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INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Economic & Social Challenges and Problems 2010 Facing Impact of Global Crisis

Hotel Tirana International, December 10, 2010 Faculty of Economics, UT, December 11, 2010


10 December 2010, Hotel Tirana International

16.30 -17.00 Registration

17.00­ 17.30 Opening and Welcome Addresses o Prof. Dr. Omer STRINGA Dean, Faculty of Economics, University of Tirana o Prof. Dr. Dhori KULE , Rector of University of Tirana o Mr. Ilir META, Vice Prime Minister

17.30­ 19.30

Plenary session, Moderator: Prof. Dr. Sulo HADERI

NAME TITLES Andras Margitay BECHT Remittances and development A call for a multidisciplinary, multi-cultural inquiry about the effects of remittances Francesko SCALERA World crisis and managerial challenges in the wine Dashamir ELEZI sector. The small albanian context and its future in the World market H. ­Dieter WENZEL Tax Coordination and the European Court of Justice Juergen M. JILKE

19.30 ­ 20.00 Cocktail

Session I

09. 30 ­ 11.00

11 December 2010, Faculty of Economy, UT

Parallel session I.1, Moderator: Prof.Dr. Shkelqim CANI


Enton DURO Models of Growth and facing to Albanian reality Sulo HADERI Adopting a Fiscal Rule: Is it the right time for Albanian Shyqyri LLACI economy? Sybi HIDA Esmeralda SHEHAJ Migration Poverty Links A theoretical Review Abdylmenaf SEJDINI Adriatik KOTORRI The Albanian Financial System and the European Integration Alban KORBI

09. 30 ­ 11.00

Parallel session I.2, Moderator: Prof.Dr. Beshir CICERI


Rezarta KALAJA Risk of economic lifecycle and his impact in global economy Redi MYSHKETA Valbona KAPLLANI The role of accountants professional judgementsw in IFRS and Diana LAMANI in their implemntation Julian NAQELLARI Artur RIBAJ Main Internal Factors for Building Trust and Confidence in Banking Tatjana ELEZI Functional Reviews as government action in response to Vjollca KARAPICI economic dowturn- a simple methodology Visar MALAJ Portfolio allocation, a practical analysis of ten American stocks for the period 2004-2009


09. 30 ­ 11.00

Parallel session I.3, Moderator: Mr. Juergen M. Jilke

TITLE Overview of Web GIS technologies "Open Source" Comparisons between them by virtue of a prototype build Internet banking as a strategic opportunity for banks in Albania


Parallel computing still missing in the albanian reality

Adjustments or Reform? ­ The Future of Access Regulation in the Electronic Communications Sector of the European Union

11.00 ­ 11.30

Coffee Break

11. 30 ­ 13.00 Parallel session, Moderator II.1: Prof.Dr. Andras Margitay BECHT

NAME TITLE Tonin KOLA Exchange rate Pass Through in Albania Elida LIKO Mirjana SEJDINI Sadri ALIJA Shpresa SYLA Tatjana DZALEVA Spire LAZAROSKI Flutura PAJA Merita ZYLAJ Suzana PANARITI Pranvera KASTRATI An evaluation of criteria of high school graduates of North west of RM to choose their university Globalization Trade And Business Risk of economic lifecycle and his impact in global economy Non Tariff barriers a real impediment to trade development and regional integration: Evaluation of the non tariff barriers in Albania

11. 30 ­ 13.00 Parallel session II.2, Moderator: Prof.Dr. Francesko SCALERA

NAME Veronika DUCI Elton NOTI Juliana AJDINI Rudina RAMA Mimoza KASIMATI Afroviti GUSHO Arjan QEFALIA Oltion RRUMBULLAKU TITLE Strategic management in private universities

Woman in Management Is the Albanian way different? Accreditation impact in continuos quality improvement and assurance in albanian higher education

Gadaf REXHEPI The role of service quality in management Elenita ROSHI Volarisation and management of cultural available resources as a Arjan ABAZI way towards tourism development


11. 30 ­ 13.00

Parallel session II.3, Moderator: Prof.Dr. Dietmar MAYER

NAME TITLE Irena MALOLLI Business Innovation through ICT an opportunity for succes and Rovena BAHITI growth of Albanian SMEs Valmira OSMANAJ Bederiana SHYTI Spatial statistics for urban development Mirela MERSINI Areti STRINGA Trying to explain the relationship between statistics and people Besa SHAHINI Eralda DHAMO Using the R package to forecast time series Arima models and Llukan PUKA application Valbona DURI Changes of general number of population and its spread in Gjirokastra region after 1990 affected by migration

13.00 ­ 14.30 14.30 ­ 16.00

Lunch break

Parallel session III.1, Moderator: Prof.Dr. Albana HASHORVA

NAME TITLE Merita XHUMARI A new framework for social policies in Western Balkans Regional coordination under EU integration Blerina GJYLAMETI Aspects of Business communication in banking sector in Albania

Ervin DEMO Petrit DOLLANI Andrea KOXHAJ Ownership Concentration and Effects Over Firm Performance: Genc ALIMEHMETI Evidences from Italy Lavdosh ZAHO Strategies for economic growth in the Post Crisis World Brunilda DURAJ Elvana MOCI Engjell PERE West Ballkans countries in focus of Global Economic crisis

14.30 ­ 16.00

Parallel session III.2, Moderator: Prof.Dr. Andrea KOXHAJ

NAME TITLE Mimoza MANXHARI Organizational culture needs and quality of work life in mental health Lediana XHAKOLLARI services in Albania Simeonka PETROVA Investigation of the sources of power in International distribution channels Artan DUKA Political Market in Albania a marketing prespective Vasilika KUME Characteristics of Managers in Albania Etleva LESKAJ Ledina ALOLLI Socio economic impact and challenges in the framework of kune vain Fatmir MEMAJ management plan Albina SINANI Torism development in the southern of Albania Ilia KRISTO Sea Advancement lose of ground and sustainable development of


Perikli QIRJAZI albania

14.30 ­ 16.00

Parallel session III.3, Moderator: Prof.Dr. Kozeta SEVRANI

NAME Ana KTONA Irena MALOLLI Ilia NINKA Endrit XHINA Silvana GRECA Juliana AHMETI TITLE Innovation in ICT to provide financial services to the poor and underserved people Lead generation through email for vTiger CRM Data warehouse and Bi on Business decision making

Silvana Martini Nevila Baci Trends of E-business Systems Security Rexhep Rada Ines NURJA Education And poverty in leaving standarts of life Kozeta SEVRANI Bukuri DUMANI


11 December 2010, Faculty of Economy, UT

09.00 ­ 10.30 Session I

NAME TITLE Juleida GERXHI Application of basic principles of civil service in the Republic Ina PURAVELI of Albania, as an important factor in the efficiency of Human Resources Ilir MUSTAFAJ Obligations arising from enriching without cause Adela SHERA Remittances and their impact on poverty Bernard DOSTI Ardita SHEHAJ Marika Baseska GJOERGJESKA Customer relationship lifecycle analyses in post recessions Igor ANDREEV Eralda CANI Non-contractual administrative responsibility as a

means to better redress juridical and physical persons interests and better address public interests. Reforms needed to the Albanian legislation and European standards Albana HASHORVA What about the relationship between bank Arjan TUSHAJ concentration and risk taking?

Ergita KOKAVESHI Valentina SINAJ The participation of women in full-time jobs


11. 30 ­ 13.00 Session II

Perseta GRABOVA Challenges for a green economy in Albania Lorena BALILI Delina BRAHO Microfinance in Albania Holger KACHELEIN Genta TAFA (Bungo) THE ALBANIAN TAX LEGISLATION FACING THE Eriona KATRO CHALLENGE OF REFORMATION TOWARDS


Aleksander MUSKAJ Non-pecuniary damage

Arsena GJIPALI An analysis of the push factors that drive Albanian Etis JORGJI migration outflows Valbona KARAPICI An Empirical Analysis of Human Ca[ital on Economic Doriana DERVISHI Growth Egerta MARKU Solvency II. Challenges ahead and the albanian market Gerdi LITO Mirela UJKANI INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL REPORTING Eglantina ZYKA STANDARDS FOR SMALL AND MEDIUM-Size

Enterprise And its implementation.

Rajmonda DUKA Effectiveness of Decentralization policy in Albania Aida GJIKA



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