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Lubricant Dispensing and Delivery Solutions Automatic Chain Oiling System

The upper oven chain on the NIECO Ovens creates a wear point and audible noise from contact with several structural components within the oven. Proper lubrication can both reduce chain wear and eliminate noise. XACT and JAX have developed a lubricant and automatic oiling system that: · Eliminates high-pitch screeching noise · Reduces power usage and · Increases chain life.

Nieco Broiler Oven

The XACT Chain Oiling System provides: · A Power Take-Off (PTO) from an existing oven idler shaft on the lower chain conveyor · Mounting in a low-heat area to prevent overheating · A reservoir that allows for visual inspection of the lubricant level (reservoir also doubles as a belt drive guard) · A positive-displacement pump that delivers lubricant through stainless steel tubing to an area above the upper chain · Application of lubricant in low quantities onto the chain just above a contacting surface (this ensures any lubricant that is not captured by the chain will rest on the chain guide) With continuous chain motion, the lubricant will be picked up by the opposing side of the chain, ensuring that both sides of the chain are lubricated. With the chain properly lubricated, noise is virtually eliminated and chain wear is minimized. Since the lubricant is micro-dosed, a single reservoir can supply the unit lubricant for one week.

Technical Data:

Part No. Availability Typical Install Time Number of Lube Points Lubrication Intervals Recommended Lubes Power Requirements Air Requirements Recommended Maintenance XEAMOLS02PTOHED To be determined 15 minutes 2 upper chains Continuous JAX Grill Glide Power Take-Off from shaft None Refill reservoir weekly. Replace drive belt annually. Replace pump at failure - no maintenance.

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