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VMware Download Instructions

The VMware View Client will allow physicians and other health care providers to access Meditech remotely and allow physicians to electronically sign orders/documents on scan images in PCI. 1. After accessing the WMC landing page, click the VMware file to start the download process. At the next screen called "File Download", click "Open". 2. At the next screen, click on the VMware install file icon to execute the install. 3. Click "Run" on the next screen. 4. Click the "Next" button:

5. Select "I accept the terms in the license agreement" and then click the "Next" button.

6. Click the "Next" button.

7. Enter the following DNS (Domain Name System) called in the "Default View Connection Server" field and then click the "Next" button:.

8. Click the "Next" button.

9. Click the "Install" button.

10. Wait for the install routine to complete.

11. Click the "Connect" button.

12. Log in using your username and password (same as your NetAccess login) and then click the "Login" button.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are unable to remember or you do not have a username and password, please call the I.S. Help Desk (615-435-5620) or Steve Bilyeu (615-435-5632). 13. Click on "Physicians" to highlight and then click the "Connect" button.

14. The VMware View Client Desktop will appear and will include the Meditech Workstation 4 icon. Using Meditech Workstation 4 will allow you to perform the electronic signature routine for orders/documents remotely.

15. Open Meditech by clicking on the Meditech Workstation 4 icon on the desktop and log in using your Meditech UserID and password.

Logging Out of VMware View Client: 16. After completely logging out of Meditech and getting back to the Desktop, select "Options" located at the top of the Desktop screen. Then choose "Disconnect and Log Off."

17. Click the "Yes" button.

Setup Remote Printing: If you wish to print remotely, you will need to setup the "ppii" print driver. 18. At the VMware View Client Desktop, click the Meditech Workstation 4 icon to get you to the Meditech login screen. 19. "Right" click the dark blue bar on top of the Desktop screen that has the Meditech Workstation icon displayed on the left side. 20. Click the "Workstation Menus" option. Next, click on "Options" and then click "Printer Setup." 21. In the window field called "Printer Driver," type "ppii" (lowercase letters) and click "OK." 22. When in Meditech and you need to print, at the "Print on:" prompt, type "LOCAL" to print the report.

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