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RFP No. 09-011 Locomotive Inspection, Repair and Maintenance Services

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.00 2.00 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 3.00 SCOPE OF WORK ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 REQUIREMENTS-------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 General-------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------3 Diesel Engine Top End Remanufacture-------------------------------------------------4 Final Engine Assembly--------------------------------------------------------------------6 Electrical Components and Wiring------------------------------------------------------6 Additional Work---------------------------------------------------------------------------6 Load Test-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------7 Shipment and Acceptance----------------------------------------------------------------8 VRE RESPONSIBILITY-----------------------------------------------------------------------8

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RFP No. 09-011 Locomotive Inspection, Repair and Maintenance Services


SCOPE OF WORK A. The Contractor shall perform work on commuter rail, locomotive diesel engines to overhaul the "top end" or "top deck" of the engine and repair or renew certain other subassemblies as specified herein this specification. The engines are model 645E3C produced by Electro-Motive Division (EMD) of General Motors, with either 12 or 16 cylinders. This project includes: 1. 2. C. D. seven (7) GP39 locomotives with 12-cylinder engines; and five (5) GP40 locomotives with 16-cylinder engines.


All locomotives were remanufactured prior to 1996. All replacement components shall be OEM or equal as approved by VRE.

2.00 2.1

REQUIREMENTS General A. B. The rehabilitation shall be in accordance with the specifications of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), EMD. Proper disassembly, inspection, testing, assembly, and operation of these engines, generators, and other driven equipment shall conform to procedures described in Engine Maintenance Manual, Maintenance Instructions (MI), and Pointers from EMD for the correct engine, model, and type. Before qualification and remanufacture operations commence, the equipment shall be dismantled as specified herein and thoroughly cleaned. Component cleanliness shall be maintained throughout the remanufacture cycle. The Contractor shall replace any component that will require a service interval less than 92-days. The Contractor shall supply all licensing and factory training of the lead technician performing the service. Experience may also be considered. The Contractor shall provide ancillary components, which are commonly replaced in an overhaul such as threaded fasteners, pins, bushings, gaskets, and overhauled sub-assemblies, as part of work described herein. Replacement of major components or sub-assemblies is not anticipated or intended to be included in the Contractor's offer unless otherwise specified. Any such replacement shall be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.


D. E. F.

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RFP No. 09-011 Locomotive Inspection, Repair and Maintenance Services


Diesel Engine Top End Remanufacture The Contractor shall perform the following work: A. B. C. Inspect and qualify, in-place, the turbocharger and clutch utilizing the EMD roller clutch and run-down time tests. Clean and inspect the parts catcher. Upgrade the after-coolers to 4-pass for 16-cylinder engines; rebuild or install UTEX after-cooler cores for 12-cylinder engines; inspect after-cooler ducts for cracks and repair as required. Remove all engine power assemblies. Clean and inspect oil separator screen, ejector assembly, and eductor tube assembly. Remove exhaust stack manifolds and replace exhaust manifold gaskets. Inspect manifolds and advise VRE of cracks, etc to determine disposition of the manifolds; inspect top deck exhaust manifold bolt holes to allow for proper torquing of stack manifolds - repair holes as required with Keylocking thread repair inserts. Thoroughly clean the airboxes, oil pan, crankcase, and Michiana tank and remove dirt, debris, and chips. Inspect the engine for structural cracks and advise VRE of inspection results to determine disposition of material. Replace all Michiana lube oil filters. Clean the "ice cream box" strainer housing assembly. Remove clean and re-install inertial air filters. Replace engine air filters. Replace all fuel filters. Install new lower main bearings and main bearing thrust collars. Inspect and qualify the piston cooling tubes (P-pipes); replace as required. Rebuild power assemblies as follows: 1. 2. Completely disassemble, clean, and inspect each power assembly. Clean and inspect connecting rods for length, twist, piston pin surface and bore parallel.

D. E. F. G.

H. I. J. K. L. M. N. O. P. Q.

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RFP No. 09-011 Locomotive Inspection, Repair and Maintenance Services


Pistons shall have tin plated skirts and ring sets with chrome faced no. 1, 2, and 3 compression rings for 645E3C engines. Carriers shall be checked visually and dimensionally, inspected, and reassembled with new thrust washer and snap ring. Cast iron cylinder liners with hardened upper bore shall be used. Rebuild cylinder heads with new Inconel valves, valve guides, valve springs, and valve retainers installed in rebuilt cylinder head. Heads shall be Diamond 5 or newer. Install new liner seals and head gaskets. Install new lower liner inserts. The completed assembly shall be hydrostatic pressure tested. Record the old and the new head, liner, and rod serial numbers by location. Plate-type crabs and new head seat rings shall be used when installing the Power Assembly in the engine.

4. 5.

6. 7. 8. 9. 10. R. S. T. U. V. W. X. Y. Z. AA. BB. CC.

Inspect cams and replace as required, inspect cam followers, valve bridges, rocker arms, rocker arm bushings, and rocker pins. Replace camshaft bearings with new. Install remanufactured fuel injectors (Green Label, Eco-Tips) and record serial numbers by location. Replace primary canister fuel filter and pipe as required. Replace test cocks with new, EMD CRV type units with elastomer seals. Replace water pumps with UTEX units; record serial numbers. Remove top deck cover supports, regasket, and reinstall covers. Replace worn latches as required. Replace engine governor unit with qualified UTEX unit; repair the governor linkage as required. Replace crank case pressure and low water pressure detector (engine protector) with OEM qualified unit. Check turbo lube pump operation by observing lube oil flow at camshaft gear train. Debur, inspect, and install the injector control linkage.

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RFP No. 09-011 Locomotive Inspection, Repair and Maintenance Services


Final Engine Assembly The Contractor shall perform the following work:


Assemble engine using all new gaskets, seals, o-rings, bushings and miscellaneous hardware. Silicone sealant (e.g. RTV) shall not be used to substitute for properly fitting seals and gaskets. Assemble using OEM recommended torque specifications, clearances and gear lash. Provide assembly record sheets. Make and record lead readings for each cylinder. The engine builder's original serial number shall be recorded on all build-up sheets, copies of which will be transmitted to VRE at time of delivery. A separate re-builders plate will be attached beside the original manufacture plate (if present) with the Contractor's name, shop location, and identification or serial number reflecting the date of completion (year and date). Mask as required and prime/paint gray using heat resistant paint suitable for the application. The paint shall be applied (including surface preparation) in accordance with the paint manufacturer's recommendations.

B. C. D.



Electrical Components and Wiring The Contractor shall perform the following work: A. B. Inspect and qualify all electrical and electronic components and wiring on the engine that have been handled or moved during the overhaul; and Replace with new as necessary. No butt splices shall be acceptable without written permission from VRE.


Additional Work The Contractor shall perform the following work:


Identify work needed to bring the locomotive into compliance with Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) regulations; provide a proposal to VRE for corrective action needed to achieve compliance; provide current FRA form 618049A cab card for each locomotive to be signed by a certified inspector on delivery of the locomotive to VRE.

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RFP No. 09-011 Locomotive Inspection, Repair and Maintenance Services


Wash and clean the battery cells, connections, and battery box. The battery shall be filled, qualified, and charged, and the specific gravity of the electrolyte in each cell checked and recorded. Damage to the battery box shall be evaluated and corrective action proposed to VRE. Replace the existing prime mover Kim Hotstart with a new unit, model 60R33000904 or VRE approved equal. The new Hotstart shall provide independent circuits for coolant and lube oil and shall have a battery charger coordinated with the locomotive battery and existing charging system. The Hotstart unit and its installation shall be approved by VRE. Existing Hotstart components shall be drained and returned to VRE. Re-lubricate the main generator bearing, in-place, in the locomotive. Check HEP engine oil and coolant levels and anti-freeze level in coolant. Check all hoses, fittings, cutout cocks, and connections for security and tightness; check oil level in the air compressor; and check the air dryer and service as required.


D. E. F.


Load Test The Contractor shall perform the following work on the completed locomotive: A. B. C. D. E. Perform a coolant leak test, in accordance with the OEM requirements, including pressure level. Pressure test and inspect the fuel system for leaks. Perform pre-lubrication of the engine, inspecting for proper oil flow at all bearings and rockers. Operate the engine during a "break-in" period, as specified by the OEM. The Contractor shall provide a procedure for the break-in to VRE for approval. Load box locomotive and set to EMD rated horsepower as required - record all load test readings for throttle 8 after engine is stabilized. The engine shall operate continuously without failure at notch 8 for a minimum of two hours. Horsepower and airbox pressure results shall be approved by VRE. The Contractor shall provide a procedure for the load tests to VRE for approval. During the prime mover test, ensure proper operation of the air compressor. During the prime mover test, operate the HEP engine and confirm correct output voltage and frequency. After load test, re-torque all critical components after engine cool down; make black light check for fuel leaks; pull strainers and clean deposits as necessary.

F. G. H.

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RFP No. 09-011 Locomotive Inspection, Repair and Maintenance Services

I. J. K. 2.7

Take oil samples from diesel engine, HEP engine Unit, and Air Compressor and send lab test results to VRE. After load test, replace all prime mover lube oil filters. Clean engine room and main generator compartment including sump-drains.

Shipment and Acceptance The Contractor shall perform the following work:


Completion of the shop testing, the complete locomotive shall be put in a clean and workmanlike condition. VRE will perform a final inspection of the locomotive before releasing the locomotive for return to VRE. In weather with no risk of freezing temperature, the proper amount of VRE specified water treatment shall be added to the coolant system. Otherwise, the cooling system shall be drained and the engine protected from freezing. If the coolant is drained, the Contractor shall ensure that the system is fully drained, especially in equipment and components where the coolant can be trapped. On arrival of the unit at VRE, either Broad Run or Crossroads yards, it shall be inspected for return to revenue service. The Contractor shall provide a competent, qualified service technician at the VRE yard when the engine is prepared and started. After the locomotive has operated satisfactorily in revenue service for five (5) consecutive days, VRE will issue a certificate of acceptance listing any conditions which must be corrected as part of the scope of work.




3.00 A. B. C.

VRE RESPONSIBILITY VRE shall be responsibility for the following: Operate the remanufactured engine for an additional service life of at least 16,000 hours; Restore the specified equipment to "as new" condition by qualifying all components and replacing components that cannot be reclaimed; and Inspect locomotives removed from or returned to VRE's property.

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RFP No. 09-011 Locomotive Inspection, Repair and Maintenance Services


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