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Contact Information

Trade Show Information or Supplier Poster Presentations

Action Motivation Inc. (AMI) PHONE: (650) 416-2473 TOLL FREE: (800) 242-9124 FAX: (650) 416-2455 E-MAIL: [email protected]

Booth Payment

Unified Wine & Grape Symposium PO Box 1855 Davis, CA 95617-1855 USA PHONE: (530) 753-3142 FAX: (530) 753-3318 E-MAIL: [email protected]

Sponsorship Information

CAWG 601 University Ave, Suite 135 Sacramento, CA 95825 USA PHONE: (916) 924-5370 TOLL FREE: (800) 241-1800 FAX: (916) 924-5374 E-MAIL: [email protected]

Official Services Contractor


PHONE: (702) 515-5970 TOLL FREE: (800) 475-2098

About the Symposium ............................................................................................ 3 Benefits & Opportunities ....................................................................................... 4 Sponsorship & Advertising .................................................................................... 5 Exhibit Information .............................................................................................. 6 Symposium Schedule Trade Show Hours Installation/Dismantle Hours 2009 Booth Sales General Information .............................................................................................. 7 Booth Payment Exhibit Hall Access for Booth Setup and Breakdown Minors, Safety and Alcohol Admission to Exhibit Hall After Hours on Show Days Exhibit Hall Vouchers Registration and Badges Hotel Accommodations Future Symposium Dates Rules and Regulations ..................................................................................... 8­13 Booth Information Change in Management or Ownership & Trade Show Rights Pre-show Inspection Badges Cancellation of Exposition Communication Authorization Fire Regulations Freight at Show Site and Marshaling Yard Rules/Regulations and Floor Plan Changes Events, Activities & Hospitality Suites Installation Dismantling of Exhibits Labor and Drayage/Shipping Liability/Indemnity Official Services Contractor Use of Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) Payment Terms Photographs Printed Material Distribution Restricted Booth Activities Alcoholic Beverages and Food Service Security Smoke-Free Ordinance Supplier Poster Presentations Selling on the Floor Union Jurisdictions Violations Disclaimers Booth Construction Guidelines ............................................................................ 14 2008 Contracted Exhibitors ........................................................................... 15­17 2009 Booth Sales.................................................................................................. 17 Exposition Floor Plan ............................................................................. Back Cover

October 2007 Dear Exhibitor, On behalf of the American Society for Enology and Viticulture (ASEV) and the California Association of Winegrape Growers (CAWG), co-organizers of the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium, We'd like to welcome you as an exhibitor for our 2008 event, which will once again be held at the Sacramento Convention Center on January 29 ­ 31, 2008. With over 10,000 people expected to attend, the Unified Symposium is the largest trade show of its kind in North America. The trade show is an important aspect of the overall event and is a tremendous marketing opportunity for you and your colleagues. The sold-out nature of the trade show is testament to the value and importance of the Unified Symposium, and we are pleased that you have chosen to be a part of it. Please read this Prospectus carefully. In addition to vital data, dates and requirements, it also provides some additional pre-show and sponsorship and marketing opportunities that you may want to explore (refer to page 5 for details). You are also strongly encouraged to read through our new policy regarding alcohol restrictions in your booth (refer to the Alcoholic Beverages and Food Services section on page 12 for details). Built with the joint input of growers, vintners and allied industry members, the Unified Symposium provides wine and grape industry professionals with direct access to the latest information they need to remain competitive. To ensure easy trade show access for our large number of attendees, we will again be offering these popular features:

A tailored program developed by industry insiders that includes wine tastings expected to continue to

2008 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium Sacramento Convention Center 1400 J Street Sacramento, CA January 29­31 Exhibits January 30 & 31

draw a large pool of industry representatives.

Our shuttle bus system and Raley Field parking that has been popular with attendees in previous years

will again be in place in 2008 to assure that attendees can conveniently park at a reasonable price.

Thank you for your support and contribution to this important industry event and, ultimately, to the future of wine and grape industry. Sincerely,

Lyndie Boulton LLC Member Representative Unified Wine & Grape Symposium

Karen Ross LLC Member Representative Unified Wine & Grape Symposium


About the Symposium

Hosting Organizations The Unified Wine & Grape Symposium is a limited liability company. The American Society for Enology and Viticulture (ASEV) and the California Association of Winegrape Growers (CAWG) are non-profit organizations and are its sole members. The common objective is to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of research and technological developments and to promote education in winemaking, grapegrowing, marketing and finance. The Goal of the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium Jointly organized by ASEV and CAWG, the Symposium represents the collective experience and knowledge of the entire wine and grape industry. The program is developed in cooperation with our many industry organizations and universities. The Symposium has an established and well recognized history of providing vintners and growers with the information they need to remain competitive. The Symposium provides critical, practical information regarding global trends, challenges and issues facing the wine and grape industry. This event is an ideal forum for suppliers to showcase their products and enhance the comprehensive and educational program.

Attendance The 2007 show was the largest ever with more than 10,400 registrants! And we expect to match that number in 2008! Meet with Key Industry Personnel:

Industry Suppliers Marketing Executives Retail Tasting Room Personnel Vineyard Managers Vineyard Owners Winemakers Winery Managers

In January 2007 more than 500 suppliers exhibited at the Symposium and more than 10,400 people attended.

Attendees are Buying Everything They Need to Operate a Successful Winery or Vineyard Barrels

Bottles, Corks and Labelers Chemicals Containers Equipment Grapevines Insurance and Financing Irrigation Machinery Measurement Needs Packaging Software Soil Testing and Analysis Tasting Room Supplies Trucking Services And so much more!


Benefits & Opportunities

Meet with Other Industry Professionals This is your opportunity to meet with thousands of wine industry professionals! Your sales representatives will have quality time to present and discuss your products or services without distractions. Expositions are the primary source for gathering product information.* Take advantage of this opportunity to make the right contacts with a highly targeted group! Benefits of Exhibiting Draw a top-level, buying-power audience -- many attendees are the purchasing decisionmakers!

Reach prospects for less than 58% of the cost of

Unique Opportunities Abound Dedicated exhibit time without overlapping education sessions or meetings. Just you and thousands of wine and grape industry professionals.

Designated locations for the hosted buffet

luncheon and wine tasting in each exhibit area.

Supplier Poster Presentations. These presenta-

tions are open to any exhibitor who wishes to make a formal presentation or product demonstration to potential clients in the wine industry. (Refer to page 13 for details.) registered attendees. Thousands of attendees visit the exhibits on both floors for this event. current or potential clients! (Refer to page 7 for details.)

Hosted Buffet Luncheon -- open to all

a direct sales call.*

Exhibit Hall Vouchers -- distribute them to

An easy-to-use lead retrieval system which

provides you with the ability to scan in your booth visitor's badge information. salesperson.*

Sponsorship & Advertising -- let banners,

Reach unknown prospects not contacted by a Reduce closing costs by 62% versus sales calls.* Have the client see the product or meet a rep-

signs and print advertisements proclaim your presence. Download information at

Business Wire News Service -- Through

resentative on his or her own initiative -- more successful than cold calls! and products with a link to your Web site.

Online listing of your company information

Business Wire, you can target a new release to just the wine press, a specific region or just about anyone in the world via their preferred manner and in their preferred language.

*According to research by Simmons Market Research Bureau and the Center for Exhibition Industry Research.


Sponsorship & Advertising

Why should you sponsor? It is the "must attend" event of the year -- the one venue that growers, vintners, suppliers, marketers, researchers and the media lock into their calendars years in advance. Following months of media coverage, the Symposium draws more than 10,000 attendees to Sacramento each year to convene for the latest news, trends and updates. Seminars, speeches and panel discussions mark the three days in January when the industry pauses to learn, share and plan. The Symposium is an ideal opportunity -- a rare chance to tie your company name to the industry's premiere gathering. Think about it. From a marketing perspective, a Symposium sponsorship gives you a unique chance to broadcast your message to your clients. It sets you apart from your competition as a supporter of a symposium hosted by two well-established industry associations. It demonstrates your commitment to advancing our wine and grape industry and helping your clients. And, it does all of this in an idyllic venue where your clients gather for three days to discuss the broader issues impacting their livelihood. Sponsorship of the Symposium puts your name before your clients -- not only while they are making buying decisions, but also while expanding their professional knowledge, networking and even dining. There are few sales or marketing opportunities as significant and powerful! As you develop your marketing plans for 2008, consider marrying your name and reputation to the Symposium as a sponsor. It is a marketing investment that pays long-term dividends.

To obtain more information on sponsorship, visit our Web site, or contact Camron King of the California Association of Winegrape Growers at (800) 241-1800 or [email protected] Advertise in the Official 2008 Symposium Program More than 10,000 programs were distributed at our 2007 event. Full-Page Four-Color: 4.5" x 7.5" ..............$2,450 Full-Page B&W: 4.5" x 7.5" .......................$1,000 Half-Page B&W: 4.5" x 3.5" .........................$750 Quarter-Page B&W: 4.5" x 1.5" ....................$600 Inside front and back covers are not available. Reserve your space today by completing the advertising form available at A 50% deposit must be submitted with your form. Submit artwork and payment to: Unified Wine & Grape Symposium P.O. Box 1855 Davis, CA 95617-1855 USA If you wish to pay by credit card, please call (530) 753-3142 and request a credit card authorization form.

Artwork and final payment must be submitted by: December 1, 2007.


Set yourself apart from your competition. For more details or a brochure, visit us on the web at www.

For questions contact:

Camron King California Association of Winegrape Growers 601 University Ave. Suite 135 Sacramento, CA 95825


(800) 241-1800


(916) 924-5370


(916) 924-5374


[email protected]

2008 Exhibitor Advisory Committee

Christian Butzke (Chair)

Purdue University

Craig Nordby

Nordby Construction/Nordby Wine Caves

Janos Radvanyi

Lyndie Boulton Bill Mead

ASEV Executive Director Event and Trade Show Coordinator

Ron Evenson Andy Hall

Scholle Corp

David Rowe

Paul Mueller Company

This committee provides a communication liaison between the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium LLC members, staff and our exhibitors. If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact a Symposium representative at (530) 753-3142. Committee members serve two-year terms.

Alpine Scientific Hall & Bartley


Exhibit Information

Symposium Schedule*

Tuesday, January 29

Installation Hours

Sunday, January 27

9:00 am ­

Noon General Session

10:00 am ­ 5:00 pm Large Machinery Only (By Appointment Only)

Monday, January 28

2:00 pm ­ 4:00 pm Sessions

Wednesday, January 30

8:30 am ­ 11:00 am General Session 9:00 am ­ 6:00 pm Exhibits Open 2:00 pm ­ 4:30 pm Sessions 4:00 pm ­ 6:00 pm Wine Tasting

Thursday, January 31

8:00 am ­ 3:00 pm Large Machinery Only (By Appointment Only)

Monday, January 28

3:00 pm ­ 8:00 pm All Other Exhibitors

Tuesday, January 29

9:00 am ­ 11:00 am General Session 9:00 am ­ 4:00 pm Exhibits Open 11:30 am ­ 1:00 pm Hosted Buffet Luncheon 12:30 pm ­ 4:00 pm Sessions *Symposium schedule is subject to change. Trade Show Hours

Wednesday, January 30

8:00 am ­ 8:00 pm All Other Exhibitors Note: all crates must be in aisle and ready for pick up no later than 4:00 pm on Tuesday, January 29. Dismantle Hours

Thursday, January 30

4:15 pm ­ 10:00 pm Dismantle

Friday, February 1

9:00 am ­ 6:00 pm

Thursday, January 31

8:00 am ­ 2:00 pm Dismantle 3rd floor exhibits must be dismantled by 10:00 pm on ursday. 2009 Booth Sales Refer to page 17 for details.

9:00 am ­ 4:00 pm


General Information

Booth Payment Booth space must be paid in full by August 31, 2007. If your booth is already contracted and not paid by this date, it will become available for reassignment and resale. If you are an exhibitor requesting a booth after August 31, 2007, your booth number will not be confirmed or reserved until payment is made in full. Please make checks payable in U.S.D. and send to: Unified Wine & Grape Symposium, LLC P. O. Box 1855 Davis, CA 95617-1855 USA Fax: (530) 753-3318 (for credit card payments by MasterCard or VISA only) Exhibit Hall Access for Booth Setup and Breakdown In the interest of safety, only those individuals directly responsible for the setup and breakdown of the booth will be permitted in the exhibit area during setup and breakdown times. Work passes will be issued by the security guard at the freight door for each individual upon entrance for setup. Please be prepared to provide identification and/ or a business card. These passes will be good only during setup times. Minors, Safety and Alcohol Because of the presence of heavy equipment and other dangers, absolutely no children under the age of 16 are allowed in the exhibit hall during setup and breakdown times. Additionally, no one under 21 years of age will be permitted in the exhibit hall during trade show hours unless accompanied by a parent or guardian due to the service of alcoholic beverages and insurance and legal compliance. Admission to Exhibit Hall After Hours on Show Days Exhibitor with badge will be permitted to enter the exhibit hall two hours prior to the opening of exhibits each show day. Exhibit Hall Vouchers Exhibitors may invite guests to their booth by using the allocated Exhibit Hall Vouchers (20 for the first standard 10 ft. x 10 ft. booth and 10 for each additional 10 ft. x 10 ft. booth, or the equivalent for large machinery area booths, based on price per square foot.) The voucher entitles the guest to enter the exhibit hall during show hours at no additional cost. Exhibitor may purchase additional quantities of these vouchers. An order form will be included with vouchers when they are mailed.

Exhibit Hall Vouchers are not intended for sales representatives of exhibiting companies and their relatives or sales representatives of previous exhibiting companies. Sales representatives need to register as an Exhibitor using the provided promotional code. Refer to page 9 for details. The vouchers are intended for potential clients. Anyone who is not invited by an Exhibitor may pre-register for the exhibit hall only at a cost of $25 for both days or register on-site for $50. Registration and Badges Registration badges for your booth representatives are included with each booth rental. This includes the wine tasting on Wednesday and luncheon in the exhibit hall on Thursday. No one will be admitted to the exhibit hall without a badge. Refer to page 9 for details and conditions. HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS

Hyatt Regency at Capitol Park

FUTURE SYMPOSIUM D AT E S I N SACRAMENTO: January 27­29, 2009 January 26­28, 2010

(Headquarters Hotel) 1209 L Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 Single/Double .............................................. $170

Sheraton Grand Sacramento

(Headquarters Hotel) 1230 J Street Sacramento, California 95814 Single/Double .............................................. $170

Best Western -- Sutter House

1100 H Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 Single/Double .............................................. $128

Clarion Hotel Mansion Inn

700 16th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 Single/Double ................................................ $99

Holiday Inn Express

728 16th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 Single/Double .............................................. $109

Holiday Inn -- Capitol Plaza

300 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 Single/Double .............................................. $134

Residence Inn -- Marriott

1501 L Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 Studio (king bed) Suite................................. $149 A 12% occupancy tax/assessment plus a $1.50 tourism fee will apply. Reservation information will be available in late October. The conference room rates noted above will be valid while the room block is open and as available.


Rules & Regulations

By signing the 2008 Contract/Application for Exhibit Space, exhibitor agrees to and is bound by the terms and conditions set forth in this 2008 Exhibit Prospectus.

Booth Information

The booth rental fee includes a draped backdrop, side drapes, 3 foot side rails, a booth identification sign (company name and booth number) and exhibit hall vouchers to distribute to your guests. All services such as electrical are not included. Standard: All booths are 10 feet deep by 10 feet wide with the exception of island booths and large machinery areas. All aisles will be carpeted in the 1st floor exhibit hall. The ballroom level (3rd floor exhibit area) is completely carpeted. The floor of the tented exhibit area on the terrace will be covered with black AstroTurf. Carpet for booths may be rented from the Official Services Contractor for all three locations. Standard booths may not exceed the back wall height of 8 feet, including signs or special lighting. All standard booths and peninsulas must maintain the open sight lines as outlined in the Booth Construction Guidelines on page 14. Failure to maintain sight lines and/or any violation of the Booth Construction Guidelines may result in the dismantling of the booth or loss of priority points for future booth sales. No refunds will be issued for booths that are dismantled due to a violation of the Booth Construction Guidelines. Ceiling Height: Hall A - 30'; Hall B - 30'; Hall C-E - 19' Freight Door Dimensions: 17' 8" wide x 15' 6" high Freight Elevator Dimensions: 7' wide x 16' long x 9' high Freight Elevator Maximum Weight Allowed: 12,000 lbs. 3rd Floor Exhibit Area Ceiling Height: 25' 3rd Floor Exhibit Area and Terrace Floor Load: 150 lbs. per sq. ft. Terrace Ceiling Height: 8' (Weight distribution approval required by Sacramento Convention Center and GES.) Island: Renting island booths requires purchasing an additional two (2) booths to allow for 360 degree traffic access. For example, if a four (4) booth island is selected, Exhibitor will pay for six (6) booths. This requirement can be waived if the Symposium does not have to remove booths to create the island. For example, if an island is created from a group of 10 ft. x 10 ft. booths with existing rows approved by the fire marshal, the Symposium would not have to remove additional booths to make the island. Some islands are pre-drawn for aesthetic reasons with booths removed and renting two additional booths would be required. If two neighboring island booths exist, the two companies will share the cost of the two booths that would be removed. Peninsula: Peninsula booths (two or more booths

side by side at the end of an aisle) may not exceed the back wall height of eight (8) feet in the center 10 feet. Booths may also not exceed the back wall height of four (4) feet in the outer five (5) feet. Your booth neighbor also needs the same visual exposure from the aisles. (See diagram on page 14.) Large Winery & Vineyard Machinery: Designated areas are available for rental by suppliers that exhibit large machinery. Any equipment that has wheels must have rubber tires or a similar covering and all engines must have a drip pan underneath or the exhibitor will incur an additional expense for installation, removal and/or cleanup. This protection is required by the Sacramento Convention Center. Union labor spotting fees will apply for large machinery that can be driven directly into and out of the exhibit hall. This expense will be billed by GES, the Official Services Contractor. Refer to your exhibitor services kit for more details and fees or contact GES for an estimate of fees. Companies who wish to exhibit in a large machinery area must meet our minimum equipment requirements. Each piece of Large Vineyard or Winery Machinery must necessitate at least a block of four standard booths to meet the Booth Construction Guidelines on page 14. Any Exhibitor contracted at a discounted rate who do not meet the minimum machinery size or do not exhibit the equipment listed on the Addendum for Large Machinery Exhibitors will be invoiced at the standard booth rate. In the event that your machinery does not meet these requirements at the 2008 show, you will be invoiced at the standard booth rate of $18.00 per square foot. If you have any questions about the minimum size requirements, please contact AMI. Floor Space: Island booths and Large Machinery Areas are not restricted by the eight (8) foot height limitation. Full use of the floor space is permitted, however, any back walls or drapes set along the booth perimeter may not be higher than four (4) feet. Demonstration areas may not be set on the aisle line of the exhibits; space must be left within the exhibit area for attendees. Fire code stipulates that attendees or Exhibitor cannot interfere with the normal traffic flow in the aisles. If an unusual design is contemplated or if you are not certain if your booth meets show requirements, approval should be obtained from the Symposium before proceeding with design and construction. Large Machinery Areas that are split, such as E, must also adhere to the Floor Space guidelines. Failure to follow the perimeter guidelines may result in the dismantling of the booth or loss of priority points for future booth sales. No refunds will be issued for booths that are dismantled due to a violation of the perimeter height restriction. All Booths: No exhibit will be permitted to span an aisle by ceiling or floor covering. Exposed or unfinished sides and/or exhibit backgrounds must be draped to present an attractive appearance. Refer to Pre-Show Inspection section on page 9 for more details. Cancellations: Exhibitor is encouraged to


telephone or fax AMI to cancel reserved booth space. However, the cancellation is not effective until AMI receives notice in writing by fax, mail or e-mail. e reasons for cancellation must be included in the written notice. The date the cancellation is received in writing will be the official cancellation date. (1) If Exhibitor canceled prior to August 31, 2007, the exhibitor will not forfeit any portion of the booth fee payment. (2) If Exhibitor cancels any booths on or after August 31, 2007, but prior to November 1, 2007, Exhibitor will forfeit 50% of the total contracted booth space fee of the cancelled space unless the space can be reassigned. If the space can be reassigned, Exhibitor will forfeit 25% of the total contracted space fee to cover the overhead expenses incurred by the Symposium. (3) If Exhibitor cancels any booths on or after November 9, 2007, but prior to December 3, 2007, Exhibitor will pay 100% of the total contracted booth space fee of the cancelled space, unless that space can be reassigned and unless all other booths have been sold. If the cancelled space can be reassigned, Exhibitor will pay 50% of the total contracted booth space fee. (4) If Exhibitor cancels any booths on or after December 3, 2007, Exhibitor will pay 100% of the total contracted booth space fee of the cancelled space. (5) For any assigned space not claimed and occupied, or for which special arrangements have not been made by 12:01 am on January 30, 2008, Exhibitor will not be entitled to a refund. The Symposium can opt to reassign the space. Sharing: Sharing of exhibit space is not permitted without the consent of the Symposium. If a booth or booths are to be shared, the primary contracted Exhibitor (a contracted Exhibitor with accrued points that is eligible for a booth assignment is the primary contracted Exhibitor) must submit a letter of intent to share space that lists each company and complete contact information and product(s) or service(s) that will share the booth space. Additionally, a completed and signed contract must be submitted by each company sharing space as well as a certificate of insurance and endorsement (Form CG 2026) (see page 11). e primary exhibitor must be present at the show to be eligible for the next year's presales opportunity. Exhibitor sharing space who is not the primary contracted Exhibitor will not receive priority points for the contracted booth space. Only the primary contracted company will be issued priority points and be eligible for booth sales in the next year. Exhibitor sharing space who is not the primary contracted company can acquire booth space for future shows by joining the waiting list for booth assignment. The waiting list assignments are made based on availability after the completion of booth sales for renewing Exhibitors. Although sharing your booth space may be allowed, Exhibitor shall not sell or sublease their booth space.

If Exhibitor is representing more than one company, such as in the case of a distributor, a fully completed contract for the primary company must be submitted with completed contract(s) from the legal representative(s) of any such company on behalf of the company to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth in the Contract Instructions for the 2008 Symposium and Exhibit Prospectus. This requirement is necessary to proceed with booth assignment. Companies that submit contracts received after December 3, 2007, may not be included in the Official Program and Product Guide that is given onsite to attendees.

Change in Management or Ownership & Trade Show Rights

The Symposium shall not assume any responsibility or liability for a company's changes that potentially impact the company's organizational structure. Such changes may include lawsuits or similar legal activity between companies or legal changes such as mergers, acquisitions, bankruptcy and/or liquidation including auctions. The Symposium also shall not assume any responsibility for change such as when an individual marketing representative changes employment and/or is party to organizing a new or different company. There are no trade show rights, such as accrued booth assignment points, that can be sold or transferred. Exhibitor understands and accepts that accrued points are not owned by the Exhibitor or transferable or part of any contractual documents other than that as stipulated in the Symposium Contract/Application for Booth Space. If there is a change in distributors for a specific product and/or product line, any booth points previously accrued by the prior distribution company will not be applicable for a new distributor under such circumstances. If one company is purchased by another company as a whole and a similar product category continues to be offered, allowance for any accrued points to be carried forward will be considered by the Symposium. If both the purchasing company and company being purchased already have booth assignment points, the highest number of accrued points and number of booths will be retained for future booth assignments.

Pre-show Inspection

A walkthrough will take place by show management at 4:00 pm on Tuesday, January 29, 2008. Any booths not meeting the rules and regulations of the Exhibit Prospectus by this point in time are in violation of show standards. A notice stipulating required action will be posted at applicable booths. This includes exceeding booth height and width restrictions as specified on the Booth Construction diagram on page 14. Any popup, pre-fabricated or other custom designed booth that appears unfinished from side(s) or back will be draped by GES and billed to the contracted Exhibitor. Failure to follow the Booth Construction Guidelines will result in the dismantling of the booth or loss of priority points for future booth sales. No refunds will be issued for booths that are dismantled due to a violation of the construction guidelines.


Rules & Regulations continued


Please register your booth representatives so that they will have badges! Exhibitor must register each booth representative using the provided promotional code (the code was sent to the primary contact as listed on the Exhibit Contract). Badges will not be mailed. They will be available in the exhibitor registration area in the West Lobby of the Sacramento Convention Center.

Cancellation of Exposition

tions by the Symposium regarding the enforcement of rules, regulations and conditions under this contract shall be final and binding upon Exhibitor.

Events, Activities & Hospitality Suites

It is mutually agreed that, in the event of cancellation of equitable basis for the refund of such portion of the exhibit fees as is possible after due consideration of expenditures and commitments already made. Such refund, if any, will be accepted by Exhibitor in full settlement of all loss or damage incurred by Exhibitor.

Communication Authorization

Exhibitor understands and accepts that Exhibitor's contact information as provided to the Symposium including name, address, telephone, fax and email has been or will be provided by the Symposium only to sub-contractors such as GES for communication and marketing of their goods and services in regard to this specific trade show. However, since this contact information is also posted on the Symposium's web site and printed in the official program which makes information available to the general public, the Symposium cannot be responsible for or control any undesired contact or communication experienced by Exhibitor.

Fire Regulations

All requests for any Exhibitor events, activities and hospitality suites must first be approved by the Symposium. Events may include: seminars, sessions, tastings, or receptions conducted at one of the Symposium's contracted properties or offproperty during the Symposium dates. Exhibitor requesting a suite should notify the hotel if it will be used for hospitality. Industry-related events, entertainment and hospitality activities may not overlap with the Symposium's scheduled program events. Such hospitality activities may only take place during the following times: Tuesday, January 29 4:15 pm ­ on Wednesday, January 30 6:15 pm ­ on Thursday, January 31 4:15 pm ­ on All other times are reserved for the Symposium program. Exhibitor will agree to observe the above policy as a condition of exhibiting. Any event or other form of planned presentation that is scheduled other than during these approved hours will be regarded as an exhibit contract violation. Non-exhibiting suppliers will not be permitted to host events or hospitality functions at any Symposium contracted hotel, or at any other facility or location. If a non-exhibiting supplier violates this policy, the company risks being excluded from this event in the future.


Permits may be required for any heat-producing device, hazardous electrical device or for the use or storage of compressed gases or combustion engines. Helium is not allowed. Certificates of flame-proofing are required. Decorative materials must be flame-proofed before being taken into the exhibit hall and must comply with fire regulations. Aisles and exits as designated on the approved plan shall be kept clean, clear and free of obstructions at all times during official show hours. Questions regarding the above should be directed to the Official Services Contractor, GES. Please refer to your services kit for complete fire regulations.

Freight at Show Site and Marshalling Yard

Large Machinery: Exclusive setup for large machinery exhibitors will be on Sunday, January 27, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and Monday, January 28 from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. A GES representative will contact each large machinery Exhibitor to schedule an appointment. All Other Booths: Exhibitor set up will be Monday, January 28 from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm and Tuesday, January 29 from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Booths must be completely ready for the show by 8:00 am on Wednesday, January 30. Installation must be carried out during the times listed above. All crates must be available for removal no later than 4:00 pm on Tuesday, January 29. Authorized personnel may work in the booth until 8:00 pm on Tuesday, January 29. All empty crates must be removed from the aisles prior to 4:00 pm; "empty" stickers/labels are available at the GES Services Center. Contact the AMI office if you need to set up your display at a later time on this day. Any Exhibitor placing empty crates or cartons in the aisles after the aisles have been cleaned will be charged for removal and recleaning. Any exhibit not in the process of being installed by 3:00 pm on Tuesday, January 29, will be assembled by the Official Services Contractor, GES, at the exhibitor's expense. No exhibit may be set up after the exposition opens.

Location of the marshalling yard and scheduling information for bringing your equipment to and from the Sacramento Convention Center loading docks will be in the Exhibitor Services Manual sent to you by GES, the Official Services Contractor. The loading dock will be staffed during your move in and move out to coordinate with the marshalling yard and to assist you in any way possible. All Exhibitors requiring access to loading docks will be routed to the convention center from the marshalling yard.

Rules/Regulations and Floor Plan Changes


Exhibitor agrees that the Symposium shall have the right to make such rules and regulations or changes in the floor plan arrangement of booths, for said exhibition, as it shall deem necessary. All determina-

Dismantling of Exhibits

The official closing time of the exposition is 4:00 pm, Thursday, January 31, 2008. The exhibit hall must be clear of all attendees before breakdown can begin. The return of empty crates/boxes will begin after all attendees have left the hall and aisle carpeting has been removed, approximately one to two hours after the close of the show. First Floor: All Exhibitors with booths on the first floor will have until 2:00 pm on Friday, February 1. ird Floor & Terrace: All exhibit material must be packed and ready for removal from the third floor exhibit areas no later than 10:00 pm, Thursday, January 31.

Labor and Drayage/Shipping

claims for personal injury, loss of property and any other loss of any kind whatsoever arising from the presence of its exhibit and the presence of any of its officers, directors, agents, employees, sub-lessees, guests, and invitees at the Symposium. A certificate of insurance for no less than $1,000,000 U.S. and an endorsement form must be provided to the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium, LLC (see sample insert). The certificate must indicate aggregate coverage of at least $2,000,000 U.S. and name the Symposium and the Sacramento Convention Center as additional insured. e exhibitor's insurance company must be located and licensed to do business in the United States. Please contact us if assistance is needed locating an insurance company who can provide you with the required coverage. If a contract is signed after September 28, 2007, then the certificate must be provided with the contract and full payment of booth fees. Additionally, a completed and signed contract must be submitted by each company sharing space as well as a certificate of insurance and endorsement (Form CG 2026).

Official Services Contractor

The Official Services Contractor's service kit will include shipping information and rates. Material shipped to the Sacramento Convention Center will only be accepted after the published shipping dates and must be addressed c/o GES. Please follow shipping instructions in the service kit carefully.


Except for liability claims and damages arising from the negligence or willful acts of the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium, LLC, its members the American Society for Enology and Viticulture and California Association of Winegrape Growers, the Sacramento Convention Center, the City of Sacramento, or their officers, directors, members, employees or agents, including but not necessarily limited to GES Exposition Services, Exhibitor shall indemnify and hold harmless the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium, LLC, its members the American Society for Enology and Viticulture and California Association of Winegrape Growers, the Sacramento Convention Center, the City of Sacramento, and their officers, directors, members, employees and agents, including but not necessarily limited to GES Exposition Services, from all liability, claims, loss, damages or expenses, including counsel fees and costs, arising by reason of the death or injury of any person, including Exhibitor and any person who is an employee or agent of Exhibitor, or by reason of damage to or destruction of any property, including property owned by the exhibitor and any person who is an employee or agent of Exhibitor, caused or allegedly caused by (1) any cause whatsoever while that person or property is in or on the premises of the Symposium at the Sacramento Convention Center or in any way connected with such premises or with any improvements or personal property on the premises; (2) some condition of the premises or some building or improvement on the premises; (3) some act or omission on the premises of Exhibitor or any person in, on or about the premises with the permission and consent of Exhibitor; (4) any matter connected with Exhibitor's occupation and use of the premises; or (5) Exhibitor's use of, or publication of any information on, any internet web site owned, maintained, sponsored, or hosted by the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium, LLC. Exhibitor shall indemnify and hold harmless the Symposium and the Sacramento Convention Center from and against all claims of liability arising from any

An Exhibitor Services Manual will be sent from our contracted Official Services Contractor, GES, to each contracted Exhibitor in November. The information and forms found in the manual will also be available at This will include information about the marshaling yard, carpeting, furniture, labor, cleaning, drayage (shipping), electrical, union jurisdictions and other services. For GES customer service, call (800) 475-2098. It is expressly understood that such contractor is not the agent or the employee of the Symposium, LLC, and that the Symposium shall have no liability to the exhibitor or any other person for the acts or omissions of GES.

Use of Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC)

Exhibitor who plans to appoint own contractor (an EAC) must adhere to the following regulations as described in GES's services kit and accept full responsibility for their enforcement: (1) Exhibitor shall notify GES and AMI in writing by December 14, 2007, of the name, address and telephone/fax numbers of the EAC. (2) The EAC must provide written statement that it indemnifies and holds harmless the Symposium, LLC, GES, the City of Sacramento and AMI. (3) EAC must furnish an insurance certificate to the Symposium in the minimum amount of $2,000,000 U.S. evidencing insurance for commercial General Liability covering all operations, workers compensation insurance as required by California law, and automobile liability insurance covering all owned, hired and non-owned vehicles. (4) The EAC must notify AMI in writing by December 18, 2007, as to the names of all representatives working on the exhibit. (5) Upon arrival at the exposition site, all EAC service companies must check in with the GES service desk. (6) No EAC may solicit business on the exhibit floor at any time. (7) All EACs must follow all move-in and move-out rules in a timely and professional manner and must perform work within the Symposium's established deadlines.


Rules & Regulations continued

Payment Terms

Alcoholic Beverages and Food Service

All payments must be made in U.S. dollars through a bank within the U.S. International money orders or credit card payments (MasterCard or VISA only) are preferred if payment is from outside of the U.S.A. Full payment for the assigned exhibit space for the Symposium must be received no later than October 22, 2007. If full payment is not received by this date, the Symposium reserves the right to reassign the space to another exhibitor.


The License Agreement with the City of Sacramento and the convention center contracted caterer and necessary compliance with Alcoholic Beverage Control statutes prohibit any food or beverage from outside sources being brought into the convention center. e Unified Wine & Grape Symposium cannot authorize or permit the distribution of alcoholic beverages in any form including samples in order to adhere to liquor license and other legal parameters. Bringing alcoholic beverages onto the grounds of the Sacramento Convention Center is a violation of legal statutes unless the appropriate license is issued in advance by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC). The Sacramento Convention Center catering contractor will not be able to rent glasses to any exhibitor. The serving of wine or other alcoholic beverages is prohibited by law other than by Classique Catering based on the caterer's liquor license or other preauthorized liquor licenses issued by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverages Control (ABC). Any Exhibitor that brings any alcoholic beverage and/or food on to the premises of the Sacramento Convention Center will be required to cease serving such beverages or food. Confiscation of any alcoholic beverage or food will occur according to all applicable laws and in regard to liability. Additionally, such violation will result in action by the Symposium, the City of Sacramento and/or the ABC to remove the entire display and exit booth representatives from the trade show altogether and at the violating exhibitor's expense including all regulatory penalties applied. Exhibitor understands and accepts these terms. It is mandatory for the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium to adhere to these obligations to assure complete legal compliance and maintain necessary insurance policy coverage for the continuance of the symposium.


The taking of photographs, other than those taken by the Symposium's official photographer(s), is expressly prohibited during setup and dismantling. Cameras will not be allowed on the exhibit floor during these times. Only Exhibitor may grant permission to have his or her exhibit and/ or products photographed. The Symposium and/ or the Sacramento Convention Center assume no liability for any photographs that are taken in the exhibit hall at any time. The official convention photographer's order form will be included in the Exhibitor Services Kit from GES, the Official Services Contractor.

Printed Material Distribution

Distribution of printed marketing material and/or publication by Exhibitor or by his or her agents is limited to the booth area rented in the exhibit hall, or in an approved hospitality suite. Such restriction also applies to distribution in the remainder of the Sacramento Convention Center and contracted hotel properties listed on page 7.

Restricted Booth Activities

Exhibitor is permitted to demonstrate the company's equipment and to make formal presentations regarding the product line(s) and/or service(s) in the booth. Attention-getting devices in the form of entertainment or amusement are strictly prohibited. The exhibit must be staffed during all open hours. Packing or removal of equipment, materials, etcetera will not be permitted during official show hours. Exhibitor may not advertise or display goods or services other than those designated in the Contract/Application and either manufactured, distributed or sold by the exhibitor. Exhibitor will not be permitted to use loud noises such as video presentations with high volume, bells, sirens and buzzers, dart games, or other activities that may extend into the aisle and/or compromise the safety of anyone in the vicinity. The use of illuminated signs is also not permitted in order to avoid interference with neighboring booths and the Symposium's activities. Raffle drawings are acceptable within a booth, but no public address system will be available for such Exhibitor activities.

Professional, uniformed security personnel will be provided on a twenty-four hour basis beginning Sunday, January 27 until the exhibit halls are vacated on Friday, February 1, 2008. Neither the Symposium, its members the American Society for Enology and Viticulture and California Association of Winegrape Growers, the Sacramento Convention Center, the City of Sacramento, nor any of their officers, directors, members, employees, or agents, including but not necessarily limited to GES Exposition Services are responsible for any loss or damage to exhibitor property. We strongly encourage Exhibitor to remove all electronic equipment, jewelry or other valuable items that can be hand-carried when you are not present in your booth.


Smoke-Free Ordinance

The City of Sacramento has a smoke-free ordinance, which prohibits smoking within the Convention Center or in hotel public access areas.

Supplier Poster Presentations

such cases. Any objections or complaints regarding other exhibitors and/or official exhibitor services contractors should be reported immediately to show management at show site.


A limited number of Supplier Poster Presentations as submitted will be displayed on the second floor stair landing. If you are a Symposium contracted Exhibitor and are interested in presenting technical information in a poster presentation, please submit a summary of your proposed presentation to AMI at [email protected] by December 3, 2007. The material presented should offer attendees the latest information on products or technology. Please include the name of the representative who will be making the presentation and the company name, address, telephone and fax numbers. The Symposium Program Committee reserves the right to determine which proposed presentations will be accepted as part of our 2008 program. Posters must be setup for display by 9:00 am on Tuesday, January 29. Suppliers may not be present at their poster. However, you may post a message on your presentation directing attendees to your booth.

Selling on the Floor

Endorsement: The Symposium provides a forum for the presentation, discussion and publication of research and technological developments for the promotion of education in winemaking, grapegrowing, marketing and finance. The Symposium does not endorse the products or services of either its members, exhibitors or other delegates. No endorsement of any kind should be inferred. City Services Outages, Labor Strikes or Natural Disasters: If the Symposium's ability to prepare for or conduct the conference and/or trade show is affected by any disruption of, or reduction in, regular electrical or other utility services, or labor strikes to such event or activity or due to a natural disaster, the Symposium reserves the right in its sole discretion to modify, reschedule, or cancel the event without obligation to anyone. Presentations: The Symposium has developed a program which includes invited speakers. The Symposium has received confirmation from all speakers at the time of publication but is not responsible for any changes or cancellations that may occur. No refunds will be made in this regard. Errors and Omissions: The Symposium is not responsible for incorrect listings or typographical errors that may occur. Copyrights: Reproduction of any part of the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium conference in any form, including electronic publication or presentation, without advance written consent from the Symposium or pesenting speaker (when applicable) is strictly prohibited. All presentations of any form are exclusive and released only to the Symposium and its audio recording contractor. Any participant presenting any material for which copyright laws apply is solely responsible for adhering to such laws. Registrant Database: The Symposium creates a database of all registrants, including Exhibitor representatives. This data is included in our Directory of Registrants which is provided to contracted Exhibitors and available for sale upon request. Alcohol Consumption: No one under 21 years of age will be permitted in the exhibit halls or sessions where alcohol is being provided unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Identification by a photo i.d. may be required at any time during the Symposium as deemed necessary.

Selling on the floor is not permitted in terms of actual exchange of product for payment. No price tags or other forms of listed sales prices are to be present in any form in any booth. This is in conformance with existing I.R.S. income tax regulations governing expositions conducted by tax-exempt associations. All product presentations of any form may only be conducted by contracted exhibitors.

Union Jurisdictions

Union labor is required per collective bargaining contracts for most of your exhibit material handling such as display installation and dismantling, freight/drayage, electrical and large equipment spotting. Information on labor and union jurisdictions will be included in the services manual supplied by the Official Services Contractor, GES, in November 2007.


Exhibitor shall be liable for the adherence to these rules and regulations by all of its officers, directors, agents, employees, guests, and invitees. Violations of these rules and regulations may affect the rights to participate in and the eligibility for booth selection priority at future Symposium trade shows. The Symposium reserves the right to restrict and/or dismiss at any time any exhibit which it deems undesirable and any Exhibitor and any of its officers, directors, agents, employees, guests, and invitees if such Exhibitor or any of its officers, directors, agents, employees, guests, and invitees do not adhere to the rules and regulations or if any of them display any behavior deemed unacceptable by the Symposium. No refund will be made in


Booth Construction Guidelines



Space dimensions shown on the floor plan are from center line of booth equipment such as side rails and/or back drape. Exhibit structures must be constructed to allow sufficient space and structural tolerance on each side for this equipment and for utility service at rear of booth. Standard Booth Definition: One or more standard units in a straight line. If display is over 4 feet high, it is to be confined to an area within 5 feet of the back line. Depth: All display fixtures over 4 feet in height and placed within 10 lineal feet of an adjoining exhibit, must be confined to that area of Exhibitor's space which is within 5 feet of the back line. Intent: Exhibitor is entitled to a reasonable sightline from the aisle regardless of the size of his or her exhibit. Exhibitor with larger space (30 lineal feet or more) should also be able to effectively use as much of the total floor space as possible as long as they do not interfere with the rights of others. The limitation on display fixtures over 4 feet and within 10 lineal feet of a neighboring exhibit is intended to accomplish both of these aims. Height: All standard booths will be confined to a maximum height of 8 feet. Intent: Any portion of an exhibit extending above the 8 feet of high draped booth background will detract from the overall impact of the exhibit directly behind that booth regardless of how the rear of the offending exhibit is finished. Peninsula Booth Definition: Peninsula booths (two or more booths at the end of an aisle) may not exceed the back wall height of 8 feet in the center 10 feet. Booths may also not exceed the back wall height of 4 feet in the outer 5 feet.



5' 5'





Intent: Exhibitor is entitled to a reasonable sightline from the aisles. Please refer to Pre-show Inspection & Violation Notice section on page 9. Island and Large Machinery Booths Definition: Island booths are a collection of four or more 10 ft. x 10 ft. booths contracted by one Exhibitor with 360 degree aisle access. Large Machinery Areas are designed for the use of Exhibitor who displays a piece of machinery that would be unable to fit into a standard booth space without violating the booth construction guidelines. Since island booths and Large Machinery Areas are by design separated by the width of an aisle from all neighboring exhibits with the exception of split-lettered areas, the 8 foot height limitation does not apply. Full use of the floor space is permitted; however, any back walls or drapes set along the booth perimeter may not be higher than 4 feet. Split-lettered Large Machinery Areas such as E must also adhere to the perimeter guidelines. Intent: Island booths are designed to allow for Exhibitor to enjoy a greater presence at the show. Large Machinery Areas are designed for exhibitors who would be unable to display his or her product in a standard booth. Please note that Large Machinery Areas are not designed to be used as conventional booth spaces.




2008 Contracted Exhibitors

A AAA Metal Fabrication AaquaTools Inc Above Scale Co ABT Inc Acampo Machine Works ACI Cork USA ACO Polymer Products Inc ACR Systems Inc Acrolon Technologies Inc Actagro LLC Adcon International Inc Adepta ADI Systems Inc AEB AERIS Inc/Complete Welders Supply AG-VBC USA Vineyard Equipment Agajanian Vineyards AgraQuest Inc Agricultural Electronics Corporation Agro-K Corporation Air Liquide AIRGAS Akeena Solar Inc Alasco Rubber & Plastics Corp Alcan Packaging Capsules of California Alf Burtleson Construction Alfa Laval Alford Label Inc Allied Grape Growers Alpine Scientific Inc American & Lake County Grapevine Nursery American Grape Harvesters - AGH American Stainless Equipment American Tartaric Products Inc American Vineyard Foundation Amiad Filtration Systems Amorim Cork America Anton Paar USA Applied Process Cooling Corporation Aquarius Brands Inc ARS/Pressure Washer Company Arthur Engineering Inc ArtiFact Ink Design Artisan Barrels Arton Glass & Ceramic Imprinters Ashland Water Technologies Associated Flow Controls Inc Astoria-Pacific International ATAGO USA Inc Atlas Copco Compressors LLC Automata Inc Avery Dennison Avery Weigh-Tronix AWS/Prospero AWTEG 2 Axiom Engineers Inc B Bacchus Caves Bank of the West BAR Architects Barclay & Company

Barrel Builders The Barrel Mill Barrels Unlimited Inc BASF Construction Chemicals Performance Flooring Basic Chemical Solutions LLC Battistella USA, Inc Bavarian Breweries and Distilleries Inc Bell Marine Co Inc Beltappo Inc Ben Franklin Press & Label Co Bergin Glass Impressions Inc Bergman Cramer Bird Gard LLC Boerger LLC The Boswell Company Bottega del Vino Crystal The Bottle Meister Bottleneck Wine Cards LLC Bouchard Cooperages Branom Instrument Co Brenntag Pacific Inc Brimrose Corporation of America Brinkmann Instruments Bruni Glass Packaging Inc Bryan Bins BUBCO Inc Burgstahler Machine Works C Caliber WinePak California Department of Conservation California Glass California Grapevine Nursery Inc California Organic Fertilizers Inc California State University Fresno California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance Caltec Agri Marketing Cambridge Wire Cloth Canals Packaging Canton Cooperage Carlsen & Associates Carpenter Crane Hoist Cat Rental Power CBIZ Insurance Services/Wine America Insurance Services CDEQ Inc Central Coast Stainless Central Coast Vineyard Team Central States Industrial Central Valley Builders Supply Ceramic Decorating Co Inc CF Napa LLC Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie Chris's Stuff CI Solutions Cipriani Harrison Valves Corp Clarksburg Wine Growers & Vintners Association Clemens Vineyard Equipment Inc Coastal Viticultural Consultants Inc ColloPack Solutions Collotype Labels International/C&E Closures

Columbia Machine Inc The Compost Store CON/SPAN® by Contech Bridge Condor Earth Technologies Inc ConeTech Inc Contec Decanter Inc (Andritz) Cork Quality Council Cork Supply USA/NewPak USA/Nomacorc and VinOak CorkTec CornerStone Flooring & Linings Cortica Benicia USA CPS Critical Environment Technologies Criveller California Corp Crown Lift Trucks Cryotech International Cuesta Equipment Cuno Incorporated a 3M Company Custom Metalcraft Inc Custom Stainless Cypress Solutions Inc D DACO Corporation Davis Instruments Decagon Devices Inc Deerpoint Group Inc Della Toffola Spa Demptos Glass Diablo Valley Packaging Inc Dow AgroSciences Dow Chemical Co DryFog.US Duarte Nursery Inc Dumac Leasing/Exchange Bank DuPont/Liqui-Box E EBMUD Resource Recovery Electrical Equipment Co EliteLabel Elutriate Systems Elypsis Inc Encore Glass Inc ENERFAB Enocapsule Inc ENTAV EP Aeration Euro-Machines Inc evOAK by Oak Solutions Group Exbanor SA F Farm Credit Fernqvist Labeling Solutions Fibergrate Composite Structures Fickle Hill Fence & Supply Filtrox North America Fireman's Fund Insurance Co Fleetwood-Fibre Packaging & Graphics Flo-Line Technology Inc FMC Technologies Inc FOSS North America Foundation Plant Services

Fruit Growers Laboratory Inc Fusion Concepts Inc Future Focus Safety Management G G & D Chillers G W Kent Inc G3 Enterprises Gamajet Cleaning Systems Inc Gamba USA Ganau America Garton Tractor Inc Garvey Corporation Garzini Welding General Coatings Glass Tech Global Discoveries Inc Global Package LLC Golden State Box Factory Golden State Food Machinery Inc Golden State Overnight Gould Stainless Products Ltd Graco Inc GreenTech Australia Gripple Ltd Groskopf Warehouse & Logistics Grover Soil Solutions Guala Closures North America Inc Gusmer Enterprises H Hall & Bartley Hankin Specialty Equipment/Elevators Inc Hanna Instruments Hansel Leasing Hardi North America Inc Heinrich Ceramic Decal Inc Heron Innovators Inc Herrick Grapevines Heuft USA Inc Holder of North America Inc Holt of California


2008 Contracted Exhibitors continued

Honeywell Analytics Manning Systems Hoover Materials Handling Group Humes Process Technology I Icône Packaging ID Technology-Markor Idiaz Services IDL Process Solutions Inc Independent Grape Growers of Paso Robles Area (IGGPRA) Indoor Environmental Services Innerstave LLC Innovative Energy INOXPA USA Inc Integrated Structures Inc Interpower Corporation Ironclad Industrial Coatings Irrometer Co Inc Isaberg Rapid AB J J Rettenmaier USA J Scott Company/Lechler J&S Equipment James Nolan Construction Inc Janson Capsules JBI Water & Wastewater Equipment Inc Jim Murphy & Associates Jim's Supply Co Inc John Deere Co John F Coyle Co John Mulhern Company Juvenal Direct Inc JV Northwest Inc K Kemper Refrigeration Inc Kendall-Jackson Nursery Kennedy/Jenks Consultants Key Industrial Keyes Fibre Corp KLR Machines Inc Koch Membrane Systems Krones Inc

L Label One Connect Inc Lafitte Cork & Capsule Inc Lail Design Group Inc Lake County Winegrape Commission Lallemand Lampson Tractor & Equipment Co Landmark Label Manufacturing Ledcor Construction Inc Leviton Lodi Irrigation/North Coast Irrigation Lodi-Woodbridge Winegrape Commission Logix Controls M M A Silva Corks USA Magorian Mine Services Martinez Orchards Maselli Measurements Inc Matheny Industrial Builders Maurivin Maverick Enterprises Inc Mazzei Injector Corp McBrady Engineering Inc McClain Ozone Inc McCormick International USA Inc Megazyme International Ireland Mendocino Winegrape & Wine Commisssion Mennekes Electrical Products Mercier Grapevines LLC Mercier USA Inc Metropolis Label Mettler-Toledo Inc Microworks Technologies Inc Millipore Corporation Mission Capital Group Mistral Barrels Inc MK2 Engineering Inc Monterey Ag Resources MOREWINE! PRO Moss Adams LLP Motion Industries MuniQuip Inc N Nadalie USA/Tonnellerie Francaise Napa Fermentation Supplies Napa Wooden Box Co Nelson-Jameson Inc Neocork Technologies Inc Netafim USA New Vine Logistics Nexternal Solutions Nitrogen Gas Generators Nordby Construction/Nordby Wine Caves NovaVine Novembal/Tetra Pak NuKorc USA Inc NursTech Inc O OC Inc Oeneo Closures USA Oenodev USA Ogletree's Inc Onset Computer Corp optek-Danulat Inc Orchard Rite Orion Wine Software OXBO International Corp OXO Line Tonnellerie Baron

P P & L Specialties Pace Supply Corp Pacific Coast Chemicals Co Pacific Gas and Electric Co Pacific Press Company Pacific Southwest Container Packaging Arts Inc Packaging Plus Paksense Inc Pall Corporation Pan American Underwriters Inc Paragon Label Parker Advanced Filtration Parker Nitrogen Gas Generators Pasco Poly Inc Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance Paul Mueller Company Peak Performance Refrigeration PELLENC America Inc Petrochem Insulation Phoenix Coatings Inc PIC Industries and Manter (Fedrigoni Group) Pickering Winery Supply Pinnacle Business Finance Inc Polypack Inc POS Resources Power Industries Practical Winery & Vineyard Premier Power - Solar Premier Wine Cask Inc Primera Technology Inc Pro Refrigeration Inc Product Lines Unlimited Progressive Grower Technologies Promens Bonar Saeplast Pulsair Systems Inc Purolator Advanced Filtration Q Quality Stainless Tanks QuickLabel Systems R R & S Supply Company Ramondin USA Inc Randox Rapak Rapidfil Pty Ltd Rears Manufacturing Co ReCoop Inc Refrigeration Equipment Specialist Co Renewable Technologies Inc Reotemp Instruments RF MacDonald Co Rich Xiberta/Magrenan RLS Equipment Co Inc RTS Packaging LLC Rural Community Insurance Services Ryan Process Inc S Saint-Gobain Solcera Santa Rosa Stainless Steel Sartorius Stedim Biotech Saury USA Saverglass Inc Saxco Pacific Coast Scheid Vineyards Inc Scholle Packaging Schultz Trading Company Scientific Environments Scott Laboratories Inc

Seaside Paper Products Ltd Seguin Moreau Napa Cooperage Shur Farms Frost Protection Siemens Water Technologies Sierra Stainless Inc Signature Mobile Bottlers Sil-Cork Inc Silver State Stainless Inc Six88 Solutions Skalar Inc Skolnik Industries Inc Sparflex California Inc Spectrum Technologies Inc SPG Solar Inc Spokane Industries Inc Spraying Systems Co Squid Ink Manufacturing Inc STA Laboratories StaVin Incorporated Stenner Pump Company Sterling Insectary Stoel Rives LLP Strahman Valves Summit Engineering Inc Sunridge Nurseries Inc SunTechnics Supreme Corq LLC SureHarvest T Tapi Northamerica SA de CV Tapp Technologies Inc TCW Equipment - The Compleat Winemaker Technicote Inc Tecnocap Terra Spase Inc Thermomass Building Insulation Systems Tom Beard Company Tonnellerie Allary Tonnellerie Boutes Tonnellerie D'Aquitaine Tonnellerie Quintessence Tonnellerie Radoux USA Inc Topco Inc TopNest Designs Toyota Material Handling Northern California Transition Equipment Company (TEC) Trilogy Glass & Packaging Trust International Corp Turrentine Brokerage Tyco Flow Control U Ultima Mobile Bottling Unisource Packaging Unitech Scientific LLC United Organic Products Univar USA Universal Specialties Inc University of California Davis V VA Filtration USA Vacuum Barrier Corporation Vadai World Trade Enterprise/ Vadai Barrels/Vadai Wine LLC Vaisala Inc Valent USA Corporation Valley Architects Valley Pipe & Supply Inc Valley Research Inc VESTRA Resources Inc VICAM Group of Waters


Videojet Technologies Inc Vin Table Vineyard & Winery Management Magazine Vineyard Equipment Sales VinNOW by Update Software Vinocor USA Inc Vinovation Inc Vinquiry Inc Vintage 99 Label Vintage Nurseries Vintners Advantage Winery Software Vintners Supply Company Vitro Packaging Inc Vogelsang Voicebox Creative VWR W W Silver Inc Wagner Process Equipment Inc Wallace Group West Teak Inc Westco Chemicals Inc Westec Tank & Equipment Co Western Growers Western Square Western Weather Group Westfalia Separator Inc Wildlife Control Technology Inc Wine Appreciation Guild Wine Business Monthly Wine Country Cases Inc Wine Country Classifieds/ Wine Industry Suppliers Australia Inc Wine Technology Marlborough The Winemaker's Database Inc Wines & Vines Winesecrets Winetech WineWare Software Corporation Winn & Co Insurance Brokers World Cooperage Wright of Thomasville WS Packaging Group, Inc Wyatt Leasing LLC Y Yanmar Agricultural Machinery America YSI Inc Z ZFA Structural Engineers ZORK USA

Unified Wine & Grape Symposium 2009 Booth Pre-Sales

Booth pre-sales for the 2009 Symposium will be conducted in the months directly following the 2008 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium. The LLC members maintain a policy that requires your cooperation by maintaining the number of booths contracted for 2008 as a maximum for 2009. For example, if a company has purchased three booths for 2008, no more than three will be allowed to be reserved for 2009. This will allow as many suppliers as possible to exhibit in 2009. New or returning companies who did not exhibit in 2008 will be restricted to one booth space maximum based on availability. Point System Booth assignments will take place using a point system. Every company exhibiting and present at the show will be allocated points based on the number of booths contracted for 2008, the number of years the company has exhibited, and points per year exhibited at ASEV through 1998. For companies with the same number of points, 2009 booths will be assigned in reverse alphabetical order, excluding articles such as "the," "a" and "an." Exhibitors who choose to not exhibit in 2009 will not be included in the pre-sale for future shows. Exhibitors sharing space who are not the primary contracted exhibitor will not receive priority points for the contracted booth space. Only the primary contracted company will be issued priority points and be eligible for booth sales for renewing exhibitors. Exhibitors sharing space who wish to acquire separate booth space for future shows must be placed on the waiting list for booth assignment. The waiting list assignments are made based on availability after the completion of booth sales for renewing exhibitors.





Third Floor

Post Office Box 1855 Davis CA 95617-1855 USA 530.753.3142 Fax 530.753.3318

Unified Wine & Grape Symposium, LLC

sole llc members are:


First Floor



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