability with maximum discrimination of false alarms Four controller output options available IP66/IP67 housing designed for external use Local and Remote alarm LED 3 x 20mm Field Cable Entries Remote selection of sensitivity Remote control of self test Analogue Addressable version for increased flexibility of installation and reduced system installation cost. Relay output version available BASEEFA approved EEx d IIC T6 High Immunity to Blackbody Radiation CE marked

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No false alarms for welding, sunlight or high intensity lights Self test facility ensures optimum performance Low maintenance cost Long range together with wide field of view ensures maximum area coverage Extensive range of controller interface options available.

S200 Detector

S200 Series


The detector is designed to respond in a minimum time of three seconds, this being the optimum signal processing time constant of the circuitry. Varying sizes of fire will be detected at given distances in the same time and the graph shows the typical ranges for the detection of the flames, for given areas of liquid fuels.

Note: These results are based upon the fire reaching equilibrium rates of combustion in still atmosphere.

Directional Sensitivity and Range

The polar diagram shows that the maximum detector sensitivity lies on the detector central axis. The variation of relative ranges with angle of incidence up to the maximum is shown. The range of the detector will vary with the type of fuels as indicated above.


Relative range as function of angle of incidence.

Typical Response

The S200 detector, by virtue of its construction and its rejection of spurious radiation, is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors in a wide range of applications. It will detect a 0.1m 2 petrol fire at 26m on the centre line, within approximately 10 seconds. A 0.4m2 fire is detected at 47m. Installation arrangements are specific for the environment and risk situation.

Base area of flame Centre line range against petrol flames.

S200 Series

The Range

Unlike other flame detectors the S200 series is available in both intrinsically safe (EEx ia) and flameproof (EEx d) formats. This data sheet highlights the flameproof models. For details of the intrinsically safe models refer to data sheet PSF 076. The flameproof models are suffixed by the letter "d" and meet the requirements of EN50-018 and are BASEEFA certified EEx d IIC T6. The detector is suitable for zones 1 and 2 where group IIC gases or lesser hazards can be intermittently present in explosive concentrations.


Based upon the S100 series, the S200 series also uses pyroelectric sensors that respond to changes in signals in the 4.2-4.4 micron range. Use of ADT Fire & Security' s solar blind infrared technology has been extended to the micro processor analysis of three infrared channels at two wavelengths. A highly optimised optical filter has been used at the principle wavelength together with a dual channel sensor, to increase the signal to noise ratio, and hence sensitivity and false alarm immunity. An additional channel at a second wave-length is used to identify black body potential false alarm sources, by eliminating those signals which are found to be similar in shape between the two wavelengths. These signals are analysed by the microprocessor within the detector and the results used to determine between a "fire" or "false alarm" condition. The S200 series also incorporates a sophisticated self test facility that tests the detector every 60 seconds for window contamination and electronic circuitry functionality.

S231f Conventional 2 Wire Interface This model is suitable for connection to a conventional 20 V.d.c. current monitored fire alarm controller.

S241f 4-20mA Current Loop Interface Provides a 4-20mA output that can be linked into a PLC type logic controller. 1.5 m A 4.5 m A 17 m A FAULT NORMAL FIRE ALARM

S251f Analogue Addressable Interface This unique detector may be interfaced with the ADT Fire & Security Minerva analogue addressable range of fire control equipment. Up to 99 detectors may be addressed and identified on a single pair of wires within the hazardous area. This can provide significant cabling savings, without any loss in system integrity. S261f Relay Interface The S261f provides a relay interface for alarm and fault condition. The alarm relay can be programmed for either latching or non-latching operation. Both relays are rated 2A at 30 Vd.c.


The bracket is manufactured from Stainless Steel 316 and provides a degree of horizontal and vertical adjustment which allows the detector to be positioned to give an accurate cone of vision of the specific risk area. Axial rotation 50o Elevation 67o A location template is provided to ensure correct installation of mounting bolts. The mounting surface must be flat and free from undue vibration. Once adjusted, it is locked into position using two locking bolts ensuring a high degree of positional stability. The S200 mounting bracket is supplied as a separate component as detectors may be installed directly onto bulkheads.

In addition to the bracket, restricted view masks are available to reduce the field of view in 60o segments. This facility may be used to block unwanted sectors from the view of the detector.

S200 Series


The S200 series is suitable for use in a wide variety of applications, both indoor and outdoor, commercial and industrial. The detector provides protection of high risk areas in which accidental fires are likely to result in flaming combustions. Typical applications include:-

. . . .

Oil and gas platforms

Oil refineries Fuel storage and Transfer facilities Military and commercial aircraft hangers

. . . . .

Chemical Works and Storage

Power generation plants Gas turbine enclosures Printing presses and paper works

Industrial manufacturing

S200 Series Series S200 PLUS

Technical Information


Detector Material: Dimension mm: Weight: Gland Entry: Metal Parts: (external & internal) Tag Label: Stainless Steel 316L 167mmW x 167mmL x 89mmD 4.5Kg 3 x 20mm Bright Stainless Steel 316 to to BS 1449 Pt 2 Stainless Steel 316 Field of View: Response Time: Sensitivity:


Range 0.1m2 petrol at 26m 0.4m2 petrol at 47m 90° min inclusive Field Selectable 3,6 and 12 seconds. 3 settings


Supply Voltage: Quiescent Current: 15 to 30V dc S231f S241f S251f S261f Alarm Current: S231f S241f S251f Connections: Electrical Interface 300 µA max. at 20V d.c. 300 µA max. at 20V d.c. 300 µA max. at 20V d.c. 17 mA max at 20V d.c. 24mA 20mA Determined by controller

Mounting Bracket

Weight: Construction: Axial Rotation: Elevation: Fixing Details: 1.1 Kg Bright Stainless Steel 316 to BS1449 Pt2 50° 67° M8 bolts (location template provided)

S261f 34mA One way 2.5mm heavy duty terminal block See range for details


Operating Temp Range: Storage Temperature: Relative Humidity: Enclosure to: Hazardous Area: -40°C to + 80°C -40°C to + 80°C 95% (100% intermittent) IP 66 and IP 67 Classification BASEEFA EEx d IICT6 Suitable for use in zones, 1 and 2 where group IIC gases or lesser hazards can be present in explosive concentrations. UK approved by BASEEFA Certificate No. Ex 94C1388


The right is reserved to modify or withdraw any product or service without notice

Technical Information Sheet PSF077U Issue 1

©Thorn Security Ltd. 2000


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