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The Agder University College PhD in International Management



Examples of areas of study for the PhD dissertations (a non-exhaustive list): Innovation in multinational enterprises Human resource development in multinational enterprises Time pressure, organizational rhythms and coordination in multinational enterprises Flexible specialization and new organizational forms in international projects International teams - coordination and leadership Corporate governance of micro-finance institutions Corporate governance of multinational business and non-business organizations Corporate Governance internationalization and the globalization and performance of firms Multinational business and the role of corruption in developing countries Management of International information systems Global information systems and economic development International business strategy in emerging markets Implementing of international business strategy

DISSERTATION ADVISORS A dissertation advisor is appointed for each PhD student at the time of admission. This person plays a key role in guiding students through the program. Normally, the professor accepting the student's application in the first place also becomes the dissertation advisor. Interaction with the advisor is instrumental in helping the student to integrate both required and elective coursework which reflects the student's unique interests. Some of the possible advisors at AUC are:

Possible main advisors: Core faculty of PhD programme Otto Andersen is Professor of international marketing. His education is from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration. From 1972 to 1986 he worked at the Bodø University College, where he taught marketing and marketing research. He has been a member of the Agder University College faculty since 1986. His research and teaching interests are mainly related to the internationalisation of the firm, to international marketing research and to research methods. He has presented papers at international conferences and published in international journals. Andersen is presently advising two PhD students and has acted as external examiner in several dissertation defences. Andreas W. Falkenberg is Professor of international business specialising in international marketing, cultural differences and ethics. After working for several years in the shipping industry, he completed a PhD in marketing at the University of Oregon. His dissertation focused on cultural differences between the US and Japan. After three years as an assistant professor at Michigan State University, he moved to the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH) in Bergen, Norway, as an associate professor. While at NHH, he was instrumental in starting a master programme in international business as well as a master's programme in Poland. His research interests have focused on marketing strategy, cultural differences and various aspects of business ethics, particularly in the area of justice as applied to multinational economic organisations. He has been a visiting professor at the University of Washington and at Texas Tech University and has lectured in Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Japan, China, Turkey and Sweden. He has taught PhD courses while at NHH. He serves on the editorial board of the journal of MacroMarketing and chaired the EMAC conference in Bergen in 2001. He joined the faculty at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at Agder University College in 2003. He holds a Professor II position at NHH.

The Agder University College PhD in International Management


Joyce Falkenberg is Professor and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences. She has her PhD from the University of Oregon. Her dissertation focused on strategic change and adaptation given changes in the environment. Later research has continued the focus on strategic change and emphasized how change is implemented. Before coming to AUC in the summer of 2003, Joyce Falkenberg was a member of the faculty at the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration. During that time she taught in many different international programmes, including NHH's Master of International Business; executive master programmes in St. Petersburg, Russia and Poland; and held seminars in Latvia, China, Switzerland, and Germany. Falkenberg has served on the Executive Board of the Academy of Management Business Policy Division and on the Editorial Board of the Academy of Management Review, Journal of Business Strategies and Journal of Applied Behavioral Science. She has served as dissertation chair and committee member for five dissertations and has taught five PhD courses at NHH. She holds a Professor II position at NHH. Jan Inge Jenssen is Professor of management, with a PhD degree in business administration from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration in Bergen. He is a graduate from the Agder University College and the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration. His doctoral dissertation topic was on social networks and entrepreneurship. Jenssen has published in international journals, including International Journal of Maritime Economics (2003), Maritime Policy and Management (2003), Journal of Entrepreneurship (2004), International Journal of Innovation Management (2004), and Corporate Governance (2004). He is also the author and co-author of several books. His main research field is entrepreneurship and innovation. Harald Knudsen is Professor of international management and presently Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences. He will terminate his deanship in 2005 in order to concentrate on teaching and research. He is educated in the USA and holds a PhD from the University of Oregon. His dissertation "Expropriation of Foreign Private Investments in Latin America" from 1972 focused on international political risks. After returning to Norway, he was involved in the NHH/UiB project on power distribution in Norway, examining the role and power of multinational business in Norway. He has, since 1976, held a number of administrative and leadership roles in the then Agder College (rector from 19801983) and from 1994 Agder University College. He was elected dean of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences in 2000. His recent research has been in the area of diversity and learning. He is an associate member of faculty at the Templeton College, Oxford University, where he is involved in several leadership programmes based on the concept of "jazz and leadership". Professor Knudsen has served on doctoral advisory committees and doctoral commissions at the Norwegian School of Business and Economics (NHH), the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and the Copenhagen Business School. Trond Randøy is Professor of strategy and international management, and Director for the Centre for International and Maritime Business, at Agder Research. He is educated both in Norway (PhD from Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration, 1994) and the USA (MBA from University of Oregon, 1988). His doctorial dissertation focussed on the motives and determinants for foreign direct servicing based on a survey of Norwegian foreign direct investment. His current research focus is on internationalisation, corporate governance, and business strategy. Professor Randøy has published more than twenty scientific articles and book chapters in internationally edited volumes. He has recently published in journals such Journal of International Business Studies (2005), Journal of Banking and Finance (2003), Journal of Business Venturing (2003), and Journal of Management and Governance (2002). Randøy has taught PhD courses and been the external examiner for dissertation defences. Maung K. Sein is Professor of Information Systems (IS) at Agder University College (AUC) Norway. A Ph.D. graduate from Indiana University, USA, he has served at Georgia State University, Florida International University and Indiana University, all in USA and at the University of Bergen in Norway. His current research interests are Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in national development, IT in public sector, and, e-Government. He has also conducted research in end-user training, human-computer interaction, conceptual database design, systems development methods, data warehousing, computer personnel, and IS management. He has published widely in such prestigious journals as Information Systems Research, Management Information Systems Quarterly (MISQ),

The Agder University College PhD in International Management


Communications of the Association of Computing Machinery (CACM), The Information Society, and Human Computer Interaction and presented his research around the world. He has lectured widely on different aspects of research methods such as research approaches and their philosophical paradigms and has conducted workshops and seminars on research methods at several universities in USA, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Tanzania. He has served or is serving on editorial boards of MISQ, MISQ Executive, Communication of the Association of Information Systems, and E-Service Journal and guestedited a special issue of CACM. He has chaired and has served on program committees of several international conferences. He is currently a member of the steering committee of the Norwegian network on ICT and development. He has chaired and served on doctoral dissertation committees in universities in USA and Denmark and has served as external examiner of doctoral defence at universities in USA, Canada and New Zealand. Professor IIs dedicated to the PhD programme in International Management Professor II faculty members (20% positions) are used to supplement the AUC faculty members. Currently these professors have been recruited for this task: · Professor Gabriel R.G. Benito, Copenhagen Business School and BI Norwegian Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences · Professor Masaaki Kotabe, The Institute of Global Management Studies, The Fox School of Business and Management, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Professor Oded Shenkar, Ford Motor Company Chair in Global Business Management, Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio · Professor Sigurd Troye, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH)

Faculty members with competence in research methods Only full professors and associate professors holding a PhD are included on this list of senior faculty members. Those with the title of full professor have been through normal procedures for appointment. Associate Professor Anne Ryen not included in this list, although a central faculty member in the area of qualitative methods. Senior faculty members with competence in research methods Name Greve, Arent Holbek, Jonny Johnsen, Hans Christian Garman Jungeilges, Jochen Troye, Sigurd Villads Sein, Maung Storesletten, Leiv Sæther, Arild Aasland, Dag G. Degree PhD PhD PhD PhD PhD PhD PhD PhD Title (AUC) Professor II Professor, Emeritus Professor Professor Professor II Professor Professor Professor Professor Area Research methods Research methods Philosophy of science Research methods Research methods Philosophy of science Research methods Research methods, mathematics Philosophy of science Philosophy of science

Resource faculty members The Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences has 102 faculty members. Of these there are a number of professors with expertise in the broader areas of Management, Organisation, Strategy and Marketing. Other faculty members hold specific international competences, for example, in the area of international

The Agder University College PhD in International Management


economics, international finance and international entrepreneurship. These faculty members provide an important linkage to the various business disciplines. The resource faculty members can serve, along with the members of the core faculty, as advisors within specific dissertation topics. In addition, some are support faculty members for specific courses (see course syllabi for details). We list these resource faculty members in the table below. Again, we have included only senior faculty members.

Other senior resource faculty members Name Havnes, Per Anders Degree PhD Title Senior Researcher (Agder Research) Associate Professor Associate professor Associate Professor Professor Professor PhD PhD PhD Associate professor Associate Professor Professor Areas of specialisation International marketing, entrepreneurship, European industrial policy

Hernes, Helge Kalsaas, Bo Terje Koekebakker, Steen Kristiansen, Stein Nylehn, Børre Nyhus, Ellen Sødal, Sigbjørn Thorsvik, Jan


Organisation theory, management International logistics and supply chain management International Finance, Financial Economics, Maritime Economics Emerging markets and international entrepreneurship Organisation theory, development and local government International consumer behaviour, household economics International Economics, Game Theory, Maritime Economics Organisational theory, management


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