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AnnuAl report

vermont studio center

© Maxwell MacKenzie

Vermont Studio Center Mission Statement: To support artists and writers by providing studio residencies in an inclusive, international community, honoring creative work as the communication of spirit through form.

Rebecca Kallem, Painter, DC

© Maxwell MacKenzie

our vision FROM THE FOunDERS

VSC began in 1984 as an expression of shared ideals about creativity and community, compassion and kindness, and an awareness of the need for a place where artists could immerse themselves in their work. In 2009, these founding beliefs are stronger than ever; we work to continue supporting artists and writers by providing an international, multi-generational, inclusive studio environment. In 2009 we held numerous 25th anniversary celebrations, which gave us the opportunity to examine our growth and accomplishments. During this period of reflection, we found ourselves looking forward as well as back, and we were excited to so easily envision VSC's place in the world in the year 2034, our 50th anniversary. This assurance about our future is inspired and reinforced by our history, and the endorsement that we have received from practically everyone who has touched the Center. In particular, from the time we opened our doors to the present, we have been privileged to have the extraordinary support, friendship, encouragement and faith of two artists, Emily Mason and Wolf Kahn, who have recently been designated Honorary Founders in recognition of their role in making VSC a reality. Over the last 25 years, the Studio Center has hosted more than 12,000 artists and writers from across the country and around the world. It is with these and our future residents in mind that we gratefully acknowledge our trustees, staff, and the VSC family of supporters and friends who made 2009, and the past 25 years, such a joyous, successful journey. We share this report with gratitude, appreciation, respect, and affection. Jon Gregg, Louise von Weise, Fred Osborne Vermont Studio Center Founders

"25 years of the Studio Center... It's amazing. That's what we've been hearing, as we remember the ideals, visions, hopes, fears, duct tape, bailing wire, and magic of the early years. It amazes us too--especially as we're having even more fun at VSC now than 25 years ago." ­ Jon Gregg, Founder

Artists Jon, Louise and Fred are inspired to start an artists' colony in Johnson, VT Arlen Smith lends money for Chesamore Hall purchase


1984 June 18, 1984

Vermont Studio School opens Below: First VSS lecture in Johnson, VT by painter Alice neel

The Johnson Elementary School Art and Culture Program is started by Andrea & George Pearlman


1993 First fellowship

jury is held

1995 Buck and

Doreen Freeman establish the Freeman Fellowship Program for Asian Artists

1996 Purchase of 1997 2007 2007 Right: Maverick

Writing Studios building opens with a reading by Grace Paley

the Lowe Lecture Hall and Kahn Studio building

Vermont Studio School changes its name to Vermont Studio Center Right: Wolf Kahn & Emily Mason celebrate Wolf's 80th birthday at VSC

2009 VSC celebrates

25 years of supporting artists and writers


2009 was a landmark year for the Vermont Studio Center as we celebrated our silver anniversary. What began 25 years ago as an effort to support artists has flourished into a resource of international reputation and significance. The inclusive community of artists and writers and the work created at the Center are both inspired and far-reaching. VSC is committed to being an active participant in the local community of Johnson and works diligently to promote awareness of arts and culture through education. As an organization, the Center achieved high program enrollments and satisfaction ratings throughout 2009. We have been doing much work in planning for the future of our community through a forward-thinking campus master plan, as well as a review of our fellowships program and our overall institutional priorities. We carefully steward our fiscal resources and achieved another positive financial year-end, enabling us to begin to implement our strategic plan goals for our fellowships program and physical plant. At the same time, we responded to the economic downturn by reducing expenditures. The work going forward of our talented trustees and staff will be focused in three primary ways: continuing to promote high standards in our operations, securing the future of this remarkable institution, and extending our commitment to attracting artists and writers from around the world. We are honored to be a part of this exceptional institution. Winthrop Conrad, Jr. & George Pearlman Chair, Board of Trustees & Executive Director

VSC Board of Trustees and Directors on the steps of Lowe Lecture Hall, 2009


The Vermont Studio Center is at an exciting and pivotal time in its history. Transitioning from its founding phase to a new stage of maturity, our board and senior staff are engaged in a rigorous strategic planning process to identify the critical needs of our organization to ensure and secure the unique character of the Studio Center for future generations.

Strategic Plan The VSC Strategic Plan, as approved by the board in September 2007, outlined three critical needs: compensation, fellowships and facilities. The VSC Board of Trustees and directors have focused their efforts to address our institutional priorities through new practices and increased funding in order to address compensation and current staffing gaps, improve and maintain VSC buildings and grounds, and maintain the existing VSC fellowship program that is open to all artists and writers.

Campus Master Plan VSC staff and Bread Loaf Corp. have worked to develop an indepth understanding of VSC's facilities and the improvements required to ensure that our 30 building campus has the ability to continue to support the Studio Center's mission. The plan, still a work in progress, distills the varied aspects of the potential improvements into the following focus areas: energy efficiency and building upgrades, accessibility and life safety, interior space quality, and green space and pathways. Throughout the planning processes, we have held to Studio Center's founding principles of simplicity, modesty, economy and efficiency.

Fellowships Plan As part of the strategic plan work, Studio Center directors and Program Committee members are taking a comprehensive look at the Studio Center's fellowships program in order to continue to make informed decisions about the make-up of the community and artists' access to it, and assist in fundraising efforts as the program grows. VSC will continue to support a talented, diverse and international group of artists and writers today and in the years to come. Photo credit: Maxwell MacKenzie

our communitY 2009 ARTISTS & WRITERS In RESIDEnCE

The Studio Center welcomed 758 painters, sculptors and writers from around the world in 2009. VSC residents included collaborators, filmmakers, installation artists, mixed-media artists, performance artists, photographers, playwrights, poets, printmakers, translators and video artists.

ARGENTINA Marta Trucco, Painting AUSTRALIA Liz Jeneid, Printmaking AUSTRIA Sonja Bendel, Painting CANADA Aleks Bartosik, Painting Aimee Brown, Sculpture Mia Feuer, Sculpture Michelle Furlong, Painting Cynthia Gatien, Painting Jude Griebel, Painting Kitty Hoffman, Nonfiction Kristin Ivey, Sculpture Maria Michails, Sculpture Lenka novakova, Sculpture natalia Olanick, Painting James Olley, Painting Jason Rotstein, Poetry Matthew Shane, Painting Felicity Stone, Nonfiction Jane Tingley, Sculpture Lisa Wood, Painting Janice Wu, Sculpture CHINA Jianghe Ouyang, Poetry Guanwei Qin, Painting

xianbiao Yi, Painting xuewu Zheng, Painting CUBA Aluan Arguelles Leal, Painting CZECH REPUBLIC Zlata Kalusova, Painting EGYPT Saleh Mohamed, Printmaking ENGLAND Leo Babsky, Sculpture Mary Dalton, Printmaking Yvonne Elvin, Printmaking nirmala Karuppiah, Photography Chutima Kerdpitak, Painting Cheryl Moskowitz, Poetry FRANCE Barbara Prézeau Stephenson, Painting GERMANY Mollie Hosmer-Dillard, Painting xuan Huy nguyen, Painting GREECE Alexis Avlamis, Painting GUATEMALA Carlos René Garcia Escobar, Fiction HONG KONG Page Richards, Translation Kar Wing Tam, Painting HUNGARY Renata Szur Andrassy, Photography INDONESIA I Made Arya Dwita Dedok, Printmaking IRELAND Ciara Foster, Sculpture Meabh Mattimoe, Painting ISRAEL Tova Gardner, Poetry ITALY Anna Mioni, Translation Alice Pedroletti, Photography JAPAN David Agasi, Photography Kenji Endo, Sculpture Josianne Ishikawa, Painting Rina Kato, Sculpture Michinori Maru, Painting Emi uchida, Painting KOREA Jung Hee Chung, Painting Hea (Hai) Yun Jung, Painting Jaeho Jung, Painting Sojeong Kim, Painting Ki-Jin Park, Sculpture MEXICO Irma Gutierrez, Painting NEW ZEALAND Ruth Cleland, Painting Gary McMillan, Painting NIGERIA Jude Ifesieh, Painting PAKISTAN Amna Ilyas, Sculpture PERU Alberto Borea, Painting

Left: Barbara Ackerman, Painting, VT; Adjacent: Kyla Marshell, Poetry, ME; Below: Chaiwat Kudapun, Sculpture, Thailand

PHILIPPINES Leonardo Aguinaldo, Printmaking Julio Jose Austria, Painting POLAND Tomasz Rozycki, Poetry SCOTLAND Elaine Woo MacGregor, Painting SINGAPORE Sookoon Ang, Sculpture Thia Kwang (Steven) Low, Sculpture Wee Peng Lu, Painting Valerie ng, Painting SURINAME Rinaldo Klas, Painting Roddney Tjon Poen Gie, Sculpture SWEDEN Devlin Shea, Painting TAIWAN Chih-Chi Hsu, Sculpture Yu-Hang Huang, Sculpture THAILAND Chaiwat Kudapun, Sculpture VIETNAM Cong Loc Che, Painting Kinh Tai Le, Painting

"I can't begin to tell you what it means to sit with people from other countries and learn about their work and lives." ­Jeanne Bryner, Poetry, OH; Right: Ross Moreno, Sculpture, IL

Left: Rose nash, Fiction, VT; Adjacent: Sean McCarthy, Painting, nY; Below: Dedok I Made Arya Dwita, Printmaking, Indonesia

Annita Sawyer, Nonfiction Ival Stratford-Kovner, Painting Susan Watson, Fiction Jennifer Wheeler, Painting Amanda Zecca, Poetry DELAWARE Hunter Clarke, Painting DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA David Blum, Nonfiction Caitlin Doyle, Poetry Kate McGraw, Painting Melinda Merinsky, Sculpture Betsy Rives, Painting Megan Rosenfeld, Nonfiction Jo Weiss, Painting FLORIDA neil Bender, Painting Erin Benson, Painting Carlos De Villasante, Painting Dana Hargrove, Painting Lauren Lake, Painting Christina Pettersson, Painting Kerry Phillips, Sculpture Annie Schor, Sculpture GEORGIA Avantika Bawa, Sculpture Billie Bolton, Nonfiction Dale Clifford, Printmaking Yana Dimitrova, Painting Jeffrey Fallis, Poetry Jonathan Fisher, Painting Kariann Fuqua, Painting Tatiana Klacsmann, Painting Aimee Miller, Painting Laura Parker, Painting Tiffany Sinnott, Sculpture Whitney Wood, Painting ILLINOIS Lisa Abbatomarco, Sculpture Jess Beyler, Painting Mark Bowers, Painting Jenny Buffington, Sculpture Margaret Chapman, Fiction Monique Daviau, Fiction Marilynn Derwenskus, Painting Adam Fung, Painting Jaclyn Jemc, Poetry Hyeon Jung Kim, Sculpture Lania Knight, Fiction Patricia Lagger, Painting Sharon Madanes, Painting Sarah Meder, Painting Ross Moreno, Sculpture Alain Park, Fiction Hannah Sanders, Painting

Kathryn Scanlan, Fiction Stephanie Serpick, Painting nina Weiss, Painting INDIANA Brian Benfer, Sculpture Shannon McCarrel Hamaker, Sculpture Kyle Ragsdale, Printmaking KENTUCKY Sarah Gorham, Nonfiction Christina Lovin, Poetry MAINE Anne Alexander, Sculpture Patricia Brace, Painting Kate Chappell, Printmaking Primrose Coke, Sculpture Carrie Dickason, Sculpture Lenora Ditzler, Painting Elizabeth Jabar, Printmaking Elena Kubler, Printmaking Yvonne Maiden, Fiction Kyla Marshell, Poetry Robin McCarthy, Painting Margaret nomentana, Painting Philip Osgood, Screenwriting Victoria Paskett, Painting Elisabeth Schuman, Nonfiction MARYLAND Rebecca Alprin, Painting Michael Burmeister, Painting Ingrid Burrington, Fiction Anne Chan, Sculpture Joshua Gottlieb-Miller, Poetry Joshua Haycraft, Sculpture Megan Hildebrandt, Painting Ailish Hopper, Poetry Carolyn Horan, Painting Carl Klimt, Painting Jong Sun Lee, Sculpture Benjamin Lock, Sculpture Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum, Painting

UNITED STATES ALABAMA Amanda Oliver, Nonfiction Shannon Smith, Poetry Sandra Sprayberry, Poetry Sarah Wilder, Fiction ALASKA Elizabeth Irving, Painting Andrea nelson, Nonfiction Gabriel Travis, Painting ARIZONA Carolina Escobar, Sculpture Ryan Miller, Painting Katherine Poirier, Poetry ARKANSAS Thomas Andes, Fiction CALIFORNIA Grant Adams, Fiction Amirhossein Akhavan, Painting Maureen Alsop, Poetry Toby Bielawski, Poetry Laura Borneman, Painting Kathy Briccetti, Nonfiction Olivia Brown, Painting Michelle Campbell, Fiction Scott Cassidy, Painting Ariel Churnin, Painting Denise Emanuel Clemen, Nonfiction Terri Cohn, Nonfiction Cheryl Coon, Sculpture Amy Curkendall, Painting Melissa Damasauskas, Sculpture Gay Degani, Fiction Lorene Delany-ullman, Poetry Joshua Edwards, Translation Anne Evans, Fiction Sabrina Fadial, Sculpture Melissa Fairgrieve, Painting Chanda Feldman, Poetry Alexa Gerrity, Painting

Paul Gillis, Painting Charlie Grosso, Photography Jill Haberkern, Fiction Michelle Jaquis, Sculpture Kristyn Johnson, Painting Dana Kennedy, Fiction nathan Kurzmann, Painting Jennifer Lanski, Painting Paulette Lee, Painting Susan Lindgren, Fiction Rhonda Magnus, Painting Kay Marshall, Painting Alexandra Mattraw, Poetry Ingrid Moody, Poetry Jacqueline norheim, Painting Alexandra Ostroff, Sculpture Anthony Pinata, Printmaking Jon Rajkovich, Sculpture Joseph Ramelo, Nonfiction nathan Rayman, Painting Mary Lee Rybar, Printmaking Anson Smith, Fiction Susan Steinberg, Fiction David Stockwell, Fiction Julie Sutherland, Painting Gisele Thompson, Painting Ann Trondson, Sculpture Mary Volmer, Fiction Ryan Wilson, Fiction Kathleen Winter, Poetry COLORADO nori Lupfer, Printmaking Casey McGuire, Sculpture Mary-Liz Ringer, Painting CONNECTICUT Karen Anderson, Sculpture Marion Belanger, Photography Sharon Charde, Poetry Edith Forman, Painting Carrie Grossman, Nonfiction Leslie Mcgrath, Nonfiction Malcolm Moran, Painting

"I've been able to open myself up to my process and see it with a more critical eye." ­Rufus Lusk, Painting, nY; Above: Ruth Cleland, Painting, new Zealand


David Purcell, Sculpture Mary Kathleen Shafer, Photography Ailsa Staub, Sculpture Judy Stone, Sculpture Alessandra Torres, Sculpture Megan Van Wagoner, Sculpture Allison Wade, Sculpture Virginia Warwick, Sculpture Chloe Watson, Sculpture MASSACHUSETTS Jennifer Acker, Fiction Elise Adibi, Painting Melissa Armstrong, Sculpture Louise Arnold, Painting Kassie Asmann Teng, Printmaking E. J. Barnes, Painting Suzanne Barnes, Painting Theresa Bellone, Fiction Resa Blatman, Painting Sara Blaylock, Photography Sarah Bliss, Painting Anthony Bragg, Painting Lizi Brown, Painting Kathy Butterworth, Poetry Alexis Carter, Painting Michelle Carter, Painting Cydney Cnossen, Painting Merill Comeau, Painting Christiane Corcelle-Lippeveld, Printmaking Patricia Daniel, Nonfiction Ada Fan, Fiction Alexis Fedorjaczenko, Nonfiction Michael Frassinelli, Sculpture Ariel Gout, Painting Ruth Hamill, Painting nona Hershey, Painting Janet Ekua Holmes, Painting James Horgan, Painting Jim Jeffers, Painting Kay Kopper, Painting Gaye Korbet, Painting Christopher Lee, Nonfiction Denise Manseau, Painting Catelin Mathers-Suter, Painting Rachel May, Fiction Matthew Mazzotta, Sculpture Timothy McDonald, Painting Sarah Meyers, Painting Jane Mi, Sculpture nathan Miner, Painting Julija Mostykanova, Painting Chris nelson, Sculpture John Palmer, Poetry Buki Papillon, Nonfiction Rachel Paxton, Painting Lisa Perkins, Nonfiction Daniel Rocha, Painting Lisa Russell, Painting Alison Safford, Sculpture Catherine Sasanov, Poetry Kim Saul, Painting Alyssa Schmidt, Painting Scott Sell, Poetry Erin Smith, Printmaking Cynthia Snow, Poetry Emilie Stark-Menneg, Sculpture David Teng Olsen, Painting Michael Thurston, Fiction Maida Tilchen, Fiction Maryann ullmann, Fiction Alise upitis, Nonfiction Dianna Vosburg, Painting urban Waite, Fiction Benjamin Willis, Sculpture Terry Wise, Painting Wendy Young, Painting MICHIGAN Tricia Alyne, Painting Karen Bondarchuk, Sculpture Kyle Booten, Poetry Michael Dixon, Painting Mary MacGowan, Poetry Courtney Mandryk Warrington, Nonfiction Melissa Partin, Painting

"I was able to work efficiently and start a new series I am happy with, which I haven't done in a long time." ­Jose Carlos Casado, Painting, nY; Left: Sabrina Fadial, Sculpture,

Onna Solomon, Poetry Pier Wright, Painting Lauren Youngling, Sculpture MINNESOTA Roberta Allen, Printmaking Anna Crabtree, Painting Alison Johnson, Nonfiction MISSISSIPPI Brent Fogt, Painting MISSOURI Ricky Allman, Painting Hadara Bar-nadav, Poetry Jill Downen, Sculpture Julia Fernandez-Pol, Painting Hi uan Kang, Printmaking Juliet Rodeman, Poetry Caleb Taylor, Painting Greg Wrenn, Poetry NEBRASKA Elizabeth Dittrick, Painting NEW HAMPSHIRE Sally Allen, Painting Brian Chu, Painting Jane Coder, Painting Rosemary Conroy, Painting Louise Glass, Painting Martha Hennessey, Fiction Kate Higley, Printmaking Loretta Hubley, Printmaking Kathleen Lovett, Painting Martina Lundstrom, Painting Mary Jane Morse, Painting Lia Rothstein, Photography Ronald Roy, Fiction Daniel Szymanowski, Painting Caroline West, Painting Susan Zoino, Fiction NEW JERSEY Marina Ahunbabaeva, Painting Linda Cronin, Poetry Emari DiGiorgio, Poetry Eric Drotch, Painting Ellen Foos, Poetry Andrew Harrison, Sculpture Wei-Hui Hsu, Sculpture Mara Hughes, Fiction Christopher Manzione, Sculpture Adriana Morales Rhett, Painting Anne Percoco, Sculpture Matt Posey, Sculpture Anthony Rodriguez, Painting Lisa Romeo, Nonfiction Carol Taylor-Kearney, Painting Meredeth Turshen, Painting

Kate Westhaver, Poetry nancy Williams, Nonfiction James Wolanin, Painting NEW MEXICO Paul Biagi, Painting Julie Dunlop, Poetry Jenny George, Poetry Becky Holtzman, Sculpture Suzanne Sbarge, Painting NEW YORK Ophir Agassi, Painting Ariele Alasko, Sculpture Meena Alexander, Poetry Ina Archer, Painting Daniel Arlein, Painting Rebecca Aronauer, Fiction Takako Azami, Painting Hilary Bachelder, Fiction Robert Barrett, Sculpture Hilary Basing, Photography Daniel Bejar, Sculpture Wesley Berg, Painting Eric Berlin, Sculpture Megan Bisbee-Durlam, Painting Maxime Blanchard, Fiction Timothy Brandoff, Fiction Joseph Brittain, Sculpture Michael Burger, Fiction Kristin Cammermeyer, Painting Pablo Canales, Painting Jenny Carpenter, Painting Jose Casado, Painting Pat Cassidy Mollach, Photography Lila Cecil, Fiction Catchi Childs, Painting Barbara Choit, Photography Amara Clark, Painting Martha Clippinger, Painting Oreen Cohen, Sculpture Lewis Colburn, Sculpture Jaclyn Conley, Painting Mary Cook, Painting

Left: Joseph Brittain, Sculpture, nY; Adjacent: Jaclyn Conley, Painting, nY; Above: Sarah Gorham, nonfiction, KY

Above: Joshua Edwards, Translation, CA; Adjacent: Jaeho Jung, Painting, Korea; Right: Carolyn Ryder Cooley, Sculpture, nY

Karen Shueh, Sculpture Catherine Siller, Sculpture Christopher Spadazzi, Sculpture Frederick Speers, Poetry Katie St. Clair, Painting Carl Stallmann, Painting Charles Steckler, Sculpture Barbara Stein, Painting nicole Stone, Sculpture Amy Storey, Painting Pamela Sztybel, Poetry Jonathan Thirkield, Poetry Louise Tolmie, Fiction Keith Varadi, Painting Amanda Vella, Painting Mona Washington, Playwright Michael Waugh, Painting Rose Weinstock, Painting Simone White, Poetry Sara Wight, Photography Brook Wilensky-Lanford, Nonfiction Cynthia Winika, Painting Austin Woerner, Translation Tara Zabor, Painting Andrew Zarou, Painting Thomas Zurhellen, Fiction NORTH CAROLINA Lavonne Adams, Poetry Catherine Altice, Painting Sharif Bey, Sculpture Elizabeth Boles, Painting Ann Campbell, Painting Michael Colonnese, Poetry Lynda Curry, Painting Anthony Di Sarno, Sculpture Celia Gray, Painting Harrison Haynes, Painting Cathy James, Fiction Rebecca Johnson, Painting Susan Lingg, Painting Jennifer Maness, Poetry Deborah Mboya, Fiction Wendy Painter, Painting Sharron Parker, Sculpture Steven Petrow, Nonfiction Erica Plouffe Lazure, Fiction Betsy Renfrew, Painting Margaret Sartor, Nonfiction Jody Servon, Painting NORTH DAKOTA Jessica Mongeon, Painting OHIO Daniel Bourne, Poetry Jeanne Bryner, Poetry Marsha Bush, Fiction Michelle Danforth, Photography Betsy DeFusco, Painting

Jason Farson, Painting Sarah Fitzsimons, Painting Danielle Julian norton, Sculpture Ian Rhodewalt, Poetry Joan Tallan, Printmaking OKLAHOMA Angela Piehl, Painting OREGON Robert Adams, Painting Andrew Auble, Printmaking Zel Brook, Painting Katrina Hays, Poetry Jessica Machado, Nonfiction Karen McPherson, Translation Bunnie Reiss, Painting Lois Rosen, Fiction PENNSYLVANIA Paul Behnke, Painting Tal Ben-Yaacov, Sculpture Julia Blum, Painting Michelle Dauberman, Printmaking Rita DeAngelo, Painting Mark Dilks, Painting George Dolgy, Fiction Cheryl Dougan, Nonfiction Jeremy Drummond, Photography Asuka Goto, Sculpture Lori Hepner, Painting Thomas Hlas, Painting David Hutto, Fiction Don Joint, Painting Matt Krawcheck, Painting Kyle LoPinto, Sculpture Adam Lovitz, Painting Alissa McKendrick, Painting Katherine Mcnamara, Painting Catherine Meighan, Painting Arlene Reynolds, Fiction Val Rossman, Painting Susan Stromquist, Painting Montana Torrey, Sculpture

Carolyn Ryder Cooley, Sculpture Catherine Corman, Fiction Bob Cowser, Nonfiction Jenn Dierdorf, Sculpture Joshua Dihle, Painting Aidan Earle, Painting Ginger Ertz, Sculpture Liam Everett, Painting Matthew Farina, Painting Julia (Kate) Ferencz, Sculpture Katya Fialkova, Painting Brinn Flagg, Painting Christiana Florio, Painting Adam Frezza, Painting Matt Frieburghaus, Painting Adam Giannelli, Translation Shanti Grumbine, Sculpture Anitra Haendel, Painting Elizabeth Hamby, Painting nicholas Hamilton, Sculpture Jessie Henson, Sculpture Scott Henstrand, Painting Katy Higgins, Sculpture Juan Hinojosa, Sculpture Charity Hoffman, Nonfiction Bronwen Hruska, Fiction Lisa Iglesias, Painting Brittany Janaszak, Sculpture Aubrie-Ann Jones, Fiction Laura Kaufman, Sculpture Blaise Kearsley, Fiction James Kendi, Photography Da Jung Kim, Painting Seung Ae Kim, Printmaking Seymour Kleinberg, Printmaking Charles Koegel, Painting Amy Kosh, Photography Matthew Lansburgh, Fiction Angela LaSalle, Photography Barbara Laube, Painting Jisoo Lee, Painting Liz Lee, Photography Taehun Lee, Painting Michael Leslie, Nonfiction

Beth Letain, Painting Andrea Lilienthal, Sculpture Jia-Jen Lin, Sculpture Illa Loeb, Painting Julie Lohnes, Painting Deborah Luken, Painting Christian Lund, Poetry Rufus Lusk, Painting Victoria Lustbader, Fiction Sara Lynch, Painting Caitlin MacBride, Painting Ryan Maldonado, Painting Sofia Maldonado, Painting Damian Masanz, Sculpture Sean McCarthy, Painting Ruth McKerrell, Painting natasha Mell-Taylor, Painting Ona Mirkinson, Nonfiction Rose nestler, Sculpture Dave norman, Nonfiction Laura nova, Sculpture Windy noviardy, Painting Philip Palmedo, Nonfiction Lillian Pease, Painting Cate Peebles, Poetry Mireya Pérez, Fiction Megan Piontkowski, Painting Pedro Ponce, Fiction Freya Powell, Printmaking Leah Raintree, Painting Robin Randisi, Photography Erika Ranee, Painting Rocio Rodriguez Salceda, Painting Ryan Russo, Painting Ana Saldamando, Fiction Dawn Schabner, Painting Hilary Schmidt, Painting George Schulman, Painting Zachary Seeger, Painting Ryan Selzer, Screenwriting Alexis Semtner, Painting Sarah Sharp, Painting noel Shaw, Fiction Laura Shearer, Poetry

"One aspect of the program that I was so impressed with was the ratio, integration and inclusion of international artists." ­nicole Stone, Sculpture, nY; Above: Scott Cassidy, Painting, CA


Kathryn Zazenski, Sculpture RHODE ISLAND David DiCecco, Printmaking Ruth Emers, Sculpture Susan Hardy, Painting ulick Mahoney, Painting Anne Shaw, Poetry Sarah Young, Sculpture SOUTH CAROLINA Lisa Chou, Painting Dawn Hunter, Painting TENNESSEE Carolyn Bomar, Painting McKinley Bryson, Painting Emily Choate, Fiction Mira Gerard, Painting Jodi Hays, Painting Jeremy Lloyd, Fiction William Price, Sculpture Sally Schloss, Fiction TEXAS Kate Abercrombie, Printmaking Alison Aldrich, Painting Curtis Bauer, Translation Sonya Berg, Painting Marjorie Brody, Fiction Julie Ann Candoli, Fiction Thomas Cummins, Photography Carolyn Dahl, Poetry Beverly Fletcher, Painting Martha Greene, Photography Meredith Greenwood, Photography Amy Guadagnoli, Printmaking Janet Hassinger, Painting Kathryn Horan, Painting Anita Horton, Painting Tamara Johnson, Sculpture Vicente Lozano, Fiction Lisa nersesova, Painting Denise Prince, Sculpture

Left: Maria Michails, Sculpture, Canada; Adjacent: Matt neckers, Painting, VT; Below: Ian Rhodewalt, Poetry, OH

Ruben Quesada, Poetry Kit Reisch, Sculpture Sue Anne Rische, Painting Emily Sloan, Sculpture Brad Ford Smith, Sculpture Brian St. John, Painting Andrew St. Martin, Painting Liliana Valenzuela, Nonfiction Virginia Yount, Painting UTAH Barbara Duffey, Poetry Kelly Larsen, Painting VERMONT Susan Abbott, Painting Barbara Ackerman, Painting Tania Aebi, Nonfiction Brandon Ayre, Fiction Claudia Bagiackas, Painting Jennifer Barr, Painting Heather Beard, Photography Dale Blodget, Painting Carol Boucher, Painting Meg Brazill, Fiction Katie Brines, Painting Susan Bruce, Painting nancy Calicchio, Painting

"Living and working with over fifty creative individuals has impacted me in ways I believe I have only begun to realize." ­Jody Servon, Painting, nC; Right: Rob Barrett, Sculpture, nY

Elayne Clift, Fiction Rachel Cohn, Sculpture Cathy Cone, Painting Louisa Conrad, Sculpture Amy Cook, Painting Geoff Corey, Painting Katie Crown, Painting Jose Chepe Cuadra, Painting Christopher Curtis, Sculpture Cameron Davis, Painting Arlene Distler, Poetry Eugenie Doyle, Fiction Peter Dreissigacker, Painting Alisa Dworsky, Printmaking Carol Egbert, Painting Bethany Farrell, Painting David Fisk, Painting Barbara Flack, Painting Timothy Grannis, Sculpture Tally Groves, Painting Rae Harrell, Sculpture Peter Harris, Sculpture Tamra Higgins, Poetry Charles Hunter, Painting David Hurwitz, Sculpture Jennifer Irion, Painting Kimberly Jones, Fiction Linda Jones, Painting Sarah Kariko, Sculpture nancy Kilgore Hayes, Poetry nicole Kircher, Photography Gillian Klein, Painting Heidi Lague, Painting Sarah Lavigne, Photography Jack Lazarowski, Sculpture Byron Lembo-Fréy, Painting James Lockhart, Sculpture Tony Lolli, Nonfiction Kate Longmaid, Painting Deborah Luskin, Fiction Rebecca Maden, Nonfiction John Mallery, Painting Monica McCabe, Painting Susan Jean McClellan, Painting

Kathleen McGuffin, Printmaking Rose nash, Fiction Matt neckers, Painting nicholas neddo, Painting Beth netelkos, Painting Lora nielsen, Nonfiction Erin O'neil, Poetry Susan Osgood, Printmaking Amy Panitz, Painting Jane Pincus, Painting Kate Pond, Sculpture nathaniel Price, Painting David Puretz, Fiction Helen Rabin, Painting Jules Rabin, Nonfiction Amy Rahn, Poetry Carlene Ramus, Painting Meghan Rigali, Sculpture Burgess Russell, Painting Donald Saaf, Painting Sarah Seidman, Fiction Molly Shaw, Painting Julia Shipley, Nonfiction Helen Shulman, Painting Anthony Sini, Painting Cayla Skillin-Brauchle, Printmaking Ann Stannard, Painting Kerin Sulock, Poetry Maggie Thompson, Nonfiction Ronald Thompson, Nonfiction nathaniel Vaughan, Painting Peter Woerner, Nonfiction Kylie Wolgamott, Painting Janet Wormser, Painting Lindsay Wraga, Painting Ted Zilius, Painting VIRGINIA Elizabeth Chaney, Sculpture Heather Dilatush, Painting nancy Jane Dodge, Painting WASHINGTON Malachite Amalya, Photography Judith Baumann, Printmaking Lanny Bergner, Sculpture Christina Collins, Poetry Carole D'Inverno-Frisell, Painting Kathy Liao, Painting Danila Rumold, Painting Sarah Teasdale Szady-Bey, Painting Christine Woodruff, Nonfiction WEST VIRGINIA Dane Klingaman, Painting WISCONSIN Warren Buckles, Fiction Robin Chapman, Poetry Adam Fell, Poetry Kate Pfeiffer, Painting Bryan Ritchie, Printmaking Jane Sadusky, Fiction naomi Schliesman, Sculpture Timothy Scott, Fiction WYOMING Bernadette Esposito, Nonfiction Ji Eun Kim, Painting

Resident portraits courtesy Howard Romero Photography

"When I applied for this residency, I was looking for space and time to work. Being here has reminded me of the huge impact a supportive, engaged community can have on private studio work. This is really a special place." ­Sarah Fitzsimons, Painter, OH

© Lavigne Photography


Vermont Studio Center provided fellowships and grants to make residencies available to artists and writers through the VSC Fellowship Fund. VSC fellowships, open to all artists and writers, are awarded through 3 jury reviews a year and provide the full residency fee based on merit. In addition, many special awards are available and highlight particular groups or the international community.

Gahagan Fellowship ­ This endowed award was created in memory of the late James Gahagan and supports one Anderson/SAIC Fellowship ­ Sponsored by the Marshall talented painter each year. Frankel Foundation and Davis Anderson, this award is open to all Chicago-area artists, including faculty and Golden Fellowship ­ Since 2006, the Sam and Adele alumni of the Art Institute of Chicago, for one four-week Golden Foundation for the Arts has sponsored one meritbased fellowship award for a painter of outstanding talent. VSC residency. NATIONAL FELLOWSHIPS Art Resource Association Fellowship ­ One Vermont Harpo Foundation Fellowship ­ This two-month fellowship Artists Week scholarship is offered annually in honor of award goes to an avant-garde emerging artist. ARA Founder, Phil Osgatharp, for an ARA member who Indiana Arts Commission Fellowship ­ The Indiana Arts demonstrates financial need. Commission provided a partial-fellowship award for a ART Fellowship ­ Since 2006, Artist's Resource Trust writer from Indiana. sponsors four-week residencies for new England visual Kay Evans Fellowship ­ Created in honor of Kay Evans by artists through their jury process. her friends and family, this award brings one talented poet Avery Fellowship ­ The Milton and Sally Avery Arts to VSC each year. Foundation, in tribute to the late Milton Avery, supports a fellowship for a painter of outstanding ability. Lehman Fellowships ­ The Robert Lehman Foundation sponsors two annual fellowships for a visual artist and a Brown Foundation Fellowship ­ The Brown Foundation writer from new York. supported one fellowship award for an artist or writer livJoan Mitchell Fellowships ­ This program subsidizes ten ing in Texas. outstanding visual artists who would otherwise be unable Cave Canem Fellowship ­ This fellowship provides one to participate in a VSC residency. four-week residency to a poet who is a Cave Canem fellow. Craig Neilsen Fellowships ­ Open to artists and writers Civil Society Institute Fellowships Program ­ This endowed of outstanding talent living with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) program offers three four-week VSC residencies to inner- or Spinal Cord Disease (SCD). In accordance with the city minority artists with demonstrable financial need, and mission of the Craig H. neilsen Foundation, applicants supports artists from small East Coast cities in the u.S. (for living with SCD will be considered, but priority will be given to artists and writers living with SCI. example: new Haven, Jersey City, and Baltimore). The Clowes Fund Fellowships Program ­ VSC received NCAC Fellowships ­ Since 1994, the north Carolina Arts an endowment gift from the Clowes Fund to support four Council supported annual fellowships for one artist and annual fellowships for visual artists from Massachusetts, one writer from north Carolina. Indiana, new Hampshire and Washington. New Jersey Fellowship ­ This award is sponsored The Dedalus Foundation Fellowships ­ These fellowships anonymously and is open to minority visual artists or are designated for outstanding painters whose work is a writers from new Jersey with clear financial need. living extension of the modernist tradition as exemplified by the work of Robert Motherwell.

OAC Fellowships ­ OAC Fellowships support artists and INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS writers who have received Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Awards in visual arts, photography, fiction, Displaced Artists Fund ­ VSC will fund two month-long creative nonfiction, poetry, playwriting, or criticism. residencies for Haitian artists and writers in 2010. Pavlis Fellowships ­ This program awards three annual fellowships for African American visual artists or writers with preference given to students or recent graduates of Fisk university, Spelman or Morehouse Colleges. Freeman Fellowships Program ­ Since 1992, The Freeman Foundation has supported eight-week VSC residencies for artists from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Pollock-Krasner Fellowships ­ The Pollock-Krasner Foundation supports four VSC fellowships for visual artists Guatemalan Fellowship ­ Funded anonymously, each year this award brings one outstanding writer from Guatemala. of outstanding talent. The Rona Jaffe Foundation Fellowship ­ This award James Wallace Arts Trust Fellowship ­ Established in 2008 supports one talented, emergent woman writer each year for a visual artist of outstanding talent from new Zealand, the program awards a two-month residency. and includes a $1,250 cash stipend. Thoreau Fellowship ­ Beginning in 2010, VSC will Jintian Literary Fund Fellowship ­ This annual award offer one month-long fellowship to a poet whose work supports a distinguished Chinese poet and his/her is a living extension of the writing and spirit of Henry American translator. David Thoreau. Mex-Am Cultural Foundation Fellowship ­ This annual Wheels for Wheels Fellowships ­ Since 2002, with the fellowship is awarded to a visual artist from Mexico. support of the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, VSC has offered fellowships to outstanding artists and writers Polish Cultural Institute Fellowship ­ The Polish Cultural who use wheelchairs or live with spinal cord injuries. Institute Fellowship supports a distinguished Polish poet. VAW Fellowships ­ Since 1984, VSC has subsidized Pollock-Krasner International Fellowship ­ This fellowship 50 Vermont artists and writers for one-week residencies provides an eight-week residency funded by the during VSC's annual Vermont Artists Week Program. Pollock-Krasner Fndn. for an exceptional international artist. VSC Fellowships ­ Each year, individual donors and trustees fund between one and four fellowships each Reed Foundation Caribbean Fellowships ­ Since 1998, the at VSC for artists and writers. 58 full and 300 partial Reed Foundation has sponsored annual fellowships for fellowships are awarded annually through an open, three artists from the Caribbean. unrestricted jury process. Rubin Fellowships ­ The Donald & Shelley Rubin Fndn. VSC Fellowships funded by The National Endowment for funds eight-week fellowships for visual artists engaging in the Arts ­ In 2006, VSC received its first grant from the or responding to traditional Himalayan forms. nEA to bring four artists of merit who demonstrate economic need to the Studio Center. VSC provides twelve Taipei Cultural Center Fellowship ­ This is a partial fellowship for a visual artist from Taipei. matching partial fellowships. Walt Whitman Fellowship ­ This month-long residency is US-Japan Foundation Fellowships ­ In 2010, the united awarded to the 2009 winner of the Academy of American States-Japan Foundation will support two eight-week residencies for visual artists from Japan. Poets Walt Whitman Award. Zoland Fellowships ­ Two Zoland Fellowship awards are VSC International Fellowships ­ Each year, individual open to writers of original English-language poetry and donors and trustees fund VSC fellowships for international artists and writers. translators, offered in conjunction with Zoland Poetry.


LaGuardia High School ­ This program offers month-long fellowships annually to two LaGuardia students between City University of New York ­ This program offers four their junior and senior year of high school. month-long fellowships a year for CunY faculty. Lyme Academy ­ This program sponsors up to three annual Cooper Union Fellowships ­ This program offers two fellowships for students and alumni of Lyme Academy. month-long awards annually to Cu faculty and students. University of Michigan ­ The university of Michigan offers Deerfield Academy Fellowships ­ This program supports one fellowship annually for a poet enrolled in the uMICH two month-long residencies for members of the Deerfield MFA program between his/her first and second year. writing and visual art faculty. UNESCO ­ VSC's partnership with unESCO-Aschberg Elk Grove Fellowships ­ Established in 2004, this annual Bursaries for Artists provides travel stipends for program sponsors two English teachers from the Elk Grove international artists in the fields of visual arts, music and school district in California. creative writing. RESIDENCY PARTNERSHIPS Emily Mason Awards ­ This program offers three annual University Partnerships ­ VSC matches funds provided by awards for Hunter College MFA students. the following institutions to offer fellowships to faculty or students: Bloomsburg university, Johnson State College, Goldsmith Awards ­ This program offers three month- MICA, Memphis College of Art, PRATT, RISD, union long fellowships annually for visual artists from Rutgers College, university of north Carolina at Greensboro, university and the Peddie School. uPenn, and university of Texas at Austin.

Learning in Arts & Culture Program (LACP) at Johnson Elementary School ­ Program Coordinator and VSC staff artist Arista Alanis provides JES students with weekly, handson arts instruction and ensures that students are exposed to VSC's international creative community by inviting artists-in-residence into the classroom. Artists and writers from urban and rural areas in 48 states, as well as from 40 foreign countries, have been given the opportunity to teach in local classrooms. With visitors from Austria to uzbekistan, the students learn to make connections between geography, culture and art.

Painter Raymond Kan Chi Hung (Hong Kong) and VSC LACP coordinator, Arista Alanis, with a JES art class, sketching at VSC's Red Mill Gallery The LACP Program has received support from the William Randolph Hearst Foundation, the national Endowment for the Arts, Vermont Arts Council, Green Mountain Fund, Canaday Family Charitable Trust, Merchants Bank, the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation, A.D. Henderson Foundation, the Mergens Foundation, and the Zoe Barnum Fund.

Teacher Fellowships Program ­ This program supports fellowships to both Vermont Artists Week and VSC's core international residency program for teachers locally, statewide and nationally who are interested in developing new creative curricula. Participating teachers receive support for follow-up activities with their students, and mentorship in both their studio practice and in arts education.


"An absolutely fundamental and fantastic experience. All of the writing I did will have a unique and special character due to the atmosphere of the Studio Center." ­ Tomasz Rozycki, Poet, Poland

Fund for Displaced Artists The Studio Center will fund two month-long residencies for artists and writers from Haiti in 2010. These awards honor Flo McGarrell, the son of VSC Visiting Artist James McGarrell, who was killed in Haiti's recent earthquake. The Studio Center's Fund for Displaced Artists was conceived in 2007, when VSC Trustee Marina Day wanted to do something to support California artists whose lives and studio practices had been disrupted by wildfires. In previous years, the Studio Center hosted two artists displaced by Hurricane Katrina and, with the support of the Geraldine R. Dodge Fndn., hosted a number of new York artists displaced by the events of 9/11. Photo: 2010 fellow: Claudel Zaka Chery, Haiti

Literature in Translation The Literature in Translation (LiT) Program was established in 2009 in an effort to bring international writers and their translators to the Studio Center community. In the program's inaugural year, the Studio Center welcomed writers from Guatemala, China, and Poland, and provided a glimpse of the wonderful addition to the Studio Center community these writers will make here. This program is generously funded by the Polish Cultural Institute, the Donald & Shelley Rubin Foundation, and several anonymous patrons. Photo: 2009 fellow: Tomasz Rozycki, Poland

Neilsen Awards With the generous support of the Craig H. neilsen Fndn., the neilsen Award offers artists and writers with spinal cord injuries, and/or who use wheelchairs, the opportunity to deepen their engagement in their creative practices. The residency supports artists and writers with spinal cord injuries in developing a body of work and in networking with other artists, writers and professional mentors, all of which will increase the reach of their work, raising awareness and challenging misconceptions about people with disabilities and reinforcing their agency and creative powers. Photo: 2010 fellow: Heather Mattoon, CA


VSC's residency format includes six distinguished visiting artists and writers per month. They include writers, painters, printmakers, and sculptors interacting with residents on a daily basis through readings, slide presentations, and one-on-one studio visits and writing conferences.

JANUARY Kathleen Gilje, Artist Joanne Greenbaum, Artist Eileen Myles, Writer Peter Schumann, Artist Larry Woiwode, Writer Jerilea Zempel, Artist FEBRUARY Ellen Altfest, Artist James Clark, Artist Cleopatra Mathis, Writer Dan Rizzie, Artist Michael Waters, Writer Amy Yoes, Artist MARCH Tom Bills, Artist Charles Bock, Writer Lauren Ewing, Artist David Gates, Writer Julian Lethbridge, Artist Marjorie Portnow, Artist APRIL Phoebe Adams, Artist Cora Cohen, Artist Jene Highstein, Artist Joyce Kozloff, Artist Eric Pankey, Writer Rosanna Warren, Writer

MAY Colin Chase, Artist Andrew Ginzel, Artist Eamon Grennan, Writer Michael Harper, Writer Myrna Harrison, Artist Katherine Porter, Artist JUNE Lee Abbott, Writer Susanna Coffey, Artist Carol Hepper, Artist John Lees, Artist Sigrid nunez, Writer Halsey Rodman, Artist JULY Emily Cheng, Artist Willie Cole, Artist Barbara Gallucci, Artist Doreen Gildroy, Writer Robert Henry, Artist Michael Ryan, Writer AUGUST Adam Braver, Writer Gillian Jagger, Artist Jean McGarry, Writer Irving Petlin, Artist Allison Smith, Artist Barbara Takenaga, Artist

SEPTEMBER Brian Belott, Artist Gregory Botts, Artist Marge Piercy, Writer Anne Rochette, Artist Ed Smith, Artist Cole Swenson, Writer OCTOBER Willard Boepple, Artist Lois Dodd, Artist Major Jackson, Writer nina Katchadourian, Artist Chris Martin, Artist Pattiann Rogers, Writer NOVEMBER Jackie Brookner, Artist Judy Glantzman, Artist Stanley Lewis, Artist Robert Lobe, Artist Sebastian Matthews, Writer Scott R. Sanders, Writer DECEMBER Tayari Jones, Writer Carrie Moyer, Artist Sheila Pepe, Artist Lorna Ritz, Artist Dean Snyder, Artist Gregory Spatz, Writer

our successes 25TH AnnIVERSARY EVEnTS

VSC celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2009. While the Studio Center has changed dramatically as an institution since 1984, the original vision of a creative community has not changed. VSC marked this occasion with various events throughout the year.

VT Artists Week Celebration: May 2 ­ Bread & Puppet performance, reading by Galway Kinnell, open studios, auction, and dance NYC Alumni Reunion: May 7 ­ At Wolf Kahn's Ameringer-Yohe exhibit

Founding Families: Sept. 25 ­ VSC's founding families and trustees shared a meal and memories Poet's Cookbook: Dec. 3 ­ Friends and alumni of the writing program gather for food and readings

25th Anniversary Reading: Feb. 13 ­ In conjunction with the AWP conference in Chicago, featuring Donald Revell, Forrest Gander, Sebastian Matthews, and Rosanna Warren

District Arts Festival: May 4-8 ­ Featuring the work of local K-12 students, including those taught through the Learning in Art & Culture Program

our thAnks 2009 FRIEnDS & SuPPORTERS

VSC depends on the generous support of trustees, alumni, and friends. Funders can create fellowships specific to their community or support all VSC artists and writers with a gift to the VSC Fellowship Fund. We wish to thank the following friends, alumni and foundation supporters who made gifts to the Studio Center between January 1 ­ December 31, 2009.

Tom & Kate Chappell Deerfield Academy Joy Fishman Leslie Fishman John Fitzpatrick The Sam and Adele Golden Foundation for the Arts, Inc. SUSTAINERS Growald Community Fund $50,000 - $99,999 Paul & Eileen Growald The Clowes Fund, Inc. Paul Harper Wolf Kahn & Emily Mason Harpo Foundation Amabel & Tony James PATRONS Marin Community Foundation $25,000 - $49,999 David & Lucy Marvin Anonymous (2) Philip Palmedo Canaday Family Charitable Trust Pat Parsons Joan Mitchell Foundation The Wolf Kahn & Emily Mason Foundation Roland Pease Carol Pechet Lucretia Philanthropic Foundation Maurice Pechet Foundation national Endowment for the Arts Polish Cultural Institute The Philanthropic Collaborative, Inc. The Rachel Foundation Mary Louise Pierson The university of Michigan Katherine Porter Sue Thomas Rona Jaffe Foundation university of Vermont Vermont Arts Council, Inc. SPONSORS $10,000 - $24,999 PARTNERS Anonymous (1) $1,000 - $3,749 Artist's Resource Trust Jayne Allister Barbara Baird Anonymous (3) Cameron Baird Foundation Willard Boepple Joan Brady Jean Cherouny C.A.L. Foundation The Chicago Community Foundation Winthrop Conrad Jonathan Clowes Susan Read Cronin Community Foundation of Western Marina Day Massachusetts Dedalus Foundation Jack Crowl & Gaal Shepherd Crowl Barry Goldsmith Laura Ellis Melinda Hackett Green Mountain Fund Lou Hicks Jon Gregg & Louise von Weise Won Lee Indiana Arts Commission Robert Mandell Jintian Literary Foundation J. Steven & Michelle Manolis Margaret Lampe Kannenstine Musa Mayer Paulette Lee Craig H. neilsen Foundation Mary Morgan Pasadena Community Foundation Joseph Pierson Pollock-Krasner Foundation Marybeth Rothman Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation Grace Shanley Still Water Foundation Taipei Cultural Center James C. Taylor unESCO-Aschberg Bursaries for Artists Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation Programme Susan Tremaine Vermont Community Foundation FRIENDS James Wallace Arts Trust $250 - $999 Teresa Ernst Waterman Miriam Alpern Jill Wilkinson Karen Rand Anderson Betsy Asplundh-Penn ARTIST ANGELS The Bolton Sullivan Fund $3,750 - $9,999 Warren Buckles Alumni & Friends of LaGuardia High Carole Butler School David Cannom Anonymous (3) Association of Literary Scholars and Critics Rob & Marcia Chaffee Milton & Sally Avery Arts Foundation, Inc. Trim Conklin Louise Cross Sam & Dusty Boynton Eric Drotch Brown Foundation Peter Espenshade Brundage Foundation FOUNDER'S CIRCLE $100,000 and above Freeman Foundation Jennifer Johnson River Branch Foundation

Leah Evans Janet Fish & Charles Parness Craig Fisher Doug Fogelson The Fourth Corner Foundation Isabel Fox Meyer & Florence Frucher Kathryn Fuller Isabeth Hardy & Greenwind DeCelle Myrna Harrison Patricia Hirsch Shoei-Shian Hsu Charles Hunter Richard Huskes Woody Jackson George Jakab Johnson Hardware & Rental Werner Kramarsky Madeleine Kunin Andrea Lilienthal Kathryn Lynch & Peter Moore Merchants Bank Foundation Carol Moldaw AJ nadel John & Sandra Horvitz Elizabeth newman Stephanie Oliver William Peabody Signa Read Sandra Read Ayn Riehle Susan Ritz Rock Art Brewery Patricia & Michael Rosenblatt Del Sheldon Catherine Skinner Maynard Toll Patty Wetherbee Suzi Wizowaty Peter Woerner Andrew Yoder & Tracey Brinson $100 - $249 Renee & Sylvia Alanis Edward Alexander Laurie Alpert Anonymous (4) Brandon Ayre Robert & Barbara Bachner Del & Linda Barrows

Lisa Beach Arthur Berndt Kathleen Black Hurley Gail Bracegirdle Vance Brand nancy Calicchio Bivas Chaudhuri Che Cong Loc Alan Cheuse Denise Clemen Cameron Davis Mark Dilks Eugenie Doyle Ben Ellis Anne Evans Laurence Fechter Dan Fishman Suki Fredericks Edwin Freeman Diana Gandolfi Iva Gillet Valerie Graham Laurie Granieri Lauren Groff Tally Groves Ross & Fran Hanson Cheryl Harrington Sarah Heller Paul Hertz Tamra Higgins Elizabeth & Andrew Johnson Kimberly Jones Manette Jungels Cassandra Kabler John Kefferstan

Left: Sculptor arranges logs in the sculpture yard for an outdoor installation; Above: LACP Teaching Fellow Tamra Higgins reads at Lowe Lecture Hall

Right: VSC community enjoys a 25th Anniversary presentation in the lecture hall; Below: Sculptor takes a break in his studio

Londa Weisman Caroline West Judy Wizowaty Susan Woolf Donna Works Philip Zuchman $1 - $99 Anonymous (4) Susan Abrams Yuko Adachi Kathrena Adams Pat Adams Hillary Albins Stella Alesi Carol Allen Roberta Allen Laura Alvis Elizabeth Alwin Elizabeth Andrews Milford Apetz Shelli Ardizzone Jean Arnold Claudia Bagiackas Bonnie Baird Robert Barasch Eleanor Barnes Amanda Barr Marsha Barron Elizabeth Bassett Violet Baxter Stephanie Beach Brian Benfer Jon Berge Linda Bills Brian Bishop Mariella Bisson Benjamin Bivins Dale Blodget Billie Bolton naomi Bossom Tania Botelho William & Ruth Botzow Carol Boucher James Brandess Juanita Brautlacht Meg Brazill Susan Brearey Leslie Brill Felix Bronner Cristen Brooks Carol Burbank Caroline Burton Steven Cahill Katherine Caldwell Carolyn Caldwell Jane Campbell Ann Campbell Julie Ann Candoli Caryn Cardello

Carolyn King Iona Kleinhaut Elena Kubler A. H. Langmack Ellen Lanyon Ann Lasusa Robin Lloyd Chantal Lucas Patricia Marcus Curtis Rick Mashburn Colleen McCallion Robin McCarthy Kayla Mohammadi Katharine More Kenneth Mountcastle Steven Muller Samuel noto Sue O'Donnell Frederick & Judith Osborne Eric Pankey Mary Phillips Jane Pincus Paul Pinkman Katherine Pond Elinor Randall Keeney nathan Ismael Randall Weeks Wendy Ring Carole Robb Val & Louis Rossman Maureen Russell James Santos Joanna Scott nora Shepard Helen Shulman Joan Sidney Philip Sloane Ann Snyder Susan Stedman Stephen Sunenblick Mary Beth Sunenblick nancy Taplin Milagros Torres Sally Van Doren Mary Volmer

Patricia Carrigan Amy Casey Ryan Chambers John Chang Sharon Charde Darlyne Chauve Suzanne Clark Elayne Clift noon Coda Rona Cohen Rachel Cohn Pat Collins Merill Comeau Cathy Cone Mary Connelly Linda Conoval Louisa Conrad Michael Coppage Christiane Corcelle-Lippeveld Verna Cordon Geoffrey Corey Kevin Cummins Carolyn Dahl Robert Dall Kimberly Dark Monique Daviau Susanne Davis Betsy DeFusco Tracy DeBrincat Michelle Demers Erin Denny Tabitha Dial Arlene Distler nancy Dodge Georgy Dolgy Moira Donovan William Donovan Lei-Sanne Doo Juditha Dowd Glennis Drew Dina Dubois Katharine Dufault Jeanne Dunn Jane Dunne-Brady Rita Edelman Eleanor Edwards-Smith Shari Epstein Ekaterina Failkova Lucas Farrell Ann & Rodger Fauber Cecelia Feld Katya Fialkova Mary Fillmore Marianne Finnegan Timothy Fisher David Fisk Sarah Fitzsimons Carol Flueckiger Anne Foley Stephanie Ford

John Franklin Janet Fredericks Matt Frieburghaus David Friedman Leslie Fry nina Furstenau Diane Gabriel Randy Garber Josephina Gasca Hannah Gersen Joanne Glenn Molly Gochman Phillip Godenschwager Carl Gombert Charles Goodwin Sarah Gorham Christopher & nancy Graff Matthew Graham Lynda Grant Louise Guerin Jessica Gunderson Helen Hadala nannette Haid Rita Haldeman Miriam Hall Sara Hanlon Danita Hanson Shelby Hearon Gretchen Henderson Alicia Herrmann nona Hershey Andra Hibbert Reid Hitt Philip Hoff Laura Hollingshead Catherine Holloway Heidemarie Holmes-Heiss Betsy Houghton John Howard Deb Hoy Mary Hughes Deborah Hull Carol Ikard Shae Irving Major Jackson

Left: Sculpture tech Harlan Mack, helps a resident plan a project in the sculpture shop; Above: Painter working in studio


Right: The VSC community in the dining hall; Below: An installation in the gallery by Korean sculptor In Goo Kang

Lynn Powell Harriet Power Shirley Pransky Mary Pritchard Susan Raabe Juliet Rago-Mcnamara Random House/Knopf Publishing James Rauchman Marjory Reid Betsy Renfrew Carolyn Renwick Chris Rini Phillip Robertson Shelli Robiner-Ardizzone Delia Robinson David Robinson Kristi Roenning Gary Rogowski Marah Rohovit Janice Ross Burgess Russell Susan Russell Mary Lee Rybar Donald Saaf Paul Sacaridiz Jane Sadusky Gail Salzman Peter Santos Peggy Sapphire Kim Saul Hayden Saunier Margie Sawyer Dawn Schabner Erika Schmidt Michael Schneider George & Alice Schulman Laurence Selim Jody Servon Jan Shapin Lenore Shapiro Jan Slater & James Gordon Shields Gabrielle Sichel Robert Siegelman Sara Sill Susan Silverman Anthony Sini Cayla Skillin-Brauchle Emily Sloan Robert Sloane Carole Sloane Kathy Smith Breck Smith Lochlin Smith Jisoon Soh Frederick Speers Joy Spontak Catherine St. John Lauren Stagnitti Charles Steckler nina Stimson Samn Stockwell Craig Stockwell Toni Stone nicole Stone Barbara Sullivan Kerin Sulock Pierce Sunenblick Gladys Swan Merrill Swim Terry Taffer Joan Tallan Michael Tarr Sallie Tasto Thomas Taylor Brian Taylor Kim Thoman Eliza Thomas Ronald Thompson Margaret Thompson Maida Tilchen Kathryn Tilton Catherine Tudish Meredeth Turshen Gerry Tuten Jamie ursic Masarah Van Eyck Kathryn Van Steenhuyse Victoria Veedell Michael Velliquette Karl Volk Sarah Vollmann Dianna Vosburg Harry Waitzman G.C. Waldrep Meg Walker Frederick Wall Dana Walrath Andrea Wasserman Susan Watson Ann West JoAnn Whetsell nancy Whitcher Marcia Widenor Mary Louise Willey Bill Willis

Lois Jackson Stephen & Andi Jacobs Christine Johnson Linda Jones Peter Jones Chet Jones Allison Joseph Sarah Kariko nina Katchadourian Hank Kearsley Harry Kendall nancy Kilgore Kelly Kleinschrodt Fran Kornfeld Ival Kovner Fawn Krieger Karen Kucharski Kathleen Kucka Allison Lacher Mary Lamboley Diane Langley Josie Lawrence John Lazarowski Rachel Lazo Eleonora Lecei Jance Lentz-Hatch Jill Leukhardt Joseph Levickas Richard Lewis Ying Li Kathy Liao Peter Ligon Susan Lindgren Margaret Livingston Jessi Lloyd Tony Lolli nina Long Kate Longmaid Mark Lorah Jane LowBeer Vicente Lozano Deborah Luken Deborah Luskin Carol MacDonald

Jan Mack Rebecca Maden Willy & Patricia Malarcher Denise Manseau Jackson Martin M.G. Martin Dorothy Martinez Chloe Martinez Timothy Mayo Renee McCormick Susan McDormand Shelia McGuinness Lynda McIntyre Mark McKain Robert McLaughlin Michel McMahan Christina Mcnearney Karen McPherson Catherine Meighan Gretchen Mentzer Elise Meyers Michael Michaels Kathryn Milillo Katherine Miller Kathie Milligan Ariel Mitchell Elizabeth Moore Adriana Morales Rhett Laurie Moran Andrea Moreau Julija Mostykanova Joy nagy Tomas nakada Christopher nelson Lydia nettler Walter newman Ann nichols Lora nielsen Jay noble Justin nostrala Judith noyes-Farnsworth Mary Beth O'Connor Patricia Olding Rose Olson Carl Oltvedt Anna Onufer Susan Osgood Philip Osgood Thomas Paquette Jane Parshall Alan Paschell Michele Patenaude Mark Patnode Cristina Pellechio Catherine Peltz nicole Peskin Gary Peter Marie-Louise Petrie Winifred Pfister nancy Pine

Left: A resident making use of the daily life drawing sessions; Above: Gardens in full bloom outside the visiting artist studios

Kathleen Winter Janet Wormser Diane Worth Mary Wright Heidi Yockey Maynard Yost Katherine Yvinskas Lewis Zacks Kathryn Zazenski Susan Zoino Elena Zolotnitsky MEMORIAL GIFTS in Memory of Kay Evans Warren Buckles David Cannom Rob & Marcia Chaffee Ben Ellis Leah Evans Meyer & Florence Frucher Cheryl Harrington A. H. Langmack Robert McLaughlin Stephanie Oliver Jan Slater & James Gordon Shields Susan Stedman Mary Beth Sunenblick Pierce Sunenblick Maynard Toll

in Memory of Edda Jakab Susan Abrams Laurence Fechter George Jakab in Memory of Nonnie Moore John & Sandra Horvitz Chantal Lucas Peter Moore & Kathryn Lynch in Memory of Jean Pedrick John Kefferstan GIFTS IN-KIND American Flatbread A Single Pebble Ben and Jerry's Foundation Blossoming Lotus David Blum Boutelier's Art Supply Buffalo Mt. Co-op Butternut Mountain Farm Cabot Creamery Cady's Falls nursery Champlain Orchards Dakin Farm Ebenezer Books Fern Hill Massage Fitch Hill Inn

Forget Me not Foote Brook Farm Gardener's Supply Johnson Library Johnson State College Johnson Woolen Mills Warren Kimble Kathleen Kucka LaStrada Bakery Lake Champlain Chocolates Laughing Moon Chocolates Leonardo's Gelateria Lovin Cup Cafe Miguel's Products LLC Kathie Milligan The Plum and Main Price Chopper Howard Romero Seventh Generation Liv Skorstad Smuggler's notch Resort Snowflake Chocolates Sysco The Studio Store The Drawing Board Trattoria Delia Vermont Cookie Love Muriel Wolf

We have made every effort to ensure that this list is accurate and complete. We apologize for any errors. Please let us know of any oversight. The Vermont Studio Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation founded in 1984. Therefore, all gifts and bequests to the Center are fully deductible to the extent provided by law for income and estate tax purposes.

September 2009 Resident Portrait


For twenty-five years, VSC has benefited from the generosity of those who believe in the spirit and mission of the Vermont Studio Center. The Gihon Society has been established to honor those Studio Center friends and alumni who have chosen to include the Center in their estate plans. VSC welcomes gifts of cash, stocks, real estate, the rights to and royalties from works of art, and other items such as books, equipment, and furnishings.


Sam & Dusty Boynton Susan Read Cronin Jon Gregg & Louise von Weise Lou & Margaret Kannenstine Pat Parsons Margie Sawyer Anne Schutzberger Sue Thomas Trudy Walker Deborah Winegar Suzi Wizowaty Dohrn Zachai

To discuss the ways in which your legacy gift can help benefit future generations of artists and writers, contact Jill Leininger, Director of Development, at 802-635-2727 or [email protected] Our development office, working with gift and tax planning advisors from the Vermont Community Foundation, will be pleased to work with you and your financial counsel to meet your philanthropic and financial goals.


Our 25th year has been amazing in all aspects, with more applications, fellowships and support. In 2009 VSC awarded more than $1,407,602 in grant and aid to deserving artists and writers around the globe. ­ George Pearlman, Executive Director

SUPPORT & REVENUE Grants & Contributions Individuals Foundations & Corporations Estates & Bequests Government Grants Events Earned Revenue Other Income TOTAL SUPPORT & REVENUE OPERATING EXPENSES Program Administration Development & Marketing TOTAL OPERATING EXPENSES BALANCE SHEET BALANCE SHEET Assets Cash Endowment Funds Property & Equipment Other Assets Total Assets Liabilities & net Assets Current Liabilities Long-term Liabilities Total Liabilities Net Assets $ $

2009 361,493 719,186 0 22,948 5,225 1,201,419 115,427 $ 2,425,698

% 15 30 0 1 <1 50 >4 100


Other Income > 4%

Earned Revenue 50%

Grants & Contributions 46%

2009 OPERATING EXPENSES $ 1,723,313 360,910 366,583 $ 2,450,806 2009 70 15 15 100 2008

Administration 15%

Development & Marketing 15%

Program 70%

672,710 $ 629,470 1,822,008 1,504,708 3,319,825 3,427,179 98,790 138,282

In order to preserve our endowment principal, VSC did not withdraw the budgeted endowment distribution of $74,605 in 2009. All endowed fellowships were covered with earned revenue. VSC's 2009 audit was conducted by Fothergill Segale & Valley, CPA's.

$ 5,913,333 $ 5,699,639 $ 808,628 $ 527,531 849,750 527,551

$ 1,336,159 $ 1,377,301 $ 4,577,174 $ 4,322,338


BOARD OF TRUSTEES Winthrop Conrad Jr., Chair Emily Mason, Vice Chair Susan Read Cronin, Secretary James C. Taylor, Treasurer Willard Boepple Joan Brady Marina Forstmann Day Leslie Fishman Jonathan Gregg Melinda Hackett Lou Hicks Wolf Kahn Madeleine May Kunin Won Lee Kathryn Lynch Robert Mandell J. Steven Manolis David Marvin Musa Mayer Peter Moore Frederick Osborne Mary Louise Pierson Louise von Weise Teresa Ernst Waterman Ken Jan Woo TRUSTEE COUNCIL Annette Blaugrund Tom & Kate Chappell Jonathan Clowes Jean Michel & Anita Gathy Jill Wilkinson FOUNDERS Jon Gregg Frederick Osborne Louise von Weise DIRECTORS Kathy Black, Program Director Gary Clark, Writing Program Director Jill Leininger, Development Director James MacDowell, Plant Director George Pearlman, Executive Director STAFF Arista Alanis, Community Arts Program Dan Allen, Maintenance Manager Zelda Alpern, Grant Program Manager Louise Cross, Accounting/Office Manager Loren Erdrich/Mary Lamboley, Founder's Assistant David Grozinsky, Admissions Coordinator Mark Hallett, Chef G. Todd Haun, Housing Manager Liz Kauffman, Kitchen Coordinator Harlan Mack, Sculpture Technician Jessica Marvin/Katie Brines, Admissions Assistant Joelen Mulvaney, Development Assistant Sierra nelson/Tatiana Klacsmann, Travel Coordinator Jessica Pezalla, Graphic Design Mario Romano/Ariel Churnin, Kitchen Coordinator Pierce Sunenblick/David Kearns, Housekeeping Tara Thacker, Asst. Director, Alumni & Donor Relations Kate Westcott, Receptionist

VSC Staff, 2009

VSC actively pursues ways to eliminate waste and reduce our carbon footprint on the world's finite natural resources. We use and promote green practices in our operations, from recycling to buying locally and composting to conserving energy. This report is printed using the lowest VOC inks, 100% PCW paper and is FSC certified.

© Maxwell MacKenzie

Vermont Studio Center is a member of the following organizations: Alliance of Artists Communities EPA Lead-safe Certified Firm Johnson Works Res Artis Vermont Arts Council Vermont Business Environmental Partnership Vermont Community Foundation Vermont Fresh Network

PoSt oFFiCE Box 613 tEL: (802) 635 2727 JohNSoN, Vt 05656 FAx: (802) 635 2730 [email protected]


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