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World tyre manufacturers

Market analysis ­ 2010-2015 trends ­ Corporate strategies

October 2010 edition

Xerfi Global, le département international du groupe Xerfi, publie un nouveau rapport dans sa collection Global Markets and Competition. L'étude "World tyre manufacturers" apporte une vision synthétique sur les enjeux globaux du secteur. Rédigée directement en anglais par une équipe dédiée d'économistes anglophones, elle propose un panorama du marché avec un horizon prévisionnel à 5 ans, un décryptage des stratégies des opérateurs et une analyse monographique détaillée des groupes qui font bouger les lignes de force du secteur. Une attention toute particulière est portée à la présentation des grandes conclusions sous la forme d'une dizaine de slides conçues pour synthétiser l'information de manière précise et efficace.

Competition is definitely heating up in the global tyre industry. The Big Three - Bridgestone, Michelin and Goodyear ­ increasingly have to contend with the threat of smaller scale players from both emerging (Taiwan's Cheng Shin, China's Giti, Triangle and Double Coin, or India's MRF) or developed markets.

The battleground is now set in Asia, with the colossal Chinese car market expected to see tyre demand triple in the near future as domestic auto sales are estimated to grow by 25% in 2010 and at similar rates in the upcoming years. While tyre demand has picked up and will continue to increase moderately in mature economies, the real opportunities to be grasped by tyre manufacturers lie in emerging markets where companies are seeking to further expand their presence by boosting capacity or establishing new joint ventures with domestic players.

The leading companies are also striving to maintain their positions on the most profitable segments of the industry. If the Big Three are still the undisputed leaders in the premium segment, they are now being strongly challenged by opponents such as Sumitomo, Cooper and Continental in middle and lower-value niches. This is hardly good news for profit margins especially seeing as raw material prices are increasingly volatile. The world is awash with liquidity and markets are now driven by strong demand from emerging markets: in other words, commodity prices will likely keep on increasing over the next few years but a bursting of the bubble can never be ruled out...

This exclusive report by Xerfi Global analyses the competitive strategies of global tyre manufacturers and outlines the latest developments in the industry. It also investigates the key trends among industry leaders in terms of industrial strategy and market positioning.

This report on world tyre manufacturers is the ideal resource in order to understand the industry and support your decision making process. We remain at your disposal should you require any further information on this 195 page long report. Detailed contents are included in the enclosed presentation. To receive Xerfi Global's exclusive analysis please fill out and return the order form located on the last page of the leaflet.

Alexander Law Head of Xerfi Global

World tyre manufacturers

Market analysis ­ 2010-2015 trends ­ Corporate strategies

The research on world tyre manufacturers aims to highlight: · · · ·

the medium-term and mega trends of the industry; market developments and geographical segments; the competitive landscape and the main corporate rankings; the main conclusions of our report, summarised in 10 analytical slides.


This report on international business schools is part of Xerfi Global's unique coverage of the world economy. 40 global industries are researched and analysed at a worldwide or regional level with all the key facts, forecasts and insights compiled in comprehensive reports. This analysis was written under the supervision of Petra Frent. The research was carried out in the two months prior to the publication of the report using the best international sources Each report follows the same five phases, drawing upon two decades of experience at Xerfi: 1) 2) 3) 4)


Identification of the playing field Identification of market leaders Identification of the main market indicators Identification of corporate strategies Identification of the key conclusions

World tyre manufacturers

Market analysis ­ 2010-2015 trends ­ Corporate strategies October 2010 edition Contents of the report: 195 pages of facts, figures, forecasts and analysis 4.1.3. Small-scale players



The main conclusions of this report concerning forecasts, strategies and global trends are presented in 10 slides aimed at giving the reader all the information necessary in less than 10 minutes.


4.2.1. 4.2.2. 4.2.3.

Business models

Diversification Strategic alliances Vertical integration



In this section, the economists of Xerfi Global ask the main questions of the industry. Clearly stated, the mission is to lay out the ground rules for the report: who are the suppliers, the customers? The aim is to give a precise overview of the competitive battlefield.


4.3.1. 4.3.2.

Geographical presence

Presence on the main geographic markets Operations in emerging markets

2.1. 2.2.

2.2.1. 2.2.2.

Key characteristics

Key characteristics

4.4. 4.5.

4.5.1. 4.5.2. 4.5.3.

Brand strategy

Multi-brand versus single-brand

Tyre industry overview

What is the business? What are the products?

Differentiation strategies

Case studies Case studies Case studies


2.3.1. 2.3.2.

Supply and demand

Who are the suppliers? Who are the customers?

4.6. 4.7.

4.7.1. 4.7.2.



2.4. 2.5. 3.

Market leaders

Who are the key players?


Net sales Ranking by operating margins

Geographic data

Where are activities located?




The data in this section has been handpicked by the team: all the information and our exclusive forecasts on supply, demand and market environment.

For each company presented in this report, Xerfi Global's experts have compiled the most relevant and up to date data. Each profile contains a concise presentation, a description of corporate strategy, an outline of recent events, the need to know numbers and much more.

3.1. 3.2.

3.2.1. 3.2.2. 3.2.3. 3.2.4.

Overview of the market

Pestel analysis

5.1. 5.2. 5.3. 5.4. 5.5. 5.6. 5.7. 5.8. 5.9. 5.10.

Bridgestone Michelin Goodyear Continental Pirelli Sumitomo Yokohama Hankook Cooper Maxxis


Raw materials Production and exports Raw material prices Production prices


3.3.1. 3.3.2. 3.3.3.


Automobile production Global vehicle fleet Online retailing


3.4.1. 3.4.2.

International Trade

Exports Ranking

3.5. 4.




7.1.1. 7.1.2. 7.1.3.



International organisations Press Corporate websites

The in-depth analysis of the main strategies of the industry's leading players. Case studies are also included to point out the most relevant or interesting strategies.


4.1.1. 4.1.2.

Competitive environment

Driving forces of the industry Global market share



Complete list of tables and graphs: the most comprehensive information source

T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6 T7 T8 T9 T10 T11 T12 T13 T14 T15 T16 T17 T18 T19 T20 T21 T22 T23 T24 T25 T26 T27 T28 T29 T30 T31 T32 T33 T34 T35 T36 T37 T38 T39 T40 T41 T42 T43 T44 T45 T46 T47 T48 T49 T50 T51 T52 T53 T54 T55 T56 T57 T58 T59 T60 T61 T62 T63 T64 T65 T66 T67

Key trends by 2015 Total tyre production worldwide (2000-2015) Prices for main raw materials Change in market share of the global players Tyre companies ranking Market segments of main tyre companies Customers of the tyre industry Tyre industry mix in mature economies Breakdown by market of tyre sales Raw material usage Main customers of tyre industry Tyre industry distribution channel Largest groups in the tyre industry Global tyre production (volume) by area PESTEL analysis of the tyre industry Total production of rubber (natural and synthetic) Rubber production by type and region Tyre production and exports Prices for main raw materials ­ main trading indexes Tyre production prices (2000-2010) World vehicle production (2001-2015) Number of vehicles on the road (1990-2050) Tyres sold via the internet-Germany (2004-2009) Tyre exports between geographical regions Tyre largest exporters in 2000 Tyre largest exporters in 2008 Production and demand trends in main regions Competitive forces of the tyre industry Change in market share of the global players Domestic tyre manufacturers in China Tyre operations of diversified groups Market presence of leading tyre manufacturers Partnerships and alliances in the tyre industry Vertical integration of tyre companies U.S. Light Vehicle ­ replacement tyre market Growth rates in the tyre industry SWOT analysis of Michelin Investments on the horizon (2010-2013) Groups' operating margins from tyre operations Bridgestone's net sales (2005-2009) Bridgestone's tyre sales (2005-2009) Bridgestone's revenues by segment Bridgestone's change in revenues by segment Bridgestone's revenues by region Bridgestone's change in revenues by region Bridgestone's operating profit (2005-2009) Bridgestone's operating margin (2005-2009) Bridgestone's R&D expenditures (2005-2009) Bridgestone's R&D ratio (2005-2009) Bridgestone's net sales Bridgestone's revenues by activity Bridgestone's revenues by region Bridgestone's operating profit Bridgestone's R&D expenses Michelin's net sales (2005-2009) Michelin's free cash flow (2005-2009) Michelin's revenues by segment Michelin's change in revenues by segment Michelin's revenues by region Michelin's change in revenues by region Michelin's operating profit (2005-2009) Michelin's operating margin (2005-2009) Michelin's R&D expenditures (2005-2009) Michelin's R&D ratio (2005-2009) Michelin's net sales Michelin's revenues by activity Michelin's revenues by region

T68 T69 T70 T71 T72 T73 T74 T75 T76 T77 T78 T79 T80 T81 T82 T83 T84 T85 T86 T87 T88 T89 T90 T91 T92 T93 T94 T95 T96 T97 T98 T99 T100 T101 T102 T103 T104 T105 T106 T107 T108 T109 T110 T111 T112 T113 T114 T115 T116 T117 T118 T119 T120 T121 T122 T123 T124 T125 T126 T127 T128 T129 T130 T131 T132 T133 T134 T135

Michelin's operating profit Michelin's R&D expenses Goodyear's net sales (2005-2009) Goodyear's capital expenditures (2005-2009) Goodyear's volumes sold by segment Goodyear's change in volumes sold by segment Goodyear's revenues by region Goodyear's change in revenues by region Goodyear's operating income (2005-2009) Goodyear's operating margin (2005-2009) Goodyear's R&D expenditures (2005-2009) Goodyear's R&D ratio (2005-2009) Goodyear's net sales Goodyear's volumes by activity Goodyear's revenues by region Goodyear's operating profit Goodyear's R&D expenses Continental's net sales (2005-2009) Continental's capital expenditure (2005-2009) Continental Tyre's revenues by segment Continental Tyre's revenues by region Continental Tyre's change in revenues by region Continental Tyre's operating income (2005-2009) Continental Tyre's operating margin (2005-2009) Continental Tyre's R&D expenditures (2005-2009) Continental Tyre's R&D ratio (2005-2009) Continental Tyre Divisions' net sales Continental Tyre's revenues by activity Continental Tyre's revenues by region Continental's operating profit Continental's R&D expenses Pirelli Tyre's net sales (2005-2009) Pirelli's cash flow (2005-2009) Pirelli Tyre's revenues by segment Pirelli Tyre's change in revenues by segment Pirelli Tyre's revenues by region Pirelli Tyre's change in revenues by region Pirelli's operating income (2005-2009) Pirellis Tyre's operating margin (2005-2009) Pirelli Tyre's R&D expenditure (2005-2009) Pirelli Tyre's R&D ratio (2005-2009) Pirelli Tyre's net sales Pirelli Tyre's revenues by activity Pirelli Tyre's revenues by region Pirelli's operating profit Pirelli's R&D expenses Sumitomo Rubber net sales (2005-2009) Sumitomo Tyre net sales (2005-2009) Sumitomo Rubber's revenues by segment Sumitomo Rubber's revenues by region Sumitomo Rubber's change in revenues by region Sumitomo Tyre's operating income (2005-2009) Sumitomo Tyre's operating margin (2005-2009) Sumitomo Tyre R&D expenditures (2005-2009) Sumitomo Tyres R&D ratio (2005-2009) Sumitomo Tyre net sales Sumitomo Rubber revenues by activity Sumitomo Rubber revenues by region Sumitomo Tyre operating profit Sumitomo's R&D expenses Yokohama's net sales (2005-2009) Yokohama's tyre sales (2005-2009) Yokohama's revenues by segment Yokohama's change in revenue by segment Yokohama Rubber's revenues by region Yokohama Rubber's change in revenues by region Yokohama Tyre's operating profit (2005-2009) Yokohama Tyre's operating margin (2005-2009)

T136 T137 T138 T139 T140 T141 T142 T143 T144 T145 T146 T147 T148 T149 T150 T151 T152 T153 T154 T155 T156 T157 T158 T159 T160 T161 T162 T163 T164 T165 T166 T167 T168 T169 T170 T171 T172 T173 T174 T175 T176 T177 T178 T179 T180 T181 T182 T183 T184 T185 T186 T187 T188 T189 T190 T191 T192 T193 T194 T195 T196 T197

Yokohama's R&D expenditures (2005-2009) Yokohama's R&D ratio (2005-2009) Yokohama's net sales Yokohama's revenues by activity Yokohama's revenues by region Yokohama's operating profit Yokohama's R&D expenses Hankook consolidated net sales (2005-2009) Hankook tyre Sales (2005-2009) Hankook's revenues by segment Hankook's change in revenues by segment Hankook Parent Company's revenues by region Hankook's change in revenues by region Hankook's operating profit (2005-2009) Hankook's operating margin (2005-2009) Hankook's R&D expenditures (2005-2009) Hankook's R&D ratio (2005-2009) Hankook's net sales Hankook's revenues by activity Hankook's revenues by region Hankook's operating profit Hankook's R&D expenses Cooper Tire and Rubber's net sales (2005-2009) Cooper Tire Last Quarter Net Sales (2005-2009) Cooper Tire's performance by product line Cooper Tire and Rubber's revenues by region Cooper Tire's change in revenues by region Cooper Tire's operating profit (2005-2009) Cooper Tire's operating margin (2005-2009) Cooper Tire's R&D expenditures (2005-2009) Cooper Tire and Rubber's R&D ratio (2005-2009) Cooper Tire and Rubber's net sales Cooper Tire and Rubber's revenues by region Cooper Tire and Rubber's operating profit Cooper Tire and Rubber's R&D expenses Change in world market share Consolidated bet sales and operating margins in 2009 Natural and synthetic rubber production by region Global passenger car and light truck market in 2009 Net sales - H1 2010 Passenger car and light truck tyre market by region Global truck tyre market by regions in 2009 Global two-wheel motor vehicle possession by regions in 2007 Global aircraft tyre market breakdown in 2008 Tractor and other agricultural machinery fleet in 2007 Tractor and other agricultural machinery fleet in AsiaNet sales of world tyre makers in 2005-2008 vs. 2009 Operating margins in 2005-2008 vs. 2009 Net sales in Q2 2010 Vehicle production in Asia by type (1998-2009) Asia vehicle production (2004-2009) India and China vehicle market growth (2004-2009) Share in passenger car tyre market Share in truck and bus tyre market South American vehicle fleet - 2009 (1998-2009) Latin America vehicle production (2004-2009) Brazil vehicle market growth (2004-2009) Passenger car tyre market share in North America Truck tyre market share in North America 2009 Passenger car tyre market share in Europe 2009 Truck tyre market share in Europe 2009 R & D expenses

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