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Grades K-2

The Butterflies 'Wheel of Life'

Jessica Comisford, WVPT


Topic: Butterfly Life Cycle. This lesson engages children with hands-on activities and visual presentations to learn the life cycle of the butterfly.

Time Allotment

Two 30-minute lessons

Learning Objectives

On completion of this lesson students will be able to: · describe changes in the life cycle of a butterfly · compare and contrast life cycles of a butterfly and other animal life cycles · construct and interpret models/diagrams of the butterfly life cycle (This lesson addresses Va. SOL Science 2.4)

· Website during stations: · Website for Assessment

· Computers with Internet

Materials and Student Handouts

· · · · · chart paper whiteboards for each child dry erase marker for each child tissue or dry erase eraser for each child Milweed template sample (attached)

Media Components

· Play and Discover with Digger and Splat: Growing Up. United Learning. (1996). Retrieved February 19, 2009. Segment Used: Segment 3: Caterpillar to Butterfly (:17) · SmartBoard or Airliner · SmartBoard software · Website for SmartBoard: Butterfly Life Cycle (grades 2-3) and Life Cycles and Butterflies (grades 2-3) (as a review on day two) (under Science) --

For Cumulative Activity: · 1 bowtie pasta, grain of rice, shell pasta and corkscrew pasta for each child · leaf template for each child · glue for each child · pencil, marker, or crayon for each child For Assessment: · "Butterfly Quizzes" (attached)


The Butterflies `Wheel of Life'

Teacher Preparations

· Download SmartBoard butterfly template: Life Cycle: Butterfly (under Science) -- · Download SmartBoard butterfly template from same site: Life Cycles and Butterflies (as a review). · Download video segment from Play and Discover with Digger and Splat: Growing Up, Segment 3: Caterpillar to Butterfly (:17). · Create a template with four milkweed leaves placed in a circle. (sample attached) · Prepare materials for culminating activity. · Prepare a piece of chart paper titled, "What We Know About Butterflies" (or something similar). · Set up Smartboard and LCD projector with computer. · Have SmartBoard template open. · Have video segment ready to play. · Prepare materials for the second Learning Activity. · Bookmark websites for culminating activity: · Bookmark websites for assessment: assessment · Reserve computer lab, cart or another place for computer use. Videostreaming In order to use videostreaming interactively with students, teachers should use pre-segmented clips provided by the videostreaming company. If you wish to conduct a discussion before the clip is over and then resume after the discussion, use PAUSE, as this will cause the media player to remain at the current location in the stream. If the remainder of the video clip will not be used and the teacher wants to return to the beginning of the video clip, then use STOP so that the media player will revert to the beginning of the stream.

Learning Activities

Day One 1. Focus: Using the SmartBoard template about butterfly life cycles, start with slide 3--read and ask them the question "What is a life cycle?"--reveal the definition by moving the box. Review what the children told you that they already know about the butterfly life cycle. Activity: Continue going through each slide and read with the children. Stop at slide 9 to let the children drag the correct label to the chart. Follow-up: Review the life cycle with slide 10. Ask the students to add any new information to the chart paper. 2. Focus: Pass out white boards and whiteboard markers to the children. Tell them they are going to write their answer on their boards to the following questions. Activity: Start with slide 11. Ask the question and give the multiple choice answers. Have the students write their answers on their boards and present their answer by holding up their boards. (At this time you can check for comprehension.) Have a student circle the correct answer. Repeat this with slides 13-17. Follow-up: Discuss any misconceptions you heard during the slides. Day Two 3. Focus: Tell the students that today we are going to review the life cycle of a butterfly. Review the information recorded yesterday.

Introductory Activity

1. Focus: Tell the students "I would like for you all to watch a video clip and I want you to be thinking about what you see happening." Play: Play and Discover with Digger and Splat: Growing Up, Segment 3: Caterpillar to Butterfly (:17). The start is of a caterpillar eating a leaf. It ends with a butterfly flying away. Follow-up: What happened in the video? What do you know about life cycles? What do you know about the life cycle of the butterfly? (You can do a Think-Pair-Share activity with these questions.) Record on chart paper.


The Butterflies `Wheel of Life'

Activity: Using the Life Cycles and Butterflies SmartBoard template, start with slide number two. Go through each slide letting the students answer and remove the box to unveil the answer to check. Follow-up: Ask the students "Which part of the life cycle would you like to be and why?" Allow students to share their thoughts. · The culminating activity can be used as an assessment. · Have the students label the life cycle and print for documentation using this site

· Have the students use the "Butterfly Quizzes" (attached) for assessments.

Culminating Activities

1. Focus: Tell the students that you need them to create for you the life cycle of a butterfly and to do an assessment of what they have learned. Divide them into two groups. Activity: Say: We are going to divide into two groups. Group #1 will create the life cycle while group #2 works on the computers. Group 1: Give each child the leaf template. Give each child a piece of rice (the egg), a piece of bowtie pasta (the butterfly), a shell pasta (the chrysalis) and a corkscrew pasta (the caterpillar). Tell them what each one represents. (It may be helpful to create a visual of this for children to refer to.) Have each child place the correct piece of pasta on the leaves to represent the life cycle of a butterfly. Then they will need to draw the arrows in between each stage to represent a cycle. Don't forget to have the students title their creation! Group 2: Have the students go to a computer (with Internet). Have them go to your bookmarked sites or have it ready for them. They must go to first (butterfly life cycle assessment). Then they may choose one of the other two sites to go to next. (, or If there is time, they may visit the third site. Switch groups after group one is finished. Follow-up: When both groups are finished, have the students share their creation with other students. Hang in the hallway for all to see!

Community Connections

· Have a lepidopterist (butterfly scientist) visit your class or email one with questions. · Involve the community in funding or participating in building a butterfly garden. See this site for instructions: · Take a field trip to the Smithsonian Butterfly Garden:

Cross-Curricular Extensions

· Math--Symmetry: Using a cutout of a butterfly and have the students design a symmetrical design. Enchanted Learning has a butterfly life cycle symmetry activity at · Language Arts: Write a story about the flight of a butterfly. · Social Studies: Map out the migration of butterflies.

About the Author

Jessica Comisford I am a second grade teacher teaching in Staunton City Schools. I am married with two little boys who are polar opposites! One is wild and the other is laid back. They keep me busy as well as my job, taking classes, my enthusiasm for integrating technology and training for a half marathon. I am very excited about all that I do and although I stress, I wouldn't trade it for the world! March 2009


· The second learning activity can be used as an informal assessment.

A publication of the 2008-09 NTTI--Virginia



Butterfly Quiz

Circle the correct answer. 1. The butterfly goes through how many stages? a. 8 b. 4 c. 2 2. The butterfly is the _____________ stage. a. first b. fourth c. third 3. Butterflies hatch from ______________. a. eggs b. trees c. being born alive 4. Butterflies have ______________ wings. a. 8 b. 12 c. 4 5. What is the second stage of the butterfly? a. baby butterfly b. caterpillar c. chrysalis


The Butterfly `Wheel of Life'

Label each stage of the butterfly's life cycle





Write about what is happening in each stage of the life cycle above. 1.___________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ 2.___________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ 3.___________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ 4.___________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________

The Butterfly `Wheel of Life'


Sample leaf template:


The Butterfly `Wheel of Life'



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