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Rehearsals for Christmas Outreach fall into place, tickets to go on sale in October

the lives of three different people, as they find out how the Christmas story is relevant to each of their own situations today. With Christmas music done in the styles of artists such as David Crowder, Relient K, Chris Tomlin and Kutless, this upbeat program will be uplifting and life changing as well. Show times are at 3 and 7 p.m. The Traditional program "Christmas in the Park" will take place on Saturday, December 15. This program will be in the same style as last year with a full choir and orchestra, but the content will be new. Singing and acting out the life of Christ, His birth through resurrection, "Christmas in the Park" will include drama, a living nativity, as well as the kids' choir. Show times for this program are at 3 and 7 p.m. Tickets are $5 each for both programs and will be available at the Woodside Box Office before and after every service. Additionally, the box office will be open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Tickets can be purchased online at With the 300 volunteers that make up 22 production teams, over the next two months you may notice changes taking place at the Troy campus: stage construction beginning, different lighting techniques experimented, maybe a dancer practicing a step in the lobby. Or, you might walk by someone and hear them singing "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear." If you do, don't remind them that Thanksgiving isn't even here yet. Let them know you appreciate all the time they're putting in, and remember the birth of Christ is significant no matter what time of the year it is.


The finish line is a welcome site for high-endurance athletes.

Woodside athletes put their abilities on the line






ctober's here. Cider mills, fall colors, cooler temperatures and Halloween. All that can only mean one thing: Christmas. You may be thinking, "Christmas?" Sure, the decorations will be filling the stores any day now. Radio stations are playing Christmas music earlier every year, which means we should probably be hearing the hippopotamus song in October, right? Keeping in tune with this growing trend, tickets for Woodside's Christmas outreach programs go on sale October 27 at 6:00 p.m. Just in time for you to buy them in bulk and pass them out to the trick-or-treaters. The Christmas season, however, begins much earlier for some at Woodside. Planning for the programs began in June. Auditions were held in August. The cast was in place by September, and rehearsals are now in progress. Saturday December 1 is the contemporary program, "A Season of Love." Through drama and music, follow


ome people prefer a life free of challenge. Others can't wait to climb the next mountain. For many, it's just a nagging desire to challenge themselves with a unique experience. Woodside Bible Church is well represented by individuals who seek to do the unique, especially in high-endurance sporting events. While the whirl of the wheel attracts many to the sport of biking, it's the pounding of the pavement that stirs the competitive spirit in others. For all, it takes a high level of commitment to endure the many hours of training required to compete in these challenging activities. Who are these people and why do they do it? For a peek into the world of highendurance sports, turn to this month's center spread for stories from several of Woodside's fine-tuned athletes.

Woodside News Reporter Daryl Traver can be contacted at [email protected]


Woodside News Editor Jim Avery can be reached at [email protected]

Woodside member loses son-in-law in Iraq war




he crack of the solemn 21-gun volley hung in the air and each haunting note of Taps traced memories on the hearts of family and friends of Sgt. James S. Collins, Jr. For the second time in 2007, a soldier with Woodside Bible Church ties was laid to rest with military honors. The graveside tribute to Sgt. Collins was conducted Wednesday,

September 5, at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Southfield. A memorial service held at A. J. Desmond & Sons Funeral Home preceded burial. The 35-year-old soldier died on August 28 when Forward Operating Base Warrior in Kirkuk, Iraq came under rocket attack. Collins was married to Amy Kline Collins, daughter of Woodside member Fred Kline, who kept Woodside's Warriors Angel Ministry (WAM) informed about her hus-

band's deployment. Amy and her husband Jim's family were among those featured in an October 2006 Woodside News article about the spiritual strength that carries loved ones at home through deployments. Assigned to the 303rd Military Police Company, U.S. Army Reserve, in Jackson, Collins served eight years in the U.S. Marine Corps. After returning to civilian life for four years, Collins re-enlisted, this COLLINS continued on page 11

Sgt. James S. Collins


PASTOR'S PEN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2A A CLOSER LOOK . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2A MOVIES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5A MISSIONARY OF THE MONTH. . . . . . . 9A HIS STORY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11A FAMILY FUN GUIDE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17A CHRISTIAN CROSSWORD . . . . . . . . . 21A THE BIBLE AND SCIENCE . . . . . . . . . 22A AFGS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1B HAPPENINGS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2B TELEVISION SCHEDULE . . . . . . . . . . . . 2B MILESTONES. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3B SERVICE TIMES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3B WOODSIDE OF WHITE LAKE . . . . . . . . 5B WOODSIDE OF WARREN . . . . . . . . . . . 5B CLASSIFIEDS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7B


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The Woodside News


We Are Woodside!

ccasionally, I am asked to describe Woodside. I love the question, but it is not easy to answer. Woodside is not three campuses with buildings. Woodside is not just an organization that has existed for over 52 years. Woodside is people! So how do you describe the people of Woodside? Let me try. Woodside is a family of committed people. Initially it is our commitment to our Lord and Savior Jesus


encouragement, love, acceptance, forgiveness, and reconciliation. Woodside is a family of growing people. We have grown in the number of campuses, and we have grown dramatically with the number of people on each campus. But, that is not the kind of growth I am talking about. We are growing in our walk with Christ. There is no one at Woodside who is close to perfect. We are all

but they depend on God in prayer and boldly act in faith. "Risk is not measured by the chance of success or failure, but the value of the task." William Carey described it best: "Attempt great things for God and expect great things from God." Woodside is a family of discerning people. Obviously it is so important to discern right from wrong based on the Word of God rather than cul-

William Carey described it best, "Attempt great things for God and expect great things from God."

Christ that brings us together. We are committed to the authority of God's Word and desire to know it, to live it and to teach it. We are committed to the mission and desire to make an impact in this region and beyond with the life-saving message of Jesus Christ. We are committed to defend the truth and share the Gospel, and we are committed to each other. Therefore, we refuse to gossip and tear down, but give ourselves to growing to know Him better (2 Peter 3:18). We help and encourage each other in this growth process. When one of us struggles, there are others who will come alongside to help in whatever way possible. We must continue to grow to be what God wants us to be. Woodside is a family of risk-taking people. Perhaps you are more comfortable with the word "faith." What I mean is that the people of Woodside are not content to relax, tural standards or church tradition. It is also important to discern the difference between form and function in church life. Over the years, the people of Woodside have shown discernment to know

what must be changed and what can never be changed. We must be relevant in our world while still being right with the Word of God ­contemporary without compromise. Woodside is a family of humble, grateful people. The people of Woodside understand that whatever is accomplished for the Kingdom is because of God. All credit, honor or glory belongs to Him. As a result, we are so grateful for what God has done. We are thrilled to be used by Him and look forward to even greater days ahead. There are a lot of other wonderful churches in our area and I thank God for that. Each has its own character, history and personality. For our strengths and weakness, for our highs and lows, for our good days and bad ­ we are Woodside.

Pastor Schmidt


New Beginning, New Hope


ou are alive today because Almighty God, the Maker of heaven and earth, created you for a special purpose. The all-wise Ruler of the universe holds every person accountable, and each of us has broken His law. We deserve God's wrath and endless punishment in hell. The Great News of the Bible is that God loves us so much that He sent His Son Jesus Christ to pay

the penalty for our sin by dying on the cross. Three days later God raised Him from the dead: demonstrating that Jesus was, as He claimed, God and Savior. Anyone who believes in Jesus has eternal life instead of eternal punishment. God commands all men to turn away from sin and to give allegiance to Jesus Christ as Master. God hears the prayer of all who call out to Him. A new life of forgiveness from sin and peace with God comes through commitment to Jesus Christ. Jesus promises a fulfilling life to all who follow Him, a life of meaning and purpose. Prayer: Almighty God, I am a sinner. I turn away from my sin and ask forgiveness. I believe that Jesus

died for my sins and rose from the dead. I commit to follow Jesus as my Lord. This commitment to follow Christ establishes a new relationship with God. It is best developed in a community of believers who are committed to worship, prayer, Bible study, fellowship, and outreach. If you want to learn more about connecting with God, the friendly people at Woodside Bible Church will gladly welcome you and share their life in God with you. For more information call 248-879-8533, or go to, or email [email protected]


From biblical illiteracy to spiritual transformation



us in His Word. But transformation goes beyond information. What really needs to happen is that the Bible must change our was reminded this week of minds, that is, our patterns of the widespread problem of thinking. Before we came to biblical illiteracy. We live in the Christ, we developed pat"information age" and have terns of thinking, and ways of DON PEDDE more biblical information responding and dealing with available than ever before, yet it problems. These were prehas not made it off the page and into dominantly influenced by the world. our minds, let alone our hearts and lives. And the older we are when we come to Romans 12:2 tells us that we are to Christ, typically, the more change that "be transformed by the renewing of needs to happen with our thinking. [our] minds." Our transformation as When we come to Christ, He believers begins with seeing things wants to change us entirely, not just from God's point of view. give us a destiny in heaven. And that That means we have to start with process of change starts with our learning from God's Word and growing thinking. So we read and study the in our knowledge of Him (Col. 1:10). Word. Then, we must memorize and We are on a life-long journey of spirimeditate on it. When we memorize tual growth and maturity, and we will the Word, we really get it into our only become Christ-like in our behavminds, and when we meditate on it, it ior when we grow in what God has told really begins to make a difference.

When we come to Christ, He wants to change us entirely, not just give us a destiny in heaven.

Meditating is thinking on something over and over. So we take some of God's truth that we remember and we think about it... "What do I do with this? How can I use this at work today? How does this work for me at home?" And we have just crossed over from thinking to transformation. There is, of course, one more step. Actually do it. We must take that next step of putting it into action. Many

Christians fail to live out the Word because they miss that step in the middle... the thinking part ­ really letting the Word get into our minds and influence our thoughts and our thought processes. I have a challenge for you. We are in the middle of a series on discipleship. Find one of those great passages on discipleship (Luke 14:25-33, for example). Read it over and over. Read it until you have it memorized or at least really understand it and have the main concepts in mind. Then meditate on it. "God, what does it mean for me to take up my cross and follow you? What does it look like for me to love Christ more than anything else? How can I give up everything to follow Christ?" When you take steps to put that into action, you'll be on your way to really following Christ, and real spiritual transformation. Don Pedde can be contacted at [email protected]

The Woodside News


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Prim and proper Women's Ministries Director earns "Biker Chick" nickname







andra Dee has nothing on Kelly McClelland. The late actress, known for her "good girl turned bad girl" image in "Grease," has forfeited this role to Woodside's Women's Ministries Director. For the last six years, the prim and proper McClelland has accompanied her husband, Jim, on his fulldress Harley as they traveled across the country, earning her the nickname, "Biker Chick." "Biking is a great stress reliever," says Kelly. "I trust Jim and am not at all afraid." Their trips have taken the McClellands from the New England states of the East to the plains and mountains of the West. Northern Michigan and the Daytona

Biketober Fest have also attracted the couple. The McClellands travel with a group of friends who share Jim and Kelly's desire to view this country's beautiful landscape. Jim, who works for Oakland Township as an on-call firefighter, developed a friendship with other Township firefighters through the years. This bond led the group to begin their motorcycle adventures together. "Traveling together has offered wonderful opportunities to make connections with great people," says Jim. "We've developed close friendships and had many opportunities to share our faith." The group has completed 12 trips, the last being a 10-day stay in Sturgis, South Dakota, where they accumulated 1,000 miles on their bikes, sometimes traveling 10 hours a day.

Biker Chick enjoys her time riding and has found several ways to pass time when travel becomes long. On one trip she donned earphones and enjoyed praise music for 1,000 miles. She's also been known to rest her head on Jim's back and sleep soundly for an hour or more. Her most unique accomplishment has been to learn to read while riding and has received more than one quizzical stare from passers-by. She props her book on Jim's back, becomes absorbed in the pages and can read all day long. Jim is proud of his wife's willingness to share in this recreation and ministry. "Kelly is a good sport. I really wouldn't enjoy it as much if she was wasn't with me." Kelly adds, "Jim loves riding. I like it, and it is a way in which we can share time and adventure together.



Woodside's mission is to honor God by bringing lives into harmony with him and one another in worship, fellowship, evangelism and discipleship.


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Woodsiders hold Sunday church service in the Caribbean



he Church Family that travels together, stays together!" When a group of 29 people from Woodside's Warren campus decided to take a week-long cruise together, it seemed appropriate and important to hold a Sunday morning service on the cruise ship. So on September 16, 2007, Woodside held its first Caribbean church service onboard the Carnival Triumph. Associate Pastor Tim Steele is an annual cruiser and enjoys traveling with his church family and friends. When he and his wife Terri booked a cruise for September, they opened the invitation up to as many people as were interested. All together, 27 other people signed up and planned to spend an entire week together having fun in the Caribbean. Prior to leaving the ship at its first port on Sunday morning, the group held a half hour church service in the Venezian Room which was reserved for their service. Terri Steele led the group in praise and worship music, and Tim Steele presented the message. Tim preached the message of the Healing of Ten Lepers from Luke 17:11-19. In this passage, all ten lepers had faith and were healed, but not all of them showed gratitude. The main theme of the message was to have an attitude of gratitude and realize that we are blessed, not lucky. After starting the vacation week in prayer and thanksgiving, the group of 29 began having fun and eating great food. The cruise ports of call included Half Moon Cay (Carnival's private island), St. Thomas, San Juan, and Grand Turks. Some of the activities enjoyed by members of the group included swimming with sea lions, visiting the only U.S. rain forest (in Puerto Rico), racing dune buggies, SCUBA diving,



swimming at the beach, and shopping. Additionally, on the ship the group enjoyed their own private putt-putt golf tournament. Lisa Swift won the women's trophy, and Glenn Herrmann won the men's trophy. Tim Steele is planning another church service in October, 2008 when he will be traveling to Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel onboard another seven day cruise ship. He says, "The church family that travels together, stays together!" For more information about cruising with the Woodside group in 2008, feel free to contact Tim Steele directly at [email protected] Suzanne Eastman can be contacted at [email protected]

Tim Steele gives the message


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perfect apple dessert for this his month's recipe comes season of the year ­ and you from Troy Woodside memreally want to WOW your ber, Laura Kubenez. group -- I think this could A few years ago, I stopped be the recipe for you. by the church office to drop Laura writes: "Why do something off and was offered a piece of this scrumptious apple BECKY JOHNSON I like this recipe? Because it's good! The crust doesn't strudel that Laura had made. seem to be as fussy as pie crust, It was so good that I had to have although it's scrumptious! As a the recipe and stopped at the store on matter of fact I usually roll the whole the way home and bought the ingredicrust out on a large cookie sheet and ents to make it for my family. So, if then put the flakes on half the crust you like apple pie ­ you are really going to one side and then put the apple to like this strudel. filling right over the flakes and then As you can see, it has all the work just fold the other half of the crust of an apple pie......and I can assure over this and pinch edges. I got this you, it has the same great taste of an recipe from a very dear long-time apple pie. However, what I like best is friend, Bonnie. She is one of the it goes farther when you need a group sweetest, kindest people I've ever dessert because you cut it into squares known, so whenever I make it I think to serve and you just are able to get of her and get an automatic attitude more pieces than you would with a pie. adjustment." So, if you are looking for that

Apple Strudel

INGREDIENTS CRUST: 2 1/2 c flour 1 egg yolk plus milk to make 2/3 cup 1 t salt 1 c shortening FILLING: 2-3 handfuls crushed cornflakes (this is not optional, I learned that the hard way!) 8-10 apples (I like Gala or Ida red) 1 c sugar 1 t cinnamon WASH: 1 egg white GLAZE: 1 Tbsp. water 1 c powdered sugar 1 t vanilla


Mix crust. Roll 1/2 of dough directly on cookie sheet. Sprinkle with cornflakes. Peel and slice apples onto crust over flakes. Sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. Roll top, place over filling. Pinch edges. Beat egg white and brush over top crust. Bake at 350o for 50 minutes or until golden. Drizzle with glaze while warm.



In THE GAME PLAN, proquarterback Joe Kingman (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) loves his money, his freedom and his bachelor lifestyle. So, when a young girl named Peyton (Madison Pettis) shows up on his doorstep claiming to SHAWN CONLEY be his daughter, Kingman's life is thrown into sudden turmoil. This painfully predictable movie has several gaping holes in its storyline, as well as an abundance of product placement, though young children will probably be entertained. Parents will be happy to know that there is almost no objectionable content, and the little bit the movie contains is pretty discreet. "The best thing that can be said for The Game Plan is that it shows what a good sport Johnson is," says Christianity Today. "As comedies go, [it's] strictly by the playbook."

"As comedies go, [it's] strictly by the playbook."

­ CHRISTIANITY TODAY ON THE GAME PLAN Common Sense Media says, "This is a film with a great message. Essentially, Joe learns to share - share success, share his house, share his heart. And what child doesn't need to learn that lesson?" Directed by Andy Fickman. Rated PG for mild thematic elements. 110 minutes. SYDNEY WHITE is a re-telling of the classic story of Snow White, this time taking place in a college dormitory. Sydney (Amanda Bynes) attempts to join a sorority, but soon discovers it's full of snobs. She befriends seven nerdy male outcasts from a house down the street and works toward making the campus more accepting of social misfits. Bynes is bubbly and charming as usual, but with an under-developed script and a slew of tired social and ethnic stereotypes,

this movie contains only a few laughs and even less of the magic of the fairy tale on which it's based. "Though the drinking, language and sex in Sydney are toned way down from the actualities of Greek life," says Focus on the Family, "they're still there. And still problematic." "This film version [of Snow White] has been `sexed up' a bit to get the presumably coveted PG-13 rating that will make Bynes' now mid-teen demographic more interested in seeing it," cauFlower power tions abounds in Directed by Joe Nussbaum. Universe. Rated PG-13 for language and sexual humor. 90 minutes. ACROSS THE UNIVERSE is set in the turbulent times of the 1960s and features renditions of several classic Beatles' tunes. It tells the story of Jude ( Jim Sturgess), who comes to the U.S. from England and meets Lucy (Evan Rachel Wood). The two fall in love, but their relationship is soon tested by the culture of the day. Jumping between normal story-telling and goofy head trips, the plot is somewhat overshadowed by some very entertaining musical numbers. Parents should be aware that all the elements of the sixties (drugs, protests, drugs, sex, drugs, etc.) are evident throughout the film. Christian Spotlight on the Movies says, "Mostly due to the musical nature of the film, there is not very much profanity, as the characters spend a good portion of their time singing the Beatles lyrics." "Across the Universe is more creative than it is artful," says Christianity Today. "And there are worse ways to spend a couple of hours than listening to some of the finest pop tunes ever written and watching a group of talented young actors and their visionary director play together and see what they can make." Directed by Julie Taymor. Rated PG-13 for drug use, sexual situations, nudity, language and violence. 131 minutes. Woodside News Reporter Shawn Conley can be reached at [email protected]


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The Woodside News

ave you seen the Woodside Blogs? More than a dozen Woodsiders are now web logging ­ blogging ­ on subjects as deep as Bible science and as fun as Christian music. The blogs can be accessed through the main Woodside Web site at or directly by entering in the Web address of The blogs went live this month and are all written by Woodside members and leaders. "The goal is to use to Web to continue the discussions and sense of community we have at Woodside on the weekends," said Woodside's Communications Pastor, Mike Wendland. "If you ever look at the lobby between services at all our campuses, you'll see people deeply engaged with each other, sharing their lives. That got us thinking: How can we do this all week long?" Blogs were the answer. "If you walk around and eavesdrop on those conversations, you'll find people talking about really important things like sharing their faith at work, or raising kids in a culture that seems to undermine basic Christian values. The blogs we've just created are really extensions of those very conversation threads." Wendland recruited key writers and columnists from the Woodside News, the church newspaper, as well as leaders in various ministries. Here's a list of the blogs online so far. ALL ABOUT WOODSIDE ­ By Wendland, highlighting various happenings at Woodside's three campuses. BEING THERE ­ Posts about being an encourager by Diana Caulkins. BIBLE-SCIENCE GUY ­ Dr. William Pelletier's

Blogs offer new ways to connect the Woodside community H

online discussion about science and the Bible. CHRISTIAN ADVICE ­ From licensed therapist Dorene Lilley, who writes the "Okaye" Christian advice column in the Woodside News. CONLEY ON MOVIES ­ Reviews from a Christian perspective about contemporary movies and DVDs, by Woodside News columnist Shawn Conley. DARYL ON CHRISTIAN MUSIC ­ Daryl Traver, a drummer in the Woodside Praise band and Woodside News columnist, offers reviews and news about Christian recording artists. FUN AND FRUGAL ­ Jo Alice Pelletier, a leader in the homeschooling group at Woodside, shares ways to enjoy life at little or no cost. HIS STORY - Stories of faith from the Woodside family, by Susan Fulcher.

Access the Woodside Blogs at:

MINISTRY IN THE MARKETPLACE ­ Woodside teacher and small group leader Ed Roden writes about sharing our faith in the work world. PASTOR DON'S CLOSER LOOK ­ Discipleship thoughts and inspiration from Don Pedde, Woodside's Warren campus pastor. SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP ­ How to lead by following Jesus, by Larry Harrison, the chairman of Woodside's elder board. SUPPORT OUR TROOPS ­ Prayer requests and information on the many Woodside men and women serving in the armed services. WOODSIDE MISSIONS ­ How to pray for and get involved in missions opportunities, by Woodside Missions Committee member Rose Stelkic. Wendland notes that more blogs will be added over the next few weeks. All of them are updated with fresh content at least twice a week. And there is a place at the bottom of each post for people to comment, offering their thoughts and ideas or further resources on the topic.

Web Help Needed

Do you have skills in HTML or Flash? The Woodside communications team is looking for volunteers to help with the Woodside web site. Contact [email protected] if interested.

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Nathan Witt loves to give and share

Editor's Note: It is often said that "Our children are our future," and rightfully so. Each month this new column will explore the world of children at Woodside Bible Church. In this inaugural edition, Woodside News Reporter Chistina Whan will focus on Nathan Witt, son of Jamie & Kelly Witt of the Troy campus.



his name was drawn and he won a bike! He was so excited to claim his new bike but quickly realized that it was too small for him. Even though he needed a new bike, he cheerfully gave it to his little brother Trevor, who also needed a new bike. What I learned about Nathan's generous spirit really touched my heart. His mom, Kelly, shared that when kids come over to play with Nathan he is always trying to give away his toys. He always

shares his snacks, even when they are chocolate chip cookies. When the ice cream man drives by, he runs out with his piggy bank and wants to buy everyone ice cream. As Kelly said, "It is just his nature to give and share." Woodside News Reporter Christina Whan can be contacted at [email protected]


hat do chocolate chip cookies, NASCAR and football all have in common? They are some of Nathan Witt's favorite things in life. Nathan is an energetic 2nd grader, who participates in many Children's Ministry activities at the Troy campus. Nathan's favorite thing about Woodside is learning about God. "God is big, he's powerful, powerful like a locomotive," says Nathan. He loves God, and he loves anything that moves. I recently visited Nathan at his home. He lives with his Mom and Dad, 11 year old sister Chyenne, and three year-old twin brothers CJ and Trevor. As we chatted, Nathan was busy creating cars with his legos and munching on a chocolate chip cookie. Nathan's dad is his hero; and it's not surprising that he loves football just like him. Nathan is excited to begin playing flag football soon. He also loves to read with his mom at night. This summer, Nathan attended a stock car race with his family and sat still watching the cars for nearly an hour. For this active little boy, that means that he really loved it. During a break in the race,

The Witt family



The final move


Fausch, leaving her muttering about that stinkin' chemicaleating, water-guzzling hole in am a simple guy. Give me a the ground. roof, four walls, an easy The signs we were about chair and a remote and I could to move again became unmislive just about anywhere. For a takable. HGTV became the LONG time. only channel on the TV, with But someone in my house shows like "House Hunters" doesn't share this complacency. TIM FAUSCH and "Flip This House" runThose four walls that comfort ning nonstop. I looked longme close in on Mrs. Fausch, ingly at my easy chair, knowing we'd and before long she announces we will soon be separated. be moving. At first we tried to sell the house This typically occurs AFTER ourselves. This was a complete bust, but we've completely renovated the house and I've finally found time to use the easy chair. If my count is correct, we've now updated houses for five families not named Fausch. I imagine them kicking back in their easy chairs, remotes in hand, living the good life because all the work is done. So when my son went off it did buy me a few extra months in the to college, a cold chill ran through my easy chair. Unfortunately, spring arrived spine. It began innocently with some and Mrs. Fausch brought in a one-perdecluttering. Then Mrs. Fausch son swat team, Sharon, our long-time noticed how outdated our kitchen sudreal estate pro. I'm not sure how much denly looked. But the coup de grace commission Sharon's earned from our was our unused pool. home transactions over the years, but Overnight, it went from nagging we now receive Christmas cards from distraction to ominous intruder. The her butler and gardener. mere sight of the pool infuriated Mrs.

Despite having updated every room in our house during the past seven years, Sharon provided a staggering list of helpful "suggestions" that matched the advice dispensed by those evil HGTV shows. Those "suggestions" became our battle plan, with Mrs. Fausch brilliantly playing the role of General Patton. Within weeks, I had fixed, landscaped, tarred, patched, and repainted every underachieving area of the house. Did I mention climbing a tall ladder with a bucket of acid to clean brick? Apparently, there was no task too dan-

The upside of all this sweating and check writing was an incredibly fast sale. This was fantastic news because I assumed I'd soon be reunited with my easy chair. There one minor flaw in my assumption. We had no place to live. You might think we would have considered where we would move to previously, but we stubbornly avoided looking for a new house until we sold the old house. Now the clock was ticking. Fortunately, General Patton and our one-person swat team went into

Did I mention climbing a tall ladder with a bucket of acid to clean brick? Apparently, there was no task too dangerous if it meant checking off another "suggestion."

gerous if it meant checking off another "suggestion." In addition, we wrote checks to flooring refinishers, carpet installers, deck cleaners, window repairers, and sprinkler pros. We were like wounded animals thrashing in the brush, signaling the carnivores to come and get their fill. action again, and within weeks found us a place to live. It's a great home, but ironically in need of some paint, landscaping and remodeling. It appears my easy chair will be lonely for a while. Throughout this process I did score one victory. Mrs. Fausch promised this would be our final move...until the next one.


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Woodside's Post-Abortion counseling and education support group brings healing

Editor's Note: Did you know that there are at least 365 names of God? One of His names is Jehovah Rophe, meaning "the Lord heals." A growth goal of Women's Ministries is to encourage women with the peace and knowledge that no matter what they have done in their life, we have a Heavenly Father that wants to heal our wounds. One of our small groups in Women's Ministries is called "Forgiven and Set Free," and led by Kim Benson. Listen to Kim's story. It is my prayer that perhaps for the very first time some will allow the Holy Spirit to let go of their pain. Oh, dear sisters, that you would take the first step and see the healing hand of your Jehovah Rophe. ­ Kelly McClelland, Director, Woodside Women's Ministries




Home buying is serious business



hy in the world would God want anything to do with a girl who killed her baby?" Those were the words that haunted me for most of my early adulthood. I believed that God forgave most sins...but murder? I really didn't think so. I would live the seventeen years of my life following my abortion running away from God, so ashamed of what I had done. On the outside, I appeared happy and confident, but on the inside, I was dying. I hated myself. I started down a path so destructive, so filled with addictive and abusive relationships, alcohol and drugs, so painful and empty that sometimes I felt I would be better off dead. On January 22, 1998, the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, I first heard the words, "God forgives abortion!" I praise God for Robin Sullivan of WMUZ, who humbly shared her story of how God delivered her from the guilt and shame of her abortion. It was at that moment that I began to repent in my heart and cry out to God and beg for His forgiveness. I told Him how sorry I was for not realizing that it was His baby that I had killed not my own. I asked Him to be Lord of my life! I immediately felt the love of God envelop me as the Holy Spirit filled my heart. I vowed to advocate pro-life for the rest of my life and serve God in whatever way He desired for me. God heard my prayers and soon led me to Crossroads Pregnancy Center where I learned about PACE, a Post-Abortion Counseling and Education support group. Through a Bible study called Forgiven and Set Free, women can discover God's healing grace for their suffering, remorse and guilt after an abortion. Although I knew I was forgiven by God, this Bible sudy brought me healing COUNSELING continued on page 9


step back and undertake a more in-depth analysis on the real affordability of buying a particular home. There hen you look for a new are numerous other expenses home it can be a very that need to be considered. exciting time. The possibility of How about tithing (defined having a new home with all the as 10% of income), giving to cherished amenities can really charity, saving for retirement, take over your emotions. Of course the real estate agents and TERRY RADCLIFF and a college savings plan for the kids? mortgage bankers are more Speaking of kids, if they play than willing to help you get that home. sports there are so many extra expensThe issue of "real" affordability is es that need to be considered when you often given a cursory look. With the look at your cash flow. The Christian problems in the market now, lenders that tithes and has other expenses are much more conservative and are related to giving needs to realize that only loaning to those with good credit. these affordability ratios created by the When looking at affordability, mortgage industry do not include such agents and lenders put much focus on expenses. the amount of gross income and debt The end result of squeezing into that applicants bring to the table. This that "dream home" that you can't often leads to an approved amount that afford could be devastating. The stress is actually much higher than what a incurred each month of not making potential homeowner can afford. The ends meet can rob your life of joy. Also buyer then goes on a house hunting the impact on your credit can make so expedition, looking at homes in a many other things more expensive, higher price range and consequently such as insurance and credit card rates. failing in love with their "dream The foreclosure statistics for the home." A rationalization takes place Detroit area are sobering. Detroit has that they need and deserve that home! the second highest foreclosure rate My wife and I have been there among the nation's 100 largest metrowith these emotions. Before even politan areas according to the 2007 beginning the process, one needs to


Midyear Metro Foreclosure Market Report. In the Detroit area there is one foreclosure for every 29 households. This is a 26% increase from the previous six month period and double the rate from a year ago. I realize in some cases jobs are lost and payments can't be made, but the majority of foreclosures come from buying more house than one can afford. The industry has created numerous risky loan programs that have led to the problem. Of course, the ultimate responsibility rests with the borrower. What can you do if you are already in an unsustainable situation or are looking to buy? The Housing and Urban Development (HUD), a U.S. government agency, has a great web page that can help. Go online to for valuable information regarding housing counselors, avoiding foreclosure and the proper steps to take when buying a home. Also, Woodside offers free oneon-one counseling sessions if you are in a crisis situation and a biblically based budgeting class. Contact the church office for details if interested. Terry Radcliff can be reached at [email protected]


It's still unknown just when exacting vengeance on their enemies makes good guys become bad guys.


Wayne. Though many were considered violent for their time (they're incredibly tame by today's standards), there was a common characteristic in those films that is very rare today, and that is the analogy of the white hats and black hats. ome people may remember SHAWN CONLEY In many westerns, the the classic Charles men wearing white hats were Bronson movie Death Wish. In the good guys and the men in black the oft-imitated story, a man goes on a hats were the bad guys. What was nice vigilante rampage after his wife is killed about this blatant and simplified estaband his daughter is raped by a street lishment of good vs. evil was that gang. He becomes feared by criminals, everyone knew who to root for. There adored by the public and loathed by the was no question about the intentions police. It's the most notorious movie of the good guys and you knew the bad ever made where an average Joe guys would either be behind bars or becomes a one-man death squad. have a few extra holes in them courtesy Over the years, four Death Wish of the good guys' six-shooters by the sequels followed as well as many other end of the movie. movies where the "good guys" take By the 1980s, western had started matters into their own hands. A few to fade, but action films were gaining weeks ago, Death Sentence and The popularity, featuring such box office Brave One arrived in theaters, each greats as Sylvester Stallone, Arnold telling a story about an average person Schwarzenegger and Chuck Norris. (in the case of Brave, the protagonist is They played larger than life characters, a woman) who witnesses a crime often taking on an entire country of against a loved one, prompting them to bad guys and saving the world from exact revenge in their own way. certain doom and destruction all There is a natural tendency to conbefore bedtime. Their movies were viodone, even applaud, the violent acts the lent, and the violence was stylized, but protagonist commits in order to see it was still crystal clear who was good that justice is served. True, it's only a and who was bad. The ideals of truth, movie, but is this the sign of a trend? justice and the American way were Let's go back 40 or 50 years to the upheld, one way or another. time of an almost forgotten film genre Not so, anymore. While there are known as "the western." These movies still movies made in which good and starred big names like Clint Eastwood, evil are clearly defined, the line is conGary Cooper and the legendary John


tinually more blurred. This is only a symptom of a larger problem. Since society insists that we should do what feels right, regardless of what God may say, we find ourselves heading down a road where there are no longer moral absolutes. In other words, the good guys can seek some street justice as long as they're the good guys. It's still unknown just when exacting vengeance on their enemies makes good guys become bad guys. This isn't to say that all violent movies are bad. It can be overdone and unnecessary, but it can also drive home a powerful message, such as in The Passion of the Christ, Saving Private Ryan, United 93 and, most recently, The Kingdom. These are gritty and intense films, but the violence is not glorified or shown for the sake of a cheering audience. In an increasingly violent world, the entertainment industry will continue to portray violence on-screen. As Christians, we need to try to interpret the implications behind it, not simply dismiss it. Watching a movie through the lens of a Christian worldview allows us to understand, if not entirely agree with, the beliefs of the world in which we live. Understanding these cinematic messages brings us one step closer to understanding a violent world, giving us a better chance of communicating the love of Christ. Woodside News Reporter Shawn Conley can be reached at [email protected]

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COUNSELING continued

from page 8

that I never even knew that I needed. Forgiven and Set Free is an eightweek journey through the various stages that affect women after an abortion such as denial, anger and depression. Using the Bible, women find God's encouraging promises that help them find freedom, forgiveness and joy! Woodside will be offering this study twice a year (each spring and fall). Are you still living with the guilt and shame of a past abortion? You are not alone. One in every




I immediately felt the love of God envelop me as the Holy Spirit filled my heart. I vowed to advocate pro-life for the rest of my life and serve God in whatever way He desired for me.

four Christian women has had an abortion. My heart breaks when I think of how many women are living their lives in pain, feeling lost, alone and without hope, as I did for so long. Please consider joining this small group. Though Satan would love nothing more than to leave you in that pain, guilt and hurt, God desires that you find the true hope of joy, freedom and forgiveness that can only be found in Jesus Christ!

outh for Christ has a vision to see every young person in every nation have the opportunity to make an informed decision to become a follower of Christ and to become a part of a local church. Youth for Christ has ministries in 200 cities across the USA and over 100 countries around the world. They offer camps, student ministries, at-risk youth intervention programs, mission trips and many other ministries that teach young people about the Gospel, gives them role models, and creates opportunities that allows the Gospel to be presented to them in ways that are relevant to them. Our missionaries of the month are Joshua and Kelly Bishop and they are part of the Youth for Christ ministry. Joshua's father, Dale Bishop, is the Executive Director of Youth for Christ in Detroit, Dale and his wife Vicky are also supported by Woodside Bible. Growing up in the ministry,

Joshua remembers seeing the hurt and pain in young people's lives that could be healed through a relationship with Jesus Christ. In 1996, Joshua began working summers with students as a camp counselor and during the school year he volunteered with middle and high school clubs at Youth for Christ. In 1998, he joined the staff part-time as he continued to work on his college degree. Upon graduation, he began to serve full-time as the director of middle school ministries at Youth for Christ of Detroit. In the summer of 2002, Joshua met Kelly, a summer intern at Youth for Christ. Kelly went on a mission trip to Mexico in high school, which started her passion for missions. She continued to serve through short-term missions during college, working with Greater Europe Missions in Bruxelles, Belgium, on church planting and refugee ministry.

She also spent a month serving with Youth for Christ in Samara, Russia, through camps and outreaches to local youth. The following summer Kelly decided to continue to serve with Youth for Christ, but on a local capacity. In January 2003, she came on staff fulltime. Kelly and Joshua married in 2004, and have two daughters, Audra Grace and Cora Juliet. Joshua and Kelly reach young people where they are in their communities and are working on helping them through their adolescent years. They run weekly clubs during the school year in both Detroit and Hazel Park. They also reach out to students through camps, small groups and individual appointments. Over 200 middle school students hear about the saving grace of Christ on a weekly basis. Woodside News Reporter Rose Stelkic can be reached at [email protected]

Joshua and Kelly Bishop

cide "We make the ac

never happened" like it k n t lo o

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Whose standards are you applying to your relationship?




aura Petherbridge has an important message for Christians. Stop applying the world's standards to your relationships and start applying God's. You can hear Petherbridge's message by attending Relationships without Masks--Revealing Myths, Embracing Truth, Friday, October 26, at Woodside's Troy Campus. Tickets are $10 per person and $15 per couple in advance or $15 and $20, respectively, at the door. Doors open at 6:15 p.m. with a 7 p.m. start time. Petherbridge, a nationally recognized author and speaker, addresses single, engaged and married people on how to strengthen relationships. With more than 18 years of professional relationship experience, she engages and entertains audiences. Using practical steps and personal experience,

Your Marriage Dies--Answers to Questions About Separation and Divorce, as well as articles published in Focus on the Family magazine and The Proverbs 31 Woman. She has also appeared as a guest with Dennis Rainey's broadcast Family Life Today. Petherbridge has been married to her husband Steve for 21 years. They have two married sons and three grandchildren. For more information, visit Tickets for the event can be purchased via and clicking on the Laura Petherbridge event, purchasing them in any of our campus lobbies, or by calling the WBC office at 866-533-7729.


at the time she planned Q: My wife has cupboards of them. Piles of stuff can projects she has no time to indicate a stifled creativity. complete. She has a variety of What was her life excuses why they pile up, usubefore marriage/family? ally starting with "when I Projects in the waiting may have time." Usually she is represent a side of her life pressed for time but she often O. KAYE which is now put on hold for procrastinates, waiting until this season. No longer does free the last minute to get things done. She time start when her work-day ends. is creative and doesn't spend a lot of There is no end to a mom's work. time on herself. My advice is usually Saving money by doing someunheeded. What can I do to help her? thing like crafting cards or sewing A: Do the dishes, cook the clothes is another reason people meals and entertain the children start projects. What about home while she sews, does crafts or reads. improvement materials still sitting Don't let her escape the house! in the garage or basement, and If time truly is the issue, then other projects not yet started? help her find time while you do Excuses begin like, "not some of the least interesting enough room," "not enough time," aspects of life like cleaning bath"wrong tools," etc. Perfectionism rooms, and changing beds. She can waylay a project--"if I can't do may be stuck with the "have to" it perfect, I'm not going to start." mentality where the "want to" Clutter from unfinished projects projects get put aside until after can also be indicative of depresthe routines are finished. sion. Problem with that thinking is Lack of energy, drive or purthat the routines of life are never pose and a desire to stay in bed or finished and fun seldom happens hibernate can signal a lack of carif we wait. ing. Not much gets done. Ask her if she really likes Listen to your wife, and don't these projects or if she was bored nag. Offer to help, start a project with her or keep her company by doing a hobby you enjoy at the same time. Encourage her to plan outings with friends with similar interests who motivate each other to finish projects. Admire her accomplishments. Proverbs 31 was written by a man who adores a woman. This passage could be describing a modern woman. Notice the balance in her life between household work, projects and relationship. There is enjoyment in her life and work as she seeks to bring praise to others. Colossians 3:17 tells us, "whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him." Encourage your wife with this verse. Keep it simple, O. Kaye O. Kaye is a professional therapist and a member of Woodside Bible Church. Questions and comments on this column can be directed to [email protected]

Petherbridge, a nationally recognized author and speaker, addresses single, engaged and married people on how to strengthen relationships.

Petherbridge shares the essential truths that make a marriage fully alive. For married couples, these truths include: Taking active steps that enhance closeness; trusting your spouse with the real you; and appreciating your mate's uniqueness. For single adults, these truths include: Choosing the best person to date; overcoming emotional baggage; and setting relational boundaries. Petherbridge is the author of the book, When

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COLLINS continued

from page 1

time in the Army Reserves. He was a full-time Active Guard Reservist when the 303rd deployed to Iraq last November to provide convoy security. It was Collins' third tour of duty in Iraq. Collins earned a degree in Criminal Justice from Lake Superior State College, graduating with honors, and was a 1990 graduate of Southfield Lathrup High School. Jim's youthful interest in the military and his mechanical skills came together in adulthood. His military career as a senior mechanic involved working on large military trucks such as the 4 x 4 Armored


Woodside couple's faith grows as they live with cancer



Bill and Yvonne "You don't raise Emlet with son Caleb and Daughter Corrie heroes, you raise sons. And if you treat them like sons, they'll turn out to be heroes, even if it's just in your "I would rather be here with my husband and own eyes." ­ WALTER M. SCHIRRA, cancer knowing Christ than be here without ASTRONAUT Security Vehicle used by his unit in Iraq. Christ and without cancer." ­ YVONNE EMLET "Jim was a man of loyalty and

to those even when the ceiling is not there." The descent of cancer on the Emlet family has been a process by which their faith wo years ago, Bill and has grown. Yvonne Emlet received "Faith is about God news that dramatically upholding you and you, in changed their lives and that of turn, resting in His faithfulSUSAN FULCHER ness. God is sovereign and their two children. A lump discovered below will accomplish His will for Bill's armpit sent the couple into the our good and His glory." world of cancer. After many doctor visits and medical tests, the University of Michigan gave the diagnosis: Melanoma, stage four. The prognosis was 10 to 12 months with treatment. Immediately, Yvonne slipped into full-blown grief, realizing her husband and the father of their two children could be gone in a year. "I was in a realm of darkness where I couldn't sense God's love and unfailing peace," she says. "I admitted to God that I couldn't muster the faith I needed." Friends, family and fellow believers enveloped the family with support, prayer and their presence.

without a husband and father. "We had a large network of support. It is such a blessing knowing your Christian family and close friends are praying and are there for you when you go through trials and tough times," he says. Bill's monthly treatments of oral chemotherapy have caused minimal side effects. He continues to work two years after receiving the life-changing diagnosis. Last month's C-Scan

devotion and integrity. He worked hard, always giving his all. He was dependable, honest and proud to serve his country," his father-in-law said in his funeral home tribute. "He was a soldier that the USA can be proud of. It was an honor to have him as our son-in-law," Kline said. In addition to his wife Amy, Sgt. Collins' survivors include his son, Dawson, his parents, James and Marilyn Collins of Rochester Hills, his sister Joanna, and grandmother Jeannette Maul. Woodside News Reporter Karon Mathews can be reached at [email protected]

During her darkest days, a friend, who had experienced a physical and emotional trial in her own life, visited. "Just the presence of this friend who had gone through a dark period and come out on the other side was encouraging," says Yvonne. Further encouragement and comfort came from the book of Psalms, particularly the Psalms of Lament. "These psalms reflect the heart of believers trusting God when their heart was aching," says Yvonne. "When you are grieving, there is nowhere to turn but to God. You trust in God and His promises and hold on

Bill's reaction to the turmoil in his life has been one of quiet resolve. Having faced several previous health threats, he accepted the diagnosis with calmness. "There is always calmness in knowing the Lord is in control and watching over you," he says. Although doctors encouraged Bill to quit work, file for disability and take care of legal matters, he chose to continue working. "I felt fine. I couldn't believe anything was wrong." The most difficult realities Bill faced were understanding his condition could worsen and the possibility of leaving Yvonne and the children

revealed a reduction in the size of the spot on his liver. The grief and pain remains for Yvonne. However, as the Lord grows her faith, she realizes her relationship with God is more important than answered prayer for her husband's healing. Out of the darkness of those first days of her journey with cancer, today Yvonne can honestly say, "I would rather be here with my husband and cancer knowing Christ than be here without Christ and without cancer." Susan Fulcher can be contacted at [email protected]


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Woodside athletes put th

Counter-clockwise, from top: Mike Wendland rides the 300 mile Michigander Tour on the Pere Marquette Rail-Trail; Craig Barton is poised and ready to start the Chicago Marathon, as is the Chicken Man behind him; Warren Campus Pastor Don Pedde and daughter (Heather) relax after completing the Chicago Marathon; Tim Fausch on his bike; Kristen and Mark Bowling jog on the Paint Creek Trail

The Woodside News


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heir abilities on the line

Mike Wendland


n July, Woodside News Executive Editor Mike Wendland joined a thousand or more contestants in the 16th Annual Michigander cross state tour, a 300 mile biking event that began in Midland and concluded in Mackinaw City six days later. Wendland has participated in many bike tours, but none as challenging as the Michigander. Activities of this nature are not for the light-hearted, as Wendland trained for months on local trails to increase his strength and endurance for this year's tour. He lost 18 pounds in the process. When asked why he did it, Wendland replied, "I'm motivated by goals and deadlines, but my primary reasons for entering the Michigander were to stay in shape and enjoy the scenic beauty of northern Michigan." Mike added that "finishing a tour always leaves me feeling that anything is possible with hard work and preparation." With his decision to create a Michigander video blog for the Detroit Free Press, it's possible that Wendland's biking accomplishment was even more significant. Unlike his fellow riders, the video project required that he carry an iPhone for blog updates enroute, satellite navigation system, camcorder, laptop computer, wireless modem and assorted other accessories to power the equipment. "They say technology is freeing, but with all that equipment I quickly regained the 18 pounds I lost in training," says Wendland. His next challenge will be the Blue Water Ramble in October, an 80-mile international ride that starts in St. Clair and then crosses into Canada and back by ferry.

That first year Don and Heather ran for tee-shirts, but now are motivated for medals. This year, both will sit out the Chicago run while Heather recovers from a recent pregnancy. Her doctor has now allowed her to resume a light running schedule as she strives to rebuild her endurance and overall condition. Both father and daughter love the challenge of longdistance running, and will continue drawing motivation from each other as they prepare for future events.

Tim Fausch


oodside member Craig Barton humbly admits that he's hooked on running. "I'm just a jogger who doesn't know when to stop," says Barton. The energetic Barton loves to run the 26.2 mile Chicago Marathon in October, and considers the entire weekend to be a total blast. "I finished the Chicago run last year with a time of 4 hours and 17 minutes, placed 15,791st and earned a cash prize of $0," noted Barton with a laugh, For Barton, running is a sport that allows him to have a good time competing against himself. "Marathon running is a powerful motivator to stay in shape, and seems to improve my overall outlook on life," says Barton. He has been running 8-9 hours per week during the 10 weeks leading up to the Chicago Marathon, and will have the added motivation of his son-in-law running with him this year.

Craig Barton


hese long-distance challenges are not without risk. Tim Fausch, a church member and veteran runner, has recently hung-up his sneakers due to knee and hip problems. "I started running seriously at age 39, and entered my first marathon (Detroit Free Press Marathon) in 1998," say Fausch. "My goal was to break four hours, and I did at 3:55." Fausch well remembers that cold, rainy day on Belle Isle. "I hit the "Wall" at 22 miles and had to jog/walk in the rest of the way," says Fausch. "My body was totally depleted, ached everywhere and I could barely walk for the next 12 hours." Eventually, running can take its toll on the body, notes Fausch. "A few years ago I began compensating on my runs to avoid straining my knees, and this ultimately led to some foot and hip issues." From his years of experience, Fausch shares these helpful tips for new runners: Always run on softer surfaces (dirt, gravel or grass) to reduce wear and tear on your body. Listen to your body. Be willing to skip training runs if you feel an injury or extreme fatigue coming on. Read about running and injuries, keep a log and don't worry if your training doesn't match the schedule perfectly. Push yourself, but have fun too. Buy good running shoes, and replace/rotate them often. After many years of competitive running (six marathons), Fausch now enjoys biking on local trails for exercise and relaxation.

n recent years, Warren Campus Pastor Don Pedde and his daughter (Heather) have trained for and run in the Chicago Marathon and the Air Force Half-Marathon in Dayton, Ohio. "Heather ran cross country in high school, and then encouraged me to join her as she started running again for exercise," says Pedde. "I agreed, and our running schedule quickly increased to 5-6 times per week with the decision to try marathoning"

Don and Heather Pedde


ome, like 2nd Grade Sunday School teacher Kristen Bowling, are relatively new to the sport of marathoning. Bowling's first competitive run will be in this month's Detroit Free Press Marathon. She is registered to run the 13.1 mile Half Marathon, and hopes to finish the course in less then two hours. The thirty-something wife and mother of four will wear the colorful "Greenie" race tag of a rookie. This identifies her as a new runner deserving of extra cheers from the crowd. Bowling ran track and cross-country in high school, but after that had little time for running with four children to care for. She now trains with other women at the YMCA, and frequently joins husband Mark for long runs on the Paint Creek Trail. "Running in the morning allows us time to talk and prepare ourselves for the day, says Bowling. "I think God blesses us through exercise, as we always feel better afterwards." Bowling is blunt about her motivation for running the Half-marathon...."I'm totally motivated by the fear of not finishing," she says. Editor's note: At press time, it was announced that Bowling had suffered a stress fracture in her left foot, and after months of training will have to skip this year's Detroit Free Press Marathon.

Kristen Bowling


For those considering these strenuous activities, it is recommended that you go online to a (or similar website) for helpful training information.


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Woodside students touch many through Project Radiate



"Thank you so much for your packages that you sent to my Marines here. There were many ecstatic faces at everything that you sent. It was a welcome surprise to get have never been a champieverything. The Jr Marines onship coach. Wait - there under me were very surprised was that one brief stint where at the display of kindness that JERRY HINES I stepped in as the coach of your organization sent. It my sister's last place 8th grade goes to show that there are girl's team and we made it to the people out there that care about what championship game. But that's as close we do and what we have to go as I've come. through. It's what you do that makes Over the last few weeks, though, I what we do a little easier." think I have a slight glimpse of the ­ PVT Supervisor, Iraq pride a championship coach feels. This summer, the students of Woodside "To all who assisted in Project Radiate: Student Ministries spent six Sunday My name is SGT. Amber Scott. I am the nights doing local projects called soldier that you sent a package to Project Radiate. through Thanks so We offered free car washes, visited much for the package. The ramen noonursing homes, tackled a few home dle meals were great since our DFAC improvement projects for local families (chow hall) is literally 1.5 miles from our and sent packages to U.S. service men motor pool and walking in that heat (we

"We offered free car washes, visited nursing homes, tackled a few home improvement projects for local families and sent packages to U.S. service men and women in Iraq. The results were amazing."

and women in Iraq. The results were amazing. The following are a few stories: From a local homeowner: "A group of about 30-40 kids led by a couple of your adult youth leaders came to our house one hot Sunday afternoon and did all of this work for me and my family...Your youth group is a shining example of how the body of Christ can make a lasting impact on this world. Be sure to let your group know that our neighbors took note and know that it was a "bunch of kids from our church" that came and sweated their heads off to help a family in need. We praise God for each one of them and hope that you will share this note of encouragement with them." From U.S. soldiers overseas: "I want you to know that my Marines were most appreciative of your packages. It is the youth of America that remind me of what I do over here everyday that makes me keep pushing on... the gesture of kindness that you have shown to my Marines and myself is what help us do what we do. Over here it is the little things that keep us pushing on and every chance we get a little relax time, it's the people like you that are on our minds that brighten our day even if it's just for a few minutes." ­ The Marines of 1st Battalion 7th Marines Headquarters and Services Company Corporal Anthony Thomas have to walk everywhere as there are no vehicles for leisure usage) at lunch time is a killer. So thanks to you we have things we can eat in the shop and not leave. My soldiers are very grateful to you for that. "I think your church is really great! It is very nice to have the older kids really getting into community service. It's what our youth need. My dad is a pastor and our churches have always been very small as we have always tried to bring God's Word to the neighborhoods that need it the most. I wish we could have found a home in one of those needed areas, but I guess it was never God's will as the church never grew and had to be closed due to lack of funds. Thank you again for your kindness and appreciation for the military. It's people such as you that keep me believing in the Army and having faith that my being in this foreign land is what God is wanting for me. You really do make being here a little easier as it's always better to know we are fighting for people who know what we are trying to protect from the enemy. Thank you again and take care of yourself." ­SGT. Amber Scott You can have the championship trophy ­ this coach is beaming because our students are reflecting God's glory and spreading his love to a dark world. Shine on!

The Woodside News


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From left, top row: Chris Gagnon and Jenna Bloodworth leading songs at a retirement community in Rochester. Monica Bigalk talking with several residence at a retirement home. Scott Watson and Sam Raffa changing out tile at a local service project in a Troy home.

Center row: Danyelle Stephanic, Brittany Totten and Laurenne McDougall holding up signs for our free carwash in Troy High School Pastor Jerry Hines and students admiring their work at a free car wash in Rochester Hills. Lucas Blankenship, Alex Lawson and Charlie Joseph listening to a member of a retirement community in Rochester.

Bottom row: WSM student Jenna Bloodworth and others putting together care packages for the military in Iraq. Several WSM students and leaders rebuilding a rock wall at a local service project


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Trivia Test on Moses

1. Which family was Moses born into? A. Reuben B. Levi C. Judah D. Issachar E. Asher 2. Why did Moses' mother abandon her son in a basket in the Nile River? A. She hoped her son would have a better life adopted into an Egyptian family rather than as an Israelite slave. B. There was a blood feud with the clan of the Danites and she didn't want her son to get killed by them. C. Pharaoh feared the great numbers of Israelites and planned to get rid of them by ordering the deaths of Israelite baby boys. D. The witch of Endor put a curse on her for not worshiping the sun god. 3. When Pharaoh's daughter took the baby for her own, how did she wean him? A. She hid him in a royal family with many other children. B. She paid the baby's mother to nurse him. C. She had her servant feed him goat's milk. D. She left him in the cave of a she-wolf who nursed him with her pups. 4. Why did Moses leave Egypt? A. He killed 1000 soldiers with the jawbone of a donkey in the slave uprising. B. He smashed the images of Osiris and Isis out of hatred of idolatry. C. He took a vacation after conquering Ethiopia to get away from the nagging princess he married there. D. He murdered a cruel taskmaster but was snitched out by one of his own people. 5. When God appeared to Moses to send him to Pharaoh and liberate the enslaved Israelites, Moses gave five excuses. They were: 1. Who am I to go to Pharaoh? 2. What is your name? 3. What if the Israelites don't believe me? 4. I am not an eloquent speaker. What was the fifth excuse? A. There are still wanted posters of me in Egypt. B. I'm eighty years old and can't make the journey. C. My wife won't leave Midian. D. Please send someone else. 6. Whose staff was thrown down to become a snake that devoured the snakes transformed from the staffs of Pharaoh's sorcerers? A. Moses B. Aaron C. Israelite zealot Joshua D. Israelite foreman Dathan 7. Which was the first plague on Egypt that Pharaoh's sorcerers could not imitate? A. The first- blood in the Nile river B. The second- frogs C. The third- gnats (mosquitoes?) D. The fourth- flies 8. Which was the first plague that impacted the Egyptians but NOT the Israelites? A. The third- gnats B. The fourth- flies C. The fifth- plague on livestock D. The sixth- boils on people and animals E. The seventh- hail 9. After the plague of locusts, Pharaoh admitted he was wrong and begged Moses to ask God to take away the plague. But he changed his mind and refused to let the people go. Why did Pharaoh change his mind after the plagues of locusts, darkness and death of the firstborn? A. God hardened his heart. B. Pharaoh's sorcerers, Jannes and Jambres, convinced him that their magic could overpower the God of Moses. C. Pharaoh's general Potiphar prepared to slaughter the defenseless slaves. D. Moses taunted Pharaoh with the impotence of the Egyptian gods. 10. How long did the Israelites wait at the Red Sea before crossing? A. One hour B. Seven hours C. All night long D. Three days 11. Where did Aaron get the gold to make the calf idol? A. They melted down Joseph's coffin. B. The people of Israel donated it. C. The gold earrings of the Amalekites Moses defeated. D. Caleb discovered a vein of gold in a cave. 12. When God told Moses He would destroy the people over the golden calf, what reasoning did Moses plead to turn away the Lord's wrath? A. That the Egyptians would ridicule him. B. The descendants of Moses would be a nation of stutterers. C. Moses was too old to start a new family. D. Moses offered to send the Levites to slay the seditionist leaders. 13. Why did Moses wear a veil to cover his face? A. He broke his nose from falling on his face each time the people complained. B. It was an Egyptian custom for a regent to wear a veil in public. C. He had a sensitivity to sunburn in the desert. D. His face glowed from being in the presence of God. 14. Why did Miriam and Aaron challenge Moses' leadership, provoking God to strike Miriam with leprosy for a full week? A. Moses' interracial marriage offended them. B. Moses' condemnation of a family who worked on the Sabbath. C. Moses' criticism of Miriam for dancing with cymbals on her fingertips. D. Moses' judgment of Aaron's sons for getting drunk while performing their priestly duties. 15. Why did God not allow Moses to enter the Promised Land? A. Moses broke his leg digging a water well. B. He slept in instead of breaking camp when the pillar of cloud was lifted from the Tabernacle one morning. C. God wanted Joshua to battle the people of Canaan because he made a better general. D. Moses publicly disobeyed God by striking the rock instead of speaking to it. 16. Which character trait is credited to Moses? A. Wise B. Brave C. Humble D. Cowardly 17. Where is Moses tomb? A. At Machpelah, along with Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob and Leah B. In the cave at Mount Horeb C. Moses was buried on Mount Nebo, where he took his last look on the Promised Land. D. God buried Moses in secret. David Swanson has a BSME from Lawrence Tech. and a M.Divinity from Ashland Theological Seminary and can be contacted at [email protected]

Moses holding the Ten Commandments tablets at the Supreme Court building



Although no man can look at God and live, God referred to Moses as the only prophet who spoke to God face to face. Josephus, the Jewish historian commissioned by Roman emperor Titus, wrote a story accounting Moses' victory over Ethiopia. The Ethiopian army had all but conquered Egypt when Moses was made general. Moses had the soldiers catch ibis birds. Releasing them at a strategic area, the poisonous snakes fled from the birds and allowed the Egyptians to surprise their enemy. Pressing the victory all the way to the capital of Saba, princess Tharbis saw Moses coming over the wall and fell instantly in love with him. Marrying the princess brought peace and saved the army a costly battle. The ten plagues on Egypt were really a battle of the gods. The God of the Israelites proved superior to the gods of the Egyptians. Apep the snake, god of darkness , was swallowed by God's snake from a staff. Khnum, the Nile god was defiled by blood. Hequet the frog, goddess of fertility, was humiliated by the piles of frogs. Set, god of sandstorms, was helpless against the gnats and flies. Apis the bull suffered boils and Neper the deification of grain was eaten by locusts. Even Ra the sun god was diminished as Egypt fell into deep darkness. Osiris who was worshipped as ruler over life and death was powerless under the curse on the firstborn. Including the Ten Commandments, Rabbis have compiled 613 rules given by God to Moses that we must obey in order to be right with God. If you would like a copy of the 613 laws of Moses, email me and I will send it to you.

ANSWERS: (1) B. EXODUS 2:1, THE LEVITES WERE CONSECRATED TO GOD DEUTERONOMY 10:8; (2) C. EXODUS 1:22; (3) B. EXODUS 2:7-9 (4) D. EXODUS 2:11:15; (5) D. EXODUS 4:13; (6) B. EXODUS 6:10; (7) C. EXODUS 8:18; (8) B. EXODUS 8:22; (9) A. EXODUS 10:20,27;11:10; (10) C. EXODUS 14:20; (11) B. EXODUS 12:35-36; (12) A. EXODUS 32:12 AND A REMINDER OF GOD'S PROMISE TO THE PATRIARCHS IN VERSE 13; (13) D. EXODUS 34:29-35; (14) A. NUMBERS 12:1 CUSH MEANS BLACK AND REFERS TO ETHIOPIA ISAIAH 18:1; (15) D. NUMBERS 20:7-12; (16) C. NUMBERS 12:3; (17) D. DEUTERONOMY 34:6, JUDE 9

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Above: Millers Big Red Apple Orchard is ideal for the family; Right: A tour of Michigan's thumb is well worth the ride.




owever brief, the blaze Nearby is Lakeport and beauty of October State Park, an ideal spot for causes us to pause and recoga family picnic on the shores nize the Lord's hand at work. of Lake Huron. Take time to enjoy the beauTraveling a few miles tiful portrait being painted further, you've entered Port for our pleasure. Huron, which is considered Historically, the month to be the Maritime Capital of October has been thought of the Great Lakes. With JIM AVERY of as a time to gather. In its many museums, this years past, that meant gathtown is a dream come true ering in the harvest, cutting wood for for history buffs. the fire and spending time stalking Make sure to visit the riverfront wild game for the table. Today, our gathering has more to do with enjoying the bounty of roadside produce stands, ordering in a cord of firewood and soaking in the awesome beauty of autumn. For many, that has translated into Out of nothing came an what we now call the "Fall Color empire of goodwill Tour." ilton Snavely Hershey died on The State of Michigan offers October 13, 1945. many outstanding roadways of beauty who in the world is for us to enjoy each autumn. Milton Snavely Hershey you ask? We, in Southeastern Michigan, For many, he is merely the name on are blessed to have a wonderful color a tasty bar of chocolate. For others, he is tour right in our own backyard. the man in the middle of a fascinating This scenic drive covers 130 story of failure and success in the world miles, and takes us north on M-53 of candy manufacturing. To an entirely (Van Dyke) through Imlay City, and different set of people, Hershey's endurthen east on M-46. Along this stretch ing legacy of philanthropy continues to you'll view rolling farmland previoustouch many lives with goodwill. ly covered with thick forest, until a Milton Hershey was born on tragic fire wiped out the timber in September 13, 1857 to Fannie Snavely 1881. Roadside stands beckon with and Henry Hershey. fresh produce, apples, pumpkins and According to the Hershey History corn stalks. website, Fanny Snavely was the daughAs you head east on M-46, take ter of Bishop Abraham Snavely, a notice of the Hi-Way Drive-In highly respected figure of the Theater in the Village of Carsonville. Reformed Mennonite Church and Snap a picture, as this is Michigan's considered well-to-do. oldest and nearly last drive-in theater. Milton was raised in the tradition M-46 ends at M-25 in Port of his mother's strict Mennonite faith. Sanilac. This quaint lakeside town Hershey's father, Henry, was highoffers many nice restaurants for a ly intelligent but unrealistic in his purquiet lunch or take-out sandwich to suit of get rich schemes. His many enjoy at one of the roadside parks furfailed attempts created an unstable ther south. The Port Sanilac lifestyle for the Hershey family, and Lighthouse, built in 1886, remains troubled young Milton greatly. vigilant and picturesque as a private In 1872, Milton had the opporturesidence. nity to apprentice in a Lancaster, Driving south on M-25 you'll see Pennsylvania, confectionery shop. breath-taking views of Lake Huron, It was here that Milton acquired a ships in the lake and picture-perfect skill and fondness for making candy. stands of birch emboldened with Four years later, with the financial and leaves of gold. moral support of his family, Milton Further south, take time to stop opened his first candy making business for cider at McCallum's Orchard & in Philadelphia. Cider Mill and a visit to the mystical That initial effort ended in failure, Wood's Edge Herb Farm. The herb as did similar attempts in Chicago and farm features naturally grown culiNew York. nary and medicinal herbs, bath prodUpon his return to Lancaster in ucts and tea blends.

walkway just below the Blue Water Bridge, a perfect spot to watch ships passing to and from Lake Huron. If you're ready for a cup of coffee or snack, head to Historic Downtown Port Huron before calling it a day. Further information on this tour and others can be found online at Locally, I highly recommend Millers Big Red Apple Orchard for an afternoon of fall fun. Located on

32 Mile Road in Washington, this family-run orchard has something for everyone. The kids will love the new petting farm, hayrides and corn maze, while the adults dine on the freshsqueezed cider, hand-dipped caramel apples and donuts. Go online to or call (586)-752-7888 for more details. Woodside News Editor Jim Avery can be contacted at [email protected]




Milton S. Hershey lived his dreams

1883, Hershey started the very successful Lancaster Caramel Company. Soon after, Hershey became excited about the potential of milk chocolate, which at that time was a Swiss luxury product. Three years later, after successfully developing a formula for milk chocolate, he returned to his hometown of Derry Church, Pennsylvania. There he would build a new factory, and have access to large quantities of fresh milk for chocolate production. By 1905, Hershey's milk chocolate was the first nationally marketed product of its kind. The highly successful Hershey milk chocolate created many jobs for Derry Church residents, who voted in 1906 to rename the town "Hershey." The Derry Township Historical website reports that Milton and his wife Catherine were never able to have children, which is believed to be the reason why the Hersheys established a

school for orphaned boys. The website notes that Milton never had any distinct church affiliation in his adult years, but never lost sight of the spiritual well being of his community. In 1935, he gave $20,000 to each of the five churches in Hershey, which helped pay off debts incurred during the depression. That same year, the M.S. Hershey Foundation was established to provide educational and cultural opportunities for local residents. In 1963, The Milton S. Hershey Medical Center was founded on the campus of Penn State University with a grant of $50 million from the foundation. The Milton Hershey legacy continues today with financial support being provided for many educational, art and other community institutions. Oh.....and about those Hershey's Chocolate Kisses. This year the company is celebrating the 100th Anniversary of that little dab (or kiss) of chocolate, a product that continues to be one of the most popular candies in the world. More then 80 million Hershey's Kisses are produced each day at the company's two factories, with every delectable morsel representing about 26 calories. Currently there are 30 flavors available, ranging from the original Milk Chocolate version to the 100th Anniversary Special Dark Espresso flavor. Finally, if you don't see the distinctive paper "plumb" sticking out of the foil it's not a genuine Hershey Kiss, as that is the company's registered trademark. Woodside News Editor Jim Avery can be contacted at [email protected]


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Woodside's space crunch at Troy campus



his month, I thought I would share a bit about one of the good "challenges" we are working through here at Woodside Bible Church - TOM LANCASTER especially at the Troy campus that being the continual search for more office space. Background: From time to time it is publicly noted that there are over 130 ministries functioning within WBC. And may I add that we receive proposals for new ones on a regular basis. (God is doing something special at Woodside!) Did you ever stop to think just how all these ministries are facilitated, supported and coordinated? Interestingly, some of them are mini-congregations in themselves, with hundreds of participants; such as our high school ministry, which requires a full time pastor as well as a support staff that includes an administrative assistant, a full-time worship director (shared with the middle school and college ministries) and an intern or two. Considering that there are several ministries that serve ministry sub-populations that number in the hundreds (Children's, Middle School, College, Women's, Small Groups, 50+ Ministries, Singles, and Recovery Ministries), you can begin to see how the need for offices and work stations begins to multiply. I have just named nine of the over 100 ministries, and although most of

might add offices or work stations for our growing staff. In fact there are now "offices" in this building in places that most of our people do not even know exist. How did we get into this challenging situation? The current Troy facility was designed for 30% growth in the number of staff offices/workstations when the plans were drawn up. That translated into fifteen pastor/director offices and fifteen support staff workstations. In the last three years (with the explosive growth of ministries) we have created an additional six pastor/director offices and five workstations in various locations within our facility in trying to keep up with our growing staff (totaling 21 pastors/directors

Aren't these GOOD challenges that we are facing? While many churches are looking at closing their doors, or dropping ministries and staff, God is blessing us in such a way that we regularly strategize as to how to expand or creatively share the space we already have, and not just office space! We also are experiencing some very pressing needs for additional classroom space, especially within the context of our children's ministries. As I close on that thought, please pray for our leadership, as they ponder some "next steps" with regarding growth and expansion needs at all of our campuses.

We have pretty much exhausted all possible nooks and crannies at the Troy campus, where we might add offices or work stations for our growing staff. In fact there are now "offices" in this building in places that most of our people do not even know exist.

the rest of them could be characterized as sub-groups of the larger ministries, they all deserve and require (to a greater or lesser extent) support from our pastoral/director leadership. Please note, our goal is to involve lay leadership as much as possible in all our ministries. However, as ministries grow and expand, sometimes the weekly hour requirements for some positions expand into a 24+hour per week commitment which is generally beyond what a volunteer is able to give. This then often results in creating a support staff position to fill the need. That happened just a few months ago within our Women's Ministries as they have needed to add a paid program director position. Where am I going with all of this? Well, just to let you know that we have pretty much exhausted all possible nooks and crannies at the Troy campus, where we offices and 20 support staff workstations). However, at the moment we have 27 pastors/directors and 22 support staff working out of this campus. Obviously, there is some doubling up in our work spaces. What are we doing to remedy this situation? As badly as we need office space, we also need to conserve current classroom space. Therefore, to help alleviate our lack of office space, we are converting our present Conference Room (room 262) into three offices. At the same time, we are taking an unfinished room on the second floor of the South wing (room 233) and converting it into a Conference Room/Classroom. Meetings and classes that formerly met in room 262 will be scheduled to meet in the newly finished room 233.


I know


I want to tell you about someone I know, He makes my heart sing, and I love him so. I see him everywhere I look, He is all of the beauty wherever I go. Some people say that he is not there, They say I'm just looking into thin air. But in all truth, he is in my soul, And if you look close, he is everywhere. The smile that you see in a small child's face, The flowers that open with beauty and grace, The love that one can give when they care, He shines through with all of his flair. You see, he died for you and me, To give us life and set us free. But then he came back from off the cross, To let us all know who is truly the Boss.

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our small faith and in the process we ly once a week during the school year. American Revolution was any today are offended are transformed. Through MITI, weekly prayer this: it connected in one indisand angered by the As a mother who has been a part with other moms becomes a discisoluble bond the principles of mere suggestion that our of MITI for many years, I invite you pline that testifies to our children of civil government with the nation's roots are Christian. to come. You will meet other moms the important place of prayer. When principles of Christianity." But the historical record who are standing firm in prayer, times of crisis come, From 1787 to speaks for itself. interceding for our chilInaugural Prayer We sing of it in our To learn more about Moms In Touch, con- dren, their learning, Breakfasts to the national songs such as "God tact Claire Gonzoles for the Rochester their teachers and "Year-of-the-Bible" Bless America;" we see it on area (248) 475-0868; or Lynn Zuganek, CAROLYN MACK schools. declaration of 1983 our coins and currency; we area coordinator for Oakland and Macomb Just as our Founders and the National speak of it at every sporting Counties, at (586)-677-7982; united together to seek Day of Prayer, the tradition event that begins with the Pledge of or email; [email protected] God's wisdom and illuof and necessity for prayer is a Allegiance; the date that appears on mination through prayer, historical fact and part of our every newspaper, letter, periodical or so must we. From 1787 to 2007, conand sometimes it seems to be a weeklegacy as Americans and as Christians. historical account is a sublime reminder tinue the tradition of prayer, for "this is ly event, the habit of prayer becomes How can we today show our of Jesus Christ's imprint on history good and pleases God our Savior. . ." (1 an instinctive and powerful response. thankfulness to God for His mercy with or without designations of B.C. or Timothy 2:3) God may awe us as he moves and blessings and continue the tradiA.D. mountains in answer to our prayers. tion of prayer? There are some today who would Or, the even bigger miracle someBesides prayer in church and in have us forget that our Founders hisCarolyn Mack can be contacted at times is that He changes and grows our homes, there is an organization torically promoted Bible reading and [email protected] for moms that is taking strides to prayer. Numerous Supreme Court cases make sure the next generation is defended and supported that tradition W O M E N ' S M I N I S T R I E S P R E S E N T S : blanketed with prayer. in 1796, 1892, 1931 and again in 1952 Called Moms In Touch when Justice William O. Douglas International, or MITI, they have been affirmed that "we are a religious people Is God speaking to your heart about personal, church or national revival? Please quietly meeting and spreading across and our institutions presuppose a come pray with us as we join our hearts before Almighty God to stand in the gap the country since 1984 simply to pray Supreme Being." for revival. We will meet each Monday at 9:30 a.m. in Room 179. You may call, specifically for our children and our Ten years later in 1962 for the first Kelly McClelland, Women's Ministries Director for more details at 248-879-8533. schools. Meetings are in homes, usualtime in history, an activist court discarded all legal precedence in Engel vs. Vitale and began a legal revolution with their decision that suddenly re-classified prayer as a violation of the First Amendment. BY CHERREE THOMAS [WOODSIDE NEWS COLUMNIST] Clearly, our Founders believed no such thing. They forever intertwined must consistently evaluate how we are Would the words we say About Obedience religion and politics when they deterliving by asking ourselves: What attimake us feel embarrassed if mined in 1787 at the first hat does it mean to be tudes or behaviors need to be Jesus were standing next to Constitutional Convention that the "obedient" to God? changed? Because God wants us to us, or would they make Him acknowledgment of God and the pracBeing obedient is more than have a blessed life ­ through a more smile and nod in approval? tice of prayer would be observed before just going to church, singing obedient life ­ so that we can reflect Being obedient to God the business of politics; that same tradisongs, listening to a sermon, the glory of His presence in our means using wisdom in any tion continues to this day before every or doing good works. hearts, homes and lives. For as 1 John given situation, so that we session of Congress. Obedience to God is a 2:4-6 says: If someone says, "I belong can respond to others in a History testifies of the mountains lifestyle and a way of life. It is CHERREE THOMAS godly way. to God," but doesn't obey God's comthat were moved as a spirit of concilia"thinking" the way God mandments, that person is a liar and Obedience to God also tion intervened through their prayers. thinks, "saying" what God says in His does not live in the truth. But those means being mindful of our actions by How can any of us believe that the Word, and "doing" what He wants us who obey God's Word really do love looking at our lives in light of the way Founders believed in "the separation of to do. It is a life of "righteousness" that him. That is the way to know whether God desires for us to live. Are we livchurch and state" when the walls of our seeks to honor God in every way and or not we live in him. Those who say ing lives filled with busyness, unfinown Supreme Court are inscribed with in all areas of our lives. they live in God should live their lives ished projects or sinful activities? Or, depictions of Moses, the law and The Obedience to God means being as Christ did. are they filled with fruitfulness, Ten Commandments? mindful of the words we say. Are they Then, as Psalm 119:2 says: Happy accomplishment and wholesome John Quincy Adams said it like negative, doubtful and fearful? Or, are are those who obey His decrees and interests? For as believers we are this: "The highest glory of the they positive, hopeful and faith-filled? search for Him with all their hearts. God's "earthly representatives," so we

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Senior Care

Providing Families, Accident & Industrial Chiropractic Care to our Community for 36 years.

Neck Pain Hip Pain Sports Injuries

Back Pain Emergency Care On the Job Injuries

Arm & Shoulder Pain Auto Accidents Leg Pain

Open 6 Days

Evening & Weekend Appointments Available

Same Day Appointments - CALL TODAY


6780 Rochester Road

One block north of Woodside Bible Church

Hours: M - F 9am to 7pm Sat 8am to 1pm

In the spirit of Matthew 22:37-40, "Love your neighbor as yourself". We are in the neighborhood and we'd like to help!



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The Ancient Path



As we seek to be disciples of Jesus, really ashamed of my poor which path would He have us choose? physical condition until I saw The charter bus to the top of the mounsomething that made me few months back I tain? Did he offer the easy path to his kind of angry. I saw a paved climbed a mountain. disciples? Did he value comfort and conroad and a parking lot. Several actually. For some, venience higher than pain and suffering? Our leader explained to us this isn't big news ­ in fact it Jesus calls us to the ancient path to that those symbols that we saw may even describe what you follow him. It isn't easy. The cost is were markings that have been did last Saturday. For me, this high. The risk is extreme. We will get carried on for thousands of is big news. I spend much CLIFF JOHNSON sore, hurt, dirty, and smelly. But just years to show where the ancient more time inside than outside. when we don't think we can take path was. The path that was In fact, I was told to train for months another step, we look up and see that walked by those who have gone before us. before the big trip. I was instructed to others have walked this road before. The path that Elijah used to walk. work out daily on a stairmaster or a We see the ancient path and As you can imagine, there weren't treadmill set to the highest incline. remember, that our Lord has walked many people walking up with us on the You didn't have to do it ­ but the this way before. ancient path. There were hundreds at first climb would show everyone how the top of the mountain, but none of ready you were. I didn't do it. them took the ancient path. They chose Woodside News Columnist Now what I haven't told you is that the easy road. The air-conditioned bus. Cliff Johnson can be contacted at these mountains were located in Israel Their deodorant didn't fail them. [email protected] and Turkey. The first mountain we ­ JEREMIAH 6:16 climbed is called Mount Carmel. Yep ­ the Mount Carmel where Elijah staged the "contest" that cost hundreds of false prophets their lives. It was the BY DARYL TRAVER [WOODSIDE NEWS REPORTER] very place that God sent down fire from heaven and burned up the bulls MARK ROACH ­ David Crowder camp. The and even the stone altar. EVERY REASON WHY single "You Are" currently in As we journeyed up the mountain, I (MYRRH/CURB/ the top ten on both R&R's began to regret my shortcut in the physiWARNER BROS.) INSPO (#9) and CRW's cal preparation for the trip. I was breathINSPO (#6) charts, continA collection of upbeat and ing fast and embarrassingly loud ­ so ues to climb its way to numuplifting songs can be found much so that I hung back a little to catch ber one. This ambient song on "Every Reason Why," the it. The path that we were hiking up was goes through the many debut album from unbelievably rough, with rocks and names that describe Christ, singer/songwriter and worship DARYL TRAVER thorns and loose gravel to contend with. (i.e. "holy," "faithful," leader Mark Roach. With About halfway up the mountain, I "Savior," "friend,"). catchy melodies matched with began to smell something truly Other highlights include the hard sincere lyrics, Roach delivers a worship wretched ­ me. I was really hurting hitting rockers "Overwhelmed," and CD with songs that are sung to God, and was about to call it quits. But then "As Long As I Have You." Roach not just about Him. I noticed something on the rock I was also brings life to classics such Although this is his first full length Morning Star Church, in O'Fallon, heaving against. It was a white-redas," It is Well." In his song release, Roach has had songs featured Missouri, Mark will be sharing his white stripe painted on the rock. I was "Amazing," Roach incoron national compilations which include time as he joins Building 429 and intrigued and so I went further up the porates a new chorus to the "WOW Next 2007," "Absolute Aaron Shust on tour in November. mountain ­ where I saw another one. traditional hymn "Amazing Grace," Modern Worship 2," This album was obviously written Now I was starting to move with a which gives this familiar song a "SongDISCovery (vol. 53)" to engage conversation with God, and little more purpose, wanting to catch new twist. and two appearances on it does exactly that. Produced by up to the group so I could get an explaThe closer, "Foundations," is Purpose Driven Ministries' Nathan Nockels (Matt Redman, nation. Amazingly, every time I wantan acoustic piece including a cello "SongSeeker" project (2004 & Passion) "Every Reason Why" is a ed to stop climbing or quit, I would and background vocals that bring 2005). In addition, the songs "You flawless production. Fans of Chris look up and see another of these symcolor to this song's tranquil sound. Are" and "Amazing" have been sung by Tomlin, John Waller, and Jeff Deyo bols almost cheering me on. For musicians and Worship leadover 500,000 at the Women of Faith will most likely enjoy the music and When I finally made it to the top ers, this CD also unlocks a website with 2007 "Amazing Freedom" Conferences. worship of Mark Roach as well. of the mountain - stinky, sweaty, dirty chord charts, instructional videos and Of the eleven tracks that make up - I noticed that there were lots of peoMediaShout files, which include ready this CD, the opener "A Thousand Woodside News Reporter ple up there, but they were clean, to use script and video backgrounds. Hallelujahs," with its radiant guitar, Daryl Traver can be contacted at chubby, and foreign. I started to feel Still leading worship weekly at sounds like something out of the [email protected]

"Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls."


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ACROSS 1 things to write unto you, I would not write with paper and ____ (2 John 1:12) 4 I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open ____ (Rev 3:8) 8 we launched, meaning to sail by the coasts of ____ (Acts 27:2) 12 upon the great ____ of his right foot (Lev 14:28) 13 he said, ____, Father, all things are possible unto thee (Mark 14:36) 14 the salutation of Mary, the babe le___ in her womb (partial word)(Luke 1:41) 15 Ye shall no more give the people ____ to make brick (Exodus 5:7) 17 As newborn babes, desire the ____ milk of the word (1 Pet 2:2) 19 his servant Joshua, the son of ____, a young man (Exodus 33:11) 20 If we say that we have ___ sin, we deceive ourselves (1 John 1:8) 21 thy King cometh unto thee, meek, and sitting upon an ____ (Matt 21:5) 22 make known unto me the dream which I have ____ (Daniel 2:26) 24 I will also ask of you one question, and ____ me (Mark 11:29) 27 Honour ____ men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. (1 Pet 2:17) 28 having faithful children not accused of ___t or unruly (partial word)(Titus 1:6) 29 Anna, a prophetess, the daughter of Phanuel, of the tribe of ____ (Luke 2:36) 32 abbr. for Los Angeles 33 the voice of the bridegroom, and the voice of the ____ (Jer 25:10) 36 compass direction 37 Judas begat Phares and Zara of ____ar (partial word)(Matt 1:3) 40 and didst ___ him over the works of thy hands (Heb 2:7) 41 lodged in the house of one Simon a ___ner (partial word)(Acts 10:32) 42 He took his wife Sarai, his ____ Lot (Gen 12:5)(NIV) 45 when the messenger cometh, ____ the door, and hold him (2 King 6:32) 46 dwelt in the land of ____, on the east of Eden. (Gen 4:16) 48 I trust I shall shortly s___ thee (partial word)(3 John 1:14) 49 Is any thing ____ hard for the LORD? (Gen 18:14) 50 the earth that ___ ___ thee shall be iron. (two words)(Deut 28:23) 53 the ephah the tenth part of an ____ (Ezek 45:11) 56 the wringing of the ____ bringeth forth blood (Prov 30:33) 57 a certain Pharisee besought him to ____ with him (Luke 11:37) 59 a stroke with the ____ to cut down the tree (Deut 19:5) 60 then I will be an ____y unto thine enemies (partial word)(Exodus 23:22) 61 Goliath, of Gath, whose height was six cubits and a ____. (1 Sam 17:4) 62 a clump of earth DOWN 1 That which groweth of ___ own accord of thy har vest (Lev 25:5) 2 whose shoe's latchet I am ____ wor thy to unloose (John 1:27) 3 from the ____s even to the husk. (par tial word) (Num 6:4) 4 as it began to ____ toward the first day of the week (Matt 28:1) 5 a man in the land of Uz, whose name was J___ (par tial word)(Job 1:1) 6 He who r___ his father and drives out his mother(par tial word)(Prov 19:26) (NIV) 7 our God, who gives autumn and spring ____ in season (Jer 5:24)(NIV)


8 Is___ spake unto Abraham his father (par tial word)(Gen 22:7) 9 swords into plowshares, and their ____ into pruninghooks (Isaiah 2:4) 10 Israel set l___ in wait round about Gibeah (partial word)(Judges 20:29) 11 Then death and H____ were thrown into the lake of fire (partial word)(Rev 20:14)(NIV) 16 thou shalt not approach to his wife: she is thine ___t (partial word)(Lev 18:14) 18 were not a people, but are ____ the people of God (1 Pet 2:10) 22 Ye are the ____ of the earth (Matt 5:13) 23 Hoshea the son of ____ made a conspiracy against Pekah (2 King 15:30) 24 for a bird of the ____ shall carry the voice (Eccles 10:20) 25 Ye shall not shout, nor make

any ____ with your voice Joshua 6:10 26 abbr. for each 28 and he___ yielding seed after his kind (partial word)(Gen 1:12) 30 And ____ said to Jacob, Feed me, I pray thee (Gen 25:30) 31 the veil of the temple was ____ in twain (Mark 15:38) 34 in the morning the ____ lay round about the host (Exodus 16:13) 35 Make haste, and g___ thee quickly out of Jerusalem (partial word)(Acts 22:18) 38 take a sharp sword ___ ___ it as a barber's razor (two words)(Ezek 5:1)(NIV) 39 shew ____ thy faith without thy works (James 2:18) 41 Simon Peter, and ____ called Didymus, and Nathanael(John 21:2) 43 Have they not s___? have they not divided the prey (partial word)(Judges 5:30)

44 but whoever ____ correction shows prudence. (Prov 15:5)(NIV) 45 as ___n as we had heard these things (partial word)(Joshua 2:11) 46 more than over ninety and ____ just persons (Luke 15:7) 47 Understand, ___ ___ of man: for at the time of the end(two words)(Daniel 8:17) 49 that appeareth for a little time, and ____ vanisheth away (James 4:14) 51 the sons of Eliab; ___uel, and Dathan, (partial word)(Num 26:9) 52 they will tear me like a lion and ____ me to pieces (Ps 7:2) (NIV) 54 abbr. for the second book of the Bible 55 by the way of the ____ sea (Deut 2:1) 58 was not yea and ___y, but in him was yea(partial word)(2 Cor 1:19)

"He who has ears, let him hear"

Matthew 11:15 Christian Office Atmosphere

Jeanne M. Ward, Au.D Doctor of Audiology

Hearing health care...the way it was meant to be

555 W. Fourteen Mile Rd. ~ Clawson ~ (248) 435-6811

Our website is

Melissa L. Hopkins, Au.D Doctor of Audiology


8 years of college training which = CONFIDENCE Focus on technology and improved hearing in noise Emphasis


Complimentary hearing aid demonstrations Try before you buy: in-home hearing aid loans 100% hands-free digital hearing aids Repairs of all brands

on patient education and thorough explanations

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(Genesis 7:19,20). A flood id Noah's Flood actually could not rise to cover envelop the globe? Was mountains without covering it perhaps merely a regional the world. For example, a event? Your answer profoundlocal flood covering 17,000ly affects your perspective on foot Mt. Ararat on which Creation/Evolution and serithe Ark eventually landed ously impacts your worldview. would have been a three mile Only one answer fits the geohigh pile of water lasting for logical condition of the earth T. PELLETIER nine months (Genesis 8:5). (see last month's column). WILLIAMPH.D. Obviously the "local flood" More importantly, the biblical hypothesis does not fit the case for a global flood is utterGenesis record. Noah's Flood must ly convincing. Here's ten biblical reahave been worldwide. sons to believe in a worldwide flood. REASON #1 The Bible uses universal language to describe Noah's Flood. Note these allinclusive phrases from Genesis 7:17-24: all the high mountains everywhere under the heavens were covered. all flesh...perished all mankind (perished) all that was on the dry land (died) all in whose nostrils was the breath...of life died every living thing was blotted out only Noah was left, together with the ark The phrase "all the high mountains" REASON #3 If the Flood was only local, why build an ark? Constructing a ship 75 feet wide, 45 feet high, and 450 feet long was a gigantic task, undoubtedly taking decades. Its capacity was equivalent to 522 railroad boxcars. All the animals, including dinosaurs, could be housed in only 1/3 of the space. Why would God commission such an enormous project if it were completely unnecessary? Noah could easily have walked around the whole earth in 10 years. If the Flood was only local, why not simply migrate to a safe area? Why bring animals to the ark instead of leading them to safety elsewhere? Why not


Yellowstone's Grand Canyon

flood: "All flesh shall never again be cut off by the water of the flood, neither shall there again be a flood to destroy the earth. This (rainbow) is the sign of the covenant which I am making between Me and you and every living creature...for all successive generations. Never again shall the water become a flood to destroy all flesh." (Genesis 9:9-17)

Therefore Noah's Flood, the flood that God promised not to repeat, could not have been a local flood; it must have been worldwide. REASON #7 After the Flood, all people were descended from Noah according to Genesis 10. If no one else was left to

If the Flood was only local, why build an ark? Why not simply migrate to a safe area?

have birds fly to safety? Noah's Flood must have been worldwide. could be understood to refer to all mountains known to the author. However, the qualification "everywhere under the heavens" removes the potential ambiguity and clarifies that the author means the Flood covered the entire globe. Numerous other universal phrases strengthen this conclusion. For example, the flood waters covered "the face of the whole earth" (Genesis 8:9). Over 30 times such universal phrases occur in the Bible's fourchapter account of the Flood. Forcing the universal terms of Genesis into "local" interpretations makes the text meaningless. How would you describe a flood if you wanted to report that it enveloped the earth? What more could you say? The clear meaning of the text has priority unless there is evidence to the contrary within the text itself. The obvious intent of the author is to report a worldwide catastrophic flood which destroyed all land life except for that in Noah's ark. The Genesis record is not about a local flood. Noah's Flood was worldwide. REASON #2 No local flood can cover even one mountain since water seeks its own level. Genesis reports all high mountains everywhere under the heavens were covered by more than 20 feet of water REASON #4 The duration of the Flood means it must have been global. The Indian Ocean tsunami of December, 2004 took several hundred thousand lives in southeast Asia, India, and eastern Africa. Yet in each location where the tsunami hit, the flood was over in under an hour, and all tsunami waves were gone within 24 hours. But Noah's Flood lasted five months, and it took seven more months for the flood waters to recede and earth to dry. This far exceeds times for local floods which are over in a few days at most. Noah's Flood must have been worldwide. REASON #5 God's flood judgment for sin was universal. God's clear intent was total annihilation--"to destroy all flesh in which is the breath of life, from under heaven; everything that is on the earth shall perish." This required a worldwide flood since "earth was filled with violence" (Genesis 6:7,13,17; 7:4). Reason #6 God promised never again to destroy the earth with a In His promise God could not have meant a local flood because many destructive local floods have come since then; these would have broken His promise many times. In fact, in the days of Isaiah 1,800 years after Noah's Flood, God used the inviolate nature of this promise to assure people that similarly His loving kindness would never depart from them (Isaiah 54:810). Myriad local floods occurred during this 1,800 years, but God recognized no violation of His promise. populate the earth after the Flood, it must have been worldwide. REASON #8 Other Old Testament books besides Genesis confirm the historical reality of a worldwide flood. See Job 12:15; Psalm 29:10; 104:5-9; Isaiah 54:9. REASON #9 The Apostle Peter learned his doctrine from Jesus, who authorized Peter to teach in His name with His authority ( John 20:21). Peter repeatedly speaks of the Flood as global in its destruction: "The patience of God kept waiting in the days of Noah, during the construction of the ark, in which a few, that is, eight persons, were brought safely through the water. " (1 Peter 3:20) "God did not spare the ancient world, but preserved Noah, a preacher of righteousness, with seven others, when He brought a flood upon the world of the ungodly. " (2 Peter 2:5) "The world at that time was destroyed, being flooded with water. " (2 Peter 3:6) REASON #10 Jesus believed in a worldwide Flood. He used it to illustrate His return. "And just as it happened in the days SCIENCE continued on page 23

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from page 22 of Noah, so it shall be also in the days of the Son of Man: they were eating...drinking...marrying...until the day that Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all. " (Luke 17:26-30; Matthew 24:37-39) A flood which destroyed them all must have been a worldwide flood. THEREFORE... Why do some argue for a regional flood? The primary reason is to "rescue" the Bible from disagreement with what they suppose evolutionists have "proved." According to the Genesis record, the Flood covered all the high mountains on the entire earth; it destroyed every person in the world except for the eight on the ark; and it destroyed all birds and animals on the surface of the whole earth outside the ark. The Bible unmistakably teaches that Noah's Flood was worldwide. Believing the Bible rules out thinking Noah's Flood was only local. Moreover, the fossil-laden sedimentary strata all over the world are remnants of the Flood still visible today. The biblical worldview rightly identifies these effects with Noah's Flood and understands the Flood as God's global judgment on a sinsoaked world. POSTSCRIP T I'm writing this column on the road during a 24-day rolling camping trip through Wyoming, Montana, and the Dakotas. While marveling at scenery, I've imagined the titanic forces required to carve out Yellowstone's immense canyons and to raise the rugged Rockies. The mountains rose; the valleys sank down to the place which Thou didst establish for them. (Psalm 104:8) It's fascinating that official Yellowstone literature and tour guides now say Yellowstone's Grand Canyon was cut rapidly in weeks or months-- probably by glacial floods and not by the Yellowstone River in the canyon. That's a huge departure from their previous "millions of years of river erosion" theory that had been so confidently mongered. I think runoff from Noah's Flood formed the canyon, or possibly post-Flood glacial action formed it as the earth gradually stabilized in the immediately ensuing centuries. Some of earth's most stunning scenery and most striking geographic features resulted from Noah's Flood-- canyons and badlands of highly intricate formations displaying hundreds of layers of sedimentary rock of varied hues. The evidence truly floods the world. What a terrible trauma Noah's Flood inflicted! What unimaginable upheaval in geology, geography, and weather systems--evident in so many awesome remnants from the Flood we've seen at Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Glacier, Badlands, Bighorn Canyon, and Roosevelt National Parks. Dr. Pelletier may be contacted by email at [email protected]

SCIENCE continued


The seven deadly sins


And Proverbs 16:18 says: "Pride goes before destrucwas having a difficult tion, and haughtiness time writing this month's before a fall." Because of column because I wanted to pride (and other sins stembe an encouragement, yet ming from it) and unbelief, I've been feeling sorrow we have fallen to such a about the current state of place that most of us don't our country. even see our need for God. And after talking with CHERREE THOMAS In the Bible, God has various people this week, I made Himself quite clear realize that many others share this in regard to the way we are to live, feeling. "What has happened to our and in light of all the appalling great country?" they ask. "People things that are taking place in our don't care about each other like they country and world today, it is obvionce did. They are so selfish. Why ous that few are listening to and have things become so bad?" obeying Him. And that's not a good The answer is simple. Pride. The place to be. sin of pride has caused our great As 2 Corinthians 4:4 says: country (and world) to become what "Satan, the god of this evil world, has it's become. blinded the minds of those who don't What is Pride? The Encarta believe, so they are unable to see the World English Dictionary describes glorious light of the Good News that it as "a haughty attitude shown by is shining upon them. They don't people who believe, often unjustifiunderstand the message we preach ably, that they are better than others." about the glory of Christ, who is the Pride is one of the seven deadly sins. exact likeness of God."

erly and children were protected, instead of abused? When babies were seen as precious gifts of life, instead of dilemmas? When teenagers respected their parents, teachers and police officers? When an honest employee would do his or her best for a company? When families would pray to God (and go to church) to seek answers? When a person who promised to do something did what they promised? When dating couples didn't live together but committed themselves to the sanctity of marriage? When people felt shame if they were caught lying, cheating, stealing, killing, gossiping, being drunk or behaving in a sinful manner? It wasn't all that long ago... So, what can we do to change things? Is there any hope for us? Is there any hope for our country? Yes, there is! And the answer is simple: We must renounce our pride and unbelief, and repent of our sins

The seven deadly sins are: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride.

What are the "seven deadly sins?" · LUST - sexual sin, impurity, adultery and shameful desires; yearning for money or things. · GLUTTONY - eating and drinking to excess; wastefulness (extravagance). · GREED - covetousness; materialism; an overwhelming desire to have more of something than is actually needed. (Encarta) · SLOTH - laziness (procrastination); apathy (indifference). Sloth (or apathy) can cause one to become discouraged or dejected (depressed, sad and without hope). In the Bible, Ezekiel 16:49/NLT says: "Sodom's sins were pride, laziness, and gluttony, while the poor and needy suffered outside her door." · WRATH - anger (temper); rage; violence. Wrath is the vengeance, punishment or destruction wreaked by somebody in anger. Anger is the tendency to get angry easily and suddenly. (Encarta) · ENVY - jealousy; malice (cruelty). Envy is the desire to have something that someone else has or wanting to see someone brought down. · PRIDE - arrogance; narcissism (selfishness); haughtiness. Pride was the sin that caused the angel Lucifer to fall from Heaven and become Satan, the rebellious enemy of God, on Earth. (Isaiah 14:12/NKJV ) [Note: The Bible lists other sins as well. Read Proverbs 6:16-19 and Galatians 5:19-21] Yet, hear what the Bible says about pride. Proverbs 16:5 says: "The LORD despises pride; be assured that the proud will be punished." What is the Good News? That God loves us all so much that He wants us to be with Him for eternity. Yet, because of our sinfulness, there is a gap of separation between us, and God who is pure and holy. Yet, God made a way for us to be reconciled to Him ­ through His Son Jesus. Jesus came to Earth to suffer the punishment that we deserved for our sins (by being nailed to a cross), so that we could be rescued (saved) from suffering eternal punishment (hell) and instead, be with the LORD in Heaven forever. As John 3:16 says: "For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life." Furthermore, the Bible says that after Jesus died and was buried, on the third day, God raised Him from the dead, where He overcame death through His resurrection. [There were many eyewitness accounts to this miracle. Read Matthew 28 and Acts 1.] So, all God asks is that we believe in and accept what Jesus did for us with child-like (trusting) faith. As Hebrews 11:6 says: "And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him." Think about many of us remember when people were kind and helpful to others? When neighbors were friends, instead of strangers? When widows were treated with respect and care, instead of rejection and neglect? When the eld(admit our wrongdoing) before God and ask Him to forgive us. Then, we must change our ways...before it's too late. For as Ezekiel 3:19 says: "If you warn them and they keep on sinning and refuse to repent, they will die in their sins. But you will have saved your life because you did what you were told to do." Because the LORD says in 2 Chronicles 7:14: "Then, if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from Heaven and will forgive their sins and heal their land." God, through His Word, has told us the way to right way to go. The question is...are we going to listen?




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Woodside members George and Diane Elwell Woodside members George and Diane Elwell stand beside their latest acquisition. stand beside their latest acquisition. The Lake Orion residents were the winners of The Lake Orion residents were the winners of the 1955 two-door Chevy BelAir hardtop through the 1955 two-door Chevy BelAir hardtop through a recent Grace Centers of Hope fundraiser. a recent Grace Centers of Hope fundraiser. The excited couple is awaiting the title for The excited couple is awaiting the title for the car before they can enjoy their first ride. the car before they can enjoy their first ride.


The Woodside News announces its first annual Deer Hunters Contest

o you love to hunt, and can't wait to travel north to deer camp? We know there are many at Woodside who share this same passion for deer hunting. Whether you hit the field with bow or rifle, remember to take along your digital camera to record this year's deer hunting success stories. Please submit your photos of deer and successful hunters to the Woodside News for inclusion in our December edition Deer Hunting Photo Spread. This year's biggest buck (by antler points or spread) will be awarded a special Christian Deer Hunting T-shirt in honor of their achievement, courtesy of the OnlineChristianShopper ( Christian T-Shirt store. All photos should be submitted to [email protected] by Monday (11/19) for inclusion in this contest. Please make sure to include your name, phone number and description of photo details, plus the deer's weight and number of antler points. Good luck and be safe!


Angel tree or decaying oak?

other Nature can be a crafty artist, or so it seems to some. Woodside member Judy Wisniewski has passed by this interesting tree many times while traveling north on Dequindre Road, just east of Rochester. With each trip through the area, Wisniewski took notice of what she believed was an image of an angel etched into the side of the tree, perhaps the result of age or raging storm. Some report seeing the image, while others only see a damaged tree. What do you think....angel tree or decaying oak?


This Christian deer hunting tee-shirt will be awarded to our lucky winners

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Woodside Happenings

Happenings Library News Classifieds

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Woodside's Movie Night drawing crowds


Woodside has a variety of Adult Fellowship Groups (AFG's) every Sunday morning. This is a great way to get connected! Feel free to drop in and check one out this Sunday. AFG Guides are also available at the Welcome Centers.


AFG'S AT 8:30 A.M. HOME IMPROVEMENT Young families; Room 180; Leader: Jim McClelland AFG'S AT 10 A.M. BETA College Age; Room 236; Leader: Cliff Johnson COLLEGE AGE & AXIS Ages 18-28; Room 141 A; Leader: Al Peinado FUSION Engaged & newly married; Room 141 B; Leader: Pastor Cliff Johnson HOMEBUILDERS Couples married more than two years; Room 211; Leaders: Wayne Bradley & Larry Byle HOMEFRONT Ages 30-49; Room 177; Leader: Tom Bagwell TRANSFORMING GRACE Ages 30-59; Room 180; Leader: Larry Harrison FAITHFUL FRIENDS Over 50; Room 141 C; Leader: Dave Andersen CORNERSTONE Over 50; Room 178; Leader: Tom Howes HARVESTERS Over 55; Room 179; Leader: Ken Muehlhoff AFG'S AT 11:30 A.M. SINGLES Single adults; Room 179; Leader: Abe Phillip SPECIAL FRIENDS CLASS Anyone with special needs; Room 178; Leader: Greg McDougall TWO BY TWO Ages 30-59; Room 141 B; Leader: Mark Axe FAITH BUILDERS Ages 30-59; Room 141 C; Leader: John Sykes PARENTEEN People with middle school or high school children; Room 180; Leader: Tim Barr LOVE & RESPECT Room 141 A HIS IMAGE.US 50+; Room 177; Leader: Vince Messina

The Woodside at the Movies night is at the Troy campus, right after the 5 p.m. service, on the first Saturday of the month. Pizza, pop and popcorn are served.


AFG's at 9:00 a.m. GROWING STRONGER Room 110; Leader: Steve Mallett LOVE & RESPECT Fireside Room; Leaders: Craig & Jeanne Caruss BEREANS Room 109A; Leader: Jim Roberts PURPOSE DRIVEN Room 109B; Leader: Mike Wilson YOUNG COUPLES AFG Mezzanine; Leader: Anthony Mulka AFG at 10:30 a.m. LAMPLIGHTERS Room 110; Leader: Richard Coe PURPOSE DRIVEN Fireside Room; Leader: Ed Eastman


oodside's Saturday night movie night ­ held on the first Saturday of the month ­ is drawing lots of people appreciative of finding good movies that celebrate Christian values. Then again, the pizza and popcorn aren't too shabby, either. And since the movies follow the 5 p.m. Saturday worship service at the Troy campus, many of the regulars are finding it an ideal way to invite friends and relatives to church and then a light meal and movie afterwards. The next movie night is Saturday Oct. 6.

The film is "Luther," the dramatized story of Martin Luther. The producers describe it as portraying how "One man's faith in God launched the greatest revolution of all." Pizza and refreshments are available immediately after the 5 p.m. service. The movie rolls and the popcorn pops around 6:45 p.m. Other movie nights for your schedule include: "The Ultimate Gift" on Nov. 3 "The Nativity Story" on Dec. 1.

Register Now for Upward Basketball and Cheerleading



White Lake

AFG AT 9:00 A.M. EXPLORERS (Ages Late 20s­40s); Room C-13 AFG's at 10:30 a.m. FRIENDS Ages 50's-Mid 60's; Room C-13 BEREANS Ages Mid 60's+; Room C-14


nother record-breaking year is anticipated for Upward Basketball and Cheerleading, a family-oriented program that is a huge favorite at Woodside and the community. Upward is open to children from first through sixth grade. Last season, 720 kids participated in Upward and even more are expected this year, according to co-director Jon Everhart. The program has grown every year it's been offered at Woodside Troy campus. Upward's motto is: "A league where every child plays. Every child learns. Every child is a winner." For those interesting in participating, the first step is to register, which remains open until November 13. Following registration, participants are invited to attend an evaluation on Nov. 5, Nov. 8 or Nov. 13 for placement.

For basketball players, early registration is $65 if done by Oct. 22, or $75 thereafter. For cheerleaders, early registration is $75 if done by Oct. 22, or $85 thereafter. The league runs January through March and includes eight games. Games take place on Saturdays, with one practice during the week. The program requires hundreds of coaches, referees, and concession stand operators. Upward brochures are available at the Troy campus lobby at the Children's Ministry table. For more information on the program or to volunteer, visit w w w. w o o d s i d e or call Carol Rothenberg at the WBC office at 248-879-8533.

Upward's motto is, "A league where ever y child plays. Every child learns. Every child is a winner."


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The Woodside News


Woodside's Troy Campus Service is now Broadcast Weekly on Cable Television in the following Communities:

NEW Bloomfield Hills and Bloomfield Township Sunday 6:30 p.m. Channel 15 NEW Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms,


"RELATIONSHIPS WITHOUT MASKS ­ REPLACING MYTHS WITH TRUTH" Presented by Women's Ministries & Divorce Recovery & Reconciliation. With speaker Laura Petherbridge October 26, 2007; Doors open @ 6:15 p.m. event starts @ 7:00 p.m. Tickets: In advance - $10 per person, $15 per couple, At the door: $15 per person, $20 per couple. Tickets can be purchased on-line @ click on the link or on Sundays in the lobby. For more information, contact the WBC Troy office @ 866-533-7729. BIBLE STUDY FELLOWSHIP Studying Matthew. Children's programs for 1st through 12th grade also available. Mondays 6:55-8:45 p.m., Sept-May. Contact Jay Rank at 248-650-1864 for more information. COMMUNITY BIBLE STUDY Class meets every Tuesday from 7:20 to 9:00 p.m. Contact the church office for more information. THE BEST OF ISRAEL Jerusalem ­ Bethlehem ­ Sea of Galilee ­ Dead Sea. Hosted by Pastor Doug & Carolyn Schmidt w/ Dr. Douglas Fagerstrom, President of Grand Rapids Theological Seminary & Dr. John Lawlor, Old Testament & Hebrew Professor at GRTS. March 4-13, 2008 ­ 10 Exciting Days, $2799 per person. Email Shari Hulcy @ [email protected] if interested or for more information.

LIVING BEYOND YOURSELF by Beth Moore Wednesdays @ 6:30 p.m., room 211 Thursdays @ 9:15 a.m. or 7:00 p.m., room 179

Oasis (middle school)

THE DEEP END 11:30 a.m. in the Middle School room WEDNESDAY OASIS 6:30 ­ 8:15 p.m. ­October message series Trend Setters No Oasis on October 31. BACKYARD BASH @ THE ZARRILLI'S October 10 from 6:30-8:45 p.m. OCTOBERFEST AT UPLAND HILLS FARM October 19 from 7-10:00 p.m. Call Jackie if you have any questions @ 248-879-8533.

HEARTS ABLAZE Written & facilitated by Sheryl Pellatiro Tuesdays @ 9:30 a.m., room 211 GRACETORATION Tuesdays @ 7:00 p.m., room 231 or Fridays @ 9:30 a.m., room 179 EXPERIENCING GOD Sundays @ 10:00 a.m., Eric Haven's office or Thursdays @ 7:00 p.m., room 177 WOMAN TO WOMAN Tuesdays at 9:15 a.m. in room 179. PRECEPTS, DANIEL 1 Thursdays @ 6:30 p.m. or Fridays at 9:30 a.m., room 178 SPANISH BIBLE STUDY Every other Saturday @ 6:00 p.m. in room 135. For more information or to register for a Bible study contact Lou Ann @ 866-533-7729. MOM TO MOM Thursdays @ 9:30 a.m., room 141C 1st & 3rd Thursdays. PILATES & BIBLE STUDY Wednesdays @ 6:30 p.m., room 190 FIRST PLACE BIBLE STUDY & WEIGHT LOSS Fridays @ 9:30 a.m., room 180 SCRAPBOOKING November 2, room 180 from 5:30 ­ 9:30 p.m. Contact Melissa Stanek to register or for more information @ 586-739-3695. KNIT TOGETHER Meets on Saturday mornings from 9:30 ­ 12:30 p.m., room 211. Contact Dawn Murray for more information @ 248-8351169. KNITTING FRIENDS Sundays, from 6:00 ­ 8:00 p.m. in nursery A. For more information please contact Barb Ulrich @ 248-547-6782 or 248-9907343 or Joyce Pickering @ 248-543-0890.

Birmingham and Franklin Sunday 6:30 p.m. Channel 18

NEW Shelby Township and Utica

Student Ministries

(grades 9-12)

Saturday 4pm & Sunday 7:30pm Comcast Channels 12 & 20 Americast Channel 18

NEW Lake Orion Village

THE DEEP END Sunday mornings @ 11:30 a.m. in the high school room SMALL GROUPS Rochester Area small groups meet on Tuesday from 7-8:45 p.m., Troy area small groups meet on Wednesday from 7-8:45 p.m.

and Orion Township Sunday 10 a.m. Channel 10

NEW Clarkston and

Lighthouse Ministries

SUNDAY MORNING Bible study classes Beta (ages 18- 22): 10:00 a.m., room 236 w/ Cliff Johnson AXIS (AGES 23-28): 10:00 a.m., room 141A w/ Al Peinado FUSION (engaged/newly married couples): 10:00 a.m., room 141B w/ Pastor Cliff SUNDAY EVENINGS Lighthouse collective Worship 7:07 p.m. Room 231. Following Lighthouse Worship: Activities & Café October 7 - Café with musical guest October 14 - Barn Party after Lighthouse in Gym October 21 - Café and Open gym Fusion Small Groups & Activities Contact: Kevin & Rachel Lee [email protected] or Andy & Janice Zale [email protected]

Independence Township Thursday 8:30 p.m. & Sunday 11:30 a.m. Channels 10 & 20




WEDNESDAYS AT WOODSIDE 7:00 p.m. Side Tracked ­ the study of different religions. BASE ONE @ TROY October 20: Contact Sheryl @ 866-5337729 ext. 115 CELEBRATE RECOVERY Every Friday from 7:00 - 10:30 p.m. Contact Laurie @ 866-533-7729 DIVORCE RECOVERY Every Thursday from 6:30 - 9:00 p.m. Contact Laurie @ 866-533-7729 ext. 134

Worship Arts Ministry

ORCHESTRA REHEARSAL Thursdays @ 6:30 p.m. FRONTLINE OF PRAISE PRACTICE Thursdays @ 7:30 p.m. Auditions for singers, dancers, actors, and instrumentalists


Singles (ages 29-59)

SINGLES AFG Sunday Mornings ­ in room 179 at 11:30 a.m. FALL RETREAT October 26-28; Topic "Running the Play" Register until October 14. Pick up brochure at Singles Table in Lobby. For additional information regarding upcoming singles events and activities please contact us at [email protected] or Laurie at (248) 879-8533 ext 134

Men's Ministries

MEN'S FRATERNITY Wednesdays @ 6:10 a.m. in room 180. Studying: "In Quest of Authentic Manhood." All men are welcome to attend. REALLY DANGEROUS MEN STUDY Thursdays from 7:00 ­ 8:30 p.m. in room 180. Call for more information @ 866-533-7729. THURSDAY @ 6:15 A.M. STUDY Multi-generational Bible study which strengthens the soul meeting in room 178, breakfast at a local restaurant follows (optional). F.R.O.G. (FATHERS RELYING ON GOD) Saturday's from 8:00 ­ 9:30 a.m. in room 222. Contact Dan Mulvenna @ 248-7430808 for more information SATURDAY MORNING MEN'S STUDY Saturdays, from 8:00 ­ 9:30 a.m. in the Conference Room, room 262. A new study based upon the Hallesby book entitled Prayer.


Small Groups

Small groups have ended for the summer. September will bring a new format.

Heritage Homeschoolers

HOMESCHOOL SUPPORT Thursdays: Time for parent's enrichment classes and activities for students. Contact Carolyn at 586-992-2664.

The Woodside Coffee Café

(Room 205) is open:

SATURDAY - 4:45 - 5:45 P.M. SUNDAY - 8 A.M. - 1 P.M. TUESDAY - 5 P.M. - 7:15 P.M.

Special Friends

Contact Greg McDougall for more information @ 586-228-2935

Adventure Zone

AWANA Ages 4 through 12th grade @ 6:30 p.m. Stop by the Adventure Zone booth in the lobby for more information. No Awana on October 31. AWANA JAVA - SERVING !! Serves premium coffee, tea, specialty beverages and treats for donation. Wednesdays, 6:15 ­ 8 p.m. in Coffee Café, Contact Robin at 248-689-3627 for more information.


J WALKERS Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 7:30 a.m. in gym THANKSGIVING BANQUET/PROGRAM November 8 @ "Gazebo's" in Warren Visit the 50+ Ministries Table for more information. For information regarding upcoming events contact Pastor Vince Messina or Melanie McIlrath at 866-533-7729.

Other days During special programs, as requested

Women's Ministries

MONDAY MORNING OF PRAYER 9:30 a.m. ­ 12:00 p.m. in room 179 Women's Bible Studies

CALL 248-542-3022


The Woodside News


Section B




BIRTHS NIKOLAS JACKSON born September 7, 2007; Parents Eric & Kristen Morton WEDDINGS CLAIRE (LEMIEUX) & SHANNON GRIFFITH August 17, 2007 MATT UITTI & ADRIENNE THOMAS, September 15, 2007 KATRINA (BENSCOTER) & DAVID PARKS September 22, 2007 DEATHS LAURA WILLIAMS, August 22, 2007. Mother of Lori Beth Cupp JESSIE MARY HUMPHREY, August 23, 2007; Mother of John Humphrey JUDI BATEMAN, September 4, 2007; Sister of Kurt Nanney JAMES BEAMAN, September 13, 2007; Father of Margaret Perzanowski HELEN CARPENTER, September 22, 2007 Wife of Joe, Aunt of Kelley Bacheldor EVELYN BARR, September 26, 2007; Mother of Tim Barr



WEDDINGS TOM ABBENHAUS & JUDY DAVIS, September 1, 2007 DEATHS VELMA SEDDON (Florida), September 10, 2007; Aunt of Doris Brown JAY TUCKER, September 12, 2007; Husband of Margo Tucker

Woodside Bible Church

is located on the east side of Rochester Rd. approximately one mile south of M-59 or 4 miles north of I-75 off of the Rochester Rd. exits.

Crooks Road 75 Crooks Road

59 South Blvd

Square Lake Road

Rochester Road

Long Lake Road

Livernois Road

John R Road

Wattles Road


BIRTHS Finnegan James born September 19, 2007; Parents Ken & Erin Morgan; Grandparents Chris & Debi Stepleton.

Big Beaver Road

Woodside Warren Campus

is located on the east side of Hoover Rd. just North of 696 and E 11 Mile Rd. and approximately 3/4 miles south of E 12 Mile Rd.

E 12 Mile Rd

E 13 Mile Rd Schoenher Road

Send your announcements to [email protected]



FAMILY NIGHTS Saturday, October 6 and November 10 at 5:00 p.m. Join us for a night of fun, food & fellowship. Bring your favorite snack food to share. There will be volleyball for the energetic and board and card games for anyone interested. Please feel free to bring your own favorite game. CELEBRATION CHOIR The Celebration Choir will lead worship in the Traditional Service on the 2nd Sunday of the month and in the Contemporary Service on the 4th Sunday of the month, and is open to all members or regular attendees age 13 and up. Rehearsals will be held on Thursdays prior to performances at 6:30 p.m. in the Worship Center. Please contact Brian or Annette Nutting with any questions @ 248.952.5494 or [email protected] WEDNESDAY EVENINGS Bible studies at 7:00 p.m. "Living by the Book" in Room 110 "Managing Our Finances God's Way/Framing Your World View" in Fireside Room Sign-up in the Lobby

no charge. For additional information call Laura Pedde @ 586-573-3662.

MARTIAL ARTS CLASS Monday and Friday evenings at 6:30 p.m. Open to all ages. Contact John Flack @ 586-755-3997

Hoover Road


E 10 Mile Rd

Men's Ministries

"THE GREAT ADVENTURE" Men's Fraternity by Robert Lewis will be meeting on Tuesdays @ 7:00 p.m. in Room 110. Contact Whitey Helberg @ 586-755-4924 for details.

E 9 Mile Rd


WOODSIDE FAMILY "HARVEST CELEBRATION" October 21, 12 - 4 p.m. There will be Food, Hayrides, Pie Bake Off, Family Games, Bonfire and more... SMALL GROUP MINISTRY For more information call Max Chu @ 248895-6652 WEDNESDAYS AT WOODSIDE Adult Bible Study "Foundations ­ 11 Core Truths To Build Your Life On" @ 7:00 pm

Woodside White Lake Campus

is located on the north side of Highland Rd. about 1/2 mile West of N. Williams Lake Rd. and Pontiac Lake Rd.



P La ontia ke c Rd


N. Williams Lake Rd

Elizabeth Lake Rd

50 + Ministries

THANKSGIVING BANQUET/PROGRAM November 8 @ "Gazebo's" in Warren For information regarding upcoming events contact Pastor Vince Messina or Melanie McIlrath at 866-533-7729 or Sandy and Louie Crighton at 586.758.4750.

S. Williams Lake Rd

Un ion Lak

Running the Bases

BASE ONE @ WARREN Discovering Christ and the Church Family, November 17 in Community Room. Contact Deanna Steinacker @ 586-758-4750 BASE TWO @ WARREN Growing to Spiritual Maturity October 27 and December 8 in Community Room. Contact Deanna Steinacker @ 586-758-4750 BASE THREE @ WARREN Serving Christ through Our Gifts and Abilities. October 27 and December 8 in room 108; Contact Deanna Steinacker @ 586-758-4750

Adventure Zone

EXTREME WEDNESDAYS 1st Wednesday of the month 6:30 ­ 8:00 p.m. 1st through 5th grade



WEDNESDAY EVENINGS: Worship Time: 6:45-8:00 p.m. Location: Main Worship Center Dress: Casual Full children's programs SATURDAY EVENINGS Time: 5:00 p.m. Location: Main Worship Center Dress: Very casual Nursery and children's program provided, ages 0 to 5th grade SUNDAY MORNING 1st Service: 8:30 a.m. Traditional 2nd Service: 10:00 a.m. Contemporary 3rd Service: 11:30 a.m. Contemporary Full children's programs, all services

Oxbow Lake Rd

Cooley Lake Rd

Farnsworth Rd

eR d

Student Ministries

(Grades 6-12)

Adventure Zone

Sunday morning @ 9:00 a.m. & 10:30 a.m. AWANA Pre-K - 6th grade @ 6:30 p.m. Student Ministries - 6th - 12th grade @ 6:30 p.m. UPWARD BASKETBALL PROGRAM If interested in helping develop this program contact Tim Steele at 586-758-4750

Sunday Mornings 9:00 a.m. Room A-29. High School ­ Sunday at 6:30-8:00 p.m. October 7 ARRIVE Week 4 October 14 TEEN Week 5 October 21 Fall Bash After Church October 28th BRAND MIDDLE SCHOOL OASIS Wednesdays 6:30-8:00 p.m. October 3 Backyard Bash @ Pastor Bryan's October 10 Part #3 October 17 Part #4 October 20 October Fest October 24 Pumpkin Parables October 31 Halloween NO MS Contact Pastor Bryan @ 248-698-1300 for details

Small Groups

Do you want to host or join a small group? You may sign up at the Small Group table in the lobby. You may also wish to open your home and become a small group host! Contact Becky Engel @ 586-575-9124. CELEBRATE RECOVERY Thursday evening @ 7:00 p.m. in the Student Center. If you are interested, contact the church office @ 586-758-4750. DIVORCE CARE Wednesdays @ 6:30 p.m. in room 109. For more information contact Tim Steele at 586-734-9518 or at [email protected] WORSHIP ARTS Opportunities are available at the Warren Campus in the following areas: Worship Choir, Sound Technician, Worship Team Singer, Band Member, Seasonal Productions, Drama Ministry, Production Assistant Contact for Worship Arts is Brian Nutting @ 248-528-2325 TRACT MINISTRY Contact Mike Cwiek @ 248-288-0318 if you are interested in being involved in this ministry.


WEDNESDAY EVENINGS Fast Track Bible Study: 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. Location: Community Room Dress: Casual SUNDAY MORNING 1st Service: 9:00 a.m. Traditional 2nd Service: 10:30 a.m. Contemporary Full children's programs, both services.

Student Ministries

Grades 6-12

THE AWAKENING Sunday Mornings @ 9:00 a.m. Oasis 6th - 12th grade Wednesdays @ 6:30 p.m.

Young Adult Ministry

(ages 18-28)

Young Adults ­


SUNDAY MORNING 1st Service: 9:00 a.m. Traditional 2nd Service: 10:30 a.m. Contemporary Full children's programs, both services.

Kairos (ages 18-28)

WARREN SMALL GROUPS led by Matt Uitti 586-758-4750 "God on Paper" Brian Loritts

SMALL GROUPS TUESDAYS @ 7:30 P.M. October 2 & 16 - Dinner Contact Pastor Bryan @ 248-698-1300 for details

Adult Ministries

WOMEN'S MINISTRIES "Lord, I Need Grace to Make It" by Kay Arthur, Tuesdays @ 7:00 p.m. in Room 108 "BELIEVING GOD" BY BETH MOORE Thursdays @ 7:00 p.m. in Room 108 YOUNG MOM'S BIBLE STUDY BETH MOORE BIBLE STUDY, "The Patriarchs" by Beth Moore ­ Young Moms Bible Study 2nd and 4th Tuesdays @ 9:00 a.m. in room 110. This study is for moms with young children. Child care is provided at

COMMUNITY BIBLE STUDY Women's Bible Study on Wednesday @ 9:15 ­ 11:15 a.m.

Subscribe to The Woodside News!

Send a your name, address, phone number and email with a check for $10 payable to The Woodside News for a year's subscription (12 editions). A lifetime charter subscription is available for $50. Mail this to: WOODSIDE BIBLE CHURCH 6600 Rochester Road, Troy, MI 48085

BASE ONE @ WHITE LAKE October 27 at 5:30 p.m. Contact the church office @ 248-698-1300 for details


For information regarding upcoming events contact Rich & Maryann Olson @ 248-230-8510.


Section B


The Woodside News




n the third Saturday of every threw anything at us...." month, Woodside Bible Both John and Vivian became folChurch holds its Base One class. lowers of Christ shortly after Alyssa During Base One, people considwas born. Vivian had had a troubled ering membership learn more pregnancy, and Alyssa was born with about Woodside and how to join. severe food allergies that required a The evening consists of a dinhighly specialized formula. Vivian ner, followed by an explanation of turned for help to a Christian neighWoodside's beliefs and informabor, who helped Vivian through the tion on its various ministries. MELISSA WEBER PATRICIA EASTMAN CHRISTINA WHAN pregnancy and put Alyssa on her Afterward, candidates for memchurch's prayer list. Because of the Lake because they love the fellowship bership complete an information form and relationship this neighbor built with Vivian, there and are excited about the opportunispeak with one of the pastors, deacons, both she and John became Christians. ty to get involved. Dan is currently serving deaconesses, or elders--who take turns John and Vivian are currently taking as an usher during the second service. attending Base One in order to speak with classes on Wednesday nights, and are Sue doesn't remember a time when she candidates--who help them determine considering which AFG they would like didn't know Jesus. Dan began following whether they are ready to join Woodside. to join. Vivian also works in the café. Christ at the age of seven. Each month, this column will highBill Tucker has been attending Sue lost her first husband and the light a few of the people who decided to Woodside's Warren campus for six months father of her two children to cancer in join Woodside at the most recent Base with his wife, Ginny, who joined last 2004. She likes the idea of serving in some One class, and will provide a complete list month. Bill and Ginny met while attending way to help families deal with similar lossof new members from the previous class. The International Baptist Church when es. Sue says she no longer believes in coinDan and Sue Ingram are from Bill was serving on a submarine in the Navy cidence; she believes in God's grace. White Lake. They have two children: at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. They married in John and Vivian Stevens live in Troy, Alexa, who is seven years old; and Blake, 1970 and have actively served in whatever MI, and have two children: Jessica, eight, and who is four. Dan is currently adding to church they have belonged to, ever since. Alyssa, seven. John is an attorney with the his many degrees by pursuing his teachBill says, "I plan to serve with my wife in the U.S. Treasury, and Vivian is a mail carrier in ing degree at Oakland University. Sue Celebrate Recovery ministry at Woodside." Commerce Township and Walled Lake. has been a speech-language pathologist John and Vivian have been attending with the West Bloomfield Schools for 11 The "New to Woodside" columnists Woodside's Troy campus for 18 months. years and loves it. may be reached at: They initially came to Woodside because The Ingrams were looking for a famiTroy: [email protected] they were looking for another church, ly-based Bible church close to their home. Warren: [email protected] and decided to join because they like the They decided to join Woodside White White Lake: [email protected] sermons. "Besides," John said, "no one


The following people were recommended by the elder board for membership at Woodside:

Jeanette Cassel Frank Cookson ** Jody Craft * Katelyn Eichman * Ann Marie Garvin Mary Jane Hutson Mike Hutson Kristy Kelel Chantel Lamphere ** Lee Lamphere ** Scott Lamphere ** Stephanie Lamphere ** Stephanie Lowe *** Tania Lynch Amanda Mich * Irene Nahass Mike Nahass Elizabeth Peltier Brenda Pirmann Wayne Pirmann Lisa Pecoraro Tom Pecoraro Doug Reinert Leah Reinert Wendi Schiller Cynthia Scott Helen Serilla-Mullins * Lois Shannon * Christopher Smith * Ginny Tucker *

Bill Tucker

Would you like to become part of the Woodside family? We'd love to have you! People who desire to join Woodside must:

1. be a follower of Christ (Romans 10:9: "...if you confess with your mouth, `Jesus is Lord,' and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved"); 2. have been baptized subsequent to their decision to follow Christ (Mark 16:16a-"whoever believes and is baptized will be saved"). If you're interested in membership at Woodside, please contact Sheryl Pellatiro at 248-879-8533 for more information on Base One.

Vivian and John Stevens


Sue, Dan, Alexa and Blake Ingram


The Woodside News


Section B




the table started to rise very, ast month the center very slowly. It was so slow, section of the Woodside no one could tell it was News contained great vacamoving. Of course, the folks tion pictures showing some at the other table were of the summer fun enjoyed watching the whole time to by Woodsiders this year. see how the joke would play That seemed to be such a out. popular topic that I decided Being the social people to work it into the White ROCHELLE SMITH that they are, the Warners Lake column this month. and their friends were so Often people have funny busy talking and laughing that they stories to tell from their summer didn't even notice the table lifting. vacations, but I think a couple of our The people at the other table were White Lake members have a story doing their share of laughing too as that would be hard to top. You might say they really "raised the table" on vacation stories. Long time members Dick and Bonnie Warner, took a nice long vacation this summer, which included a trip to Branson, Missouri. While there they went, with a large group of friends, to McFarlain's Restaurant, which seats people in groups of six or eight. Since their group was so large, they were split they watched the table rise, not one between two tables. inch or two inches, but eight inches Dick and Bonnie's group did not before anyone at the Warners' table notice that the waitress approached even noticed something was different. the other table to ask them if the Finally, Dick looked at Bonnie, people at the Warner's table could and told her "I think my chair is take a joke. She was assured that they sinking into a hole." Bonnie hapcould. pened to look over at their friend, What the Warners and their felGail, who is very short, and realized low diners didn't know was that their that she appeared to be sliding her table had a hydraulic operated center food straight off her plate into her post. When the waitress activated it,


mouth. The table was at almost the same level as her mouth. At that point they finally realized something had changed and looked under the table to see the hydraulic piston lifting the table. The friends at the other table erupted in laughter, finally being able to fully enjoy the practical joke. The Warners, realizing what had happened, began to laugh so hard the waitress actually asked Dick if he was going to be okay. She, apparently, was concerned he might have a heart attack from all the laughter.

Woodside Bible


Library Ministry Bible Verse

For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ. Ephesians 4:12 (KJV)

The Warners began to laugh so hard the waitress actually asked Dick if he was going to be okay.

The Warners won't soon forget their trip to McFarlain's Restaurant, especially since they received a Certificate of Membership in McFarlain's Rising Table Society, which was signed by U.R. Risin. That's a vacation souvenir that will give rise to stories for years to come. Rochelle Smith can be contacted at [email protected]

"Thank You!"

We want to thank all of you who donated Ministry Builder stamps from the Family Christian Stores. From your donations we have added forty-five new books to your library!

Some of the New Books Are:

Deception ­ Randy Alcorn The Joy of Trusting God ­ Bill Bright Quiet Strength ­ Tony Dungy Bevond the Summerland ­ L.B. Graham Dinner With a Perfect Stranger ­ David Gregory Come Thirsty ­ Max Lucado Hard to Believe ­ John MacArthur The Power of Simple Prayer ­ Joyce Meyer Knowing God Intimately ­ Joyce Meyer Believing God ­ Beth Moore Get Out of the Pit ­ Beth Moore "House of Winslow" Fiction Series ­ Gilbert Morris Praying ­ J.I. Packer Living the Resurrection ­ Eugene H. Peterson Lessons I Learned in the Light ­ Jennifer Rothschild The Ruler Who Serves ­ Ray Stedman Praying the Gospels ­ Elmer Towns Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference ­ Phillip Yancey Grand Weaver ­ Ravi Zacharias




year, you really missed out f you've been around on a lot of fun. Woodside of Warren's Don't dismay though, Children's wing lately, you've for Woodside of Warren noticed that the trees outside Family nights are back this aren't the only things changfall, by popular demand. ing color for fall. Bring the whole crew out We've got a new look for an evening of fellowship. inside too! And you can't A volleyball tournament walk into the Sunday morning service without noticing MEHGAN BERRY will be held in the gym, but even those lacking in athour brand new Information leticism will have a great time around Center. And coming very, very soon, the table playing cards and board a new electronic marquis will replace games. the old one out on Hoover, so that we can be an even brighter beacon to the city of Warren. We really haven't wasted any time getting back into the swing of things after the slower days of summer. Our regular Bible studies and AWANA have resumed, and some new weekly activities have begun as well. Brian And of course, what would any Nutting, Woodside of Warren's Woodside of Warren event be withWorship Arts Director, is extending out great food? Come join the fun an invitation to anyone interested in Saturday, October 6th at 5:00 pm. joining the Celebration Choir to Another exciting addition to our attend the next rehearsal on lineup this fall is Matt Uitti's Young Thursday, October 11th at 6:30 pm. Adult Ministry. Matt and his new Choir has been a long-standing wife, Adrienne ­ who were married tradition here, and one that we are just last month at the Troy campus ­ looking forward to bringing back as have been working with the middle soon as a group can be put together. school and high school students for Now if you didn't come to one of the last few months already, but now the Family Nights we hosted last

they are expanding their ministry to include those in college and in their twenties. Matt and Adrienne will host a new small group tailored just to this demographic. It is called Kairos, which is the Greek word for time ­ time as an opportunity, as refreshment, for healing, enjoyment, peace, and Sabbath. The group will meet around the five principles of a Kairos group: sharing a meal, telling stories, reading and discussing a book, praying,

An invitation is extended to anyone interested in joining the Celebration Choir to attend the next rehearsal.

and serving the community. The study this fall is Brian Loritts' "God on Paper." There really is a lot going on here at Woodside's Warren campus this month so make sure to check your Sunday morning bulletin for regularly scheduled events that you'd like to be a part of. There is a place for everyone in God's House, and the staff of Woodside is eager to help you find yours.

Don't Forget to ask for your "Ministry Builder" Stamps

What Do You Know?

SEPTEMBER'S QUESTION: In Acts chapter 17: What did the Bereans do daily? ANSWER: "Now the Bereans...examined the scriptures every day...." Verse 11 OCTOBER'S QUESTION: Who planted the first garden?



Section B


The Woodside News


BY KARON HOUGHTON MATHEWS [WOODSIDE NEWS REPORTER] "Visits to the cider mill are a fall tradition for my family. I did them as a child, enjoyed the trips with my own children and now do them with our grandchildren. I enjoy the crisp fall air." BETTY WILSON, STERLING HEIGHTS "The place I want to be is in my own backyard to watch the changing leaves and get everything ready for winter. It's such a blessing and close at hand, too." RITA GAMLIN, TROY "This is the first Michigan fall for one of our two adopted daughters, so I look forward to introducing her to the local pumpkin patch, complete with petting zoo. The girls are ages 5 and 5 ? and it will be quite an experience to share with them." JUDY MORGAN, TROY "A driving color tour anywhere in Michigan is spectacular. Frankenmuth, Mackinac Island and Grand Haven all come to mind. One of my favorite fall sights is right out the bedroom window, where I can see the leaves on the magnolia tree turn burgundy." TERRY DILLARD, TROY "I like Harsens Island in the fall and my hometown of Berkeley, known as "tree city," has great fall color." SHAWN FREEMAN, BERKELEY "Plainfield, Michigan! I like the old-fashioned cider mill there. The gristmill actually works and they use it in pressing the apples. There's a popcorn wagon and the popcorn smells so good. The whole experience from parking in the field and walking down the gravel road to the mill to get cider is delightful." LOIS FERGUSON, AUBURN HILLS "I like to head for my parent's place in Oscoda, on the Au Sable River. There is no place like it for fall color." JULIE STEWART, SHELBY TOWNSHIP "The per fect place to be is on horseback in the woods. We have three horses and like to ride the trails in Hadley State Park." MARY JANE AND MIKE HUTSON, ORTONVILLE



"The fall months in Michigan are splendid. What is your favorite Michigan place to visit in the fall?"

Woodside News Reporter Karon Mathews can be reached at [email protected]

The Woodside News


Section B



Meet White Lake's new worship leader



try up close and did not like what I saw," states Geoff. "I couldn't understand, but I lost my desire to be a Christian eoff Black is the new artist...God spoke to me White Lake campus through a traveling worship worship leader. He has only leader who came to that church been on staff for four months, one weekend. `You are supbut he isn't new to leading posed to lead worship.' I knew worship. Geoff 's dad is the LOU ANN MORTON that is what God was saying." Worship Pastor at Northridge The summer of Geoff 's senior year, Church where he helped to lead worthe school cut most scholarships. At ship for 12 years alongside his father. this point he transferred to Spring His entire family is involved in the ministry at Northridge as well. Geoff spent the first 12 years of his life in Los Angeles, California. This is where he was led to the Lord as a child by his Sunday school teacher. After acting in a couple of movies as an extra, his parents moved him to Michigan kicking and screaming. "God has so many great plans for us all and now I see why we moved," says Geoff. He attended Western Michigan University for two years studying Music Education. Due to faculty Arbor University and changed his changes, Geoff transferred to Belmont major to Business Management and University in Nashville to study vocal Human Resources. He uses his busiperformance, hoping to become a ness degree in the dentist office that he Contemporary Christian Artist. manages during the week, and serves "I was getting to see the CCM the Lord leading worship on weekends. (Contemporary Christian Music) indusDuring his freshman year at

Western, Geoff met his wife, Saleena. After three years of long distance dating, they married before his senior year of college. Geoff has been married to Saleena for six years, and they have three children: Gibson (three years), Ashton (17 months), and Riley (2 months). Geoff received an email from his father that Cliff Lambert, WBC Troy's Worship Arts Pastor, was looking for a part time worship leader at the White Lake campus.

"Where in the world is White Lake?" was his first thought. Now his response is, "I `light up' when I talk about worship at the White Lake campus. It's amazing to see where God has brought me. I'm so grateful for His guidance, patience and most of all His forgiving perfect love!" His hobbies include his family, singing, tennis, and fantasy football. Favorite song? Any song that will usher God's people into His presence.

"I `light up' when I talk about worship at the White Lake campus."

Geoff Black with his family



MINISTRY OPPORTUNITIES WOMEN OF HOPE The Women of Hope jail team has openings for members to join the team. For more information, contact Judy Constance at 586-566-0596. HELP WANTED CHRISTIAN PROFESSIONALS - Interested in hiring a Christian Professional from our church body? You can find builders, attorneys and other professionals all in one location on the Woodside Business Directory at LOOKING FOR WORK OR IN NEED OF HELP? Advertise in the Woodside News Classifieds for just $1.00 per word. Send via email to [email protected] or mail ad and check payable to Woodside Bible Church, 6600 Rochester Rd, Troy, MI 48085, ATTN: Lou Ann Morton ­ Classifieds REAL ESTATE FOR RENT LOWER LEVEL APARTMENT/STUDIO On the lake in Troy. No pets, 248.879.6600. BIRMINGHAM walking distance to downtown, private bed & bath w/kitchen privileges. Must have excellent references. Charlotte @ 248.642.8029. VACATION HOME FOR RENT: Holland Vacation Home for Rent Walk to Lake Michigan beaches. Furnished home w/ 5 bedrooms. Quiet wooded lot, great for retreats or family gatherings. Information at or Dorene at 248 650-3552. ITEMS FOR SALE NEW PIZZA/GRINDER RESTAURANT OPENING SOON IN LAKE ORION All Positions, all shifts. Experienced mgr. needed. Call Steve @ 248-765-8002 DRIVER WANTED CDL A, Part time, Full time, local, OTR, Small truck and trailer. Call Steve @ 248-693-9680 x 103 SHARE HOME WANTED FEMALE ROOMMATE TO SHARE HOME IN SHELBY Nonsmoker, no pets, $550 per month call to discuss. Kim @ 586-764-3984. SINGLE CHRISTIAN FEMALE Single Christian female, non-smoker with no children/pets, looking for a dependable woman to share my fully furnished home, a 2,400 sf. brick Tudor in historic Seminole Hills/Oakland County. Access to entire house - private bedroom. $800 a month + utilities. Serious applicants only - clean background/credit check. Available immediately. Please contact Molly @ [email protected] or 248-454-0420. 24' CLASS C MOTORHOME 1978 MIDAS CABIN ON A GMC VAN (350) CHASSIS Sleeps 6. 54,600 miles. Almost new tires, springs, water pump, starter/alternator. Needs muffler. $1900. 248-362-2694. NEED TO SELL THAT ITEM JUST SITTING AROUND YOUR HOUSE COLLECTING DUST? Advertise in the Woodside News Classifieds for just $1.00/word. Send via email to [email protected] or mail ad and check payable to Woodside Bible Church, 6600 Rochester Rd, Troy, MI 48085, ATTN: Classifieds WALK FOR LIFE Saturday, October 13, sponsored by Crossroads Pregnancy Center in Auburn Hills, starting at St. Andrew Catholic Church in Rochester Hills. 248-293-0070 for more information. FABRICS & NECKTIES to make sleeping bags for homeless Karen @ 248-288-3854. WELCOME CENTER Do you like helping people? Volunteers are needed for the Woodside Welcome Centers during the week. There are three shifts to choose from: 9 a.m. ­ 1 p.m. or 1 5 p.m. or 5 ­ 9 p.m. We need coverage at both doors with one to two people per desk. You can volunteer for any day and time. Just call the church office at 248-879-8533. INTERESTED IN MEDIA? Woodside's media ministries needs volunteers to help operate our television cameras during worship services and other special occasions. Contact Steve Colyer at [email protected] OPPORTUNITIES WOODSIDE'S CHRISTMAS OUTREACH PROGRAM We're looking for help and donations. We are in need of volunteers with carpentry experience for set construction. Work dates are Nov. 4-16. Contact Paul Folian @ 248549-5128 or Denelle Schultz @ 248-651-2187/ [email protected] Also, we are in great need of artificial evergreen trees. Pre-lit trees are preferred but will accept all gently used trees of all shapes and sizes. Contact Denelle before delivery to church. DO YOU WANT TO EARN MORE MONEY? Earn up to $2000 to $5000/mo. without leaving your job. Call now and listen to what these people have done (3 min. message)! 1888-239-1812 code # WBC. OPPORTUNITIES DO YOU HAVE TIME TO VOLUNTEER AT LEAST 10 HOURS OF SERVICE EACH MONTH AT WARREN OR WHITE LAKE? Do you have an ear for music? Do you think/react quickly under pressure? Do you think that working with tech gear is fun? Do you have basic experience in audio mixing? If you answered yes to all 5 questions above, then why not consider joining the Woodside Sound Crew. Be a part of helping to communicate God's Word to tens of thousands of people each week here at Woodside and around the world. You must be at least 16 years of age. Contact Randy Cuthrell, Director of Sound, at [email protected] for further information. IMPACT A CHILD'S LIFE BECOME A TUTOR Weekly Woodside ministry. Call to hear more about this opportunity Call Jon (248) 589-0036. DO YOU LOVE TO READ? Do you enjoy helping others find just the right book? The Woodside library is just the place for you. The library is looking for volunteers. Please email [email protected] if you're interested.


Count the words in your ad copy, add $1 for each word, and mail this form with check to: Woodside News Classifieds at: Woodside Bible Church, 6600 Rochester Road, Troy, MI 48085.


HELP WANTED FLOOR COVERING ASSISTANT Heavy lifting, part time to full time. $10/hr. Call Tim @ 248-379-7340. ALIBI RESTAURANT Next to Troy campus, hiring pizza cook, line cook, wait staff & hostesses. Previous experience preferred. Mention Woodside classified ad. Apply in-person between 1:00 & 3:00 p.m.




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SERVICES STRUGGLING WITH A TEMPORARY PHYSICAL ASSISTANCE NEED AT HOME? Something has to be repaired or physical work is temporarily difficult? Nobody you know has the expertise to help and you have no money to hire someone. So now what? There are volunteers within the community of Woodside that may be able to help, and they want to be used as a godsend to show the love of Christ to you in a tangible way. This is a Deacon ministry called Godsend, and it seeks to connect you with these helpers. Call the church office for more information.

Join the Woodside News staff

Would you like to work with the Woodside News? We are in need of volunteers to help with all aspects of the newspaper including reporting, writing, editing news stories; Page and advertising layout; Marketing and ad sales; distribution of the newspaper throughout the community. If interested, contact [email protected]

SEEKING EMPLOYMENT EXPERIENCED NANNY/ CAREGIVER AVAILABLE. Excellent references. 248-499-8213. PRE-PRESS PRINTER WANTS WORK Word processing, Quark. Dedicated, hard worker. Maury Potter 248-542-3022.


Web Help Needed

Do you have skills in HTML or Flash? The Woodside communications team is looking for volunteers to help with the Woodside web site. If interested, contact [email protected]

BERKLEY BUNGALOW 1360 sq ft., two large bedrooms, living room, dining room, family room, 2 full baths, 2 fireplaces, central air, finished basement, garage. $1125/month. 248-656-1370.


Section B


The Woodside News

Hall-of-famer John Vanbiesbrouck featured speaker on Nov. 8



ormer Hockey hall-of-famer John Vanbiesbrouck, AKA "The Beezer," will be the featured speaker for Stoney Creek After 5 Women's Ministry, a community outreach group that includes several Woodside members. The event takes place at Cherry Creek Golf and Banquet Center in Shelby Township. Doors will open at 6:15 p.m. and the program runs from 7 to 9:30 p.m. Dinner is included in the $22 ticket price. Seating is limited. To make reservations please visit or call (586) 752-0123. Stony Creek After 5 is affiliated with Stonecroft Ministries ( and meets every other month, giving men and women an informal environment in which to meet, make friends, and be spiritually refreshed and inspired. A native Detroiter, Vanbiesbrouck has been a popular speaker over the past year at all three Woodside campuses. He says his hockey career began in self defense when his older brothers would routinely place him in front of a net and mercilessly fire slapshots at him. His twenty-year official career began in 1981 and represents the longest tenure for an American-developed goaltender in NHL history. During that time, he played in 882 games and posted 40 career shutouts. As "The Beezer" has said in his messages, life was great with wife, Ros, a family, a house and professional success. But it all began to unravel when his brother committed suicide and his son was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. More changes came when he had to leave the team he'd grown to love for an expansion team, the Florida Panthers. In fear and desperation,


Vanbiesbrouck turned to God. "My faith in God has given me a strength that I was searching for and never had." That sustaining strength was evident even to the critics. In the 1997-98 Yearbook, The Hockey News wrote, "The Panthers' main strength has come from their goaltending since acquiring Vanbiesbrouck and Fitzpatrick in the 1993 expansion draft. Vanbiesbrouck's 91.9 save percentage was sixth best in the league." That same season, The Sports Forecaster

called the Vanbiesbrouck/Fitzpatrick goaltenders the "best one-two punch in the NHL." The faith and strength Vanbiesbrouck found during the tough times gives him peace today. Please come on November 8 to hear John Vanbiesbrouck share his personal story. Also appearing that night will be Tom Ryan, featured comedian on The Late Show with David Letterman. Ryan has also appeared with Jerry Seinfeld. Carolyn Mack can be contacted at [email protected]

Next Discovering Woodside class is set for Oct. 20 at the Troy campus, Oct. 27 at the White Lake campus and Nov. 17 at the Warren campus

ant to know more about Woodside Bible Church? Then come by the next "Discovering Woodside" class for a basic introduction to our church family and our biblical faith. The next class is set for the Troy campus on Saturday, October 20 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., October 27 at the White Lake Campus, and November 17 at the Warren campus and includes a free dinner. Besides informal, low-keyed presentations on the church and its many ministries, there is always plenty of time for questions and answers. Executive Pastor Eric Haven says that since Woodside has attendees from many different church backgrounds, the class aims to clearly explain who and what the church is and where it's going. There is an opportunity at the end of the session for people to become a member of Woodside, if they so desire. To register, call Sheryl Pellatiro at 1-866-533-7729 for Troy, Carolyn Kelmer at 586-758-4750 for Warren and Lin Miller at 248-698-1300 for White Lake.


The Victorian Rose Tea House

L a Pr e mie r Cor p or a te Ca t er in g " F o r th e Ex tr a or d in a ry "

Edible Arrangements® dips for a cure

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

118 West Third Street ~ Rochester, MI 48307

(248) 652-8595

We are now taking reservations for our Christmas teas held on December 1, 8,& 15 at 11:00 and 1:30.

Celebrating 15 years in downtown Rochester

Lunch served 11:00 to 3:00 Tuesday Thru Saturday.

We will be open for dinner on Fridays and Saturdays in the months of October, November & December.

Don't miss this opportunity to have a Superb dinner at the Most Charming location in Rochester.

Information and reservations call 248652-8595 or Chef Loretta cell 248670-1799 May Gods hand be on all you do today

Breast Cancer Awareness BouquetTM

Filled with wonderful homemade cuisine and Antiques

Prime Rib Tenderloin Tips Portabella Lobster Ravioli Mango Salmon Stuffed Chicken

A visit here is like going to grandmother's home.

Troy Corners Shopping Center 52 W. Square Lake Road Troy, MI 48098

Copyright © 2007 Edible Arrangements, LLC


To order, please call or visit:


USA: In Oct. 2007, 10% of the price of the Awareness Celebration and Breast Cancer Awareness Bouquets will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. ("NBCF"). NBCF increases beast cancer awareness and provides funding for free mammograms to needy women. Contact NBCF at Campaign conducted without compensation by Edible Arrangements International, Inc., 95 Barnes Rd., Wallingford, CT 06492. No portion of the purchase price is tax deductible.

For further information and reservations call 248-652-8595 or Chef Loretta cell 248-670-1799 May God's hand be on all you do today

Edi bleAr ra

Franchises Available. Call (203) 774-8070


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