Read Listed below are download links for Tamil and English Spiritual Discourses and few links to resourses of Sri Vaishnava Sampradaya available on the net text version

Listed below are download links for Tamil and English Spiritual Discourses and few links to resourses of Sri Vaishnava Sampradaya available on the net. Many of the discourses have been transcribed from old personal collections of audio tapes and uploaded by members of ,, etc. Under the heading(name of discourse), the links are listed in the order of the constituent parts.(Part 1, Part 2....). Some numbers in the file name may appear out of sequence because of incorrect naming and so the parts are'nt missing. Rapidshare links expire fast. Some of the mediafire links are over a year old and can expire soon. So, -Please download all the discourses you need first and listen to them later on. -Download the discourses you require in the order given in this list (The links to discourses given at the top are the oldest ones. New links are added at the bottom) Some mediafire links may not lead you to the file to be downloaded at first attempt.You may get a message 'Invalid QuickKey'. Please keep trying again and again. They may work after a day, if not after some time. To open some of the files (with extension '.rar'), you must have a software called Winrar installed to extract the file into a separate folder. In that folder, you can find the set of discourses in mp3 format. You can download Winrar from If anybody is interested in Telugu Discourses, do let me now. I will post the links here. For faster downloading, download a freeware caled Download Accelerator Plus from 1. After installing it, restart the computer. 2.Go to start--> All Programs -->Download Accelrator Plus (DAP) 3.In its toolbar, go to Tools-->Options--->Connection-->Acceleration mode-->Super Acceleration Speed Also,Change Download queue option given below to 1(As the speed will be spreaded accordingly in multiple downloads, download 1 by 1 ). 4.Now, click any one of the mediafire links. Right click and click Download with DAP. It will show start download with file size and resume supported instructions. Click Download. You can queue a series of downloads - useful for downloading overnight. It will be faster because our internet usage is minimum /nil then (Queue the downloads and go to sleep. Wake up and see all files downloaded). You can also use the option Shut down computer after download from the Auto menu in the toolbar. For queueing, you can repeat step 4 with all the files you wish to download. The download will not start immediately but it will start once the previous entry has been downloaded. The other advantages of this software: it can be used to pause downloads, resume broken downloads (if connection gets cut in the middle of a download, you needn't start all over again) and it doesn't slow down our other work on the net too. Firefox browser users can download faster by using a free download manager/accelerator which can be installed from Bhagavad Gita with Tamil translation Brahmasri Nochur Venkataraman -Srimad Bhagavatham (also at Thirumuruga Kirubanantha Variyar- Pennin Perumai Thiruppavai Songs sung by M L Vasanthakumari Thiruppavai Songs sung by R. Vedavalli (1-30) Smt. Vishaka Hari-Tyagaraja Charitram (Watch online video of the same at D. Joseph(Read more about him at - Sundara Kaandam Trichy K. Kalyanaraman - Pradosha Mahimai Swami Sukhabodhananda(Read more about him at - Manase Relax Please Thirumuruga Kirubanantha Variyar - Harischandra charitram Trichy K. Kalyanaraman - Mayakkannanum Mahabharathamum Trichy K. Kalyanaraman-Sundarakandam Sri Mukkur Laskhmi Nrisimhachariar Swamigal - SrinivasaKalyanam (use the option download original from the sidebar) Sri Mukkur Laskhmi Nrisimhachariar Swamigal -Gajendra Moksham Trichy K. Kalyanaraman - KambaRamayanam Smt. Prema Pandurang - Bhagavatham Discourse (English)


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Smt. Prema Pandurang - Ramayana Sapthaham (English) Brahmasri SundarKumar - Narayaneeyam Brahmasri TS Balakrishna Sastrigal - Srimad Bhagavatham Swami Paramarthananda(Read more about him at - Sandhyavandanam (English) Sengalipuram Subramaya Deekshidhar - Ramayanam Ayyampettai Rajagopalan - Sri. Vaishnavam discourses(Prapatti, Swami Desikans Adaikkala Paththu, Thiruppaanalwars Amalanaathipiraan and Other Lectures- Neengatha Selvam Nirainthu) Sri Prathivadi Bhayankaram Annangaracharyar Swami - Dwayaartham Sengalipuram Subramaya Deekshidhar - Srimad Bhagavatham Swami Paramarthananda - Meditation and Daily Life Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi - Sri Pillaiyar Sri Sengalipuram N. Rama Dhikshithar (he is Sri Anantharama Dikshitar's nephew)- Sri Skandham Upanyasam Brahmasri Nochur Venkataraman - Srimad Bhagavad Gita- Chapter 3 Sri Mukkur Laskhmi Nrisimhachariar Swamigal - Vamana Avatharam Brahmasri TS Balakrishna Sastrigal -Sri Rama Pattabishekam

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Brahmasri TS Balakrishna Sastrigal- Sri Anjaneya Vaibhavam Trichy K. Kalyanaraman- Sri Prahladha Charithram Trichy K. Kalyanaraman-Nala Charithiram Trichy K. Kalyanaraman - Gajendra Moksham Trichy K. Kalyanaraman - Sri Vamana Avatharam Brahmasri TS Balakrishna Sastrigal - Arjuna Tapam (Kiratharjuniyam) Brahmasri SundarKumar - Mahabharatham- Part 1 Mahabharatham- Part 2 Swami Ranganathanda (Sri Ramakrishna Mission)-Spiritual values in modern age Kavi Arasu Kannadasan - Arthamulla Hindu Matham Sri Kalyanapuram Aravamudhan - Upanyasam on Periya Alvar Brahmasri TS Balakrishna Sastrigal-Venkateswara Mahathvam Sri. U.Ve. Dr. M.V. Ananthapadmanabhachariar -- Sri Ahobilam Mahatmayam Swami Paramarthananda - Understanding God Swami Paramarthananda - Understanding Anger Brahmasri TS Balakrishna Sastrigal-Sankara Vijayam Sri Mukkur Laskhmi Nrisimhachariar Swamigal - Lakshmi Padhvam Smt Gowri Rajagopalan -Gayathri Mahimai


Thiruppavai by Sudha Ragunathan (Songs are in alphabetic order)

Posted on May. 26 2008 Brahmasri TS Balakrishna Sastrigal -Devi Bhagavatham Brahmasri Kripananda Variyar - Mahabharatham D. Joseph- Kalvi Kadavul Hayagreevar Swami Swaroopananda (Chinmaya Mission) - Meditation Sengalipuram Anantharama Dikshithar - Importance of Sandhyavandhanam Smt. Jaya Row (Read more about her in - Beyond Harvard ­Lessons from the Worlds Oldest Management School Swami Ishwarananda (Chinmaya Mission) - Atma Bodha Swami Ranganathananda - Freedom of The Soul Br. Uddhav Chaitanya (Chinmaya Mission) - Sadhana Panchakam Swami Paramarthananda - Sankara and Gita


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Sengalipuram Anantharama Dikshithar's discourses - Ramayanam Musical Discourses of BrahmaSri TS Balakrishna Sastrigal, BramhaSri Kripananda Variar and Sri KPM Aravamudhan

Brahmasri Kirupananda vaariyar -Skanda puranam Thiruppavai discourses Sri Sadagopachariar - Sri Nrisimhavatharam Discourses by SuKi Sivam Discourses by Theertha Maharaj Anbe Arulae - Book on Maha Periyava (Holiness Chandrasekhara Swamigal) By Bharanitharan. Prahlada Charitham Embar Vijayaraghavachariar a)Thyagaraja Charithram b)Thirumazhisai-Piran- Sri Kalyanapuram Aravaamudhan a)Sadguru Sri Thyagarajar b) c) Ramayana Katha Pathirangal-Hanuman Isaiperurai-S-Janakiraman-Sri-Ayyappan (Sri Rama Jananam) Discourses on Devi Live Pravachans by P. P. Swami Haridhosgiri Discourses by various scholars of Sri Vaishnava lineage in English language BrahmasSri Vittal Das Jayakrishna Deekshithar discourses Brahmasri Nochur Venkataraman -Srimad Bhagavad Gita Sri Mukkur Laskhmi Nrisimhachariar Swamigal - Srimad Bhagavatham

Sri Krishna premi -Thiruvinnagarappan : Upanyasams on the anubhavam of Sri OppilA-appan by Swamy NammazhwAr and Thirumangai AzhwAr Sri Krishna premi - Sri Krishna Chaithanya SrI U Ve Madhavachar' s Upanyasam on Thirupavai - extract Srivaishnava Upanyasams Srivaishnava Learning Lectures Anugraha bhashanam of Srimath Azhagiya Singar (67.4 MB) Brahmasri SundarKumar's discourses Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami's discourses Smt Visakha Hari's discourses Purandaradasa and Pancharathinam Srimad Bhagavatha Prabhashanam - Brahmasri Nochur Venkataraman Srimad Bhagavatha Sangraham - Brahmasri Perumpilly Keshavan Thirumeni Links to Videos Shri U. Ve Velukudi Krishnan Swami - Upanyasam on Srirangam Watch upanyasam videos of Srimad Azhagiyasingar, Srimad Andavan, Srimad Srimushnam Adnvadan, Sri U. Ve. Velukkudi Krishnan swami, Sri Ananthapadmanapacharya swami and Sriman Akkarakani Srinidhi swami at The discourse given by Sri Venu Rajan Narayanan in Jaya Tv about spirituality, Alwars Links to download Sri Vaishnava literature English ebooks Tamil ebooks


Listed below are download links for Tamil and English Spiritual Discourses and few links to resourses of Sri Vaishnava Sampradaya available on the net

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