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December 1, 2010 DDG Headquarters and Branches John Eck, Merchandising & Promotions

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2011 ACDelco TSS exclusively yours® Rewards Program

Description The ACDelco exclusively yours® (ey) Tiered Rewards Program is designed to reward TSS accounts on the purchase of ACDelco parts with fantastic merchandise and travel awards. The card operates on points, rather than on dollars, with one point equaling one dollar in purchasing power. Points can be used to purchase goods and services from dozens of participating retailers (in the store, by phone, or via the web). They can also be used to secure rental cars, airline travel, hotel reservations, or a cruise with the most popular merchants. Points can even help pay for golf instruction, put you through drag racing school, or treat the family to the WALT DISNEY WORLD® and Disneyland® Resort vacation packages. If a TSS Account wants to upgrade or extend his/her Winning Adventure trip, it can be done with points from the ACDelco exclusively yours® Rewards card. >>>>>New enhancements for 2011 · New personal travel tools are available via, allowing you to compare travel costs across multiple airlines, hotel chains, etc. · ey Rewards card may be "swiped" at several restaurant choices. · Using your ey points is now easier than ever to purchase a new GM Vehicle. · You may now use your ey points to donate to over 100 different causes using "Charity Choice." · New gift certificate options are available with Starbucks and iTunes. Incentive For 2011, all TSS customers can earn Rewards points at a rate of up to 5% of their monthly reported ACDelco purchases. TSS accounts who purchase more than $1,000 of ACDelco parts in a month will earn the corresponding percent of Rewards points for that month. The complete tiered schedule is listed below: Reported Monthly Purchases Tiered Rewards Earnings $1,000 ­ $1,999 1.0% $2,000 ­ $2,999 2.0% $3,000 ­ $3,999 3.0% $4,000 ­ $4,999 4.0% $5,000 ­ Up 5.0% Example: TSS X purchases $1,500 in January, $500 in February and $5,000 in March. The account earns 15 points (1%) in January, 0 in February and 250 points (5%) in March. Points will be issued to the ey Rewards card in the following month.

Effective Date January 1­December 31, 2011 Qualifications TSS Customers: · To be eligible, Independent Service Centers (ISCs) must be an active TSS customer. (GM Dealers are not eligible to participate in the program). · Purchases from GM Dealerships are not eligible for this program. DDG/AJP/Jobber Salespeople: · Enrolled DDG/AJP/Jobber Salespeople will continue to earn 10% of the Rewards points their TSS accounts earn. Sales to TSS accounts purchasing less than $1,000 per month in ACDelco parts will also not be included in the calculation of salesperson ey earnings. · Salespersons will also earn 10% on Key Fleet (KFLT) purchases at the same calculated tier level as a TSS. However, although KFLT accounts do not earn ey Rewards, KFLT purchases are used to calculate the salesperson portion of this Rewards program only. Sales to Alliance Jobbers (AJPs) are not included in the calculation of salesperson ey earnings. · For the 2011 program, all Salespeople currently enrolled will automatically be enrolled in the 2011 program. To enroll new salespeople, log-in to the incentives web site, click on "Enroll salesperson" and enter all required data, including Social Security number, home address and Salesperson ID#. To un-enroll a salesperson, select 'Rewards' from the top navigation bar and select "update/inactivate salesperson." From this link you will be able to update existing salesperson information or inactivate them from the current program. Order Input eSmart Monthly Reporting: All Tie-in DDG locations and Alliance Jobbers who have successfully transitioned to utilization of the ACDelco eSmart Reporting System: · Data for sales to TSS, KFLT and AJP customers will automatically be extracted from the eSmart data warehouse by Tie-in Location for all properly Tagged customers and transmitted to Maritz for processing monthly ey earnings to each cardholder. · It is the responsibility of each participating Tie-in DDG/AJP to properly identify and tag each customer in their eSmart warehouse system as TSS, KFLT or AJP and complete the eSmart Electronic Validation process by the 10th of each month to be eligible for processing data for previous months. Manual Monthly Reporting: Alliance Jobbers and Jobber Accounts only: · Monthly reporting of all TSS, KFLT purchases from Alliance Jobbers and Jobber Accounts must be done by the 15th of the month for the previous month's purchases. · Instructions on how to manually report are located on the incentives web site at or by contacting program headquarters at 1-800-253-3428. · Communication of this Rewards Program to all Alliance Jobbers and Jobber Accounts is the responsibility of each DDG customer. General Information · The exclusively yours ® Rewards Card operates on points, rather than on dollars, with one point equaling one dollar in purchasing power. · The Card can be used to purchase goods and services in the store, by phone or via the web, from dozens of participating retailers like Home Depot, Bass Pro Shops, Cabela's, Eddie Bauer® , J. Crew, Lands' End®, Marshall's, Sam Goody and the Pottery Barn. · ACDelco exclusively yours® Card points can also be used to order from the rewards Catalog or web site, each including hundreds of items for home or office, work or play.



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First-time TSS participants will automatically receive 25 award points. The ACDelco exclusively yours® Rewards card will be mailed to new accounts approximately four weeks after enrollment. TSS accounts begin earning points the first day of the month following enrollment. ACDelco reserves the right to alter or cancel any or all aspects of the program at any time with written notice to all program participants. In the event of alterations or cancellations, ACDelco will be liable for only those rewards that have been earned by participants under the program rules in effect up to the time of such changes. The rules and regulations of this program have been approved by ACDelco. ACDelco will be the official judge of all program rules and rewards recipients, and its decision on such matters will be final. exclusively yours® is a registered mark of Maritz Inc. Participants are responsible for reading and agreeing to all the terms and conditions in the ACDelco exclusively yours® Card Agreements Terms and Conditions. Usage of the Card implies agreement to these terms and conditions. Complete program rules and guidelines are posted on the ACDelco Incentives web site ( or for further assistance with this program, you can contact Program Headquarters at 1-800-253-3428.


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