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ASL Orders of Battle

(September 2005)

View from the Turret

ASLRB2 Chapter Divider Errata Although the rules were re-printed without any errata, those chapter dividers that had errata were re-printed with these changes. Unfortunately, MMP didn't "have enough to sell to stores at a discount" so the only way you can get this is directly from MMP. Their cost is $16.00 plus shipping. To start ordering, click on Buy a new ASL Divider Set! Or save a few bucks and write in the errata. Go to and click on the "ASLRB Divider Errata" link or go directly to If you bought the re-printed rulebook, it has the corrected dividers.

ASL Starter Kit #2 ­ Guns! (MMP) Scouts report that the second ASL starter kit has been seen! Until I receive my 100 copies from MMP, you can still receive my pre-order price of $20.00!

Endless Subscription to the ASL Journal Ends MMP announced that their 'endless subscription' to the ASL Journal has ended due to problems associated with credit cards (I think it was people not updating their cc info). Future issues of the ASL Journal will be listed on their pre-order page at a 20% discount. However my subscription service to this great magazine continues and you receive a 25% discount whether you have a subscription or pre-order the individual issues.

Operations (MMP) Although this in-house magazine is primarily oriented towards The Gamers, Issue 46 includes an article (actually a variant) on AH's great Up Front card game, additional aircraft for AH's high-flying B-17 Queen of the Skies, a review of ASLSK#1's first scenario (remember that one, Larry?) by MMP's own Brian Youse, a new scenario for the same starter kit, and a short preview for their upcoming Shifting Sands game. The ASL portion of Issue 47 starts off with a well-written article on the starter kits that are, IMHO, a `must read' for all ASL recruits and green gamers. This is followed directly by another ASLSK scenario (D-Day)! Of course, this magazine is a mandatory read for fans of The Gamers. You can subscribe to this with MMP or with me. If you're only interested in those issues with ASL content, you can sign up for just those with me. A subscription with me will cost $4.25 per issue (based on a suggested retail price of $6.00).

This and That ASL Starter Kit #1 is back in stock. Everyone who pre-ordered this with me was notified.

Speaking of the first starter kit, it won the highly coveted Charles S. Roberts Award for Best World War II

boardgame! Congratulations to Ken Dunn and MMP!

More modules have joined the 'out of print' ranks. Since the last newsletter, both KGPs, A Bridge Too Far,

Blood Reef: Tarawa and ASL Journals 1 & 3 are gone from MMP's stocks. Some of these are still in stock

with me. I don't expect to see these re-printed.

Code of Bushido and Doomed Battalions are also out of print but I expect these to eventually be re-printed.

To see what they have left in stock, have your quartermaster click on

to download their price list. Pegasus Bridge is being closed out by MMP for $15.00 (doesn't include shipping).

Mounted Mapboards In stock are over 400 mounted boards in most numbers except 42, 43 and 45 though 52 in mint and used conditions. Also in stock are all mounted Deluxe ASL boards except e. (Only a few unmounted mapsheets are available.) Send me your Want List.

Arrivals from the Repo Depot

ASL Rulebook 2nd edition re-print (MMP) The Book! Nothing else needs be said. MMP is selling this for $80.00 or you can get it from me for $68.00 Everyone who pre-ordered with me was contacted. Fire up the ht and move out to if you really need more info.

7.SS-Gebirgs Division "Prinz Eugen" (Lone Canuck Publishing) Get yer climbing gear, we're gonna waltz with the 7th SS Mountain Division. Although primarily engaged in

anti-partisan ops in the rugged Balkans, the Prinz Eugen participated against some regular (mostly allied

minors) units. These 9 scenarios run from January 1943 through October 1944. Seven of the 9 scenarios

require boards 40 or higher or one of the boards from HOB's High Ground pack.

You can buy this directly from George (see his price list which includes shipping at

or from me for $9.00

From The Cellar (Le Franc Tireur) Last time I checked, this scenario pack could be bought from Tim Fachko at Hobbycraft for $24.00, which included shipping in the US. I believe he has an exclusive license to sell this in North America so I do not have it in stock. He may also have back issues of Le Franc Tireur in stock. Tim's a great guy and can be reached at [email protected] BTW, Le Franc Tireur is an ASL magazine but mostly in French. The scenarios are (for the most part) in English. However the most recent issue I have (#8) has 57 of the 90+ pages in English! For more info (to include ordering from the publisher) on the pack and this magazine, check out

Timmes Orchard, 2nd edition (CH) This All American series scenario pack (Normandy arena) has been updated. In addition to the 8 regular scenarios, there are 2 SASL scenarios with Ami and German generation tables, a two-section mapsheet and a booklet with photographs describing the scenarios. $19.95 gets this pack from me. 4edf0f

Devils in the Woods and Sudden Full Contact (CH) These two scenario packs are grouped together since the timeframe and belligerents are basically the same th though the locations differ. During the Battle of the Bulge from 21-24 December, elements of the 116 Panzer and 560th Volksgrenadier Divisions were arrayed against the soldiers and machines of the 3 rd Armored and 82 nd Airborne Divisions. Although any real estate a soldier occupies is the most important (as far as he's concerned), the area around the village of Hotton with the Ourthe River bridge was one of the more important areas and hotly contested. With all the rivers the Germans had to cross, bridges were invaluable, not only for continuing the attack with heavy armor, but also for their supply columns. Devils in the Woods has 12 scenarios and two mini maps. Although the publisher has it listed for $17.95, your cost from me is $14.25 4edf0f Sudden Full Contact has 8 scenarios and a larger mapsheet. Check it out at 4edf0f At $15.95, my price is $4.00 less than the publisher's.

Hero Pax 3: PTO Made Easy (CH) On the other side of the world, the self-named "Easy" pack has no caves and no landing craft! 8 scenarios pit US Army, USMC, Dutch troops against Imperial Japanese forces. My price is $9.50 or get it from the publisher for $11.95 4edf0f

Map Upgrades (CH) You have the first edition and don't wanna pay the second edition price? How about the map upgrades? Here's what I have: 10.35 All American: Timmes' Orchard (2nd edition) upgrade kit M (12.95) 10.35 Arnhem: The Third Bridge map upgrade (12.95) 7.15 Busting the Bocage, 1st ed. map upgrade (8.95) 7.95 Hell's Bridgehead (Kursk) map upgrade (9.95) (OOPS, not here yet!) 7.95 Scotland the Brave I map upgrade (9.95) 7.95 Scotland the Brave 2 map upgrade (9.95) 7.95 Valor of the 37th Guards, 2nd edition upgrade kit (9.95)

From the Home Front

ASL Starter Kit #2 ­ Guns! (MMP) Just released and shipping to individuals so you can still pre-order this with me for a short time more. Your preorder cost is only $20.00 ­ pre-orders still accepted until I receive my shipment of 100 copies.

Armies of Oblivion (MMP) The last I heard this was in production but no publication date. I hope to see this out before the ASLOK tourney. (fingers crossed) As soon as my 150 copies get here, people who pre-ordered will be emailed. Whoever you pre-order with, I strongly recommend you do not wait until the last minute. Greater detail can be found at

Beyond Valor (MMP) This re-print is also in production. Although the website doesn't say it, this module now includes the Finn counters. Put your hobnail boots on and march over to for more info.

Dispatches from the Bunker (Vic Probst) Free scans of the first and ninth issues (along with `The Mighty Maus' scenario) can be downloaded at [Note: The scans are a little grainy and do not come close to the print quality of the actual publication.] A four-issue subscription costs only $13.00 for US addresses and US$15.00 outside the US - IMHO, this is a great deal for the quality received. According to the latest issue, all back issues are still available with special discounts for large orders. Great news for those of us tired of seeing 'out of print'. For subscription and back issue information, contact Vic at [email protected]

FireFights #2 (HOB) Following the success of the first FireFights scenario/map pack comes this offering. [The first pack was the second best selling scenario pack I ever had (#1 was Action Pack #2).] Short and variable OOBs make these scenarios a pleasure to game ­ I can't remember any taking more than 4 hours to play. Some of these I play several times and none of them game the same! Each scenario has its own map; according to the publisher, it also serves as an overlay for specific mapboards. The publisher's price of $24.00 includes shipping but I know my price will be under this by several dollars.

Berlin - Fall of the 3rd Reich (Critical Hit) Next to appear in the CH lineup is this module. The suggested retail price has risen to $49.95 but you get a lot more you money. If you pre-order with me, your price is $36.95 For more information, go to

ASL Starter Kit #3 ­ Tanks (MMP) Scuttlebutt has it that this will feature a beginner's version for vehicles and 3 boards in the new format. [Not sure about the title.]

Pre-ordering A great way to save on your ASL (and other) games, magazines and packs is by pre-ordering. All you have to tell me is what and how each becomes available, I'll let you know. All new MMP products ­ including the ASL Journal - receive a 25%, or better, discount. You can also save on other publishers and save even more by combining pre-orders with your buddies. Details are in my ASL preorder and price list...just ask for it. As with all pre-ordered/subscribed products: you can cancel at any time without problem or penalty; have it reserved for you and shipped with other items, and; receive a 35% discount for one copy for every five copies (of the same item) (FRD) you pre-order Here are the current products on the pre-order list: MMP ASL Products (all products receive a 25%+ discount if pre-ordered) 82.00 Armies of Oblivion (AoO) with boards (112.00)

20.00 ASL Starter Kit #2 - Guns (28.00)

Valor of the Guards (VotG)

Ortona: Little Stalingrad (OLS)

Hakkaa Päälle (HP)

Red October (RO)

Action Pack #3

ASL Starter Kit #3 - Tanks

ASL Journal #7 OR ASL Journal subscription

Re-prints: 69.00 Beyond Valor 3rd edition (BV3) (95.00)

Code of Bushido (CoB)

West of Alamein (WoA)

MMP's Non-ASL Products (all products receive a 25%+ discount if pre-ordered) 40.00 Shifting Sands (55.00) 21.00 Afrika (30.00) 33.00 Strike Them A Blow (CWB) (49.00) 125.00 Devil's Cauldron (175.00) 22.00 Guadalajara (32.00) 22.00 A Victory Lost (32.00) Critical Hit (all products receive a 25% or better discount if pre-ordered) 36.95 Berlin--The Fall of the Third Reich (49.95) CH Magazine 7.3 (magazine) OR CH Magazine subscription Heat of Battle (all products receive a 10% or better discount if pre-ordered) Firefights 2 Kampfgruppe Commander Recon by Fire 3 (magazine) OR Recon by Fire subscription

Lone Canuck (all products receive a 10% or better discount if pre-ordered) Ost Front Pack Leibstandarte Pack 5 "Scorched Earth"

This and That The Finns are back in the re-print of Beyond Valor. According to MMP, this does not change the pre-order price. Following in the bootprints of 1ts predecessor, FireFights 2 (HOB) is expected soon. Have you pre-ordered? Lone Canuck Publishing wants playtesters for their Ost Front and Leibstandarte Pack 5 "Scorched Earth" packs. If interested, check it the requirements at

Out of Print Prices for some OOP material are outrageous on eBay. (I parted with my personal copy of ASL Action Pack 1 for a lot of money.) However I do have quite a bit of OOP items in stock and usually lower than what you find on eBay. The price you pay is 15% to 20% over my cost. I can charge less than the auction rates due to the high turnover of what I have in stock. If you're looking for an OOP game (even non ASL), ask me. Because of the rapid turnaround in OOP games, I usually don't have these long enough to place on a list. A few times a month, I receive shipments from secondary suppliers and purchases from eBay and some of these are Out of Print ASL. If I don't have it in stock, you can be placed on the Want List for it - there is absolutely no obligation to buy.


ASL Oktoberfest Tournament (2-9 October 2005)

(Quality Inn & Suites, Middleburg Heights, OH)

Tournament Director: Bret Hildebran

You must make your hotel reservations by 19 Sep to receive the special discounted rate.

Due to my job, I won't be able to attend this year.

For more info on this tournament, go to

For information on other ASL tournaments, go to

If you want to see your tourney here, shoot me an email with the specifics. It must be listed on MMP's web site.

Do yourself a BIG ASL favor and go to a tournament!

Roll low!


Prices and discounts listed in this newsletter do not include shipping and (optionally) insurance. If the order is mailed to an address in Illinois, you may also have to pay state sales tax. Pre-order prices are based on announcements from the publishers. The actual price of the published product and my discount determine your final cost. To unsubscribe, hit "Reply" and type in "UNSUBSCRIBE" in the subject line. A confirmation email will be sent.


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