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This list includes only the most frequently used misdemeanor codes. This list does not include all misdemeanors defined in the Code of Virginia.






TRAFFIC/DWI 18.2-266 18.2-266 18.2-266 18.2-266 18.2-266 18.2-272 46.2-300 46.2-301 46.2-301 46.2-301.1 46.2-329 46.2-341.24 46.2-357(B,1) 46.2-391(D,1) 46.2-852 46.2-862(iv) 46.2-862(i) 46.2-862(iii) 46.2-896 OTHER 3.1-796.122(A) 16.1-253.2 16.1-278.16 18.2-19 18.2-119 18.2-121 18.2-130(A) 18.2-134 18.2-138 18.2-137(B,i) 18.2-146 18.2-346(A) 18.2-346(B) 18.2-387 18.2-415 18.2-461 18.2-479(A) 19.2-128 20-61 46.2-938




18.2-56 18.2-56.1(A) 18.2-57(A) 18.2-57(A) 18.2-57(D) 18.2-57.2(A) 18.2-60.3(A) 18.2-67.4(A)(i) 18.2-280(A) 18.2-282(A) 18.2-308 18.2-371(i) 18.2-427 18.2-460(B) 18.2-460(A) ASL-1324-M1 WPN-5232-M1 ASL-1314-M1 ASL-1313-M1 ASL-1312-M1 ASL-1315-M1 STK-2109-M1 RAP-1122-M1 WPN-5221-M1 WPN-5251-M1 WPN-5202-M1 FAM-3805-M1 TEL-3245-M1 JUS-4828-M1 JUS-4829-M1 Unlawful hazing of student Reckless handling of firearm Hate crime - Simple assault Simple assault Simple assault on a teacher, principal, etc. Simple assault against family member Stalking with intent to cause fear of death, etc. Sexual battery Discharge firearm in public place, does not result injury Brandish or point firearm Carry concealed weapon Contribute to delinquency, abuse of child Abusive, profane, threatening calls on phone, C.B. radio Resisting arrest, obstructing justice by threats or force Resisting arrest, obstructing justice without threats of force

DRUGS/ALCOHOL 4.1-305(A) ALC-4165-M1 4.1-322 ALC-4176-M1 4.1-322 ALC-4174-M1 18.2-248.1(a)(1) NAR-3031-M1 18.2-248.1(a)(3) NAR-3030-M1 18.2-250.1 NAR-3020-M9 18.2-250.1 NAR-3021-M1 18.2-250(A,b) NAR-3023-M1 18.2-265.3(A) NAR-3013-M1 54.1-3466 PHA-3508-M1 LARCENY/FRAUD 18.2-96(2) LAR-2366-M1 18.2-96(1) LAR-2367-M1 18.2-101 LAR-2396-M1 18.2-102 LAR-2413-M1 18.2-103 LAR-2337-M1 18.2-103 LAR-2338-M9 18.2-104 LAR-2368-M9 18.2-108 LAR-2809-M1 18.2-111 LAR-2708-M1 18.2-178 FRD-2741-M1 18.2-181 FRD-2625-M1 18.2-186.3 FRD-2507-M1 18.2-204.1 FRD-2628-M1

Alcohol purchase or possession by person under 21 Interdicted person found drunk in public Possession of alcohol by interdicted person Sell, distribute, etc., marijuana - Less than 1/2 ounce Accommodation sale, distribution of marijuana Possess marijuana (first offense) Possess marijuana (subsequent offense) Possess Schedule III drugs Sale or possess with intent to sell drug paraphernalia Possession or distribution of needles, capsules, pipe, etc.

DWI-5413-M1 DWI-5443-M1 DWI-5448-S9 DWI-5447-S9 DWI-5445-S9 DWI-5407-M1 LIC-6808-M2 LIC-6862-M1 LIC-6863-M1 LIC-6830-M1 LIC-6827-M2 DWI-5417-M1 LIC-6833-M1 LIC-6858-M9 REC-6625-M1 REC-6648-M1 REC-6646-M1 REC-6645-M1 HIT-6610-M1

Driving while intoxicated (first conviction) DWI (first conviction), blood alcohol level .15 - .20 DWI (second conviction) within less than 5 years DWI (second conviction) within 5 to 10 years DWI (second conviction) within 10 years, bac level .15 - .20 Driving on suspended license after DWI conviction Drive without a license Drive while license revoked (second offense) Drive while license revoked (third or subsequent) Authorize person to operate vehicle while license revoked Restricted operator's license - Violate restrictions Drive while intoxicated, commercial vehicle (first offense) Habitual Offender - no endangerment Operate vehicle after license revoked - No endangerment Reckless driving - Endanger life or limb Speed over 80 MPH 20 MPH or more over speed limit - limit is 30 MPH or less 20 MPH or more over speed limit - limit is 40 MPH or more Hit and run - driver fails to report, etc., damage > $250

Petit larceny - Less than $200 not from person Petit larceny - Less than $5 from person Fraudulently sell, etc. levied goods worth less than $200 Unauthorized use of animal, auto, boat worth less than $200 Shoplift, alter price tags, value < $200 (first time) Shoplift, alter price tags, value < $200 (second time) Petit larceny (second conviction) Receive stolen property, value < $200 Embezzlement, less than $200 False pretenses (obtaining money by), less than $200 Bad checks, less than $200 Identity fraud - Obtain identifying info w/intent to defraud Fraudulent use of birth certificates, drivers licenses

ANM-3302-M1 PRT-5007-M1 DES-3237-M1 ACC-3202-M1 TRS-5709-M1 TRS-5717-M1 TRS-5718-M1 TRS-5720-M1 VAN-2923-M1 VAN-2922-M1 VAN-2949-M1 SEX-3622-M1 SEX-3637-M1 OBS-3713-M1 DIS-5311-M1 JUS-4812-M1 ESC-4907-M1 FTA-5020-M1 DES-3211-M1 REG-6752-M1

Cruelty to animals Violation of a protective order Desertion/Nonsupport - Fail to comply with support Accessory after the fact to a felony crime Trespass after being forbidden to do so Trespass-Intent to damage or interfere with property rights Trespass - Peep or spy into dwelling place Trespass - Posted property Damage to public building, damage < $1000 Intentionally damage any property/monument, < $1000 Vandalism-Vehicle, aircraft or boat Prostitution, adultery or fornication for money, etc. Solicitation of prostitution Indecent exposure Disorderly conduct False report to police or falsely summoning police Escape w/o force/violence/fire - Confined for misdemeanor Fail to appear in court for misdemeanor offense Desertion or nonsupport of spouse or children Fail to comply with terms of a summons or notice

Effective October 1, 2004



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