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Faculty of Engineering & Architecture

2005 2006

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The mission of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture is "to offer educational programs of the highest standard, promote research and the creative scholarly activities of its faculty and students, and provide services to the community at large, with special consideration given to the needs and circumstances of Lebanon and the region." In particular, the fea mission of providing services to the community was clearly evident during the war in the summer of 2006 and its aftermath. Many fea faculty and staff volunteered their time and expertise to help people in need and take part in the reconstruction efforts and they continue to do so. The fea faculty and staff made all efforts to keep the fea services functioning during the war and completed the summer term as soon as a ceasefire went into effect. Their efforts helped aub start the fall 2006 semester on schedule. The following are facts, figures, news and activities that took place in the fea during the 2005-2006 academic year are in line with its mission. In October 2005, 401 new undergraduates were admitted to fea, and another 38 in February 2006. The total number of students enrolled in the undergraduate programs in the fall was 1,451 and 1,428 in the spring. There were 252 students enrolled in the graduate programs in the fall and 242 in the spring. Degrees were awarded to 292 undergraduates and 70 graduates. Three new faculty members joined the fea: Dr. Bacel Maddah, Assistant Professor in Engineering Management; Dr. Ghanem Oweis, Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering; and Dr. Issam Lakkis an Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering. Three faculty members left us: Dr. Christos Anastasiou, Assistant Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering, decided to join a newly established research center in Cyprus; Dr. Wael Noureddine, Assistant Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering, decided to return to Silicon Valley, California, to join a start-up company; and Dr. Farqad Alkhal, Assistant Professor in Engineering Management, left to dedicate time to her thriving investment company in Kuwait. During the year the engineering departments worked hard to update their abet documentation. However, the abet governing board put the visit to aub on hold because of the us Department of State travel warning to Lebanon. The fea kept moving ahead with its plans to start PhD programs in engineering. Dr. Mohsen Issa, University of Illinois at Chicago and Dr. Kumares Sinha, Purdure University, visited aub in June 2006, with the approval of the New York State Education Department (nysed), to evaluate the PhD proposal in Civil and Environmental Engineering. In the previous year, Dr. Ken Jenkins, Pennsylvania State University, and Dr. Munther Dahleh, mit, visited aub to evaluate the PhD proposal in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Dr. Ghanem Oweis and Dr. Cristina Amon, Carnegie-Mellon University, visited AUB to evaluate the PhD proposal in Mechanical Engineering. The applications for the doctoral programs are now in the hands of nysed. More than fifty fea faculty members were invited to participate in academic, research and professional activities in the us, Canada, Europe and the region. Three went on long-term faculty development visits awarded by urb during the summer of 2006. Dr. Ayman Kayssi attended the aub Board of Trustees (bot) meeting in New York in November 2005 to present the recommendations of the Campus-Wide Strategic Committee on Information Technology; and Dr. Fouad Mrad attended the June 2006 bot meeting as a Senate representative. Research grants received by fea faculty members during the academic year 2005-2006 include the following: The Lebanese National Council for Scientific Research approved 7 research proposals ($33,000) and the urb awarded 26 research grants ($156,000) to fea faculty members. Eight external research projects ($1,614,000) are still in progress. Eleven new external research grants (total of $662,000) were received from the National Instruments, Ericsson-Lebanon, ritc/idrc, gnesd/unep, unops, Rathman Family Foundation, International Ports Management Beirut, Cooperative Housing Foundation, European Community, University of Alicante, and ashrae. The fea share of the university usaid/asha grant for 2005-2006 was $189,000. The faculty members who received the Hewlett Foundation Research Leave were: Sylvia Shorto, Zeina Maasri, Walid Nasrallah, Kinda Khalaf, Ali Chehab, Mazen Saghir. Faculty members who went on approved paid research leaves were Profs. Howayda Al-Harithy

foreword 6

(one year) and Michael Stanton (one term), and Louay Jalloul was on an unpaid leave (one year). Faculty members who went on approved one-term Maternity Leave with pay were Profs. Mona Fawaz and Dima Charif. Dr. Nesreen Ghaddar was selected for the Endowed Qatar Chair in energy, and Dr. George Ayoub was given an aub Distinguished Service Faculty Award. Dr. Fadl Moukalled was elected a Fellow in cams and Dr. Hassan Diab had his "Secondment" to Dhofar University in Oman approved for a second year. The Fifth fea Student Conference was held in May 2006. Six alumni were awarded the fea distinguished Alumnus Award. You can read about the conference and the distinguished alumni in this report. Dr. Hani Mahmassani, University of Maryland, one of the awardees, spent two weeks in May on an urb sponsored visit and met with students and faculty and delivered seminars in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. Trustee Dean James Wei visited fea on May 4 to meet with the Dean and chairpersons of departments. The Department of Architecture and Design celebrated the 10th anniversary of the first graduates of its Graphic Design Program in June with an exhibition of designs by alumni, lectures and a dinner. Reunion for fea classes of 1951, 1956, 1961, 1966, 1971, 1976, 1981, 1986, 1991, 1996 and 2001 that included a presentation, tours of the facilities and labs and a reception was held as part of the aub Alumni Reunion at the end of June, beginning of July. Students received the following awards in 2005-2006: i) Fawzi W. Azar Architecture Award ($10,000): Stephanie Akkaoui (70%) and Candice Naim (30%); ii) the 2005 Charli S. Korban Award: Antoine El Daher (ee 2005), Bernard Ghanem (ee 2005), Ghinwa Adra (ee 2005) and Salim El-Rouwayheb (cce 2005); iii) the 2006 Charli S. Korban Award: Rami Abdallah (ee 2006), Elias Yaacoub (cce 2006); iv) Abdul Hadi Debs Endowment Award for Academic Excellence at the graduate level: Rawad Saleh (me); v) Sakkal Renewable Energy Graduate Thesis Award: Mohammad Ayoub (me); vi) Distinguished Graduate Award: Rayyan Jaber (cce), Adel Yamout (ee), Lara Captan (gd), Rola El Khoury (Arch); vii) Dean's Award for Creative Achievement: cce project of (Mansour Rachid and Hady Zeineddine), ee project of (Toufic Saccal, Hussein Makki, and Ahmad Chbaklo), me project of (Paul Hajj Boutros, Bashir Jawhar, Roy Assaf, Jalal Haddad, Roy Baaklini, and Marwan Cortas), gd project of (Mariam Agha), arch project of (Roula Idriss); vii) Penrose Award: Rani Daher (cce). The following donations, gifts, and pledges were received: i) A pledge of $3,000,000 from the Zakhem family to name the Zakhem fea deanship; ii) $2,000,000 from Taha and Najib Mikati to name the Engineering and Science Library; iii) $500,000 from Mr. Jassim Al-Qatami towards the renovation of the Engineering Lecture Hall in the Bechtel Building; iv) $250,000 from Khatib & Alami towards naming the Cafeteria in the renovated Bechtel Building; v) $100,000 from Ramiz S. Rizk family to renovate the Engineering Board Room, which is now named the Ramiz S. Rizk Conference Room; vi) $50,000 from Mr. Rafic Mansour for the Yusuf Mansour Scholarship for undergraduate students (annual); vii) $25,000 from Petrofac International Ltd; Sharjah, uae for research support in me and another $25,000 from Petrofac founder alumnus Maroun Semaan to support tuition fees of undergraduate engineering students; viii) $50,000 from alumnus George Kadifa to support research projects in ece; ix) $10,000 from Mr. Nabil Azar for the Fawzi W. Azar Architecture Award (annual); x) $3,000 from the Korban family for the Charli Korban awards for best graduating students in ece (annual); and xi) $3,000 from Professor Emeritus Fateh Sakkal for the best graduate thesis on renewable energy (annual). Over the past three years aub has received $5,000,000 from aub alumnus Dr. Ray Irani and Occidental Petroleum towards the construction of the Irani/Oxy Engineering Building. Dar Al-Handassah (Shair and Partners) made three gifts: $2,500,000 to establish an Endowed Chair in Engineering, $2,500,000 endowment to support the PhD programs in engineering, and $1,500,000 towards the renovation of the Architecture Building. CCC donated $2,000,000 towards the construction of the ccc Scientific Research Building. An official ceremony was held on February 21, 2006, for the re-naming of the Engineering Board Room as the "Ramiz S. Rizk Conference Room" in recognition of a donation from the Rizk family to fea. A groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the new ccc Scientific Research Building was held in October 2005; the building is scheduled to be completed in November 2006. The engineering laboratories that are now housed in Wings b and c will be moved to the ccc Scientific Research Building starting in December 2006. Wings B and C will then be demolished to make way for the construction of the Irani/Oxy Engineering Building. Following an international competition, the design of the building was awarded to the Beirutbased Nabil Gholam Architecture & Planning firm. Ibrahim N. Hajj; Dean

one|Introduction two|Personnel

8 8 8 8

Officers Of The Faculty Staff

three|Fea Committees Standing Committees Administrative Committee

Ad hoc Committees ABET Committee FEA Student Conference Committee

Academic & Curriculum Committee Advisory Committee Admissions Committee Research Committee Graduate Studies Committee Library Committee Student Affairs Committee

Strategic Planning Committee Ad hoc Math Committee FEA Space Committee FEA IT Committee (formerly Web Site Committee)

9 9 9 9 9 9 9 10 11 11 13 13 14 15 15 16 16


four|Support Units

Student Academic Counseling Services Record's Office Career Center IAESTE, Lebanon Information Technology Unit FEA computer labs FEA Library Engineering Shops Supplies, Reproduction & Buildings

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office of the dean Personnel 8

office of the dean FEA Committees 9


The fea Dean's Office provides the services necessary for the promotion of the missions of the fea and aub; namely, to maintain educational programs of the highest quality, encourage and support research and creative scholarly activities, and provide services to the community at large. This is done through the joint efforts of various committees and support units, as well as the functions of the Dean's Office itself. These committees and support units are listed in the next sections, composition, responsibilities, and in some cases brief summaries of their activities and accomplishments during the 2005-2006 academic year are included. In addition, the Dean's Office maintains the financial and academic records of the Faculty, administers grants and contracts, decides on budgetary matters in coordination with the academic units, and forms the link between the fea and the other Faculties and Schools of aub as well as with the upper administration. The Dean's Office initiates and maintains contacts with alumni, friends, and companies through personal visits, the Career Center services, laboratory services, the Job Fair, class reunions, the fea Student Conference, and through its support of conferences, workshops, seminars, and invited speakers.

three|FEA Committees

Standing Committees

Administrative Committee


Dean I. Hajj (chair), Associate Dean F. Moukalled, Professors: A. Kayssi, N, Ghaddar, L. Musfy, M. Mabsout, A. Abdul-Malak.


Academic & Curriculum Committee

As explained in the By-Laws of the fea.


Dean I.Hajj (chair), Associate Dean F. Moukalled, Chairs: A. Kayssi, M. Mabsout, N. Ghaddar, L. Musfy, Professors: A. Shihadeh, Ali Chehab, H. Assaf, M. Harb, Registrar, Faculty Representative on Senate Academic Development, fea Student Representative: Omar Monajjed.


Advisory Committee

As explained in the By-Laws of the fea.


Officers of the Faculty Staff

Ibrahim Hajj; Dean, Fadl Moukalled; Associate Dean, Ghada Kamar Najim; Executive Officer of the Faculty, Alia Kazma Serhal; Student Services Officer of the Faculty


Dean I. Hajj (chair), Professors: M. Harajli, A. El Hajj, A. Kayssi, I. Kaysi, M. Darwish, N. Ghaddar.


Admissions Committee

As explained in the By-Laws of the fea.

dean's office

Souad Shaaban; Dean's Secretary, Maya Kouzy; Clerk Typist, Edgard Touma; Messenger


Dean I. Hajj (chair), Associate Dean F. Moukalled, Professor B. Hamad, Assistant Professors: M. Saghir, R. Hamade, D. Drennan, Director of Admissions: S. Kanaan, Faculty Representative on the UAC: M. Darwish, FEA Student Representative: Salim Hamad.

supplies, reproduction and buildings

Samir Bassil; Supervisor, Elie Touma; Technician

computer laboratories

Kamal Mikati; Supervisor, Aziz Natour; Senior Master, Raafat Hajj; Senior Master


Research Committee

As explained in the By-Laws of the fea.

engineering shops

Joseph Nassif; Supervisor , George Jurdi; Senior Shop Master, Joseph Zoulikian; Material & Manufacturing Shop Master, Ramzi Safi; Senior Technician, Joseph Khoury; Senior Technician


Professors: S. Abdallah, H. Assaf, S. Karaki (chair), T. Mezher, and S. Shorto. The major activities of the Research Committee (fea-rc) during the year 2005-06 were four fold; [1] review of the Proposal Review Policy at fea, [2] continued update of the fea-rc Website, [3] conduct the review process, and [4] review two applications for paid-leave. The fea-rc received 31 proposals for research grants this year (30 in 2004-05), of which 2 proposals were group proposals (8 in 2004-05). One proposal was later withdrawn by the pi because external funding was secured for it. Each proposal was evaluated by two external reviewers. The total number of proposals received from the various departments is shown in the table below.


it unit

Ziad Shaaban; it Manager, Olga Safa Majzoub; Web and Software Manager, Maher Itani; System Analyst, Toufic Karout; Research Assistant, Saro Koulakisian; Senior Master, Elie Azzi; Research Assistant

records office

Nawal Abou Mosleh; Records Office Secretary

fea library

Khaled Noubani; Acting Librarian, Rabi' Bu-Shahli; Library Assistant, Ziyad Yamut; Library Assistant, Elie Haddad; Library Assistant, Salim Shehab; Library Assistant


Architecture and gd Civil and Environmental Electrical and Computer Engineering Management Mechanical Total Average per Proposal

number of proposals

3 6 11 3 7 30

recommended budget

$18,275 $37,113 $73,000 $15,750 $42,420 $189,558 $6,319


Fadl Moukalled; National Secretary of iaeste, Lebanon

student career center Nadia Moufarrij; fea Career Counselor

office of the dean FEA Committees 10

office of the dean FEA Committees 11

The fea-rc is not involved in reviewing proposals for outside funding; the fea-rc is only informed about these applications and the chairperson of the committee signs the application forms.

review of policies and procedures The fea-rc went over the current fea Policies and Procedures regarding the review process

of proposals. The review process and score sheet were essentially kept the same as those of 2004/ 05 but the calculation of composite scores, for the purpose of ranking, was slightly modified in the review process.

graduate program in Information and Communication Technology. The fea gsc studied and recommended approval of the ece Department proposal for combining their two master programs into one master's program in Electrical and Communication Engineering with both a thesis and a non-thesis option. The new program will offer eight research tracks.

recommendations The fea gsc was involved at various stages with the University Graduate Admissions

Ad hoc Committee in charge of reviewing the graduate admission process. Among the recommendations of the Ad hoc committee, was changing the admissions schedule from a rolling to a fixed deadline process with all graduate programs within aub following the same deadlines except for the Faculty of Medicine, and publishing a graduate catalogue that clearly includes the requirements of the various programs

fea-rc website

The website was updated regularly. The deadline for submitting urb proposals was March 15, 2006, as specified by the urb. Before sending the proposals out for review, they were screened to ensure that they met criteria set by urb and fea. Then, each proposal was sent to two reviewers for assessment with the committee acting as a quality controller throughout the review process. The evaluation of each reviewer was appraised to ensure its consistency with the proposal. Finally the proposals were ranked according to a composite score of 20, which took into consideration, the reviewer's scores and recommendations. An additional 2 points were given to assistant or associate professors and an additional 1 point to group projects. Historically, the total fea urb research funding has been about $160,000 per year, slightly increasing over the years. Last year's recommended budget was $169,000 in addition to seed money. This year the requested budget was $265,725 but was reduced to $189,558 by the

Library Committee


G. Arbid, H. Basha (Chair), A. Chehab (ex-officio), F. Karameh, and K. Noubani. The fea Library Committee reports the following: [1] The remaining balance of the library budget per department as of May 2006 is as follows:


Architecture & Design Civil & Environmental Engineering Electrical & Computer Engineering Mechanical Engineering Engineering Management

annual budget

$12,000 $20,000 $22,000 $22,000 $1,000


$2,862 $5,831 $8,504 $10,300 $922


leave requests

There were two paid-leave applications in 2005-06; one was from the Department of Architecture and Design (Prof. L. Musfy) and the second was from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (Prof. H. Basha). The two applications were sent to external reviewers and were approved by the rc following positive comments.

Graduate Studies Committee


N. Dandan (Admissions), M. Fawaz (ArD), K. Kabalan (ece), A. Kazma (Office of the Dean, Secretary), B. Maddah (emgt), H. Nakad (Registrar), S. Sadek (cee), M. Darwish (me, Chair) The main activities of the fea gsc this year were the following:

graduate applications

This year there were 217 applicants to the various programs of the fea, of these 165 were accepted equivalent to a 37% rejection rate. This compares with 220 applicants and a 35% rejection rate for the 2004-05 academic year.

petitions The fea gsc reviewed a number of graduate petitions, mainly for extending

the thesis deadlines.

[2] An overview of the tools and resources of the aub libraries was presented by the Information Services Librarian to the committee. The statistics on usage show that the library tools are not fully used by fea students. The committee proposed that there be an introduction of aub library resources to the senior fea students in the Final Year Project course at the beginning of the fall semester. There will be one tailor-made presentation per department and graduate students will be asked to attend [3] The fea library is undertaking a weeding process in which outdated books are removed from the library because of space limitations. The list of books that have not been checked out for the past five years, sorted by discipline and subject, were distributed to the fea departments for help in this endeavor. [4] A 1-month free trial access to the isi Web of Knowledge was arranged through the Serials Librarian. The free access included the Web of Science® service (Science Citation Index). The product has a prohibitive subscription cost, especially since aub library already has a subscription to the scopus database that does a similar type of search.

thesis proposals

A large number of thesis proposals were reviewed. While the quality of the graduate thesis is the responsibility of the thesis committee, the main concern of the fea gsc in reviewing the thesis proposals is to ensure that a preliminary literature review has been performed, and that the research activities are scheduled so as to be completed within a reasonable time. The fea gsc recommended that the Engineering Management program projects be approved at the program level without being referred to the fea gsc.

Student Affairs Committee


Mohammad Mansour (chair), Bacel Maddah, Isssam Lakkis, Daniel Drennan, Dean of Students Affairs, represented by Talal Nizzmeddine; Fuad Mrad, Faculty Representative on the ucsa; Hani Tohme, src Representative.

report on activities The sac reviewed the following cases:

[1] One student who was reported for an in-class disruption gave the name of another student when asked to identify himself. An oral reprimand was recommended. [2] A case involving the src representative on the committee. He was reported by the lab supervisor for breaking the glass window in one of the main doors of the lab. After determining the act was inadvertent with no bad intentions involved, the committee recommended that the student pay for the broken window and do community service.

new and modified graduate programs The fea gsc studied and recommended approval of the me Department proposal to reduce

the course requirements in the Master program to 21 credits for courses while increasing the thesis credit equivalence to 9 credits. The fea gsc studied and recommended approval of the ece Department proposal for a

office of the dean FEA Committees 12

office of the dean FEA Committees 13

[3] A case involving one student in a lab who was asked by the professor to leave the room at the start of a class lecture. The student was not enrolled in that class. The student refused to identify himself and refused to leave the room. The committee viewed the case as a case of non-academic misconduct, and recommended referring it to the Dean of Student Affairs for consideration. [4] Four students were reported to the committee for violation of a contract they had signed for a GA appointment by working full-time outside of aub. The committee view was that the cases involved management/legal issues between the university and the students and therefore were outside its jurisdiction. [5] Five students were involved in cheating during a computer final exam. The students copied programming codes during the exam. The committee recommended all students receive a Dean's Warning, and one of the students receive an additional written reprimand for lying to the committee. [6] One student was reported for asking another student a question about a problem during a final exam. The student did not receive an answer from the other student. The committee recommended the student receive a written reprimand for violating university regulations during the exam. [7] Three students were reported for repeatedly trying to ask the proctor questions about a question during a final exam. One of the students also smiled at another student. The committee decided to dismiss the three cases. [8] One student was reported for his cell phone ringing during an exam. The committee recommended that the student receive a written reprimand for violating university regulations during the exam. [9] A student was caught with miniaturized cheat sheets during a final exam. The committee recommended the student receive a double Dean's Warning and a zero on the final exam. [10] Three students were reported for cheating on a final exam. The committee dismissed one case, and recommended the other two students receive a Double Dean's Warning and a zero on the final exam. [11] A case involving a student caught in one of the fea computer labs hacking into a number of computers and deleting and corrupting files. The student had previously been asked not to enter the architecture building nor use any of the computer labs in fea because of his past disruptive behavior. The committee decided to forward the case to the University Student Affairs committee for study. [12] A student involved in cheating during an exam. The student stated that he had personal problems. The committee recommended the student receive a Dean's Warning, a zero on the exam, and seek supervised counseling at aub. [13] A student involved in cheating during an exam. The committee recommended the student receive a Dean's Warning and a zero on the exam. [14] A student involved in complaining in an impolite and improper manner about his exam grade to one of the professors who taught a course he took. The exam had questions that several professors participated in preparing and grading. The committee recommended that the student receive a written reprimand for his behavior toward the professor. [15] Two students were involved in signing attendance on behalf of two other students. The committee recommended all students receive a written reprimand. [16] Two students involved in conducting a prank on another student and filming him during his presence in the lab. The committee recommended the two students receive a written reprimand for their misbehavior. The committee also recommended warning the two students not to use the film in any way that might offend the other student. Details of all these cases can be found in the minutes.

other activities and recommendations [1] The fea sac committee coordinated with the Students' Integrity Ad hoc committee in

the Institutional Planning and Process Improvement Department to review the process of handling breaches of the student code of conduct as published in the Policies and Procedures on theaub web site. The objective was to come up with a common interpretation of the related Policies and Procedures, and a unified way to report incidents of breach of the code (academic and non-academic). The committee proposed the following (details are found in the minutes): The process flow for reporting academic and non-academic misconducts was revised, clearly indicating how a case should be handled and how it should proceed. The Student Code of Conduct was modified. The major modifications involve adding a recommended range of actions to academic and non- academic misconduct violations, and a Dean's Warning will be removed at the end of the student's academic career with aub provided the student's records show a maximum of one code of conduct violation. A form that a faculty member will use to report a violation of the code of conduct. [2] The sac committee reviewed the Academic Integrity Handbook for Students upon request of the Dean, after it had been presented for discussion at a full Faculty meeting. The committee determined that there is a considerable amount of redundancy between information stated in the handbook and the information that already exists in the Student Code of Conduct document. The committee recommended that the best way to promote academic integrity in the Faculty is to put the existing information into a different format. In 2006-07 the src committee will work with the Graphic Design Department to create power point presentations for students, post the information on the fea Website and prepare brochure/fliers for students to increase their awareness about integrity and proper conduct at fea. The committee further recommends to the Dean that the Faculty call students to attend the power point presentations. [3] The committee also issued general recommendations to improve the administration of computer-based examinations. The recommendations are repeated below: More proctors should be present during these exams. During programming exams in computer labs, network connectivity should be disabled. Ad hoc Committees ABET Committee


F. Moukalled (chair); chairs of the engineering departments: N. Ghaddar, A. Kayssi, M. Mabsout; professors: H. Basha, A. Smaili; and accreditation officer B. McGreevy.


Six full meetings of the abet committee were held during the academic year and smaller meetings were held to improve and update the individual program self studies which were written during 2004- 2005. The Associate Dean and the Accreditation Officer held working sessions to improve and update Appendix II. A section on the Dean's Unit was created to clarify structure and more clearly define where decisions are being made.

work accomplished

The committee began its work in early October by recommitting to the process of working toward abet Accreditation. There was a desire to increase contact with abet and involve the Provost's Office in this contact with the goal of encouraging reviewers to come to Lebanon or consider other options for the review process. It was agreed that the self-study reports compiled last year would be the basis of the reports submitted to the abet Committee but that they would need to be updated and improved. A schedule of internal dates for each section of the report to be completed was agreed upon. Each department created a schedule to assure that the specific activities needed to assure feedback from constituents, record keeping, course files and the analysis of data would be completed in a timely and routine fashion. Because the structure for feedback loops had been developed last year for all programs only the schedule of actions needed to be assured. During the fall semester the focus of work was on improving the courses offered especially during the first year and in math.

review of the penrose award nominations Mr. Mohamed Hasna (cce) Mr. Rani Daher (cce) Mr. Ali Khalil (cce) Mr. Suhail Khoury (cce) Mr. Alfred El-Murr (me)

The committee reviewed the five nominations it received for the Penrose award, and recommended the first three students (Mr. Mohamed Hasna, Mr. Rani Daher, and Mr. Ali Khalil) as qualified nominees for the award.

office of the dean FEA Committees 14

office of the dean FEA Committees 15

The Employer and Alumni Surveys were discussed and rewritten surveys will be administered this year. In January the application request for evaluation was once again submitted.

abet decision

On April 12, 2006 the Faculty was informed by the abet Association that its application for accreditation had been put on hold until the us Department of State Travel Warning for Lebanon has been lifted. FEA Student

Conference Committee


Dean Ibrahim Hajj, Professors: M. Asem Abdul Malak, Farid Chaaban, Marwan Darwish, Bilal Hamad, Assistant Professors: Louay Bazzi, May Farhat, Issam Lakkis, Walid Sadek, IT Manager: Ziad Shaaban, Web & Software Manager: Olga Safa Majzoub, Student: Lara Captan

distinguished alumni presentations and awards

Six distinguished alumni were selected to give plenary talks and receive awards. They were: Dr. Habib Najm; a Distinguished Member of the Combustion Research Facility Sandia National Lab was awarded the fea Distinguished Alumni Award in recognition of his outstanding scholarly contributions to research in combustion, stochastic methods for uncertainty quantification in scientific computing, and modeling of electrochemical microfluid systems and biotechnology devices. He earned his be in Mechanical Engineering at aub in 1983 and his ms and PhD at mit 1986-1989. Dr. Fawwaz T. Ulaby the R. Jamison and Betty Williams Professor at the University of Michigan, member of the National Academy of Engineering, and Editor in Chief, ieee Proceedings received the fea Distinguished Alumni Award in recognition of his outstanding achievements and contributions to education and to basic research in electromagnetics, microwaves, remote sensing technology, and their applications. Fawwaz T. Ulaby earned his bs in Physics at aub in 1964 and his PhD from the University of Texas at Austin in 1968. Mr. Abdallah S. Zakhem; Co-founder and President of the Zakhem International Construction Ltd., was awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award in recognition of his outstanding career in engineering and his contributions to the world of construction. Abdallah S. Zakhem earned his be in Civil Engineering at aub in 1962. Dr. Ali Khayrallah; Director of Research at Ericsson, was awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award in recognition of his outstanding research, inventions, and contributions to the development of cellular and wireless communication systems. Dr. Ali Khayrallah earned his be in Electrical Engineering at aub in1984 and his ms, PhD from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, usa in 1986 and1989. Dr. Suad Amiry; the Director of Riwaq: Centre for Architectural Conservation in Ramallah, was awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award in recognition of her pioneering efforts in the study and protection of the architectural heritage of Palestine, and as a tribute to her courage, and passionate commitment to all humanitarian causes that seek to improve the daily lives of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. Dr. Suad Amiry earned her ba in Architecture at aub in 1984; her ms in Urban Planning at the University of Michigan; and her PhD at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, u.k. Dr. Hani Mahmassani; the Charles Irish Sr. Chair in Transportation Engineering at the University of Maryland, was awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award in recognition of his excellence in research in the fields of transportation systems, transportation planning, and intelligent transportation systems, and his outstanding contributions to education. Hani Mahmassani attended aub from 1973-1975; he received his ms in Transportation Engineering from Purdue University in 1978; and his PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1982.

[1] Best Paper Awards were given to the following students: Fadi Shayya (Architecture & Design) for "Enacting Public Space History and Social Practices of Beirut's Horch al-Sanawbar" Nicolas Bekhazi, Mohammad Itani, Elias Nehme and Marc Rached (Civil & Environmental Engineering) for "Elevated Freeway between Beirut and Dbayeh" Mazen Abou Najm, Rani Daher, Mohammad El Saadi (Computer & Communications Engineering) for "A Low Complexity Turbo Code Decoder" Salma Abu Izzeddin, Kamal Berbari, Hiba Obeid (Electrical Engineering) for "Electromagnetic Fields from Power Line" Bashar Akar, Raja Hamady, Abdellatif Ladki, Wissam Saad (Mechanical Engineering) for "Designing, Building and Testing a Schlieren System" [2] Best Paper submitted by a Graduate Student was awarded to: Ihab Sraj (Mechanical Engineering) for "A Fully Coupled Finite Volume Method for Incompressible Fluid Flow" [3] Best poster award went to: Reef Al-Mokadem, Adham Bou Ghannam, Dima Fares, Rabih Ghoussayni (Electrical Engineering) for "cad Optimization of pm Machines" [4] Special Recognition went to: Gutav Cordahi (Civil and Environmental Engineering) for "Ethics and fea."

Strategic Planning Committee


Dean I. Hajj; Professors: F. Moukalled, N. Ghaddar, A. Kayssi, M. Mabsout, H. Artail, M.A. Abdul Malak, I. Kaysi, and W. Sadek/L. Musfy, Mr. A. Nahas as an invited guest, and accreditation officer/ sec. B. McGreevy.


Six meetings of the spc committee were held during July and August. Thirteen meetings were held between October and March. Two meetings were held on April 25 and May 2 during which the Dean presented a draft of the Strategic Planning Report to the entire Faculty.

work accomplished

The committee completed the steps of the process outlined in "The Guide for Developing Academic and Administrative Strategic Plans" by the Office of Institutional Planning and Process Improvement at the American University of Beirut. The members that worked during the summer focused on the accomplishments over the past three years and on the analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the Faculty (swot analysis). There was a great deal of discussion and long lists were developed. In the fall further refinement of the swot analysis took place. The mission and vision statements for the Faculty were discussed and slight changes were made. All graduate and undergraduate programs clearly defined and submitted their missions and objectives. In the spring the committee focused its energy on the clear statement and description of initiatives. Once again a long list was developed although only ten initiative templates were included in the final report. Exit Surveys were revised to act as clear key point indicators (kpi) for the strategy map developed by the committee. It was decided that two annual reviews of strategic performance will be conducted to ensure a clear assessment of progress and the continued faculty and staff input to the strategic planning process that is balanced across the Faculty. A Strategic Planning Report of the Faculty of Engineering & Architecture was completed and submitted to the spsc.

Ad hoc Math Committee


Dean I. Hajj (chair), F. Moukalled, N. Ghaddar, A. Kayssi, and M. Mabsout. Math Department: Abu-Khuzam, A. Lyzzaik, N. Nassif.

student presentations and awards

In addition to plenary talks, students presented technical papers at the conference. The papers were reviewed by a faculty committee and selected from paper submissions by students based on their class projects. Poster sessions were also included. Copies of papers and the list of projects have been published in the conference proceedings. Awards were given to best papers and best poster.

report on activities

The committee held several meetings during which the following issues were discussed: math requirements in engineering, the possibility of canceling the asst category of courses, and moving the asst math related courses to the department of mathematics. The final

office of the dean Support Units 16

office of the dean Support Units 17

recommendations made by the committee, which were subsequently approved by the Administrative Committee, are as follows: [1] Cancel the asst category of courses starting fall 2006-07. [2] Move all asst math related courses to the Department of Mathematics. [3] Math requirements in the various engineering programs, which were approved by the various engineering departments, have become as follows: cee Current students: asst 310 was replaced by stat 230, asst 313 was replaced by math 251, and asst 312 was replaced by math 212 or math 218 or math 281 or any other math course as approved by the cee department. New requirements: math 201, 202, 251, stat 230 and one math elective (212, 218, 281, or any other math course as approved by the cee department). ece Current students: asst 311 was replaced by stat 230, asst 312 was replaced by math 218, and asst 313 was replaced by math 212. New requirements: math 201, 202, 211, 218, and stat 230, and one restricted elective out of: math 210, 224, 227, and 251. me Current students: asst 311 was replaced by stat 230,asst 312 was replaced by math 218, ASST 313 was replaced by math 212 and asst 520 by enmg 504 New requirements: math 201, 202, 212, 218, 251, and stat 230. [4] For information: The asst 520 course was moved to Engineering Management and given the number enmg 504. The music course asst 420 offered by Prof. Azoury, which is already cross-registered with the FAS, was moved the Music Department. The course will continue to be offered by Prof. Azoury. FEA Space Committee

[2] Continued acting as secretary for the following committees: fea Admissions Committee, Academic & Curriculum Committee, Graduate Studies Committee. [3] Collaborated with the it Unit at fea to establish new software for the evaluation of student statistics and academic standing. [4] Organized and implemented the orientation program for new fea students. [5] Represented the fea at aub Fair (coordinated a display of Final Year Projects of fea students for the high school students). [6] Assisted in the collection of the data and statistics for abet Appendix II. [7] Helped coordinate the fea graduation ceremony.

recommendation for the year 2006-2007

Attend training sessions and workshops related to student services excellence and academic performance outside aub and in the us.

Record's Office


Nawal Abu-Mosleh: secretary

accomplishments during 2005-06

[1] A new more efficient form is being developed for Confidential Proctoring Reports. [2] Continued updating of all files at the end of every semester [3] Continued updating of files with petition results after every Academic Committee meeting. (Between the fall of 2004 and the spring of 2006, 1,047 academic petitions were included in the electronic file of petitions. The file can now be searched by id, name, or petition number. The work that remains is to connect this data base with the individual student file; this work requires the technical assistance of the it Unit. Mr. Chaaban has begun to work on this and once he finalizes the work access will be available from all fea departments.) [4] Continued updating of course schedule; [5] Continued responsibility for preparing all final examination seating assignments; [6] The major accomplishment of 2005-06 was a careful analysis of all processes in the Record's Office in order to make recommendations for full automation.


Dean Ibrahim Hajj, Professors: Fadl Moukalled, George Ayoub, Ayman Kayssi, Leila Musfy, Nesreen Ghaddar, Mounir Mabsout, M Asem Abdul Malak, Assistant Professor Alan Shihadeh, V/P Samer Maamari, Director: Marcelino Romanos, fpdu members: Mr. Alain Eid, Mr. Anis Abdallah.

recommendations for 2006-07

In order to fully automate the Record's Office and maintain a responsible archival system the following steps are recommended for 2006-07. [1] Give priority to technical assistance from the it Unit in order to recommend the purchase of appropriate equipment to improve the scanning ability in the office; to develop a process to include Dean's Honor, Dean's Warning, Evaluation Forms, and access to copies and number of Academic Petitions in the individual student electronic files; to further improve the room reservation process by making it possible for the faculty to activate a reservation in an available time slot by simply entering their password on line. (This process would bypass the person in charge of the reservation schedule except if there is a cancellation.) [2] Purchase suitable archiving cabinets for the office and allocate space for them in the renovation plans. [3] Finalize and implement a new Confidential Proctoring Report form. [4] Continue training of secretary, by funding an advanced course in Access.


The committee manages the physical space of the fea quadrant. It is working closely with the designers of the new Irani/Oxi Engineering Lab Building to identify the functionality of zones within the building, their distribution, and the space requirements. The committee is also involved in advising renovation of existing fea buildings.

FEA IT Committee


Dean Ibrahim Hajj (chair), Professors: Marwan Darwish, Toufic Mezher, Salah Sadek Associate Professors: Hassan Artail, Daniel Drennan, and Mr. Ziad Shaaban, Ms. Olga Safa Majzoub, Mr. Maher Itani, Mr. Kamal Mikati

(formerly Web Site Committee)


The committee oversees the quality and recommends upgrade and changes to the fea Website.

Career Center


Mrs. Nadia Moufarrej, FEA Career Counselor; Maher Itani, System Analyst; and two students who each work forty hours a month. During the academic year 2004-2005 the fea Career Center catered to the needs of approximately one hundred and forty five companies (145) and one thousand two hundred and ninety (1,290) registered students and alumni. For the year 2005-2006, and as a result of the enhancements to the fea Online Career Center, and the networking efforts, there is a total of two hundred eighty six (286) registered companies using the website to post job

four|Support Units

Student Academic Counseling Services

Alia Kazma, Student Services Officer

accomplishments during 2005-06

[1] Transition of services from the previous student officer Ms. Hala Abu Araj to Ms. Alia Kazma;

office of the dean Support Units 18

office of the dean Support Units 19

vacancies, and a total of two hundred and seventeen (217) companies using the web site to offer internship positions. A total of one thousand seven hundred fifty one (1,751) registered fea students and alumni use the site. They are divided as: 288 Summer Interns, 299 Bachelor of Engineering 2006 graduates, 142 Master of Engineering 2006 graduates, 105 pursuing master's degrees, 603 alumni who are graduates of 2005 or earlier.

fea career website use


Europe (5 students): Technical University of Munich (tum -Germany), hec (France) Lebanon (4 students): American University of Beirut (aub) Pursued Major: Communication Systems, Communication Engineering, Pattern Analysis & Machine Intelligence (pami), Networking, Wireless Communication Systems, Telecommunication & Signal Processing, Management of New Technologies, Telecom Networks, Science of Management, Civil Systems, Finance, Microelectronics, Digital Signal Processing, vlsi for Wireless Communication. [2] 64% (47 students) plan to work after receiving their BE degree; 51% (twenty four students) have already signed contracts and started work; 32 out of 47 students (68%) have received multiple job offers; 15 students have not received any job offer; and 17% (eight students) are in the process of evaluating their options. Electrical Engineers (EE) [1] A total of 44 students responded: 48% (21 students) are planning to pursue graduate studies; 7 students plan to do their master's degree at aub; 4 students out of the 7 plan to work in Lebanon while studying at aub; 8 out of the 21 students plan to work and study at the same time. USA & Canada (6 students): Arizona State University, California Institute of Technology CALTECH, University of Waterloo, University of Toronto, University of Southern California, Georgia Institute of Technology Europe (6 students): Supelec (France), University of Dundae (Scotland), tu Delft (Netherlands), Katholieke University Leuven, tum (Germany), rwth Aachen, University of Munich Lebanon (7 students): American University of Beirut (aub) Pursued Majors: Engineering Management, Communication Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Science in Electrical Engineering, Communication Electronics, Information Technology, Communication Management, Communication & Signal Processing, Biomedical Imaging, Power Electronics, Operations Research. [2] 52% (23 students) plan to work after graduation; 15 out of the 23 students (65%) of the ee 2006 graduates who are planning to work have received multiple job offers; 8 have accepted a job offer and have committed to an employer; 7 are still evaluating their options; 8 did not receive any job offer. Mechanical Engineers (ME) [1] A total of 50 students responded: 45% (18 students) are planning to pursue graduate studies; four of them plan to continue at aub for their master's degree while working at the same time. USA & Canada (3 students): Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Southern California, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Europe (7 students): University of Dundee (Scotland), tuh (Germany), hec (France), Chelners (Sweden), Aachen (Germany), Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden), Cass Business School (uk) Lebanon (5 students): American University of Beirut (aub), Lebanese American University (lau) Pursued Majors: Business, Management, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Management, Aerospace Engineering, Finance [2] 64% (32) are seeking employment; 30 out of 32 students have received multiple job offers mainly from companies abroad; most of them (20 out of the 30 students, 70 %) have already committed to an employer. Civil and Environmental Engineers (CEE) A total of 18 students responded: 56% (10 students) are planning to pursue graduate studies; 67% (12 students including four of those who plan to pursue graduate studies) have received job offers, 7 have committed to an employer and have started work either in Lebanon or abroad. USA & Canada (5 students): Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cornell North Western University, Stanford University Europe (2 students): Institute of Finance and Management Geneva (Switzerland), CSE



Feature was not available > 50 >90



Feature was not available 895 4080



2005 2006

1290 1770

145 286

60 147

61 367

the job market

During 2005-2006 the fea Career Center communicated with two hundred eighty six companies (286) for recruitment of recent graduates and alumni this represents an increase of 120 companies from 2004-2005. [1] One hundred thirty five (135) of the two hundred eighty six companies are new contacts for the fea Career Center. [2] A total of two hundred eighty six (286) companies offered online employment opportunities during 2005-2006, and a total of fourteen companies (14) recruited graduates using the traditional method of recruitment: presentations and interviews at the Faculty. [3] Salaries offered to 2006 graduates in Lebanon have increased in the last two years. They range between $1,000 and $2,000 per month.

2006 exit survey

A survey was conducted of the graduating class of 2006 to determine their future plans. Plans after graduation by major:


cce ee me cee arch gd

21% 30% 18% 39% 0% 0%

64% 52% 64% 44% 100% 67%

15% 18% 18% 17% 0% 33%

Computer and Communications Engineers (CCE) [1] A total of 73 students responded: 36% (26 students) are planning to pursue graduate studies. Three students have not decided yet. They have received multiple acceptances and are in the process of evaluating their options. USA, Canada & Australia (14 students): University of Texas at Austin, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, McGill Imperial University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Michigan Ann Arbor, Texas a & m University, University of California Los Angeles (ucla), University of Utah, University of California at Berkeley, University of Sydney (Australia).

office of the dean Support Units 20

office of the dean FEA Support Units 21

Lebanon (1 student): American University of Beirut (AUB) Pursued Major: Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Business Administration

IAESTE, Lebanon


profile of summer interns 2006

A total of two hundred and eighty eight students registered with the fea Career Center. 78% (224) secured internship positions through the fea Career Center. They were divided as follows:

major cce ee cee me gd arch (all years)

total # of interns internship through fea career center

96 48 42 85 3 14 81 40 22 66 3 12

internship on own

15 8 20 19 0 2

The 58th Annual Conference of iaeste was held in the coastal town of Marsascala, Malta from January 21-27, 2006. The Opening Ceremony was attended by the Conference Honorary President, the Hon. Censu Galea, Minister for Competitiveness and Communication in Malta. Two hundred and sixty nine delegates from seventy six countries attended the week long conference which incorporated the exchange of 7,412 placements from over fifty members and co-operating institutions. aub was represented by Dr. F. Moukalled the National Secretary of iaeste Lebanon. We have received 13 offers from different Lebanese companies (including aub) willing to accept iaeste students (from abroad) for training. These offers are distributed as shown on Table 1 below. Table 1: Offers received from local companies to accept iaeste students from abroad.


exchange of students through iaste

receiving company

Dar Al-Handassa (Shair)

sending country nominations

Germany Jordan Germany Norway Iran Greece Spain Tunis Yugoslavia Klaus Schneeberger Ali Kami Faidi Christian Nitschke Ole-Jorgen Myrtroen Hamed Farhadi


Civil Eng. Mechanical Eng. Environmental Eng. Energy & Process Eng. Communication Systems Civil Eng. Electrical Eng. Civil Eng. Civil Eng. Electrical Eng. Mechanical Eng. Engineering Design & Supervision

The fea Career Center received a total of 485 internship offers from companies and universities, and 16 offers through the International Association for the Exchange of students for Technical Experience (iaeste). The number of internship offers received was higher than the number of students requesting placement, as a result some of these offers had to be graciously declined. The offers received were divided as such:


aub / Dr. Moukalled btutp

aub / Dr. Ghaddar aub / Dr. Saghir

cce ee cee me gd arch

96 48 42 85 3 14

113 105 78 149 12 28

ace team aub / fpdu ace

Dar Al-Handassa (Taleb)

Nikiforos Atsikpasis Civil Eng. Miguel MartíGarcès Ghassen Farhat Marko Ristanovic Olivia Riddle Novica Dakovic Thomas Wright None




[1] Close cooperation exists between the fea Career Center and companies for internship and recruitment purposes. [2] Cooperation between fea Career Center and companies has helped to identify future leaders through the Young Arab Leaders Program (yal). [3] Developments on the fea Career Website have enhanced the number of users of the website. [4] The increase of online offerings now includes an interactive discussion forum to respond to students, alumni and companies, and a webpage that allows students to schedule appointments, check their status and receive updated information. 5.) There has been an increase in the level of involvement of alumni in career networking and internship development.

aub / Dr. Chehab aub / fpdu team International



All offers were exchanged. Students have been nominated for twelve out of the thirteen offers but as of June 6, 2006 five have confirmed and seven are still pending final confirmation.

fea nominations

recommendations for 2006-2007

[1] Increase guidance and counseling by addressing issues relative to career concerns and goal setting by offering workshops and seminars that prepare students for the workplace and assist them in developing skills employers want. [2] Create effective and efficient support systems for the staff, resources, services, space, and equipment. [3] Enhance the fea Online Career Center to: involve all aspects of electronic recruiting and electronic statistical analysis; increase company participation on local, regional and international levels; increase student and fea graduate registration; improve methods of communication between the Center and the fea students, graduates and industry whereby the fea Online Career Center becomes a highly interactive site.

In exchange for the 13 offers, fea received 19 offers from abroad. A summary of these offers is given below.


Paul Hajj Boutros Hisham Nasser Mohamad Tarhini Nakle Mansour

major country me

Arch Austria Brazil Germany Norway

corporation/university status

Institute of Metallurgy Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed

at Arquitetos Associados tu Chemnitz

ee cee

Norwegian National Railway Pending Visa Administration

office of the dean FEA Support Units 22

office of the dean FEA Support Units 23


Mansour Rachid Acile Sleiman Mireille Zarife Magali Assaf Roy Assaf Joelle Mitri Ahmad Abou Zahr Maya Abi Abd

major country cce cce arch me me cce cce ce ee ee

Spain Tunis Tunis

corporation/university status

Harvard Optimetry Hexabyte Cabinet d'architecture Karray University of Wales University of Nis University of Beograd Confirmed Confirmed Declined Confirmed Pending Visa Pending Visa Not confirmed yet Confirmed Cancelled (time) No nomination Visa problem Rejected Offer cancelled No answer No nomination

management. As the result of this, new requirements were put into place to assure efficiency, quality control, and careful documentation. Systems and web development The number of the projects has increased as well as the experience of the staff. The following are now procedural requirements for every system or web development: [1] File preparation: A file is to be prepared by the it manager that holds all the information related to a required project. [2] Requirement of the project: The developer must have a full understanding of the job to be automated; this is facilitated by scheduling meetings between the developer and the end user. [3] Step-by-step documentation: The minutes of all the meetings between the developer and the user must be recorded and presented to the it manager for discussion. [4] Internal meetings: Meetings should be scheduled between the developer and the it manager to discuss the status of the project: during the analysis stage one meeting per week and during the development stage two meetings per week. [5] Database design (if required): After knowing all the required data and the format to be used, a design of the database is prepared by the developer and shared with the it manager and the user. [6] User interface: The developer and the user agree on the interface to be used taking into consideration the "user-friendly" requirement at this stage. [7] User manual: After the database and the user interface are agreed upon, a user manual for the system is to be prepared by the developer. System administration The criteria for checking on the it Unit servers were changed due to the changes in the technology and the current security threats. Each server is now checked depending on its role and the data that it is holding. The checks are always done by more that one person; the Security Analyst checks all the vulnerabilities on the server and the code written by the developer. The System Administrator checks the server updates and virus protection as well as the capacity and hardware status. The System Administrator also checks the backup of the server. The System Analyst always checks the backup of the development and web server to insure that all applications and databases are backed up. As a result of the procedure described above no incident of security and data loss was recorded during this year. Internal meetings Weekly unit meetings are held to share ideas, perceptions and increase teamwork.


Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Jordan Germany Brazil Colombia Croatia Denmark Egypt Turkey Iran

gsm Operator

University Karlsruhe


Universidad de la Salle Gravia d.o.o. Ramboll Egyptian Iron & Steel

Bassam Abu Rabiah Elias Nehmeh

ce ce me

Jean Paul Akiki

ce me

iller Bankasi

Esfahan Steel Company

recommendations for 2006-2007 [1] Explore regional contacts to share iaeste positions received that are not appropriate, primarily due to length, for fea students (without monetary cost to aub), [2] Determine cost of iaeste to fea, consider a separate budget, [3] Explore the possibility of fea participation at iaeste International Night at the annual

conference, [4] Include students in the management of exchanges with iaeste, set up a student iaeste Office at aub and consider sending students to the annual conference.

it unit accomplishments in 2005-2006

Upgrades on existing systems and tasks [1] fea Career: Several features were added to the fea career website to enhance performance and better serve its purpose. Some of these features are the search criteria and the permissions set up. [2] fea it Admin web page: This page is split into two parts one to handle all computer equipment and the other to handle all other lab equipment such as the electrical lab equipment. [3] Call Center: The call center is now part of the it Admin web page so that a full history of calls received for a specific equipment and information on the owner will be stored and accessible in one place. [4] Network upgrade: There was a continuation of the upgrade done last year on the switches, now every switch in the fea is linked to a Giga connection. [5] Wireless Network: pda's can now connect to the wireless network to check the mail as a first step. Mac users can now connect to the wireless lan using a vpn client (vpn tracker costs $160); research is in progress to find a free client. [6] Access control: All fea labs are now equipped with a card reader that enables the student to access the lab during non-working hours using his/her id. The student has to complete a form and get the approval of the lab supervisor. [7] Backup strategy: The backup criteria have been changed; now each server is backed up daily, weekly, and monthly.

Information Technology Unit


Ziad Shaaban; it Manager; Maher Itani was appointed System Analyst; Toufic Karout was appointed as a full time Research Assistant and is doing the job of System Administrator; Saro Koulakisian supervises the audio-visual equipment and the access control servers for the fea labs, and is now doing the it hardware part which handles the repair of all computer parts; Elie Azzi was appointed as a part-time Research Assistant and is doing the job of Security Analyst; Olga Safa Majzoub, Web and Software Manager.


This is the second year of operation for the it Unit in the fea. Given the experiences of last year there were some changes made in the unit's personnel and management requirements. Among the many accomplishments of the year is the fact that this is the first year that there were no incidents of security or data loss.

changes in management requirements

The procedures in all areas (network, system development, web development, lab supervision, help desk etc.) were carefully observed during the process of project and task

office of the dean FEA Support Units 24

office of the dean FEA Support Units 25

On going projects [1] FEA Student Information System: This system will be used by the student officer to prepare data and statistics some features of this system are currently being used by the student officer. This system is being developed using the new management requirements. [2] fea Faculty Information System: After waiting for the completion of the system done for the administration by oira, the work on the system by the it Unit has resumed. The work on this system is at the stage of collecting data and meeting with the user. [3] fea Alumni webpage: After several internal meetings it was agreed to change the current alumni web page so that the database of the Career Center can make use of the alumni database. The creation of this system will follow the new management requirements. [4] File server for dean's office: The it Unit is preparing a file server to be used by the dean's office because the existing storage is limited. [5] Engineering Management Compute lab: The it Unit is finalizing the installation of the new computer lab in the rcl. [6] Creation of an Information Research Lab: This lab will be created through donations and will include high performance machines with Oracle and gis capability to be used for research. Miscellaneous [1] srb move: Assist in the study of moving the computer labs to the new building [2] Student Conference: Assist in the 5th Student Conference [3] fyp's: Assist the students during the Final Year Projects [4] Help desk: faculty and student help desk [5] Lab supervision: Supervise the graduate labs [6] Plasma System: System to display data on the plasma located in the fea lobby.


Appoint a Systems Administrator rather than having a Research Assistant do the job. In the past three years 3 different people have been in this role. Hire a Security Analyst. Allocate a specific amount of money for a supply budget for the it Unit. Create a regular time for heads of support units, chairs, the associate dean and the dean to meet informally with the goal of increasing communication and teamwork. All it Units need regular training to stay abreast of changes in the field. It is therefore suggested that: Ziad Shaaban: receive the it management training "Leading Minds" ($1,700) Maher Itani: be trained in System Development Toufic Karout: take System Administration Courses Saro Koulakisian: receive hardware training Olga Safa Majzoub: receive training in web development FEA computer labs

lab staff

Kamal Mikati; Supervisor, Aziz Natour; Senior Master, Raafat Hajj; Senior Master

major work achieved in fea computer labs (october 2005 - june 2006)

October 2005 Preparing all lab schedules, arranging asst 200 (Mech. dept.) lab sessions Installing hec. 3.1 Civil software in lab 1, lab 2 & lab 3 Installing acad 2004 software in lab 1, lab 2 & lab 3 Checking network proxy & dns server settings in all labs Installing gis software in lab 1, Photoshop Software in lab 3 Checking Land Desktop & Civil Design software in lab 1 & lab 2 Updating vhdl software license server & all pcs Repairing laser printer in lab 1 New software image applied to all pcs in lab 1 & lab 2 Installing Chemkin 4.0 software in lab 2 Installing Microsoft sql server software in lab 1 & lab 2 Installing requested software for Graphic Design Labs lab 4 & lab 7 Erasing student profiles on all pcs in labs Main Servers Backup and applying all Microsoft security and dell updates

Applying and checking Microsoft & Antivirus security patches in all pcs Installing new hp color laser printer in Graphic Design Lab Attending it Computer Committee meeting in Dean's Office, setting computer lab improvement plans within approved budget Attending Academic Computing Center dept. meeting for arranging online webct exams in Computer labs November - 2005 Administrating and running online exam in labs for 220 students of econ 211 Updating and fixing virus scan problems in all labs Fixing damaged wiring network sockets in lab 3 Clean profiles and defrag all hard disks in lab 3 & lab 5 General maintenance for all emac stations in lab 7, including keyboards & mice Upgrading and installing new storage hard disk to cctv Server Installing Magnet software in lab 6 Preparing annual lab budget for replacing old computers in lab 3 and lab 5 Training lab staff on fire safety provided by Human Resources Dept. in College Hall Main Servers Backup and applying all Microsoft security and dell updates Preparing lab layouts, configurations, dimensions for srb requested by fpdu sr (Scientific Research Building) where labs will be moved before September 15, 2006 December 2005 Updating new vhdl software license for server & all pcs in labs Clean profiles and defrag all hard disks in lab 3 & lab 5 Install sql debug software option in lab 1 & lab 2 Meeting with src committee for applying new improvement issues covering students, network resources, and printing facilities Running matlab tutorial sessions by ieee in computer labs Running approved lrcc Lebanese Red Cross Center Computer Literacy session in all labs on assigned Saturdays Preparing order for 20 pcs with latest specifications needed for new engineering software Training lab staff on Occupational Health Safety provided by dept. Running aub library tutorial sessions for graduate students in computer labs Main Servers Backup and applying all Microsoft security and dell updates January 2006 Preparing and submitting printing cost case study to the Dean, for fea student quota Administrating and running online exam in labs for 220 students of econ 211 Running online final exam Pspice software in lab 1, lab 2, & lab 3 (Dr. Kabalan) Running cive 370 online final exam in lab 1, lab 2 on Saturday Installing sap2000 software in lab 1 (Dr. Mounir Mabsout) Preparing and providing all documents and pictures for designing internet lab web page under fea site including Graphic Design Labs Running soan 201 online final exam in lab 1, lab 2 & lab 3. Dr. Sari Hanafi Main Servers Backup and applying all Microsoft security and dell updates February 2006 Running ES-Certify internet online programs on many pcs as requested by oira dept. to check validity of internet speed connections needed for online tofel test Improving student shared network drive accessibility, by changing server network connection from local fea to all aub public networks in corporation with cns dept. Installing labview 7.1 & ProE (mech dept.) software in lab 6 Installing sap2000 in lab 3 (Dr. Mounir Mabsout) Preventive maintenance to all pcs and servers in labs Preparing with fpdu & cns depts. network equipment list needed for new labs in srb Ordering new 1 Giga network switch for new srb computer labs Training lab staff on ergonomic safety offered by Human Resources Dept. in College Hall Main Servers Backup and applying all Microsoft security and dell updates Improving lab entrance furniture, student stationary utilities and student night attendance desk March 2006 Installing new matlab license server in labs, and changing all setting of installed pcs Running approved lrcc Lebanese Red Cross Center Computer Literacy session in all labs

office of the dean FEA Support Units 26

office of the dean FEA Support Units 27

on assigned Saturdays Changing and arranging network and electrical wiring in server room, and installing new server for ProE software with kvm switch Preparing needed network point's layout and study with fpdu and cns dept. for new srb building Updating, arranging all Lab pcs and student accounts in concerned labs Organization Unit ou in aub win2k Active Directory Preparing summer lab schedule according to department requests received Order new network switch for new srb building as per specifications recommended by cns dept. Running approved lrcc Lebanese Red Cross Center Computer Literacy session in all labs on assigned Saturdays New numbering labels to all pcs in labs Fixing damaged wiring network sockets in lab 5 Backup cctv server and updating lab access card reader's accounts Preparing cost report, student work­study costs for spring semester April 2006 Installing 20 new pcs in lab 5 and installing all needed software Attending quarterly dell Roadmap update in cns dept. Testing new software image received from cns in lab 1 Running mech 433 Lab view exam in lab 1 & lab 2 Attending Microsoft security presentation in elh assigned by cns dept. Training lab staff on electric safety offered by ehs & rm dept. in College Hall Administrating and running online exam in labs for 220 students of econ 211 May 2006 Installing dell Bios hardware update for all pcs in lab 5 and lab 6 Installing Varicut option in ProE software in lab 6 (Dr. Ramsey Hamadeh) Repair Laser printer in lab 5 Running student registration sessions for summer term Attending fpdu,cns and fea srb meetings Contributing in Network survey in fea with cns for srb network design Arranging and preparing schedule and all technical procedures for moving labs to srb building in summer with fea coordinator Prof. Alan Shehadeh. Repairing Virus Alert Server in server room Assisting fea students in online summer registration Administrating and assisting in running all fea lab final exams Assisting students in Final Year Project reports Preparing student work study and staff monthly attendance sheets June 2006 Administrating and running online exam in all labs for 220 students of econ 211 Administrating and running online exam in labs for soan 210 (Prof. Sari Hanafi) Contributing with cns dept. in attending Microsoft Security presentation to system administrators Preparing labs for summer semester, installing needed software Preventive maintenance done to all computers and printers Preparing new requests for needed printers, supplies, and workshop spare parts


Staff Keep lab staff it knowledge up to date by periodically attending advanced software and hardware training courses. Labs Replace old computers in Lab 3 Update computers (only main units) every 3 years Apply 24 /24 hours lab access Improve cctv monitoring lab security and fire protection systems Install lcd projector in each lab Improve student printing facilities Prepare workspace area for student laptops Install aub wireless network Increase number of door access card readers to include all labs. FEA Library


Khaled Noubani, Assistant to the Librarian (acting Librarian*); Rabi' Bu-Shahli, Library Assistant; Ziyad Yamut, Library Assistant; Elie Haddad, Library Assistant; and Salim Shehab, Library Assistant. *Due to the training of the staff by Mrs. Maleeha Maalouly prior to her retirement there were no significant problems this year. In 2006-07, during K. Noubani's absence, a librarian from Jafet will be assigned to the fea Library.


[1] Khaled Noubani attended the RefWorks Database presentation on November 8, 2005 at Jafet Library. He then trained all the staff individually on the use of RefWorks. [2] Khaled Noubani, Ziyad Yamut, and Salim Shehab attended the scopus database presentation at Issam Fares Hall on April 27, 2006.


The library currently houses the following materials:


books Serials


22,396 346 446 179 198 819 61 8 9 19 2


25,105 11,340 457 179 395 916 79 9 32 1,235 2



e:videos cd-roms+Disks

(accompanying books)

e:cd-rom e:dvd e:disk

Slides Kits

pcs currently installed in labs: LAB 1: 22 pcs LAB 2: 20 pcs LAB 3: 27pcs

LAB 4: 17 Apple LAB 5: 22 pcs LAB 6: 29 pcs LAB 7: 17 Apple

Servers: 6 Staff: 4 pcs We have 1,734 fea students using computer labs (1,438 undergraduate, 243 graduate students during night sessions)

[1] The weeding process continued this year; the fea Library staff discarded 350 titles in 479 volumes and transferred 6 titles to Jafet Library and one title in 77 volumes to the Soil Mechanics Lab. [2] The following databases were added to our electronic collection: astm International Standards, Grove Art Online, and Blackwell Synergy. [3] The fea Library and the Information Services Department offered two Refworks workshops for fea graduate students on the 10th and 11th of November 2005.

office of the dean FEA Support Units 28

office of the dean FEA Support Units 29

[4] A new windows xp image was installed on all student computers at the fea Library to improve their performance.

Engineering Shops


Joseph Nassif; Supervisor, George Jurdi; Senior Shop Master, Joseph Zoulikian; Material & Manufacturing Shop Master, Ramzi Safi; Senior Technician. (Machine Shop), Joseph Khoury; Senior Technician. (Wood Shop)

patron attendance

The following table shows the patron attendance for the academic years 2004-05 and 2005-06:


Shop personnel attended most of the training given by the Safety Dept.

academic year

2004-2005 2005-2006

number of patrons

232,223 222,433

work accomplished, assistance given, activities

Courses that used the shops asst 200: Introduction to Engineering, about 300 students, divided into 6 sections, used the shops for 2 consecutive weeks for 6 hrs per section. Machines and equipment used: benches, lathes, drill presses, grinder, files, calipers and combinations. mech 421: Manufacturing Processes I, 60 students were divided into 5 sections. Each section used the shops for 13 sessions of 1 1/2 hrs each. Machines and equipment used: grinder, lathes, milling machine, shaper, drill presses, benches, calipers and the roughness tester. mech 321: Mechanical Engineering Tools, about 80 students in 6 sections used the shops for 1 week, 3 hrs per section to perform casting and machining and for 21 days, 10 hrs /day to work on projects. Machines and equipment used: lathes, milling machines, grinders, drill presses, saws, benches and vices, welding, all machines of the Sheet Metal Shop, Wood Shop, cnc, and furnaces. Projects done in the shops A large number of projects for all fea departments were performed this year. 317 Service Requisition forms were received and performed between June 2005 and June 2006 resulting in 885 labor hours (this does not include the shop courses and the maintenance of machines). Control Lab: 30 students worked 8 hrs / day the last 2 weeks of the spring semester. They used the Wood Shop and the Sheet Metal Shop, lathes, milling machines, drill presses, and welding equipment. Architecture and Design courses: Students used the wood, sheet metal and welding shops; saws and benches for times ranging from 3 weeks to 4 weeks during the last 2 semesters. (Numbers according to job orders) 1st year: 28 students 2nd year: 37 students 3rd year: 27 students 3rd & 4th year Arch. (Vertical Studio): 20 students 4th year Graphic Design: 35 students fyp 5th year Arch.: 18 students Civil Engineering dept: Many faculty and student projects and research projects received assistance from the shops such as: manufacturing wood molds for concrete, plexiglas tanks etc., repairing machines for labs and performing projects. Mechanical Engineering dept: Manufactured devices, setups and fittings for the Aerosol Lab and the Mechatronics Lab Prepared about 120 specimens for mech 421 (Tensile test, impact test, hardness, macrostructure, fatigue, bending etc.). Final Year Projects Many Final Year Projects were executed in the shops this year using various machines ranging from manually operated to computer controlled.

Note: the number for 2004-05 has been changed from the one reported last year because the library is now calculating all figures from June 1- May 31 rather than from Oct. 1- Sept.30. The patrons include faculty, staff, students, alumni, membership card holders and visitors. The number of patrons may be significantly lower this year because people know that there will be no place for them to work so they do not enter.

services at the library

The following table shows the library service statistics for the academic years 2004-05 and 2005-06:

academic year

circulation transactions (issue of books, renewal returns and non-loan returns)

40,658 34,897

reserve materials transactions (books and files)

help transactions (reference, instructional, and directional)

2004-2005 2005-2006

32,870 37,162

12,103 12,548

Note: there is a significant difference in the number reported for 2004-05 last year (61,916) for Reserve Materials Transactions both because of the change in dates for calculation, mentioned above, and an error in calculation last year.

recommendations for 2006-2007 [1] Continued training of fea Library staff. K.Noubani will take a leave from the library

for one year to study for a master's degree in library science at the University of Indiana. As was recommended last year, but did not occur because the courses were not offered by Human Resources: Rabi' Bu-Shahli take the advanced level in English, Ziyad Yamut take the business English course, Elie Haddad and Salim Shehab take the Service Excellence-Frontline workshop and Developing Secretarial and Administrative Skills sessions. [2] Continue to select books, journals and databases that support the fea curriculum and that meets the needs of the library patrons. [3] The library will continue to offer sessions and workshops at the beginning of the academic year introducing aub library resources to fea students. [4] Replace the colored photocopier with a new one. [5] Replace the 2 guest computers with newer and faster ones. [6] Consider completing the new library facility earlier for the following reasons: The seating space and the number of computers during rush hours do not meet the needs of the patrons There is no room for collection growth The building structure cannot hold more weight as it was not designed to be a library Excessive noise caused by students between classes and before and after exams and quizzes.

office of the dean FEA Support Units 30

Other work completed Mounted election rooms, allocated lockers, engraved labels, manufactured tables for various labs, and repaired furniture throughout the fea.

recommendations for maintaining modern shops in 2006-2007 Add new lathes, welding machines and an edm machine (this will require some external

staff training) Train staff in-house on cnc In preparation for moving the shops to a smaller space consider developing a "Policy for Use of Shop Facilities."

one|Introduction two|Personnel

32 33 33 34 34 34 34 36 36 36 36 37 37 37 38 39 39 41 41 43 44 44 47 48

Supplies, Reproduction & Buildings


Samir Bassil; Supervisor, Elie Touma; Technician


[1] Renovations completed of facades of Bechtel and the Terrace, [2] Completed renovation of main electrical panel in the fea Bldg., [3] Renovated the sound system in the Engineering Lecture Hall, [4] Continued to provide and schedule use of all audio-visual equipment for fea and Business Faculty, [5] Continued to fill stationary requisitions and maintain an adequate stock of supplies and machine accessories for fea Dean's Office and departments, [6] Continued to photocopy materials such as: quizzes, examinations, lab protocols, course handouts, scientific and research papers, slides, reports and publications for fea, [7] Continued to monitor maintenance and construction work performed by the Physical Plant for the fea, [8] Continued to attend to the needs and security of the offices and classrooms by checking lights, clocks, electric circuits, outlets and all main doors of the fea buildings.

Faculty Faculty Search Staff

three|Faculty Research & Activities

Conferences, Workshops & lectures Abstracts & Proceedings Consultancy Reports Paper Presentations Articles Exhibitions Honors & Awards Publications & Design Work Other Academic Activity


recommendation for 2006-2007

[1] Replace all fan coil units in each classroom and office, [2] Hire a technician assigned to work primarily in the architecture building, [3] Purchase a new off set printing machine (the current one is 6 years old) [4] Purchase 10 new lap top computers (there are currently 2 lap tops available for students and faculty through this office and there is an average of 25 requests a day for their use).

Curricular Changes Admission Qualifications New Courses Final Year Projects

five|Departmental Activities

Lectures & Presentations Forums, Exhibitions & Workshops Event


Enrollment Student Activities Awards

48 48 48 48

architecture & design Introduction 32

architecture & design Personnel 33


The Department of Architecture and Design was active and productive during the 2005-2006 academic year. In the fall of 2005 five faculty members were on a one semester paid leave and one faculty member was on a one year paid leave. Thanks to the hard work and diligence of those present, the Department was able to conduct its activities and events. During academic year 2005-2006, the department had 48 faculty members: 11 full-time (out of which one was on leave), 2 visiting, and 35 part-time. The Department of Architecture and Design also housed 278 students: 133 in Architecture, 132 in Graphic Design, and 13 in the graduate programs of Urban Planning and Urban Design. The Department advertised for positions in architecture and graphic design. The full-time faculty members formed the search committee and, upon completion of its reviews and discussions, recommended the hire of three new full-time faculty members in architecture; one visiting professor in architecture and two in graphic design. Eight new electives were offered during the year in the areas of history, theory and presentation: Beirut Modern offered by Georges Arbid; Writing the Manifesto offered by Karim Nader; Signs and Conflicts offered by Zeina Maasri; Spatiality of Urban Social Exclusion offered by Nadia Alayli; Advanced Arabic Typography offered by Samir Sayegh; Architectural Progamming offered by Ayman Zahreddine; Digital Media for the Web offered by Lena Merhej; and Development Aid in the mena: Impacts on Cities and Spatial Planning offered by Mona Harb. The Department of Architecture and Design organized and hosted 14 lectures by researchers, professionals, and scholars in various fields including architecture, urban history and graphic design. The guest lecturers were: Michael Irving Jenson from IoME, Tarek Atoui, Eduardo Souto de Moura, Aloys Lolo, Ali Cherri, Mira Kaddoura, Natasha Iskander, Philippe Somnolet, Nader Tehrani, Alex Anmahian, Bill Hill, Nat Muller, Olivier Philippe, Obeida Sidani, and Jean-Louis Cohen. The Aga Khan Foundation held a 2-day forum and a workshop organized for students in Graphic Design conducted by Bill Hill. The annual City Debates seminar organized by the mupp/mud graduate program was entitled "Spaces for the Rich" and was held during the month of May 2006. The four sessions were on the themes of "Global Forces, Local Claims." This year, Dr. Suad Amiry (Arch '77) received the "Distinguished Alumna" award during the fea 5th Annual Student Conference. Students participated in the 5th fea Student Conference, and also attended workshops and conferences in Germany. The Graphic Design program celebrated its 10th year of graduates and 14 years of existence. A three-day event was held between June 19 and 21 and many graduates met for discussions, lectures and social events. An exhibit was held and a gala dinner was organized for the closing night. Students in the Department were active participants and winners in a number of competitions, workshops, and conferences. Leila Musfy; Chairperson



full-time faculty

Howayda Al-Harithy; Chairperson (on a one-year paid leave), Associate Professor (Architecture), PhD in Art and Architectural History, Harvard University, usa. George Arbid; Assistant Professor (Architecture),D.Des. in Architecture, Harvard University, usa. Dima Charif; Assistant Professor (Graphic Design), ma in Typo/Graphic Studies, lcp, uk. Daniel Drennan; Assistant Professor (Graphic Design) mps in Interactive Telecommunications, New York University, usa. Mona Fawaz; Assistant Professor (Urban Planning), PhD in City Planning, mit, usa. Mona Harb; Assistant Professor (Urban Planning), PhD in Political Science, Institut d'Etudes Politiques, Aix-en-Provence, France. Zeina Maasri; Assistant Professor (Graphic Design), mfa in Design, Jan van Eyck Akademie, The Netherlands. Leila Musfy; Acting Chairperson, Professor (Graphic Design), mfa in Design, Cranbrook Academy of Art, usa. Walid Sadek; Assistant Professor (Graphic Design), mfa in Sculpture, the Claremont Graduate School of Art, usa. Sylvia Shorto; Assistant Professor (Architecture and Design), PhD in History of Art and Archaeology, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, usa. Michael Stanton; Associate Professor (Architecture), MArch. Princeton University, usa.

visiting full-time faculty

Stephen Campbell; Visiting Assistant Professor (Architecture), MArch. in Urban Design, Harvard University, usa. May Farhat; Visiting Assistant Professor (Architecture and Design), PhD in Art and Architectural History, Harvard University, usa. Abdul Halim Jabr; Lecturer (Architecture), MArch., mit, usa. Abir Khoury; Instructor (Architecture), Bachelor in Architecture, lau, Lebanon. Ahmad Gharbieh; Instructor (Graphic Design), ma in Photography & Urban Cultures, Goldsmiths College, University of London, u.k. Ayman Zahreddine; Instructor (Architecture), maud in Architecture and Urban Design, Harvard University, usa. Bassam Kahwagi; Instructor (Architecture). Bernard Mallat; Lecturer (Architecture), MArch., University of Maryland, usa. Dalia Fawaz; Instructor (Graphic Design), ma in Communication Art and Design, Royal College of Art, uk. Gregoire Serof; Senior Lecturer (Architecture), Bachelor in Architecture, alba, Lebanon. Habib Debs; Lecturer (Architecture), dess in Urban Planning, Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées, France. Hana Alameddine; Lecturer (Architecture), ms in Architectural Studies, mit, usa. Hani Asfour; Lecturer (Architecture), MArch., Harvard University, usa. Hassan Al-Assad; Instructor (Architecture), MArch. Harvard Graduate School of Design, usa. Jana Trabulsi; Instructor (Graphic Design), Masters in Multimedia, Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle, France. Jinane Bacho; Lecturer (Graphic Design), mfa in Printmaking and Painting, Pratt Institute, usa. Joumana Al-Jabri; Instructor (Architecture), Executive mba, Euro mba with a consortium of European Universities. Joy Kanaan; Instructor (Architecture), BArch, University of Southern California, usa. Karim Nader; Instructor (Architecture), MArch., Rice University, usa. Lena Merhej; Instructor (Graphic Design), mfa in Design & Technology, Parsons School of Design, ny, usa. Maha Nasrallah; Instructor (Architecture), BArch, American University of Beirut, Lebanon. Marc Nader; Lecturer (Architecture and Design), Diploma, Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris, France.

part-time faculty

architecture & design Faculty Research & Activities 34

architecture & design Faculty Research & Activities 35

Marguerite Spoerri; Lecturer (Architecture and Design), PhD University of Neuchatel, Switzerland. Mayda Freije; Lecturer (Graphic Design), ms in Communication Design, Pratt Institute, usa. Mazen Kerbaj; Instructor (Graphic Design), Bachelor in Graphic Arts and Advertising, alba, Lebanon. Michele Wardeh; Lecturer (Architecture), Master in Sociology, Saint Joseph University, Lebanon. Mohamad Hafeda; Instructor (Architecture), ma Design for the Environment, Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London, uk. Moustapha Majzoub; Lecturer (Architecture), BArch, aub. Nadia Alayli; Instructor (Urban Planning), Master of Science in Housing, University College of London, uk. Naji Assi; Instructor (Architecture), mup in Middle East and Maghreb Cities, Paris Belleville, France. Rafi Boyadjian; Instructor (Graphic Design), bgd, aub. Rana Haddad; Lecturer (Architecture), aa Diploma riba, Architecture Association London, uk. Rania Ghosn; Instructor (Architecture), ms in Modernity, Space and Place, Department of Geography, ucl, uk. Raya Khalaf; Lecturer (Graphic Design), mfa, Jan van Eyck Akademie, The Netherlands. Samir Sayegh; Lecturer (Graphic Design). Sany Jamal, Instructor (Architecture), BArch., American University of Beirut, Lebanon. Sara-Jane Arida; Lecturer (Graphic Design), bfa in Communication Design, Parsons School of Design, usa. Walid Haddad; Senior Lecturer (Civil Engineering), ms Civil Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, usa.

Mona Harb, Invited discussant: Acted as a principal discussant at the aperau (Association pour la promotion de l'Enseignement et de la Recherche en Aménagement et Urbanisme) International Conference Conquérir la ville. Réappropriation urbaine : acteurs, mécanismes et enjeux, organized by alba (Academie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts) and ifpo (Institut Français du Proche Orient), June 1-2, 2006. Acted as a principal discussant at the conference "The Comprehensive Master Plan for the Lebanese Terrirories: Principles and Choices" organized by the Consultative Center for Studies and Documentation, Beirut, 29-30 June, 2006. Acted as a principal discussant at the conference on "Cities and Globalization: Challenges for Citizenship," organized by Heinrich Boell Foundation and Institut Français du Proche Orient, hosted by the American University of Beirut, Beirut, December 9-11, 2005. Acted as a discussant at the workshop "Cooperation across Ideological Divides in the Middle East," organized by Janine Clark and Jillian Schwedler, Rockefeller Foundation's Study and Conference Center, Bellagio, Italy, April 8-13, 2005. Walid Sadek; Panelist at "War of Images - Modernity and its Discontinuities," a conference organized by the Federal Cultural Foundation and House of World Cultures, Berlin, May 5-7, 2006. Panelist at Coffee Break, a conference organized by Manifesta International Organization in Nicosia, Cyprus, January 26, 2006. Panelist at Zawaya Encounters, Madina Theatre, Beirut, November 15, 2005. Stanton, Michael; Invited symposium participant in "Exposing New Orleans" a conference on problems and potential post-Katrina, March 2006, Princeton University in collaboration with Columbia University. Presentation of work on typology and reconstruction in New Orleans and participation in formulation of concrete proposals. Lecture "A Template for incremental Reconstruction: New Orleans and the politics of everyday work in extraordinary circumstances." Juried paper selected for presentation, the Second International Conference of The Arab Society for Computer Aided Architectural Design, Computing in Architectural Design: Re Thinking the Discourse, April, 2006, Sharjah, uae. Lecture "Redemptive Technologies II: the sequel (a decade later)" refereed. Juried paper selected for presentation at America in the Middle East / The Middle East in America, Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for American Studies and Research (casar) Conference, Dec. 2005, Beirut. Lecture "The Bad and the Ugly: Globalism, Americanization and Lebanese Urban Sprawl," refereed. Three juried papers selected for presentation, The uia World Congress, XXII, July 2005, Istanbul:"Real e(State): on the Continuing Reinvention of Downtown Beirut," "Authenti-city," "Colonial Anomalies: Cuban Cities and the presume Order of Spanish Urban Development," refereed. "Engaging the City" Lectures, the National Arts Club, Oct. 2005, New York. Lecture "Beirut Vague: post-third-world urban sprawl and the American suburb" as part of series including: Manual De Landa, Vito Acconci, Nelson Brissac Peixoto, Kyong Park and Nils Norman, Eyal Weizman, Bill Mensing and Alessandra Ponte, Anthony Vidler, Sebastian Marot. Mona Fawaz; World Congress of Sociology. Durban, South Africa. Deboulet, A. and Fawaz, M. "Urban restructuring, highways and conflicts in Beirut's irregular settlements." Habitat II +10, Beirut, Lebanon Fawaz, M. An Evaluation of Arab State Policies vis-à-vis Tenure Security and their Commitment in the Habitat II Summit "The Production of Space in Beirut in the 1950s," aub, Beirut, Lebanon. Organized a closed one-day workshop that grouped twenty urban researchers from Lebanon and abroad during which I presented the main findings of the current research I am conducting on the production of low-income neighborhoods in the eastern suburbs of Beirut during the 1950s-60s.

Faculty Search

The Department of Architecture and Design advertised for positions in architecture and graphic design and received thirty-six applications in architecture and 12 in graphic design. The ten full-time faculty members present, formed the search committee, chaired by Leila Musfy. Upon completion of its reviews and discussions, the committee short-listed four candidates in architecture and three in graphic design. The committee invited some for interviews and lectures: Hani Asfour, Yasmine Abbas, and Robert Saliba in architecture; Lina Ghaibeh, Mayda Freije and David Thorne in graphic design. The search committee recommended the hiring of four new full-time faculty members in architecture and two in graphic design. Sirene Salam; Department Secretary


three|Faculty Research & Activities

Conferences, workshops & lectures

Howayda Al-Harithy; "Negotiating the Built Heritage," Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, Georgetown University, Washington dc, April 25, 2006. "Decorative Traditions in Islamic Architecture: Origins and Shifts," Muslim Women in the Arts Organization, Maryland, usa, April 10, 2006. "Invisible Boundaries, Visible Presence: Persian Cultural Influence on Medieval Cairo," 2006 caa (College Art Association) Conference, held in Boston, February 23-25, 2006. "The Politics of the Reconstruction Project in Downtown Beirut," hosted by Professor Michael Hudson, Georgetown University, Feb. 23, 2006. Daniel Drennan; Represented the Graphic Design Program at icograda (International Council of Graphic Design Associations), Copenhagen, Denmark, October 2005. Sylvia Shorto; "Stages of Mimicry: The Agra House of the Maharaj Rana of Dholpur." Paper presented at the Society of Architectural Historians 59th Annual Meeting, Savannah, ga, April 2006.

architecture & design Faculty Research & Activities 36

architecture & design Faculty Research & Activities 37

Zeina Maasri; Discussant on the panel: "Dwelling and Retail for the Affluent," in the City Debates conference edition of 2006, "Spaces of the Rich: Consumer/Citizen Practices in Affluent Beirut." Organized by the Urban Planning and Design Program at the American University of Beirut, May 2006.

California: Fall 2005: 7-17. "Female Patronage of Mamluk Architecture in Cairo," in Beyond the Exotic: Women's Histories in Islamic Societies, ed. Amira Sonbol, Syracuse University Press: 2005: 321-35. Mona Harb; "La Dahiye de Beyrouth: parcours d'une stigmatisation urbaine, consolidation d'un territoire politique" (Dahiye of Beirut: Process of an Urban Stigmatisation, Consolidation of a Political Territory), in Depaule J.-Ch. (dir.), Les mots de la stigmatisation urbaine, Paris: unesco-msh, 2006, 199-224. Harb M. & Leenders R., "Know Thou Enemy: Hizballah and the Politics of Perception," Third World Quarterly, Special Issue, Vol.25 (5) 2005, 173-97.

Abstracts & Proceedings

Harb M., "Pious Entertainment: Al-Saha Traditional Village," isim Review `Popular Piety', 17, 2006, p.10-11. Stanton, Michael "The Bad and the Ugly: Globalism, Americanization and Lebanese urban sprawl"in the proceedings of the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud Center for American Studies and Research (casar) Conference America in the Middle East /The Middle East in America, December 2005, Beirut. "Computing in Architectural Design: Re-Thinking the Discourse," in the proceedings of the Second International Conference of The Arab Society for Computer Aided Architectural Design, April 2006, Sharjah, uae. "Redemptive Technologies II: the sequel (a decade later)" abstract and paper. refereed "Real (e)State: on the continuing reinvention of downtown Beirut," "Authenti-city," "Colonial Anomalies: Cuban cities and the presumed order of Spanish urban development." In the proceedings of the uia Word Congress XXII, July 2005, Istanbul, abstracts and three papers, refereed.


Walid Sadek; "In Health but Mostly in Sickness: The Autobiography of Moustafa Farroukh," in Out of Beirut, published by The Museum of Modern Art Oxford, 2006. "A Room with a Conversation in the Middle," in Notes for an Art School, published and commissioned by Manifesta International Foundation and Manifesta 6 in Cyprus, 2006. Stanton, Michael; (Stadt) Bauwelt, 24/06, June 23, 2006, Berlin, "Forgetting Architecture" translation of "The City as the Work of Architecture." An Nahar, Beirut, February 17, 2006 "Missed Opportunities...and Missed Values." Architect's Newspaper, New York, issue 14, 2006 "Under the Volcano: Beirut and the Urban Dance Macabre." Walid Sadek; "Love is Blind" in the exhibition Out of Beirut curated by Suzanne Cotter at the Museum of Modern Art Oxford, 13 May-16 July, 2006. "File: Public Time," a collection of texts written in collaboration with Bilal Khbeiz and Fadi Abdullah presented at HomeWorks III, a forum for cultural practices organized by Ashkal Alwan, the Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts, at Madina Theatre, Beirut, November 2005. Leila Musfy; "Istanbul as felt by...," by invitation, Mimar Sinan University, Turkey, May 2006. Stanton, Michael; The Order or Engineers and Architects, Beirut. "Architecture and Desire: Beirut/Venice Encounter" the work of 3rd and 4th-year students from aub with symposium and awards, June/July 2005 curated with Bernard Mallat.

Consultancy reports

Harb, M., "City Development Strategy for Sour & City Development Strategy for Jounieh," two consultancy reports prepared for the World Bank Cities Development Strategy (cds) Project in Lebanon, Ministry of Interior, Beirut, subcontracted by Kamal Hamdan Consultants (Consultation and Research Institute, cri); May 2006. Fawaz, M. "Good Planning Practices in West Asian Countries: a Critical Overview," in The Challenges of Decentralization and Local Governance in the Arab World. Beirut: lcps. un-escwa: "Developing and Assessment of the Performance of Arab States in Tenure Security and Good Governance Issues" in relation to the un-Habitat II+10 (a summit in Vancouver in June 2006).

Paper Presentations

Mona Harb; "From Politics to Culture: Hizbullah's Conservative Art and Tourism in Lebanon." Paper presented with Lara Deeb at the panel "Islamization of Arts, Entertainment and Leisure Activities: Sensibilities in Motiom," organized by Karin Van Nieuwkerk, wocmes 2 (World Congress for Middle-Eastern Studies), Amman, June 11-18, 2006. "Understanding Cities from a Planner's Perspective." Paper presented at the panel Cities and Globalization: Challenges for Citizenship, organized by the Heinrich Boell Foundation, wocmes 2 (World Congress for Middle-Eastern Studies), Amman, June 11-18, 2006. "Hizballah: An Alternative Policy Network in Post-War Lebanon," individual paper accepted and presented at the annual Middle-East Studies Association (mesa) meeting, Washington dc, 19-22 November 2005. "Islamizing Entertainment and Tourism Activities in Lebanon." Paper presented at the conference "(In)Visible Histories: The Politics of Placing the Past." Organized by the International Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern World (isim), Amsterdam, 2-3 September 2005. Zeina Maasri; "Adventures and Challenges in Arab Publication Design," at Kitabat: Arabic Calligraphy and Typography Conference, hosted by the American University of Dubai, uae (upon invitation). Abstract published (proceedings forthcoming) April 2006. Walid Sadek; Presented excerpts from "File: Public Time" with Bilal Khbeiz and Fadi Abdallah at the symposium Public Time held at the Museum of Modern Art Oxford, May 26, 2006.

Honors & Awards

Howayda Al-Harithy; Visiting Scholar, Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, Georgetown University, Washington dc. Visiting Scholar, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, uc Berkeley (deferred do to accepting the position at Georgetown University). Keynote Speaker, Muslim Women in the Arts, Montgomery County, Maryland, usa. Mona Harb; Visiting Fellow, Aga Khan Program, Harvard University; launched the cooperation between the Harvard Graduate School of Design (gsd) and the aub mup/mud programs; met with faculty and students; attended lectures. Michael Stanton; Invited Juror: The Portman Prize Competition, Dec. 2005, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta. Other jurors: Kim Tanzer, University of Florida; Lisa Iwamoto, uc Berkeley; Frank Andre, Lord Aeck Sargent; Walt Miller, John Portman & Associates.

Publications & Design Work

design projects

Zeina Maasri; Zawaya: A periodical on emerging cultural production in the Arab world Diffaf Éditions, Beirut, (Zawaya is funded by the Ford Foundation). Publication design (with Mind the Gap) Art direction of issue number 12-13 October 2005. Member of the editorial board since 2002. Design of program leaflet, flyers, and invitations for the public event: Zawaya Encounters, November 2005, Beirut. Sylvia Shorto; "Building for the Business of Bermuda," Traditional Buildings and Settlements Review, vol xvii, #ii, Spring 2006.


Howayda Al-Harithy; "Islamic Architecture: Form, Function and Meaning by Robert Hillenbrand," (Book Review), Journal of the American Academy of Religion, vol.74, no.1, Oxford University Press: spring 2006: 232-35. "[Reframing] World Heritage," Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review: Journal of the International Association for the Study of Traditional Environments, vol.17, no.1 uc Berkeley,

architecture & design Faculty Research & Activities 38

architecture & design Academics 39

"A Tomb of One's Own: Governor's House, Lahore," in Peter Scriver and Vikram Prakash, eds., Constructing Colonial India. London: Routledge Architext Series, 2006. Leila Musfy; Memories of the South, book that documents villages of the South, published by South for Construction, 2005 On going design work: Book on "Women's Memories," Summer 2006.

Sylvia Shorto; fea Research Committee; ArD Slide Library, Administrator; ArD Search Committee; ArD Lecture Series Committee. Mona Harb; fea Academic Committee, fea Strategic Planning Committee, ArD Lecture Series Committee, ArD Building Committee, ArD Search Committee, ArD-sbs Coordinating Committee. mup-mud Coordination: completed the restructuring of the graduate programs in Urban Planning and Urban Design at the bot level (April 2006), in cooperation with Mona Fawaz. Organized 3 field trips as part of the graduate core course "Planning and Design Workshop," fall 2005. Assisted the Architecture studio led by Habib Debs and Rana Haddad on the theme of public spaces, in cooperation with Solidere, spring 2006. Organized four guest lectures as part of the graduate elective "Development Aid in the mena Region," (Dr. Susan Razzaz, World Bank; Walid Bakhos, Un. of Montreal; Sibylle Bikar, EU; Prof. Sari Hanafi, aub), spring 2006. Organized one working seminar as part of graduate core course "Thesis Preparation," with Prof. Najib Hourani (nyu) and Prof. Maha Abdelrahman (auc), spring 2006. Organized a public conference as part of graduate core course City Debates: "Spaces for the Rich, Citizen/Consumer Practices in Affluent Beirut," May 11-13, 2006. Walid Sadek; ArD Search Committee, Academic Search Committee for the Department of Fine Arts and Art History. Leila Musfy; fea Administrative Committee, fea Strategic Planning, fea Space Committee Planning, ArD Search, ArD Lecture Series, ArD Design Pool (Chair), gd 10th Anniversary, ArD Space Planning, MainGate Advisory Committee. Mona Fawaz; April 2006 Seminaire d'Initiation a la Recherche, one week research meeting co-organized with the Institut Français du Proche Orient, included our graduate students who presented their research work and received feedback from a number of university professors and researchers (several coming from major research centers in France).

projects published or cited

Leila Musfy; Work published in: World Wide Identity, October 2005, Communication Arts, July 2005, Istanbul Exhibit "Istanbul as felt by...," exhibit catalog, May 2006. Zeina Maasri; (2006) Awarded "Un des Plus beaux Livres Suisses 2005." (Most beautiful Swiss Books 2005) for the book design (with Mathieu Christe, Switzerland) of: Térritoire Méditerranée, ProHelvetia Fondation Suisse pour la Culture, (Switzerland 2004). The award is offered annually by the Swiss Federal Office of Culture. Out of 404 books submitted in 2005, only 32 were selected by the jury for the annual award. The awarded books were exhibited in the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich (21May-11June 2006) and published in the Annual Award Catalogue "Die Schönsten Schweizer Bücher, 2005." Greetings from Beirut (eds. Maasri and Lutz Shift, Berlin 2003) was reviewed in Becherer, R. "Talking in the City." Design Issues v. 22 no. 3 (Summer 2006) p. 74-7. Zawaya: A periodical on emerging cultural production in the Arab world and the book Mapping Sitting on Portraiture and Photography (eds. Maasri et al, Beirut 2002 and 2005) were cited in François Cheval's (Head conservator of the Musée Nicéphore Niépce, France) preface to the book Syrie, Liban, Palestine: Le grand Tour, Isthme Editions Musée Nicéphore Niépce (Paris 2005) p. 12.

Other Academic Activity


Zeina Maasri; Iconography of Political Parties in Lebanon's Civil War (ongoing research project). (Fall 05-06) William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Grant for a one semester paid research leave awarded by aub for the project "Iconography of Political Parties in Lebanon's Civil War." Mona Harb; Participated to the ifpo/aub/lu research seminar "Space & Politics," April 2006. Article Review, International Journal of Middle East Studies (ijmes), July 2006. PhD Thesis Review, sephis program, July 2005. Michael Stanton; Invited design juror (2005-2006): Columbia University; Georgia Institute of Technology; University of Colorado, Denver. Sabbatical leave - one semester (fall 2005) paid research leave to work on continuing book project on The American City. Visiting Scholar at Columbia University's Avery Library in New York.


Curricular Changes

MUPP/MUD changes

general information

The Department of Architecture and Design offers two graduate degrees: Master of Urban Planning and Policy (mupp ) and Master of Urban Design (mud). The mupp and mud programs offer a first graduate degree to students interested in acquiring the critical skills necessary to analyze urban contexts and to formulate urban interventions in the form of projects and/or policies. The two graduate programs emphasize research skills as primary tools for teaching and learning. The graduate programs also seek to create a multidisciplinary debate among various approaches to understanding and practicing urban planning and urban design by enrolling students with different social science and design-based undergraduate degrees, as well as by hosting lectures and organizing yearly seminars that reflect on the different professions of and practices in the built environment, in addition to encouraging linkages with other schools of social science and design in and outside the University. This research-based and multidisciplinary approach to urban planning and urban design make the mupp and mud programs unique in Lebanon and the region where most other planning programs are structured as applied professional degrees.

research grants

Sylvia Shorto; Hewlett Grant for Junior Faculty, awarded for fall semester 2005. urb Research Grant, 2005/6. Research project: Digesting Lebanon.

University Service

Zeina Maasri; ArD Search; ArD Slide Library; Technical advisor for fpdu on the design of the aub indoor signage system; Consultant for rep (regional and external program, aub) on the development of the Graphic Design programs in: University College of Bahrain and Dhofar University Salalah, Oman (2004-2005). Mona Fawaz; fea Graduate Studies (2004-2006); ArD City Debates (Since 2004); Urban Planning and Design Restructuring (Since 2004); ArD Search Committee. Daniel Drennan; fea Student Affairs; IT and Student Conference; ArD Search Committee; Lecture Series; Lobby Committee; and Space and Planning.

program structure

The two graduate programs extend over two years of full-time enrollment. The mupp track requires students to take a total of 30 credits, nine of them in a sub-discipline of specialization where planning and policy-making skills are applied. The mud track requires

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students to take a total of 33 credits, 12 of them in applied design studios. The two tracks share a common core of 21 credits consisting of three core courses (Research Methods; Planning Theory and Policy; and Urbanism), one planning/design workshop and a final Thesis. The thesis necessarily involves empirical research and generates innovative ways of thinking and understanding the future context of practice. In addition, all students enrolled in the mupp /mud programs are required to take the zero-credit seminar entitled City Debates at least twice during their university enrollment. One of the core courses, Urbanism, could be waived, depending on the student background and upon the consent of the academic advisor. Common core MUPP /MUD Credit Hours 0 3 3 3 6 0 6 Total 21 credit hours

Total 6 Spring Semester urpl 681 urpl 660 Urban Design Track First Year Fall Semester urpl 630 urpl 631 Spring Semester Planning and Design Workshop Urbanism Seminar 6 3 0 Total 9 6 3 Total 9 0 0 6 Total 6 Urban Planning Thesis Seminar 6 0 Total 6

urpl 660 urpl 630 urpl 631

City Debates Seminar Research Methods Introduction to Planning Theory and Policy urpl 632 Urbanism urpl 661/urds 601 Planning and Design Workshop urpl 680 Thesis Preparation urds 603/urpl 681 Urban Planning/ Urban Design Thesis

MUPP courses

Research Methods Intro to Planning Theory and Policy 1 Approved Elective

3 3 3 Total 9

urds 601 urpl 632 urpl 660

Second Year Fall Semester urds 602 Spring Semester

Design Studio 1 Approved Elective Thesis Preparation Seminar Urban Design Thesis

mupp students are required to take three courses from one area of concentration (9 credits),

in a field of applied social sciences or engineering (such as sociology, economics, public administration, civil or environmental engineering) leading towards concentration areas such as urban policy, community development, transportation, labor, housing, or environmental sustainability. Other options may be agreed upon with the mupp/mud academic advisor. MUD courses mud students are required to take, one design studio and two approved electives (12 credits).

urpl 680 urpl 660 urds 603 Admission Qualifications

urds 602

Design Studio Two approved electives

6 6 Total 12

program agenda

The typical course load for the Urban Planning and Policy and Urban Design tracks is normally distributed over two years as shown below. Course distribution is subject to the approval of the academic advisor. Urban Planning and Policy Track First Year Fall Semester urpl 630 Research Methods urpl 631 Intro to Planning Theory and Policy 1 Concentration Area Elective

Credit Hours 3 3 3 Total 9 3 6 0 Total 9

Applicants who meet all aub and fea regulations governing admission to graduate study (including acceptable eee or toefl scores) and who hold the equivalent of an undergraduate degree in architecture, landscape architecture, environmental design, urban or regional planning, engineering, economics, public administration, or sociology or other social science degrees may be admitted to the Master of Urban Planning and Policy program as regular graduate students. Applicants who meet all aub and fea requirements governing admission to graduate study (including acceptable eee or toefl scores) and who hold the equivalent of a professional Bachelor of Architecture degree may be admitted to the Master of Urban Design program as graduate students. For admission purposes, the cumulative undergraduate average of all students, regardless of undergraduate major, will be computed over all courses taken during the last two years of undergraduate study. If the credit total for all courses taken during the last two years is fewer than 60 credits, courses from previous semesters will be considered until this number is at least 60.

New Courses

new core course in graphic design grds 231: Introduction to Visual Theory (3 credits)

The course is an introduction to the various debates concerning visual representation aiming towards an investigation of the visual as a social practice and as part of an aesthetic discourse.

urpl 632 Urbanism urpl 661/urds 601 Planning & Design Workshop urpl 660 Seminar

Second Year Fall Semester urpl 680

Spring Semester

new elective courses grds 020: Signs of Conflict and Resistance (3 credits)

The course addresses the deployment of political rhetoric in graphic design historically and in contemporary practice. It examines those particular moments of political conflict - war, 0 6

Thesis Preparation 2 Concentration Area Electives

architecture & design Academics 42

architecture & design Academics 43

resistance and revolt, where visual artifacts in different print formats become important vehicles through which ideological constructions are materialized and diffused. The course takes as a case study the graphic production of Lebanese political parties and movements during the civil war (1975-1990) while covering other significant cases that can enrich and inform our main investigation.

arch 020: Beirut Modern (3 credits)

The course investigates modern architecture in Lebanon, mainly in the 1950s and 1960s, shedding light on a vibrant period that produced a distinctive local version of modernism. The course covers aspects such as architectural education, the organization of the profession, patronage, competitions, collaborations, and the various meanings given to modernity and tradition.

Focusing on case-studies from the Middle East and North Africa (mena), it aims to shed light on how cities and the planning process are being affected by development aid programs. The seminar is divided in two parts. The first part introduces students to the development aid literature, highlighting main debates and controversies, using both political science and urban studies literatures. The second part examines, through case-studies, selected aid programs that have been established by different donors in the mena over the past decades and that directly affected cities, regions and/or the planning process. The course relies heavily on class discussions; active participation is required.

Final Year Projects


Abu Rislan, Lina; "Intervening in Aley: Meshed Cultural Spaces of the Souk" Al Hakim, Fadi; "Claiming Public Spaces for Children" Al Tayeb, Abir; "Mosque Architecture and Religious Culture in Old Saida" Badih, Tarek; "Down the Rabbit Hole, Design for Un-reality" Chaccour El Hajj, Hassan; "Little Russia, Super Night Club Workers" Dada, Adib; "IPC: Manufacturing an Alternative" El Khoury, Roula; "Lines of Discrimination, Featuring the Manifesto" Farah, Edgard; "Architecture and Social Identity (Martyr's Square)" Gebran, Dalia; "Potential Boundaries, Designing the Façade" Hage Boutros, Maria; "Gemayze: Fabricating a Reality" Hayek, Makram; "`Event Islands' off the Lebanese Coast" Makki, Ayman; "An Asylum, Designing for the Mentally Ill" Mehio, Yasmine; "Scratching the Surface: Space, Identity and Architecture" Najm, Fadi; "Line of Demarcation and Public/Administrative Realm" Nassar, Vanessa; "Requiem, Destruction by Design" Nasser, Hisham; "Chess - Rules of the Game" Nouhra, Rami; "Virtual Realities" Rizkallah, Miryam; "Rehabilitation Prison" Sarout, Hamzah; "Shopping, Architecture and the City"

arch 030: Writing the Manifesto (3 credits)

We need to write the manifesto. It will clarify and articulate our design philosophy, explicate the active role of design in the social field and connect the practice with the philosophical question of being a creator. For inspiration we will be looking at a variety of manifestoes produced in the fields of literature, music, cinema, poetry, theater... In a workshop format, we will individually write our own manifesto, refine it, critique it and present it to a live audience.

urpl 627: Spatiality of Urban Social Exclusion (3 credits)

Social exclusion is a contested term. It appears to have originated in France in the late 70's to denote those excluded from the welfare state safety net (`les eclus'). Today the term "social exclusion" is associated with the change in the nature of the condition of deprivation, particularly in the urban context, from material insufficiency, i.e. poverty, to the inability to exercise social, economic and political rights as citizens. The first part of the course examines the meaning of the term, the extent and nature of problems that it encompasses and the controversies about its measurement. The second part of the course investigates the "spatiality of social exclusion" (Madanipour, 1998). It seeks to provide an understanding of both, the translation of social exclusion into space and the manner in which space can promote social exclusion. The third part of the course focuses on how urban regeneration and housing initiatives impact social exclusion and the implications of social and spatial exclusion on citizenship.

graphic design

Abou Chakra, Rima; "Hadrat al Zaim" Abou Samra, Joanna; "Kif Bousal Bi Zoukak Al Blat?" Agha, Mariam; "Another Word, Another Performance" Agha Kalsoum, Maha; "3ammi, Ayna Al Sad Elda2e3?" Atoui, Lorine; "The Inner Workings of a Noise-Maker: Experiments and Studies in Noise Instruments" Ayoub, Omar; "Ordo Reducere [for the New World]" Ayyashi, Yasmeen; "Formless: the Progression of a Hybrid Identity" Bouchedid, Mandy; "The Margin Activated" Captan, Lara; "Takseem wa Takween: Abhath wa Tajareb fi l'Khatt al-Arabi" Choueiter, Mary; "Tawouss Wou Deek Woufe3len" Daher, Lana; "Bluff: Where Do Babies Come From?" Daoud, Joseph; "Language; the Flaw and Virtue" El Kheyami, Gida; "Eye to I" El Mohamad, Nadia; "Welcome to Abqaiq, the Friendly City" Farran, Hiba; "A Few Printing Mistakes" Habbouche, Carol; "Subject: (none)" Haffar, Nuhad; "Beyroot, Beirut, Beyrouth" Hourani, Naila; "What Do I Remember When I am Gone" Ibrahim, Ramzi; "Kharriss, Khrass, Takharrass: Hikayat Tassallout - Moughamarat Jaysh" Kahwaji, Richard; "Show me Love: A Journey of Disillusionments" Kahwaji, Elie; "Envision on Unsustainabilty" Katrib, Leila; "The Space of a Moment" Khayat, Lana; "Madinat al-Ahsass" Kiblawi, Diana; "Uncorked" Kobayter, Nadine; "In the Event of Finding the Dictionary" Naamani, Layla; "the book of inspiration" Nasri, Souha; "My Cocoon"

grds 053: Advanced Arabic Typography (3 credits) In addition to a new and summarized historical overview, the study of Arabic calligraphy involves dealing with the problems facing this traditional art in its efforts at modernization, innovation and adaptation to new technologies. This consists of two approaches to the subject, one that looks at the Arabic script as an art by itself: calligraphy, and the other that ponders on its reformist and mediatic function or its applications in modern life. arch 061: Architectural Programming (3 credits)

The course will deal with Architectural Programming in the context of pre-design, in both the conceptual and the practical aspect of the topic. Pre-design, the program and architectural programming will become the sequence in which we will introduce the following: pre-design information collection and understanding, concept of program, programmatic issues and analysis, scales of programmatic applications and different ways of thinking needed in the early design process.

grds 040: Digital Media for the Web (3 credits)

This course introduces students to web design and publishing, through interface design and data organization and visualization. Students will learn Macromedia Flash and Dreamweaver to create community based websites that explore new ways of publishing, exhibiting, and sharing information on the Internet. Students will be working both on animation and interactive programming to create complete web projects.

urpl 660: Development Aid in the MENA: Impacts on Cities and Spatial Planning (3 credits)

This graduate seminar course seeks to combine both the frameworks of political science and urban studies to investigate the impacts of development aid on cities and spatial planning.

architecture & design Departmental Activities 44

architecture & design Departmental Activities 45

Ogden-Smith, Anna; "Erotika-Featuring: Christina [Modern Mythologies]" Shaaban, Sara; "On Display" Sikias, Aline; "La Notion de L'Artiste Fou; Monologue et Reflexions" Sunna', Ziad; "In Memory of...." Tabraoui, Dima; "Still Life" Yakan, Mariam; "Dialogues on a Natural High; A Process in the Moving Circa"

masters in urban design

Summer 2005 Azzam, Youssef; "Housing Migrant Workers in the City: An Investigation of Urban Design Regulations in an Informal Settlement of Beirut" Qumri, Nasri; "Reclaiming the Public Domain: The Case of Ramlat al-Bayda Public Beach" Spring 2006 Saroufim, Chadi; "Secteur 27, Rue 52, Conflicting Land Use in Monot Street" Shibli, Rabieh; "Revitalizing al-Mina st. in the Old Town of Sour"

Mira Kaddoura; "Straight Talk," January 4, 2006. Miriam "Mira" Kaddoura was born in Alexandria and raised between Toronto and Beirut. She studied design at aub where she earned a Bachelor in Graphic Design in 2000. She trained in Amsterdam and New York City then went for her ms in Art Direction at vcu Adcenter. After graduation, she was hired by Wieden+Kennedy in Portland, Oregon. Major projects she has worked on are: Oregon Tourism, Belvedere, Powerade and Coke. She is currently working on the Nike campaign for football 2006. Her work has won international and national awards. She was featured in Communication Arts, Win Awards and One show. She was recently voted as "The Best Creative You Don't Know" in Adweek Magazine. She will also be featured in a book called "Branding and Advertising Today" to be released early 2007. Natasha Iskander; "Emigration, Interpretative Engagement, and Infrastructure Reform in Rural Morocco, 1985-2005," January 16, 2006. Natasha Iskander will be an Assistant Professor at the Wagner School beginning in fall 2006. She has a PhD in Management from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is currently a post-doctoral fellow at nyu's International Centre for Advanced Studies as part of the Authority of Knowledge project. Her research interests include labor migration and its relationship to economic development, labor mobilization and its relationship to work force development, and processes of institutional innovation and organizational learning. Recent work includes a study comparing the processes by which the governments of Mexico and Morocco elaborated policies to build a link between labor emigration and local economic development. Nader Tehrani of Office d'A; "Spatializing the Surface," February 15, 2006. Office d'A is a Boston-based architecture and design firm led since 1991 by principal partners Monica Ponce de Leon and Nader Tehrani. The firm's work ranges in scale from furniture to urban design and infrastructure, with a focus on architecture. Office d'A's simultaneous rigor and sensitivity have allowed the firm to develop a portfolio of projects around the world - from Boston to Caracas to Beijing - which uniquely marry local craft and tradition to global and contemporary techniques. Nader Tehrani is a principal of Office d'A. He is currently serving as the Thomas W. Ventulett III Distinguished Chair in Architectural Design at the Georgia Institute of Technology and is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, where he has taught since 1998. At the gsd, Tehrani co-taught and coordinated the Immaterial/Ultra-material seminar and exhibition. Tehrani has served on numerous juries and lectured widely throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Tehrani has previously taught at the Rhode Island School of Design, University of Miami, and Northeastern University. He received the bfa and BArch from the Rhode Island School of Design and the maud from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. He also attended a Postgraduate program in History and Theory at the Architectural Association in London. Philippe Somnolet; screening of "Frères Lumière" short films, February 22, 2006. Philippe Somnolet is an anthropologist, chargé d'enseignement au Centre de Recherches et d'Etudes Anthropologiques (crea) de la Faculté de Sociologie et d'Anthropologie de l'Université Lumière Lyon II. His research concentrates on several geographical locations mainly Brazil and Cuba. Bill Hill; "Information Needs Design," March 6, 2006. Bill Hill is president and founding partner of MetaDesign. MetaDesign creates identities, interfaces and environmental graphics for clients from cultural institutions to global corporations. "We create value through the development of proven communication tools and experiences, and we succeed because we have deep industry knowledge and experience, a global perspective, and a user-centered approach." MetaDesign helps clients communicate with their audiences by solving information design problems in three key areas: identity design, interaction design and environmental design. Clients include: Apple Macintosh, Audi, Denver Art Museum, Palm, Xerox and Nike.

five|Departmental Activities

Lectures & Presentations

Michael Irving Jensen; "Introducing Images of the Middle East 2006," October 3, 2005 Michael I. Jensen is head of Middle East Projects at the Danish Center for Culture and Development (dccd), which was planning a major culture festival called "Images of the Middle East" taking place in summer 2006 in Copenhagen and other major Danish cities. Jensen presented the project: "Images of the Middle East" which focuses on contemporary culture and the current changes which are taking place in the Middle East. Tarek Atoui; "Presenting New Technologies in "Digital Arts" and Multimedia: Real Time Interaction," October 12, 2005. The lecture introduced a new technique of working and performing digital arts, which is real time interaction. It is a technique that focuses on using computers in live situations to play music, to generate image or make a performance. Eduardo Souto de Moura; "Recent Projects," October 24, 2005. Eduardo Souto de Moura studied architecture at the School of Fine Arts in Oporto, Portugal, where he later became a professor. He has also been a visiting professor at Harvard, Geneva, Paris-Belleville, eth Zurich, Lausanne, and Dublin. He has completed numerous residences, schools, infrastructural work, and other projects in Portugal and Europe, including the Portuguese Pavilion for the 2000 Expo in Hanover, with Alvaro Siza. He has won numerous awards. The Souto de Moura sports stadium completed in 2004 is carved out of a granite hillside in Braga, Portugal, using the excavated material for aggregate in the building's concrete structure. Aloys Lolo; "how far can i go? Considerations About Diversions of Public Commissions in Some Political, Cultural or Prophylactic Posters of Aloys Lolo." November 21, 2005. Aloys Lolo was born in Bern, Switzerland. He has been a professional illustrator since 1978. Aloys has collaborated with several French and Swiss publishers, and has held exhibitions of his work in Switzerland and the United States. He has worked on many posters and projects for cultural and political awareness. In the area of fiction, his most known characters are "Qickett' & Flupkette" which were published in sixteen newspapers and magazines. Among his publications: La peau des Rêves, Ed. Magic Strip, Bruxelles 1985; Juliette et Roméo, Pro Juventute, 1993; Toxicodépendance: Problèmes somatiques courants, Ed. Médecine & Hygiène, 2004. Ali Cherri; "The Image and its Shadows," November 30, 2005. Screening of the video: "Un Cercle autour du Soleil." Ali Cherri showed his most recent work and focused on the power and tools he as a designer has in creating images, and he discussed his responsibility as an author. He graduated from the Department of Architecture and Design in June 2000.

architecture & design Departmental Activities 46

architecture & design Departmental Activities 47

Nat Muller; "Who is Looking at You, Kid? Navigating the Scopic Regimes of the Information Society," March 8, 2006. Nat Muller is an independent curator, critic, writer, and foodie based in Rotterdam. She has recently been appointed new media curator of De Balie - centre for culture and politics - in Amsterdam. Nat is primarily interested in viewing social and political processes through a cultural/artistic lens. She has published articles in off- and online media, and has given presentations on the subject of media technology and art (inter)-nationally. Her main interests include: human computer interaction; food and social communication; technology and intimacy, strategies for trans-disciplinary collaborations, the intersections of aesthetics, technology and politics; (new) media and art in Middle East. Her projects in 2004 included The Trans-European Picnic - The Art and Media of Accession in collaboration with Kuda (Novi Sad, Serbia) and V2 - (Rotterdam, nl), co-curating the electronic art biennial deaf-04: Affective Turbulence: The Art of Open Systems; the curatorial research project "Xeno_Tech" which researches situated practices of media (art) in the Middle East. Projects in 2005 include the exhibition infra-ctures involving sound artists and architects, and Xeno_Sonic: a series of experimental sound performances from the Middle East. Nat has taught media theory and electronic art at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and at the Lebanese American University in Beirut. Olivier Philippe; "Eaux, Strates et Horizons," March 15, 2006. Olivier Philippe, Landscape Architect and Artist, is one of the three founders of Agence ter Paysagistes - Urbanistes, based in Paris, Karlsruhe and Guyane. He teaches at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure du Paysage in Versailles. The firm works on a wide range of projects and has been awarded several times in international competitions. Agence ter approaches the transformation of space by taking into account the context of the intervention in all its complexity. The intrinsic qualities of a particular place and its potential, and the surrounding economic, social and political concerns are interpreted within a total concept, whatever the scale of the intervention. This conceptual approach makes it possible to federate and direct the future of the site. Water, layers (stratums) and horizons are recurrent themes in the work of Agence ter which underlie the manipulation of space and are interpreted in varying forms and orientations within the differing realizations. Obeida Sidani; "D'cadence: Extreme makeover a television reality," April 12, 2006. Having launched six television channels in the last four years, Obeida Sidani (aub Graphic Design graduate 1997) has played a major role in today's Middle Eastern broadcast scene. He currently oversees the on-air/off air branding of four television channels: Dubai Television, One tv, Sama tv, and Dubai Sports Channel. He is the branding consultant of Dubai Media Incorporated (dmi). Part of his responsibility includes the re-launching of all four channels, transforming them into leading brands in the area. In the process, Obeida won several Promax-bda awards. Prior to dmi, Obeida was the creative director of the first Arab youth channel, Zen tv, as well as the acting creative director of Future Television Network, Beirut. In his lecture: "D'cadence: Extreme makeover a television reality," Obeida discusses content that cannot stand on its own anymore. In this survival struggle, "general free to air television" is losing its viewers to more niche and cable channels - younger and sexier channels. There is a lot of competition consequently change and dynamism. Extreme makeover is the last resort to lift off the legacy of decadence. Jean-Louis Cohen; "Casablanca: Colonialism, Multiculturalism and Modernity," May 19, 2006. Jean-Louis Cohen, who is currently Sheldon H. Solow Professor of the History of Architecture at New York University's Institute of Fine Arts, holds degrees in both architecture and history. His research activities focus on 20th-century architecture and urban planning in both European and colonial contexts. He has extensively interpreted the work of Le Corbusier. In 1997 Cohen was asked by the French Ministry of Culture to create the Cité de l'architecture, a museum and exhibition center in the Palais de Chaillot dedicated to the planning of Paris. From 1998 to 2003 he also directed the Institut Français d'Architecture, and from 1999 to the present, the Musée des Monuments Français, the two major components of the Cité, which is due to open in 2006. Cohen's major publications include Alger, paysage urbain et architectures 1800-2000, Paris, Éditions de l'Imprimeur, 2003 (ed., with Nabila Oulebsir and Youcef Kanoun); Encyclopédie Perret, Paris, Éditions du Patrimoine, Institut français

d'architecture, 2002 (ed., with Joseph Abram and Guy Lambert); Casablanca, Colonial Myths and Architectural Ventures, New York, The Monacelli Press, 2002 (with Monique Eleb); Américanisme et modernité, l'idéal américain dans l'architecture, Paris, Flammarion/École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, 1993 (ed., with Hubert Damisch); Le Corbusier and the Mystique of the ussr, Theories and Projects for Moscow, 1928-1936, Princeton, Princeton University Press, 1992.

Forums, Exhibitions & Workshops



Organized in collaboration with the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, the event was part of a traveling forum involving Alexandria, Amman, Beirut, Cairo, Istanbul, Sharjah and Toronto. November 11, 2005. A dvd film on the last cycle of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture was shown. A panel/debate took place followed by a reception. It closed with a lecture by Farshid Moussavi who is Principal, Foreign Office Architects, London. Farshid Moussavi is an architect of Iranian origin. She worked with the Renzo Piano Building Workshop in Genoa and the Office for Metropolitan Architecture in Rotterdam prior to establishing Foreign Office Architects in London in 1992. Professor Moussavi is currently the head of Institute of Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and has been teaching there since 2002. The built projects of Foreign Office Architects (foa) include a new ferry terminal with landscaped public areas and cruise liner facilities in Yokohama, Japan; a new park with outdoor auditoriums in Barcelona; and a police headquarters in La Villajoyosa, Spain. foa's work is widely exhibited and published in numerous monographs and catalogues, Farshid served as the chairperson on the 2004 Aga Khan Award for Architecture Master Jury.


Miriam Kaddoura: Selection of her print work and TV reels.

fpdu fea district competition

A Public Exhibition for the winning design and competing schemes in the limited international design competition for the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture District and Irani Oxy Engineering Complex was held in the Department of Architecture & Design from May 18 till June 1, 2006.

gd 10th anniversary

Selection of print works, books, tv graphics, and animations etc. from alumni of the past ten years who are working in the profession.


Bill Hill: a two day workshop in corporate identity open to 3rd and 4th year Graphic Design students.


Cities and Globalization: Challenges for Citizenship Organized by the Graduate Program in Urban Planning & Design, the Heinrich Boell Foundation & the Institut Français du Proche-Orient), December 9-11, 2005.

city debates 2006

Spaces for the Rich. Citizen/Consumer Practices in Affluent Beirut, May 11-May 13, 2006. [1] High-End Development in Context Mona Harb; welcome address Fawwaz Traboulsi; "The Oligarchy and the City: a Historical Background" Najib Hourani; "The Malling of the Middle East?" Discussant: Mona Fawaz [2] Dwellings and Retail for the Affluent Nina Alaily-Mattar; "Towards an Urban `Aï-zone'? Detachment and Concentration in Networked Nodes of Affluence" Doris Summer & Karim Eid-Sabbagh: "The Production and Imaging of `Dream Homes' for the Affluent in and around Beirut"

architecture & design Students 48

Maha Abdelrahman; "Islamic Consumerism for the Rich in Cairo" Discussant: Zeina Maasri [3] Public Spaces, Consumerism & Citizenship Mona Abaza; "Consumer Culture and the Urban Reshaping of Cairo" Angus Gavin (Solidere); "Beirut: Emerging Places" Discussant: Khaled Saghieh Samir Khalaf; "On the Pathologies of Consumerism in Postwar Beirut" Hashim Sarkis; "Intense Edges, Open Spaces" Discussant: Heiko Wimmen Roundtable: Researching High-End Development with: M. AbdelRahman, N. Alaily-Mattar, N. Hourani, moderator: M. Harb

one|Introduction two|Personnel

50 51 51 52 53 53


gd 10th anniversary

10 years of graphic design graduates. Events were held between June 19 and June 21, 2006. An exhibition opened on June 19, 2006 in the Department of Architecture and Design. The exhibition entailed our graduates' professional design projects ranging from print to multi-media. Lectures were presented by graduates on June 20 and June 21. The following lectures were presented by graduates on June 20 and June 21: Zena Khalil; "In my world of pink, I am queen of my Casbah" Lynne Osman; "Arabic Calligraphy [alter]nating between the global and the local" Diala Ashkar; "Speep and the web designer" Tarek Atrissi; "the designer as entrepreneur" Marie-Joe Raidy; Lena Merhej and Youmna Saba; "The other" Nathalie Fallaha; "Visualizing cultural identity; Beirut typographic expressions" Marie-Joe Raidy; "the printing press" On June 21, 2006 a gala dinner was held at the Sporting Club in Manara. Graduates from all years, Dean Hajj and his wife, faculty and staff were present.

Full-Time Faculty Part Time Faculty Staff External Advisory Board

three|Faculty Research & Activities

Teaching Grants Publications Service


53 53 53 55 58 61 61 63 66 66 67 67 67 67 68




1st year: 25 2nd year: 36 3rd year: 35 4th year: 19 5th year: 18

Courses Offered Final Year Projects Graduate Theses Master of Engineering Theses in progress

five|Departmental Activities

graphic design

1st year: 41 2nd year: 31 3rd year: 26 4th year: 34

Budgets Meetings Seminars Awards

mupp/mud: 13

Student Activities

field trips

Sylvia Shorto; Field trip for second and third year students who had successfully completed arch 224 to New York City, June 15-30, 2006.



fawzi w. azar architectural award

5 students were nominated (Architecture class of 2007): El Akl, Hala; Akkaoui, Stephanie; Joueidi, Riwa; Naim, Candice; Maatouk, Rayan. On Thursday June 22, 2006 Mr. Azar announced the winners: Akkaoui, Stephanie (70% of the award) Naim, Candice (30% of the award).

Enrollment & Statistics Student Employment

68 68 68

electrical & computer engineering Introduction 50

electrical & computer engineering Personnel 51


During the period from July 1, 2005 - June 30, 2006, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering witnessed exciting developments in terms of strategic planning; the development of a new undergraduate program in electrical and computer engineering (ece); and new graduate programs, which include a non-thesis program and a program in information and communications technology (ict), and the finalization of preparations for launching the PhD program. The strategic plan of the Department for the next five years was developed with initiatives evolving around six themes: students, faculty, undergraduate programs, graduate programs, department administration, and publicity. The student initiatives recommend involving students in projects, research, and community work; attracting top students at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and enhancing their educational experience in the department; and improving regional diversity in the student body, especially at the graduate level. Faculty initiatives support fostering links with industry and funding agencies, forming research groups in the department, offering continuing education courses, reducing the teaching load, creating endowed chair positions, and appointing an external relations officer. For undergraduate programs, the initiatives call for replacing the be in electrical engineering with a be in electrical and computer engineering; launching new undergraduate programs in software engineering and biomedical engineering; adapting to changing market needs; and obtaining abet accreditation. The initiatives for graduate programs include improving the existing programs and introducing an me in electrical and computer engineering, offering a non-thesis option, launching the ict program and the PhD program, and developing a graduate program in software engineering. At the level of department administration, the initiatives consist of continuously upgrading equipment and labs, hiring two staff members for laboratories and software support, improving collaboration with the Department of Computer Science at aub, and positioning the department to be a research and development center in the region. Publicity initiatives propose creating a task force for publicity, upgrading the website of the department (a new ece website was launched in June 2006), creating print and multimedia material to publicize the department, visiting high schools and universities to recruit undergraduate and graduate students, and fostering links with alumni of the department. During the period covered by this annual report, and as a result of the strategic planning effort, the department introduced a new undergraduate degree, Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Computer Engineering that replaces the existing Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering. The undergraduate curricula in the two programs in the department (ece and cce - Computer and Communications Engineering) were studied during the departmental retreat in November 2005. The programs underwent a major revision that streamlined them and aligned them together. As a result, ece is a general program and cce is a specialized program for students who intend to take electives in computer hardware, software, communications, and networks. The master of engineering degrees in ee and cce were merged into one new degree, the Master of Engineering in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Under this new degree, three graduate programs will be offered as of September 2006: A research-oriented thesis program, a course-oriented non-thesis program, and a special program focused on information and communications technology (ict). The ict program is a special program in the sense that students following the ict curriculum will have to complete all the requirements of a thesis program, in addition to taking courses in business and management, and completing an industrial or research internship. The development of the ict program is funded by the European Commission under Tempus grant jep 31074-2003 with the Munich University of Technology (tum) in Germany, the University of Southampton in the uk, and Siemens ag being partners in this project. As part of the agreement with tum, an intensive course on optical communications was offered in the department during April 2006. The experience was very positive and encourages the offering of such courses in the future. External links, similar to those with the ict partners, are being extended to enst in France, Delft University in the Netherlands, and the daad German agency. The PhD program in electrical and computer engineering underwent further study by various university committees. The PhD program was approved by the aub Board of Trustees

in June 2006. A visiting team of scholars recommended to the New York State Department of Education the registration of the PhD degrees from aub. The program is slated to start enrolling students in September 2007. Development of the laboratories continues to be a priority in the department, using funds from Tempus, asha, and the university. New laboratories for radio frequency and wireless communications, mobile and distributed computing, and biomedical engineering, are being equipped, and upgrades to the communications laboratory and the power electronics laboratory were installed. The department continued to advertise faculty positions in various areas, for which more than sixty applications were received. Dr. Imad Elhajj will join the department in September 2006 as a new assistant professor. Dr. Elhajj graduated from the department with a be in cce in 1997. He then went on to receive an ms and a PhD in electrical engineering from Michigan State University. After receiving his PhD, he joined Oakland University as an assistant professor of computer science and engineering. Finally, congratulations go to Dr. Hassan Artail who was promoted in June 2006 to the rank of Associate Professor, and to Dr. Adnan Al-Alaoui who was elected chairman of the newly-established ieee Lebanon Section, and a warm welcome is extended to Ms Samiha Tannir who joined the department as secretary in the fall of 2005. Ayman Kayssi; Chairman.


Full-Time Faculty


Al-Alaoui, M. Adnan; PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology; Areas of interest: Analog & digital signal processing with applications to filters, communications, controls, and biomedical engineering; pattern recognition and neural networks with applications to character, speech and image recognition. Chaaban, Farid; PhD, University of Liverpool; Areas of interest: Design and analysis of electric machines and drives; energy systems and their impact on the environment; air pollution from power plants. Chedid, Riad; PhD, University of London; Areas of interest: Design and analysis of electric machines and drives; energy systems and their impact on the environment; air pollution from power plants. Diab, Hassan; PhD, University of Bath; Areas of interest: Performance evaluation of parallel processing systems; application of fuzzy methodology to performance evaluation in parallel processing systems; performance evaluation of reconfigurable computer architectures; simulation for engineering education. El-Hajj, Ali; Docteur Ingénieur; University of Rennes I; Areas of interest: Antenna theory; electromagnetic field computations; software development; telecommunication applications. Hajj, Ibrahim; PhD, University of California, Berkeley; Areas of interest: Design and verification of vlsi circuits and systems; design for reliability and optimization; design automation; mixed-mode simulation; fault simulation and testing. Kabalan, Karim; PhD, Syracuse University; Areas of interest: Antenna theory; electromagnetic field computations; software development; telecommunication applications. Karaki, Sami; PhD, University of Manchester; Areas of interest: Renewable energy systems modeling; generation expansion planning and production costing; application of neural networks, fuzzy systems, and genetic algorithms in energy systems. Kayssi, Ayman; PhD, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Areas of interest: Internet technologies; wireless applications; computer networks and data communications; vlsi design, modeling and simulation; digital system testing. Mrad, Fuad; PhD, Purdue University; Areas of interest: Control; robotics; industrial automation; instrumentation. Saade, Jean; PhD, Syracuse University; Areas of interest: Communication systems; fuzzy sets and logic; design of intelligent systems using fuzzy logic and other tools; optimization techniques for intelligent and decision-making systems.

electrical & computer engineering Personnel 52

electrical & computer engineering Faculty Research & Activities 53

Sabah, Nassir; PhD, State University of New York, Buffalo; Areas of interest: Electrophysiology of nerve and muscle; modeling of the electrical behavior of nerve and muscle cells; modeling of the behavior of the human neuromuscular system.


department secretaries:

Mrs. Rabab Abi Shakra and Mrs. Samiha Tannir Issawi

associate professors

Ali-Ahmad, Walid; PhD, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Areas of interest: Millimeterwave 4g radio systems, multi-mode multi-band reconfigurable radio front-ends, digital radio transceivers for 3g systems, rf mems, applied em applications

ece labs

M. Khaled Joujou, Salam Abyad and Fuad Shihab.

External Advisory Board

assistant professors

Abou Faycal, Ibrahim; PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Areas of interest: Information theory; digital communication; optical communication; stochastic systems. Artail, Hassan; PhD, Wayne State University; Areas of interest: Distributed computing and clusters; high-availability, real-time software over networked systems; embedded systems and smart sensors; communication protocol design; software project management and rollout. Bazzi, Louay; PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Areas of interest: Theory of error correcting codes; design and analysis of algorithms; cryptography; number theory. Chehab, Ali; PhD, University of North Carolina at Charlotte; Areas of interest: vlsi design and design for testability (dft); dynamic power supply current (iddt) testing; development of automatic test pattern generation (atpg). Dawy, Zaher; PhD. University of Munich, Areas of interest: Wireless communications (gsm/edge, umts); Hybrid Cellular-Ad Hoc Networks Multiple User Information Theory; multimedia transmission over IP networks; bioinformatics and statistical genetics. Karameh, Fadi; PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Areas of interest: System identification and control; biological systems: neural system modeling, gene expression arrays. Mansour, Mohamad; PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign; Areas of interest: Digital ic design; vlsi for communications, signal processing and general purpose computing systems; coding theory, code design on graphs, decoding algorithms and architectures; algorithm and architecture optimizations for vlsi using abstract algebra. Saghir, Mazen; PhD, University of Toronto; Areas of interest: Computer architecture; optimizing compilers; configurable computing; embedded systems design.

The External Advisory Board (eab) plays an important role in advising, promoting, and supporting the ece department. The eab met on June 14, 2006. Included on the agenda of that meeting was: State of the ece Department; Strategic Plan; New Programs in ece and Other Business.

external advisory board members

Mr. Ghassan Boulbol; Liban Cables; Mr. Jalal Fawwaz; act; Mr. Zuheir Haddad; ccc; Mr. George Kadifa; ibm; Mr. Kamal Kalot; Tamer Freres; Dr. John Makhoul, bbn; Mr. Youssef Matar; Dar Al-Handassah (Chairman of the eab); Mr. Abude Omari, Pillar Invest; Mr. Abdel Raouf Rifai; Mr. Hussein Rifai; mdc; Dr. Gabriel Rebeiz; University of California, San Diego.

three|Faculty Research & Activities


Abou-Faycal, Ibrahim; Fall: eece 442 [40], eece 641 [11], Spring: eece 442 [56], eece 660C [10] Al-Alaoui, Mohamad Adnan; Fall: eece 311[49], eece 691C [24] , Spring: eece 440 [26], eece 694C [19]. Ali Ahmad, Walid; Fall: eece 480 [26], eece 613 [21] , Spring: eece 480 [16], eece 643[31], Coordinator for eece 797 seminars. Artail, Hassan; Summer: eece 330 [31]; Fall: eece 330 [55], eece 678 [39]; Spring: eece 430 [40], eece 630 [14]. Bazzi, Louay; Fall: eece 230 [36]; Spring: eece 230 [40], eece 431 [7], eece 642 [7]. Chaaban, Farid; Summer: eece 470 [25]; Fall: eece 570 [30], eece 370 [40]; Spring: eece 470 [38], eece 692 [27]. Chedid, Riad; Summer: eece 210 [12]; Fall: eece 480 [40], eece 684E [30]; Spring: eece 210 [50], eece 480 [40]. Chehab, Ali; Summer: eece 320 [42]; Fall: eece 230 [44], eece 320 [56]; Spring: On Leave. Dawy, Zaher; Fall: eece 640 two sections [38+42]; Spring: eece 450 two sections [53+63], eece 604 [18]. Diab, Hassan; Summer: On Leave; Fall: On Leave; Spring: On Leave. El-Hajj, Ali; Summer: eece 230 [21]; Fall: eece 230 [38], eece 330 [49]; Spring: eece 230 [46], eece 330 [27]. Kabalan, Karim; Summer: eece 440 [26]; Fall: eece 210 [32], eece 670C [7]; Spring: eece 210M [57], eece 674 [9]. Karaki, Sami; Fall: eece 310 [50], eece 471 [37]; Spring: eece 473 [25] eece 641E [10]. Karameh, Fadi; Fall: eece 210 [23], eece 635S [8]; Spring: eece 440 [42], eece 603S [28]. Kayssi, Ayman; Fall: eece 311 [49]; Spring: eece 311 [23]; Chairman of Department. Mansour, Mohammad; Fall: eece 320 two sections [32+38]; Spring: eece 321 two sections [53+45], eece 622 [5] Mrad, Fuad; Fall: eece 460 [83], eece 630 [14]; Spring: eece 460 [41], eece 637S [16]. Saade, Jean; Summer: eece 442 [35]; Fall: eece 661C [8], eece 664C [12]; Spring: eece 440 two sections [33+35]; Coordinator of the Final Year Project. Sabah, Nassir; Fall: eece 310 [44], eece 601S [8]; Spring: eece 210 [50], eece 602 [8]; Coordinator for eece 401 seminar. Saghir, Mazen; Fall: eece 421 [50], eece 625 [30]; Spring: On Leave. M. A. Al-Alaoui; urb: Electronic Diagnostic System for Heart Disease us $2,000.00. lncsr: Developing a Low-cost Machine Vision System to Automatically Detect Defects and Fractures in Plastics and Metals, LL5, 250,000. tempus: Establishing a graduate program in Information Technology (it). 494,000 Euros/8 ece faculty members/ 3 years.

Part Time Faculty

senior lecturer

Chahine, Hazem; Diploma, Loughborough College of Technology


Abou Chahine, Soubhi; PhD, enst Chebaro, Toufic; d.e., enst Paris Damaj, Issam; PhD, London South Bank University Hamandi, Lama; PhD, Ohio State University Mehdi, Mahmoud; ms, Marquette University Moghrabi, Issam; PhD, Essex University Mohtar, Taan; ms, University of Prague Othman, Ziad; PhD, University of Florida Tannir, Mawan; PhD, Imperial College, London

visiting lecturer

Huijer, Ernst; PhD, University of Florida

instructors Barake, Taha; msc, Virginia Polytechnic Institute Droubi, Ghassan; me, American University of Beirut Gurunian, Mihran; me, American University of Beirut Hasbini, Haitham; ms, Boston University Kanafani, Zaher; be, American University of Beirut Moukalled, Ali; ms, Western Michigan University Slim, Bassel; me, American University of Beirut


electrical & computer engineering Faculty Research & Activities 54

electrical & computer engineering Faculty Research & Activities 55

Kadifah Fund: Adult Literacy Using Information Technology us $25,000. W. Ali-Ahmad; urb seed grant, $6,000, 1/1/05-09/30/05. urb grant, $6,500, 10/1/05-09/30/06. (June 11/06-June 13/06) To attend and present at the 2006 ieee rfic Symposium. Grant includes airline ticket, $490 registration fee, and a per diem of 4 days (4 x $225=$900). Walid Y. Ali-Ahmad, Mazen A. R. Saghir, and Mohammad M. Mansour, "A Universal Wireless Modem," $6500.00. hipeac 2005 Conference Registration Fees, 200.00. H. Artail; George Kadifa Fund, $12,000, December 2005-2006, Knowledgebase Development for Mobile Environments. Mediterranean Virtual University (mvu) project, 200,000 (member of a group to develop and deliver online courses). October 2005-2006, $6500, A Dynamic and Adaptive Database Caching Strategy in Mobile Ad hoc Networks. Grant to attend the 3rd International Symposium on Telecommunications (ist 2005), Shiraz, Iran. lncsr, $4,667, June 2005-2006: Trustworthy Distributed Computing (group project with Drs. A. Kayssi, and A. Chehab). lncsr, $5,333., December 2005-2006: A Cooperative Computing Framework for Handheld Devices (group project with Dr. H. Safa). F. Chaaban; Integrated Water, Energy, and Environment Knowledge System Using gis Technology, urb Grant, Beirut, September 2005. aub Energy Audit, erg group, requested and funded by aub President, $89,000. starting March 2006. R. Chedid; Optimal Engineering Design for Dependable Water and Power Generation in Remote Areas Using Remote Areas Using Renewable Energies and Intelligent Automation. Submitted jointly with the University of Manheim, Germany and evaluated by the eu. The proposal has been approved by the eu and it is expected to start in Sept. 2006. Value: 1.6 million. Development of a Simulation Environment for Performance Analysis of a Fuel-cell Based Hybrid Renewable Energy System, urb grant, US $4,500., aub 2005-2006. A. Chehab; George Kadifa Research Fund. An Enterprise Policy-Based Security Architecture for Protecting Relational Database Network Objects [$ 6,500] (with Prof. Ayman Kayssi). National Council for Scientific Research, Lebanon. Trustworthy Distributed Computing [LL 7,000,000] (with Prof. Ayman Kayssi and Prof. Hassan Artail). sun and act. Grant for Wireless Security Research [$10,000] (with Prof. Ayman Kayssi). Transient Current Testing of Dynamic cmos Circuits in the Presence of Leakage and Process Variations [$11,000] (with Prof. Ayman Kayssi). William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Grant. Paid research leave for the 2005-2006 spring semester Mediterranean Virtual University (mvu). eu project to develop online courses [200,000 Euro] with Profs. Artail, El-Hajj, Kabalan and Kayssi. Z. Dawy; Project title: Coding Theory Models for Gene Expression in Prokaryotic Organisms Funded by: urb / Amount: 6,500. $ / Duration: October 2005-September 2006. Hewlett Foundation junior faculty research leave grant for spring 2007. Approved activity: Attend the ieee International Conference on Communications (icc'06) in Istanbul, Turkey / Duration: June 11-June 16, 2006. Ali El Hajj; Wideband Smart Antennas with Independently Controllable Beamwidth and Sidelobe Level, American University of Beirut Research Board. Amount of $5,000., October 2005-September 2006. Low-Sidelobe Adjustable-Beamwidth Planar Arrays, American University of Beirut Research Board. Amount of $5,500., October 2004-September 2005. "Mediterranean Virtual University," eumedis, Amount of about 4,000,000., 300,000 for aub. Ali El-Hajj, Ayman Kayssi, M. A. Al-Alaoui, H. Artail, K. Kabalan, M. Saghir, A. Chehab, and Zaher Dawy, "Collaborative IT Program for Education and Research," tempus, Amount of 494,000, 2004-2007 Imad Mougharbel, Ali El-Hajj, et al. " Implémentation d'un réseau de Laboratoires pour l'expérimentation en temps réel à travers l'Internet " (Design of Remote lab experiments),

K. Kabalan; Mutual Coupling of Planar Arrays Using the Orthogonal Method, aub/urb, Oct. 1, 2005-Sept. 30, 2006. S. Karaki; Energy Access II Project, The Global Network of Energy for Sustainable Development, $25,000; contributing to the activity in collaboration with other erg group members. Renewable Energy Technologies II, The Global Network of Energy for Sustainable Development, $25,000; contributing to the activity in collaboration with other erg group members. Unit Commitment Problem Using Lagrangian Relaxation and Evolutionary Programming, in collaboration with Dr. K. Hindi from the em Group, $6,000 (estimated), October 1, 2004 to September 30, 2005. A Semi Analytic Method for Electromagnetic Field Calculations, in collaboration with Dr. Ernst Huijer, $4,500., October 1, 2005 to September 30, 2006. F. Karameh; urb Grant, Experimental testing of the Neurophysiological Basis of Oscillatory Cortical Dynamics-Towards a Brain Computer Interface. Visiting Scientist, Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems, mit, July 2005 fea Dean funding. Attended the ieee embs Conference in Shanghai, China, Sept 2005. M. Mansour; Mr. George Kadifa, $6,500 fund for a project on "A Universal Wireless Data Modem," (joint work with other faculty members). National Instruments, $32,000 grant in the form of research equipment and design toolkits. urb, $6,500, Oct. 2005-Sep. 2006. lncsr, 6,250,000 LL (extended to 2006). $3,000, Nov. 2005, to travel to Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers (Asilomar'05), Pacific Grove, ca, usa. Applied for the Hewlett Foundation Fellowship Award for a paid research leave during Fall 2006 (approved for fall 2006). F. Mrad; "Maximum Solar Power Tracker," March 2005 to December 2006. Supported by nsf - usa in collaboration with University of Central Florida. Jointly with Sami Karaki, Amount: $10,500.

cedre, Amount of 20,000. October 2003-October 2005.


books, book chapters, and journal papers

M. A. Al-Alaoui "Al-Alaoui Operator and the -Approximation for Descretization of Analog Systems," Facta Universitatis. Ser.: Elec. And Energ, vol. 19, no. 1, pp. 143-46, April 2006. "An Enhanced First-Order Sigma-Delta Modulator with a Controllable Signal-Noise Ratio," IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Fundamental Theory and Applications, vol. 53, no. 3, pp. 634-43, March 2006. H. Artail and E. Kahale "MAWS: A Platform-Independent Framework for Mobile Agents using Web Services," Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, vol. 66, no. 3, pp. 428-43, March 2006. H. Artail and M. Raydan "Device-Aware Desktop Web Page Transformation for Rendering on Handhelds," Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, vol. 9, no. 6, pp. 368-80, December 2005. R. Hamade, H. Artail, and M. Jaber "Learning Theory as Applied to Mechanical cad Training of Novices," International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, vol. 19, no. 3, pp. 305-22, 2005. M. Eid, H. Artail, A. Kayssi and A. Chehab "Trends in Mobile Agent Applications," Journal of Research and Practice in Information Technology, vol. 37, no. 4, pp. 331-59, 2005. F. B. Chaaban, S. Karaki, R. Chedid, T. Mezher, A. Hamzeh, A. Yahya, and A. Harb "Electric Energy Access in Developing Nations: Case Studies from Jordan, Lebanon and Syria," World Resources Review, vol. 17, no. 3, pp. 410-28, 2005. A. Chehab, S. Patel, and R. Makki "Scaling of iddt Test Methods for Random Logic Circuits," Journal of Electronic Testing Theory and Applications (JETTA), vol. 22, no. 1, pp. 11-22, February 2006. Z. Dawy, S. Davidovic, and A. Seeger

electrical & computer engineering Faculty Research & Activities 56

electrical & computer engineering Faculty Research & Activities 57

"The Coverage-Capacity Tradeoff in Multiservice wcdma Cellular Systems with Serial Interference Cancellation," IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, vol. 5, no. 4, April 2006. Z. Dawy, B. Goebel, J. Hagenauer, C. Andreoli, T. Meitinger, and J. C. Mueller "Gene Mapping and Marker Clustering using Shannon's Mutual Information," IEEE Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, vol. 3, no. 1, January-March 2006. G. Derbas, A. Kayssi, A. Chehab, H. Artail, and A. Tajeddine "A Trust Model for Distributed Systems Based on Reputation," International Journal of Web and Grid Services (IJWGS), vol. 1, no. 3/4, pp. 416-447, 2005. M. M. Mansour and N. R. Shanbhag "A Novel Design Methodology for High-Performance Programmable Decoder Cores for aaldpc Codes," Journal of VLSI Signal Processing, pp. 371-82, July 2005. M. M. Mansour and N. R. Shanbhag "A 640-Mb/s Programmable ldpc Decoder Chip," IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, vol. 41, no. 3, pp.684-98, March 2006. F. Mrad "Meeting Arab Socio-Economic Development Needs Through Information and Communications Technologies," Journal of Transnational Management, vol. 11, no. 3, 2006. J. J. Saade and A. Fakih "Comparison of Neuro-Fuzzy Systems with a Defuzzification-Based Algorithms for Learning Fuzzy Rules," Research on Computing Science, Advances in Artificial Intelligence Theory, vol. 16, pp. 163-72, 2005.

conference papers

M. A. Al-Alaoui and J. Naoum-Sawaya, M. Slim, S. Khawam "Dynamic System Design for American Sign Language Recognition," in Proc. Second International Symposium on Communications, Control, and Signal Processing, ISCCSP 2006, Marakesh, Moroco, March 2006. W. Ali-Ahmad "Radio Transceiver Architectures and Design Issues for Wideband Cellular Systems," in Proc. 2005 IEEE International Workshop on Radio-Frequency Integration, Singapore, December 2005. I. Riachi, M. Mouawad, N. Abou-Naccoul, G. Khazen, and H. Artail "MAX-Sense: A Mobile Agent Approach to Active and Adaptive Distributed Monitoring," in Proc. IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology, Compiegne, France, September 2005. A. Idris, H. Artail, and H. Safa "Compacting SQL Queries for Caching Database Data in manets," in Proc. 3rd International Symposium on Telecommunications (IST2005), Shiraz, Iran, September 2005. R. Antoun and H. Artail "Managing mobile Ad hoc networks using lime," in Proc. 3rd International Symposium on Telecommunications (IST2005), Shiraz, Iran, September 2005. H. Artail, H. Safa, and S. Pierre "Database Caching in manets Based on Separation of Queries and Responses," in Proc. IEEE International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Computing, Networking and Communications (WiMob'2005), Montreal, Canada, August 2005. J. Naoum-Sawaya, B. Ghaddar, S. Khawam, H. Safa, H. Artail, and Z. Dawy "Adaptive Approach for QoS Support in IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN," in Proc. IEEE International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Computing, Networking and Communications (WiMob'2005), Montreal, Canada, August 2005. F. B. Chaaban "Unleaded and Sulfur-Free Transport Sector in Lebanon," in Proc. UNEP/ACFA Policy Development Meeting on Clean Fuels and Vehicles in the Middle East and North Africa, Cairo, Egypt, May 2006. B. Kaissi and A. Chehab "mvu: Exploring a New Higher Education Frontier in Lebanon," in Proc. International Conference on Global Integration of Graduate Programmes, Irkutsk, Russia, October 2005. A. Dalghan, A. Chehab, and A. Kayssi "WiSec: vpn over wlan 802.11 - Design and Implementation of a Secure Virtual Wireless Environment," in Proc. Second International Conference on Innovations in Information Technology (IIT'05), Dubai, uae, September 2005.

Z. Dawy and S. Arayssi "Advanced Fixed Relaying in Multihop Based Cellular Networks," in Proc. IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC'06), Istanbul, Turkey, June 2006. E. Yaacoub, R. El Kaissi, and Z. Dawy "Chebyshev Antenna Arrays for wcdma Downlink Capacity Enhancement," in Proc. 16th IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor, and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC'05), Berlin, Germany, September 2005. Z. Itani, H. Diab, and H. Artail "Efficient Pull Based Replication and Synchronization for Mobile Databases," in Proc. IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Services (ICPS), Santorini, Greece, July 2005. E. Yaacoub, K. Y. Kabalan, A. El-Hajj, and A. Chehab "Cylindrical Antenna Arrays for wcdma Downlink Capacity Enhancement," in Proc. IEEE International Conference on Communications, Istanbul, Turkey, June 2006. M. Serhan, S. Karaki, and L. Chaar "An Adaptive Perturb and Observe Maximum Power Point Tracking System for Photovoltaic Arrays," in Proc. ASME International Solar Energy Conference, Orlando, Florida, August 2005. E. Huijer and S. Karaki "Magnetic Field Calculation Using Line Segment Pole Functions in the mmp Method," in Proc. IEEE Power Engineering Society Annual Meeting, Montreal, Canada, June 2006. F. Karameh and S. Massaquoi "A Model for Nonlinear Motor Cortical Integration and Its Relation to Movement Speed Profile Control," in Proc. International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS), Shanghai, China, September 2005. Y. Shaer, A. Kayssi, and A. Chehab "serax: Secure Range Extensions in ieee 802.11i," in Proc. Second International Conference on Innovations in Information technology (IIT'05), Dubai, uae, September 2005. R. Wehbi, A. Kayssi, A. Chehab, and Z. Dawy "serven: Secure Routing and Protection of Security Mechanisms in Inter-Vehicle Communication (ivc) Networks," in Proc. Second International Conference on Innovations in Information Technology (IIT'05), Dubai, uae, September 2005. R. El Kaissi, A. Kayssi, A. Chehab, and Z. Dawy "dawwsen: A Defense Mechanism against Wormhole Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks," in Proc. Second International Conference on Innovations in Information Technology (IIT'05), Dubai, uae, September 2005. W. Itani, A. Kayssi, and A. Chehab "Short Paper: patriot: a Policy-Based, Multi-level Security Protocol for Safekeeping Audit Logs on Wireless Devices," in Proc. First International Conference on Security and Privacy for Emerging Areas in Communication Networks, (SecureComm 2005), pp. 240-42, Athens, Greece, September 2005. A. Tajeddine, A. Kayssi, A. Chehab, and H. Artail "A Comprehensive Reputation-Based Trust Model for Distributed Systems," in Proc. IEEE Workshop on the Value of Security through Collaboration (SECOVAL 2005), pp. 416-47, Athens, Greece, September 2005. W. Itani, A. Kayssi, and A. Chehab "sparta: a Secure, Policy-Driven Architecture for Content Distribution and Storage in Centralized Wireless Networks," in Proc. First International Workshop on Security, Privacy and Trust in Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing (SecPerU'05), pp. 1-12, Santorini Island, Greece, July 2005. M. M. Mansour "vlsi Design for High-Speed Sparse Parity-Check Matrix Decoders," in Proc. 39th Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers (Asilomar'05), Pacific Grove, California, October 2005. A. Smaili, F. Mrad, and H. Maamoun "Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Control of a Flexible Four-Bar Mechanism with a Smart Coupler Link," in Proc. ASME International Design Engineering Conference, Long Beach, California, September 2005. Z. Alassaad and M. Saghir "cerpid: A Reconfigurable Platform Interface Driver for Windows," in Proc. Third ITI International Conf.

electrical & computer engineering Faculty Research & Activities 58

electrical & computer engineering Faculty Research & Activities 59


I. Abou Faycal; Student advising (38 students). A. Al Alaoui; Student advising (36 Students) Member of the citper group. The citper group in ece and their eu partners held their second general workshop at aub during March 2005 over three days to discuss the project progress during the first six months and to plan the next working steps. University Senate ieee Chair-Lebanon Section Member ict Lebanon Member of the Scientific Committee, setit, 2005 Member of the Scientific Committee, Haigazian University 3rd International Conference. W. Ali Ahmad; Advisor to 36 undergraduate and graduate students ece Graduate Committee member eece 797 Graduate Seminar Coordinator ece Department Meeting, Secretary 2005-2006 Represented aub and presented a talk at the techleb06 Conference, which was held on May 20-21, 2006, at mit Member of the 2006 ieee rfic Technical Program Committee Consultant for maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, ca & al Bahith Company, Amman, Jordan. H. Artail; Student advising (34 ece students of all ranks) Candidate Selection Committee/Group it Minor Committee (advising students) it Committee (previously fea Website Committee) Strategic Planning Committee (spc fea) aub Oversight Website Committee Was invited to and attended the Microsoft Research Academic Days Conference in Doha, Qatar, on December 13-14. L. Bazzi; fea Student Conference Committee Reviewer for ieee International Symposium on Information Theory, 2006. F. Chaaban; Student advising (32 students) Member of the euac Committee, since September 2004 ece Strategic Planning Committee Ad hoc Committee for preparing the "Introduction to ece course" Member of the fea Student Conference Committee, since Sept. 04 Member of the aub Inter-Faculty Financial Aid Committee, since April 2005 Chairman of the aub Recycling Project Committee, since Sept. 2000 Founder member, and Vice President, of the "Lebanese Appropriate Technologies Association," Beirut. The Scientific Committee of the "Association of Friends of Abdul-Al" Member in the Order of Engineers, Beirut. Member of the Environment Committee, Order of Engineers, since 1996 Dhofar University/rep Project. Visited from April 29 to May 7, 2006, to review and evaluate the ece courses and laboratories operation over the academic year. Member of the expert team investigating the effects of electromagnetic fields from highvoltage power lines in specified regions in the country. Investigation results reported to the Parliamentary Energy Committee, and to the Order of Engineers. R. Chedid; Student advising (37 undergraduate and graduate students) ece Graduate Committee ece fyp Committee University Publications Committee Member of the Board of Directors of the Lebanese Electric Utility, edl "Energy, Air Pollution and Climate Change in the Arab World." Article in the Environment and Development Magazine. Dec. 2005 August 2005. Energy Advisor to undp Lebanon Renewable Energy. A 2-hour seminar given at Balamand University at their request. May 2006. Member of the committee responsible for supervising the process of awarding the operation and maintenance of the combined cycle power plants in Lebanon. This committee was appointed by the Lebanese Cabinet of Ministers, 2005. Member of the International Technical Committee of the World Renewable Energy

Congress (wrec), 2001-present. This committee is responsible for planning and organization of wrec activities such as meetings and publications. Member of the Energy Research Group, fea aub, 2000-present Member of the panel of reviewers for ieee-Energy Conversion. 2004-present. Member of the panel of reviewers for Energy - the International Journal. 2001-present Consultant to Dhofar University (two visits), Salalah, Sultanate Oman on curricula development for the College of Engineering. A. Chehab; Student advising (37 students) Member, Ad hoc committee on ece Strategic Planning Secretary, Ad hoc committee on ece Undergraduate and abet Committee Member, Academic and Curriculum Committee Member, fea Library Committee Supervisor, Multimedia Lab Gave 2 lectures about Electricity for the asst 200 course Member, University Library Committee. Z. Dawy; Advisor for undergraduate and graduate students (30 students) Member of the ece tempus citper Committee (Steering committee member and financial coordinator, since Sept. 2004) Member of the Ad Hoc ece Graduate Committee (since Sept. 2004) Member of the Ad Hoc ece Recruitment Committee (since Jan. 2005) Member of the Ad Hoc ece Publicity Committee (since Feb. 2006) Member of the Ad Hoc ece Strategic Planning Committee (July 2005-Sept. 2005) Member of the Ad Hoc ece Committee for eece 442L-Communications Lab (since June 2005) Invited talk in Biomedical Engineering Seminar Course fea Faculty meeting secretary (September 2004-August 2005) Vice Chair of the ieee Communication Society Chapter in Lebanon Consultant in Dar Al Handasah (July-September 2005) A. El Hajj; Strategic Planning Committee, Software Committee (chair), Recruitment Committee Advisory Committee, Academic Committee aub-usj Cooperation Committee, Academic Committee, Teaching Excellence Committee Program Committee Member: The 2006 International Conference on Computer Engineering & Systems (icces'06), November 5-7, 2006, Cairo, Egypt International Program Committee Member: iasted International Conference on Education and Technology (icet 2006), Calgary, Canada, July 17-19, 2006 International Program Committee Member: iasted International Conference on Webbased Education (wbe 2006), Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, January 23-25, 2006. Editorial Board Member, Spreadsheets in Education, January 2004-current date. International Program Committee Member: iasted International Conference on Education and Technology (icet 2005), Calgary, Canada, July 4-6, 2005. K. Kabalan; Advisor, Engineering Society students April 2000-present. Advisor, aub Music Club, May 2000-present. Member, Task Team 11 on Educational offering, March 2002-present. Member, University Graduate Studies Committee, October 2004-present Member, Faculty Graduate Studies Committee, October 2004-present. Member, Department abet Committee, September 2001-present. Member, Graduate Studies Committee, September 2004-present. Chairman, Communications Committee, September 2004-present. Member, Final Year Project Committee, September 2004-present S. Karaki; fea Research Committee, (chair) University Research Board, 2003-2006 Energy Efficiency Planning at aub, Principal Investigator, aub, $89,000. F. Karameh; Advisor for 36 ee/cce students ece Library Committee. Biomedical Engineering Seminar Marshall in 2006 commencement Organizing Committee, Conference on Computational Models in Medical and Health Sciences" aub conference planned for Feb 2007

electrical & computer engineering Faculty Research & Activities 60

electrical & computer engineering Academics 61

International Program Committee member, International Conference of the ieee Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, Shanghai, China (Sept 2005). A. Kayssi; Chairman, ece Department; ece Undergraduate/abet Committee; ece Graduate Committee: ece Ad hoc Strategic Planning Committee; ece Ad hoc Recruiting Committee; fea Academic and Curriculum Committee; fea Advisory Committee; fea Ad hoc Strategic Planning Committee; fea Ad hoc Space Committee; fea Ad hoc Math Committee; aub Strategic Planning Steering Committee. M. Mansour; Graduate adviser (member of the ece Graduate Committee) Advisor for 38 undergraduate students Member of the egc committee Chairman of the fea sac committee Member of the Students' Integrity Committee (part of ippi) Member of the ieee Signal Processing Technical Committee on the Design and Implementation of Signal Processing Systems, usa (Feb. 2006). (Committee runs two international conferences, the Signal Processing Workshop and the ieee Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing.) Member of the Technical Program Committee, ieee 2005 Global Telecommunications Conference, Nov. 28-Dec. 2, St. Louis, Missouri, usa. Member of the Technical Program Committee, ieee Signal Processing Workshop, Nov. 2005, Athens, Greece. Member of the Technical Program Committee, ieee 2005 Vehicular Technology Conference, Sep. 26-29 2005, Dallas, Texas, usa. Treasurer of the ieee Lebanon Chapter, 2006. F. Mrad; Student advising (38 students) Freedom Club/fea src/Engineering Society ece Publicity Committee Chairman of control and instrumentation ece lab committee Student Affairs Committee Strategic Committee (one semester) University Senate University Committee on Student Affairs (chair) Senate representative to the bot (05-06) ncsr reviewer indevco foundation (ngo) advisor for community educational programs Member of National Committee at Prime Minister Office for reviewing applications/ interviewing leadership positions for public electricity sector, spring 2006 idal National ict Industry-sector study, reviewer spring 2006 Member of the International Program Committee for the ieee Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference, September 17-20, 2006 Toronto, Canada Member of the International Program Committee for the 14th ieee Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation (med-06), Italy, June 2006 aub summer workshop with escwa and indevco foundation for business plan development, Aug-Sep 2005 Member of the Board of Directors for the new "Beirut Technology and Health Incubator" funded by the eu, spring 2006 Consultant for "Start Your Business" business plan training for start-up projects, indevco foundation/escwa/aub; summer 2005. J. Saade; Student advising (40 students) ece fyp Committee (chair) ece Departmental Committee that examined the previous learning outcomes of the eece 440 - Signals and Systems course. New learning outcomes were proposed and implemented this year (spring term). M. Saghir; Student advising (35 students) Member, ece tempus/citper Group. Worked on establishing the new ms in ict in the ece department Member, fea Admissions Committee Facilitator, Workshop on Teaching Large Classes, January 20, 2006

Facilitator, Teacher-Oriented Methods I (Handling Large Classes), Faculty Seminar on Learning and Teaching Excellence, March 23, 2006 Visited the Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya (upc) (Barcelona, Spain) to discuss student and faculty exchange agreements related to the tempus/citper project, November 16, 2005. Visited the University of Southampton (uk) to participate in the tempus/citper group meeting, December 4-8, 2005. Presented a talk entitled "msr-Sponsored Research at the American University of Beirut: Experiences and Lessons Learned," Microsoft Research Academic Days, Doha, Qatar, December 13-14, 2005. Chair, ieee Lebanon Computer Society Consulting, Fidus Systems Lebanon (sal); spring 2005-2006.


Courses Offered

summer 2005

Course number eece 210 eece 230 eece 320 eece 330 eece 440 eece 442 eece 470 eece 500 eece 503 Graduate courses eece 799 Course Name Electric Circuits Computers and Programming Digital Systems Design Data Structures and Algorithms Signals and Systems Communication Systems Electric Machinery Approved Experience Special topics (Real-Time dsp Lab) Thesis

usfc src Elections Committee

fall 2005-06

Undergraduate courses eece 210 Electric Circuits eece 230 Computers and Programming eece 310 Electronics I eece 320 Digital Systems Design eece 330 Data Structures and Algorithms eece 421 Computer Architecture eece 311 Electronics II eece 370 Electromechanical Systems eece 442 Communications Systems eece 480 Electromagnetics eece 460 Control Systems eece 471 Fundamentals of Power Systems Analysis eece 503 Sp. Topics: Audio Engineering eece 570 Electric Drives eece 571 Industrial Electrification eece 501 Final Year Project Graduate Courses eece 601S eece 613 eece 625 eece 630S eece 635S eece 640 Biomedical Engineering I RF and Microwave Circuits for Communications Embedded Systems Design System Analysis and Design System Identification Wireless Communications

electrical & computer engineering Academics 62

electrical & computer engineering Academics 63

eece 641 eece 653 eece 661C eece 664C eece 668 eece 670C eece 678 eece 684E eece 691C eece 798A eece 799

ITEC courses

Information Theory Database Systems Advanced Digital and Data Communications Fuzzy Sets, Logic and Applications Advanced Antenna Design Queuing Theory Web Server Design and Programming Renewable Energy Systems Digital Signal Processing Sp Topics: Advanced Internetworking Technologies Thesis Computers and Communication Systems Software Systems Electric Circuits Lab Electronics Lab Communications lab Control Systems Lab Electric Machines Lab Power Electronics and Drives Lab Internetworking Lab

eece 641E eece 642 eece 643 eece 660C eece 667 eece 673C eece 674 eece 692 eece 694C eece 797 eece 798A eece 799

ITEC Courses

Power System Planning Introduction to Coding Theory RF & Microwave communications systems Stochastic Processes, Detection, and Estimation Antenna Design Neural Networks Time-Harmonic Electromagnetic Fields Environmental Aspects of Energy Systems Digital Image Processing Seminar Optical Communication Systems Thesis Computers and Communication Systems Management Information Systems Electronics Lab Digital Systems Lab Communications Lab Control Systems Lab Machines Lab Power Electronics and Drives Lab Internet Lab

itec 240 itec 241

itec 240 itec 242

Laboratory Courses eece 310L eece 311L eece 442L eece 460L eece 470L eece 473L eece 577L

spring 2005-06

Undergraduate courses eece 210 Electric Circuits eece 210 c/m Electric Circuits and Electronics eece 230 Computers and Programming eece 311 Electronics II eece 321 Microprocessor Systems eece 330 Data Structures and Algorithms eece 401 Biomedical Eng'g Seminar eece 412 Digital Integrated Circuits eece 430 Software Engineering eece 431 Design & Analysis of Algorithms eece 433 Database Systems eece 440 Signals and Systems eece 442 Communication Systems eece 443 Electrodynamics eece 450 Computer Networks eece 460 Control Systems eece 470 Electric Machinery eece 473 Power Electronics eece 480 Engineering Electromagnetics eece 502 Final Year Project eece 503 Special Topics: Audio Engineering eece 573 Power System Protection & Switchgear Graduate courses eece 602S eece 603S eece 604 eece 612 eece 622 eece 624 eece 630 eece 637S Biomedical Engineering II Biomedical Signal & Image Processing Comm Eng'g for Genetics & Bioinformatics Digital Integrated Circuits VLSI Signal Processing and Communications Systems Digital System Testing Distributed & Object Database Systems Robotics

Lab courses eece 311L eece 420L eece 442L eece 460L eece 470L eece 473L eece 577L

Final Year Projects

The ece fourth-year students worked in groups on various Final Year Projects. Following is a list of the project titles, supervisors, and students who worked on them.

FPGA Implementation of a USB Core

Students: Georges Ghanem, Liza Tutunjian, Arine Hadidian Supervisors: Profs. Mazen Saghir and Ali Chehab Reconfigurable Baseband Blocks For Wireless Multi-Standard Receivers Students: Abdul Hadi Al-Sayed, Hasan Khalifeh, Houssam Hayek. Supervisors: Profs. Mazen Saghir and Walid Ali-Ahmad Multiprocessor Platform Generator for FPGAs Students: Sany Kabbani, Tarek Darwish, Acile Sleiman. Supervisors: Mazen Saghir and Walid Ali-Ahmad Face Recognition on FPGA Students: Ramzi Madi, Bassem Sawan, Robin Lahoud. Supervisor: Mazen Saghir WLAN Racing Students: Mohamed Bechara, Rami El Mawas Supervisor: Mazen Saghir and Ahmad Smaili. Optical Instrument for Measuring Frequency of Vibration Students: Mohamed Bechara, Rami El Mawas Rima Al-Bekai Supervisor: Nassir Sabah Cardiovascular Response Following Exercise Students: Yusr Sabra, Mohamed Ali Eid, Mirna Abou Mjahed Supervisor: Nassir Sabah Intelligent Adaptation of Soft Handoff Thresholds in Mobile Comm for Performance Improvement Students: Rizk Saade, Amin Nawfal, Ramzi Al-Haddad Supervisor: Jean Saade Design of a Car-Following Controller for a Safe and Smooth Drive on Highways Students: Ahmad Abou-zaher, Ziad Kassab, Murad Al Haj. Supervisor: Jean Saade. Handwriting Recognition Glove Students: Ali Dika, Walid Abla, Georges Frangieh. Supervisor: Jean Saade

electrical & computer engineering Academics 64

electrical & computer engineering Academics 65

Experimental Mine Detection using Accoustic / Siesmic Approach Student: Ali Khalil, Tarek Rabbani, Hamza Hotait, Mohamad Mrad. Supervisors: Fouad Mrad, Ahmad Smaili. Hybrid Wheel Chair Students: Ramzi Stephan, Elias Achkar, Jackie Fares, Hsein Hajo Supervisors: Fouad Mrad, Ahmad Smaili. Computer Based SRC Election at AUB Students: Nadim Gharios, Jad Moujalli, Mirian Itani Supervisors: Fouad Mrad, Hassan Artail Improving Network Performance Using Control Feedback Students: Rami Maalouf, Ziad Habchi, Souheil Khoury, Zahi Bridi Supervisor: Fouad Mrad Implementation of Basic Blocks of MIMO Communications Systems for Performance Analysis & Comparison Students: Emad Azzam, Amal Alameh, Anis Tabboush Supervisor: Mohammad Mansour Cryptoglasses Students: Ibrahim Itani, Samer Hajj Ali, Bassam Assaf Supervisor: Ayman Kayssi Exploration of New Techniques in Brain-Computer Interface Students: Salam Akoum, Mariam Itani, Rayan Jaber Supervisor: Fadi Karameh Pupil/EEG-Based Drowsiness Detector Students: Mayssaa Issa, Nabih Najdi, Tarek Shamseddine Supervisor: Fadi Karameh Modeling and Design of Silicon Neurons Students: Joelle Mitri, Ali Tabet, Mansour Rachid Supervisors: Fadi Karameh, Mohammad Mansour Solar Powered Grid Connected Inverter with Maximum Power Point Tracking Students: Ahmad Chabaklo, Hussein Makki, Mohammad Toufic Zeino-Saccal Supervisor: Sami Karaki Flywheel Energy Storage System Students: Ali Bazzi, Mohamad Tarhini, Ahmad Maarouf Supervisor: Sami Karaki Data Transmission over Power Lines and Applications Students: Jad Allam, Camille Eid, Joseph Raad Supervisors: Sami Karaki, Jean Saade A Medical System for Diagnosis Support Students: Sarah Ouwayda, Maya BouDiab Supervisor: Karim Kabalan A Fully Optimized Parking Area Students: Marwan Zaabalawi, Jad Abi Nassif, Samer Acar Supervisor: Karim Kabalan Multi-Agents for Image Understanding Students: Alaa Sukarieh, Mohamad Darwish, Abbas Darwish Supervisors: Karim Kabalan, Waleed Smari Automated Online Translator Students: Hicham Yamout, Karim Kanso Supervisor: Ali El Hajj DFNZ 06 Students: Jean Moukarzel, Antoine Akiki, Joseph Chaoul Supervisor: Ali El Hajj DFNZ 06 Students: Alain Tager Tarek Baalbaki Abdel Karim El Hajjar Supervisor: Ali El Hajj Bluetooth-Based Location Estimation for Mobile Applications Students: Samer Khattab, Reda Haidar, Hussein Fadlallah Supervisor: Zaher Dawy Building Gene Networks: A Multiorganism Approach

Students: Rami Abdallah, Marcel Nassar, Hady Ali Zeineddine Supervisor: Zaher Dawy A Direction Finding Application for GSM Networks Students: Amena Amro, Salim Al-Sahli, Mohammad Mahdi Kassir, Dania Noamani Supervisors: Zaher Dawy, Mazen Saghir UMTS Radio Network Planning & Optimization for Lebanon Students: Bilal Mikati, Haytham Yaghi, Mounir Arab, Samer Ghanem Supervisor: Zaher Dawy Robot Navigation & Localization via Natural Landmarks Students: Najat Bou Diab, Natalie El Nabbout, Hussein Slim Supervisors: Ali Chehab, Samer Abdallah V-CAD: Vision-Computer-Aided-Device Students: Nour Hariri, Sandy Khoury, Fida Tefenkji Supervisors: Ali Chehab, Samer Abdallah Performance Assessment of Fuel Cell Based Energy Systems Students: Karam Wahab, Tony Mina, Walid Abu-Daher Supervisor: Riad Chedid A Water Pumping System Fed by Renewable Energy Students: Nizar Ibrahim, Khalil Al Arab, Tarek Friejeh Supervisor: Riad Chedid Electromagnetic Fields from Power Lines Students: Salma Abu Izzeddin, Hiba Obeid, Kamal Berberi Supervisor: Farid Chaaban Energy Sustainability at AUB Students: Nadim Haddad, Ramzi El Khoury, Christian Azoury Supervisor: Farid Chaaban CAD Optimization of PM Machines Students: Dima Fares, Reef Al-Mokadem, Adham Bou Ghannam, Rabih Ghousayni Supervisor: Farid Chaaban Dynamic Programming in Pattern Recognition Students: Bilal Fadlallah, Oliver Saleh, Mazen Hajjar Supervisor: Louay Bazzi Implementation of Pseudorandom Number Generators and Extractors Students: Ghid Maatouk, Widad Machmouchi, Mona Bazzi Supervisor: Louay Bazzi Translation of Motion into Sound; Application: Sign Language into Speech Students: Elie Shalhoub, Khalid Omari, Ahmad Badr Supervisor: Hassan Artail Context-Aware Website Students: Zeinoun El Khoury, Ramzi Rayess, Mounir El Chakkour Supervisor: Hassan Artail Propagation Model Development and Radio Planning for Future WiMax Deployment in Beirut Students: Adel Yammout, Ali Dabbous, Imad Atwi, Mohamed Hasna Supervisor: Walid Ali-Ahmad Wireless OFDM-Based Real-Time Video Streamer Students: Basem Nakhal, Tammam Sahli, Ziad Zein Supervisor: Walid Ali-Ahmad Phased Array Microphones for Voice/Sound Location Students: Diana Dib, Wissam Khalaf, Ralph Helou Supervisor: Walid Ali-Ahmad Image to Sound Students: Farah Charafeddine, Nour Shublaq, Mona Itani Supervisor: M.A. Al-Alaoui Iris Recognition for Security Purposes Students: Jamil Abou Saleh, Abdullah Bou Saleh, Samer Sharafeddeen Supervisor: M.A. Al-Alaoui Sound to Image for the Deaf Students: Jimmy Azar, Hassan Abou Saleh Supervisor: M.A. Al-Alaoui

electrical & computer engineering Academics 66

electrical & computer engineering Departmental Activities 67

A Fast Turbo Code Decoder For Software Radios Students: Mazen Abou Najm, Rani Daher, Mohammad El-Saadi Supervisor: Ibrahim Abou Faycal Searching for Specific Sequences in Audio Files Students: Charles Ghossoub, Guy Haddad, Rami Atme Supervisor: Ibrahim Abou Faycal Positioning Using WiFi Students: Fady Chedid, Bruno Wehbeh, Georges Elias Hanna Supervisor: Ibrahim Abou Faycal

Graduate Theses

Rula Antoun; Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networking Using lime, November 2, 2005, supervised by Professor Hassan Artail Alaa Dalghan; WiSec: vpn over wlan 802.11, Design and Implementation of a Secure Virtual Wireless Environment, October 26, 2005, supervised by Professor A. Chehab Ayman Tajeddine; A Truly Comprehensive Reputation - Based Trust Model for Distributed Computing, December 16, 2005 - supervised by Professor A. Chehab Camille Gaspard; Policy - Driven Web Security for Hand held Wireless Devices, February 20, 2006, supervised by Professor Ali Chehab Dana Dannan; Performance Comparisons for Serial Concatenated Block Convolution Codes with sequentially and iteratively decoded, February 2005 - supervised by Professor K. Kabalan Elias Nahra; trummar Optimization and Implementation on Wide Scale Networks, October 18, 2005, supervised by Professor A. Chehab Maher Sidani; Adaptive Control of Induction Motors, June 2006-supervised by Professor F. Mrad. Mohamad Abdallah; "The effect of Mutual Coupling on Hybrid Linear and Circular Antenna Arrays and its Compensation", Master Thesis, February 2006-supervised by Professor A. El Hajj Mohammad Mortada; Empirical Analysis of Software Reliability Models, Feb 2006, supervised by Professor F. Mrad. Mohannad Al-Hakeem; Demand Driven Control of Variable Flow hvac Hydronic Networks, August 2005 - supervised by Professor F. Mrad Rania Wehbe; serven: Secure Routing and Protection of Security Mechanisms in InterVehicle Communication (ivc) Networks, supervised by Professor A. Chehab Ruba Kaissi; Dawwsen: A Defense Mechanism Against Wormhole Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks, December 12, 2005, supervised by Professor A. Chehab Samer Taweel; Control of National Economic Model, June 2006 - supervised by Professor F. Mrad Yasser Shaer; Secure Range Extensions in ieee 802.11, August 1, 2005, supervised by Professor A. Chehab Anis Nazer; Evaluation of Dynamic Current Testing for cmos Domino Circuits, December 12, 2005, supervised by Professor A. Chehab Chadi Chaker; gis based Risk Assessment of Air Pollution, June 9, 2006, supervised by Professor F. Chaaban Elias Yaacoub; Hybrid Linear and Circular Antenna Arrays, February 2006, supervised by Professor K. Kabalan Jacques Youssef Boudakian; Power System Operation and Planning in Competitive Electricity Markets, AUB Master's Thesis, October 2005, supervised by Professor S. Karaki Nagy Issam Mounsef; A Reduced Complexity Turbo Decoding Algorithm. (Defense: September, 2005) supervised by Professor Adnan Al Alaoui Raji Zeitouny; Scalable Architecture to Support Database Caching in manets, June 7, 06, supervised by Professor Hassan Artail Rana Shihab; Modeling and Simulation of a Fuel Cell Supported Renewable Energy Systems. Dec. 2005 - supervised by Professor R. Chedid Alain Asmar; supervised by Professor M. Adnan Al-Alaoui Amine Abu-Akar; supervised by Professor R. Chedid Hicham Hamze; supervised by Professor Hassan Artail Khalil Mershad; supervised by Professor Hassan Artail Adham Atallah; supervised by Professor F. Mrad Adnan Nehme; supervised by Professor Z. Dawy

master of engineering thesis

Ahmad Houalla; supervised by Professor K. Kabalan Amer Bzeih; supervised by Professor K. Kabalan Amjad Beainy; supervised by Professor Zaher Dawy Caroline Jabra Alagha; supervised by Professor M. Adnan Al-Alaoui Hussam Hseiki; supervised by Professor Hassan Artail Hussein Salloum; supervised by Professor F. Chaaban Ibrahim Al Kassem; supervised by Professor Zaher Dawy Jana Cheaib; supervised by Professor Walid Ali Ahmad Joseph Costantine; supervised by Professor K. Kabalan Mossine Koulakozian; supervised by Professor F. Chaaban Rifai Farah; supervised by Professor R. Chedid Rola Aylo; supervised by Professor K. Kabalan Tammam Tabbarah; supervised by Professor F. Karameh Youssef Chamoun; supervised by Professor A. Chehab

five|Departmental Activities


major equipment

Power Electronics Lab [$10,100], Biomedical Instrument Lab [$58,000], RF Lab [$126,000].


RF Lab [$200,000], Minor Equipment [$35,000], Supplies [$13,000], Student Work [$16,500].


ECE Meetings; Twelve regular departmental meetings and five special meetings were held

during academic year 2005-06. EAB Meeting; Agenda of the meeting of the External Advisory Board on June 14, 2006: State of the ece department; Strategic Plan; new programs in ece; other business.


The ece Department organized 16 technical seminars during the period July 1, 2005June 30, 2006. "A Frame-Based Classifier that Provides Endopotns for `Owner Speech' Recorded in MultiChannel Meeting," Mr. Ziad Al Bawab, Carnegie Mellon University, July 14, 2005. "3G Evolution-High speed Uplink and Multimedia Broadcast," Dr. Ali Khayrallah, Ericsson, July 21, 2005. "Equalizer Design to Maximize Bit Rate in adsl Transceivers, Prof. Brian Evans," University of Texas at Austin, August 3, 2005. "The Emerging Nanotechnology: Today's Reality and the Future Direction," Mr. Jamil Kawa, Synopsys, November 23, 2005. "Status of Solar Energy Development in Germany," Dr. Joachim Fischer, Biomass Information Center-Stuttgart, November 30, 2005. "Sensor Network Assisted Tele-Robotics," Dr. Imad Elhajj, Oakland University, December 15, 2005. "No-Reference Objective Wavelet-Based Noise Immune Sharpness Metric," Mr. Rony Ferzli, asu, January 5, 2006. "Higher Order Modulation Formats for High-Speed Optical Transmission Systems," Mr. Leonardo Dider Coelho, tum, March 30, 2006. "Neural Testing of Mixed-Signal/rf Circuits," Mr. Haralampos Stratigopoulos, Yale University, April 6, 2006. "Research Activities in IC Design and Test at ixl Laboratory," Prof. Yann Deval, University of Bordeaux, April 11, 2006. "Diamond Tools for Working Lithod Materials," Dr. Aldo Valle, MG Diamond Tools Lebanon, April 12, 2006. "Modeling and Optimization of Wireless Sensor Networks," Dr. Raja Jurdak, University of California, Irvine, April 13, 2006. "Nokia: Global And Local Strategy," Dr. Walid Moneimne, Nokia Networks, May 4, 2006. "Wireless Internet: Challenges and Deployment in Lebanon," Mr. Ian Howard, May 10, 2006. "The Molecular Biology of dna Computing," Prof. Colin Smith, aub, May 11, 2006.

Master of Engineering Theses in progress

electrical & computer engineering Students 68

"Time-Domain Testing of Analog and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits," Mrs. Mona SafiHarb, McGill University, May 18, 2006.


penrose award

Rani Daher

distinguished graduate award (ee)

Adel Yamout

distinguished graduate award (cce)

Rayan Jaber

charli korban award (undergraduate)

Rami Abdallah

charli korban award (graduate)

Elias Yaacoub

one|Introduction two|Personnel

70 71 71 71 72 72 72 72 72 73 73 75 76 76 76 76 77 77 77

dean's award for creative achievement (ee)

Mohamad Toufic Zeino-Saccal Hussein Makki Ahmad Chebaklo

dean's award for creative achievement (cce)

Mansour Rachid Hady Zeineddine

three|Faculty Research & Activities

Faculty New Appointments Department Secretary Mechanical Engineering Lab Personnel External Advisory Board Research Funding Pending Research Grants Refereed Journal Papers Refereed Conference Proceedings Book Chapters Reports Seminars Presented by ME Faculty Workshops Presented by ME Faculty Consultancy Work Faculty Development Grants Committees & Community Service


Enrollment & Statistics

undergraduate students

A total of 613 undergraduate students were enrolled in the ece department in both majors - Computer and Communications Engineering (cce) and Electrical Engineering (ee) - during the academic year 2005-2006.

class of

2008 (1st year) 2007 (2nd year) 2006 (3rd year) 2005 (4th year)


66 91 101 100


69 81 50 55 four|Academics

Student Employment

The ece department had 93 students registered in the student work scholarship for the academic year 2005-2006, 45 students in the fall term, and 48 students in the spring term.

Courses Offered New Courses to be Offered Approved Masters Theses & Supervision Thesis Supervision

five|Departmental Activities

78 78 80 81 82 82 82 83 83 83 83 84 84

graduate students


Fall 2005-06 Spring 2005-06


66 57


Department Seminars & Presentations Visiting Scholar ME Annual Departmental ABET Meeting 2006


13 14

graduate assistants


Summer 2005 Fall 2005-06 Spring 2005-06

Enrollment & Statistics Student Employment Awards

no. of ece graduate assistants

26 50 40

mechanical engineering Introduction 70

mechanical engineering Personnel 71


Over the past year, me faculty have put forth a commendable amount of effort to render quality undergraduate and graduate education in mechanical engineering and to expand the academic learning experiences for our students through a variety of activities and creative services. For the second year, the faculty continued to follow the department assessment calendar applying direct and indirect assessment tools to student learning outcomes at the course and program level in order to improve the undergraduate program content and delivery and insure that all students have acquired the expected program learning outcomes. This is not a trivial task and it is an added burden on the faculty; to document course material, perform course self assessment, meet frequently to evaluate outcomes, and make recommendations for continuous improvement takes time, planning, and thought. The following are a few examples of the academic improvements that will be implemented in 2006-2007: [1] The Department has revised the me undergraduate curriculum to allow our students greater flexibility in their studies, and to strengthen the design experience across the program. Optional tracks were introduced in thermal and fluid sciences; design, materials and manufacturing; and mechatronics. The newly revised curriculum will be followed by students joining the me department starting in the fall of 2006. [2] The Department has revised the assessment method, grades, deliverables time line, and coordination load of the Final Year Project. Faculty experience has shown that being the fyp coordinator is time-consuming and should be part of the teaching load rather than being considered service. [3] The Department changed the master's program course requirements, reducing the number of course credit hours from 24 to 21 credits. The change was implemented to allow students more time to dedicate to their research. [4] The Department joined the other fea engineering departments to revise the required math courses in the undergraduate mechanical engineering program. Over the past five years, the undergraduate enrollment has grown by 50% and graduate enrollment has doubled. At the graduate level, the number of students who completed their theses jumped from five last year to ten students this year. The increased enrollment has been met with department dedication to stretch resources and provide students with a high quality learning experience. The integration of the graduate assistants into the departmental workforce has helped to meet the increased demand on the program. A favorable working environment for graduate students has attracted dedicated full-time graduate students to the me program. About 80% of our graduate assistants receive research support from faculty research grants and are committed to a thesis advisor by the end of the first term after they join the graduate program. Two of our faculty members, Prof. Ramsey Hamade and Prof. Alan Shihadeh, have been promoted to the rank of associate professor effective Oct. 1, 2006. One new faculty member, Prof. Ghanem Oweis, who received his PhD from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, joined the department in the area of experimental fluid dynamics. Two new faculty members have been extended offers and will join the department during the academic year of 2007-08; Dr. Eva Kanso from uc Berkely and Prof. Abudel-Rahman El-Khalidy from Cornell. The me faculty continues to be recognized for their outstanding scholarly work. Professor Moukalled was appointed a Fellow of the Center of Advanced Mathematical Studies and was cited by the Organization of Islamic Countries among the top 400 scientists from oic Member States. This was based on the total number of his research papers indexed in the Web of Science Database and on his involvement in the promotion of research in Lebanon. Professor Hamade has been appointed to the editorial advisory board (eab) of the Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology (jast); the appointment is from January 2006 to January 2009. Two new graduate fellowship awards were introduced this year. The Petrofac Graduate Fellowship valued at $12,500/year was awarded to me graduate student Elie Kfoury. The Sakkal Renewable Energy Graduate Thesis Award to promote research in the field of renewable energy (re) with special applications to Lebanon, valued at $3,000 per year, was awarded to the me graduate student Mohamad Ayoub who completed his master's degree in February 2006. For the third year in a row, the fea Abdul-Hadi-Debs Graduate Award for Academic Excellence in Research was awarded to a mechanical engineering graduate student, Rawad Saleh. Our research facilities were upgraded with the arrival of a wind tunnel facility and laser flow visualization system and the installation of human gait research equipment in the bioengineering laboratory. The me department is among the few pioneering programs at AUB that was recommended by the Program Review Team appointed, by the New York State Department of Education, to start a PhD program in the fall of 2007-08. The final approval of the program is pending the approval of the aub Board of Trustees and the degree registration at the New York State Department of Education. The me department continues to take great pride in the quality of its graduates. This annual report presents only a modest picture of the achievements in me/fea in 200506, highlighting the activities and accomplishments of the faculty staff, and the students. For more information you can refer to the web site: Nesreen Ghaddar; Chaiperson



full time faculty

Marwan Darwish; Professor, PhD, Brunell University. Areas of interest: engineering materials and computations. Nesreen Ghaddar; Professor and Chairperson, PhD, mit. Areas of interest: computational fluid dynamics, heat transfer, and energy conversion. Fadl Moukalled; Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, PhD, Louisiana State University. Area of interest: computational fluid dynamics. Albert Kuran; Associate Professor, ms, Yale University. Ahmad Smaili; Associate Professor, PhD, Tennessee Technological University. Areas of interest: design and mechatronics. Samer Abdallah; Assistant Professor, PhD, University of Sydney. Areas of interests: robotics and computer vision. Ramsey Hamade; Assistant Professor, PhD, Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Areas of interest: design, materials, and manufacturing. Kinda Khalaf; Assistant Professor, PhD, Ohio State University. Area of interest: biomedical engineering. Issam Lakkis; Assistant Professor, PhD, mit. Areas of interest: analysis, modeling, and design of rf mems devices and system level modeling of mems, design and analysis of rf circuits and systems. Alan Shihadeh; Assistant Professor, PhD, mit. Areas of interest: power engineering and combustion.

New Appointments

full time faculty

Ghanem Oweis; Assistant Professor, PhD, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Areas of interest: experimental fluid mechanics, laser diagnostics, aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, and biofluidics. He joined the department in the spring semester 2006. Eva Kansou; Assistant Professor, PhD, University of California Berkeley. Areas of interest: mechanics of swimming, solid and fluid mechanics and the development of mimetic computational algorithms. She will be joining the department during the fall semester 2006-07.

mechanical engineering Faculty Research & Activities 72

mechanical engineering Faculty Research & Activities 73

Abdel Rahman Khalidy; Assistant Professor, PhD, Cornell University. Areas of interest: dynamics, random vibration, and signal processing, machine design, optimal control systems and stochastic processes, health monitoring of mechanical systems using nde techniques and dynamic signature analysis. He will be joining the department during the fall semester 2006-07.

external research funding

Ghaddar, N., "Experimental Testing of Radiant Cooling Panel and Displacement Ventilation,", July 1, 2005 to June 30, 2006, ashrae Senior Project support program, $4,430. Ghaddar, N., Fadel, M., Moukalled, F., and Karaki, S. (erg), Renewable Energy Technologies II Policy Outline (rets II) for Poverty Alleviation in the Region: Jordan-Lebanon-Syria, Energy Research Group, September 1, 2005-August 31, 2006, Global Network for Sustainable Energy Development (gnesd), $25,000. Shihadeh, A., "Development of an Automatic Iso-kinetic Smoke Sampling and Topography System for Narghile Smoking in Natural Environments," 9/05-9/07, Research for International Tobacco Control, idrc, Canada, $25,540.

part time faculty

Pierre Azoury; Professor, PhD, University of London. Kamel Abu-Ghali; Lecturer, Associate Professor at bau, PhD, Kansas State University. Najib Kasti; Lecturer, PhD, uc Berkeley. Jihad Kasamani; Lecturer, ms, aub. Wajih Najm; Lecturer, ms Computer Engineering, Germany. Samir Berjaoui; Instructor, ms Computer Engineering, Univ. of Southwestern Louisiana.

new part time faculty

Rami Jabakhanji; Instructor Charbel Seif; Instructor Abdelrahman Zahzah; Instructor Ahmad Farshoukh; Assistant Instructor Ezzat Jaroudi; Assistant Instructor

Pending Research Grants

Department Secretary Mechanical Engineering Lab Personnel External Advisory Board

Rana Abdel Rassoul Hisham Ghalayini; me Lab Supervisor Dori Rouhana; Senior Technician Roger Said; Mechatronic Lab Master Dr. Habib Najm from Sandia National Laboratory was appointed to the me Department External Advisory Board in April 2006. He is an alumnus of the department (class 1983) and he joined the Board with extensive experience in the research environment. He has managed cutting edge research projects in the area of combustion and simulation of stochastic dynamical systems and electrochemical micro fluid systems.

three|Faculty Research & Activities

Research Funding

urb funded research projects

Abdallah, S., "SmartSLAM - A Context-Based Approach to Landmark," $7,000. Ghaddar, N., "Effect of Ventilation Supply Conditions to Radiant Cooled Spaces on Thermal Comfort and Energy Consumption," $5,000. Hamade, R., "Using Novel Optimization Techniques in the Design of Composite Laminates," $3,000. Shihadeh, A., Moukalled, F., and Darwish, M., "Aerosol Transport and Disperse Particle Dynamics in the Narghile Water Pipe," $17,000. Smaili, A., "A Flexible-Link Based Model for Compliant Mechanism Synthesis," $5,000.

projects funded by the lebanese national council for scientific research (lncsr)

Darwish, M., "Development of a Tool to Improve Casting Quality and Yields," 2005-06, LL8,500,000. Ghaddar, N., "Simplified Thermal Model with Experiments for Designing, Displacement Ventilation and Chilled Ceiling Systems in Humid Climates," 2005-06, L.L.7,500,000. Moukalled, F., "Phase Flow Simulation of Vapor Condensation over Cold Surfaces with Application to Improving the Performance of Air-conditioning Equipment," 2005-06, LL6,000,000.

Abdallah S.M. and Asmar, D.C., Tree Trunks as Landmarks for Outdoor Vision slam Sponsor: aub/urb. Budget: $8,900. Period: October 1, 2006-September 30, 2007. Darwish, M., A Coupled Pressure-Density-Velocity Variables Solver for All-speed Flow. Simulation; Sponsor: urb. Period: October 1, 2006-September 30, 2007. Ghaddar, N., Moukalled, F., and Shihadeh, A., Karaki, S., Darwish, M., from aub. Ghali, K. from bau, and Fardoun, F., from lu, "Innovative Curriculum on Sustainable Energy." Budget: 490,500. Sponsor: European Commission. Period: Oct. 1, 2006-Sept. 30, 2009. Ghaddar, N., "Simplified Thermal Model with Experiments to Design Optimized Chilled Ceiling and Positive Displacement Ventilation System." Budget: $79,200. Sponsor: ashrae. Period: October 1, 2006-September 30, 2008. Ghaddar, N., "Simplified Thermal Model with Experiments for Designing Displacement Ventilation and Chilled Ceiling Systems in Humid Climates." lncsr Budget: LL 12,000,000. Sponsor: lncsr. Period: October 1, 2006-September 30, 2007. Ghaddar, N., "Displacement Ventilation and Chilled Ceiling - Design, Control, and Experiment." Budget: $50,000. Sponsor: A Joint Research Proposal Grant under the menaSwedish Research Links Programme. pi at aub. Period: January 1, 2006 - December 31, 2008. Hamade, R., "Academic Curriculum in Manufacturing Engineering." (acme) Budget: 456,000. Sponsor: tempus. Period: October 1, 2006-September 30, 2009. Khalaf, K., Husari, A., Bitar, F., and Farshoukh, A., "The Design of an Intelligent Hypoxia Chamber towards the Development of a Chronic Animal Model Mimicking Sleep Apnea." Budget: $30,000; Sponsor: urb/mpp. Lakkis, I., "Grid-Free Computations of Flows with Diffusive and Convective Heat Transfer." Budget: $7,000. Sponsor: urb. Period: October 1, 2006-September 30, 2007. Moukalled, F., "A Heterogeneous musig Model for the Prediction of Mixing and Evaporation of Poly-dispersed Sprays in Supersonic Flows." Sponsor: urb. Budget: $10,000. Period: October 1, 2006-September 30, 2007. Oweis, G., "The Liquid Micro Jet from Laser Induced Cavitation Bubbles for Surgical and Engineering Applications." Sponsor: Arab Science and Technology Foundation (astf). Budget: $38,500. Period: October 1, 2006-September 30, 2008. Oweis, G., "Micro Particle Tracking Velocimetry Measurements of the Sub-Layer Region in a Flat Plate Turbulent Boundary Layer." Sponsor: urb. Budget: $6,870. Period: October 1, 2006 -September 30, 2007. Shihadeh, A., "Chemical and Physical Characterization of Waterpipe Emissions for Environmental Tobacco Smoke Studies" Sponsor: Research for International Tobacco Control, idrc, Canada. Budget: $200,000. Period: 6/05, 6/06 (revision 1). Shihadeh, A., "Waterpipe Tobacco Smoke: Toxicant Exposure and Effects." Sponsor: National Institutes of Health. Budget: $1.6 million. Period: 4/05, 4/06 (resubmitted). Shihadeh, A., "Aerosol Transport Dynamics in the Narghile Waterpipe." Sponsor: Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development. Budget: 1 year salary. Period: October 1, 2006 September 30, 2007. Karam C.N., Nuwayri-Salti, N., Usta, J.A., Zwainy, D.S., Abrahamian, R.E., Al Jaroudi, W.A., Baasisri, M.J., Abdallah, S.M., Bitar, K.M., and Bikhazi, A.B., "Effect of Systemic Insulin and Angiotensin II Receptor Subtype-1 Antagonist on Endothelin-1 Receptor Subtype(s) Regulation and Binding in Diabetic Rat Heart," Endothelium, 12(5):225-31, Sept-Oct 2005.

Refereed Journal Papers

mechanical engineering Faculty Research & Activities 74

mechanical engineering Faculty Research & Activities 75

Habib R.R., Abdallah, S.M., Law, M. and Kaldor, J., "Mortality Rates Among Nuclear Industry Workers at Lucas Heights Science and Technology Centre," Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health 29(3); 229-37, June 2005. Habib R.R., Abdallah, S.M., Law, M., Kaldor, J., "Mortality Among Nuclear Industry Workers," Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health (accepted, in press). Ghali, K., Ghaddar, N., and Jaroudi* ES., "Heat and Moisture Transport Through the Microclimate Air Annulus of the Clothing-Skin System Under Periodic Motion," (accepted for publication), ASME Journal of Heat Transfer, 128, no. 9, 2006. Ayoub* M., Ghaddar, N., and Ghali, K., "Energy Consumption of Solar-assisted Desiccant Dehumidification Air Conditioning System in Beirut," Kuwait Journal of Science, (in press), 2006. Ayoub* M., Ghaddar, N., and Ghali, K., "Simplified Thermal Model of Spaces Cooled with Combined Chilled Ceiling and Positive Displacement Ventilation System," ASHRAE International Journal of HVAC & R Research, Vol. 12, no.4, 2006. Salloum* M., Ghaddar, N., and Ghali, K., "A New Transient Bio-heat Model of the Human Body and Its Integration to Clothing Models," International Journal of Thermal Sciences, (in press), 2006. Hamade, R., "Cathodic Delamination of Elastomer-to-metal Adhesive Joints: Experimental Data and Empirical Modeling," International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives, (in press), available online 3 April 2006. Hamade, R., "Evaluating the Learning Process of Mechanical CAD Students," Computers & Education, (in press), available online 10 January 2006. Moukalled, F., and Saleh* Y., "Heat and Mass Transfer in Moist Soil, Part I. Formulation and Testing," Numerical Heat Transfer, Part B, 49, 467-86, 2006. Moukalled, F., Ghaddar, N., Saleh* Y., and Fawaz* Z., "Heat and Mass Transfer in Moist Soil, Part II. Application to Predicting Thermal Signatures of Buried Landmines," Numerical Heat Transfer, Part B, 49, 487-512, 2006. Moukalled, F., Ghaddar, N., Kabbani* H., Khaled* N., and Fawaz* Z., "Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Thermal Signatures of Buried Landmines in Dry Soil," ASME Journal of Heat Transfer, 128, 484-94, 2006. Merhi, D. Lemaire, E., Bossis, G., and Moukalled, F., "Particle Migration in a Concentrated Suspension Flowing Between Rotating Parallel Plates: Investigation of Diffusion Flux Coefficients," Journal of Rheology, 49, no. 6, 1429-48, 2005. Khalaf, K., "Optimization-based Simulation of Manual Lifting Using Multiple Performance Criteria," International Journal of Modeling and Simulation, (in press). Oweis, G.F., Jessup, S.D., Chesnakas, C.J., Fry, D.J., and Ceccio, S.L., "Development of a TipLeakage Flow-Part 1: The Flow over a Range of Reynolds Numbers," ASME J. Fluid Engineering, (in press). 2006. Oweis, G.F., Jessup, S.D., Chesnakas, C.J., Fry, D.J., and Ceccio, S.L., "Development of a TipLeakage Flow-Part 2: Comparison between the Ducted and Un-ducted Rotor," ASME J. Fluid Engineering, (in press), 2006. Antonios*, C., Inman, D., and Smaili, A., "Experimental and Theoretical Behavior of Selfhealing Bolted Joints," Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, (in press), 2006.

Smaili, A., Diab*, N., "Shape Optimization for Closed Path Generation of Planar Mechanisms," ASME Journal of Mechanical Design, (in press), 2006. Shihadeh, A. and Azar* S., "A Closed-Loop Control Playback Smoking Machine for Generating Mainstream Tobacco Smoke," Journal of Aerosol Medicine, 19(2), 2006. Shihadeh, A. and Saleh* R., "Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Carbon Monoxide, Tar, and Nicotine in the Mainstream Smoke Aerosol of the Narghile Water Pipe," Food and Chemical Toxicology, 43(5), 655-61, 2005. Shihadeh, A., Antonius* C, and Azar*, S, "A Portable, Low-Resistance Puff Topography Instrument For Pulsating, High Flow Smoking Devices," Behavior Research Instruments, Methods, Computers, 37(1):186-91, 2005.

Refereed Conference Proceedings

Ayoub, M., Ghaddar, N., and Ghali, K., "Energy Consumption of Solar-assisted Desiccant Dehumidification Air Conditioning System in Beirut," proceedings of The Third International Conference on Energy Research and Development, Kuwait, Nov. 21-23, 2005, 521-33, 2005. Jaroudi* E., Ghaddar, N., and Ghali, K., "Heat and Moisture Transport from a Swinging Limb of a Clothed Walking Human," accepted for presentation at The 13th International Heat Transfer Conference, Australia, August 17-22, 2006. Moukalled, F., Ghaddar, N., and Saleh* Y., "Numerical Prediction of Thermal Signature of Buried Landmines in Moist Soil," accepted for presentation at The 13th International Heat Transfer Conference, Australia, August 17-22, 2006. Ghaddar, N., Ghali, K., Ayoub* M., "Feasibility of the Use of Chilled Ceiling and Positive Displacement Ventilation Systems in Hot Humid Climates," proceedings of The 2nd International Green Energy Conference, 25-29 June 2006, uoit, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Abdallah, S.M., Chehab, A., Fawaz, A., Ghanem, B., Karame, G., "Real-Time Vision-Based Mobile Robot Navigation in Outdoor Environments," IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, Beijing, China, October 9-15, 2006. Asmar, D.C., Zelek, J.C., Abdallah, S.M., "Tree Trunks as Landmarks for Outdoor Vision slam," 5th IEEE Workshop on Perceptual Organization in Computer Vision, New York, usa, June 22, 2006. Abdallah, S.M., Asmar, D.C., Zelek, J.C., "Towards Benchmarks for Vision slam Algorithm," IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, Orlando, Florida, usa, May 15-19, 2006. Asmar, D.C., Zelek, J.C., Abdallah, S.M., "Seeing the Trees Before The Forest," 2nd Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot Vision, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, May 9-11, 2005. Oweis, G.F., Winkel, E., Vanapalli, S., Dowling, R., Perlin, M., Solomon, M., and Ceccio, S.L., "Friction Drag Reduction at High Reynolds Numbers Using Injected Polymer Solutions," 26th ONR Symposium Naval Hydrodynamics, Rome, Italy, September 2006. Smaili, A. and Diab* N., "Interval Analysis Based Approach to Analysis and Synthesis of Planar Mechanism with Clearances and Tolerances," ASME DETC 2006 Conferences, paper # detc 2006-99713. Smaili, A. and Chaaya* B., "Stackable 5R Chains with Multiple End-Effectors: Architecture and Optimum Synthesis," ASME DETC 2006 Conferences, paper # detc 2006-99717.

[* Graduate Student at AUB]

[* Graduate Student at AUB]

mechanical engineering Faculty Research & Activities 76

mechanical engineering Faculty Research & Activities 77

Smaili, A. and Hassanieh* M. "A Flexible-Link Model for Compliant Mechanisms Synthesis," ASME DETC 2006 Conferences, paper # detc 2006-99715.

Environment Programme, Regional Office for West Asia, (unep/rowa) American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers (ashrae), Lebanese Chapter. The work shop was held at the American University of Beirut (aub) on December 8, 2005.

Book Chapters

Ghaddar, N., Ghali, K., and Jones, B., "Convection and Ventilation in Fabric Layers," Chapter 20, Handbook on Thermal and Moisture Transport in Fibrous Materials, Edited by N. Pan and P. Gibson, (accepted for printing), April 2006, Woodhead publishing. Jones B., Ghali, K., and Ghaddar, N., "Heat-Moisture Interactions and Phase Change in Fibrous Material," Chapter 14, Handbook on Thermal and Moisture Transport in Fibrous Materials, edited by N. Pan and P Gibson, (accepted for printing), April 2006, Woodhead publishing. Ghali, K., Ghaddar, N., and Jones, B., "Phase Change in Fabrics," Chapter 13, Handbook on Thermal and Moisture Transport in Fibrous Materials, edited by N. Pan and P Gibson, October 2005, Woodhead publishing, (accepted for printing), April 2006. Oweis, G.F., and Ceccio, S.L., "Cavitation," in Multiphase Flow Handbook, ct Crow Editor, crc Press; isbn 0849312809; Taylor & Francis 2006.

Consultancy Work

Moukalled, F. and Ghaddar, N., Developing Course Material on Environmental Challenges in Managing Ozone Depleting Substances. April-September 2006 - undp - Regional Office for West Asia (rowa). Karaki, S. (pi), Chaaban, F., Moukalled, F., and Ghaddar, N. The objective of the project was to recommend a long-term energy policy to promote energy conservation and reduce energy costs. Starting Date: March 1, 2006 - aub Energy Audit Project.

Faculty Development Grants

me short-term faculty development grants Abdallah, S.; 2006 ieee International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Orlando,

Florida, May 15-19, 2006. Darwish, M.; The Fourth International Conference on Fluid Dynamics in Ghent, Belgium, July 10- July 14, 2006. Ghaddar, N.; 13th International Heat Transfer Conference iht in Australia, August 12-18.

me long-term faculty development grants

Hamade, R.; Research at University of Kentucky, Lexington, usa, June 15-August 15, 2006. Lakkis, I.; Research at mit, usa, June 20-Sept. 10, 2006.


Ghaddar, N., Fadel, M., Moukalled, F., and Karaki, S., First Report on "Renewable Energies Technologies Contribution and Barriers to Poverty Alleviation in Lebanon." Global Network on Energy for Sustainable Development, May 2006. Ghaddar, N. and Ghali, K, "Thermal Comfort and Stove Radiative Heating Units-Optimum Location and Energy Efficiency," presented to ASHRAE on February 16, 2006 at the American University of Beirut. Ghaddar N., and Ghali, K., "Modeling and Performance of Positive Displacement Ventilation and Chilled Ceiling Systems in Humid Climates," presented to ASHRAE on January 18, 2006 at the American University of Beirut. Khalaf, K., "Engineering Education and Practice for Women in the Middle East," International Institute for Women Engineers, Paris, France, July 2006. Shihadeh, A. and Saleh*, R., "Size Distribution Dynamics of a Hygroscopic Aerosol Flowing Through a Constant Wall Temperature Tube with Coupled Heat and Mass Transfer Effects: Modeling and Experimental Investigation," 24th Annual American Association of Aerosol Research Conference, Austin, tx, October 17, 2005. Ghaddar, N., Workshop on preparation of teaching portfolio for faculty. Twenty five participants. Organized by the Center of Excellence for Teaching and Learning. (co-facilitators: Prof. Sadek and Prof. Boujaoudi), Dec. 13, 2005. Ghaddar, N., Workshop on preparation of teaching portfolio for faculty. Twenty participants. Organized by the Center of Excellence for Teaching and Learning. (co-facilitators: Prof. Sadek and Prof. Boujaoudi), Mar. 24, 2006. Ghaddar, N., Facilitator. Evaluating Student Learning: Assessment of Students learning outcomes. Twelve participants. Faculty seminar-2 hours- April 13, 2006 Ghaddar, N., Organized and moderated a workshop on National Phase-out Management Plan of Ozone Depleting Substances. The workshop was sponsored by the National Ozone Unit of the Ministry of Environment (Lebanon), United Nations Environment Programme, Regional Office for West Asia (unep/rowa) American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers (ashrae), Lebanese Chapter. The work shop was held at the American University of Beirut (aub) on December 8, 2005. It was attended by 100 professionals, engineering students and government representatives. Moukalled, F. and Darwish, M., "Computational Fluid Dynamics - The Finite Volume Method," a 9 hour-workshop offered at cams, March 27-29, 2006. Moukalled, F., Represented aub and was an invited speaker to the workshop on National Phase-out Management Plan of Ozone Depleting Substances. The workshop was sponsored by the National Ozone Unit of the Ministry of Environment (Lebanon), United Nations

Committees & Community Service

Seminars Presented by ME Faculty

Workshops Presented by ME Faculty

Abdallah, S.; Member: fea Research, University Student Faculty, me Departmental Meeting (secretary). Member of the Program Committee, International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition, Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal, September 18-20, 2006, http://www.iciar.uwaterloo. ca/iciar06/index.php (Reviewed 6 papers) Member of the Program Committee, International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications, Setubal, Portugal, February 25-28, 2006, Darwish, M.; University Admissions Committee (chair), University Graduate Study Ad hoc Committee, fea Graduate Studies (chair), Member: Organizing Committee of the 5th feasc Conference. Ghaddar, N.; Member: fea abet, fea Academic, fea Administrative, fea Advisory, fea Strategic Planning, fea Space, fea Petroleum Ad hoc Committee, fea Ad hoc Math Committee, aub Committee on Discrimination and Harassment. Hamade, R.; Member: fea Academic, fea Admissions, Editorial Advisory Board Member (eab) of the Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology (jast). January 2006-January 2009. Khalaf, K.; Lebanese Industrial Research Association (lira), Executive Committee member. Reviewed projects for lira 6 Conference; performed on site visits to evaluate projects at various institutions in Lebanon; participated in lira 6 Conference and evaluated projects during the conference; and helped review and revise various aspects including evaluation criteria. Moukalled, F.; fea Academic, fea Administrative, fea abet, fea Strategic Planning, fea Admissions, Interfaculty Admissions, fea Commencement, fea Ad hoc Math, Campus Bookstore, Petroleum Engineering, Policies and Procedures Review (pprc), fea Physical, Space, Departmental Evaluation Committee for ArD Applicants. Oweis, G.; Marshall for the University Commencement Ceremony, Session chair for the fea Student Conference. Smaili, A.; Advisor of the asme Student Section, aub Lab Budget Committee. Lakkis, I.; Secretary of the feasc, Academic Affairs, Graduate Student Advisor for the me Department, cams High Performance Computing Committee, me Comprehensive Exam Coordinator, Graduation Marshal.

[* Graduate Student at AUB]

mechanical engineering Academics 78

mechanical engineering Academics 79


Courses Offered

Courses offered during the academic year 2005-06

term fall


course number mech 501 mech 510 mech 520-1 mech 520-2 mech 513 mech 530 mech 601 mech 622 mech 631 mech 633 mech 642 mech 645 mech 664 mech 797 mech 799A mech 799A mech 799A mech 799B mech 799C mech 799C

course title

Final Year Project I Design of Thermal Systems Mechanical Design II Mechanical Design II Air conditioning Mechatronics Principles of Combustion Advanced Manufacturing Processes Smart Materials and mems BioMechanics Computer Vision Noise and Vibration Control Advanced topics in cfd Seminar Thesis Thesis Thesis Thesis Thesis Thesis Applied Thermodynamics/ ece Mechanical Engineering Tools Engineering Materials Materials Lab Engineering Fluids I Engineering Fluids I Heat Transfer Mechanical Design I Mechanical Design I Instrumentation and Measurements Dynamic System Analysis Control and Automation Control and Automation Final Year Project II Internal Combusion Engine


Darwish, M. Ghaddar, N. Abdallah, S. Smaili, A. Moukalled, F. Smaili, A. Shihadeh, A. Hamade, R. Lakkis, I. Khalaf, K. Abdallah, S. Smaili, A. Darwish, M. Lakkis, I. Ghaddar, N. Khalaf, K. Shihadeh, A. Smaili, A. Ghaddar, N. Smaili, A. Kuran, A. Hamade, R. Darwish, M. Hamade, R. Lakkis, I. Oweis, G. Boughali, K. Abdallah, S. Azoury, P. Smaili, A. Darwish, M. Abdallah, S. Smaili, A. Darwish, M. Zahzah, A.

sec size

75 61 40 33 30 9 12 5 12 42 14 8 4 18 1 1 1 1 1 1 47 85 47 71 56 24 84 56 33 40 16 46 35 75 16

term summer


course number mech 340-1 mech 430-1 mech 431-1 mech 431-2 mech 796 mech 798 mech 799 mech 799 mech 799 mech 799 mech 799 mech 799 mech 799 mech 799A mech 799B mech 799B mech 799B

course title

Engineering Materials Instrumentation & Measurements Dynamic System Analysis Dynamic System Analysis Sp Pro in me Sp. Topic in me/ 10 sts. Thesis Thesis Thesis Thesis Thesis Thesis Thesis Thesis Thesis Thesis Thesis Introduction to Engineering Thermodynamics I Thermodynamics I Thermodynamics II Intro to Fluid and Thermal Eng'g Introduction to Engineering


Darwish, M. Smaili, A. Darwish, M. Smaili, A Hamade, R. Abdo, J. Ghaddar, N. Smaili, A. Lakkis, I. Hamade, R. Darwish, M. Moukalled, F. Shihadeh, A. Ghaddar, N. Shihadeh, A. Darwish, M. Ghaddar, N. Ghaddar, N. Shihadeh, A. Azouri, P. Abou Ghali, K. Abou Ghali, K. Seif, C. Shihadeh, A. Lakkis, I. Azouri, P. Hamade, R. Darwish, M. Kuran, A.

sec size

34 49 47 39 1 3 2 2 1 1 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 305 42 41 42 8 84 85 49 37 23 56 88



mech 312 mech 321 mech 340 mech 341 mech 411 mech 411 mech 412 mech 420 mech 420 mech 430 mech 431 mech 433 mech 433 mech 502 mech 512



asst 200 mech 310-1 mech 310-1 mech 311-1 mech 312 mech 320 mech 410L mech 411-1 mech 411-1 mech 421-1 mech 421-2 mech 432


Thermal Fluids Laboratory Fluid Engineering I Fluid Engineering I Manufacturing Processes I Manufacturing Processes I Mechanics of Machines

mechanical engineering Academics 80

mechanical engineering Academics 81

term spring


course number mech 516 mech 522 mech 531 mech 641 mech 663 mech 706 mech 721 mech 740 mech 760 mech 799 mech 799A mech 799A mech 799A mech 799A mech 799A mech 799B mech 799B mech 799B

course title

Aerodynamics Computer-Aided Design Engineering Vibrations Robotics eece 637S Computational Fluid Dynamics Aerosol Dynamics Elasticity and Plasticity Advanced Dynamics Advanced Fluids Dynamics Thesis Thesis Thesis Thesis Thesis Thesis Thesis Thesis Thesis


Ghaddar, N. Hamade, R. Kuran, A. Mrad, F Moukalled, F. Shihadeh, A. Kasti, F. Darwish, M. Lakkis, I. Ghaddar, N. Darwish, M. Hamade, R. Moukalled, F. Smaili, A. Lakkis, I. Khalaf, K. Ghaddar, N. Shihadeh, A.

sec size

55 23 44 12 6 2 6 7 8 1 3 1 2 1 1 1 1 1

Approved Masters Theses & Supervision

Graduate students whose master's thesis proposals have been approved by the fea Graduate Studies Committee, during the academic year 2005-06


Bassel Monzer Defended February 06

thesis supervisor

Shihadeh, A.

thesis title

Experimental Investigation of the Relative Contributions of Charcoal and Tobacco to Carbon Monoxide and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Yields in the Mainstream Smoke of the Narghile Waterpipe Three-Dimensional Periodic Ventilation Model of Heat and Moisture Transport Through Clothing Systems with Skin Contact Combined Radiant Cooling with Desiccant Dehumidification: A Case Study: Numerical and Experimental Demand Driven Efficient HVAC Systems A Neuro-Fuzzy Logic Controller for Variable Speed Secondary Chilled Water Pumps Landmine Identification and Classification Protocol using Thermography and Numberical Modeling of the Thermal Signature Evolution Evaporation and Condensation of Aerosol in a Constant Wall Temperature Pipe Plug Flow - A Computational Model with Experimental Validation Implementation of a High Performance CD Solver Using Cluster Based Parallel Computing Robomechs: New Architectures and Optimum Synthesis Flexible Link Model and Topology Optimization of Compliant Mechanisms System Level Modeling of Microfluidic Devices A Fully Coupled Finite Volume Method for Fluid Flow at All Speeds A Finite Volume Solid Mechanics Solver Formulation and Implementation of a Numerical Model for the Simulation of Evaporation of Injected Liquid Droplets into a Gas Flowing at Supersonic Speed

Ezzat Jaroudi Defended June 06 Moh'd Ayoub Defended February 06 Mohannad Al-Hakeem Defended October 05 Nassim Khaled Defended October 05

Ghadddar, N.

Ghaddar, N.

Murad, F.

Ghaddar, N.

Rawad Saleh Defended February 06

Shihadeh, A.

New Courses to be Offered

The following new courses were approved by the fea Academic Committee and will be offered during the academic year 2006-07

Tony Saad Defended October 05 Bachir Chaaya Defended June 06 Mazen Hassanieh Defended June 06 Balsam Nehme Ihab Sraj Chafic Mansour Hussein Al Sayyed

Darwish, M.

undergraduate mech 532: Dynamics and Applications (3 credits)

This course examines the dynamics of particles and rigid bodies moving in three dimensions. Topics include Lagrange's equations of motion for particles, rotations of rigid bodies, Euler angles and parameters, kinematics of rigid bodies, and the Newton-Euler equations of motion for rigid bodies. The course material will be illustrated with real-world examples such as gyroscopes, spinning tops, vehicles, and satellites. Applications of the material range from vehicle navigation to celestial mechanics, numerical simulations, and animations. Pre-requisites: elementary course on Newtonian dynamics or consent of instructor.

Smaili, A. Smaili, A. Lakkis, I. Darwish, M. Darwish, M. Moukalled, F.

graduate mech 609: Experimental Methods in Fluid Dynamics (3 credits)

This is a graduate level course aimed at introducing students to experimental methods used to measure fluid flow quantities such as pressures, forces, and velocities. The course will start with an introduction to what and why we measure, and to uncertainty analysis and measurement error estimation. Some basic techniques for data reduction and data postprocessing will be introduced. The available fluid measurement methods will be surveyed briefly, with selected applications. Emphasis will be on advance optical diagnostic techniques; namely particle image velocimetry (piv) and laser induced fluorescence (lif). The theoretical foundations of these techniques will be established, and the discussion will extend to practical considerations including software and hardware components. A few laboratory sessions will be incorporated into the course to supplement the lectures, and will make use of the instruments available in the me department including the open circuit wind tunnel, and the piv system. In addition to the lectures and lab sessions, emphasis will be on the available literature. Prior knowledge of the basic principles of fluid mechanics and fluid systems is required. matlab will be needed for course work.

Zeina Alwan

Moukalled, F.

cfd through the musig (Multi-Size-Group)

Model in Predicting Supersonic Turbulent Mixing and Evaporation

Combining Population Balance Equation to

May Khalil Marwan Katerji

Shihadeh, A. Shihadeh, A

Coagulation, Phase Change, and Deposition Dynamics in the Narghile Waterpipe Development of a Portable Closed Loop Control Isokinetic Sampling System to Assess Toxicant Exposure of Waterpipe Smokers in Natural Settings

mechanical engineering Departmental Activities 82

mechanical engineering Students 83


Ibrahim Geha Ahmad Al Masalkhi Farshoukh Moh'd Khaled Joujou

thesis supervisor

Smaili, A. Khalaf, K.

thesis title

Acoustic and Siesmic Sensing of Burried Object and Landmining Design of an Intelligent Hypoxia Chamber Controller for InVivo and InVitro Biomedical Experimentation Experimental Investigation on Active Vibration Control of Flexible Mechanisms Using Intelligent Control Schemes

Visiting Scholar

Frank Pfefferkorn; University of Wisconsin, Madison. Dr. Pfefferkorn presented a seminar on Micro-End Milling and Thermally-Assisted Manufacturing. He met with me third and fourth year students to discuss the opportunities available at the University of Wisconsin, inviting them for summer training. The me department held its day-long annual abet meeting on Feb. 2, 2006 at the Riviera Hotel. The meeting was attended by me faculty to conduct a comprehensive review of the undergraduate curriculum and discuss strategic initiatives. The revision was based on assessment results of the past three years and recommendations of discipline specific departmental committees. The curriculum introduces optional tracks within the major in thermal and fluid sciences; design materials, and manufacturing; and mechatronics. The revised curriculum increases the number of technical electives to 6 electives including one restricted elective in design. Strategic initiatives that were discussed covered the future proposed plan for faculty hiring and areas of expertise needed. In addition, target future centers proposed include a Center for Innovation in Product Development (cipd), and an Energy Research Center (erc) under the fea umbrella.

Smaili, A.

ME Annual Departmental ABET Meeting 2006

Thesis Supervision

me faculty members are supervising the thesis of the following current students who will be

submitting proposals in 2006-07:

student name

Maan Hamdan Moh'd Othmani Moh'd Baydou Bassel Jreije Mounir Mossolly Moh'd Al Saad Camile Ziadeh Ali Al Ammouri Ali Awarke Farid Merhej Youssef Hijazi

thesis supervisor

Abdallah, S. Ghaddar, N. Ghaddar, N. Ghaddar, N. Ghaddar, N. Hamade, R. Hamade, R. Hamade, R. Hamade, R. Hamade, R. Khalaf, K.


Enrollment & Statistics

undergraduate student enrollment

1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th year Graduate Students 64 89 86 74 30

five|Departmental Activities

Department Seminars & Presentations

"Opportunities and Challenges for aub in the Oil and Gas Industry," presented on March 23, 2006 by: Mr. Saddad El-Husseini, Saudi Aramco X-Executive Vice President and a member of its Board of Directors. "Micro-End Milling and Thermally-Assisted Manufacturing," presented on March 13, 2006 by Dr. Frank Pfefferkorn, Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. "Automative Seminar: Continuous Variable Transmission cvt, Direct Shift Gear dsg, Biturbo System, and Multitronic," presented on February 23, 2006, by: Mr. Sleiman Jalkh, Workshop Manager at Audi/Volkswagen-Kettaneh Group. "Experience of icie/petra with Engineering Professors, Doctors, Teachers, and Engineering Students," presented on May 25, 2006 by Mr. Samir Sotiry and Mr. Shadi Abdul Rahim from icie and petra Factory. "Objective Computational Fluid Dynamics (cfd) - Current Status," presented on December 6, 2005 by Prof. Marwan Darwish, me faculty member. mech 797 series. "Modeling of Cathodic Deponding of Elastomer/Metal Adhesive Bonds," presented on November 29, 2006 by Prof. Ramsey Hamade me faculty member. mech 797 series. "Contact Characteristics and Their Contributions to Dynamic Instability of Mechanical Systems with Friction," presented on November 17, 2005, by Dr. Jamil Abdo, Visiting Fulbright Scholar. "Computer Aided Design of mems @aub," presented on October 18, 2005, by Prof Issam Lakkis, me faculty member. mech 797 series. "Dynamic Meshing Fluid/Structure Interaction," presented by Prof. Marwan Darwish, me faculty member. mech 797 series. "Vortex Methods in Bounded Domains: Flow over Cylinder," presented by Prof. Issam Lakkis, me faculty member. mech 797 series.

students graduating in october 2005 be (Major me) 1 Master's Degree (Major me) 3 students graduating in february 2006 Bachelor of Engg (Major me) 3 Master's Degree (Major me) 4 graduates of june 2006 Bachelor of Engg (Major me) Master's Degree (Major me)

Fall 2004; Accepted Spring 2005; Accepted Total fall term & spring term (sophomore & freshmen) Academic Year 2005-06 From arch to me From cee to me From cce to me From ee to me 58 3 2 1

transfer students accepted from outside aub to me

transfer students from within aub to me


transfer students from within fea to me

0 1 1 1

mechanical engineering Students 84

students who transferred from me to other fea majors To cce 1 To ee 2 graduate student enrollment

Summer term 2005: Fall term 2005-06 Spring term 2006 20 30 28 one|Introduction 12 19 20 19 two|Personnel 86 88 88 89 89 89 90 90 90 91 92 92 92 93 94 94 94 94 94 95 95 95 95 97 98 98 100 100 101 101 101 102 102 102 102 103 103 103 103 104 104 104

graduate assistants (gas)

Summer term 2005 Fall term 2005-06 Spring term 2006

research assistants (ras)

Academic year 2005-2006

Student Employment

In the Student Study Program, 30 registered undergraduate me students were selected under the Specialized Work category for the academic year 2005-06. Their work assignments included clerical work, help in research, help in lab experiments, developing material for the website and similar tasks. The selection is based on merit and the departmental needs.

Faculty Academic Support Visiting Research Scholars External Advisory Board Members Staff

three|Faculty Activities & Research


dean's award The following me students received the Dean's Award for Creative Achievement for their

project: "Remote Controlled Airplane Design, Implementation and Testing," Paul Hajj Boutos, Bashir Jawhar, Roy Assaf, Jalal Haddad, Roy Baaklini, Marwan Cortas The award winning Final Year Project conducted by the above students was on Metal Matrix Composite Processing. The project advisor was Prof. Issam Lakkis.

abdul hadi debs endowment award for academic excellence Mr. Rawad Saleh a master's student in the me department received the award this year.

Mr. Saleh achievements in the last two years include winning a fellowship to present a paper at the Annual Society for Research of Nicotine and Tobacco in Prague (March 2005). He is publishing a manuscript in Food and Chemical Toxicology; and co-authoring a presentation at this year's meeting of the American Association for Aerosol Research in Austin, Texas.

Professional Development Workshops, Public Lectures, & Seminars Academic Service at AUB Outreach & Community Services Public Appearances & Interviews Professional Consulting Journal Publications Book Chapters Conference Proceedings Conference Chair, Editorial Board, & Editor Research Reports Research Funding Other Sources Thesis Supervision


sakkal renewable energy graduate thesis award

Mr. Mohammad Ayoub a graduate student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering received this award valued $3,000 for demonstrating evidence of quality research work in the field of renewable energy with special applications to Lebanon.

Courses Offered New & Restructured Courses Curricular Changes (2006-07) Final Year Projects Graduate Theses

five|Department Initiatives & Activities

petrofac graduate fellowship

Mr. Elie Kfoury was awarded the fellowship valued at $12,500/year to cover his tuition and stipend of his graduate education.

Transportation Research Unit Reaction Wall-Strong Floor Earthquake Testing Facility Civil Engineering Infrastructure Systems Conference (CEIS 2006) 5th FEA Student Conference The MEDAWARE Workshop at AUB Civil Engineering Seminars & Lectures Environmental Engineering & Science Seminar Series Educational Movies Field Trips


Enrollment Student Employment Graduation Civil Summer Camp 2006

civil & environmental engineering Introduction 86

civil & environmental engineering Introduction 87


The academic year 2005-06 was marked by numerous success stories in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (cee) at aub. The team of faculty, students, and staff takes great pride in the activities and achievements of the cee Department which are summarized in this report, for the period spanning July 1, 2005, to June 30, 2006. These include teaching and research activities, service to the university and the community, participation in development workshops and conferences, and awards and honors granted. The highlights of the year, Prof. George Ayoub received the university's Distinguished Faculty Service Award for 2005 in recognition of his lifelong dedication to the excellence of aub. Ms. Zakeya Deeb, the secretary of the department, was honored by the university with the President's Service Excellence Award for her selfless devotion and service to the department. Prof. Salah Sadek was promoted to the rank of Professor effective October 2006. Mr. Abdallah Zakhem (President of Zakhem International - Lebanon, and Chair of cee External Advisory Board) and Dr. Hani Mahmassani (Professor of Civil/Transportation Engineering at the University of Maryland and member of cee External Advisory Board) received the fea Distinguished Alumni Award at the 5th fea Student Conference. Dr. Mahmassani was also invited by the University Research Board at aub to be a Visiting Research Scholar in the department for two weeks during spring 2006. Two new faculty members were hired and are expected to join the department in spring 2006: Dr. Samer Madanat (Professor of Civil/Transportation Engineering and Director of Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Berkeley) and Dr. Pascal Saikaly (Environmental Science/Technology, Postdoctoral Research Associate at North Carolina State University). The PhD program, with majors in Civil Engineering (ce) and Environmental and Water Resources Engineering (ewre), was approved by the University and is due to start in October 2007, pending registration at the New York State Education Department (nysed). A preliminary proposal for an undergraduate program in Construction Engineering was initiated during a departmental faculty retreat and endorsed in principle by the cee External Advisory Board. The program was given a high priority in the fea strategic planning, and will be further discussed and presented for approval to the university during the upcoming year. Research initiatives and facilities have achieved notable gains: the start of the Transportation Research Unit (tru), a new collaborative research initiative between aub and the Beirut Container Terminal Consortium (funded by bctc), which Prof. Isam Kaysi is heading on behalf of aub/cee; and the activation of a world-class Strong-Floor/Reaction-Wall in the Structural and Materials Laboratory, thanks to the great and sustained efforts by Prof. Mohamed Harajli and the Structures/Earthquake group; and the complete upgrading of the Hydraulics Laboratory. Over the past two years, there has been a greater number of applicants for admissions into Civil Engineering. The department has been able to raise the admissions scores and thereby improve the performance of the students in this major. A pioneering Civil Summer Camp was organized by the student Civil Engineering Society (ces), with the Economic and Social Fund for Development (esfd) at the Council for Development and Reconstruction (cdr). The pilot project consisted of cee students volunteering one week for civil and community development work, hosted by the municipality of the village of Mishmish, Akkar. Further academic activities and news, Faculty maintained a high level of research productivity and contribution in services to the university and community, as evidenced in the core of this report. The temporary relocation of selected cee laboratories to the new Science Research Building (srb) was prepared for summer 2006. The permanent setting of all laboratories into the new Irani Oxy Engineering Complex (ioec) was also planned incorporating a space expansion to accommodate new foreseen functions and facilities, with expected completion in 2008-09. The cee Department continued preparations for the abet 2000 accreditation of its undergraduate program. The department prepared for a visit by the abet Commission which was to take place in October 2006. The visit, for the second year in a row, was postponed due to the travel advisory for us citizens (to Lebanon) posted by the us government. An evaluation and revision of the current undergraduate curriculum was conducted during which basic and advanced courses were introduced or restructured. Improvements to the Final Year Project (fyp), offered for the second time, were observed at the process and outcome level, and the participation of cee students at the 5th fea Student Conference was notably evident and praised. Several social events took place during the year in the cee department: activities and gatherings continued to be organized by the ces; special achievements by faculty and staff and family happenings were recognized; the traditional Civil Engineering Gala dinner was held at the end of the year, where the cee community of aub and its guests gathered to bid farewell and best wishes for a successful future and career to graduating students. The situation in Lebanon, The assassination of the late pm Rafic Hariri in February 2005 and the instability which followed continued to leave their marks during this past year on the country and, it goes without saying, at aub. The department did not escape some repercussions, the main of which was the cancellation of the Civil Engineering Infrastructure Systems Conference (ceis 2006), organized by the cee department in collaboration with other international institutions and foundations. On the bright side, Lebanon was showing signs of health amid uncertainties. The country engaged in a healthy political debate, headed by the most influential parties and constituents, through continued round table discussions, addressing serious and once-considered taboo issues of concern to the country. Signs of economic recovery were being observed, accompanied by booms in certain areas and a high surge in the tourist industry. An indication of Beirut's growth and popularity was its ranking as ninth best city in the world for travelers, according to Travel and Leisure Magazine's annual "World's Best" awards. All indications were that the upcoming year would be positive for all. A final note, last, but foremost, This year marked an event dear to the cee Department, fea, and aub. In 1956, Prof. Ayoub graduated from aub, and for the past fifty years, he has remained committed and dedicated to his profession and to the educational mission of the university. Prof. Ayoub is one of the true pillars of aub; a leader, a visionary, and a friend. Mounir Mabsout; Chairman

civil & environmental engineering Personnel 88

civil & environmental engineering Personnel 89



There are eleven full-time faculty lines in the cee department. These are distributed as follows: Environmental Engineering and Technology [3], Geotechnical [1], Structural [3], Transportation [2], and Water Resources [2]. The current faculty and their rank composition during 2005-06 was: 1 Assistant Professor, 1 Associate Professor, and 7 Professors. Two new faculty members in Transportation and Environmental Sciences/Engineering will join the cee department in 2007. All of the full-time faculty members are PhD holders from top us, uk, and Canadian institutions of higher learning. Faculty Promotion In June 2006, Dr. Salah Sadek was promoted to the rank of Professor, effective October 2006. Summary Profile of Faculty Members Hamed Assaf; Assistant Professor, PhD, University of British Columbia. His areas of interest are: water resources planning and management; watershed modeling; gis; risk analysis; integration of information technology in engineering applications; and agents technology. He joined the department in 2003. George Ayoub; Professor, PhD, London University, Imperial College. His areas of interest are: water and wastewater management; development of low cost methods and materials in water and wastewater treatment; and industrial waste treatment. He joined the department in 1963. Habib Basha; Professor, PhD, University of California, Berkeley. His areas of interest are: development of analytical and numerical models for infiltration; modeling groundwater flow; solute transport in water networks; rainfall-runoff; and mathematical analysis of conduit flow. He joined the department in 1990. Mutasem El-Fadel; Professor, PhD, Stanford University. His areas of interest are: environmental impact assessment; water allocation and conflict management; solid waste management; air pollution control; transport and the environment. He joined the department in 1996. Bilal Hamad; Professor, PhD, University of Texas at Austin. His areas of interest are: design and behavior of reinforced concrete structures; bond and development of reinforcement; repair and strengthening of reinforced concrete structures; and concrete technology. He joined the department in 1990. Mohamad Harajli; Professor, PhD, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. His areas of interest are: design and behavior of reinforced, pre-stressed, and fiber reinforced concrete under static and seismic loads; and repair and rehabilitation of concrete structures using advanced composites. He joined the department in 1985. Isam Kaysi; Professor, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His areas of interest are: advanced technology applications in transport; national and regional transportation planning; and public transport systems. He joined the department in 1991. Mounir Mabsout; Professor and Chair, PhD, University of Texas at Austin. His areas of interest are: structural mechanics; finite element analysis; soil-structure interaction; and computing and information technology. He joined the department in 1991. Salah Sadek; Associate Professor (promoted to Professor effective October 2006), PhD, University of California, Berkeley. His areas of interest are: electrical properties of clays; properties of solid waste fills and their evaluation; alternative landfill cover systems; and seismic design of dams. He joined the department in 1993.

full-time faculty

Rami Jabakhanji; Instructor (Civil Engineering), me, American University of Beirut (new). Jihad Kassamani; Lecturer (Dynamics), be, American University of Beirut. Shadi Kodeih; Assistant Instructor (Computer-Aided Drafting), me Candidate, American University of Beirut (new). Fouad Kasti; Lecturer (Structures), PhD, University of California, Berkeley. Halim Nader; Lecturer (Surveying), be, American University of Beirut. Shadi Najjar; Lecturer (Structures), PhD, University of Texas at Austin (new). Wajih Najm; Lecturer (Dynamics), me, American University of Beirut.

faculty recruitment

Two new faculty members, Dr. Samer Madanat in Transportation Engineering and Dr. Pascal Saikaly in Environmental Science/Technology, have been recruited and will be joining the department in spring 2007. Dr. Samer Madanat is currently a Professor of Civil/ Transportation Engineering and Director of the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, and Dr. Pascal Saikaly is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at North Carolina State University.

endowed chair

An Endowed Chair position in Civil Engineering, sponsored by Dar Al-Handasah (Shair and Partners), was advertised. The selection of the successful candidate, which will be made from a pool of highly recognized applicants, should be finalized by fall 2006. The Dar Al-Handasah Endowed Chair position will provide a notable enhancement to the faculty resources, and is expected to have a significant impact on graduate education and research, especially on the PhD level.

Academic Support

Helmi El-Khatib; Manager and Supervisor, cee Laboratories, ms, University of Toledo. Taught Construction Materials and Soil Mechanics lab sessions. Elizabeth McGreevy; fea Academic Assistant, ms Education, suc at Buffalo. Provided support to the department academic activities: abet, PhD, assessment and review, editing, etc. Lucy Semerjian; Research Associate, eerc and Environmental Laboratories, PhD, University of Bradford. Conducted and supervised Environmental lab sessions, taught Environmental Microbiology elective course. The cee department hosted three research scholars in 2005-06. Dr. Hani Mahmassani visited aub for two weeks as a Research Scholar in the spring of 2006 (May-June), by invitation of the University Research Board (urb). Dr. Hani Mahmassani holds the Charles Irish Sr. Chair in Transportation Engineering at the University of Maryland, and is founding Director of the Maryland Transportation Initiative. Dr. Rabi' Mohtar visited the department as a Research Scholar for one month during July 2005; where he conducted research and collaborated with various faculty members. Dr. Mohtar is an Associate Professor of Water Resources Engineering at Purdue University. Dr. Hani Nassif visited the department as a Research Scholar for two weeks during July 2005; where he conducted research and collaborated with various faculty members. Dr. Nassif is an Associate Professor of Civil/Structural Engineering at the State University of New Jersey, Rutgers. Mahmoud Abdul-Baki; Group Vice President, Middle East, Consolidated Contractors Co.(CCC) Sati'Arnaout; PhD 1986, Senior Urban Specialist, The World Bank, usa Paul Boulos; PhD 1989, President and coo, mwh Soft Inc., usa Adib Kanafani; PhD 1969, Professor of Civil/Transportation Engineering, University of California at Berkeley, usa Mounir Khatib; Founder and Partner, Khatib and Alami - cec, Lebanon Hani Mahmassani; PhD 1982, Professor of Civil/Transportation Engineering, University of Maryland, usa Antoine Naaman; PhD 1972, Professor of Civil/Structural Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, usa Tammam Nakkash; PhD 1969, Managing Partner, Lebanon, Team International

Visiting Research Scholars

External Advisory Board Members

part-time faculty

During the academic year 2005-06, twelve part-time faculty members were appointed by the cee Department. Six of the twelve appointments were new recruitments. They assisted in teaching basic undergraduate, laboratory, and specialized graduate courses. Hani Al Naghi; Instructor (Transportation), me, American University of Beirut (new). Elie Awwad; Instructor (Materials), me, American University of Beirut (new). Hisham Basha; Lecturer (Structures), PhD, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Fadi Hamdan; Lecturer (Structures), PhD, Imperial College (new). Hayssam Hasbini; Instructor (Information Technology), ms, Boston University.

civil & environmental engineering Faculty Research & Activities 90

civil & environmental engineering Faculty Research & Activities 91

Ghassan Saab; President and Chief Executive Officer, Sorensen Gross Construction, usa Makram Suidan; PhD 1975, Professor of Civil/Environmental Engineering, University of Cincinnati, usa Abdallah Zakhem; (Chair of eab), President, Lebanon, Zakhem International


Bashir Asyala; Technician in Structural and Materials Laboratory Jamil Bashir; Technician in Soil Mechanics Laboratory Christiane Chedid; Secretary of cee Laboratories Joseph Daoud; Assistant Technician in eerc and Environmental Laboratories Helmi El-Khatib; Manager and Supervisor of cee Laboratories Zakeya Deeb; Secretary of cee Department Khaled Hallak; Assistant Technician in Hydraulics Laboratory Abdel Rahman El-Sheikh; Senior Technician in Structural and Materials Laboratory Lucy Semerjian; Research Associate in eerc and Environmental Laboratories

Helmi El-Khatib attended and/or participated in the following: Electric Safety, Fire Protection, and Chemical Hazardous workshops offered by the Office of Development at aub; Laboratory Method Validation seminar offered by the Ministry of Economy and Trade; Implementation of a Quality Assurance System Within Testing and Calibration Laboratories, iso 17025, fiveday workshop offered by Ministry of Economy and Trade; Labview Basics I and II, five-day workshop offered by National Instruments. He also trained for three days in Switzerland on the newly acquired state-of-the-art X-Ray Diffraction Machine. Bilal Hamad attended the International Conference ccc 2005 Composites in Construction, Lyon, France (July 11-13, 2005); presented a seminar: Learning from Structural Failures at the chamber of Commerce and Industry, Saida, Lebanon (March 1, 2006); presented a seminar: Characteristics of Sand in Quality Concrete in the workshops on Sand dredging on the Lebanese Coast, Existing Situation and Future Challenges, organized by the Environmental Committee of the Order of Engineers, Beirut, Lebanon (March 15, 2006); and as President of the aci Lebanon Chapter, organized two seminars: the first on Repair & Protection of Reinforced Concrete at the Gefinor Rotana Hotel, Beirut (November 29, 2005) and the second on Admixtures in Hot Weather High Performance Concrete at the Gefinor Rotana Hotel, Beirut (April 16. 2006). Isam Kaysi presented a seminar on Beirut Container Terminal: From World Trade Patterns to Terminal Operations at Port of Beirut (July 14, 2005), and held a series of seven workshops focusing on elements of container terminal operations (August to October 2005). Salah Sadek participated in preparation and presentation of two workshops on Teaching Portfolio preparation (December 2005 and April 2006). Lucy Semerjian attended or participated in the following: the First International Conference on Sustainable Urban Wastewater Treatment and Reuse at the Nicosia Hilton Hotel, Cyprus (September 15-17, 2005); Seminar on Developing a Teaching Portfolio offered by the Center for Teaching and Learning at aub; and workshops for course Management (WebCT I, WebCT II) and plagiarism prevention (Turnitin) offered by the Academic Computing Center at aub. She also attended a three-day training course on "Theories and hands-on applications of Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer" (Flame, graphite furnace, and hydride generation) at Thermo Electron Corporation, Cambridge, United Kingdom.

three|Faculty Activities & Research

Professional Development Workshops, Public Lectures & Seminars

Hamed Assaf completed an esri training workshop at cec-Khatib & Alami (May 22, 2006). He attended and/or participated in the following: pccp unesco Workshop, Beirut (July 1215, 2005); idrc/cnrs Workshop on Sustainable Management of the Litani River, Chtaura (November 26, 2005); Seminar on Developing a Teaching Portfolio, Center for Teaching and Learning, aub (December 16, 2005); Third Meeting of the escwa Consultative Committee on Scientific and Technological Development and Technological Innovation, Beirut (6-7 March 2006); Presentation by the Ministry of Environment (May 22, 2006). George Ayoub attended and/or participated in the following: Fourth International Water Conference in the Arab Countries at Habtour Grand Hotel, Beirut (June 27-30, 2005); Workshop on Wastewater Sector in Lebanon at Rachid Karami Educational Center, Tripoli (July 7, 2005); Workshops in Sweden sponsored by the Stockholm Environmental Institute: Application of Water Evaluation and Planning Tool to the Eastern Mediterranean (August 1720, 2005) and Water for Agriculture in the Middle East, held as part of the World Water Week (August 21, 2005); Fifteen Stockholm Water Symposium, World Water Week Conference, Sweden (August 22-27, 2005); presented a paper at the First International Conference on Sustainable Urban Wastewater Treatment and Reuse at the Nicosia Hilton Hotel, Cyprus (September 15-17, 2005); organized and presided Medaware workshop on the development of tools and guidelines for the promotion of the sustainable urban wastewater treatment and reuse in the agricultural production in the Mediterranean countries, Gefinor Hotel, Beirut (January 19-20, 2006); chaired sessions at Medawater International Conference on Sustainable Water Management: Rational Water Use, Wastewater Treatment and Reuse ruwtr 2006, Marrakech (8-10 June 2006). He presented the following public lecture by invitation: Wastewater Treatment in workshop entitled Efficient Management of Wastewater treatment and Reuse in the Mediterranean Countries, eu funded project and managed by Lebanese American University (lau) and Balamand University. Mutasem El-Fadel attended and/or participated in the following: Workshops in Sweden sponsored by the Stockholm Environmental Institute: Application of Water Evaluation and Planning Tool to the Eastern Mediterranean (August 17-20, 2005) and Water for Agriculture in the Middle East, held as part of the World Water Week (August 21, 2005); Fifteen Stockholm Water Symposium, World Water Week Conference, Sweden (August 22-27, 2005); Medaware workshop on the development of tools and guidelines for the promotion of the sustainable urban wastewater treatment and reuse in the agricultural production in the Mediterranean countries, Gefinor Hotel, Beirut (January 19-20, 2006); Medawater International Conference on Sustainable Water Management: Rational Water Use, Wastewater Treatment and Reuse ruwtr 2006, Marrakech (8-10 June 2006).

Academic Service at AUB

Hamed Assaf served on the fea Academic and Curriculum Committee and on the fea Research Committee. He was the faculty supervisor of the Hydraulics Laboratory. He was assigned academic advisor to fourth year undergraduate students (Class of 2006). George Ayoub served on the University Commencement Committee and on the University Reunion Committee, and assisted in activities with the aub Development Office. He was a member of the fea Space Committee. He was the faculty supervisor of the eerc and Environmental Laboratories. He was assigned academic advisor to ewre graduate students and to third year undergraduate students (Class of 2007). Habib Basha chaired the fea Library Committee, and was a member of abet fea Committee and abet department task team. He was in charge of upgrading the Hydraulics Laboratory equipment and of the PhD proposal wrap-up. He was assigned academic advisor to third year undergraduate students (Class of 2007). Mutasem El-Fadel chaired the Advisory Board of the Issam Fares Institute of Public Policy. He served on the University Senate and was a member of the Senate Steering Committee. He was the Acting Director of the Interfaculty Graduate Environmental Science Program and the Director of the Interfaculty Water Resources Center (wrc). He was a member of the Energy Research Group at fea, Core Science Laboratory Committee at fas, and Interfaculty Committee for the Environmental Science Program. He was assigned academic advisor to etp graduate students and to first year undergraduate students (Class of 2009).

civil & environmental engineering Faculty Research & Activities 92

civil & environmental engineering Faculty Research & Activities 93

Bilal Hamad served on the fea Admissions Committee and was a member of the fea Fifth Student Conference Committee. He was the faculty supervisor of the Structural and Materials Laboratory. He was assigned academic advisor to fourth year undergraduate students (Class of 2006) and Final Year Project (fyp) coordinator. Mohamad Harajli was the chair of the University Unified Admissions Committee. He served on the fea Advisory Committee. He was a member of the abet department task team and of the department sub-committee in charge of developing the draft of the proposed Construction Engineering undergraduate program. He was assigned academic advisor to first year undergraduate students (Class of 2009). Isam Kaysi served on the fea Advisory Committee (secretary) and on the fea Strategic Planning Committee (2005-present). He was a member of the abet department task team and of the department sub-committee in charge of developing the draft of the proposed Construction Engineering undergraduate program. He was a member of cams HighPerformance Computing Committee. He was the faculty supervisor of the Transportation and Surveying Laboratory facilities. He was assigned academic advisor to second year undergraduate students (Class of 2008). Mounir Mabsout (Chair of cee Department) served on the fea Administrative Committee, Academic and Curriculum Committee, Space Committee, Strategic Planning Committee, fea abet Committee; abet department task team, and fea Math Committee. He was assigned academic advisor to ce graduate students, Intensive English, and special/transfer students. Salah Sadek served on the following aub committees: Interfaculty Financial-Aid, Strategic Planning - General Education, Teaching Excellence Award, and Athletics. He also served on the fea Graduate Students Committee and Web-Site Committee. He was the faculty supervisor of the Soil Mechanics Laboratory. He was assigned academic advisor to second year undergraduate students (Class of 2008).

Assessment in the Oil and Gas Industry; Laceco, Saudi Oger on Environmental management plans for the Saraya Development Project, Aqaba, Jordan; Abu Dhabi National Oil Company and Bureau Veritas as Expert Judge on the uae Health, Safety and Environment Competition; Société Generale Immobilière on Environmental Assessment of the Raouche Rotana Complex, Beirut, Lebanon; Rafic El Khoury and Partners as expert on environmental impact assessment in the water sector in Lebanon. Bilal Hamad was consultant for: Oger Liban as expert to perform technical control and review of the structural design of the new Saudi Arabia Embassy, Beirut, 2006; cdr as expert to perform supervision of the repair and strengthening procedures of Chekka Tunnel, North Lebanon, 2006; mak Khorafi Contracting as expert to perform structural evaluation and recommend seismic strengthening procedures of the building in Lot 365, Mina El Hosn, Beirut. Isam Kaysi was consultant for: Dar Al-Handasah (Shair and Partners) as senior transportation advisor; Millennium Development & sets as advisor on transport infrastructure; International College (ic) as Advisor on parking, access, and traffic impact (IC Master Plan).

Journal Publications

Outreach & Community Services

George Ayoub was a member of the Scientific Committee for Friends of Abel Al. Mutasem El-Fadel was a member of the Advisory Group, Council for Public Works, Energy, and Water, Lebanese Parliament. Bilal Hamad was the President of the aci Lebanon Chapter. He assisted the President of the Order of Engineers in representing the Order at the meetings of the Parliamentary Committee of Public Works and Transport designated to discuss seismic activity in Lebanon and propose means for emergency management. Mohamad Harajli was a member of the Organizing Committee of Local Workshop for Expert's Group on Earthquake and Tsunami Hazard, Lebanese National Council for Scientific Research (lncsr). Mounir Mabsout was elected member of the board of the ngo International Education Association (iea). Helmi El-Khatib, Mohamad Harajli, and Salah Sadek were appointed, on behalf of fea, as members on sub-committees of LibNor to set Lebanese standards. George Ayoub interviewed for broadcasting station Voice of Lebanon on status of wastewater treatment in Lebanon. He was an invited speaker at the Information Seminar, Le semide et le Secteur de l'Eau au Liban, presentation entitled Development of Tools and Guidelines for the promotion of Sustainable Urban Wastewater Treatment and Reuse in Agricultural production in the Mediterranean Countries (November 10, 2005). George Ayoub was a consultant for: Rafic El Khoury and Partners as expert on state of the wastewater sector in Lebanon; Al-Ard for training of municipal authorities and operators; cecKhatib and Alami for expert advice on the design of wastewater treatment plant for the City of Tabuk, Saudi Arabia. Mutasem El-Fadel was consultant for: World Bank on environmental management plans for infrastructure development projects in Iraq power, water and wastewater, roads, and bridges; World Bank on environmental management plans for the Cultural Heritage Program in Jordan; Petroleum Development of Oman and Bureau Veritas on Integrated Impact

Public Appearances & Interviews

Professional Consulting

Al-Battaineh, O.* and Kaysi I (2005). "Commodity-Based Truck O-D Matrix Estimation Using Input-Output Data and Genetic Algorithms," in Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 1923, Transportation Research Board of the National Academies, Washington, d.c., pp. 37-45. Ayoub G.M. and Kalinian, H. (2006). "Removal of Low Concentration Phosphorus Using a Fluidized Raw Dolomite Bed," Water Environment Research, 78 (4), pp. 353-61. Ayoub, G.M. and Malaeb, L. (2006). "Impact of Intermittent Supply on Water Quality in Lebanon," International Journal of Environment and Pollution, 26 (4), pp. 379-97. Ayoub, G.M. and Chammas, D. (2006). "Potentiality of Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse in the Lebanon," International Journal of Environment and Pollution, 28, (1). Basha, H.A. and Maalouf, S.F. (2005). "Theoretical and Conceptual Models of Subsurface Hillslope Flows," Water Resources Research, 41, W07018, doi: 10.1029/2004WR003769. El-Fadel, M. and Alameddine M. (2005). "Desalination in Arid Regions: Merits vs. Concerns," Journal of Water Supply: Research & Technology - AQUA, 54 (7), pp. 449-61. El-Fadel, M. and El Fadl K. (2005). "Water in the Middle East Revisited: Conflict Management Alternatives," Water Policy, 7 (4), pp. 385-412. Fatta, A., Anayiotou, S., Arslan-Alaton, I. Ayoub, G., Muhammad Rusan, M., Hameed, K., and Loizidou, M. (2006). "The Water Profile and the Policies that Need to be Developed for the Promotion of Wastewater Reuse in the Mediterranean Countries - The Case of Cyprus, Jordan and Lebanon," International Journal of Environment and Pollution, 28 (2). Hamad, B., Al Hammoud, R., and Kunz J. (2006). "Experimental Evaluation of the Bond Strength of Bonded-In Reinforcement Using Hilti Injection Systems," ACI Structural Journal, V. 103, No. 2, pp. 207-18. Hamad, B. and Fakhran, M. (2006). "Effect of Confinement on Bond Strength of Hot-dip Galvanized Lap Splices in High Strength Concrete," ACI Structural Journal, V. 103, No. 1, pp. 48-56. Harajli, M.H. (2005). "Bond Strengthening of Steel Bars Using External frp Confinement: Implications on the Static and Cyclic Response of R/C Members," ACI Special Publication SP230 on Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Reinforcement for Concrete Structures - FRPRCS 07, American Concrete Institute, pp. 579-596. Harajli, M.H. (2006). "Effect of Confinement Using Steel, frc, or frp on the Bond Stress-slip Response of Steel Bars Under Cyclic Loading," Journal of Materials and Structures, rilem, V. 39, pp. 621-634. Harakeh, S., Yassine, H., and El-Fadel, M. (2006). "Antimicrobial-resistant Patterns of Escherichia Coli and Salmonella Strains in the Aquatic Lebanese Environments," Environmental Pollution, 143, pp 269-77. Kazopoulo, M., El-Fadel, M., and Kaysi, I. (2005). "Emission Standards Development with Exhaust Emission Measurements in a Typical I/M Program," ASCE Journal of Environmental Engineering, 131 (9), pp. 1330-39. Massoud, M.A., El-Fadel, M., Scrimshaw, M.D., and Lester, J.N. (2006). "Factors Influencing Development of Management Strategies for the Abou Ali River in Lebanon I: Spatial Variation and Land Use," Science of the Total Environment, 362, pp. 15-30. Massoud, M.A., El-Fadel, M., Scrimshaw, M.D., and Lester, J.N. (2006). "Factors Influencing Development of Management Strategies for the Abou Ali River in Lebanon II: Seasonal and

civil & environmental engineering Faculty Research & Activities 94

civil & environmental engineering Academics 95

Annual Variation," Science of the Total Environment, 362, pp. 31-41. Sadek, S. and El-Khoury, M. (2005). "The abcs of Soil Nailing: An Integrated Tutorial and Knowledge-base Approach to Teaching Design," International Journal of Engineering Education, V.21, No.5, pp. 1003-12. Sadek, S., El-Fadel, M., and Freiha, F. (2006). "Compliance Factors within a GIS-based Framework for Landfill Siting," Journal of Environmental Studies, 63 (1), pp. 71-86. Sadek, S., Ramadan, R. and Naghi, H. (2005). "A gis-based Landslide Hazard Assessment Framework for Road Repair and Maintenance," EJGE Journal of Geotechnical Engineering, V.10, No. 7, 8 pages. Yamout, G. and El-Fadel, M. (2005). "An Optimization Approach for Multi-sectoral Water Supply Management in the Greater Beirut Area," Water Resources Management, 19 (6), pp. 791-812. Yeung, A. and Sadek, S. (2005). "Apparatus Induced Error in Hydraulic Conductivity Measurement," Geotechnical Testing Journal, ASTM, V.28, No.5, pp. 472-80.

waste: Phase II," lnscr, $6,000. Hamad, B. and Harajli, M. "Effect of frp Confinement on the bond strength of steel bars under static and seismic loading: application of exterior beam-column connections and gravity load-designed columns," lncsr, LL 12,000,000. Harajli, M. and Hamad, B. "Effect of steel reinforcement on the seismic response of concrete columns," urb, $5000. Kaysi, I. "Evaluation of motorist information systems for border crossings," urb, $5,000. Mabsout, M. "Finite element analysis of skewed steel highway bridges," urb, $4,500. Sadek, S. "Liquefaction of silty sands," urb, $5,000. Sadek, S. and Mabsout, M. "Finite element-based design methodology for buried infrastructure pipes," lncsr, LL 8,000,000.

Other Sources

Book Chapters

Kaysi, I. (2006). "Evaluating Emissions Implications of Proposed Intelligent Transportation Systems Deployments: Canadian Experience", in Urban Transport XII: Urban Transport and the Environment in the 21st Century, C. Brebbia and V. Dolezel (eds.), wit Press. Ayoub, G.M. and Semerjian, L. (2005). "Low Cost Processes for the Removal of Phosphates from Water and Wastewater," First International Conference on Sustainable Urban Wastewater Treatment and Reuse, suwtr, September 15-17, Nicosia, Cyprus. Harajli, M. and Hamad, B. (2005). "Bond Characteristics of Steel Bars in Concrete Confined with Fiber Reinforced Polymer Sheets," Third International Conference on Construction Materials, ConMat'05, August 22-25, Canada. Harajli, M.H., Hantouche, E., and Soudki, K. (2005). "Evaluation of the Axial Stress-Strain Response of frp Confined Concrete," Third International Conference on Construction Materials, ConMat'05, August 22-24, Vancouver, Canada. Hamad, B.S., Hage Ali, A. (2005). "frp Confinement of Anchored Bars in Beam Anchorage Specimens," in proceedings of International Conference CCC 2005 Composites in Construction, July 11-13, Lyon France. Ramadan, R., Naghi, H., and Sadek, S. (2006). "A gis-based Slope Stability Hazard Assessment Framework for Prioritizing Road Maintenance," International Conference on Civil Engineering Infrastructure Systems, June 12-14, aub, Beirut, Lebanon. Sadek, S., El-Fadel, M. and Freiha, F. (2006). "A Multi-criterion Modular and Flexible Decision-aid Tool for Landfill Siting Using gis," Twenty First International Conference on Solid Waste Technology and Management, March 26-29, Philadelphia, usa. Sadek, S. and Saleh, M. (2006). "Liquefaction of Sands with Calcareous Silts," Eighth US National Conference on Earthquake Engineering Conference-100th Anniversary of the 1906 Earthquake, April 18-22, San Francisco, usa. Harajli, M, Harik, I., and Naaman, A. Co-chairs and Editors of Proceedings of the International Conference on Civil Engineering Infrastructure Systems, June 12-14, 2006, aub, Beirut, Lebanon. Kaysi, I. Program Committee Co-Chair, IEEE ITSC 2006 Conference in Toronto; Editorial Board Member of Transportation Research - Part C: Emerging Technologies; Editorial Board Member, Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems; Editor, Public Transportation Management and Electronic Payment - IEEE ITSC 2006 Conference in Toronto; Editor, ieee Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems. Kaysi, I. (2005). "aub - bctc Workshops Progress Report," November 11, 2005. Kaysi, I. and Mneimneh, F. (2005). "Beirut Container Terminal Operations Improvement Studies - Progress Report." University Research Board (urb) & Lebanese National Council for Scientific Research (lncsr) Assaf, H. "Integrated water, energy, and environmental knowledge system (weeks) using gis technology," urb, $5,000. Basha, H. "Extension to contaminant transport in water distribution systems," urb, $2,000. El Fadel, M. and Darwish, N. "Anaerobic digestion of the organic fraction of municipal solid

Conference Proceedings

El Fadel, M. "Community development project: pilot demonstration in North Lebanon," cdr, and World Bank, $102,000. El Fadel, M. "Expanding economic opportunities under clustering for economic development and revitalization of industry sectors: post-harvest management," chf International, $400,000. Ghaddar, N., El Fadel, M., Karaki, S., Mezher, T., and Moukalled, F. "Renewable energy policy options for economic improvement in disadvantaged rural areas - Phase II," Global Network for Sustainable Development (gnesd), $25,000. Harajli, M. "Open and fully compatible strengthening system for heritage buildings in the Mediterranean region (operha)," European Commission (ec), $120,000. Kaysi, I. "Container terminal operations," Beirut Container Terminal Consortium (bctc), $250,000. Hamed Assaf supervised the master students Muheiddine Kabbani and Linda Khalil (ewre); and co-supervised the PhD candidate Mark Saadeh (Technical University of Aachen, Germany). George Ayoub supervised the master students Oussama Kobeissi and Mary Semaan (ewre). Habib Basha supervised the master students Rayan Bsat and Ali Dib (ewre) and co-supervised the PhD candidate Manal Hatem-Mussalem (University of Newcastle upon Tyne, uk). Mutasem El Fadel supervised the master students Fadi Matar (ewre), Michele Harfouche, Safaa Murad, Darine Salam (etp), and Lea Kai (es); and co-supervised the master students S. Al-Madbouh, G. Azar, S. Hojeij and D. Sarkis (es). Bilal Hamad supervised the master students Charbel Bou Abs and Faten Ibrahim; and cosupervised the Master student Aline Kahwaji (ce). Mohamad Harajli supervised the Master students Mohamad Abou Niag, Farid Dagher, and Zeinab Khalil (ce). Isam Kaysi supervised the master students Nada Chehab, Rawad Hani, Serene Saab (ce), Rayan Khraibani (em), Alice Kam (University of Toronto, Canada), and c0-supervised the PhD candidate Marianne Kazopoulo (University of Toronto, Canada). Mounir Mabsout supervised the master students Firas Bou Diab, Fatima El Meski, and Sako Holtian (ce); co-supervised the PhD candidate Khaled Shihabi (Damascus University, Syria). Salah Sadek supervised the master students Antoine Abboud, Fadi Freiha, Aline Kahwaji, Ramzi Ramadan, Nadim Rouhana, and Maha Saleh (ce); co-supervised the master students Charbel Bou Abs (ce) and Joy Jadam (Agriculture).

Thesis Supervision

Conference Chair, Editorial Board, & Editor


Courses Offered

The following table includes the civil engineering courses offered by the department during 2005-06, along with the related information on enrollment and instructors.

Research Reports

Research Funding


course n°

course title

level cr ug/gr ug ug ug

2 3 0


H. Nader S. Sadek B. Hamad

no sec

2 1 1

sec size

68 51 40

summer cive 360 Surveying


cive 430 Engg Geology cive 500 Approved


civil & environmental engineering Academics 96

civil & environmental engineering Academics 97

term fall


course course title number cive 210 cive 310

Engg Mech Mech of Materials

level cr ug/gr ug ug ug ug ug ug ug ug ug ug

4 3 1 3 3 3 3 3 3 0


F. Kasti & W. Najm M. Mabsout & Hisham Basha H. El-Khatib L. Semerjian Assaf & Hasbini B. Hamad M. Harajli H. Basha I. Kaysi B. Hamad & H. Assaf (Coordinators) S. Sadek M. Abdel-Malak F. Hamdan B. Hamad M. Harajli H. Basha M. El Fadel I. Kaysi

no sec

2 3 2 1 2 1 1 1 1 1

sec size

178 150 72 25 70 51 49 37 56 42

term spring


course number cive 350 cive 421 cive 431 cive 441 cive 450

course title

Envir Engg Concrete II Soil Mech & Lab Hydrology Water & Wastewater Treatment & Lab Transportation Engg & Lab Final Year Project II

level cr ug/gr ug ug ug ug ug

3 3 3 3 3


G. Ayoub & M. ElFadel B. Hamad S. Sadek H. Basha G. Ayoub

no sec

1 1 2 1 1

sec size

94 38 76 41 33

cive 320L Const Materials cive 351 cive 370 cive 410

Envir Microbiology Intro to it Structures II

cive 420 Concrete I cive 440 Hydraulics & Lab cive 460 Highway Engg cive 501

Final Year Project I

cive 461 cive 502

ug ug

3 3

I. Kaysi B. Hamad & H. Assaf (Coordinators) M. Harajli B. Hamad M. Harajli

1 1

33 41

cive 530 cive 580 cive 610

Foundation Engg Advanced Structural Analysis

ug gr gr gr gr gr gr

3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

36 29 6 26 18 8 11 14

Const Management ug

cive 623 cive 624 cive 625

Bridges Steel Design Strength & Rehab of Concrete Struct Analysis

gr gr gr

1 3 3

1 1 1

4 9 10

cive 620 Plain Concrete cive 622 Prestressed


cive 630 cive 644 cive 647

Applied Foundation gr Engg Coastal Engg

3 3 3

S. Sadek H. Basha H. Assaf

1 1 1

9 13 9

cive 640 Hydraulic cive 656 cive 661

Structures Air Pollution & Control Urban Transportation Planning Soil & Site Improvement Wastewater Treatment

gr gr

gis for Water

Resources & Envir Engg

cive 659 cive 665 cive 798

Envir Impact Assessment Transportation Economics Spec Top: ReliabBased Design of Civil Engg Systems Civil Engg Seminar

gr gr gr

3 3 3

M. El Fadel I. Kaysi S. Najjar

1 1 1

8 17 11

cive 730

gr gr

3 3

S. Sadek G. Ayoub

1 1

6 1

ensc 620 Water &

ensc 660 Envir Tech ensc 690 Seminar in Envir


gr gr ug ug ug ug ug

3 0 0 3 3 3 3

M. El-Fadel & G. Ayoub M. El Fadel (Coordinator) M. El Fadel (Coordinator) F. Kasti & W. Najm Hisham Basha M. Mabsout H. Assaf

1 1 1 2 1 1 2

13 43 75 180 39 75 76

cive 797 New & Restructured Courses



M. Mabsout (Coordinator)



During the past two years, the following courses were introduced to the program or taught for the first time:



cive 200 Perspectives in ce cive 210

Engg Mech

cive 501/2 cive 647 cive 798 cive 798

Final Year Project - fyp, 0/3 cr, ug (2004-05 & 2005-06) gis for Water Resources & Environmental Engg, 3 cr, gr (Spring 2005 & Spring 2006) Special Topics: Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composites, 3 cr, gr (Spring 2005) Special Topics: Reliability-Based Design of Civil Engg Systems, 3 cr, gr Spring 2006)

cive 310 Mech of Materials cive 311

Structures I

cive 340 Fluid Mech & Lab

It is worth noting that most ce courses currently include substantial computer applications/ implementations and web-based instruction/information (WebCT). In addition, an AutoCAD

civil & environmental engineering Academics 98

civil & environmental engineering Academics 99

drafting lab was added as a component in the cive 311 - Structures I course; a formal course on drafting/cad (mech 320 - Introduction to Engg cad) will be introduced to the ce curriculum at the first-year level staring 2006-07.

Curricular Changes (2006-07)

A restructuring of the cee undergraduate curriculum was adopted, following an evaluation of the program by the department. The changes were introduced to better meet the objectives and satisfy the outcomes of the program, while remaining in line with abet criteria. The revised curriculum will start with the new first year students effective Fall 2006-07. The modifications adopted, namely in the first two years, are summarized below: cive 200 - Introduction to Civil Engineering (2 cr) replaces cive 200 - Perspectives in Civil Engineering (0 cr) and asst 200 - Introduction to Engineering (3 cr). cive 210 - Statics (3 cr) replaces cive 210 - Engineering Mechanics (Statics and Dynamics; 4 cr). phys 210 - Introductory Physics (3 cr) is revised to include substantial components of Dynamics and Thermodynamics. eece 210 - Electric Circuits (3 cr) replaces eece 210 - Circuits and Electronics (4 cr). eece 230 - Introduction to Programming (3 cr) replaces eece 230 - Computers and Programming (4 cr). mech 320 - Engineering Graphics (1 cr) is new. cive 320 - Construction Materials and Technologies (2 cr) replaces cive 320L Construction Materials (1 cr). stat 230 - Introduction to Probability and Random Variables (3 cr) replaces asst 310Probability and Statistics (2 cr), and will be offered by the Math Department. math 251- Numerical Computing (3 cr) and one Math elective (math 212, 218, 281, or approved; 3 cr) replace asst 312/313 - Applications of Analytical Methods in Engineering I/II (3 cr/ 3 cr). The following modifications were also adopted at the senior undergraduate and graduate levels as of fall 2006-07, and will apply to the current senior students. cive 501/502 - Final Year Project (1 cr/3 cr): one credit has been added to cive 501 (Part 1) which was originally zero credit. cive 502 (Part 2) remains 3 cr. cive 581 - Specifications and Cost Estimation (3 cr) is introduced as a senior undergraduate elective and is cross-listed with enmg 503. cive 672 - Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (gis; 3 cr), previously offered as asst 632, is part of the pool of the cee graduate courses which can be taken as a senior undergraduate elective, and remains open to other programs and majors at fea. With the modifications above, the program will be maintained at the original 143 credits.

Design Enhancement of Bisri Dam Students: Souad Al Sarraf, Nicolas Ziadeh, and Christiane Zoghbi Faculty Supervisor: Habib Basha The project consists of a study of an existing dam design (Nahr el Awwali dam project) and covers both risk assessment (dam behavior to earthquake and flooding) and implementation of new features based on gis (flow modeling). A historical overview of the project is also included. Green Village Students: Hani Bou Nasr, Bahjat Dagher, Lea Diab Maalouf, Elie Kmeid, and Mohamad Yassine Faculty Supervisor: George Ayoub The project's idea involves choosing a village in Lebanon and planning all the infrastructure and facilities pertaining to it. This includes road network, water supply and distribution system, wastewater retrieval (and possible treatment) system, electrical distribution system (and possibly supply), and even architecturally beautifying the village by adding trees. Development of Kleiat Renee Mouawad Airport Students: Tammam Al Dandachi, Joseph Betour El Zoghbi, Ahmad El Harake, Fadel El Samman, and Jacques Khoriaty Faculty Supervisor: Mutasem El Fadel and Isam Kaysi The project consists of the design of a new passenger terminal at Kleiat Airport in North Lebanon with a single runway having the potential of attracting local and international airlines in an area where the effect of wind on arriving and departing aircrafts is minimal. The implementation of this project is to have a positive economic impact in the area. Metro System in Greater Beirut Area Students: Elie Kharrat, Toufic Ramia, George Tohme, Jamil Zakhem, and Maria Zeghayar Faculty Supervisor: Isam Kaysi The project consists of defining the study area, data collection, modeling, and forecasting. It covers the design of the tunnels, rail system and the stations through which the metro will pass. The project includes structural design, transportation aspects, economics, and construction management. 3D Visualization of the Subsurface for Foundation Design Students: Miled Chalfoun, Hussein El Hariri, Hrag Karaoghlanian, and Mazen Rammal Faculty Supervisor: Hamed Assaf The project consists of developing software that comprises two parts. The first part resides in generating a computer model of the terrain out of the borehole logs and possibly establishes the soil characteristics. The second step is in designing the best foundation according to the soil model generated and according to criteria selected by the operator. The code will be designed in a modular function in order to be able to add modules that would extend its ability to adopt multiple design features and new foundation types in the future without affecting the code itself. Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport A380 Adaptation Challenge Students: Ralph Bou Khalil, Jamil Daou, Radwan Nayfeh, and Alexander Rizkallah Faculty Supervisor: Salah Sadek The project includes a new airport master plan, plane parking facilities and gate usage, and the rehabilitation of the runway to sustain the A380 load requirements. Implementation of Railway between Beirut and Jounieh Students: Bassam Abou Rabia, Rawad Jamal, Nakhle Mansour, and Jad Tabbara Faculty Supervisor: Isam Kaysi The project consists of a preliminary design for the railway considering horizontal and vertical alignments, right of way, and other transportation consideration. The project includes a brief feasibility study involving economic and managerial issues. Environmental and social problems are also discussed.

Final Year Projects

The Final Year Project - fyp (cive 501/2) was introduced as a requirement in the cee curriculum for the first time in 2004-05, in line with abet requirements. Teams of students were formed and the following projects were submitted and presented during 2005-06. Elevated Freeway Students: Nicolas Bekhazi, Mohamed Itani, Elias Nehme, and Marc Rashed Faculty Supervisor: Mounir Mabsout The project presents a solution to the heavy traffic on the highway strip between Dbayeh and Beirut. It involves structural and highway design while taking into consideration the effect on the existing structures, environmental concerns, and economic feasibility. Beach Complex Resort Students: Maya Abi Aad, Mohamed Al Jourdi, Jean Paul Akiki, and Michael Daher Faculty Supervisors: Bilal Hamad and Mohamed Harajli The project includes architectural and structural designs (chalet, offices...), geotechnical issues, and breakwater design.

civil & environmental engineering Department Initiatives & Activities 100

civil & environmental engineering Department Initiatives & Activities 101

Parking Structure in Beirut Central District (BCD) Students: Zeid Imam, Youssef Shaka', and Raed Sobh Faculty Supervisors: Bilal Hamad and Mohamed Harajli The project consists of a design of a reinforced concrete parking structure in downtown Beirut, taking into account transportation considerations. An investigation of the parking needs in the area was conducted, and a feasibility study involving economical and managerial issues is presented.

Graduate Theses

Thesis Proposals Approved in 2005-06

The cee Department organized and was involved in many academic activities during the year 2005-06. This included: organizing the International Conference on Civil Engineering Infrastructure Systems (ceis); actively participating in the 5th fea Student Conference; organizing workshops, lectures and seminars; showing educational movies; and planning technical field trips. Meetings involving cee faculty members were held on several occasions and at various levels. These included regular and special faculty meetings, a faculty retreat, and a meeting with the department External Advisory Board. The department was also involved in a series of meetings with external reviewers for the evaluation of the proposed PhD program.


major advisor (committee members) ce

S. Sadek (M. Mabsout & B. Hamad)

thesis title

date approved


Transportation Research Unit

aub (cee Department and fea) and the Beirut Container Terminal Consortium (bctc) signed an agreement to start a Transport Research Unit (tru) at the faculty. This agreement, which

was signed on February 3 2006, in College Hall, is the result of a joint effort made by Dr. Isam Kaysi, Professor of Transportation Engineering (cee), bctc Chairman Ammar Kanaan, and other bctc members. Through this agreement, bctc, which is a private company that obtained a ten-year concession from the Beirut Port Authority to operate the new Beirut Container Terminal, will provide the support needed to create a Transport Research Unit, over a five-year period. The tru, lead by Dr. Kaysi, aims at providing technical support to conduct studies and research towards developing operational procedures at the container terminal, and to contribute to the development of software and information solutions for container terminals in general. In line with aub's mission, the Transport Research Unit will first advance knowledge in transportation technology; second, it will provide excellent educational opportunities for students; and third, it will serve Lebanon, the region, and beyond, by facilitating the exchange of goods with the international trading partners of Lebanon.

Aline Kahwaji

Developing Bearing Capacity Factors for Foundations on Multilayered Soils Using the Finite Element Method In-Vehicle Exposure to Carbon Monoxide in a Commercial/ Residential Region of Beirut, Lebanon Effect of FRP on Bond Strength of Hooked Bar Anchorages in Normal Strength Concrete Structures Effect of FRP Confinement on Seismic Behavior of Gravity Load-Designed Columns

Layale Abi-Esber


M. El Fadel (I. Nuwayhid, N. Saliba & A. Chehadeh) B. Hamad (M. Harajli & G. Ayoub)


Faten Ibrahim



Farid Dagher


M. Harajli (M. Mabsout & S. Sadek) S. Sadek (B. Hamad & I. Kaysi) S. Sadek (M. Harajli & M. Mabsout) B. Hamad (M. Harajli & S. Sadek)


Reaction WallStrong Floor Earthquake Testing Facility

Ramzi Ramadan


A GIS-Based Landslide 10/05 Hazard Framework for Road Repair and Maintenance Shear Strength Evaluation 11/05 of Fiber-Reinforced CementStabilized Sands Effect of FRP on Bond Strength of Hooked Bar Anchorages in High Strength Concrete Structures The Competitiveness of Beirut Container Terminal and its Prospects of Transshipment 2/06

Antoine Abboud


Charbel Bou Abs


Serene Saab


I. Kaysi (M. Mabsout & M.A. Abdul Malak)


The first experimental program using the new Reaction Wall-Strong Floor test system was launched during the summer of 2005 in the Structural and Materials Laboratory of the cee Department. The recently constructed world-class testing facility makes it possible for aub researchers to test large-scale structural and geotechnical systems under earthquake loading, and evaluate the seismic performance of the types of structural systems that are commonly used in the region. It will therefore help in the assessment of the vulnerability of building structures and other civil facilities to the seismic activities in the region. It will also foster research cooperation at the regional and international levels in areas related to earthquake engineering. The construction of the testing facility required careful design and construction. The efforts by the department to coordinate and complete the system were lead by Dr. Mohamad Harajli, Professor of Structural Engineering (cee), with the Structures/Earthquake group in the cee Department. The establishment of the facility was supported by fea and aub central administration. The first testing program to take place was concerned with examining the seismic performance of reinforced concrete columns strengthened using fiber-polymer laminates, with particular emphasis on the design and construction practice of concrete columns in Lebanon. Other tests using the facility took place during 2005-06 by the structural group in the cee Department. The cee Department at aub planned to co-organize the International Conference on Civil Engineering Systems (ceis 2006) on its premises with the ce Department at the University of Kentucky, Lexington and the cee Department at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. The conference, which was postponed from last June 2005 due the tragic assassination of the late Prime Minister Rafic Hariri in February 2005, was to be held in June 2006 and dedicated to his memory. The continued assassinations that took place during 2005-06 caused the cancellation of the ceis conference. The conference co-chairs, Profs. Mohamad Harajli (aub), Issam Harik (Lexington), and Antoine Naaman (Michigan), reached this difficult decision after a careful assessment of the situation in Lebanon at the time. The organizers decided to publish proceedings of all the revised and accepted papers, and to provide copies of the proceedings, free of charge to all authors, promising to hold a follow-up conference as soon as the political situation permits.

Civil Engineering Infrastructure Systems Conference (CEIS 2006)

five|Department Initiatives & Activities

Academic and research initiatives were notable in the cee Department during 2005-06. These included in particular the initiation of the Transportation Research Unit (tru) and the launching and activation of a world-class Strong-Floor/Reaction-Wall for dynamic/earthquake testing in the Structural and Materials Laboratory.

civil & environmental engineering Department Initiatives & Activities 102

civil & environmental engineering Students 103

5th FEA Student Conference The MEDAWARE Workshop at AUB

Participation in the 5th fea Student Conference (May 17-18, 2006) by the cee Department included the presentation of two keynote lectures and seven student papers published in the conference proceedings. The regional meeting of the medaware Steering Committee was held in Beirut on the 19th and 20th of January 2006 at the Rotana-Gefinor Hotel. The meeting was organized and presided over by Professor George Ayoub who is the director of the project at aub. Eight international and regional institutions are involved in this project. The first day covered deliberations on the existing status of the project and charted future work to be completed. The second day was spent on sightseeing visits to Jeita caves, Byblos and downtown Beirut. The Civil Engineering Seminar Series (cive 797) was offered to ce graduate program during the spring of 2006, and was open to the public. The seminar series was coordinated by Dr. Mounir Mabsout, cee Department. Other seminars and lectures were presented during 2005-06. [1] "Deep Foundations Quality Control and Quality Assurance Testing Methods" by Dr. Mohamad Hussein; Vice President, grl Engineers, Inc., Orlando, Florida, usa; Partner, Pile Dynamics, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio, usa; Chairman, Deep Foundations Committee, American Society of Civil Engineers. July 20, 2005. [2] "The Importance of Reliability Analyses in Structural and Geotechnical Engineering" by Dr. Shadi Najjar; Lecturer, cee Dept, aub. December 8, 2005. [3] "Structural Health Monitoring and Field-Testing of Civil Infrastructures" by Dr. Hani Nassif; Associate Professor, cee Department; Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. January 5, 2006. [4] "Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering" by Dr. Salah Sadek; Associate Professor, cee Department, aub. February 16, 2006. [5] "Managing Safety in the Construction Industry" by Dr. Fadi Hamdan; Lecturer, cee Department, aub. April 20, 2006. [6] "Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Flow and Transport in the Environment" by Dr. Elie Bou Zeid; Post-Doctoral Researcher - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Lausanne. April 28, 2006. [7] "Maritime Transport in Lebanon: Policies, Ports Development, and Role of the Private Sector" by Mr. Ammar Kanaan; President, International Port Management sa. May 4, 2006 [8] Simulation Tools for Infrastructure Monitoring and Management by Dr. George Turkiyyah; Visiting Faculty, Computer Science, aub. May 11, 2006. [9] "its: a 15-yr Retrospective and Looking Ahead" by Dr. Hani Mahmassani; Professor of Transportation, cee Department, University of Maryland. May 26, 2006

Educational Movies

A number of educational movies on various civil engineering topics were shown as part of the cive 200 course (Perspectives in Civil Engineering) during the spring of 2006. The purpose of the course was to introduce 1st year cee students to the world of civil engineering. The movies were attended by various ce classes. Discussions followed the showings, moderated by cee faculty members. The course and movies (listed below) were coordinated by Dr. Mutasem El-Fadel, cee department. [1] "Three Gorges: The Biggest Dam Construction in the World" (Discovery Channel) Moderator: Dr. Hamed Assaf. February 23, 2006 [2] "The Golden Gate Bridge" (A&E Entertainment) Moderator Dr. Mounir Mabsout. March 2, 2006 [3] "Super Structures of the World: Skyscrapers" (Unapix) Moderator: Dr. Mohamed Harajli. March 9, 2006 [4] "Leaning Tower of Pisa" (Discovery Channel) Moderator: Dr. Salah Sadek. March 16, 2006 [5] "A Journey in the History of Water" (University of Bergen, Winner of the Grand Prix in the 17th International Environment Film Festival) Moderator: Dr. Habib Basha. March 23, 2006 [6] "The Search for Clean Air" (University of North Carolina, Center for Public Television) Moderator: Dr. Mutasem El Fadel. March 30, 2006 [7] "Eurotunnel, Super Structures of the World" (Unapix Entertainment) Moderator: Dr. Bilal Hamad. April 6, 2006

Civil Engineering Seminars & Lectures

Field Trips

Field trips were organized by the cee faculty with the objective of exposing students to the real life experiences in the practical civil engineering world. Visits to the projects, offices, and plants (listed below) were also aimed at enhancing student learning in specific courses. [1] Dar Al Handasah (Resources and Environment Department) Accompanying Faculty: Dr. Habib Basha Course/Class: cive 440 (Hydraulics and Laboratory), cive 640 (Hydraulic Structures), ce 2007 (3rd year students), and Graduate Students Date: December 20, 2006 Aim: to attend a presentation of dam projects in Algeria and Angola. [2] Container Terminal at the Port of Beirut Accompanying Faculty: Dr. Isam Kaysi Course/Class: cive 461 (Transportation Engineering and Laboratory), and ce 2007 Dates: May 2006 Aim: to familiarize students with operations at the Container Terminal.

Environmental Engineering & Science Seminar Series

The Seminar Series in Environmental Engineering and Science (ensc 690) was offered to the interfaculty graduate program in Environmental Sciences and to the ewre graduate program in collaboration with the World Bank. The seminar series was coordinated by Dr. Mutasem El-Fadel, cee Department and Dr. Karim Makdisi, pspa. [1] "In-vehicle Exposure to Carbon Monoxide" by Ms. Layale Esber, November 16, 2005 [2] "Dbayeh Water Supply: Utilization Pattern and Perceived Quality" by Ms. Joumana Nasr, November 30, 2005 [3] "National Reforestation Plan for Lebanon" by Ms. Therese El-Gemayel, December 14, 2005 [4] "Human Development: Access to Water, Sanitation and Energy" Position Paper, World Bank, escwa, January 25, 2006 [5] "Saving the Planet: Water Resources Management" Position Paper, World Bank, escwa, February 1, 2006 [6] "Saving the Planet: Climate Change" Position Paper, World Bank, escwa, February 8, 2006 [7] "Saving the Planet: Sustainable Land Management" Position Paper, World Bank, escwa, February 15, 2006 [8] "Saving the Planet: Forests and Biodiversity" Position Paper, World Bank, escwa, February 22, 2006



In the fall 2005, 293 (251 undergraduate and 42 graduate) students were enrolled in the cee department distributed as follows:


Intensive English Undergraduate 1st Year Undergraduate 2nd Year Undergraduate 3rd Year Undergraduate 4th Year Graduate-ce Graduate-ewre Graduate-et Total

year 2005-06

10 75 72 51 43 16 12 14 293

civil & environmental engineering Students 104

Student Employment

Graduate Assistantships (ga) were granted to 9 students in summer 2005, 24 students in fall 2005, and 22 students in spring 2006. ga tasks included assisting in courses and in lab teaching and lab operations, as well as in various departmental tasks such as assisting in proctoring exams, preparing reports, and academic activities, as listed below:

undergraduate student-work scholarships

During the year 2005-06, 16 undergraduate students from various majors and classes across fea and aub worked in the cee laboratories and department. The students were assigned mainly to the Soil Mechanics Laboratory to assist in testing; 2 students worked on the cee and faculty websites; 4 students assisted in cad Lab sessions. The average working time funded was 5 hours per week.

one|Introduction two|Personnel

106 107


Thirty undergraduate students were granted the Bachelor of Engineering (be) degree, major Civil Engineering (ce), three with distinction and one with high distinction. Eleven graduate students were granted the Masters of Engineering or Science (me or ms) degree, major Civil Engineering (ce), Engineering and Water Resources Engineering (ewre), or Environmental Technology (et), during 2005-06. The Civil Summer Camp 2006 was a modest experiment. The activity was jointly conducted and co-funded by the Economic and Social Fund for Development (esfd) at the Council for Development and Reconstruction (cdr). Beyond the initial connection made by the cee Department with esfd, the students, through the Civil Engineering Society (ces), took it upon themselves to organize and coordinate the entire activity with the parties involved. The camp consisted of a one-week, community development project in the remote village of Mishmish in the upper Akkar region. Fifteen Civil Engineering (ce) students volunteered during their break between spring and summer terms to spend time assisting in public works, construction of a health-care center, and a center for agriculture development in the village. The students got further involved by offering review lessons and classes to a large number of Brevet students in preparation for the official government exams, as well as in the clean-up of a forest with a team of village scouts. The camp began with specialized workshops for the students organized on site by esfd. At the local level, the link was the Mishmish Municipality which coordinated and organized the "on-the-ground" activities. The project helped meet the objectives of the two partners, the esfd and the cee/ces. For esfd, this project promoted their activities in community development and gave credible visibility to the on-going work on development issues. The project also falls within the esfd methodology of Community Development which maintains continuous support for its partner communities and helps them mobilize resources to help them in the implementation of community development projects. At the same time, the project helped a group of Civil Engineering students: acquire some civil engineering related experience by helping in public works; get involved in community development projects and be exposed to local development issues; acquire responsibility, maturity and discipline; encourage youth participation in civil society through partnership between youth and community groups; and encourage volunteerism as non-profit, non-wage and non-career action for the well being of the community or society at large.

undergraduate students and distinction

Faculty Staff



Civil Summer Camp 2006

three|Faculty Research & Activities

Refereed Journals, Book Chapter Conferences Research Proposals Committee Service Professional Activities


107 107 107 107 108 108 108 108 109 110 110

Graduate Thesis Supervision Courses Offered

five|Program Activities

Seminars & Presentations

six|Students GA Appointments

110 110

engineering management program Introduction 106

engineering management program Faculty Research & Activities 107


This year, 2005-06, is the third academic year during which the Engineering Management (em) Program implemented the new program structure and curriculum offering. The new program has four areas of concentration: Financial Engineering, Industrial Management, Projects and the Built Environment, and Information and Organizational Management. The program has continued to attract qualified students from architecture and engineering majors and a modest number of applications from other majors including computer science, business, physics, and information systems. The enrollment in the program has increased to about 100 students, reflecting around a twenty percent increase from the average of the last five years. This year two major initiatives were completed: the offering of the engineering management master's degree with a thesis and a non-thesis option, and the introduction of a minor in engineering management for undergraduate students. Both initiatives received the approval of the concerned fea and University boards and committees. They will be implemented effective fall term 2006. Under the non-thesis option, the Master of Engineering Management (mem) degree requirements will remain the same, with the exception that the students will have to complete a total of 33 credits instead of the previous requirement of 36. This is achieved by relinquishing the "Project" requirement, while keeping an opportunity for those who may opt to undertake research work of a limited scope to take the enmg 797 Special Project course, which can be used to satisfy the 3-credit requirement of any elective depending on the nature of the topic addressed. Under the thesis option, students will be required to complete a total of 30 credits, subdivided as follows: four core courses (12 credits), three courses from the student's area of concentration (9 credits), one free elective course (3 credits), and a thesis (6 credits). The merits of these approved changes are expected to include: [1] offering students the opportunity to completed the degree in one year (non-thesis option); [2] relieving students who have less interest in research work from having to fulfill the project requirement, thereby students can finish their degrees faster and reducing project supervision load on full-time members of the em group; [3] suiting the career-oriented industry professionals (non-thesis option); [4] ability to better recognize students' effort resulting in substantive research work (thesis option); [5] improving the research output of em faculty; [6] and paving the way for a PhD program in the future. The minor in engineering management is aimed at allowing undergraduate engineering and architecture students, as well as students from related majors, to pursue an engineering management concentration starting as early as the fall semester of their third year. To satisfy the requirements of this approved minor, a student must earn 18 credits of course work as follows: [1] At least nine out of the total requirements of 18 credits shall be fulfilled from the undergraduate em course offerings, which shall include the enmg 400 course. [2] The other nine credits can be satisfied by taking courses either from the undergraduate or the elective graduate course offerings. Finally, the program joined the Engineering and Technology Management Education and Research Council (etmerc), a forum that was recently formed in order for heads of engineering and technology management (etm) programs and departments to address issues facing the etm community. The etmerc operates as an integral part of and under the auspices of the Portland International Center for Management of Engineering and Technology (picmet) and has as objectives the promotion and improvement of higher education and research in Engineering Management and Technology Management.



full time faculty members

Mohamad-Asem Abdul Malak; Professor and Coordinator EM Program, Moueen Salameh; Professor, Toufic Mezher; Professor, Khalil Hindi; Professor, Bacel Maddah; Assistant Professor, Walid Nasrallah; Assistant Professor.

part-time faculty members

Samir Traboulsi; Senior Lecturer, Akram Tannir; Lecturer, Hassan Charif; Lecturer, Youssef Nizam; Instructor, Walid Abi Lamaa; Lecturer, Maher Al Ajam; Instructor



Maya Kouzi

three|Faculty Research & Activities

Refereed Journals, Book Chapter

Majdalani, Z., Ajam, M., and Mezher, T. 2006, "Sustainable Construction in Lebanon," Construction Innovation, 6(1): 33-46. El-Taha, M. and Maddah, B. 2006, "Allocation of Service Time in a Multi-Server System," Management Science, 52: 623-37. Mezher, T., Abdul-Malak, M.A., Hamzeh, F., "Process Model for Managing Partnering," in proceedings of The International Conference on Civil and Infrastructure Systems (ceis 2006), Beirut, Lebanon, 80, June 12-14, 2006. Maddah, B., "Convenience Tying of Complementary Retail Items," informs Annual Meeting, San Francisco, November 2005. Maddah, B., "Machine Repair with General Repair Times and Spares," informs Annual Meeting, San Francisco, November 2005. Salameh, M., "Automated Generation of the University Calendar," the 92nd Annual Conference of the Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (aacrao), San Diego, April 17-20, 2006. Salameh, M.K., and Mikaty, W., "Accounting for the Holding Cost of Raw Material in a MultiCycle Production Model," The Third International Conference on Current Issues in Business and Information Technology, Beirut, May 26, 2006. El-Kassar, A.N., and Salameh, M.K., "Finite Production Model for Items with Different Qualities," the Third International Conference on Current Issues in Business and Information Technology, Beirut, May 26, 2006. Nasrallah, W., "Evolutionary Paths to a Corrupt Society of Artificial Agents." Paper presented at the New England Complex Systems Institute's International Conference on Complex Systems (necsi iccs), Quincy, Massachusetts, usa, 25-30 June 2006. Nasrallah, W., "Corruption and Cooperation in an Iterated Prisoners' Dilemma Agent-Based Model." Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the North American Association for Computational Social and Organizational Science (naacsos), Indiana, usa, 22-24 June 2006. Nasrallah, W., "Solving the Interaction Value Analysis Equations." Talk given at informs annual meeting in San Francisco, USA, November 2005. Nasrallah, W., "Replicative Generation of Critical Path Schedules for Projects With Linear Segments," Civil Engineering Infrastructure Systems (ceis 2005), Beirut, Lebanon, June 2006.


invited international presentation

Mezher, T. March 19-21, 2006. "Global Sustainability and Regional Diversity," participated in the Alliance for Global Sustainability Annual Meeting (ags 2006), Bangkok, Thailand.

Research Proposals

funded research

Toufic Mezher; "Integrated Water, Energy, and Environmental Knowledge System (weeks) Using gis Technology," urb, [$14,500] "bird project," tempus, [$18,000]

engineering management program Academics 108

engineering management program Academics 109

Committee Service

Professor Mohamad-Asem Abdul-Malak; Member of the: Public Policy and International Affairs Institute Committee; University Employee Benefits Committee; University Promotion Committee at the bod level; University Search Committee: Director of Physical Plant; fea Strategic Planning Committee; fea Space Planning Committee; fea Administrative Committee. Professor Toufic Mezher; Member of the: University Senate, Senate Committee on Faculty Affairs, fea Research Committee, Energy Research Group. Professor Khalil Hindi; Member of the: osb Advisory Committee, Graduate Studies Committee, Academic Committee, Curriculum Committee, Administrative Committee, University Board of Graduate Studies (chair), University Strategic Planning Committee for Graduate Education and Research (chair), University Strategic Planning Steering Committee. Professor Bacel Maddah; Member of the: fea Graduate Studies Committee, fea Students Affairs Committee. Professor Walid Nasrallah; Chair: fea Student Affairs Committee. Professor Mohamad-Asem Abdul-Malak; Technical Advisor, Facilities Planning and Design Unit, aub.


Omar Sinno

project title

Dynamics of Business Process Reengineering: The Case of Ministry of Finance in Lebanon Revenue Assurance in Telecom Industry Through Managing Revenue Loss Areas The Rise and Fall of the Lebanese ict Sector Portfolio Optimization by Minimax A Financial Overview of Ports Privatization; Case Study The Search for a Solution to the iva Equations Improving Project Quality Measures through Organizational Change: A Pre-planning Case Study Comparing the vdt and xdt Tools The Impact of Interaction Barriers and Access to Information on the Emergence of Cooperation or Conflict - an AgentBased Simulation Model Open Source Software: Leadership, Motivation and Quality Aspects Finite Production Model for Items with Different Qualities


Toufic Mezher

Mohamad Yasser Noamani Rami Barakat Tarek Mikati Rayan Khraibani Jocelyne Khawand Wassim Bleik

Toufic Mezher Toufic Mezher Khalil Hindi Khalil Hindi Walid Nasrallah Walid Nasrallah

Professional Activities


Graduate Thesis Supervision student

Sami M. Kamal Azhari Mireille Manoukian Walid Kamel Samer El-Masri Majd Khalaf

Yousef Saad

Walid Nasrallah

project title

The Use of Historical Overhead Costs for Estimation and Control Purposes in Future Construction Projects Development of a Life-Cycle Cost Model for a MSW Treatment Facility Professional Liability in the Lebanese Construction Industry


Mohamad-Asem Abdul Malak Mohamad-Asem Abdul Malak Mohamad-Asem Abdul Malak Hania Sabbiddin Jamil Hannouche

Walid Nasrallah Moueen Salameh

Courses Offered

Earned Value Analysis Applied to Concrete Mohamad-Asem Construction Abdul Malak The Use of Material Forward Planning Process with a 3D Control Environment in Large Mechanical Projects Data Model For Cost Schedule Integration Cultural Impact on Quality Management Systems: The Case of Dar Al-Handasah The Impact of The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority in Lebanon on the Mobile Communication Sector The Use of Natural Gas for Power Generation in Lebanon: Analysis and Proposed Solutions for the Bedawi and Zahrani Power Plants Human Resource Management in the Lebanese Construction Industry Balanced Scorecard Implementation: Lessons Learned, 2006 Toward Building A Knowledge Management System in a Design Firm: The Case of Khatib and Alami Structural Department Mohamad-Asem Abdul Malak Toufic Mezher Toufic Mezher Toufic Mezher

fall term 2005 enmg 400 enmg 400 enmg 400 enmg 500 enmg 500 enmg 502 asst 520

enmg 601 enmg 602 enmg 617 enmg 623 enmg 632 enmg 640 enmg 651

Fehmi Raouf Rony Antoun Michel El Azar

Pierre El Khoury

Toufic Mezher

Engineering Economy; Instructor: Youssef Nizam Engineering Economy; Instructor: Bacel Maddah Engineering Economy; Instructor: Maher Al Ajam Engineering Management I; Instructor: Moueen Salameh Engineering Management I; Instructor: Samir Traboulsi Construction Management; Instructor: Mohamad-Asem Abdul Malak Contemporary Issues in Technological and Engineering Ethics; Instructor: Tofic Mezher Management Theory; Instructor: Tofic Mezher Introduction to Financial Engineering; Instructor: Khalil Hindi Engineering Management Statistics; Instructor: Akram Tannir Stochastic Models and Applications; Instructor: Bacel Maddah Engineering Project Management; Instructor: Mohamad-Asem Abdul Malak Sustainable Development Management; Instructor: Hasan Charif Decision Support Systems; Instructor: Akram Tannir

Hilal Itani Mohamed M. Kara Mohamad Khaled

Toufic Mezher Toufic Mezher Toufic Mezher

spring term 2006 enmg 400 Engineering Economy; Instructor: Samir Traboulsi enmg 400 Engineering Economy; Instructor: Toufic Mezher enmg 400 Engineering Economy; Instructor: Youssef Nizam enmg 501 Engineering Management II; Instructor: Moueen Salameh enmg 501 Engineering Management II; Instructor: Akram Tannir enmg 503 Specification and Cost Estimation; Instructor: Mohamad-Asem

enmg 603 enmg 604 enmg 623

Abdul Malak Probability and Decision Analysis; Instructor: Walid Nasrallah Deterministic Optimization Models; Instructor: Khalil Hindi Stochastic Models and Applications; Instructor: Walid Abillama

engineering management program Students 110

enmg 624 enmg 635 enmg 638 enmg 653

Financial Engineering I; Instructor: Bacel Maddah Project Deliverance and Contracts: Instructor: Mohamad-Asem Abdul Malak Advanced Topics in Construction Management; Instructor: Walid Nasrallah Knowledge Management; Instructor: Toufic Mezher

summer term 2006 enmg 400 Engineering Economy; Instructor: Toufic Mezher enmg 400 Engineering Economy; Instructor: Youssef Nizam enmg 611 Supply Chain Design and Management; Instructor: Akram Tannir enmg 633 Advanced Topics in Project Management; Instructor: Mohamad-Asem

enmg 661

Abdul Malak Strategic Management; Instructor: Toufic Mezher

five|Program Activities

Seminars & Presentations

Mr. Marwan Dayya; "Establishing Successful IT Companies in Lebanon: Management Challenges and Potentials," November 23, 2005. Professor Walid Nasrallah; "Reporter's Notebook from the informs 2005 Conference," November 30, 2005. Professor Mohammad Asem Abdel Malak; "Guidelines for Devising Your Research Methodology and Plan," December 7, 2005. Professor Toufic Mezher; "Engineering Ethics," December 21, 2005. Professor Bacel Maddah; "Financial Engineering: Practice and Research Prospects," January 4, 2006.


GA Appointments

The following were appointed as gas for the academic year 2005-06. The list below shows the terms granted. Mohamad El Kayaji; Fall 2005, Spring 2006, Summer 2006 Linda Shihabi; Fall 2005, Spring 2006, Summer 2006 Maya Itani; Fall 2005, Spring 2006, Summer 2006 Nada Matar; Spring 2006, Summer 2006 Nabil Nehme; Fall 2005, Spring 2006, Summer 2006 Nabil Machaka; Fall 2005, Spring 2006 Samer Saghir; Fall 2005, Spring 2006, Summer 2006 Rana Zoghbi; Fall 2005, Spring 2006, Summer 2006 Majd Khalaf; Fall 2005, Spring 2006 Hussein Rida; Fall 2005, Spring 2006 Samah Halawi; Fall 2005, Spring 2006 Reem Saab; Fall 2005, Spring 2006 Mazen Rashidi; Fall 2005, Spring 2006 Mohamad Faour; Fall 2005, Spring 2006 Rawia Mecherkany; Fall 2005, Spring 2006 Ali Mahmoudi; Fall 2005, Spring 2006 Cinderella Nuwayhid; Fall 2005, Spring 2006 Fouad Tarazi; Fall 2005, Spring 2006 Leila Fadlallah Yehia; Fall 2005, Spring 2006 Rami Sleiman; Fall 2005 Hani Zein; Spring 2006, Summer 2006 David Sayyah; Summer 2006 Elias Nehme; Summer 2006

american university of beirut Faculty of Engineering & Architecture

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