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Bibliographies in Public Administration

Bibliographies are compilations of publications relating to given subjects. Bibliographies in specific fields offer an overview of this field or certain topics, which can be utilized as a starting point for researchers in examining their topics of interest and developing research questions. The following is a list of bibliographies relevant to public administration and public affairs that have been edited by librarians and scholars.

African Public Administration: A Bibliography. Lake, G. W. Monticello, IL.: Vance.1989. This book covers from the pre-colonial period to the present. It consists of three partial contents: i) political culture in African public administration, ii) African economic development policy, and iii) educational policy and administration in Africa. Keywords: African politics, African public administration, bibliography

American Public Administration; A Bibliographical Guide to the Literature. Caiden, G. E. et. al., New York: Garland Pub.1983. This book is a comprehensive guide to reference works, journals and books in American public administration. All entries for abstracts, indexes and journals are annotated. The selected bibliography contains core texts, case studies, supplemental specialized bibliographies, etc. And it includes an introductory essay on the scope of American public administration. Keywords: American public administration, bibliography Annotated Bibliography of Government Documents Related to the Threat of Terrorism and the Attacks of September 11, 2001. Motes, Kevin D., Oklahoma City, OK: Oklahoma Department of Libraries, 2002. An annotated bibliography of government documents organized by the following subject areas: "Aftermath of the September 11 Attacks," "Congressional and Presidential Actions," "Global Terrorism," "International Politics," "National Security of the United


States," "U.S. Foreign Relations, Policy, and Treaties," and "Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)." Keywords: bibliography, public administration, terrorism

Basic Literature in Policy Studies: A Comprehensive Bibliography. Nagel, Stuart S., Greenwich, CT: JAI Press.1984. This bibliography is a through guide to this specialty. It provides good annotations. Keywords: bibliography, literature, policy Studies, public administration

Bibliography for Graduate Readings in Comparative Politics This bibliography covers comparative politics in Latin America; Western Europe; Eastern Europe & the former Soviet Union; Middle East; Africa; South Asia; East Asia; Southeast Asia; Canada and the United States. Keywords: bibliography, comparative politics

Bibliography of Political Studies. Wheatsheaf. 1991.

Norris, Pippa, ed; Crewe, Ivor, ed. Harvester This book is a collection of publications by British political scientists in the areas of public administration, politics, and international relations. Its publishing period is from Sept. 30, 1989 to Dec. 31, 1990. Keywords: bibliography, British politics, public administration

Bibliography: The International Development Research Centre This bibliography covers new perspectives in East Asian development, factors affecting institutional success, why isn't the whole world experimenting with the East Asian model


to develop?, organizational learning: a theory of action perspective, community participation in research, implementation of educational innovations. Keywords: bibliography, development

Canadian Public Administration Bibliography. Grasham, W. E., Toronto: Institute of Public Administration of Canada, c1972. This book consists of five partial contents: i) Municipal administration; ii) Public servant and bureaucracy; iii) Administrative law; iv) Programming, budgeting and financial administration; and v) Planning and development. Keywords: bibliography, Canadian public administration

Comparative Public Administration: An Annotated Bibliography. Huddleston, M. W., N.Y.: Garland.1984. This book is annotated bibliography selectively covering books and journals in English published from 1962 to 1981in the area of comparative administration. It is organized by broad subject categories: administrative history, bureaucracy and politics, personnel administration, development administration, with an author and country index.

Keywords: bibliography, comparative administration

Corruption: Bibliography 1982-1997. This bibliography covers the causes and consequences of corruption, corruption and misconduct in contemporary British politics, tackling corruption, the efficiency implications of corruption, corruption and democracy in Latin America, the system of administrative and political corruption, corruption and market reform in China. Keywords: bibliography, corruption Decision Making: An Information Sourcebook. Balachandran, S., Phoenix, AZ.: Oryx.1987.


Contents of this book comprise methodology, application, decision aids, quantitative techniques, core library collection and other sources of information. Coverage of journal literature is from 1971 to early 1986. Non-journal materials, such as books, published from 1960 to early 1986 are included. For easy retrieval, a comprehensive subject index has been included, along with author and title indexes. Keywords: bibliography, decision, public administration Ethics and Public Policy: An Annotated Bibliography. Bergerson, Peter J., New York: Garland. 1988. In this bibliography, citations accompanied by long abstracts are preceded by a good review article. This is a very good survey of this topic. Keywords: bibliography, ethics and public policy, public administration

Ethics and Public Service: An Annotated Bibliography and Overview Essay. Gunn, Elizabeth, and M. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma, Bureau of Government Reaserch.1980. In this book, the "Overview Essay" as well as "Annotated Bibliography" constitutes a good review of this topic. Keywords: bibliography, public administration

Gubernatorial and Presidential Transitions: An Annotated Bibliography and Resource. Bowman, J. S., R. Monet L., N.Y.: Garland.1988. This book is an authoritative guide to information sources in public administration and it consists of three tiers: i) core volumes keyed to the major subfields in public administration such as personnel management, public budgeting, and intergovernmental relations; ii) bibliographies focusing in substantive areas of administration such as community health; and iii) titles on topical issues in the profession. This book is compiled by one or more specialists in the area. Thus it provides a systematic basis for managers and researchers to make informed judgments in the course of their work.


Keywords: bibliography, gubernatorial, public administration

Guide to Library Research in Public Administration. Simpson, A., New York: Center for Productive Public Management 1976. The purpose of this book is to present to the reader efficient and effective methods for conducting library research. This book consists of fifteen chapters which are introduction, the research problem and search strategy, guides to the literature, the library card, writing the research paper, and so on. Keywords: bibliography, guides, library research, public administration Indian Politics Bibliography This bibliography covers the party system in India, people's mandate, the political economy of development in India, crisis and change in contemporary India, nationalism, democracy and development in India, state and politics in India, planning in India, and political parties in India. Keywords: bibliography, politics

Information-Finding and the Research Process: A Guide to Sources and Methods for Public Administration and the Policy Sciences. Simpson, A. E. Conn: Greenwood.1993. The purpose of this book is to address the full range of information needs of academic research in the social and policy sciences with particular attention to public administration. The thrust of this book is research in public administration, but it also discusses important sources in other disciplines on a selective basis. This guide covers sources and methods of approach essential to research dealing with the mainstream of public administration. Keywords: bibliography, Guide to Sources and Methods, public administration


International Public Policy Sourcebook. DeSairo, Jack P., and Fredric, Bolotin N., Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1989. This book presents descriptive accounts of arrangements surrounding a limited number of policy areas in eight western countries. Major subjects considered by this bibliography are health, social welfare, education and the environment. Keywords: bibliography, international public policy

Jahrbuch zur Staats- und Verwaltungswissenschaft, Ellwein, Thomas, ed, Nomos, 1988. This book is a collection of articles (including two in English), research reports, and bibliographic essays. Topics covered include: the history of public administration in Germany; modernization; management aspects; administrative reforms of the Reagan administration; the British civil service under Margaret Thatcher; public administration in Poland in 1987; and West German environmental policy. Keywords: bibliography, public administration

Japanese Politics Bibliography This bibliography covers advisory councils in Japan, anti-trust politics in Japan, labor and Japanese politics, budget policy in Japan, local government in Japan, media and politics, education policy in Japan, election campaigning in Japan, electoral reform in Japan, and tax policy in Japan, women and politics in Japan. Keywords: bibliography, Japanese politics Labor Management Relations in the Public Sector: An Annotated Bibliography. Cayer, Joseph N. and Sherry, Dickerson S., New York: Garland. 1984. The items in this bibliography reflect the changing perspectives of scholars, government officials, public employees, and citizens concerning public employee bargaining. The bibliography is separated into two major sections: section one contains articles and sections two contains books and monographs. The topics reflect the major issues rose


about public employee bargaining, major parts of the bargaining process, and bargaining outcomes. Keywords: bibliography, labor management relations, public administration

LGI: Public Administration Bibliographies The Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative (LGI) - launched in January 1997 by the Board of the Open Society Institute-Budapest. The Initiative replaces the Institute for Local Government and Public Service and builds on its achievements. In January 1998, LGI contracted a number of individuals to write annotated bibliographies of public administration materials available in the local languages. The researchers were also asked to provide English translations and to try to cover all of the following topics in a relatively balanced manner. Bulgaria/Croatia/Estonia/Hungary/Lithuanian/Russia /Ukraine in English and original language. Some of the topics are as follows: 1. Structure of the Public Administration System in the Country; 2. Case Studies in Local Government Administration, Legislation and Reform; 3. Local Decision Making and Citizen Participation; 4. Ethics, Transparency and Corruption in Local Government, 5. Fiscal Decentralization, Municipal Finance and the Budgeting Process; 6. Local Development; 7. Urban Planning and Land Use; 8. Local Government Social Service Delivery; and 9. The Local Government's Role in Multi-Cultural Politics and Ethnic Conflict Resolution. Keywords: bibliographies, government, public administration Mason Gaffney's Bibliography Mason Gaffney is professor of Economics, University of California at Riverside and a research associate of Earth Rights Institute. This bibliography is his personal collection containing subjects such as forest Economics, extractive resources, and leasing policy, land economics, public finance and etc. Keywords: bibliography, environment economics, public administration, public finance, public policy Planning and Development Bibliography This bibliography covers the state, development planning and liberalization in India, India's economic reforms and development, comparative politics, comparing public


policies, the political economy of development in India, district administration in India, the design of Indian development, and progress in development administration in India. Keywords: bibliography, development Policy Analysis and Management: A Bibliography. Goehlert, R. U., F.S., Martin, Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-Clio.1985. This comprehensive bibliography lists citations for scholarly journal articles, books, and research reports in the field of policy analysis. It is arranged by seven broad subject categories which are in turn divided by more specific subject divisions. The categories are: concepts and theories of policy analysis, economic policy, political policy, social policy, technological and scientific policy, and environmental policy. There are separate author and subject indexes. Keywords: bibliography, policy analysis, public administration Political and Administrative Corruption Bibliography (Bangladesh) This bibliography covers development issues of Bangladesh, the Bangladesh democracy program assessment, corruption in public offices in Bangladesh, public administration and development in Bangladesh, administrative reforms in Bangladesh, patron-client politics and business in Bangladesh, group interests and political changes in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Keywords: bibliography, corruption Public Administration in American Society: A Guide to Information Sources. Rouse, John E., Detroit: Gale, 1980. This book is essentially an annotated bibliography concentrating on books and articles addressing the growth of the public sector and its impact upon society. Eleven chapters address all major areas of public administration. A valuable general bibliography in the field that discusses reference tools as well as secondary sources. Keywords: bibliography, public administration in American society


Public Administration (1986): A Bibliographic Guide to the Literature. McCurdy, Howard., New York: Dekker. This bibliography identifies most frequently cited works in public administration using citation analysis. It includes a thorough discussion of recent trends in public administration and the fields of overall growth. It provides citations to many of the older, classic materials in public administration. The first two chapters constitute a discussion of the development of public administration as an object of study. And the final section is a classified bibliography, without annotation, of the 1,200 books considered to be most influential. Keywords: bibliography, public administration

Public Administration Desk Book. Coleman, James R., and R.E., Dugan, MA: Government Research Publications. Notes. 1990. This book is an annotated list of sources arranged in seven parts according to form of publication. This is more suitable for the practitioner, but includes some of discussion of information-finding techniques. Keywords: bibliography, public administration desk book Public Administration in Developed Democracies: A Comparative Study. Rowat, Donald C., New York: Dekker.1988. This book presents essays, with long bibliographies, describing the administrative structure of twenty western countries. Also it includes several essays that analyze common trends. Keywords: bibliography, comparative, developed democracies

Public Administration in India Bibliography This bibliography covers political context of Indian administration, bureaucracy and


development policies in the third world, bureaucracy and politics in India, how bureaucracy meets a crisis, administrators in a developing society, food administration in India, government process, political process and administration in India. Keywords: bibliography, public administration

Public Administration Research Guide. Holzer, Marc, and Virginia, Cherry R., New York: Garland.1992. This book, which is an authoritative guide to information sources in public administration, consists of three tiers: i) core volumes keyed to the major subfields in public administration, such as personnel management, public budgeting, and organization behavior; ii) bibliographies focusing substantive areas of administration; and iii) titles on topical issues in the profession, such as civil service, reform, productivity, and ethics. Thus it provides a systematic basis for managers and researchers to make informed judgments in the course of their work. Keywords: bibliography, public administration, research guide Public Administration in Rural Areas and Small Jurisdictions: A Guide to the Literature. Honadle, B.W., N.Y: Garland.1983. The purpose of this book is to present a guide to the literature on Public Administration in Rural Areas and Small Jurisdictions. This bibliography covers the period 1960 through 1981. This bibliography is divided into six areas: 1) Administration of Human Services; 2) Administration of Physical services; 3) Development; 4) Government Management and Administration; 5) Government Organization and Service Delivery; and 6) Reference Works and Miscellaneous. Keywords: bibliography, public administration, rural areas and small jurisdictions Public and Business Planning in the United States: A Bibliography. Lightwood, Martha B., Detroit: Gale Research Company.1972. This bibliography is presented two parts, the first one dealing with public planning and


the second with business planning. Public planning includes government planning at all levels and also planning by non-government public agents. Keywords: bibliography, public administration, public planning

Public Choice Theory in Public Administration: An Annotated Bibliography. Lovrich, Nicholas P., and Max, Neiman, New York: Garland. This bibliography is quite selective but very good. It is a listing of sources both supportive and critical of this increasingly important approach to public decision making. It is preceded by a good discussion of dilemmas in the area. The total collection of two hundred citations has been divided into two major groups, the first pertaining to normative works and the second dealing with empirical studies. The first part deals with the desirability of public choice orientations toward the proper design and operation of governmental programs and agencies. And the second part deals with empirical studies emerging interest in the public choice approach. Keywords: bibliography, public administration, Public Choice Theory

Public Finance: An Information Sourcebook. Marshal, Marion B., Oryx Press.1987. Major subjects covered by this bibliography are public finance theory and surveys of the subject; federal government tax theory, policy, law, system, and revenues; federal fiscal policy, the budget and appropriations process and credit programs; intergovernmental fiscal relations; state and local tax law and policy and non-tax revenues; state and local fiscal conditions and tax policy and economic development; major expenditure programs of all levels of management; and financial management-budgeting, accounting, debt management, etc. Keywords: bibliography, public finance theory Public Personnel Administration: An Annotated Bibliography. Bowman, Sarah Y., and Jay Shafritz M., New York: Garland.1985 This book represents the full range of personnel topics with the exception of labor-


management relations. Major subjects covered by this bibliography are civil service reform, equal employment opportunity, constitutional issues, human resources planning, position classification and pay, recruitment, selection and placement, productivity, training and development, performance appraisal and job design. Keywords: bibliography, public personnel administration

Public Sector Productivity: A Resource Guide. Holzer, Marc, Arie, Halachmi, New York: Garland. 1988. This book covers articles, books, and government documents. It also includes listings of relevant journals and associations. Keywords: bibliography, public administration, public sector productivity Social Impact Assessment and Management An Annotated Bibliography. Leistritz, Larry F., and Brenda Ekstrom L., N.Y.: Garland.1986. The purpose of this book is to present a guide to the literature in social impact assessment and management. Keywords: bibliography, public administration, social impact assessment and management

The Analysis of Public Policy: A Bibliography of Dissertations. 1977-1982. Robey, J. S., Westport, CT: Greenwood.1984. This bibliography is a systematic and thorough guide to the findings of over one thousand recent English-language dissertations in a number of specific policy areas. It is divided into sixteen fields of concentration based on the amount and scope of work being done: policy analysis, policy making at the state level, policy making at the local level, public administration and the making of public policy, agricultural policy, civil rights and the status of women, domestic taxing and economic policy, educational policy, U.S. foreign policy, governmental regulation of morality: sex, drugs, and abortion, housing policy, energy and the environment, international trade and economics, judicial policy making, military policy, and social, health, and welfare policy. Within each section, the entries are


arranged alphabetically by author and numbered sequentially. The volume contains a reader's guide and subject and author indexes. Keywords: bibliography, Dissertations, public administration analysis, public policy The Bureaucratic State: An Annotated Bibliography. Mieward, Robert D., New York: Garland.1984. This book is a very extensive bibliography preceded by a short interpretative essay. Items of this bibliography are in classified order and annotations are analytical and very short. Keywords: bibliography, bureaucratic State, public administration

The Guide to the Foundations of Public Administration. Martin, D. J., N.Y.: Dekker.1989. This book is an annotated bibliography of American public administration. It consists of three partial contents: i) the government as entrepreneur; ii) federalism and intergovernmental relations; and iii) budgeting and fiscal administration. Keywords: bibliography, federalism, public administration

Urban Policy: A guide to information sources (Urban Studies Information Guide Series), Dennis J. Palumbo. Gale Research Company. 1979. This bibliography uses a combination of these two ways of viewing urban policy; urban policy goals and the various stages in the development of urban policy. Chapter 1 contains a number of urban theories and model. The determinants of urban policy are classified in Chapter 2. Chapter 3 of the book covers policy goals. Chapter 4 contains policy decisions and implementation. Chapter 5 includes policy outcomes. Keywords: bibliography, urban policy, urban studies


Urban Transport and Planning: A Bibliography with Abstracts. Banister, David, and Laurie, Pickup. London; New York: Mansell Pub. Ltd., 1989. The purpose of this book is to present a guide to the literature on Urban Transport and Planning.

Keywords: bibliography, public administration urban transport and planning

Women and Politics in Asia: Supplementary Bibliography to NIASnytt, 2004:1 This bibliography contains references to books, chapters in books and journal and newspaper articles. The references are selected from the databases Bibliography of Asian Studies, and databases on social sciences. Keywords: Asia, bibliography, women

Women in Modern American Politics: A Bibliography, 1900-1995. Cox, Elizabeth M, 1997 Contents are grouped under the headings: i) Movement and advocacy; ii) Mass behavior: iii) participation and voting; iv) Running for elective office; v) Public institutions; vi) Public policy; vii) Attitudes and opinions; and viii) Political theory. Keywords: bibliography, public policy, participation


Case Studies in Public Administration

One important way to obtain knowledge is to analyze experiences and practices. In public administration, a strong practice-oriented discipline, the case study has been treated as an effective strategy to develop knowledge as to theory and practice. Especially in public administration pedagogy, the case study is highly appreciated as a powerful way to teach public practitioners. The following includes on-line case study resources and the web address of institutions that collect and produce case studies in public administration.

Accenture's Government Client Successes 75ce542388256642006403f7?OpenDocument

Excellent examples of how Accenture is collaborating with the governmental organizations to help turn innovation into results. Keywords: government, technological innovation

American University's Campaign Management Institute (CMI) American University's Campaign Management Institute provides a series of improving campaign conduct publications on this website. The surveys, case studies, documentations and other types of publications with the subject pertaining to improving the conduct of election campaigns can help readers have a better idea about the probably single most important event in American democratic life ­ elections. Keywords: elections campaign, publications

ASPA's Center for Accountability and Performance s&CmtyID=163&ParID=102 ASPA's Center for Accountability and Performance is engaged in a multi-year program to develop more than 50 case studies, from all levels of government, on performance management in government. Keywords: accountability and performance, performance management


Association of County Commissioners of Georgia Case studies on water resource management and other topics. Keywords: resource management

Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action Founded in 1971 as the Association of Voluntary Action Scholars, the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA) is a neutral, open forum committed to strengthening the research community in the emerging field of nonprofit and philanthropic studies. ARNOVA brings together both theoretical and applied interests, helping scholars gain insight into the day-to-day concerns of thirdsector organizations, while providing nonprofit professionals with research they can use to improve the quality of life for citizens and communities. Principal activities include an annual conference, publications, electronic discussions and special interest groups. This organization has accumulated volumes of case studies. Please use the search engine in its articles and reports area. Keywords: case studies, nonprofit, voluntary action

Benton Foundation Learning through shared experience is very effective. This site houses discussion and shares ideas about experiences in creating and implementing a successful communications strategy in the digital age. Keywords: information technology, IT

Case Method of Instruction (CMI) Outreach Project/ Vanderbilt University This project aims to increase awareness of the case method of instruction as an alternative or supplement to more traditional methods of early intervention personnel preparation and to increase the number of instructors who are skilled in using the method.


Keywords: case method, instruction, outreach project

Case Method Website: How to Teach with Cases / University of California, Santa Barbara This part of the site consists of some general materials to help you learn to teach with the case method. For teaching specific cases, see the "Teaching Notes" section of the case itself. This is a bibliography of readings, which can be used in conjunction with the resources and links below for further exploration of the art of case teaching. Keywords: case method, curricular resources, management case studies, teaching notes

Case Net Case Net is a World Wide Web site for teachers interested in the use of the case method. Keywords: case teaching method, curricular resources

Case Studies of "From the Capital to the Classroom: Year 2 of the No Child Left Behind Act" This report from the Center on Education Policy describes the implementation and effects of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) during calendar year 2003, the second year of the Act's existence. The report is the first and most comprehensive national examination of all aspects of NCLB implementation at the federal, state, and local levels, and is the second CEP report to examine the implementation of NCLB. The information in this report is based on a survey of 47 states and the District of Columbia, a nationally representative survey of 274 school districts, in-depth case studies of 33 urban, suburban, and rural school districts, and other research methods. Keywords: case studies, education, report


Case Studies in Public Policy Development by Ginsler & Associates Inc. Ginsler & Associates Inc. brings over 25 years' experience in community development, human services planning, and community capacity building to bear on today's most challenging community issues. Working with community organizations, donors, and governments in such areas as homelessness, hunger, community research, and multisector co-ordination and collaboration, we help bring out the best in community service agencies, local businesses, and government programs. Keywords: sustainable communities, sustainable development, urban related issues

Case Studies in Science ­ State University of New York ­ Buffalo This site includes listed videotapes, articles, books, bibliographies, and web links to the case study literature. Hopefully, this will give you a sample of the recent attempts to introduce the method into the science classroom and a glimpse of its potential as seen through the eyes of some of its most ardent advocates. Keywords: case method, curricular resources

Center for Competitive Government, Temple University (Formerly known as the Privatization Research Center) The Center for Competitive Government deals with description, evaluation and planning of innovations by government. Current research projects include the following: (i) identification of "best practices" in competitive government; (ii) city by city and state by state comparisons of innovative practices in government; (iii) privatization of police, water and wastewater and transportation facilities; (iv) restructuring police emergency response, including burglar alarms; (v) public-private partnerships of free trade zones; and (vi) national analysis of contracting-out efforts, including states' human services. Keywords: case study, government


Center for Creative Leadership &CategoryID=Overview(Overview) The mission of the Center for Creative Leadership is to advance the understanding, practice and development of leadership for the benefit of society worldwide. Keywords: creativity, leadership

Center for Social and Economic Policy The Center for Social and Economic Policy (CSEP) is an academic research unit. It promotes research on all aspects of social and economic policy. The Center sponsors academic focus groups and lecture series on policy-related research topics, by elevating the prominence of ongoing research at UCR through various working-paper releases, and by encouraging joint projects among UCR researchers, including those that involve graduate students. Keywords: case study, economic policy, social policy

Center for Technology in Government at SUNY at Albany The Center for Technology in Government (CTG) works with government to develop information strategies that foster innovation and enhance the quality and coordination of public services. We conduct applied research and partnership projects on the policy, management, and technology issues surrounding information use in the public sector. Keywords: case study, information technology, IT

Center for the Study of Public Choice James M. Buchanan Center for Political Economy George Mason University The Center for Study of Public Choice, a unique research institution at George Mason University provides a single location where eminent scholars conduct innovative research, publish their findings and conclusions in a variety of print and electronic media, and


teach the science of public choice. Under the current leadership of W. Mark Crain (and James M. Buchanan, emeritus professor and advisory general director), the Center builds on the groundbreaking economic and political science theories for which Buchanan was awarded the Nobel Prize in economics. The Center draws both visiting and resident scholars and students from all over the world. Its faculty and researchers lecture and conduct seminars locally, across the United States, and abroad. The Center serves as the institutional home for the Public Choice Research Program. Keywords: case study, public choice

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Washington, DC Areas of research include: health policies, labor market policies, low income, housing, and poverty. Keywords: case study, public policy

Centre for Public Policy, India Research at the center includes developing countries and the multilateral trading system. Publications include WTO and India in the millennium round. Keywords: case study, public policy

Citizen-Driven Government Performance Curricular Project/National Center for Public Productivity, Rutgers University-Newark The project operates at Rutgers-Newark's National Center for Public Productivity (NCPP). The project's goal is to create and disseminate curricular resources in performance measurement for schools of public administration and other organizations that train people for public service careers in city and county governments. The resources encompass the lessons learned from Sloan Foundation funded projects around the country that are dedicated to developing and fostering lasting processes that involve community stakeholders in assessing performance and in influencing how government services can be made more responsive to community needs and priorities. Keywords: citizen-driven government performance, curricular resources, case teaching


method, performance measurement

Colorado Department of Natural Resources Case studies of trail projects involving significant wildlife issues. Keywords: wild life issues

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment A case study on source water assessment techniques. Keywords: public health and environment, water assessment techniques

Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Many case studies are available through the state search engine. Keywords: environmental protection

Department of Natural Resources of King County, Washington There are case studies on construction recycling, sustainable building and others. Keywords: environmental protection, recycling, resource management, sustainable building

Dispute Resolution Program There are many examples of how mediation has successfully resolved conflicts,


particularly in the areas of cross-cultural relations and violence prevention. Keywords: dispute resolution, mediation, violence prevention

Domestic Violence Training Program This is a project designed to promote police-community cooperation to control and decrease domestic violence. There are cases available, but not online. Keywords: case study, dispute resolution, domestic violence mediation, violence prevention, training program

Electronic Hallway The Electronic Hallway serves as an online repository of quality teaching cases and other curriculum materials for faculty who teach public administration, public policy, and related subjects. Cases are available in numerous policy areas; economic development, education, environment and land use, human services, international affairs, nonprofit, state and local government issues, utility and transit issues, and urban and regional issues. Many Hallway cases include teaching notes, and several have video of cases being taught by experienced teachers. Hallway materials are used widely throughout the United States and in many foreign countries in both graduate and undergraduate programs, as well as in government training programs. In addition, The Hallway offers classroom instruction in case teaching and writing. The Hallway Case Teaching and Writing Workshop are held annually in June at the Evans School at the University of Washington, and provide an excellent way to enhance case teaching and writing skills. The Electronic Hallway is administered by the Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs at the University of Washington. Keywords: case method, curricular resources, course design and materials

Ethics Case Studies There are altogether 95 ethics case studies including some issues emerging in the public sector. The detailed record of each case contains the full case study as well as information about the author.


Keywords: case studies, ethics

European Case Clearing House Quite simply, we are the largest single source of management case studies in the world. We hold and distribute all cases produced by the world's best-known teaching establishments, as well as case studies in many languages produced by individual authors from almost every corner of the globe. We distribute the European case collections to the North American market. Keywords: case method, curricular resources, management case studies

Federal Emergency Management Agency This site provides case studies on emergency relief missions around the world. Keywords: emergency management, environmental protection, resource management

Ford Foundation Publications Ford Foundation's recent publications on social and civil affairs including peace and justice, women issues, and sustainable development. Keyword: Ford Foundation, human achievement, publication

German Association for Political Economy (GAPE) Dissatisfaction with developments in mainstream economic thinking and in the conventional recommendations for economic policy was the prime motivation of GAPE. Recent GAPE conferences have also addressed the history of economic thought, the role of economists in the policy making process, and the structure and trappings of academe. Keywords: case study, public administration


Harvard Business School Cases ;jsessionid=5GQBBG3KUDD3OCTEQENSELQ Cases provide a context in which students can practice skills or explore management principles, which is widely used by professional education. On the website, cases prepared by Harvard business school can be ordered online. Keywords: case method, curricular resources, management principles

HP's Case Studies Reservoir ­ Success Stories in the Public Sector =0 HP provides a very rich reserve of the successful stories in government and education by using information technology.

Keywords: case studies, education, government, IT

Indiana Department of Workforce Development Success stories on job seeking and other workforce topics.

Keywords: employee management relations, employment relation, workforce development

Indiana Rural Development Council Collection of success stories in rural Indiana that may help you to do similar projects in your community. Keywords: sustainable communities, sustainable development, urban related issues


Institute for Social and Economic Change, India The Development Administration Unit is credited with having completed a number of studies. This includes publication of 16 books, and over 400 articles in professional journals and newspapers. These studies have ranged from the organizational and administrative aspects of rural development, administrative and political issues related to Indian local self-government and panchayat raj institution, analysis of governance, rent seeking in the government, evaluation of poverty alleviation schemes and anti-poverty strategies, and analysis of elections. The Unit focuses on four distinct areas. First area covers political and administrative reforms for good governance. The second area relates to economic reforms and governance. The third area of focus relates to democracy and sustainable development. Under the fourth area, issues relating to development politics, the role of political parties, electoral reforms, and ethics, politics and democracy are being analyzed. Keywords: case study, development, India

Institute for the Study of Diplomacy Georgetown University This site provides case studies on international affairs. Keywords: international affairs

International Consortium of Governmental Financial Management'International%20 Consortium%20of%20Governmental%20Financial%20Management' This site provides case studies on governmental financial issues Keywords: finance, financial management

International Records Management Trusts This pioneering compilation and presentation of good practices and guides for the


management of financial records fulfils a century-old need at the beginning of a new century, providing a beacon to guide financial managers and government officials across the world in shedding light upon the mysteries of the great bureaucratic entities that constitute 21st Century governments. Since 1996 the Trust research program has explored the challenges of information management facing modern governments with the aim of defining practical solutions. The focus has been on financial and personnel records and the relationship between records management, public service reform and accountability, particularly in the electronic environment. Keywords: best practice, finance, financial management, technology

Industrial Technologies Program: Case Studies BestPractices, a program of the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Industrial Technologies Program (ITP), works with industry to identify plant-wide opportunities for energy savings and process efficiency. Through the implementation of new technologies and systems improvements, companies across the United States are achieving immediate savings results. We invite you to get involved in BestPractices so your company can join the ranks of forward-thinking U.S. industrial manufacturers who are saving energy and money, reducing pollution and emissions, and increasing productivity right now. The U.S. Department of Energy collaborates with U.S. industry to implement energy-efficiency demonstration projects in operating plants. BestPractices participates in plant-wide assessments and the demonstration projects. Once an assessment or project is complete, BestPractices publishes a case study, which often shows that the project: (i) yields significant energy and cost savings; (ii) reduces energy consumption; (iii) improves productivity; (iv) reduces environmental impacts; (v) demonstrates the usefulness of best practices tools; and (vi) improves public relations for industry partners. See what others in the industry have done to increase their energy savings by reading their case studies (i) plant-wide assessment studies and summaries; (ii) case studies by industry; (iii) case studies by industrial system; and (iv) management case studies. In addition, Plant Profiles: Industrial Energy Management in Action presents companies across the United States that has implemented best energy management practices in their manufacturing facilities. Keywords BestPractices, case studies, U.S. Department of Energy This site represents a joint Internet presence of the Project for Excellence in Journalism and the Committee of Concerned Journalists. Rather than promoting our two


organizations, it is designed to be a portal and a utility for people interested in journalism - citizens, news people or students. It offers a catalog of tools, techniques and ideas, lists of principles, empirical research, links to other journalism sites, job links, compilations of ethics codes and many other resources for journalists and citizens alike. Keywords: case method, course design and materials, curricular resources, journalism

Kansas Historical Society Case studies on electronic record keeping. Keywords: information technology, IT

Kansas Public Finance Center Wichita State University Founded in 1994, the Kansas Public Finance Center further enhances the Hugo Wall School's mission by targeting research and service in the field of public finance. The Kansas Public Finance Center's focus is two-fold: developing and implementing public strategies that promote economic vitality in Kansas, and advancing the study and practice of public finance. Activities include: Applying scholarly research in the area of public finance. Serving as advisors to private and public policymakers on economic and fiscal issues. Providing technical assistance on financial policies and practices with respect to state and local financing and municipal securities. Hosting the annual Midwest Regional Public Finance Conference that attracts government finance professionals from several states. Organizing specialized conferences and professional development workshops for financial managers in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. Keywords: case studies, public finance

Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University The Case Program is the world's largest producer and repository of case studies designed for teaching about how government works and how public policy is made. Our cases are written to facilitate discussion-based, interactive learning about both policy issues and management strategies in the public and not-for-profit sectors. Our professional case writers rigorously check the accuracy of the cases, which draw on candid interviews with


decision makers themselves, as well as thorough document research. In that way, they represent a detailed and unrivaled body of information about the making of public policy and the administration of public institutions. The cases are used in our MPP, MPA and Executive Program curricula and by colleges and universities worldwide at both the graduate and undergraduate level. Keywords: case method, curricular resources, management case studies, public policy teaching notes

Learning and Teaching Support Network Centre for Economics The Learning and Teaching Support Network Centre for Economics (Economics LTSN) centre provides a range of free services that support university teachers of economics in the UK. Keywords: case method, curricular resources, economics

Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality Provides case studies on environmental quality. Keywords: environmental protection, environmental quality

Louisiana Public Broadcasting Case studies on forest management. Keywords: environmental protection, forest management

Microsoft Case Studies for Government Discover how Microsoft technologies have helped governments increase productivity, improve collaboration and communication, and streamline processes.


Keywords: government, software service

Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development (MMSD) was an independent two-year process of consultation and research with the objective of understanding how to maximize the contribution of the mining and minerals sector to sustainable development at the global, national, regional and local levels. Through this process, MMSD has proposed a clear agenda for global change in the minerals sector that is based on careful analysis, which is understood and supported by many key stakeholders, and that identifies mechanisms for moving forward. Keywords: natural resources, sustainable development

Minnesota Department of Transportation A report on public involvement in Minnesota, containing case studies. Keywords: public involvement, transportation

Minnesota Historical Society Case studies about inventorying, managing and preserving agricultural historic landscapes. Keywords: historical society

Minnesota Natural Resource Department The mission of the Minnesota Natural Resource Department (DNR) is to work with citizens to conserve and manage the state's natural resources, to provide outdoor recreation opportunities, and to provide for commercial uses of natural resources in a way that creates a sustainable quality of life. The DNR strives to work with people to conserve natural systems and maintain biodiversity while providing for the ethical use of


the resources for social and economic purposes. The DNR works to balance development needs with the need to protect natural resource values; preserve unique, threatened, and endangered resources; preserve unique cultural, historical, and archaeological resources; improve and restore degraded environments, and mitigate environmental losses; and integrate all natural resource concerns and perspectives in decision-making processes. Resources are managed for a sustainable quality of life by balancing human needs and natural systems to ensure the needs of present generations are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs; and maintaining the integrity of natural systems to ensure a productive and healthy living environment. The DNR staff works in partnership with constituents to manage the state's ecosystems. Maintaining a sustainable quality of life is a shared responsibility of all citizens, as well as public and private organizations. Minnesota's natural resources include about 16.65 million acres of forest land; 11,842 lakes of 10 acres or larger; tens of thousands of miles of rivers; diverse game animals; prized game fish; rare plant and animal species; rich mineral deposits; more than 65 state parks and three state recreation areas; and hundreds of areas for camping, hiking, snowmobiling, and other outdoor recreation. Keywords: environmental protection, resource management

Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance Case on cost cutting: Preventing waste and pollution before they are generated makes more than economic sense -recycling and environmental purchasing can boost employee morale, improve worker safety, and reduce liability. Keywords: environmental protection, resource management, waste and pollution, recycling

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Nationwide case studies about pollution control are provided. Keywords: environmental protection, resource management, waste and pollution

Model Programs: The National Center for Public Productivity The National Center for Public Productivity of Rutgers University ­ Newark campus, is


home to numerous programs and projects. Some of these include: Best Practices Worldwide, Public Administration Teaching Roundtable and the Multi-Lingual Performance Aids. Keywords: best practices

National Academy of Public Administration This site has case studies on public administration, online or offline. Keywords: publications, resources

National Endowment for the Arts This section offers a compendium of case studies in the arts crossing disciplines (music, theatre, dance, visual arts, literature, folk arts) that touch on issues of concern to the entire arts community whether you are an artist, arts administrator, board member, community volunteer or educator.

Keywords: arts, endowment

National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, India Thrust Areas of Current Research: Tax policy and administration, state fiscal studies and vision documents, public expenditure and subsidies, government debt both at the center and states, fiscal federalism, relating to the division of fiscal powers between the center and states, rural and urban economics and finance, financing social sector expenditure particularly, health and education. Keywords: case study, India, public policy National Partnership for Reinventing Government (Formerly known as National Performance Review)


There are over 30 case studies about reinventing government. Twenty federal agencies wrote up their experiences in the use of strategic planning and/or performance measurement as case studies in the early stages of GPRA implementation in response to an initiative of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA). Many of these case studies are of agencies selected as pilot projects under the Results Act. The lessons learned from these case studies should continue to be helpful as other Federal agencies move into strategic planning and performance measurement. Keywords: reinventing government strategic planning and performance measurement

Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government The Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government conducts studies and special projects to assist government and enhance the capacity of states and localities to meet critical challenges. Through its conferences, research, and publications, the Institute works with the best experts and top officials at all levels of government to forge creative solutions to public problems. The work of the Institute focuses on the role of state governments in the American federal system. The Institute is fast becoming the preeminent national center for the study of state government. The states are now more than ever at the heart of America's domestic policy process, and no other governmental policy research center deals with states on as comprehensive a basis. Its staff works closely with federal and state officials and with the major national organizations that represent state and local government. While many of the Institute's projects are comparative and multi-state in nature, the Institute maintains a continuing emphasis on assisting New York State and its local governments. Keywords: case studies, local government

New York City Department of Sanitation 1&qt=case+studies+on+sanitation&Submit=+search+ Case studies on sanitation, such as cutting cost and preventing waste. Keywords: environmental protection, resource management, waste and pollution


New York City Office of Emergency Management Established in 1996, the New York City Office of Emergency Management (OEM) aims to provide New Yorkers the highest level of emergency preparedness. OEM ensures interagency coordination before, during and after disasters or emergencies, whether it is a small water main break or an event as catastrophic as the September 11 tragedy. To accomplish this mission, OEM maintains a disciplined corps of emergency management personnel -- including responders, planners, watch commanders, and administrative and support staff -- to identify and respond to various hazards. OEM assists Federal, State and City officials and their respective constituents with disaster response and mitigation. Because a close working relationship with elected officials is crucial to the success of OEM's mission, the Agency serves as a repository of information for the Mayor concerning hazard identification and mitigation procedures. Through its public information arm, OEM provides the public and media organizations with accurate, timely information regarding emergency management planning, response and hazard mitigation in New York. Keywords: emergency management, environmental protection, resource management

New York University (NYU) Wagner School of Public Service ­ Working Papers =wpDate+desc%2CwpTitle%2CwpPrimaryAuthor&whereType=All The website of Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service, New York University provides a series of working papers by Wagner faculty on the subjects of public service, ranging from public management to nonprofit organization to international cooperation in the area of public sector development. Keywords: nonprofit organization, public sector, working papers

NOAA Coastal Service Center South Carolina This section provides a case study vulnerability assessment, complete with a GIS project file and data. Also included are links to Internet resources for obtaining useful data and information. Within this website, you can find many other case studies on different subjects.


Keywords: coastal service, environmental protection, resource management Ocean Planning Information System The case studies represent collaboration between the OPIS development team and members of the coastal management community. The agencies represented in these case studies were consulted to determine how the tools and information provided within OPIS can be applied to assist the activities of their office. Keywords: coastal service, environmental protection, resource management

Oceanit Desalination Technology Seventy percent (70%) of the world current population lives within 50 miles of the ocean, and this number is only expected to increase in the future. Although the world population tripled in the past century and is expected to double in this century, freshwater supplies have not increased. In fact, freshwater supplies have diminished due to overuse and pollution. Less than one percent of the earth's water is suitable for drinking. Countermeasures against water shortage include conservation, rational use, wastewater reuse, and desalination. Oceanit is striving to bring innovative and affordable desalination processes to Hawaii, the Pacific, and the rest of our world in order to provide secure sources of life most precious substance - pure, clean water. Keywords: desalination, freshwater supplies

Ohio State Employment Relations Board Case studies on employee-management relations. Keywords: employee management relations, employment relation, workforce development

Performance Measurement for Government Governmental Accounting Standards Boards


This site concerns the use and reporting of performance measures for government services. Performance measures are meant to provide more complete information about a governmental entity's performance than traditional budgets or financial statements and schedules can provide. Performance measures are concerned with the results of the services governments deliver, and help provide a basis for assessing the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of those services. This site has numerous links to case studies funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Keywords: best practice, case method teaching, financial management, performance measures, resources

Pew Center for Civic Journalism Civic journalism is both a philosophy and a set of values supported by some evolving techniques to reflect both of those in your journalism. At its heart is a belief that journalism has an obligation to public life - an obligation that goes beyond just telling the news or unloading lots of facts. The way we do our journalism affects the way public life goes. Journalism can help empower a community or it can help disable it. The Pew Center's objective is to report on various civic journalism experiments around the country, sharing the lessons learned with the rest of the profession and tracking how those experiments are evolving. Keywords: case teaching method, civic journalism, curricular resources

Political Science Teaching Resources - Academic Info This site serves to provide a list of political science classes on the Internet from which we can share ideas, information and insights on teaching and research. It does not merely aim at a collection of syllabi but also provision of class materials and incentives for 'cybereducation'. Keywords: case method, course design and materials, curricular resources, political science

Public Issues Education Case Studies Public Issues Education (PIE) website provides education on public issues involving land


use, water quality, food safety, health care, and economic development can be challenging for Cooperative Extension professionals. Here are a variety of case studies and project reports by other educators to give you some real-life examples of PIE activities. Another way to look at how PIE works in community situations is to look at some of the Extension Educator Profiles compiled by students for a Cornell University course. Keywords: case studies, public issues

Public-Private Partnerships for the Urban Environment ­ Bureau for Development Policy (BDP) This section of the GLN seeks to ensure that new PPP initiatives can learn from the global experience within other sectors, forms of partnership, and geographical areas. Here you will find information on PPP projects which goes beyond that available in the Project Database. This section presents an increasing range of case studies which provide high quality analyses of the substantive and operational issues surrounding PPP initiatives from around the world. Keywords: public-private partnerships

Robert D. Burch Center for Tax Policy and Public Finance Department of Economics University of California The Burch Center promotes research in tax policy and public finance, disseminates this research to the academic and tax policy communities, stimulates informed discussion of tax policies of national significance. Publications: Fiscal Policy: Lessons from Economic Research presents the work of leading contributors to the public finance literature. Keywords: case study, public finance

School Improvement in Maryland Case studies and best practices.

Keywords: education and learning, public instruction, school wide programs, successful schools study


Strategic Marketing Group The goal of the Strategic Marketing Group (SMG) is to produce high quality market research and comprehensive business plans. In addition to their builder-developer expertise, they have assisted small businesses with market planning and research for larger businesses. SMG has extensive military experience, their president is a Board member of the Fort Detrick Alliance, and they are familiar with military and Federal contracts throughout the quad state area. Need help with your marketing plan, writing proposals to the Federal government, complete studies of the market? SMG expertise is based on decades of knowledge gained from a civilian career and over 35 years military service. Keywords: comprehensive business plans, market research

Sustainable Communities Network Communities throughout the country are undertaking initiatives that integrate environmental, economic and social goals and profiles of innovative projects and programs as well as numerous links to web sites that describe a wealth of other initiatives. Keywords: sustainable communities, sustainable development, urban related issues

Texas Education Agency The Successful Schools Study originated out of a collaborative study of successful Title 1, Part A school wide programs between the Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas at Austin and the Texas Education Agency. The study focused on high-achieving schools with high poverty rates (60% of the students qualified for free and reduced lunch). Keywords: Charles A. Dana Center, high-achieving schools, poverty rates, Title 1- Part A, Texas Education Agency, University of Texas

Texas Parks and Wildlife

37 Evaluation of Selected Resources in El Paso County, Texas. The Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (TNRCC), working with the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD), is charged with identifying priority ground-water management areas (PGMAs) - areas in the State that are experiencing, or are expected to experience in the future, critical ground-water problems. Keywords: environmental protection, resource management, wildlife

The African Political Dictionary Phillips, Claude S. Santa Barbara, CA: ABCClio, 1984. DT30.5.P47 1984 Contains terminology of African politics and political events. Keywords: dictionary, politics The American Dictionary of Criminal Justice (2nd edition). Dean, John Champion, TAMU, 2001. The Second Edition of the American Dictionary of Criminal Justice is a reference every student of the criminal justice system should own. Like any good dictionary, this resource will assist students in a variety of courses - as well as in writing papers and understanding terminology in journal articles. Keywords: criminal justice, dictionary

The Brookings Institute Center on Urban the Metropolitan Policy This site provides case studies on urban related issues. Keywords: sustainable communities, sustainable development, urban related issues

The Cascade Center for Public Service

38 This is a research and training center based at the University of Washington's Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs in Seattle. It is a nationally recognized management and training program for senior and mid-level managers. Keywords: public service

The E-Governance Institute in Graduate Department of Public Administration Rutgers University-Newark The E-governance Institute's mission is to explore how the internet and other information technologies (IT) have and will continue to impact on the productivity and performance of the public sector and how e-government fosters new and deeper citizen involvement within the governing process. The Institute is committed through its work to supporting the gathering and sharing of knowledge, information and data in order to increase the understanding of how e-governance can strengthen the fundamental partnership between the public sector and the private citizen. Keywords: best practice, curricular resources, E-Government, E-Governance

The Florida Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability A research unit of the Florida Legislature under the oversight of the Joint Legislative Auditing Committee: Created to help improve the performance and accountability of state government, OPPAGA conducts studies on the performance of state agencies and programs to identify ways to improve services and cut costs. Keywords: performance and accountability of state government

The Leadership Network This is a new agency of the Government of Canada, created in June 1998, whose mandate is to promote, develop and support networks of leaders throughout the Public Service of Canada, and to assist them in the ongoing challenge of public service renewal. Keywords: leadership, networks


The National Alliance to End Homelessness The National Alliance to End Homelessness is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to mobilize the nonprofit, public and private sectors of society in an alliance to end homelessness. Keywords: cases, homelessness, national alliance

The National Civic League The National Civic League's web site contains information on a broad variety of topics related to our mission. Browse NCL's programs for an assortment of online community building resources, articles, and speeches from experienced facilitators, researchers, and leaders. Keywords: community building resources, leadership, performance management

The South Carolina Executive Institute The Executive Institute offers a limited number of case studies dealing with issues of public policy and management. They are for use in academic classrooms and in professional training settings and have been specifically written for the South Carolina Executive Institute. Keywords: cases, public management, public policy

The Urban Institute The Urban Institute is a nonprofit nonpartisan policy research and educational organization established to examine the social, economic, and governance problems facing the nation. It provides information and analysis to public and private decision makers to help them address these challenges and strives to raise citizen understanding of the issues and tradeoffs in policy making. A lot of cases are available online.


Keywords: citizens' awareness, public choices, urban affairs

The U.S. Office of Personnel and Management Cases about performance measurement, leadership, incentives, etc. Keywords: leadership, performance measurement

Transparency International This site provides case studies about how governments around the world are tackling corruption. Keywords: corruption, international governance, transparency

United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization dex&nbResultByPage=25& Fsearch%2Fen%2Fresults.html&output=text%2Fhtml&hPrefPages=prefpages&hPRMeta Weight=&hPRWordlistWeight=7&hPRTitleField=7&hPRDescriptionField=3&hPRRefer enceField=10&rThesaurus=&tUserInput=case+studies&give+a+try=SEARCH This site provides case studies related to culture and science in various regions of the world and its relationship to public administration. Keywords: culture and science

United Nations Online Network in Public Administration and Finance The mission of UNPAN - United Nations Online Network in Public Administration and Finance - is to promote the sharing of knowledge, experiences and best practices throughout the world in sound public policies, effective public administration and efficient civil services, through capacity-building and cooperation among the United


Nations Member States, with emphasis on south-south cooperation and UNPAN's commitment to integrity and excellence. This link provides international case studies supplied by UNPAN. Keywords: finance, financial management

United States Environmental Protection Agency A number of organizations have undertaken efforts to incorporate environmental considerations into their purchasing decisions. These projects exemplify the commitment and initiative of the federal government and others to purchase environmentally preferable products and services and can serve as models for what you can do. Keywords: environmental protection, resource management

United States General Accounting Office Best Practices Reviews identify other public and private sector organizations that are widely recognized for major improvements in their performance in a specific area, such as financial management. The processes, practices, and systems identified in these leading organizations are referred to as best practices and provide a model for other organizations with similar functions and/or missions. Keywords: financial management, performance measurement, planning

University of Georgia-Uzhgorod State University Effort to create a unit within the university that provides training, technical assistance, and applied policy research for local governments and regional government departments in Transcarpathia.

Keywords: case studies, local government


University of Nevada Las Vegas This site provides case studies related to public administration. Keywords: publications, resources

Virginia Governor's Best Practice Center of Department of Education Authorized by Governor Gilmore to work with local schools to help them meet the VA Standards of Learning (SOL). Keywords: best practice, local schools

Virginia the Commonwealth Competition Council Presents the best practices of State agencies and institutions of the Commonwealth of Virginia. This information is featured to provide users with new, enhanced, or innovative solutions to improve mission or organizational performance. Keywords: education and learning, school wide programs, successful schools study, public instruction

Washington Port of Seattle Case studies on aviation and international trade and transportation. Keywords: transit-oriented development projects

Washington State Department of Ecology Hundreds of case study reports.


Keywords: publications, resources

Washington State University Cooperative Extension Energy Program There are 31 case studies highlighting Washington employers from a range of industries and geographic areas. Learn why these businesses decided to offer work options, how their programs were implemented, what lessons were learned, benefits gained, and barriers overcome. Keywords: employment, publications, resources

Washington Strategic Planning Office of City of Seattle Twelve case studies of representative transit-oriented development projects throughout North America. Lessons from these case studies and the implications for Seattle are discussed. Keywords: strategic planning

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource Cases about auto service, food processing, health care, etc. Keywords: environmental protection, public health, resource management

World Bank Review the cases studies developed as training materials for the World Bank Institute learning programs on governance and anti-corruption. Keywords: governance and anti-corruption, World Bank Institute


Yale University Program on Non-Profit Organizations Yale University's program on cases in nonprofit governance series is a unique curricular resource, offering perspectives on the dynamics of nonprofit governing boards.

Keywords: cases, curriculum, nonprofit governance, Yale University


Dictionaries in Public Administration and Public Affairs

Dictionaries are useful for research as guides to the terminology of the subject fields. Since Public Administration is an interdisciplinary subject, consulting these reference sources for clarification of terms could offer great help for theorists and practitioners in their daily work. The following list of dictionaries includes those in public administration and related disciplines, whose entries covers key terms, concepts , acronyms, biographies, abbreviations in respective arenas, etc.

A Concise Dictionary of Military Terms. Windrow, Martin and Francis Mason K., Reading: Osprey Publishing, 1975. U51.W765. This contains information on military terms. Keywords: dictionary, military

A Dictionary of Concepts on American Politics. Whisker, James B., N.Y., Wiley, 1980. Tells what an idea, concept, event, or institution is and why it is important. Keywords: dictionary, politics

A Dictionary of Modern Defense and Strategy. Robertson, David, 1987, 355.0321R545D. An invaluable source of reference on modern defensive and strategic thinking, Dictionary of Modern Defense and Strategy provides 400 clear definitions and explanations of the theories and policies which dominate strategic affairs and arms negotiations. It discusses relevant government departments, committees, international organizations, conferences, agreements and important individuals. Keywords: defense, dictionary, politics, strategy


A Dictionary of Political Thought. Scruton, Roger., 2nd ed., London, Macmillan, 1996. 592p. The emphasis is conceptual rather than factual, exploring the formulation of doctrines rather than their specific applications. Keywords: dictionary, political thought

A Dictionary of Slang A monster online dictionary of the rich colorful language we call slang... all from a British perspective, with new slang added every month. Keywords: English slang, colloquialisms, slang dictionary, United Kingdom

A Dictionary of the Social Sciences. Gould, Julius and William, Kolb L., eds. N.Y., Free Press, 1964. 761p. Covers political science, social anthropology, economics, social psychology, and sociology. Keywords: dictionary, social sciences

A Dictionary of the Social Sciences. Reading, H., London, Sociologia Publication, 1976. Over 7,000 entries excluding economics. Use as an initial source. Keywords: dictionary, social sciences


A New Dictionary of Political Analysis. Roberts, Geoffrey, and Edward, Arnold, Alistair Edwards Publisher, 1992, ASIN: 0340528605. This dictionary provides information on political analysis. Keywords: dictionary, political analysis

A New Dictionary of the Social Sciences. Mitchell, G. Duncan., New York: Aldine Publishing Company, 1979. HM17.M56 1979 RR. This dictionary provides information on social sciences. Keywords: dictionary, social sciences.

American Government and Politics Glossary Online source of the American government and politics glossary. Keywords: America, glossary, government, politics

American Jurisprudence: A Modern Comprehensive Text Statement of American Law, State and Federal. 2nd ed. Rochester, N.Y., Lawyers Cooperative. 962-76. 82 volumes. A comprehensive encyclopedia kept up-to-date by supplements. Keywords: American jurisprudence, dictionary


Ballentine's Law Dictionary with Pronunciation. Ballentine, James Arthur. Rochester, N.Y., Lawyers Cooperative Pub. Co., 1969. 1429p. An integration of Ballentine's Law Dictionary-Legal Assistant Edition and Ballentine's Thesaurus for Legal Research and Writing it includes correct understanding and use of legal terms, pronunciation, synonyms, antonyms and parts of speech. Keywords: dictionary, law

Biographical Dictionary of Social Welfare in America. Trattner, Walter I., Greenwood Press. Publication Date: 4/22/1986. This book complements the existing literature on social welfare by providing biographical sketches of some 300 prominent Americans who were active in social work or other related endeavors. Women and minorities are well represented; excluded are theorists, philanthropists, and persons still living. The contributors are professors and researchers from the fields of social work and history and demonstrate the crossdisciplinary nature of the subject matter. Most entries are concisely and clearly written, contain relevant remarks about the person's importance in the history of social reform and social welfare, and include a list of current sources for further information. Although about half of the individuals are covered by the Dictionary of American Biography, most university and college libraries will want to purchase this volume for the increased coverage of individuals active in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s; for the critical comments about their lives; and for the updated biographical and bibliographical information. Keywords: America, dictionary, social welfare

Biography Dictionary This dictionary covers more than 28,000 notable men and women who have shaped our world from ancient times to the present day. This dictionary can be searched by birth years, death years, positions held, professions, literary and artistic works, achievements, and other keywords. Keywords: biography, dictionary


Black's Law Dictionary; Definitions of the Terms and Phrases of American and English Jurisprudence, Ancient and Modern with Guide to Pronunciation. Black, Henry Campbell, 6th ed. St. Paul, MN, West Pub. Co., 1990 The Seventh Edition of Black's Law Dictionary is the premier legal reference resource. The Abridged version provides a compact legal tool for the layman and the legal professional alike. This indispensable work contains helpful extras, which include a dictionary guide and the complete U.S. Constitution. Keywords: dictionary, law

Brewer's Politics: A Phrase and Fable Dictionary. Comfort, Nicholas. Rev ed., England, CASSELL, 1995. Up-to-date and international in scope, this admirable compendium contains a blend of hard facts mixed with witticisms, anecdotes, and folklore--all arising from people and events connected with politics. The entry for Clinton, Bill says "See Comeback Kid," where his career and presidential campaign are described. That entry carries an amusing error: Clinton's birth date is given as 1916. Despite such an error, this reference is edifying, amazingly comprehensive, and fun without being superficial. No bibliography. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or. Keywords: dictionary, politics

Collins Dictionary of Law (E-book). William, Stewart J., and Robert Burgess The portable, constant companion for all law students, and the essential reference guide for laymen, business people, and all who desire a reliable guide to the law's special terminology, including that of European union law -- terms available on the instant, thanks to the e-book format. The Collins Dictionary of Law has been written with special reference to the needs of legal secretaries, paralegals, legal executives, and business people. Keywords: dictionary, law


Corpus Juris Secundum; A Complete Restatement of the Entire American Law as developed by all Reported Cases. St. Paul, MN, West Publishing Company, 1936-83. 158 volumes. A contemporary statement of American law as derived from reported cases and legislation. Published by West Group. CJS is an encyclopedia of American law with 4 parts: (i) Main subject volumes. They are kept up to date with annual pocket parts and new volumes as needed (101 titles = 161 volumes); (ii) Table of Cases (11 volumes ­ Annual); (iii) Table of Laws and Rules (1 volume ­ Annual); and (iv) General Index (5 volumes ­ Annual). Keywords: dictionary, law

Crime Dictionary. De Sola, R., N.Y., Facts on File, Rev. ed. 1988. Brief definitions of legal terminology, law enforcement, abbreviations as well as slang. Some foreign language terms included. Keywords: crime, dictionary

Dictionary of Administration and Management. Banki, Ivan S., Los Angeles, CA, Systems Research Institute, 1981. Definitions and terms, abbreviations, acronyms, and management associations, both national and international. Keywords: administration, dictionary, management

Dictionary of Administration and Management: Authoritative, Comprehensive. Banki, Ivan S. Los Angeles, C.A.: Systems research, 1986. Definitions and terms, abbreviations, acronyms, and management associations, both


national and international. Keywords: administration, dictionary, management

Dictionary of American Penology. Vergil, William L., rev. ed. Conn. Greenwood Press, 1996., Ref HV 411 C53. This dictionary of the correctional system is especially useful because the entries are reasonably detailed and contain a bibliography. There is also an entry of each of the fifty states' systems. The appendix contains addresses for prison reform organizations and prison systems and selected statistics. Keywords: American penology, law

Dictionary of Business and Management. Johannsen, Hano, Terry, Page G., 3rd ed. N.Y., Nichols Pub. Co., 1986. New legislation, an invigorated European community and Japanese dominance in the global marketplace have generated a host of concepts and regulations unknown to the business community a few years ago, thus creating a myriad of new terminology and often a redefining of already coined phrases. This edition features them all. It not only explains words in both general and specific terms but also compares them and refers to other similar meanings. Includes an appendix of useful tables and information. Keywords: business, dictionary, management

Dictionary of Business and Management. Rosenberg, Jerry M., N.Y., Wiley, 1993. This edition features them all. It not only explains words in both general and specific terms but also compares them and refers to other similar meanings. Includes an appendix of useful tables and information. Keywords: business, dictionary, management

Dictionary of Criminal Justice. Rush, George E., 6the edition, Dubuque, Iowa,


McGraw-Hill/Dushkin, 2004, This updated 6th edition of the Dictionary of Criminal Justice brings together, in one, easy-to-use guide, more than 3,600 definitions from the many disciplines that compose the field of criminal justice--including U.S. and English common law, penology, psychology, law enforcement, political science, and business administration. This volume also features summaries of nearly 1,000 key U.S. Supreme Court rulings affecting criminal justice. An appendix of juried academic journals is included, and a new compilation of Web sites in the field. Keywords: dictionary, criminal justice

Dictionary of Criminal Justice Data Terminology: terms and definitions proposed for interstate and national data collection and exchange. Search Group, 2nd ed., U.S. Dept. of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, Washington, D.C. Keywords: criminal justice, dictionary

Dictionary of Law. Coughlin, George G.., New York: Barnes and Noble, 1982. KF156.C68 Law Lib. This provides information on key law terminology. Keywords: dictionary, law

Dictionary of Modern Political Ideologies. JA 61 .D53 1987 Ref. This provides information about political ideologies particularly modern. Keywords: dictionary, politics

Dictionary of Modern Politics. JA 61 .R63 1993 Ref.

53 This contains information on modern politics. Keywords: dictionary, politics

Dictionary of the Modern Politics of South-East Asia. 2001 This provides brief information about each country and the political groups and movements within. Keywords: Asia, dictionary, politics

Dictionary of Personnel Management and Labor Relations. Shafritz, Jay M., Oak Park, IL, Moore Publication. Co., 1980. Defines words and phrases, laws and court cases, processes and organizations. Keywords: dictionary, labor relations, personnel management

Dictionary of the Political Thought of the People's Republic of China. Yuhuai He, Henry, and M.E., Sharpe, 2000, Inc ISBN: 0765605694. bn=0765605694&itm=1 This dictionary contains the political thought of the People's Republic of China. Keywords: dictionary, People's Republic of China, political thought

Dictionary of Politics. Elliott, Florence. 7th ed. Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1974. D419.E46 1974 UGL. This dictionary contains information on politics. Keywords: dictionary, politics


Dictionary of Public Policy and Administration. Lansford, Tom, Westview Pr (Short Disc), 2004 ISBN: 0813342619. This dictionary contains information on politics. Keywords: dictionary, politics

Dictionary of Social Welfare. Timms, Noel, London; Boston: Routledge & Paul Kegan, 1982. Each entry indicates the meaning or range of meaning of a word then sets it in context, outlining its application in welfare, in legislation, policy and controversy. Keywords: dictionary, public administration, social welfare

Dictionary of Supervision and Management, Authoritative, Comprehensive. Banki, Ivan S., Los Angeles, CA, System Research Co., 1976. Contains comprehensive information on the supervision of employees and different training methods necessary for employee training. Keywords: dictionary, management, supervision

Dictionary of Theories. Bothamley, Jennifer, M.I: Gale Group, 1993. The Dictionary of Theories provides a one-stop source on more than 5,000 theories from all time periods. Included are theories commonly accepted as truth, assumptions that have disproved and principles that have been accepted with reservation. Keywords: dictionary, theory


Dictionary of Twentieth-Century Culture. Published by Gale. M.I: Gale Group, 1995. WC&edition= Dictionary of Twentieth-Century Culture is a unique new ready-reference series that investigates international culture and the means by which we communicate -- from brandname advertising to classical art and from the Grand Ole Opry to Carnegie Hall. Each volume focuses on a particular culture, with signed entries ranging from 50 to 1,000 words. Alphabetically arranged entries are concise and easy to access, with enhancements such as maps, illustrations and photos, a master chronology, a glossary and a keyword index. Approximately 500 to 1,000 entries per volume are featured in this comprehensive compendium of social history. Keywords: culture, dictionary

Dictionary of World Politics. Kurian, George., CQ Press. October 2002. A ready-reference encyclopedia that includes short definitions and brief explanations of modern political terms that are used in countries throughout the world. The more than 2,000 entries are concisely written and organized in an A-to-Z format allowing for quick search. This comprehensive reference has taken into account emerging nation-state identities, spreading democracy, instant communication and other forces that have created new relationships that require new definitions. Keywords: dictionary, world politics

DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms On this page you can browse the DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. The DOD Dictionary and the Joint Acronyms and Abbreviations master data base are managed by the Joint Doctrine Division, J-7, and Joint Staff. All approved joint definitions are contained in Joint Publication 1-02, "DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. Keywords: dictionary, political science


Dorsey Dictionary of American Government and Politics. Shafritz, Jay M., Chicago, IL, Dorsey Press, 1988. Lists general and accepted terms...political terms found in newspapers and mass market journals that have not yet found their way into text, reference, and scholarly books. Keywords: American government and politics, dictionary

Educational Administration Glossary. Dejnzoke, Edward L., Westpost, CT, Greenwood Press, 1983. Lists and defines nearly 1,400 terms in the diverse field of educational administration ... culled from both the literature of educational administration and selected cognate fields Keywords: dictionary, educational administration

Glossary of Congressional and Legislative Terms This website provides the quick glossary of common congressional terms with fewer words and shorter definitions. Keywords: congress, glossary, legislature

Government Assistance Almanac 2004-2005 This is the best guide to Federal Domestic Financial and Other Programs. Now in its 18th edition, it provides updated information on all 1,557 federal domestic assistance programs available. These programs represent $1.675 trillion worth of federal assistance earmarked for distribution to consumers, children, parents, veterans, senior citizens, students, businesses, civic groups, state and local agencies, and others. Keywords: government assistance, programs


Handy-Dandy Dictionary of Political Terms To help you better appreciate the supreme irony inherent in American politics, we offer our handy-dandy dictionary of political terms. Keywords: dictionary, political terms

Historical Dictionary of International Organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa. Delancey, Mark W., and Terry Mays M.,.: Rowman & Littlefield: 1994, ASIN: 0810827514. Applies a dictionary format to review African international organizations as well as selected global and regional bodies with extensive African membership. The work contains entries on prominent Africans who have served with sub-regional, continental, and global international organizations, as well as including reviews of events and terminology associated with the topic. Includes a 20-page introduction to the subject, a chronology, a comprehensive acronym list, and an extensive 200-page bibliography. Keywords: dictionary, international organizations, Sub-Saharan Africa

ILO Thesaurus: labor, employment and training terminology (ILO, Geneva): English, French, Spanish, and German, 5th edition pp.xxxiii-791, hardback, 1998. It covers the labor, employment and training terminology in four languages; English, French, Spanish and German. Keywords: Dictionary, labor, employment

International Dictionary of Business. Johannsen, Hano and Terry, Page G., Englewood Cliffs, NJ., Prentice Hall, 1981. Over 5,000 terms covering management in business exploring finance, marketing, accounting, administration, computerization, production, personnel and law.


Keywords: business, dictionary International Organizations: A Dictionary and Directory. Schiavone, Giuseppe, 5th ed: Palgrave MacMillan: 2001. ISBN: 0333969189. This standard resource is a comprehensive guide exclusively devoted to international organizations and major consultation forums, at the sub-regional, regional and interregional levels, stressing their changing role in the era of globalization. The book gives, in the form of a dictionary, an up-to-date and impartial account of the vast majority of UN and non-UN agencies, providing information and analysis not readily available elsewhere. Treatment is not confined to institutional aspects but includes a balanced assessment of the problems and prospects of each agency. Keywords: directory, dictionary, international organizations

International Relations: A Political Dictionary. Ziring, Lawrence, et al., Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO., 1997. Using a topical approach (as opposed to alphabetical), this dictionary gives definitions of terms and a discussion of historical significance found in this work. There is an alphabetical index at the end. Keywords: dictionary, international relations, politics

Iverson's A glossary of several hundred terms related to political science, primarily U.S.A glossary of nearly 1300 terms related to psychology. Keywords: dictionary, political science

Latin America: A Political Dictionary. Rossi, Ernest E., and Jack Plano C.

59 From the Spanish conquest in the early 1500s to the Noriega trial of 1992, identifies nearly 300 people, events, movements, concepts, and other aspects of politics; and comments on their significance. Arranged by topical sections, with a detailed index. Well cross-referenced. No pronunciation guide. No bibliography. Revised from the 1980 Latin American Political Dictionary. Keywords: dictionary, Latin America, politics

New Dictionary of Political Analysis. JA61 R625 1991 - (Koerner Reference) The main emphasis is on the use of statistics and political data. Keywords: dictionary, political analysis

McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Modern Economics: A Handbook of Terms and Organizations. Greenwald, Douglas ed. 3rd ed. N.Y., McGraw-Hill, 1983, Terms from economics and related fields. Keywords: dictionary, modern economics organization

MIT Dictionary of Modern Economics. Pearce, David W. 4th ed. MIT press, Cambridge. MA., 1992. The dictionary answers in a clear and concise way the enduring questions, which economists have considered for two centuries or more, as well as the issues of the moment, such as economic change in Europe, the problems of pollution, or the prospects for greater freedom of trade. Keywords: dictionary, modern economics

Modern Legal Glossary. Redden, Kenneth R., and Enid, Vernon L., Charlottesville, VA: Michie Company, 1980. KF156.R43 UGL.

60 This contains terminology of law, modern legal terms. Keywords: dictionary, law

Online Dictionary of Social Science This online dictionary contains over 900 social science terms. Keywords: dictionary, social science

Online Dictionary of the Social Science. Thomson/Nelson. Over 4,000 terms emphasizing usage in sociology, psychology, political science, economics and related fields. Keywords: dictionary, social science

Oran's Dictionary of the Law. Oran, Daniel. 2nd ed., West Pub. 1991. This dictionary is a guide to legal research. Keywords: dictionary, law

Oxford-English Concise Oxford Dictionary of Politics A good compact alphabetical dictionary of people, organizations and political terminology for all time periods. Keywords: dictionary, politics


Political Dictionary Online The purpose of a political dictionary is to acquaint the reader with the terms used by policy-makers, journalists, commentators, and analysts, in discussing national and international politics. Keywords: dictionary, political dictionary, public administration

Safire's New Political Dictionary. Safire, William, New York: Random House, 1993. Comprehensive and fairly recent dictionary of terms associated with government and politics in the United States. Keywords: dictionary, politics

Safire's Political Dictionary. Safire, William, N.Y., Random House, 3rd. 1980. Concerned with the "language" of politics.

Keywords: dictionary, politics

Social Science Dictionary This social science dictionary has 1000 entries covering the disciplines of sociology, criminology, and political science. Keywords: dictionary, public administration, political dictionary

The American Political Dictionary. Plano, Jack C. and Milton, Greenberg. 7th ed. N.Y., Holt Rinehart and Winston, 1993.

62 This classic textbook has been a vital supplement in American government classes for 35 years. Much more than a dictionary, the comprehensive information provided for each term qualifies The American Political Dictionary, Tenth Edition, as a reference book. Professor Plano's extensive experience in writing political dictionaries is evident in this scholarly, interpretive, current edition. Appropriate as a supplement in the introductory course in American government. This textbook could also supplement various texts in such courses as Legislative Process, The American Executive, Constitutional Law, and Foreign Policy. Keywords: American politics, dictionary, politics

The Asian Political Dictionary. Ziring, Lawrence and C. I. Eugene Kim., Santa Barbara, CA: ABC- Clio, 1985. DS31.Z57 RR. This contains information on political events in Asia. Keywords: dictionary, politics

The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Politics. McLean, Iain. N.Y., Oxford University Press. 1996. Written by a team of leading political scientists from Warwick University, this is the most authoritative and up-to-date dictionary of politics available. Keywords: dictionary, politics

The Constitutional Law Dictionary Supplement 3 Covering the 1990-01, 1991-92, 1992-92, and 1993-94 Terms of the Supreme Court. Chandler, Ralph C., Richard Ensien A., and Peter Renstrom G., Santa Barbara, CA., ABC-CLIO, 1995. Keywords: constitutional law, dictionary, legislation, reference law, Supreme Court The Constitutional Law Dictionary Volume 2 Governmental Powers Supplement 1: Covering the 1987-1996 Terms of the Supreme Court. Chandler, Ralph C., Richard Ensien A., and Peter Renstrom G., Santa Barbara, CA., ABC-CLIO, 1998.

63 Keywords: constitutional law, dictionary, legislation, reference law, Supreme Court

The Dictionary of 20th Century World Politics Alphabetically arranged dictionary of people, events, organizations, and terms pertinent to the twentieth century. Has extensive cross references and a "key concept" appendix arranged by subject. Keywords: dictionary, politics

The Dictionary of Public Policy and Administration. Shafritz, Jay M., Westview Press, 2004, ISBN: 0813342600. This dictionary contains information on public policy and administration. Keywords: dictionary, public administration, public policy

The Dictionary of the U.S. Constitution. Silberdick Feinberg, Barbara, 1999, ISBN: 0531115704. From grade 7 up,-this book contains alphabetical entries that range from a single explanatory paragraph to two-to-three page discussions of constitutional issues. Feinberg defines terms or concepts complete with historical background and summaries of pertinent court cases and laws. There are entries for currently used legal and constitutional terms, as well as historical terms that describe the framing and evolution of the Constitution from its roots in British common law. In addition, the author provides explanatory entries for each article of the Constitution and the entire text of the document, clarified through her margin notes. Her definitions and explanations are quite clear, even for difficult legal terms such as procedural and substantive due process and concepts such as the incorporation of the Bill of Rights. The author is objective in her treatment of controversial subjects. There is extensive cross-referencing, as well as a comprehensive


index and a very complete bibliography. Average-quality black-and-white photos and illustrations, identified and explained by long captions, supplement the text. Margins feature quotes from historians, politicians, and legal scholars, as well as lists of officeholders and other related material. Although there are many books about various aspects of the Constitution, this resource offers students readable, easily understood information for reports and general background knowledge. Keywords: dictionary, U.S. Constitution

The Dictionary of World Politics. Evans, Graham and Jeffery, Newnham, N.Y., Simon & Shuster A Paramount Communication Co. 1990. How do neutralism and neutrality differ? Who can possibly pick a MIRV from an MRBM or an SLBM? What was the Kennedy (or, for that matter the Nixon or Carter) Doctrine? This new addition to a surprisingly uncrowded field has more than 600 entries, including the above. Most of the content consists of nuts and bolts political science terminology as well as names linked with ideas or concepts, e.g., Marxism/Leninism. As always with this kind of work, it is amusing to see what is in and what is not: the foreign terms ost politik and detente are included, but not casus belli ; the Organization of American States but not its African equivalent (Organization of African Unity); hegemony makes it while imperialism is left out. Compiled by two Welsh academics and written in an engaging style, this dictionary is right up to date regarding events in Central and Eastern Europe. Keywords: dictionary, world politics

The Facts on File Dictionary of Public Administration. Shafritz, Jay M., N.Y.: Facts on File, 1986. This dictionary is a tool for all those who must be knowledgeable about the theory, concepts, practices, laws, institutions, literature, and people of the academic discipline and professional practice of public administration. Keywords: dictionary, public administration

The HaperCollins American Government and Politics Dictionary. Shafritz, Jay M., 1st ed. N.Y., HaperPerennial, 1992.

65 A quick and easy reference for locating important facts, figures, and definitions relating to government and politics in the United States. Keywords: American government and politics, dictionary

The International Development Dictionary. Martin, Galen, Oxford: ABC-Clio, 1991.. This provides information about international development. Keywords: development, dictionary

The International Relations Dictionary. Becker, Carol A., Washington, D.C.: Dept. of State Library: For sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S.G.P.O., 1981. Over 700 terms relating to foreign policy and international relations. The International Relations Dictionary is useful for connecting terms to their historical significance. Keywords: dictionary, international relations

The Latin American Political Dictionary. Rossi, Ernest E., and Jack Plano C., Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-Clio, 1980. F1406.R68 RR. This contains information on the politics of Latin America. Keywords: dictionary, Latin America, politics

The Macmillan Dictionary of Political Quotations. Lewis, Eigen D., and Jonathan, Siegel P., MacMillan Publishing Company, 1993, ASIN: 0026106507. Although not the first dictionary of political quotations, this is certainly one of the best.


Its breadth of coverage is impressive, and its arrangement allows easy access to more than 11,000 quotations. Ninety-nine chapters present topics from Abortion to Welfare and much more in between. Subjects we might expect to find in such a work are well represented, for example, Freedom and Liberty, Liberals and Conservatives, and Slogans and Mottoes. Some topics, however, go beyond the bounds of the typical book of political wit and wisdom: Flags, Housing and the Homeless, and Terrorism and Terrorists. Within each chapter, quotations are arranged alphabetically by author, and source citations are provided for nearly all. There are indexes by author and concept. References in both are to chapter and quotation numbers, not to page numbers, thus allowing for almost instant access to individual quotations. Keywords: dictionary, political quotations

The Middle East Political Dictionary. Ziring, Lawrence, CA., ABC-CLIO, 1992. Covering the 22 countries forming the great arc from Morocco through Turkey. In some 250 entries Ziring (political science, Western Michigan U.) treats recent history and current events, as well as the terms, characteristics, movements, and institutions that describe the Middle East in the last half of the 20th c. under seven topics: political geography and geopolitics, ethnicity and political culture, Islam, conflict, Israelis and Palestinians, diplomacy, political parties and movements. The `significance' section in each entry is a particularly useful commentary. The detailed index runs to 28 pages. A fine reference at a modest price. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or. Keywords: dictionary, Middle East politics

The New Language of Politics: An Anecdotal Dictionary of Catch Words, Slogans, and Political Usage. Safire, William, New York: Collier Books, 1972. JK9.S128 RR. This contains information on catch words, slogans, and political usage. Keywords: dictionary, politics

The Oxford Companion to Politics of the World. Kriegger, Joel. 1993. This volume provides a comprehensive and up-to-date guide to the major themes,


concepts, and personalities of modern world politics in a single A-Z sequence. Keywords: dictionary, world politics

The Oxford Dictionary of Political Quotations. Jay, Anthony, editor, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0198631677. This diverse and fresh collection of over 4,000 quotations embraces the world of politics and politicians from biblical times to the present day, with quotations from a wide range of voices, from Aeschylus to Malcolm X, from Boris Yeltsin to Bill Clinton. Here is every facet of political life, from the pivotal and momentous to the rhetorical, the sincere, the bemused, the tongue-in-cheek, and the downright rude, with memorable words from the old hands as well as from contemporary quotable figures. There are politicians' views on political events, quips about other politicians, thoughts on the presidency, the British monarchy, Europe, economics, warfare, and the state of society, as well as deeper political truths. Fully up to date with comments from both politicians and pundits, we find: Bella Abzug on Richard Nixon: he "impeached himself. He gave us Gerald Ford as his revenge." Keywords: dictionary, political quotations

The Penguin Dictionary of International Relations. Graham, Evan, and Richard Newnham. 1998.,,0_0140513973,00.html The dictionary includes entries relating to ideas, theories, concepts, organizations and event, specialist terms, and terms for developments that have greatly affected international relations in the post-Cold War period. Keywords: dictionary, international relations

The Public Administration Dictionary. Chandler, Ralph C., Jack, Plano C., 2nd ed. CO., ABC-Clio., 1988. Since the early 1960s, ABC-CLIO has been a leading publisher of computer-assisted abstracting and indexing services for the humanities and social sciences. In the mid-


1970s, the company developed the first online bibliographic database to nonscientific materials, and in 1991 the ABC-CLIO databases were made available on CD-ROM. Keywords: dictionary, public administration

The Routledge Dictionary of Twentieth-Century Political Thinkers. Benewick, Robert and Philip, Green., N.Y., Routledge, 1992. This volume introduces the reader to important contemporary thinkers, and through them provides an informed, reliable and accessible guide to the ideas that have shaped contemporary political thought and activity. Keywords: dictionary, political thinker, political thought

Thesaurus Dictionary Search Engine,_Law_and_Politics/index.htm Keywords: dictionary, government, law and politics, search

The State and Local Government Political Dictionary. Elliot, Jeffrey M., and Ali, Sheikh R., 1st ed. CA., Borgo Press. 1995. Useful bibliographies on federal, state and local government in the U.S. Keywords: dictionary, politics, state and local government

The Urban Politics Dictionary. Smith, John S., and John, Klemanski S., England, ABCCLIO, 1990. Three components per entry (definition, "see also," and significance) offer thorough reference to some 600 terms pertinent to urban politics and those involved. A suggested reading list is also included for most terms--the more controversial and complicated


entries, not the self- evident ones. Includes a subject index (unlike many works in the dictionary format). Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or. Keywords: dictionary, urban politics


Directories of Government Agencies

Access to government often appears to be overwhelming. There are at least 80,000 units of government in the United States--of which the federal government is only one; other units include states, a commonwealth, territories, counties; cities; towns, villages, and districts with the independent ability to raise taxes for schools, water systems, fire departments and similar specific functions. For purposes of research, it is not sufficient to contact the largest governmental units--the federal government, each state, or a large city of 100,000+. It is also necessary to contact their component departments, agencies, bureaus, and offices, thus multiplying the scope of potential contacts. If research involves surveys or interviews, contacts with individual officials are necessary; yet there are approximately seventeen million public sector employees in the U.S. Even at the appointed policy levels, there are easily in excess of one million individuals. How can such organizations and individuals be identified? Fortunately, excellent directories are available. Most are updated on an annual basis. Although they are prohibitively costly (with few exceptions) for an individual, they are readily available in research libraries. Those described below should be taken as representative of the available resources and not as a comprehensive listing. They are an excellent starting point for organization-based research. In addition to the national directories cited below, many state and municipal government directories are published.

FEDERAL Biographical Directory of the United States Executive Branch. 1774-1989, N.Y., Greenwood Press, 1990. Completely revised and updated, this Directory now includes biographies of members of the executive branch who have served since 1977. A one-page preface introduces the alphabetically arranged career biographies of all cabinet heads confirmed in office by the Senate-thus, acting cabinet officials are omitted. Also included are presidents, vicepresidents, and presidents of the Continental Congress. The biographies written by a team of 32 historical researchers give significant dates in the person's life, family and personal information, religion, career activities before and after cabinet service, and place of death and interment. Keywords: biographical, directory, executive branch


Black Elected Officials: A National Roster. DeFrances, Washington, DC. Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, 2000. Since it first began tracking the election of African Americans in 1970, the Joint Center has been recognized as the nation's leading authority on the subject. This most recent edition of what was formerly known as Black Elected Officials: A National Roster offers summary statistics detailing the gender, state locations, and levels of office of the 8,656 officials serving in office as of January 1997. Also includes rosters of black mayors of large cities, statewide officeholders, and members of Congress. 1998 (16 pages). (Please note: The Joint Center is no longer publishing rosters of BEOs, with names and addresses, in printed and bound format; however, full roster information is still available for purchase in customized printouts. Keywords: African American elected officials, directory A listing of both US Federal and State government officials and agencies. Keywords: agencies, directory, Federal, state government officials

Carroll's Federal Directory. Ruffin, Albert, Washington, DC: Carroll Publishing. Carroll's Online provides the most timely, accurate and complete information to track and contact key decision makers in all levels of government. Carroll's Online allows you to browse and or search over 300,000 government employees and offices by organizational structure, name office, department of other selection criteria. Only Carroll's Directories include Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches in one online product, the most comprehensive available anywhere. Keywords: Carroll Federal Directory, executive legislative judicial branch

Carroll's Federal Regional Directory. Harris, Lela, Washington, DC: Carroll Publishing. (this site is accessible by client login/password only)


Information for over 28,000 non-Washington-based executives in Cabinet departments, Congress, the courts, administrative agencies, and military bases. Time-saving geographical listings of major agency offices outside Washington, plus dozens of maps of agencies' jurisdictions. Special listings of the Federal Regional Depository Libraries and Federal Information Centers. Keywords: cabinet, Carroll, congress, courts, directory, military bases

Congressional Directory. Washington, DC. Provides a congressional and agency directories. Keywords: congress, congressional, directory

Congressional Directory. Washington, DC:: U.S. Government Printing Office. The Congressional Directory is compiled under the direction of the Joint Committee on Printing. Subsequent to delivery of the printed 1997-1998 Congressional Directory, the Joint Committee on Printing established the practice of producing periodic online interim issues to ensure the public's economical access to current Congressional information. The frequency of these online revisions will be determined by the volume of changes submitted for incorporation. No printed counterpart will exist for these online publication revisions but when a new printed publication is required, the process will be greatly simplified due to the existence of the updated versions. Keywords: congress, congressional, directory 108th Congressional Directory, Heritage Foundation, Washington DC. Stay up-to-date on who's who in government with The Heritage Foundation's handy reference guide to the 108th Congress. The new directory features a state-by-state listing of governors and Members of Congress, a guide to key staff contacts, and other essential information: important phone, fax, and e-mail addresses; guides to House and Senate committees and executive agencies; state and district maps; listings of key staff members at The Heritage Foundation. Keywords: congress, congressional, directory, Heritage Foundation


Congressional Handbook. Schroeder, Gloria, Washington, DC. Office of Membership Grassroots Management, Chamber of Commerce of the United States. Keywords: congress, congressional grassroots management, directory

Congressional Pictorial Directory. Nystrom. Duane, Washington, DC,: Superintendent of Documents (GPO). The online directory provides a collection of pictures of the 105th congress as well as executive members and Senate officials. The pictures can be located by individual's name or by state. Keywords: congress, congressional pictorial, directory

Congressional Staff Directory. Walker, Wayne, Alexandria, VA, Congressional Quarterly Staff Directories, 1982-. Annual.. The new standard for Congressional information updated weekly! Just in time for the 106th Congress, you can get thousands of Congressional contacts online with your subscription to the Congressional Staff Directory. Detailed listings from our popular print director are combined with the latest in web technology to give you the most accessible and up-to-date information available on Congress. Search by Member, Party, State, Zip Code, Keyword, Staff Name, Staff Title, Committee, Subcommittee, or any combination. All from one convenient site, updated weekly. We've even included mailing lists and legislative profiles for every House and Senate Member -- including the newly elected. For a limited time, you can preview the Congressional Staff Directory online at, but hurry, soon only subscribers will have access. Keywords: congress, congressional staff, directory

Congressional Yellow Book Who's Who in Congress, including Committees and Key Staff, 2002 Volume 28, Number2, Leadership Directories, Inc.

74 Contains a listing of Senate and House Leaders, leadership organizations and staff. Information includes member's name and key staff aides, including contact, information. Keywords: congress, congressional staff committees, directory

Contacting the Congress: Online Directory for the 108th Congress Contacting the Congress is a very up-to-date database of congressional contact information for the 109th Congress. As of January 27, 2005 there are 496 email addresses (of which 423 are Web-based email homepages), and 534 WWW homepages known for the 540 members of the 109th Congress. More traditional ground mail addresses are available for all Congress members. Keywords: congress, congressional members, directory

Diplomatic List (Blue List). Washington, DC: Department of State. List by country of diplomats with diplomatic immunity. Keywords: diplomat, directory

Directory of the United States Association of Former Members of Congress. Washington, DC: United States Association of Former Members of Congress. Provides a list of each member by house. Keywords: congress, congressional member House, directory

Encyclopedia of Governmental Advisory Organizations (Federal). Batten, Donna, MI. Gale Research. EGAO&type=3&id=193211)


This expanded 13th edition contains more than 7,000 entries describing the activities and personnel of groups and committees that function to advise the President of the United States and various departments and bureaus of the federal government, as well as detailed information about historically significant committees. Keywords: committee, groups, encyclopedia, organizations, President

Federal Government Officials 9627) A listing of Federal government officials. Keywords: directory, Federal government, official

Federal Regulatory Directory. Washington, DC: Congressional Quarterly, Inc. Annual listing of officers and history of regulatory agencies. Comprehensive guide to federal regulatory activities. Keywords: directory, regulatory Federal government agencies

Federal Government Resources. Library Catalog of the University of Michigan, the official U.S. gateway to all government information, is the catalyst for a growing electronic government. Our work transcends the traditional boundaries of government and our vision is global­connecting the world to all U.S. government information and services. Keywords: directory, Federal government resources Federal Staff Directory. Walker, Wayne, VA Congressional Quarterly Staff Directories. You will find contact information for senior officials in the Office of the President, Office of the Vice President, Agencies of the Executive Office and Presidential Advisory


Organizations. Listings include address, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail and web addresses. The Cabinet Departments. This section contains a wealth of information on each of the 14 departments of the federal government, from Agriculture to Veterans Affairs. You'll find phone, fax, e-mail and general information, personnel, public affairs and more, and each department's authority and responsibility. Presidential appointed positions are indicated. Independent and Quasi-Official Agencies. Arranged similarly to the cabinet departments, this section is a resourceful guide to more than 80 independent, quasi-official and non-government organizations ranging from the Environmental Protection Agency to the American Red Cross. Keywords: directory, Federal government agencies, staff

Federal Yellow Book Who's Who in Federal Departments and Agencies 2002. Volume 28, Number 2, Leadership Directories, Inc. Contains a listing of federal departments and agencies. Each entry contains the name and biographical information of the agency head and contact information, including addresses and phone numbers. Keywords: departments, directory, Federal Government agencies, yellow book

Findlaw Connects you to the `law crawler' that outputs a listing of website directories for elected officials and agencies for each state and federal government. Keywords: agencies, directory, Federal State Government officials

FirstGov is an easy-to-search, free-access website designed to give you a centralized place to find information from U.S. local, state and federal government agency websites. It is yours first click to the U.S. government! Keywords: agencies, directory, Federal and state government officials

77 The premier Federal, state, and local government site on the internet. Keywords: agencies, directory, Federal and state government officials

Guide to U.S., Government Directories. Larson, Donna Rae, Oryx Press: Phoenix, AZ, 1980-84. Vol. 2. publishing - Comprehensive list of government directory sources. Keywords: departments, directory, Federal Government

Judicial Staff Directory (Federal Judges). Walker, Wayne, VA CQ Staff Directories. The National Courts. Judges and court staff contact data for the U.S. Supreme Court, Court of Federal Claims, Court of International Trade, U.S. Tax Court and other national courts. Eleven Circuit Courts. Divided by circuit, each section contains judges and staff for the Court of Appeals, District Courts, Bankruptcy Courts, U.S. Attorneys and U.S. Marshals. Biographies. More than 1,900 in-depth biographies of federal judges and staff. Profiles include notable cases/decisions, publications and awards. Keywords: directory, government, judicial staff

Judicial Yellow Book: Who's Who in Federal and State Courts. NY. Leadership Directories. The Judicial Yellow Book covers both federal and higher state courts in one volume. It is unique in the depth of information it provides on each judge chambers. It lists the judge staff, including law clerks, with the law schools they attended, as well as detailed biographical information for each judge. All information in all listings in the Judicial Yellow Book is verified directly with each organization listed, making it the most accurate and reliable source of contact information for judges, judges' staff, and court staff in federal and state courts. Keywords: directory, judicial courts, state, Federal


National Association of Manufacturers-Congress Directory. Work, Jane., Washington, DC: National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) 106th Congress Directory: First Session. This almost pocket-sized directory grants easy access to House and Senate members -- from A to Z. Regularly published for NAM members, publication gives: key staff contacts, committee assignments, state district information, local phone and fax numbers for each representative. It also includes protocol for correspondence and personal visits, selected federal agency information, useful websites and more. Keywords: directory, Manufactures Congress Association

National Contact Center: Federal Telephone Directories. For over 35 years, Americans have been contacting the Federal Information Center, now known as the FCIC National Contact Center (NCC), to get answers to their questions about their government. Initially, the telephone service was available only via local telephone numbers in key metropolitan areas. But since 1990, the NCC has responded to public inquiries via a nationwide toll-free telephone number, 1 (800) FED-INFO. The number is listed in more than 500 telephone directories around the country, serving the majority of the American public. The NCC responds to thousands of government information requests every business day, either providing the information directly or locating the source of assistance for the caller. The National Contact Center (NCC), operated under contract by Aspen Systems Corporation in Indianapolis, Indiana, has two main functions for the FCIC: responding to telephone and e-mail inquiries about Federal programs, benefits, and services, and processing telephone requests for consumer publications. Trained staff, fields the calls from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. eastern time, Monday through Friday, except Federal holidays. New in 2003, the NCC began accepting e-mail inquiries through our partners at E-mail inquiries are answered within 2 business days. Recorded information on frequently requested subjects is available around the clock. Keywords: Federal telephone directories National Directory of Women Elected Officials. Herdon, Heather, Washington, DC.: National Women's Political Caucus. Provides information about women elected officials.


Keywords: directory, women elected officials Politics in America: The 106th Congress. Washington, D.C.: Congressional Quarterly Pr. 1981-. Biennal. Now updated with complete information for the 106th Congress, Politics in America 2000 features objectively written, crisp profiles on every member of Congress. Each profile covers every member's first few months in office, including his or her committee assignments and any major accomplishments in the legislative arena. Profiles of every member of Congress include: biographical data, committee assignments, election results and key votes; detailed description of each member's congressional district, including updated maps, voting trends, and business and industry information; an analysis of each member's legislative priorities, personal style, and achievements and much more! Some of the other features you'll find in Politics in America 2000 include: Member name pronunciation guide; Governors' and lieutenant governors' data; State votes for president; State demographics; Major employers in each of the districts; and Member name index. Keywords: directory, 106th congress, politics in America provides convenient one-stop access to executive, independent, state and local agencies. Keywords: directory, executive, independent, state and local agencies

Senators of the 108th Congress The Senators page on Statistics & Lists is a great resource for information about current and former Senators. Statistics are available on a variety of topics, including biographical characteristics and Senate service records. Keywords: directory, senators of the 108 congress


50-State Legislative Directory. The Capitol Pulse. The Capitol Pulse, Inc. was formed in September 2000. Our mission was to develop, produce, and market non-partisan, neutral summaries of legislative and executive agency hearings that would include the vital information that our clients needed: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and HOW. We were successful in creating a product that combined tremendous utility with a unique distribution system. In recognition of our innovative concept and high standards, in 2002 The Capitol Pulse was admitted to the U.S. Senate Radio and Television Press Gallery as a full member, giving it full press access to all congressional venues. Today our product continues to evolve. While we have maintained our focus on Congressional Committee and Federal Executive Agency hearings, we have added many new features that distinguish our publication from the competition. The Capitol Pulse is a unique "On-Demand" news source. Subscribers decide which hearings "they" want covered. Our online publication features a text summary of events, the complete digital audio file of the hearing, photographs and press packet. Our customers include corporations, news outlets, foreign embassies, lobbying groups and state governments. Keywords: state legislative directory

State and Local Government on the Net: A Directory of Official State, County, and City Government Websites. The State and Local Government on the Net Directory provides convenient one-stop access to the websites of thousands of state agencies and city and county governments. Only pages that are controlled and managed by state and local government agencies are included. Keywords: directory, official state, county, and city government

The Federal Internet Source. Levin, Jayne, Washington, DC: National Journal Inc. The Federal Technology Source is a directory of most important people and organizations in the federal technology community. Published each May, the Source lists key technology personnel in the federal government and Washington corporations, as well as key news media contacts Keywords: directory, Federal government, technology


The United States Government Manual. Washington, D.C.: Office of the Federal Register, National Archives and Records Service, General Service Administration, 1981/82. Annual. Provides information on the agencies of the executive, judicial, and legislative branches of the Federal government. Also includes details about: boards; commissions; committees; and quasi-official agencies and organizations in which the United States participates. Each agency entry contains: a summary of the agency's purpose and general role; a description of its programs and activities; names and titles of major officials; and a list of sources of information. Many entries also provide organization charts. Contains a section on terminated or transferred agencies. Keywords: directory, Federal agencies, executive, legislative, judicial manual

United States Congress Directory. CA. Capitol Enquiry. 1997. 100 U.S. Senators and 435 U.S. Representatives. Photos, key staff members and committee memberships. Washington and district office addresses and phone numbers. Senate and House committee and subcommittee memberships. Committee staff and phone numbers. President's cabinet and key staff members. White House staff. Key federal agencies with phone numbers. Keywords: congress, directory, staff committee

US Federal Agencies Directory A-Z Index of U.S. Government Departments and Agencies. Keywords: directory, Federal agencies, US government

United States House of Representatives Telephone Directory. Washington, DC.: Clerk of the House, United States House of Representatives.


At this site, you can obtain copies of House documents, including public disclosure forms, made available by the Clerk as part of his official duties. You can also find historical information about the House of Representatives and information about its Members and Committees. Keywords: Federal agencies legislative telephone directory

Washington Information Directory. Washington, D.C.: Congressional Quarterly, Inc., 1975- Annual. Washington Information Directory is the one resource you can trust to navigate the complicate web of official Washington. The book is your one-stop source for the right information. This essential reference is updated every year with hundreds of new listings. Keywords: directory information, Washington Federal agencies

Washington Representatives. Close, Arthur C., Valerie, Steele J., and Michael, Buckner E., 18th ed. Washington DC.: Columbia Books Inc., 1994. Washington Representatives is the preeminent source for information on the individuals and firms in the Washington, DC area who engage in federal lobbying and government relations. Keywords: directory, Federal agencies, Washington representatives

Who's Who in Congress. Washington, DC.: Congressional Quarterly. bmit=Begin+Search&new_used=*&currency=USD&mode=basic&st=sr&ac=qr CQ's handy pocket guide to the Congress gives you the facts behind the faces of our nation's lawmakers. Keywords: congress, directory, Washington representatives

Who's Who in the Federal Executive Branch. Washington, DC.: Congressional


Quarterly. Who's Who in the Federal Executive Branch 1996 puts at your fingertips the names, titles, and phone numbers of thousands of executive branch officials, including career employees and political appointees. Keywords: directory, Washington representatives, Federal executive branch

Worldwide Government Directory. McCuley, Sheila, Rhoades., GA.: MacFarlane & Co., Inc. Dialog OnDisc Worldwide Government and Defense Directory is a comprehensive guide to the major government players and offices in 195 countries. Produced by Worldwide Government Directories, Inc., the CD-ROM database is a compilation of three popular publications: Worldwide Government Directory, Worldwide Directory of Defense Authorities, and Profiles of Worldwide Government Leaders." Keywords: directory, worldwide government defense countries


Alabama Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies. Keywords: directory of Alabama, state government agencies

Alaska Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, state legislature, congressional delegation, court system, Department of Administration, and Department of Community & Economic Development. Keywords: directory of Alaska, state government agencies


Arizona Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government representatives. Keywords: directory of Arizona, state government agencies

Arkansas Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government representatives. Keywords: directory of Arkansas, state government agencies

California State

Website contains links to state officials and agencies. Keywords: directory of California, state government official agencies

California State Agency Listing Website contains links to state officials and agencies. Keywords: directory of California, state government agencies

California State Officials Website contains links to state officials and agencies. Keywords: directory of California, state government officials


Colorado Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures. Keywords: directory of Colorado, state government agencies

Connecticut Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures. Keywords: directory of Connecticut, state government agencies

Delaware Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures. Keywords: directory of Delaware, state government agencies

Directory of New Jersey Mayors (Internet only). Novak, Katherine, N.J. Grants Management, NJ Department of Community Affairs. Online list of mayors by municipality and county. Keywords: New Jersey Mayors, state directory

Directory of Official New Jersey. TX. Resource Communications Group. Municipal, county and state officials, congressional and assembly members, county and municipal governments, utilities, authorities and agencies, planning, economic and


industrial development boards, parks, museums and recreational areas, Federal courts in New Jersey. Keywords: New Jersey state government directory

Florida Directory of Government Agencies rtments_and_Agencies/ Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures. Keywords: directory of Florida, state government agencies

Georgia Directory of Government Agencies,2141,4802_937045,00.html Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures.

Keywords: directory of Georgia, state government agencies

Hawaii Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures. Keywords: directory of Hawaii, state government agencies

Idaho Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state elected officials and agencies, government legislatures, and phone directories Keywords: directory of Idaho, state government agencies

Illinois Directory of Government Agencies


Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures. Keywords: directory of Illinois, state government agencies

Indiana Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures. Keywords: directory of Indiana, state government agencies

Iowa Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures. Keywords: directory of Iowa, state government agencies

Kansas Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures.

Keywords: directory of Kansas, state government agencies

Kentucky Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures. Keywords: directory of Kentucky, state government agencies

Louisiana Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures.


Keywords: directory of Louisiana, state government agencies

Maine Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures. Keywords: directory of Maine, state government agencies

Maryland Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures. Keywords: directory of Maryland, state government agencies

Massachusetts Directory of Government Agencies ate+Government&sid=massgov2 Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures. Keywords: directory of Massachusetts, state government agencies

Michigan Directory of Government Agencies,1303,7-102----A,00.html Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures.

Keywords: directory of Michigan, state government agencies

Minnesota Directory of Government Agencies 066&sc3=null&sc2=null&id=-8494&agency=NorthStar


Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures. Keywords: directory of Minnesota, state government agencies

Mississippi Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures. Keywords: directory of Mississippi, state government agencies

Missouri Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures. Keywords: directory of Missouri, state government agencies

Montana Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures.

Keywords: directory of Montana, state government agencies

Nebraska Directory of Government Agencies 75897ed Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures. Keywords: directory of Nebraska, state government agencies Nevada Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures.


Keywords: directory of Nevada, state government agencies

New Hampshire Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures. Keywords: directory of New Hampshire, state government agencies

New Mexico Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and Government legislatures. Keywords: directory of New Mexico, state government agencies

New York Red Book The New York Red Book gives pictures and biographies of N.Y. state senators and assemblymen, judiciary, and state departments. Also includes N.Y. commissions, authorities and agencies, U.S. senators, members of congress and the U.S. district courts for N.Y. Keywords: New York state directory, New York state elected government officials

New York State Government Information Locator Service Provides a gateway to all state government offices' and agencies'. Operated by the N.Y. Sate Archives and Records Administration and the N.Y. State Library. Keywords: New York state directory, New York state government agencies

North Carolina Directory of Government Agencies


Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures. Keywords: directory of North Carolina, state government agencies

North Dakota Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures. Keywords: directory of North Dakota, state government agencies

Ohio Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures. Keywords: directory of Ohio, state government agencies

Oklahoma Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures. Keywords: directory of Oklahoma, state government agencies

Oregon Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures. Keywords: directory of Oregon, state government agencies Pennsylvania Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures.


Keywords: directory of Pennsylvania, state government agencies

Rhode Island Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures. Keywords: directory of Rhode Island, state government agencies

South Carolina Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures. Keywords: directory of South Carolina, state government agencies

South Dakota Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures. Keywords: directory of South Dakota, state government agencies

State of Texas Government Telephone Directory An alphabetical listing of Texas government agencies and offices with telephone numbers and other current information. Keywords: directory of Texas, state government agencies

Tennessee Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures.


Keywords: directory of Tennessee, state government agencies

Texas Government Information Agencies.html Provides links to websites for elected officials and agencies in Texas.

Keywords: directory of Texas, state government agencies

Texas Judiciary Online Texas Judiciary Online is a state judicial system web page. It is a project of the Judicial Committee on Information Technology ("JCIT") and the Office of Court Administration ("OCA"). It serves as a home page for Texas courts, agencies, committees, and as a link to related state government and federal court sites. Keywords: directory of Texas, state judiciary agencies

Texas legislature online Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures Keywords: directory of Texas, state legislature government

Texas State Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures. Keywords: directory of Texas, state government agencies

The 2002-2003 Green Book: Official Directory of the City of New York.


Contains information about elected officials and agencies. Keywords: directory of New York State, elected government officials

The New York State Directory 1997-1998. N.Y., Walker's Research, LLC., 1998. A reference book of key officials and staff in New York State government and private and public sector experts who influence state policy. Published annually in June. Essential contact information for over 12,000 key experts and decision-makers in both government and the private sector. Keywords: New York state directory, New York state government agencies

Utah Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures. Keywords: directory of Utah, state government agencies

Vermont Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures. Keywords: directory of Vermont, state government agencies

Virginia Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures. Keywords: directory of Virginia, state government agencies

Washington Directory of Government Agencies

95 Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures. Keywords: directory of Washington, state government agencies

West Virginia Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures. Keywords: directory of West Virginia, state government agencies

Wisconsin Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures. Keywords: directory of Wisconsin, state government agencies

Wyoming Directory of Government Agencies Website contains links to state officials and agencies, and government legislatures. Keywords: directory of Wyoming, state government agencies


Book of the States. Council of State Governments. Annual. Presents textual discussions of current issues. Directories are supplements. Suppl. 1 State Elective Officials and Legislatures. Suppl. 2 - State Legislative Leadership, Committees, and Staff. Suppl. 3 - State Administrative Officials Classified by Function. The CSG website has links to the official web pages of each state. Keywords: council of state governments, directory, legislatures


Carroll's County Directory. Harris, Lela, Washington, DC.: Carroll Publishing. Each County Listing includes a personnel locator number, the population, county seat, main address, general fax number, county council members, chief elected officials and directors of major county departments. Special quick-finder listings including: relevant national associations, state associations of counties, associations of county officials, county government home pages, and ranking of counties by population. 50 state maps by county. A list of top 100 counties by population. Keywords: Carroll county directory, government

Carroll's Municipal Directory. Harris, Lela, Washington, DC.: Carroll Publishing. Listings for cities with populations over 15,000 include personnel locator number, the population, county, main address, and general fax number, top elected officials, council or elected board members and staff of other major government units. Listings for cities with populations under 15,000 include population and the name, telephone number and address of the top official. Special quick reference listings including national city and town associations, state municipal associations, and the top 100 cities ranked by population and size. Alphabetical Listing of Executives includes phone numbers. Internet and e-mail addresses, where available. Geographical index by state. Keywords: Carroll directory, municipal government

Carroll's State Directory. Harris, Lela, Washington, DC.: Carroll Publishing. Names, titles, addresses and individual phone numbers for over 42,000 contacts in state government including all key executive, legislative and judicial branch officials. Officers, committees, members and staff of state legislatures including over 7,000 legislators and key staff. Individual district and state capitol office addresses for all state legislators. Individual committee assignments for state legislators. 50 accurate and detailed Executive branch organization charts. Quick reference listings of governors, legislative sessions, and state offices in Washington, DC. Separate keyword index that arranges state agencies by 105 functions ranging from air pollution control to workers' compensation.


Keywords: Carroll directory, state government

CSG State Directory: Directory I: Elected Officials 2002, Volume I, 2002. The Council of State Governments Lexington, Kentucky. Contains contact information for the governor, secretary of state, attorney general, auditor and treasurer; state court of last resort judges (elected & appointed); state legislators who are serving as of January 2002; congressional members and government-related facts about each state. Keywords: directory, state elected officials 2002

CSG State Directory: Directory II Legislative Leadership, Committees & Staff 2002 Volume 2. The Council of State Governments Lexington, Kentucky. The Directory is divided into three sections: Selected Officers and Principal staff, listing the contact information, including email addresses, of the presidents house speakers, majority and minority leaders of both chambers, and the senate secretaries and house clerks; Selected Committees lists the contact information for the standing and joint committees of each legislative body by their primary category of legislative responsibility and Selected Legislative Functions lists contact information for selected agencies. Each section is arranged by state and jurisdiction. Keywords: directory, staff committee, state legislative

CSG State Directory: Directory III Administrative Officials, 2002. The Council of State Governments Lexington, Kentucky. Contains contact information about elected and appointed officials. The information is organized by function for each state or jurisdiction. Keywords: directory, state administrative officials

Directory of City Policy Officials and Resource Guide. Miller, John, Washington, DC.: National League of Cities.

98 Annual directory provides up-to-date information on key NLC staff and elected and appointed officials in all NLC member cities and other municipalities with populations over 30,000. Keywords: city policy, directory, official government guide

Directory of the Governors of the American States, Commonwealths and Territories. MD.: National Governors' Association.,1169,,00.html Directory of Governors of the American States, Commonwealths, and Territories. This directory contains biographical sketches and photographs of the Governors of the fifty states; the territories of American Samoa, Guam, and the Virgin Islands; and the commonwealths of the Northern Mariana Islands and Puerto Rico. It includes photographs of the Governors and their spouses, information about the Governors' terms of office, and a listing of the Governors' chiefs of staff and media contacts. Published once a year. Keywords: commonwealths, directory, governors, states, territories

Directory of Legislative Leaders. Kittredge, Sally, CO.: National Conference of State Legislatures. (accessible by login only) NCSL is a forum for advancing ideas in your home state, across other states, and on Capitol Hill; for promoting information-sharing, one-on-one and collectively; and for providing you with the knowledge and resources you need to get America's ideas working. The site also holds directory information of legislatures across the nation. Keywords: directory, state legislative leaders

Directory of Recognized Local Government. Washington, D.C.: International City Management Association, 1977. This reference directory is maintained by Who's Who in Local Government Management, and includes listing from 1985- to date with lists of city and county governmental


officials. Keywords: directory, local government

Directory of Regional Councils. Nykwest, Beverly C., DC.: National Association of Regional Councils. The National Association of Regional Councils (NARC) is the preeminent alliance for fostering regional cooperation and building regional communities. They advocate for regional approaches with federal and state governments; provide training and technical assistance on the latest regional developments; and conduct research on timely regional topics. The site maintains a directory of regional councils throughout the U.S. Keywords: directory, regional councils

Government Staff Directory. Aebersold, Alicia, MD., National Governors' Association.,1169,C_GOVERNOR_STAFF_HOME,00.html Governors' Staff Directory. This directory contains updated state-by-state listings of more than 1,000 key Governors' aides. It includes addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, and Internet addresses for the Governors' offices; contact information for chiefs of staff and media staff; and a list of contacts in each office by issue area. In addition, the directory lists NGA staff by function area and provides a description of the resources available at NGA. Published twice a year. Keywords: directory of staff government

Mayors of America's Principal Cities. DC.: U.S. Conference of Mayors. The database allows for a search of Mayors in the United States and can be done by name, population, city or state. The mayor's page includes contact information, website and photo if available. Keywords: directory, mayors

Moody's Municipal and Government Manual. N.Y.: Moody's Investor Service, Inc., 1989.

100 Updated by the semi-weekly: Moody's Municipal and Government. Listings of Federal government agencies, with descriptive information. Keywords: directory, municipal government

Municipal/County Directory Library Edition. Harris, Lela, DC.: Carroll Publishing. Listings for cities with populations over 15,000 include personnel locator number, the population, county, main address, and general fax number, top elected officials, council or elected board members and staff of other major government units. Listings for cities with populations under 15,000 include population and the name, telephone number and address of the top official. Special quick reference listings including national city and town associations, state municipal associations, and the top 100 cities ranked by population and size. Alphabetical Listing of Executives includes phone numbers. Internet and e-mail addresses, where available. Each County Listing includes a personnel locator number, the population, county seat, main address, general fax number, county council members, chief elected officials and directors of major county departments. Special quick-finder listings including: relevant national associations, state associations of counties, associations of county officials, county government home pages, and ranking of counties by population. 50 state maps by county. A list of top 100 counties by population. Keywords: county and municipal government, directory

Municipal Year Book: The Authoritative Resume of Activities and Statistical Data of American Cities. Chicago, IL.: International City Managers Association, 1934-. V.1-. Annual. The 1997 edition includes articles on fundraising from private sources; job satisfaction among local government employees; the solid waste crisis: recycling as a response; and telecommunications and the future of economic development. Also includes data on police and fire personnel and expenditures and local government salaries, an intergovernmental relations section, and eleven directories listing nearly 70,000 local government officials. Keywords: cities, directory, municipal government


Municipal Yellow Book Who's Who in the Leading Governments and Local Authorities. 2001, Volume 10, Number 2. Leadership Directories, Inc. Municipal Yellow Book contains a listing of cities, counties, and town elected officials. Each listing contains office names with mailing addresses, names, job titles, fax number, email address and expiration date for the term office of the elected officials. Keywords: cities, directory, municipal government

National Association of Counties-Members. DC.: National Association of Counties. National Association of Counties-Members presents information on county seat, population, officials, etc. Keywords: county government, directory

The Government Directory of Addresses and Telephone Numbers. Berger, Eric F., et al., 2nd ed. Detroit, MI.: Omnigraphics, Inc. 1993. The Government Phone Book USA 1999 puts every key government office in the United States - from the municipal to the federal level - at your fingertips. The directory lists the direct telephone numbers and mailing addresses for more than 168,500 government offices in the United States. Fax numbers and e-mail and Web site addresses are provided where available. Keywords: directory of government telephone numbers and addresses

The National Directory of State Agencies. Washington, DC.: Information Resources Pr. :1986-Annual. Includes contact information for all elected state officials, all state agencies, and officials from the Associations of State Government Officials. Keywords: directory, state agencies


State Elected Officials and the Legislatures. Lexington, KY.: The Council of State Government, 1989. This comprehensive directory has the information you need to reach state elective officials in 50 states and U.S. jurisdictions. Keywords: directory, state elected officials

50-State Legislative Directory. McKeown, Robert. CA:. Statenet. Online Legislative and Regulatory Reporting System for all 50 States and Congress State Net is a powerful knowledge tool that gives you the ability to: access the latest status of any bill within 24 hours from when it sees action in the states and create custom bill tracking files that link committee hearings, and even your personal notes. Keywords: directory, legislative, state

State Legislative Leadership, Committees, and Staff. KY., Council of State Governments, 1995. It's easy to find state officials and staff in CSG State Directories. With CSG State Directories you will have the latest information on newly elected officials. Keywords: directory, committee leadership, state executive legislative

State Legislative Sourcebook: A Resource Guide to Legislative Information in the 50 States. Hellebust, Lynn, KS.: Government Research Service. Whether you need to know how to get a copy of a bill, where to find a nuts-and-bolts description of a state legislative process, or where to locate a profile and photograph of a legislator, the State Legislative Sourcebook will provide the answer. For each state the Sourcebook identifies the directory, Internet site, handbooks, bill status telephone number, tracking services, bill rooms, bill mailing services, slip law sources, best initial contact... and on and on. The Sourcebook contains over 3,000 sources of information.


Keywords: directory, state executive legislative

State Legislative Staff Directory. Griffin, Denise. CO.: National Conference of State Legislatures. Contains links to every state homepage that contains directories of state agencies and elected officials. Keywords: directory, state staff legislative

State and Local Government Contains links to every state homepage that contains directories of state agencies and elected officials. Keywords: directory, state local government

State Yellow Book Who's Who in the Executive and Legislative Branches 2001, Volume 28, Number 2. Leadership Directories, Inc. Contains State-by-State listings, two lists, one for the Executive State Branch and one for the Judicial State Branch. Each listing contains information regarding elected officials, including names, phone numbers, addresses and web information, regarding: Office of the Governor, Office of the Lieutenant Governor, Office of the Secretary of State, Attorney General. There are also State-by-State listings of Agencies, including addresses, web information and contact names. Keywords: directory, government executive, legislature, state officials

Who's Who in Local Government Management. Payne, Beth Payne, DC.: International City/County Management Association (ICMA). The reference directory maintained by Who's Who focuses on Government Management


with listings of City and County Managers. The book is updated annually the ICMA. Keywords: directory, local government, management


Encyclopedias in Public Administration and Public Affairs

Encyclopedias are comprehensive reference work containing articles on a wide range of subjects or on numerous aspects of a particular field. They are utilized in the search strategy primarily to help researchers or outliers get an "overview" of the subject field. The following encyclopedias cover public administration, public policy and related disciplines, political science, economics, law, education, criminal justice, psychology, organization theory, urban planning and so on. Core concepts, terms, theories, historical development, as well as individuals and institutions that made significant intellectual contributions to respective disciplines, are included.


International Encyclopedia of Business Management (6 Volumes) Warner, M., and J., Kotter P., Thomson Learning 1996. This text meets the growing need for an international work of reference in the field of business and management. Providing users with an analysis of the history, theory, practice and future developments of business and management topics worldwide, this work gives an interdisciplinary key to both understanding and practice. It provides introductions to business and management topics, offering international perspectives. The broad and diverse range of information offered is presented in a clear, structured format. Keywords: business, encyclopedia, management

The Encyclopedia of Management. Heyel, Carl, ed. NY: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 3rd ed. 1982, 1371p. Keywords: encyclopedia, management


Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice. Kadish, Sanford H., NY: Free Press, 1983.

106 An alphabetical arrangement of the overview of the nature of criminal behavior and "the prevention of crime, the punishment and treatment of offenders, the functioning of the institutions of criminal justice, and the bodies of law that define criminal behavior." Keywords: crime, encyclopedia, justice

The Encyclopedia of Police Science. Bailey, William G., NY: Garland, 1989. The first edition (1989) is cited in ARBA 1990 and the Supplement to Sheehy. A reference that contains signed, alphabetical entries which examine all major aspects of American policing and police science, including history, current practices, new initiatives, social pressures, and political factors. The second edition considerable expands its scope with 70 new entries and revisions and updates of others. In this edition, greater emphasis is placed on the coverage of drug abuse suppression, new types of crime, federal mandates for action, and international developments that affect American police. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or. Keywords: encyclopedia, police science


A Historical Guide to the U.S. Government. Kurian, George Thomas., New York: Oxford University Press, 1998. Provide profiles of the U.S. government through history of the various departments and agencies that constitute it. This book illustrates the social, cultural, intellectual, and economic ideas and movements that have energized the course of U.S. history, with selected bibliographies of works that will be helpful for learning more about the subject. Appendix consists of important documents of public administration. Keywords: encyclopedia, history guide, U.S. government

Blackwell Encyclopedia of Political Institutions. Bogdanor, Vernon. Oxford, OX, UK.: New York, NY, USA : Blackwell Reference,1987.

107 Hailed by the American Library Association as an 'Outstanding Reference Source', this book elucidates the terms, concepts and ideas central to the study of politics, with indepth articles written by many of the world's leading political scientists. Among the topics analyzed are types of political organization (such as democracy, oligarchy, dictatorship) of political community (confederation, empire) and of political party (socialist, liberal, conservative). Leading political scientists of the past are also represented. Comprehensive reading lists are included for all main topics, and there is a full index. This new paperback edition of the Encyclopedia maintains its purpose as being both a reliable work of scholarship for specialists in political science and related disciplines, and also an accessible guide for anyone with an interest in politics today. Keywords: encyclopedia, political institution, political organization

Blackwell Encyclopedia of Political Thought. Miller, David, Oxford; New York: B. Blackwell, 1987. Provides political thought with a reliable guide to the major ideas and doctrines that influence the contemporary world. It outlines the thought of leading political theorists, past and present, and considers the ways in which thinking about politics has evolved historically. Keywords: encyclopedia, political thought

Congress A to Z: A Ready Reference Encyclopedia. 2d ed. Washington, DC.: Congressional Quarterly, Inc., 1993. Short essays on the structure and operations of the U.S. Congress. Keywords: congress, encyclopedia, structure of congress

Congressional Quarterly's Guide to the U.S. Supreme Court. 3d ed. Biskupic, Joan, and Elder Witt. Washington, DC: Congressional Quarterly Inc., 1997.


Covers origins and development of the U.S. Supreme Court, relation to the other branches, modern role in relation to the individual, pressures, operation, members (including short biographies), major decisions through 1996, and key documents such as the Constitution. Keywords: encyclopedia, legislative branch, supreme court

Encyclopedia of the American Constitution. 2 ed. Levy, Leonard W., and Kenneth Karst L. New York: Macmillan Reference USA, 2000. Includes doctrinal concepts of constitutional law; people; judicial decisions, mostly of the Supreme Court; public acts, such as statutes, treaties, and executive orders; and historical periods, plus the text of the Constitution itself and other documents 6 volumes. (Out of print ­ limited availability). Keywords: American constitution, administrative law, encyclopedia

Encyclopedia of American Foreign Policy. Deconde, Alexander., Richard Burns D., Fredrik Logevall, and Louise Ketz B. 2nd Ed. Charles Scribner's Sons, 2001. Much about the world has changed since 1978, when this encyclopedia's first edition appeared. The Soviet Union has dissolved, Yugoslavia has become a jigsaw puzzle of smaller states designed to keep ethnic conflict in check, an oil war raged briefly in the Persian Gulf, Eastern Europe has been freed to find its own way, Israeli and Palestinian leaders met on the White House lawn to sign a peace accord that is fading into memory, and China has experienced both brutal political repression and significant economic reform. The U.S. has had to adjust its foreign policy to fit this post-cold war world. The revised Encyclopedia of American Foreign Policy reflects the challenge the nation has faced in several ways. The most evident change is the updating of articles such as Balance of power (now briefly discussing George W. Bush's rapid shift in September 2001 from unilateralism to collaboration); Cold War evolution and interpretations (noting the continuity between interpretations of the forces that fueled it and interpretations of its end); and Dissent in wars (noting the ambivalence of the U.S and its political leaders toward the 1990s conflicts in the Balkans). Indeed, it now takes four articles to cover the complexities of the origins and end of the cold war, whereas the first edition managed with just one. Thorough updating of history and the collateral changes in U.S. foreign policy theories and strategies is evident throughout. The expanded encyclopedia also


reflects changes through 48 new essays, among them African Americans, Cultural imperialism, Gender, Multinational corporations, Outer space, Refugee policies, and, of course, Terrorism and counterterrorism. Others have been dropped, including those dealing with conscription, detente, the Fourteen Points, the Truman Doctrine, the King Cotton theory, and missionaries. This list argues in favor of retention rather than disposal of the old edition. Bibliographies have been thoroughly updated to account for new scholarship and thinking on enduring topics as well as to provide leads to additional resources on new ones. Most items include informative, brief descriptive annotations. See also references at the conclusion of each article also provide pointers for further exploration. By covering the somewhat specialized concerns of the foreign policy "establishment" (e.g., Deterrence, Extraterritoriality, Protectorates and spheres of influence ) as well as those forces the public observes in foreign relations (e.g., Nationalism, Race and ethnicity, Religion), the encyclopedia meets the needs of both academic users and the curious citizen seeking greater understanding of foreign affairs. The academic specialists who wrote the articles kept this latter audience in mind. The broad topical essays in the revised Encyclopedia of American Foreign Policy complement the country-by-country treatment and biographies of diplomats and statesmen that predominate in the Encyclopedia of U.S. Foreign Relations (Oxford, 1997). Both are essential to academic collections, and the former merits exposure to the broader audience public libraries serve. Keywords: American legislative system, encyclopedia

Encyclopedia of the American Legislative System. Silbey, H.J., Gale Group, 1996. Provides studies of the principal structures, processes, and policies of Congress and the state legislatures since the colonial era. Keywords: American legislative system, encyclopedia

Encyclopedia of the American Legislative System, Studies of the Principal Structures, Processes, and Policies of Congress and the State Legislatures Since the Colonial Era. Silbey, Joel H., New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1994. History, election, structure, processes, public policy, and relation to other political branches of both the national and state legislatures. 3 volumes. Keywords: colonial era, encyclopedia, political history, political structure


Encyclopedia of American Political History, Studies of the Principal Movements and Ideas. Greene, Jack P, ed. New York: Scribner, 1984. Major issues, themes, institutions, processes, and developments in U.S. political history. 3 volumes. Keywords: American history, American political development, encyclopedia

Encyclopedia of American Political Reform. Clucas, Richard A. Santa Barbara, Calif.: ABC-CLIO, 1996. This handy, ready-reference book offers brief encyclopedic entries on subjects ranging from "Abscam" to "Pork-Barrel Legislation" to the "Winograd Commission" to "ZeroBase Budgeting." Though the information is far from comprehensive, each short article (approximately 50 to 250 words in length) offers a clear, concise explanation of some (sometimes quite obscure) aspect of American political reform, and ends with a bibliographic reference. Easy to read and written in a bias-free style, this volume is enhanced by a useful chronology of contemporary political reform (1962-1996) and a very thorough bibliography. Unfortunately, some information can be difficult to locate. "Don't ask, don't tell" is not found under D for "Don't." Even if students were well versed enough to know that the phrase had something to do with the gay rights movement and looked under that heading, they still wouldn't find mention of it. They would have to use the see-also references under "Gay Rights Movement" that direct them to two articles: "Civil Rights Movement" and "Clinton, William J." The phrase is briefly explained in the article about Clinton. Still, this is a clearly written and useful resource. Keywords: American political reform, American politics, encyclopedia

Encyclopedia of the American Presidency. 4 vols. Levy, Leonard W., Louis Fisher, MacMillan Reference Books, 1998. Captures the origin, evolution and constant unfolding of the American presidency, with entries on the presidents, their roles, powers and prerogatives and their relationship with


Congress and the judiciary. Keywords: American presidency, encyclopedia, politics

Encyclopedia of American Public Policy. Jackson, Byron M., Santa Barbara, Calif. Oxford : ABC-CLIO, 1999. Provides the legislative process and how policy is actually made. Explains key concepts related to public policy, organized to 13 major areas of activity in the field of American public policy. Each section begins with a chronological overview of how policy has developed. Keywords: American public policy, encyclopedia, public policy Encyclopedia of Associations National Organizations of the U.S. Thomson Gale, 41st ed. 2004. EA1&type=1&id=185275 Volume 1, totaling about 3,700 pages in three parts, provides contact information and descriptions for more than 22,000 nonprofit American membership organizations of national and international scope. Part 3 of this first volume consists of a comprehensive Name & Keyword Index. Volume 2, Geographic & Executive Indexes, provides access to listings in the first volume by location and by name of association officers. Featured as the third part of Volume 1, the Name and Keyword Index is a comprehensive alphabetical listing of all organizations appearing in EA, and includes location information with each primary citation. For further quick access, all associations have reference numbers and are reclassified and indexed in the two indexes comprising Volume 2 (which is sold separately): The Geographic Index lists organizations alphabetically by state and city, making it possible to identify associations according to their geographic locations and also to determine which and/or how many organizations are headquartered in a specific region; the Executive Index sorts by the surname of the association's head contact person, making it possible to identify an organization through its chief officer, and also to learn whether a particular individual serves in that capacity for more than one organization. Keywords: encyclopedia, national organization

Encyclopedia of Constitutional Amendments, Proposed Amendments, and


Amending Issues, 1789-2002. Vile, John R., Santa Barbara, Calif.: ABC-CLIO, 2003. 288&itm=3 At first, Vile (political science, Middle Tennessee State U.) puzzled over how to glean the required one-fourth to one-third new material for a second edition from events and literature since 1995, when the first edition ended. He has, however, discovered not only much new material about the amendments and proposals he described, but also proposals that he had not known about. His short non-technical explanatory essays focus on groups of amendments and proposals relating to a single topic. He also considers proposed new or revised constitutions, both in the traditional books and pamphlets, and now on the Internet. He cites both legal and general works in the lists for further reading. Keywords: constitution, constitutional amendment, encyclopedia

Encyclopedia of Democracy. 4 vols. Washington, DC: Congressional Quarterly Inc., 1995. Provide aspects of democracy from its earliest stirrings to such recent developments as the end of eastern European communism and South African apartheid. It is illustrated with photographs, maps, and charts, and is alphabetically arranged, carefully indexed, and abundantly cross-referenced for easy access and research. Keywords: democracy, democratic development, encyclopedia

Encyclopedia of Government Advisory Organizations (Encyclopedia of Governmental Advisory Organizations, 15th Ed). Detroit, Mich.: Gale Research Co., 2001. Comprehensive guide to permanent, continuing, terminated, and authorized but never funded advisory bodies reporting to the president, Congress, and executive departments and agencies. Extensive entries include mandate, statutory authority, and titles of official reports. Organized by subject, with staff, keyword and publication title indexes. Keywords: encyclopedia, government advisory organization, government agency

Encyclopedia of Government and Politics. Vol.1 - 2. Hawkesworth, Mary, and


Maurice, Kogan. New York: Routledge, 1992. Provides brief overviews of political theories, ideologies, institutions, forces and processes impacting on policy making, the nation state, and international relations. Keywords: encyclopedias, government, politics

Encyclopedia of Human Rights. Lawson, Edward., and Bertucci, Mary L. 2nd Ed., Taylor & Francis Group. 1996. Published with the cooperation of the United Nations Centre for Human Rights, this standard reference collects information on every important development in the field of human rights that occurred between 1945, when the UN Charter entered into force, and June 30, 1990 (a few later events are covered, such as the UN Security Council action immediately following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait). The materials, which are presented objectively and with a minimum of editorial comment, include the complete texts of some 200 international and regional treaties; reports on general and specialized subjects, such as health care, the environment, the rights of children, women, minorities, indigenous peoples; special conventions and declarations on such subjects as apartheid and terrorism; an overview of the rights situation in more than 150 countries, and information on about 130 non-governmental and intergovernmental organizations. Keywords: encyclopedia, government, human rights, politics, United Nations Centre for Human Rights

Encyclopedia of Policy Studies. Nagel, Stuart S., 2nd ed. New York: M. Dekker, 1994. Articles analyze the basic issues in the field of policy studies, including criminal justice, health, environmental protection, labor, and education. Keywords: encyclopedia, policy studies, public policy

Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy. Beverly, James A., David Schultz, Facts on File, 2003.

114 This is a great one volume, reference book that gives you up to date information on the United States government, public administration, and the policy process. The volume also examines issues of concern to state and local government and it provides additional coverage of some international topics. Keywords: encyclopedia, public administration, public policy Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy ­ 2 Volume Set. Rabin, Jack. Marcel Dekker. 2003. nt_id=&pc= This authoritative source: (i) assesses processes, methods, and influential ideas from "Achieving Productivity" and "Game Theory" to "Uncertainty in Decision Making" and "Win-Win Approaches to International Peace", (ii) details the policy decisions and histories in fields such as privatization, biomedical ethics, education, diversity, and judicial ethics, (iii) covers watershed decisions and policies, spanning the Nuremberg trials to the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 and recent budget reconciliation bills, and (iv) outlines current administrative practices and models with articles such as "Types of Organizational Theories," "Electronic Government," and "Economic Theories of Administration" Audience. Keywords: encyclopedia, public administration, public policy

Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy ­ First Update Supplement. Rabin, Jack. Marcel Dekker. 2005. nt_id=&pc= Edited by a world-renowned authority in the field, this supplement: (i) maintains the high-quality features of the original print volumes while extending the depth and range of discussion, (ii) offers 106 articles previously unavailable in print format, (iii) contains the latest information on a wide range of subjects including capital programming and purchasing, decentralization in developing countries, ethics and information technology, integrated healthcare systems, life-cycle costing, policy networks, public reporting, urban planning and ethics, and environmental policy, and (iv) studies models of the policy process. Providing an almost 50% increase in material, this supplement documents the latest trends in public administration, public policy, policy analysis, public finance, management, social psychology, political science, economics, and sociology-offering an


abundance of up-to-date articles for the scholar and practitioner alike, as well as providing a wealth of information for further research on the topic. Keyword: encyclopedia, public administration, public policy

Encyclopedia of Public Health. Breslow, Lester. Macmillan Reference Books; 2002. Guarding the public's well-being requires the efforts of specialists in public health, public policy, nursing, medicine, government, and social science. In the aftermath of September 11 and the anthrax scare, as the number of health-related restrictions, caveats, procedures, and injunctions explode, the public health community has become increasingly concerned with the prevention and detection of disease and with health promotion. This four-volume compilation provides basic information on more than 900 programs, services, organizations, health behaviors, and the prevalence, epidemiology, and costs of communicable diseases. Although the work focuses on the United States, there are also references to worldwide problems. The preface states that the signed articles are written by experts, but only their affiliations, not their credentials, are provided. The alphabetically arranged articles have brief bibliographies and are interspersed with ample cross references. An extensive, annotated bibliography, arranged in logical subject categories, is included at the end of Volume 4. There is also an appendix of important documents and official statements concerning the well-being of the entire population. This user-friendly set is more extensive and up-to-date than the Dictionary of Public Health Promotion and Education (Sage, 1996) and is a highly recommended addition to reference collections in academic and large public libraries. Keywords: encyclopedia, public health

Encyclopedia of Third Parties in the United States. Kruschke, Earl R., Santa Barbara, Calif.: ABC-CLIO. 1991. Provides descriptions of 81 so-called "third" political parties in the US from the beginning of the 19th century to the present. Each of the included parties had a distinctive impact, however brief, on American politics, and each description includes an account of the party's origin and development, its principal participants, its voting records, and its successes and failures. Also included is a discussion of the role that these supposedly minor parties have played in the American "two-party" system. Keywords: encyclopedia, third parties, United States


International Encyclopedia of Government and Politics. Magill, Frank N., Chicago: Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers, 1996. Keywords: encyclopedias, government, politics

International Encyclopedia of Human Rights: Freedom, Abuses, and Remedies. Maddex, Robert L., Congressional Quarterly Books; 2000. This latest in a variety of books on human rights issues that also includes Encyclopedia of Human Rights Issues Since 1945^B (Langley, 1999) and Human Rights in the United States: A Dictionary and Documents [RBB Fe 1 01] is by far the easiest to read and the simplest to interpret. Beginning its coverage with the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the volume includes definitions of more than 150 important concepts, such as Asylum, Civil rights, and Sovereignty; entries on decisions of national and international bodies; descriptions of well over 100 documents (including some significant historical statements, such as the Magna Carta); information about agencies and organizations involved in human rights; and biographies of some of key individuals, from Aristotle to Guatemalan activist Rigoberta Menchu. The introduction includes a complete alphabetical list of the topics followed by a list of entries by category, such as "Biographies" or "Documents." Also included is a key to the symbols used in the entries to identify such information as telephone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses, Web sites addresses, and citations to documents, court decisions, further readings, and related entries. The publisher has provided an extensive index and a typeface that is inviting to look at and easy to read. The volume succeeds in making human-rights issues more understandable for the average person and in maintaining an evenhanded look at the issues. This exceptional book is well organized and well written and should be useful for academic, public, and high-school libraries. Keywords: abuses, encyclopedia, freedom, human rights, international, remedies

International Encyclopedia of Public Policy and Administration. Vol. 1-4 Edited by Shafritz, Jay M. Boulder: Westview Press, 1998.


Containing approximately 900 articles by over 300 experts, the Encyclopedia covers the core concepts, terms, and processes of public policy and public administration. It also includes individuals who made significant intellectual and technical contributions to the development of public policy and administration, significant organizations, and historically important committees or commissions. Keywords: administration, encyclopedia, public policy

International Encyclopedia of Women's Suffrage. Hannam, June., Katherine Holden, and Mitzi Auchterlonie. ABC-Clio Inc.; 2000. In addition to entries on terms and events from the late 19th century to the present day, the authors have included articles on the women's suffrage movement in separate entries on different parts of the world and individual countries (e.g., "Latin America and the Caribbean" and "Egypt"). Organizations and individuals, particularly those who sought to establish international links, are represented. Compelling issues and concepts such as antislavery are also considered. Important texts and manifestos are mentioned. The 132 entries are alphabetically arranged and range from one-half to more than seven pages. Each entry is followed by see-also references and a bibliography. The lengthy and informative introduction includes essential background information on the history of the movement and discusses its relationship to other political, social, and economic changes for women. Numerous black-and-white photos and reproductions of political cartoons, drawings, posters, and lithographs expand on the text. An appendix of Web resources and a chronology of dates when women were granted "full adult suffrage" complete the encyclopedia. A valuable tool that will be especially useful when answering quick reference questions and as a starting point for student research. Keywords: encyclopedia, international, women's suffrage

Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women: Global Women's Issues and Knowledge. Kramarae, Chris., and Dale Spender. Routledge; 2000. Featuring comprehensive global coverage of women's issues and concerns, from violence and sexuality to feminist theory, the Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women brings the field into the new millennium. In over 900 signed A-Z entries from US and Europe, Asia, the Americas, Oceania and the Middle East, the women who pioneered the field from its inception collaborate with the new scholars who are shaping the future of


women's studies to create the new standard work for anyone who needs information on women-related subjects. The Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women reviews the condition of women around the world, and provides region-by-region articles on issues such as feminist movements, women's education, spirituality, health care systems and more. Subject areas cover the entire range of areas vital to the field of women's studies. Keywords: encyclopedia, global women's issues and knowledge, international, Routledge

The Encyclopedia of the American Left (Garland Reference Library of the Social Sciences, 502). Buhle, Mari J., Paul Buhle, and Dan Georgakas. Garland Publish; 1990. The American Left consists not just of Communists or Socialists. As illustrated in this excellent update of the original 1990 work edited by three academic historians, it contains a rich mix of political, social, and artistic movements. The 650 entries, written by scholars, artists, and activists, cover more than individuals, organizations, and publications, also venturing into such diverse areas as folk music, the disability rights movement, labor, radio, psychology, and fantasy. Entries new to the second edition include "ACT-UP," "jazz," "Leonard Peltier," "Reconstruction," and the "Young Lords Party." These additions cover current events and social and cultural topics. Individual entries run from one paragraph to several pages, and all close with a brief bibliography and cross references. The new edition also contains several minor organizational changes, such as combining the separate name-subject indexes into a single index. Also included is a separate glossary of terms regularly appearing in the work, a brief bibliographic essay, and a broad subject outline of entries. Keywords: American left, encyclopedia

The Encyclopedia of the Republican Party; The Encyclopedia of the Democratic Party. Thomas, K.G., Armonk, NY: Sharpe Reference, 1997. Includes history, issues & ideology, biographies, conventions, platforms, and elections. 4 volumes. Keywords: encyclopedia, political party, republican party

The Encyclopedia of the United States Congress. Bacon, Donald C., Roger Davidson H., Morton Keller, eds. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1995.

119 Congressional history, structure, powers, procedures, policies enacted, parties, elections, staffing, relation to other branches, the Capitol, and more. 4 volumes. Keywords: congress, encyclopedia, legislature, United States

The Oxford Guide to the United States Government. Patrick, John J., Richard, Pious M., and Donald, Ritchie, Donald A., Oxford ; New York: Oxford University Press, 2001. Provides biographies of Presidents, members of Congress, Supreme Court justices, departments of federal government, issues and concepts, laws and decisions, presidential procedures and practices, congressional procedures, Supreme Court procedures. Keywords: encyclopedia, guide, government

The Presidency A to Z, a Ready Reference Encyclopedia. Nelson, Michael, ed. Washington, D.C.: Congressional Quarterly, 1992. A comprehensive, ready-reference that provides accessible explanations of the history, processes, and people behind the institution of the presidency. The core of the volume is a set of essays that explain the broader concepts relating to the presidency. Shorter entries define the vocabulary, procedures, and precedents relating to the office. Brief biographies of all presidents and vice presidents are included, along with profiles of several of the most influential first ladies. Includes numerous black and white photographs. Keywords: encyclopedia, presidency, presidential biography

World Encyclopedia of Cities: North America. Kurian, George T., Santa Barbara; CA: ABC-Clio, 1994. Kurian, who has edited several statistical and encyclopedic works, presents the first two volumes of a projected six-volume set covering major cities of the world together with a


gazetteer. Included here are eight- to 15-page descriptions of 136 cities from all states, the District of Columbia, and eight Canadian provinces. Cities are listed alphabetically, with narrative information obtained from a variety of secondary sources on topical categories like climate, history, landmarks, population, ethnic composition, government, economy, education, health, crime, and religion. Current statistical data, when available, were obtained from standard reference sources listed in the preface and highlighted in boxes under appropriate categories. The full-page maps provided for each city vary from detailed street maps not necessarily corresponding with city boundaries to the illustration of major arteries only, together with surrounding towns. Although selection was based on population and economic/social significance to the region, there is a New England bias. It is odd that New Hampshire and Maine are represented by four and three cities, respectively, while Columbia, South Carolina, and Raleigh, North Carolina (both state capitals with populations equal to or larger than those of the New England cities), are overlooked. In the end, Kurian's work presents about 200 fewer cities than Allan Carpenter's Facts About the Cities ( LJ 8/92), but it gives much more information (especially historical) for similar topical categories. A casual reading will reveal minor inconsistencies about familiar cities, but overall this set provides a convenient assemblage of well-formatted information for travelers, librarians, and researchers. Keywords: encyclopedia, cities in North America

World Encyclopedia of Parliaments and Legislatures. Kurian, George T., Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers; 1998. Keywords: encyclopedia, parliaments, world legislatures

World Encyclopedia of Political System and Parties. Delury, George E., Facts on File; 1983.

Keywords: encyclopedia, political system and parties


Encyclopedia of American Economic History: Studies of the Principal Movements and Ideas. Porter, Glenn, NY: Charles Scribner, 1980.

121 Includes addresses, essays, and lectures on economic conditions in the United States. Keywords: American economic history, economic movement, economic idea, encyclopedia


American Educator's Encyclopedia. Dejnozka, Edward L., and David, Kapel E. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press., 1982. Keywords: American education, educator, encyclopedia

The International Encyclopedia of Education. Husen, Torsten, Postlethwaite, Neville. 2nd, NY: Elsevier Science, 1994. bn=0080410464&itm=7 Educational practices change not only as a result of reforms which are the subject of legislation, but also in response to new societal demands, needs, and changes in the economic conditions in different countries. It is this change within the various fields of education and the fact that many of the entries in the first edition were written in the early 1980s which convinced the editors in 1990 of the need for a completely new edition of the Encyclopedia. The vast majority of entries in the second edition are completely new; in only a few cases, have entries from the first edition or from the supplementary volumes, been updated. New entries have also been commissioned on specific topics: sociology of education, girls and women in education, the history of education, anthropology, philosophy of education and instructional psychology. Keywords: education, encyclopedia

The International Encyclopedia of Education; Research and Studies. Husen, Postlethwaite T, TN, Elmsford, NY: Pergamon Press, 1985.


1/ref=sr_1_1/102-1404922-2673704?v=glance&s=books Total of 1,448 articles signed by 1,300 contributors from over 100 countries are organized in twenty-five broad categories which cover administration; adult education; comparative and international education; counseling; curriculum; developing countries; discipline; early childhood; economics; educational institutes, organizations, and societies; policy and planning; higher education; educational technology; evaluation; human development; motivation; national systems; research; sex roles; social stratification; special education; teacher education; vocational education; and women in education. Systems of education in 160 countries are discussed with demographic data in charts and tabular form. Keywords: education, encyclopedia, research


Britannica Online Encyclopedia Britannica Online provides access to over 65,000 subjects. Entries include text, illustrations and World Wide Web links. Updated Quarterly. (1983 - present). Keywords: Britannica, encyclopedia

Columbia Encyclopedia, 5th edition. Edited by Chernow, Barbara A., George, Vallasi A., NY: Columbia University Press; Boston, Mass: distributed by Houghton Mifflin Co., c1993. The single-volume Columbia Encyclopedia was first published in 1935 as a "suitable companion to a good dictionary and atlas" for the general reader, and it still fits that description more than 75 years later. There are nearly 51,000 entries in this new edition, with 1,300 new entries and revisions made to 40 percent of the remainder. Keywords: Columbia, encyclopedia


Containing nearly 51,000 entries, and with more than 80,000 hypertext cross-references, online version of Columbia Encyclopedia. Entries often include cross references to related articles or bibliographic references to other works. Keywords: encyclopedia, online

LoveToKnow Free Online Encyclopedia The best encyclopedia ever written was published over 90 years ago. This 1911 encyclopedia is filled with historical information that is still relevant today. It fills 29 volumes and contains over 44 million words. The articles are written by more than 1500 authors within their various fields of expertise. Keywords: encyclopedia, online

World Factbook (U.S. Central Intelligence Agency) Maps and detailed information on the geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for countries worldwide. Keywords: encyclopedia, world fact book

Xrefer Searches and cross-references encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesaurus, books of quotations, and reference works in multiple subject areas. All of the titles in the database are linked, so that a search not only yields expected results, but also leads the user down some circuitous and surprising byways. Keywords: encyclopedia


Cornell Legal Research Encyclopedia

124 Administrative law ABA Administrative Procedure Database (at Florida State University College of Law), Cornell Legal Information Institute Federal and State Rules and Regulations, Agency Decisions, Rules and Orders. Keywords: encyclopedia, legal research, law

The Guide to American Law: Everyone's Legal Encyclopedia. vols. 1-12, 1991-1995 supplements & 1987 yearbook Designed to meet everyone's needs for basic legal information and access to in-depth research. Keywords: American law, encyclopedia, legal research


Best Encyclopedias: A Guide to General and Specialized Encyclopedias. Kister, Kenneth F., Phoenix, AZ, Oryx Press, 1986. The first edition of 1986, titled Best Encyclopedias, is cited in ARBA 1987, Walford, and Sheehy Suppl. The present updated and expanded version offers in-depth evaluations of 77 general encyclopedias, including electronic products; reviews of some 800 subjectspecific encyclopedias (covering 29 subjects); and reviews of 44 foreign language encyclopedias covering nine languages. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or. Keywords: encyclopedia

Encyclopedia of Psychology. Corsini, Raymond J. 2nd ed., N.Y., Wiley, 1994.


Contains approximately 2500 subject and biographical entries and close to 20,000 references covering all aspects of psychology. Entries range from a single paragraph to several pages including concepts, terms, theories and several short biographies on contributions of major workers in the field. Features frequent cross-references and several thousand citations of important sources. Keywords: encyclopedia, psychology

The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Social Psychology. Manstead, Antony S.R., Miles, Hewstone, Oxford, UK; Cambridge, Mass., USA : Blackwell, 1995. Provides attitude theories, attribution theories, social cognition, social influence, and intergroup relations. Keywords: encyclopedia, psychology


Encyclopedia of Minorities in American Politics. Schultz, Haynie, McCulloch, and Aoki, Dec 1999. The Encyclopedia is the only resource available that focuses exclusively on the expanding role of minorities in U.S. politics. Containing more than 2,000 entries, this two-volume set is divided into four distinct sections covering African Americans, Asian Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans. It makes a broad range of information readily accessible, including historical and contemporary biographies, descriptions of major events, and coverage of important legal decisions and organizations Keywords: American politics, encyclopedia, minorities

Encyclopedia of Social Issues. Vol. 1-6. Roth, John K., New York: Marshall Cavendish Corporation, 1997.


Contains 1498 individual entries, featuring discussion of broad range of controversial subjects. Provides basic information on such topics as politics, economics, the environment, human rights, medicine, law, and religion. Keywords: economics, encyclopedia, human rights, medicine, politics, law, religion, social issues

Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences. Vol. 1- 15. Seligman, Edwin R.A., and Alvin Johnson, 16th edition. N.Y.: Macmillan Company, 1967. Provides a synopsis of the progress that has been made in the various fields of social science. Keywords: encyclopedia, social science

Encyclopedia of Social Work. Edwards, Richard L., 19th ed. Washington D.C., 1995. Three volumes provide nearly 3,000 pages of information on every aspect of social work. Expanded content areas include new technologies, research, global changes, U.S. policy developments, and evolving roles for social workers. Each volume contains a complete table of contents and full index. The Encyclopedia is a solid investment that will provide years of practical service as a one-stop resource for looking up facts, studying for licensing exams, supplementing course work, and more. Keywords: encyclopedia, social work

International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences. Vol. 1-26. Smelser, Neil J., Paul, Blates B., Oxford, UK: Elsevier science Ltd. Provides definitions, concepts, and ideas in political science, sociology, psychology, public policy, etc. Keywords: behavioral science, encyclopedia, social science


International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences. Sills, David L., New York: Macmillan, 1968. Emphasizes the historical and developmental aspects of the social sciences. Lengthy articles on public administration, law, community, etc. Good basic source for orientation to a general area. Keywords: encyclopedia, social sciences

The Social Science Encyclopedia. Kuper, A., and Kuper, J., 2nd ed. Routledge, an imprint of Taylor & Francis Books Ltd., 1996. The text covers developments in traditional fields over the last decade, newly vital areas of study such as environmental economics and cross-disciplinary pursuits such as women's studies and cultural studies, and i entries such innovative topics as ethnic relations, information society, language and culture, space and pornography. Keywords: encyclopedia, social science


Encyclopedia of Sociology. Vo. 1-2. 2nd ed. Borgatta, Edgar F., and Montgomery, R., Detroit : Macmillan Reference, USA, 2000. Provides topics and concepts in sociology. Keywords: encyclopedia, sociology

International Encyclopedia of Sociology. Magill, Frank N., London; Chicago: Fitzroy Dearborn, 1995.


Keywords: encyclopedia, sociology


Encyclopedia of Community Planning and Environmental Management. Schultz, M. S., Kassen, V. L., N.Y., Facts on File, 1984. Keywords: community planning, encyclopedia, environmental management

Encyclopedia of Urban Planning. Whittick, Arnold. NY: R.E. Krieger Pub. Co.,1980. Keywords: encyclopedia, urban planning


Funding Sources

Program officers and top agency officials at all levels of government are searching for new ways to ensure the programs can be delivered. Some funding will still be found in intergovernmental programs: grants from the federal government to the states or from the states to municipalities. But those grants, from a shrinking pool of resources, are more competitive. Thus, corporate and foundation funds have attracted more attention from public and third sector grant seekers. Competition for funding has never been fiercer.

A Guide for Proposal Writing, The National Science Foundation. Advice given to inquiries by the Division of Undergraduate Education (DUE) staff at the National Science Foundation (NSF). Provides informal guidance to proposers. Keywords: grant proposals, proposal writing, research grants, writing grant proposals

Annual Register of Grant Support 2004. A Directory of Funding Sources, 37th Edition. 2003. Today Inc. This exhaustive guide to more than 3,500 grant-giving organizations offering nonrepayable support shows you how to tap the immense funding potential of these sources. Organized by 11 major subject areas--with 61 specific subcategories--Grant Support 2004 is a resource for researching and uncovering a full range of available grant sources. It directs you to traditional corporate, private, and public funding, and it also shows you the way to little-known, nontraditional grant sources such as educational associations and unions. For each grant program, you'll find information on eligibility requirements and restrictions, application procedures and deadlines, grant size or range, contact information, and much more. Keywords: annual register, grants, non-repayable, support

Applying for Research Funding: Getting Started and Getting Funded. Ries, Joanne B., and Carl, Leukefeld G., 1995. Sage Publications. CA. This information-packed book is designed to help the researcher approach the grant


application process and develop a competitive and successful application. Good material on data sources, research details to include, checklists to use and methodology to develop. Keywords: funding, getting funded, grant applications, research, research funding

Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program This program is dedicated to fire protection grants distributed by the Department of Homeland Security. It is one of only a few grant programs dedicated to state and local fire programs. Keywords: fire department, firefighter, grant

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance U.S. Office of Management and Budget. Washington, DC:, U.S. Government Printing Office. The online Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance gives you access to a database of all Federal programs available to State and local governments (including the District of Columbia); federally-recognized Indian tribal governments; Territories (and possessions) of the United States; domestic public, quasi-public, and private profit and nonprofit organizations and institutions; specialized groups; and individuals. Keywords: assistance, federal, federal programs, grant proposals

Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) The COPS Office distributes funding through a wide range of programs, both as grants and cooperative agreements. This section of the website outlines COPS funding programs, including those through which additional funding may be available again, such as hiring (TRGP, UHP), technology (MORE), and school safety (COPS in Schools) grants. Special Projects often focus on implementing community policing strategies to solve specific crime, disorder, and quality of life issues, such as reducing methamphetamine use and production, increasing seat belt usage, and implementing the 311 non-emergency telephone system. This section also provides information about programs from COPS' past: completed Special Projects, early programs that were absorbed into others, and pilot programs designed to develop documented solutions that can be easily replicated. COPS


funding helps law enforcement agencies across America meet an ever-increasing range of challenges with community policing. Keywords: police, Department of Justice, grants

Corporate 500 Directory of Corporate Philanthropy. 12th edition. 1993-94 Annual Public Management Institute. San Francisco, CA. 1993. The charitable contributions of major corporations are profiled, including indexes for geographic areas and funding types. Out of print ­ limited availability. Keywords: charitable, contributions, corporate philanthropy, philanthropy

Corporate Foundation Profiles. Jones, F. 10th edition, 1998. The Foundation Center. New York, NY. Detailed profiles of 248 company-sponsored foundations and their giving patterns. Indexed by subject, type of support, and geographic area. Keywords: charitable, contributions, corporate foundations, corporate philanthropy, foundations, philanthropy

2000 Corporate Giving Directory Guide to Corporate Giving Contacts, 26th Edition. Published by the Taft Group, published/released: November 2003 (Distributed by the Gale Group). &type=3&id=185535 This reference book provides complete profiles of the 1,000 largest corporate foundations and corporate direct giving programs in the U.S -- the funding sources that represent nearly $3.6 billion in cash and non-monetary support annually. Keywords: charitable contributions, corporations, endowments, United States directories

Database of Foundation Grants to Individuals Online (subscription)


Students, researchers, artists, and other individuals seeking assistance can locate information on foundation funding sources . Subscription database available. Program and contact information on close to 4,800 foundations and public charities that award funds to individuals for their education (for both U.S. and international students); arts and cultural endeavors; research and professional projects; and a wide range of special needs including aid for the economically disadvantaged. Annual subscriptions geared towards libraries, financial aid offices, and other institutions that serve individual grantseekers are available for only $99.95. Keywords: foundation, fundraising, grants, individual grants, online database

Directory of Research Grants 2003. 27th edition, 2003. Oryx Press. Phoenix, AZ. More than 5,100 current programs from 1,880 sponsors, including U.S. and foreign foundations, corporations, government agencies, and other organizations. Keywords: funding, grants, non-profit management, research grants

Education Grants ­ Department of Education The U.S. Department of Education (ED) is providing about $36 billion this year to states and school districts, primarily through formula-based grant programs, to improve elementary and secondary schools and meet the special needs of students. ED is providing about $2.5 billion to help strengthen teaching and learning in colleges and other postsecondary institutions and about $3.3 billion to support rehabilitation, research and development, statistics, and assessment. Keywords: education, grants, schools

Federal Funding Sources The package consists of a Grant Directory Guide explaining the process for obtaining grant money, as well hundreds of Government and Private Foundation Grant Programs. The package also includes Federal Funding Sources exclusive "GRANTLINK Premium


Grant Access Software", which contains online access to most types of Grant/Loan and Assistance Programs available. Keywords: funding sources, grant money, grant

FedGrants: Federal Funding Opportunities Comprehensive Federal Grant Opportunities listing includes information by: Agency, location, dates, activity category, CDFA Code and eligibility. See also the applicant notification service. Key words: federal, federal grants, funding, grants, public, public grants

Finding Funding: The Comprehensive Guide to Grant Writing (2002 edition). Barber, Daniel M., January. 2002. ant_Writing_2002_edition_0963809113.html Organize and prepare for the grant writing process. Focus on preparing and budget development. Keywords: fundraising, grant budget, grants, grant writing, preparing grants


This site has a useful list of links related to grants from the federal government. Keywords: Federal government, grants

Foundation Fundamentals: A Guide for Grantseekers. Revised, 6th edition, 1999. The Foundation Center. New York, NY. The revised 6th edition brings this thorough overview of the funding research process, often used as a basic primer in academic programs on the nonprofit sector, into the


electronic age. It is fully revised with up-to-date charts and worksheets to help you manage your fundraising program. Keywords: funding, fundraising, foundations, grants, grantseekers

Foundation Grants Index. 1999. Foundation Center. New York, N.Y. Overall, these grants totaled $1.3 billion, representing 16.1 percent of total grant dollars. Foundations awarded 16.7 percent of grant dollars for health, up from last year's 16.2 percent. Human services received 15.4 percent of grant dollars in 1997, dropping fro the record-high 17.3 percent reported in 1996. Keywords: foundation, grants, grants index, index, private foundations

Foundation Grants to Individuals. 11th edition. The Foundation Center. New York, NY. 1999. This is the only publication devoted exclusively to information on foundations that make grants to individuals. The volume features over 3,800 entries packed with the current information that individual grant seekers need most: addresses, contact names, financial data, application information, program descriptions, and more. Keywords: foundations, grants, grant seekers, individuals

Foundation Grants to Individuals Online. The Foundation Center. New York, New York. An online database of more than 5,600 foundation and public charity programs that fund students, artists, researchers, and other individual grant seekers. Low monthly, threemonth, and yearly subscription rates. Keywords: foundations, funding, grants, grant seekers, individual grant seekers, public charity.

Foundation News. Council on Foundations. Washington, DC.


Provides in-depth coverage of current philanthropic issues to keep one ahead of the curve. Gives real-life case studies and trends in technology, as well as analyses of regulations and legislation. One year subscription is $48; published bi-monthly. Available from Council on Foundations, 1828 L Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20036. Keywords: foundations, grants, news and updates, philanthropy

Foundation Search Fully searchable, online database. America's only complete, searchable database of over 4.5 million grants made by over 73,000 US and 7,000 Canadian foundations. Searchable index of over 400,000 US and Canadian foundation directors and officers. Database of over 8,000 newly created foundations, representing billions in new funding opportunities. U.S. and Canadian Foundation Tax Return information for the serious prospect researcher. Containing the tax return information on 80,000 North American foundations ­ spanning the years 1997-2002 and beyond. Keywords: charitable, foundation directors, foundation officers, foundations, giving, grants, grant history, research foundations

Foundations Today. The Foundation Center. New York, NY. A series of date specific pamphlets that describe the date, time and place of a specific speaker who is speaking on the subject of foundations. Keywords: foundations, grants

Fundraising and Friendraising on the Web. Corson-Finnerty, Adam, and Laura, Blanchard. This book discusses the current practices using the web. What is it like to raise funds on the web? Why do you want to do fundraising on the Internet? How do you recognize donors in cyberspace? Who contributes? Also included is an interactive CD-ROM that contains not only chapters from the book but also immediate links to sites discussed in the text. Keywords: fundraising, grants, internet fundraising, web fundraising


Fundraising on the Internet: the's Guide to Success Online, 2nd Edition. Warwick, Mal, Ted, Hart, and Nick Allen, (editors). ePhilanthropyFoundation. A collection of fundraising electronics expertise brought together in a single source. Ideas for verities, charts and examples for direct mail, major gifts, planned giving. Keywords: foundations, fundraising, ephilanthropy, grants

Grant Making Public Charities. The Foundation Center. New York, NY. Search annotated links to grant making and public charities by subject or geographic keyword. Before you start your research, you may want to download and make copies of the prospect worksheet also provided. Keywords: grant making, grants, public, public charities

Grant Proposals that Succeeded. White, V., 1983. Plenum Press. New York, NY. A useful evaluation tool representing successful applications in such areas as research grants, training, arts and humanities, federal and private applications, and critiques from grants experts. Includes bibliographical references and index.

Keywords: grant applications, grants, proposal writing Summary of grants news and publications. Keywords: funding, grants, grant writing, proposal making

Grantseekers Guide: Funding Sourcebook. Shellow, J. and Stella, N. 1985. Moyer


Bell. Mt. Kisco, NY. Direct grantseekers to funders on a topical basis. Keywords: funding, grant seeker, guides to fundraising

Grant seekers' Toolkit: A Comprehensive Guide to Finding Funding. New, Cheryl Carter, and Quick, James Aaron. Sage Publications. Released: October, 1998. A concise yet substantial Grant writing and seeking tool that provides tools for grant writers. The language is concise and directed to ease of use. The text should be helpful to those interested in the grant seeking process. Keywords: finding funding, funding, grants, grant writing

GrantSelect A fee based service offering more than 10,000 funding opportunities and the largest collection of sponsored research opportunities. The E-mail Alert Service delivers funding information to your e-mail inbox, including funding from state and federal governments, corporations, foundations, and associations. Subscriptions available for seven customized segments: Arts and Humanities, Biomedical and Health Care, Children and Youth, Community Development, K-12 and Adult Basic Education, International Programs, Operating Grants. Keywords: grants, funding, funders, research, research funding The Office of Federal Financial Management (OFFM) has issued a policy directive requiring Federal Agencies to use the "find" module to electronically post synopses of funding opportunities under Federal financial assistance programs that award discretionary grants and cooperative agreements. Keywords: federal, federal funding, federal grants, funding, funding opportunities, grants


Grantwriting for Dummies, Browning, Beverly A. For Dummies; (February 19, 2001).* The book is divided into chapters that are presented in the order in which the ideas need to be considered when preparing a proposal - Powering Up..., Understanding the Rules..., Putting Together Your Grant Application, Reaching the Finish Line. Part V. Includes a section called - The Part of Tens - which includes a series a chapters, each providing a set of 10 key ideas (Ten Ways to Personalize Your Request, Ten Grant Writing No-No's, Ten Data Collection Tips, etc.). Keywords: grant applications, grants, grant writing, writing proposals

Guides to the Development of Proposals. There are a variety of ways the ePhilanthropy Foundation provides educational services. Online Learning, Advocacy for ethics and best practices and by providing access to some of the most up-to-date information about ePhilanthropy. Keywords: ephilanthropy, grants, grants on the web

Guide to Federal Funding for Early Childhood Supports and Services: A Guide to Sources and Strategies. Fisher, Hansine, Carol, Cohen, and Margaret, Flynn, June 2000. This guide to federal funding sources is designed to help policy makers, program leaders, system-building advocates and others take advantage of federal funding opportunities. It identifies and summarizes nearly 60 federal programs that have the potential to support initiatives serving young children and their families, provides information on the structure and amount of federal funding available from these sources, and presents strategies for maximizing federal revenues. Keywords: federal financing, funding, federal programs, early childhood support, governments, grants

Guide to Federal Funding for Governments and Nonprofits

139 Guide to Federal Funding for Governments & Nonprofits has helped grant administrators in state and local governments, communities and nonprofits win thousands of federal grants and other aid. In one easy-to-use reference, the Guide gives you the key facts and insider tips for tapping more than 750 federal aid programs offering funds. Keywords: aid, federal funding, federal grants, guides, guides to federal funding

2003 Guide to Federal Grants and Government Assistance to Small Business ­ U.S. Government Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance, Loans, Grants, Surplus Equipment, SBA, GSA, SEC Information for Entrepreneurs, Startup Kit, Loan Programs, Financing, Law, Regulations, Reports, Workbooks - Applying for Federal Assistance (CD-ROM). Keywords: federal, federal grants, funding, grants, guides to grants

Historic Preservation Grants ­ Certified Local Government Program The CLG Program integrates local governments with the national historic preservation program through activities that strengthen decision-making regarding historic places at the local level. Because local planning office staff often play key roles in CLG projects, the thread of historic preservation becomes woven into the fabric of local land-use policy. Local governments collect and analyze information on the location and significance of archeological and historic properties for use by preservation commissions and by local, county, and State agencies. Using grants awarded by SHPOs, CLGs may produce historic theme or context studies, cultural resource inventories, assessments of properties to determine their eligibility for local and National Register of Historic Places designation, building reuse and feasibility studies, design guidelines and conservation ordinances, and publications to educate the public about the benefits of historic preservation. Keywords: grants, historic, history, local government, preservation

Historic Preservation Grants - Historic Preservation Fund


The funds for the program are derived from Outer Continental Shelf mineral receipts. Since 1968, over $1 billion in grant funds has been awarded to 59 States, territories, Indian Tribes, local governments, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Out of a FY2004 appropriation of $34.5 million for HPF grants to the States, the average State allocation is about $573,000, which typically is matched by $382,000 in non-federal matching share contributions. Projects eligible for funding and the criteria used to select them are developed annually by the SHPO. Funding decisions are made by the State not NPS. Among the kinds of activities funded are the following: architectural, historical, archeological surveys; nominations to the National Register of Historic Places; staff work for historic preservation commissions; design guidelines and preservation plans; public outreach materials such as publications, videos, exhibits, and brochures; training for commission members and staff; and rehabilitation or restoration of National Registerlisted properties. Keywords: grants, history, historic, preservation

Homeland Security Grants-Department of Homeland Security This is a compendium of homeland security grants ­ past and present ­ specifically from the Department of Homeland Security. Grants are available for a wide variety of safety and security initiatives. Keywords: grants, homeland, safety, security, terrorism

Homeland Security Grants-United States Government This site provides information on homeland security and public safety grant opportunities offered by agencies across the Federal government and is intended to simplify access to these grants by placing information in a single, easily accessible site. It includes grants offered by the Department of Homeland Security as well as other Federal Departments and Agencies. Critical state and local missions supported through these grants include the preparedness of first responders and citizens, public health, infrastructure security, and other public safety activities. While these programs vary considerably in their size and scope, they all contribute to making our nation more secure against the threat of terrorism, as well as other natural and man-made hazards. Department of Homeland Security grants listed include those administered by the Office of Domestic Preparedness (ODP), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Other Federal agency programs include the Department of Health and Human Services' public health preparedness grants, Department of Justice grants for counter-terrorism and general-purpose law enforcement activities, and Environmental


Protection Agency grants for enhancing the security of our Nation's water supplies. Keywords: grants, homeland, safety, security

How to Shake the New Money Tree. 1988. Dunn, Thomas G., Penguin. New York, NY. Tells how to set goals, plan campaigns and special events, and solve common fund raising problems, and suggests ways to create new charity ideas. Keywords: activists, fund raising, fund raising problems, grants, raising money

Local/State Funding Report. Government Information Services. Arlington, VA. Every week since 1972, Local/State Funding Report has detailed the latest federal funding programs, offering intelligence and concise, comprehensive coverage of available dollars in rural development... healthcare... law enforcement... housing... juvenile justice... energy... emergency and disaster aid... transportation and more. Keywords: budgets, funding, federal funding, government funding

Managing for Profit in the Nonprofit World. Firstenberg, The Foundation Center. New York, NY. Management guide to fiduciary responsibility and financing the operations and growth of organizations. Suggested reading for grant implementation. Keywords: financial, funding, grants, nonprofit organizations

National Directory of Corporate Giving. 8th edition, 2003. Clark, David. The Foundation Center. New York, NY. Published annually as a comprehensive source of information on the corporate philanthropic sector. Facilitates corporate grant searches with current facts on 3,300+ U.S. company-sponsored foundations and direct giving programs. Designed to Meet Special Information Needs of Corporate Grant seekers.


Keywords: corporate foundations, corporate giving, fundraisers, grants, grant searches

National Guide to Foundation Funding in Health. The Foundation Center. New York, N.Y. 1999. This report provides a brief examination of the growth and distribution of foundation funding for health from the mid-1990s to the start of the new millennium. It is available at no charge at the Foundation Center's Web site. Keywords: foundation, funding, grants, grants in healthcare, health funding

National Guide to Foundation Funding in Higher Education. The Foundation Center. New York, NY. Provides essential facts on more than 5,200 foundations and corporate direct-giving programs and public charities, each with a history of awarding grant dollars to higher education projects and institutions. Keywords: foundations, foundation funds, grants, higher education, higher education projects

National Guide to Funding for Children Youth and Families. Rich, Elizabeth H., The Foundation Center. New York, NY.,_Youth_and _Families/0879548770/ A guide to financial sources for funding initiatives with children, youth and families. Developed by the Foundation Center. Keywords: child welfare, finance directories, funding, grants, youth and families, finance directories

National Guide to Funding in Aging. Weiss, David M, Diane, Mahlmann E , and Edward, Murphy, C., The Foundation Center. New York, NY. 1998. (Later title: FUNDING IN AGING).


Each year, the grant makers featured in this volume award millions of grant dollars to senior citizen programs and institutions such as hospitals, community centers, nursing homes, and continuing education facilities, as well as organizations that concentrate on legal rights, housing, employment, health, veterans, cultural affairs, nutrition, and much more. Keywords: aged, funding, grants, guides, old age assistance, services for the aged

National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Extramural Research (OER) The OER serves as the focal point for policies and guidelines for extramural research grants administration. The site has information on grant guidelines, procedures and status for the development and implementation of the NIH Grants Policy, monitoring of compliance with PHS policy on Humane Use and Care of Laboratory Animals, coordination of program guidelines, and development and maintenance of the information systems for grants administration. Keywords: government grants, grants, grant guidelines, health, healthcare grants

New York State Foundations: A Comprehensive Directory. The Foundation Center. New York, NY. Foundation Directory is a comprehensive directory providing descriptions of more than 41,000 grant makers, including private grant-making foundations, community foundations, operating foundations, and corporate grant makers. Principal sources of information are voluntary reports by many grant makers directly to the Foundation Center and information obtained from public information returns filed each year with the Internal Revenue Service by private foundations. Keywords: directory of grant makers, foundation, funders, grants, grant maker, New York

National Technical Assistance, Training, Research, and Evaluation ­ Department of Commerce The mission of EDA is to lead the Federal economic development agenda by promoting innovation and competitiveness, preparing American regions for growth and success in


the worldwide economy. Through the NTA Program, EDA will work towards fulfilling its mission by funding research and technical assistance projects to promote competitiveness and innovation in urban and rural regions throughout the United States and its territories. By working in conjunction with its research partners, EDA will help states, local governments, and community based organizations to achieve their highest economic potential. Keywords: commerce, economic development, grants

Periodicals and Subscription Services. Council of Foundations. Washington, D.C. A membership organization of foundations and corporate giving programs that make grants. Their mission is to serve the public good by promoting and enhancing responsible and effective philanthropy. Council members adhere to the Principles and Practices for Effective Grant making. Council membership also provides a variety of networking and professional opportunities. Keywords: corporate foundations, foundations, grant makers, grant making

Quick Proposal Workbook. Conrad, Daniel Lynn, Public Management Inst.1982. The subtitle is "How to Produce Better Grant Proposals in Less Time." Step-by-step instructions to develop better proposal ideas, transform those ideas into projects suitable for funding, simplify the budgeting process, construct the best possible proposal, and write the actual proposal. Out of print ­ limited availability Keywords: budgeting, funding, grants, grant proposals

Secrets of Successful Grantsmanship: A Guerrilla Guide to Raising Money. Golden, Susan L., Jossey-Bass, 1997. This book takes a very different approach to the whole challenge of procuring grants. Rather than focusing on the steps that go into writing a proposal, author Golden puts the emphasis (and appropriately so!) on building a strong foundation that is concerned with doing everything possible to get the needed funding.


Keywords: funding, grants, grantmanship, raising money, proposals

Securing Your Organization's Future: A Complete Guide to Fundraising Strategies. Seltzer, Michael. The Foundation Center. New York, NY. February 2001. In this extensively revised and updated edition, author Michael Seltzer acts as your personal fundraising consultant. Designed to help strengthen your nonprofit organization's capacity to successfully raise funds and create long-term organizational stability. Recommended for novice grantseekers, experienced fundraisers and nonprofit management courses. Keywords: fundraising, grantseekers, grants, nonprofit fundraising

Taft Corporate Giving Directory 12th edition, 1991. Taft Group, Rockville MD: ISSN:0882-7176. Directory listings for all corporate giving, extensively researched. Keywords: corporate giving, corporate grants, directory, giving grants

The Foundation Center's User-Friendly Guide. Foundation Center. New York, NY. This online guide is developed primarily for the first-time grant seeker. It is intended both as a basic primer on the grant seeking process and as an introduction to some of the resources available with a special emphasis on those issued by the Foundation Center. You can read the guide online, or download sections for your own personal use, Covers foundations in detail, but also talks about corporate and government funders as well as individual donors. Keywords: foundation, Foundation Center, funders, grant guide, grant seeker, online guide to grants

The Foundation Center's User-Friendly Guide. Foundation Center. New York, NY.


This online guide is developed primarily for the first-time grant seeker. It is intended both as a basic primer on the grant seeking process and as an introduction to some of the resources available with a special emphasis on those issued by the Foundation Center. You can read the guide online, or download sections for your own personal use, Covers foundations in detail, but also talks about corporate and government funders as well as individual donors. Keywords: foundation, Foundation Center, funders, grant guide, grant seeker, online guide to grants

The Foundation Directory. 2003 edition. The Foundation Center. New York, NY. The 2003 Editions of the Foundation Directory & Directory Part 2 Available in CD-ROM and Print Formats. Together the Foundation Directory and The Foundation Directory, Part 2 constitute the most authoritative and comprehensive print reference work for information on the country's largest foundations. With close to 35,000 descriptions of recently awarded grants, the Directory provides fund-raisers with unique insights into foundations' giving priorities. Keywords: foundation, foundation directory, grant directory, grants

The Foundation Directory Online Select from a menu of options for subscription services ranging from beginners ­ with access to the 10,000 largest foundations, through expert ­ with access to the universe of 74,000 grant makers and over 250,000 grants. Keywords: directory, foundation, foundation directory, grants

The Foundation Finder. The Foundation Center. New York, NY. Use the Foundation Finder to search by name for basic information about foundations within the universe of more than 70,000 private and community foundations in the U.S. Keywords: finding foundations, foundation, funders, grants

The Foundation Grants Index Quarterly. The Foundation Center. New York, NY.

147 Foundation Grants Index contains records describing grants that have been awarded to nonprofit organizations by the larger independent, corporate, and community foundations (over 1,000 in 1995) located in the United States. This file cumulates grant records published in the Foundation Grants Index Annual and Foundation Grants Index Quarterly issues. Designed primarily to serve grant-seeking nonprofit organizations in determining private grant makers' funding interests, it also serves grant makers and researchers as a repository of historic information about private philanthropic activity. In-depth information about the grant makers represented in File 27 is available in File 26 (Foundation Directory), which contains addresses, year-end financial and board membership information, etc., as well as application guideline Keywords: directory, foundation, foundation index, funding, grants, index

The Fundraiser's Guide to the Internet. Johnston, Michael, John Wiley & Sons.1998. This book presents the issues, technology, and resources involved in online fundraising and donor relations. A practical how-to guide, this book presents real-world case studies and successful practices from a top consulting firm, as well as guidance, inspiration and warnings to nonprofits learning. Keywords: donor, donor relations, eproposal, fundraising, fundraiser, grants

The Grantsmanship Center. Los Angeles, CA. TGCI has been the world's leading source of grantsmanship training and grant information. Comprehensive website for grant seekers with free and subscription services available. This web site is an excellent source. The Grantsmanship Center gives workshops regularly in most major cities. Keywords: grant information, grantsmanship, grant seekers, writing grants

The Grantsmanship Center Magazine


Archives of The Grantsmanship Center Magazine articles by critical area of interest. Free to non-profits and government agencies. TGCI Magazine is packed with information on how to plan, manage, staff and fund the programs of nonprofit organizations and government agencies. Keywords: funding, grant proposals, grants, grant writing, non-profits

The Grant Seeker's Primer: A Guide to Applying for Federal, Foundation & Corporate Grants. Tureen, Edward and Heather, Weaver A., SEK Publications. 1999. It is written in an easy-to-use style that simplifies the whole process of grant seeking, from finding potential funders to the writing of the proposal itself. Keywords: grant, grant seeker

The "How To" Grants Manual: Successful Grantseeking Techniques for Obtaining Public & Private Grants. Bauer, David G. Hardcover (American Council on Education, May 1, 1988). 2nd Edition. Grants seekers guide and how to manual for using the most successful techniques in fund raising. Support for both private foundation grant writing and government grants. Keywords: foundations. Fund raising, grants, grant seeking, grant writing, public grants

The New How to Raise Funds from Foundations. Dermer, J. 3rd edition, 1979. Public Service Material. New York, NY. A how-to-manual for raising funds from charitable and corporate foundations. Keywords: foundations, funds from foundations, raising funds

The Nonprofit Entrepreneur: Creating Ventures to Earn Income. Skloot, Edward, The Foundation Center. New York, NY.

149 Consultant and social entrepreneur Edward Skloot brings together the nation's top practitioners and advisors in the field of nonprofit enterprise. Each demonstrates-- through vivid case studies, common-sense work plans, and tried-and-true experience-- how nonprofits can launch successful earned income ventures without compromising their missions. Keywords: earned income, financing, nonprofits

The Nonprofit Organization Handbook. Cornors, T.D. 2nd edition, 1988. McGraw Hill. New York, NY. More than six million public service, nonprofit organizations (NPOs) exist in America today. Now, this ground-breaking handbook offers the NPO manager, professional, and volunteer a total desktop reference on the effective management and operation of a nonprofit organization ( NPO.) Every NPO operates on seven common areas of management: 1) organization and corporate principles; 2) leadership, management and control; 3) human resources; 4) sources of revenue; 5) public relations and communications; 6) fiscal management and administration; & and assessment and evaluation. All seven areas are covered by 30 of the nation's most experienced practitioners. Keywords: financial, fiscal management, nonprofit, management, sources of revenue

The Research Funding Guidebook. Getting It, Managing It, and Renewing It. Ries, Joanne B. and Carl, Leukefeld G., 1997. The Research Funding Guidebook begins at the point many grant seekers can identify with rejection. This is a hands-on guide. For new and experienced investigators alike. Anyone interested in research funding in any academic discipline will find this book useful. Keywords: academic, grants, research funding, research grants, research

Winning Grants Step by Step: Support Centers of America's Complete Workbook for Planning, Developing and Writing Successful Proposals. Carlson, Mim, JosseyBass Non-Profit Sector Series.


1/ref=sr_1_1/102-2334756-3026533?v=glance&s=books This workbook provides information on each of the parts of a proposal (Need Statement, Objectives, Methods, Evaluation, Budget & Future Funding) and then provides a worksheet for each section to assist the reader in developing a first draft of his/her own proposal. Keywords: funding, grants, proposal development, proposals

Winning Strategies for Developing Grant Proposals, Government Information Services This 96-page book takes you through the grant seeking process, delivering practical tips, advice and insights from grant seeking experts on researching potential funders, writing a project narrative and approaching federal and private sector grant makers. Keywords: grants, grant proposals, grant seeking, proposal development

World Guide to Foundations. Michael Zils. Saur Verlag, GmbH & Company, K. G., Germany, 1997. Brings together over 21,750 foundations on six continents and some 112 countries. Keywords: funding, grants, international, international grants


Government Documents

An important source of information for the researcher is found in the broad category of materials known as "Government Documents". Government documents are the publications issued by the three branches of government and published by the United States Government. Tens of thousands of publications are published by the United States Government each year, and this large quantity of publications is a valuable source of primary material for the researcher in public administration in terms of understanding the structure of government, the historical evolution of public policies, current governmental practice and so on. Virtually every public library and university library supplies online or paper government document resources to the public or academicians. The following are government documents available on line.

A Guide to Business Improvement Districts'business%20improvement%20di stricts%20a%20guide%20to%20establishing%20a%20bid' Legislation will give businesses, for the first time, a direct say, and a measure of control, over how local resources are used and spent, local resources are used and spent, local policies, and practices developed and implemented in the Business Improvement District. Keywords, Business Improvement District, legislation

Establishment of Solano Business Improvement District Proposed establishment of the Berkeley Solano Avenue Business Improvement District. Keywords: Berkeley Solano Avenue, Business Improvement District

Federal and Federal Agencies This site offers a link entitled forms and publications, all of which are a help to the taxpayer or professionals in the tax field. There are also specialized links for accountants. Keywords: Internal Revenue service Federal Government Support

152 This branch of the Library of Congress details information regarding how to register original works to prevent theft. The purpose is to protect the writer, musician or artist who created the work. There is a link that gives the specific forms for registering original literary works, sound recordings, and published photographs. This is a useful source for creative persons who wish to prevent others from wrongfully copying their work. Keywords: United States copyright office

Federal Government Support Firstgov is the official gateway to all government information. A portal to reference sources related to the U.S. government. Contains online information, services, and resources. Keywords: government documents This site offers specialized information regarding U.S. governmental support for the arts. There are links describing various forums and artistic events, as well as portals using Acrobat Reader to download and read entire publications regarding such topics as American literary figures and jazz musicians. This is a good source for anyone interested in the arts. Keywords: National Endowment for the Arts This website is a cooperative effort between national history day, national archives and records administration, and USA Freedom Corps. Site includes 100 milestone documents of American history. Keywords: government documents This portal offers information for the small business person--seminars, locations of SBA offices around the U.S., news regarding small business, types of assistance for the small business person, and a link for forms to apply for all types of financial support. This is the main branch of the government that offers support for small business people in the


U.S. Keywords: Small Business Administration

Federal Law Enforcement This site offers information on CIA press releases, statements, speeches and testimony, as well as reports. The site has a library and reference section which includes: The World Factbook, factbook on intelligence, publications, and papers. Keywords: Central Intelligence Agency, government agencies

Federal Law Enforcement This site gives news releases concerning the FBI, information regarding drug cartels, counter terrorism, several investigative programs, a list of the Most Wanted, and a link for reporting a tip concerning a crime. There are publications that can be downloaded, such as forensic reports and profiles of persons involved in school shootings. The site also contains a great deal of information regarding the history of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and recent news regarding a scam concerning debit cards, cautioning Internet users not to download emails describing debit cards connected with the FBI. This is a rich, useful site for anyone interested in criminal investigation. Keywords: Federal Bureau of Investigations This site contains DEA new releases, speeches and testimony, intelligence reports, statistics, drug policy and information. This site also has an audio/video library. Information on DEA programs and operations are accessible. Keywords: Drug Enforcement Agency, government agencies This site features information about the U.S. Secret Service. The site offers information on press releases, protective research, counterfeiting, financial crimes and forensics. The site also includes employment opportunities and application forms. Keywords: government agencies, Secret Service


Federal Money Making This branch of the U.S. Department of the Treasury describes the history and general information regarding coins and currency of the U.S. Links are available for tours of the mints, commemorative coins, instructional aids for teachers, and various other mint programs. There is a Pressroom and Press Image Library with high-resolution images that may be downloaded as TIF files for press releases. Keywords: The United States Mint

Federal and State Publications and Library of Congress The mission of the Library of Congress is to make its resources available and useful to the Congress and the American people. Through its Web sites, the Library offers broad public access to a wide range of information, including historical materials that may contain offensive language or negative stereotypes. Such materials must be viewed in the context of the relevant time period. The Library of Congress does not endorse the views expressed in such materials. Keywords: Congress and Senate publications Checklist of Legislative Journal of the United States of America. National Association of States Libraries, Public Documents Clearing House Committee. Comp. Macdonald, Grace E.. N.Y.: W.S. Hein 1980, 274p. Keywords: National Association of State Libraries Provides a downloadable copy of the original constitution and it also provides the declaration of independence. It further provides all documents pertaining to the formulation of our government that our founding fathers prepared. Keywords: Federal Archives and National Archives


Autobiographies produces the Monthly Catalog from June 1876-to present. The keyword searching provides keyword access to author, title and subject indexes plus an index combining all three keywords. Government Publications: A Guide to Bibliographic Tools. Palic, Vladimir M., Washington, D.C., Library of Congress, 4th, ed. 1975. 441p. "Outlines bibliographic aids in the field of official publications issued by the United States, foreign countries, and international government organizations. It is intended to be a practical guide directing the researcher." Government Publications and Their Use. Schmeckebier, Laurence F. and Roy B. Eastin, 2nd rev. ed. Washington, D.C., Brookings Institution, 1969. 502p. Keywords: Federal bibliographies and government publications. "The purpose of this volume is to describe the basic guides to government publications to indicate the uses and limitations of available indexes, catalogs and bibliographies." A useful guide, though it is dated. Government Reference Books. Littleton, CO, Libraries Unlimited, 1968/69-. Keywords: bibliographies, catalogs, and indexes Contains nearly 3,000 titles arranged by broad subjects with comprehensive subject index. Popular Names of U.S. Government Reports. Compiled by Benier, Bernard A. Jr. And Karen A. Wood. U.S. Library of Congress. Serial and Government Publications Division. Washington, D.C., Library of Congress, 4th ed. 1984. 272p. Keywords: Congressional publications and reports Comprehensive Index to the Publications of the United States Government. 1881-1893, Ames, John Griffith. Washington, D.C., Government Printing Office, 1905. 2v. Keywords: Congressional publications and abstracts A guide to the location of collections emphasizing government publications. Federal Index: A Current Index to Congressional Record Federal Register Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents. NSA Pub. Washington, DC., 1990. GAO Documents. Washington, D.C., U.S., General Accounting Office, 1975-. Keywords: resource guide to public administration


A catalog of reports, staff studies, decisions, testimonies, speeches, periodicals, manuals and guides. Eight indexes including subject, author, and agency/organization indexes. Keywords: politics and public administrations A Checklist of Legislative Journals Issued Since 1937 by the States of the United States of America. Pullen, William Russell. Chicago, IL, American Library Association, 1955. 59p. Keywords: legislative journals of the United States Congressional Record; Containing the Proceedings and Debates of the 43rd Congress-, March 4, 1873-. U.S. Congress. Washington, D.C., Government Printing Office, 1873-. Keywords: federal debates and records of congress This resource manual provides municipal officials information about a relatively new concept for Serbian local governments ­ the business improvement district (BID). It includes a comprehensive summary of the BID approach, how to establish such a district and additional essential information municipal officials need to know about this subject. Perhaps most importantly, this reference guide documents the experience of four municipalities in Serbia, which with the assistance of the Serbian Local Government Reform Program (SLGRP), a United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funded program, established the first such districts in the country. This manual was prepared by Berman, Norton, Tomas Valasak, Petr Adamek, and Nenad Maksimovic and edited by Leah April. Keywords: business improvement district Known as Document Index. Continued by Numerical Lists and Schedule. Index to U.S. Government Periodicals. Chicago, IL, Info data International, Inc., 1980-.A quarterly index to selected government periodicals. Introduction to United States Government Information Sources. Morehead, Joe. 5th ed. Colorado, Englewood, 1996.


333p. Keywords: United States public documents Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications. U.S. Superintendent of Documents. Washington, D.C., Government Printing Office. Keywords: reports of United States executive and state publications Numerical Lists and Schedule of Volumes of the Reports and Documents of the 73rd Congress-1933/34-80. U.S. Superintendent of Documents. Washington, D.C., Government Printing Office, 1933-82. Keywords: state publications and libraries of depository information Official Publications in Britain. Butcher, David. London, Bingley, 1983. 161p. Introduction and complete coverage of "current official publishing". A Popular Guide to Government Publication. Leidy, W. Philip. 4th ed. N.Y., Columbia University Press, 1976, 440p. Keywords: subject guide to government publications and government resources Issued daily while Congress is in session, it includes speeches, debates, Presidential messages and voting records. A Consumer's, Researchers' and Students' Guide to Government Publications. McIlvaine, Besty, N.Y., H.W. Wilson, 1983. 115p. Keywords: Federal index cumulative title index An overview of governmental publications designed to encourage use. Cumulative Title Index to United States Public Documents. 1789-1976, Lester, Daniel W., Faull, Sandra K. and Lester, Lorraine E. Arlington, VA, United States Historical Documents Institute, 1979. 16 volumes. "Largest and most comprehensive cumulative title index to U.S. Government documents ever produced." A Descriptive Catalogue of the Government Publications of the United States, September 5, 1774 to March 4, 1981. Poore, Benjamin Perley. Washington, D.C., Government Printing Office, 1885. 1,392p. The first guide to


publications in legislative, judicial and executive branches. Directory of Government Document Collection & Librarians. Kile, Barbara and Taylor, Audrey. Bethesda, MD, Congressional Information Service, 4th ed. 1984. 690p. Keywords: bibliography aides, governmental publications CSUSM provides information on all government-created publications received, regardless of format, in our catalog. This includes State of California and some regional (San Diego County) and international (United Nations) materials and materials in electronic, microform, paper, and CD-ROM format as well as maps. The usual search is to use keywords known to be in the document's title or by the issuing agency name. Other searches are by SuDoc classification or by subject heading. CSUSM applies the Library of Congress subject heading terms to all materials included in our catalog. To limit your search results only to Federal government publications, use the catalog's advanced search and limit the location to U.S. government documents. Keywords: government created publications Contains over 1,500 reports of U.S. executive, judicial and legislative bodies referred to by their "popular name." Author and subject indexes. Public Documents of the First Fourteen Congresses. 1789-1817, Greely, Adolphus Washington, Washington, D.C., Government Printing Office, 1900. 903p. Keywords: intricacies of government and congressional documents "Biennial Guide to U.S. Government Publications". The Tenth Biennial Volume 86/87, is an "authoritative annotated guide to atlases, bibliographies, catalogs...indexes, and other reference monographs issued by agencies of the United States government during the most recent two-year period." Subject arrangement with detailed author, subject and title index. Government Reports: Announcements & Index. U.S. Department of Commerce. VA. Technology Administration National Technical Information Service. 1996. Keywords: United States Department of Commerce and Publications Introduction to United States Public Documents. Morehead, Joe, Littleton, CO, Libraries Unlimited, 3rd. ed., 1983. 309p. Keywords: Library of Congress public documents

159 The book opens with a discussion of public access as a constitutional right in the electronic information age. Subsequent chapters describe administrative machinery and information systems of the Government Printing Office (GPO) Locating United States Government Information: A Guide to Sources. Herman, Edward. Buffalo, N.Y., William S. Hein, 1983. 250p. Keywords: reports of information systems and government printing Government Reports Announcement. U.S. National Technical Information Service, Springfield, VA, NTIS, 1946-. Keywords: Federal government, technical and information services "NTIS, an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce, is the central source for the public sale of U.S. Government-sponsored research, development and engineering reports and other analyses prepared by national and local agencies." Arranged by 22 broad subject categories with 178 subcategories. NTIS also published Abstract Newsletters which "announce in 27 subject categories summaries of most unclassified federally funded research as it is completed and made available to the public." Sample titles are: "Problem Solving Information for State and Local Government" and "Administration and Management." Government Reports Annual Index. National Technical Information Services, Springfield, VA., U.S. NTIS, 1994. Keywords: Federal publications, index, Presidential messages A Guide to Parliamentary Papers; What They Are; How to Find Them; How to Use Them. Ford, Percy and Ford, Grace. 3rd ed. Shanon, Ireland, Irish Univ. Press, 1972. 87p. Guide to Popular U.S. Government Publications. 4th ed, Hoffmann, Frank W. and Wood, Richard J. 4th ed., 1997 A reference identifying and describing 1,410 federal publications of current or long-term popular interest (some available on diskette or CDROM) in a wide variety of subjects, ranging from alcohol and drug abuse to taxes, water, and wildlife. Arrangement is by subject and each entry includes bibliographic description, issuing agency, SuDocs number, GPO stock number and price, and a brief descriptive annotation. Picking up where the last edition ended, this volume covers the period from June of 1989 to January of 1993. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or. -This text refers to the hardcover edition of this title. A Guide to Publications of the Executive Branch. O'Hara, Frederic J., Ann Arbor, MI: Pierian Pr., 1979. 287p.


Keywords: Federal publications, parliamentary papers Over 1,000 federally produced bibliographies with a comprehensive index. Arranged by subject entries. A Bibliography of United States Government Bibliographies. 1974-1976, Scull, Roberta A. Ann Arbor, MI: Pierian Press, 1979. 310p. Keywords: bibliographies, government Supplements the original volume issued in 1975. Catalog of Government Publications in the Research Libraries. New York Public Library. Research Libraries. Boston, MA, G.K. Hall, 1972. 40v. Materials received in Research Libraries. "The New York Public Library collection of public documents is outstanding in its coverage of the fundamental documents of all national and colonial governments... departmental reports, censuses, statistical annuals and reports, and journals and monographs relating to major activities of government departments and agencies." Also includes "publications of state and provincial governments, principal cities as well as smaller ones." A two-volume supplement was printed in 1976. Keywords: catalog, Federal bibliographies Lists of publications, bibliographies and catalogs issued by government agencies at the federal level. Bibliographic Guide to Government Publication-U.S. New York Public Library. Research Libraries. Boston, MA, G.K. Hall, 1976-. Annual publication of materials received in the Research Libraries. Keywords: Federal publications

History of the United States This historical site offers a rich resource for art, design, architecture, and artifacts connected with the history of the United States. There is information concerning geology, animals, and aviation and a wealth of information regarding exhibits and assistance for students and instructors. Information is available in a variety of languages, and specific portals download articles on a variety of historical topics. Keywords: Smithsonian Institute of the United States Immigration and Customs

161 The U.S. Customs Service is now combined with the INS and the USDA Animal Plant and Health Inspection Service. Their site offers news concerning border issues, travel alerts and information regarding NAFTA. Job information is available, as well as import and export information and legal and contracting information. Specific publications may be downloaded, such as Know Before You Go, a brochure to alert the traveler to customs laws. Much of this site is concerned with agricultural information. Keywords: United States Bureau of Customs and Border Protection This government site gives information about the mission and operations of the U.S. Border Patrol. There is media information and press releases, and information about what it is like to work for the Border Patrol. It is possible to download and print the articles and releases. Keywords: boarder patrol and immigration

News and Special Interest This site offers information regarding news, legislation, and financial assistance for those in the field of agriculture. There is an excellent collection of photographs that can be used for teaching or research. Of special interest is a collection of beautiful black and white photographs of farm-related subjects in the 1930's and 1940's. Keywords: United States Department of Agriculture

New York and New Jersey Port Authority The web site for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey gives traffic advisories, press releases, information regarding port commerce, and economic development as well as commemorative information regarding the Twin Towers. There are PDF files to download concerning publicly advertised contracts such as Minority, Women-Owned and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Uniform Certification Applications. There is detailed information regarding tunnels, bridges, terminals, and police protection of all these facets of the port authority. Keywords: Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.


Operations of Government Selected congressional publications. Use with Poore's Descriptive Catalogue. Tapping the Government Grapevine: The User Friendly Guide to U.S. Government Publications. 2nd ed. Robinson, Judith S. AZ., Orxy Press, 1993. Keywords: congressional publications and government documents

Publications by Government Agencies Bibliographies and descriptions of state publications. Explains types of state documents and includes list of checklists. Monthly Checklist of State Publications. U.S. Library of Congress. Exchange and Gift Division. Washington, D.C., Government Printing Office, 1910-. Keywords: Library of Congress, state publications - monthly A useful guide to primary sources. State Government Research Checklist. Lexington, KY, Council of State Governments, 1959-. A subject guide to "research reports by legislative service agencies and other study committees and commissions." Former title: Legislative Research Checklist. State Publications: A Provisional List of the Official Publications of the Several States of the United States from Their Organization. Bowker, R. N.Y., Publisher' Weekly, 1908-1972. Keywords: legislative documents, official publications in the United States A useful guide to retrospective lists of state publications Keywords: state and local publications Identifies municipal government publications. Keywords: state and local government documents

163 United States Government Publications (Non-Depository). N.Y., Readex Microprint, 1953-. All non-depository items arranged by Monthly Catalog entry number. Microfiche format beginning in 1981. U.S. Government Publications Relating to the Social Sciences: A Selected Annotated Guide. Lu, Joseph K. Beverly Hills, CA, Sage, 1975. 260p. Keywords: social sciences publications, United States government publications Primary source for state documents/publications received by the Library of Congress. Includes State checklists in June and December issues. Documents may be obtained from issuing agency. Municipal Government Reference Sources: Publications and Collection. Hernon, Peter. N.Y., Bowker, 1978. 341p. Keywords: primary documents, state and local municipal "Complete and detailed bibliographic descriptions of documents issued annually by the largest cities and counties in the United States and Canada." Geographical and subject indexes. Manual on the Use of State Publications. Wilcox, Jerome Kear. Chicago, IL, American Library Association, 1970, 342p. Keywords: government documents, state publications Useful in designating the types of publications and the information contained in them. Explains administrative reports; committee or commission reports; investigative and research reports; bills and resolutions, hearings, journals and proceedings; laws, statutes, compilations, codes; decisions and opinions; rules, regulations and manuals; and bibliographies and lists. A listing with description of publications of each branch of government. Each branch is further subdivided. Contains governmental department changes until 1948. Indexed by subject and title. United States Government Publications Monthly Catalog. U.S. Superintendent of Documents. Washington, D.C., Government Printing Office, 1895-. Keywords: catalogs, government publications, indexes primary source publications A useful guide to government publications on the state and local levels. State


Government and Administration: A Bibliography. Tompkins, Dorothy L.C.C., Berkeley, CA, Bureau of Public Administration, University of California, 1954. 269p. Keywords: state and local publications This covers the many changes in accessing and using this material, including information sources available on the Internet, online databases, electronic bulletin boards, CD-ROM products and diskettes, and telephone hotline numbers. Keywords: database, government documents Over 700 entries including background reading and guides. Name and title indexes. Using Government Information Sources: Print and Electronic. Sears, Jean L., and Marilyn, Moody K., 2nd, ed, 1994, Oryx Press. The revised edition of Using Government Publications (1985- 86), which is cited in ARBA 1987, Walford, and Sheehy Suppl. A basic reference guide to US government documents and information, not only listing sources for information on specific topics but also suggesting general and specific strategies for finding additional information or for finding information on topics not covered. A combination of checklists with coverage and content notes, search strategies, and analyses provides a flexible approach for all users, from experienced researchers and government documents librarians to students and novice government document users. Using Government Publications. Seans, Jean L. and Marilyn K. Moody. AZ., Oryx Press, 1985. Keywords: government documents and publications Lists current catalogs published by government agencies with annotated entries for each. United States Government Publications. Boyd, Ann Morris. 3rd rev. ed. By Rae Elizabeth Rips. N.Y., H.W. Wilson, 1949. 627p.

Keywords: government agencies, government documents

Public Health Information This website offers information on all kinds of health issues, including news articles, information about SARS, health issues connected with hurricane Isabella, health issues and terrorism, domestic violence, and AIDS. There is a link for downloading


publications on each of these topics and many other health-related topics. Keywords: United States Center for Disease Control This branch of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services offers information regarding drugs, drug-related news, research, laws concerning drugs, and various hot topics concerning drugs and medical procedures, such as LASIK surgery. There are dozens of manuals and publications available for download, many of them concerning medical compliance with drug laws. Keywords: United States Food and Drug Administration This website offers health information for the public as well as for medical professionals. There is information regarding topics the Institutes fund for research and recent research news. One link enables the web user to download current grant news in order to apply for research funding. There is also job and grant information for those who are interested in scientific research as a field of study. Keywords: National Institute for Health This website provides safety-related regulatory information and statistical data. Worker safety is the primary objective of this organization within the Centers for Disease Control. Keywords: National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health , safety

State and Federal Sources with Respective Bibliographies Includes bibliographies of guides, catalogs and indexes. Subject Guide to U.S. Reference Sources. Robinson, Judith Schiek, ed. Littleton, CO, Libraries Unlimited, Inc., 1985. 365p. Keywords: government publications, references, subject guide


This effort is the best study of state publications as they relate to depository libraries that have ever been compiled. It should be of interest to all librarians working with any level of government materials. Keywords: depository libraries at the state and national level State Government Reference Publications: An Annotated Bibliography. Parish, David W. 2nd ed. Littleton, CO, Libraries. Unlimited, 1981. 355p. Keywords: state government publications and bibliography State Publications and Depository Libraries: A Reference Book. Lane, Margaret T. Westpost, CT, Greenwood Press, 1981. 573p. Keywords: depository libraries at the state and national level A "guide to the most important reference books published by the Government Printing Office and Government agencies." This is continued by Government Reference Books. Keywords: depository libraries and publications

United States Military This site offers information about the U.S. Airforce. The site contains information about careers in the U.S. Airforce as well as educational opportunities. Keywords: Airforce, armed services, military This site offers information about the U.S. Army, U.S. Army Reserves and the National Guard. The site offers information about obtaining military records. Keywords: Army, armed services, military


This site offers information about the U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Coast Guard Reserves. The site contains information about the history and missions of the U.S. Coast Guard. Keywords: armed services, Coast Guard, homeland security This site offers information about the U.S. Marines. The site contains information about the history and tradition of the U.S. Marines. Recruitment information is available on the site. Keywords: armed services, Marines, military This site offers information about the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Navy Reserves. The site explores career options with the Navy. The site also includes links to other government agencies. Keywords: armed services, Navy, military This site offers information about opportunities for service in the Peace Corps, information about places to work, safety issues and the types of applicants sought after. It is possible to download an application form and apply for consideration to work in the Peace Corps. There is a wealth of information about the experiences of people who have served in the past and ways for them to stay connected with each other. Keywords: United States Peace Corps

World Trade and United Nations The web site for the UN offers news, information regarding conferences, actions taken against terrorism, and other peace efforts. It is possible to enter the site in a variety of languages. Publications are offered on a variety of topics, including online databases. There are also other specialized items available, such as stamps and other international products. This is an excellent site for those interested in the position of the United States in an international context. Keywords: United Nations

168 This site offers information regarding world trade, international trade news, conferences, and seminars. There is a link for downloading documents pertaining to these topics. Keywords: World Trade organization.


Handbooks of Public Administration and Public Affairs

Handbooks supply a comprehensive overview of the major research perspectives and topics in specific disciplines, and are utilized by academicians and students as important sources to understand the disciplines at large or to develop research topics or bibliographies. Those listed below are primary published handbooks in public administration, public policy and related areas. Other types of handbooks that offer practical information for practitioners are also included.

Accounting and Accountability in Public Administration. Brown, R.E., Washington, D.C.: American Society for Public Administration.1988. This PAR Classic takes an in-depth look at accounting and accountability in the world of public administration today. Keywords: accountability, government accounting, handbook

A Handbook of Canadian Public Administration. Dunn, C., Oxford University Press, 2003. The Handbook of Canadian Public Administration reflects on the historical approaches to the study and practice of public administration, while considering some of the new 'hot issues' in the field, such as: new public management; alternative service delivery; information and communications technology; voluntary sector and the role of municipal governments. It also looks at specific policy areas such health care, regulation of biotechnology, and Aboriginal self-government. Every chapter is written by an expert in the field and follows a format that is consistent throughout the book. Each selection looks first at the history of the topic in question, then at its current state, and ends by examining possible future directions. The volume has both individual chapter introductions and a general introduction providing the context, structure, and aims of the work as a whole. There is an emphasis on the history of the area--the history of ideas, issues, or policies and a description of the current status and possible future developments of the area. Keywords: Canadian public administration, handbook

American Public Administration: Patterns of the Past. Fesler, J.W., Washington,


D.C.: American Society for Public Administration.1982. This collection, drawn from the Public Administration Review, discusses the origins of the profession in five sections: Foreign Administration, The American Beginnings, Shifts in Doctrine and Practice, Processes, and Agency Histories. Keywords: American public administration history, handbook, public administration

A New Handbook of Political Science. Goodin, R.E, and Klingeman, H. Includes familiar, staple topics in political science, public policy and political theory. Keywords: handbooks, public administration, public policy

Approaches to Organizing. Golembiewski, R.T., Washington, D.C.: American Society for Public Administration.1981. This book combines important articles from the Public Administration Review on organizing in three sections: 1) Perspectives on the Act of Organizing: Four Views from the Inside-Out and Outside-In; 2) Considerations in Designing the Enterprise: Five Guiding Foci; and 3) Dynamics of Organizations in Life: Seven Ways of Responding to Experience and Guiding it. Keywords: approaches to organization, handbook, organization theory and practice

Blackwell Handbook of Research Methods in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Rogelberg, S., Blackwell. 2002. Handbook of Research Methods in Industrial and Organizational Psychology is a comprehensive and contemporary treatment of research philosophies, approaches, tools, and techniques indigenous to industrial and organizational psychology. In this volume, leading methodological and measurement scholars discuss topics spanning the entire


organizational research process. Topics include, but are not limited to, research ethics, reliability and validity, research design, qualitative research paradigms, power analysis, computational modeling, confirmatory factor analysis, internet data collection, longitudinal modeling, modeling complex data structures, multilevel research, crosscultural organizational research, and modeling nonlinear relationships. Chapters are written so that both the novice and the experienced researcher will gain new and useful practical and theoretical insights into how to systematically and pragmatically study work-related phenomena. This handbook will serve as an excellent modern complement to other more content-based handbooks of industrial/organizational psychology, organizational behavior, and human resources management. Keywords: handbook, research method, industrial and organizational psychology

Bioterrorism in Medical and Healthcare Administration. Paquette, Laure. CRC Press. 2004. nt_id=&pc= Bioterrorism in Medical and Healthcare Administration proposes an efficient method to identify, manage, and control transformations in the provision of health services during elevated levels of bioterrorist threat. The book offers step-by-step procedures and templates that enable readers to prepare and implement a coordinated response to highalert situations and outlines procedures for analyzing events of significance, properly training personnel, maintaining working relationships among various groups, and coping with the threat or use of bioweaponry. It provides tools for change that are useful to anyone inside or outside the health care system, at any level, and in a unit of any size. Keywords: bioterrorism, medical and healthcare administration

Case Studies in Public Budgeting and Financial Management. Khan, Aman, and W. Bartley Hildreth. CRC Press. 2003. nt_id=&pc= This text displays strategies in system implementation, policy formulation, government accounting, and financial reporting. It clarifies procedures to solve cutback and downsizing dilemmas using theoretical models and manage financial activities under budgetary strain. In order to serve as an effective reference, the book compiles a wide range of case studies and examples to simplify concepts and procedures. Topics of discussion include the political economy of budgeting, budget management practices, budgeting under financial stress, accounting, auditing, and financial reporting, the evolution of a debt management policy and program, and financial management under


budgetary stress. Keywords: government accounting, financial reporting, policy formulation, system implementation

Changing Bureaucracies: Understanding the Organization before Selecting the Approach. Medina, W.A., N.Y.: Marcel Dekker, Inc. 1982. A good guide for executives who are planning to make changes in their organizations. Keywords: bureaucracy, bureaucracy reform, handbook, public administration

Chaos Organization and Disaster Management. Kirschenbaum, Alan. CRC Press. 2003. nt_id=&pc= Chaos Organization and Disaster Management offers a scholarly survey of disaster response behavior and management in the face of natural and manmade catastrophe. The author provides a methodological and empirical platform from which to initiate a critical analysis of disaster management. Sparked by a unique field study of the Israeli experience during the Gulf War, this book demonstrates the massive divide between individual responses to disaster and the actual functioning of disaster management organizations. It exposes the fundamental flaws of disaster management agencies, analyzing disasters from the perspectives of both agencies and potential victims. Formulating an alternative approach to disaster management that draws upon the advantages of privatization, this volume appraises methods of measuring disaster agency effectiveness, emphasizing the citizen vantage point and stakeholder evaluations. It outlines the intrinsic bureaucratic constraints that impede the efficacy of government agencies, and reveals the disconnect between organizational and victim perceptions of disaster. By highlighting a new empirically based understanding of disaster behavior, the book recommends moving the focus of disaster management to a social process model that will save lives. Keywords: chaos organization, disaster response behavior and management

Civil Service Handbook: How to Get a Civil Service Job. Heiling,G. Arco Publishing, H. H. Macmillan Information, 1995.

173 For everyone who is considering working for the government, here are clear, easy-tofollow explanations of the required application procedures, plus in-depth descriptions of all the most popular jobs. The book offers full explanations of all eligibility requirements, model test questions with answers, and two full-length sample exams for practice. Keyword: civil service, handbook

Colorado Disaster Emergency Procedures Handbook for Local Governments. Colorado Office of Emergency Management, 1999. The handbook outlines the emergency management plan for the State of Colorado. Keywords: Colorado, disaster, emergency, handbooks, public administration

Commissioner's Little Handbook: A Portable Guide for Local Government Advisory Board Members. Wood, L. Training Shoppe. 1992. The Commissioners Little Handbook captures the essential information needed by advisory board members and staff liaisons in a handy 7 1/4 by 4 1/2 inch document. Incisive and perceptive, this book should be provided to every advisory board member. Keywords: commissioner, handbook, local government

Confronting Catastrophe: A GIS Handbook. Greene, R.W., 2002. Explains the use of a geographic information system (GIS) in designing and implementing an effective response to disasters. Keywords: disasters, emergencies, handbook

Developing Affordable Housing: A Practical Guide for Nonprofit Organizations (Wiley Nonprofit Law, Finance and Management Series). Hect, Bennett L.

174 This book offers the necessary tools and strategies to create long-term stability, meet community housing needs, and take advantage of economic opportunities. It provides comprehensive coverage of the entire development process, including putting together the development team, determining feasibility of the project, and financing the project. Keywords: development, feasibility, financing, housing needs, long term stability, tools, strategies

Elected Official's Little Handbook: A Portable Guide for Local Government Legislators (Little Handbook Series). Wood, L. C. E. Training Shoppe. 1994. The Elected Officials Little Handbook is a compact, 71/4 by 41/2, loose leaf reference guide that is presented in outline form, making it easy to read and easily fits in a purse or brief case. This is the third book in the Little Handbook series. Keywords: elected officials, handbook Evaluation for the 21st Century: A Handbook. Chelimsky, E., W.R., Shadish, 1997. The handbook examines how evaluation is changing in the 21st century and is becoming increasingly international in nature and diverse. Keywords: evaluation, handbook

Extension Agent's Handbook for Emergency Preparation and Response. Bilbo, D.L., 2001. Handbook provides general family preparedness in the event of and emergency. The book covers ten disaster specific situations. Keywords: disaster management, handbooks, public administration

Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations (P a R Classics Series 5). Wright, Deil


S., Washington. DC: American Society for Public Administration, 1984. The selections in this book, which are drawn from the Public Administration Review, expose and explore several themes of changed intergovernmental relationships across more than four decades of wartime emergency, peacetime quiescence, urban malaise, citizen activism and fiscal retirement. Keywords: federalism, handbook, intergovernmental relations

Financial Planning and Management in Public Organizations. Steiss, Alan W., and Nwagwu, Emeka O. CRC Press. 2001. nt_id=&pc= This work focuses on the theory and practice of financial management in public organizations and local government, highlighting the planning, analysis, and control skills necessary to navigate a future of change in technology, society, politics and economics. It details three fundamental areas of responsibility in the annual financial management cycle - cash management, financial planning, and management control. The authors discuss the financial planning-control continuum, cash management and investment strategies, and techniques of financial and managerial cost accounting to assist financial managers and public administrators in their daily efforts to promote more efficient and effective use of financial resources. Keywords: financial planning and management, handbook, public organizations

Forms of Local Government: A Handbook on City, County and Regional Options. Kemp, R.L., McFarland & Company. This handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the various forms of government below the state level now in use in the United States of America. It sorts through the traditional commission, mayor-council, strong mayor, and council-manager models for counties, cities, townships and school districts. The book also treats those entities that transcend the traditional boundaries of cities and counties, including the evolving residential community associations and regional government structures. Further examination is given to sub-metropolitan districts such as municipalities and boroughs. A clear basis for assessing the productivity and effectiveness of the various forms of


government is provided by 38 contributors in 45 essays, considering such issues as revenue, privatization, strategic planning, suburbanization, city-county consolidation, and other urban and rural topics. The proper roles for elected and appointed officials in all models are explored. Keywords: handbook, local government

Geographic Information Management in Local Government. Gilfoyle, Ian, Peter Thorpe. CRC Press. 2004. t_id=&pc= As early pioneers in the use of digital geographic data, many local governments in the UK were ahead of their counterparts in central government and the private sector in the application of GIS technology. To meet current challenges, local authorities must coordinate the latest technology with effective information management strategies, human and cultural issues, and organizational structures and processes. Geographic Information Management in Local Government examines the factors that are necessary to ensure that real benefits are delivered from the improved availability of geographic information. Written by two practitioners with extensive government experience, this four-part book examines supporting technology, the data that fuels it, and the human factors that help or hinder successful GIS implementation. Exploring the history of geographic information management in local government, this volume offers a pragmatic overview of the subject and what local authorities need to do in order to be successful. The Introduction covers the emergence of Geographic Information Management (GIM) and GIS in local government and explains why they are important. Part 2 explains the key elements of human and organizational issues, data, the technology toolbox, GIS selection and implementation, and coordinating mechanisms. Part 3 provides in-depth analyses of nine case studies on the use of technology by local UK authorities. Part 4 looks forward to the prospects and challenges for further GIM by local governments. Keywords: geographical information management, local government

Getting Results through Collaboration: Networks and Network Structures for Public Policy and Management. Mandell, Myrna P. Eighteen contributions from Mandell (management, California State U., Northridge) and other international academics and practitioners discuss issues related to the growing use of networks and network structures in public administration. The volume is divided into sections on theory and behavioral issues.


Keywords: behavioral issues, management, networks, network structures, theory

Handbook of Administrative Communication. Garnett, James L., Alexander, Kouzmin, Marcel Dekker. 1997. This unique, new volume the most comprehensive, single-source reference of its kind available fills a void in the literature by providing a communications-oriented approach to a wide range of topics encompassing organization, management, political theory and practice, business-government relations, innovation processes, and information technologies. Contains authoritative contributions from world-renowned experts representing various disciplines, including administrative law, organizational and political theory, phenomenology, public and business management, educational technology, psychology, and other fields! Offering a balanced, international presentation, the Handbook of Administrative Communication addresses typically neglected subjects such as communicating through humor, drama, film, poetry, fiction, and other creative forms delineates theoretical issues involving administrative communication examines communicating in the United Nations, the European Union, and the Asia-Pacific region discusses interagency communication among international organizations and multinational corporations explores new directions in practice and research highlighting central themes such as voice, leadership, technology, and legitimacy and much more! Keywords: communication, handbook, management, public administration

Handbook of Administrative Ethics. Cooper, T. L., Marcel Dekker. 2000. Delineating implications for administrative ethics from other fields such as sociology, psychology, and philosophy, this thought-provoking reference/text provides a comprehensive review of administrative ethics in the public sector... tracing the treatment of ethics in public administration literature from the late nineteenth century to the present. Keywords: administration, administrative ethics, handbook

Handbook of Administrative History. Raadschelders, Jos C.N., Transaction Pub.1998.


1/ref=sr_1_1/102-1404922-2673704?v=glance&s=books Public administration is commonly assumed to be a young discipline, rooted in law and political science, with little history of its own. Likewise, teaching and scholarship in the field is often career oriented and geared either toward the research for immediately usable knowledge or guidelines and prescriptions for the future. Although most administrative scientists would acknowledge that their field has a history. Their time horizon is limited to the recent past. Raadschelders demonstrates that public administration has in fact a long standing tradition, both in practice and in writing; administration has been an issue ever since human beings recognized the need to organize themselves in order to organize the environment in which they lived. This history, in turn, underlines the need for administrators to be aware of the importance and contemporary impact of past decisions and old traditions. In seeking to go beyond the usual problem-solving and future-oriented studies of public administration, this volume adds greatly to the cognitive richness of this field of research. Indeed, the search for theoretical generalizations will profit from an approach that unravels long-term trends in the development of administration and government. Keywords: administrative history, handbook, public administration

Handbook of Bureaucracy. Farazmand, A., Marcel Dekker. 1994. This encyclopedic reference/text the most comprehensive book of its kind available analyzes the basic issues and major aspects of bureaucracy, bureaucratic politics and administrative theory, public policy, and public administration in historical and contemporary perspectives. Keywords: bureaucracy, handbook, public administration Handbook of Comparative and Development Public Administration ­ 2nd Edition. Farazmand, A., Marcel Dekker. 2001. Seventy-six essays cover various issues related to the study of comparative and development administration, and more specifically, administrative performance and political responsibility. They discuss the administrative processes related to economic development, with an emphasis in the role of bureaucracies. The volume focuses on contemporary conditions in developing countries; however, historical perspectives, and analyses of the conditions of industrialized countries are also included. Chapters


discussing public administration in various countries are grouped geographically. Other chapters discuss the historical bases of public administration and bureaucracy, problems in comparative and development administration, ethics and accountability, bureaucratic politics and administrative theory, bureaucratic power, and change, and revolution Keywords: comparative public administration, development public administration, handbook

Handbook of Comparative Public Administration in the Asia-Pacific Basin. Wong, Hoi-Kowk, and Hon Chan S., Marcel Dekker.1999. This stimulating reference/text examines a wide range of issues and trends in administrative reform in the Newly Industrialized or Industrializing Economies (NIEs) of the Asia-Pacific Basin. Offers detailed case studies illustrating the dynamics and etiology of reform protocols! Suggesting new ways of understanding reform within a bureaucratic or political framework, the Handbook of Comparative Public Administration in the AsiaPacific Basin. Including nearly 600 references, tables, and drawings, the Handbook of Comparative Public Administration in the Asia-Pacific Basin is an ideal reference for public administrators, policy analysts, public policy and public management specialists, comparative public policy specialists, comparative public administration and management specialists, political scientists, and specialists in East Asian and AsianPacific studies, and a valuable text for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines. Keywords: Asian public administration, comparative public administration, Asian public administration, handbook

Handbook of Conflict Management (Public Administration and Public Policy, Vol. 104). Pammer, William J., Jr., and Jerri Killian. Drawing on more than 600 references to probe sources of conflict and to prescribe means ob reducing tension in organizational, institutional and community settings, this handbook cuts across theoretical perspectives, strategic models and situational contexts as a comprehensive conflict management reference for scholars and practitioners. Keywords: conflict, institutional, organization, strategic models, tension


Handbook of Court Administration and Management (Public Administration and Public Policy). Hays, Steven W., and Cole Blease Graham. Blending both the theoretical and applied aspects of contemporary issues in court management, this reference/text offers in-depth coverage of all major topics and developments in judicial systems administration. It is suitable for use in the classroom or for self-study. Providing the background material to clarify even the most technical management application, this book: presents the history and theory of the court management movement; examines the separation of powers doctrine, and its relationship to judicial independence; discusses the latest developments in court reform, the American Bar Association standards, alternative dispute resolution techniques and case flow considerations; analyzes unified court budgeting and revenue generation by judicial systems; describes personnel administration, training and jury management; and elucidates court performance evaluation, planning approaches, the use of cameras in the courtroom and audio-visual applications. Keywords: Bar Association standards jury management, court management, judicial systems

Handbook of Crisis and Emergency Management. Farazmand, Ali, Marcel Dekker. 2001. In preparing this encyclopedic handbook, Farazmand (Florida Atlantic U., Fort Lauderdale) was driven by the lack of a single source of information on three main subjects: putting political, economic, environmental and other crises into perspective as manifestations of societal evolutionary processes; addressing crises in a systematic way, offering solutions or approaches to study them; and discussing the complex issues related to emergency management. The reference is intended as a primary textbook for upper undergraduate and graduate courses in crisis management, emergency management, public policy on mitigation and disaster management or prevention, and public management. Keywords: crisis management, emergency management, handbook

Handbook of Criminal Justice Administration. Dupont-Morales, M.A., Michael, Hooper K., and Judy Schmidt H., Marcel Dekker. 2000.


1/ref=sr_1_1/102-1404922-2673704?v=glance&s=books A reference and textbook addressing various perspectives in the judicial, correctional, and law enforcement components of the criminal justice system. Covers history, ethics, trends in crime, international consequences, due process, marginalized populations, and much more. Keywords: criminal justice, criminal justice administration, handbook

Handbook of Debt Management. Miller, G.J., Marcel Dekker. 1996. This invaluable resource furnishes a comprehensive analysis of securities offered for sale by municipalities, states, and the Federal Government - examining in detail various methods of debt management used in the United States and assessing the historic development of U.S. government debt management as well as the relationship of debt to the economy. Providing a fundamental understanding of municipal and treasury markets, the Handbook of Debt Management discusses current laws regarding municipal bonds...evaluates the economic choice between debt and taxes and the tax-exempt status of municipal bond owners...thoroughly describes capital budgeting, including state and local government up-to-date guidance on developing governmental and intergovernmental debt policies...compares pay-as-you-go with debt financing for capital projects...explains the U.S. Internal Revenue Service regulations on arbitrage in state and local government debt proceeds a technical perspective on U.S. Treasury auctions...and much more Keywords: debt management, handbook, public finance

Handbook of Developmental Policy Studies (Public Administration and Public Policy). Mudacumura, Gedeon M., and Stuart S. Nagel. Outlines the development agenda for the 21 century using advice and recommendations from 37 renowned specialists in the field. Considering the current challenges to human progress, this reference book examines recent theories, policies, sectoral priorities, institutional choices, and various social, economic, and administrative factors impacting worldwide modernization and development ­ emphasizing that communities must continuously evaluate and adjust their program activities in order to achieve a genuine mode of development.


Keywords: administrative, development, modernization, worldwide

Handbook of Economic Development. Liou, K.T., Marcel Dekker.1998. Describes recent experiences in developed, developing, newly industrialized, & economic transforming countries. Examines the role of government in economic advances & reform, provides a complete, up-to-date survey of the literature on local and national economic development. Keywords: administrative development, economics, economic development handbook

Handbook of Evaluation Research. Guttentag, M., and E.L., Struening, Beverly Hills, CA, Sage Publication.1975. A handbook of research strategy from design to analytical processes to evaluation. Keywords: evaluation research, handbook, research methodology

Handbook of Fiscal Policy. Rabin, J., G., Stevens, Marcel Dekker. 2001. This companion volume to The handbook of monetary policy contains 40 articles which consider the development of government spending and revenue policymaking, the legacy of John Maynard Keynes, taxes and tax policies, government budgeting and accounting, and government debt management. The last section covers the role of government in formulating economic policies for growth and full employment and reviews issues associated with the implementation of fiscal policies. The two volumes are paged consecutively, and each has a table of contents for both Keywords: fiscal policy, handbook, public finance, public policy

Handbook of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Administration and Policy (Public Administration and Public Policy). Swan, Wallace.

183 Recording issues and obstacles as well as groundbreaking victories in the recognition of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) rights in politics and policy, this landmark handbook introduces core considerations necessary for prompting governmental initiatives and social structures to better serve the GLBT population. Its impressive range of research enlightens all corners of GLBT public administrative theory and practice, including state, national, and international policy; educational, health, and criminal justice administration; and specialized community issues. Keywords: administration, GLBT, policy, practice, specialized community, theory

Handbook of Global Economic Policy. Nagel , S.S., Marcel. Dekker. 2000. Employing a unique organizational principle--from viewing economic problems from conservative and liberal perspectives to developing practical, non-ideological solutions to the problems and finally testing the solution's feasibility in terms of economic, administrative, political, legal, international, and technological obstacles. Keywords: economic policy, global economic issues, handbook, public policy

Handbook of Global Environmental Policy and Administration. Soden, Dennis L., and Brent, Steel, Marcel Dekker.1999. Provides an international perspective on national and international environmental problems and policies, based on the work of contributors representing anthropology, forest and rangeland resources, environmental science, philosophy, sociology, economics, oceanography, and political science. Coverage includes various approaches to such topics as geographic information systems, survey research, ecosystem management, market-based incentives versus regulation, collaborative policy and dispute resolution, contingent valuation, and environmental ethics. Discussion also extends to environmental policy and management in developing and industrializing countries and in advanced industrial countries, as well as international environmental policy and administration issues. Suitable for use in graduate level seminars in environmental programs. Keywords: global environmental issues, handbook, public policy


Handbook of Global International Policy. Nagel, S.S., Marcel Dekker. 2000. Written by 24 authorities in the field, this collection focuses on public policy issues among and within nations on every continent, comparing approaches and applications to real-world problems. The book begins with an introduction to the subject, and includes: discussions of U.S. policies in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Africa, and Haiti; rebel conflicts in Eritrea, the Sudan, and Ethiopia; arms control and disarmament programs around the world; nationalism in Slovenia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia; and the Zapatista movement in Mexico. Contributors include political scientists (and one physicist) from around the world. Keywords: global international policy, handbook, public policy

Handbook of Global Political Policy. Nagel, S.S., Marcel Dekker. 2000. The latest in a six volume series of global political policy handbooks, this expansive reference addresses issues of multiculturalism in global political policies. Uses a crossnational, cross policy approach for easy comparisons and to help the reader gain an overall view of global policies. DLC: Comparative government. Keywords: global political policy, handbook, political issue, public policy

Handbook of Global Social Policy. Nagel, Stuart S., and Amy, Robb, Marcel Dekker. 2001. Hierarchy through job facilitation, education, encouragement of political participation, and crime reduction. Political scientists from many countries measure the effect of democratization, religion, ethnicity, race, and mass media on internal conflict during the initial post-Cold War period, in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin and North America. Some topics include the role of mass communication on Egyptian family planning, Russian nationalism, and the Guatemalan peace process. The editors are affiliated with the University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign. Keywords: global policy, global social policy, handbook, social policy


Handbook of Global Technology Policy. Nagel, Stuart S., Marcel Dekker, 2000. One in a set of six handbooks on global policy, the others dealing with economic, social, political, international, and legal policy. The two dozen studies are more theoretical than most because they emphasize comparisons across places, times, and substantive fields, but the information can also be applied to real-world problems. As a rule they are written by political scientists from the country they discuss. Within sections on Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin and North America, they consider such topics as urbanization in Ghana from 1960 to 1984, public opinion on the environment in Japan and Korea, a critical assessment of reforming health policy in Finland, and old lessons for new problems in public management challenges regarding the re-emergence of tuberculosis. Keywords: global technology policy, globe policy, handbook, technology policy

Handbook of Governmental Accounting and Finance. Apostolou, N.G., L.D., Crumbley, John Wiley & Sons.1992. The second edition of the handbook (first was in 1988) provides information and ideas to improve governmental accounting and financial management practices in an era of budgeting constraints. The 41 wide- ranging chapters provide numerous suggestions to assist government officials in monitoring and improving their finances. Divided into five parts: overview; government accounting practices; financial management; municipal financial management; and resources, evaluation methods, taxation, forecasts. Keywords: Accounting, finance, government accounting, government finance, handbook

Handbook of Health Administration and Policy (Public Administration and Public Policy). Kilpatrick, Anne O., and James, Johnson A., Marcel Dekker.1998. Provides an overview for health practitioners, a manual for those involved in health administration, and a reference for students in health care management. Part I describes the environment of health care, with chapters on policy and finance, the health care delivery system, assessment and evaluation of health care, and social and legal issues. Part II on the administration of health care presents perspectives on managing change,


health care organizations, and human and financial resources. Keywords: handbook, health administration, health policy, public policy

Handbook of Human Factors and Ergonomics. Salvendy, G., N.Y.: John Wiley & Sons.1997. The classic in the field revised and updated for the 21st century. Over the past decade, human factors and ergonomics have come to play an ever more prominent role in everything from product design to productivity management. Keywords: ergonomics, handbook, human factors

Handbook of Human Resource Management in Government. Condrey, S.E., JosseyBass.1988. Traditionally, the role of human resource managers has been to respond to problems and situations after-the-fact. In this comprehensive reference, Stephen E. Condrey brings together leading experts in public administration and human resource management to demonstrate how human resource managers can take a more strategic role in their organizations. Handbook of Human Resource Management offers expert advice and insights on crucial issues such as diversity, EEO regulations and other legal issues, compensation, sexual harassment, job analysis, and performance appraisal. The contributors also go beyond the traditional view of human resource management issues, showing that HRM is a strategic management tool encompassing such cutting edge topics as TQM, benchmarking, strategic planning, budgeting, information technology, and more. This authoritative handbook provides readers with a reference point for assessing organizational needs and overcoming complexities within the changing public human resource management, helping human resource managers at all levels of government expand their involvement within an organization and dramatically increase their ability to maximize their productivity, efficiency and employee satisfaction. Keywords: government, handbook, human resource management

Handbook on Human Service Administration. Rabin, Jack, and Marcia, Steinhauer B., Marcel Dekker, 1988.


Uniquely organized as a comprehensive guide to the major fields that comprise administration, this test/reference introduces the theories and concepts essential for human services administration, including human services organization theory and management, budgeting and financial management, personnel administration and labor relations, laws and regulations, innovation and change, and data administration and information systems. More than 850 citations of relevant literature make Handbook on Human Service Administration a valuable reference for public, human services, and health managers and administrators as well as social workers, political scientists, and public policy specialists its thorough, accessible approach to the subject makes it a useful text for graduate courses in human service administration. Keywords: handbook, human service administration

Handbook of Information Resource Management. Rabin, Jack, and Edward, Jackowski M., Marcel Dekker, 1987. An encyclopedic treatment of its topic, Handbook of Information Resource Management provides a basic introduction to, and advanced understanding of, the major areas in information systems and data administration. This Handbook is ideal reading for public administrators; middle and senior managers involved with data and information processing, and the design of advanced information systems in private, not-for-profit, public, and educational fields; and advanced undergraduate- and graduate-level students in public administration and business information systems courses. Keywords: handbook, informational management, informational resource management

Handbook of Institutional Advancement: A Modern Guide to Executive Management, Institutional Relations, Fund Raising, Alumni Administration, Government Relations, Publications, Periodicals, and Enrollment Management. Rowland, A. W., Proquest Info & Learning, 1986. In fifty-nine new and revised chapters, this second edition provides up-to-date, comprehensive coverage of the entire field of institutional advancement. Gives guidelines for effective fund raising and enrollment management, explains how to develop and maintain constructive alumni relations, and how to produce attractive, quality publications and periodicals.


Keywords: fund raising, government relation, handbook, institutional advancement, institutional relations

Handbook of International Relations. Carlsnaes, Walter, Thomas, Risse, and Beth Simmons A., Sage Publications, 2002. This major new Handbook brings together the worlds leading scholars of international relations to provide a state of the art review and indispensable guide to the field. A genuinely international undertaking, the Handbook reviews the many historical, philosophical, analytical and normative roots to the discipline and the key contemporary topics of research and debate today. An essential benchmark publication for all advanced undergraduates, graduate students and academics in politics and international relations. Keywords: handbook, international issues, international relations

Handbook on Justice for Victims. United Nations, 1999. The handbook details the steps in developing comprehensive assistance services for the victims of crime. Keywords: criminal justice, handbook, victims

Handbook of Local Government Administration (Public Administration and Public Policy). Gargarn, John J., John Gargan J. Marcel Dekker.1997. This theoretically and experientially grounded reference text provides a complete overview of the principles and applications of government administration and management practices in the local public sector, from the effects of environmental conditions on local administrators and management techniques to administration in different types of local government. Keywords: government administration, handbook, local government

Handbook of Marketing and Society. Bloom, Paul N., and Greg Gundlach, Sage Publications. 2002.

189 Handbook of Marketing and Society presents the first comprehensive, in-depth examination of scholarly research on how marketing affects the welfare of society. Drawing on the talents of an outstanding team of contributors, the editors have assembled key reviews, analyses, and perspectives on a broad range of research topics including deceptive advertising, warning labels, trademark infringement, antitrust enforcement, environmental labels, privacy protection, social marketing, and corporate marketing. Each chapter covers a different path through which marketing can affect societal welfare. Future research needs are identified in each chapter in order to help focus marketing thinking and to help marketing practice serve society more effectively. Keywords: handbook, marketing, society

Handbook of Mixed Methods in Social & Behavioral Research. Tashakkori, Abbas, and Charles, Teddlie, Sage Publications, 2002. The Handbook of Mixed Methods in Social & Behavioral Research contains a gold mine of articles by leading scholars on what has come to be known as the third methodological movement in social research. Aimed at surveying the differing viewpoints and disciplinary approaches of mixed methods, this breakthrough book examines mixed methods from the research enterprise to paradigmatic issues to application. The book also discusses the strengths and weaknesses of mixed methods designs, and provides an array of specific examples in a variety of disciplines, from psychology to nursing. The book closes with a brief section on how to teach and perform collaborative research using a mixed methods research design. Written so that it can be used either as a pedagogical tool or as a reference for researchers, the book is rich in examples and includes a glossary, easy-to-follow diagrams, and tables to help readers become more familiar with the language and controversies in this evolving area. Keywords: behavioral research, handbook, research methodology, social research

Handbook of Monetary Policy. Rabin, Jack, and Glenn, Stevens L., Marcel Dekker, 2001. In this companion volume to The handbook of fiscal policy, scholars and practitioners of


monetary policy explain the basics and some of the practices by which the government establishes institutions, laws, and regulation to control the economic system. The first group of articles (there are 79 in all) examines theories and issues related to preserving economic activity, the business cycle and how it has changed over the years, and why preserving economic stability is a principal goal of public policy. Several provide a historical perspective on the development of economic theories and policies, and some look at the political dimensions of economic policy as well as the tools used to measure economic activity. The second part of the handbook explores the development of monetary policy, the challenge of inflation, and issues related to policy implementation and the management of interest rates. The two volumes are paged consecutively, and each has a table of contents for both. Keywords: economic policy, handbook, monetary economics, monetary policy

Handbook of Organizational Behavior. Golembiewski, R.T., Marcel Dekker. 2000. Presents organizational behavior (OB) from a market perspective, offering state-of-the-art examinations of standard topics, areas that deserve more attention, and emerging issues that will affect the future of OB. Exploring subjects that contribute to an expanding demand for OB theory, approaches, and results, the Handbook covers core OB themes such as organization design, stress and burnout, groups, leadership, and risk taking discusses recent issues, including race and ethnicity, gender, and organizational responses to work-family role conflicts reveals the most important findings from studies on compensation, cross-national technology, auditing, and information systems clarifies the association between mixed results and differences in operational definitions focuses on the role of values in OB research and more. A groundbreaking textbook and reference analyzing organizational behavior from a business marketing perspective. Offers insights on contiguous and emerging topics of organizational behavior. Provides clarity to previously unclear research findings, offering fundamentals and new developments. DLC: Organizational behavior. Keywords: handbook, organization behavior, organization theory

Handbook of Organizational Consultation. Golembiewski, R.T., Marcel Dekker. Reprint: 2nd, revised & expanded, 2000. A reference/textbook analyzing every aspect of organizational consultation. Topics covered include normative, empirical, and political topics, and a broad view of


consultation diagnoses, problem centers, and interventions. Also forecasts future developments in the field and maximizes the latest strategies for success. DLC: Consultants--Handbooks, manuals, etc. Keywords: handbook, organizational consultation

Handbook of Organizational Culture and Climate. Ashkanasy, Neal M., Celeste Wilderom P.M., and Mark, Peterson F., Sage Publications, 2000. The Handbook of Organizational Culture and Climate provides an overview of current research, theory and practice in this expanding field. Well-known editors Neal M. Ashkanasy, Celeste P. Wilderom, Mark F. Peterson lend a truly international perspective to what is the single most comprehensive and up-to-date source on the growing field of organizational culture and climate. In addition, the Handbook opens with a foreword by Andrew Pettigrew and two provocative commentaries by Ben Schneider and Edgar Schein, and concludes with an invaluable set of combined references. The editorial team and the authors come from diverse professional and geographical backgrounds, and provide an unprecedented coverage of topics relating to both culture and climate of modern organizations. Keywords: handbook, organizational culture, organizational climate

Handbook of Organization Theory and Management: The Philosophical Approach. Lynch, T. D., and T, Dicker J., Marcel Dekker.1997. This unique resource explicates the major issues in public and government organization theory using classical philosophy covering and relating a broad range of individual philosophers as well as philosophic movements to public administration from Plato to the postmodern. Chronologically arranged to demonstrate the evolution of ideas, the Handbook of Organization Theory and Management describes the influence of Plato's thoughts and Jesus' teaching on public administration theory presents Niccolo Machiavelli as the creator of the modern concept of public administration details the effect of mercantilism on political governance examines the ideas of Jeremy Bentham, John Locke, Adam Smith, and David Hume in American government explains Edmund Burke's effect on John Rawls and the contemporary notion of public entrepreneurialism discusses the importance of Woodrow Wilson, the Progressive Reform Era, and the Bureau Movement in shaping public administration shows how Herbert Simon forced the field of public administration into a period of self examination and much more!


Containing over 2000 bibliographic citations, the Handbook of Organization Theory and Management is an invaluable resource for public administrators, consultants, organizational behavior specialists, behavioral psychologists, political scientists, sociologists, and graduate-level students in departments of public administration, psychology, management, education, and sociology. Keywords: handbook, management philosophy, organization theory

Handbook of Practical Program Evaluation (Jossey Bass Nonprofit and Public Management Series). Wholey, Joseph S., Harry P. Hatry, and Kathryn E. Newcomer. The second edition of Handbook of Practical Program Evaluation offers managers, analysts, consultants, and educators in government, nonprofit, and private institutions a valuable resource that outlines efficient and economical methods for assessing program results and identifying ways to improve program performance. The handbook has been thoroughly revised. Many new chapters have been prepared for this edition, including chapters on logic modeling and on evaluation applications for small nonprofit organizations. The Handbook of Practical Program Evaluation is a comprehensive resource on evaluation, covering both in-depth program evaluations and performance monitoring. It presents evaluation methods that will be useful at all levels of government and in nonprofit organizations. Keywords: evaluation, logic, methods, modeling, performance

Handbook for Productivity Measurement and Improvement. Christopher, William F., and Carl, Thor G., Productivity Press Inc., 1993. Bringing together for managers some of the most important literature recently written on the topics of productivity improvement, productivity measurement, and quality improvement. Some 100 articles discuss productivity and quality issues in a spectrum of fields including academia, manufacturing, health care, public utilities, ecology, information systems, administrative and staff departments, profit centers, federal and local government, nonprofit institutions, education, the new economics, and employee involvement. Individual chapter topics range from industry benchmarking to new management accounting methods; from specific methods of feedback and control to gain sharing and employee stock ownership plans; from how to measure productivity in maintenance, purchasing, and R&D departments to human resources management and customer expectations.


Keywords: handbook, productivity measurement, performance measurement

Handbook of Public Administration. Peters, B.G.., and Pierre, J., 2003. Provides a complete review and guide to past and present information in public administration. Explores the current state of public administration and the raped changes it faces. The book is a critical reflection on the utility of the theories of government. Keywords: government, handbook, public administration

Handbook of Public Administration. Rabin, Jack, W. Bartley Hildreth, and Gerald Miller, Marcel Dekker, 1998. Extensively updated to reflect the latest research and developments in the field. Second Edition examines all major areas in public administration from the unique and enlightening perspectives of history and the five 'great' concepts or theories framing the specific topic, such as public budgeting, financial management, decision making, public law and regulation, and political economy. Keywords: handbook, public administration

Handbook of Public Administration. Perry, J.L, Jossey-Bass, 1996. The Handbook of Public Administration' is designed to help public administrators cope with modern administrative challenges, overcome obstacles, and improve performance in government. Sponsored by the American Society for Public Administration, this completely revised and expanded version reflects both the ever-evolving changes in public administration and the continuity of practice. This edition is written by experts from diverse areas of public administration including law, politics, personnel, and operations, and has been substantially updated to reflect the most current developments and research. 'An essential reference for students and practitioners of public administration.'


Key words: handbook, public administration

Handbook of Public Budgeting. Rabin, Jack, Marcel Dekker.1992. The Handbook is organized around two major themes: the budget process and budgeting fundamentals. Each chapter is a bibliographical treatise providing an in-depth overview of a major subfield of the disciple. The first section of the volume, on the budget process, presents background theories, history, and ideas which serve as foundations for the area. The second section, on budgeting fundamentals, concentrates on basic applications, such as expenditure and revenue forecasting, accounting and auditing, and taxation. Finally, seven appendices present documents written by the US Government Accounting Office, the Federal Reserve Bank, and the Congressional Budget Office. Keywords: handbook, public budgeting, public finance

Handbook on Public Budgeting and Financial Management (Public Administration and Public Policy). Jack and Lynch, and Thomas Rabin D., Marcel Dekker.1983. Handbook on Public Budgeting and Financial Management offers a comprehensive, single-volume source of up-to-date information at your fingertips. Each chapter in this outstanding guide-written by 25 leading authorities in the field provides complete coverage of specific topic, facilitating quick, sound, day-to-day judgments. This encyclopedic monograph presents in-depth essays describing all the methods and procedures of budgeting and finance, as well as philosophical approaches to, and arguments on, subjects discussed. Keywords: handbook, public budgeting

Handbooks of Public Economics: Vol. III (Handbooks in Economics). Auerbach, A.J., and Feldstein, M., North-Holland. 2002. The field of public economics has been changing rapidly in recent years, and the 18 chapters contained in volumes three and four of this handbook, survey many of the new developments. As a field, public economics is defined by its objectives rather than its techniques and much of what is new is the application of modern methods of economic


theory and econometrics to problems that have been addressed by economists for over 200 years. More generally the discussion of public finance issues also involves elements of political science, finance and philosophy. These connections are evidence in several of the chapters that follow. Public economics is the positive and normative study of government's effect on the economy. This volume attempts to explain why the government behaves as it does, how its behavior influences the behavior of private firms and households, and what the welfare effects of such changes in behavior are. Keywords: handbook, public economics

Handbook of Public Finance. Green, M. T., and F. Thompson, Marcel Dekker.1998. This reference/text demonstrates the utility of integrating public finance theory with actual public policy practices - featuring unique emphases on and approaches to issues such as government spending, reporting, pricing, and fiscal federalism. Discussing applications in major subfields of public finance, including public education, environmental regulation, energy policy, social welfare programs, and local and state politics, the Handbook of Public Finance furnishes edifying surveys on normative public finance...institutional burden analysis...cost-benefit analysis...governmental accounting...the budgeting administration...innovative public goods pricing models...and more. Helpfully supplemented with more than 1500 bibliographic citations, tables, and drawings, the Handbook of Public Finance is a reference for public policy, budget, and financial analysts at local, state, and federal levels; city managers; economists; public administrators; political scientists; and directors of finance and operations; as well as a readily accessible text for graduate-level students taking courses in public finance, cost-benefit analysis, environmental policy, education policy, governmental accounting, regulation, public policy analysis, and budgeting. Keywords: handbook, public administration, public finance

Handbook of Public Information Systems (Public Administration and Public Policy). Garson, David G., Marcel Dekker .2000. Warp-speed trends in information technology (IT) challenge schools of public administration and practitioners of public management to assimilate the implications for their domain. Some 60 contributors share their expertise in a comprehensive overview of multiple aspects of IT in the public sector including: the historical background of US federal reformation policy; related policy issues; the World Wide Web as the principal electronic gateway into government; impacts on economic, social, and information


infrastructures; assessment and management of IT- associated risks; IT competencies; graduate education for public information system technology; and trends. Includes five case studies of public cyber-communication by legislators, educators, and in public health; and applications at the Federal, state, and local levels. The editor's concluding chapter summarizes leading recent theoretical perspectives on the interface between information systems and government/politics. Keywords: handbook, public information, public information system

Handbook of Public Law and Administration (Jossey-Bass Nonprofit and Public Management Series). Cooper, Phillip J., and Chester, Newland A., Jossey-Bass.1997. . Provides an authoritative, jargon-free overview of all aspects of public law and how it affects the public administrator's job and responsibilities. Contributors include judges, legal experts, public administration scholars, and practicing administrators. Keywords: handbook, law, public administration

Handbook of Public Management Practice and Reform. Liou, K.T., Marcel Dekker. 2001. Containing 35 articles presented by Liou (public administration, U. of Central Florida), this work examines changes and challenges in major areas of public administration, including budgeting, finance, human resources, and organizational management. Major topics include decentralization and deregulation, institutional arrangement and support, and cooperation between public and nonprofit organizations. The material is organized into eight parts which separately provide information about environmental changes and their impact on administration, focus on public budgeting and financial management, cover major changes in public human resource management, identify important issues and changes that relate to organization and general public management, look at selected policy issues and their impact on management, examine past reform efforts, address new ideas and emerging markets in public management, and explore challenges to public administration education and changes in professional associations. Keywords: handbook, public management, practice, reform

Handbook of Public Personnel Administration. Rabin, Jack, Thomas, Vocino, W.


Bartley Hildreth, and Gerald, Miller J., Marcel Dekker .1994. Offers in-depth analyses spanning the entire field of public personnel administration from a history of the American civil service as characterized by competing perspectives to the contemporary application of total quality by human resources practitioners. The Handbook addresses the major laws that regulate worker compensation and interprets the relationships that bridge compensation administration with other human resources management processes explores the give-and-take between financial policies and human resources issues explains the development and general content of PPA's legal framework delineates the implications of economic patterns on PPA describes demographic trends and their impact on public administration defines human resources planning and presents a two-step model involving both strategic and operational planning and more. Keywords: handbook, public administration

Handbook of Public Policy Evaluation. Nagel, S.S., Sage Publications. 2001. Handbook of Public Policy Evaluation is the only book of its kind to present aspects of public policy evaluation that relate to economic, technology, social, political, international, and legal problems. Rather than looking at specific narrowly focused programs, this book emphasizes broad-based evaluation theory, study, and application, providing a rich variety of exceptional insights and ideas. Keywords: handbook, policy evaluation, public policy, public policy evaluation

Handbook of Public Quality Management. Stupak, Ronald J., and Peter Leitner M., Marcel Dekker.2001. Surveys theoretical and practical contributions from history, policy, and evaluation dynamics in response to new mandates for high performance and increased productivity in quality management. Encompasses both macro and micro perspectives on the subject, with a holistic approach. Keywords: handbook, public management, quality management


Handbook of Public Sector Economics. Robbins, Donijo. CRC Press Online. 2005. onventions/default.asp?m%3D4%26y%3D2005 Handbook of Public Sector Economics contributes to the use and understanding of public economics and its role in public administration, public policy, and decision-making. The handbook explores the emerging and heavily-debated issues important to practitioners. It introduces a wide array of current issues surrounding public provision and production of goods and services, discussing topics such as public economics, fiscal doctrine, and the role of democracy and bureaucracy in an economic framework. It focuses on the theory of public goods and addresses the collection and distribution of government resources. The book concludes with five chapters that discuss market reactions to fiscal policies. Keywords: handbook, public sector economics

Handbook of Public Sector Labor Relations. Rabin, J., Marcel Dekker. 1994. A text-reference emerging from the (now more than ten-year-old) Handbook of Public Personnel Administration and Labor Relations, but now devoted solely to public sector labor relations. The essays build on several chapters in the previous volume while updating the original text and adding many new items. All chapters continue to be bibliographic treatises written by experts on the subject matter and deal with various aspects of public sector labor relations in this country and others. Keywords: handbook, labor relations, public sector

Handbook of Public Services Management. Pollitt, Christopher, and Stephen, Harrison, Blackwell Publishers.1994. The Handbook of Public Services Management brings together twenty leading contributors to cover all the key issues affecting public services management. It is organized in a practical way to help students and professionals approach strategic issues. Keywords: handbook, public management, public services


Handbook of Regulation and Administrative Law (Public Administration and Public Policy). Rosenbloom, David H., and Richard Schwartz D., Marcel Dekker.1994. This invaluable reference/text the only interdisciplinary work of its kind presents a broad overview of the political, administrative legal, and constitutional questions posed by the rise of the administrative state in the United States covering all core subjects in the study of regulatory policy and administrative law. Bridges the gap in understanding between the fields of administrative and legal analysis crossing the disciplinary boundaries of law, public administration, and public policy! Detailing the evolution of the administrative state and the consequent development of administrative law, the Handbook of Regulation and Administrative Law focuses on current trends in regulatory administration addresses social, economic, and environmental regulation as well as state-level regulatory activity, regulatory 'takings,' and 're-regulation' examines the Federal Trade Commission's decision making and antitrust policy during the 1980s provides in-depth analysis of the management of agency rule making, enforcement, and adjudication investigates aspects of administrative transparency discusses the prospects for making public administration practices conform more fully with democratic constitutionalism considers individual rights in relation to public administrative operations and more! Keywords: handbook, public law, regulation

Handbook of Research Design and Social Measurement. Miller, Delbert C., Neil, Salkind J., N. J., Sage Publications. 2002. A basic guide for conducting research in the social sciences and in such related fields as journalism, education, and business. Since its first publication in 1964, it has been used as a reference for professionals, and as both a primary and supplementary textbook for college students. The fourth edition came out in 1983. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or. Keywords: handbook, research methodology, research design, social management

Handbook of Research Methods in Public Administration. Miller, Gerald J., and Marcia, Whicker L., Marcel Dekker.1999.


This comprehensive handbook exposes investigators and practitioners to a wide variety of quantitative methods used for research in public administration, public policy, and nonprofit management, including theory-building and testing----increasing the awareness and command of analytical tools critical to the resolution of complex problem. Keywords: handbook, research methods

Handbook of Research on Urban Politics and Policy in the United States. Vogel, R. K., Westport, CT: Greenwood.1997. A comprehensive reference work provides a way to access research on urban politics and policy in the United States. Keywords: handbook, urban politics, urban policy, united states policy.

Handbook of Strategic Management. Rabin, Jack, Gerald, Miller, and W. Bartley Hildreth, Marcel Dekker. 2000. The purpose of this new edition of a guide to organization strategy is to provide 38 broadbased, bibliographic essays covering theory, concepts, and practice. The editor's aim is to bring together in one forum literature from the public and private sectors, as well as to relate applications in business, government at all levels, and nonprofits, especially health care providers and academic institutions. Keywords: handbook, organization strategy, strategic management Handbook on Taxation (Public Administration and Public Policy, 72). Hildreth, W.B., and James Richardson A., Marcel Dekker.1998. A comprehensive reference reviewing tax policy from political, legal, constitutional, administrative, and economic perspectives. Material is organized in sections on foundations and general principles, state and local tax policy, federal tax policy, tax administration, international tax comparisons, and federal, state, and local overlap. Specific subjects include state and local tax reform, environmental taxes, corporate income tax, replacing the federal income tax with a consumption tax, and tax systems in transition economies. Useful for public administrators and managers, public policy


specialists, political scientists, public finance economists, tax accountants and lawyers, and advanced students. Keywords: handbook, public finance, public budgeting, taxation

Handbook of Training and Development for the Public Sector: A Comprehensive Resource (The Jossey-Bass Public Administration). Wart, Montgomery V., N. Joseph Cayer, and Steve Cook, Jossey-Bass Inc., Publishers.1994. The training and retraining of America's workforce, both public and private, has become an important national concern. The president, governors, city and county managers, and directors of state and federal agencies are taking a direct interest in training and development as never before. Many are advocating that training and education become national obsessions in order for the United States to maintain its world status and standard of living. Montgomery Van Wart, N. Joseph Cayer, and Steve Cook have written the definitive handbook for both new and veteran public managers and trainers involved with training and development. Packed with real-world examples drawn from all levels of government, the Handbook of Training and Development for the Public Sector provides an up-to-date manual for both new and experienced trainers and program designers - and furnishes public sector managers with a comprehensive survey of training methods and instructional technology. This practical HRD guide is filled with numerous tips on designing, conducting, and evaluating programs. In addition, the book includes more than eighty figures, tables, and exhibits, along with an annotated suggested reading list. Keywords: handbook, public development, public sector, training

Improving Service Quality in the Global Economy. Milakovich, Michael. University of Miami, Coral Gables: FL. 1995. Organizations are struggling to improve customer-focused quality in today's highly competitive domestic and global markets. Better design, implementation, and daily management of quality improvement strategies is essential for survival. Quality improvement principles, when thoughtfully applied and appropriately modified to meet all types of customer demands, are a sound means to respond to changing markets. However, when various quality and productivity theories and methods are applied without changing the organizational culture, it is very difficult to consistently deliver quality results. This important new book focuses on quality improvement methods for


high performance in public and private services not covered in other books: applications focus on construction, education, government, insurance, public utilities, health care, and nonprofit services. Rather than detailing the technical processes to achieve inspection, planning, quality auditing, statistics, or risk assessment, this book presents step-by-step guidelines, recommendations, and action plans for changing service organizations to implement quality improvements. Sound theory and careful strategic planning are presented to assist readers in developing an understanding of how to select the essential elements of systems that best fit their customers' needs. Keywords: global economy, improving service quality

Information Technology Outsourcing: A Handbook for Government. Moss, Michael E.C., Government Technology Press. 1998. Provide better customer service! Keep costs down! Spend more time on core functions! And increase revenue! This important handbook describes in detail how to take advantage of the opportunities that information technology outsourcing presents-while still working with the legal and political constraints imposed upon the public sector. Keywords: government, handbook, information policy, information technology

International Handbook of the Ombudsman: Evolution and Present Function; Country Surveys. Caiden, G.E., Greenwood Publishing Group.1983. A valuable resource on an important institution that can serve to protect individual rights threatened by modern state bureaucracies. The first volume is a collection of general essays on the role and operation of the ombudsman; although mainly affirmative, they reflect a range of opinion about the utility and contribution of the office. The second volume reviews, in depth, how the institution is operating in over 20 specific countries. Included are states with a wide variety of political, economic, social, and cultural systems. The subsection on the US contains 13 essays with general as well as specific studies of state, county, and municipal offices. The authors of all the essays have experience in the office of ombudsman or have studied it at length. Useful tables and appendix. Recommended for graduate and professional libraries, especially in political science, law, and public administration. Keywords: handbook, international handbook, Ombudsman


Ironies in Organizational Development ­ 2nd Edition. Golembiewski, Robert T. CRC Press. 2002. nt_id=&pc= Offering effective tools and strategies, this book covers how to encourage and strengthen skills in process analysis and investigation, align OD principles with transforming societal values, clarify communication processes and decision-making procedures, and isolate and resolve roadblock issues. Constructing a platform to assess large-system agendas, Ironies in Organizational Development, Second Edition is an outstanding text for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students taking organizational development courses in the departments of public administration, psychology, management, and sociology, as well as for in-service and professional workshops. Keywords: organizational development

Making and Managing Policy: Formulation, Analysis, Evaluation. Gilbert, G.R., N.Y.: Dekker.1984. A useful guide for researchers and practitioners who deal with policy issues. Keywords: handbook, policy evaluation, policy formulation, policy making, public policy

Management Handbook for Public Administrators. Sutherland, J.W., N.Y.: Van Nostrand and Reinhold.1978. Includes information gathering, policy analysis and related management concerns for the public administrator. Keywords: handbook, policy analysis, public administration

Minnesota Emergency Management Director's Handbook. Minnesota Dept of Public Safety, 2000.


Provides emergency managers with policies, directives and general information for emergency management programs. Keywords: handbooks, Minnesota, public administration

Modern Systems of Government: Exploring the Role of Bureaucrats and Politicians. Farazmand, A., CA.: Sage Pub. 1997. The success or failure of empires, nation-states, and city-states often rests on the relationship between bureaucracy and politicians. In this provocative and timely volume, editor Ali Farazmand examines the myriad relationships between politicians and bureaucrats and how they affect modern governance. Keywords: bureaucrat, government system, handbook

Nonproliferation Issues for Weapons of Mass Destruction. Prelas, Mark A., and Michael, Peck S. CRC Press. 2005. nt_id=&pc= Nonproliferation Issues for Weapons of Mass Destruction provides an understanding of proliferation risks. This book recommends a path to limit continued proliferation by addressing the underlying reasons for the continued threat that they present. The book introduces the factors that fuel weapons development, and defines the term WMD. It explains the characteristics of nuclear weapons, and reviews biological agents, their production, and uses as weapons. The book characterizes chemical weapons and their use by states and terrorist groups. It concludes with an analysis of the effectiveness of arms control, the future of WMDs, and the steps needed to limit the impact of these weapons. Keywords: nonproliferation issues, weapons of mass destruction

Organizational Behavior and Public Management (Public Administration and Public Policy). Vasu, Michael L., Debra Stewart, W., and G. David Garson, N.Y.: Dekker.1998.


Mindful of the reconfigured organizational practices and ways of managing public work systems brought about by recent global economies, this latest edition of Organizational Behavior and Public Management reveals how organizational behavior enables managers to direct resources that advance the programs and policies of public and government agencies. Keywords: handbook, organizational behavior, public management

Organization Development in Public Administration. Golembiewski, R.T., and W. Eddy. N.Y.: Dekker.1978. This text provides various problem solving approaches that can be used to address problem areas in British and American public administration. Keywords: handbook, organization development, public administration

Personnel Management in Government: Politics and Process (Public Administration and Public Policy). 4th ed. Shafritz, J., David, Rosenbloom H., Norma, Riccucci M., Katherine, Nass C, and Albert, Hyde C., N.Y.: Dekker.1991. This text gives a comprehensive and well-organized overview of personnel and civil service administration, along with some related policy issues. Keywords: government, handbook, personnel management, politics, process

Personnel Policy Handbook: How to Develop a Manual That Works. Hubbart, W.S., NY: McGraw-Hill.1993. For creating and updating your company's human resource policy manuals, William Hubbartt's Personnel Policy Handbook will make organizing and writing them easier than ever. It covers all areas of employee relations--policies, pay, leave of absence, discipline and discharge, benefits and more. Plus, it shows you how to handle the full range of critical contemporary HR issues--from AIDS to chemical safety: save time on extensive research and writing with checklists, policy descriptions and sample policies; reduce


expenses with innovative policies that control absences, reduce sick leave abuse and lawsuits; speed up decision-making by quickly sorting out the issues involved in defining any policy; improve job performance with clear policies that help you handle people issues quickly and consistently. Keywords: handbook, personnel policy, public personnel

Perspective on Budgeting. 2nd ed. Schick, A., Washington, D.C.: American Society for Public Administration.1987. This collection of articles from the Public Administration Review offers a timely update of budgeting as an administrative process. Keywords: administrative process, handbook, public budgeting

Politics and Administration: Woodrow Wilson and American Public Administration. Rabin, J. a. B. J. S., Dekker, 1984. This text focuses exclusively on different aspects of Wilson's political-administrative thought. Keywords: American public administration, handbook, politics, public administration, Woodrow Wilson

Productivity Management: A Practical Handbook. Prokopenko, J.G., International Labor Office. 1987. This book offers a new, refreshing approach to productivity: why it is important, and how to manage and measure it. It deals in a stimulating way with such productivity improvement programs as action learning, quality circles, inter-firm comparisons, and business clinics, and offers information on the most important areas in which productivity can be improved (quality maintenance, waste reduction and human resource management) and on a number of techniques which have been field-tested by enterprises and in ILO projects.


Keywords: handbook, politics, public administration, productivity management

Program Evaluation: Patterns and Directions. Chelimsky, E., Washington, D.C.: American Society for Public Administration.1985. Drawing from the Public Administration Review, this collection 'charts how policy analysis, with its future orientation, together with social science research, has assisted in the development of program evaluation. Keywords: handbook, public administration, program evaluation

Public Administration: A Bibliographic Guide to the Literature. McCurdy, H.E., Dekker. 1986. This text identifies books that are regularly cited in the study of public administration, and reviews their finding and the contributions of each. Keywords: bibliographic guide, handbook, public administration

Public Administration: A Comparative Perspective. Heady, F., Dekker.1984. This fifth Edition of the standard text in the field of comparative public administration provides an incomparable analysis of government's development in various countries and the relationships found among the development of government and technology, culture, economic systems, and social order. Keywords: comparative study, handbook, public administration

Public Administration and Law. Rosenbloom, David, and Rosemary O'Leary, Dekker.1997


This edition analyzes the enormous participation of federal courts in the area of public administration at all levels of government presenting legal decisions based on how individuals actually encounter public administrators. Keywords: handbook, public administration, public administrative law

Public Administration as a Developing Discipline. Golembiewski, R.T., Dekker.1977. This book presents some future guidelines for the development of public administration. Keywords: academic discipline, handbook, public administration Public Administration in an Information Age: A Handbook. Snellen, I. Th. M., and W.B.H.J. van de Donk, IOS Press.1998. This book is a joint effort of researchers who have been involved in research-projects and programs that have been trying to chart and reflect upon the implications of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for Public Administration (Tilburg/Rotterdam, Kassel, Irvine, Nottingham/Glasgow). Since the fifties, computers had largely facilitated and the transformation of the minimal 'Night-Watch-state' into the modern 'Welfare-state', through their contribution to their effectivity, productivity and efficiency. In most Handbooks of Public Administration, computers are seen as neutral instruments and, most of the time, the role of computer technologies in the transformation of public administration is completely neglected. This 'deafening silence' is a great contrast with the way ICT's are actually changing public administration. The faster the developments in a field of study are, the more difficult it is to let the theories, related to that field of study, mature. In such circumstances, most statements will remain provisional and contextdependent. 25 years of research in Irvine (California) and Kassel (Germany) and more than 10 years of research in Tilburg/Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and about seven years of research in Glasgow/Nottingham (the United Kingdom) nonetheless enables the presentation of a modest image of public administration as it is entering the information age. Researchers in each of these groups have, nevertheless, not stopped trying to phrase theories about the implications of informatization for public administration with a more or less larges scope that are robust in different contexts and over longer periods of time. These results and theories, covering a broad set of elements of the body of knowledge of public administration, are presented in this volume. As the authors try to demonstrate in this book, informatization developments in public administration do not only challenge the existing body of knowledge of the public administration discipline, but they are also opening up new perspectives and paradigms for the study of public administration.


Keywords: handbook, public administration, information technology, e-government

Public Administration in Developed Democracies: A Comparative Study. Rowat, D. C., Dekker.1988. This text presents a comparative study of public administration in the 20 most developed democracies. Keywords: comparative study, democracy, handbook, public administration

Public Administration in the Third World: An International Handbook. Subramaniam, V., Greenwood Publishing Group.1990. This reference handbook gives a detailed, objective picture of the evolution, structure, and processes of public administration in representative Third World countries. Written by an international group of specialists with first-hand knowledge of the subject, it presents empirical studies of developing nations in Asia, the Middle East, North and SubSaharan Africa, the West Indies, and Latin America. The resulting data are shaped by the editor into a theoretical framework delineating the complex relationships of state, bureaucracy, and class in the Third World. Keywords: economic development, handbook, public administration, Third World

Public Budgeting and Finance. Golembiewski, Robert T., and Jack Rabin. Dekker.1997. Organizing data about budgeting and finance under nine headings historical, conceptual, institutional, economic, strategic, administrative, behavioral, organizational, and technical perspectives. Keywords: handbook, public budgeting, public finance

Public Informational Campaigns and Opinion Research. A Handbook for the


Student and Practitioner. Klingemann, Hans-Dieter, and Andrea, Roemmele, Sage Publications. 2002. This Handbook draws on multidisciplinary insights and the experiences of campaign practitioners to provide a comprehensive guide to planning, implementing and measuring public information and communication campaigns using survey research. Keywords: handbook, public information, public opinion, research method.

Public Management in an Interconnected World: Essays in the Minnowbrook Tradition (Contributions in Political Science). Bailey, Mary Timney, and Richard Mayer T., Westport, CT: Greenwood.1992. This collection of essays seeks to improve decision making among public administrators who operate organizations in an increasingly complex and interdependent world. Contributors with different expertise examine the theories and experience of public management in an effort to find ways to deal more effectively with the complex programs, policies, and problems confronting academicians and professionals in all the social and behavioral sciences. Keywords: handbook, interconnected world, public management

Public Personnel Update (Public Administration and Public Policy Series, Vol. 27). Cohen, Michael, and Robert Golembiewski T., Dekker.1984. This text looks at the relationship between the technical world of public personnel management and the political environment. Keywords: handbook, public administration, public personnel management

Public Productivity Handbook: Second Edition, Revised and Expanded. Holzer, Marc, Seok-Hwan Lee, Marcel Dekker. 2004.


Are you hoping to improve teamwork, performance, and budgeting, training, and evaluation programs in your organization? Then look no further! This completely revised reference defines the role of leadership, dimensions of employee commitment, and multiple employee­organization based relationships for effective internal and external connections--ensuring improvements in productivity and performance with new and systematic management approaches, well-defined measurement systems, and guidance on correct utilization of human resources. Keywords: handbook, public productivity

Records Management Handbook. Penn, Ira A., Gale, Pennix B., and Jim, Coulson, Gower Publishing Limited.1994. Written from a multimedia perspective and with a comprehensive system design orientation, this practical guide provides management strategies for developing, implementing, and operating a records management program. Unlike some other records management references, which show a predisposition toward dealing with inactive records, it provides a balanced treatment for all phases of the records life cycle, from creation or receipt through ultimate disposition. Among the changes in this revised edition are the addition of new chapters on record media, active record systems, and records disposition. Keywords: handbook, records management

Refounding Democratic Public Administration: Modern Paradoxes, Postmodern Challenges. Wamsley, Gary L., and James, Wolf F., CA.: Sage Pub.1996. This book offers a revisualization of the relationship between public servants and the citizens they serve, as well as a continuing discourse on how public administration can constructively balance forces of change and stability in order for democracy to evolve and mature. Keywords: handbook, democratic public administration, public administration

Science and Technology of Terrorism and Counterterrorism. Ghosh, Tushar K., Mark Prelas A., Dabir, Viswanath S., and Sudarshan, Loyalka K. CRC Press. 2002.

212 nt_id=&pc= Citing viable homeland defense strategies, this book examines the potential agents, delivery methods, and toxic and nontoxic effects of possible nuclear, biological, and chemical terrorist attacks. Providing countermeasures for governmental and emergency first-response teams, the book covers the impact of WMDs on public health, agriculture, and economic infrastructures, as well as the limitations of sensor/detection technology and the prediction of potential biological and chemical events. It also discusses the effects of next wave cyberterrorism, the roles of state and federal agencies, root causes of terrorism, how to diagnose a chemical or bioterrorism event in the emergency room, and more. Keywords: science and technology, terrorism and counterterrorism

Slippery Math in Public Affairs: Price Tag and Defense. Adams, William J. CRC Press. 2002. nt_id=&pc= Highlighting how slippery numbers and questionable mathematical conclusions emerge and what can be done to safeguard against them, this book examines flawed usage of math in public affairs through actual cases of how mathematical data and conclusions can be distorted and misrepresented to influence public opinion. The author analyzes the cost of "slippery math" in terms of squandered resources and identifies common misperceptions about the role of math in public affairs. He discusses how math education can be reformed to sharpen public awareness of "slippery math", the development of math models and their use and misuse, and proper and improper polling methods. Keywords: development of math models, math in public affairs, math education, slippery math, polling methods

State and Local Government Administration. Rabin, Jack, and Don Dodd, Dekker.1985. This book gives an introduction to some major issues in state and local government administration. Keywords: handbook, local government, public administration


State of New York Local Government Handbook. 5th Edition, January 2000. Describes in comprehensive terms how local government works in New York State. It includes New York States relationships with other states and the federal government. Keywords: handbooks, New York State government

Strategic Choices in Reforming Public Service Employment: An International Handbook. Dell'Aringa , Carlo, Giuseppe, Rocca D., and Berndt Keller, Macmillan. 2001. Although many industrialized countries have had to face the same political and economic pressures in reforming their public sectors there have been different reactions and a diversity of solutions to the emerging problems. This book examines the most significant initiatives targeted towards the restructuring of public sector employment relations in countries belonging to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The contributors focus on national and local governments, and health, education and social services. The first section provides an up-to-date analysis of six European countries. The second part considers the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Japan. Keywords: handbook, public personnel reform, public service reform

Strategic Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations. Steiss, Alan Walter. CRC Press. 2003. nt_id=&pc= The central resource for process improvement and innovation, this book includes valuable techniques to identify and improve organizational processes, as well as manage the change that accompanies implementation. Strategic Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations discusses SWOT analysis, TQM, systematic innovation, Six Sigma, quality function deployment, process mapping, gap analysis, and activity based costing. With helpful references to secondary sources and a comprehensive glossary, this text will benefit public administrators, financial managers, public planners, investment managers, policy analysts, and public policy specialists, and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.


Keywords: handbook, public and nonprofit organizations, strategic management

Strategic Management of Public and Third Sector Organizations: A Handbook for Leaders. Nutt, Paul C., Jossey-Bass Administration Series, 1992. A cutting-edge book on strategic management and leadership for the public and nonprofit sectors, this volume goes beyond strategic planning to show how an organization can be managed strategically. Comprehensive in scope, the book provides an innovative framework for understanding strategic issues in the public and nonprofit sectors, explains strategic management concepts and describes the process step by step, details support techniques, discusses specific case examples, and includes useful forms and worksheets. 'At last, a book for teaching the practice of strategy in the public sector. It is a rare and wonderful blend of concept, process, and technique.'--Robert E. Quinn, School of Business, University of Michigan. Keywords: handbook, strategic management, third sector management

Strategic Planning for Local Government: A Handbook for Officials and Citizens. Kemp, R.L., McFarland & Company, 1993. You'd think 'strategic planning' would be obvious. It has long been a common practice in the corporate world. It has, however, only recently been applied to the public sector. Local governments find such planning increasingly useful as they strive to overcome the constraints imposed by traditional, short-term government planning practices. These 24 articles examine sound (proven) public sector strategic planning theories. They demonstrate the different kinds of planning used in 16 successful governments, and provide assessments of the future of this important tool. Keywords: handbook, local government, strategic planning

Teams in Government: A Handbook for Team-Based Organization. Koehler, Jerry W., and Joseph Pankowski, CRC Press - St. Lucie Press.


A guide to introducing Total Quality Management techniques into government agencies in order to shift the goal from pleasing the upper echelon of the bureaucracy to serving the public, seen as both the client receiving the service and the customer paying for it. Outlines the principles of a team-based organization, and discusses types, characteristics, dynamics, leadership, formation, process improvement, and assessment. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or. Keywords: government management, handbook, teamwork management

Ten Steps to a Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation System: A Handbook for Development Practitioners. Kusek, Jody Zall, and Ray C. Rist. An effective state is essential to achieving socio-economic and sustainable development. With the advent of globalization, there are growing pressures on governments and organizations around the world to be more responsive to the demands of internal and external stakeholders for good governance, accountability and transparency, greater development effectiveness, and delivery of tangible results. Governments, parliaments, citizens, the private sector, NGOs, civil society, international organizations and donors are among the stakeholders interested in better performance. As demands for greater accountability and real results have increased, there is an attendant need for enhance results-based monitoring and evaluation of policies, programs, and projects. The focus of this handbook is on a comprehensive ten-step model that will help guide development practitioners through the process of designing and building a results-based monitoring and evaluation system. These steps begin with a "Readiness Assessment" and take the practitioner through the design, management, and importantly, the sustainability of such systems. The handbook describes each step in detail, the tasks needed to complete each one, and the tools available to help along the way. Keywords: accountability, effectiveness, results-based, socio-economic, stakeholders, transparency

The Blackwell Handbook of Cross-Cultural Management. Gannon, Martin J., and Karen, Newman L., Blackwell. 2001. This is the first handbook to provide an overview of the major research perspectives in cross-cultural management and to look at how they can be applied to real-world situations. The volume is distinctive in bringing together perspectives previously considered independently, placing the work of management experts alongside


contributions from leading cross-cultural psychologists, sociologists and economists. The editors have consciously selected cutting-edge contributors from a variety of countries. The structure of the handbook reflects a systems feedback model of management. Beginning with the influence of national cultures on managerial and employee behavior, the volume goes on to cover strategy, structure, human resources, motivation, rewards and leadership behavior, interpersonal processes, and corporate culture and values. This allows the reader to see the issues within a dynamic and systematic context. The relationships between the chapters are elucidated by commentary from the editors. This authoritative volume will be welcomed by managers, researchers and students seeking insight into cross-cultural issues and problems in and across organizations. Keywords: cross-cultural management, handbook

The Blackwell Handbook of Principles of Organizational Behavior. Locke, E., Blackwell. 2000. This international handbook identifies and explains 29 timeless management principles general truths that can be applied to all types of work situations. It is based on knowledge accumulated by numerous experts over many years of research and consulting. This international handbook provides students and managers with an essential resource connecting the theories to the real world of organizations and showing how to apply them. Keywords: handbook, organizational behavior

The Blackwell Handbook of Strategic Management. Hitt, M.A., 2001. A comprehensive reference text including strategic management theory and research. Includes original contributions from management experts. Keywords: handbooks, strategic management

The Handbook of Human Resource Management. Towers, B., Blackwell.1996. The new edition of The Handbook of Human Resource Management has been thoroughly updated by leading international specialists to provide wide-ranging overviews of


developments worldwide from the UK, Continental Europe, USA and Australia including Japanese HRM practices. The second, fully revised edition of this best-selling handbook features wide ranging, updated overviews of developments worldwide by leading international specialists of developments worldwide from the UK, USA, Europe and Australia as well as contributions on all aspects of HRM practice including, for the first time in this edition, chapters on HRM in public sector organizations, its role in the development of business ethics, and HRM in Information technology. The cases retain updated studies of Ford, Sainsbury and the controversial Rosyth Royal Dockyard as well as new cases of team working in an electronic multinational and two studies from Ghana and Korea on the impact of national culture on management. Keywords: handbook, human resource management,

The Handbook of Organizational Communication. Goldhaber, G.M., and G., Barnett A., Norwood, NJ: Ablex Publishing Corporation.1988. The text deals with communications in organizations, and gives insights on future changes and their effects. Keywords: handbook, organizational communication

The Handbook of Social Welfare Management. Patti, R.J., Sage Publications.2000. A compendium of every aspect of social welfare management and the ultimate reference book, this volume: introduces the field of social welfare management; examines the organizational background of social welfare; discusses the various tasks and roles of the social welfare manager; and considers specific fields of care such as mental health, families and children, and older people. Keywords: handbook, social management, social welfare, social welfare management

The Handbook of U.S. Treasury & Government Agency Securities: Instruments, Strategies, and Analysis. Fabozzi, F.J., Chicago, IL: Probus.1990. Current information on Treasury securities, as well as coverage of both the federally-


sponsored agency securities market and the federally-related institutions securities market. Covers yield measures, measuring price coalition, trading, term structure estimation, zero coupon Treasury securities, repurchase agreements, pass-through securities, options and futures contracts, and agency mortgage-backed products: GNMA, FHLMC, and FNMA. Keywords: government agency, handbook, treasury, security

The Productivity Source Book. Beatty, Richard, J. John Bernardin, and James Nickel, MA: Human Resource Development.1987. This comprehensive team building resource provides you with the right information and training designs to help you tackle specific issues or overcome difficulties that today's teams face. Keywords: handbook, productivity, source book

The Request for Proposal Handbook. Asner, Michael. This all-in-one handbook is based on the knowledge ­ and hands-on experience-of a wide cross-section of public and private sector organizations. Both public and private organizations spend millions of dollars each year developing requests for proposal (RFPs). Too often, these requests are poorly written, incomplete--and ineffective. The Request for Proposal Handbook is today's only comprehensive source of information on writing effective RFPs. Updated and greatly expanded to provide current laws, regulations, and examples of effective RFPs, it now also includes two disks to give readers easy access to more than 600 pages of actual reference documents. Keywords: handbook, IT, laws public scrutiny, Request for Proposal (RFP)

The SMS Blackwell Handbook of Capability Management, Emergence, Development and Change. Helfat, C., Blackwell, 2003.


How do the resources and capabilities of organizations emerge and develop over time? This Handbook brings together scholars of strategic management, economics, history, organizational theory, international business, and technology management in order to address this question. Many of the contributions present new theoretical or empirical material which enhances our understanding of how organizational resources and capabilities evolve. Others offer thought-provoking commentary on current streams of research. Several themes recur throughout the volume, including: the role of geographic location and social networks; the influence of managerial mindset; and the co-evolution of resources and capabilities with other factors, including products. The chapters are organized according to a time line of resource and capability evolution. This body of work provides a firm basis for future research and practice, promoting a better understanding of why firms, industries, technologies, and even entire economies fare well or poorly. Keywords: capacity management, handbook

Terrorism: An Investigator's Handbook Introduces law enforcement personnel to terrorism investigation, describes how terrorists operate and suggestions to improve investigations. Keywords: handbook, public administration, terrorism

Third World Handbook. Arnold, Guy, Cassell Academic.1994. Examines the emergence of the Third World in the postwar period and the common problems faced by its member countries, by analyzing Third World organizations and groupings region by region. Covers topics such as the end of the European-ruled empires and the role of the United Nations, and includes statistical information on developing countries, as well as biographies of important figures. This second edition is updated to include information on successor states to the former Soviet Union. Keywords: economic development, handbook, third world development


Indexing and Abstracting Services In Public Administration and Public Affairs

The first step in the research process is to search the existing literature to develop an overview of research questions and begin the research process. So much is published each year that without help it would be impossible to find useful information to facilitate research for individual researchers. Fortunately, some publishers publish indexes and abstracts to help researchers identify articles, books, documents, and reports in public administration, public policy, and related disciplines. Today we have powerful databases supplying indexing and abstracting services. Aided by them, researchers can easily find relevant materials, even full text versions. Virtually every university library has purchased existing published indexes, abstracts and electronically accessible databases to supply indexing and abstracting services for researchers. Those listed below are most relevant to public administration and related disciplines. ABC-Clio: Santa Barbara. A bibliography of the concepts of 300 journals in political science, government and the related disciplines of law, sociology and economics. Arranged alphabetically by journal title with author and subject indexes. Bimonthly with annual and five year cumulated indexes. Keywords: bibliography, indexing and abstracting

ABI/Inform. Ann Arbor, Mich: University Microfilms International. Available as part of the ProQuest Direct system, ABI/Inform, an extensive international business and management database, contains bibliographic citations, abstracts, and full text of articles appearing in professional publications, academic journals, and trade magazines published worldwide. ABI/Inform covers the areas of accounting, banking, computers, economics, engineering management, communications, finance, health care, human resources, insurance, international trends, law, management, marketing, public administration, real estate, taxation, transportation. Keywords: management, index Keywords: abstracting service, academic literature, indexing


Academic Universe Providing full-text access to newspapers from around the world and the U.S.; business, legal, and medical journals; corporate financial information; Federal laws, regulations, and court decisions; State laws and court decisions; quotations and biographies; and business directories. Keywords: abstracting service, academic literature, indexing

AgeLine Containing indexes and abstracts of books, journals, research reports, consumer guides, and book chapters. This is a valuable source of information on theories of aging, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, marketing to older adults, elder care, health care costs and policy, retirement planning, housing and more. To begin searching, click on the check box for AgeLine, then click on the search button at the end of the list of databases. Keywords: abstracting service, academic literature, aging, indexing, marketing, Medicare, Social Security

Alternative Press Index ssIndex.htm Widely regarded as the leading guide to the alternative press in North America, API draws citations from roughly 250 alternative, radical, and left wing publications that report and analyze the practices and theories of cultural, economic, political, and social change. Most of the publications indexed in API are unique, not to be found in other major indexes. To begin your search, click on the Alternative Press Index link. Keywords: Social Science Index, Academic literature, Indexing , Abstracting service

America: History and Life Published since 1964, this database is a comprehensive bibliography of articles on the history and culture of the United States and Canada from prehistory to the present.


Keywords: abstracting service, academic literature, culture, history, indexing, literature

American Humanities Index. Whitston Publishing Co. The American Humanities Index is a collection of bibliographic references to literary, scholarly and creative journals published in the United States and Canada. Produced by Whitston Publishing, this database covers over 1,000 journals published from 1975 to the present, many of which cannot be found in other reference works. All journals included in the American Humanities Index are indexed in their entirety (cover to cover). This database provides citation information for articles, essays and reviews, as well as original creative works including, poems, fiction, photographs, paintings and illustrations. American Humanities Index is a unique, essential collection, providing in-depth coverage in areas of the humanities not covered in other databases. Keywords: abstracting service, academic literature, culture, history, indexing

Article First;done=referer;FSIP Article 1st provides bibliographic references and local library holdings for more than 13,000 scholarly and general-interest publications. Covered subject areas include business, the humanities, medicine, popular culture, science, social science, and technology. Key words: abstracting service, academic literature, culture, history, indexing, medicine, science, social science, technology

Congressional Universe A web-based indexing and abstracting service for Congressional publications including hearings, committee prints, reports, House and Senate documents, and public laws. It includes the full text and status of bills, selected testimony, regulations, and full-text access to National Journal, Congress Daily and Congressional Record. Congressional Universe is the web equivalent to the print CIS Index located on the 6th Floor of Bobst Library. This database provides indexing for the corresponding CIS microfiche sets located in the U.S. Documents Collection. Key words: abstracting service, government documents, indexing


Criminal Justice ­ Selected Reference Materials. McClure, J.D., 1979. This index contains approximately 70 criminal justice references including indexes and abstracts dealing with criminal justice topics. Keywords: criminal justice abstracts

Current Contents Data Base via Ovid vWuFpYlANX5mi26MrAGk3t8Fr6UNCWPA%2fCsy7yhyHrcguVmE7AOfLOQdfQ584G_MDtBup 2ucdBsky| Guide (html or pdf)

Indexes articles in 6,500+ journals in the arts, humanities, physical, social, and biological sciences. Search tip: to modify title word or keyword searches by subject, click on the Tools icon; select CC Categories and type subject word or phrase. Relevant categories include: art architecture; civil engineering; environmental civil; environmental studies geography development; and, geography planning development. Keywords: civil engineering, environmental studies, geography planning and development

Ethnic NewsWatch A full-text collection of the newspapers, magazines and journals of the ethnic, minority and native press. Provides access to articles, editorials, columns and reviews with a broad diversity of perspectives and viewpoints. Searchable in English and Spanish Keywords: abstracting, full-text collection, ethnic minority, indexing

Expanded Academic ASAP Indexes and abstracts approximately 1500 scholarly and general interest titles. Contains the full-text of over 600 titles, including Administrative Science Quarterly (from 3/89), American City & County (from 1/91), HR Focus (from 11/91), National Civic Review (from 1/93), Policy Studies Journal (from 12/92), Public Administration (from 9/92), Public Administration Review (from 5/91), Public Interest (from 1/93), Public


Management (from 1/93), Spectrum: the Journal of State Government (from 1/93), and State Legislatures (from 5/92). Keywords: administrative, city, county, public management, state government

Factiva ­ A Joint Venture between Dow Jones and Reuters Factiva is a vast archive of the world's most important publications, reports and news, focusing on business. Keywords: business reports, company screening and investment analysts' reports market research reports, Dow Jones

FedStats FedStats is the new window on the full range of official statistical information available to the public from the Federal Government. Searching capabilities allow one to track economic and population trends, education, health care costs, aviation safety, foreign trade, energy use, farm production, and more. Access official statistics collected and published by more than 100 Federal agencies. FedStats also offers a link to MapStats. Use this web site to profile your State, county, Federal judicial district, or congressional district. Keywords: name of agencies, name of program/subject areas, name of state

General Business File ASAP Indexes and abstracts approximately 950 titles. Contains the full-text of over 400 titles, including Academy of Management Executive (from 2/94), Academy of Management Journal (from 2/93), Academy of Management Review (from 1/93), American Review of Public Administration (from 3/89), Employee Relations Law Journal (from 3/89), HR Focus (from 11/91), Journal of Management (from 12/91), and Public Personnel Management (from 3/89). Keywords: employee relations, human resources, management public personnel, public administration


GenderWatch A full text database of publications that focus on the impact of gender across a broad spectrum of subject areas. Publications include academic and scholarly journals, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, regional publications, books, pamphlets, conference proceedings and government reports. To begin your search, click on the GenderWatch link near the bottom of the introduction page. Keywords: academic literature, abstracting service, indexing

Global NewsBank Providing information on international issues and events taken from over 1,500 sources including translated news broadcasts, newspapers, periodicals and government documents. Click on Global NewsBank to begin your search. Keywords: abstracting service, government documents, indexing, international issues

GPO Access A service of the U.S. Government Printing Office that provides free electronic access to a wealth of important information products produced by the Federal Government including: Congressional bills, U.S. Code, Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations, Congressional Record, Supreme Court decisions and much more. The information provided on this site is the official, published version and the information retrieved from GPO Access can be used without restriction, unless specifically noted. Keywords: government documents, government information

Historical Abstracts Published since 1954, this database has long been recognized as the leading bibliography for historical study in the world. Approximately 2,000 journals published worldwide are covered, making this a database unmatched in breadth. In addition, Historical Abstracts includes a selection of hundreds of journals in the social sciences and humanities that are


of special interest to researchers and students of history. Keywords: academic literature, abstracting service, historical study, indexing

HUD USER Database HUD USER Database is the only bibliographic database exclusively dedicated to housing and community development issues. It contains more than 10,000 full-abstract citations to research reports, articles, books, monographs, and data sources in housing policy, building technology, economic development, urban planning, and a host of other relevant fields Keywords: building technology, HUD, housing policy, monographs, urban planning

Human Resources Abstracts. Beverly Hills, CA: Sage publications. Aims to list the most important current periodical literature on human, social and human resource problems. Arranged by 14 subject categories including labor resource development, employment/unemployment, equal opportunity, career development, social services, etc. Subjects and author indexes. Quarterly with annual cumulated author indexes, abstracts. Keywords: human, indexes, social and human resource

Index to Current Urban Documents Containing citations to and full text of local government publications from 500 selected cities and counties in the US and Canada. Keywords: government documents, government publications, indexes

Index to Legal Periodicals, New York: H.W. Wilson Published for the American Association of Law Libraries, Subject and author index to


476 legal periodicals published in the U.S. and other English-speaking countries. It includes a table of cases with citations and references to articles as well as a table of statutes with U.S. Code citations and references. Some of the topics are administrative law, discrimination, equal employment opportunity, labor law, unions, etc. Keywords: index, law cases, law libraries.

Index to Minorities and Criminal Justice ­ An Index to Periodicals and Books Relating to Minorities and Criminal Justice in the United States. Christianson, S., 1981. An index on minorities and criminal justice that cites more than 3,100 documents. Keywords: abstracts, criminal justice, indexes

Index to State Policy Reports in LEISNET. Adams, M., 1990. LEGISNET is a fifty state on-line information system. This index contains bibliographic information and abstracts of State legislative research and program evaluation reports, publications of government and public policy. Keywords: abstracts, government, indexes

Index to the Abstracts on Crime and Juvenile Delinquency. UMI Dissertation Services, 1985. An abstracts index on crime and juvenile delinquency by the UMI Dissertation Services. Keywords: abstracts, government, index

Ingenta Reveal Providing information on articles from thousands of multi-disciplinary journals. Very wide coverage of subject areas.


Keywords: academic journals, academic literature, abstracting service, indexing

International Bibliography of Political Science - Bibliographie Internationale de Science Politique. (Annual). Paris: Unesco. A bibliography of the published literature in the social sciences listing journal articles and monographs from international sources. Over 70 languages are represented with English title translations where needed. Offers subject, geographic and author index with a French subject index. Keywords: French index, political science, political science sources

International Political Science Abstracts. Paris: International Political Science Association. References to political science articles are arranged in broad subject categories including governmental administration and institutions, international relations, etc. Major worldwide political science journals are covered fully; lesser journals selectively. Arranged alphabetically by major author. Bimonthly with subject index in each issue and annual cumulated indexes. Keywords: index, international relations, political science

Legaltrac. Menlo Park, CA: Information Access Corp. INFO31&type=4&id=172054 LEGALTRAC provides subject, author, case and statute access to legal articles in 680 journals from the U.S. and other English- speaking countries. It also includes coverage of legal newspapers and selected general journal articles, newspaper articles, books and government documents. Keywords: abstracts, index, information sources, legal sources

Library of Congress*Main&url=http%3A//www.gover

229 The Library of Congress is the nation's oldest federal cultural institution and serves as the research arm of Congress. It is also the largest library in the world, with nearly 128 million items on approximately 530 miles of bookshelves. The collections include more than 29 million books and other printed materials, 2.7 million recordings, 12 million photographs, 4.8 million maps, and 57 million manuscripts. The Library's mission is to make its resources available and useful to the Congress and the American people and to sustain and preserve a universal collection of knowledge and creativity for future generations. This site provides links to virtually every federal government branch and agency Keywords: Federal agency, Federal government, Library of Congress

London Metropolitan University Indexes and abstracts with access to more than 300 publications including journals and books. Keywords: abstracting, indexing, London

Military & Government Collection (EBSCO),%20Abstracts,%20&%20Full%20Text Current news pertaining to all branches of the military and government. Provides coverto-cover full text for nearly 300 journals and periodicals, and indexing and abstracts for nearly 400 titles. Keywords: military, branches

Oxford Analytica Strategic news analysis service providing 3-4 page briefs covering current economic, political and social developments around the world. Briefs are form 1984 to present. Keywords: analysis service, economic development, political development, social development


PAIS International Dating from 1972 to the present, PAIS International contains abstracts of journal articles, books, statistical yearbooks, directories, conference proceedings, research reports and government documents from all over the world. The materials indexed are published in 60 countries in six languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. All subject headings and abstracts are written in English. To begin searching, click on the check box for PAIS International, then click on the search button at the end of the list of databases. Keywords: academic literature, abstracting service, indexing

Policy File PolicyFile is an electronic database indexing research and publication abstracts addressing the complete range of public policy research. PolicyFile draws its content from public policy think tanks, university research programs, research organizations and publishers. Some well known contributors include: the American Enterprise Institute, Brookings Institution, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Cato Institute, Center for Defense Information, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Council on Foreign Relations, Democratic Leadership Council, Economic Strategy Institute, Federation of American Scientists, Heritage Foundation, Hoover Institution, Hudson Institute, Institute for International Economics, International Monetary Fund, National Center for Policy Analysis, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, RAND Corporation, United States Institute of Peace, and the World Bank. Where available, access to home pages, electronic mail addresses and full text are made available within individual abstracts. PolicyFile covers all public policy issues with abstracts available on everything from trade with Asia to health care reform, from telecommunications regulation to the European Union, from terrorism to intelligence reform, from Bosnia to Superfund. New research and organizations are regularly identified and the database is updated weekly. All subscriptions include a biweekly electronic alert service (HEADLINES) featuring highlighted additions to the database, site news, new groups added and searching tips. Keywords: public policy, research health care, telecommunications

Periodicals Contents Index


Indexes back issues of over 1,700 periodicals in the humanities and social sciences from their first issues to 1993 Keywords: humanities, index, periodicals, social sciences

Political Science Abstracts [1975-] Provides over 220,000 references and abstracts of materials from professional journals, major news magazines, and books focused on North American and international politics and political analysis. Topics include political institutions, processes, and behavior; international law and politics; public policy; public administration; political theory and economics. Keywords: economics, international law, international politics, North America, political analysis, processes

Psychological Abstracts. Arlington, VA: American Psychological Association Providing non-evaluative summaries of the world's literature in psychology and related disciplines. A useful source for human resource management; some of the topics covered include management and management training, personnel evaluation and performance, personnel selection and training, organizational behavior and job satisfaction. Keywords: academic index, human resource, organizational behavior, psychology

PsycINFO (Including PsycARTICLES) The PsycINFO database covers the academic, research and practice literature in psychology including relevant materials from related disciplines such as medicine, psychiatry, education, social work, law, criminology, social science, and organizational behavior. PsycARTICLES is a database of full-text articles from journals published by the American Psychological Association, the APA Educational Publishing Foundation, the Canadian Psychological Association, and Hogrefe & Huber. The database includes all material from the print journals with the exception of ads and editorial board lists.


Keywords: abstracts, criminology, education, law, medicine, organizational behavior, psychiatry, psychology, social science, social work

Public Administration Guide. Dana Library, Rutgers University at Newark. A comprehensive research guide prepared by librarians of Dana Library for public administration students and practitioners. Keywords: public administration research, research guide

Public Affairs Information Service (PAIS). New York: Public Affairs Information Service. Indexes resources in public affairs and policy for use by the government, the business/financial community, researchers and students. Emphasis is on factual and statistical information. 1400 periodicals as well as books, reports, and federal and state documents are arranged by subject and indexed by author. Keywords: indexing and abstracting service, public affairs, public policy, statistical information

Public Services Quarterly Abstracting and indexing Information. The Haworth Press, Inc. A publisher of books and journals, the Haworth Press web site offers links to abstracts and indexes in Public Administration and Public Affairs, law and related topics. Keywords: abstracting, indexing, public administration

RAND Abstracts This database provides free abstract searching of all RAND documents which are available for unrestricted distribution. The RAND (Research and Development) Organization deals with such issues as national defense, education and training, health care, criminal and civil justice, labor and population, science and technology, community


development, international relations, and regional studies. An online ordering feature is part of the database, but there may be a fee associated with the document and/or shipping. Keywords: community development, criminal justice, educational training, health care, international relations, labor, national defense

Reference Tools for U.S. Government, Politics & Public Administration. Bobst Library: New York University. A comprehensive research guide prepared by librarians of Dana Library for public administration students and practitioners Keywords: public administration research, research guide

Research Guide for Law Enforcement and the Criminal Justice System. Whitehouse, J.E., 1982. A comprehensive guide to information resources in criminal justice containing approximately 5,000 bibliographies, 1,100 journals and numerous abstracts and indexes under approximately 1,000 headings. Keywords: abstracts, criminal justice, indexes

Sage Public Administration Abstracts. Newbury Park, CA: Sage Publications. Quarterly issues contain approximately 250 items from important recent literature in public administration. Included are abstracts of books, articles, pamphlets, government publications, speeches and legislative research studies. Arranged in broad subject categories with author and subject indexes. Keywords: abstracts, index, public administration literature

Sage Urban Studies Abstracts


Indexes and abstracts journal articles, books, pamphlets, and government publications related to governmental involvement in urban life and urban development. Entries are placed within one of 15 broad categories, ranging from urban fiscal policy to urban planning. This is a print index with coverage from 1973 to the present. Keywords: abstracts, index, urban studies

Social Science Citation Index. Philadelphia: Institute for Scientific Information. Providing a coverage of the literature of every discipline in the social sciences. Over 4500 journals ( 1400 fully indexed) and some monographic series are covered. this index can be searched by subject( keywords) or by tracing citations. Triennial with annual accumulations is extremely useful for locating book reviews. Keywords: index, social science citation

Social Sciences Index. New York: H.W. Wilson, Co. This cumulative index of English language periodicals consists of author and subject entries encompassing the fields of anthropology, area studies, community health and medical care, criminal justice and criminology, economics, family studies, geography, gerontology, international relations, law, minority studies, planning and public administration, policy sciences, political science, psychiatry, psychology, social work and public welfare, sociology, urban studies, and women's studies. Keywords: academic literature, index, social sciences

SocioFile SocioFile contains non-evaluative abstracts of the world's literature in sociology and related disciplines. Topics covered include: arts; community/regional development; demography; education; family; feminist/gender studies; groups, cultures and social structures; health and medicine; human biology; language; mass phenomena; policy, planning, and forecasting; politics; poverty; religion; science; social problems; socialization; violence; welfare. Major areas of coverage include culture and social structure; demography and human biology; economic development; environmental interactions; evaluation research; family and social welfare; health and medicine and law;


history and theory of sociology; management and complex organizations; mass phenomena and political interactions; methodology and research technology; policy, planning, forecast and speculation; radical sociology; religion and science; rural and urban sociology; social development; social differentiation; social psychology and group interaction; sociology of the arts, business, education; studies in violence and power; substance abuse and addiction; welfare services; and women's studies. Keywords: arts, community/regional development, cultures and social structures, demography, education, family, feminist/gender studies, groups, health and medicine, human biology, language, mass phenomena, planning, and forecasting, policy, politics, poverty, religion, science, social problems, socialization, violence, welfare

Sociological Abstracts, San Diego, CA: Sociological Abstracts, Inc. Sociological Abstracts and indexes the international literature in sociology and related disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences. The database provides abstracts of journal articles and citations to book reviews drawn from over 1,700 serials publications, and also provides abstracts of books, book chapters, dissertations, and conference papers. Records added after 1974 contain in-depth and non-evaluative abstracts of journal articles. Keywords: abstracts, indexes, public administration, research sources, sociology

The Johns Hopkins University Press publicaffairs/indexing.html Indexing and abstracting including international political science abstracts, Sate public administration abstracts, United States political science documents and humanities indexes. Keywords: abstracting, indexing, public affairs

The Policy Studies Index Indexes authors and subjects for Policy Studies Journal from 1987-1994 (v. 15-22) and Policy Studies Review from 1987-1993 (v. 6-12). Keywords: academic, index, journals, policy studies


The University of Delaware Library Contains periodical indexes, abstracts, new services and research guides from the University of Delaware Library. Keywords: abstracting, Delaware, indexing

University of Michigan Documents Center The University of Michigan Documents Center is a central reference and referral point for government information, whether local, state, federal, foreign or international. Its web pages are a reference and instructional tool for government, political science, statistical data, and news. Keywords: local, federal, foreign, international, government, news, political science, state, statistical data

Urban Affairs @ the Libraries Covers a wide variety of topics in both scholarly and general interest periodicals, including many articles related to urban affairs. You can limit your to peer-reviewed journals only. Many articles are available in full text. Keywords: urban affairs

VCU Libraries: Virginia Commonwealth University A public administration resource guide to books, journals, indexes, online journals, public administration sites and public affairs schools on the web. Keywords: abstracting, indexing, public administration

Wilson Business Abstract

237 Wilson Business Abstracts, produced by The H.W. Wilson Company, is a bibliographic database that indexes and abstracts articles from English-language periodicals published in the United States and elsewhere, including the leading business magazines and trade and research journals. The abstracts range from 50 to 150 words and describe the content and scope of the source articles. Subjects covered Accounting, Acquisitions & Mergers, Advertising, Banking, Building & Construction, Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, Communications, Computers, Cosmetics Industry, Economics, Electronics, Entertainment Industry, Finance, Financial Services, Government Regulations, Health Care, High Technology, Hospitality and Tourism, Human Resources, Industrial Relations, Insurance, International Business, Investments, Management, Marketing, Mass Media, Occupational Health & Safety, Oil & Gas, Paper & Pulp Industries, Public Utilities, Publishing, Purchasing, Real Estate, Retail Trade, Small Business, Taxation, Technology, Transportation. Keywords: academic literatures, index, social sciences

Worldwide Political Science Abstracts CSA Worldwide Political Science Abstracts builds on the merged back files of Political Science Abstracts, 1975 ­ 2000, and ABC POL SCI, 1984 ­ 2000. The database provides citations, abstracts, and indexing of the international serials literature in political science and its complementary fields, including international relations, law, sociology, economics, and public administration/policy from 1975 to current. The serials list includes more than 1,300 titles with new titles being added on a monthly basis. Approximately 20,000 new records added per year. Keywords: economics, international relations, law, political science, public administration/policy, sociology


Job and Career Assistance

In addition to a quality program, placement is one of the keys to the success of public affairs education. This section collects major links and resources to hiring information. The level of positions ranges from entry level, such as research assistants and internships, to senior level, such as managers and senior policy analysts. The areas of skills required for these jobs vary from public administration and management to policy analysis, from managerial expertise to community-based services such as firefighting. Additionally, it also gives some links to placement and career development services such as resume writing, social networking, interviewing skills, etc. This database definitely is very helpful both for graduates of public affairs training and educational programs, and generally for those who are interested in taking up roles in the provision of public services and working for the public good.

AFL-CIO (American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations) AFL-CIO, the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFLCIO) is the voluntary federation of America's unions, representing more than 13 million working women and men nationwide. The AFL-CIO was formed in 1955 by the merger of the American Federation of Labor and the Congress of Industrial Organizations. Its mission is to bring social and economic justice to our nation by enabling working people to have a voice on the job, in government, in a changing economy and in their communities. Keywords: AFL-CIO, economy, jobs, wages

AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees) AFSCME, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees is the nation's largest and fastest growing public service employees union. It is 1.4 million strong and is made up of people who serve up the public every day in all areas of government, health, education and other services, both public and private. Keywords: AFSCME, public service employment union

America's Job Bank


Searchable database of employment opportunities, created through a partnership between the U.S. Department of Labor and state and private sector organizations. Keywords: Department of Labor, states

APPAM (Association of Public Policy Analysis and Management) Job Bank This is a comprehensive website providing jobs in the public sector. Jobs are categorized by organization, dates posted and deadlines. Some of the information is free, but other information requires membership registration. Keywords: date posted, jobs organization

ASPA (American Society of Public Administration) Career Center on=CareerCenter This is the part of ASPA's website that links to careers in public administration. It provides the job announcements by state. It also provides 5 categories of jobs: jobs in health services, international, nonprofit, academic institutions, and private sector. Membership is required in order to access this database. Keywords: ASPA, Careers In Public Administration

Canadian Federal Government Jobs If you're interested in working for the Canadian federal government, check the listings for jobs open to the public, as well as public service recruitment campaigns and rates of pay. Whether it's the Army, Navy or Air Force, the Canadian Armed Forces helps subsidize education, and they're looking for people in nearly all occupations. A wealth of human resources information from Canada's federal government. Government Jobs Open to the Public, Public Service Commission list of federal government jobs open to the public in all regions of Canada, including short-term and unilingual positions. Online application form. Keywords: airforce, Army, federal government, human resources, public service commission, Navy

240 - 900,000 Jobs, The Internet's Largest Job Search & Employment Site Find more jobs, more easily at, the Internet's largest job search & employment site. Search in complete confidentiality and let a Personal Search Agent find jobs for you. ... Service Design Distribution ­ Shipping Education Engineering Entry Level - New Grad Executive Facilities Finance General Business General Labor Government Keywords: government, labor

Career Center of Action without Borders Provides information in public services, nonprofit, public policy as well as a wide range of information on job searches in the public sector, including salary survey, resume writing, professional associations, working abroad, academic programs etc. Keywords: fellowship public policy, public policy, salary services, services

Careers & Your source to all the military employment and education web sites. Check out the academies, ROTC programs and general military careers. Keywords: academics, careers, military employment, ROTC

Careers In Government Careers In Government is a clearinghouse of information, resources and jobs available in public sector organizations in America and abroad. Employers, streamline your recruitment and hiring cycle, and maximize your exposure and savings while finding your perfect candidate match. Job seekers, discover yourself through a satisfying and rewarding career in public service!


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Cornell Career Services Jobs at nonprofit and government organizations are as varied as in the private sector. Nonprofit and government organizations make up more than a quarter of the nation's workforce with 10% working for nonprofits and 18% for federal, state, and local government. You can use the Alumni Contact Network to identify Cornell Alumni working in nonprofit and government organizations. And unlike the current private sector, these areas of employment are growing and expect to increase their hiring over the next few years. Employment can be found in a variety of fields, including Advocacy, Arts, Community Development, Economic Development, Finance, Education, Environment, Wildlife, Health, Research, International, Social Service, and Federal, State, and Local Government Administration. Positions include administration and management, budget and finance, communication and public relations, training, marketing, management of information systems and data processing, research, and some positions specific to the field, such as chapter/constituent relations, fundraising, volunteer coordination, and convention and meeting organization. You could find work as a volunteer coordinator at a small local nonprofit in your hometown, plan recreation programs for the City of New York, work on health care issues for the state of California, or work as an economist for the Federal Reserve Board. The combinations of positions and employers are endless with regard to nonprofit and government employment. The Career Library in 103 Barnes Hall provides nearly 200 resources relating to nonprofit and government careers and employers Keywords: administration and management, budgeting and finance, government, health research, international, jobs, non-profit, wildlife, social services Ed-Join ­ Education Job Opportunities Information Network The Education Job Opportunity Network is a portal to thousands of teaching and other education job openings throughout California. Keywords: education job opportunities, teaching

European Jobs and Employment Listings


This is links to job opportunities in European countries and links to other job search engines such as jobsite UK. Keywords: jobs in Europe, job listings

European Personnel Selection Office This website provides general guidance on how to seek jobs at the European Union and its subordinate organizations. Keywords: competition, graduates, research posts, working in EU institutions The premier site for executive, fundraising and mid-level jobs in nonprofit, government, healthcare, education, and other non-profit sector industries. Keywords: education, executive, fundraising, healthcare

Fed Jobs Central Provides a search service which pulls jobs from more than 1800 Federal personnel offices. Keywords: federal personnel offices

Federal Job Search Federal Job Search captures your custom job search profile online and matches it daily against our database of 28,797 U.S. federal government job openings all across the U.S. and around the world. Keywords: federal government, job openings


Federal Jobs Net -- Career Center This website provides the federal Pay Schedule, job vacancies of federal government agencies including post office jobs, information on civil service exams, and guidance on how to apply for jobs at federal agencies. Keywords: federal jobs, governmental jobs, and post office jobs

FedWorld This website is managed by the U.S. Department of Commerce Technology Administration National Technical Information Service. Among other services, it provides search tool for locating federal jobs. Keywords: federal jobs, government job

Florida State ­ Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (Tallahassee) This website provides information on professional positions, graduate assistantship/internship opportunities as well as guidance on application process. Keywords: policy analysis, professional positions This is a magazine website providing discussions and analysis on jobs and career in public services and links to career resources. Keywords: careers and jobs in government

Grinnell College Career Development Office


This website provides good guidance and links regarding locating and applying for jobs in public services and evaluation on jobs in public services as well. Keywords: public sector jobs, public service jobs

Government Jobs Find federal job openings. Find state, county and local government jobs (USA). View public service opportunities in Canada. EcoEmploy: Environmental Jobs and Careers. Government jobs links to official and free vacancy listings and employment information in public service. National, state, provincial and local levels in Canada and the USA are covered. Keywords: county, federal jobs, local, public service, environmental, state This is a very comprehensive website providing the job opportunities in government/public sector at county, city, state, and federal levels as well as executive search firms in U.S. It received "global information infrastructure award". Keywords: government public sector jobs, state city local government

Harvard University Office of Career Services This provides information and general guidance on the career resources in the field of public services. Keywords: career in public services

ICMA (International City/County Management Association)


This section provides information in each of the categories of public sector jobs, and membership is required for access. This section provides information on employment benefits in the public sector and some undergraduate and graduate internship opportunities. Keywords: career resources, city management jobs, county management jobs, ICMA career center

International Monetary Fund (IMF) This website provides information on jobs available at IMF including support-level positions, assistant research positions and experienced economists. Keywords: economists, IMF, research assistants

IPMA (International Personnel Management Association) Career Resource and Recruitment Center This is a link to information on job listings in the public sector in member countries of IPMA. Registration required for use. It provides services both for recruiters and job seekers. Keywords: IPMA International Career Resources and Recruitment

Iredell-Statesville Schools, 43Career & Technical Career Pathways This website provides educational program information for professionals in public services. Keywords: college tech prep career, justice

Law Enforcement

246 This website provides the job listings for various law enforcement agencies, information on tests, pay, policies, etc. Keywords: jobs in law enforcement This popular engine provides this search engine for government job seekers and locating jobs in public sector in federal, state and local governments by state and by job category. Keywords: government public services jobs

NASPAA (National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration) This is the students' section website from NASPAA. It is not a comprehensive website, but rather serve to provide information and links for students in the fields of public administration and public affairs. Keywords: careers and internship, for students and links to job resources

National Conference of State Legislatures This website provides a list of job openings for employment in state and local level legislatures, including policy and financial analysis. Keywords: jobs in legislature and public policy

National Forum for Black Public Administrators (NFBA) This website provides well categorized job announcements of public organizations including faculty, public works, grants, financial and accounting, etc.


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National League of Cities The National League of Cities is the oldest and largest national organization representing municipal governments throughout the United States. Its mission is to strengthen and promote cities as centers of opportunity, leadership, and governance. Working in partnership with 49 state municipal leagues, NLC serves as a national resource to and an advocate for the more than 18,000 cities, villages, and towns it represents. NLC was founded in December 1924 by 10 state municipal leagues that saw the need for a national organization to strengthen local government through research, information sharing, and advocacy on behalf of hometown America. It was initially an organization of state municipal leagues. In the 1960s and 1970s, membership was gradually opened to cities of all sizes giving local elected leaders a more direct opportunity to shape the priorities, policies, and advocacy positions of the organizations. Today, the unique partnership among NLC, the 49 state municipal leagues, and the elected leaders of the 1,700 member cities and 18,000 state league cities provides a powerful network for information sharing and for speaking on behalf of America's cities in Washington, D.C. and all state capitols. Keywords: employment, governance, leadership, municipal governments

New York State Government Home Page This website provides a search engine for locating jobs within New York State (both state and local). Keywords: New York State job, state and local jobs

NPELRA (National Public Employer Labor Relations Association) The National Public Employer Labor Relations Association (known by its acronym NPELRA) is a nationwide organization of over 2,000 public sector professionals employed by federal, state, and local governments, school and special districts. NPELRA's members represent public employers in a wide range of areas, from employee-management contract negotiations to working with arbitrators under grievance and arbitration procedures. NPELRA works to promote the interests of public sector


management in the judicial and legislative arenas and to provide opportunities for networking among members by establishing state and regional organizations throughout the country. Keywords: NPELRA, public sector professionals

Office of Personnel Management - Personnel Forms Links to the personnel forms required for applying for federal jobs. Keywords: application, forms, federal jobs

Ohio State Government This website provides a search engine for locating jobs in Ohio State state-and-local government jobs, links to Ohio jobs list and Ohio job net. Keywords: Ohio state job, state and local jobs

Partnership for Public Services Information for federal job seekers, students, links to federal agencies, information on job listings, tips and guidance for applying for jobs at federal government. Keywords: federal jobs, tips for federal jobs

Personnel Administration Office of Alberta Government in Canada Links to government jobs in Alberta province of Canada, including the selection process of job recruitment (competition status). Keywords: Alberta Canada, government jobs


Plymouth College of Further Education (UK) This site provides information on jobs in public services in UK such as firefighting, air force, police, etc. Keywords: jobs in public services, UK

Public Services Employees Network This website provides information on job opportunities in government system and provides guidance on civil service tests, and other search tools. Keywords: government jobs, public services

State and Local Government on the Net The State and Local Government on the Net Directory provides convenient one-stop access to the websites of thousands of state agencies and city and county governments. Keywords: jobs, state and local government

Strategic Management Account Association This site provides a wide variety of tools for online job search. Keywords: expertise, job search by industry, region This website, which is a joint effort by Office of Personnel Management and General Services Administration, provides guidance on how to telework in government. Keywords: telework in government


The Council of State Governments Council of State Governments provides a network for identifying and sharing ideas with state leaders. Founded in 1933, CSG serves the executive, judicial and legislative branches of state government through leadership education, research and information services. CSG continues to provide state officials with the tools and strategies they need to implement effective policy and programs. The Council serves as a catalyst for state leadership, building new partnerships within government and among governing entities, promoting multi-state and regional cooperative ventures and establishing vital links with the private sector and other civic leaders. Keywords: Council of State Governments (CSG), jobs, leadership education

The Federal Executive Institute and Management Development Centers This website provides information on the training programs and consulting services that improve the performance of government leaders and organizations. Keywords: courses and seminars, government leadership training

The ResumePlace.Inc This company provides consulting services on applying for jobs in the federal government, including resume writing guide, and a number of links to other career resources. Keywords: find federal jobs, resume writing

The Riley Guide Job Listings


This is a comprehensive and aggregate website for jobs in public service and administration. The jobs are classified into: Capitol Hills and public affairs, foreign policy and diplomacy, public administration, social work and social services. Keywords: jobs in public service and administration, foreign policy and diplomacy, public administration, public affairs, social services, social work features the top jobs from the top online job sources. This unique database of jobs empowers candidates to search for top career opportunities in the United States and apply for positions directly through job sites. Keywords: top USA jobs

UNDP (United Nations Development Program) This website provides links to worldwide career opportunities in international development including international opportunities for expert practitioners, other current vacancies, leadership development program, internship, junior professional officers' program, consultants, and United Nations Volunteers. Keywords: consultants, development program, international development job opportunities, internship, Leadership Junior Professional Officers' program, UNDP, volunteers

United Nations Human Resources This is the website of United Nations Human Resources Department. Current open recruitment positions in the United Nations system are posted in the website according to the categories of occupational group. Keywords: job opportunities in peacekeeping and other field missions, interorganizational employment opportunities, occupational group, United Nations

University of Maryland, School of Public Affairs

252 nizations Provides links to job announcements at environmental organizations, international organizations, as well as information on nationwide/regional job listings, management consulting, non-profit organizations, policy analysis, U.S. government and politics. Keywords: environmental, public affairs, national/regional jobs

USAJOBS This is the official job site of the United States Federal Government. It's a one-stop source for Federal jobs and employment information, including guidance to create a resume. Keywords: employment, U.S. federal government jobs

USC School of Public Policy, Planning, and Development Career Services This website provides a number of links to public employers including federal agencies, nonprofit organizations, and many other secondary sources. Keywords: career services, public policy and administration

U.S. Office of Personnel Management This site provides update information on U.S. federal job opportunities and internship programs around the nation and the world. Keywords: career development programs, career opportunity, career opportunity, federal employment, student jobs, summer jobs, scholarships, internship

Welcome to Job Opportunities


The public service is one of the largest employers in British Columbia and offers a broad range of career opportunities. Currently hiring is being done on a limited basis; nonetheless, we encourage applicants with specialized experience and training to consider a career in the BC Public Service. In these pages you will find our current, available Job Postings. Before applying for any position, you MUST READ How to Apply. Keywords: career opportunities, hiring, public service, specialized experience

World Bank Current vacancies in the World Bank Group are posted in this website. Title, closing dates, links to the job descriptions are provided in the website. The categories of the positions include economists, environmental specialists, information technology analysts, financial analysts, administrative supporters and so on. The website also has the links to Junior Professionals, Young Professionals, Knowledge Interns and other online recruitment programs. Keywords: economist, environmental specialist, information analyst, internship, jobs and careers, vacancies, World Bank A popular search engine for government job seekers looking for employment in the public sector by state and job category. Keywords: jobs, yahoo


Journals in Public Administration and Public Affairs

Journals are a primary resource in research, especially for providing current information in the field. Journals often present "what's new in the field," case studies, theoretical and empirical studies, scholarly papers, statistical information, and book and software reviews. The following list presents many of the basic journals, broadly defined in the field of Public Administration as well as journals from cognate subject areas.

Academy of Management The Academy of Management is a professional society primarily composed of professors who conduct research and teach management in colleges, universities, or research institutes and doctoral students who are pursuing PhD's in management. Members also include management consultants and managers from a variety of business settings. The purpose of the Academy is to foster the general advancement of research, learning, teaching, and practice in the management field. The Academy publishes scholarly papers, conducts forums for the exchange of management knowledge, and provides services that enhance the science and practice of management. Five publications are available on the site.

Keywords: management, management research and education, organizations, professional development

Academy of Management Journal The Academy of Management Journal presents cutting edge research that provides readers with a forecast for new management thoughts and techniques. All articles published in the journal must make a strong empirical and/or theoretical contribution. All empirical methods including (but not limited to) qualitative, quantitative, or combination methods are represented. Articles published in the journal are clearly relevant to management theory and practice and identify both a compelling practical management issue and a strong theoretical framework for addressing it. For more than 40 years the journal has been recognized as indispensable reading for management scholars. The journal has been cited in such forums as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Economist and The Washington Post. The journal is published six times per year with a circulation of 15,000.

Keywords: management, management education, management research and education


Academy of Management News The Academy of Management is a professional society primarily composed of professors who conduct research and teach management in colleges, universities, or research institutes and doctoral students who are pursuing PhD's in management. Members also include management consultants and managers from a variety of business settings. The purpose of the Academy is to foster the general advancement of research, learning, teaching, and practice in the management field. The Academy publishes scholarly papers, conducts forums for the exchange of management knowledge, and provides services that enhance the science and practice of management.

Keywords: management, management education, management research and education

Academy of Management Learning and Education

Academy of Management Learning and Education publishes a wide range of materials devoted to management education in colleges and universities, and indeed, in all organizations that formally foster learning about management. AMLE publishes four types of materials: (i) scholarly articles, both theoretical and empirical, that undergo a double-blind review process, (ii) invited papers by distinguished scholars and practitioners, (iii) essays, dialogues, and interviews on topics of significant moment, and (iv) reviews of books and other materials that are especially relevant to individual learning and management education. Keywords: management education, organizational management

Academy of Management Review The Academy of Management Review (AMR) is a scholarly journal for the organizational sciences published for a global audience by the U.S. Academy of Management. AMR ranks as one of the most influential business journals, publishing academically rigorous conceptual papers that advance the science and practice of management.

Keywords: journal, management, management education and research

Accounting, Auditing, & Accountability Journal Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal is acknowledged as a leading research


resource for academics working to advance current accounting theory and practice through interdisciplinary, contextual and critical inquiry. The journal provides a forum for the publication of high quality manuscripts concerning the interaction between accounting/auditing and their socio-economic and political environments.

Keywords: accounting, accountability, auditing, journal

Accounting, Organizations, & Society ion Accounting, Organizations & Society is a major international journal concerned with all aspects of the relationship between accounting and human behavior, organizational structures and processes, and the changing social and political environment of the enterprise. Its unique focus covers such topics as: the social role of accounting, social accounting, social audit and accounting for scarce resources; the provision of accounting information to employees and trade unions and the development of participative information systems; processes influencing accounting innovations and the social and political aspects of accounting standard setting; behavioral studies of the users of accounting information; information processing views of organizations, and the relationship between accounting and other information systems and organizational structures and processes; organizational strategies for designing accounting and information systems; human resource accounting; cognitive aspects of accounting and decision-making processes, and the behavioral aspects of budgeting, planning and investment appraisal.

Keywords: accounting, organization, society

Acta Sociologica Acta Sociologica has been published since 1955 for the Scandinavian Sociological Association and is generally recognized as one of the leading sociology journals in Europe. Acta Sociologica is one of the largest European sociology journals, with more than 3000 subscribers. The journal provides rapid publication of high-quality articles ­ both full-length original papers and review essays ­ carefully selected by a prestigious review committee. The purpose of the journal is to publish innovative sociological research written from different theoretical and methodological starting points. Articles are written by Scandinavian and non-Scandinavian sociologists and present alternative ways of understanding and conceptualizing social life. Few sociology journals cover such a widely dispersed and multilingual sociological community.

Keywords: European sociology, sociology


Administration & Society Administration & Society advances your understanding of public and human service organizations, their administrative processes and their effects on society. For over twenty-five years, Administration & Society has served as a leading forum for the exchange of ideas and information on current topic, research questions, and philosophical dilemmas of interest to academics in public administration and related discipline. Administration & Society is bimonthly. Empirical research reports and theoretical articles provide thoughtful and significant analyses of administrative issues at the federal, state and local levels. Written by authors from a variety of fields articles address such concerns as (i) forces ­ political, social, economic, psychological ­ that shape administrative goals and performance, (ii) processes by which policies are formulated, implemented and changed, (iii) relationships between groups and organizations, (iv) theory and practice of bureaucratic politics, and (v) evaluation of the effects of policies on society.

Keywords: administration, journal, society

Administrative Science Quarterly Founded in 1956 by James Thompson, the Administrative Science Quarterly is a peerreviewed, interdisciplinary journal publishing theoretical and empirical work that advances the study of organizational behavior and theory. ASQ publishes articles that contribute to organization theory from a number of disciplines, including organizational behavior and theory, sociology, psychology and social psychology, strategic management, economics, public administration, and industrial relations. ASQ publishes both qualitative and quantitative work, as well as purely theoretical papers. Theoretical perspectives and topics in ASQ range from micro to macro, from lab experiments in psychology to work on nation-states. An occasional feature is the "ASQ Forum," an essay on a special topic with invited commentaries. Thoughtful reviews of books relevant to organization studies and management theory are a regular feature. Special issues have explored qualitative methods, organizational culture, the utilization of organizational research, the distribution of rewards in organizations, and critical perspectives on organizational control.

Keywords: administrative science, journal, public administration

Administrative Theory & Praxis


Administrative Theory & Praxis (ATP) is a quarterly journal of dialogue in public administration theory. It is the journal of the Public Administration Theory Network and its purpose is to advance knowledge and stimulate new thought in public administration. The journal is open to many perspectives that contribute to public administration, for example political and social theory, philosophy and ethics, theory of institutions and organizations, psychological and phenomenological approaches, internationalcomparative theory, and critical, feminist, discourse, and postmodern theory. Readers are encouraged to communicate with the editors about possible papers, symposia, book reviews, or commentary.

Keywords: journal, public administration, theory

American Behavioral Scientist For over 40 years, American Behavioral Scientist has been a valuable source of information for scholars, researchers and professionals, providing in-depth coverage of fields of study throughout the social and behavioral sciences. Each issue offers a comprehensive analysis of a single topic, examining such important and diverse areas as marketing, medicine and public service. The journal's interdisciplinary approach stimulates creativity and, occasionally, controversy within the emerging frontiers of the social sciences, exploring the critical issues that affect our world and challenge our thinking.

Keywords: behavioral science, journal,

American Economic Review The American Economic Review (AER) was first published in 1911. Each of the regular issues (March, June, September, and December) contains a number of articles and shorter papers on economic subjects. The May issue is the Papers and Proceedings (P&P) of their annual meeting. Selected papers and discussions of papers presented at the meetings are published along with reports of officers, committees, and representatives. The Directory of Members is available in electronic form on the website Keywords: economic review, economics

American Journal of Health Behavior


The Journal of health Behavior seeks to improve the approach of health education, health promotion, and other multidisciplinary health efforts by fostering a better understanding of the multidimensional nature of both individuals and social systems as they relate to health behaviors. The Journal provides a comprehensive understanding of the impact of personal attributes, personality characteristics, behavior patterns, social structure, and processes on health maintenance, health restoration, and health improvement; to disseminate knowledge of holistic, multidisciplinary approaches to designing and implementing effective health programs; and to showcase health behavior analysis skills that have been proven to affect health improvement and recovery.

Keywords: health behavior analysis skills, health education, health promotion, holistic multidisciplinary approaches, , multidisciplinary health efforts

American Journal of Political Science Founded in 1956, the American Journal of Political Science publishes research in all major areas of political science including, American politics, public policy, international relations, comparative politics, political methodology, and political theory. It includes articles of general interest, essays, and a workshop section on new developments in research methodology. The American Journal of Political Science, published four times each year, is one of the most widely-read political science journals in the United States. AJPS is a general journal of political science open to all members of the profession and to all areas of the discipline of political science. JSTOR provides a digital archive of the print version of American Journal of Political Science. The electronic version of American Journal of Political Science is available at Authorized users may be able to access the full text articles at this site.

Keywords: American politics, comparative politics, international relations, journal, political methodology, political theory, political science, public policy

American Journal of Psychology AJP explores the basic science of the mind, publishing reports of original research in experimental psychology, theoretical presentations, combined theoretical and experimental analyses, historical commentaries, obituaries of prominent psychologists, and in-depth reviews of significant books. American Journal of Psychology is issued quarterly.

Keywords: journal, psychology

American Journal of Sociology

260 Established in 1895 as the first U.S. scholarly journal in its field, AJS remains a leading voice for analysis and research in the social sciences, presenting work on the theory, methods, practice, and history of sociology. The Journal also seeks the application of perspectives from other social sciences, and publishes papers by psychologists, anthropologists, statisticians, economists, educators, historians, and political scientists. Keywords: journal, psychology

American Political Science Review The American Political Science Review (APSR) is the longest running publication of the American Political Science Association (APSA). APSR, first published in November 1906 and appearing quarterly, is the preeminent political science journal in the United States and internationally. APSR features research from all fields of political science and contains an extensive book review section of the discipline. Full text of the American Political Science Review is available in several electronic formats and through several different vendors. Keywords: journal, political science, review

American Politics Research (formerly known as American Politics Quarterly) American Politics Research presents original works by distinguished authors from a wide range of fields concerned with American politics. Articles examine and explore topics in every area of government, from local and state to regional and national. American Politics Research brings you the most recent scholarship on such subject areas as: Courts and the Legal Process, Domestic Issues, Executive Policies, Foreign Policy, Legislative Behavior, Political Parties, Public Finance, Public Opinion, Voting Behavior, and Women in Politics. Keywords: American politics research, courts and the legal process, government, executive policies, foreign policies, journal, legislative behavior, political parties, public finance, public opinion, voting behavior, women in politics American Review of Public Administration


0.html A peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the study of public affairs and public administration, featuring articles addressing rapidly emerging issues in public administration and public affairs. ARPA publishes articles, which look beyond traditional boundaries of public administration, review or synthesize previous research in the field, and speculate and comment on current issues in public administration.

Keywords: public administration, public affairs

American Sociological Review A bi-monthly publication of the American Sociological Association the American Sociological Review is the flagship journal of the American Sociological Association. Founded in 1936, the Review's mission is to publish original works of interest to the discipline in general, new theoretical developments, results of research that advance our understanding of fundamental social processes, and important methodological innovations. All areas of sociology are welcome in the American Sociological Review. Emphasis is on exceptional quality and general interest. Keywords: social processes, sociology

Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy (ASAP) is an electronic journal sponsored by the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI). The journal is an outlet for timely and innovative psychological and related social science scholarship with implications for social action and policy. ASAP seeks to be a forum for publishing new work as well as discussion on alternative approaches to a variety of important and current social problems. By encouraging timely publication of well-written peer-reviewed work, ASAP aims to facilitate communication between social science researchers and policy makers as well as with the public as a whole. Keywords: analysis, public policy, social issue

Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics Founded in 1908, Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics features: 1) original, high quality papers on theoretical and empirical developments in public, cooperative or non-


profit economics, 2) survey articles reviewing relevant literature and addressing all the topical issues in the field. Published quarterly, Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics is essential reading for both academics and practitioners in the fields of cooperatives, employee participation, enterprises with public participation, nonprofit organizations, social economy, network economies, and new economy of regulation. Keywords: cooperative, public or non-profit economics

Annual Reviews Since 1932, Annual Reviews has offered comprehensive, timely collections of critical reviews written by leading scientists. Annual Reviews volumes are published each year for 30 focused disciplines within the Biomedical, Physical, and Social Sciences. Annual Reviews is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide the worldwide scientific community with a useful and intelligent synthesis of the primary research literature for a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines. Annual Reviews publications are among the most highly cited in scientific literature. All Annual Reviews series are ranked within the top ten publications for their respective disciplines. Keywords: biomedical, journal, physical, review, social sciences

Applied Psychological Measurement For over twenty years, Applied Psychological Measurement has led the measurement field in presenting cutting-edge methodologies and related empirical research. Whether the setting is educational, organizational, industrial, social or clinical, Applied Psychological Measurement focuses on ways to use the most current techniques to address measurement problems in the behavioral and social sciences. Keywords: behavioral and social sciences, journal, psychological measurement, psychology Asian American Policy Review Founded in 1989, the Harvard University Asian American Policy Review is the first academic journal in the country dedicated solely to examining social issues and public policies affecting the Asian Pacific American community. As the journal enters its ninth year, it remains dedicated to providing a forum for meaningful public debate. The Asian


American Policy Review is published annually by graduate students at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. The journal is a non-profit publication dedicated to promoting knowledgeable and reasonable discussion of public issues affecting the APA community. The AAPR is solely funded by subscriptions and the generous supporters of our readers. Please consider a subscription or a donation, which will allow the Review to continue its important work. Keywords: Asian American, journal, review, policy

Asian Review of Public Administration The Asian Journal of Public Administration is published twice a year by the Department of Politics and Public Administration of the University of Hong Kong. The Department has published The Journal since 1979, focusing on articles on public administration that are related to Asia. The Journal also considers for publication articles on more general themes in public administration. The Journal is abstracted or indexed in Documentation in Public Administration and International Political Science Abstracts. Keywords: Asian review, journal, public administration

Asian Studies "The Asian Studies WWW Monitor" (ISSN 1329-9778) was established 21 April 1994. It forms a key element of the global, cooperative project Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library. For further details of this Internet Publications Bureau, RSPAS, ANU publication sees About the Asian Studies WWW Monitor. This document keeps track of leading online serials of value/significance to researchers in Asian and Pacific Studies. For Asian newspapers and daily press see Asian Online Newspapers Register (Kidon Media Link, Netherlands). See also Register of Social Sciences' E-Journals (U. Florida, USA) and International Education Electronic Journal (U. Canberra, AUS). Keywords: Asian studies, journal, review Asian Survey The only bi-monthly academic journal of contemporary Asian affairs published in the United States, Asian Survey has been the comprehensive source for detailed commentary


on current developments for over thirty-five years. Leading American and foreign scholars provide readers with authoritative views and analyses of the politics, economics, and foreign relations of Asian countries from the Philippines west to Afghanistan and from China to the South Pacific. Keywords: Asian survey, journal, review Association for Computing Machinery

Founded in 1947, ACM is the world's first educational and scientific computing society. Today, our members -- over 80,000 computing professionals and students world-wide -- and the public turn to ACM for authoritative publications, pioneering conferences, and visionary leadership for the new millennium. There are many ejournals available on this site. Subscription is "required," but I was able to access a number of journals (Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction, Transactions on Information Systems, Transactions on Graphics, Computing Surveys) and read articles (PDF). Relatively technical information directed at computer and information sciences. There are a great number of links to this site (Northern Lights will return at least 100). There is also policy area on the site which may be of interest to PA as well as Special Interest Groups (Computers and Society, Management Information Systems, Management of Data). Keywords: computers and society, management information systems, management of data

Australian Journal of Information Systems The Australian Journal of Information Systems is a refereed journal that publishes articles (twice per year) contributing to information systems theory and practice.

Keywords: information systems, information systems theory, journal

Australian Journal of Political Science The Australian Journal of Political Science is the official journal of the Australasian Political Studies Association. The editorial team of the Journal includes a range of Australian and overseas specialists covering the major sub disciplines of political science. The Journal publishes articles of high quality at the cutting edge of the discipline, characterized by conceptual clarity, methodological rigor, substantive interest, theoretical coherence, broad appeal, originality and insight. The Journal features a lively exchange


of views and therefore publishes critical comments and responses. Research notes reporting on current research projects, research designs and preliminary findings are also published. All significant books by Australasian political scientists and books investigating Australasian politics are given comprehensive coverage. Keywords: Australia, journal, political science

Australian Journal of Public Administration The Australian Journal of Public Administration encourages research, reflection and commentary amongst those interested in a range of public sector settings - federal, state, local and inter-governmental. The journal focuses on Australian concerns, but welcomes manuscripts relating to international developments of relevance to Australian experience.

Keywords: Australia, journal, public administration

Berkeley Technology Law Journal The Berkeley Technology Law Journal is a student-run publication of the Boalt Hall School of Law, University of California at Berkeley. The BTLJ started in 1986 as the High Technology Law Journal, and has since covered emerging issues of law in the areas of intellectual property, high-tech and biotech. BTLJ strives to keep judges, policymakers, practitioners, and the academic community abreast of this dynamic field. The Journal's membership, typically over 100 students, publishes four issues of scholarly work each year, including the Annual Review of Law and Technology. The Annual Review is a distinctive issue of the Journal published in collaboration with the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology and is dedicated to student-written case notes and comments discussing the most important recent developments in IP, antitrust, cyber law, telecom, and biotech and business law. In addition, the Journal co-sponsors an annual symposium on an emerging area of technology law.

Keywords: journal, review, technology law

Blackwell Journals Online Blackwell Publishing is one of the world's largest journal publishers with a total of over 600 prestigious journals within physical sciences, life sciences, medicine, social sciences and humanities.


Keywords: journals, Blackwell

British Journal of Political Science British Journal of Political Science is a broadly based journal aiming to cover developments across a wide range of countries and specialists. Contributions are drawn from all fields of political science (including political theory, political behavior, public policy, and international relations), and articles from scholars in related disciplines (sociology, social psychology, economy and philosophy) appear frequently. Keywords: British, journal, political science British Journal of Social Psychology Publishes original papers in all areas of social psychology. Topics include: attitudes, group processes, intergroup relations, self and identity, social cognition, social influence, and social psychological aspects of affect and emotion. Keywords: British, journal, social psychology

Brookings Paper on Economic Activities For over twenty-five years, BPEA has provided academic and business economists, government officials, and members of the financial and business community with timely analyses of current economic developments. Three issues are published each year. The two macroeconomic issues offer authoritative, in-depth research relating to aspects of the current performance of the U.S. and other world economies. The microeconomic issue is designed to promote professional research and analysis of key issues affecting economic productivity. This highly acclaimed journal includes the contributions of some of the most experienced and respected economists in the country.

Keywords: Brookings, economics, journals

Brookings Papers on Education Policy


This annual volume, first published in 1998, provides the latest thinking from nationally recognized experts on policy issues affecting grades K-12. The 1998 issue focused on the state of student performance in American Schools, while the 1999 issue focused on urban issues in education, and the 2000 issue on reauthorization of the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act. The 2001 volume analyzed efforts to establish rigorous academic standards for student performance, and the 2002 volume looks at accountability in several leading states and cities; contributors consider whether students have been helped or hurt by standards-based reforms. The 2003 volume examines the state of America's high schools. Keywords: Brookings, education policy, journals

Brookings-Wharton Papers on Urban Affairs: 2004 htm. Designed to reach a wide audience of scholars and policymakers, the Brookings-Wharton Papers on Urban Affairs is an annual series that serves as a forum for cutting-edge, accessible research on urban policy. The editors seek to integrate broader research into the urban policy discussion by bringing urban studies scholars together with economists and researchers studying subjects with important urban implications.

Keywords: Brookings, journals, urban affairs

Business and Politics Business and Politics solicits articles within the broad area of the interaction between firms and political actors. Two specific areas are of particular interest to the journal. The first concerns the use of non-market corporate strategy. These efforts include internal organizational design decisions as well as external strategies. Internal organizational design refers to management structure, sourcing decisions, and transnational organization with respect to the firm's non-market environment. External strategies include legal tactics, testimony, lobbying and other means to influence policy makers at all levels of government and international institutions as an adjunct to market strategies of the firm. A second area of interest involves efforts by policy makers to influence firm behavior through regulatory, legal, financial, and other government instruments. Business and Politics does not favor any particular methodologies or approaches, but emphasizes analytical rigor and novel empirical analysis. The journal is particularly interested in submissions focusing on different regions of the world, cross-regional studies, and interdisciplinary work. It strongly encourages submissions from business, political science, law, economics, and public policy. The journal also publishes selected cases and


commentaries on the interaction of politics and corporate strategy. Cases, which apply theoretical ideas to focus on real world examples of policymaking, should be suitable for classroom use and cover recent events of relevance to business professionals and government officials. Commentaries, which include broad overviews of public policy regarding business political activity and trends in business politics, or discussion of recent articles published in Business and Politics, should be tailored for broad readership. The journal especially welcomes commentary submissions from business and policy professionals Keywords: business, journal, politics

Business-to-Business Marketing in Asia The Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing (JBIM) special issue on Business-toBusiness Marketing in Asia is now completed. This timely special issue focuses on industrial marketing practices and theoretical applications in Asia's major countries and markets, including China, Japan, India, Southeast Asia and Australasian. JBIM is a refereed, international, US-based journal, internationally considered a leading publication in its area. Many myths and givens exist about doing business in Asia, but few facts have been established; this special issue provides analyses and comment on key issues concerning the practice of business-to-business marketing in the region. Keywords: Asia, business, journal, marketing

Business Week Table of Contents is available along with selected articles without subscription to this popular weekly magazine of business. Keywords: business, journal

California Management Review Now celebrating its 41st year of publication, California Management Review serves as a vehicle of communication between those who study management and those who practice it. CMR publishes articles that are both research-based and address issues of current concern to managers. CMR emphasizes three areas of critical importance to both practicing managers and academic researchers: Strategy and Organization, Global Competition and Competitiveness, and Business and Public Policy. CMR focuses on


contemporary developments in the global economy, strategies for innovation, strategic planning, and the management of technology, corporate culture, managing human resources, and business ethics. CMR regularly features articles on the rapidly developing field of Knowledge Management. Copies of its landmark Special Issue on "Knowledge and the Firm" are still available. Keywords: journal, management, review

Campaigns and Elections This web site appears to be maintained by a political consulting firm. Although the page contains many political links, most refer to other consultants and political media types, etc. Keywords: campaign, election, journal, politics, review

Canadian Foreign Policy Journal Canadian Foreign Policy / La Politique étrangère du Canada is one of the leading Canadian journals of international affairs. Its actual scope is much broader than its title may suggest. The journal presents seminal articles and commentaries on all aspects of international relations that have had or will have major impacts on Canada's foreign interests. Topics covered include: trade and international economic policies and the WTO the future of multilateralism Canada's key bilateral and regional relationships (CanadaUS, Canada-UK, Canada-France, Canada-Japan, Canada-China, Canada-EU, CanadaLatin America) international migration human rights and good governance post-cold war defense policy preventive diplomacy, peacekeeping, and peace building intelligence and national security development assistance to the Third World role of culture and communications in international relations Contributors are drawn from Canada and overseas and reflect diverse political and professional perspectives. Essays are fully referenced, peer-reviewed, authoritative yet written for the specialist and non-specialist alike. Policymakers in Canada at the federal and provincial levels, Canada-watchers around the world, and members of the academic, corporate, and media communities value CFP as a source of incisive, timely, relevant, and independent thinking about the problems and policies in Canada's international relations. CFP is published by The Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. Keywords: Canada, foreign policy, journal


Canadian Journal of Behavioral Science The Canadian Journal of Behavioral Science normally publishes original, empirical contributions in the following areas of psychology: abnormal, behavioral, community, counseling, educational, environmental, developmental, health, industrial-organizational, clinical neuropsychological, personality, psychometrics, and social. A limited amount of space is also available in the journal for brief reports with theoretical and practical implications. In addition to presenting important case studies, the Brief Reports section can also be used to disseminate Canadian norms or forms for standardized tests and for summarizing program evaluation studies. Keywords: Canada, behavioral science, journal

Canadian Journal of Political Science The Canadian Journal of Political Science (CJPS) began in 1968, having evolved from the Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science, which had been published since 1934. CJPS is jointly sponsored by the Canadian Political Science Association/Association canadienne de science politique (CPSA/Acsp) and the Société québécoise de science politique (Sqsp). CJPS is the primary outlet in Canada for refereed scholarship in political science. Published quarterly, it presents articles, notes, commentaries and book reviews in English and in French. The Editorial Board of CJPS is committed to the publication of scholarly research in all fields of political science. Manuscripts are assessed on the basis of their contribution to the discipline and by the authors' adherence to the highest scholarly standards. Keywords: Canada, journal, political science

Canadian Journal of Sociology Online Table of Contents and abstracts are available online, as well as specific online articles in HTML format. Keywords: Canada, journal, sociology

Canadian Public Policy

271 The aim of the journal is to stimulate research and discussion of public policy problems in Canada. It is directed at a wide readership including decision-makers and advisers in business organizations and governments, and policy researchers in private institutions and universities. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of many public policy issues, it is hoped that the contents will be representative of various disciplines involved in public policy issues. Keywords: Canada, journal, public policy

Carnegie-Rochester Conference Series on Public Policy The Carnegie-Rochester Conference on Public Policy was initiated in the early 1970's through the efforts of the Bradley Policy Research Center at the William E. Simon School of Business Administration at the University of Rochester and the Center for the Study of Public Policy at Carnegie-Mellon University. Under the leadership of the late Karl Brunner (University of Rochester) and Allan Meltzer (Carnegie-Mellon University) the Conference developed into a semi-annual event occurring in April in Rochester and November in Pittsburgh. The principal objectives of the Conferences are (a) to stimulate policy relevance and empirical research in economic science, (b) to encourage interchange of scientific ideas among analysts with different approaches, and (c) to generate greater understanding by academic economists of practitioner's environments. Each conference tends to be organized around a particular theme or topic with papers prepared by leading scholars with expertise in the area. Participants are united by their interest in the issues discussed and by their belief that analysis, evidence, and informed discussion have lasting effects on the public and its institutions. Keywords: Carnegie-Rochester, Conference, public policy

Comparative Political Studies The editorial team of Comparative Political Studies selects only the very best relevant, indepth analyses of many cross-national political issues. Some of the subject areas you will find include: European Integration, Regional Mobilization, European Monetary Politics, Labor Markets, Democratic Consolidation, Bargaining Institutions, Peace Movements, Electoral Systems, Party Strategies, Redemocratization, Production Strategies, and Human Rights. Keywords: comparative, journal, political studies


Constitutional Political Economy Constitutional Political Economy is a forum for research in the broad area of constitutional analysis, which lies at the intersection of several approaches in modern economics, sharing a common interest in the systematic integration of the institutional dimension ­ the study of political, legal and moral institutions ­ into economic analysis. While it's primary discipline is economics, Constitutional Political Economy is explicitly interdisciplinary, aiming to encourage an exchange between the various social sciences, including law, philosophy, political science and sociology. Theoretical and empirical research, as well as contributions to constitutional policy issues, is considered for publication. Keywords: constitutional political economy, journal

Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy First published in July 1992, the Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy is dedicated to publishing articles, commentaries, book reviews, and student notes that explore the intersections of law and public or social policy. The Journal addresses current domestic issues and their implications in the fields of law, government, public policy, and the social sciences. The Journal also provides a forum for the discussion of current issues of law and public policy by sponsoring or co-sponsoring an annual symposium at Cornell University. Each symposium theme is addressed in an issue of the Journal, through symposium papers and related manuscripts. Keywords: Cornell, journal, law, public policy

CQ Researcher Weekly reports produced by the well-regarded Washington reporting service Congressional Quarterly Inc. Each 24-page report focuses on a specific topic that is perceived as being either newsworthy or an issue of broad interest in the public policy sphere. Recent issues have covered topics such as "Low Voter Turnout", "Drunken Driving", "Internet and Copyright" (with focus on Napster). Each issue includes a summary of the issue, a chronology, an "At Issue" column focusing on the pros and cons of some aspect of the issue, and a three or four page bibliography for additional


information. Issues are available for registered subscribers as both hypertext and as Adobe PDF images. Keywords: CQ researcher, journal, public policy

Crime, Law and Social Change Crime, Law, and Social Change is a peer reviewed journal that publishes essays and reviews dealing with the political economy of organized crime whether at the transnational, national, regional or local levels anywhere in the world. In addition, the Journal publishes work on financial crime, political corruption, environmental crime, and the expropriation of resources from developing nations. The Journal is also committed to publishing in the general area of Human Rights including historical and contemporary studies of genocide, essays on compensation and justice for survivors of mass murder and state-sponsored terrorism, analyses of international human rights organizations (both governmental and NGOs), and historical as well as contemporary essays focused on gender, racial and ethnic equality. The Journal maintains an active policy of publishing thematic topics, of which the Corruption and Reform issues are the most regular ones. Keywords: crime, journal, law, social change

Criminal Justice Policy Review

The Criminal Justice Policy Review is published by SAGE in association with Indiana University of Pennsylvania and its Department of Criminology in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. The Criminal Justice Policy Review is published quarterly and includes articles, review essays, book reviews, and research notes. Special issues may include proceedings, legislation, or related matters. Keywords: crime, journal, law, social change

Critical Review Critical Review was founded in 1986 by Jeffrey Friedman, at the time a libertarian graduate student who was having grave doubts about his political creed. Unhappy with the isolation of libertarian thought from mainstream scholarship, he envisioned a journal that would bring the most intense criticism to bear on libertarian and free-market ideas in order to see which of these ideas, if any, would withstand scrutiny and contribute to our


understanding of the world. While Critical Review remains committed to inquiring openmindedly into whether laissez-faire capitalism is conducive to human welfare, its agenda is now much broader. We now seek to draw on all of the social sciences in examining the effects on human well-being--not just on material prosperity--of not only laissez-faire capitalism and the alternatives to it, but of all other conceivable forms of social life. Keywords: critical review, human welfare, journal, politics

Cross-Cultural Psychology Bulletin A quarterly newsletter. IACCP (International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology), contains articles, reviews, conference information, teaching and research resources. Editor: William K. Gabrenya, Jr., Florida Institute of Technology. Keywords: bulletin, cross culture, journal, psychology

Cultural Critique Since its first issue, Cultural Critique has brought together some of the most important work in the field of cultural analysis. Perhaps no other journal investigates cultural interpretation from such a broad perspective and from such an international point of view. The journal takes an interdisciplinary approach to cultural criticism, covering literary, philosophical, anthropological, and sociological studies and using Marxist, feminist, psychoanalytic, and post-structural methods. It draws on a large group of international corresponding editors to gather articles that examine intellectual controversies, trends, and movements in various parts of the world. Cultural Critique is published three times yearly. Keywords: cultural critique, journal

Cultural Dynamics Cultural Dynamics is a thoroughly interdisciplinary journal, which moves well beyond cultural, and social anthropology to include work from sociology, psychology, philosophy, communication studies and any other areas that shed light on socio-cultural phenomena. The journal draws upon an international spectrum of high quality material. It offers both empirical and theoretical contributions that represent major areas of research and debate


around the world. Keywords: cultural dynamics, journal

Current Research in Social Psychology

Current Research in Social Psychology (CRISP) is a peer reviewed, electronic journal covering all aspects of social psychology. Publication is sponsored by the Center for the Study of Group Processes at the University of Iowa, which provides free access to its contents. Authors retain copyright for their work. CRISP is permanently archived at the Library of the University of Iowa and at the Library of Congress. Keywords: journal, social psychology

Decision Sciences Journal The central theme of the Decision Sciences Institute is not problem solving per se, but decision making in public and private organizations utilizing behavioral, economic, and quantitative methods of analysis. Decision Sciences articles, therefore, must have a decision-making orientation and address problems of managerial significance. A reasonable case should be made for the importance of the problem. Under this aegis, the Editor's objective is to attain a broad coverage of topics at a level of sophistication that will place the journal within the grasp of the entire membership. Keywords: decision science, journal

Decision Support Systems Decision Support Systems welcomes contributions on the concepts and operational basis for DSSs, Techniques for implementing and evaluating DSSs, DSS experiences, and related studies. In treating D S topics, manuscripts may delve into, draw-on, or expand such diverse areas as artificial intelligence, cognitive science, computer supported cooperative work, data base management, decision theory, economics, linguistics, management science, mathematical modeling, operations management systems, ad others. The common thread of articles published in the journal will be their relevance to theoretical, technical DSS issues.


Keywords: decision support system, information technology, information

Digital Library and Archives The Scholarly Communications Project has expanded its resources and services to become the university's Digital Library and Archives. Since 1989 it has worked with members of the university community to help them create online resources such as electronic journals, and to use library services such as electronic reserve with its centralized access to course materials. It also designs and maintains systems including those for electronic theses and dissertations and digital images. Keywords: archives, digital library

East European Politics and Societies An international journal that examines social, political, and economic issues in Eastern Europe, EEPS offers holistic coverage of the region - every country, from every discipline - ranging from detailed case studies through comparative analyses and theoretical issues. Contributors include not only western scholars but also many from Eastern Europe itself. The Editorial Board is composed of a world-class panel of historians, political scientists, economists and social scientists. Keywords: East Europe, journal, politics, societies

East-West Review of Social Policy Social Policy: never a dull moment. This has become more true now that many countries whose economies have been communist or in a very low stage of development, are in a rapid process towards becoming a market economy. But also Western welfare states are in a stage of transition at this time. In these states there are claims that the social legislation is too expensive, that it is contrary to a competitive approach and that social legislation makes people too passive, which in turn causes people to no longer actively seek work. The common interest in the developments in Social Policy in the different regions of the world calls for a new forum to exchange information, experience and practice. Under the guidance of Professor Andrzej Swiatkowski and Associate Professor Frans Pennings, the East-West Review of Social Policy will establish a new forum for contributions on Social


Policy, i.e. Labor Law, Social Security Law and general policy issues. To structure the wide range of topics related to these law fields, each issue will be dedicated to one or more topics. The first issue was dedicated to the topic of Voluntary Social Security and Litigation in Social Security. Keywords: journal, review, social policy

Ecological Psychology Ecological Psychology, the journal of the International Society for Ecological Psychology, publishes original articles that contribute to the understanding of psychological and behavioral processes as they occur within the ecological constraints of animalenvironment systems. The scope of ecological psychology includes problems of perception action, cognition, communication, learning, development, and evolution in all species, to the extent that those problems derive from a consideration of whole animalenvironment systems, rather than animals or their environments in isolation from each other. Keywords: ecological psychology, journal, review

Economics, Business and Management There are many publications in a variety of topics (Science, Humanities, etc.). Some have table of contents and abstracts available online. Publications with table of contents require subscription for full articles online. Keywords: journals, economics, business, management

Economia: Spring 2004 (Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association) This semi-annual journal from the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association (LACEA) provides a forum for influential economists and policymakers from the region to share high-quality research directly applied to policy issues within and among those countries. Keywords: Brookings, economics, journal, Latin American and Caribbean Economic


Association (LACEA)

Economist The Economist Group is an authoritative source of information and opinion on international business and politics. The core of the Group is its flagship newspaper, The Economist, a weekly magazine of international news and business. Founded in 1843, The Economist has established its reputation as one of the most respected periodicals in the world. It reports and analyses world affairs, politics and government, business and finance, economics, science and technology, the arts and multimedia. The Group also provides data and analysis on more than 180 countries and several of the world's industries through the publications and conferences of The Economist Intelligence Unit. Keywords: economics, economist, journal

Educational and Psychological Measurement Educational and Psychological Measurement publishes data-based studies in educational measurement, as well as theoretical papers in the measurement field. Since 1941, this important journal has offered the most current data-based studies and theoretical papers in the measurement field. Published six times a year, Educational and Psychological Measurement will continue to provide the latest research in this dynamic field. Keywords: education, journal, psychology

Educational Psychology This quarterly journal provides an international forum for the discussion and rapid dissemination of research findings in psychology relevant to education. The journal places particular emphasis on the publishing of papers reporting applied research based on experimental and behavioral studies. Reviews of relevant areas of literature also appear from time to time. The aim of the journal is to be a primary source for articles dealing with the psychological aspects of education ranging from pre-school to tertiary provision and the education of children with special needs. Keywords: journal, education, psychology


Educational Research and Evaluation Using a strong pan-European base, the journal successfully links the major geographic educational research centers with each other. Each issue has at least one article from North America and the Pacific region and several from Europe. Qualitative and quantitative research is accepted. Educational Research and Evaluation (ERE) is a journal of research relating to the practice of education. Its purpose is to provide an outlet for research from all nations and to communicate to the readers the findings of educational research from many perspectives, national contexts, and methodologies. Keywords: education, evaluation, journal

Electoral Studies Electoral Studies is an international journal covering all aspects of voting, the central act in the democratic process. Political scientists, economists, sociologists, game theorists, geographers, contemporary historians and lawyers have common, and overlapping, interests in what causes voters to act as they do, and the consequences. Electoral Studies provides a forum for these diverse approaches. It publishes fully refereed papers, both theoretical and empirical, on such topics as relationships between votes and seats, and between election outcomes and politicians' reactions; historical, sociological, or geographical correlates of voting behavior; rational choice analysis of political acts, and critiques of such analyses; the formal and behavioral properties of electoral systems; and work in game theory, political economy, or social choice relevant to elections. Keywords: Electoral Studies, journal

Electronic Journals Stanford library journal server. Most journals are available only to Stanford students. Keywords: electronic journals

Elsevier Science Journals


Provides a comprehensive list of journals supplied by Elsevier. Keywords: journal, social sciences

Ethics: An International Journal of Social, Political, and Legal Philosophy Founded in 1890, Ethics is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to the study of the ideas and principles that form the basis for individual and collective action. It publishes work arising from a variety of disciplines and intellectual perspectives, including philosophy, social and political theory, and theories of individual and collective choice, jurisprudence, international relations, and social and economic policy analysis. Keywords: ethics, journal, legal philosophy, politics, social

European Economic Review Founded in 1969, the European Economic Review became as of 1986 an official Journal of the European Economic Association. As a broad-based professional and international journal, European Economic Review welcomes submission of theoretical and empirical papers, from both European and non-European authors. Being the official journal of the European Economic Association, it also seeks to support the EEA's aims to contribute to the development and application of economics as a science in Europe and to improve communication and exchange between economics teachers, researchers and students across the European continent. Keywords: economics, Europe, journal

European Journal of International Relations The purpose of the Journal is to stimulate and disseminate research and scholarship in International Relations throughout the international academic community. It represents no particular school or approach, nor is it restricted to any particular methodology. Instead, it seeks to foster an awareness of methodological and epistemological questions in the study of International Relations, and to reflect research and developments of a conceptual, normative and empirical nature in the major sub-areas of the field, including foreign policy analysis, international organization, strategy and conflict, and international


political economy. The Journal also seeks to strengthen ties with cognate areas in social science and beyond, in particular with international history, international law and international economics. It will also pay special attention to Europe and its sub-regions. Published under the auspices of the Standing Group on International Relations of the European Consortium for Political Research. Keywords: Europe, international relation, journals

Far Eastern Economic Review The Far Eastern Economic Review, published weekly in Hong Kong, is Asia's premier business magazine. It is wholly owned by Dow Jones & Company, publisher of The Wall Street Journal. The magazine appears every Thursday. (We skip an issue at year-end.) The magazine reports on politics, business, economics, technology and social and cultural issues throughout Asia, with a particular emphasis on both Southeast Asia and China. It has an editorial staff of 50 editors and writers, including correspondents stationed in more than a dozen bureaus around the region. Keywords: business, China, economics, journal, politics, technology, social and cultural issues throughout Asia, Southeast Asia

Federal Communications Law Journal The Federal Communications Law Journal, the nation's oldest and largest communications law journal, is published jointly by the Federal Communications Bar Association and the Indiana University School of Law-Bloomington, in cooperation with the Telecommunications Department and the Journalism School. The Journal publishes three issues per year, featuring articles, student notes, commentaries, and book reviews examining a wide range of U.S. and international communications and information issues, including telecommunications, the First Amendment, broadcasting, telephony, computers, intellectual property, communications and information Policy making, and related fields. Keywords: journal, government, law, policy making

Federal Manager's Forum Commercial service with some online "articles" directed at government managers.


Keywords: government managers, journal

Federal Times Also on a weekly basis, Army Times Publishing Company puts out three papers aimed towards the civilian sector. In 1965, the company launched Federal Times in an effort to provide the same type of personnel coverage among the civilian employees of the federal government as it did among the military. Keywords: civilian sector, federal government, journal

Financial Accountability & Management in Governments, Public Services, and Charities Financial Accountability & Management is a leading international academic journal, publishing new thinking and research in the financial accountability, accounting, and financial and resource management of all types of governmental and other non-profit organizations and services. Interdisciplinary in approach, the journal includes contributions from economics, political science, social and public administration, and management sciences, as well as accounting and finance. Keywords: charities, financial accountability, government, management, public services

First Monday: Peer Reviewed Journal on the Internet about the Internet First Monday is one of the first peer-reviewed journals on the Internet. It expands the frontiers of academic publishing by combining the traditional values of peer review with publication on the World Wide Web. First Monday publishes original articles about the Internet and the Global Information Infrastructure. First Monday follows the political and regulatory regimes affecting the Internet, examined the use of the Internet, by analyzing economic, technical, and social factors, reviewed research and development of Internet software and hardware, studied the use of Internet in specific communities, reported on standards, and discussed the content of the Internet. Keywords: journal, money, peer review


Foreign Affairs Foreign Affairs has been published since 1922 by the Council on Foreign Relations, a nonprofit, nonpartisan research and national membership organization dedicated to promoting improved understanding of international affairs and to contributing ideas to U.S. foreign policy. Keywords: journal, foreign affairs, foreign policy

Foreign Policy Widely regarded as one of the most influential international affairs journals in the world, Foreign Policy was launched in 1970 to encourage fresh and more vigorous debate on the vital issues confronting U.S. foreign policy. The journal, which is published by the nonprofit, Washington, D.C.­based Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, has been a forum for in-depth discussion of issues and events and a source of new ideas and new approaches. Keywords: journal, foreign affairs, foreign policy

Frank Cass Journals Frank Cass began publishing a mixture of reprints of classic texts and original works in 1957. The company expanded into journal publishing during the 1960s, and has developed a worldwide reputation as a publisher of high quality social science and humanities journals, monographs and edited collections. Frank Cass has over 2000 titles in print and by utilizing print on demand technology we are now able to both keep most titles in print in perpetuity, as well as being able to look at bringing older titles back into print. The early focus of Frank Cass was in economics, development studies and colonial history, African and Middle Eastern studies. Today the list is more diversified and includes books and journals in a wider range of subject areas, such as politics, international relations, British and international history, sports studies, military science and development studies. There are over 60 journals in print including such well established titles as West European Politics, Middle Eastern Studies, The Journal of Development Studies, The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, Business History, Security Studies and the Journal of Strategic Studies.


Keywords: Frank Cass, journal Full-text Psychology Journals on the Internet Provides a list of full-text psychology journals on the Internet. Keywords: journals, psychology

Games and Economic Behavior Games and Economic Behavior facilitates cross-fertilization between theories and applications of game theoretic reasoning. It consistently attracts the best quality and most creative papers in interdisciplinary studies within the social, biological, and mathematical sciences. Most readers recognize it as the leading journal in game theory. Keywords: economic behavior, games, journal, games

Gender, Work and Organization Awareness of gender as a central feature of all aspects of everyday life and society has become more and more widespread. Appropriately social sciences research is reflecting this increasing concern with gender, especially in the field of work and organization where this journal is focused. Gender, Work and Organization is the first journal to bring together a wide range of interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary research in this field into a new international forum for debate and analysis. The journal is dedicated to advancing theory, research and applications concerning gender relations at work, the organization of gender and the gendering of organizations. Contributions are invited from all disciplinary perspectives including anthropology, history, labor economics, law, philosophy, politics, psychology, and sociology. Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research has faced many obstacles, both theoretical (for example the problems of reconciling incommensurate paradigms) and practical (for example, the problems of making a career when practicing interdisciplinary research). Keywords: gender, journal, organization, work

Georgetown Public Policy Review


The Georgetown Public Policy Review publishes articles that contribute to the thoughtful discourse of public policy. This journal is published semi-annually, in the fall and the spring. The Editorial Board is composed of graduate students from the Georgetown Public Policy Institute and is advised by faculty of the GPPI. The Board fully reserves the right to edit or reject all submissions. Articles published in the Georgetown Public Policy Review do not necessarily reflect the views of the Editorial Board. Keywords: journal, public policy, review

German Policy Studies/Politikfeldanalyse This journal focuses on policy research and studies (a) with an emphasis on German speaking countries, issues and studies (and/or) (b) which follow a comparative approach (and/or) (c) which can function as a bridge between the Anglo-Saxon and ContinentalEuropean/German tradition in policy research. The underlying argument is that there is some kind of common tradition, focus and problem-resolution in the German speaking countries which - if at all - only slowly adapt to the Anglo-Saxon viewpoints, concepts and developments. Keywords: German, journal, policy studies

Governance Governance is published under the auspices of the International Political Science Association Research Committee on the Structure and Organization of Government (SOG). The journal is supported with grants from the University of Pittsburgh and Georgetown University. Governance is an international journal devoted to the study of executive politics, public policy administration and the organization of the state. Governance is published four times a year in January, April, July and October by Blackwell Publishers. Keywords: governance, journal, political science

Governing Governing is a monthly magazine whose primary audience is state and local government


officials: governors, legislators, mayors, city managers, council members and other elected, appointed and career officials. They are the men and women who set policy for and manage the day-to-day operations of cities, counties and states, as well as such governmental bodies as school boards and special districts. The magazine has a circulation of about 86,000. Besides public officials, its readers include journalists, academics, companies that provide products and services for government, and involved citizens with an interest in the governments closest to them. Governing was nominated as a finalist for a 1996 National Magazine Award for general excellence in the under100,000 circulation category. Keywords: governance, governing, journal, magazine

Government Finance Review Government Finance Review is a publication in the field of news and society offering news and analysis about economics. Keywords: economics, finance, government, journal

Government Technology Magazine On-line magazine containing E-government and application of IT at state and local government. Keywords: e-government, information technology, journal

Group Decision and Negotiation The idea for the journal, Group Decision and Negotiation, emerges from evolving and unifying approaches to group decision and negotiation processes. These processes are complex, self-organizing involving multiplayer, multicriteria, unstructured, and evolving, dynamic problems. Approaches include: (1) computer group decision and negotiation support systems; (2) artificial intelligence and management science; (3) applied game theory and social choice; and (4) cognitive/behavioral sciences in group decision and negotiation. A number of research studies combine two or more of these fields. The new journal provides a publication vehicle for theoretical and empirical research, real-world applications and case studies.


Keywords: group decision, journal, management, negotiation

Harvard Business Review News magazine format that contains table of contents and article summaries as well as some business related links. Keywords: business, journal

Harvard Journal of Hispanic Policy The Journal's mission is to: Serve as a resource to policy analysts and advocates in public, private, and non-profit organizations Provide a forum for scholarship and publication on issues related to the U.S. Latino community's political, social and economic development Provide experience to future policy analysts and advocates Develop interest in Latino issues. Keywords: Hispanic policy, journal

Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy The Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy, published thrice annually, is the most widely circulated student law review in the country and the nation's leading forum for conservative and libertarian legal scholarship. The late Stephen Eberhard and former Senator and now Secretary of Energy E. Spencer Abraham founded the journal twentyeight years ago and many journal alumni have risen to prominent legal positions in the government and at the nation's top law firms. Keywords: journal, law, public policy

Harvard Journal of Law & Technology One of Harvard Law School's cutting-edge journals, the Harvard Journal of Law & Technology (JOLT) provides an excellent insight into the legal implications of emerging technologies. JOLT seeks to provide ground breaking articles from various perspectives


and in diverse fields of study. We have published articles by professors, practitioners, and politicians on varied topics including biotechnology, computers, international technology transfer, intellectual property, medical technologies, and telecommunications. Keywords: journal, law, technology

Health Psychology Health Psychology is a scholarly journal devoted to furthering an understanding of scientific relationships between behavioral principles on the one hand and physical health and illness on the other. The readership has a broad range of backgrounds, interests, and specializations, often interdisciplinary in nature. The major type of paper being solicited for Health Psychology is the report of empirical research. Such papers should have significant theoretical or practical import for an understanding of relationships between behavior and physical health. Integrative papers that address themselves to a broad constituency are particularly welcome. Suitable topics for submission include, but are not restricted to, the role of environmental, psychosocial, or socio-cultural factors that may contribute to disease or its prevention; behavioral methods used in the diagnosis, treatment, or rehabilitation of individuals having physical disorders; and techniques that could reduce disease risk by modifying health beliefs, attitudes, or behaviors including decisions about using professional services. Interventions used may be at the individual, group, multicenter, or community level. Keywords: health psychology, journal

HR Magazine Provides tips, techniques and case studies on all aspects of employee development. Keywords: employee development, human resource, journal, magazine

IBM Journal of Research and Development The IBM Journal of Research and Development is a refereed technical journal, published bimonthly, which contains peer-reviewed papers on all aspects of science and technology of interest to the IBM scientific research and development community worldwide and technical professionals. Four issues each year (typically) contain collections of papers on selected topics of current interest. The remaining issues contain individual papers. In


addition to papers, the Journal contains complete reference lists of patents issued to IBM inventors and papers published by IBM authors in other journals. The sixth issue each year contains a subject and author index for that year. Keywords: development, IBM, journal, research

IBM Systems Journal The IBM Systems Journal is a quarterly, refereed technical publication, featuring the work of authors from systems and software fields in information science and the computer industry. The papers are written for a technically aware readership in the software and systems professional community worldwide: technical professionals, researchers, and users. Each paper is peer-reviewed for content, currency, and value by recognized experts in the field. Keywords: journal, systems

IDEAS IDEAS is a service providing information about working papers to the economics profession. IDEAS stands for "Internet Documents in Economics Access Service", which is not very good English, but you get the idea... There are other services on the web using part or the entire same database as IDEAS. Keywords: economics, journal

Industrial-Organizational Psychologist Division 14 of the American Psychological Association Organizational Affiliate of the American Psychological Society and The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist welcome the online version of The Industrial/Organizational Psychologist. TIP is the official quarterly news journal of the Society for Industrial-Organizational Psycho. Keywords: industrial, journal, organization, psychology, psychologist

Information, Communication & Society (ICS)

290 This exciting journal is unique in its aim to concentrate specifically on the social, economic and cultural impact of the emerging properties of the information age. Information, Communication & Society (ICS) transcends cultural and geographical boundaries as it explores a diverse range of issues relating to the development and application of information and communications technologies (ICTs), asking such questions as: What are the new and evolving forms of computer- mediated human interaction? What direction will these forms take? ICTs facilitating globalization; and how might these affect conceptions of local identity, ethnic differences and regional subcultures? Are ICTs leading to an age of electronic surveillance and social control? What are the implications for policing criminal activity, citizen privacy, and public expression? How are ICTs affecting daily life and social structures such as the family, work and organization, commerce and business, education, health care and leisure activities? To what extent do the virtual worlds constructed using ICTs impact on the construction of objects, spaces and entities in the material world? Keywords: information, communication, journals

Information Economics and Policy There has been a rapid increase of interest in the area of information and (tele)communications, especially in relation to economic and policy aspects. The effect of information in various forms on economic variables and their implications on international regulation and policy. The journal provides an interdisciplinary and international forum for publications in economics and policy, addressing issues in telecommunications and information technology, including regulatory issues. The purpose of the journal is to publish research papers, short contributions and surveys of interest for researchers, professionals, expert advisors, professional groups, government, institutions and business connected with policy making and influencing the area of information. Keywords: economics, information, journal, policy

Information & Management Information & Management serves managers, professionals, database administrators and senior executives of organizations, which design, implement and manage Information Systems Applications. The major aims are: To collect and disseminate information on


new and advanced developments in the field of applied information systems; To provide material for training and education in administrative data systems; To encourage further progress in information systems methodology and applications; To cover the range of information system development and usage in their use of managerial policies, strategies, and activities for business, public administration, and international organizations; To provide guidelines and insights on how to undertake successful information technology initiatives and learn to avoid failures through the study of success and failure patterns (Section SOS). Keywords: information, journal, management, policy

Information Management & Computer Security Information Management & Computer Security contributes to the advance of knowledge directly related to the theory and practice of the management and security of information and information systems. It publishes methodological developments, empirical studies and practical applications. Emphasis is placed on systematic studies that contribute to the general understanding of the power and usefulness of information and hence contribute to more effective management. A double-blind review process ensures the content's validity and relevance. Keywords: journal, information, management, policy

Information and Organization (formerly known as Accounting, Management and Information Technologies) Accounting, Management and Information Technologies is a forum for research and debate on the interrelations of information technologies with practices of accounting and managing, broadly understood. The journal is open to all forms of scholarship which engage theory and make an original contribution to understanding how information technologies intersect with accounting systems or managerial practices. The journal especially welcomes creative analyses that will change how people think and act within this domain of scholarship. Keywords: accounting, information technology, management

Information Society Journal


The Information Society (TIS) journal, published since 1981, is a key critical forum for leading edge analysis of the impacts, policies, system concepts, and methodologies related to information technologies and changes in society and culture. Some of the key information technologies include computers and telecommunications; the sites of social change include homelike, workplaces, schools, communities and diverse organizations, as well as new social forms in cyberspace. TIS is a refereed journal that publishes scholarly articles, position papers, debates, short communications and book reviews. Keywords: journal, information, management, policy

Information Strategy (Formerly known as Computer Business Review) Computer Business Review is a database derived from the UK's leading monthly journal providing deep analysis of business news and the lead issues within IT. All CBR data is grounded in primary-level, investigative research. CBR looks at Economic trends and indicators, it monitors financial results, tracks key market sectors and report on every major piece of IT market research that's carried out. CBR is written for Director-level, senior executives within both vendor and user organizations as well as for IT analysts. CBR helps in the process of assessing investment in IT equipment and services, reviewing suppliers and consultants and appointing systems integrators. At Computer Wire we think of CBR as the Economist of the IT industry and many of our readers agree. Full text articles from news magazine type format. Keywords: information technology, market research, economic trends

Information Technology & People Information Technology & People maintains openness to multiple paradigms of research including what has been mainstream empirical work. However, the journal emphasizes an agenda to publish hermeneutic, critical, ethnographic and language-focused original research and theory in information systems. We seek cultural and geographic diversity in studies of new technologies and uses that have a special impact on organizational communications, change processes and work practices, and that reflect the varying societal and infrastructural conditions in which information technology is deployed. We look for ways to perceive how people collectively conceptualize, invent, adapt, define and use technology, as well as how they are constrained by features of it. The journal has a primarily organizational focus, but publishes research relating to boundaries between organizational and societal concerns. "Cultures of information" is a topic that intersects industries, global regions and organizations, and is a new theme within our current scope.


Keywords: information, journal, management, policy

Institute of Public Affairs Review The Review is the IPA's flagship publication. Published every three months, it is a 32--44 page magazine devoted to thoughtful analysis of the pressing public policy issues of the day. A mixture of columns by IPA senior staff and articles by outside authors (some commissioned, others not), the Review carries regular columns on environmental issues, the progress of deregulation, indigenous affairs, the economy, State affairs and politics at large. In addition, there is a regular letter from our London correspondent and a two-page guide to the Internet for readers with a free-market bent. Keywords: institute, public affairs

International Bulletin of Political Psychology International Bulletin of Political Psychology (IBPP) is an electronic weekly designed to sensitize social scientists, public officials, mass media representatives, informed citizenry, and social activists to the psychology of politics and the politics of psychology. This sensitization encompasses that which is scientific, formalistic, and analytic, as well as that which is intuitive, experiential, and synthetic. Because of its weekly format, IBPP presents the opportunity for a quick analysis of current events and a privileged look at what researchers are engaged in -- well before publication of their work. The intent of IMPP is to have a real-world effect on research, policy, legislation, mass media coverage, and international events. Keywords: bulletin, journal, political psychology

International Institute of Administrative Sciences - IIAS A comprehensive list of international journals on administrative sciences. Keywords: administrative science, journal

International Journal of Computational Intelligence and Organizations

294 International Journal of Computational Intelligence and Organizations (IJCIO) is a scholarly, refereed, quarterly journal focusing on theories, methods and applications of computational intelligence in organizations. IJCIO facilitates the dissemination of research in this field in business, government and educational institutions worldwide. IJCIO publishes original, high-quality articles dealing with the design, development, implementation and management of neural networks, genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic, uncertain reasoning techniques, and related machine learning methods as they apply to organizations. Keywords: administrative science, computational intelligence, journal, organization

International Journal of E-Government Research

Examine how governments and government agencies around the world are utilizing new information and communication technology. Keywords: e-government research, international, journal

International Journal of Forecasting The International Journal of Forecasting is the leading journal in its field. It is the official publication of the International Institute of Forecasters (IIF) and shares its aims and scope. More information about the IIF may be found on the Internet at The International Journal of Forecasting publishes high quality refereed papers covering all aspects of forecasting. Its objective (and that of the IIF) is to unify the field, and to bridge the gap between theory and practice. The intention is to make forecasting useful and relevant for decision and policy makers who need forecasts. The journal places strong emphasis on empirical studies, evaluation activities, implementation research and ways of improving the practice of forecasting. It is open to many points of view and encourages debate to find solutions for problems facing the field. Keywords: forecasting, journal

International Journal of Game Theory The International Journal of Game Theory publishes original research, surveys, and state295

of-the-art papers with rigorous mathematical content in the field of game theory and its applications in mathematical economics, management science, political science, biology, and other fields. The journal investigates a broad range of notions relating to competition, strategic optimization, equilibrium, information, bargaining, coalition behavior and equitable allocation. A section on "Games and Experiments" includes experimental research on behavior in game situations. Keywords: game theory, journal

International Journal of Industrial Organization This journal is an international venture with strong roots in Europe and Japan, but also with important connections with the US. It aims at a full coverage of both theoretical and empirical questions within the field of Industrial Organization, broadly defined. As well as covering traditional issues of market structure and performance, the journal also seeks to include articles dealing with the internal organization of firms, all facets of technological change, productivity analysis, and the macroeconomic implications of alternative industrial structures. Special attention is directed at international issues, including industrial structure aspects of trade, investment, technology and development, involving both market and planned economies, and industrialized and industrializing economies. In collaboration with the various relevant policy-making bodies the journal also includes regular reviews of antitrust and industrial policies in various countries, and within the EU. A further special feature is the sponsorship by the journal of occasional symposia on specific issues of topical interest. Some of these will undoubtedly arise from collaboration with the European Association for Research in Industrial Economics, out of which many of the ideas for this journal have arisen. Keywords: industrial organization, journal

International Journal of Intelligent Systems in Accounting, Finance and Management The International Journal of Intelligent Systems in Accounting, Finance and Management (formerly Expert Systems Review) publishes original material concerned with all aspects of intelligent systems in business, finance and management- based applications. It is devoted to the improvement and development of the theory and practice of intelligent system design, development and implementation. It is concerned with what is necessary to move systems out of the lab and what happens when they are moved out of the lab into organizational settings. The journal is designed to appeal both to academics and to practitioners. Published papers can investigate a number of different issues, including


`research perspectives', emerging technologies, existing technologies, verification and validation, cognitive models, cognitive science, impact of intelligent systems on organizations, integration of different technologies such as databases and intelligent systems. Keywords: accounting, finance, intelligent system, journal, management

International Journal of Organization Theory and Behavior International Journal of Organization Theory and Behavior brings together researchers and practitioners, both within and outside the United States, who are in the areas of organization theory, management, development, and behavior. This journal covers all private, public and not-for-profit organizations' theories and behavior. Keywords: organization theory and behavior, journal

International Journal of Political Economy The International Journal of Political Economy contains translations of scholarly work in the field of political economy from around the world. Keywords: journal, political economy

International Journal of Public Administration This journal is a blind-refereed, scholarly publication that presents a forum for academicians and practitioners in management and administration to share theoretical issues, as well as applications of concepts and theories, with their colleagues in the practitioner community. The journal is the ideal companion publication to the International Journal of Organization Theory and Behavior, which concentrates primarily on American theory and practice, though matters dealing with comparative and developmental administration are also considered. The International Journal of Public Administration offers readers the broadest array of ideas to be found in any comparable publication. Keywords: international, journal, public administration


International Journal of Public Opinion Research The International Journal of Public Opinion Research is a source of informed analysis and comment for both professionals and academics. Edited by a board drawn from over a dozen countries and several disciplines, and operated on a professional referee system, the journal is the first truly comparative, multidisciplinary forum serving the international community. In addition to original articles, the journal includes review articles, surveys of recent developments in the field, a major book reviews and notes section, journal abstracts, information about forthcoming conferences, and news about its sponsoring body, the World Association for Public Opinion Research (WAPOR). Keywords: journal, public opinion International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education aims to enhance the theory of qualitative research in education. It publishes peer-reviewed papers that employ a variety of qualitative methods and approaches, including, but not limited to, ethnographic inquiry, history, grounded theory, life history, case studies, qualitative evaluation, curriculum criticism and phenomenology. All papers address significant education issues and will report naturalistic data that have been systematically analyzed. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education publishes research that defines education in the broadest sense. Papers that focus on learning in non-school settings are welcome. Essays on ethics, methods, teaching research methods, and biographies of prominent qualitative researchers appear regularly. Book review essays and short reviews are published in every issue. Keywords: education, journal, qualitative studies

International Journal of the Sociology of Law The International Journal of the Sociology of Law is an interdisciplinary forum for high quality research and debate on social context and social implications of law, lawenforcement, and legal process. It welcomes contributions from all areas of socio-legal study, and particularly those, which address comparative issues and questions of development, change, and reform in socio-legal processes. In addition to academic research papers, the journal invites contributions from practitioners and those concerned with policy formation and implementation in fields of legal process and law-enforcement.


All articles will be refereed. In its pursuit of a comparative focus on socio-legal study, the journal seeks to encourage debate on, and analysis of, a range of specific themes, a number of which will constitute special sections in forthcoming editions. Keywords: journal, law, sociology

International Journal of Training and Development\ Increasing international competition has led governments and corporations to focus on ways of improving national and corporate economic performance. The effective use of human resources is seen as a prerequisite, and the training and development of employees as paramount. The growth of training and development as an academic subject reflects its growth in practice. The International Journal of Training and Development is an international forum for the reporting of high-quality research, analysis and debate for the benefit of the academic and corporate communities, as well as those engaged in public policy formulation and implementation. Multidisciplinary, international and comparative, the journal publishes research, which ranges from the theoretical, conceptual and methodological to more policy-oriented types of work. Keywords: development, journal, training

International Journal of Urban and Regional Research The International Journal of Urban and Regional Research (IJURR) is the leading international journal for urban studies. Since its inception in 1977 as a groundbreaking forum for intellectual debate, it has remained at the forefront of its field. With a commitment to global and local issues, a cutting edge approach to theory and a consistent demand for quality, IJURR encompasses key material from an unparalleled range of geographic and critical perspectives. Embracing a worldwide readership of over 50 countries and a multidisciplinary approach to the field, IJURR is essential reading for social scientists with a concern for the complex, changing roles of cities and regions in an international context. Keywords: journal, regional research, urban

International Organization


International Organization is one of the leading scholarly journals of international affairs in the world. Its actual scope is much broader than its title may suggest. The journal presents seminal articles not only on international institutions and cooperation but also on economic policy issues, security policies, and other aspects of international relations and foreign policy. Topics covered include: trade policies and the GATT; environmental disputes and agreements; European integration; alliance patterns and war; bargaining and conflict resolution; economic development and adjustment; international capital movements' Readers include academics, government and diplomatic officials, and members of the international organization community. Keywords: international organization, journal

International Security International Security publishes lucid, well-documented essays on all aspects of the control and use of force, from all political viewpoints. Its articles cover contemporary policy issues, and probe historical and theoretical questions behind them. Essays in International Security have defined the debate on American national security policy and have set the agenda for scholarship on international security affairs. Keywords: international security, journal

International Studies Notes The purpose of the Notes is to provide a challenging multidisciplinary forum for exchange of research, curricular and program reports on international affairs. It is designed to serve teachers, scholars, practitioners and others concerned with the international arena. Starting in March of 2000, International Studies notes will become a new journal integrating the original focus on teaching, applied work, and scholarship in progress with news about the association and the field. Keywords: international journal, notes, studies

International Studies Quarterly International Studies Quarterly, the official journal of the International Studies Association, seeks to acquaint a broad audience of readers with the best work being done


in the variety of intellectual traditions included under the rubric of international studies. ISQ speaks to a wide community of scholars representing many countries and many areas of research. Keywords: international studies, journal

Issues in Science and Technology Issues in Science and Technology is the quarterly policy journal of the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and the Cecil and Ida Green Center for the Study of Science and Society at the University of Texas at Dallas. We publish articles that analyze current topics in science, technology, and health policy and recommend actions by government, industry, academia, and individuals to solve pressing problems. The pages of Issues are open to anyone who can write an informed, well reasoned, and policy-relevant article. We publish feature articles of 4,000 to 5,000 words and "perspectives" of 2,000 to 2,500 words. Keywords: journal, science, technology

Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis The Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis is a psychology journal that publishes experimental research about applications of the experimental analysis of behavior to problems of social importance. The Journal itself was founded to meet the needs of those who had been attracted to the behavior analytic approach but were unhappy with the lack of a journal specializing in that rapidly growing area. As described on it's inside front page ever since, the new journal is "primarily for the original publication of experiments relevant to the behavior of individual organisms." JEAB started as a quarterly in 1958 but has appeared bimonthly since 1964. Keywords: applied behavior analysis, journal

Journal of Applied Econometrics The Journal of Applied Econometrics is a bi-monthly international journal which aims to publish articles of high quality dealing with the application of existing as well as new econometric techniques to a wide variety of problems in economics and related subjects,


covering topics in measurement, estimation, testing, forecasting, and policy analysis. The emphasis is on the careful and rigorous application of econometric techniques and the appropriate interpretation of the results. The economic content of the articles is stressed. A special feature of the Journal is its emphasis on the replicability of results by other researchers. To achieve this aim, authors are expected to make available a complete set of the data used as well as any specialized computer programs employed through a readily accessible medium, preferably in a machine-readable form. The use of microcomputers in applied research and transferability of data is emphasized. The Journal also features occasional sections of short papers re-evaluating previously published papers. Keywords: applied economics, journal

Journal of Applied Psychology The Journal of Applied Psychology is devoted primarily to original investigations that contribute new knowledge and understanding to fields of applied psychology other than clinical and applied experimental or human factors. The journal considers quantitative investigations of interest to psychologists doing research or working in such settings as universities, industry, government, urban affairs, police and correctional systems, health and educational institutions, transportation and defense systems, labor unions, and consumer affairs. A theoretical or review article may be accepted if it represents a special contribution to an applied field. Topics appropriate for the Journal of Applied Psychology include personnel selection, performance measurement, training, work motivation, job attitudes, eyewitness accuracy, leadership, drug and alcohol abuse, career development, the conflict between job and family demands, work behavior, work stress, organizational design and interventions, technology, polygraph use, the utility of organizational interventions, consumer buying behavior, and cross-cultural differences in work behavior and attitudes. The specific topics addressed, however, change as a function of societal and organizational change; studies of human behavior in novel situations are also encouraged. Keywords: applied psychology, journal

Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research JAIR (ISSN 1076-9757) covers all areas of artificial intelligence (AI), publishing refereed research articles, survey articles, and technical notes. Established in 1993 as one of the first electronic scientific journals, JAIR is indexed by INSPEC, Science Citation Index, and MathSciNet. JAIR reviews papers within approximately two months of submission and publishes accepted articles on the internet immediately upon receiving the final versions. JAIR articles are published for free distribution on the internet by the


AI Access Foundation and for purchase in bound volumes by Morgan Kaufmann Publishers. Keywords: artificial intelligence research, journal

Journal of Asian American Studies The official publication of the Association for Asian American Studies, the Journal of Asian American Studies (JAAS) will explore all aspects of the Asian American experience. The Journal will publish original works of scholarly interest to the field, including new theoretical developments; research results; methodological innovations; public policy concerns; pedagogical issues; and book, media, and exhibition reviews. In providing a much-needed outlet for the increasing volume of scholarship in the field, JAAS will feature contributions that articulate Asian American Studies both within the various disciplines that constitute the field and/or contribute to it as a distinct interdisciplinary scholarly pursuit. Keywords: Asian American studies, journal

Journal of Association for Information Systems The Journal of the Association of Information Systems (Journal of AIS), the flagship research journal of the Association for Information Systems, publishes the highest quality scholarship in the field of information systems. JAIS is inclusive in scope and covers all aspects of Information Systems and Information Technology. The Journal publishes rigorously developed and forward looking conceptual and empirical contributions. The Journal encourages multidisciplinary and nontraditional approaches. Keywords: information systems, information technology, journal

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science The Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science is the official journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. It is an international, refereed journal intended to further the science of marketing throughout the world by promoting the conduct of research and the dissemination of research results through the study and improvement of marketing as an economic, ethical, and social force.


Keywords: journal, marketing, science

Journal of Borderlands Studies The primary publication of the Association for Borderlands Studies. Published semiannually, it has for more than a decade distinguished itself as a leading forum for borderlands research. Widely consulted by educators, practitioners, and researchers, the journal encourages the submission of articles from disciplines across the humanities and the social sciences as well as from allied fields. Keywords: journal, humanities, social sciences

Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing The Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing provides both academics teaching marketing and directors and executives of marketing with new ideas concerning businessto-business marketing. That is, how one company or organization markets its goods/services/ideas to another company or organization. All articles published in this journal are subject to a double-blind refereeing process. As the field of marketing polarizes to bring specialist understanding to different areas of commercial activity, this timely journal offers lively, often controversial analysis and comment on key issues affecting the sector. Keywords: business, industrial marketing, journal

Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication Articles submitted to JCMC should make a contribution to knowledge in the field of computer mediated communication. No one discipline, and no single methodology is viewed as inherently superior. Research based in any of the social sciences is welcome. Acceptable articles will most frequently join theoretical analysis with empirical investigation, and/or incorporate demonstration or simulation. Reviews, synthesis, and meta- analyses of prior research are also welcome. In all cases, the implications for future work should be discussed. Rigorous argumentation and presentation are expected. The use of abstracts, introduction and conclusion sections is encouraged. However, authors are encouraged to venture into using the wider bandwidth and removal of linearity constraints made available by JCMC's format. Innovative forms of expressing research,


and/or linking members of the scientific community, are welcome. Keywords: computer-mediated communication, journal

Journal of Conflict Resolution The Journal of Conflict Resolution is an interdisciplinary journal of social scientific theory and research on human conflict. It focuses especially on international conflict, but its pages are open to a variety of contributions about intergroup conflict, within as well between nations, that may help in understanding problems of war and peace. Reports about innovative applications, as well as about basic research, are welcomed, especially when the results are of interest to scholars in several disciplines. Keywords: conflict resolution, journal

Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology publishes exclusively cross-cultural research reports. Its main emphasis is on empirical research wherein independent variables as influenced by culture may obtain different values and the subjects are from at least two different cultural groups. The concern is with individual differences and variation across cultures rather than with societal variation (e.g., sociology). Research exclusively including as subjects members of ethnic minorities within one country must be replicable among or across clearly distinguishable culture groups. Contributions from disciplines other than psychology are encouraged, but all papers should report the results of empirical investigations. Keywords: cross cultural psychology, journal

Journal of Democracy Since its inception in 1990, the Journal of Democracy has been an influential international forum for scholarly analysis and competing democratic viewpoints. Its articles have been cited in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal and widely reprinted in many languages. Focusing exclusively on democracy, the Journal monitors and analyzes democratic regimes and movements in scores of countries around the world. Each issue features a unique blend of scholarly analysis, reports from democratic activists, updates on news and elections, and reviews of important recent books. The Fifth


Anniversary Issue (Volume 6, Number 1) featured Robert Putnam's "Bowling Alone," an essay on the decline of America's civil participation that has been widely cited in the national press by George Will, David Broder, and others. Keywords: democracy, journal

Journal of Development Economics The Journal of Development Economics publishes papers relating to all aspects of economic development - from immediate policy concerns to structural problems of underdevelopment. The emphasis is on quantitative or analytical work, which is relevant as well as intellectually stimulating. Keywords: development economics, journal

Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization The Journal of Development Economics publishes papers relating to all aspects of economic development - from immediate policy concerns to structural problems of underdevelopment. The emphasis is on quantitative or analytical work, which is relevant as well as intellectually stimulating. Keywords: economic behavior, journal, organization

Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) The Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) began publication in 1969 under the auspices of the American Economic Association with quarterly issues appearing in March, June, September, and December. JEL contains survey and review articles, book reviews, and bibliographic indexes to current literature. Keywords: economics, journal

Journal of Economic Perspectives


The Journal of Economic Perspectives attempts to fill a gap between the general interest press and most other academic economics journals. The journal aims to publish articles that will serve several goals: to synthesize and integrate lessons learned from active lines of economic research; to provide economic analysis of public policy issues; to encourage cross-fertilization of ideas among the fields of economics; to offer readers an accessible source for state-of-the-art economic thinking; to suggest directions for future research; to provide insights and readings for classroom use; and to address issues relating to the economics profession. Articles appearing in the journal are normally solicited by the editors and associate editors. Proposals for topics and authors should be directed to the journal editorial office. Keywords: economics, journal

Journal of Economics and Management Strategy The Journal of Economics and Management Strategy (JEMS) provides a leading forum for interaction and research on the competitive strategies of managers and the organizational structure of firms. It features theoretical and empirical industrial organization, applied game theory, and management strategy. JEMS is an important resource for economists in economics departments and in schools of business and management, including departments of finance, managerial economics, accounting, marketing, organization behavior, and management strategy. Keywords: economics, journal, management strategy

Journal of Electronic Publishing The Journal of Electronic Publishing (JEP) welcomes articles from scholars and practitioners in the field. Scholarly articles will be subject to peer review under the usual procedures; other articles are typically invited, although authors are welcome to suggest topics. Good ideas are always appreciated. JEP is also interested in creating an archive of articles that cover electronic publishing. Keywords: electronic publishing, journal

Journal of European Public Policy


The Journal's primary objective is to integrate theoretical and empirical approaches to the study of public policy in Europe as a whole. The main research fields covered by the Journal are: theoretical approaches to the study of public policy in Europe and elsewhere, national public policy developments and processes in Europe, comparative studies of public policy within Europe, public policy interface between nation states and the EU, EU itself - institutions, processes and policies, and the activities of private actors and associations in the policy. Keywords: Europe, journal, public policy

Journal of Financial Information Systems The effective use of financial information systems is critical to organizational success. These systems are wide ranging and include for example: accounting information systems, management information systems, decision support systems, database management systems, enterprise information systems and knowledge based systems. This is not an exhaustive list and does not preclude contributions and discussion of topics outside these examples, rather it aims to give some scope to the area. The Journals objectives are to: provide a forum for practitioners, researchers, academics, technology providers and information providers to share their knowledge and experience; discuss current and emerging issues within financial information systems from both practical and research perspectives; analyze and assess technologies, their potential and implications for the development of financial information systems; share experiences of the application of computer based systems to the provision of financial information; encourage collaboration between academics, practitioners and software houses in the development of case studies, computer based simulations and courseware to aid in the development of financial information managers. Keywords: finance, information system, journal

Journal of Human Resources The Journal of Human Resources is a quarterly journal that publishes academic papers using the best available empirical methods, principally in the field of economics. It is not a management journal. Keywords: human resource, journal


Journal of Information Technology Management The Journal of Information Technology Management (JITM) is a forum for the communication of solutions found by practitioners and academicians to the multifaceted problems associated with managing information and information technology as a corporate resource. JITM is published by Maximilian Press on a quarterly basis and is sponsored by the Association of Management. Written for non-technical audiences of practitioners and of academicians, the Journal invites manuscripts with a strong applied orientation in topics such as strategic importance of information systems; information systems planning and policy; systems development alternatives, methods and tools; enduser systems development and management; data base design and administration; network and telecommunications design and management; role and effectiveness of the information executive; and behavioral and human resources aspects of information systems. Keywords: information technology management, journal

Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics Over the last decades there has been a remarkable expansion of research activities in the field of modern institutional economics. Not only is the volume of new writing growing rapidly but also modern institutional economics now has wide recognition as a distinct field of study. The Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics provides a specialized forum for the publication of this research. It continues with modern analytical methods the tradition of the Zeitschrift fuer die gesamte Staatswissenschaft, one of the oldest journals in the field of political economy, founded in 1844. The Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics is a quarterly review specializing in modern institutional economics. Some of the topics are: economics of property rights and of institutional evolution, transaction cost economics, contract theory, economic history, and inter-disciplinary studies with an economic perspective. Keywords: institutional, journal, theoretical Economics

Journal of International Marketing As the globalization of markets continues at a rapid pace, business practitioners and educators alike face the challenge of staying current with the developments. Marketing managers require a source of new information and insights on international business


events. International marketing educators require a forum for disseminating their thoughts and research findings. Journal of International Marketing (JIM) is designed to serve both the practitioner and educator audiences. Its primary mission is to contribute to the advancement of international marketing practice and theory. JIM brings to the readership a selection of original articles, executive insights, and book reviews. The journal is published quarterly with issues appearing spring, summer, fall and winter. American Marketing Association is the publisher beginning with Volume 6, 1998. Keywords: international marketing, journal

Journal of Law and Economics Established in 1958, JLE explores the complex relationships between law and economics, focusing on the influence of regulation and legal institutions on the operation of economic systems. Although topically varied, articles are most often concerned with how markets behave and with the actual effects of governmental institutions on markets. Many of the articles, therefore, provide the basis for an informed discussion of public policy. Keywords: economics, journal, law

Journal of Law, Economics and Organization The Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization is an interdisciplinary exercise. It seeks to promote an understanding of many complex phenomena by examining such matters form a combined law, economics, and organization perspective (or a two-way combination thereof). In this connection, we use the term organization broadly - to include scholarship drawing on political science, psychology and sociology, among other fields. It also holds the study of institutions - especially economic, legal, and political institutions - to be specifically important and greatly in need of careful analytic study. Keywords: economics, journal, law, organization

Journal of Law and Public Policy The Journal of Law and Public Policy is an interdisciplinary organization devoted to the study and analysis of contemporary legal and social issues. Entering its tenth year of publication, the Journal fosters discourse on judicial decisions, legislation, law reform,


and other legal issues facing public policy decision-makers. Each issue published has both analytical and thought-provoking articles written by lawyers, judges, scholars, and public officials. The Journal is published biannually by the University of Florida's College of Law, the College of Journalism and Communications, and the Warrington College of Business Administration, and is composed of two governing bodies: the Advisory Board and the Executive Board. The Journal is designed to serve the needs of professionals, researchers, instructors, and students in the academic fields of law and public policy, journalism and mass communications, business and social science, and other related disciplines, as well as law libraries, policy analysts, and public officials. Keywords: journal, law, public policy

Journal of Legal Studies Inaugurated in 1972, The Journal of Legal Studies is not a conventional law review, but an interdisciplinary journal of theoretical and empirical research on law and legal institutions. Economists, political scientists, sociologists, and other social scientists, as well as legal scholars, contribute to the Journal, which thus provides a meeting ground for various scholars. Keywords: journal, legal studies

Journal of Management Information Systems The journal is a widely recognized forum for the presentation of research that advances the practice and understanding of organizational information systems. It serves those investigating new modes of information delivery and the changing landscape of information policy making, as well as practitioners and executives managing the information resource. A vital aim of the quarterly is to bridge the gap between theory and practice of management information systems. The journal accepts empirical and theoretical submissions that make a significant contribution to the field of management information systems. Keywords: information system, journal, management

Journal of Managerial Psychology


Journal of Managerial Psychology deals with the human resource aspects of managing and provides an understanding of psychology to equip managers better to deal with difficult personnel situations. Although managers often receive extensive training in technical areas of their work, dealing with people is assumed to be a natural gift. Contemporary working environments, with their relentless pressures, often create situations where an understanding of psychology can enlighten and provide insight for resolution of problems. The journal presents case histories, research and practical examples, which can be adapted for use in your own organization. Applying psychological principles to areas such as stress and conflict allows managers to handle difficult situations confidently and as a result, enjoy improved motivation, better communication and lower stress levels both for themselves and their staff. Keywords: journal, managerial psychology

Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology Publishes empirical and conceptual papers, which aim to increase understanding of people and organizations at work. Papers include: industrial, organizational, engineering, vocational and personnel psychology, as well as behavioral aspects of industrial relations, ergonomics, human factors and industrial sociology. Keywords: journal, occupational and organizational health psychology

Journal of Occupational Health Psychology The Journal of Occupational Health Psychology publishes research, theory, and public policy articles in occupational health psychology, an interdisciplinary field representing a broad range of backgrounds, interests, and specializations. Occupational health psychology concerns the application of psychology to improving the quality of work life and to protecting and promoting the safety, health, and well-being of workers. The Journal has a threefold focus on the work environment, the individual and the work family interface. The Journal seeks scholarly articles, from both researchers and practitioners, concerning psychological factors in relationship to all aspects of occupational health. Included in this broad domain of interest are articles in which workrelated psychological factors play a role in the etiology of health problems, articles examining the psychological and associated health consequences of work, and articles concerned with the use of psychological approaches to prevent or mitigate occupational health problems. Special attention is given to articles with a prevention emphasis. Keywords: journal, occupational health psychology


Journal of Online Law The Journal of Online Law ("JOL") is an electronic publication of scholarly essays about law and online communications--law and cyberspace. The first issue was released early in June, 1995. "Scholarly essays" means thoughtful, readable pieces that analyze current trends in the law and predict future disputes and problems. A journal of scholarly essays is different from the typical "law review" or "law journal." The latter emphasizes comprehensiveness, thoroughness, and reliance on detailed footnotes. These characteristics have their place; we simply intend something different: a journal that is shorter, more easily readable, having wider appeal. Nor is JOL is the place for detailed review of particular court decisions, or for advice on specific situations. Countless publications like newsletters, law firm practice updates, and law reviews provide outlets for those different and worthy endeavors. We aim rather at concisely framing and exploring the key legal issues arising from networked communication; at speculating a bit about future trends; and in general, at trying to bring interested readers some interesting reading about the law of cyberspace. Keywords: journal, online law

Journal of Organizational Change Management Journal of Organizational Change Management offers detailed analysis and discussion on the philosophies and practices, which underpin successful organizational change. It seeks to help build more promising futures for the societies and organizations of tomorrow by publishing papers, which have been accepted after double-blind review. Keywords: journal, organizational change management

Journal of Organizational Change Management This cross-disciplinary special issue draws on varied levels of analysis to explore organizational strategies of change, and responses to new and diverse pressures, in the rapidly growing Asia Pacific region. The changes in the Asia Pacific have realigned coalitions and redistributed benefits and costs among stakeholders. Most recently, the steep devaluations of local currencies vis-à-vis the US dollar have whetted Western investors' interests in regional acquisitions. Yet, old concerns of management, and mismanagement, remain. Articles in the first part of this double issue emphasize interpretation of phenomena, or of results, and their implications for investors' strategies


in the Asia Pacific. The articles also discuss the effects of some of the large-scale changes in the Asia Pacific on organizational stakeholders; all propose implications for successful and effective organizational strategies in the Asia Pacific and suggestions for future research on the region. Keywords: journal, organizational change management

Journal of Organizational Computing Electronic Commerce Newly published by LEA, this important journal intends to be the leading academic journal in the field of electronic commerce. The journal's major editorial focus is on electronic commerce, both in the global economy and with and across organizational divisions. Topics include coordination technology, digital libraries, distributed computing, EDI, electronic payment systems, information economics, organizational communications, and software agents. It also publishes relevant book reviews, meeting announcements, brief notes, and software reviews. Researchers and professionals involved in information systems, computer science, management science and operations research, and electronic commerce including consulting and research. Keywords: journal, organizational computing electronic commerce

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology publishes original papers in all areas of personality and social psychology. It emphasizes empirical reports but may include specialized theoretical, methodological, and review papers. The journal is divided into three independently edited sections: Attitudes and Social Cognition addresses those domains of social behavior in which cognition plays a major role, including the interface of cognition with overt behavior, affect, and motivation. Among topics covered are the formation, change, and utilization of attitudes, attributions, and stereotypes, person memory, self-regulation, and the origins and consequences of moods and emotions insofar as these interact with cognition. Of interest also is the influence of cognition and its various interfaces on significant social phenomena such as persuasion, communication, prejudice, social development, and cultural trends. Interpersonal Relations and Group Processes focuses on psychological and structural features of interaction in dyads and groups. Appropriate to this section are papers on the nature and dynamics of interactions and social relationships, including interpersonal attraction, communication, emotion, and relationship development, and on group and organizational processes such as social influence, group decision making and task performance, intergroup relations, and aggression, prosocial behavior and other types of social behavior. Personality Processes


and Individual Differences encourages research on all aspects of personality psychology. This includes, for example, individual differences in behavior, affect, health, coping, and motivation. Articles in traditional areas such as personality development, assessment, structure, and basic processes are also appropriate. Applications of personality psychology to everyday behavior and applied psychology are welcome. Papers on the interplay of culture and personality are also encouraged. Keywords: journal, organizational computing electronic commerce

Journal of Policy Analysis and Management The Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (JPAM), which is published by John Wiley and Sons, is the APPAM journal of record. Like APPAM itself, the Journal's purpose is to build a professional community of scholars and practitioners devoted to more effective policy analysis and public management. JPAM welcomes unsolicited manuscripts from all sources. Keywords: journal, management, policy analysis

Journal of Political Ecology Case studies in history and society, JPE is a peer reviewed journal begun in 1994 that welcomes submissions in English, French and Spanish from a broad range of disciplines and hopes to encourage research into the linkages between political economy and human environmental impacts. It is provided free and supported by the Political Ecology Society (PESO). JPE is produced at the Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology and is available through, as well as archived at, the University of Arizona Library, Tucson, Arizona. Paper reprints are available at all times and JPE's copyright notice allows multiple copies to be made. Keywords: journal, political ecology

Journal of Political Economy Journal of Political Economy has been presenting significant research and scholarship in economic theory and practice since its inception in 1892. Publishing analytical, interpretive, and empirical studies, the Journal presents work in traditional areas--


monetary theory, fiscal policy, labor economics, planning and development, micro-and macroeconomic theory, international trade and finance, industrial organization--as well as in such interdisciplinary fields as the history of economic thought and social economics. Keywords: journal, political economy

Journal of Political Ideologies The Journal of Political Ideologies is dedicated to the analysis of political ideology both in its theoretical and conceptual aspects, and with reference to the nature and roles of concrete ideological manifestations and practices. The journal serves as a major discipline-developing vehicle for an innovative, growing and vital field in political studies, exploring new methodologies and illuminating the complexity and richness of ideological structures and solutions that form, and are formed by, political thinking and political imagination. Concurrently, the journal supports a broad research agenda aimed at building inter-disciplinary bridges with relevant areas and invigorating crossdisciplinary debate. Political ideologies are indispensable to appreciating the role of political thought within social, temporal and spatial contexts. The journal explores the general phenomenon of ideologies as well as their particular instances. In parallel it emphasizes that political action, processes and institutions are endowed with ideological import and shaped to a considerable extent by political ideologies. The indeterminacy of the notion of ideology is recognized in a number of ways. It is concerned with attempts to control political language and discourse, with epistemological issues of truth, distortion and dissimulation, and with sociological phenomena of power, dominance and exploitation, as well as with functional questions, denoting action-oriented political thinking. Significant attention is also devoted to analyzing ideologies in terms of their actual histories, geographical and cultural expression, and the idea-patterns of particular ideological variants and ideological traditions. The changing forms of ideologies in the 21st century constitute a further focus. Keywords: journal, political ideologies

Journal of Politics The oldest regional political science journal, with a national reputation for excellence, JOP publishes a broad range of articles in American politics, political theory, comparative and international politics. JOP is the journal of the Southern Political Science Association. Keywords: journal, politics


Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory The Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory (JPART) is committed to theoretical and empirical scholarship and serves as an outlet for the best theoretical and research work in the field of organizational, administrative, and policy sciences as they apply to government and governance. JPART serves as a bridge between public administration and public management scholarship on the one hand and public policy studies on the other. Keywords: journal, public administration, public management scholarship, public policy

Journal of Public Affairs Subscribing to the Journal of Public Affairs provides access to an essential resource for those who need to stay in tune with the ever evolving discipline of public affairs. Tackling themes such as government relations & lobbying, issues management, community relations, corporate social responsibility and political strategy and marketing, the journal is now firmly established as the leading international forum for public affairs professionals in private and public sector organizations and academic observers in universities and business schools. Keywords: government, professional, private and public sector organizations, public affairs

Journal of Public Economics The aim of the Journal of Public Economics is to encourage original scientific contributions on the problems of public economics, with particular emphasis on the application of modern economic theory and methods of quantitative analysis. It provides a forum for discussion of public policy of interest to an international readership. The aim of the Journal of Public Economics is to encourage original scientific contributions on the problems of public economics, with particular emphasis on the application of modern economic theory and methods of quantitative analysis. It provides a forum for discussion of public policy of interest to an international readership. Keywords: journal, public economics


Journal of Public Economic Theory As the official journal of the Association of Public Economic Theory, Journal of Public Economic Theory (JPET) is dedicated to stimulating research in the rapidly growing field of public economics. Submissions are judged on the basis of their creativity and rigor, and the Journal imposes neither upper nor lower boundary on the complexity of the techniques employed. This quarterly journal focuses on such topics as public goods, local public goods, club economies, externalities, taxation, growth, public choice, social and public decision making, voting, market failure, regulation, project evaluation, equity, and political systems. Coverage includes a wide range of theoretical approaches, including general equilibrium theory, game theory, evolution, experimentation, control theory and dynamics, simulation, axiomatic characterization, and first order and comparative static methods.

Keywords: journal, public economics theory

Journal of Public Management and Social Policy Keywords: journal, public management, social policy

Journal of Public Policy Journal of Public Policy publishes research that applies social scientific theories and concepts to significant problems around the world. The concerns of public policy are political, economic and social, and articles in the journal deal with broad questions of relevance to social scientists and policy-makers in America, Eastern and Western Europe, Japan and other advanced industrial nations. Journal of Public Policy gives particular emphasis to articles that cut across disciplines, such as studies in national and international political economy, and politics and policy-making in the European Union. In addition to articles, the journal publishes critical analyses of ideas currently in vogue among academics or practitioners of public policy, and reviews of books about public policy. Keywords: journal, public policy

Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies


Journal of Social, Political, and Economic Studies is a refereed quarterly journal published by the Council for Social and Economic Studies. "The Council for Social and Economic Studies Inc. is an academic organization which was established in 1975 and has published the Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies continuously since that date. It also publishes books under the Scott-Townsend imprint and has recently acquired the 37 year old quarterly scholarly journal entitled The Mankind Quarterly." Keywords: economic studies, journal, social political

Journal of Theoretical & Philosophical Psychology The Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology is the Journal of Division 24 of the American Psychological Association, the Division of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology. Its aim is to inform division members of the current thinking, issues, and events relevant to their theoretical and philosophical interests in psychology. The Journal is a forum for the full range of orientations and psychological subject matters. Keywords: journal, theoretical and philosophical psychology

Journal of Theoretical Politics 75.html Journal of Theoretical Politics is the major journal for publication of work concerned with the development of theory in the study of political processes. Journal of Theoretical Politics does not confine its readers to a specific theoretical approach but offers the benefit of a range of research perspectives that affirm the general importance of theory in political science. The journal also publishes articles, which evaluate the relative merits of competing theories to explain empirical phenomena, and original syntheses of recent theoretical developments in diverse fields. Essential reading whatever your field. The journal brings you the latest research covering: conceptual analysis and methodological criticism, rational choice, social choice, game theory and other deductive approaches, systems theory, cybernetics and information theory, democratic theory and voting theory, comparative politics and international relations, theory of bureaucracy and organizations, origins and effects of institutions. Keywords: journal, theoretical politics

Journal of Vocational Behavior

319 The Journal of Vocational Behavior publishes empirical and theoretical articles that expand knowledge of vocational behavior and career development across the life span. Research presented in the journal encompasses the general categories of career choice, implementation, and vocational adjustment and adaptation. The articles contribute to a theoretical understanding of career choice and vocational adjustment and are also valuable for applications in counseling and career development programs in colleges and universities, business and industry, government, and the military. A particularly useful feature is the annual review of research in vocational behavior published in the October issue. Keywords: journal, vocational behavior

Journal of World-Systems Research The Journal of World-Systems Research is an electronic journal dedicated to scholarly research on the modern world-system and earlier, smaller intersocietal networks. It is intentionally interdisciplinary in focus. JWSR is currently published under the sponsorship of the Program in Comparative International Development in the Department of Sociology at Johns Hopkins University. A formal relationship between JWSR and the Political Economy of the World-System section of the American Sociological Association in the process of formation. Keywords: journal, world system research

Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior The Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior is a psychology journal primarily for the original publication of experiments relevant to the behavior of individual organisms. Keywords: behavior, experimental analysis, journal

Journal of the History of Ideas


The Journal of the History of Ideas examines the evolution of ideas and their influence on historical developments. An interdisciplinary publication, JHI covers several fields of historical study including the history of philosophy, literature, the natural and social sciences, religion, the arts, and culture in general. As the official publication of the Society for the History of Ideas, JHI promotes greater collaboration among scholars in all provinces of cultural and intellectual history. Keywords: cultural and intellectual history, journal

Journal of the Society for Philosophy and Technology The Society for Philosophy and Technology is an electronic version of the quarterly print journal published by the Society for Philosophy and Technology. Issues are available as both HTML and PDF files. Back issues are searchable. Keywords: journal, philosophy, society, technology

Journals on Philosophy, Psychology & Education (Martin Ryder) The journals listed here include articles related to Learning Technologies, Communications and Culture. Keywords: education, journal, philosophy, psychology

Knowledge and Process Management (formerly known as Business Change and Reengineering: The Journal of Corporate Transformation) Knowledge and Process Management aims to provide essential information to executives responsible for driving performance improvement in their business or for introducing new ideas to business through thought leadership. The journal meets executives' needs for practical information on the lessons learned from other organizations in the areas of: (i) knowledge management, (ii) organizational learning, (iii) core competences, and (iv) process management. In addition to detailed case studies, the journal also publishes research papers containing new thinking from leading business schools as well as practical principles drawn from cross-company surveys.


Keywords: business, corporate transformation, journal, knowledge and process management, re-engineering,

Law & Social Inquiry Formerly the American Bar Foundation Research Journal, this multidisciplinary quarterly features both empirical and theoretical studies that make original contributions to the understanding of sociolegal processes. Law & Social Inquiry is an indispensable source for research and critical commentary spanning law and sociology, economics, history, philosophy, and other social sciences. LSI readers find a remarkable range of empirical and theoretical works on specific topics in law and society, including legal institutions, the legal profession, and legal history. Keywords: journal, law, social inquiry

LBJ Journal Online The LBJ Journal of Public Affairs is the oldest student-run public affairs journal in the nation. It is governed by an editorial board of LBJ students and published twice a year. Its mission is to publish professional quality work that promotes discourse on contemporary policy issues. They publish papers by the extended LBJ School community as well as other public affairs students and practitioners in order to provide a forum of interaction between the LBJ School and the wider policy community. The LBJ Journal Online is the LBJ Journal's home on the Web. In addition, its mission is to further the public affairs debate by publishing online-specific content on a bi-weekly basis throughout the academic year. Keywords: contemporary policy issues, LBJ journal

Leadership & Organization Development Journal The Leadership & Organization Development Journal will further your understanding of the tough challenges facing today's leaders, inform you how you can develop people who can lead effectively in complex situations and master uncertainty and disruptive change, access details of the latest leadership research and keep track of the real life issues that currently affect leaders and those responsible for developing them.


Keywords: journal, leadership & organization development

Legislative Studies Quarterly The Legislative Studies Quarterly is an international journal devoted to the publication of research on representative assemblies. Its purpose is to disseminate scholarly work on parliaments and legislatures, their relations to other political institutions, their functions in the political system, and the activities of their members both within the institution and outside. Contributions are invited from scholars in all countries. The pages of the Quarterly are open to all research approaches consistent with the normal canons of scholarship, and to work on representative assemblies in all settings and all time periods. The aim of the journal is to contribute to the formulation and verification of general theories about legislative systems, processes, and behavior. The editors encourage contributors to emphasize the cross-national implications of their findings, even if these findings are based on research within a single country. Keywords: journal, legislative studies

Local Government Studies Local Government Studies is the leading journal for the study of the politics, administration and management of local affairs. The journal publishes articles which contribute to the better understanding and practice of local government and which are of interest to scholars, policy analysts, policymakers and practitioners. The focus of the journal is on the critical analysis of developments in local governance throughout the world. The editors particularly welcome studies of issues related to European local government. Local Government Studies provides a unique forum for the consideration of all issues related to sub-national levels of government. Keywords: journal, local government studies

Management Decision: Strategic Management in the Asia Pacific Management Decision is an international, refereed, UK-based journal published for over two decades. It has an audience of top managers and academics interested in applications of management theory. This exciting and highly-acclaimed special issue on Strategic Management in the Asia Pacific is now completed. Abstracts of articles, full-text articles


and authors' bios can be accessed here. The articles specifically address concerns of investors to the Asia Pacific -- innovation by MNCs' subsidiaries, data for strategic decision-making, financial restructuring, governmental control over business environments, business ethics and values, regionalization efforts by local governments and political risk . As with the other articles for Management Decision, articles in this special issue generally emphasize applications of theories and concepts that managers may use and find relevant, challenges to conventional and theoretical wisdom, and counterintuitive findings. Keywords: Asia Pacific, journal, management decision: strategic management

Media and Communication Studies: Journals & Publications Many links focusing on public administration Keywords: communication, journals, media, public administration,

Millennium Founded in 1971 at the London School of Economics and Political Science, Millennium is one of the leading journals in the field of International Relations. The journal has a worldwide individual and institutional circulation and constitutes an excellent resource for students, academics and anyone with an interest in the ideas and actors that work to shape our world and world views. Keywords: economics, journal, political science

MIS Quarterly To provide a forum for high-quality materials addressing the information systems field. These can represent either practice or theory. We hope, thereby, to unite the efforts of those teaching and doing research in this area with those applying information systems to organizational problems. Keywords: information system, journal MISQ Archivist

324 To provide an electronic archive for the MIS Quarterly. This archive is intended for: Online Table of Contents, Abstracts, and Executive Briefs for Current and Past Issues. Online full-text versions of some special papers published in MIS Quarterly. Online versions of accepted MIS Quarterly papers that, for whatever reason, are best presented electronically. Online attachments for published MIS Quarterly papers. Such attachments could include data, questionnaires, surveys, corrections, and working papers. MISQ Archivist will also help the MIS Quarterly and the field of information systems to scale the learning curve of electronic publishing. Although we are not, at the present time, moving towards complete online publication, all scholarly journals have a responsibility to authors and subscribers to make preparations for such an eventuality. Both that responsibility and the risk are the greatest, for those journals, such as MIS Quarterly whose scholarly reputations frequently and positively influence promotion and tenure deliberations. Keywords: information system, journal

MISQ Central Welcome to MISQ Central, an electronic production of the MIS Quarterly. A peer reviewed scholarly journal, MIS Quarterly publishes research focused on information systems management. MISQ Central illustrates our firm commitment to electronic media as described in editorial statements in September and December of 1994 and again in June of 1995. Our productions and services are highlighted below. Keywords: information system, journal

MISQ Discovery MISQ Discovery is intended to engender new forms of knowledge dissemination and knowledge creation related to information technology. MISQ Discovery provides an outlet for electronic work for: Exploring alternative knowledge dissemination models. Engineering a new intellectual infrastructure for a global community of scholars. Fostering cooperative groups focused on learning and research. Establishing a "learning organization" to assist the information systems field. Providing a model for other disciplines to emulate. Challenging assumptions rooted in a paper-based world. Offering a living laboratory for experiments in cooperative work. Keywords: information system, journal


MIT Press Journals The MIT Press is the only university press in the United States whose list is based in science and technology. This does not mean that science and engineering are all we publish, but it does mean that we are committed to the edges and frontiers of the world -to exploring new fields and new modes of inquiry. (For a time we described our publishing program as chasing "The Moving Frontier," but we've moved beyond even that.) We publish about 200 new books a year and over 40 journals. We are a major publishing presence in fields as diverse as architecture, social theory, economics, cognitive science, and computational science, and we have a long-term commitment to both design excellence and the efficient and creative use of new technologies. Our goal is to create books and journals that are challenging, creative, attractive, and yet affordable to individual readers. Keywords: architecture, business, cognitive science, computational science, economics, journal, social theory

Multinational Finance Journal (MF): Quarterly Publication of the Multinational Finance Society The Multinational Finance Journal (MFJ) publishes high-quality refereed articles on capital markets, financial institutions, management of investments, and corporate finance, dealing with issues that are relevant to the study and practice of finance in a global context. The MFJ makes a specific contribution by publishing research investigating phenomena related to the integration and interaction of national financial systems at the micro- and macro-finance level and by disseminating research originating from countries with financial markets in different stages of development and diverse institutional arrangements. Keywords: journal, multinational finance

National Civic Review The National Civic Review, the quarterly journal of the National Civic League, is one of the nation's oldest civic affairs journals. Now in its 92nd year of publication, the Review features thoughtful essays on democratic governance and civic engagement. The journal


is published for NCL by Jossey-Bass Publishing. The Review is a vital supplement to the information flow of decision makers, researchers, students, and educators across the country. Keywords: civic affairs, civic engagement, democratic governance, journal

Nations and Nationalism Nationalism is the central issue of the modern world. Since the demise of the Soviet Union there has been a proliferation of nationalist and ethnic conflicts. The consequent explosion of interest in ethnicity and nationalism has created an urgent need for systematic study in this field. Nations and Nationalism aims to satisfy this need. As a scholarly, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary journal, it is designed to respond to the rapid growth of research in the study of nationalism and nationalist movements throughout the world. Nations and Nationalism is the only journal in the Englishspeaking world specifically devoted to the study of nationalism. The journal is published quarterly by Blackwells and includes original studies, theoretical, empirical, historical, and philosophical, of a range of issues in the field, together with review articles and book reviews. Special issues highlight subjects and areas of current interest. The journal covers all areas of the world. Keywords: journal, nationalism and nationalist movements

New England Journal of Public Policy The New England Journal of Public Policy is a semiannual publication of the John W. McCormack Institute of Public Affairs, University of Massachusetts Boston. It offers policy analysts, academics, and the press in New England, the nation, and the world an arena in which they can define problems and develop approaches to solving them. The New England Journal of Public Policy, in its sixteenth year, welcomes contributions from scholars, policymakers, advocates, and professionals in a multitude of fields. Some share the results of their research in a wide range of subjects; others recount firsthand experiences. All furnish enlightening and provocative analyses of significant policy issues that affect entire populations. Further, the journal surveys the relationship of values and culture and examines the symbiosis between the two in the light of public policy. Keywords: journal, New England, public policy

New Political Economy

327 The aim of the journal is to create a forum for work, which seeks to bridge both the empirical and conceptual, divides which have characterized the field of political economy in the past. Few articles are likely to draw on more than a small part of the theoretical toolkit outlined above. But we shall encourage exploratory and innovative work, which draws on different disciplines, and which addresses core issues in the emerging research agenda. The existence of such a research agenda does not mean that everyone will agree. There will continue to be fierce arguments and debates among the protagonists of a new political economy, as well as with those who are not persuaded that the world has changed or that our ways of understanding it need amending. In seeking to assist the development of a distinctive research agenda we aim to bring together four key literatures which are beginning to analyze the contours of the new world order, and which offer a searching critique of different aspects of the old political economy. Keywords: journal, political economy

New Review of Applied Expert Systems Appropriate expert systems can do much to improve efficiency and quality across all types of organizations and in all branches of industry, commerce, the professions, education and government. The New Review of Applied Expert Systems reports upon successful expert systems in a way that will enable those working in other areas, and in other countries, to attempt similar approaches and techniques in response to their own problems. Submissions are invited from practitioners and developers in all fields, and especially from those working in areas where few if any expert systems have been created, thereby offering guidance to individuals, firms and organizations who previously have not considered this technology, or who have experienced problems with it in the past. A primary goal of the journal is to alert developers to the difficulties that may lie ahead, and articles may therefore report not only successful cases of expert systems development, but also those where failure has occurred. Keywords: expert system, journal

Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes features articles that describe original empirical research and theoretical developments in all areas of human decision processes and organizational psychology. The journal emphasizes research that


contributes to the development of principles or theories relevant to psychological processes. Research Areas Include: bargaining and negotiation; group structure and communication; individual and group decision processes; information processing; judgment and choice behavior; leadership; task performance and task motivation. Keywords: human decision processes, journal, organizational behavior

Organizational Studies Organization Studies aims to promote the understanding of organizations, organizing and the organized, and the social relevance of that understanding. It encourages the interplay between theorizing the empirical research, in the belief that they should be mutually informative. It is a multi-disciplinary journal, which is open to contributions of high quality, from any perspective relevant to the field and from any country. It is, in particular, a supranational journal, which gives special attention to national and cultural similarities and differences world-wide. This is reflected by its international editorial board and publisher and its collaboration with EGOS, the European Group for Organizational Studies. Keywords: journal, management, organization

Organization Science This unique journal scans the globe for new research that draws upon multiple disciplines or levels of analysis: achieves genuine integration of theory, data, and management applications; and improves organizational functioning. Keywords: journal, management, organization

Pacific Review The Pacific Review provides a major platform for the study of the Pacific Basin. It is an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of ideas on this increasingly important region, published with the intention of promoting understanding. The specific aims and objectives of the journal are: to break down barriers between areas of study and between the worlds of academia, journalism, government and business to focus on issues of policy and act as a forum for the exchange of ideas from different fields of expertise to be global in perspective and not narrowly concerned with the interests of a specific country or political system Contributors include specialists in domestic and foreign politics,


economics, business and industrial issues, military strategy and cultural issues. Indeed in the Pacific Review you will find the disciplines talking to one another. Keywords: journal, pacific review

Parliamentary Affairs Parliamentary Affairs is an established academic quarterly covering all the aspects of government and politics directly or indirectly connected with Parliament and parliamentary systems in Britain and throughout the world. The Journal has an impact factor of 0.505 and is ranked 35/78 in the Political Science category of the ISI Journal Citation Reports (2003). Keywords: journal, parliamentary affairs

Party Politics Party Politics is an international journal devoted to the study of political parties, party systems, and political organizations. Founded in 1995 and published quarterly, Party Politics provides a forum for scholars to share their work on topics ranging from the rise of partisan blocs in newly-democratic states in central and eastern Europe to the impact of women on politics. The editors and editorial board of Party Politics welcome contributions (following our manuscript guidelines) on the analysis of political parties, including their historical development, structure, policy programs, ideology, and electoral and campaign strategies. Contributions are also invited on the role of parties and other political organizations within various national and international systems. The initial issues of Party Politics have drawn professional acclaim. Keywords: journal, party politics

Performance Improvement Quarterly PIQ, substantially discounted to members, is a peer-reviewed journal created to stimulate professional discussion in the field and to advance the discipline of HPT through publishing scholarly works. Its emphasis is on human performance technologies such as front-end analysis or evaluation. It also offers literature reviews and experimental studies with a scholarly base, and some case studies. Discounted to members. (ISSN-0898-5952).


Keywords: journal, performance improvement

Perspectives on Political Science Whether discussing Montaigne's case for tolerance or Nietzsche's political critique of modern science, Perspectives on Political Science links contemporary politics and culture to the enduring questions posed by great thinkers from antiquity to the present. Ideas are the lifeblood of the journal, which comprises book reviews (60%) and articles (40%). Recent articles address the paradoxical place of political philosophy in the structure of reality, the movie Miller's Crossing, writings of Charles Griswold, and Hannah Arendt's views on Kafka and the nature of totalitarianism. The authoritative source for reviews of new books on government, politics, international affairs, public policy, and political theory, this journal guides scholars, educators, policy planners, and others who require broad but up-to-date knowledge of the literature published within the last twelve months. General readers as well as specialists will find Perspectives on Political Science stimulating reading. Keywords: journal, perspectives on political science

Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology (PPP) focuses on the area of overlap among philosophy, psychiatry, and abnormal psychology. The journal advances philosophical inquiry in psychiatry and abnormal psychology while making clinical material and theory more accessible to philosophers. Keywords: journal, philosophy, psychiatry, psychology

Philosophy and Public Affairs Issues of public concern often have an important philosophical dimension. Philosophy and Public Affairs is founded in the belief that a philosophical examination of public issues can contribute to their clarification. It contains philosophical discussions of substantive legal, social, and political problems, as well as discussions of the more abstract questions to which these discussions give rise. The journal is designed to fill the need for a periodical in which philosophers with different viewpoints and philosophically


inclined writers from various disciplines-including law, political science, economics, and sociology-can bring their distinctive methods to bear on problems that concern everyone. Keywords: journal, philosophy, public affairs

Policy Currents The Purpose of the Public Policy Section is to help promote the application of political science to important policy problems. Newsletter of the Policy Section of The American Political Science Association. Keywords: journal, policy, political science

Policy Studies Journal The primary focus of the Policy Studies Journal is the study of public policy. The Policy Studies Journal publishes individually-submitted articles and symposia of exceptional quality by social scientists and others. The Policy Studies Journal addresses a wide range of public policy issues at all levels of government, and welcomes a comparative approach. Produced jointly by the Departments of Political Science and Coal Research Center at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and Iowa State University. Keywords: journal, public policy

Political Behavior Political Behavior publishes original research in the general fields of political behavior, institutions, processes, and policies. Approaches include economic (preference structuring, bargaining), psychological (attitude formation and change, motivations, perceptions), sociological (roles, group, class), or political (decision making, coalitions, influence). Articles focus on the political behavior (conventional or unconventional) of the individual person or small group (microanalysis), or of large organizations that participate in the political process such as parties, interest groups, political action committees, governmental agencies, and mass media (macro analysis). As an interdisciplinary journal, Political Behavior integrates various approaches across different levels of theoretical abstraction and empirical domain (contextual analysis). Keywords: journal, political behavior


Political Communication Political Communication is an interdisciplinary international journal, published quarterly, that encompasses all substantive aspects and research methodologies germane to the field. Its broad perspective rests on the belief that all political life is shaped to a large degree by the interplay of political messages and message senders. The journal covers mass and elite messages disseminated through mass media or other public and private channels; political language and its application to political campaigns; governmental and private communications policies; and comparative and international political communication. Periodic symposium issues explore key issues in depth. Keywords: journal, political communication

Political Geography We are living in an age of rapid change in political geography throughout the world. Political Geography has become the flagship journal of the resurgence of political geography studies in recent years. The aim is to bring together contributions from the three major strands of current political geography research: Continuing research on 'traditional' topics, such as geostrategic regions and the spatial structure of states. Quantitative, positivist studies in, for example, electoral geography and policy impact research. Political economy approaches dealing with issues arising from alternative theories of the state, or the world-systems perspective. Political Geography also provides a forum for non-geographers concerned with the spatial dimension in politics. Keywords: journal, political geography

Political Methodologist The Political Methodologist as the medium of communication concerning professional activities of the Section and its members. The Political Methodologist shall be sent to all members of the Sections twice annually as permitted by the funds of the Section. The Editor of The Political Methodologist shall be elected by majority vote at the Business Meeting of the Section for a term of three years. The President, in consultation with the Executive Committee, shall recommend at least one person who consents to be nominated as Editor.


Keywords: journal, methodology, political science

Political Psychology Understanding the psychological aspects of national and international political developments is increasingly important in this age of international tension and sweeping political change. The journal of the International Society of Political Psychology in the US is dedicated to the analysis of the interrelationships between psychological and political processes. Contributors draw on a diverse range of sources, including psychological anthropology, cognitive psychology, clinical psychology, economics, history, international relations, philosophy, political science, political theory, and psychology of personality, social psychology, and sociology. Keywords: journal, political psychology

Political Science Manuscripts Is a project to distribute political science research and scholarship online. PSM indexes abstracts to scholarly manuscripts and provides facilities for researchers to make their manuscripts available online. PSM also hosts special collections and maintains links to online journals (and other online research repositories) in political science. Keywords: journal, political science

Political Science Quarterly A nonpartisan journal, PSQ is edited for both political scientists and general readers with a keen interest in public and foreign affairs. Each issue contains six topical articles and about 35 current book reviews. The reviews are timely and thorough so that readers are kept up-to-date on new literature. PSQ's editorial board is composed of outstanding scholars from the nation's leading universities and think tanks. PSQ is read by members of congress and the executive branch, by state and local officials, by newspaper, magazine, and TV editors and columnists, lawyers, and business leaders, as well as by political scientists, historians, economists and concerned citizens. Keywords: journal, political science


Presidential Studies Quarterly The Center's award winning Presidential Studies Quarterly continues to be the flagship of the Center's publications. The Quarterly has come to be viewed as indispensable by business and professional leaders, including those holding high office as well as scholars throughout the world. The Center is fortunate to have such a distinguished Editorial Board, headed by George C. Edwards III. The board maintains the high standards of the journal. Keywords: journal, presidential studies

Psychological Bulletin Psychological Bulletin publishes evaluative and integrative reviews and interpretations of issues in scientific psychology. Original research is reported only for illustrative purposes. Integrative reviews that summarize a literature may set forth major developments within a particular research area or provide a bridge between related specialized fields within psychology or between psychology and related fields. In all cases, reviews that develop connections between areas of research are particularly valuable. Expository articles may be published if they are deemed accurate, broad, clear, and pertinent. The target audience is a broad range of psychologists and allied behavioral scientists. Methodological articles that previously were submitted to Psychological Bulletin should now be submitted to Psychological Methods. Manuscripts dealing with issues of contemporary social relevance; minority, cultural, or underrepresented groups; or other topics at the interface of psychological science and society are welcomed. Original theoretical articles should be submitted to Psychological Review, even when they include reviews of research literature. Literature reviews should be submitted to Psychological Bulletin, even when they develop an integrated theoretical statement. Keywords: journal, scientific psychology

Psychological Review Psychological Review publishes articles that make important theoretical contributions to any area of scientific psychology. Preference is given to papers that advance theory, but systematic evaluation of alternative theories in a given domain will also be considered for


publication. Papers devoted to surveys of the literature, problems of method and design, or reports of empirical findings are not appropriate. The Review also publishes, as theoretical notes, commentary that contributes to progress in a given sub field of scientific psychology. Such notes include, but are not limited to, discussions of previously published articles, comments that apply to a class of theoretical models in a given domain, critiques and discussions of alternative theoretical approaches, and metatheoretical commentary on theory testing and related topics. Keywords: journal, psychology

Psychology, Public Policy, and Law Psychology, Public Policy, and Law focuses on the links between psychology as a science and public policy and law. It publishes articles that (a) critically evaluate the contributions and potential contributions of psychology and relevant information derived from related disciplines (hereinafter psychology) to public policy and legal issues (e.g., linking knowledge on risk assessment to global climate change and energy policy and law; analyzing the fit between FDA policies on food labeling and research on comprehension); (b) assess the desirability of different public policy and legal alternatives in light of the scientific knowledge base in psychology (e.g., family leave policies and law considered against a background of knowledge about socialization in dual-career families; retirement policies and law in light of health, life cycle, and aging); (c) articulate research needs that address public policy and legal issues for which there is currently insufficient theoretical and empirical knowledge or publish the results of largescale empirical work addressed to such concerns; and (d) examine public policy and legal issues relating to the conduct of psychology and related disciplines (e.g., human subjects, protection policies; informed consent procedures). Keywords: journal, law, psychology, policy

Public Administration and Development (Wiley) . . .reports, reviews and assesses the practice of public administration at local, regional, national and international levels where this is directed to development in less industrialized and transitional economies. It gives special attention to investigations of the management of all phases of public policy formulation and implementation, which have an interest and importance beyond a particular government and state, including the management and policy of parastatal organizations or corporations. It examines the implications for state administration of non-governmental organizations involved in developmental activities, including private corporations and voluntary agencies.


Keywords: development, journal, public administration

Public Administration and Management: An Interactive Journal This is the first journal on the internet devoted to the fields of Public Administration and Management. Public Administration and Management maintains high standards by utilizing a double-blind refereed system. In this way, though its means of publication is unique, the journal is administered in the same way as other high quality, academic publications. The journal publishes articles, which will be of interest to both scholars and practitioners in the fields of public administration and management. Keywords: development, journal, public administration

Public Administration Quarterly Public Administration Quarterly began publication as the Southern Review of Public Administration. It is a general journal publishing single-article manuscripts and symposia in all areas of public administration, and is committed to the consistent use of the blindreview process in making publishing decisions. Keywords: journal, public administration

Public Administration Review Public Administration Review has been the premier journal in the field of public administration research and theory for more than 60 years, and is the only journal in public administration that serves academics, practitioners, and students interested in the public sector and public sector management. Articles identify and analyze current trends, provide a factual basis for decision making, stimulate discussion, and make the leading literature in the field available in an easily accessible format. Keywords: journal, public administration, public sector, public sector management Public Budgeting & Finance Journal


The journal for the Association of Budgeting and Financial Management is published quarterly. The Association for Budgeting and Financial Management (ABFM) is a section of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA). ABFM aims to promote the professional development of budgeting and financial management in the public and non-profit sectors. Embracing both theoretical and operational concerns, ABFM addresses issues in budgeting processes and practice in financial management. Keywords: budgeting, finance, journal, management

Public Choice Public Choice deals with the intersection between economics and political science. The journal was founded at a time when economists and political scientists became interested in the application of essentially economic methods to problems normally dealt with by political scientists. It has always retained strong traces of economic methodology, but new and fruitful techniques have been developed which are not recognizable by economists. Public Choice therefore remains central in its chosen role of introducing the two groups to each other, and allowing them to explain themselves through the medium of its pages. Keywords: journal, public choice

Public Finance and Management Public Finance and Management is an international interdisciplinary journal devoted to increasing knowledge of public finance and administration through policy analysis, empirical research, and theoretical inquiry. Keywords: journal, management, public finance

Public Finance Review 55.html Public Finance Review is a professional forum devoted to US policy-oriented economic research and theory, which focuses on a variety of allocation, distribution and stabilization functions within the public-sector economy. Economists, policy makers,


political scientists and researchers all rely on Public Finance Review, to bring them the most up-to-date information on the ever changing US public finance system, and to help them put policies and research into action. Complete Coverage - Six Times a Year! Public Finance Review not only presents rigorous empirical and theoretical papers on public economic policies, but also examines and critiques their impact and consequences. The journal analyzes the nature and function of evolving US governmental fiscal policies at the national, state and local levels. Each peer-reviewed issue explores a variety of subject areas, bringing you comprehensive coverage of the US public-sector economy today. Issues recently examined include: social security financing, tax neutrality and social welfare, politics and deficit finance, tax credits for job creation, public education subsidies, mixed outputs of non-profit organizations, government loan guarantees, distributional effects of social security. Keywords: journal, public finance Public Management Public Management seeks to: explore the developing field of public management; embrace research both about the strategic and operational management; of public services and about social/public policy development and implementation; encourage in particular work which either presents new empirical; knowledge about public management and/or developed theory; encourage questioning both of the legitimacy and hegemony of the 'new public management' paradigm and its alternatives, and of the developing pluralism in public management which encompasses the governance of inter-sectoral relationships between government, non-profit and for-profit organizations in the provision of public services; The remit of PuMa will be to promote the dissemination and discussion of such research about public management. Its specific target audience will be the academic and research community. Keywords: journal, public management

Public Manager: The New Bureaucrat The Public Manager is the only journal of its kind in which public managers and executives write and share ideas about critical public management issues. It is dedicated to encouraging professionalism and high performance by public managers. Its audience includes practitioners in federal, regional, state, and local government organizations, as well as consultants, students, and scholars interested in public management. The Public Manager is published quarterly by The Bureaucrat, Inc. Keywords: journal, public management


Public Money and Management Public Money & Management is a popular review of policy and management issues in the public service and regulated industries. Authoritative and independent, the journal is essential reading for public sector managers, and consultants; and academics and students with interests in politics, public policy and management, economics and government. The journal contains a mix of articles by practitioners and academics; theme and core articles are refereed (by both an academic and a practitioner); and contributions are edited to ensure that they can be understood by non-specialists in that particular field. Keywords: journal, public money, management

Public Opinion Quarterly Since 1937, Public Opinion Quarterly has been the leading interdisciplinary journal for practitioners and academicians studying the development and role of communication research, current public opinion, as well as the theories and methods underlying opinion research. Such methods include survey validity, questionnaire construction, interviewing and interviewers, sampling strategy, mode of administration, and analytic approaches. Articles incorporate POQ's unique concentration on theoretical advances, along with tested applications throughout the social and behavioral sciences. POQ's comprehensive and diverse coverage includes such issues as political tolerance, holocaust denial, public policy, race the police, political rhetoric and persuasion, and affirmative action. Keywords: journal, public opinion

Public Performance and Management Review (Previously, Public Productivity and Management Review, Public Productivity Review) In every issue of Public Productivity & Management Review, leading academics and professionals share their knowledge, insights and experiences. PPMR offers new ideas and proven techniques for increasing and measuring productivity, as well as case examples and updates on the research and legislation that affect government's work. For the public management professional: PPMR is the best resource for fresh and effective approaches to difficult problems, providing ideas and models to increase the efficiency of


organizations. For the public management scholar: PPMR is at the cutting edge of the most current scholarship in the field, offering the latest empirically-based research in public administration. Sage Periodicals Press is proud to offer subscribers the benefits of its new partnership with Public Productivity & Management Review. As the journal enters its third decade, this new alliance with Sage will enable Public Productivity & Management Review to build upon its established reputation as one of the most respected publications in the field through the aggressive and creative exploration of key issues in public administration. Public Productivity & Management Review is now poised to be an even more effective vehicle for enabling public managers to increase productivity and efficiency, while still operating under constrained budgets. Key Issues: In the pages of Public Productivity & Management Review, readers will find analyses, research and commentaries on such critical and current issues as: Managing for Productivity as public organizations face serious and challenging budget cuts, Public Productivity & Management Review provides insights and advice on how organizations can be revitalized through, among other methods, performance incentives, effective executivelevel transitions, and the generation of new ideas. Measuring and Evaluating Productivity In this era of heightened accountability, Public Productivity & Management Review offers ways to measure the value of professional services, use statistics more effectively, assess information systems, get results from internal consulting groups, and more. Improving Budget Strategies Public Productivity & Management Review explores ways of linking performance to funding decisions-managing through budgetary incentives, implementing cost-benefit analysis, forecasting fiscal stress and revenue, and other vital budget concerns. Personnel Management Public Productivity & Management Review examines ways professionals can measure staff performance, work with labor in a cooperative environment, improve accountability, and improve the quality of work life. Keywords: journal, management review, public productivity

Public Personnel Management Public Personnel Management (PPM) is IPMA's quarterly journal featuring groundbreaking articles on labor relations, assessment issues, comparative personnel policies, governmental reform and more. Keywords: journal, public personnel, management Public Policy (Journal of Policy Analysis and Management) The Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM) encourages excellence in research, teaching, and practice in the field of public policy analysis and management. APPAM operates through its annual fall and spring conferences, a newsletter, and the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (JPAM). APPAM's


membership includes individual and institutional members, practitioners, scholars and students. The field of public policy analysis and management that APPAM supports encompasses decision making and policymaking theory, quantitative and other methods for analyzing public policies and their implementation, the theory and practice of public management, as well as the application of policy analysis theory and methods to substantive public policy problems. Students of the field and members of the organization are an increasingly important pool of talent for state, local and national governments as well as for not-for- profit and for-profit organizations. The Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (JPAM), which is published by John Wiley and Sons, is the APPAM journal of record. Like APPAM itself, the Journal's purpose is to build a professional community of scholars and practitioners devoted to more effective policy analysis and public management. JPAM welcomes unsolicited manuscripts from all sources. Keywords: journal, public policy

Public Private Finance Public Private Finance provides the best information on the political and industrial development of public private partnerships. Dedicated to providing excellent news, insightful analysis and accurate data on the domestic and international programs, it is the ultimate information service for anyone involved in this process. Keywords: finance journal, private, public

Public Relations Review 000023759&_version=1&_urlVersion=0&_userid=526750&md5=fceaf93a21c1010ea986 cf3a710d3638 The Public Relations Review is the oldest journal devoted to articles that examine public relations in depth. Most of the articles are based on empirical research undertaken by professionals and academics in the field. Each issue contains half-a-dozen major articles, notes on research in brief, book reviews, and précis of new books in the fields of public relations, mass communications, organizational communications, public opinion formations, social science research and evaluation, marketing, management and public policy formation. Keywords: journal, public relation

Public Voices

342 Public Voices provides a more emotive approach to public management than the traditional forms of analysis presented by many professional journals. As such, Public Voices focuses on humanistic, artistic and reflective expression concerning public administrators and the people they serve. Unlike traditional social science journals, Public Voices publishes unorthodox, controversial perspectives on bureaucracy by students of organization, broadly defined as public servants, the public, writers, and artists, as well as academics from all fields. That dialogue: explores conflicts between efficiency and ethics in organizational life, including ethical dilemmas faced by bureaucrats; examines the consequences of a bureaucratic environment for employees and clients, including ways in which clients are assisted by individual public servants or abused by large systems; and generates new ideas for improving organizations. Original fiction, including creative writing, poetry, and plays, is featured in each issue. Reviews of novels, cinema, art and other related forms of expression comment upon life within bureaucracies. Artistic works include such material as photographs, sketches, and cartoons, and such work is featured on the cover of each issue. Personal essays by public servants and clients are also welcome. All submissions are evaluated on a blind, peer reviewed basis. Keywords: arts, journal, public administration

Publius Publius was the pen name used by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison in 1787-1788 when they published 85 articles entitled The Federalist in defense of the federal republic created by the new Constitution of the United States of America. Accordingly, it is an appropriate name for a journal devoted to the increase and diffusion of knowledge about federalism and intergovernmental relations. Keywords: federalism, journal, political science

Quality and Quantity Quality and Quantity is a journal that constitutes a point of reference for all European and non-European scholars willing to discuss instruments of methodology for more rigorous scientific results in the social sciences. The journal publishes papers on causal analysis, models of classification, methods for constructing typologies, graph theory applications, mathematical models applied to social mobility, models of choice behavior, mathematical


models of voting behavior, discussions on the general logic of empirical research, analysis of the validity and verification of social laws, and similar topics. Essentially, Quality and Quantity is an interdisciplinary journal, which systematically correlates disciplines such as mathematics and statistics with those of the social sciences, particularly sociology, economics and social psychology. The ultimate aim of the journal is to widen the discussion of the most interesting contributions to methodology to scholars of different nations, the objective being the scientific development of social research. The journal therefore avoids accepting papers, which have no applicative potential. Keywords: journal, quality management

Quarterly Journal of Economics The Quarterly Journal of Economics is the oldest professional journal of economics in the English language. Edited at Harvard University's Department of Economics, it covers all aspects of the field -- from the journal's traditional emphasis on micro theory, to both empirical and theoretical macroeconomics. Keywords: economics, journal

Rationality and Society Rationality and Society provides an interdisciplinary forum in which theoretic developments, empirical research, and policy analyses that are relevant to the rational action paradigm can be shared. Social Research and Theory Rationality and Society is an international journal focusing on the latest social research and theory using rational choice as its foundation. The journal publishes scholarly articles that further this research and theory, but its pages are also open to work that challenges this theoretical direction. Rationality and Society contains pure theory, as well as qualitative and quantitative research, and policy analysis. Discussion and Debate Rationality and Society actively solicits comments and criticism on papers published in its own pages. The Forum is a section, which promotes open and critical debate. This often spirited scholarly discourse contributes to the intellectual vitality and further development of rational choice-based theory and research. Keywords: journal, rationality, society

Review of International Studies

344 Founded in 1974 as the flagship journal of the British International Studies Association, Review of International Studies serves the needs of scholars in international relations and related fields such as politics, history, law, and sociology. From 1998 the Review of International Studies has a new team of Editors based in one of the largest departments of international politics in Europe. The Review continues to publish a significant number of high quality research articles grouped according to key themes, and review articles, which survey new contributions to the field. Other innovations include the introduction of a 'forum' section to accommodate debates and replies; occasional interviews with leading scholars; 'teaching articles' and more review articles. There is also a special issue published annually. The December 1998 special issue entitled The Eighty Years' Crisis: International Relations 1919-1999 provides a survey of the history of the field. Keywords: international studies, journal

Review of Political Economy The Review of Political Economy welcomes constructive and critical contributions in all areas of political economy, including the Post Keynesian, Sraffian, Marxian, and Austrian and Institutionalist traditions. The Review publishes both theoretical and empirical research, and is also open to submissions in methodology, economic history and the history of economic thought that cast light on issues of contemporary relevance in political economy. Comments on articles published in the Review are encouraged. Keywords: journal, political economy review

Review of Politics From its initial direction by founding editor Waldemer Gurian, The Review has continued to emphasize the philosophical and historical approach to politics. Among those whom it published and encouraged are Hannah Arendt, John Kenneth Galbraith, Jacques Maritain, Talcott Parsons, Clinton Rossiter, Edward Shils, Leo Strauss and Eric Voegelin. Keywords: politics, review

Review of Public Personnel Administration

345 The Review of Public Personnel Administration presents timely, rigorous scholarship on human resource management in public service organizations. The journal provides research for scholars and professionals to stay abreast of advancements and innovations in the field. The Review publishes articles that reflect the varied approaches used in the study and practice of human resource management in the public sector. The journal analyzes the effects of specific HR procedures or programs on the management function and assesses the impact of HR management on the broader areas of public policy and administration. Keywords: review, public personnel administration

Risk, Decision & Policy Risk, Decision & Policy is an international journal dedicated to publishing research articles that on draw on decision analysis, applied game theory, rational and bounded choice theory, all broadly defined, especially to policy problems in the private and public sectors. Articles are drawn from all those disciplines, which contribute, to our understanding of risk-taking and decision-making but especially Psychology and Behavioral Economics, as well as Management and Political Science. Keywords: decision, journal, policy, risk

SAGE Journals Online View your favorite journals online. Keywords: SAGE journals

SAGE Public Administration Abstracts 0.html Sage Public Administration Abstracts provides cross-indexed abstracts covering recent literature (and related citations) on all aspects of public administration. Entries are drawn from books, articles, pamphlets, government publications, significant speeches, legislative research studies and other fugitive material.


Keywords: journals, public administration

SAIS Review The SAIS Review is dedicated to advancing the debate on leading contemporary issues of world affairs. Seeking to bring a fresh and policy-relevant perspective to global political, economic, and security questions, SAIS Review publishes essays that straddle the boundary between scholarly inquiry and practical experience. Contributors represent a wide range of backgrounds, including distinguished academics, policy analysts, leading journalists, parliamentarians, and senior officials from both government and nongovernmental organizations. A book review section is featured in every issue. Keywords: global issues, journal

Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems The Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems is the journal of the Information Systems Research in Scandinavia (IRIS) Association. Keywords: information system, journal

Science and Public Policy Science and Public Policy is a leading refereed, international journal on public policies for science and technology (S&T), and on the implications of S&T for other public policies. It covers basic, applied, high, low, and any other types of S&T, and rich or poorer countries. It is read in around 70 countries, in universities (teaching and research), government ministries and agencies, consultancies, industry and elsewhere. Keywords: journal, public policy, science

Scottish Journal of Political Economy The Scottish Journal of Political Economy is a generalist journal with an explicitly international reach in both readership and authorship. It is dedicated to publishing the


highest quality research in any field of economics, without prejudice to the methodology or to the analytical techniques used. The editors encourage submissions in all fields of economics in order to provide practical contributions to the literature, and to further the influence of economics in the world of practical affairs. In particular, the editors would be interested to receive policy-orientated papers where a consensus position on the correct policy implications or appropriate analytic results have not yet emerged from the literature. All submissions are refereed to the highest standard; the acceptance rate is currently 10%, in line with other top ranked international journals, and we aim to deliver as fast a turnaround as is consistent with a multiple refereeing process and strict quality control. The journal publishes one special issue each year, with a nominated theme and specialist editor (see below), in order to increase its impact and international reach. Keywords: journal, political economy

SIS-EJOURNAL: (Electronic Journal of Strategic Information Systems) The Electronic Journal of Strategic Information Systems (SIS- EJOURNAL) aims to encourage, advance, and communicate interdisciplinary thinking in the field of strategic information systems, by means of fast electronic publication. Through its rapid publication, SIS-EJOURNAL offers workers in this field ready reference to one another's published ideas, online access, and easy retrieval of timely information. Keywords: journal, strategic information systems

Sloan Management Review Sloan Management Review (SMR) provides senior managers with the best current management theory and practice. The peer-reviewed, quarterly journal covers all management disciplines, with a particular emphasis on corporate strategy, organizational change, and management of technology and innovation. Founded in 1959, SMR is renowned for introducing groundbreaking business strategies before they're widely accepted, offering business leaders a critical competitive advantage. SMR is published at the MIT Sloan School of Management, consistently ranked as one of the top 5 U.S. business schools by U.S. News & World Report. The Sloan School is internationally recognized as a leading center for management innovation and the training ground for many of the world's top CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, and entrepreneurs. SMR benefits from its access to the leading-edge thinking and experts at MIT, but goes much further -- offering a forum for the best innovators from all over the globe. Recent authors include James Brian Quinn, Gary Hamel, Peter Senge, Thomas Davenport, Christopher Bartlett, Sumantra Ghoshal, John Quelch, Henry Mintzberg, Max Bazerman, and Ed Lawler.


SMR's ongoing mission is to provide practicing managers with thought-provoking strategies that offer real-world solutions to today and tomorrow's challenges. Keywords: journal, management

Social Choice and Welfare The journal publishes original research, survey papers and book reviews on the ethical and positive aspects of welfare economics and collective choice theory. The appropriate topics comprise social choice and voting theory (normative, positive and strategic sides) as well as all aspects of welfare theory (Pareto optimality; welfare criteria; fairness, justice, and equity; externalities; public goods; optimal taxation; incentives in public decision making; cost-benefit analysis; etc.). Articles on choice and order theory may also be published if their results can be applied to these topics. Papers both verbal and formal in style are being solicited. Keywords: journal, social choice, welfare

Social Philosophy & Policy

Social Philosophy & Policy is an interdisciplinary journal with an emphasis on the philosophical underpinnings of enduring social policy debates. Each issue is dedicated to a particular theme chosen by the editors, with the advice of the editorial board, designed to appeal to both academic specialists and a broader scholarly audience. While Social Philosophy & Policy is not primarily a journal of policy prescriptions, several contributions in each issue will typically connect theory with practice. The editors encourage and actively pursue diversity of viewpoints of contributors. Diversity is also encouraged by selecting authors from among different disciplines, especially philosophy, economics, political science, and the law. Keywords: journal, social philosophy, policy Social Research Update Methods of doing social research are continually advancing. New developments in information technology enable complex analyses to be carried out on a personal computer. Laptop computers and computer assisted telephone interviewing change fundamentally the way in which surveys are done. New statistical techniques are being developed which


are better suited to the kinds of data, which social researchers generally deal with. New approaches to qualitative data raise new theoretical and ethical problems. In face of all this change, social researchers, pressurized to produce results, often do not have time to keep up with the latest developments. It is to fill this gap that we are producing Social Research Update. Social Research Update will be published every three months or so and distributed to social researchers in the UK. Initially, it will be available without charge. Once it is established, we hope that we will be able to obtain support from other sources to cover its running expenses. Social Science Research. Keywords: journal, social research

Social Science Quarterly The leading academic title in its field, SSQ publishes current research on a broad range of topics including political science, economics, history, geography, and women's studies. SSQ is the journal of the Southwestern Social Science Association. Keywords: journal, social science

Social Science Research Network Social Science Research Network (SSRN) is devoted to the rapid worldwide dissemination of social science research and is composed of a number of specialized research networks in each of the social sciences. We have received several excellence awards for our web site. Each of SSRN's networks encourages the early distribution of research results by publishing Submitted abstracts and by soliciting abstracts of top quality research papers around the world. We now have hundreds of journals, publishers, and institutions in Partners in Publishing and in academic and other Cooperating Institutions that provide working papers for distribution through SSRN's Electronic Library and abstracts for publication in SSRN's electronic journals. Keywords: journal, social sciences Spectrum: The Journal of State Government Spectrum seeks to be an honest observer of the state government arena and a vehicle for expressing the newest ideas and latest thinking on state policies and institutions. The mission of Spectrum is to provide reliable information and insightful analysis on public policy issues to anyone whose interest in state government stretches beyond the limited,


short-term goals of the status quo. Spectrum seeks to develop common ground among entities and individuals who are interested in improving state government and to unite practitioners, academics, businesses, the media and others in a common understanding of the problems and solutions that are unique to the governance of the American states and territories. Keywords: governance, journal, state government

Taylor & Francis Journals Online Many Taylor & Francis journals - including those published by Brunner/Mazel, Carfax, Psychology Press, Routledge, E&F N Spon and Taylor & Francis - are available online using Catchword technology. Since May 1999, users have been able to select their preferred delivery format - PDF or Real Page, and we plan to extend this to VML and PGML versions soon. Users can also now register online, at Catchword's site and you do not need to download any software to view your online journals holdings. Keywords: journal, social sciences

Technology Analysis & Strategic Management Technology Analysis & Strategic Management is a quarterly international research journal, linking the analysis of science and technology with the strategic needs of policy makers and management. The journal presents research on the analysis and assessment of technologies, their potentialities and impacts, and the development of methodological tools for the identification and analysis of key scientific and technological developments. The scope of the journal extends from technological issues and questions at the corporate and organizational level, through the intermediate levels of the firm and state/national capabilities and supranational capabilities, as far as issues of technological geopolitics. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management also promotes strategic thinking about how science and technology can be exploited industrially. Keywords: journal, strategic management, technology analysis

T&D: Better Performance Through Workplace Learning


Keywords: journal, training and development, workplace learning

The Academy of Management Executive The Academy of Management (the Academy; AOM) is a leading professional association for scholars dedicated to creating and disseminating knowledge about management and organizations. Founded in 1936 by two professors, the Academy of Management is the oldest and largest scholarly management association in the world. Today, the Academy is the professional home for 14612 members from 90 nations. The Academy's central mission is to enhance the profession of management by advancing the scholarship of management and enriching the professional development of its members. The Academy is also committed to shaping the future of management research and education. The Academy is a member-driven society, overseen by a voluntary. The Academy's 21 professional divisions and three interest groups promote excellence in the established management disciplines that they represent. Affiliated and associated academies, both U.S-based and international, promote the exchange of ideas and provide collaborative opportunities for colleagues. Keywords: management, professional development management research and education, organizations,

The Academy of Marketing Science Review (AMS Review) Academy of Management Learning and Education publishes a wide range of materials devoted to management education in colleges and universities, and indeed, in all organizations that formally foster learning about management. AMLE publishes four types of materials: (i) scholarly articles, both theoretical and empirical, that undergo a double-blind review process, (ii) invited papers by distinguished scholars and practitioners, (iii) essays, dialogues, and interviews on topics of significant moment, and (iv) reviews of books and other materials that are especially relevant to individual learning and management education. Keywords: management education, organizational management

The Association for Information Systems (AIS) The Association for Information Systems (AIS) founded in 1994, is a professional organization whose purpose is to serve as the premier global organization for academicians specializing in Information Systems. Our mission is to advance knowledge


of how the use of information technology can lead to improved organizational performance and individual quality of work life. The Communications of the Association for Information Systems available by subscription only (free to members, US$40.00 for nonmembers), table of contents available on line; Conference proceedings (papers) available on line Keywords: information systems, information technology, organizational performance

The Cato Journal The Cato Journal is a unique and readable public policy journal for policymakers and scholars as well as interested laypeople. Published three times a year, it provides insightful and engaging analyses of important issues by leading scholars and policy analysts. The articles are available as pdf files for everyone. Keywords: journal, public policy,

The Electronic Hallway After enthusiastic response from deans, directors, chairs, and faculty across the country, The Electronic Hallway has embarked on an exciting new venture to provide to public policy and administration faculty the best cases the field has to offer and an opportunity to have cases peer reviewed in a serious fashion. The Electronic Hallway combines topquality teaching materials with Internet technology to dramatically change how faculty plans their courses. Keywords: electronic journals

The Electronic Journal of Analytic Philosophy Established in August of 1993, The Electronic Journal of Analytic Philosophy (ISSN 1071-5800) is the first online journal of philosophy. EJAP is available for free to an international audience via the World Wide Web. The editors understand analytic philosophy as characterized by a free use of formal methods, a close relationship with the natural and social sciences, and an incremental approach to problem solving. EJAP publishes annual issues on topics of special concern to analytic philosophers.


Keywords: analytic philosophy, journal

The International Public Management Journal The International Public Management Journal is published semi-annually electronically by the International Public Management Network (IPMN). Keywords: international, journal, public management

The Journal of Public and International Affairs (JPIA) The JPIA is now entering its ninth year as North America's only scholarly journal that exclusively publishes the work of graduate students in public and international affairs. The JPIA is sponsored jointly by the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA) and Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. Last year¹s JPIA was remarkable due to the active participation and enthusiasm of the students serving as editors from APSIA member schools. We are looking forward to the challenging task of building on last year's success, and are committed to the Journal's growth as it enters its second decade. Keywords: journal, international affairs, public administration

The On-Line Journal of Ethics An online journal of cutting edge research in the field of business & professional ethics. Keywords: ethics, journal

The Public Interest Since 1965, the year of our inaugural issue, The Public Interest has been the magazine to read on politics and culture, sought after by journalists, referenced by scholars, and consulted by policy makers. Whether the issue is the fate of social security or the


character of Generation X, crime and punishment or love and courtship, the culture wars or the tax wars, the state of the underclass or the salaries of the over class, the PI has year after year shaped the national debate. Keywords: journal, public interest

The Public Manager ­ The Quarterly for Practitioners The Public Manager is the only journal of its kind in which public managers and executives write and share ideas about critical public management issues. It is dedicated to encouraging professionalism and high performance by public managers. Its audience includes practitioners in federal, regional, state, and local government organizations, as well as consultants, students, and scholars interested in public management. Keywords: journal, public management

The Qualitative Report: Online Journal on Qualitative Research & Critical Inquiry The Qualitative Report (ISSN 1052-0147) is a peer reviewed, online journal dedicated to writing and discussion of and about qualitative and critical inquiry. The Qualitative Report serves as a forum and sounding board for researchers, scholars, practitioners, and other reflective-minded individuals who are passionate about ideas, methods, and analyses permeating qualitative and critical study. These pages are open to a variety of forms: original, scholarly activity such as qualitative research studies, critical commentaries, editorials, or debates concerning pertinent issues and topics; news of networking and research possibilities; and other sorts of journalistic and literary shapes which may interest and pique readers. Keywords: critical inquiry, journal, qualitative research

The Women & Politics The Women & Politics journal is a scholarly academic journal that publishes theoretical and empirical research dealing with women's place in the political spectrum. The combined emphasis on both women and politics sets this journal apart from other social science and political science journals. A pioneer in gender studies since it's founding in 1980, this journal encourages research and the development of theory on women's


political participation, the role of women in society, and the impact of public policy upon women's lives. Articles are focused on explaining and enhancing women's place in politics including the areas of political philosophy, international relations, American politics, and comparative politics. It is published by The Haworth Press. Keywords: journal, politics, women

The World Bank Economic Review (WBER) The World Bank Economic Review (WBER) is the most widely read scholarly economic journal in the world. Readers are economists and other social scientists in government, business, international agencies, universities and research institutions. For subscription information and issues since January 2001, see Oxford Journals Online WBER Abstracts for issues from 1992 to 1999, and full text articles from 1997 through 2000 are available Keywords: development, journals, World Bank

University of Chicago Press Journals This online catalog is a cooperative effort featuring scholarly journals published by members of the Association of American University Presses. Founded in 1937, the AAUP represents more than 110 scholarly institutions, publishing more than 9,000 books and 800 journals annually. The journals included here represent a significant cross-section of the AAUP member presses, covering a diverse subject area. Entries were submitted on a voluntary basis and supplement individual press marketing activities. Many of these journals are among the more noteworthy in their field and provide articles on the latest scholarly and scientific research, clinical and empirical studies, books, films, video, etc. Each entry provides a detailed annotation describing the journal, as well as pertinent bibliographic, abstracting, indexing, and subscriber information. To facilitate the ordering process, the latest information regarding subscription prices, single issues, back issues, and agency discounts are included. Please do not try to order journals from the Association of American University Presses, which has no facilities for handling such orders. Orders should be placed with the publishing press or your regular supplier. The presses' ordering addresses are listed within the body of each entry. Keywords: Chicago university, journals

University of Texas Press Journals

356 The University of Texas Press is a book publisher--a focal point where the life experiences, insights, and specialized knowledge of writers converge to be disseminated in print. By launching a scholarly press in 1950, the University of Texas made several important statements: books matter; books educate; and publishing good books is a public responsibility and a valuable component of the state's system of higher education. In the years since, the Press has become a publisher of international scope, issuing works in a wide range of fields. Our books present the results of original research conducted all across the United States and Latin America and in centers of learning throughout the world. These scholarly books contain important theories and discoveries and help to preserve the cultural heritage of the Americas. As part of its mission to serve the people of Texas, the Press also produces books of general interest for a wider audience, covering, in particular, the history, culture, arts, and natural history of the state. To these, the Press has recently added accounts of the contributions of African and Native Americans, Latinos, and women. Our major areas of concentration are Anthropology, Old and New World Archaeology, Architecture, Art History, Botany, Classics and the Ancient World, Conservation and the Environment, Egyptology, Film and Media Studies, Geography, Landscape, Latin American and Latino Studies, Literary Modernism, Mexican American Studies, Marine Science, Middle Eastern Studies, Ornithology, PreColumbian Studies, Texas and Western Studies, and Women's Studies. The University of Texas Press has published more than 2,000 books over five decades. Currently a staff of 50, under the direction of Joanna Hitchcock, brings out some 90 books and 11 journals annually. Keywords: journal, politics, social science

Urban Studies Urban Studies is a world class journal providing an international forum for the discussion of issues in the fields of urban and regional analysis and planning. A hallmark of the journal is that it publishes leading articles from urban scholars working from within a variety of disciplines, including geography, economics, sociology, and political science as well as planning and public administration. The journal aims to provide theoretically and empirically informed analysis of the myriad changes affecting the urban and regional condition in the economically advanced nations as well as less developed economies. While contribution to academic scholarship is the mainstay of the journal, its intent is to also inform practitioners of the changing urban scene. Keywords: journal, urban studies

World Bank Research Observer (WBRO)

357 The World Bank Research Observer (WBRO) is intended for anyone who has a professional interest in development. Articles are reviewed by an editorial board drawn from the World Bank and the international community of economists. For subscription information and issues since August 2000, see Oxford Journals Online WBRO. Abstracts for issues from 1992 to 2000, and full text articles for 1998 to 2000 are available. Keywords: development, journals, World Bank

World Policy Journal Founded in 1983, World Policy Journal is more than ever a highly respected and widely cited forum on international relations. Articles pertinent to America's post-September 11 role have dealt with the perils of going it alone, NATO's new role, the tentative partnership with Putin's Russia, Iran and its discontents, the threats posed by weapons of mass destruction, terrorism's money trail, and imperial America and the common interest. A grant from the Rockefeller Foundation resulted in first-hand reportage from Sri Lanka and Iran, and on the Roma of Eastern Europe. Editor Karl E. Meyer, who is completing a book on Washington's rendezvous with inner Asia, has offered incisive commentary on the transformed global scene. Keywords: journal, world policy

World Politics Since 1948, World Politics has published articles, research notes, and review articles representing all of the disciplines, methods, and viewpoints relevant to international relations and comparative politics. Political scientists and others turn to World Politics to stay on top of the latest theoretical developments in the field. Keywords: journal, world politics


Textbooks in Public Administration and Public Affairs

Generally speaking, a textbook is a publication used by schools or colleges for the formal study of a subject. Although always written by a specific individual, a textbook is the cumulative intellectual fruit of scholars in certain subjects, and offers a sketch of the whole subject or discipline. Textbooks can be used by beginners or others as a starting point to begin their exploration of a certain field, and can also be used by researchers as valuable tools to examine the whole system of knowledge in specific arenas. Normally, a textbook is updated every 2 or 3 years in order to reflect the new developments in the discipline and the interaction of theory and practice. This bibliography of textbooks in public administration and public affairs includes the most widely recognized textbooks in the field, and covers virtually every important topic in public administration and public affairs, public administration theory, public organizations, public budgeting, public personnel management, not-for-profit management, public finance, public performance measurement, public economics, etc.


American Compact: James Madison and The Problem of Founding (American Political Thought). Rosen, Gary. University Press of Kansas, 1999. Rosen's American Compact is a thoughtful and often insightful attempt to come to terms with Madison's political thought. It advances our understanding of Madison's reflections on the liberal foundations of government and, in particular, the place of the Constitutional Convention. And it provides new insight into how Madison himself came to understand the broad differences between himself and Jefferson and Hamilton Keywords: public administration, ethics, textbook

A Practical Companion to Ethics. Weston, Anthony. NY: Oxford University Press, 1996. We make decisions, form opinions, and take action on the basis of our moral character. But what are the underlying moral standards which guide us in these important mental and physical activities? A Practical Companion to Ethics deals with the specific attitudes and skills that make ethics work: a willingness to think for oneself, creative and integrative problem solving, and keeping an open mind.


Keywords: public administration, ethics, textbook

Authority and Democracy: A General Theory of Government and Management. McMahon, Christopher. NJ: Princeton University Press, 1994. Should the democratic exercise of authority that we take for granted in the realm of government be extended to the managerial sphere? Exploring this question, Christopher McMahon develops a theory of government and management as two components of an integrated system of social authority that is essentially political in nature. He then considers where in this structure democratic decision making is appropriate. Keywords: public administration, ethics, democracy, textbook

Bureaucratic Responsibility. Burke, John P. Maryland: Johns Hopkins Univ. Press. 2000. How much do bureaucrats know? And how much should they tell? In "Bureaucratic Responsibility", John Burke moves from case study to theory to explore what is perhaps the most basic problem confronting modern democracy: How are we to make those bureaucracies upon which government relies both accountable and responsive? Responsibility, Burke contends, must not be primarily to the formally defined terms and obligations of a particular office, but to the institutions of American democracy and the public consent. "Bureaucratic Responsibility" is a provocative combination of descriptive analysis, political theory, and prescriptive speculation-- and makes a timely case for a more responsible bureaucracy. Keywords: public administration, ethics, responsibilities, textbook

Classics of Administrative Ethics. Bruce, Willa. Colorado: Westview Press. 2001. 5OlCKw4-YrWUzYPmTGzx3flxudewuA This anthology will be appropriate for administrative ethics classes and professional thinking in public administration at both the masters and doctoral levels. It is a collection of administrative ethics articles published in journals of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) from 1941 (the earliest publication) through 1983 (the year that the first ASPA Code of Ethics was established). The articles are organized by themes of enduring importance to the field in order to provide graduate students with ready access to the classic works on ethics in public administration. Reading this collection will


enhance student's knowledge and skills to think and act ethically and contribute to their ability to view current practices in light of traditional perspectives. The ASPA Classics volume serves to bridge the practice of public policy and administration with the empirical research base that has accrued and the models for practice that may be deduced from the research. Keywords: public administration, ethics, textbook

Public Integrity. Dobel, J. Patrick. WA: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1999. sourceid=1500000000000001827190 In this groundbreaking book, J. Patrick Dobel describes and analyzes the elements that constitute integrity in public office. Focusing on public officials, themselves--rather than on external laws or norms--the book explores the responsibilities, pressures, and dilemmas faced every day by those who hold public office. Keywords: ethics, integrity, public administration, textbook

Teaching Ethics and Values in Public Administration Program: Innovations, Strategies, and Issues. Bowman, James S. NY: State University of New York Press, 1997. This book offers a comprehensive selection of the latest work on teaching ethics in public administration. It presents in-depth original studies on contemporary innovations, strategies, and issues in ethics instruction and examines the most recent efforts to design ethics-education curricula that make an important difference in the lives of professional men and women. Keywords: ethics, public administration, textbook

The Responsible Administrator: An Approach to Ethics for the Administrative Role. Cooper, Terry L. CA: Jossey-Bass pub. 1998. 5OlCKw4-TcCENySiUFxcumUCeEcLsg In this thoroughly revised and updated fourth edition, Cooper expands on and uncovers many current issues relevant to administrative ethics. He presents a design approach to administrative ethics, emphasizing the connection between decision making and actual


practice within an organization. Cooper offers new insight on postmodernism, explaining how the problems organizations now face have been intensified by postmodern conditions, and describes the relationship between ethics and the emerging principalagent theory. The new edition also features a large number of up-to-date case studies and examples. Keywords: ethics, public administration, textbook


Administrative Law. Aman, Alfred C. and William Mayton T. MN: The West Group, 1993. This treatise is comprehensive, covering adjudication; rulemaking; consistency in agency action; the Freedom of Information Act; and judicial, executive and legislative control of agency discretion. In addition, it deals with some relatively new topics such as alternative dispute resolution. Keywords: administrative law, public administration, textbook

Administrative Law. Cann, Steven. CA: Sage pub, 1998. sourceid=1500000000000001827190 Administrative Law develops a basic theme--the theme of democracy and the accountability of public servants to American citizens--which adds to the book's understandability and distinguishes it among other publications in the field. Reviewers have applauded Steven J. Cann's approach as a sound way to organize the material and an effective way to engage students who are often turned off by more academic themes-such as systems theory. Keywords: administrative law, public administration, textbook

Administration Law: American Public Law Process-Cases and Materials 4th. Mashaw M.N.: West Publishing Co, 1998. w%2520Process-Cases%2520and%2520Materials/104-9017480-0915921


New material, plus a sharper, more descriptive organization, makes this edition richer, more accessible, and more adaptable to a variety of teaching styles. It will enable students to master the conventional rubrics of the subject, while probing the deeper issues of legal method, public policy, and political organizations that surround disputes over doctrine. Keywords: administrative law, public administration, textbook

Administrative Law and Politics: Cases and Comments. Carter, Lief H. and Christine Harrington B. NY: Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., 1998. Accessible to students of political science and public administration who have no legal background, this text provides a clear, step-by-step explanation of the fundamental principles of administrative law. It also develops an analytical framework for evaluating the performance of courts, bureaucracies, and legislatures at both the state and federal levels. Keywords: administrative law, public administration, textbook

Administrative Law and Process in a Nutshell. Gellhorn, Ernest and Ronald, Levin M. MN: West information Pub Group, 1997. ourceid=1500000000000001827190 One of the more significant developments in the last half of the 20th century has been the huge growth of governmental agencies and the importance of the governing administrative law. This volume will help you excel at understanding general principles, policy considerations and methods of analysis of federal, state or local agency procedures. Keywords: administrative law, public administration, textbook

Administrative Law: Cases and Materials. Cass, Ronald, Collin Diver, and Jack Beermann. MN: Aspen publisher, 1998. 5OlCKw4-5LkZctI7VeFb3oUC0r25Ig This book focuses on fewer agencies to help your students go into more depth on the background of cases including processes within agencies. The new edition features expanded coverage of Chevron's progeny, including 2 new recent Supreme Court cases


applying Chevron. Keywords: administrative law, public administration, textbook

Administrative Law in the Political System. Warren, Kenneth F. NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1997. This streamlined, abridged edition focuses on the nuts and bolts of administrative law within the context of the political system. Keywords: administrative law, public administration, textbook

Administrative Law: Principles and Practices. Reese, John H. The West Group, 1995. Administrative%20Law%3A%20Principles%20and%20Practice&pauth=Reese%2C%20J ohn%20H%2E&pisbn=031404986X&pqty=7&pqtynew=0&pbest=4%2E88&matches=7 &qsort=r The author of this book designed it for use in a basic law school course. Accordingly, it consists of 826 pages to permit a reasonable pace of study during the semester. This book is designed to be a teaching-learning tool and not a desk book. Although is not simplistic, neither is it encyclopedic. Attention is given to state and local administrative law, although federal materials are central to the text and are used to develop the various models for analysis. Keywords: administrative law, public administration, textbook

The Law of Higher Education: A Comprehensive Guide to Legal Implications of Administrative Decision Making. Kaplin, William A., Barbara, Lee A., and William, Kaplan A. CA: Jossey-Bass publisher, 1995. 417&bfdate=02-01-2005+16:10:32&ATH=William+Kaplin This third edition--with fifty percent of the material entirely new--updates the latest major developments in all of the topics covered in the previous edition and offers detailed information on a range of emerging issues including sex discrimination, hate speech, academic freedom in religious institutions, athletic scholarships, animal research, environmental laws, and much more.


Keywords: administrative law, public administration, textbook


Accounting and Budgeting in Public and Nonprofit Organizations; A Manager Guide. Garner, William C. CA: Jossey-Bass Pub. 1991. earchEngine=Inktomi&Type=PI&Keyword=&Category=Books Table of Contents 1. The Origins and Purposes of Accounting and Budgeting 2. Accounting and Budgeting Systems in Public and Nonprofit Organizations 3. The First two A's of Budgeting: Approval and Adoption 4. The Third A: Allocation 5. Making a Budgeting System Work 6. Understanding the Language of Accounting 7. Tracking Financial Information: Core Accounting Processes 8. Understanding Financial Statements 9. Integrating Accounting and Budgeting Systems for Better Managerial Control 10. Linking Past, Present, and Future Through Adjustments 11. Conducting Manager Audits and Analysis Keywords: budgeting, financial management, public administration, textbook

Balanced Budgets and American Politics. Savage, James D. NY: Cornell University Press, 1988. The ideology of a balanced federal budget has maintained a remarkable hold over American politics. No generation has been free from pitched battles over national debt. In this lively and well-written book, James D. Savage contends that the federal deficit must be understood as a primarily political, not an economic, phenomenon whose symbolism has shaped more than two hundred years of American economic policy Keywords: American politics, budget, public administration, public management, textbook

Basic Financial Management. Scott, David, John, Martin D., and Arthur Keown J. NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1999.

365 mibk Balances a conceptual understanding of the material with rigor in building an understanding of the financial decision making process, rather than just an introduction to the tools and techniques. Building the presentation around the 10 Axioms of Finance as an intuitive framework for understanding "the big picture," the text provides a cohesive and enduring understanding of the tools of modern theory while developing the logic behind their use. Keywords: financial management, public management, textbook

Budgetary Decisions: A Public Choice Approach. Kraan, Dirk-Jan, and Gordon Tullock NY: Cambridge Univ. Press. 1995. Although budgetary institutions are very diverse, both between and within countries, this text identifies key elements in the budgetary process common to all forms of representative government. It develops a step-by-step model that can be used to explain, predict and analyze budgetary decisions. Keywords: budgetary decision, public administration, public management, public choice, textbook

Budgeting: A Comparative Theory of Budgetary Processes. Wildavsky, A., NJ: Transaction Books. 1986. In dealing directly with the universe of governmental activity, Wildavsky uses reliable accounts of how budgeting is carried on to capture a great deal of national political life. The focus is explicitly comparative. After developing a general theory of budgeting, he analyzes four rich countries-Britain, France, Japan, and the United States-followed by poor countries, American cities, and American States. Keywords: budgetary decision processes, public administration, public management, textbook

Budgeting for Not-For-Profit Organizations. Maddox, David. NY: John Wiley & Sons, 1999.

366 A well-functioning budget process is more than a set of procedures ;it provides a focus for the organization and management to analyze key financial and strategic issues. This invaluable reference addresses the fundamentals of managerial incentives, resource allocation, and practical ways in which these incentives can be managed to serve the strategic goals of the organization by taking an in-depth look at the principles of budgeting for not-for-profit organizations; higher education, charities and foundations, religious organizations, and hospitals and healthcare organizations. Keywords: budgeting, public administration, public choice, public management, textbook

Budgeting: Profit Planning and Control (Budgeting: Profit Planning and Control). 5th ed. Welsch, Glenn A et al. NJ: Prentice Hall, 1988. A classic presentation of both the conceptual knowledge and real world applications of comprehensive profit planning and control. This book features numerous examples, exhibits, integrated planning, control processes and integrates behavioral issues, decisions and models, and quantitative methods throughout. Keywords: budgeting, public administration, public choice, public management, textbook Bureaucracy and Public Economics. 2nd ed., Niskanen, William A. Jr. Vermont: Edward Elgar Publishing company, 1994. Bureaucracy and Public Economics brings together in one volume the classic book and related articles which put forward the first formal economic theory of the behavior of bureaucracies. William Niskanen, Jr. has consistently argued that bureaucrats have personal objectives - that differ from those of both their political supervisors and the general public - which they further by use of their monopoly power. He develops his argument to contend that government budgets have become too large and should be curtailed. Keywords: budgeting, public administration, public choice, public economics, public management, textbook


Casebook in Public Budgeting and Financial Management. Lewis, Carol W., and A. Grayson Walker. NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1984. 5OlCKw4-q3QC9hP8MPL1dOg1DkHnoQ Keywords: budgeting, public administration, public choice, public management, textbook

Essence of Financial Management. Myddleton, David R. NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1995. This book concisely presents all the financial management a non-financial manager needs to know. It helps non-financial managers understand the financial objectives of a business, the environment in which the business operates, and fundamental accounting concepts such as the balance sheet, P&L statement and return on investment. Readers gain a grounding in the problems financial managers wrestle with every day: time, uncertainty, liquidity, inflation, tax planning, and other critical issues. Keywords: budgeting, public administration, public choice, public management, textbook

Financial and Accounting Guide for Non-Profit Organizations. Gross, Malvern, and Richard Larkin. ed., NY: John Wiley & Sons, 1999. Provides detailed help on tax form preparation. Systematically presents compliance requirements for each state, as well as a description of reporting rules applicable to recipients of government grants. DLC: Nonprofit organizations--Accounting. Keywords: budgeting, financial management, public administration, public management, textbook

Financial Management: Principles and Practice: Study Guide and Workbook. Gallagher, Andrew, and Andrew Joseph. NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1998. Academically balanced with a practical perspective, this text presents the latest in financial theory with a strong real world connection. The style of the text is lighthearted, yet the writing and content is concise, clear and easy to understand. The text takes a true


valuation approach by focusing on what creates value, what destroys it, and explores the relationship between value and risk. Keywords: budgeting, financial management, public administration, public management, textbook

Financing Government in a Federal System. Break, George F. Washington DC: Brooking institute, 1980. Keywords: government finance, public administration, public management, textbook Fiscal Administration. 4th ed. Mikesell, John L., Wadsworth Publishing Co., 1995. As did the earlier editions, this volume sticks to two distinguishing principles. First, a public affairs student must have an idea of where the money comes from, not just sort of, but really. As an earlier preface observed, "If armies move on their stomachs, then certainly governments crawl on their purses!" That is no less true for the 1990s than it was for the 1980s; those lacking an understanding of revenue options, systems, and policies will miss out on much of the fun. The second principle is that learning public financial administration and budgeting requires running the numbers. Most questions and exercises at the end of the chapters are not speculative in nature but require the student to develop an intimate relationship with pencil and paper, calculator, or computer. That emphasis is absolutely intentional. Keywords: budgeting, fiscal management, public administration, public management, textbook

Fundamentals of Financial Management. Brigham, Eugene F., and Joel, Houston F., HBJ College and School Division, 1999. Keywords: budgeting, financial management, public administration, public management, textbook

Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting: Theory and Practice. Freeman, Robert J., Craig D. Shoulders, and Edward, Lynn S., 6th ed. N.J.: Prentice-Hall, 1999.

369 Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting, Sixth Edition provides a better balance between theory and practice than other texts, with the most up-to-date coverage. It provides students with a thorough basis for understanding the logic for and nature of all of the funds and account groups of a government, with a unique approach that enables students to grasp the entire accounting and reporting framework for a government before focusing on specific individual fund types and account groups. Keywords: budgeting, fiscal management, governmental accounting, nonprofit management, public administration, public management, textbook Handbook of Budgeting. 4th ed. Rachlin, Robert (ed). N.Y.: John Wiley & Sons. 1998. Without clearly outlined budgets, corporations are unable to predict profits or losses or create plans for the future. This handbook shows controllers and budget directors how to create any style of budget, from the traditional approach to the cutting-edge, activitybased approach. No other management tool provides the operational direction that a wellplanned budget does, and no other book provides such a complete guide to preparation, presentation, analysis, and effective use. Keywords: budgeting, fiscal management, governmental accounting, nonprofit management, public administration, public management, textbook

Handbook of Government Budgeting. Meyers, Roy T. ed. CA: Jossey-Bass Publisher. 1998. In this comprehensive reference, Roy T. Meyers provides an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to learn how the government budgeting process works, where it doesn't work, and how it can be improved. Covering everything from current basic processes to the uncertain future of budgeting, Handbook of Government Budgeting is the definitive resource for anyone interested in the ways governments acquire and spend money. Keywords: budgeting, fiscal management, governmental accounting, nonprofit management, public administration, public management, textbook

Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations in the United States. Break, George F., Washington D.C: Brooking Institute, 1967.

370 Keywords: budgeting, fiscal management, governmental accounting, nonprofit management, public administration, public management, textbook

New Directions in Budget Theory. Rubin, Irene S., NY: State University of New York Press, 1988. This collection is the first book-length work in many years to provide new theoretical direction to budget theory. Written by several of the most respected people in budgeting, including Allen Schick, Naomi Caiden, and Lance LeLoup, it explores such current topics as the scope of budgeting, the degree and source of variation in budgeting, and changes in budgeting process over time. Keywords: budgeting, fiscal management, governmental accounting, nonprofit management, public administration, public management, textbook

Public Budgeting In America. Lynch, Thomas D. NJ: Prentice, 1995. ourceid=1500000000000001827190 Authoritative, comprehensive, and practical, this text explores public budgeting and financial management from the public manager's perspective -- offering a balanced blend of theory and nuts-and-bolts "how-to" information. Keywords: budgeting, fiscal management, governmental accounting, nonprofit management, public administration, public management, textbook

The New Politics of the Budgetary Process. Wildavsky, A., Boston: Little & Brown, 1988. I5OlCKw4-emp9Z2q9kDcIVD.hWi4ERg The New Politics of the Budgetary Process, 4th edition explores of how federal budget decisions are made and how formal budget institutions and processes are interwoven with political dynamics. The book explains how the federal budget process has evolved and analyzes recent developments in key areas: entitlements, defense, deficit/surplus and reforms. For those interested in politics and public administration, as well as anyone who


seeks to understand a decision-making process that affects the lives of virtually all Americans. Keywords: budgeting, fiscal management, governmental accounting, nonprofit management, public administration, public management, textbook


Beyond Politics: Markets, Welfare, and the Failure of Bureaucracy. Mitchell, William C., and Simmons, Randy T. CO: Westview Press, 1994. mFI5OlCKw4-sk2TiRV5Hj7OzgzWFnpTjw Traditional public policy and welfare economics have held that "market failures" are common, requiring the intervention of government in order to serve and protect the public good. In Beyond Politics, William C. Mitchell and Randy T. Simmons carefully scrutinize this traditional view through the modern theory of public choice. The authors enlighten the relationship of government and markets by emphasizing the actual rather than the ideal workings of governments and by reuniting the insights of economics with those of political science. Keywords: bureaucracy, public administration, public affairs, textbook

Breaking through Bureaucracy: A New Vision for Managing in Government. Barzelay, Michael, and Babak, Armajani J. C.A.: University of California Press, 1992. This book attacks the conventional wisdom that bureaucrats are bunglers and the system can't be changed. Michael Barzelay and Babak Armajani trace the source of much poor performance in government to the persistent influence of what they call the bureaucratic paradigm--a theory built on such notions as central control, economy and efficiency, and rigid adherence to rules. Keywords: bureaucracy, public administration, public affairs, textbook

Bureaucracy and Red Tape. Bozeman, Barry. NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1999. Demonstrating our need to think more deeply about our dissatisfactions with bureaucracy,


this proactive text combines original explanations of bureaucratic red tape with prescription and case examples--challenging students to develop a deeper understanding of bureaucracy as a set of trade-offs among politics, accountability and efficiency. Keywords: bureaucracy, public administration, textbook

Bureaucracy: What Government Agencies Do and Why They Do It. Wilson, James Q. CO: Basic Books, 2000. Bureaucracy is the classic study of the way American government agencies work and how they can be made to work better. Examining a wide range of bureaucracies, including the Army, the FBI, the FCC, and the Social Security Administration, James Q. Wilson provides the first comprehensive, in-depth analysis of what government agencies do, why they function as they do, and how they might become more responsible and effective. Keywords: bureaucracy, public administration, textbook

Critical Studies in Organization and Bureaucracy. Fischer, Frank, and Carmen Sirianni PA: Temple University Press, 1994. This collection of essays presents a range of critical approaches to the study of bureaucracy and organizations. Keywords: bureaucracy, public administration, textbook

Defending Government : Why Big Government Works. Neiman, Max NY: PrenticeHall, 2000. For courses in Introduction to Political Science, Public Policy, Bureaucracy, Public Administration, Honors courses in American Government or in courses dealing with the Public Sector. This text focuses on the decline in public trust in government and the efforts of the public to use the powers of democratic governing to improve the lives of people--especially people who require such government intervention. It focuses on the debate over government size and the role of the public sector, with a look at the implications of unqualified disdain for politics, institutions, public servants, elected officials, and the very process of democracy itself. In reviewing these issues economic


performance, government regulation, civil rights, white-collar crime, and urban policy development are examined. Keywords: bureaucracy, public administration, textbook

Politics and Administration at the Top: Lessons from Down Under. Dunn, Delmer. PA: University of Pittsburgh Press. 1997. Drawing on a rich set of interviews with top Australian officials, Dunn provides new insight into the interplay between politics and administration. His work will make scholars rethink their notion of how bureaucrats and politicians define their roles and responsibilities Keywords: bureaucracy, public administration, textbook

The Promise of Representative Bureaucracy: Diversity and Responsiveness in a Government Agency. Selden, Sally Coleman. NY: M. E. Sharpe, 1997. This prize-winning study examines the impact of the employment of women and ethnic and racial minorities in public organizations on the implementation of government programs by those agencies. Driving the study is the question of whether the concept of "representative government" applies also to the "permanent government"-- the bureaucracy. What difference does it make if an administration is either more or less representative of the population it serves? To what extent, if at all, is an agency's responsiveness to different segments of the public a function of the demographic composition of the agency itself? Keywords: bureaucracy, public administration, textbook


An Inner Voice for Public Administration. Murray, Nancy, CT: Praeger Publishers. 1997. Murray seeks to demonstrate how Eastern philosophy can contribute to the development of Western public administration theory and practice. She views the end of the 20th


century as an epoch-making time in which the limitations of modern thought need to be examined. Murray shares the belief held by many public administration scholars that a reconceptualization of the field is in order. She contributes to that end by focusing on individual administrators and the problems they face as they continuously struggle to balance political exigencies and governmental processes in a society that simply does not understand. As caretakers of the public trust, administrators deserve a profession that provides a philosophy of administration designed to guide them in the maturation process that is essential to self-development. Keywords: public administration, public affairs, textbook

Building a Legislative-Centered Public Administration: Congress and the Administrative State, 1946 - 1999. Rosenbloom, David H., AL.: University of Alabama Press.2000. Rosenbloom chronicles the creation, in a single year, of a coherent and wide-ranging legislative-centered public administration. Since 1946, Congress has played an increasingly expanded role in federal administration. David H. Rosenbloom describes the evolution of the relationship between federal agencies and Congress, creating a better understanding of current administrative issues that have caused some to call for a reinvention of government. Keywords: public administration, public affairs, textbook

Classics of Public Administration. Shafritz, Jay M., and Albert, Hyde C., N.Y.: Harcourt Brace College Publishers. 1996. An excellent outline on public administration for the novice or professional. Concise and without 'filler' which should be required reading for all public officials. The authors are p polished beyond mortal understanding creating true enlightenment. Keywords: public administration, public affairs, textbook

Current Issues in Public Administration, 6th. Lane, Frederick S., N.Y.: St. Martin's Press, Inc. 1999.


Of the thirty-one articles presented here, sixteen are new to this edition. Current issues continues to attempt to balance historical, political, organizational, managerial, analytical, and policy perspective on Public Administration, and it asks the classic questions in this field as they appear in the contemporary context. Keywords: public administration, public affairs, textbook

Democracy, Bureaucracy and the Study of Administration. Stivers, Camilla. Colorado: Westview Press. 2000. This anthology addresses several of the most central ideas in the field of public administration. These ideas are as relevant to public budgeting as they are to performance measurement or human resource management. Collectively and individually the essays explore what Dwight Waldo referred to as the "political theories" of public administration: issues that are ultimately irresolvable yet crucial to understanding the nature of public administrative practice. How can democracy and efficiency be balanced? Can there be a science of administration? How should we think about administrative accountability? What is the nature of the relationship between citizen and state? Is professionalism an adequate mechanism for ensuring accountability? How efficient can or should bureaucracy be? What is proper leadership by administrators hoping to address political democracy and managerial efficiency? This ASPA Classics Volumes serves to connect the practice of public policy and administration with the normative theory base that has accrued and the models for practice that may be deduced from this theory. Keywords: public administration, public affairs, textbook

Governance, Administration, and Development : Making the State Work. Turner, Mark M., and David Hulme, CT: Kumarian Press, Inc. Turner and Hulme provide a comprehensive introduction to public policy and management in developing countries and transitional economies. This volume assesses traditional and new models of public administration with emphasis on the centrality of the state in development and conditions of effective governance. Keywords: public administration, public affairs, textbook

Government Is Us: Public Administration in an Anti-Government Era. King, Cheryl Simrell, and Camilla Stivers, CA: Sage Publications. 1998.

376 This volume, the result of collaboration by practicing administrators and academics, explores the current anti-government climate and its effect on the work and working lives of public employees and their relationships with citizens. If offers economic, political, historical, and philosophical perspectives on citizen discontent and tells stories of actual working relationships between public agencies and citizens. The collaborators maintain that while government workers cannot control the economy or the bureaucracy as a whole, they can take practical steps to improve their interactions with citizens. Keywords: public administration, public affairs, textbook

Government Works: Why Americans Need the Feds. Esman, Milton J., NY: Cornell University Press. 2000. What is the proper role of government in American life? This is the principal controversy in contemporary American politics. Milton J. Esman believes that the United States suffers not from too much government but from too little. Most Americans today proclaim pride in their democracy, but they do not trust Washington. Esman shows how American conservatives have, for the last quarter-century, hammered away at the federal government, attacking its size, its inefficiencies, the limits it places on personal freedom, and its intervention in what conservatives believe should be free and untrammeled market transactions. Such commentators have effectively seized the initiative, and their antigovernment viewpoint now dominates the public discourse on politics. "This bias runs contrary to the main thrust of American political experience," Esman writes, "and is detrimental to the well-being of the nation on the brink of the new millennium." Keywords: textbook, public administration, public affairs

Introducing Public Administration. Shafritz, Jay M., and E.W. Russell, MA: AddisonWesley, 2000.,2627,0321044835,00.html Providing students with a solid conceptual foundation in public administration, the second edition of Shafritz and Russell's contains the latest information on trends in the discipline. The text presents unique chapter-opening vignettes and a boxed reading program with real-life excerpts and quotes that reinforce the narrative and make the text even livelier. The authors address the important issues in public administration in a witty writing style that captivates students and encourages them to think critically about the nature of public administration today.


Keywords: public administration, public affairs, textbook

Modern Systems of Government: Exploring the Role of Bureaucrats and Politicians. Farazmand, Ali. CA: Sage Pub. 1997. This original and up-to-date book will fill a gap in the literature on the relationship between bureaucrats and politicians in modern governance and public administration. It can be used as a primary or supplementary text at the undergraduate and graduate level for those interested in public administration, comparative public policy, political science, and government. Keywords: public administration, public affairs, textbook

Postmodern Public Administration: Toward Discourse. Fox, Wolfgang J., and Miller, Hugh T. CA: Sage Pub. 1994. Charles Fox and Hugh Miller attempt to redirect current thinking about public policy and administration in light of the postmodern condition. Postmodern Public Administration rejects existing and accepted theories such as public management doctrine, constitutionalism, and communitarianism in favor of constructing a "discourse" theory of public administration. Not only does this work provide an exciting and provocative new look at public administration in postmodern times, but it also provides an invaluable, thorough, and clear review of the doctrines and philosophies that have, to date, dominated the field. Keywords: public administration, public affairs, textbook

Preface to Public Administration. Stillman II, Richard J. VA: Chatelaine Press. 1999. Seven years is a long time these days for a publishing house, especially a commercial publisher, to keep a book in print. Even though sales were steady, they were too modest for St. Martin's Press to maintain Preface to Public Administration on its college publication list. By good fortune, Ms. Arlene G. Forbes, Publisher of Chatelaine Press encouraged me to revise and prepare this new edition. Readers will note that I have corrected a few errors, updated portions and made significant editorial changes in chapter 6 to report on several important current trends in the field that have emerged since the first edition appeared in print in 1991.


Keywords: public administration, public affairs, textbook Public Administration. Balanoff, Howard. NY: McGraw-Hill Higher Education. 2000. This annually updated reader is a compilation of current newspaper, magazine, and journal articles. Addressed are topics dealing with government and organizational behavior, public management practices and information systems technology, along with public finance, budgeting and Productivity Improvement. Out student Web site, Dushkin Online (, is designed to support Annual Editions titles. Keywords: public administration, public affairs, textbook Public Administration: An Action Orientation. 3rd ed. Denhardt, Robert B. NY: Harcourt Brace College Publishers. 1999. This introductory level public administration text introduces the student to the world of public administration in real, practical terms. The student begins with a study of theory and then learns the personal and interpersonal skills necessary to influence public policy, either as administrators or citizens. Keywords: public administration, public affairs, textbook

Public Administration and Public Affairs. Henry, Nicholas. NJ: Prentice Hall, 1999. For public administration or public affairs courses on the undergraduate or graduate level, this comprehensive, up-to-date text emphasizes a value-based approach to the study and practice of public administration. The chapter on Public Policy and its implementation describes all of the major models of public policy making and links the book with the traditions of political science. Keywords: public administration, public affairs, textbook

Public Administration: A Realistic Reinterpretation of Contemporary Public Management. Lerner, Allan W., and John Wanat. NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1992.


This book is designed to stimulate independent, constructive thinking on the important issues in contemporary public management. This task is accomplished with carefully constructed scenarios that rigorously challenge readers' analytical and decision-making skills on a number of real world issues. Some scenarios set the parameters of a situation and then require the reader to complete the scenario in the role of key actor. Keywords: public administration, public affairs, textbook

Public Administration: Balancing Power and Accountability. McKenney, Jerome B. and Howard, Lawrence C. CT: Greenwood Pub. 1998. This is a complete and up-to-date revision of the classic text for public administration, implementing the rule of law as a fundamental issue in American democracy in pursuit of the common interest. It presents public administration as a tension between the necessary exercise of power and the search for responsiveness to achieve maximum accountability from public servants. The authors have initiated a new approach to the study of public administration by focusing on middle- and lower-level managers. Keywords: public administration, public affairs, textbook Public Administration: Concepts and Cases 6th ed. Stillman II, Richard J. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1996. The best-selling reader in the field pairs theoretical readings with contemporary case studies to allow students to test theory against practice in major areas of public administration. The author focuses on relevant subjects, including decision-making, ethics, administrative power, communications, and implementation of policy. In the new edition, Stillman maintains the concept-case approach in updated form by incorporating new material concerned with 1990s administrative problems and issues. Keywords: public administration, public affairs, textbook

Public Administration in America. Gordon, George J., and Michael Milakovich E. NY: St. Martin's Press, Inc. 1997. This graduate/undergraduate text places current issues in the field in their conceptual,


historical, and administrative contexts in its discussion of the role of a non-elected public bureaucracy in a democratic government. Sections address political and managerial perspectives on organizational theory and behavior, the core function of public management, and the field's future. This fifth edition is shorter and includes enhanced coverage of practical management issues, TQM, and the movement to reinvent government. Includes a glossary. Keywords: public administration, public affairs, textbook

Public Administration in Theory and Practice. Cox, III. Raymond W., Susan J. Buck, . and Betty N. Morgan. NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1994. Building upon the idea that public administration in the United States cannot be understood outside of a political and historical framework, this book focuses on the interaction between constitutionally mandated institutions and the bureaucracy, and explores the tug-of-war between the legislature, the chief executive, courts, and states versus the agencies. Keywords: public administration, public affairs, textbook

Public Administration: Policy, Politics, and Practice. Johnson, William C. NY: Dushkin Pub Group, 1996. Public Administration: Policy, Politics, and Practice provides a basic overview of public administration, highlighting how government goes about its business and how the citizenparticipant relates to the many components of government. Keywords: public administration, public affairs, textbook

Public Administration: Scenarios in Public Management. Lerner, Allan W., and John Wanat. NJ: Prentice Hall 1992. This book is designed to stimulate independent, constructive thinking on the important issues in contemporary public management. This task is accomplished with carefully constructed scenarios that rigorously challenge readers' analytical and decision-making skills on a number of real world issues. Some scenarios set the parameters of a situation and then require the reader to complete the scenario in the role of key actor. Other


scenarios invite evaluation of the behavior of the key actor with whom the reader is asked to identify. Keywords: public administration, public affairs, textbook

Public Administration: Understanding Management, Politics and Law in the Public Sector. 4th Edition. Rosenbloom, David. NY: McGraw-Hill Higher Education. 1998. Public administration is one of the most widely adopted books for both undergraduate and graduate levels. The basis of the appeal is the three part framework of management, politics, and the law. Its theme is that all three perspectives are central to public administration, and that ignoring one or another leads to failures in both the practice of and in academic treatments of the field. This edition continues to refer to these three perspectives, but it divides management into two subsets: traditional and "the new public management". Keywords: public administration, public affairs, textbook

Public Management and Administration: An Introduction. Hughes, Owen E. N.: St. Martin's Press, Inc. 1998. Since the mid-1980s, the public sectors of Western countries have undergone major change as governments try to respond to the challenges of technological change, globalization, and international competitiveness. This book provides an introduction to, and assessment of, the theories and principles of the new public management and compares and contrasts these with the traditional model of public administration. The second edition maintains the same essential argument as the first edition but updates it in several areas. Events since the writing of the first edition have shown even more clearly that a major shift has been underway in the management of the public sectors around the world, although the pace of change is greater in some countries than in others. Also, a new chapter has been added to discuss the particular problems of public management in developing countries. Keywords: public administration, public affairs, textbook

Public Sector Performance Management, Motivation, and Measurement. Kearney, Richard C. Colorado: Westview Press. 2000.


Confronted with rising citizen discontent, the Reinventing Government movement, and new technological challenges, public organizations everywhere are seeking means of improving their performance. Their quest is not new, rather, the concern with improving the performance of government organizations has existed since the Scientific Management Movement. Public Sector Performance brings together in a single volume the classic, enduring principles and processes that have defined the field of public sector performance, as written in the words of leading practitioners and scholars. Taken as a whole, this volume provides a performance compass for today's public managers, helping them to reconstruct the public's confidence in, and support of, government. Defined here as managing public organizations for outcomes, performance is examined in all its varied dimensions: organizing work, managing workers, measuring performance, and overcoming resistance to performance-enhancing innovations. The selected articles are interesting, thought provoking, and instructive. They are classics in that they have been widely cited in the scholarly literature and have enduring value to public managers who seek to understand the many dimensions of performance. The book is organized into three sections: Performance Foundations, Performance Strategies, and Performance Measurement. Excerpts from additional selected articles feature special topics and wisdom from performance experts. Keywords: public administration, public affairs, textbook

Public Service: Callings, Commitments, and Contributions. Holzer, Marc. Colorado: Westview press, 1999. &imprintCid=PS&x=10&y=8 This volume includes perspectives on public service selected from six decades of major public administration journals. Recurring themes include: motivations to enter the public service, positive and negative images of public servants and of government, conflicts between loyalty to the organization and loyalty to the public, morale, burnout, and turnover. The volume also includes cross-national analyses of the public service in other systems, proposals for rethinking public service systems, and questions as to the future of the public service. It recaptures a long, continuing debate as to the health of the public service, and in so doing suggests agendas for university research and administrative action. Keywords: public administration, public affairs, textbook

The Craft of Public Administration. 8th. Berkley, George E. & Rouse, John Edward. N.Y.: McGraw-Hill Higher Education. 2000.


This book is organized into four themes--federalism/theories of organization, public personnel administration, budgets, and government regulations. It uses case studies to show the dynamic nature of public administration, which end with "questions and instructions" to encourage students to apply the general to the particular. Keywords: textbook, public administration, public affairs

The Spirit of Public Administration. Frederickson, H. George. CA: Jossey-Bass Inc. 1996. In this field-defining, broad approach to the study and practice of public administration, H. George Frederickson, one of the field's most respected scholars, carefully measures the meets and bounds of public administration and fixes its place in the context of changing politics, values, and ethics. He describes a robust and exciting public administration that includes, but is much more than, effective government management. Frederickson strongly defends broad grants of discretion to public administrators and then lays out the proper norms and ethic which should inform that discretion. And he firmly argues that the effectiveness of democratic government and modern governance, not just for the majority of but for all citizens, depends on the energetic exercise of bureaucratic discretion. The book concludes with seven principles that should guide everyone who works in public settings. Students and scholars will find The Spirit of Public Administration an exhilarating and challenging perspective. Keywords: public administration, public affairs, textbook


Advancing Public Management: New Developments in Theory, Methods, and Practice. Brudney, Jeffrey L., Laurence J. O'Toole, Jr., and Hal G. Rainey. Washington DC: Georgetown University Press. 2000. Public management involves leading, coordinating, and stimulating public agencies and programs to deliver excellent performance. Research and practice of public management have developed rapidly in recent years, drawing on the fields of public policy, public administration, and business management. In carrying out their crucial roles in shaping what government delivers, public managers today must confront daunting challenges imposed by shifting policy agendas, constrained financial resources combined with constant public demands for a rich array of public services, and increasing interdependence among public, private, and third-sector institutions and actors. At the


same time, these challenges and other developments offer exciting opportunities for improving knowledge and practice in public management, for the benefit of everyone. In this volume, leading scholars contribute advances in the theory, methods, and practice in this burgeoning field. Keywords: public administration, public management, textbook

Banishing Bureaucracy: the Five Strategies for Reinventing Government. Osborne, David, and Peter Plastrick. MA: Preseus Press, 1997. David Osborne's 1992 bestseller, Reinventing Government, was a landmark book that identified ten principles for creating a more efficient government. This essential sequel goes one step further, focusing on strategic levers for changing public systems and organizations on a permanent basis to achieve dynamic increases in effectiveness, efficiency, adaptability, and capacity to innovate. In an age of disillusionment with public service, Banishing Bureaucracy offers inspiring stories of organizations that really work and provides specific recipes for effective change. Here is a road map by which reinventors can actually make "reinvention" work. Keywords: bureaucracy, public administration, reinventing government, textbook

Benchmarking for Best Practices in the Public Sector: Achieving Performance Breakthroughs in Federal, State, and Local Agencies. Keehley, Patricia, Medin, Steven et al., CA: Jossey-Bass, 1996. For leading companies in the private sector, benchmarking has become a major catalyst for change and a key tool for gathering information from competitors and process leaders, as well as from within. Benchmarking for Best Practices in the Public Sector is a unique practical guide that shows public officials and administrators at all levels of government how to identify the best practices and implement them in their organizations. Keywords: public administration, performance measurement, textbook

Beyond the New Public Management: Changing Ideas and Practices in Governance. Minogue, Martin, Charles Polidano, and David Hulme. MA: Edward Elgar Pub. 1999.


Beyond the New Public Management is an important book which provides a comprehensive analysis of current conceptual debates in public management and governance. It critically reviews attempts made over the last two decades to apply the 'new public management' model in developed and developing countries. Keywords: new public management, public administration, textbook

Bureaucracy and Self-Government: Reconsidering the Role of Public Administration in American Politics. Cook, Brian. DC: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1996. Traces, often quite nicely and originally, the tension between what the author calls 'instrumental' and 'constitutive' conceptions of public administration through American history... a provocative argument...[that] provides extensive evidence of the potency of the instrumental conception of the bureaucracy for American politicians. Keywords: new public administration, public administration, textbook

Comparative Public Management: Putting U.S. Public Policy and Implementation in Context. Baker, Randall, Conn: Prager Publishers.1994. In this new approach to a comparative text in public management, Randall Baker examines how, why, and to what extent the public sector around the world has shared in the "management revolution." The book is designed to isolate and demonstrate the essential "American-ness" of the United States' public service by holding it up to the mirror of other developed democracies. While there are lessons to be learned from other countries, Baker and his expert contributors examine the complexities of making comparisons across cultures, even within broadly similar democratic systems, and urbanindustrial economies. Keywords: comparative public management, public administration, textbook

Creating High-Performance Government Organizations; A Practical Guide for Public Managers. Popovich, Mark G. CA: Jossey-Bass, 1998. This is the most challenging time for public management that I have seen in my 35 years


of public and non-profit service. The survivors, ten years from now, will be working in systems they could not possibly imagine now. They will have gotten there not just by luck, but by the full commitment of all members of their organizations and by dramatically different methods of public engagement. This book is an excellent resource for starting that journey and for assessing the progress of efforts to date. Keywords: public administration, public management, performance measurement, textbook

Creating Public Value: Strategic Management in Government. Moore, Mark. MA: Harvard University Press, 1997. Mark Moore presents his summation of fifteen years of research, observation, and teaching about what public-sector executives should do to improve the performance of public enterprises. This book explicates some of the richest of several hundred cases used at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and illuminates their broader lessons for government managers. Keywords: new public management, public administration, public value, textbook

Flirting With Disaster : Public Management in Crisis Situations (Bureaucracies, Public Administration and Public Policy). Schneider, Saundra K. 1995. A study that poses the question of why the government handles some natural disasters successfully but fails miserably in other cases. Schneider employs information from journalistic and scholarly sources, along with her own research, in order to develop a general theoretical framework for analyzing governmental performance in disaster situations. She concludes that the success or failure of an emergency response depends on the size of the inevitable gap between the collective behavior of disaster victims and the bureaucratic procedures of public officials. Includes a number of case studies. Keywords: crisis management, public administration, public management, textbook

Global Public Management: Cases and Comments. Callahan, Kathe, Dorothy Olshfski, Erwin Schwella. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. 2004.


Global Public Management offers a collection of cases illustrating managerial problems and policy situations that managers could face anywhere in the world. These cases are then analyzed by universal scholars and practitioners of public management. The case comments focus on identifying the problem in the case and offering suggestions on how to handle the conflict. Taken together, the case and the three different assessments of the case offer a marvelous way for students of administration to gain vicarious experience in managing in a global environment. The cases describe situations that managers might face, and the comments offered by the experts clearly demonstrate that managerial problems are in the eye of the beholder and that there are the alternative strategies to solve the problem. Key Features: · The cases are short, between 3 and 10 pages in length, and they address issues that a typical public manager faces on the job. · This book presents both the problematic situation and a host of proposed solutions. · The suggested interpretations of the cases come from public administration academics and practitioners who have worked or are working in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East. Keywords: case study, global public management The Global Public Management Revolution: A Report on the Transformation of Governance. Kettl, Donald F. Washington DC: Brooking Institute Press. 2000. This book offers a close analysis of the political, social, economic, and institutional forces that have prompted governments world-wide to aggressively pursue such similar strategies at the same time. The report examines the basic models of reform--especially in the United States and New Zealand--along with the standard strategies and tactics behind them. These tools shape important problems of governance and raise profound implications for it in the twenty-first century. Keywords: governance, public management, textbook

How Management Matters: Street-Level Bureaucrats and Welfare Reform. Riccucci, Norma M. Georgetown University Press. 2005. How Management Matters examines not only how but where public management matters in government organizations. Looking at the 1996 welfare reform law (the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act, or PRWORA), Riccucci


examines the law's effectiveness in changing the work functions and behaviors of streetlevel welfare workers from the role of simply determining eligibility of clients to actually helping their clients find work. She investigates the significant role of these workers in the implementation of welfare reform, the role of public management in changing the system of welfare under the reform law, and management's impact on results. In this case ensuring the delivery of welfare benefits and services to eligible clients. Over a period of two years, Riccucci traveled specifically to eleven different cities, and from interviews and a large national survey, she gathered quantitative results from cities in such states as New York, Texas, Michigan, and Georgia that were selected because of their range of policies, administrative structures, and political cultures. General welfare data for all fifty states is included in this rigorous analysis, demonstrating to all with an interest in any field of public administration or public policy that management does indeed matter. Keywords: public management, street-level bureaucrats, textbook, welfare reform

Innovation in American Government, Challenge, Opportunities, and Dilemmas. Altshuler, Alan A., DC: Brooking Institute, 1997. The contributors to this book analyze a number of issues raised by the task of innovation, including: Who is responsible for innovating? How can innovative individuals and teams be held accountable? What kinds of organizational arrangements beget the most innovation? How can innovation be fostered in agencies devoted to routinization? How should innovative ideas be disseminated? And what exactly is an "innovation" anyway? The contributors gathered data for this book from winners and finalists in the Ford Foundation's Innovations Awards program, as well as from other innovators and innovations. Keywords: innovation, public administration, public management, textbook

Managing the Public Sector. Starling, Grover. TX: Harcourt Brace, 1998. As a public administration textbook that is both interesting to students and rigorous, this book combines recent public management thinking and research with examples of how organizations apply these ideas. It is a comprehensive, balanced, and systematic introduction to the field that blends theory with practice, helping students understand the often abstract and distant world of public management. Keywords: public administration, public management, public sector, textbook


New Public Management. Lane, Jan-Erik. UK: Routledge Press. 2000. New public management is a topical phrase to describe how management techniques from the private sector are now being applied to public services. This book provides a completely up-to-date overview of the main theoretical models of public sector management, and examines the key changes that have occurred as more and more public services are contracted out to private organizations, as the public sector itself grapples with 'internal markets'. Drawing on economics, organizational theory and politics, JanErik Lane presents new public management from an analytical perspective. This book uses game theory and empirical studies in order to assess the pros and cons of new public management. Keywords: new public management, public administration, textbook

Public Management as Art, Science, and Profession. Lynn, Laurence E. NY: Chatham House Pub. 1996. This neat volume demystifies the field of public management and establishes it within both public administration and public policy. Lynn outlines the diversity of the public management enterprise and navigates through its concepts, contradictions, and challenges. The book will clearly help professional and students build bridges between usually disparate intellectual and practice worlds. Keywords: new public management, public administration, textbook

Public Management Reform: A Comparative Analysis. Pollitt, Christopher, and Geert Bouckaert NY: Oxford University Press. 2000. In this major new contribution to a rapidly expanding field, the authors offer an integrated analysis of the wave of management reforms which have swept through so many countries in the last twenty years. The reform trajectories of ten countries are compared, and key differences of approach discussed. Unlike some previous works, this volume affords balanced coverage to the 'New Public Management' (NPM) and the 'nonNPM' or 'reluctant NPM' countries. Keywords: public administration, public management reform, textbook


Public Management Reform and Innovation Research, Theory, and Application. Frederickson ,George and Jocelyn Johnston M. AL: University of Alabama Press. 1999. Leading scholars present the most complete, as well as the most advanced, treatment of public management reform and innovation available. Given the growing desire to reinvent government, there are hard questions to be asked: Is the private sector market model suitable and effective when applied to reforming public and governmental organizations? What are the major political forces affecting reform efforts in public management? How is public management reform accomplished in a constitutional democratic government? How do the values of responsiveness, professionalism, and managerial excellence shape current public management reforms? In this volume, editors H. George Frederickson and Jocelyn M. Johnston bring together scholars with a shared interest in empirical research to confront head-on the toughest questions public managers face in their efforts to meet the demands of reform and innovation. Throughout the book, the authors consider the bureaucratic resistance that results when downsizing and reinvention are undertaken simultaneously, the dilemma public managers face when elected executives set a reform agenda that runs counter to the law, and the mistaken belief that improved management can remedy flawed policy. Keywords: public administration, public management, textbook

Public Management Systems: Monitoring & Managing Government Performance. Swiss, James. NJ: Prentice Hall, 1991. This overview demonstrates how government managers can set agency goals and monitor results. Focuses on two types of management systems -- performance monitoring systems and management by objectives (MBO). Treats all levels of government, emphasizing the political environment. Suggests specific, practical ways to integrate generated performance information into such areas as budgeting, personnel, and productivity management. Discusses ways that managers can set up results centers, patterned on business profit centers. Uses real-life examples and applies concepts with short, fictional case studies. Keywords: public administration, public management system, textbook

Reinventing Government or Reinventing Ourselves: The Role of Citizen Owners in Making a Better Government. Schachter, Hindy Lauer. NY: State University of New York, 1997.

391 Challenging the assumptions of the "reinventing-government" movement now in vogue, this book unites a call for active citizenship with the current concern for improving public-agency performance. The author argues that citizens should not be viewed as customers of government, as reinventing-government advocates assume, but rather as government's owners. By analyzing a turn-of-the-century model of urban reform that depicts this relationship between citizens and government, Schachter shows how reinvigorating an active public is essential to increasing agency efficiency and responsiveness. She offers two strategies for moving toward active citizenship: better citizenship education, including service learning and public agencies' provision of betterfocused information for their owners. This book will spark much-needed debate on the role of active citizens in administrative reform. Keywords: public administration, public management, reinventing government, textbook

Seamless Government: A Practical Guide to Re-Engineering in the Public Sector. Linden, Russell M. CA: Jossey-Bass, 1994. Shows government agencies how to meet the needs of customers seamlessly, that is, in a smooth, effortless, responsive manner. Details a step-by-step approach to assess, design and implement significant change in all levels of government and how to overcome resistance along the way. Keywords: public administration, public management, reengineering, textbook

Strategic Management for the Public Services. Joyce, Paul. UK: Open University Press. 1999. This is an accessible introduction to the theory and practice of strategic management in the public sector. It is written for new and experienced managers, undergraduate and postgraduate students of the public services. Keywords: public administration, public management, strategic management, textbook

Sustaining Innovation: Creating Nonprofit and Government Organizations That Innovate Naturally. Light, Paul Charles. CA: Jossey-Bass. 1998.


Filled with real success stories and practical lessons learned, Sustaining Innovation offers examples of how organizations can take the first step toward innovativeness, advice on how to survive the inevitable mistakes along the way, and tools for keeping the edge once the journey is complete. Keywords: innovation, public administration, public management, textbook

The New Effective Public Manager: Achieving Success in a Changing Government. Cohen, Steven, and William Eimicke. CA: Jossey-Bass, 1994. This updated and expanded edition shows managers how to meet the new challenges of public management head-on rather than simply working around the constraints of government. New information includes the response to the crisis in management as reflected in ideas and recommendations generated from the Volcker, Winter, and Gore commission reports; the effectiveness of the reinvention and reengineering movements in public management; applying hands-on, real-world tested total quality management techniques to the public sector; and much more. Keywords: public administration, public management, public manager, textbook


Advice and Consent: the Development of the Policy Sciences. deLeon, Peter, NY: Russell Sage Foundation. 1988. The author sets out to show that in the development of the policy sciences there were two primary shaping dynamics: the realities of the contributing social sciences, which provided pertinent but methodologically restrained counsel on social issues (the 'advice' of the title); and the actual policy-making processes, which perform the task of determining policy on contested issues, and . . . on occasion permit themselves to be guided by the advisory contributions of the social sciences (the 'consent' of the title). Keywords: public administration, public management, public policy, textbook

Agendas, Alternatives, and Public Policies. Kingdon, John, NY: Addison-Wesley Pub, 1995.

393 This text is a classic original work in political science and in public policy studies. Now in its second edition, Agendas, Alternatives, and Public Policy remains the authoritative work on agenda setting and policy formation. Kingdon's report on original research includes many down-to-earth illustrations and quotations from interviews, creating enjoyable and informative reading for undergraduate students. This new edition brings the original up to date with a new chapter with contemporary case studies such as the Clinton health case initiative and further reflections on the theory of policy-making. Keywords: public administration, public management, public policy, textbook

American Public Policy Problems: An Introductory Guide. Bonser, Charles F., Eugene McGregor B., and Clinton Oster V. NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1999. The multidisciplinary author team offers a many-faceted examination of policy problems covering the economic, political, and social agenda of the nation. The text balances the traditional descriptive approach with a problem-solving "professional" approach--i.e., it presents a series of public problems and invites consideration of possible solutions. Designed to encompass the broader scope of public affairs as well as political science, it takes a global perspective in examining the processes by which policies are developed, implemented, managed, and changed, highlighting the role of government agencies and bureaucracies along with non-governmental organizations. Keywords: public administration, public management, public policy, textbook

American Public Policy: Promise and Performance. Peters, Guy B. NY: Chatham House Pub., 1999. Chatham House's best-selling introductory text through four editions is fully updated to reflect recent developments in public policy from the late1990s. Peters provides insights into the policymaking process from agenda setting to evaluation, and examines substantive policy areas such as health care, economics and taxes, education, and energy and the environment. Keywords: public administration, public management, public policy, social issues, textbook

America's Problems: Social Issues and Public Policy. Currie, Elliott, and Jerome


Skolnick H. NY: Addison-Wesley, 1997. This research-oriented approach introduces students to the empirical aspects of sociology by discussing how research is done and how data is compiled and analyzed. Additionally, a comparative perspective on major topics exposes students to American social problems in context to other nations and provides in-depth coverage of current social/political issues, such as downsizing, the growing gap between the rich and the poor, and the crisis in health care. Keywords: public administration, public management, public policy, social issues, textbook

Comparative Public Policy. Castles, Francis G. NY: Edward Elgar Pub. 1999. This book fills a huge vacuum in existing student texts. With great lucidity and tremendous reach, this book gives us a comparative, historical and cross-disciplinary panorama of postwar era public sector growth and, now, crisis. Few, if any, existing texts manage so well to present the leading questions, debates and the evidence so succinctly. Keywords: comparative public policy, public administration, public policy, textbook

Evaluating Public Policy. Fischer, Frank, Chicago: Nelson-Hall Publisher, 1995. Drawing on the epistemological concerns of practical discourse and informal logic, especially as advanced by Habermas, Toulmin, and Taylor, Fischer (political science, Rutgers U.) proposes a discourse-oriented framework which he believes incorporates both the rigor of empirical science and the classical traditions of normative theory. Keywords: evaluation, public administration, public policy, textbook Implementation 3rd ed. Pressman, Jefferey, and Aaron Wildavsky. CA: University of California Press, 1984. Three substantial new chapters and a new preface in this third edition explore and


elaborate the relationship between the evaluation of programs and the study of their implementation. The authors suggest that tendencies to assimilate the two should be resisted. Evaluation should retain its enlightenment function while the study of implementation should strengthen its focus on learning. Keywords: implementation, public administration, public policy, textbook

Inquiry and Change: The Troubled Attempt to Understand and Shape Society. Lindblom, Charles. MA: Yale University Press, 1992. ourceid=1500000000000001827190 An intriguing exploration of humankind's many attempts to comprehend society in enough complexity to reshape it in a meaningful way. Keywords: public administration, public policy, textbook

Parties, Politics, and Public Policy in America. Keefe, William J., and Marc J. Hetherington. Cq Pr. 2003. New edition of a text that aims to bring into focus the major features of the parties, to account for party form and functions, and to examine and interpret the parties' present condition Keywords: parties, politics, public administration, public policy, textbook

Policy Analysis by Design. Bobrow, Davis, and John Dryzek. P.A.: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1987. Will be . . . particularly welcomed by teachers of public policy, because it contains a concise, well-balanced and readable exposition of the major competing approaches to policy analysis today, a range of approaches that often bewilders the novice and is rarely well-understood even by experts within each school of analysis Keywords: policy design, public administration, public policy, textbook

Policy Analysis: Concept and Practice. Weimer, David Leo, and Aidan R. Vining. N.J.:


Prentice-Hall, 1998. 0Weimer&qwork=5205318&page=1&matches=11&qsort=r&browse=1&full=1 This introduction to both the "hows" and "whys" of the practices of public policy provides "reality-based" practical advice about how to actually conduct policy analysis and "demonstrates" the application of advanced analytic techniques. Covers such topics as Efficiency and the Idealized Competitive Model; Rationales for Public Policy (Market Failures, Other Limitations of the Competitive Framework, and Distributional and Other Goals); Limits to Public Intervention: Government Failures; Correcting Market and Government Failures: Generic Policies; How to Confront Policy Problems; Goals/Alternatives Matrices: Some Examples from CBO Studies; Benefit-Cost Analysis; Thinking Strategically About Adoption and Implementation; Benefit- Cost Analysis in Bureaucratic Settings: The Strategic Petroleum Reserve; When Statistics Count: Revising the Lead Standard for Gasoline. For anyone involved in Policy Analysis, Public Policy, Public Finance, Cost-Benefit Analysis. Keywords: parties, politics, public administration, public policy, textbook

Policy Design for Democracy. Schneider, Anne, and Helen Ingram. Kansas: University Press of Kansas, 1997. How can democracy be improved in an age when people are profoundly disenchanted with government? Part of the answer lies in the design of public policy that unmistakably works to advance citizenship by listening to, educating, and involving ordinary people. Schneider and Ingram evaluate the current approaches to policy theory and recommend a series of reforms that will improve policy designs and help restore citizen confidence in government. Policy Design for Democracy is one of the first books to examine systematically the broader implications of the substantive aspects of public policy. Keywords: policy design, public administration, public policy, textbook

Public Personnel Management and Public Policy. Dresang, Dennis L. T.X.: Pearson Publications Company. 1999. sourceid=1500000000000001827190 The latest edition of this highly praised book retains the characteristics that have made it a success: an accessible writing style, and an abundance of practical exercises and real


life case studies. With an increased inclusion of research findings, this updated text continues to elucidate policy issues and professional practice in personnel administration at every level of government-state, local, and federal." For those interested in public personnel management and human resource administration. Keywords: public administration, public personnel management, public policy, textbook

Public Policy Analysis: An Introduction. Dunn, William N. N.J.: Prentice-Hall, 1993. unn&matches=13&qsort=r Taking a systematic approach, this text stresses the adequate formulation of policy problems as a crucial step in solving them. It covers the historical evolution of policy analysis, the definition and formulation of complex policy problems, and the analysis of policy arguments. For professionals working in the fields of public policy evaluation and public administration. Keywords: policy analysis, public administration, public policy, textbook

Public Policy, Crime, and Criminal Justice. Hancock, Barry W., and Paul M. Sharp. N.J.: Prentice Hall, 1999. For upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses in Public Affairs, Criminology, Criminal Justice, Political Science, Police Studies, and Public Administration. This unique anthology exposes students to a collection of original works that provide a bridge between issues related to public policy. Students are exposed to a "whole-system" view of policy, crime, and criminal justice. Keywords: crime, criminal justice, public administration, public policy, textbook

Public Policymaking. Anderson, James E. Houghton Mifflin College, 2000 Using the process-oriented approach, Public Policymaking provides a logical framework that outlines each stage of policymaking. With a clear and concise writing, the text examines different models of policymaking and how government action affects implementation of policy. Functional activities guide students through the process of identifying a problem, setting an agenda, and concluding with an evaluation, revision, or


termination of a policy. Current issues are integrated into each chapter, introducing students to real policy scenarios and expanding their understanding of how policies are decided and implemented. Keywords: policy making, public administration, public policy, textbook

Public Policy Making: Process and Principles. Gerston, Larry N. N.Y.: M.E. Sharpe.1997. This book places the element and dynamic circumstances of public policy in an analytical framework. Viewing the policy framework as a porous, changing entity, this book is designed to give you the political know-how for making sense out of the maze we call the policy making process. Keywords: policy making, public administration, public policy, textbook

Public Policy, The Theory and Practice of Policy Analysis. Parson, Wayne, and Edward Elgar Pub. N.Y.: 1995. Keywords: public administration, public policy, textbook

Understanding Public Policy. Dye, Thomas, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, 1998.* Designed to provide students with concrete tools for not only understanding public policy in general, but for analyzing specific public policies, this widely-adopted introduction to the field focuses on what policies governments pursue, why governments pursue the policies they do, and what the consequences of these policies are. Very contemporary in perspective, it introduces nine analytical models currently used by political scientists to describe and explain political life and then, using these various analytical models -- singly and in combination, explores specific public policies in a variety of key domestic policy areas. Keywords: public administration, public policy, textbook


The Argumentative Turn in Policy Analysis and Planning. Fischer, Frank, and John Forrester, John. eds. Duke University Press. A dozen studies contribute to the emerging argumentation approach to understanding policy analysis and planning, considering both practical and political aspects of argument without trying to reduce the whole profession to a practice in textual interpretation. Among the topics are discourse coalitions and the institutionalization of practice in the case of acid rain in Great Britain, the priority of practical judgment, and guidelines for consensual versus adversarial discourse. Keywords: public administration, public management, public policy, social issues, textbook


Analysis with Local Census Data: Portraits of Change. Myers, Dowell. San Diego: Academic Press, 1992. Provides an overview of the 1990 census data and a practical, hands-on introduction to its analysis. Keywords: public administration, statistics, textbooks An Introduction to Qualitative Research. Flick, Uwe. C.A.: Sage Publishing Co. 1998. 3730070&ISBN=0761974369&bfdate=02-22-2005+10:42:49&popup=0 A carefully constructed textbook, An Introduction to Qualitative Research provides a comprehensive, accessible, and timely introduction to the theory and practice of qualitative research. Students are increasingly faced with a proliferation of qualitative research literature and methodological concepts. Keywords: qualitative analysis, public administration, textbook Applied Statistics for Public Administration, 3rd ed. Meier Kenneth, J., and Jeffrey Brudney, L. CA: Wadworth, 1993.

400 Applied Statistics for Public Administration is a classic textbook that replaces students' fear of statistics with an understanding and appreciation of powerful quantitative techniques. The authors present a comprehensive treatment of applied statistics, from univariate statistics, through bivariate methods, to sophisticated multivariate techniques such as multiple regression and time series analysis. Keywords: public administration, statistics, textbook

Approaches to Social Research. Singleton, Royce, and Bruce Straits, C. N.Y.: Oxford University Press. 1998. This book provides a lucid treatment of the four major approaches to research -experimentation, survey research, field research, and the use of available data. Thoroughly revised and updated throughout, the third edition of this successful book provides both a lucid introduction and the latest information on social, research methods. This introduction to social research methods provides a comprehensive treatment of the four major research approaches: experimentation, survey research, field research and the use of available data. Examples make complex issues accessible to students with no background in social research. Keywords: public administration, research method, textbook

Basics of Qualitative Research: Techniques & Procedures for Developing Grounded Theory. Strauss, Anselm, and Juliet Corbin, M. C.A.: Sage Publishing Co. 1998. Fourth in a series of books about grounded theory, this book describes in detail the procedures and techniques used in the grounded theory method of qualitative research. The first-time qualitative researcher will now be able to go through the process with a competent guide, while the experienced researcher will be able to find answers to unanswered questions. The book starts with an explanation of the theoretical and philosophical foundations of the grounded theory method in qualitative research. Later chapters explain the different techniques that can be used in this approach, with examples. Sections that give definitions of terms used in this research approach provide a clearer understanding of the discussion in each chapter. This book is an ideal companion for anyone wishing to pursue qualitative research. Keywords: public administration, qualitative analysis, textbook


Computer Analysis and Qualitative Research. Fielding, Nigel, G. and Raymond Lee, M. C.A.: Sage Publishing Co. 1998. Authors Nigel G. Fielding and Raymond M. Lee, leading researchers in the field, provide a lucid and accessible text on the nature of this change and profile potential new approaches to qualitative data analysis. They report on findings from the first systematic field research on the impact of CAQDAS. They analyze the rapidly growing popularity and legitimacy of qualitative research methods, looking at users experiences of CAQDAS and the advantages and disadvantages of computers use, research resources, and the status of qualitative research. Fielding and Lee also cover the principal approaches in qualitative research and show how leading computer programs are actually used. They provide a framework for developing the craft and practice of CAQDAS and conclude by examining new techniques and the evolution of qualitative research to meet new challenges. Computer Analysis and Qualitative Research will be essential reading for anyone using qualitative research methods. Keywords: public administration, qualitative analysis, textbook

Computer Programs for Qualitative Data Analysis : A Software Sourcebook. Weitzman, Eben, A., and Matthew Miles, B. C.A.: Sage Publishing Co. 1995. In Computer Programs for Qualitative Data Analysis, Weitzman and Miles . . . provide a critical, in-depth look at 24 separate applications. The authors make an impressive team: Weitzman is a professor of social and organizational psychology with an extensive computer background, and Miles is a social psychologist who is well-known in the field of qualitative research for co-authoring a popular book on qualitative data analysis with A. Michael Huberman. Together, the two researchers have produced an informative, user-friendly sourcebook that can save readers a significant amount of time and money when shopping for a software program for qualitative data analysis. Keywords: public administration, qualitative data analysis, textbook Doing Qualitative Research, 2nd ed. Crabtree, Benjamin, F., and William Miller, L. C.A.: Sage Publishing Co. 1999.


Popular in its first edition for its clear delineation of the issues and the way it prepared readers for doing qualitative research, particularly in health settings, this new second edition will show readers new ways of knowing, how to ask questions at multiple system levels (from global to family to the cell) and the incursive interaction between these levels, and ways to expand existing research approaches. Keywords: public administration, qualitative research, textbook

Doing Qualitative Research Using QSR NUD*IST. Hannibal, Mike & Gahan, Celia. C.A.: Sage Publishing Co. 1998. This is a complete toolkit for sensitive interpretation, through exploration and rigorous management, and analysis of qualitative data. Keywords: qualitative analysis, public administration, textbook

Focus Groups: A Practical Guide for Applied Research. Krueger, R.A., C.A.: Sage, 1988. The highly acclaimed first edition of Richard A. Krueger's Focus Groups has become the standard introduction to this widely used technique. Retaining its focus on applied research and its step-by-step approach to planning and conducting a successful focus group, this new edition has been expanded to offer broader coverage on analyzing focus group results and exploring various collaborative approaches. It also includes additional material on questioning strategies, moderator roles, selecting participants, and accounting for cultural diversity within a focus group. Keywords: focus group, qualitative analysis, public administration, textbook Handbook of Qualitative Research, 2nd ed. Denzin, Norman K., and Yvonna Lincoln, S. C.A.: Sage, 2000. 3681329&ISBN=0761915125&bfdate=02-22-2005+09:43:18&popup=0 The second edition of the Handbook of Qualitative Research is virtually a new volume.


Over half of the authors from the first edition have been replaced by new contributors. Indeed there are 33 new chapter authors or co-authors. There are six totally new chapter topics, including contributions on: queer theory, performance ethnography, testimonies, focus groups in feminist research, applied ethnography, and anthropological poetics. All returning authors have substantially revised their original contributions, in many cases producing a totally new and different chapter. Keywords: handbook, qualitative analysis, public administration, qualitative analysis, textbook

Handbook of Research Design and Social Measurement: A Text and Reference Book for the Social and Behavioral Science. 5th ed. Miller, Delbert, C. C.A.: Sage, 1991. A unique contribution of the handbook is the centralized presentation of sociometric scales and indexes, many given in full with citations to published works. Particularly good presentations are made of measures of social status, the premier sociological individual difference variables, and social indicators in general Keywords: public administration, research design, textbook

Introduction to Social Research: Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches. Punch, Keith F. C.A.: Sage Publishing Co. 1998. The book is unusual in that it deals in depth with both quantitative and qualitative research, showing equal respect for both. It explains in a systematic and plausible way underlying similarities of logic between the two approaches. This will pave the way to greater understanding between practitioners of the two approaches and, one hopes, broader utilization of the insights of each. Keywords: qualitative analysis, public administration, textbook

Mixed Methodology: Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches. Abbas Tashakkori, Abbas, and Charles Teddlie. C.A.: Sage Publishing Co. 1998. Authors Abbas Tashakkori and Charles Teddlie explore the most resourceful way to combine qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Beginning with a discussion of the


paradigm wars between positivism and constructivism, Mixed Methodology explains the differences between using mixed methods in only the research methodology portion of a study versus using mixed model studies across all phases of the research process, and then presents a typology of mixed methods and mixed model studies. Keywords: public administration, research methodology, textbook

Practices of Social Research. Babbie, Earl. C.A.: Wadsworth Pub, 1998. &sourceid=00412886786277598155&bfdate=02%2D22%2D2005+11%3A19%3A49&a uthor=Earl+Babbie&WID=66869610&sort=&start=11 Content includes and emphasizes the important of problem-solving and decision-making, the links between statistics and research methods, and the use of computers in social research. Includes current research examples and illustrations from such recent topics as welfare and poverty, gender issues, affirmative action, the AIDS epidemic, and more. Keywords: public administration, social research, textbook Program Evaluation: Methods and Case Studies. 4th ed. Posavac E.J. and Carey R.G. N.J.: Prentice-Hall, 1992. This volume provides a comprehensive yet accessible introduction to the skills, attitudes and methods required to evaluate programs offered in public and private organizations. The authors stress the development of a program-improvement focus that begins with program conceptualization through implementation and analysis of outcomes and costs. They also provide detailed descriptions of methods for improving program evaluation reports and encouraging utilization. Keywords: evaluation, public administration, research methodology, textbook

The Qualitative Dissertation: A Guide for Students and Faculty. Garman, Noreen and Maria Piantanida. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2003. Doing qualitative research for one's thesis requires a conscious, internal awareness within the external structural, political, and human context of higher education. This book is the result of a desire to fill a void that had not yet been addressed in a text format -- the needs and confusions of the doctoral student selecting qualitative methodologies for his/her dissertation research.


Keywords: public administration, qualitative research, textbook

Qualitative Inquiry. Sage, Inc., C.A.: Sage Publication, 2000. Qualitative Inquiry provides an interdisciplinary forum for qualitative methodology and related issues in the human sciences. With Qualitative Inquiry you have access to lively dialogues, current research and the latest developments in qualitative methodology. Keywords: public administration, qualitative research, textbook

Qualitative Methods and Analysis in Organizational Research: A Practical Guide. Symon, Gillian, and Catherine Cassell. C.A.: Sage Publication, 1998. Qualitative Methods and Analysis in Organizational Research brings together and describes a wide range of qualitative methods in organizational research and shows how they can be used in practice. The diversity of methods provided highlights the range of work issues and environments in which qualitative methods can be applied. Keywords: public administration, qualitative analysis and method, textbook Research Methods for Public Administration, 2nd ed. O'Sullivan, Elizabethann, Gary Rassel, R., and Maureen Berner. N.Y.: Longman, 1995. 0776384&ISBN=0321085582&bfdate=02-22-2005+18:22:25&popup=0 A practice-oriented, accessible text, Research Methods for Public Administrators introduces students to the methodological tools administrators and policy analysts use to conduct research. Practical and comprehensive coverage of the entire research process includes step-by-step instructions that focus on the most commonly used research techniques as well as numerous illustrative examples. Keywords: public administration, research methods, textbook Social Statistics. 2nd ed. Blalock, H.M., Jr. N.Y.: McGraw Hill, 1972.


2670720-2173413 Keywords: public administration, statistics, textbook

Statistical Quality Control. Grant, Eugene, L., and Richard Leavenworth, S. N.Y.: McGraw-Hill, 1988. Statistical Quality Control, Seventh Edition, expands upon the quality and quantity of student examples and computer problems, and covers new material on cost of quality and problem-solving models. This revision has also incorporated key organizational changes that reflect recent trends in the field. Keywords: management, public administration, statistics, textbook

"Stretching" Exercises for Qualitative Researchers. Janesick, Valerie J. C.A.: Sage Publishing Co. 1998. "Stretching" Exercises for Qualitative Researchers is an engaging and unique addition to the literature on qualitative research and will be of great interest to researchers in all disciplines as well as an ideal supplement for a wide variety of methods courses. Keywords: public administration, qualitative research, textbook


Administrative Behavior: A Study of Decision-making Processes in Administrative Organizations, 4th ed. Simon, H.A. N.Y.: Free Press, 1997. In this fourth edition of his ground-breaking work, Herbert A. Simon applies his pioneering theory of human choice and administrative decision-making to concrete organizational problems. To commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the book's original publication, Professor Simon enhances his timeless observations on the human decisionmaking process with commentaries examining new facets of organizational behavior. Investigating the impact of changing social values and modern technology on the operation of organizations, the new ideas featured in this revised edition update a book that has become a worldwide classic.


Keywords: public administration, public affairs, textbook

Bureaucracy, Politics, and Public Policy. Rourke, R.E. Boston: Little Brown, 1969. This book largely based on materials drawn from the American experience. Consequently, it applies more directly to the interaction between bureaucracy and public policy in the United States than it does to other political system. Certain features of the policy process that are examined, especially the extensive involvement of executive agencies in the task of creating and nursing a constituency, are almost distinctively American. Keywords: public administration, public affairs, textbook Essence of Decision; Explaining the Cuban Missile Crisis. 2nd ed. Allison, G. & Zelikow, Philip. Boston : Little Brown, 1999.,1144,0321013492,00.html The best single volume analyzing the defining moment in the nuclear age, the original edition of Essence of Decision is a classic work that has influenced generations of students, scholars, and policy makers. The new edition of this best-selling text includes comprehensive synthesis of all new evidence-including recently declassified Kennedy tapes and Soviet files. Not only revised, but completely rewritten, the new edition provides deeper and clearer answers to an enduring question: how should citizens understand the actions of their governments? Keywords: public administration, public affairs, public policy making, textbook

Functions of the Executive. Barnard, C. I.. M.A.: Harvard University Press, 1938. & =10 Barnard's insights on authority, executive morals, responsibility, formal and informal organization, organizational purpose, and decision making are fundamental to the understanding of human behavior in the organizational setting. Keywords: executive, public administration, public affairs, textbook


Group Dynamics: The Psychology of Small Group Behavior, 2nd ed. Forsyth, Donelson, R. N.Y.: Brooks/Cole Pub Co. 1990. This book is intended to serve as an introduction to group processes, maintaining a balanced, integrative stance when presenting ideas, evidence, and viewpoints. The author integrates many areas of inquiry, including: theory and research; theory, research, and application, traditional and contemporary topics, psychology, sociology, and other social sciences; and more. Keywords: group psychology, public administration, public affairs, textbook

Inside Bureaucracy. Downs, A. Boston: Little Brown, 1967. Bureaus are among the most important institutions in every part of the world. Not only do they provide employment for a very significant fraction of the world's population, but they also make critical decisions that shape the economic, educational, political, social, moral, and even religious lives of nearly everyone on earth. This book develops a useful theory of bureaucratic decision making. Keywords: bureaucracy, public administration, public affairs, textbook Leadership in Organizations, 2nd ed. Yukl, Gary A. N.J.: Prentice Hall, 1989. The most comprehensive survey of the major theories and research on leadership and managerial effectiveness in formal organizations with practical suggestions for improving leadership skills. Keywords: leadership, public administration, public affairs, textbook

Organization Theories and Public Administration. Davis, Charles R. C.O.: Greenwood Publishing Group. 1996.


This new work offers a substantive political theory approach to organizational theory. It differs significantly from most organizational perspectives in that it applies political theory to four prevalent organizational models found in administration today. Most such models fall within the province of government or corporate management and fail to deal with the democratic and public dimensions of organization. In this study, Davis examines various organizational theories' prospects to generate authentic public organization. He also suggests alternative considerations by which to facilitate more genuine "public" organization. An important contribution to the literature in organizational theory and public administration, this work will be of interest to scholars and students in these and related fields. Keywords: organization theory, public administration, public affairs, textbook

Organizational Theory: Cases and Applications. Daft, Richard L., and Mark Sharfman, P. West Publishing Company, College & School Division, 1995. This market leading text presents the most recent thinking about organizations in a way that is interesting and enjoyable for students. It continues to integrate new concepts and models from organization theory with changing events in the real world of organizations to provide the most up-to-date view of organizations available. Keywords: organization theory, public administration, public affairs, textbook

Organization Theory for Public Administration. Harmon, Michael M., and Richard Mayer, T. Harmon and Mayer belongs in the library of every serious student of organization theory. This book helps students and teachers explore in some detail the competing explanations of organizational action. The authors highlight and take advantage of the diversity among theoretical perspectives with emphasis on their unique salience for practical action in public organizations. The focus is on the seminal contributors to a variety of perspectives whose insights have guided subsequent research and thinking. Keywords: organization, public administration, public affairs, textbook

Public Organization Management: The Development of Theory and Process. Jreisat, Jamil E. C.T.: Greenwood Press. 2000.

410 This book explores how the theories and practices of public management have evolved. It covers themes such as political, judicial, and cultural environments. It reviews the influential theoretical developments that represent the intellectual heritage of public administration from Woodrow Wilson and the classics to current schools such as Total Quality Management (TQM) and the drive for reinventing government. The author identifies and explains critical managerial functions such as decision-making, communication, leadership, performance evaluation, and the constant search for reform and improvement in public organizations. This comprehensive, in-depth exploration emphasizes the operational and practical consequences of the subject. Keywords: organizational theory, public administration, public affairs, textbook

Street-Level Bureaucracy. Lipsky, M. N.Y.: Russell Sage Foundation, 1980. This book received the C. Wright Mills Award for 1980 from the Society for the Study of Social Problems and was named co-winner f the 1981 Gladys M. Kammerer Award by the American Political Science Association. This study examines human service bureaucracies-school, courts, welfare agencies-at the point where policy is translated into practice. Keywords: bureaucracy, public administration, public affairs, textbook

Structure in Fives: Designing Effective Organizations. Mintzberg, Henry. N.J.: Prentice-Hall. 1993 A presentation and synthesis of the research on what it takes to design an effective organization. Keywords: organization theory, public administration, public affairs, textbook The Administrative State. 2nd ed. Waldo, D. N.Y.: Holmes and Meier. The Administrative State remains a valuable work, relevant to the study of public


administration in the 1980s. Professor Waldo focuses on such issues as the relationship between public administration and socio-political ideals; the separation of powers in American government; scientific management. Keywords: public administration, public affairs, textbook

The Structuring of Organizations. Mintzberg, Henry. N.J.: Prentice-Hall, 1979. This book is a synthesis of the empirical literature currently available on organizational structuring. A framework is developed enabling students to handle organizational problems. For use as a supplement in upper level Organizational Design courses in Management. Keywords: organization theory, public administration, public affairs, textbook Theories of Public Organization, 3rd ed. Denhardt, Robert B. N.Y.: Hartcourt Brace Pub. 1999. Theories of Public Organization 3/e is a brief, readable overview of public administration theory that enables students to develop their own philosophy of public administration and relating theory and practice. Keywords: public administration, public organization, textbook

Theory Z: How American Business Can Meet the Japanese Challenge. Ouchi, W.G., N.Y.: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1981. This four-month New York Times bestseller not only explains incredible Japanese productivity levels, but also offers a plan to revitalize corporate America. Ouchi outlines what we can learn from Japanese business success and how we can put it to use here in the U.S. Keywords: public administration, public affairs, textbook, Theory Z. Understanding & Managing Public Organizations, 3rd ed. Rainey, Hal G. C.A.:


Jossey-Bass Inc. 1997. A course text for graduates and scholars studying public management and applications of organization theory to the public sector. Revised from the 1992 edition with new tables and figures, additional examples, and an introductory chapter that presents a conceptual framework linking the other chapters and topics. Keywords: public administration, public affairs, public organization, textbook

Understanding Nonprofit Organizations. Ott, J. Steven. Colorado: Westview Press. 2000. Steven Ott's Understanding Nonprofit Organizations: Governance, Leadership, and Management is a collection of the most insightful and most recent readings about the challenges of managing a nonprofit organization in the United States. The anthology examines the distinctiveness of nonprofit organizations through the writing of scholars, consultants, and practicing executives. It focuses on governing, leading, and managing nonprofit organizations and how nonprofit organizations differ from both the public and private sectors. The 37 chapters speak to the most important functions, contextual factors and internal functions, concepts, and issues that face today's leaders and managers of nonprofit organizations. Understanding Nonprofit Organizations: Governance, Leadership, and Management is an ideal text for use in graduate and upper-division undergraduate survey courses on nonprofit organizations and management. Keywords: nonprofit organization, public administration, public affairs, textbook


Website Portals in Public Administration

The Internet is becoming one of the most important information sources for researchers in public administration. Virtually every institution in the field of public administration has built its website so as to make information widely available. Such technological applications greatly facilitate information searching by researchers. Listed below are websites of relevant academic associations, research institutes and publications in public administration.

Academy of Management Online The Academy of Management (AOM) is a leading professional association for scholars as well as practitioners dedicated to creating and disseminating knowledge about management and organizations. AOM is committed to advancing theory, research, education, and practice in the field of management. This website provides various information regarding membership, journals, list servers, web sites, and meetings. AOM provides four journals: The Academy of Management Review, The Academy of Management Journal, The Academy of Management Learning and Education, and The Academy of Management Executive. Keywords: academy, management, management journal, online management

American Planning Association The American Planning Association (APA) is a nonprofit public interest and research organization committed to urban, suburban, regional, and rural planning. APA seeks is to engage in a program of applied research that results in practical information about best practices in urban and regional planning in the U.S. The website provides a various information on projects, publications, conferences, careers, and advisory services for the art and science of planning. Keywords: planning, planning association

American Political Science Association The American Political Science Association (APSA) is the major professional society for


people who study politics, government and public policies in the U.S. and around the world. The website contents information regarding conferences/meetings, journals/publications, call for papers, careers, and data resource. Keywords: Association for Public Policy, political science, political science association

American Society for Public Administration The American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) is a professional association for over 10,000 practitioners, academics and students in the field of Public Administration. The site provides access to various journals relevant to the field of Public Administration. Additionally, the website contains discussions of current issues within the field and also provides a directory of resources for nonprofit agencies. Keywords: Association for Public Administration, American Society for Public Administration, Center for Public Administration, public administration

American University Library Political Science and Public Affairs: Internet Sites The library of the American University's website is a great resource for links to other websites relevant to the field of Public Administration, including links to sites relevant to foreign affairs. Keywords: library political science, political science, public affairs

Association for Budgeting and Financial Management The Association for Budgeting and Financial Management (ABFM) is a section of the American Society for Public Administration. ABFM aims to promote the professional development of budgeting and financial management in the public and non-profit sectors. Embracing both theoretical and operational concerns, ABFM addresses issues in budgeting processes and practice in financial management. The website contains conference information, links for budgeting & financial, journal, and simulation materials. Keywords: association for budgeting, budgeting, budgeting and financial


Association of Fundraising Professionals The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) represents 26,000 members in 167 chapters in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and it seeks to advance philanthropy through advocacy, research, education, and certification programs. The website contains a great deal of information concerning fundraising including a resource center. Keywords: Association of Fundraising Association, professional fundraising.

Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management The Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM) is a professional organization dedicated to blending the talents of researchers, educators and practitioners in the production, dissemination and application of analysis bearing on public concerns. However, APPAM is and aims to remain much more than an interdisciplinary umbrella. APPAM seeks to support the evolution of public policy analysis and management toward an integrated field of study that supports the applied professions that address societal problems and opportunities. The website contains information regarding current issues in the field of public policy analysis and management. Keywords: Association for Management, Association of Public Policy, public policy analysis, public policy, public policy and management

Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action The Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA) is an international, interdisciplinary membership organization. Its members include scholars and nonprofit leaders that seek to foster the creation, application and dissemination of research on voluntary action, nonprofit organizations, philanthropy and civil society. Keywords: nonprofit, nonprofit organization, nonprofit and voluntary, research on nonprofit organization, voluntary action Association for Volunteer Administration


The Association for Volunteer Administration (AVA) is an international professional membership association for individuals working in the field of volunteer resources management. The website contains information concerning various issues affecting the management of volunteer resources. Keywords: Association for Volunteer Administration, volunteer administration, volunteer

Center for Digital Government The Center for Digital Government is an international research and advisory institute providing industry, government, and education leaders with decision support, research and services to help them effectively incorporate new technologies. The Center offers an array of applied market intelligence programs designed to help companies build and maintain successful business-to-government relationships and help government leaders further develop their government-to-government relationships. Keywords: digital government, government technology, government technology center, research for digital government

FedStats FedStats is a gateway on the full range of official statistical information available to the public from the Federal Government. Use the Internet's powerful linking and searching capabilities to track economic and population trends, education, health care costs, aviation safety, foreign trade, energy use, farm production, and more. The website provides easy access to statistics and information produced by more than 100 US Federal Government agencies. Keywords: government, government statistics, statistical data, statistical information, statistics

Fedworld The FedWorld website is a program of the United States Department of Commerce and is a gateway to government information. Specifically, the website provides access to 30 million government web pages, including government research and development publications.


Keywords: federal government, federal government resource, government information, government, government database, government research

FirstGov FirstGov is the official United States gateway to government information. It is a powerful search engine that provides links to millions of federal, state, local, tribal, and international government web pages. FirstGov connects more than 186 million web pages from federal and state governments, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories. FirstGov is an interagency initiative sponsored by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). Keywords: federal government, government, government information, government resource, government website, state government resource.

Governments on the WWW Governments of the WWW is a Comprehensive database of governmental institutions on the World Wide Web. The website provides links for national government agencies and related sites from more than 220 countries. Keywords: government information, international government, international government lists, international, international government websites, world government

Government Technology The Government technology website provides information on news, publications, conferences, and case studies about using technology in state and local government. Keywords: digital government, government technology, information of government technology, technology in government, magazine of government


The Government Executive is government's business news daily and the premier Web site for federal managers and executives in the federal government's departments and agencies. This website provides federal government information on pay & benefits, management, homeland security, e-government, careers, and procurement. Keywords: federal government magazine, government magazine, online magazine in government, magazine for government

Institute of Public Administration The Institute of Public Administration (IPA) is the Irish national centre for development of best practice in public administration and public management. Its services are designed to meet the professional needs of public servants at individual and corporate levels. IPA provides for those in the civil service, the local authorities, the health service, the state-sponsored bodies, the education sector, and the defense forces. Keywords: institute of public administration, institute of public management, public administration, public administration papers, best practice in public administration.

Institute of Public Administration Institute of Public Administration (IPA) is a private, nonprofit organization concerned with building capacity for effective government. IPA promotes good government at municipal, state and national levels in the U.S. and throughout the world with interactive a program of technical assistance, research, and training. The website contains discussions of current issues, as well as access to IPA publications. Keywords: public administration, institution of public administration.

International City/County Management Association The International City/County Management Association (ICMA) is the professional and educational organization representing appointed managers and administrators in local governments throughout the world. The website contains information regarding ICMA Center for Performance Measurement and in-depth information on selected local government management issues at the website Issue Intersections.


Keywords: city management, City Management Association, county management, Local Management Association, Management Association

Local Government Institute The Local Government Institute (LGI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of local government. LGI provides technical assistance publications or services to more than 4,000 local governments in all 50 states, as well as a number of foreign countries. Its principal focus is on human resources administration, governance, and community development. Keywords: local government institute

National Academy of Public Administration The National Academy of Public Administration is dedicated to improving the performance of governance systems, specifically the network of public institutions, nonprofit organizations, and private companies that now share in the implementation of public policy. The website contains many resources specific to its objective, including various publications. Keywords: Academy of Public Administration, Association of Public Administration, public administration, public administration academy, resource of public administration

National Association of Counties The National Association of Counties (NACo) is the only national organization that represents county governments in the United States. NACo is a full-service organization that provides an extensive line of services including legislative, research, technical, and public affairs assistance, as well as enterprise services to its members. The website contents information regarding conferences, issues, legislative priorities, and county resource center. Keywords: Association for County Governments, counties, County Government Association


National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration NASPAA is the membership association of graduate programs in public administration, public policy, and public affairs. NASPAA serves as a national and international resource for the promotion of excellence in education and training for public service. Keywords: Association of Public Administration, graduate program in public administration, graduate program association in public administration, national public administration, public administration and affairs, public affairs

National Center for Public Productivity The National Center for Public Productivity is a research and public service organization devoted to improving productivity in the public sector. The site provides information regarding various journals and also provides access to various studies through its links. One link in particular, Citizen-Driven Government Performance, contains various case studies dealing specifically with improving the productivity of municipal government. Key Words: best practice in public administration, center for public administration, center for public productivity, public productivity, productivity, research center for public administration

National League of Cities The National League of Cities is intended to strengthen and promote cities as centers of opportunity, leadership, and governance. Its website provides information affecting various areas of city government administration. The website also contains discussions of current issues affecting the nation's cities and the various programs available to cities. Keywords: cities in the nation, National League of Cities New Jersey Municipal Management Association The New Jersey Municipal Management Association (NJMMA) is an organization of professional local government administrators and assistants whose goal is to improve the quality of local government in New Jersey through professional management. The NJMMA creates an information network offering the free flow of ideas thereby


enhancing each member' ability to deal with the problems and pressures of the profession. Keywords: Municipal Management Association, municipal management, municipal management of New Jersey, New Jersey municipal, New Jersey Management Association

Progressive Policy Institute The Progressive Policy Institute's mission is to define and promote a new progressive politics for America in the 21st century. Through its research, policies, and perspectives, they are trying to fashion a new governing philosophy and an agenda for public innovation geared to the Information Age. The website contains detailed discussions current event affecting Public Administration Keywords: Progressive Policy Institute, research for progressive policy.

Public Administration and Management Public Administration and Management publishes articles that will be of interest to both scholars and practitioners in the fields of public administration and management. The journal publishes both single article as well as topical issues. The journal encourages colleagues to submit proposals for symposium issues. The website contents information regarding 9 journals in public administration Keywords: public administration, public administration journal, public administration and management.

Public Administration Review Public Administration Review (PAR) is the journal of the American Society for Public Administration. PAR is the only journal in public administration that serves academics, practitioners, and students interested in the public sector and public sector management. It encompasses quantitative and qualitative empirical research into public organizational structures and processes, policy analysis, evaluation research, and normative theory that explores the value questions associated with the publicness of public administration. This website provides online the most current issue and recent back issues of PAR in PDF format.


Keywords: articles for public administration, information for public administration, journals for public administration, journal of public administration, public administration

Public Service Commission of Canada The Public Service Commission (PSC) of Canada is an independent agency responsible for safeguarding what it perceives to be the values of a public service professional. The values are competence, non-partisanship and representativeness. Furthermore, the website provides information on such issues as on dispute resolution mechanisms in staffing and on assessment tools for selection and development. Keywords: federal public service, government employment, government employment in Canada, professional public service, public service in Canada

RAND The goal of RAND, a nonprofit institution, is to help improve policy and decisionmaking through research and analysis. They do this by developing new knowledge, spelling out the range of available options, analyzing their relative advantages and disadvantages, and informing decision-makers without suggesting any specific course of action. In addition, RAND also will advance specific policy recommendations if the analysis is compelling. Moreover, they serve the public interest by widely disseminating their research findings, which can be found on their website. Keywords: independent research institution, nonprofit institution, policy analysis institution, policy institution, public policy institution

The Brookings Institution The Brookings Institution website provides access to the research of the Brookings Institute. In its research, The Brookings Institution functions as an independent analyst and critic, committed to publishing its findings for the information of the public. Moreover, The Brookings Institution established the Center for Public Service, which is committed to rigorous research and practical recommendations for making public service more attractive, be it in traditional government settings, nonprofit agencies, or in the growing number of private firms that provide services once delivered inside government. In addition, the Brookings Institution also established the Center on Urban and


Metropolitan Policy, which also provides relevant research. Keywords: institution, policy analysis institution, public service institution

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities is a nonpartisan research organization and policy institute that conducts research and analysis on a range of government policies and programs, with an emphasis on those affecting low- and moderate-income people. The website contains a great deal of information on current issues affecting low- and moderate income people. Keywords: budget and policy, center for policy, policy, policy priorities, research center for policy The Council of State Governments The Council of State Governments (CSG) provides a network for identifying and sharing ideas with state leaders. To this end CSG: (1) Builds leadership skills to improve decision-making; (2) Advocates multi-state problem solving and partnerships; (3) Interprets changing national and international conditions to prepare states for the future; and (4) Promotes the sovereignty of the states and their role in the American federal system. The website provides information to assist in achieve its objectives. The website also contains links to many other resources that are relevant to Public Administration. Keywords: council, council for state, resource for state government, state governments, state government policy

The Gallup Organization The Gallup Organization has studied human nature and behavior for more than 70 years. Gallup employs many of the world's leading scientists in management, economics, psychology, and sociology. Gallup performance management systems help organizations increase customer engagement and maximize employee productivity through measurement tools, coursework, and strategic advisory services. Gallup's 2,500 professionals deliver services at client organizations through the Web, as well as though the Gallup University's campuses and 40 offices around the world.


Keywords: customer engagement, Gallup, poll, Gallup University, organization, performance management system

The Institute of Public Administration of Canada The Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC) is private non-profit organization. IPAC concerns with the theory and practice of public management, with 17 regional groups across the country. IPAC enables public servants from all spheres of government, university and college teachers, staff, students, and others interested in public administration to exchange ideas on trends, practices and innovations in public administration. This website contents a variety of information regarding research activities, conferences, publications, and web link in public administration and management arena. Keywords: Canada public administration, Institute of Public Administration, Institute of Public Management, public administration

The Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government The Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government website provides access to the Institute Center for Public Service and the Center on Urban and Metropolitan Policy. Both centers conduct research that is available on the website. In addition, the website contains discussions of current issues affecting the field of Public Administration. Keywords: government institution in New York State, government research institution, public policy research in New York State, research institution of public policy, state government research institution, SUNY research institution

The State and Local Government on the Net The State and Local Government on the Net is a directory of official state, county, and city management websites. It provides convenient one-stop access to the websites of thousands of state agencies and city and county governments. It is a frequently updated directory of links to government sponsored and controlled resources on the Internet. The website offers quick lists of the websites of state government constitutional officers, state legislatures, state judiciaries and departments across ALL states.


Keywords: government, government resource, local government, state and local government, state governments

United Nations Online Network in Public Administration and Finance The United Nations Online Network in Public Administration and Finance (UNPAN) offers to promote the sharing of knowledge, experiences and best practices throughout the world in sound public policies, effective public administration and efficient civil services among the United Nations Member States. UNPAN's core themes are public policies, governance systems and institutions, civil service/public sector reform, management innovation and development, and public finance. The website provides a variety of online information services. Keywords: online information for public administration, online information for public policy, public administration, public administration and finance, public administration by nations, websites for public administration

University of Michigan Document Center The University of Michigan website provides a document center that provides access to many documents relevant to Public Administration, including federal, state, and local level government, as well as documents of foreign nations. The website also provides access to documents that are currently in the news.

Keywords: document center, document resources, federal government document, government document, local government document, state government document

Urban Institute The Urban Institute is a nonprofit nonpartisan policy research and educational organization established to examine the social, economic, and governance problems facing the nation. It provides information and analysis to public and private decision makers to help them address these challenges and strives to raise citizen understanding of these issues and tradeoffs in policy making. Keywords: nonprofit policy research, urban, Urban Institution, urban policy, public


policy institution, research center for urban

US Census Bureau The Census Bureau serves as the leading source of quality data about the nation's people and economy. U.S. Census Bureau is a part of United States Department of Commerce. The Census Bureau Web Site provides on-line access to statistical data, publications, products, and programs. The website is useful to get demographic information and analyses. Keywords: census, government data, statistical data, statistical information

U.S. Government Printing Office The U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) provides access to documents of every branch of the United States government. The website also includes a list of government databases available on the Web. Keywords: federal government document, federal government database, government database, government document, government


Writing Assistance

A published paper is a representation of the researcher's entire research process. Researchers, especially student researchers, often need help in designing a research project and writing an academic paper, following standardized formats such as an APA style guide. The list below contains published writing aids and online writing resources.


A Rookie's Guide to Research. Mills, Barbara, and Mary Stiles. Union Creek Communications, North Carolina, 2003. The book walks the reader through organizing and writing the research paper through a step-by-step process. It includes traditional print references plus references for citing Internet sources, databases and CD-ROM sources, sample papers that give helpful hints for placement of text and internal citations, a writer's checklist to stay on track and listings of transitional words and verbs for a more precise and expressive paper. Keywords: steps in writing research papers, writer's checklist, writing research papers

Critical Strategies for Academic Thinking and Writing. Rose, Mike and Malcolm Kiniry. Bedford Books of St. Martin's Press, New York, 1990. A sourcebook of strategies with cases, examples, readings and assignments that could help establish the conditions to foster academic thinking and writing Keywords: academic writing, strategies for academic writing, strategies for academic thinking

Guide To Writing Empirical Papers, Theses, and Dissertations. Garson, David G. Dekker, Marcel. Dekker 2001. This book describes the quantitative research process, framing analytical questions, developing a comprehensive outline, providing a roadmap for the reader and accessing


indispensable computer and program tools. It also provides end-of-chapter checklists, extensive examples, and bibliographies. It will be of value to academics supervising or advising thesis/dissertation students, research methods instructors, higher education scholars, librarians at academic or research institutions and information scientists as well as those undergraduate or graduate students about to produce a quantitative thesis/dissertation. Keywords: guide to writing dissertations, guide to writing empirical papers, guide to writing theses, quantitative research process

Hart's Rules for Compositors and Readers at the University Press Oxford. Hart, Horace. Oxford University Press.1983. tio/026-5541368-5611635 Classic guide to the finer points of editing, and print preparation, spelling, typography. There is an explanation of proof correction with examples Keywords: guide to editing, guide to print preparation, proof correction

How to Get a PhD: A Handbook for Students and Their Supervisors. Phillips, Estelle M., Derek Pugh S. Open University Press. 2000. Advice on how to plan your workload, as well as dealing with your supervisor. Keywords: dissertation writing guide, research guide, writing guide

How to Improve Your Writing Without Writing. Beal, C.C. Writing does not consist merely of creating words; it is the culmination of our life experiences translated through ourselves. These experiences came from every corner of life and influence our writing. Keywords: writing assistance, writing guide

How to Write Essays, Dissertation and Thesis in Literary Studies. Fabb, Nigel, and Alan Durant. Longman Group Limited, United Kingdom, 1993.

429 Essays.aspx A step by step guide to writing essays, dissertation or thesis. Topics include getting started, gathering materials, the form of argument, registering the `voice", grammar, punctuation and spelling and completing the paper. Keywords: guide to thesis writing, guide to writing dissertations, guide to writing essays,

Keys for Writers: A Brief Handbook. Raimes, Ann. Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, New York, 2002. This handbook contains guides on the writing process; doing research and evaluating sources; documentation using MLA, APA, CBE, Chicago and CGOS styles; online communication, document design, preparation of resumes, letters of applications business letters and memos and multi-media presentations ; the five C's of style; common sentence problems, punctuation mechanics and spelling; and writing in English as a second language. Keywords: documentation styles, ESL writing, grammar, research and evaluation of sources, writing guide

Style ­ Towards Clarity and Grace. Williams, Joseph M. University of Chicago Press, 1990. Provides explanations on how writers can improve the style and structure of reports, analysis, articles, memoranda, proposals and monographs. Also discusses form and organization of papers. Keywords: improving structure of papers, improving writing style

The Classic Guide to Better Writing. Flesh, R, rperResource.1996. How to generate, plan and structure ideas. Basic grammar and good writing style.


Keywords: basic grammar, good writing style, guide to writing

The Elements of Style. William, Strunk Jr., E.B. White, and Roger Angell. N.Y.: New York, 1999. Composition teachers throughout the English-speaking world have been pushing this book on their students since it was first published in 1957. Co-author White later revised it, and it remains the most compact and lucid handbook we have for matters of basic principles of composition, grammar, word usage and misusage, and writing style.--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. Keywords: principles of composition, rules of usage The Foundation Center's Guide to Proposal Writing. 3rd ed. Geever, Jane. Foundation Center. 2001 This book delivers comprehensive instruction on both the basics and the finer points of grant proposal writing. It guides the reader through the entire process, from pre-proposal planning to the writing itself, to the essential post-grant follow-up. Also contains sections on packaging proposals and researching potential funders. Keywords: grant funders, grant proposal writing, packaging grant proposals

The New Oxford Guide to Writing. Kane, Thomas. Oxford University Press 1988. A guide to writing essays, expository paragraphs, sentences, descriptions and narrations. Also contains guides on the proper use of punctuations. Keywords: descriptive writing, guide to writing essays, narrative writing, writing expository paragraphs

The Relationship Between Writing Centers and Improvement in Writing Ability: An Assessment of the Literature. Casey, Jones.

431 From empirical studies to ethnographical accounts, this literature assessment evaluates existing research on writing centers. It examines direct and indirect ways in which writing centers activities can influence writing performance. Keywords: evaluation of writing centers, writing centers influence on writing performance

Writing Analytically. Rosenwasser, David, and Jill Stephen. Harcourt Brace College Publishers, 1997. Recommended for students in graduate school interested in refining their writing skills. Contents of the book include creating effective topics; finding and developing a thesis; recognizing and fixing weak thesis statements; introductions and conclusions and analyzing evidence Keywords: analytical writing, thesis writing


California State University at Los Angeles Writing Center "The Brief Guide to Online Resources for College Writers" provides a annotated collection of links to the best writing and grammar web sites online. Topics covered include the writing process, rhetoric/argument, grammar and mechanics, style, and documentation. Keywords: citation, documentation style, grammar, online writing center, writing process

Capital Community College Writing Center From the Directory of Capital Web Pages, access the writing center. The website of the writing center contains online guides on grammar and writing, proofreading and editing,


MLA and APA styles, handouts for writing help, other online resources and related links to other writing centers and web sites. Keywords: APA guidelines, documentation styles, grammar guide, MLA guidelines, online writing center, writing guide

Clayton College & University Center for Academic Assistance Guides on writing, library research, MLA and APA styles and related websites on writing centers/labs, guides for writing research papers, citations, online dictionary and thesaurus Keywords: APA guidelines, MLA guidelines, online writing center, writing guides

Drew University Writing Program Contains online articles on writing summaries, syntheses and comparisons, analytical writing, drafting and expanding papers, revision and editing. Also contains useful sites for search engines and other online writing centers as well as MLA and APA Guidelines for research papers. Keywords: analytical writing, APA guidelines, MLA guidelines, online writing center, research writing, search engines

Eastern Oregon University Writing Lab Abstract: This website provides links to the writing process, handbook and grammar guides, research and documentation, writing in selected disciplines and other online writing centers. Keywords: grammar guide, research and documentation, online writing lab, online writing center, writing guide

Ferris State University Writing Center. On-Line Writing Help


The online writing help of Ferris State University Writing Center. Topics include getting started, punctuation, usage, sentence structure, using sources and proofreading and revision. Also includes writing application letters, resumes, and business memos. Also contains helpful links to other websites for each topic. Keywords: grammar guide, online writing center, online writing help, proofreading

Literary Education Online, The Write Place Catalogue. Cogdil, Sharon, and Judith Kilbom. This web site provides e-handouts and links on all aspects of writing including grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, style, business and technical writing , editing and proofreading. Keywords: business writing, grammar guide, handouts on writing, online writing center, proofreading, technical writing

Los Angeles City College Writer's Resource Corner Provides useful links to resources on writing, research, MLA style guide, grammar and language tools, copyright and virtual reference desk Keywords: copyright, documentation styles, grammar guide, virtual reference desk, writing resources

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant An inter-active and menu-driven online writer's guide and handbook containing the following topics: discovering what to write, organizing, revising, editing, informal essays, thesis/support essays, exploratory essays, argumentative essay and documenting sources. Keywords: documentation, essays online writer's guide, online writer's handbook, writing


Purdue University's Online Writing Lab An online resource that provides handouts, materials and resources for students and teachers on the writing process and writing about specific topics, English as a second language, grammar , spelling and punctuation, research and documenting sources (including MLA and APA styles), professional writing and practice exercises that allow you to check answers online. Also contains useful links to online writing resources and other online writing labs. One of the most comprehensive online resource on all aspects of writing. Keywords: documentation, grammar guide, online writing center, online writing lab, online writing resources, styles, writing process

Rensselaer Writing Center This web site of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York provides e-handouts on citation styles, types of writing, styles of writing, and the preparation of cover letters, resumes and graduate school essays. Also has a virtual writing center for student writing resources and links to online writing resources at other colleges and universities. Keywords: e-handouts on writing, online writing center, virtual writing center

Rutgers University ­ Newark Writing Center This website provides undergraduate and graduate students with handouts on drafting, writing, grammar and style and editing dissertations. The Resource Section of the website provides a bibliography of books on writing and useful links for references and citations, books available online, grammar tips, English grammar online, handouts for writers and the International Writing Centers Association home page. Keywords: bibliography of books on writing, books on writing available online, online writing center, writing resources Salt Lake City College Writing Center: Writing Resources. Gardner, C. This web site offers important links to other online resources about writing, research,


APA and MLA citation and available writing softwares. comprehensive web site on writing.

An acknowledged

Keywords: APA and MLA citation and available writing softwares, online resources about writing, research

The University of Kansas Writing Center Contains a series of original guides for writing authored by the university's experienced writing consultants and links to other great writing resources on the Web. Topics include the writing process, writing the research, documentation and citation, grammar and usage, professional writing, theses and dissertations, writing in courses. Keywords: online writing center, professional writing, writing guides

Trinity College Writing Center Online This web site offers online handouts and links on writing resources, research tools (libraries, search engines, newspapers and books), writing and rhetoric and language webs and teaching resources. Keywords: e-handouts on writing, online writing center, online writing resources, research tools

University of Maine Writing Center Online This web page offers links to other writing centers and online writing resources for topics such as writing resources, dictionaries, thesauri, citation, composition and rhetoric, computer mediated communications and ESL. Keywords: computer mediated communications, ESL, online writing center, online writing resources University of Michigan Writing Resources This website contains pages on writing resources, grammar and mechanics, research and


documenting sources, professional writing and links to other online writing centers Keywords: documentation, grammar guide, online writing center, writing resources

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Writing Center The Writing Center of UNC has produced a very extensive list with annotated links of handouts on a wide variety of writing issues - from tips on reading assignments to discussions of writing in specific disciplines. One of the most extensive sites for writing assistance. Keywords: , handouts on writing, online writing center, writing in specific disciplines

University of Wisconsin ­ Madison Writing Center This website contains a writer's handbooks with handouts on academic writing, grammar and punctuation, improving writing styles, citing references using the APA, MLA, Chicago Turabian and American Political Science Association (APSA) styles and other internet writing sites Keywords: citation, e-handouts on writing, grammar guide, internet writing sites, writer's handbook

Writing in Rutgers Education (WIRE) Site Map This website provides information on research, writing instruction and the writing process including discipline-specific writing for faculty and students. Also contains useful links to assist information gathering Keywords: discipline-specific writing, online writing center, writing instruction, writing process Writing Service at the Asian Institute of Technology This online resource intended primarily for masters students, offers students a resource


for independent learning on writing up research. The site includes some of the readings used in the classroom courses and provides links specifically for writing, language and research. Keywords: basics of good writing, citation, research writing


Analytical Writing Guide _writing_guide.htm. A guide 6for developing ideas and content, organization, voice, word choice, sentence structure, and writing conventions using a score-based approach to illustrate characteristics of good analytical writing Keywords: analytical writing, analytical writing guide

APA Documentation: Name and Year. Larson, Kelly A., and Judith Kilbom. This web site provides handouts and guidelines on how to write reference page citations following the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA). Keywords: APA guidelines on citations, citations

APA Research Style Crib Sheet. Dewey, Russ. The APA Research Style Crib Sheet provides a summary of rules from the APA Publication Manual. Keywords: APA style, citation APA Style Resources Web page that provides links to sites which discuss APA style, 5th edition.


Keywords: APA documentation, APA style, citation

A Research Guide for Students. Lee, I. A online guide for students providing links to various issues related to research, writing and style guides (MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian, CGOS,CBE), citation, grammar and proofreading. Keywords: grammar, proofreading, research guide, style guide, writing guide

Citation Style for Research Papers The Long Island University guide to documentation gives detailed examples and suggested uses for the APA, Turabian, MLA, Chicago and American Medical Association (AMA) styles. Keywords: AMA style, citation, documentation styles

Grant Opportunity Resources A website on writing grants that provides links to various websites on grant writing and miscellaneous grant writing resources Keywords: resources for grant writing, writing grant proposals

Guide for Writing Formal Academic Papers. Horwitz, S. This webpage does not simply give pages of rules and regulations, but give you things you need to know to present ideas in a legitimate and persuasive way. Contains guidelines on writing research and topic papers, theses statements, introductions and conclusions, citations, bibliography and presentation format. writing academic papers, research writing, guide for writing


Keywords: paper assistance, writing academic papers, writing assistance

Guide to Grammar and Style. Lynch, Jack. A site containing grammatical rules and explanations, comments on styles and suggestions on usage put together for classroom use. Also provides a list of additional readings and online sources on the topics. Keywords: grammar, usage, writing style

Hypertext 'papers' on the Web: Students Confront a Linear Tradition? Solli, A. The History Department at the University of Bergen has introduced a new way of writing papers, i.e., creating Web-pages to publish papers or projects on the worldwide web. This paper focuses on some of the problems of going from paper-paper to web-paper, thereby challenging views on academic texts in general, whether these are student papers, a master thesis or research reports. Keywords: hypertext papers, hypertext on the web

Online Grammar Help A comprehensive site on grammar organized by subject and content with emphasis on parts of speech and verb tense usage. Keywords: grammar, online grammar help

Online! A reference guide to using internet sources. Keywords: internet sources, online sources, online writing sources

Outlining. Hogan, James, Brittany Harrison, and Barbara Hardie.

440 An outline is a visual or textual organizational plan for a paper. Outlines are helpful in the brainstorming and planning process, handy for keeping on track while writing, and useful in showing ideas to others. This handout on outlining gives commendations on how to prepare an outline for papers. Keywords: outlining, preparing an outline

Paragraph Essentials, A Writing Guide. Wong, Linda. A textbook site which provides exercises on the writing process and various types of paragraphs (e.g., narrative paragraphs, descriptive paragraphs, process paragraphs), practice tests and sentence level exercises. Also provides useful web links for all the chapters of the book as well as other websites on paragraph writing skills, grammar and sentence level skills and multiple writing skills. Keywords: grammar skills, practice tests on paragraph writing, paragraph writing, sentence-level skills

Proofreading and Editing Tips. L.R. Communication Systems, Inc., New Jersey, 1999. A compilation of advice and tips on proofreading and editing and editing for content from experienced proofreaders and editors. Keywords: editing and proofreading, editing for content, proofreading tips

Sentence Sense Online Writer's Guide. Farbman, Evelyn. This online textbook in basic writing offers approaches to becoming more confident writers. Topics covered are grammar and sentence structure, usage and techniques and topics for developing ideas in writing. Sections on auxiliary materials such as ESL tips, internet sources for writers and search engines are also included. Keywords: basic writing, ESL, grammar guide, internet sources for writing, search engines


Stages in Writing Papers This short article provides tips on the five important stages in writing papers: content, outline, 1st Draft, 2nd Draft, and Final Paper. Keywords: stages in writing papers, writing formal papers

The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance. A successful grant proposal is one that is well-prepared, thoughtfully planned, and concisely packaged. The article discusses the following topics on the writing of grant proposals: preparation, developing ideas for the proposal, community support, identification of a funding resource, getting organized to write the proposal, etc. Keywords: writing assistance, writing grant proposals

The Columbia Guide to Online Style. Walker , J.R., and T. Taylor. Columbia University Press, 1998. A reference book with comprehensive treatment of online citation, advice for formatting online bibliographic information and standards for creating online documents. Also shows links to various electronic sources. Keywords: Columbia guide to online style, online bibliography, online citation The Copyright Website The copyright portal provides real world, practical and relevant copyright information for anyone navigating the net. The why, what and how of copyright registration , copyright infringement and building your own copyright notice is among the issues that can be easily accessed. Keywords: copyright, copyright infringement, copyright notice, copyright registration


The Editorial Eye A website of a commercial publications and new media solutions company that provides an alphabetical index of articles covering standards and practices in editing, book reviews on writing style and usage guides and other essays and commentaries on writing styles and conventions. Keywords: book reviews on writing guides, editing, and essays on writing styles

The International Writing Centers Association The webpage of the International Writing Centers Association offers a relatively exhaustive list with links to online writing centers, resources and handouts for writers available at writing centers, sites offering on-line tutoring , electronic and print journals on writing, electronic discussion groups which discuss writing centers and writing related issues and ideas on how to start a writing center. Keywords: e-handouts for writers, electronic discussion groups on writing, online writing centers, Writing Centers Association, on-line tutoring, starting a writing center

The University Writing Center Online The University Writing Center seeks to demonstrate the enduring power of written words to transform our personal lives, our professional ventures, and our political causes. The Center also seeks to dispel the myth that good writers are born, not made, and to empower all members of the university (students, staff, and faculty) to become effective wordsmiths in an ever-changing global community, where communication skills are both essential and valued. Keywords: steps in writing a research paper, writing a research paper

US Copyright Basics. The Library of Congress. Copyright is a form of protection provided by the laws of the United States to the authors of "original works of authorship" including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and


certain other intellectual works. This protection is available to both published and unpublished works. This circular prepared by the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress provides information on works protected by copyright, procedure for securing and registering a copyright. Keywords: copyright, copyright protection, registering a copyright, securing a copyright

US Copyright Office The website of the U.S. Copyright Office provides circulars and facts sheets about copyright registration, fees, licensing, laws and policies and copyright records. Keywords: copyright, copyright registration, copyright fees, laws on copyright

Writing an Analytical Review Preparing an analytical book review should demonstrate the writer's real understanding of the author's thesis, the development of his argument , the effectiveness of his arguments and the value of his findings. This essay provides suggestions on how to organize and structure book reviews for history assignments. Keywords: analytical book review, organizing and structuring book reviews, writing a book review

101 Writing Answers A directory of internet sources on writing and writing related sources, publishing and media and related resources. Keywords: directory of writing resources, publishing resources, writing resources

Writing Assistance. Libraries of the University of Alberta. This website provides links to available guides on the internet on the following topics:


writing assistance, writing and styles. Keywords: style guides, writing assistance guide, writing guides

Writing Assistance. TriUniversity Group of Libraries. This website provides annotated links on writing annotated bibliographies, humanities and social sciences writing, scientific and technical writing, grammar, general writing assistance, the writing centers of the University of Guelph, University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University, and plagiarism. Keywords: annotated bibliographies, humanities writing, scientific writing, social science writing, technical writing

Writing at Macalester - Citation Guide This webpage presents citation formats using the MLA, APA and Chicago and links for further assistance on the topic. Keywords: citation, citation formats

Writing Conceptual Papers Most first year doctoral students spend a good deal of that time attempting to develop a writing style and a format to organize the vast amount of research they have read in preparation for their papers. This short essay provides a broad outline of an approach found successful and some thoughts on writing specific papers. Keywords: developing a writing style, organizing research readings, writing conceptual papers

Writing Non-Fiction Papers (And Exam Answers) For College -- And For Places Besides College Where Good Quality Content Is Important. Garlikov, R.


Besides proper spelling, grammar, and technical formatting elements writing papers need clarity of presentation and evidence that logically supports the points made. This paper discusses ways of providing clarity and logical supporting evidence in writing non-fiction papers. Keywords: clarity in writing, supporting evidence in writing, writing non-fiction papers

WWW Focus on Fundraising This webpage contains website references on the grant writing process, tools needed to write a good grant proposal and design successful grant proposals as well as access to grant sources. Keywords: grant writing process, tools for writing grant proposals, grant writing



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