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Single Product Test August 2010

Qihoo 360 Antivirus 1.1

On-Demand Detection Test and False-Alarm Test

Language: English August 2010 Last Revision: 20th September 2010

On-Demand Test ­Qihoo ­ August 2010

Tested Product

Qihoo 360 Antivirus 1.1

last updated on the 16th August 2010


On-Demand Test ­Qihoo ­ August 2010

On-Demand Test-Set

The used test-set is the same as used in the on-demand test of August 2010. The results can be compared with the ones included in the following report:

Test Results

Windows Macro Script Worms Backdoors Trojans Other malware 99,8% 97,6% 93,5% 99,8% 99,4% 99,1% 98,1%



False alarms: few


On-Demand Test ­Qihoo ­ August 2010

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