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Womack Machine Supply Company

One Call Does It!

With over 50 years of experience in industrial distribution, we have evolved into an organization which we believe is second to none in its ability to serve you. Womack represents some of the world's leading suppliers of fluid power and automation products.

A Leader In Industry Education


You are invited to enroll in one of our Customer Schools offered from time to time in all of the territories in which we operate. These schools on fluid power and industrial controls have been attended by over 25,000 Womack Customers in the last thirty years. Our courses are used by technical schools all over the U.S.A. and Canada, and by many other distributors to train their employees and Customers.

One of the largest inventories in the Southwest is maintained in four conveniently located Regional Distribution Centers. If you need a brand or product we don't represent, our "One Call Does It" service Womack has written and published a library of can provide you with the phone number of the Textbooks on fluid power, industrial controls, and nearest distributor. automation equipment. They are written from a practical, rather than a scientific viewpoint, and there Our sales staff is one of the best trained in our is a minimum of mathematics, theory, and formulas. industry. They will gladly help with component Our books are used by fluid power distributors, selection, product application, or system design. manufacturers, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, colleges, and technical schools throughout the world.

Womack Systems

For over 50 years Womack has manufactured hydraulic power units ranging from fractional to hundreds of horsepower with gas, diesel, and electric prime movers. Our systems experience includes designing hydraulic and pneumatic systems, motion controls, machine tools, pick and place machines, mobile electrical systems, retrofitting of electro-hydraulic machinery, and machine assembly. Our Automation experience includes relay ladder logic, programmable logic controllers, motion controllers, temperature and process controllers, hydraulic proportional and servo systems, and computer based control systems. is a cooperation between The phones in our sales offices are answered by Bosch-Rexroth distributors that gives you the ability people around the clock to help you in case of to work with a single-source supplier and have an emergency. We don't just sell products, we provide solutions. technical support from your local distributor.

­ Warehouses ­

13835 Senlac Drive Fax: (214) 630-5314

­ Additional Sales Offices ­

8808 E. Admiral Pl. Fax: (918) 838-2759 Little Rock, AR (800) 569-9803 Fax: (918) 838-2759 Lubbock, TX (800) 569-9801 Fax: (214) 630-5314 Oklahoma City, OK (800) 569-9803 Fax: (918) 838-2759 San Antonio, TX (800) 569-9807 Fax: (713) 956-2539


(800) 569-9801

7807 Bluff Point Drive, Suite 140 Fax: (713) 956-2539



(800) 569-9807

(800) 569-9803

Lafayette, LA (800) 569-9808 Fax: (504) 361-4552

New Orleans, LA (800) 569-9808 Fax: (504) 361-4552


Fax: (406) 259-7248

(800) 332-7298

535 Moore Lane

3102 West Broadway Fax: (406) 549-3720

MISSOULA, MT (800) 332-2694


4272 West Nike Drive Fax: (801) 566-7040

(801) 566-4333

1417 Forestdale Blvd. Fax: (205) 798-3532

BIRMINGHAM, AL (205) 798-9440


1615 Yeager Ave. Fax: (909) 593-7504

(909) 593-7304

7307 S. Harl Ave. Suite #7 Fax: (480) 831-0075


(480) 831-9448

Tyler, TX (800) 569-9801 Fax: (214) 630-5314

­ Service and Repair ­

Missoula, MT (800) 332-2694 Fax: (406) 549-3720 Salt Lake City, UT (801) 566-4333 Fax: (801) 566-7040

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Womack Machine Supply Company

The products we represent are carefully chosen to provide you with the utmost in quality, value and performance. Our stock of fluid power and automation control components is not necessarily limited to those shown in this list. We invite your inquiry on any item you do not see listed. Manufacturer's literature is available from these suppliers, and will be sent on request. Not all products available in every location.

AAA Products International Pneumatic valves, 1/4 to 2, manual, pilot and solenoid operated; hydraulic driven drilling and tapping units. Air Hydraulics Index tables and presses. Air-Mite Pneumatic cylinders, valves and controls. Airoyal Small-bore air and hydraulic cylinders. Allied Witan Air exhaust mufflers. Anchor Fluid Power SAE connection flanges for hydraulic pumps, motors and valves. Anchor Lamina Low speed, high torque hydraulic motors. Auburn Gear Planetary gear boxes and swing drives. Balluff Inc. Sensors for industrial automation. Barrington Automation Grippers, linear actuators, table slides, escapements, rotary drives, and sensors. Beijer Electronics HMIs. Bosch Rexroth Corp. ­ Hydraulics Business Unit Directional, flow and pressure control valves; vane pumps; proportional and servo valves; logic valves; custom manifolds; hydraulic cylinders; hydraulic power units. Sectional directional valves; gear pumps; low speed, high torque motors; open and closed loop piston pumps, motors and transmissions; heavy-duty gear boxes. ­ Pneumatic Business Unit Pneumatic cylinders, manual and solenoid operated directional valves, valve manifolds, bus systems, vacuum components, tubing and fittings, linear positioning units, rotary actuators, grippers, and accessories. ­ Drive and Control Business Unit Brushless AC servo drives and motors, single/multi-axis controllers, programmable logic controllers, slice I/O, human machine interface terminals, industrial computers, Windows CE based HMI, CNC controllers, linear motors, frameless motors, AC variable frequency drives. ­ Linear Motion and Assembly Technologies Business Unit Ball rail systems, roller rail systems, ball screws, belt drive actuators, ball screw actuators, ball bushings, cartesian motion systems, manual work systems, manual production systems, material and information flow technology. Brand Hydraulics Co. Inc. Flow dividers, combiners, priority flow control valves; mobile sectional valves; hand pumps. David Brown (Textron) Gear pumps and motors. BSF Pump/motor bell housings. CGI Inline planetary gearheads, right angle planetary gearheads, spur gearheads, right angle spur gearheads. CKD Pneumatic valves, cylinders and accessories. Clippard Miniature pneumatic valves, cylinders and fittings. Compact Automation Linear actuators, rotary actuators, cylinders. Contrex Digital motor speed controls. Daman Products Company Inc. Standard NFPA bar manifolds, custom circuit manifolds, and accessories. Danaher Precision Systems (IDC) Electric linear actuators, stepper/servo motors and drives, gearboxes. Delta Electronics AC variable frequency drives, programmable logic controllers, human machine interface terminals, brushless AC servo drives and motors, temperature controllers, encoders. Dragon Valves, Inc. High pressure needle and shut-off valves, manual and diaphragm operated. Duff Norton Mechanical actuators (screw jacks), electromechanical linear actuators, electric cylinders and rotating joints. Energy (Textron) Valves, cylinders, motors and hydraulic power units for mobile applications. Enerpac High pressure hydraulic hand pumps, power units and cylinders; work holding tools; directional valves. Enidine Goodyear air springs and actuators, hydraulic shock absorbers, wire rope isolators. Flow Ezy Hydraulic oil strainers and diffusers. Freelin-Wade Polyurathane, nylon, pvc, and specialty tubing. Global Manufacturing, Inc. Industrial hydraulic, pneumatic and electric vibrators. Granit Fluid Power (Victor Fluid Power) High pressure pumps, control valves and hand pumps. J.D. Gould Company, Inc. 2-Way solenoid shut-off valves. Hagglunds Motors, controls, valves. Haldex (Barnes) Gear pumps and motors, gear type flow dividers, AC & DC hydraulic power units. Haskel Air driven pressure intensifiers, gas boosters, air amplifiers, high pressure valves, accumulators and regulators. Hays 2-Way solenoid valves. Hedland Mechanical and electronic flow meters. Hub City Shaft and motor driven pump drives. HYDAC Accumulators, pipe/hose clamps, in-line and tank mounted filtration, off-line filtration units, and on-line fluid analysis equipment; high pressure ball valves, check, flow and needle valves; cartridge valves, pressure transducers, heat exchangers, and high pressure power units. HydraForce Cartridge valves for pressure, flow and directional control, manually, solenoid, and proportionally operated, sandwich and line mounted; custom hydraulic manifolds. Hydratech/CRC Custom hydraulic cylinders. Hydrocraft Inc. Hydraulic reservoirs and accessories. HyPneuMat Production drilling and tapping units. Jefferson Valves Solenoid valves, level controls. Jiffy Products High production drilling and tapping units; threading machines. Kocsis Technologies Hydraulic starting systems, accumulators, mobile valves. LDI Industries (Lube Devices) Oil reservoir sight level gauges. Lexair (Beckett) 3- and 4-Way hydraulic and pneumatic directional valves, manual and solenoid operated. Louis Allis Electric motors. Magnaloy Pump/motor bell housing adaptors and shaft couplings. Magnom Filters. Master Machine Machine slides. Mecman See Bosch Rexroth Corp. ­ Pneumatic Business Unit. MICO Hydraulically operated brakes. Microtronics, Inc. Radio remote controls and actuators, proportional valve amplifiers. Mitsubishi Electric Automation equipment. Norstat Control automation products. Power Rein Rotary sheer type pneumatic valves. PQ Controls Single and multi-axis electronic joystick, proportional valve amplifiers, electronic level controls. Prince Manufacturing Corp. Hydraulic cylinders, valves, pumps, motors, and hydraulic accessories. Pyromation Thermocouples, RTDs, thermo-wells and accessories. Racine See Bosch Rexroth Corp. ­ Hydraulics Business Unit. Rineer Hydraulics Single and two-speed hydraulic vane motors. RKI, Inc. (Rawson-Koenig) Cranes and winches. SAI Hydraulics, Inc. Radial piston motors, planetary ger reducers, rotary actuators, rotary manifolds Schroeder Filtration and fluid conditioning. Sprecher + Schuh Low voltage contactors, relays, starters, switches, terminals and controllers. Stauff Clamps, diagnostics, filtration, fittings/flanges and valves. Sterling Water modulating valves for temperature control. Stober Inline gearheads, right angle/hollow output gearheads, geared motors, speed reducers and mechanical variable speed drives. Sun Hydraulics Cartridge type pressure, flow and directional control valves; solenoid operated; line, subplate and sandwich mounted; custom manifolds. Telco U.S.A. Reflective photoelectric sensors, through beam photoelectric sensors, fiberoptic sensors, light curtains. Thermal Transfer Products (ThermaSys) Air and water cooled heat exchangers. Tolomatic Electric linear and pneumatic actuators, gearboxes, brakes. WABCo See Bosch Rexroth Corp. ­ Pneumatic Business Unit. Wago DIN-rail, terminal blocks and signal conditioners. Walvoil Mobile type monoblock and sectional directional valves. Webtec Products Hydraulic test equipment. White Hydraulics, Inc. Low speed, high torque gerotor hydraulic motors, motor/ brakes and flow dividers. Wika Pressure gauges and transducers. Wilkerson Air line filters, regulators, lubricators, dryers and accessories. Wittenstein Gearboxes, actuators, motors, control loading systems. Womack Systems Hydraulic power units and automation control systems. Zero-Max Couplings, shaft bushings, torque limiters, drives, linear actuators and load adaptors.

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