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VALLOUREC & MANNESMANN TUBES OIL & GAS World leader in premium tubular solutions

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VALLOUREC & MANNESMANN TUBES is a Vallourec Group company. Vallourec is world leader in Premium tubular solutions. Specializing in the most complex industrial applications (involving high temperatures and pressures in corrosive environments), the Group offers a comprehensive portfolio of tubular products and high value-added services. Vallourec is now a leading supplier all over the globe, particularly in the oil & gas and power generation markets, and has manufacturing and sales operations worldwide. Vallourec group 2009 key figures: · 4,465 billion in sales · 84% in the energy sector (Oil & Gas, Power generation and Petrochemicals) · 68% outside the European Union · 18,600 employees in more than 20 countries · Around 50 production facilities

I need a reliable partner to support my growth worldwide.

Vallourec designs and develops a wide range of solutions for the oil and gas industry. The Group's Premium offer, sold through the VAM Global Solutions brand, combines products and services to provide personalized solutions for oil companies' requirements in terms of product design, manufacture and use in wells. The Group is a universally acknowledged tube specialist for extreme operating conditions, with expertise in deep wells, corrosive environments, extended reach drilling, high temperature/high pressure applications and offshore drilling. The VAM ® family of threaded connections is now the world's best-selling Premium brand, and VAM Drilling is the world's second-largest drill pipe manufacturer.





Energy & Industry

100% 100% 100% 20% V & M CHANGZHOU (China) V & M DEUTSCHLAND (Germany) 100% V & M FRANCE (France) Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann (Germany) 100% Seamless Tubes Asia Pacific (Singapore) VALLOUREC MANNESMANN OIL & GAS FRANCE (France) VALLOUREC MANNESMANN OIL & GAS NEDERLAND (The Netherlands) VALLOUREC MANNESMANN OIL & GAS UK (United Kingdom) VAM Field Services Angola (Angola) 100%* V & M Tube-Alloy y (USA) VAM CANADA (Canada) VAM MEXICO (Mexico) V & M STAR (USA) VAM USA (USA) 95%


Speciality Products

OCTG North America

100% 100% 100% Interfit (France) Valinox Nucléaire (France) Valti (France) 100% Valti GmbH (Germany)

Oil & Gas

OCTG Europe - Africa - Asia




Valtimet (France) 100% 90% 66% Valtimet Inc. (USA) CST Valinox (India) Valinox Asia (France) 100% Changzhou Valinox Great Wall Welded Tubes (China) 75% Changzhou Carex Valinox Components (China)

80.5%* 100%


99.6% V & M do BRASIL (Brazil) 100% 100% 24.7% V & M FLORESTAL (Brazil) ( ) V & M MINERAÇÃO (Brazil) TSA (Brazil) 100%* 100%*


VAM ONNE (Nigeria) P.T. Citra Tubindo (Indonesia) 100%* VAM Changzhou Oil & Gas Premium Equipments (China) VAM Far East (Singapore) VAM Field Services Beijing (China) 100%



Drilling Products

20% DPAL FZCO (United Arab Emirates) VAM DRILLING FRANCE (France) VAM DRILLING USA (USA) 50% 29% Xi'an Baotimet Valinox Tubes (China)



51% 56%

Poongsan Valinox (South Korea)

Vallourec & Sumitomo Tubos do Brasil (Brazil)


Sales Companies

100% Vallourec Tubes Canada (Canada) 100% V & M Beijing (China) 100% V & M RUS (Russia) 100% Vallourec & Mannesmann USA (USA)


1890-1957 Vallourec: founding and early years

1890-1899: Creation of the five founding companies in Valenciennes, Louvoil, Montbard, Recquignies and Aulnoye. 1930: Technical and commercial grouping of the VALenciennes-LOUvroil-RECquignies plants. 1957: The Group is renamed Vallourec.

An integrated & competitive process

To secure complete control over the entire production process from steel making to shipment of the finished product, V & M TUBES owns three steel mills (electric steel mills in France and the United States and an oxygen steel mill in Brazil) in addition to a 20% share in the HKM mill (Germany), which has an annual capacity of 6 million tons.Available production capacity coupled with the competence of expert teams enableV & MTUBES to accommodate production of specially formulated grades, thus creating conditions of continuing performance improvement to the service of the customer. Pursuing its growth strategy and in order to increase its competitiveness,Vallourec is teaming up with Sumitomo Metal Industries to build a new state-of-the-art integrated pipe mill in Brazil. Production at this pipe mill, which integrates a steel mill and a rolling mill, will have an annual production capacity of 600,000 tons. Our ability to innovate for our customers arises from an active and comprehensive Research and Development policy. Responsibility for putting this policy into effect lies with our plant-based Research & Development Plain End staff, who are close to the real needs of the market and in daily contact with production processes.

I have a corrosive well. Which steel grades do you recommend?

They are supported by the C.E.V. Research Center in Aulnoye, which has high-performing research and modelling facilities. Around one hundred engineers and technicians apply their expertise and skill in the core disciplines associated with the business of making tubes, i.e. metallurgy, surface chemistry, scientific calculations, CAD, finite element analysis and non-destructive testing. V&M TUBES offers a full and unique range of products: · API grades · Sour Service: suitable for environment where H2S is present. It covers the requirements and parameters of such inhospitable conditions including high pressures, low temperatures, low pH, and more.Yield strength: 55 to 110 ksi.And now up to 125 with the newly developed 125SS grade. · High Collapse: it covers the requirements and parameters of the various inhospitable environments which are under the highest pressures. Yield strength: 80 to 150 ksi. · 13% Cr & super 13% Cr: suitable for Sweet CO2 environment with limited H2S presence. It covers the requirements and parameters of such inhospitable conditions including high pressures, high temperatures and more. Yield strength: 80 to 110 ksi. · CRA: suitable for the more stringent corrosive environments.

Integration of production process Scrap process

Steel production


Pig iron process with cake with charcoal


Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann - HKM (20% V&M TUBES) Production capacity (V&M's share): 1,100,000 tonnes Integrated cokeworks Size effect: total production of 6,000,000 tonnes




Yougstown (81% V&M TUBES) Production capacity: 600,000 tonnes


Heat treatment

Belo Horizonte Saint-Saulve (100% V&M TUBES) (100% V&M TUBES) Production capacity: 600,000 tonnes Fully-owned iron mine Integrated production of charcoal from V&M's own eucalyptus forest Production capacity: 600,000 tonnes


Seamless Pipe rolling





1965: Registration of first patent 1977: Partnership with Sumitomo in the VAM® joints segment, followed by an R&D agreement in 1984.


1981: Creation of PRINVER (now called VAM® MEXICO) to serve the Mexican market 1981: VAM® FJL patent 1983: Creation of VAM PC (now called VAM® CANADA)

VAM® Technology: 40 years experience in Premium Connections

For over 40 years, V&M TUBES has developed products for the Oil & Gas activities with worldwide success. It all starts with listening to the market, and understanding our customer needs and challenges. Not only V&M TUBES invests in the reference product lines like VAM® TOP which exemplifies the all-in-one preferred standardization product, but also provides high value solutions like VAM® EXPANDABLE enabling our customer to reach new frontiers. The key of success lies in the people dedicated to develop VAM® markets, products and services. They are more than 190 persons involved in research, development, marketing, quality and field service. Research & Development centres for VAM® are strategically located in France, United States and Japan with best-in-class equipments and skilled personnel. Developing a strong and comprehensiveVAM® offer is further exemplified by the joint development program between VALLOUREC and SUMITOMO which lasts for 30 years. VAM chain of success to develop innovative and competitive solutions is demonstrated through: · The unbroken chain of leadership withVAM® TOP as threaded & coupled connections of choice. · The unmatched record of qualification data: more than 70 qualification tests onVAM® TOP, which enablesVAM® to stand behind its claimed performance. · The step-change in OCTG handling practices with the dope free CLEANWELL® offer enabling a 0-impact approach on the environment, personnel and well conditions, on an industrial basis. · The leading effort by V&M TUBES to get threaded & coupled connections accepted for riser applications, makingVAM® TOP FE the leader in its market. · The recognized contribution to the expandable industry with successive broken records: first 13 Cr expanded system, first gas-tight expanded connection, first expandable used in tubing application


I need an offer that answers all the needs from standard products to high tech requirements.

V&M TUBES provides a full range of products to meet all oil exploration and production needs: · Casing and tubing from 2 3/8"through 26" and accessories with standard API thread connections or with VAM® Premium Connections · Riser for deep offshore drilling (production, work over and drilling riser, matched to customers'requirements, in dimensions up to 26") VAM® Drilling is a fully integrated drilling solutions provider, capable of: · Manufacturing drilling tubular goods for use from the rig floor to the Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) · Supplying highly engineered and performance proven products · Offering added value support during the drill string service life VAM® Drilling offers the following product lines: · Drill Pipe: 2 3/8"to 6 5/8", range 2 and 3 · Heavy Weight: 2 7/8"to 6 5/8", welded or integral · Drill Collars: 2 7/8"to 14", slick or spiral · Drillstem Accessories: kellys 3" to 6", square or hexagonal; safety valves; pup joints; crossovers; and subs · Performance Drilling Systems: HydrocleanTM drill pipe and heavy weight in sizes 2 7/8"thru 6 5/8", in range 2 and range 3; landing strings; drill pipe risers. And a variety of connections · API · Proprietary, double shoulder, high torque connections: APIcompatible high-torque connections (VAM EIS® and VAM CDS); proprietary high-torque connections (VAM ExpressTM); and proprietary gas-tight connections (VAM Riser DPR-SR and DPR-HP) VAM Drilling products are available in a variety of steel grades: · Standard API: E-75, X-95, G-105, S-135 · Optimized steel grades: sour service proprietary and IRP grades & Ultra high strength proprietary grades >150 ksi.


VAM® 21 is the latest generation of T&C connection introducing an innovative and revolutionary design. Confidence thanks to ISO 13679 CAL-IV compliance within the full pipe body envelope extends the opportunities for your well designs.


1984: Creation and acquisition of VAM® PTS (now called VAM® USA) 1984: V&M TUBES and Sumitomo R&D partnership 1986: PT Citra Tubindo Indonesia Subcontracting


1993: VAM® TOP patent 1997: Creation of V&M TUBES, a joint subsidiary of Vallourec (55%) and the German company Mannesmannröhren-Werke (45%)


Product Line:

2 out of every 5 premium connections delivered worldwide are VAM® Connections 1 out of 4 is a VAM® TOP


VAM® TOP Family - The industry reference for Premium Connections VAM® TOP VAM® TOP is a T&C connection ideal for tubing and production casing strings applications. VAM® TOP provides gas-tight sealing under the most severe conditions including great depths, highly deviated holes, and hostile environments. VAM® TOP HC VAM® TOP design, to offer High Compression performance under combined loads, equivalent to the pipe body (100%) VAM® TOP HT VAM® TOP design, for drilling liners rotating at High Torque ® 21 VAM VAM® 21 is the latest generation of T&C connection introducing an innovative and revolutionary design. Confidence thanks to ISO 13679 CAL-IV compliance within the full pipe body envelope extends the opportunities for your well designs. VAM® FJL A Flush Joint Liner connection with maximum clearance and excellent gas tightness VAM® SLIJ II A slimline integral joint connection, combining semi-flush slim line OD with high tensile strength and sealability under severe combined loads VAM® MUST A flush heavy wall connection for extreme external pressures as found in squeezing clay and salt domes ® HW ST VAM A connection for Heavy Wall casing for high pressure wells DINO VAM® A semi premium connection for large casings, with improved running performances A large diameter connection with improved running performances, for conductor pipes, surface and intermediate casings BIG OMEGATM ® SW VAM VAM® SW is a T&C connection designed for the Canadian Heavy Oil Market specifically the Thermal wells being drilled in Canada. VAM® SW provides gas-tight sealing under the most severe conditions including highly deviated holes, and thermal wells that will have numerous heating and cooling cycles


VAM® HTF VAM® HTF (High Torque Flush) is a true flush OD and ID integral connection providing maximum clearance along with superior torque strength for challenging applications such as drilling with casing, liner rotation to achieve better cementation in highly deviated and critical High Pressure/High Temperature wells VAM® HTT (High Torque Tubing) is an integral connection threaded in internal-external upset pipes. VAM® HTT is best in class solution in all applications when a combination of torsion and gas tightness is required. Its use is recommended in Drilling with Tubing, work strings, DST strings as well as in tubing.



CLEANWELL® Cleanwell® is the complete solution which replaces both storage and running compounds. It is an innovative coating applied once in the mill or in a VAM® Licensee workshop on VAM® leading product lines


VAM® is a registered Trademark of Vallourec Mannesmann Oil & Gas France.


T&C - Fatigue Enhanced version of VAM® TOP Drilling surface BOP and Inner Production Riser - TLP / Spar T&C - External and internal metal to metal seals - highest fatigue performance Outer Production Riser - single column / SCR API drill pipe type with seal ring Tool joint type with metal to metal seal for high pressure T&C heavy wall external and internal metal to metal seals for high pressure


work over, landing and early production


VAM® ET-WISE An integral flush connection able to be expanded up to 20%, taking advantage of the V&M proprietary expandable grades.


VAM® CDS VAM® EIS VAM ExpressTM HYDROCLEANTM A high torque double shoulder tool joint for drill pipe totally compatible with other API-compatible connections A high torque double shoulder tool joint for drill pipe totally interchangeable with conventional API connections A high performance double shoulder design producing the most rugged high-torque connection available today A new generation hole-cleaning and torque-management tool. It reduces or eliminates problems associated with cuttings build-up and excess torque and drag in complex or non-conventional wells


2000: Acquisition of V&M do BRASIL 2000: VAM® ET launch 2000: CLEANWELL® patent 2001: Development contract on Expandable Tubulars with SHELL 2002: - Acquisition of V&M STAR ­ USA - Commercial worldwide contract with TOTAL 2005: Acquisition of OMSCO (now called VAM® Drilling USA)

Customized solutions to service long term partnerships

V & M TUBES offer a worldwide after-sale services network with VAM® Services and VAM® Field Service International: · A VAM® licensee network with 160 workshops in over 40 countries located close to our customers operations worldwide.They provide accessories threading, repair and inspection of VAM® Premium Connections. · VAM® Services, a division of V&M TUBES, is in charge of the quality management of the VAM® licensees network. This includes the qualification of new workshops, the audit of each licensee at least once a year, the dispatch and control of all VAM® technical documentation and tools such as gauges, inserts, etc... · A full team of certified VAM® Field Services engineers is also available 24 hours a day to provide field support for inspection, rig preparation and running of V&M pipes and VAM® connections throughout the world. · VAM® Schools are organized to educate everyone involved with VAM® premium connections. They cover training on VAM® product lines, manufacturing and control processes, field handling procedures... Please go to for registration. · "Tubular essentials" is the name of a complete drilling products and well equipment training and technical support programme designed to meet customers'requirements at every stage, from oil and gas well design to well repairs.

Can you help me to reduce my inventory costs?

V & M TUBES offer a full scope of Supply Chain Management services to optimise your operations. · Supply Chain Management: starting from our customers drilling department forecasts, we can offer to manufacture OCTG strings with short lead time to adjust to the drilling sequence. Together with an increased standardization of the products, this supply chain optimization allows a better stock level control. · Pipe yard Management: V & M TUBES can manage your stock yards including inventory management, handling and transportation operations, pipe returns and subcontracting activities management. By applying stringent quality standards and efficient practices, operational and obsolescence costs are kept under control. · Associated accessories Management: V&M TUBES can supply and store for customers associated accessories (pups, cross-overs, cementing equipments, etc...) and arrange associated subcontracted work if necessary. In all cases the quality of the thread and of the pipe is under our strict control.


2005: Vallourec becomes the sole shareholder of V&M TUBES after 2007: Building a new pipe mill in Brazil and a new threading plant in China acquiring 45% stake held by Mannesmannröhren-Werke 2008: Acquisition of three North American companies, Atlas Bradford®, TCA® and Tube-Alloy®, in the oil & gas industry. 2005: Acquisition of OMSCO (now called VAM® Drilling USA) 2009: New threading mill in Nigeria - VAM Onne Nigeria 2006: Acquisition of SMFI (now called VAM® Drilling France).

Vallourec ranks among the world's leading manufacturers of tubes and joints for oil well equipment and operations. It is also the no. 2 producer of drill pipes worldwide. The tubes that Vallourec designs and develops for the oil and gas industry are essentially seamless threaded tubes, called OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods). These tubes, made with standard threading or VAM® special joints, are used in oil and gas well equipment and operations. Vallourec is a global specialist in products for deep, difficult, corrosive and deviated wells, particularly gas wells, which require a perfect sealing mechanism on drill pipes. The Group also offers a range of related services to oil companies to support their exploration and production activities.

BENEFITS · Over a century to serve the oil & gas industry · Integrated pipe manufacturer · A comprehensive range of products from the industry leader · Expertise on both tubulars and connections · Global sources, local resources · Flexibility and creativity · Same products and support everywhere in the world

I need a V&M solution ...

Integrated pipe manufacturer · Design, process and control of proprietary steel chemistries · Steel mills in France, Germany, USA, Brazil and several pipe mills throughout the world dedicated to the production of OCTGs and drilling products · In house metallurgical testing and Non-Destructive Examination · OCTG threading integrated to the pipe mills or strategically located to serve a market

Expertise and know-how · Strong Research & Development policy supported by a network of research laboratories and testing facilities · A spirit of innovation supported by an extensive portfolio of patents · All-in-one technical support: pipe, material, VAM® premium connections and services

Supply Chain Management Full range of products · Size range: 2 3/8"to 26"for OCTG · Wall Thickness up to 2" · Grades: API and V & M proprietary steel grades > carbon, 13% Cr, Super 13% Cr, high collapse, sour service, CRA · Connections: API and VAM® product line · Tailor made products: non standard OD, weight or grade upon request · Accessories: couplings, pup joints, hangers, nipples, cross-overs · Drilling Products: Drill Pipe, Heavy Weight, Drill Collars, API and High-Performance Connections, Drillstem Accessories, Performance Drilling Systems Quality · A policy to get ISO 14001 accreditation in all our plants · Harness energy and rationalize organization to serve our customers · Proper attention to occupational health, safety & environment · Full service provider: from steel making to pipe run in your well · Various offer of services dedicated to customers needs: pipe yard management, pipe and associated accessories management · Consistent quality standard of VAM® licensee network for accessories or repair services monitored byVAM® Services · VAM® Field Service International: inspection and running services / 24h-a day services

Our worldwide network for your success

Canada USA Scotland France Germany Norway Russia Azerbaijan China


® ®






VAM USA V & M USA Corp. V & M Tube-Alloy V & M Atlas Bradford



Sales offices


Steel making plants Manufacturing plants Accessories and repair VAM® licensee facilities VAM® Field Service International




Angola Egypt





VALLOUREC MANNESMANN OIL & GAS FRANCE 27, avenue du Général Leclerc 92660 Boulogne Billancourt Cedex France Phone +33 1 49093731 Fax +33 1 49093713 V&M DEUTSCHLAND Oil & Gas Division Theodorstrasse 90 40472 Düsseldorf, Germany Phone +49 211 960-0 Fax +49 211 960-3924 VALLOUREC MANNESMANN OIL & GAS UK Prospect Place Westhill Industrial Estate, Westhill Aberdeenshire, UK - AB32 6SY Phone +44 1224 279340 Fax +44 1224 279341 V &M USA Corp. 4424 W. Sam Houston Parkway N. Suite 150 Houston, TX 77041, USA Phone +1 713 4793200 Fax +1 713 4793201 V &M BEIJING Room 301, East Ocean Center 24A, Jianguomenwai Avenue Beijing 100004, P.R. China Phone +86 10 5923 3000 Fax +86 10 59 23 3001

VALLOUREC & MANNESMANN RUS Office E02-305 4th Dobryninsky pereulok, 8, Moscow, 119049, Russia Phone +7 495 787-49-30 Fax +7 495 787-49-31 VALLOUREC MANNESMANN OIL & GAS Flat 4, N°7, Street 212 Maadi Digla - Cairo - Egypt Phone +2 022 521 26 89 Fax +2 022 521 26 90 VAM ASIA PACIFIC Seamless Tubes Asia Pacific 133, New Bridge Road #21-01 Chinatown Point Singapore 059413 Tel : +65 6535 8562 Fax: +65 6738 9175

VAM CANADA # 1920, 444 5th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta Canada T2P 2T8 Phone +1 403 2330119 Fax +1 403 2662332 VAM MEXICO Av. Framboyanes Lote 6 - Manzana 5 Cd. ind. Bruno Pagliai Tejeria, Vera Cruz CP 91697, Mexico Phone +52 1 229 989 8716 Fax +52 1 229 981 0349 VALLOUREC MANNESMANN OIL & GAS NIGERIA 15B Akanbi Danmola Street South West Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria Phone +234 1 463 0840 Fax +234 1 463 0841 VAM DUBAÏ World Trade Center Level 14, office 14:01 P.O. Box 9405 - DUBAI, U.A.E. Phone +971 4 329 16 18 Fax +971 4 329 16 22

VAM FAR EAST 32 Jalan Kilang Barat Singapore, 159364 Phone +65 6736 23 72 Fax +65 6235 11 26 VAM Field Service Beijing Room 1102, East Ocean Centre No. 24, JianGuoMen Wai Avenue Beijing 100004 People's Republic of China Phone +86 519 8517 5068 Fax +86 519 8517 5368 VAM ANGOLA Sonils Business Centre (Office 04) RUA 6-1L Boavista Luanda, Republic of Angola Phone +244 222 670 439 Fax +244 222 310 910 VAM SERVICES Licensee Network 21-23 rue de Leval 59620 Aulnoye Aymeries, France Phone +33 3 27696615 Fax +33 3 27664575


V &M DO BRASIL Rua Lauro Müller 116 - Sala 1906 Botafogo 22290 -160 Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Brazil Phone +55 21 38738300 Fax +55 21 38738316 VAM USA 19210 Hardy Road Houston, TX 77073, USA Phone +1 281 8215510 Fax +1 281 8217760


VAM FIELD SERVICE INTERNATIONAL Prospect Place Westhill Industrial Estate, Westhill Aberdeenshire, UK - AB32 6SY Phone +44 1224 279380 Fax +44 1224 279384

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