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Amulet Books

HeReVIlle: HoW mIRkA Got HeR sWoRD GN - (Barry Deutsch) 11-year-old Mirka Herschberg isn't interested in knitting lessons from her stepmother, or how-to-find-ahusband advice from her sister, or you-betternot warnings from her brother. There's only one thing she does want - to fight dragons. $7.96 [12070752] guardians of the universe, the Peacekeepers, fight for control of an alien prison ship during an uprising, and it crashes into Earth's atmosphere. A millennium later, humans struggle to survive against the alien outlaws. Their only hope is the last Peacekeeper, Donarr the Unyielding. $6.39 [12070762] DReAmWoRks ADVeNtuRe mAGAZINe #1 (Matt Anderson/ Dan Schoening) Contains the Kung Fu Panda story The Art of Balance. Also, stories featuring Shrek and the penguins of Madagscar, plus puzzles, games, and a How To Train Your Dragon pull-out poster. $3.99 [12070763] HeRo WItHIN: I Am HeRoIc #3 - [of 3] (Jason M. Burns/Aurelio Mazzara/Dustin Evans & Aurelio Mazzara) Formerly named Heroic: Hero Within. When the Heroic app falls into the wrong hands, Villainous is reborn in the body of a schoolyard bully, forcing Jordan and his friends to master their new powers. $3.19 [12070764] kuNG Fu PANDA: tAles oF tHe DRAGoN WARRIoR - (Troy Dye & Various/Massimo Asaro & Christine Larsen/Massimo Asaro & Diego Rodriguez) Business at Mr. Ping's noodle shop has been booming since Po became the Dragon Warrior, but when a new noodle shop opens in the Valley Of Peace, touting nightly entertainment by the Dragon Wizard, can Po lure back his father's clientele? $3.19 [12070765] PeNGuINs oF mADAGAscAR: oPeRAtIoN WeAkest lINk & otHeR stoRIes sc - (David Server & Jackson Lanzing/Antonio Campo) Skipper pairs each of the four Penguins with a different resident of the New York Zoo in a capture the flag contest. $5.59 [12070766] stRAWBeRRy sHoRtcAke Vol. 2 #2 - (Ball/ Mebberson) When Cherry Jam's opening act can't perform, she asks Strawberry Shortcake to fill in. Strawberry suggests tryouts in the café; the girls work hard, but the auditions don't go well. Also includes 2 short stories and a real recipe. $3.19 [12070767]

ARcHAIA eNteRtAINmeNt llc

kIlleR Vol. 04: uNFAIR comPetItIoN Hc - (Matz/Luc Jacamon) Our Killer retires to Mexico, but finds himself drawn back into the geopolitical game between Cuba, Venezuela, and the United States, with oil revenues and political independence at stake. mt. $15.96 [12070771] mouse GuARD: BlAck AXe #6 - [of 6] (Petersen) In the last leg of Celanawe's quest, he discovers a secret order of mice who guard the axe's secrets and history, its maker, and others like him. Features a pin-up by Mike Mignola. $2.80 [12070772] mouse GuARD: leGeNDs oF tHe GuARD Vol. 01 Hc (leAtHeR BouND eDItIoN) (Various/David Peterson) Collects stories set in the world of Mouse Guard, featuring artists and storytellers handpicked by creator David Petersen. Features a black leather case wrap with gold-leaf etching, limited to 400 copies. mt. $31.96 [12070773] RetuRN oF tHe DAPPeR meN Vol. 01 Hc (leAtHeR BouND eDItIoN) - (Jim McCann/ Janet Lee) 314 dapper-looking gentlemen rain down on a land populated by children and sentient machines, to start time again. Features a black leather case wrap with gold-leaf etching, limited to 400 copies. mt. $39.96 [12070774] secRet HIstoRy omNIBus Vol. 03 Hc - (Jean-Pierre Pécau/Igor Kordey) Since the dawn of time, Dyo, Reka, Aker, and Erlin, the four Archons who headed the Four Houses, have fought each other to control the fate of hunmankind. But times change, and an evil Fifth Archon, William of Leece, is attempting to bring about the Apocalypse. Collects issues #15-20. mt. $27.96 [12070775] sPeRA Vol. 02 Hc - (Josh Tierney/ Kyla Vanderklugt & Various/Afu Chan) Exiled princesses Pira and Lono travel to the city of Kotequog to avoid Pira's mother, the Evil Queen. Obtaining jobs as adventurers, the best friends set out on a series of quests that land them in more excitement than they'd bargained for. $19.96 [12070776] syNDRome Hc (leAtHeR BouND eDItIoN) - (Daniel Quantz & R. J. Ryan/David Marquez) The lives of an ambitious scientist, a naïve actress, a tormented production designer, and a condemned serial killer intersect in this thriller that asks, "Can evil be cured?" Features a black leather case wrap with gold-leaf etching, limited to 400 copies. mt. $31.96 [12070777]

ANARcHy comIcs

DARk ReVelAtIoN #2 - [of 3] (Olson & SteeleNicholson/Turnbull & Washington) Candy is losing it; her friends are being murdered and Father Culaine and her mother seem to be deceiving her. $3.19 [12070753]

ANDReWs mcmeel

D I l B e R t: I cAN't RememBeR IF We'Re cHeAP oR smARt sc - (Scott Adams) Whether avoiding meetings with the pointy-haired boss or angsting over impossible sales goals and a mind-numbing cubicle environment, Dilbert and his fellow corporate victims soldier on. $13.59 [12070754]

ANtARctIc PRess

ADVeNtuRes oF A comIc coN GIRl #2 - [of 3] (Braziel-Solovy & Spradlin/Beauchene) Follows Dana on her misadventures in and around the comic convention scene. mt. $3.19 [12070755] DRAGoN ARms: WeAPoNs oF WAR #3 - [of 6] (Hutchinson) Ghosts. Kyoko, Stone, Hirotsu, and Sakuya struggle to reach an allied kingdom, while holding their shattered group together. $2.80 [12070756] GeARHeARts: steAmPuNk GlAmoR ReVue #4 - (Brownlee & Ash/Brown & Various/ Daniels) Discover the loveliest, most vivacious, and most sartorially splendid of steampunk Aphrodites. $3.19 [12070757] GolD DIGGeR HAlloWeeN sPecIAl 2012 - (Fred Perry & Various) Join the cast as they pull out the scary costumes, put up spooky decorations, play their choicest tricks and deliver their tastiest treats. $3.19 [12070758] GolD DIGGeR sWImsuIt ANNuAl #1 - (Fred Perry & Various) For over fifteen years, fans have been showing their love for the series by creating side stories and pin-ups centered on their favorite characters. $3.99 [12070759] lAst ZomBIe: BeFoRe tHe AFteR #2 (Keene/Perry) A freak snowstorm forces the team to seek shelter inside an abandoned hotel; as the vaccine keeping him alive begins to show signs of weakening, Ian confides in Ananti, reminiscing about his last contact with Jen and wondering what has become of her. $3.19 [12070760] steAmPuNk HAlloWeeN 2012 #1 (Various) Even on All Hallows' Eve, ghoulies and ghosties stand no chance against heroes and explorers armed with the latest steam-driven technology. $2.80 [12070761]


eVIl tRee GN - (Erik W. Hendrix/Daniel Thollin) In a rustic village outside of Manhattan, Misha and her fiancé Daren seek an escape from the fast pace of the city. When Daren brings his friends to the house, he sets in motion events started hundreds of years ago with the original occupants of the house, the Willam Family. The family died in the house one cold winter, and the house has developed a history of female occupants committing suicide. mt. $11.96 [12070768] INtRINsIc #4 - (Jones & Various/Otero) The Intrinsic will brave the afterlife to keep Apollyon from unleashing the forces of hell and destroying the world. Old scores will be settled, Tori will discover the extent of her powers, and new threats will be unleashed. $1.56 [12070769] PIXIes Hc - (Sean O'Reilly/Leisl Adams) Relist. Previous orders are cancelled. Joe Beck has the worst luck; his accidents have introduced him to every hospital employee within a sixty-mile radius. To get the girl of his dreams, Joe must discover his affliction, "The Pixie Curse," and find how to redeem a mistake he made years ago. $15.96 [12070770]

ARcHIe comIc PuBlIcAtIoNs

ARcHIe comIcs set (4) [Jul12] - This set contains the following items: Archie #637 (Parent/Parent & Koslowski/Parent) Archie's Storybook: A Riverdale Fable part 1. When Archie unleashes the powers in an old statue in the woods, things get strange in Riverdale.; Jughead #215 - (Kupperberg & Various/ Goldberg & Various/Lindsey) After reading up on mind-reading, Jughead claims he has the power to hear other people's thoughts.; kevin keller #5 - (Parent/Parent & Koslowski/Parent) Drive Me Crazy. A teenager's first car is a rite of passage, and Kevin is excited to land his: his Dad's old army jeep, "old" being the operative word.; life With Archie #23 - (Kupperberg/ Ruiz & Various/Ruiz) Archie Marries Veronica - After Clay's shooting, the gang rallies around Kevin in support. Will Clay survive or meet a heartbreaking end? Archie Marries Betty Archie and his business partners have booked the biggest band in the world for their club's

APe eNteRtAINmeNt

DoNARR tHe uNyIelDING sc - (Jim Hankins/Osvaldo Pestana Montpeller/Osvaldo Pestana Montpeller & Diego Rodriguez) The

opening night. All that's left is to schedule the opening act; is an Archies reunion in the cards? $10.36 [S1207033] ARcHIe DIGest set (5) [Jul12] - This set contains the following items: Archie & Friends Double-Digest #20, Archie DoubleDigest #233, B & V Friends Double-Digest #229, Jughead's Double-Digest #185, and World of Archie Double-Digest #22. $15.95 [S1207034] soNIc set (2) [Jul12] - This set contains the following items: sonic the Hedgehog #241 - (Flynn/Austin & Various/Yardley & Various) Blast from the Past! Team Freedom has battled the Eggman away from New Mobotropolis, and now it's up to Sonic and Team Fighters to finish the job.; sonic universe #44 - (Flynn/Amash & Various/Downer & Various) Unsung Heroes part 4. As the Council of Acorn prepares to ratify the new constitution, Ixis Naugus prepares to unleash a devastating spell from his secret lair. $4.78 [S1207035] ARcHIe loVe sHoWDoWN sc - (Dan Parent & Bill Golliher/Dan Parent & Dan DeCarlo/ Dan DeCarlo) Archie decides he is finally going to make up his mind and choose his true love as Betty & Veronica battle over him. This expanded edition adds 80 pages of material including the follow-up story, Love Showdown Special which has never appeared before in book form. Features a spot-UV enhanced cover. $7.99 [12070789] keVIN kelleR #5 (PAReNt VARIANt coVeR) - (Parent/Parent & Koslowski/Parent) Drive Me Crazy. A teenager's first car is a rite of passage, and Kevin is excited to land his: his Dad's old army jeep, "old" being the operative word. Enter Dilton, who helps him "spice" up the car. $2.39 [12070790] lIFe WItH ARcHIe #23 (FRANcAVIllA coVeR) - (Kupperberg/Ruiz & Various/Ruiz) Archie Marries Veronica - After Clay's shooting, the gang rallies around Kevin in support. Will Clay survive or meet a heartbreaking end? As Reggie and Betty contemplate the future of their reality show, others struggle with life-altering decisions. Archie Marries Betty - Archie and his business partners have booked the biggest band in the world for their club's opening night! All that's left is to schedule the opening act; is an Archies reunion in the cards? $3.19 [12070791] meGA mAN #18 - (Flynn/Martin & Various/ Norton) Proto-Type part 2. The origin of Mega Man's wayward brother, Proto Man, continues. Then, in Cold Feat, Guts Man comes to Ice Man's aid, but is the buff robot the bigger threat? $2.39 [12070792] NeW cRusADeRs: RIse oF tHe HeRoes #2 - (Flynn/Bates & Various/Ben Bates) Ashes to Ashes part 2. Shaken by the devastation to their town and families, the heirs to the Crusaders legacy face one more surprise: Joe Higgins, aka The Shield, is their legal guardian. $2.39 [12070793] Also available as a 3-cover set which contains 1 each of three different covers by Ben Bates, Chris Cross, and a "Hero" variant cover. $6.72 [S1207036] soNIc tHe HeDGeHoG #241 (HoRN coVeR) - (Flynn/Austin & Various/Yardley & Various) Blast from the Past! Team Freedom has battled the Eggman away from New Mobotropolis, and now it's up to Sonic and Team Fighters to finish the job. $2.39 [12070797]



soNIc tHe HeDGeHoG collectoRs eDItIoN moNoPoly - From the Modern day Planet Wisp and Rooftop Run to the Classic Era Death Egg, Sonic, Tails and the whole gang will continue to battle the evil Eggman to save the world. $31.95 [12070798] soNIc tHe HeDGeHoG select Vol. 06 sc - (Patrick Spaz Spaziante) Sonic must face Dr. Eggman's deadliest creation in the Death Egg Saga. Also collected are the first hints and the reveal of the Death Egg II, as well as the "Sonic Quest" mini-series, Free Comic Book Day issues from 2010-2011, and selections from Sonic the Hedgehog #224. $9.59 [12070799] soNIc tHe HeDGeHoG: comPlete comIc eNcycloPeDIA sc - (Ian Flynn/Patrick Spaz Spaziante & Various/Patrick Spaz Spaziante) The official source for Sonic the Hedgehog comic info. Includes new information not yet revealed in the comic itself and packed with entertaining character and location listings. $13.59 [12070800]

soulFIRe Vol. 4 #2 - (Krul/Debalfo, Nei Ruffino/Debalfo) Consumed by darkness in body and soul, Grace has become an agent of chaos and her journey of malevolence is only beginning. Can Malikai and his friends save their former protector before Sarin and his tech crew attempt to stop her with their own brand of justice? Debalfo cover [12070810] Parker cover [12070811] $3.19 each.


cRosseD: BADlANDs #13 - (Lapham/ Burrows) Edmund has survived where many others have died in misery. Caught between vengeful bikers and maniacal Crossed, his cowardly tendencies have put him in a spot to get the girl and be the hero. Available with a regular cover, a wraparound cover, a torture cover and a special Red Crossed Incentive Cover. mt. Regular cover $3.19 [12070812] Wraparound cover $3.19 [12070813] Variant 4-copy set $14.67 [S1207038] cRosseD: BADlANDs #14 - (Hine/Duarte/ Burrows) The Golden Road. A party is taking place at a writers retreat in author Gideon Welles' estate. Eight college students, secluded with no contact to the outside world, to find the true meaning in their lives. When the Crossed plague hits town they find that the fantasy world is a far cry from the agony of infection. Available with a regular cover, a wraparound cover, a torture cover and a special Red Crossed incentive cover. mt. Regular cover $3.19 [12070818] Wraparound cover $3.19 [12070819] Variant 4-copy set $14.67 [S1207039] DAN tHe uNHARmABle #5 - (Lapham/Ortiz) Dan's girls are in the clutches of a homicidal inbreeding religious nutbag. Now his only lead is a clueless detective with stars in his eyes over a big Hollywood TV serial killer case and a lunatic at a book signing. Regular cover $3.19 [12070824] Wraparound cover mt. $3.19 [12070825] DIcks #8 (coloR eDItIoN) - (Ennis/McCrea) Dougie and Ivor have conquered everything from outer space to inner bowels in the series that continually redefines offensive humor. mt. $3.19 [12070826] DIcks (coloR eDItIoN) Vol. 01 sc - (Garth Ennis/McCrea) Meet Dougie and Ivor, two unlucky and foul-mouthed private investigators. This first volume collects the oversized issues #1-4 of Dicks as well as a special Dicks-tionary. A dead body at their doorstep is just the start of their troubles, as they double-cross a local crime lord, accidentally kill (and zombify) Ivor's irate uncle, anger the hulking thug named Big Billy, and dodge the bullets of Dougie's spurned father-in-law. mt. $15.99 [12070827] FAsHIoN BeAst #1 - (Alan Moore/Facundo Percio) The mid-80s were a stunning period of brilliance for Alan Moore, seeing him create masterpieces including Miracleman and Watchmen. Working with Malcolm McLaren (Sex Pistols), Alan Moore developed a story that redefined Beauty and the Beast in a dystopian future city dominated by a fashion house. Available with a regular cover, a wraparound cover and as a variant 4-copy set containing 2 regular copies, 1 haute couture cover, and 1 rare tarot incentive cover. mt. Regular cover $3.19 [12070828] Wraparound cover $3.19 [12070829] Variant 4-copy set $14.67 [S1207037] FeRAls #8 - (Lapham/Andrade) Dale Chesnutt is a pawn in a deadly game and he doesn't see the people moving the pieces. With the FBI whispering in his ear and a growing ferocity changing him in ways he doesn't understand, he soon discovers that the Feral threat is much wider spread than they thought. mt. Regular cover $3.19 [12070833] Wraparound cover $3.19 [12070834]

HeRo WoRsHIP #3 - [of 6] (Penn & Murphy/ Michael DiPascale) Adam is now the second most recognizable person on the planet. Branded as Zenith's young partner, he is thrust into the limelight but finds that becoming a superhero isn't what it's cracked up to be. Regular cover [12070835] Wraparound cover [12070836] $3.19 each. stItcHeD #8 - (Wolfer/Furukawa) On a Sri Lanka-bound cargo ship, businessman Rashid Salid and his crew of black market cut-throats is overseeing the delivery of a very secret and very deadly payload. But Salid's payday may never come, as a team of American Navy SEALS are on a black ops mission to secure that cargo for themselves. mt. Regular cover [12070837] Wraparound cover [12070838] $3.19 each.


tRANsIeNt mAN GN - (Justin Coro Kaufman) A black comedy about a homeless man whose visions lead him to believe he is an interdimensional savior of humanity. Is he indeed the "one," or a hopeless lunatic? $36.00 [12070839]


comBAt JAcks #1 - (Mark McKenna/ Jason Baroody) A marine squad sent to investigate the disappearance of prison terraformers on newfound planet Maia finds the situation is worse than expected. The oxygen-rich atmosphere created by the planet's pumpkin-like vegetation makes Maia a perfect choice for settlement - and the perfect flytrap. $3.19 [12070840]


AtlAs uNIFIeD #5 - (Peyer/Salgado) Relist. Previous orders are cancelled. When a godlike madman schemes to grant time sentience and enslave it, Atlas Original heroes Phoenix, Grim Ghost, Wulf, and their human allies must perform an unthinkable mission: to kill the Frankenstein time-stream. $2.39 [12070801] HeRoes oF tHe NoRtH mIssIoNs oNesHot - (Michel Bruillette & Various/Richard Pace & Various/Geoff Isherwood) Nordik and 8 Ball team up to elucidate cold blooded murders. 8 Ball and Black Terror bring down counterfeiters. The Canadian, Fleur-de-Lys, and Nordik thwart a zombots attack in Riverdale, Toronto. mt. $4.79 [12070802]


cRIcket AGeNt oF uNIcoRN oNe-sHot (Keith Thomas/Corey Zayatz) Cricket has choices to make like any other super-powered person, but has her life of crime and her desire to see the heroes of the world punished for her father's death been worth the struggle? $2.80 [12070841] cRItteR #4 - (Hutchison/Ossio/Ossio & Broomall) Critter is feeling the heat from all sides as a beast rampages through town and she runs smack dab into the In Crowd. Available with two covers that will be sent randomly unless ordered as a set. $2.80 [12070842] set $5.60 [S1207040] uRsA mINoR #3 - (Hutchison/Snyder/Snyder & Sanders) Tokyo, Japan harbors one of nature's most valuable secrets - April the 13th; a witch with the knowledge of the ages. Somewhere in her mind lies the key to destroying the vampire race and Naomi cannot and will not take "no" for an answer. Available with two covers that will be sent randomly unless ordered as a set. mt. $2.80 [12070845] set $5.60 [S1207041]

Newmar, Peter Mayhew, Eartha Kitt, Bill Mumy, and George Takei. $3.19 [12070851] mysteRy Jets: RADlANDs #1 - (The Mystery Jets & Richard Elms/V Kenneth Marion/ Glenn Fabry) In the summer of 2010, British band Mystery Jets moved to Austin to write and record their fourth album. As the songs started to come together, a narrative also formed and Radlands began to sound like a concept record. $3.19 [12070852] oRBIt: oRIGIN oF JeRRy sIeGel & Joe sHusteR - (John Judy/Onofrio Orlando) Everyone knows that Superman came from Krypton, but he also came from the minds of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. These two artists labored in obscurity for years, and they were eventually rescued by the fandom they inspired. $3.19 [12070853] solDIeRs oF FoRtuNe mAGAZINe PReseNts #4 (steAltH) - (Shapiro/Black) STEALTH discovers the missing nuke just as it is launched, headed for targets unknown. A neck and neck race plays out in real time in the skies. $3.19 [12070854] VIctoRIA's secRet seRVIce: RussIAN Roulette #1 - (C. W. Cooke/Scott J Larson) One of their own is kidnapped behind enemy lines and the girls have to go undercover to save her. $3.19 [12070855] VINceNt PRIce: tAles FRom DARkNess #1 - (Stefano Cardoselli & Stephen Nelson/Stefano Cardoselli/Lj Dopp) My government is a kleptocracy, moderated by violence. My city is a sinking ship - all the waters of the world's corruption flowing into her. $3.19 [12070856]


HollI HoXXX Vol. 01 GN - (Austin Tinius & Adam Tinius/Stefano Cardoselli/Glenn Fabry) In New York 2051, gravity is a thing of the past. For thirty years gravity boots proved a solution, but now a new company aims to restore gravity to the city. Holli Hoxxx finds herself connected to both companies, and discovers a plot to sabotage the gravity restoration. $11.99 [12070857]

AsPeN mlt INc.

BRokeN PIeces #5 - (Roslan/Smith & Sotelo/ Smith) The creation of their doing is finally in their possession, but Ludas and his powerhungry conglomerate struggle to contain his mindless, destructive rage-until Ludas evens the odds by unleashing his most frightening creation yet. $2.80 [12070803] eXecutIVe AssIstANt AssAssINs #3 - (Hernandez/ Gunderson) Life After Death concludes. The ruthless arms dealer Mazutsu seeks to end the life of Executive Assistant Lily. Lily and Cope discover the fight for their survival has arrived at the doorstep of the safe house. konat cover [12070804] Qualano cover [12070805] $3.19 each. HomecomING #2- (Wohl Lasio & Rennee/Lasio) The kids try to return to their normal lives, but the changes to their bodies are making things difficult. Meanwhile, Hunter and Jay Anne agree to a date, but when she loses control of her abilities in public, things get out of hand. lasio cover [12070806] Ryan cover [12070807] $3.19 each. IDolIZeD #2 - (Schwartz/Gunnell/Qualano/ Ramos & Clark) A young, girl-next door reveals her tortured past and her attempt for revenge, while auditioning in front of the cameras and judges of the hot new TV show "SuperHero Idol". Ramos cover [12070808] Photo cover [12070809] $3.19 each.


BoNGo comIcs

BARt sImPsoN comIcs #75 - (Aragones & Various/Ortiz & Various/Jason Ho & Mike Rote) Bart and Nelson fight over the new girl in school, but something tells us they are not being sincere. Then, the newest designer of the be-all and end-all in haut couture is none other than Maggie Simpson. $2.39 [12070858] FutuRAmA comIcs #63 - (Boothby/ Rodriguez/Delaney & Pepoy) The Planet Express crew makes a delivery to the robot pleasure planet of Shangri-linux, where the atmosphere is lethal to humans, and so Professor Farnsworth simply transfers both Fry and Leela's consciousness into robots that share their likeness. $2.39 [12070859] sImPsoNs comIcs #194 - (Matsumoto/ Matsumoto & Rote/Ho &Rote) Being very much like a dog himself, Homer embarks on a new career as a dog listener. Meanwhile, Lisa uses brain over brawn to overcome her biggest obstacle in life - gym class. $2.39 [12070860] sImPsoN's tReeHouse oF HoRRoR #18 - (Valentino & Various/Noto & Various/Barta) Jim Valentino makes a terrifying toast to the Frankenstein monster's bride; Gerry Duggan and

BlueWAteR PRoDuctIoNs

DoRIAN GRAy #3 - (G. Davis, S. Davis/De Luca) Dorian is up for the fight of his life when Basil is off to get his revenge. $3.19 [12070848] It cAme FRom BeNeAtH tHe seA, AGAIN #4 - [of 4] (C. Griffith & S. Griffith/Noeth & Tennant/ Chris Noeth) The final issue of the miniseries based on the cult film. $3.19 [12070849] JulIet #4 - [of 4] (Hunchar/Wright) A superpowered army has made its move against her and only her greatest love might turn the tides. $3.19 [12070850] mIsADVeNtuRes oF ADAm West #6 (McKenzie & Gross/Tsubasa Yozora) Relist. Previous orders are cancelled. Adam West has almost gotten used to the idea of traveling across time and fictional dimensions, but what happens when those different dimensions come together around him? And in the process, bring together the most unique team of heroes ever assembled, whose members include Dirk Benedict, Julie


Phil Noto whet your appetite with the tale of an innocent woman forced into spawning the son of Satan; Chris and Shane Houghton fill you with dread as they lead the Simpson family to a cabin in the woods; and more. $3.99 [12070861]

Steve Jobs became one of the most important persons of the 20th-century. $10.39 [12070882]

coNuNDRum PRess

HeARtless Hc - (Nina Bunjevac) Bunjevac's stunning debut book of stories is a blend of the American underground and the European diaspora. Featuring an introduction by Jay Lynch. mt. $16.00 [12070883] PeoPle ARouND HeRe sc - (Dave Lapp) The consummate observer, Lapp's ability to crystallize everyday moments of street life and overheard conversations into short visual vignettes is remarkable. mt. $13.60 [12070884]

illustration that he has produced for The New Yorker to date, along with rare and uncollected illustrations and sketches, complete with notes and annotations by the author. $23.96 [12070892]

uNIteD PlANktoN PIctuRes

sPoNGeBoB comIcs #12 - (Lewman & Various/DeStefano & Chabot/DePorter & Flyyn) On a reluctant visit to Grandma Sponge's house, Squidward discovers an earthly paradise. But how can he get back to that happy place? Find out in Great Grandma. In Too Tough, SpongeBob invites the bruisers from the Salty Spitoon to make the Krusty Krab their new hangout, and Mr. Krabs sees dollar signs. $2.39 [12070862]


secRet tHoRNs GN - (Kikuko Kikuya) Hisahara is a hotshot writer who always runs the show. But what will happen when his exlover, the soft-spoken Uruno, signs on as his editor? $10.36 [12070893] sleePless NIGHts GN - (Sachi Murakami) Miyabi can't stand "homos", while Shuuhei is a gay man. They meet casually, but their second encounter is as roommates in a men's dorm. mt. $10.36 [12070894] stARt WItH A HAPPy eNDING Vol. 01 GN - (Risa Motoyama) If you had 7 days to do whatever you wanted before your spirit is sent to heaven, what would you do? How about becoming a cat for 7 days? $10.36 [12070895]

cRucIDel PRoDuctIoNs

cRossstAR #2 - (Gardiner/Adrian/Cariello) As the sole unharmed survivor of the attack on his precinct, Detective Basil follows left behind clues that leads to a clandestine meeting with..a Grandma? $3.19 [12070885]

BouNDless comIcs

lADy DeAtH #15 (eAsteR BuNNy coVeR) - (Wolfer/Mueller/Matt Martin) Lady Death will have you craving candy with this special 850 copy bunny costumed edition by Matt Martin. mt. $7.99 [12070863] lADy DeAtH #17 (AuXIlIARy coVeR) (Mike Wolfer/Marcelo Mueller/Daniel HDR) A striking new cover on this special edition first printing of Lady Death #17 that is limited to just 1250 copies. mt. $3.19 [12070864] lADy DeAtH #21 (Wolfer/Mueller/ Camilo) Without her magic in The Void, Lady Death will have to rely on her natural instincts and decades of hand-to-hand combat to defeat her adversary. Available with a regular cover, a wraparound cover, and as a variant 4 copy set containing 1 copy of the regular edition, 1 copy of the wraparound cover, 1 copy of the sultry cover, and 1 copy of the incentive Art Deco cover. mt. Regular cover $3.19 [12070865] Wraparound cover [12070866] $3.19 Variant 4-copy set $14.67 [S1207042] lADy DeAtH oRIGINs: cuRseD #2 (tHRoNe coVeR) - [of 3] (Pulido/Guzman/Duffield) Pulido's last chapter of the goddess's tragic origin gets an exclusive cover by Paul Duffield. Limited to 750 copies. mt. $7.99 [12070871] WAR GoDDess #10 - (Wolfer/Ponce/Eden) An unknown force rockets from the sky and embeds itself deep within the heart of San Francisco, bringing with it something very hideous, and very hungry. Guest-starring Widow and Hellina. Available with a regular cover, a sultry cover, a wraparound cover and as a variant 4-copy set containing 1 copy of the regular cover, 1 copy of the sultry cover, 1 copy of the wraparound cover, 1 copy of the Art Nouveau incentive cover. mt. Regular cover $3.19 [12070872] Wraparound cover $3.19 [12070873] Variant 4-cover set $14.67 [S1207043]

cRyPtoZoIc eNteRtAINmeNt

lookouts RIDDle Vol. 01: #1 - (Ben McCool/ Robb Mommaerts) This tale introduces the world of the Lookouts. Follow these young adventurers as they learn to master, where wonder and danger exist in equal measure. $3.19 [12070886]

euRekA PRoDuctIoNs

GRAPHIc clAssIcs Vol. 23: HAlloWeeN clAssIcs GN - (H. P. Lovecraft & Various/ Simon Gane & Various/Simon Gane) Five scary tales, each with an EC-style introduction by famed horror author Mort Castle. Featured are Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Lot No. 249, Mark Twain's A Curious Dream, and H.P. Lovecraft's Cool Air. Plus, an adaptation of the film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. $14.36 [12070896]

Del Rey

HoBBIt sc - (J. R. R. Tolkien & Chuck Dixon/ Dave Wenzel) Includes 6 new pages. The enchanted prelude to The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit is the story of Bilbo Baggins, whose life is turned upside down when he joins the wizard Gandalf and thirteen dwarves on their quest to reclaim stolen treasure. $14.36 [12070887]

text section, with period photographs. $19.99 [12070903] GRAmmAR oF Rock: ARt AND ARtlessNess Hc - (Alexander Theroux/R. Crumb) A comprehensive look at the colorful language of pop lyrics and rock music in general. $15.99 [12070904] HyPo melANcHolIc lINcolN Hc - (Noah Van Sciver) An original account of a man driven by an irrepressible desire to pull himself up by his bootstraps, overcome depression and become the person he strives to be. All the while unknowingly laying the foundation of character he would use as one of America's greatest presidents, Abraham Lincoln. $19.99 [12070905] PRINce VAlIANt Vol. 06 1947-1948 Hc - (Hal Foster) Valiant and Aleta journey to the "New World." Also included are essays and Foster's map of Val's voyage to/from the New World. $28.00 [12070906] tHe cRumB comPeNDIum sc - (Carl Richter/R. Crumb) Relist. Previous orders are cancelled. Lists and organizes all of Crumb's published work to date and serves as the definitive guide. Comics, periodicals, books, catalogs, posters, juvenilia, cards and all other printed ephemera are included along with records and CDs, buttons, statues and shirts plus listings of articles and interviews. $23.99 [12070907] you'll NeVeR kNoW Vol. 03: solDIeR's HeARt Hc - (Carol Tyler) Carol Tyler continues to dig into her father's war experiences, even as she copes with her own family. $19.99 [12070908]


mARk teXeIRA: PoWeRHouse sc - (Renee Witterstaetter/Mark Texeira) A collection of Mark Texeira sketches and completed commissions, prints, and other pieces by this classically trained contemporary artist that have never seen print before. signed softcover $13.59 [12070897] sketch edition softcover.$39.99 [12070898] s I R e N : BeWItcHING ARt oF DAN BReRetoN Hc Featuring subjects from pulp heroes to gothic horror, and ladies. His lush paintings, full of bold plays of color and shadow, all with an eye toward character and fantastic storytelling are here. Limited Edition. Signed and numbered. $27.99 [12070899]


A WRINkle IN tIme GN (Madeleine L'Engle/ Hope Larson) The world already knows Meg and Charles Wallace Murry, Calvin O'Keefe, and the three Mrs - Who, Whatsit, and Which, but in 50 years of publication, the book has never been illustrated. $15.99 [12070909]

DesIGN stuDIo PRess

tRAIl oF steel: 1441 AD GN - (Marcos Mateu-Mestre) Follow along with Condottiero Martin and his son Sancho during their dark journey through Spain in 1441 A.D. on a mission that will change their lives. $19.96 [12070888]

:01 FIRst secoND

ADVeNtuRes IN cARtooNING cHRIstmAs sPecIAl - (Andrew Arnold & Various) The Magic Cartooning Elf and his friend the Knight join forces to make a Christmas comic for Santa to give to all the boys and girls in the world. $7.99 [12070910] leGeNDs oF ZItA: tHe sPAce GIRl GN (Ben Hatke) Who can you trust when your true self is being eclipsed by your public persona, and you've got a robot doppelganger wreaking havoc while wearing your face? $10.39 [12070911]

DeVIls Due eNteRtAINmeNt

BARAck tHe BARBARIAN: electIoN collectIoN Hc - (Larry Hama/Christopher Schons & John Christmas/Joel Humberto Herrera) In an alternate world, lone wanderer Barack the Barbarian faces off against the corrupt rulers of Warshingtun. But once he finds himself with the power they once held, what will he do next? $14.39 [12070889] yumIko: cuRse oF tHe meRcH GIRl Hc - (Josh Blaylock & Murs/Jose Garcia & Dahia/ Jose Garcia) Yumiko finds her perfect little life as the merch girl for her boyfriend's band going to Hell - literally. Yumi must help her friends realize they're caught in the middle of an ancient conflict between a god of excess and his jilted lover. mt. $15.99 [12070890]


BlAckluNG Hc - (Chris Wright) A sweeping tale of a man determined to commit as many acts of evil as possible in order to ensure reuniting with his dead wife in hell. $19.99 [12070900] cAstle WAItING Vol. II #18 - (Linda Medley) The castle folk prepare for winter as Dr. Fell surprises everyone with a previously hidden talent, and the exasperated poltersprittes move to claim the Keep as their own. $3.16 [12070901] DANIel cloWes ReADeR sc - (Ed Ken Parille/Daniel Clowes) Includes, along with interviews in which he talks about his career and creative process, twelve thought-provoking essays by contemporary scholars and critics. $19.99 [12070902] GoDDAmN tHIs WAR Hc - (Jacques Tardi & Jean-Pierre Verney/Jacques Tardi) An exploration of World War I that is broken down in a chronological, historical way, compounded by an extensive historical

FuN PuBlIcAtIoNs INc

G.I. Joe Vs. coBRA sPecIAl #5 (oPeRAtIoN BeAR tRAP) - (Lee/Sheldon/ Goh/Atkins) At the height of the Cold War, the G.I. Joe's Russian counterparts, known as the Oktober Guard, embarked on a mission to the most dangerous regions of Siberia. Colonel Brekhov, Daina, Horror Show, and their skilled comrades must complete their mission while protecting their best-kept secret, General Iron Bear, from the Iron Grenadiers. $3.96 [12070912] lyDIA Vs. ZomBIes #1 - (Rob Meyer & Jesse Wittenrich/Rob Meyer) The end of the world is just another day for Lydia, a pint-size toddler stuck in the land of the undead. $2.36 [12070913] tRANsFoRmeRs: tImelINes #7 (INVAsIoN) - (Yee & Sinclair/Khanna) Two universes will collide as the war criminal, Ultra Magnus, and his crew of Evil Autobots escape from Optimus Prime's prison on Paradron and cross over from the Shattered Glass "mirror universe" into the "normal" Classicverse, fighting heroic Autobots, evil Decepticons, and anyone else who dares to stand in their way. $3.96 [12070914]


BRoADsWoRD comIcs

tARot: WItcH oF tHe BlAck Rose #76 (Jim Balent) The Dark Spiral part 2, Witchfork. Tarot has fought many enemies in her time, but none so formidable as the Dark Fairy from the Unseelie Court she now faces. Available with two covers that will be sent randomly unless ordered as a set, and as a deluxe litho plate edition including a copy of Tarot #76 (either cover) and a 6½" x 10" black-and-white litho of Tarot titled Tethered. This limited collector's item comes bagged and boarded and is signed by creator Jim Balent. Limited to 500 copies. mt. $2.36 [12070878] set $4.72 [S1207044] Deluxe edition $15.99 [12070881]

DoG yeAR eNteRtAINmeNt

FosteR #3 - (Brian/Tauzon/Buccellato) Foster tries to convince the police that he is not a murderer, so that he can get back to Ben, who is alone and may fall prey to a child predator. mt. $3.19 [12070891]


NeW yoRk DRAWINGs: ADRIAN tomINe Hc - (Adrian Tomine) A loving homage to the city that Tomine, a West Coast transplant, has called home for the past seven years. This volume collects every cover, comic, and


steVe JoBs: GeNIus By DesIGN cAmPFIRe GN - (Jason Quinn/Amit Tayal) Founding Apple Computer with his best friend,



GAlActIc PRess

GAlAXy mAN #2 - (Kyle Puttkammer & Patrick Gallagher/Allen Belk) Galaxy Man soars throughout the stars, searching for his missing wife. His mission is interrupted when an ugly space monster attacks. $3.19 [12070915] tHRouGH tHe WAlls Hc - (Jean-Luc Cornette/Stephane Oiry) A series of vignettes of everyday French life, except for characters that have the ability to walk through walls. mt. $23.96 [12070925] a British school for wizards. After meeting with the school headmaster to discuss his graduate work assignment, he finds that he will be moving to Japan - to teach English at an all-girls high school. mt. $8.79 [12070936] DIsNey FAIRIes BoX set Vol. 5-8 GN - (Paola Mulazzi & Various/Disney) This gift set features Tinker Bell and the Pirate Adventure. When Tinker Bell and Terence find that pirates have plundered their fruit, they sneak onto Captain Hook's ship and take it back. $23.99 [12070946] GARFIelD & comPANy BoXeD set - (Jim Davis/Cedric Michiels) This gift set features Catzilla, a Halloween treat in which Garfield, dressed up as the fearsome Catzilla, faces off against the real Catzilla escaped from the zoo. $23.99 [12070947] GARFIelD & comPANy Vol. 07: Home FoR tHe HolIDAys Hc - (Jim Davis & Mark Evanier/Cedric Michiels) To Garfield, there's not much more to the Christmas holidays than food and presents. This becomes the center of an argument between him and his girlfriend Arlene, who decides that Garfield is too self-centered for her. $6.39 [12070948] GeRoNImo stIltoN BoX set Vol. 7-9 Hc - (Geronimo Stilton) This gift set features Dinosaurs in Action pitting Geronimo against the combined might of the Pirate Cats and a herd of dinosaurs. $23.99 [12070949] PoWeR RANGeRs: suPeR sAmuRAI Vol. 02 - teRRIBle toys GN - (Stefan Petrucha/ Paulo Henrique) The evil Master Xandred has a plan to take over earth: use his small Monster Nighloks to pose as toys and infiltrate the houses of children everywhere. The Power Rangers track the plot to a lone warehouse on the edge of the city. softcover $5.59 [12070950] Hardcover $8.79 [12070951] smuRFs BoX set Vol. 7-9 GN - (Peyo & Yvan Delporte) Volumes 7 through 9 collected into one boxed set with over 150 pages of fullcolor comics. $14.39 [12070952] tHRee stooGes Vol. 02: eBeNeZeR stooGe GN - (George Gladir & Stefan Petrucha/Stan Goldberg) A special holiday-themed volume of The Three Stooges with 50 pages of knuckle-headed wintertime fun. softcover $5.59 [12070953] Hardcover $8.79 [12070954]

HyPeRIoN Books

kANe cHRoNIcles Book 01: ReD PyRAmID GN - (Rick Riordan/Orpheus Collar) Dr. Kane brings the siblings Carter and Sadie together at the British Museum, where he hopes to set things right for his family. Instead, he unleashes the Egyptian god Set. softcover $10.39 [12070926] Hardcover $17.59 [12070927]

leGeNDARy comIcs

toWeR cHRoNIcles Vol. 01: GeIstHAWk GN - [of 4] (Matt Wagner/Simon Bisley/Jim Lee) Follow John Tower, a supernatural bounty hunter who tracks down the shadows that the modern world has forgotten. His missions lead him across the globe and into mankind's most dangerous places to banish a wide variety of poltergeists, demons, and other evils to free his troubled patrons. $6.39 [12070937]

GemstoNe PuBlIsHING

BIG BIG oVeRstReet PRIce GuIDe Vol. 42 - (Robert M. Overstreet/Lewis LaRosa) The oversized, spiral bound, "dealer edition" workbook version of The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide returns. Limited to 1,500 copies, this version includes only the pricing sections and the lists of top comics. $36.00 [12070916]

keNZeR & comPANy

kNIGHts oF tHe DINNeR tABle #191 - (Jolly Blackburn/TBD) This multiple award-winning comic magazine features the misadventures of a group of gamers and their friends, along with useful role-playing and other articles for gamers, from a gamer's perspective. $4.79 [12070928] kNIGHts oF tHe DINNeR tABle: BuNDle oF tRouBle Vol. 38 sc - (Jolly Blackburn & Various/Jolly Blackburn) Contains all the strips from Knights of the Dinner Table #127-130, plus loads of new material. $11.99 [12070929]


DRAmA GN (Raina Telgemeier) Callie loves theater, but she's a terrible singer. Instead she's the set designer for the stage crew, and this year she's determined to create a set worthy of Broadway on a middle-school budget. softcover $8.79 [12070917] Hardcover $19.19 [12070918] GooseBumPs GRAPHIX Vol. 01: cReePy cReAtuRes sc (NeW PRINtING) - (R. L. Stine/Gabriel Hernandez & Various) Creepy creatures are howling, growling, and stalking through the artwork of the first Goosebumps Graphix anthology.. $7.99 [12070919] GooseBumPs GRAPHIX Vol. 02: teRRoR tRIPs sc (NeW PRINtING) - (R. L. Stine & Amy Kim Ganter/Amy Kim Ganter & Various) Jill Thompson brings her quirky humor and madcap illustrations to One Day at Horrorland, where a family lost in an amusement park finds the rides a little too creepy. Jamie Tolagson turns up the juice in Shocker on Shock Street. $7.99 [12070920] GooseBumPs GRAPHIX Vol. 03: scARy summeR sc (NeW PRINtING) - (R. L. Stine & Ted Naifeh/Ted Naifeh & Various) Someone's creeping through the garden, doing nasty things. Dean Haspiel knows just how to portray The Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes. $7.99 [12070921]


lIttle PRINce Vol. 03: PlANet oF musIc GN - (Guillaume Dorison/Elyeum Studio) The universe is in danger: the stars are going out one by one along the path of the Serpent. The Little Prince, determined not to let evil rule the galaxy, leaves his asteroid and his beloved Rose on a monumental quest. $6.36 [12070938] lIttle PRINce Vol. 04: PlANet oF JADe GN - (Guillaume Dorison/Elyeum Studio) The Little Prince, determined not to let evil rule the galaxy, leaves his asteroid and his beloved Rose on a monumental quest. Accompanied by this faithful friend Fox, he will discover vast worlds set off kilter by strange rules and dangerous strife and will use his extraordinary gifts to help bring balance to each planet. $6.36 [12070939] lou Vol. 04 GN - (Julien Neel) Lou's school year is off to a rocky start. Her BFF, Mina, won't speak to her, but a new friend, Mary Emily, never shuts up. Lou's mom and her new boyfriend are madly in love, but all their smooching is getting on Lou's nerves. $7.16 [12070940]

kIDs cAN PRess

BIGFoot Boy Vol. 01: INto tHe WooDs GN - (J. Torres/Erin Hicks) Rufus is bored at his grammy's house in the country. But when he follows a girl into the woods and finds a totem in a hollowed out tree, things become a whole lot more interesting. $7.96 [12070930] tHAt oNe sPooky NIGHt GN - (Dan Bar-El/ David Hyuck) There can only be one night a year when a broom will go in search of a witch, when mermaids might swim in a bathtub, and when a house party can get a little too batty. $7.16 [12070931]

kNockABout comIcs

DANte's INFeRNo GN - (Kevin Jackson/ Hunt Emerson) The story of a lost soul led by a spirit guide through Hell and Purgatory and finally to the highest realms of Heaven, where he is re-united with his lost love, the beautiful Beatrice. While remaining faithful to the narrative, the characters, and the philosophy of Dante's original, Emerson has dreamed up a brilliantly inventive series of comic variations on the poem. $15.19 [12070932]


JINN WARRIoRs Vol. 01: DeVIl's WAR GN - (Marwan El-Nashar/M. Iskandar) Three mystic humans are resurrected in the spirit dimension and unite with a team of Jinn rebel warriors against Satan and his Army of Darkness. Events take place during World War II where the devil recruits Hitler to become the Third Horseman of the Apocalypse. $15.99 [12070941]

NeW eNGlAND comIcs

tIck #101 (tIck meets mADmAN) - (Benito Cereno/Les McClaine) The Tick and Orson (the Golden Age Arthur) set out to discover if the modern Arthur is well and truly dead. $5.59 [12070955]


BuckARoo BANZAI #2 - (Rauch & Storrie/ Daza & Williams/Henry & McClinton) Relist. Previous orders are cancelled. Your favorite neurosurgeon/rock star/adventurer returns, along with his Hong Kong Cavaliers for an adventure where a Death's Head tank squad lurks in suburbia, talking bouncer-robots attack, expensive love wants to erupt, and Lectroids run with scissors. $3.19 [12070942]

HeRmes PRess

AGeNt 13 Vol. 01: mIDNIGHt AVeNGeR GN - (Flint Dille & Dave Marconi/Dan Spiegle/ Howard Chaykin) It is 1939, and Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo are but pawns of the evil Brotherhood and its leader, Itsu. Only Agent 13 stands between the Brotherhood and world domination and it will take all his fantastic powers, all his mystical knowledge, all his courage to stand against the ancient conspiracy. $23.99 [12070922] sPARRoW AND cRoWe #2 - (Accampo/Jared Souza) The curtains open on the dark secret of the demon Adramelech, and the pain he has brought to Doctor Xander Crowe. Now the evil Assyrian spirit has returned to play another "game" with Crowe. $3.19 [12070923]

NoRtHWest PRess

tRANsPoses GN - (Dylan Edwards) Features six true stories of transgender men who are also gay. mt. $15.99 [12070956]

koDANsHA comIcs

FAIRy tAIl Vol. 21 GN - (Hiro Mashima) Lucy is a mage-in-training who wants to join a magician's guild so that she can become a fullfledged magician. One day she meets Natsu, a boy raised by a Dragon who mysteriously left him when he was young. $8.79 [12070933] GeNsHIkeN omNIBus Vol. 02 sc - (Kio Shimoku) Recollecting the three volumes of Genshiken, and tells the story of college kids who are so otaku (hardcore fan), even the regular on-campus anime and manga clubs won't have anything to do with them. $15.99 [12070934] GHost IN tHe sHell Vol. 1.5 GN - (Shirow Masamune) Deep in the 21st century, the line between man and machine has been blurred as humans rely on the enhancement of mechanical implants, and robots are upgraded with human tissue. In this technoscape, the covert-ops agents of Section 9 are charged to track and crack the most dangerous terrorists, cybercriminals, and ghost hackers the digital future has. mt. $8.79 [12070935] NeGImA Vol. 36 GN - (Ken Akamatsu) Tenyear-old Negi Springfield has graduated from


ABelARD Hc (Regis Hautiere/ Renaud Dillies) To lure pretty Emily, Abelard sees only one solution: to catch the moon for her. So off he goes to America, the country which invented flying machines. Armed with his banjo and his proverb-sharing hat, he sets out on the country roads. $15.99 [12070943]


AsteRIX omNIBus Vol. 06 Hc - (Rene Goscinny/Albert Uderzo) In Asterix and the Cauldron, Asterix and Obelix will try anything to replace some mysteriously missing money. Asterix in Spain features the daring rescue of Chief Huevos y Bacon's son. And in Asterix and the Roman Agent, a sneaky spy named Tortuous Convolvulus tries to turn our heroes against each other. $22.36 [12070957]

HumANoIDs INc.

metABARoNs ultImAte collectoR eDItIoN (Alejandro Jodorowsky/Juan Gimenez) A multigenerational tale of family, sacrifice, and survival told within an immense universe, both in scope and originality. Collects volumes 1 through 4 plus, 2 bonus short stories. Forward by Matt Fraction. mt. $47.96 [12070924]


PANtHeoN Books

cHRIs WARe: B u I l D I N G stoRIes Hc ­ (Chris Ware) Follows the inhabitants of a three-flat Chicago apartment house: a 30-year-old woman who has yet to find someone with whom to spend the rest of her life; a couple


clAssIcs IllustRAteD DeluXe Vol. 09: cHRIstmAs cARol & muGBy GN - (Charles Dickens/Estelle Meyrand) Presents A Christmas Carol together with another Dickens treasure, Mugby Junction, which features elements of the supernatural and a protagonist to whom his future is revealed. softcover $9.59 [12070944] Hardcover $12.79 [12070945]



(possibly married) who wonder if they can bear each other's company for another minute; and an elderly woman who never married and is the building's landlady. $40.00 [12070958] FIctIoN House collecteD WoRks: PlANet comIcs Vol. 01 Hc - (Carmine Infantino) Contains stories that appeared from Fiction House over a thirteen-year period ending in 1953. $38.39 [12070969] FRANk HAmPsoN: tomoRRoW ReVIsIteD A celeBRAtIoN oF lIFe & ARt Hc (Alastair Crompton/ Frank Hampson) A rewritten and updated version of The Man Who Drew Tomorrow by Alastair Crompton. Printed in full color from original art boards. $38.39 [12070970] of new Judge Dredd story: Ratfink's Revenge by Alan Grant and Tiernen Trevallion, and the bodies are mounting in Anderson, Psi-Division: Stone Voices by Alan Grant and Boo Cook. And in the bagged graphic novel this month, the complete Judge Dredd: Ratfink by John Wagner and Peter Doherty. $9.80 [12070981] JuDGe DReDD: cRy oF tHe WeReWolF GN - (Alan Grant & Various/Steve Dillon & Various/ Steve Dillon) Beneath Mega-City One lies the "Undercity," ruined remains of what was once known as New York City. Now it is a deadly environment where only the most ruthless creatures can hope to survive. mt. $14.39 [12070982] JAck tHe RIPPeR: Hell BlADe GN - (Jetae Yoo) Throughout history, a secret organization has lurked in the shadows. All that stands between them and the safety of Victorian London is Jack the Ripper and his savage Hell Blade. In the ongoing battle between demons and demonslayer, the famed Sherlock Holmes lends Jack his help, while genius scientist Nikola Tesla and the superhuman Mr. Hyde join the fray. mt. $9.59 [12070991] VeNus VeRsus VIRus omNIBus eDItIoN Vol. 02 GN - [of 3] (Atsushi Suzumi) As Venus Vanguard squares off against Sonoka's evil minions, Sumire's berserker powers spiral out of control - and it's Lucia who is caught in the middle. Collects volumes 4-6 of the supernatural action series. $11.99 [12070992] VeNus VeRsus VIRus omNIBus eDItIoN Vol. 03 GN - [of 3] (Atsushi Suzumi) When Sumire Takahana joined Venus Vanguard to hunt monsters known as "Viruses," she never knew it would come to this. The ultimate battle between the crew of Venus Vanguard and their deadly Enemy is now at full tilt. Contains the final two volumes of the series. $12.79 [12070993] WItcH HuNteR collectIoN Vol. 02: Book 3-4 sc - (Cho Jung-Man) In a world where witches have declared war against humanity, the surviving human population has gathered specialists with the power to hunt and destroy witches. Tasha Godspell may be the best witch hunter there is, but now he's on trial for murder. Contains volumes 3 and 4 of the series. mt. $13.59 [12070994]


eVeRytHING toGetHeR GN ­ (Sammy Harkham) At the center of the book are two different tales: Poor Sailor, a sea-faring myth of a man gone to find wealth for his love; and Somersaulting, a fever dream of teenagers in love. mt. $15.96 [12070959] NeGRoN sc - With his luscious pictures of outre fashionistas in and out of costume and his precision comic strip tours of the urban and the fantastic, artist Jonny Negron has cultivated a unique garden of sensual delights. mt. $15.96 [12070960]

Pm PRess

ANARcHy comIcs comPlete collectIoN sc - Collects the four issues of Anarchy Comics (1978-1986), the underground comic that melded anarchist politics with a punk sensibility, producing a riveting mix of satire, revolt, and artistic experimentation. mt. $16.00 [12070961]


ANNotAteD Betty PAGes Vol. 02 sc - This digest charts the beginning of the fad for Bettie Page with original material and added observations. The second two issues are presented with upgraded images and remastered covers. mt. $16.00 [12070971]

ReD 5 comIcs

AtomIc RoBo: FlyING sHe-DeVIls oF tHe PAcIFIc #4 - [of 5] (Brian Clevinger/Matt Speroni/Scott Wegener) $2.80 [12070983] AtomIc RoBo: ReAl scIeNce ADVeNtuRes #6 - (Brian Clevinger/John Broglia & Various/ Scott Wegener) $2.20 [12070984]

oNI PRess INc.

BAD meDIcINe #5 - (DeFillipis & Weir/Mitten) Killing Moon part 3 of 3. Doctor Randal Horne and Detective Joely Huffman race to solve Deer Falls' werewolf problem before anyone else gets hurt. $3.19 [12070962] sIXtH GuN #25 - (Bunn/Hurtt) Winter Wolves part 2. Caught in the heart of a supernatural cold snap, Drake and Becky fight off a vicious creature intent on ripping them to shreds. $3.19 [12070963] sIXtH GuN Vol. 04 sc - (Cullen Bunn/Brian Hurtt & Tyler Crook/Brian Hurtt) The Six. A set of cursed pistols with the power to reshape the world. The Knights of Solomon will stop at nothing to possess this power. Captured, isolated, and tortured, Drake Sinclair is offered a choice: join the Knights' quest or die. $15.99 [12070964] stumPtoWN V2 #1 - (Greg Rucka/Matthew Southworth & Rico Renzi/Matthew Southworth) When Mim Bracca, guitar player for the Portlandbased rock group Tailhook, returns home from a long tour, she finds not everything made it back with her. Can P.I. Dex Parios track down her missing baby? $3.19 [12070965]

RANDom House

cIty oF emBeR sc - (Jeanne DuPrau & Dallas Middaugh/Niklas Asker) In the spring of 2003, kids, parents, teachers, librarians discovered and fell in love with Jeanne DuPrau's story about a doomed city, and the two children who found a way out. softcover $7.99 [12070972] Hardcover $15.19 [12070973]

ReVolutIoN comIcs

NIGHt stAlkeR oVeRsIZeD oNe-sHot (Orlando Harding/David Miller) The very worst that Hell has to offer have escaped the depths and are now hiding and posing as human beings on Earth. Dyana, the most vicious and insidious bounty hunter known has been charged to serve absconder warrants. $2.39 [12070985]

sHH PRoDuctIoNs

BettIe PAGe IN DANGeR #5 - (Pants) The mystery of pin-up queen Bettie Page's strange disappearance unfolds, following her all the way to Uranus where aliens hope to clone her exceptional DNA. mt. $7.96 [12070995]

RAW stuDIos

DARk couNtRy Hc - (Tab Murphy/Thomas Ott/Tim Bradstreet) In 2007, actor/filmmaker Thomas Jane went to New Mexico to film his noir/suspense film, Dark Country, a psychonoir about a couple forced to deal with a dead body en route from Vegas. This is not merely an adaptation, but an original graphic novel in itself, with Tab Murphy's original short story immediately following the sequential art. Also included is a 40 page bonus section packed with pre-visualization art, production photography, and marketing art and design. $19.99 [12070974]

RZG comIcs

PHAZeR #6 - (Nicieza/Hebert & Various/Byrne & Hebert) Phazer meets Captain action and together, with tons of guest stars, they battle a new alien invasion. The flipside story features the first appearance of a new superstar as Phazer time travels, meets the World War II Captain Action, and together they take on Nazis, Imperius, and Hitler. $3.19 [12070986]

soFAWolF PRess

PRyDWeN: GoDs AND moNsteRs GN - (Lynn Hogan/Lynn Hogan & Melissa Sumby/Anastasia Korochansckaja) When orphaned Prydwen begins to exhibit destructive powers she can't control, she flees to the safety of the Sui monastery with her friend Auric. $15.96 [12070996]


2000 AD set (#1799-1802) - The ABC Warriors are back and Hammerstein reveals a shocking secret about his past in Return to Earth; a new fantasy series makes its debut in Brass Sun: The Wheel of Worlds; Dr. Orlando Doyle makes plans for the end of the world in the Red Seas miniseries Beautiful Freak; we meet the Survival Geeks, crossing the dimensions; and Judge Dredd must stop the annihilation of his city in The Death of Dan-E Cannon. $16.80 [S1207045] ARt oF JuDGe DReDD: 35 yeARs oF ZARJAZ coVeRs Hc Celebrates 2000 AD and Judge Dredd's joint 35thanniversary with a compilation of the most stunning and innovative Judge Dredd-related covers and illustrated by some of the greatest talents in the industry. $54.40 [12070979] JuDGe DReDD DIGest: DARk JuDGes sc - (Alan Grant & John Wagner/Brian Bolland & Various/Brian Bolland) Judge Dredd's ultimate nemesis has arrived. His name is Judge Death and in his eyes all life is a crime. The super-fiend from Deadworld proves to be an implacable enemy and Judge Dredd must work with PSI Judge Anderson to save Mega-City One from a city-wide death penalty. mt. $8.80 [12070980] JuDGe DReDD meGAZINe #328 ­ Degenerate villain Ratfink is loose in the start

seRAPHemeRA Books

tAD cAlDWell AND tHe moNsteR kID GN - (Kurt Amacker/Slominski) Watching a snuff film, Nathan sees himself scream "Tad Caldwell". Off to find Caldwell, who wrote a book of extraterrestrial lore, Nathan learns truth has many sides. $11.99 [12070987]

stRAWBeRRy comIcs

eRstWHIle: FRom tAles oF tHe BRotHeRs GRImm GN - (Gina Biggs/ Gina Biggs & Various/ Gina Biggs) Many of the fairy tales we know today have been watered down as many have been considered too dark for today's children. Erstwhile is returning to the roots of these stories, telling five complete stories as they appeared when Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm published them. $16.00 [12070997]

seVeN seAs eNteRtAINmeNt llc

DANce IN tHe VAmPIRe BuND Vol. 13 GN - (Nozomu Tamaki) Akira has rescued Mina and revived her with his own blood at a terrible price: he is now at death's door himself. mt. $9.59 [12070988] DRAculA eVeRlAstING Vol. 02 GN (Nunzio DeFillipis & Christina Weir/Rhea Silvan) Nicholas Harker discovered he is heir to the legacy of an ancestor he never knew he had: Dracula. Under his progenitor's evil influence, Nicholas has begun to rebuild Castle Dracula in the outskirts of Boston. $9.59 [12070989] GIRl FRIeNDs c o m P l e t e collectIoN (Morinaga Milk) When it comes to grades, bookish high school student Mariko Kumakura is at the top of her class. Socially, however, she is shy and lonely. Enter the charismatic and beautiful Akko Oohashi, whose goal is to befriend Mariko and burst her out of her introverted shell. mt. $14.39 [12070990]

Ps ARtBooks

AcG collecteD WoRks: ADVeNtuRes INto tHe uNkNoWN Vol. 02 Hc - (Edvard Moritz & Various) Collects issues #6-10, originally published August/September 1949 to April/May 1950. $38.39 [12070966] AcG collecteD WoRks: out oF tHe NIGHt Hc (Roy Thomas/Edvard Moritz & Various) Collects issues #1-6 from February/ March 1952 to January 1953. $38.39 [12070967] AcG collecteD W o R k s : skeletoN HAND Vol. 01 Hc - (Roy Thomas/ Edvard Moritz & Various) The action-packed adventures from issues #1-6 from September/ October 1952 to July/August 1953, along with Clutching Hand #1 from Jul/Aug 1954. $38.39 [12070968]


AWkWARD sIleNce Vol. 02 - (Hinako Takanaga) Satoru and Keigo, now a lovey-dovey couple, plan to spend their vacation together, but Keigo is forced to attend a mandatory baseball camp instead. mt. $10.39 [12070998]

tH3RD WoRlD stuDIos

FINDING GossAmyR #2 - (Rodriguez/Ellerton) Lost in the wondrous land of Gassamyr, Jenna and her brother Denny quickly realize that their presence has not gone unnoticed. Dangerous creatures are on the hunt and the stranded siblings will have to count on new friends if they hope to survive in this new world. $3.19 [12070999] stuFF oF leGeND: toy collectoR #1 [of 5] (Mike Raicht & Brian Smith/Charles Paul Wilson) Scattered across The Dark, the boy's loyal toys, once so eager to save him, have lost their way. $3.19 [12071000]




tItAN Books

Beetle BAIley DAIlIes & suNDAys 1966 Hc (Mort Walker & Stan Lee/Mort Walker) Set in a fictitious United States Army base, Camp Swampy, Beetle Bailey collects the daily strip adventures of Private Bailey. Introduction by Stan Lee. $15.96 [12071001] JAmes BoND omNIBus Vol. 04 sc - (Ian Fleming & Various) Includes nine of Bond's most thrilling and dangerous missions: Trouble Spot, Isle of Condors, The League of Vampires, Die With My Boots On, The Girl Machine, Beware of Butterflies,' The Nevsky Nude, The Phoenix Project, and The Black Ruby Caper. $15.96 [12071002] NIck cARDy: tHe ARtIst At WAR sc (Nick Cardy) Artist Nick Cardy fought in World War II - and he took his sketchbook with him. From basic training in the US, through Europe to VE Day in Paris, Cardy documented everything, in vivid sketches and watercolors that show both the humor and horror of war. $19.96 [12071003] sImoN & kIRBy lIBRARy: scIeNce FIctIoN Hc - (Joe Simon & Jack Kirby) A huge collection of stories never before published together by the legendary creative team, collaborating with some of the most famous illustrators in comics. Features stories by Simon and Kirby from before their partnership, as well as their very first collaboration. $39.96 [12071004] falls for Kevin, the leader of the most feared clique in high school. $10.39 [12071010] ANtI #3 - [of 4] (Calloway/Hillyard/Stelfreeze) Zachary and Jordan's search for answers has pointed them in the direction of the Reverand Charles Emmanuel. Their hunt leads them to a demon stronghold, where they are attacked. $3.19 [12071011] RIDe soutHeRN GotHIc #2 - [of 2] (Marz & Various/Raney & Various/Robinson) The best in crime and action, with a taste of the South you've never experienced, featuring brother on a mission of vengeance, a daring rescue, and a tale of the Devil himself. $4.79 [12071012] X-o mANoWAR #5 (Venditti/Garbett/ Suayan) The X-O Manowar armor has fallen to Earth - and now the world's most lethal intelligence agent has a new target. But who is the operative known as Ninjak? suayan cover [12071021] Pullbox tan cover [12071022] $3.19 each. yu-GI-oH 5Ds Vol. 03 GN - (Masahiro Hikokubo/Masashi Sato) Yusei has made it into the second round of the D1 Grand Prix, but his friend Sect has made a dark pact with the ominous Skeleton Knight in exchange for the powerful Shadow Card. $7.99 [12071036]

VIZ meDIA llc

lIttle mIss DAReDeVIl INcReDIBle RAce GN - (John Hardman/Bryan Beach) Little Miss Daredevil is competing in the Incredible Race, and she's in it to win it. $5.59 [12071037] PokemoN ADVeNtuRes PlAtINum Vol. 06 GN - (Hidenori Kusaka/Satoshi Yamamoto) While Platinum skis the slopes and pursues her Glacier Badge, Pearl investigates Team Galactic, and Diamond stumbles upon a luxurious mansion staffed by a stuffy butler. $6.39 [12071038] PokemoN: BlAck & WHIte BoX set (Hidenori Kusaka/Satoshi Yamamoto) The entire Black and White series in one collection. Box set contains all 8 volumes of the Pokemon Black and White series and a collectible poster. $27.99 [12071039] ReDAkAI Vol. 01 GN - (Aubrey Sitterson) Ky, Maya and Boomer investigate a mysterious source of kairu and land in the middle of an alien invasion. Is it really all up to Team Stax to save Earth from the Gilfreem? $6.39 [12071040] VoltRoN FoRce Vol. 04 GN - (Brian Smith/ Alfa Robbi) No one knows how Voltron was formed, but one legend claims the robot had a sixth part: a warrior spirit called the Beast King. Now, an ancient evil is stirring. Has the Beast King has awakened to rejoin its spirit with the Voltron Lions? $6.39 [12071041]

215 INk

eNGINes oF Doom oNe-sHot - (Austin Rogers & Fabian Rangel/Austin Rogers) When Satan needs some dirty work done he calls upon the Engines of Doom, three demon bikers who destroy everything in their path. mt. $3.19 [12071013]

VIZ meDIA llc

BAkumAN Vol. 15 sc - (Tsugumi Ohba/Takeshi Obata) With Nanamine's manga struggling, he sets Moritaka and Akito an interesting challenge. Will the duo accept and risk what they've worked so hard to achieve? $7.99 [12071023] BelkA: WHy DoN't you BARk NoVel (Hideo Furukawa) $20.79 [12071024] BleAcH Vol. 48 sc - (Tite Kubo) As Aizen strolls through Karakura Town, Ichigo undergoes training to master the one technique that could bring an end to the conflict. $7.99 [12071025] BleAcH Vol. 49 sc - (Tite Kubo) After a long battle, Ichigo loses his Soul Reaper powers, and leads a quiet and peaceful life until he is approached by a mysterious man. $7.99 [12071026] cAse closeD Vol. 44 GN - (Gosho Aoyama) Serena's wealthy Uncle Jirokichi unveils his most prized possession: the Blue Wonder, a legendary blue gem said to possess mystical powers. It's a prize no thief can resist - and that's exactly what Jirokichi is hoping. $7.99 [12071027] DeVIl & HeR loVe soNG Vol. 05 GN ­ (Miyoshi Tomori) Maria finds herself liking her classmate Shin, but she can't seem to tell him how she feels. $7.99 [12071028] JIu JIu Vol. 02 GN - (Touya Tobina) $7.99 [12071029] kekkAIsHI Vol. 34 GN - (Yellow Tanabe) As the battle to save Karasumori and reclaim the Shadow Organization continues, Tokine attempts to convince the guardian deity Mahora to hand over her precious land while dodging her deadly attacks. $7.99 [12071030] loVeless 2-IN-1 eDItIoN Vol. 01 sc - (Yun Kouga) $11.99 [12071031] mARcH stoRy Vol. 04 sc - (Kim Hyung-Min/ Yang Kyung-Il) The Ill prey upon human feelings, using them as both a lure and a weapon. March must conceal her feelings for Rodin lest the Ill that lies inside her should awaken and destroy her. mt. $10.39 [12071032] NuRA: RIse oF tHe yokAI clAN Vol. 11 GN - (Hiroshi Shiibashi) The Nura clan and their allies encounter a forest of torii gates on their way to find Hidemoto's lost seals. There, Rikuo and the others find themselves at the mercy of a yokai capable of using the thousand torii gates to form a massive, deadly labyrinth. $7.99 [12071033] slAm DuNk Vol. 24 GN - (Takehiko Inoue) It's the second half of Shohoku's debut game in the National Championship. Toyotama boasts the top three scorers from the Osaka regionals, and they're bent on nothing less than crushing Shohoku! But Coach Anzai's got a plan: steal the ball, run and score, facing Toyotama's run-andgun style head on! $7.99 [12071034] teNJo teNGe Vol. 09 GN - (Oh! Great) The final matches of the Imperial Tournament are on and it's time to throw down. Everyone with a stake in the outcome is ready to pursue their destiny. mt. $14.39 [12071035]


l o u scHeImeR: cReAtING F I l m At I o N GeNeRAtIoN sc - (Andy Mangels/Lou Scheimer) Relist. Previous orders are cancelled. Hailed as one of the fathers of Saturday morning television, Lou Scheimer was the cofounder of Filmation Studios, which for over 25 years provided animated excitement for TV and film. Illustrated with photos, model sheets, storyboards, presentation art, looks at rare and unproduced series, and more. $17.56 [12071014]

VeRtIcAl INc.

DRoPs oF GoD Vol. 05 GN - (Tadashi Agi) Shizuku Kanzaki is the son of a recently deceased, world renowned wine critic named Yutaka Kanzaki. In order to take ownership of his father's legacy, he must find 13 wines that his father described in his will. Shizuku accepts the challenge, albeit with a little push from Miyabi. $11.96 [12071042] Gto 14 DAys IN sHoNAN Vol. 05 GN (Tohru Fujisawa) Eikichi Onizuka is a 23-year-old ex-gang member. He is also the World's Greatest Teacher. As he began his quest to become the ultimate educator the young Onizuka discovered two principles of teaching - a social conscience and a sense of morality. $8.76 [12071043] lImIt Vol. 01 GN (Keiko Suenobu) When a traffic accident almost wipes out an entire high school class on a fieldtrip, the five remaining survivors must settle their social differences to survive in the Japanese wilderness. $8.76 [12071044] PARADIse kIss Vol. 01 sc (VeRtIcAl INc eDItIoN) - (Ai Yazawa) High fashion and hot drama collide in Paradise Kiss, combining stunning design work and YA-themed narratives. $13.56 [12071045]

tItAN comIcs

clINt 2.0 #4 - (Millar & Various/Yu & Various/ Yu) The year of Millarworld continues: we're stuffed with movie exclusives on Kick-Ass 2, Supercrooks, The Secret Service, and more. mt. $5.59 [12071005]

uDoN eNteRtAINmeNt coRP.

HIstoRy oF soNIc tHe HeDGeHoG Hc - This volume covers in detail every 2D and 3D Sonic game, plus spinoffs and crossovers. You'll also find character profiles, promotional artwork, rare concept art, and a detailed look at the origins of the "Blue Blur". $39.99 [12071015] sHINING HeARts collecteD VIsuAl mAteRIAls sc - Featuring more of the artwork of Japanese pin-up artist and character designer Tony Taka. Featuring the beautiful artwork from the third installment in the Shining spinoff series, with full-page pin-ups, character designs, rough sketches, and interviews with the creators behind the SEGA video game. $31.99 [12071016]

tooN Books

secRet oF tHe stoNe FRoG Hc - (David Nytra) When Leah and Alan awaken in an enchanted forest, they have only each other and their wits to guide them. In a world of pet bees and giant rabbits, they befriend foppish lions and stone frogs, learning to confront danger as they find both their own independence and the way home. $11.96 [12071006] tRIP to tHe Bottom oF tHe WoRlD Hc (Frank Viva) Join a young explorer and his best friend, Mouse, on a sea journey to Antarctica, where they make new friends with penguins and a whale. $10.36 [12071007]

VAlIANt eNteRtAINmeNt llc

ARcHeR & ARmstRoNG #2 - (Van Lente/Henry/ Lozzi) Inside a Masonic crypt beneath Wall Street, The 1% engineer a financial apocalypse that will save the dollar, but could destroy the world. Within the secret archives of the Vatican, The Spirituali shelter a secret that could crack history in half. And - in a bar somewhere - Archer & Armstrong are all that stands between the ancient conspiracy that binds these two groups together. $3.19 [12071017] BlooDsHot #3 - (Swierczynski/Garcia & Lozzi/Ribic) You have no name, just a project designation. They call you Bloodshot, but the voices inside your head call you "daddy, "sir," "commander," "comrade" - whatever it takes to motivate you. You're finally ready to confront your handlers at Project Rising Spirit and find out who you really are. $3.19 [12071018] HARBINGeR #4 - (Dysart/Evans & LaRosa/ Braithwaite) Inside the Harbinger Foundation, Peter Stanchek thought he would finally find freedom. Instead, he found a prison of his own design. As Peter begins to yearn for the comforts of his old life, he's about to discover that leaving Harada's program isn't easy. Braithwaite cover [12071019] Zircher cover [12071020] $3.19 each.

toP sHelF PRoDuctIoNs

uPsIDe DoWN: A VAmPIRe tAle Hc - (Jess Smart Smiley) Harold is a friendly young vampire but he loves candy so much, the dentist might have to pull his teeth. What if he and the dentist, plus a couple friendly bats, all get caught up in the evil plots of the local witch? $7.96 [12071008]


VeRy HuNGRy ZomBIe Hc (Michael Teitelbaum/ Jonathan Apple) Eating brains every day sometimes isn't quite enough. $11.96 [12071046]


INFeRNo: sleeP AND A FoRGettING sc - (Mike Carey/Michael Gaydos) The Inferno. It is a city fueled by sin, driven by corruption and where lives are lived in desperate despair. John Travis finds himself in the endless city of the damned and plunged into a power struggle. $11.99 [12071009]

yeN PRess

GA GeIJutsukA: ARt DesIGN clAss Vol. 04 GN - (Satoko Kiyuduki) This 4-koma (4-panel) manga features the daily lives of five female art majors in their senior year of high school. The timid Kisaragi has a lot to learn, but with the

12-GAuGe comIcs

AFFlIcteD GN - (Shane Riches/Jose Holder) Seventeen-year-old Madison Thomas and her twin brother Lincoln just moved to Yuma, Arizona, following their mother's death. Madison quickly




6 pages

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