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Automatic & autonomous Fire Extinguisher Systems

Ceodeux-Fire Extinguishers Valves Technology S.A.

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Cylinder Cylinder 1. What is FireTrace ?

DLP1, DLP2, ILP, DLP1, DLP2, ILP, DHP, IHP DHP, IHP Containing: Containing: Water Water Foam Foam Powder Powder

Valve Valve

CO2 CO2 Halon Halon replacement replacement Argonite Argonite Etc.. Etc..

Fire Trace tube Fire Trace tube

Above fire risk area Above fire risk area

Fire Trace stops fires where they start ... in seconds

2. How does FireTrace work ?

tube ruptures, tube ruptures, releasing gas, releasing gas, extinguishing fire extinguishing fire

5 seconds 5 seconds

small fire small fire begins begins

10 seconds 10 seconds

15 seconds 15 seconds

the fire is out the fire is out

No fire is too small... No risk too big


Automatic self seeking fire extinguisher Puts out fires when they start, where they start Designed for installation inside enclosures and inaccessible areas No complex electronics Safe against malfunction

Best cost-performance ratio

In less than the time it takes to read this... The fire is out !

4.FireTrace Tube ­ the difference

acts as a multi-sensor and multi extinguishing jet

Burst spot Burst spot

made of a high-tech polymer combines long-time resistance flexibility temperature sensitivity when bursting at the hottest spot, it ruptures as a nozzle shape opening

You can't reach the fire? Firetrace can

5. The direct system

The extinguishing agent is transported through the FireTrace tube exactly to the origin of the fire.

Babyfire Babyfire

Your imagination is your only limitation ...

6. The indirect system

The detection tube just triggers the valve when it detects a fire. The extinguishing agent discharges through a conventional outlet port.

Babyfire Babyfire

Your imagination is your only limitation ...

7. Low and high pressure valves

B 0700 : Direct Low Pressure valve with single head (DLP1) B 0704 : Direct Low Pressure valve with double head (DLP 2) B 0701 : Indirect Low Pressure valve (ILP) B 0702: Indirect High Pressure valve (IHP) B 0705 : Indirect/Direct High Pressure Adapter (I/DHP) B 0703 : Direct High Pressure valve (DHP)

FireTrace automatic fire detector & extinguisher

8. Advantages

Linear detection line Rapid reaction time 24 hours a day ready for use No external power supply Flexible positioning of the FireTrace tube Can be installed into inaccessible areas Minimal environmental damages Minimum maintenance

Especially good for locations where fire is a big risk

9...more advantages

No accidental discharges through a disruption of the fire detector Can be used in every environment (marine, industrial atmosphere) Low and high pressure applications Governmental and insurance approvals Not affected by vibration or knocks Quick and simple installation Low price - high performance relationship

When a fire can only be extinguished when small - Firetrace

10. Some application examples...

Your imagination is your only limitation ...

...Fix and mobile...

Your imagination is your only limitation ...

... and big and small extreme locations...

No problem for Firetrace

Your imagination is your only limitation ...

...and many more

·Medical / Laboratory equipment · Goods in transit ·Fume cupboards · Switchgear

· Test / Production equipment · Cable ducts · Display cabinets · Washing machines, dishwashers, fridges · Vending machines · Generator rooms · Flammable liquid stores · Storage areas · Heavy plant & machinery · Automated machinery · Escalators · Transmitters · Motor vehicles · Boats

Your imagination is your only limitation ...

11. CO2 Layout example directional valve

Your imagination is your only limitation ...

12. Solenoid valve In combination with Firetrace

Your imagination is your only limitation ...

13. Dimes ­ Digital Measuring System

Your imagination is your only limitation ...

Only Fantasy is limiting application for FireTrace! It works under any condition. FireTrace!

14. References

Too many to list All Industry - Worldwide Just one example: -The Aerosol can shredder

These photographs show a filthy dirty machine that shreds scrap aerosol cans for a waste company at their Warrington UK site. As some of the cans have all sorts of paint and nasty chemicals in them.About 5 years ago (in 97) they installed a 4 x 9 kg Indirect FireTrace system (36 kg Dry Chemical Powder) to the shredder and exhaust ducting interconnected with Trace detection tube. The operator said that the machine erupted into a ball of fire, which almost instantly changed to a cloud of powder and the machine juddered to a stop. As you will see from the pictures the machine has suffered no damage (it always looks that dirty) they merely shorted out the pressure switch and continued work.

Once again: FireTrace saved the day.

For more stories see on internet:

Your imagination is your only limitation ...


Your imagination is your only limitation ...

16. Chemical resistance

Your imagination is your only limitation ...


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