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Staff Route Visitor Routes CAT Bus Stops Staff Shuttle

As of January 12, a large portion of "Loop Road" (the road that loops through the Raleigh Campus) was closed to all traffic. The closing of Loop Road was necessary to accommodate construction of the new Raleigh Campus Patient Tower and the P1 Parking Deck. The closed portion of the road extends from just past the Heart Center drop-off to the P5 Parking Deck entrance (see map at right). This section of Loop Road will not re-open for approximately 15 weeks. Galahad Road will also remain closed. As a result, staff are required to use only the routes marked in red on the map to and through campus to minimize traffic entering through the Emergency Entrance. Visitors (blue routes) still have access to Loop Road by entering campus at the Emergency Entrance and following the road past the Andrews Center, Medical Office Building and Patient Registration, all the way to the P5 Parking Deck. Beyond the P5 Parking Deck, the road is closed. Thank you for your support and cooperation as we continue to work to improve our facilities and meet the growing health care needs of our community.

Wake County Human Services Medical Office Building


The Andrews Center






VISITOR ENTRANCE · Visitors · Emergency · Inpatients · Day Surgery · Patient Registration · Rehab · Health Park · Clinics


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Heart Center


G A L A H A D ( close





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LOOP ROAD (closed for construction)









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Watch Out for Hurricanes in the PICU!

Medical Simulation Center Awarded Duke Endowment Grant

On Monday, December 15, several Carolina Hurricanes players visited with patients and staff in the PICU, the Children's ED and the Pediatric Unit. Pictured with `Canes players are (l to r): Michelle Mangold, RT; Jen Willoughby, RN; Trisha Jones, RN; Paige Knickerbocker, RN; Stephen Leinenweber, MD; Shelley Wilkins, RD; and Becky Wells, RN. In November 2008, WakeMed received a $904,420 grant from The Duke Endowment to expand and enhance the Medical Simulation Center, which offers simulation-based training to clinical providers at WakeMed and throughout the region. In its second year of operation, the Center has one of the largest hospital-based inventories of human patient simulators in the country and has trained more than 3,000 clinical care providers at all levels. "We are thrilled to receive this important grant, and we sincerely thank The Duke Endowment for this opportunity to take the Center to the next level," commented Amar Patel, manager, (Medical Simulation Center). "This funding is critical to our ability to offer health care providers the most comprehensive, advanced clinical training so that local and regional patients receive the best care possible." The Duke Endowment grant will allow the Center to expand its clinical training space while integrating the latest in simulation technology. As a result, more health care workers at WakeMed and across the region will have the opportunity to be trained to provide better, safer patient care. In addition, the Center will be able to offer more courses, enhanced services and training scenarios across a wider variety of specialties (i.e. emergency, surgery, critical care, pediatrics). Funding will also provide for enhanced integrated AV and computer technology to reach more students through distributive learning programs, and a sophisticated debriefing program, crucial to simulation training. Other benefits of the grant could include web-based simulation seminars and training for other N.C. hospitals, the ability to test current or new care procedures, and the opportunity to offer statewide conferences in partnership with the Wake Area Health Education Center (AHEC). We expect to receive grant dollars in February, at which time construction to expand the Center will begin. The Center is located on the Ground Floor of the Andrews Center. Above: Cindy Rice, RN, (Nursing Education) and Benita Smith, RN, (Children's Emergency Department) engage in a simulation training scenario with a pediatric simulation mannequin.

wn wnto

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Be Prepared ­ JCAT Is Coming !

With a visit from The Joint Commission (JC) fastapproaching, we have a lot of studying to do! That's why we've created a fun and interactive 12-week preparation competition open to all staff starting in late January. Prizes for participants include the potential to win a paid day off (PDO) and great WakeMed giveaways. We'll spend the 12 weeks quizzing employees on their JC knowledge using the WakeMedWeb, all in preparation for a final exam called the "JCAT" (Joint Commission Aptitude Test). These optional quizzes and test will help employees review key information, processes and procedures analyzed by JC, including the JC National Patient Safety Goals.

Here's how it works:

· Staff will receive weekly e-mail reminders with links to the JCAT quizzes in the WakeMed Weekly e-newsletter. · Each week, staff can take an online quiz to test their knowledge of clinical and non-clinical information. Quizzes can be accessed on the WakeMedWeb homepage. · Employees who take the quizzes will be eligible for weekly prize drawings. · After 12 weeks of review, staff who participated in at least six of the 12 quizzes will be eligible to take the JCAT, an online, comprehensive review test that will help them prepare for the JC visit. This test will also be accessible from the homepage of the WakeMedWeb. · All employees who receive a 100 percent on the JCAT will be entered into a drawing to receive eight hours of free PDO. (continued on page 3)



Identity Theft: A National Challenge

Raleigh Campus To Open Dedicated TIA Center

Ti m e I s B r a i n

In early 2009, the Raleigh Campus will establish a formal center designed to quickly and effectively treat patients who have suffered a transient ischemic attack (TIA). The American Stroke Association (ASA) defines a TIA as a "warning stroke" or "ministroke" that produces stroke-like symptoms but no lasting damage. In the United States, nearly 300,000 patients a year present to emergency departments with symptoms of a TIA, and unfortunately, many of those patients go on to suffer a stroke days or weeks later. In fact, 15 percent of ischemic strokes are preceded by TIAs. The ASA indicates that recognizing and treating TIAs can reduce a patient's risk of a major stroke and significantly improve patient outcomes. Four beds in Observation Unit 3 will be designated for TIA patients, and a dedicated team will make sure patients receive necessary diagnostic testing and treatment in an expedited manner, which may include vascular studies, brain imaging and other relevant testing procedures. The team will also focus heavily on patient and family education, and identifying other risk factors that could lead to a future stroke. Observation Unit 3 will serve only TIA patients whose primary diagnosis is TIA and whose symptoms are resolved within one hour of admission. Patients who have symptoms lasting longer than one hour or who have significant comorbidities will be admitted and treated on an inpatient basis.

Identity theft occurs when someone uses another person's identifying information such as their name, social security number (SSN), credit card number, telephone number, insurance number, etc., without permission, to commit fraud or other crimes. Identity theft has also become a problem in health care, called medical identity theft. Victims of medical identity theft are affected financially when they are billed for services they did not seek or receive. Additionally, when thieves use victims' identities to seek/obtain medical services (procedures, treatments, prescriptions, etc.), this information is wrongly documented on the victim's medical record. To address fraud and identity theft, the "Red Flag Rules" law was recently passed, requiring financial institutions and creditors to develop and implement identity theft protection programs. A red flag is any identified pattern, practice or specific activity that indicates the possible existence of identity theft. Under the Red Flag Rules, effective May 1, 2009, WakeMed and other health care organizations will be considered creditors and therefore must implement programs to detect, prevent and mitigate red flags. At WakeMed, a program is currently being developed, and prior to May 1, training will be provided for staff.

Here are some helpful tips to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft: · Avoid carrying your Social Security card in your wallet. · Do not provide your SSN or bank account, credit card or PIN number(s) to anyone who contacts you through telephone solicitation. · Do not leave paid bills in your mailbox for pick-up. Drop them at your local post office. · Limit the number of credit cards in your wallet. · Keep a current list of all your credit cards in a secure place, including account number and emergency contact information for each card. · Monitor your financial statements carefully (bank, utility bills, credit





cards, medical bills, etc.), and report any unusual activity immediately. Be aware of who is watching when entering your PIN number into an ATM. Do not dispose of papers containing identifying information in the regular trash. At work, use security bins for shredding. At home, use a shredder. When using online bill pay, make sure you are using a secure site or an encrypted mode. A secure website URL will use https instead of http. Monitor your credit report regularly, and immediately report any unusual activity.

GReaTesT Clean-Up ConTesT

The Greatest Clean-Up Award will be given to the department whose area undergoes the most amazing transformation during this clean-up effort. To participate, take before and after photos of your area, and submit them to Public Relations at [email protected] Explain why your department should win. The winning department will be featured in Microscope. Happy cleaning!

A Fresh, Clean Start for the New Year

The Raleigh Campus is undergoing a campus-wide clean-up effort during January and February to help alleviate space concerns and prepare for The Joint Commission (JC) visit. All departments are required to participate. The clean-up began in December when departments were asked to gather equipment, supplies and furniture that were either broken or not being used. Items were separated into categories (Trash, Surplus - Information Services, Surplus - Clinical Engineering, or Surplus - General Furniture or Supplies), marked with stickers and placed in designated areas. Floor by floor, Environmental Services (ES), Information Services (IS) and Clinical Engineering (CE) have been picking up these items since early January and will continue to do so through February. The remaining pick-up dates are as follows: 4th floor - Week of January 19: All materials must be ready for pickup by end-of-day (EOD), Wednesday, January 21. 3rd Floor - Week of January 26: All materials must be ready for pickup by EOD, Wednesday, January 28. 2nd Floor - Week of February 2: All materials must be ready for pickup by EOD, Wednesday, February 4. 1st Floor - Week of February 9: All materials must be ready for pickup by EOD, Wednesday, February 11. Ground Floor - Week of February 16: All materials must be ready for pick-up by EOD, Wednesday, February 18. By Wednesday of your week, items for Trash or Surplus must be marked with a sticker that denotes one of the categories listed above; paired with a WakeMed Surplus Form (distributed to all departments) with your vice president's signature; and in a designated area where ES, IS or CE can find them. Thank you for your assistance and cooperation as we continue to work to improve our facilities.


New Year, New You!

Jose Perez (Food & Nutrition Services) stands at the Breakfast Pizza station in Café 3000, one of many stations where nutritional information is now displayed.

Café 3000 and Healthworks Help You Get Healthy in 2009

To help you manage your calories and food choices in the new year, nutritional information for the foods served at Café 3000 is now displayed at each food service station. In addition, this nutritional information is available on the WakeMedWeb. From the homepage, visit "For the Employee" and click on "Café 3000 Nutritional Information." Get the daily Café 3000 menu in advance on the WakeMedWeb by visiting "For the Employee," then "Café 3000." Now's a great time to start that exercise program as well. Healthworks Fitness Center memberships are now available with no enrollment fee. Just pay $11.31 per pay period for an annual contract. Shorter term memberDid You Know? Nearly half of ships are also available. During all TIA cases in the United States January, receive a 13-month go undetected. That's why it's so membership for the price of 12. important to be aware of the signs Call ext. 08602 for details. and symptoms of a TIA.

TIA Facts

While the TIA Center will begin by treating TIA patients who present to the Raleigh Campus Emergency Department, future plans for the service include physician referral. This would allow community-based physicians who have a patient with TIA symptoms to refer their patients immediately to WakeMed's TIA Center for a full stroke work-up. Often, patients with TIA symptoms are scheduled for diagnostic testing several days or even weeks following their symptoms. Since research indicates the risk of suffering from a full stroke following a TIA is greatest within the first 48 hours, immediate and comprehensive care is critical to improved patient outcomes.


"The establishment of a TIA Center is the right thing to do for our patients, and it is designed to significantly improve outcomes," explains Janice Frohman, RN, director, (Emergency Services). "Since stroke is the third leading cause of death in our country and a leading cause of long-term disability, prevention is of critical importance. The TIA Center is designed to prevent the incidence of stroke in our TIA patients by delivering outstanding, expedited treatment." The TIA Center also supports our Joint Commission Primary Stroke Center designation and our growing Neurosciences capabilities.

What are the symptoms of a TIA? Usually, TIA symptoms are the same as those of stroke, only temporary (courtesy ASA at · Sudden numbness or weakness of the face, arm or leg, especially on one side of the body · Sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding · Sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes · Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination · Sudden, severe headache with no known cause

What an Employee!

On her way to work one morning, Mercedes Hartig (Fuquay-Varina Outpatient & Skilled Nursing Facility) exemplified the principles of the Wake Way. She passed a house and saw that its deck was on fire. She stopped her car, called 911, and went to the front door to wake the homeowners. She then helped them try to extinguish the fire with a garden hose. After seeing Hartig's WakeMed name badge, one of the homeowners later contacted WakeMed to reconnect with her. To show her gratitude, the homeowner surprised Hartig at a staff meeting with flowers, a card and donuts for the entire staff. After launching a departmental physical fitness initiative in 2008, Campus Police & Public Safety celebrates the fitness accomplishments of several employees. Officer Kenneth Holloman was certified by the North Carolina Justice Academy as a law enforcement physical fitness instructor and has begun to build a fitness program for co-workers. Officers Paul Yahraus and Scott Blanchard recently completed the City of Oaks Half-Marathon in Raleigh. Officers Angel Pagan, Kenneth Rickman and Joseph Ferris each lost a significant amount of weight through diet and exercise. Stacy Holbrook (Observation Unit 2) passed her board certified medical/ surgical certification. Katalin Miller (Pathology Labs) was accepted into the graduate certificate program in Molecular Biotechnology at N.C. State University. Page High, RN, (Staffing Resources) earned his master's of science in nursing degree from the University of North Carolina - Wilmington and passed his boards to become a family nurse practitioner. This past fall, imaging Services staff from the Raleigh Campus, North Healthplex, Brier Creek Medical Park, Clayton Medical Park and Zebulon/ Wendell Outpatient & Skilled Nursing Facility collected 1,226 pounds of food, enough to feed 846 families, for the Food Bank of Central & Eastern N.C. Way to go, Imaging Services, for giving back to the community and generously supporting a local non-profit! invasive Cardiology became 100 percent staff certified in the NIH Stroke Scale and was the "Spotlight Cath Lab" for December in Cath Lab Digest, a national publication for cardiac catheterization. Laura Thomas, RN, and Mary Sebastian, RN, (both of Observation Unit 3) completed their Nurse Fellowships and have become full-time staff. Dianna Knight, RN, (6A Cardiac Intermediate Care Unit) and Jonnie Simmons, RN, (Heart Center Operations) each achieved their Nurse Executive Specialty Certification. Kudos to the 3A Cardiac intermediate Care Unit team for maintaining full operations during major renovation work on the unit. Donica Langevin, RN, (Heart Center Observation Area) and Sandra Van Scoy, RN, (3B Cardiovascular Surgical Intermediate Care Unit) led a successful 2008 American Heart Association Heart Walk campaign. Justin Nobling (Cardiovascular Testing) passed his certification exam in Cardiac Sonography. Debra Potisek, RN, was promoted to supervisor of the WakeMed Faculty Physicians - Urology practice. Desiree Dunston was recently promoted to administrator of MidCarolina Homecare after serving as reimbursement manager for more than nine years.

The following Women's Pavilion & Birthplace - Raleigh nurses received certification in Maternal Newborn Nursing by the National Certification Corporation: Elizabeth Johnson, RN; Pat Johnson, RN; Kathy Cotton, RN; Donna Jones, RN; Amy McCutchin, RN; Judy Mojarrad, RN; Robin Pritchett, RN; Lois Ugwuoke, RN; Barbara Clayton, RN; Diana Raynor, RN; Susan Reynolds, RN; Suzanne Whitaker, RN; Rebecca Breakey, RN; Jodi Rucker, RN; Delores Hendrix, RN; Tracy Weidig, RN; Sandy Litz, RN; and Carol Parrott, RN. Dominique Godfrey-Johnson (Infection Prevention & Control) received her Certification in Public Health (CPH). Amy Birling, Chrissie Bloomer and Lynne Boyd, RN, (all of Healthworks) each recently received their Certified Fitness Specialist certifications through the American College of Sports Medicine. Angie Adams, RN, (Case Management) was promoted to supervisor. Connie Witham (Case Management) was elected to the N.C. Chapter of the American Case Management Association as memberat-large. Andy Edwards, RN, (Case Management) completed a master's of business administration degree through the University of Phoenix. Lynn Eschenbacher, PharmD, (Pharmacy) was elected to serve a three-year term as an executive member of the Acute Care Forum for the North Carolina Association of Pharmacists. Melissa Fisher, RN, (Rehab Hospital) recently graduated from Mount Olive College with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration / Health Care Management.

Swooping In !

Carolina RailHawks Players Visit Pediatric Unit

Carolina RailHawks players Brian Levey (left) and Caleb Norkus (far right) spend time with a pediatric patient while visiting WakeMed's Pediatric Unit on Tuesday, December 16. Team mascot Swoops also joined in on the fun.

· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·

Publicly Reported Quality Measures Improve

Quality & Patient Safety thanks all staff who are working to improve patient care that results in WakeMed's publicly reported quality measure scores. Currently, we are tracking 22 inpatient quality measures related to heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia and surgery care. Our goal is to be in the top 10 percent of all North Carolina hospitals for these measures. Last fiscal year, we saw many improvements (see chart below). At Cary Hospital, 14 of the measures have either been met or are within five percent of our goal. On the Raleigh Campus, 18 of the measures have either been met or are within five percent of our goal. While there is always room for improvement, great strides have been made toward improving patient care. Contributing to this success, several interdisciplinary performance improvement teams meet monthly to review data and processes related to quality measures. Team members educate clinical staff and manage the delivery and documentation of recommended care processes. For example, Case Management on the Raleigh Campus implemented the Quality Measure Care Note, a checklist for the evidence-based standards of care we strive to provide to heart attack and heart failure patients. At Cary Hospital, one-onone education for staff and care providers has helped increase awareness for quality measures. Nurse managers and supervisors at both hospitals have also played a key role in this success by reviewing cases that do not meet recommended standards of care. When applicable, they follow up with nursing and /or medical staff to ensure they understand the rationale behind the standards and the best processes for delivering recommended care. This review process has shown great results in the last six months. Thank you to all team members, and keep up the good work ! Additional data and scores can be found on the WakeMedWeb under "Departments," then "Quality & Patient Safety." Then click the link for "Publicly Reported Clinical Data and Resources." This information will also be available soon at

This chart reflects measures that improved substantially over the compared time periods.

· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·

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Great News !

As of December 1, 2008, all WakeMed hospital-based physicians are now in the BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) Network. BCBSNC recently contracted with both Wake Emergency Physicians, PA (WEPPA), the physician practice that staffs all WakeMed Emergency Departments; and Raleigh Pathology Laboratory Associates (RPLA), the physician practice that staffs our laboratories. This should make billing and insurance claims easier for our patients and employees who use our services.

· If, after the 12 weeks, the JC has not yet visited, the course will start over with new quizzes and a new test. The program will repeat quarterly until the JC visit. A drawing for eight hours of PDO will occur after each JCAT exam, and up to 12 employees can win over the course of the entire program.

More ways to prepare for the JC visit

Organizational Improvement, along with managers from many departments who have volunteered to help, will be leading additional preparation activities until the JC visits WakeMed. These include trivia games and puzzles on the nursing units; special prize drawings; information tables and activities in the cafeterias; and the distribution of review Pocket Guides and JC Survey Updates (that can be used to study for the quizzes and JCAT) by Organizational Improvement. Stay tuned for details! To make our next JC visit a success, please do your part. We must all prepare individually and as a unified team. Thank you in advance to all employees for joining this important effort. If you have any questions or concerns in the coming weeks or months, please contact Organizational Improvement staff members Lauren Delahunty, RN, at ext. 07367 or Gail Braun at ext. 05923.



Important Employee Policy Reminders

We thank you for your continued support and cooperation regarding the following WakeMed policies:

employee id badges

WakeMed's Missing Persons Policy

Employees: Do Your Part to Promote Safety for Patients and Co-Workers It is important for all employees to be familiar with WakeMed's Missing Persons Policy in the case of a missing person event. This policy applies to anyone on the WakeMed campus (patient, employee, visitor, etc.) who goes missing. The first few minutes after a person goes missing, or is suspected to be missing, are critical. Therefore, quick and decisive action is important.

W H at s H o u l d y o u d o ?

While at work, all clinical and non-clinical employees must wear their WakeMed identification badges. Badges should be worn above the waist, preferably at lapel level, with picture and name visible at all times. (Refer to the Human Resources Corporate Image Policy, Section 2C.) This practice is important not only for general security, but also for clinical integrity and safety throughout our system.

tobacco-free policy

1. Notify your supervisor immediately. 2. Call Campus Police Dispatch at ext. 03333. 3. Provide the dispatcher with the person's name, description, last-seen location, time missing (if known) and your location. (Campus Police may also report the missing person to state authorities if they meet the criteria of the national Amber Alert or Silver Alert systems.) 4. Stay in your location until Campus Police arrives. 5. Complete a Missing Person Information Form (located on the WakeMedWeb) as soon as possible.

Please also be reminded of WakeMed's commitment to the promotion of health and treatment of disease. In support of this commitment, WakeMed prohibits the use of all tobacco products on all WakeMed properties, including campuses, facilities, office buildings, parking lots, parking decks, walkways and the employee shuttles. (Refer to the Environment of Care Manual, Safety Management, Tobacco-Free Policy, Number 5.15.) Please set a good example across our system by not using any tobacco product on WakeMed grounds. Please also help politely remind patients and visitors of this important tobacco-free health initiative.

WakeMed Receives Awards for Excellence in Purchasing and Supply Standardization

WakeMed recently received VHA /Novation's Executive Savings and Participation Leader Awards for outstanding participation in several Standardization Programs in FY 2007. VHA /Novation is a nationwide alliance of more than 2,200 community-owned health care organizations and their physicians. As a member of VHA / Novation, WakeMed receives supply chain management services, and support in improving clinical and economic performance. Special recognition goes to the Strategic Sourcing, Supply Chain Management, Pharmacy and Food & Nutrition departments, as well as clinical staff and internal product review committees, who led WakeMed's successful participation in VHA /Novation's Standardization Programs. "These awards underscore WakeMed's commitment to product standardization, resulting in patient care, patient safety and financial benefits," said Brenda Meares, director, (Supply Chain Management). "They also highlight the outstanding work done by our standardization teams, from initial product research to clinical evaluations, contract negotiations and training."

Ready to Quit?

tobacco-free resources for employees

If the missing person is thought to still be on a WakeMed hospital or facility campus, an overhead page will alert everyone in the facility of the situation and the person's description. At this point, all employees are expected to stop what they are doing (unless they are involved in a life-saving procedure), search their area and search all common areas that are nearby (ex. restrooms and lobbies). Staff who work in areas close to doors leading outside should also check the exterior of the building. Please remember that it is the responsibility of all WakeMed employees to look out for the safety and well-being of all patients, visitors and fellow co-workers.

As the new year begins, WakeMed wants to support all employees who wish to quit smoking by providing access to valuable tobaccofree resources. BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) Medical Plan - Members Only When you are ready to quit, BCBSNC can customize programs to help you reach your goal. Visit for more information or call (800) 218-5295 to enroll in the Member Health Partnership Program. BCBSNC member options include: · 50 percent discount on counseling from Kerr Drug Health Centers · Free Quit Kit designed for tobacco cessation · Access to the NC Tobacco Use Quit Line: (800) QUIT-NOW · Discounts on over-the-counter nicotine replacement therapy products purchased on the BCBSNC website · Access to the BCBSNC online healthyliving, smoke-free program Employee Assistance Program (EAP) WakeMed's EAP provides confidential counseling and valuable information online. Contact Frank Horton & Associates at (919) 850-3410 or

additional resources

More than 1,000 health systems participate in VHA /Novation's Standardization Programs, which aim to standardize the brands of medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and food-related supplies purchased by · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · and used within a health system. As a result of such standardization, staff training and stocking processes, for example, are simplified, and staff time and resources 2008 Triangle are maximized. This leads to reduced costs United Way Campaign and increased patient safety and clinical quality. The VHA /Novation Executive Savings Award was given to 57 member hospitals whose Standardization Program cashincentive rebates exceeded $250,000 in FY 2007, and the Participation Leader Award was given to 74 member hospitals for their successful participation in VHA /Novation's entire family of Standardization Program offerings in FY 2007. WakeMed employees contributed to the 2008 Triangle United Way Campaign in many ways including participation in the Celebration of Caring, a basket auction and a bake auction. As part of the Celebration of Caring, employees volunteered for a day of clean-up at Hilltop Home. Additionally, Jennifer Stephenson, RN, (2 West Intensive Care Unit - Cary Hospital) (back left) and Debbi Hillman (Corporate & Community Health) (front right) dropped off supplies, donated by employees, to the White Plains Children's Center, a non-profit in Cary.

Management News

The WakeMed Foundation bids a fond farewell to Kevin McCarthy, vice president - Development and executive director WakeMed Foundation, as he moves to New York to pursue another endeavor. Jack Radford (left), who leads the Foundation's Capital Campaign, will serve as interim director. In 2004, Radford established WakeMed's Grant Research & Development office.

Fundraising Goals Exceeded

This year, WakeMed raised $170,500 for the Triangle United Way, exceeding our fundraising goal of $150,000. These funds will go toward the Triangle United Way's efforts to help community members who face serious challenges, like finding a home, child care, training for a new job or counseling to get their lives back on track. The Triangle United Way brings together local community partners in Durham, Orange and Wake counties, including member agencies, nonprofits, government volunteers and experts, to focus on making lasting changes in the face of these issues. Thank you to all employees who generously donated last year. This fundraising success would not be possible without you.


· WakeMed's Outpatient Pharmacy offers discounted smoking cessation products. Call ext. 08196. · American Cancer Society: · NC Health Info: · Tobacco Use Quit Line: or (800) QUIT-NOW · Quit Tobacco:


Comings & Goings

Emergency Services welcomes Kim Bjurstrom as manager of clinical operations. Bjurstrom was previously a supervisor/ educator in the Emergency Department at North Healthplex. Organizational Process Improvement welcomes Melissa Wilson and Dave Zotter as performance improvement facilitators. Retail Services welcomes Luease Cyrus as a retail services assistant at the Gift Shop. 3B Cardiovascular Surgical Intermediate Care Unit welcomes Chris Rowe, RN; Mollie Boone, RN; Jessica Boe, RN; Anne Clark, RN; Juli Pankow, RN; LaTrina Jackson, RN; Karen Taylor, RN; secretaries NeKisha Parker and Yolanda Davis; and Heather Batty, nurse technician. Women's Pavilion & Birthplace - Raleigh welcomes Crystal Glandon, RN, and Maria Bello, clinical secretary.

1 2 3

The Holidays at WakeMed

Nancy Gaston, GOINGSInvasive Cardiology welcomesRN; Natalie Eudy,RTR; Sarah Frank, RN; Amy Binns, RN; Stephanie Fox, RN; and Tammy Berg, RN. Electrophysiology welcomes Jim Jack, RN, and Kristen Pope, RN. Respiratory Care Services welcomes respiratory therapists Carol Whitfield, Jennifer White, Neenah Tolbert, Jacob Lonappan, Amanda Kuhn, Danette Doerr, Robyn Wallen, Lori Haywood, Joseph Daratony, Barbara Cameron, Mahmood Montazeri and Jeff Horne; and respiratory care assistants Veronica Coleman, Kenny Smith, Davin Nyangau and Melisa Johnson. The Children's Emergency Department welcomes Renee Martin, RN, and Michelle Woodard, RN. Observation Unit 3 welcomes Lisa Pace, RN, as nurse manager. Pace previously served as supervisor/ educator for Observation Units 1 and 2. 3C Urology/Renal/Cardiology welcomes Kristie McDonough, RN, and Landon Loflin, RN. 5C Medicine welcomes Ashley Bailey, RN, and nursing assistants Ginger Brown and Claudia King. Women's Pavilion & Birthplace - Cary welcomes Susan Duhon, RN; Jackie Parker, RN; Jenny Farmer, RN; Christine Meredith, RN; Shannon Connely, RN; and Lauren Taylor, RN; nursing assistants Bridgette Carter and Sharon Eakins-Person; and Darlene Burke, secretary. Telemetry - Cary Hospital welcomes Deb Antoncich, Mia Johnson and Marcey Setzer as clinical secretaries; Cheryl Alston, Karen Carter and Erin Reznick as nurse technicians; Nancy Hux, Jeff Shetler and Melonie Surles as medical technologists; and Laura Fewox, RN; JoAnne Skopek, RN; and Ami Kanaby, RN. WakeMed Faculty Physicians welcomes Latasha Ashford as a compliance review specialist. Apex Healthplex welcomes Dawn Bills, RN, as clinical educator/supervisor for Emergency Services. She transitions from the same role for the Raleigh Campus Adult Emergency Department. Mobile Critical Care Services welcomes Eric Christensen, EMT-P, as a performance improvement supervisor; and EMTs Nutmba Tshienda, Holly Twiss and Kat Sauer. 5B Neurosciences welcomes Joyce Yandle as a clinical secretary and Chicka Nwanida, RN. Rehab Nursing welcomes Sonja Richardson, RN; Tammie Carter, RN; Rena Badgett, RN; and Wayne Solomon, nurse technician II. Case Management welcomes nurse case managers Cindy Klaess, Joyce Hoppe, Dorene Duffy, Jennifer Moretz, and Joycelyn Bowling; and social worker Cindy Ng. The department also welcomes Denise Gregory, RN, back as a case manager, and bids farewell to Chris Smith, RN; Marie Hockaday, RN; Nick Alexander, RN; and Karen Stephenson, RN. Medical Staff Services bids a fond farewell to Brenda Schwab as she leaves to pursue another endeavor.




1. Christopher Horton and Velvet Crane (both of the Emergency Department - North Healthplex) enjoy a barbecue lunch at the North Healthplex holiday celebration. 2. Shawn Stead (second from left), the 2008 Love Light Tree Ceremony honored guest, and his family enjoy a moment in front of the Love Light Tree during the Love Light celebration. Shawn received treatment in the PICU, Pediatric Unit and Rehab Hospital after being hit by a car while riding his scooter.




3. The WakeMed Chorus sings holiday carols at the Raleigh Campus Topping Out celebration for employees. Held outside the front of the Heart Center, the Topping Out was a chance for employees to sign the symbolic final construction beam of the new Patient Tower and enjoy a cookie for dessert.


4. Pamela Doane (Therapy Services Supplemental Pool) and Lisa Chambers (Wake Forest Road Outpatient Rehab Center) are filled with the holiday spirit as they enjoy Wake Forest Road Outpatient Rehab Center's holiday celebration. 5. Debbie Tant and Jackie Chapman (both of Accounts Payable) show off their office door, which

they colorfully decorated for the holidays using a BINGO theme.

6. As they sample holiday treats at the Corporate Center holiday celebration, Denise

Walker (Human Resources - Operations), Patrick Turner (Employment), Cathy Tolson (Reimbursement) and Mary Richardson (Employment) take a moment to smile for the camera.

11 13 12

7. Kathleen Gormley, executive vice president - Operations & Ambulatory

Services, and Dr. Bill Atkinson, president & CEO, sign the symbolic final construction beam of the new Raleigh Campus Patient Tower at the 2008 Topping Out and Love Light Tree Lighting Ceremony.

8. Roberta Cole, RN; Lauren Taylor, RN; and Nicole Jung, RN, (all of Women's Pavilion & Birthplace - Cary) gather for a group shot while sharing in the holiday cheer at the Cary Hospital holiday celebration. 9. Teresa Dawson, Shelli Jones, Sarah Chapman and Rachel Giles (all of WakeMed Faculty Physicians - Claims & Billing) and Barbara Wesley (Collections) take some time to sit back, eat and enjoy each other's company at the Business Center holiday party. 10. Janice Frohman, RN, (Emergency Department Administration); Carolyn Knaup, RN, vice president, (Ambulatory Services); and Susan Hester (Retail / Volunteer Services Administration) work hard behind the line to fill employees' plates with barbecue and fixings during the Raleigh Campus holiday celebration.

14 15

11. Elizabeth Rice, RN, (Women's & Children's Services); Stan Taylor, vice president, (Corporate Planning & Managed Care); Jeanene Martin, senior vice president, (Human Resources); Pam Cayton, RN, (Staffing Resources); and David Coulter, senior vice president and administrator - Raleigh Campus, don festive red and green aprons to serve employees a barbecue meal at the Raleigh Campus holiday celebration. 12. Carol Parrott, RN, and Lorraine Wilson, RN, (both of Women's Pavilion & Birthplace Raleigh) each look forward to enjoying a to-go plate of barbecue with all the fixings while at the Raleigh Campus holiday celebration. 13. Rod Reofrir, RN, (Surgical Services) grabs a slice of pecan pie to go at the Raleigh

Campus holiday celebration.


14. Ashlee Vick, RN, (Zebulon / Wendell Outpatient & Skilled Nursing Facility) stands

beside the festive holiday tree at the Zebulon / Wendell Outpatient & Skilled Nursing Facility.

15. Georgia Sumiel, vice president - Operations, Cary Hospital; and Ahmed LeJhrouland and Eyob Getahune (both of Environmental Services - Cary Hospital) enjoy fellowship and good food at the Cary Hospital holiday party themed "Southern Hospitality for the Holidays."



16. Regina Kennedy, Pat Archer, Ben Hoch and Chris Brown (all of Information Services)

socialize over a holiday lunch at the Operations Center.

Five-Star Rating Puts WakeMed Nursing Facilities on Top!

In December, WakeMed FuquayVarina Outpatient & Skilled Nursing Facility and WakeMed Zebulon / Wendell Outpatient & Skilled Nursing Facility each earned five stars from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the federal agency that oversees nursing home care. According to The News & Observer, only five other nursing homes in Wake, Durham and Orange counties received five stars through the Centers' new, online rating system. The system gives nursing facilities a one- to five-star rating per data from health inspections, staffing levels and 10 quality measures. One star means that a facility is much below average, while five stars mean that a facility is much above average. For more information, visit



To help you plan ahead, this calendar lists upcoming system-wide events, training classes and community events. For complete details and fee information, visit the WakeMedWeb. Please send calendar submissions to the Public Relations department or e-mail [email protected]

UNiFORM SALE Sponsored by The Volunteers at WakeMed Raleigh Campus and Uniforms 2U ­ Wednesday, February 4 from 7 am to 4 pm in the Andrews Center, Rooms 1 & 2. Payroll deduction (with name badge) available. Cash, check or charge also accepted. VOLUNTEER ORiENTATiON Raleigh Campus ­ Wednesday, January 21 from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm; Monday, February 9 from 5:30 to 8:30 pm; Wednesday, February 18 from 1 to 4 pm ­ All sessions held in Conference Dining Cary Hospital ­ Tuesday, January 20 from 8:30 am to noon; Tuesday, February 3 from 5:30 to 9 pm; Tuesday, February 17 from 8:30 am to noon ­ All sessions held in the Conference Center STAFF DEVELOPMENT & TRAiNiNG Enroll via Learning Link or have your manager/ supervisor e-mail [email protected] with your name, employee number, course name, date(s) and time(s). For details, visit the WakeMedWeb or call ext. 08306. Preliminary requirements apply for some classes. Management Development Classes Leadership Book Club - Leadership 101: What Every Leader Needs to Know ­ Tuesday, January 20 from 11:30 am to 1 pm in the MOB, Ground Floor Classroom #3 Presentation Skills ­ Thursday, January 22 from 8 am to 12:30 pm in the MOB, Ground Floor Classroom #1 Building High Performance Teams ­ Monday, February 2 from 9 am to 4 pm in the Cary Hospital Conference Center Leadership Book Club - Crucial Conversations ­ Tuesday, February 3 from 2:30 to 4 pm in the Andrews Conference Center, Room 5 Employee Selection and Orientation ­ Tuesday, February 3 & 10 from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm in the MOB, Ground Floor Classroom #3 Employee Development Classes Business Writing Skills ­ Monday, February 9 from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm in the MOB, Ground Floor Classroom #3 Computer Training Classes All classes held in the MOB, Ground Floor Classroom #4. Word intermediate ­ Thursday, January 22 & 29 from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm PowerPoint introduction ­ Tuesday, January 27 & Tuesday, February 3 from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm Windows XP introduction ­ Wednesday, January 28 from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm Excel intermediate ­ Thursday, February 5 & 12 from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm Outlook Mail & Calendar ­ Tuesday, February 10 from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm

FiRsT Baby!

On New Year's Day, Amanda Ponce, a nursing aide at the Women's Pavilion & Birthplace - Cary, and husband Michael celebrated the birth of their third child, Gabriella. She was the first baby born at the Women's Pavilion & Birthplace - Cary in 2009. Pictured above are baby Gabriella, mom Amanda and 4-year-old Christiana. Big brother Nicolas and father Michael watched from behind the camera.

WAKE AHEC CONTiNUiNG EDUCATiON Educational credit available for all programs. For details / fees call ext. 08547 or visit and click on "Program Listings." Stressed: Which Way to Turn ­ Friday, January 23 at 9 am at Cary Hospital Webinar: Diagnosing Cystic Fibrosis in the Era of Newborn Screening ­ Tuesday, January 27 at 3 pm Spanish: Just-4-Dentistry ­ Friday, February 6 at 9 am in the Andrews Conference Center Managing Medically Complex Dental Patients ­ Wednesday, February 11 at 5:45 pm in the Andrews Conference Center Diagnosing and Treating Personality Disorders: A View from the Movies ­ Monday, February 16 at 9 am at Cary Hospital Code Blue!! and the Pharmacist ­ Tuesday, February 17 at 6:30 pm in the Andrews Conference Center Records, Documentation and Consent Lessons Learned the Hard Way ­ Friday, February 20 at 9 am at Cary Hospital DANB Certification Exam Review Course ­ Tuesday, February 24 at 6 pm in the Andrews Conference Center Training for interpreters in Health and Human Service Settings - Level 2 ­ Thursday, February 26 at 8:30 am in the Andrews Conference Center Continuing Professional Development: A New Way to Learn in North Carolina ­ Thursday, February 26 at 1:15 pm at the Campbell University RTP Campus, Morrisville Clinical Oral Pathology: improving and Saving Lives ­ Thursday, February 26 at 5:45 pm in the Andrews Conference Center

New Additions and Attachments

Welcome to the WakeMed family, all new brides, grooms and babies!

Kearney Druken, RN, (Adult Emergency Department) married Lt. Jamison Bollinger (Campus Police & Public Safety) on April 26. Robbie Blackwood (Heart Center Administration) and wife Kelly celebrated the birth of a son in August. Sophia Morris, RN, (Surgical Services) and husband Joshua celebrated the birth of son Jacob Edward on August 23. Julie Estes, RN, (3B Cardiovascular Surgical Intermediate Care Unit) and husband Michael celebrated the birth of daughter Lorelei Kathryn on August 27. Maureen Mann (Clayton Medical Park) and husband Phil welcomed son Kyle Edward on September 24. Andrea Penny, RN, (5A Medicine) and husband David welcomed daughter Abigail Mackenzie on September 20. Crystal Logrono (Women's Pavilion & Birthplace - Raleigh) welcomed daughter Evaliz Jazlynn on September 25. Vicki Perry, RN, (4A Women's Care) married Jesse Wood on September 27. Beth Owens (Heart Center Administration) and husband Bruce welcomed triplets in October.

Tia McGee (Respiratory Care Services) married Steve Utley on October 11. Allison Carter, RN, (4A Women's Care) married Shaun Taft on October 25. Jennifer Marchione (Outpatient Rehab - North Healthplex) and husband Matt welcomed daughter Rachel Lynne on November 5. Howie Shaw (Mobile Critical Care Services) was married to Joy Ginn on November 7. Wendy Jernigan (Pharmacy - Cary Hospital) was married to Scott Kuznia on November 8. Carolyn Hayes (Acute Rehab Services) and husband Mike celebrated the birth of daughter Lilika Brynn on November 14. Andrea Patterson, RN, and David Patterson, RN, (both of Mobile Critical Care Services) welcomed daughter Ruby Mae on November 15. Eileen Keighley, RN, (Case Management) and family welcomed Sean Patrick on November 19. Whitney Hughes (Acute Rehab Services) and husband Jamie welcomed son Preston James on November 24.

Access introduction ­ Wednesday, February 11 & 18 from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm NURSiNG EDUCATiON For all classes, please call Nursing Education at ext. 08024 for more information. Cardiovascular Day 1 ­ Monday, January 19 in the Andrews Conference Center (Learning Link Code NE014-7140). This class is designed to educate RNs on caring for the cardiovascular patient. Cardiovascular Day 2 ­ Monday, February 2 in the Andrews Conference Center (Learning Link Code NE014-7141). This class is designed to educate RNs on caring for the cardiovascular patient. 8th Annual Spinal Cord Head injury Neuro Extravaganza (SHiNE) ­ Thursday & Friday, February 12 & 13 in the Andrews Conference Center. Features national and local speakers presenting information on current and future trends in neuroscience. Employees can register on Learning Link. CPR Blitz ­ Thursday, February 19 ­ "CheckOff Only" between 8:30 am and 8 pm; Classes held 9:30 am to 12:30 pm, 1:30 to 4:30 pm and 7:30 to 10:30 pm ­ Visit Learning Link for details (codes are NEAHA20 and NEAHA 24).

Microscope is a monthly newsletter written by and for the employees of WakeMed. Our goal is to provide employees and friends of WakeMed with the most up-to-date news on all of the hospital system's activities. The Public Relations department thanks all of the employees who contributed to this publication. We welcome comments and suggestions on this publication and its content. Call (919) 350-8120, e-mail [email protected], or write Microscope, WakeMed Public Relations Department, 3000 New Bern Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27610.

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