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Resource Products by Perry Stone

Each set contains TWO audio CDs. $12 per set - 6 or more sets for $10 each

Dealing with the Devil 101

Are you tired of going from one trial and temptation to the next without ever gaining victory? Learn effective spiritual warfare. Perry answers many of the questions that often arise in the heat of spiritual conflict. Also includes a study of how seven Temple rituals symbolize the seven spiritual weapons that Christians need when dealing with the devil!


2CD064 (TWO CDs) $12

Reversing the Family Curse

There are generational patterns, spirits, and generational curses among the unsaved. Perry reveals the possibility of a "Kennedy Curse" and what may have caused it. Learn about modern day "curses" such as the "Zero Curse" on U.S. Presidents, and a curse placed upon former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Perry offers genuine insight into this controversial and profound subject and he reveals how to reverse the curse.

2CD066 (TWO CDs) $12

New Levels New Devils

2CD123 (TWO CDs) $12

As you reach new spiritual levels, your attacks from the enemy will probably increase. The four levels of warfare that Christians encounter are depression, deadness, attraction, and insanity. Topics on this album include: Lessons from Ziklag to Zion, Power Over All Devils, Illumination Leads to Affliction, and Limited Seasons of Attack.

Fasting: The Key to the Impossible

2CD219 (TWO CDs) $12

Unlock the door to the supernatural power of receiving miracles, healing and answered prayer through fasting. Learn how fasting is the master key to the impossible, how long to fast, when to fast, how to break a fast, and the benefits of fasting.

Dealing with Evil Spirits

2CD252 (TWO CDs) $12

It is possible for evil spirits to be assigned through people to create hindrances and oppression. They may also initiate sickness and infirmities against believers. How does a believer open the door to spirits and how can we shut the door against satanic forces? On this important album, Perry gives valuable insight that will empower your spiritual life.

Living Spiritual in a Carnal World

2CD261 (TWO CDs) $12

Learn how to overcome temptations while living in a carnal world. Topics include: Fighting to Hold Posessions, Rooting out the Amalekites, Mingled Seed, Subdue & Dispossess, Wrong Seed, Receiving Another Spirit, Lessons I Have Learned.

Exploring the Spirit World

2CD267 (TWO CDs) $12

Enter the world of unseen angels, demons, and spiritual conflict. Topics include: The History of Lucifer, 13 Names for Satan, 12 Types of Satanic Agents, 7 People Satan Uses, 24 Works of Satan, Temptation, Stories from the Dark Side, How Spirits Manifest, False Religion, and Why Blood is Important.

7 Weapons for 7 End-Time Attacks

2CD283 (TWO CDs) $12

The daily ministry in the ancient Jewish Temple reveals weapons for overcoming Satan's attacks. Learn why on this album, which also discusses mysteries in the seven feasts, Satan's movements during the feasts, and seven weapons to overcome the seven end-time attacks.

3:00 in the Morning - Tapping Into the Spirit World

Many people say they often wake up unexpectedly at 3:00 am. In the time of Christ, the fourth watch began at 3 am. Jesus would wake and pray at the beginning of the fourth watch. What did Jesus know about the spirit world that you also need to know? This two-hour teaching album will answer this and many more questions!

2CD304 (TWO CDs) $12

The Gold Bible Hoax

2CD306 (TWO CDs) $12

Joseph Smith claimed an angel visited him with gold plates that revealed how the American Indians were descendants of the Jews. He translated these plates to write the Book of Mormon, often called "Another Testament of Jesus Christ." Perry reveals inside information about how the Book of Mormon, called the "Golden Bible," is one of the biggest hoaxes presented to the American public. Perry's insight is well-researched and documented. Arm yourself with this information and discover the real truth.

Defeating the Spirit of Infirmity

2CD309 (TWO CDs) $12

The spirit of infirmity is a spirit of weakness that preys on the physical, emotional and spiritual weaknesses of a person. This album exposes the plans of the spirit and gives you the spiritual weapons to overcome its tactics. Perry also reveals how to reverse a satanic attack. Anyone experiencing spiritual attacks will benefit from this album.

Binding Devils Loosing Saints

Many believers who are being harassed and oppressed are taking it instead of resisting it! Perry reveals the spiritual authority of the believer and how, through using this authority, we can bind devils and loose saints. Subjects include: Five Spirits You May Be Battling, The Authority of Binding and Loosing, Prophecies from the Devil, How to Reverse a Prophecy from the Devil, Four Reasons for the Conflict, and The Secret of Warfare Intercession.

2CD311 (TWO CDs) $12

The Elijah Factor

There is a major prophetic debate in Christian circles about the theory of a Jewish temple on the Temple Mount during the tribulation. On this two-hour teaching, Perry gives Biblical evidence of a tribulation temple and shows how Elijah, one of two witnesses, will direct this rebuilding during the first year of the tribulation.

2CD312 (TWO CDs) $12

Offending Your Angel

2CD313 (TWO CDs) $12

Angels are assigned to assist, protect, & minister to us. However, the Bible says our words and actions can offend the angels of the Lord. Perry reveals an important study based on Exodus 23:20-21 and Ecclesiastes 5:6. Hear Biblical & life examples that reveal the importance of not offending the presence of the Lord, including the angels of God! Topics include: 4 Assignments of Angels, Offending the Angel of the Divine Presence, The Danger of a Broken Vow, 5 Things that Offend the Angels of God, 3 Steps to Restoring the Presence of God.

Taking The Devil to Dinner

2CD315 (TWO CDs) $12

Have you unintentionally invited the devil into your home and church? Messages included on this audio CD set are: Judas is in the Church, Opening the Door to a Tormenting Spirit, Get the Goat Out of your House, Unforgiveness, Satan's Greatest Weapon, and What is the Sin Unto Death.

The Pre-Adamite World

2CD317 (TWO CDs) $12

This album explains the world that was, and what happened between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2. Topics include: How Old Is the Earth? Was There a Creation Before Adam was Created? The Fallen Angels, Answering Evolution, and Mystery of the Dinosaurs

The Bema Factor

2CD318 (TWO CDs) $12

A detailed study of the judgment seat of Christ. Discover the books in heaven that record personal information and how God will determine your rewards, or lack of rewards, on that day. Let no man take your crown!

The Psychology of Satanic Temptation

2CD320 (TWO CDs) $12

You have probably heard the theory that men tend to think with the left side of the brain and women think with the right side of the brain. Do you know how satanic temptation works against men and women using the left and right brain concept? This unusual and powerful teaching will expose another aspect of temptation!

Ancient Temple Signs and Other Signs of the Last Days

40 yrs before the destruction of the Jewish temple, a series of strange signs occurred that were witnessed by the priest. Four years before the Roman invasion in 70 AD, multitudes witnessed a series of supernatural & cosmic signs revealing the impending desolation of the Holy City. Many of these signs are repeating themselves in this generation!

2CD323 (TWO CDs) $12

The Bible predicts a restrainer in the earth, holding back the rise of the Antichrist. Perry reveals the four restrainers God uses on earth today, including America. Much of the world is angry and envious of America; however, without our military influence the world would be a dangerous place. Perry explains how the throne room of God becomes a war room, and why God uses wars to fulfill His purpose on the earth.

America, the Restrainer of Evil

2CD325 (TWO CDs) $12

Using the example of Joseph's bones in Egypt, Perry shares a word about your unsaved family members. The Holy Spirit directed Perry to share this with Christians: Your bones are coming home! God will not leave your family in Egypt when he brings you into your promised land. This encouraging teaching explains how God will bring your unsaved family members to Christ, before it is too late!

Your Bones are Coming Home

2CD326 (TWO CDs) $12

Breaking Satanic Assignments

Before your conversion, Satan attempted to stop your obedience to God. Strategies are planned years in advance to kill, steal, or destroy your destiny! Satan knows how to connect your weakness with another person's weaknesses and forge a wrong relationship. He knows how to pervert your strengths and cause moral and spiritual failures that will harm you and your family. We need to know how to discern and break these assignments. Learn how to change your situation and stop Satan's assignments!

2CD327 (TWO CDs) $12

Satan's Plot to Wear out the Saints

Have you noticed a spirit of weariness coming upon you lately? Is it difficult to focus and get up and go? On this two-hour teaching, Perry will give you the unique solutions to battling weariness and fatigue.

2CD328 (TWO CDs) $12

How to Flow in the Gifts of the Spirit

2CD329 (TWO CDs) $12

God provided nine special gifts for the body of Christ, but many Christians know little about these gifts, how to receive them, or how to use them! Perry Stone Jr. and Fred Stone teach about the nine gifts of the spirit. Fred Stone has seen all nine gifts operate in his ministry at one time or another. As they were teaching, the Holy Spirit began to deal with them about future terrorist attacks and this information is also on the album.

Sealed in the Time of Calamity

2CD330 (TWO CDs) $12

Perry reveals the powerful concepts and keys of how God protects his children from calamity. God can deliver a person before the trouble comes. He can also seal a person for protection in the midst of the trouble. This is an important and timely teaching!

Seven Sudden Prophetic Surprises

2CD331 (TWO CDs) $12

Over the past 50 years, there have been prophetic steppingstones and milestones. These major milestones occur during prophetic times and seasons. We are now in a major cycle of steppingstones leading to milestones. In this two-hour teaching, Perry examines the seven most important prophetic surprises during the past 50 years. Perry also looks at the plans of America's enemies, especially terrorists.

On Pike's Peak, a line called the "snake line" is drawn across a section of the mountain. Once a hiker crosses this line, a snake cannot survive past the mark. On this two-hour album, Perry reveals how to live above the snake line by discovering how to sit in heavenly places and learn to rest in the Holy Spirit.

Living Above the Snake Line

2CD332 (TWO CDs) $12

This teaching exposes Satan's manifesto against America, the church, and Israel! Perry explains why Israel is hated and why Jews will be attacked in the future. He reveals the big lie from Arabia, and the fanatical Islamic agenda to take down the USA. He exposes the plans of terrorists and the real reason for their attacks. Be amazed at the insight in this teaching!

Exposing Satan's Prophetic Agenda

2CD333 (TWO CDs) $12

Opening a Closed Heaven

2CD334 (TWO CDs) $12

Perry helps you learn how to pray a closed heaven open, and shows you the powerful principles of having your prayers answered! You will learn why God sometimes says no, the power of crying out to the Lord, reasons your answers might be delayed, three times when God will not hear your prayer, and guidelines to having your prayers heard and answered.

Rebounding from the Snare of the Enemy

The Bible warns that men are snared in the evil day. The adversary sets certain traps during your journey. Good people can fall into these traps, embarrassing themselves and their families. Perry shows you from the Bible how great men and women who fell into the snare have rebounded and been restored again. If you or anyone you know has experienced a strong temptation, moral failure, or snare of the enemy, they can rebound!

2CD335 (TWO CDs) $12

Falling Into the Will of Satan

The Bible warns that Satan can take a believer captive at his will (II Timothy 2:26). When this occurs, it is possible for a believer to come under the influence of a "tormenting spirit." On this album, Perry reveals how strife, unforgiveness, and bitterness unlock the door to a believer falling into the will of Satan.

2CD336 (TWO CDs) $12

Enemies in Your Own House

2CD337 (TWO CDs) $12

Jesus warned that a man's adversaries would be those in his own house! Battles within your own family are the most damaging and frustrating to your spiritual walk with God. The enemy can wear down your resistance through the enemies in your own house. Perry helps you understand how to deal with adversity in your home.

The Law of Making & Breaking Vows

2CD338 (TWO CDs) $12

Ecclesiastes 5:4-6 says if we break a vow to God, the angel (messenger) of the Lord could destroy the works of our hands. Scripture shows your blessings can be withheld if you make a vow and do not keep it! In this two-hour study, Perry explores Scriptures & explains the meaning, purpose and law of making vows. He shows what happens in the spirit world when we break our vows to God.

Divine Reversal

Job was one of the greatest comeback stories in history! He lost everything, but received back double for all of his troubles. If you need God to turn things around in your life, you need this teaching. You will also learn how to walk under an open window. If you seek God's favor, then this album will be the resource tool to help you!

2CD339 (TWO CDs) $12

Reversing Self-Invited Curses

2CD340 (TWO CDs) $12

Ministers often preach about generational curses, but few have spoken about self-invited curses! This album reveals how your words may bring on your problems, and how words can release evil spirits and angels. Perry explains how to reverse the curse and gives many unusual examples of self-invited curses. A powerful message for every believer!

America in the Last Days

2CD341 (TWO CDs) $12

Satan has forged a strategy that, if successful, will initiate a curse from God upon America. This strategy will bring destruction to major cities and selective judgment to sections of the country! It is time to know what will happen to America in the last days. Discover our assignments, why we are always involved in wars, and the cycles about to be fulfilled!

Breaking Familiar Spirits

2CD342 (TWO CDs) $12

Is it possible that familiar spirits have plagued your family lineage? In this study of how the spirit world operates, you will discover how familiar spirits are linked to many modern-day occult activities, such as talking to the dead, witchcraft, astrology, fortune telling, séances, and the "sins of the fathers." Learn how these spirits are broken!

The Secrets of Paradise

2CD343 (TWO CDs) $12

Where are your departed loved ones and what are they doing now? What happens to your soul when you die? We hear teaching about heaven, but little about paradise. Paradise is located in the Third Heaven (II Cor. 12). It is where the spirits and souls of the righteous dead are taken until the future resurrection. What is going on in paradise and what is it like? Can our departed family members see us or hear what we say? This album also includes amazing stories of believers who have seen paradise!

The enemy has assigned seven types of spirits against believers in the last days. On this teaching, Perry reveals these seven spiritual powers and gives you the weapons that will help defeat each spirit. This is a unique spiritual warfare study that every believer needs in his or her home study library!

Seven Spirits That Are Attacking Christians

2CD344 (TWO CDs) $12

Spirits that Buffet Believers

Satan uses spirits to buffet you and try to destroy your faith. Spirits can come into your mind and hinder you through other people. Unforgiveness and strife lead to rebellion, which unleashes evil spirits (Prov. 17:11). Learn to guard your words and thoughts. Topics: Judas is in the Church, Opening the Door to a Tormenting Spirit, Get the Goat out of Your House, Unforgiveness, Satan's Greatest Weapon, & What is the Sin Unto Death.

2CD345 (TWO CDs) $12

Commanding a Blessing, Rebuking the Devourer

2CD346 (TWO CDs) $12

Do you feel that you never get ahead in life? Do you go from one difficult financial situation to another? Have you ever claimed the promises of the Bible, but always seem to come up short? On this set, Perry presents a powerful teaching on the blessings of God. There is a rhythm of the miraculous you can tap into through your faithfulness and obedience to God's covenant. God can, and will, rebuke your devourer!

The Jubilee was a set time every 50 years in ancient Israel when everyone enjoyed liberty, rest, refreshing, and restoration! The Jubilee cycle was one of three ways God counted prophetic time. On this special two-hour study CD, Perry releases a powerful presentation on the practical, prophetic, and personal meaning of the year of Jubilee. Learn how this pattern impacts us today and how we can decree our own personal Jubilee!

Decreeing Your Jubilee

2CD347 (TWO CDs) $12

Bored of the Rings

2CD348 (TWO CDs) $12

Don't be surprised ­ it will happen in almost every marriage. The routine of life will eventually put cobwebs in your marriage. However, boredom will dull your feeling toward one another and if not overcome, may cause a rift in your relationship. On this powerful and humorous audio CD set, you will learn the cure for when you are "bored of the rings!"

Satan's Agenda to Take Down America

2CD349 (TWO CDs) $12

There is a well-planned agenda against the church, Christians, and Jews. Part of this end-time conflict is being initiated with the rise of Islamic fanatics. This attack has an undercurrent - to do away with the divinity and deity of Jesus Christ. American Christians need to go behind the scenes with Perry as he traces this assault he calls "The Manifesto of Satan Against America." Every Christian should hear this message!

Pruning Your Family Tree

2CD350 (TWO CDs) $12

What "junk DNA" is on your family tree? Dead, diseased, & broken branches must be pruned in order for trees and vines to produce fruit. Every person is part of a family tree. Some are like the mighty cedar of Lebanon they have a heritage of strength, integrity, and beauty. Other family trees have addiction, depression, divorce, gambling and confusion, which destroy the good fruit they could produce. Perry explains the danger of not pruning your tree, through examining the famous "Kennedy curse" and the curse on the four Herods of the Bible. Learn how remove the junk DNA from your lineage and replace it by the act of regeneration!

How to Take the Hit the Older You Get

2CD351 (TWO CDs) $12

Many Christians falter because they don't know how to take the hit the older they get. They fight new enemies in an old body. The life and writings of David hold keys to knowing how to stand against new attacks as we get older! Perry describes the battles in David's life and shows an amazing New Testament parallel on keys to reversing a battle. The same spiritual principles that David used are the same principles that will work in your warfare today!

This CD set examines the Rapture teaching from a Hebraic perspective. Discover amazing insight seldom taught to North American Christians, as Perry reveals unique Jewish history and word studies revealing the Rapture. Perry also explains the early church teachings found in the Didache, which reveals the banquet of the Messiah. This document, written in 120 AD, provides the foundation to understand the marriage supper of the Lamb as recorded in Revelation 19. This teaching will open the eyes of your understanding and prepare you for the coming great events ­ the Rapture and Marriage Supper!

The Rapture and the Marriage Supper

2CD352 (TWO CDs) $12

The 4 horsemen of the apocalypse will enter the world stage at the beginning of the tribulation. Perry reveals the startling link between the four horsemen in Revelation and the rise of an end-time Islamic empire, headed by a man marked as Islam's Mahdi. Perry reveals this Islamic link with undisputable evidence! Learn how ancient principalities that once ruled empires of Bible prophecy are rising again in the last days. This is an indepth journey into prophecy!

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

2CD353 (TWO CDs) $12

Perry says, "For years I was puzzled about why I experienced mental oppression during the same season every year. Then I discovered there are set dates each year that the occult world calls `holy days' in which they increase the level of demonic spiritual activity. These are Satan's counterfeit feast days!" This teaching exposes these days and teaches believers how to counter Satanic seasons with prayer, fasting and worship. This is one of the most unique spiritual warfare teachings in the history of the ministry.

Satan's Counterfeit Feasts

2CD354 (TWO CDs) $12

The DNA Factor: Raising the Ashes of the Dead

Some believe the resurrection is impossible. How can God re-create a person whose body has returned to dust (Genesis 3:19)? The key to raising the ashes of the dead is DNA. Perry reveals how God can re-create a person using a pin-size speck of their DNA found in dust particles. He also teaches on what a resurrected body will be like, and explains the mystery of death and why some people die at an earlier age than others.

2CD355 (TWO CDs) $12

Satan, Get Your Hands off My Family!

2CD357 (TWO CDs) $12

Perry stated, "I have been in ministry for 34 years and have never witnessed such bizarre assaults against Christian families, especially the children." Perry felt he should address these issues on this teaching. It includes these topics: Satan Get Your Hands off My Family, and Breaking Satanic Resistance in Your Family. Take this teaching to heart and put into practice the spiritual principles you will learn to counter attack and take back lost sons, daughters, and the family bloodline!

America, the Handwriting is on Your Wall

How to Interpret the Warning God is Sending to Washington. This set contains two of the most eye-opening and soul stirring messages about America. Perry reveals the pre-tribulation birth pains and how Americans, especially the leaders of our nation, are not discerning the warnings God has given them! If you love America, then you must hear these two powerful, direct messages that will open the eyes of your understanding.

2CD358 (TWO CDs) $12

Secrets of the Spirit World

Perry felt impressed to bring his father into the recording studio and ask him many questions about secrets of the spirit world. Fred discussed a wide range of life experiences and special stories to illustrate the spirit realm ­ both demonic conflicts and learning to hear from the Lord. Perry feels this is the best interview he's ever had with his father. You will learn fresh insight from this anointed interview.

2CD360 (TWO CDs) $12

Perry answers difficult questions from a live audience! At selected meetings, Perry hosts a question and answer session with the audience. This audio CD set, Ask Perry Live, was recorded live at two different meetings where the attendees asked Perry questions without any advance notice. A roving microphone captured the audio questions from individuals, along with Perry's detailed answers. Play this CD while driving in your car and hear Perry explain the Scriptures more clearly. Includes answers to many prophetic questions.

Ask Perry Live

2CD361 (TWO CDs) $12

Stopping Satan's Home Invasions

2CD362 (TWO CDs) $12

Home invasions are increasing, however the worst home invasion is when Satan's agents move into your home attempting to kill, steal, and destroy the hearts and souls of your loved ones! Perry reveals nine spiritual keys the old-time saints used to defeat the enemy in every area of their lives to stop Satan from entering their homes. On the second disc, Perry reveals how to stop feeding unclean spirits and how to starve the adversary. He exposes the seven home invaders Christians are battling. This is a very urgent message that all Christians need to hear and implement in their own families.

Hebrew Secrets to Raising Children in the Word

I have always been intrigued with the impact Jewish parents have upon their children, especially in raising them to obey and honor the Word of God! In North America, parents struggle with how to successfully train their children in the things of God. This CD set reveals Hebrew secrets for raising children, as well as how the Hebrew people honor, protect, and respect the written Torah and the laws and methods used to preserve God's word.

2CD363 (TWO CDs) $12

How to Bring Blessing & Increase in Your Life

This set teaches you about blessing and increase. Disc one is titled "Make Friends of Mammon" and reveals how God will use the world system, and people within that system, to meet the financial needs of his people. Disc two is "How to Quit Making a Living and Begin Make a Life" and reveals the Joshua principle for true success. It exposes the seven things that will stop your prosperity progress. Keys to enjoying your life are also shared on this CD. This is a great series for those who want to enjoy life and experience God's best. Both discs are from a previous partner's conference.

2CD364 (TWO CDs) $12

Many ministers from full gospel churches no longer instruct their members on the necessity and significance of receiving the Holy Spirit. During Perry's 34 years of ministry, around 60,000 men, women and youth have experienced the mighty baptism in the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in other tongues. On this two-hour, two-CD al bum, recently transferred from cassette tape to CD, Perry answers many questions concerning the Holy Spirit and keys to receiving this powerful Promise of the Fathe r!

Keys to Receiving the Holy Spirit

2CD366 (TWO CDs) $12

The Healing Revelation

God is still in the healing business! Perry Stone taught these two messages at a T. L. Lowery Healing Explosion. Perry explains the concept, spiritual principles, and Biblical revelation of divine healing. The messages will increase your faith and assist you in seeking healing from the Lord. Teachings include: I Am the God that Healeth Thee, and The True Source of Sickness & Disease.

2CD367 (TWO CDs) $12

Second Coming Secrets

2CD368 (TWO CDs) $12

Deeper studies on the rapture, preached live. These two audio CDs, preached at Maumee, OH and Louisville, KY will give you a great historical understanding of the second coming teaching, including exposing where the rapture is concealed in the Old Testament Torah and Psalms.

Each set contains multiple audio CDs ­ Prices as marked

America the Future of an Empire

We hear your expressions of frustration, dismay, and concern for America. Citizens speak out, but many leaders ignore them. What is the hidden agenda of those in charge? Why does it appear that socialism is being forced upon a free country? What patterns in Scripture reveal where we are prophetically? This new series by Perry Stone and Bill Cloud will answer your most urgent questions. This audio CD set with over 6 hours of teaching includes the following four CDs by Perry, preached at recent conferences: * Is America Experiencing Pre-Tribulation Birth Pains? (The weather, the economy, the empire cycles and


6CD101 (SIX CDs) $30

Israel link) * Exposing the Cartels that are Bankrupting the American Dream (Inside OPEC, the food cartels, and Federal Reserve Bank) * The Countdown of the Next Prophetic Showdown (Inside information you don't hear on the news) * America and the Fullness of the Gentiles (Christian America and our final assignment for the kingdom) The set also includes the following CDs by Bill Cloud: * The Pharaoh Who Knew Not Joseph Part I * The Pharaoh Who Knew Not Joseph Part II (These titles are also sold as single audio CDs. Please see that section of the catalog for ordering information and item numbers.)

This set contains 6 of Perry's best prophetic messages on audio CD. The titles included are: Stealing the Torch from Lady Liberty (Preached live at a Prophetic Summit Conference) The Eyes and Mouth on the Little Horn of Prophecy (Preached live at a Partners Conference) The Order of Future Events (Preached live at a Prophetic Summit Conference) How Can Christians Prepare for What is Coming to America? (Preached live at St. Louis, MO) Lessons from the Unleavened Bread & the Great Departure (Preached live at St. Louis, MO) The Seven Years That You Are in Heaven (Preached live at Pace, FL)

Six Best Prophecy Messages

6CD102 (SIX CDs) $30

Angels on Assignment Audio Book on CD


Learn about Angels While You Drive! Perry's landmark new book, Angels on Assignment, is also available in audio book format on four audio CDs. The entire book is read by Dean Gallagher, an excellent reader. Listen to the CDs while driving, working in your home, or even at work during your lunch break. The four audio CDs are enclosed in a protective album. This set is unabridged.

Fred Stone Interview Album

Spend over 6 hours with Fred Stone in this powerful detailed CD interview! Discover the spiritual secrets of answered prayer, miracles, hearing God's Voice, and following God's will. Perry Stone felt impressed by the Lord to interview his father, Fred Stone, to ask him to share the humble, yet supernatural, beginnings of his ministry. This audio CD set contains many faith building personal ministry stories and amazing answers to prayer. Hear Perry and Fred discuss hearing God's voice, flowing in the gifts of the Spirit, dreams, visions, prayer, miracles, women in ministry, as well as Fred's family and ministry background. Perry confesses he

6CD100 (SIX CDs) $40

was surprised that he had not yet heard some of the many amazing stories his father shared. Fred wanted to share details from his conversion to the present time and leave the listener with insight they could use in their own walk with God. This set contains SIX CDs with over six hours of teaching!

Breaking the Jewish Code Audio Book on CD AUBK-BJC (EIGHT CDs) $30

We are pleased to announce that you can enjoy the entire book, Breaking the Jewish Code, on eight audio CDs. Special visual files are included on disc number eight. The book is read by Tim Lundeen, who has narrated dozens of books. Now you can listen to the book while driving your car or working at home! This set is unabridged.

Nightmare Along Pennsylvania Avenue Audio Book on CD AUBK-PENN (TWELVE CDs) $35

We are pleased to announce that you can enjoy Perry's intriguing book, Nightmare Along Pennsylvania Avenue, on twelve audio CD discs. The book is read by Tim Lundeen, who has narrated dozens of books. This set is unabridged.


Top 12 Gospel Favorites Music CD

This music CD features Keith Dudley, John Starnes, Karen Wheaton, Allison Kile, Pam Stone, Perry Stone, and others! Songs include: Holy Ghost Do It Again, Breakthrough, Heaven's Song, Job for the Holy Ghost, When Heaven Sings, Army Marching on Its Knees, Praise the Lord Everybody, Close to the Cross Far from the Blood, Heartmender - Peacesender; I Want You With Me, Salute to the Unknown Soldier, I've Got Fire, Fire, Fire.

MUS-12 $15

Women of Worship Music CD

MUS-WW $15

Women of Worship is a compilation of songs from our four music albums. Featuring vocals by Gina Bean, Kim Coleman, Allison Kile, Paula Stefanovich, Pam Stone, and Karen Wheaton. Songs include: Let the Veil Down, Healing in this House, If I Can Hold On, His Blood Is Still Flowing, Close to the Cross Far from the Blood, Alabaster Box, When Heaven Sings, When He Comes, One Day My Prince Will Come, and Heaven's Song.

Kids @ Worship Music CD


God is raising up a praising generation! We are pleased to present to your family the first Kids at Worship music CD. The children's choir from the North Cleveland Church of God is featured on this special music CD. If you have children or grandchildren ages 5 to 13, order this and plant a seed of music that they will enjoy, or just get one for yourself. You will enjoy the songs and the beautiful voices of our children giving God praise!


Lying About the Rapture ­ The Preterist Theory

Many Christians have fallen for the deception being propagated by preterists. They teach that Matthew 24 was fulfilled in 70 A.D. at the destruction of the Temple, and that there will be no rapture of the church. This special one-hour audio CD was taught at a Partner's Conference. Perry Stone exposes the myth being presented by these prophetic heretics. You need this teaching!

CD002 $7 Single CD

The Pope, the Eagle, and the Iron Sickle

CD003 $7 Single CD

This prophecy CD reveals how Pope John Paul II, Ronald Reagan, and Mikhail Gorbachev were destined to bring down communism. Hear detailed prophecy of St. Malachy, and learn how a coming Pope will become the false prophet of Revelation 13:11.

Are the Cherokee Indians Linked to the Ancient Hebrews?

CD004 $7 Single CD

Many of our Founding Fathers believed the Native Americans were related to the Jews. One tribe, the Cherokee, has strange customs that parallel ancient Jewish customs. Hear a detailed and fascinating study on this CD. It also exposes the hoax of the Book of Mormon.

Natural disaster, normal storm cycle, or divine chastisement? We were inundated with questions asking for prophetic insight into the purpose of recent hurricanes. After days of prayer and study, I ended up with eleven pages of notes that help answer the controversial questions. I felt impressed to record on this CD what the Holy Spirit placed in my heart.

Hurricanes on America's Coasts

CD005 $7 Single CD

Latest Word on the Last Days

There must be an end-time generation that will see and experience end-time prophecy and the return of Jesus Christ. In this message about Romans 11 concerning the olive tree and it's branches, Perry explains how scripture is being fulfilled as we near Christ's return and the rapture of the church. This CD will open your eyes to the judgment and crisis being experienced in America today and is more evidence of the times in which we live.

CD006 $7 Single CD

Ariel Sharon, Israel, and the Iranian Nuclear Threat

CD007 $7 Single CD

An important prophetic update about the events surrounding Ariel Sharon following his illness, and the Iranian nuclear threat that appears to be building. Perry shares information that he is unable to reveal on a national setting, including on our Manna-fest telecast. The current Iranian president appears to be seeing a conflict with the west and has also declared that the Islamic Messiah, the Mahdi, will appear within two years (2008). Perry examines these comments and shows how Persia (Iran) will be involved in a major war with Israel!

What the Holy Spirit is Revealing About the Future

CD008 $7 Single CD

While preaching a message in Georgia, Perry was impressed to reveal details about major events taking place in Israel, Iraq, Iran, and release information that the Holy Spirit has revealed to him that will take place. Perry shares what the Holy Spirit gave to his father months ago that is suddenly coming to pass, and he shares a dream the Lord gave him recently that once again reveals a future terror attack involving the 5 tornadoes. This message has burned in Perry's spirit and he believes he must share it with you.

Mysteries Reserved for the End-Time

Discover five reasons God waited until our time to release this prophetic information. Discover five amazing scientific revelations now made known. Topics include "Genesis in Reverse" and "The Esther Code." Don't miss this exciting message, preached at the Arkansas Campmeeting!

CD009 $7 Single CD

The Armageddon Code Hidden in the Story of Gideon

The Future is Hidden in the Past! This message reveals the two cities to be destroyed in the future, and how the fiery serpent is linked to Gaza in Israel. Discover the seven major parallels to the story of Gideon and the future battle of Armageddon.

CD010 $7 Single CD

One of Israel's celebrations is Purim, the Biblical story of Queen Esther and how she intervened to prevent the destruction of the Jews during the reign of the Persians. It contains outstanding prophetic layers and a "code" that reveals the future Tribulation, the 10 kings, and the Antichrist of Bible Prophecy. An astonishing discovery in the Hebrew Bible reveals an actual date when 10 Nazis were hung for war crimes against the Jews. Perry shows how Purim patterns fit into the Gulf War and the war in Iraq. A truly amazing prophetic study!

The Tribulation Code Hidden in Purim

CD011 $7 Single CD

Perry shares information concerning the plans of apocalyptic terrorists. This CD covers the controversial topics of: Was 9-11 a conspiracy? Where are Saddam's weapons of mass destruction? Perry reveals the terrorist's 100-year plan, including secretly infiltrating churches, marrying Christian women, and their next major attack planned for America, possibly already in the works. This information cannot be aired on Manna-fest, but Perry felt an urgency to expose the truth.

Terrorist's Prophetic Strategy Against America

CD012 $7 Single CD

What Will Occur in the 2007-2008 Prophetic Time Cycle?

CD013 $7 Single CD

We have received questions about Perry's insight into the 2007-2008 prophetic cycle. The time period from the founding of America's first colony in 1607 to 2007 is 400 years, which is a Biblical number for testing. For the first time in modern history, two time frames are colliding! On this CD, Perry teaches on Biblical numbers and their meaning, and suggests possibilities of what may occur during this amazing prophetic cycle.

The Exodus Code

Discover that from the Feast of Passover (Exodus 12) to Pentecost (Exodus 19) is a picture of redemption to the rapture. An amazing study on the cycles and patterns of God.

CD014 $7 Single CD

The Healing Message

CDHEAL $7 Single CD

This unique 50-minute CD features a special teaching on healing by Perry Stone, accompanied with background music by Larry Bean. This faith-building word is a seed to plant into your spirit, intended to manifest a harvest of blessing to your soul, body and spirit. As the message concludes, enjoy three songs featuring Perry Stone and Gina Bean.

America in the 9th Month

Just as a woman in labor experiences her most severe birth pains during the final 9th month of her pregnancy, America is following the same pattern! There is a "cup" being filled that will release the Lord's chastisement, based upon a pattern found in Scripture. This message, preached at a past conference, is a relevant word that Perry wants you to hear! The audio CD contains 70 minutes of teaching.

CD015 $7 Single CD

Understanding Strange End Time Prophecies

CD016 $7 Single CD

There are ancient prophecies our fathers did not understand, that are now being made known to the church! Many strange signs are being fulfilled, indicating Christ's soon return to the earth. Perry examines these predictions and explains how these Scriptures, once considered to be far-fetched, can now be fulfilled. This 70-minute audio CD was preached at the Hot Springs, AR meeting in 2006.

Does America Disappear at the Time of the End?

Is America mentioned in Bible prophecy? Will America go through the Tribulation? Perry explains how America can be alluded to in Biblical patterns, and the parallels between America and the Roman Empire.

CD017 $7 Single CD

Entering the Time of a Double Portion Blessing

CD018 $7 Single CD

There was a special blessing placed on the conclusion of the 6th day and the 6th year, prior to entering the 7th day and the 7th year. These blessings were based upon Sabbatical cycles. Perry reveals how we are at the 6000th year of human government from Adam and will show the unique double portion blessing placed by God upon His people that he believes applies to this generation, of God's children who will fully obey the Lord's Word! A very powerful and practical Hebraic study you must hear!

This is a unique message dealing with the gift of the Holy Spirit and how it is mysteriously linked to the Passover ritual! This anointed message will put fresh fire in your spirit.

The Afikomen, the Broken Bread & Gift

CD019 $7 Single CD

Time's Up, Devil

CD020 $7 Single CD

This message, preached at the St. Louis meeting, was regarded by many as one of the most important in 2007. Perry shows you why, when Satan fell from heaven, his attacks became "time sensitive," and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage. Learn the four things about an attack that the adversary does not want you to know. If you have been in a strange spiritual, emotional, or physical struggle, you need this teaching.

Five Revelations That Could Save Your Life

CD021 $7 Single CD

This message was preached at a recent Partners Conference. It reveals how to hear and discern God's voice and various methods God uses to bring warning and revelation to you. Learning to follow the Holy Spirit's warning can literally save your life. We recommend to every friend of the ministry to obtain a copy of this message, especially in the times we live in!

The Mystery of the Parable of the Fig Tree

One parable Jesus said we should learn was the parable of the fig tree. Perry digs deep into the word to reveal modern Israel's link to the fig tree parable. This message contains amazing prophetic insight that was preached at one of our main conferences.

CD022 $7 Single CD

Worthy to Escape These Things

Preached at a Partner's Conference. This is perhaps the best message you will hear explaining how to be worthy to escape the coming tribulation. Detailed with word studies to emphasize the point.

CD023 $7 Single CD

Loosing the Dove in the Midst of the Flood

CD024 $7 Single CD

Amazing parallels of the flood and the outpouring of the Spirit. The dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit and the presence of God. Learn parallels between Noah's ark and Moses' tabernacle in the wilderness. The Ark is a pattern, or preview, of the Ark of the Covenant. The Ark redeemed Noah's family from the destruction, as the Ark of the Covenant saved the Jewish nation on Yom Kippur. The tabernacle of Moses was a house of redemption.

The Star of Bethlehem and the Real Birth of Jesus

Do you wonder when Christ was really born? This may be the most unique message you have ever heard concerning the Star of Bethlehem and the real birthday of Jesus. Perry explains the correlation between Jesus' conception on or near Hannukah (December 25th) and his birth during a major fall feast. Discover why Jesus was born in a stable, the alignment of planets (the Kings planet), and the cosmic activity surrounding Christ's birth. This teaching may settle much confusion between those who enjoy the "traditional Christmas" and the Messianic believers who condemn the tradition.

CD025 $7 Single CD

If all goes as planned, a war is coming between Israel and Iran. Perry reveals recent information about Iran's nuclear, biological, and chemical programs that are a danger to Israel and the USA. Discover how angelic forces will do battle, Gaza and Damascus could be destroyed in this war, and if not, will be destroyed in the future. Learn four ways to know when TERRORISTS are planning an attack on America.

The Coming War with the Islamic Prince of Persia

CD026 $7 Single CD

Should We Worship on Saturday or Sunday?

CD027 $7 Single CD

We receive letters stating that worshiping on Sunday is the Mark of the Beast. Others say we will go to hell if we do not keep the Saturday Sabbath. Others believe Saturday worshippers are going "under the law." Some say they are a modern cult. Who is right and who is wrong? Perry helps settle the controversy using Scripture, word studies, and history. This is the most common question we receive and Perry answers it on this CD.

The Joseph Principle

CD028 $7 Single CD

God has a plan for prosperity, even in hard times. Discover the Joseph principle! Natural disasters disrupt lives around the world. There is also economic uncertainty in many areas. Perry reveals the "Joseph principle" and how God can, and will, prosper His people who are faithful to the Kingdom, even during difficult periods. This is a solid, practical, faith-building teaching. (Taught at the St. Louis conference in 2007)

Gifts That Will See You Through Anything

Learn the gifts that help you overcome assignments from the enemy. Three common gifts mentioned in Solomon's Proverbs are knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. You must start with a seed, then feed it and protect your vision from God.

CD029 $7 Single CD

Let's settle the fight over who is right! There was a major conflict between Jews & Samaritans during Christ's time. Each group had a different mountain which they believed was the right place to worship. Now in modern times, how we should worship, what style of music we should have, the use of musical instruments and other issues have caused division in some churches. Perry digs into special word studies and gives you a Biblical answer to America's "worship wars." (A message preached at a Huntington, WV conference.)

Worship Wars in America's Churches

CD030 $7 Single CD

God provided two ways to reveal warnings and dangers for you to avoid. God uses dreams to speak and warn you about coming danger. Perry reveals 29 symbols from Scripture that God uses in spiritual dreams. Discover how God uses inner "nudges" and burdens to warn you and direct your life away from coming danger. Learn how praying in the Holy Spirit is a powerful weapon for believers.

Interpreting Your Dreams and Discerning the Warnings of the Holy Spirit

CD031 $7

Unlocking the Maranatha Code

Exposing the 1,500-year second coming miscalculation. On this intriguing teaching, Perry reveals the 1,500year early fathers miscalculation that misdated the expectation of Christ's second coming. Follow Perry as he traces the early belief that the 1,000-year reign of Christ began in the fifth century. Learn how it was corrected after the Civil War and why the rapture teaching was restored.

CD032 $7 Single CD

Is America Headed for Leviticus 26?

Is America experiencing selective judgment? This is an important and current word for America this year. God warned Israel of terror, drought, food shortages, and empty roads that would result from judgment if they broke the covenant of their ancestors. America is breaking its covenant and experiencing Leviticus 26. You must hear this word and begin interceding for America!

CD033 $7 Single CD

Americans are angry about the high cost of energy, especially oil and gas. One man asked me, "Why did God allow the Arabs to get most of the oil?" The answer is shocking ­ because of the Jews! On this audio CD, a message preached at our 2008 Partner's Conference, learn why the Arabs were given oil lands and hear how the Antichrist will rule the world through oil. You will be amazed to hear the inside story!

Oil: The Treasure Chest of the Arabs

CD034 $7 Single CD

Fanatical Islam and the Resurrection of the Baal Spirit

An ancient spirit has been revived in the Middle East! In the ancient world, the god Baal was worshiped in Arabia, Mesopotamia, and even Israel. The parallels between the Baal spirit and fanatical Islam are stunning. Taught at a previous Partner's Conference, this message is a major prophetic eye-opener. Those who love patterns and prophetic parallels will be amazed to discover the truths on this audio CD!

CD035 $7 Single CD

This in-depth, faith building message helps you understand God's spiritual laws of provision and explains what believers should and should not do during economic downturns.

Overcoming Your Fears of Financial Provision in the Last Days

CD036 $7 Single CD

The Spirit of Antichrist is Already at Work

This is a very important prophetic message exposing in detail the eschatology of the Prince of Darkness, and Satan's detailed end-time plan to create his own prophetic agenda. This is a very important prophetic message exposing in detail the final events in history related to the Prince of Darkness and Satan's detailed end-time plan to create his own prophetic agenda. Even America is now battling this spirit of Anti-Christ on a national scale. This teaching is a must for all who want to understand the spirit of anti-Christ.

CD037 $7 Single CD

Rusty Shields, Dull Swords, and Dying Saints

In Ephesians 6, Paul explains the major weapons a believer should wear during spiritual warfare. Christians experience two major difficulties: The shields have become rusty (our faith is stale and inactive), and our swords are dull (we are unable to walk in God's word and use it to counter our attacks.) Perry shows you what Roman soldiers did to keep their shields able to resist fiery darts, and how they kept their swords sharp. This same action by the Romans needs to be spiritually enacted now, to ensure our weapons of warfare can defend us from the assaults of the adversary!

CD039 $7 Single CD

Wounded in the House of My Friends

CD040 $7 Single CD

The worst kinds of scars are those from other Christians. They are the kind that should not take place, are the least understood, and the hardest to recover from. Learn about types of wounds suffered by people in the Bible and how to deal with them.

There are special blessings for the end-time generation. However, there will be unusual warfare linked to being an end-time believer. On this audio CD Perry taught in Tampa, Florida, he reveals the three biggest battles that believers will encounter in the time of the end. With such increased spiritual and mental warfare, this is a much-needed teaching at this time!

Three Biggest Tests for End-Time Believers

CD041 $7 Single CD

When Goliath's Brother Returns to Your House

CD044 $7 Single CD

After receiving a powerful revelation from God, Perry immediately went to the studio to record this word. David killed Goliath, but had to fight Lahmi, Goliath's brother, years later! On this 65-minute audio CD, discover how Satan plans counter attacks, especially with disease, and how to overcome. Learn to thwart Satan when he tries to bring back on you a second time what God has already delivered you from!

An Earthly Glimpse Behind Heaven's Gate

CD045 $7 Single CD

Perry explains the ancient belief of seven levels of heaven and reveals the Biblical account of three levels and their orders. Includes teaching on how the throne room is on the north and five things that happen at death, including amazing "time light mysteries" and the theory of the New Jerusalem being a pyramid and not a square. (Preached in LaMarque, TX)

Prospering is the ability to make wise & expert decisions leading to success and blessing. In a time of famine, Isaac sowed his seed and received a hundredfold return, because he removed dirt the enemy had placed in his father's wells to block the flow. On this audio CD, preached in Huntington WV in 2008, Perry reveals how "men will give to your bosom" and keys to building a financial memorial that will release blessing in your time of need.

Getting the Enemy's Sand out of Your Well

CD046 $7 Single CD

Demonic spirits are stealing the authority of the believers! Satan continues to have influence and exercise power over disobedient individuals, but he has lost his authority through the resurrection of Christ. He is attempting to get this authority back and believers must understand how to stop this assault.

The Devil's Legion is Moving in the Region This Season

CD047 $7 Single CD

Patterns of Recent American Presidents

CD048 $7 Single CD

A detailed study revealing the startling patterns in Scripture that reveal the administration of Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and the patterns Perry has discovered related to Barack Obama. This is the most amazing parallel of ancient history he has seen in any recent president. Further, it reveals how a major war in the Middle East could very well impact the President's administration and legacy.

Scammed! Don't Get Rooked by a Crook

Each year thousands of Americans lose money through many scams over the phone, Internet, and other places. One of the biggest scams is coming out of Africa and Europe and has cost Americans hundreds of millions of dollars. Perry was impressed to expose the top ten scams in order to help you not fall prey to the many crooks who are attempting to get your credit information and social security number! This is a very informative audio CD that Perry felt in his heart needed to be shared.

CD049 $7 Single CD

The Jerusalem Factor: Selective Judgment and the Economic Crisis

There are 7 things you need to understand regarding why difficult times often come to a nation. On this audio CD, Perry traces the reason why Christians in Jerusalem began selling their homes and property. Learn how God used the man of Gadera (Mark 5) to prepare a special place for Christians prior to the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. Discover how to discern warnings and four things to do before the trouble comes!

CD050 $7

Putting Your Money in a Bag with Holes

CD051 $7 Single CD

Why some people can't ever make ends meet and what to do about it. In the Old Testament, the Israelites ignored the building of the temple and concentrated on their own personal needs. The needs of the house of God were ignored. Learn about God's system of blessings and curses.

Who Will Be in Heaven and Who Will Be Missing?

CD052 $7 Single CD

Will aborted babies be in heaven? What about our pets? Some people believe that pets will be resurrected at the Lord's coming and be with their owners in heaven. And what about people who never heard the gospel, but had moral tendencies and lived without any Biblical knowledge? (Preached at the 2008 Partner's Conference)

Each nation has a strong principality spirit ruling the atmosphere and affecting certain activity in the nation. The strongest spirit dominating America is a pharmakia spirit, which impacts over 50% of Americans. If we do not defeat this prince spirit, it will eventually destroy future generations. We hope those who have children and grandchildren will hear this powerful message!

The Prince Spirit Tormenting 50% of America

CD053 $7 Single CD

Four Battles Every Christian Must Win in the Last Days

Before the Griffin, GA meeting, the Holy Spirit spoke to Perry and gave him four battles that believers will fight in the last days. For each battle, there is a God-given strategy to deal with the struggle and overcome the attack. This is an important message for all believers to prepare themselves for what will come.

CD054 $7 Single CD

The Covenant over the Threshold

In ancient cultures, it was common for men to place their gods on the right and left posts outside their temples. Others created a "god" over their threshold to dedicate their home to the spirit of their god for protection. On this new CD, Perry gives you powerful insight into the covenant over the threshold and why God had the Hebrews placed blood on the doorpost. Learn how we can apply the blood of Christ for our families today!

CD055 $7 Single CD

America 2010: Pharaoh Rising, the Mixed Multitude & Selective Judgment

CD056 $7

America's future has been pre-written in the Exodus account! America is currently experiencing the same patterns the Hebrew remnant did, years prior to the Exodus. The Holy Spirit gave Perry "Pharaoh governmental patterns" that are beginning to play out right now in Washington! You will also discover God's four-phase plan for the church as selective judgment begins to fall in states and sections of America and the world!

Losing Your Shield in the Heat of the Battle

The attack of the end-time will be against your faith. Learn how to prevent your faith from being wiped out on this CD teaching. This message, preached at the 2008 Partner's Conference, will strengthen your faith against attacks of the enemy.

CD057 $7 Single CD

Wisdom from Fred Stone

Perry sat down with his father, Fred Stone, to record this insightful audio CD. Perry and Fred discuss revival, prayer, fasting, and wisdom for the whole family. You can learn from Fred Stone's 50 years of ministry on this audio CD!

CD058 $7 Single CD

Praying Your Bloodline out of Sodom

CD059 $7 Single CD

An audio CD message by Perry Stone on intercessory prayer that moves heaven to change negative outcomes. Preached live at St. Louis, MO in 2009.

Is America Experiencing Pre-Tribulation Birth Pains?

CD060 $7 Single CD

This message by Perry Stone covers the weather, economy, empire cycles, and the Israel link as they relate to where America and its future are headed. (This single CD is also part of the 6CD101 set called America the Future of an Empire.)

Exposing the Cartels Bankrupting the American Dream

Perry Stone teaches about OPEC, food cartels, and the Federal Reserve as they relate to where America and its future are headed. (This single CD is also part of the 6CD101 set called America the Future of an Empire.)

CD061 Single CD 7

The Countdown to the Next Prophetic Showdown

This message by Perry Stone deals with inside information you don't hear on the national news and how it relates to where America and its future are headed. (This single CD is also part of the 6CD101 set called America the Future of an Empire.)

CD062 $7 Single CD

America The Fullness of the Gentiles

CD063 $7 Single CD

This audio CD message from Perry Stone covers Christian America and our final assignment for God's kingdom related to where America and its future are headed. (This single CD is also part of the 6CD101 set called America the Future of an Empire.)

The Pharaoh Who Knew Not Joseph Part 1

In the Old Testament, a Pharaoh arose who knew not Joseph. This audio CD message from Bill Cloud teaches on the prophetic patterns of the Obama administration and how it relates to where America and its future are headed. (This single CD is also part of the 6CD101 set called America the Future of an Empire.)

CD064 $7 Single CD

The Pharaoh Who Knew not Joseph Part 2

In the Old Testament, a Pharaoh arose who knew not Joseph. This audio CD message from Bill Cloud teaches on the prophetic patterns of the Obama administration and how it relates to where America and its future are headed. (This single CD is also part of the 6CD101 set called America the Future of an Empire.)

CD065 $7 Single CD

Defeating the Destroyer by the Blood of the Lamb

This audio CD is perhaps Perry's most detailed message ever on the mystery of the blood. It explains why the Lamb's blood has authority over sickness, death and destruction, and how you can apply the finished work of Christ to hold back satanic strategies planned against you and your family.

CD066 $7 Single CD

A detailed study on personal spiritual warfare. Based upon a vision of end time warfare, discover the three weapons choking your spiritual life, three types of Satanic darts, how Satan sets attacks based upon threat assessments, and the book of Job reveals how to defeat the vultures in the enemy's kingdom.

Help, the Vultures Are Circling and I Can't Get Up!

CD067 $7 Single CD

During the time of the Bible, people, furniture, and bread were anointed with holy oil originating from the olive tree. Perry explains amazing features of the olive tree and how olive oil was designed to attract the anointing of the Spirit. He explains how and why the anointing operates and why even anointed ministers can fall into sin. A powerful study for those who love the tangible anointing of the Spirit!

The Chemistry of the Anointing

CD068 $7 Single CD

God's plan is to bring you from justification to sanctification, to glorification. There is a "baptism" designed for each level. God has established seven major covenants to bless your life. Perry examines each covenant and presents you with a practical teaching that reveals how all seven covenants are linked to blood!

Seven Covenants that Bring Seven Blessings to Your Life

CD069 $7 Single CD

We often view parables as single stories that related to Christ's generation: Wheat and tare, sheep and goats, etc. On this CD, you will learn that many of the great parables are actually stories that encode prophetic mysteries and future events related to the return of Christ. You will receive fresh insight and never see the parables the same way again!

End Time Secrets Hidden in the Parables of Jesus

CD070 $7 Single CD

God wants us to thrive and survive in these last days, and preparation and prevention are part of our strategy. Perry explains how to protect yourself from identity theft, stop scams that attempt to collect your personal information, protect your computer, home, and family. He also tells you six things you should do, and practical advice for women who work in public or must go out in the evenings. Perry also explains the importance of a financial emergency fund. Every reader should hear this important message!

Preparation Guide for Believers in Last Days

CD071 $7 Single CD

When God Steps in Your Shoes

CD072 $7 Single CD

Pam has heard her husband preach thousands of times, but says her favorite message is "When God Gets in your Shoes." Perry recently preached this message, adding new insight and research.

Many people are angry at God over bad things that happen. You must learn to forgive God! Perry's father, Fred Stone, requested that Perry preach and share this message. He believes it is one of the most life changing messages shared by Perry.

Don't Go to Hell over a Mystery

CD074 $7 Single CD

Most Christians know about the heavenly temple and the throne room of God. However, are you aware that the throne room is literally a heavenly courtroom? Most of the activity occurring now in heaven consists of Christ dealing with forgiveness, answering prayer, and directly dealing with Satan, the accuser of the brethren! Perry explains how to exercise your spiritual authority and use the blood of Christ and your testimony to approach the heavenly court! (This message was preached at a Dalton, GA conference.)

When the Throne Room Becomes the Court Room

CD075 $7 Single CD

Breaking the Exodus Code

CD076 $7 Single CD

Perry has often taught about the amazing parallels of future events encoded in Old Testament stories. The book of Exodus is more than the history of Israel's departure from Egypt and construction of the Tabernacle. There are types, shadows, and patterns that conceal amazing future events, such as the Rapture of the church encoded in Exodus 19. If you enjoy learning and digging into Scriptures, you will enjoy this audio CD. The Holy Spirit gave Perry great revelation while he was preaching this message in Elkins, WV!

Children in the Devil's Playhouse

As Christians we can no longer simply raise our children in church and expect them to automatically serve Christ. Our children and grandchildren are under attack! Perry explains five events that create emotional holes, which open the door for spirits to attack our children. This message, preached in 2010 at Pace, Florida, will expose the enemy and help you understand how God can break the yoke! It has vital information on warfare cycles, and exposes Satan's strategy against your children. This teaching is a must for every parent!

CD077 $7 Single CD

Are Islamic Prophecies Pointing to the President?

CD078 $7 Single CD

Is it prophetic that the US administration has begun favoring Islam and is turning a cold shoulder to Israel? Discover the 14th century Islamic sermon in Damascus that may have set in motion world-changing events from 1979-2008. See how these events fit into Biblical scenarios for the time we now live, and for the last days that many Christians, Muslims, and Jews believe we are entering.

Is America Setting Up Israel for the War of Gog and Magog?

Will America turn on Israel? For the first time since 1948, many of the top leaders in America have demonstrated they are more concerned about negotiating with Israel's enemies than defending the Jewish state. This is a hard-hitting direct expose' on the leaders and the possible reasons they could let Israel stand alone in the biggest war of her history. This CD, taught at a recent Partners conference, also reveals a spiritual reason for this.

CD079 $7

Are there plans to create a Socialist government in America that will unite a New World Order? Who is behind the unsustainable debt in America? Is there a cover up of certain information to ensure that America remains ignorant of the strategies of elitists and liberals? Learn how five of the seven mountains of Biblical prophecy are now controlled by extremists and how the communication and food mountains are next on their agenda! This message was preached for Perry's partners only, but Perry was compelled in his spirit to release it to Manna-Fest viewers.

Forging the United States of Europe

CD080 $7 Single CD

Lessons from Old Time Saints on Surviving an Economic Crisis

CD081 $7

News networks report economic earthquakes shaking Europe and some experts warn America is living on a dan gerous debt fault line that could crack and lead to an economic crisis. Perry's Great Grandfather and Grandfather survived the Great Depression and they learned lessons that most Americans have forgotten, ignored or don't know. Discover the keys to surviving an economic crisis, fr o m people who did!

The Mystery of Speaking in Tongues

Many Christians have various opinions regarding speaking with other tongues. Some teach it has ceased, others teach it was started by women, and others say it is not valid today. In this interview, Perry and Fred join together to bring important truth to the listener concerning the Holy Spirit and speaking with other tongues-often called a prayer language of the Spirit. You will learn very important information that can assist in your spiritual growth on this CD.

CD083 $7 Single CD

Perry and his father, Fred Stone, give insight into how God brings warnings and reveals the future through visions and dreams. During the recording, Perry shared three dream-visions he has received over the past five years, including one about an oil tornado, which God warned him about in July 2007, and how Christians should prepare for the third vision (nuclear towers spinning) that is coming. Fred also explained various symbols found in dreams, and what they can mean. This is a very important study!

Warnings in Dreams & Visions

CD084 $7 Single CD

Do These 7 Things to Add More Years to Your Life CD085 $7 Single CD

The message on this CD is not a teaching about vitamins, exercise and eating right. You may laugh until you cry at Perry's funny insight on what to do to live longer. Laughter is the best medicine, and this audio CD message is just what you need!

The Red Cape Syndrome

Using the analogy of a bullfight, Perry explains how we get our eyes on the red cape (our circumstances), while the real danger is the enemy behind the cape! This is a great teaching you must hear.

CD086 $7 Single CD

Five Questions Satan Hopes You Never Ask

CD087 $7 Single CD

Perry will ask and answer five questions for you: Can Satan read your mind? Can a Christian be demon possessed? Does Satan have the authority to kill me or my family? Does Satan know God's will for my life and can he hinder it? Does Satan understand my prayer language when I pray? Use this teaching as a weapon of war in your spiritual life.

The Rizpah Factor

Ministers seldom preach about this dynamic mother, who is a picture of a burdened mother interceding on behalf of her fallen sons. This story contains powerful spiritual principles that reveal the methods Rizpah used to "beat off the birds" (evil spirits) from her sons until she gained the king's attention. This is a faith-building message for parents and grandparents believing for family salvation!

CD088 $7 Single CD

The Devil in the Eyes of a Child

CD089 $7 Single CD

As a parent, it is a difficult task to teach younger children the truth about spiritual warfare, while separating the many myths they grow up hearing. How do you teach them about a dangerous invisible warfare without scaring them? This is one of Perry's most unique and effective CD messages that will help parents and grandparents teach warfare to children. If you wait until they are teenagers, it will be too late!

The Master Plan in Satan's Playbook

E very enemy has at least one master strategy that is the secr et weapon he believes will work every time it is released against the opposition. After 34 years of ministry and knowing thousands of believers wh o came under severe assaults, Perry searched Scriptures to find one main weapon, seldom exposed, that is Satan's most effective in his playbook. This is a very important teaching as you enter a new year and warfare continues to increase!

CD090 $7 Single CD

Prophetic Questions Women Have

CD091 $7 Single CD

This one-hour audio CD answers complicated questions, such as why did God create Satan and allow him in the Garden of Eden? Why is there a hell and why does God allow people to go there? Why does God allow children to suffer? Perry also shares the order of future events in an easy-to-understand manner and lead a brief conclusion in family salvation.

What to Do if You Should Miss the Rapture

You may be going, but what about your family? This audio CD teaching, taught live at a conference, gives details not only on the rapture doctrine, but what you should expect if you miss the rapture. We suggest you order this not only for your edification, but for backslidden or unsaved loved ones or friends.

CD092 $7 Single CD

The Marriage Bed & the Last Temptation

CD093 $7 Single CD

On this humorous & informative message you will learn how a good marriage can slowly deteriorate. Paul wrote one eye-opening verse that reveals the one strategy Satan will use to destroy any marriage, if the husband and wife are not aware of this subtle tactic. More Christian couples have divorced or fallen into sexual temptation leading to an affair because of being "defrauded" by their spouse. This is a very important

message that every husband and wife should hear, to guard against what Paul warned! Prevention is the best medicine.

Keys to Prayer and Fasting

Perry interviews his late father, Fred Stone, as well as Dr. T.L. Lowery on the keys to prayer and fasting.

CD094 $7 Single CD

Taking a Dose of God's Medicine

CD096 $7 Single CD

Perry's most humorous message. If you need some joy, listen to this! There are times that laughter is the best relief you can have. Preached in Elkins, WV, this message is simply revealing and demonstrates that laughter is God's medicine.

Decoding the Israeli-American Cipher

CD099 $7 Single CD

America beware! As Israel goes, so goes America. It has been taught that as America treats Israel, we would be treated the same by God. On this hard-hitting expose, Perry reveals the link between America and Israel. Learn the dangers of America's political decisions made against Israel.

I want you to have the keys to having your needs met! Many Christians are greatly concerned about their finances and having their basic needs met. On this single CD, Perry explains numerous Biblical keys to unlock the doors to having many of your needs met.

Keys to Having All Your Needs Met

CD100 $7 Single CD

BOOKS ­ (Paperback format only unless noted otherwise; prices as marked)

Unlocking Secrets in the Second Coming Scrolls

The first 10 generations of the Bible, from Adam to Noah, reveal amazing secrets of Christ's return. These Hebraic clues are also veiled within the names, words, patterns, numbers, and prophetic cycles recorded in the ancient scrolls of the Bible. Perry spent hundreds of hours to compile evidence that unlocks the marvelous secrets of Christ's Second Coming! This book explains many difficult and unusual prophetic passages.

BK-SC $20, 280 pages

Christians in North America have heard teachings on breaking generational curses. It is time to bring the message of how to impart generational blessings upon you, your children, and grandchildren! Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Perry Stone reveals spiritual keys that unlock the door to imparting blessings to your "seed." Learn about the DNA of a covenant, unusual Biblical accounts of imparting the blessing, the tale of four young ministers, how laying on of hands is used to transfer spiritual blessings, and is there a prophet in the house. Perry shares a dramatic personal story of a spiritual impartation that changed his ministry. You will discover vital truths for your personal impartation in the chapter "How to Begin a Spiritual Legacy."

Imparting Generational Blessings

BK-IGB $10, 95 pages

Unusual Prophecies Being Fulfilled

Reveals parallels between recent natural disasters and the days of Noah and Lot. Perry shows how tsunamis, hurricanes, and volcanoes are part of prophecies regarding the last days. You will understand the time of the end and Christ's soon return! Learn why Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and India were hardest hit by the tsunamis, read proof that the birth pangs mentioned in Matthew 24:8 are increasing, learn how God is allowing selective judgment before the coming tribulation, how spiritual battles in the heavens can impact weather on earth, and much more!

BK-PBF $10, 94 pages

Unusual Prophecies Being Fulfilled Book 2


$10, 126 pages

A fanatical group of Muslims has a special assignment ­ to participate in fulfilling many of the Islamic prophecies related to the end times and to use terrorism as the weapon of Allah to bring these predictions to pass. The September 11th attacks were only one phase that set the countdown in motion. In this book, Perry brings new insight into terrorism, especially relating to 9-11 and future plans from apocalyptic Muslims. You will learn how the motivation behind terrorism is the anticipated Mahdi, Islam's global messiah who will arise when the world is in confusion. The book also includes a special appendix to answer questions about the future Antichrist.

Unusual Prophecies Being Fulfilled Book 3

This book explores America's prophetic past, present, & future. Read evidence of how ancient Israel and America are twin nations of prophetic destiny. Explore the Judeo-Christian link of our Founding Fathers, and America's amazing link to the ancient Roman Empire! Perry reveals the seven-fold prophecy predicting a woman's rise to power before Christ's return, how the ghost of Sodom is rising again, how the spirit of Ishmael is impacting America's youth, and the selective judgment on America's coastlines. Every Christian who loves our country should read this book.


$14, 163 pages

Unusual Prophecies Being Fulfilled Book 4 The Pope, the Eagle, and The Iron Sickle

BK-PBF4 $15, 140 pages

Journey behind the scenes of the future merging of religion and politics. Learn how a 1917 apparition of Mary and an assassination attempt inspired a plan for dismantling the Iron Curtain. Learn how a future false apparition might initiate the merging of Islam and apostate Christianity under one leader--the false prophet of Revelation 13. Topics include: The Pope, Eagle, and the Iron Sickle; The 1917 Apparition and the Fatima Connection; St Malachy's Detailed Prophecy Succession of the Popes; Merging the Crescent with the Broken Cross; The Da Vinci Code & the New Goddess Worship, Secrets Written inside the Dome of the Rock; The Battle Over Jerusalem & the Temple Mount.

Perry selected the most requested message from his Holy Land tours: Jerusalem and the mysterious link to the ancient Garden of Eden. Learn how the tree of life once sat where the Holy of Holies was in Jerusalem, How the discovery of a snake-with-legs fossil reveals the link of the serpent in Eden, How a satellite may have discovered the lost river of Eden in Saudi Arabia, How Adam may have lived near Jericho in a city called Adam, named after him, Why Jesus had to be crucified in Jerusalem to restore access to the "tree of life," and proof that Jerusalem was the center of the Garden of Eden in Adam's time. Learn why God chose Jerusalem as His city!

Unusual Prophecies Being Fulfilled Book 5 BK-PBF5 $15, 119 pages Jerusalem's Astonishing Link to the Garden of Eden

Unusual Prophecies Being Fulfilled Book 6 BK-PBF6 $15, 107 pages The Restoration of Israel Is the Key to the Messiah's Return!

This book shows how ancient Biblical prophecies are being fulfilled that prove Christ will soon return. It proves that God is preparing the land of Israel for Christ's return! Journey with Perry Stone to Israel, where he has personally documented several major Biblical prophecies that are now being fulfilled! You will learn: The untold story of the destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem, How Ezekiel predicted the Holocaust, How God raised up Israel to be a great army, Amazing prophecies about modern weapons used in Israel, How Isaiah 35 is now being fulfilled north and south of the Dead Sea, How Ezekiel's fantastic prophecy about the Dead Sea is now coming to pass, Why the way America treats Israel is how God will treat America, The importance of the Dome of the Rock, how Elijah will assist in rebuilding the Third Temple, Two unusual prophetic statements by two famous rabbis. If you enjoy Perry's teaching from Israel, you will love this book. It includes a special color photo section.

Unusual Prophecies Being Fulfilled Book 7 BK-PBF7 $15, 128 pages Strange Discoveries and Cosmic Signs between 2012 - 2015 and Beyond

Concern is spreading about the ancient Mayan calendar, which predicts a major cosmic event for December 21, 2012 at 11:11. Researchers worry that a unique cosmic occurrence will create havoc with the earth's magnetic field and cause many of the apocalyptic predictions recorded by ancient civilizations, including Biblical prophets. Strange cosmic activity has always preceded the seasons of redemption, such as the Exodus, the birth of Christ, and the destruction of the Jewish Temple. The fact that many great and fearful cosmic signs are set to occur between the years 2012 to 2015 only adds fuel to the speculation that we are in the time of the end. In this book, Perry examines many lesser known ancient predictions about the end-times, and reveals amazing cosmic activity that is predicted to precede the return of Christ. Perry also includes an eye-opening study on the "sign of the son of man in heaven." The book also includes a special photo section and explains prophetic information Perry has not previously taught.

We're Not Finished Yet

The personal memoirs of Perry & Pam Stone. This book contains private information never before revealed in public, excerpts from personal letters, insight into spiritual battles, and family photographs. Learn about Perry's call into ministry, the beginnings of the VOE and Manna-fest, attacks that were intended to destroy the ministry, and more. This book can be a resource tool to mentor those involved with ministry, as well as encourage you in your own struggles.

BK-NF $20, 283 pages

In the beginning, God placed enmity between the woman's seed and the seed of the serpent, ensuring that the two would not mingle. Yet, as Bill shows in this book, the serpent has been trying to do exactly that, and has attempted throughout history to reverse the decision made against him in Genesis 3 by crushing the head of the woman's seed. With thorough research of the Hebrew text, Bill Cloud shows how the war between the seeds began, how it affected principal characters in the Bible, and how the current war on terror may be revealed in the opening passages of Genesis.

Enmity Between the Seeds, by Bill Cloud

BK-SEED $15, 172 pages

The 40 Days of Teshuvah By Perry Stone with Bill Cloud

BK-TESH $15, 128 pages

Most Christians are not familiar with the Hebraic concepts of the Bible, especially the seven feasts and yearly cycles ordained by God. Few Christians have heard of the new moon cycles and how Israel's calendar and prophetic future were hidden in the lunar cycles. Understanding the new moon reveals deeper revelation of the seven main feasts, and the fall feasts are introduced during the season of Teshuvah. This time is called the Days of Awe and Seasons of Joy. This book explains God's appointed times and how these yearly seasons and cycles can impact your spiritual destiny and unlock divine favor.

The Meal that Heals revised edition

Since the original book was printed in 2002, there has been much new insight, historical research, and questions from our readers. This expanded book explains in detail the importance of receiving daily Communion for intimacy with Christ and for healing! The majority of the content of this book was not in the first book. Topics: The difference between Catholic Mass and Protestant Communion, Transubstantiation, Consubstantiation, and the Communion as a memorial, How Christ's sufferings effect a three-fold atonement including physical healing, Amazing secrets that occurred in Gethsemane, Details about the manna in the wilderness and its parallel to Communion, Quotes from scholars and early historians regarding breaking bread from house to house, The Didache and the banquet of the Messiah, and 15 of your most common questions.

BK-MH2 $14, 160 pages

In depth Biblical & Hebraic insight about God's mystery of redemption. Topics: How the mysterious first priest, Melchizedek, may have been Noah's son, Shem; The controversy about in whose name we should pray ­ the English name Jesus, or the Hebrew name Yeshuah; Why it was necessary for the heavenly Temple and its sacred furniture to be cleansed by Christ's blood, according to Hebrews 9:23; The link between Barabbas in John 18:40 and the scapegoat on the Day of Atonement; How the sacred name of God, Yahwah, was hidden in the Hebrew inscription Pilate placed on the cross; Three weapons to overcome the enemy, including applying the blood of Jesus through your confession; Why David carried Goliath's head to Jerusalem in I Samuel 17:57, and how it may be connected to the hill called Golgotha, where Christ was crucified. The message of Christ's blood is a message for those who wish to overcome the adversary in every area of their lives.

Mystery of the Priesthood and the Blood

BK-MPB $15, 176 pages

Does God still speak to His people today? Does he still heal, raise the dead, lift sinners from the pit of despair, and give new hope for tomorrow? Yes! God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. The God who performed great deeds in the lives of people thousands of years ago still speaks to us and performs the same miracles today. In this extraordinary story, you will see the miracle-working hand of God as he operates in and through the lives of people today. Follow Kelvin McDaniel through his years as a young boy, when he had an unmistakable touch of God on his life. Travel with him through his years as a rebellious teenage runaway and drug addict. Journey to the far corners of the earth and witness the miracles of God in the lives of those people whom much of the world has forgotten. This is a captivating and inspirational story of tragedy, triumph, and miracles. Most of all, it is a story of God's love, mercy, and grace.

From Under the Bridge by Kelvin McDaniel

BK-BRDGE $12, 164 pages

Paul was considered a threat to the Roman government. He was arrested, locked in prison, and chained between two Roman guards. As he observed the Roman guards' outfits, he was inspired to draw an analogy between the Roman soldier's protective armor and the believer's protective Armor of God. After hundreds of hours of Biblical and historical research, Perry Stone has compiled a detailed commentary on how to live in victory by wearing the armor of God. This book has insights and powerful revelations to help you win personal, practical, and spiritual battles by putting on your "God Gear!" The conclusion of each chapter contains a series of questions for research, and to help increase your spiritual IQ.

Putting on Your God Gear

BK-GEAR $15, 187 pages

Breaking the Code of the Feasts

BK-FEAST $18, 201 pages

The Old Testament is the New Testament concealed, and the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed. Read amazing insight into prophetic layers that encode the future in many Old Testament stories. See how God has detailed future events in the fall feasts and celebrations of Israel. Topics include: God's Best Kept Secret, The Progression of Revelation, The Exodus Code, The Tribulation Code in Gideon's Story, Secrets Hidden in the Parables, The Armageddon Code Hidden in Esther, The Future Hidden in the Fall Feasts of Israel, Moving from Redemption to Resurrection, and The Awesome Revelation Discovered in Genesis 22. Perry believes people will be amazed to see how God concealed events to be understood in our generation.

The Meal that Heals

This book is a powerful revelation on the covenant healing through receiving daily communion. If you believe, as Perry does, that it is God's will to heal the church spiritually, emotionally, and physically, then this book is for you, your family, and friends. If you will receive and put into practice the revelation in this book, you will be impacted for life.

BK-MH $10, 70 pages

Lay It On Me

In this book, Perry explains how people who are content with just getting by are living at a 30-fold level of blessing. Yet, God has a 100-fold level of blessing available for all who will follow the principles shown by Ruth. Perry shows how Ruth's story unlocks the doors that will lead you out of the "gleaning corner" and into the full measure of God's blessing.

BK-LAYON $10, 78 pages

The Priesthood and the Blood

BK-BLOOD $4, 32 pages

Learn the connection between the priesthood and the blood and why we plead the blood of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins and other needs that we have. We have overcoming power over the devil through the blood atonement because the price was paid through Jesus! This booklet will give you a complete revelation on the purpose of Christ's death on the cross.

Breath of the Holies

BK-BHOLY $10, 82 pages

Join Perry on this incredible journey into ages past. Explore the tabernacle in Heaven, the sacred furniture, creation of angels, secrets of the holy place in the heavens, and how God revealed the heavenly patterns of the tabernacle to Moses. You will understand the importance of the Ark of the Covenant and the breath of the Holies. An exciting revelation from God's word that will bring a fresh desire for more of the Holy Spirit in your life!

Living in the Final Chapter

God established times & seasons that reveal the mystery of prophetic time. When these times become complete, the Lord will return. This fullness is completed when specific pre-determined prophetic end-time signs come to pass within one generation. Read spiritual insight identifying signs & proof that we are living at the close of the age and will experience the glorious return of Christ! Perry reveals the invisible side of prophecy and shows you how to discern the times. Explore patterns of prophecy and learn what happens when God revenges the blood of the innocent. Includes a section on strange cosmic signs and the last days, parallels between our time and the days of Noah, and a powerful chapter on America in the last days. Learn about the rise of the Islamic crescent and how to survive personal tribulations in your life.

BK-LFC $20, 239 pages

Dealing with Hindering Spirits

BK-HS $10, 87 pages

Gain new insight into both sides of the supernatural spirit world in this book by Perry Stone, Jr. Learn how the distractions, depression, and discouragements in your life may be the result of a hindering spirit that is on assignment to stop your destiny! Perry shares personal stories of his own experiences with hindering spirits and how he overcame them. Perry shares practical, scriptural truths that will help you defeat Satan's attacks.

Plucking the Eagle's Wings

Two nations on earth are spiritually connected - America and Israel. Both nations have the same spiritual roots, historical patterns, cycles, and prophetic destinies. In this book, Perry documents the amazing Hebraic link between ancient Israel's history and the patterns of the USA. This pattern extends from the founding of America to the prophetic destiny of various American presidents. Learn about the zero cycle and the deaths of American presidents and the unusual patterns involving the 43rd president.

PEW-BK $20, 270 pages

Unleashing the Beast

I spent hundreds of hours researching updated information to present to you this completely revised book. Book sellers saw the material and chose NOT to offer it in secular bookstores. I believe it is because of chapter 11, where I reveal the Islamic tradition that the "Islamic sun would rise in the west," and ask the question, "Have they found their man?" I detail the coming kingdom of the Antichrist and his link to Islam and the Middle East, especially with Iran and Persia. I detail the location of Saddam's WMDs and give you insight never printed in our previous books. If you are easily offended at truth, then don't read this. If you love the truth, then prepare yourself for this new book!

BK-UB2 $15, 238 pages

The Meal that Heals 3rd edition

Revised, updated, & expanded! Renew your mind, enlighten your understanding, & transform your spiritual life. Learn how daily communion can bring healing and wholeness to your body, soul, and spirit. If you have read the previous versions, this new edition is a must for your edification. Each chapter includes a question/answer session for Bible study and the center contains a photo section. Some of the chapters are: God's Covenant of Healing for His Children, Understanding the Act of Communion, What Does it Mean to Break Bread?, Secrets in the Garden of Gethsemane, The Mystery of the Manna in the Wilderness, Restoring the Priesthood of the Believer, The Greatest Hindrance to Your Healing, Communion ­

BK-MH3 $15, 185 pages, HARDBACK ONLY

Not a Magical Formula, When the Sickness Tries to Return to Your House, How to Receive Communion, and more!

Breaking the Jewish Code

BK-BJC $20, 245 pages, HARDBACK ONLY

The secret to living in health, creating wealth, building your faith, and more! Historically, the Jewish people have been both the most successful and the most persecuted of any group on earth. They are the only people who were almost 2,000 years without a nation, a united language or a capital. Yet today they have returned to their original land (Israel), speak their original language (Hebrew), and pray at their original capital (Jerusalem). Perry has had a love for and connection to Israel for years. In Breaking the Jewish Code, he has identified what he calls "the Jewish DNA of success," showing how the Jewish people have unlocked the doors of creative ability, wealth, health, & family unity.

Angels on Assignment

Our world is not a safe place, and we all need continual protection ­ at home, on the job, on the road. For believers, there are many scriptures promising God can and will protect us. Angels on Assignment reveals in detail one of these promises, the Mizpah Covenant. The Mizpah covenant forges a protective angelic barrier around your loved ones and you, especially when you are apart from one another. Filled with faith-building stories, Angels on Assignment will show you how angels are involved in our lives on a personal and practical level, five things that can offend angels and hinder their protection of us, and how to establish a Mizpah covenant over your family and you.

BK-AA $15, 166 pages, HARDBACK ONLY

Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue BK-PENN $20, 300 pages (325 with footnotes), HARDBACK ONLY

Have the dreams of our Founders become the nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue? Patriotic Americans are angry as their hope in the American dream is fading. Are America's economic woes and moral chaos in our cities a repeat of Imperial Roman Empire history? Are the terror wars, bailouts and natural disasters a preview of ancient prophecies unfolding in our generation? What about secular and Biblical predictions of a global New World Order (the 7th empire of prophecy) seeking out one popular world leader to unite the globalist agenda? Is there a hidden conspiracy behind the decline of the dollar and the nightmare unfolding along Pennsylvania Avenue? What part, if any, will America's leaders play? In this book, Perry combines some of the most informative and detailed insight into the prophetic past, present, and future of America as an empire. Never before in one book has an author combined such detailed information combining ancient historical patterns, end time Biblical prophecies, and inside information to dig deep into America's prophetic future!

The Amazing Mysteries of Eternity, Paradise, & the Land of Lost Souls - Biblical answers to your questions about your life beyond this world Perry Stone gives detailed explanations to the amazing mysteries linked to life after death, eternity, paradise, heaven, and the chambers of the underworld located under the sea. Perry also answers many controversial and confusing questions that many people hesitate to ask, or are uncertain how to research from the Bible. Some of the topics covered are: Is cremation wrong? Will pets be in heaven? What about people who commit suicide? Is hell real and where is it located? How is the Dead Sea in Israel related to the Lake of Fire in the Bible? What happens to the soul of aborted babies? How can God allow anyone to go to Hell if they have never heard the Gospel? If a child dies, how old will they be in heaven?

Secrets Beyond the Grave

BK-SBG $15, 246 pages

Purging Your House Pruning Your Family Tree

Does a "weeping willow" describe your family tree? Do you secretly wish you had been born in a different family? Did you pick up some "bad DNA" from someone in your lineage? Are you bringing any of the six accursed things into your home? Do you know how to use music to change the atmosphere in your house? Do you know how to remove the "leprosy" from your life and home? Can you reverse a prophecy from the devil? What are the keys to a divine reversal? This book has important inspirational and practical content. The battles in life are found in three temples: The church, home, and body of believers. Read several personal stories Perry has never shared in public, that reveal various attempts of Satan to hinder and stop his ministry.

BK-PH $15, 230 pages

Manna-fest Prayer Journal

JRNL $15, softcover

Keep your messages and personal notes in this new Manna-fest journal. Perry has personally laid out a beautiful journal for all of our ministry friends. The journal has a personal photo section that details the history and outreaches of the ministry with color photos. Each journal page contains three different sections: A section for notes, a right column for Scripture references, and a bottom section for special nuggets. The cover is gray leather, embossed with the Manna-fest logo. The journal is 7 inches wide by 9 ½ inches tall.

How to Interpret Dreams & Visions

Understanding God's Warnings & Guidance. Is God trying to tell you something? Have you ever had a dream or vision that was so vivid it remained with you for days? It is possible your dream had a spiritual connotation & your vision was a message from God. Perry explains God's guidance and warnings found in our visions and dreams, and includes an extensive list of common dream symbols. He uses Bible knowledge and spiritual insight to answer questions such as: · Is my dream really from God? · How do I distinguish between types of spiritual visions? · Why am I having nightmares or unclean dreams? · What do my dreams of a departed loved one mean?

BK-DAV $15

Topics covered are: The last days: Time to pierce the veil, The dream factor, Why are some dreams delayed in coming to pass?, Psychic voices versus prophetic visions, Can a warning dream be altered through prayer?, Learning to listen to your wife's warning dreams, What it means when dreaming of a departed loved one, The law of the double dream, Angel appearances in dreams, Why symbolism: Can't God make it plain?, Four types of spiritual visions, Dreams: Amazing purpose for these revelations, Conclusion: Dreams and visions-God's voice of intimacy

VIDEO DVD DISCS - $20 each, unless noted otherwise

(6 or more for $18 each -- Available in video format only) Prophetic Mysteries of the 7 Feasts of Israel DV028 $20 Single DVD

Perry Stone and Bill Cloud present a powerful video filled with Hebraic information about the seven feasts of Israel. Explore the prophetic fulfillment of the Fall Feasts (the rapture, tribulation, and millennial reign) and the prophetic fulfillment of the Spring Feasts. Learn how the holy name of God was hidden in the inscription on the cross, hear the explanation of the "Promise of the Father," and much more.

Ancient prince spirits that once ruled mighty empires, now bound in the abyss, will be released upon the earth in the near future. On this DVD, Perry reveals the location of Satan's command center and how principalities take dominion over cities and nations. Learn about the invisible side of prophecy. Perry exposes the chief spirit ruling over America and the spirits controlling large American cities. This powerful teaching will open your understanding to the unseen war ­ a war that will climax at Christ's second coming!

The Return of the Ancient Spirits

DV032 $20 Single DVD

Apparitions of Mary

For hundreds of years, people have claimed they received visitations from the Virgin Mary. With scriptural and historical references, Perry separates Biblical truth from tradition as he carefully examines the meaning, method, and messages of these alleged apparitions. Perry discovered an amazing link he calls the "Fatima Connection." Perry believes that this link will one day unite the coming Islamic antichrist with the future false prophet recorded in Rev. 13.

DV055 $20 Single DVD

Join Perry on location in Israel as he shows you where ancient Biblical prophecies will be fulfilled. Some modern scholars believe these prophecies from Isaiah, Ezekiel, Amos, Hosea, and others will not be fulfilled until Christ returns to earth. But you will see evidence that these 2,800 year old prophecies are being fulfilled now! An important teaching for those who need encouragement in their walk, or for unsaved family members. The message is clear ­ Jesus is coming soon!

Israel Racing Toward the Second Coming

DV059 $20 Single DVD

Are demon spirits the spirits of the ancient giants? This unique teaching has been hidden from the church since the fourth century! Centuries before Christ, it was believed that when giants were destroyed, their spirits became evil spirits. Perry Stone brings fresh insight into how fallen angels came to earth and produced a race of feared giants. Using Hebrew word studies, ancient history, writings from the early church fathers, and Jewish sources, Perry explores the mystery of how the deaths of these giants produced the evil spirits now roaming the earth. See evidence showing that giants once existed!

Fallen Angels, Giants, and Evil Spirits DVD

DV076 $20 Single DVD

The Code of the Priest

This teaching merges sacred Scriptures with Jewish history and is an amazing Hebraic teaching. Learn about priestly mysteries, from Melchizedek to the priestly garments. Discover how the Aaronic Priesthood was transferred to Jesus Christ at the cross, and how Christ took his blood into the temple in heaven.

DV077 $20 Single DVD

25 Unusual Signs of Christ's 2nd Coming

This DVD covers 4 Biblical prophecies revealing how the Jews would return to Israel in the last days; 7 types of cosmic signs, some occurring in our time, indicating the return of Christ; the recent research discovering the lost tribes of Israel in Pakistan and Afghanistan; astonishing new research about the Dome of the Rock and the rebuilding of the Temple; how 1967 was a major prophetic year and may have initiated the final generation; and Ezekiel's amazing prophecy of the dry bones and its recent fulfillment. Also includes a special segment taped on location in Israel, showing the amazing fulfillment of ancient prophecies concerning the desert and the Dead Sea!

DV078 $20 Single DVD

God is restoring the church's understanding of its Hebrew roots! On this DVD by Perry Stone and Bill Cloud, you will gain new understanding of the church's Hebrew roots. Learn about Jewish roots and how these worship tools are prophetically connected to future events. This teaching also includes a much-requested explanation of the shofar (ram's horn) and tallit (prayer shawl.)

Unlocking Hebrew Mysteries

DV080 $20 Single DVD

Mystery of the Holy Temple

The Holy Mountain, Secret Chambers, Sacred Furniture and Ministry. Perry uses a model of Solomon's temple to reveal great mysteries of the temple and the Temple Mount. Learn about the mountains of God, hidden chambers under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, and the possible location of the lost Ark of the Covenant. Perry shows miniature models of the sacred furniture of the Temple and reveals the hidden meaning, along with God's plan of redemption. Perry explains the six people who worked at the ancient temple, seven areas of the temple, as well as the worship, music, and offerings at the temple. This Hebraic teaching will open your eyes to one of the great mysteries of God ­ the sacred temple!

DV085 $20 Single DVD

Breath of the Holies: Secrets of Moses' Tabernacle

DV086 $20 Single DVD

Perry uses a detailed model of the wilderness tavernacle to discover the hidden meaning of the boards, fabrics, metals, and details of this mysterious tent. Learn about the geographical location of the heavenly temple, the throne room, sacred furniture, and worship in the temple. Learn how the earthly tabernacle was patterned after the heavenly one. Also explores how Noah's Ark was a picture of the future tabernacle, how the cross is hidden in six places in the Old Testament and tabernacle, and how the secret place of the Most High God is connected to the Ark of the Covenant and the wings of the cherub.

Days of Awe Seasons of Joy

DV091 $20 Single DVD

A Powerful Hebraic Roots Teaching! Perry Stone teaches about the lesser-known special seasons of God. Topics include: Prophetic patterns of the new moon, The new moon and birth pains of the Messiah, The year of release (Jubilee), The forty days of Teshuvah, The ten days of awe, the seven days of joy, and much more! Learn how these appointed seasons reveal in a practical way that we can receive special favor during certain seasons of the year!

America ­ Our Prophetic Patterns, Cycles & Future

DV092 $20 Single DVD

Exploring the patterns of previous empires of prophecy can reveal America's prophetic past, present, and future. Perry reveals how America's patterns are spiritually connected to ancient Israel and politically connected to the ancient Roman Empire. Discover the patterns of Israel's kings and America's presidents. See the parallel warnings for America and reveal Satan's strategy to remove God's favor from this great nation. This is a powerful revelation about the United States!

7 Temple Rituals 7 Weapons of War

From the ancient Temple in Jerusalem, the priest's daily rituals hold secrets to overcome spiritual attacks we encounter today! This teaching shows models of the Temple, ancient altars, and tabernacle furniture. Learn about Satanic battles we encounter at the three ancient altars, the secret place of the Most High, how Temple rituals reveal our spiritual weapons of war, and more. This knowledge can be used in your everyday walk with the Lord!

DV093 $20 Single DVD

The Jewish Wedding ­ A Revelation of the Rapture

DV094 $20 Single DVD

To understand the rapture, you must understand the ancient Jewish wedding, which is a picture of Christ's return for his bride! With 100 cast members, Perry illustrates the ancient customs of the Jewish wedding and reveals how the 14-step process is a picture of the rapture of the church. Also included is the illustrated message "The Mystery of the Four Passover Cups." These cups correspond to the four Hallelujahs in Revelation 19 and reveal that we are living between the third and fourth cups.

The Rapture & the Law of First Fruits

The ancient Biblical harvest cycles contain clues that unlock mysteries about the Rapture of the church. This teaching contains Hebraic research that gives evidence that the Rapture is an accurate teaching. Learn how the Law of First Fruits shows why the church must be caught up to the Temple of God in heaven before Christ can begin the final harvest of the Jewish remnant on earth during the great tribulation. This will open the eyes of your understanding and build a solid case in favor of the Rapture teaching!

DV095 $20 Single DVD

The Meal that Heals Series 1

Hear Dr. John Miller reveal the life-changing message of receiving your healing through daily communion (The Lord's Supper). Enjoy five programs with Perry Stone and Dr. Miller, plus a special interview with Perry Stone Sr. This presentation contains six teachings from our Manna-fest TV program. The revelation of daily communion has been lost in the traditional church, but is being revived as the ultimate New Covenant weapon to attack sickness and bring healing to the lives of Christians! This is an exciting spiritual revelation of God's healing covenant through the bread and fruit of the vine. (This DVD has a blue cover.)

MHDVD $20 Single DVD

The Meal that Heals Series 2

The six new Manna-fest teachings from 2005 with Perry Stone and Dr. John Miller. It will build your faith and empower your spirit to obey the Lord in Holy Communion. You will see and hear the following six teachings: The Hidden Manna parts 1 & 2, Priesthood of the Believer, Tough Questions About Healing & Communion, Atonement 101, and Mystery of the Blood & Body of Christ. (This DVD has a purple cover.)

DV097 $20 Single DVD

Journey to the Underworld

DV101 $20 Single DVD

On this spiritual documentary, Perry presents Biblical evidence of the subterranean chambers under the earth that presently house the fallen angels mentioned in 2 Peter 2:4, and the lost souls of mankind mentioned in Luke 16. He reveals key scriptures relating how the entrances to the underworld are spiritual gates located under the seas. By studying the five Hebrew and Greek words used in the Bible, you will have a fresh understanding of where the unsaved go at the moment of death.

Secrets of Paradise and the Underworld TV Series

Now you can obtain these exciting Manna-fest episodes on DVD or VHS video! This teaching includes the five shows that dealt with paradise and the underworld. Topics include: Voices from the Edge of Eternity, The Mystery of Paradise, What Jesus Revealed about Death, Questions About Heaven and Paradise, and More Secrets of Paradise. You will see Perry interview special guests Thea Carter, Tommy Bates, Bishop "Earthquake" Kelley, Walter Hallam, and Fred Stone.

DV102 $20 Single DVD

Taped on location in Israel with Perry Stone. The Hebrew prophet Ezekiel's amazing end-time prophecies have been, and are about to be, fulfilled! Israel's enemies are preparing for the Battle of Gog and Magog, identified by some as World War III. On this DVD, taped on location in Israel, Perry explains: Who Gog is, and which modern nations are referred to in Ezekiel 38; two cities destined for destruction in the future; the truth behind Saddam's weapons of mass destruction; how this battle is an Islamic invasion of Israel; Biblical proof that weapons of mass destruction will be used during this conflict; and how the Palestinian conflict will pave the way for this major war. From Jerusalem, Perry takes you into the future 1,000-year reign of Christ and reveals many changes that will occur in the future.

Israel and the Battle of Gog and Magog

DV105 $20 Single DVD

Purging Your House

2DV100 $30 (Two disc set)

Satan has gone house hunting and is looking for an open door to get inside your dwelling. This four hour, twodisc DVD teaching gives you spiritual knowledge to lock the enemy out. Learn Biblical guidelines necessary to change the atmosphere of your home to one of peace and joy. Perry reveals: His personal deliverance from a six-month attack by demonic spirits, How the enemy gains access into your dwelling by images & imaginations, 8 things you should purge from your house, How Satan selects his victims even as children, How Christ's blood can form a protective hedge, How to anoint your house & put the Word on the doorposts, Things that can attract spirits that must be dealt with, and how music can clean the atmosphere where you are sleeping. Perry also takes you to his house, where he reveals how to anoint the house and place a mezuzah on the doorpost.

Prophetic Discoveries Hidden in God's 7 Appointed Feasts

DV109 $20 Single DVD

The 7 Feasts are God's key to understanding all major future prophetic events! Perry presents hundreds of hours of detailed Hebraic research on a fascinating study of the seven feasts of Israel! Explore the natural, spiritual, and prophetic meanings of the feasts, including many traditions and customs seldom taught in Christian churches. Discover the future prophetic events to occur during the seasons of the three fall feasts. This is a powerful teaching with incredibly detailed insight!

Tracing the Future world dictator from Nimrod to Iran and Iraq. Everyone has a bloodline, including the Antichrist! Only Jesus Christ has more prophecies in the Bible concerning his coming than does the coming Antichrist! Perry removes man-made traditions concerning the Antichrist. Perry also reveals from Scriptures, Biblical history, and events in the Middle East the details of this coming man of sin. See how Israel, Iran, and Iraq fit into future events, and learn how America is restraining the influence of the spirit of Antichrist!

The Bloodline of the Antichrist

DV110 $15 Single DVD

God hid the prophetic future in heavenly signs! Before his return, Jesus predicted there would be signs in the "sun, moon and the stars." Learn to understand how God created the heavens for signs and seasons and how the heavens are actually an encoded prophecy of redemption and the future. The original meaning of signs in the heavens was revealed to Adam, Seth and Enoch; how the 12 main constellations conceal God's plan of redemption and the defeat of Satan; how God uses cosmic activity prior to great prophetic events, including end time events; cosmic signs before the destruction of the Temple being repeated in our time; the meaning of blood moons, comets, and the days of Noah being repeated in our time; how the emblems of Satan are seen in three constellations; how the "lion's paw" is on the head of the serpent in heaven, and what this means prophetically. You will never again look up into a dark sky at night and see it the same!

Prophecies Encoded in the Heavens

DV112 $20 Single DVD

Prophetic Alert 2008 Manna-fest Programs on DVD

DV114 $15 Single DVD

We received hundreds of requests to make available the FOUR Prophetic Alerts that were aired recently on Manna-fest. Perry discussed in detail the night visions he had received from the Holy Spirit. This DVD contains all four special TV programs as they aired on Manna-fest.

Is December 2012 to October 2015 the End of the Age?

The ancient Mayan Calendar was one of the most accurate in the ancient world. Their long count cycle will end in December 2012. Some people predict major electro-magnetic disruptions on planet earth and massive sun spot activity that parallels passages of the Apocalypse. Then in 2015, lunar eclipses and bloody moons will fall within Israel's major feast days. Are these signs of the end of the age? This message recorded at the 2008 Louisville conference includes Power Point presentations to illustrate this amazing teaching. End times are unfolding right in front of our eyes. It is an exciting time to be alive to witness Bible prophecy fulfillment!

DV115 $15 Single DVD

Prophetic Alert 2009 Manna-fest Programs on DVD

Many people have requested that we make available on DVD this series of Manna-fest programs from 2009. This video DVD contains five different programs that aired on Perry Stone's Manna-fest program. The disc includes: Part 1 ­ An Urgent Warning to America, Part 2 ­ Bondage of Egypt Coming to America, Part 3 ­ Three Syndromes Infecting America, Part 4 ­ Are We Coming Under a Curse?, Part 5 ­ I'm Sorry, But You Are Wrong, Mr. President.

DV125 $15 Single DVD

Ministers and some Christians avoid the book of Revelation, and throughout history the meaning of many passages have been mysterious until now. Perry reveals many difficult prophecies that can now be understood, including the mark of the Beast, the lost tribes of Israel, the 144,000 Jews, the rebuilding of a Jewish Temple in Jerusalem during the tribulation, and prophecies of recent rabbis! This DVD has two hours of detailed insight, including many pictures to illustrate and prove how the predictions are being fulfilled in our day and time.

Re-examining the Apocalypse in the 21st Century

DV126 $20 $20 Single DVD

In September 2009, Manna-Fest aired an incredible series of teachings about America with Perry Stone and Bill Cloud. Topics such as the patterns of America and Egypt, and the Pharaoh who knew not Joseph, are mind boggling! For four weeks, Perry and Bill opened up the Word and shared revelation about America and prophetic patterns. This DVD was made available due to the overwhelming requests for this series of programs. The DVD includes four programs that aired on Manna-Fest.

America: New Prophetic Patterns Manna-fest Programs on DVD

DV127 $20 Single DVD

Is the Antichrist alive and well? Some Early Church fathers believed the emperor Nero faked his death and would return as the Antichrist. Some contemporary Greek scholars wrote that Judas will rise from hell and incarnate a human body to become the dreaded final world dictator! Throughout history, key dates from apocalyptic Scriptures have been presented as the arrival time of the Antichrist. In the 1930s even Hitler was a candidate that seemed to fulfill prophetic expectations of the coming man of sin. Perry digs deep into ancient history, Biblical word studies, and key Scriptures to explain the facts related to the Antichrist and give you a deeper understanding of this great end-time mystery!

The Arrival Signs of the Antichrist


$20 $20 Single DVD

Discover how the beginning reveals the end! In November of 1988, rabbi Yehudah Getz invited Perry Stone and a small group of men to tour the "Rabbi's Tunnel" in Jerusalem. Perry spent much time with a rabbi to learn new information, including how the book of Genesis encodes the future. Perry uses Scripture, historical references, and Hebraic knowledge to unlock the 7,000-year Genesis code. He explains the theory that the six days of creation are a prophetic picture of the 6,000 years of human government, and how the 7th day of rest is a picture of the 1,000-year millennial reign. Discover how God counts time and the amazing way that Genesis is a reflection of the future! If you love prophecy, then you will love this exciting and spiritually educational DVD.

Cracking the Genesis Code

DV131 $20 $20 Single DVD

Cosmic Signs Manna-fest TV Series DVD

This DVD contains 5 Manna-fest TV programs that were aired on the subject of Cosmic Signs. The programs include: Cosmic Entrances into the Heavenly City, Last Day Fever-Following the Trail of the Date Setters, The

DV132 $15 Single DVD

Day Lightning Makes the World Shut Down, Cosmic Prophecies in the Sun Moon & Stars, and The End Time Harvest & the Coming Shaking.

If you are inspired by Perry's on-location teaching from Israel, or if you love learning new prophetic insight, then you will love this teaching. Jerusalem is the most important key to unlocking the door to the coming tribulation and return of Christ. Perry explains many Biblical prophecies, including obscure predictions that have been fulfilled recently. Learn about the crimson worm needed for priestly garments, and the family creating Harps of David, a rabbinical sign of the Messiah's return. An organization is studying and preparing replicas of sacred vessels of gold, silver, and brass for the Third Temple in Jerusalem. Learn amazing prophecies about the gates of Jerusalem, Ezekiel's vision of Israel's army, and the Jews' return back to the land, a major last day sign of the Messiah setting up his kingdom in Jerusalem. Photos, videos and Scripture will show you these ancient predictions that show how God is preparing Jerusalem for the Messiah's return.

The Jerusalem Prophecies

DV134 $20 Single DVD

Perry answers some of the toughest questions about the rapture. This teaching is from our six-part "PreTribulation Rapture Series" which aired on Manna-fest in 2010. Topics include: Part 1 - The Revelation of the Catching Away Part 2 - The Rapture: Revelation of the Great Assembly Part 3 - Old Testament Proof of the Coming Christ Part 4 - The Rapture-To Be or Not to Be Part 5 - Bible Evidence for a Pre-Tribulation Catching Away Part 6 - Explaining the Mystery of the 7th Trumpet

Tough Questions About the Rapture

DV135 $20 Single DVD

It is the least preached about and least understood subject among Christians, yet it is the greatest upcoming event for believers ­ The Millennial Kingdom; the events before, during and after the 1,000-year reign of Christ. Perry Stone begins his study from Jerusalem and describes the climax of the tribulation, the heavenly Marriage Supper, and the order of heavenly and earthly events during the final 48 hours leading to Christ's return! Follow the location of the three battles in Israel where Christ will engage the nations to save the Jewish remnant. Learn about astonishing changes that will impact you as a believer during the 1,000 years, including life in the Millennial reign. Learn about the Arabah transformation, and the Dead Sea changes already occurring as God is arranging events in Israel for the Messiah's return. Discover why Satan will be loosed for a season and the identity of Gog and Magog; the army organizing to overthrow Jerusalem. Learn fresh insight concerning the new heaven and new earth and the White Throne Judgment.

Unlocking the Millennial Code

DV136 $20 Single DVD


Christians are in a life and death struggle, and most believers are unaware of the enemy's strategies and unprepared for the conflict. Needless casualties of war sit wounded in the church because they did not have proper training or spiritual armor! This set has 4 two-hour DVD discs. Perry prepared six illustrated messages that will teach you about the whole armor of God! This teaching includes a special study syllabus and a bonus audio CD, "The Weapon Satan Fears the Most." The DVD subjects are: Examining the Whole Armor of God, Mastering the Sword of the Spirit, Anointing the Shield Before the Battle, How to Keep Standing When the Battle Is On, End Time Battle Strategies, and Keys to Being a Good Soldier. (NOTE: Study manuals for the two DVD teaching sets above can be purchased separately for Bible study groups. Single manuals are $20 each. For 6 ­ 10 manuals, the price is $18 each. For 11 or more manuals, the price is $15 each. Use item MNL-RAP for The Rapture Revelation, and item MNL-AR for The Armor of God.)

Secrets of the Armor of God DVD Album

AR-32D $65 (Four DVD disc set)


Gold Yeshuah Star of David Pendant GFB050 $20 Gold fill pendant shaped like the Star of David with the word Yeshuah across the middle. Pendant is 1 ½ inches long by 1 inch wide. Chain not included.

Prayer Shawl (Tallit)


This prayer shawl (Tallit) is about 6 feet long by 2 feet wide and includes a cloth bag. The blessing on this tallit is part of the Aaronic blessing from the book of Numbers. Tallits usually have a rabbinic blessing that recognizes the commandment to wear the fringes. This tallit has a Biblical, rather than rabbinical blessing. (The blue cord in this tallit is not the authentic t'chelet (blue) that comes on other tallits. It has been dyed to resemble the t'chelet to keep costs down. Tallits with the t'chelet generally start around $60.)

Ten Commandments Bracelet

BRCT-10 $30

The Ten Commandments bracelet is made with stretchable links of stainless steel. The front side has the first ten letters of the Hebrew alphabet, cut to perfection and overlaid with one micron of gold. On both ends of the Hebrew letters are the American & Israeli flags. On the back side of each Hebrew letter, the Ten Commandments are engraved into the stainless steel. The bracelet measures 7 ½ inches around.

The "My Beloved" bracelet is made of stainless steel links with Hebrew letters stamped in 1 micron gold. The Hebrew letters say, "I am my beloved and my beloved is mine." On the back of the bracelet, the words are stamped in English! It is a reminder of your relationship with Christ and your love for your companion. (PLEASE NOTE: Extra links can be purchased for the two bracelets above. Links are $2.50 each; use item code "LINK")

"My Beloved" Bracelet


King's Anointing Oil OIL $10 One glass bottle of holy anointing oil produced by My Olive Tree. Made with olive oil harvested exclusively from Perry Stone's olive grove in Israel. Bottle is approx. 2 inches tall.

Ten Commandments Dog Tag Pendant NCKL-TAG $15 A silver pendant with the 10 Commandments on one side and the Messianic seal (menorah/fish/star) on the other. Pendant is 2 inches long and 1 inch wide (chain not included).

NCKL-CRP Gold Cross w/ Purple Stone Necklace $25 Gold plated cross pendant and chain. Chain is 17 ½ inches long, pendant is 2 inches tall by 1 inch wide. Pendant has a purple stone in the middle, trimmed with small crystal stones.

Messianic Seal Green Jade Necklace


One of the most unique gifts we have offered. The silver messianic seal is molded onto a genuine green jade base and strung on an 18-inch silver chain. The jade pendant is 1 ¼ inches long. A beautiful gift you will love!

Messianic Seal Marcasite Pendant


Silver Messianic seal (menorah/fish/star) with marcasite bead trim. Chain not included. Pendant is 2 ¼ inches tall by ¾ inch wide.

Gold Dove Necklace

NCKL-D18 $18

This unique dove pendant with chain will be a reminder of the Holy Spirit each time you wear it! The pendant is gold fill, while the chain is gold plated. Pendant is 1 inch long by ¾ inch wide. The chain is 17 ½ inches long and is made with a spring ring clasp.

Spinning Star of David Green Malachite Pendant NCKL-SPG $25 Silver spinning Star of David encased in a clear case, inside a round green malachite pendant. Chain is 17 ½ inches long, pendant is 1 inch wide and 1 ¼ inches tall.

Star of David/Jesus Necklace


This necklace features a sterling silver pendant of Jesus' name in a shape of the Star of David. It is strung on an 18 inch silver box chain with a spring clasp. The pendant measures about 1 inch across.

Silver Messianic Seal Pendant with Purple Stones PND-MSNG $25 This sterling silver pendant is the messianic seal (menorah, Christian fish, and Star of David) with a row of purple colored crystal stones across the top. The whole pendant is 2 ¼ inches tall. Chain not included. Also available with blue stones (Item PND-MSNB), or red stones (PND-MSNR).

Small Cross Opal Pendant

PND-OPC2 $30

This beautiful cross shaped pendant is made with simulated opal stones and set in a sterling silver pendant. It is 1 ¼ inches tall and ½ inch wide. Chain not included.

The seven-branched candlestick (menorah) is one of the ancient symbols of the Temple and an emblem of the modern nation of Israel. It is also a picture of the church and the seven manifestations of the Holy Spirit. This sterling silver menorah would be appropriate for men or women. The pendant measures 1" tall and is strung on an 18 ½ inch chain.

Silver Menorah Pendant & Necklace


Spinning Menorah Pendant


This lovely sterling silver pendant has a menorah in the center. The menorah turns around in the middle with blue stones on one side and red stones on the other. The word "Israel" is etched on one side in English. The pendant measures 1 ¼ inches in diameter. (Chain not included.)

Seven Promises Scroll Pendant

This gold pendant is shaped like a Torah scroll. A small paper scroll is rolled up inside the clear tube. Printed on the scroll is the blessing of the priest in Hebrew (Numbers 6:24-26), as well as seven great promises from the Bible for you and your family. You can wear the promises of God on you, just as the religious Jews do in Israel! The pendant measures 2 inches long by 5/16 of an inch wide. (Chain not included.)


The Marriage Cup Pendant

PND-C1 $15

This pendant symbolizes the "marriage cup" at a Jewish wedding. It is a reminder of the day you will "drink from the cup" with your future bridegroom, Jesus Christ, at the marriage supper of the Lamb. The cup is sterling silver with rhodium coating and set with red cubic zirconia stones. It measures 7/8 of an inch tall. (Chain not included.) Also available with clear crystal stones. Order item PND-C2 to receive it with clear stones.

The Shield of David Pendant

PND-S1 $30

The emblem of Israel is called the Star of David, or the shield of David. Jewish tradition says that David placed this emblem on his shield as a source of protection from his enemies. Today it shows support for the nation God chose to place His name upon. This pendant is sterling silver with rhodium coating and six colored cubic zirconia stones on each side. It measures 5/8 of an inch wide by 1 inch long. (Chain not included.)

Crystal Cross Necklace

GFB100 $25 (pictured on red background)

The crystal cross necklace is made of .925 sterling silver and handset with red and clear Swarovski crystals. This unique necklace can be worn two ways: unfold it to form a design, or close it to form a cross. The chain included is 17" long and the cross is 3/4" tall.

High Priest Gold Shield Necklace

This gold pendant has 12 colored stones that represent the breastplate of the priest. Strung on a 16-inch gold chain w/ spring ring clasp. Pendant is 1 ¼ inch long.


Star of David Set with Crystals


This unique pendant is a reminder of your support for Israel. The pendant is 1 inch long and 11/16 of an inch wide, made of sterling silver and set with black and clear crystal stones. (Chain not included).

Gold Star of David Colored Stone Pendant


This gold pendant is shaped like the Star of David and is 1 ½ inches tall. It has multi-colored stones in various colors. (Chain not included)

Silver Star of David Colored Stone Pendant


This silver pendant is shaped like the Star of David and is 1 ½ inches tall. It has multi-colored stones in various colors. (Chain not included)

Mustard Seed Pendant


A reminder of your faith in the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. This pendant contains three mustard seeds enclosed in glass in a heart shaped pendant, made of sterling silver. The pendant is 1 ¼ inches long and 1 inch wide. (Chain not included).

Blue Opal Cross Pendant (Large)

PND-OPC1 $30

This sterling silver cross shaped pendant is made with simulated blue opal. Pendant is 1 ½ inches long. (Chain not included)

Mezuzah: Crown & Priestly Scroll MEZ-CRWN $15 This mezuzah is 4 ½ inches long and about ½ inch wide, with parchment scroll enclosed in a transparent cylinder, capped on each end by a priestly crown, with the first letter of God's name (Hebrew letter Shin) outside the cylinder. A mezuzah is placed on the doorpost of traditional Jewish homes. The mezuzah is not a good-luck charm, nor does it have any connection with the lamb's blood placed on the doorposts in Egypt. Rather, it is a constant reminder of God's presence and God's mitzvot (commandment). For more detailed info on the mezuzah's history and tradition, visit our online store at

Priestly Blessing Necklace NCKL-PRS $15 A silver tablet shaped replica of the priestly blessing. Chain is 19 inches long, pendant is 1 inch tall.

Manna-fest TV programs on DVD or CD: Manna-fest TV programs are available to watch on our website at You can also purchase single programs on DVD or audio CD. Single DVDs are $15 each and audio CDs are $7 each. Printed transcripts are available for $5 each. Please contact our office for more information, or to order Manna-fest programs. When calling to order, please have the following information ready for our phone operators: the subject matter of the program, the date you saw it, and what station it was on, if known.

For more information about the ministry and our various programs, please visit our website at Watch the latest Manna-fest show, purchase TV packages and new magazine items, view discounted items, send prayer requests, learn about our Israel tour, upcoming meetings, and more. You can also call our office to request more information on our bi-monthly magazine, Monthly Message Club, and Partner Strike Force membership.

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