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Yves Zoundi ­ Java/J2EE Developer

City: Toronto (Ontario, Canada) Blog: E-Mail: [email protected]

Professional Experience

Senior Software Engineer, Algorithmics, an IBM company (Toronto) July 2010 - August 2012

As a member of the Batch and Configuration Tools team, my main responsibilities include maintaining and adding new features to the common infrastructure used by the suite of Algorithmics applications. · Responsible for Desktop applications testing of the Configuration Team. · Enhanced a Swing-based reporting tool used in a workflow for calculating credit-risk related measures. · Served as principal engineer on a Flex application that configures the on-boarding of financial products. · Designed and implemented features in Web services used for submitting and monitoring distributed jobs. · Integrated centralized asynchronous messaging support via JMS and STOMP with ActiveMQ. · Maintained and enhanced services used by Algorithmics base platform: infrastructure for Java Web Start and Web applications (Tomcat), Configuration, Utilities, Logging, Security (JAAS), Distributed computing (JINI), Web Services (SOAP, RPC, RMI), Management (JMX), etc. · Worked on a GWT/GXT application that will be used to setup datasets holding mappings of financial products.

Software Developer, Softcom Technologies Corporation (Toronto)

November 2009 - June 2010

Worked as part of a 5-member team on a client-server reporting system used by call centers to monitor performance. The client was a multi-threaded applet and the server was a custom OLAP engine with a combination of C and Java (JBoss). Services were exposed to the front-end via Spring Remoting or simple servers (C code). · Promoted the use of static analytic tools such as FindBugs to reduce software defects. · Implemented a Java Look And Feel from existing widgets and wrote custom Swing components. · Completed the implementation of a calendar component similar to Outlook for tasks scheduling (recurring events, custom scripting, Web Services, unlimited undo, custom event markers, drag and drop, etc.).

Software Engineer, Nurey Networks Inc. (Toronto)

September 2008 - October 2009

Served as principal engineer on Bluesocket's WLAN management platform ( It's an appliance (Embedded Linux) with a Web console used for managing wireless controllers and access points. The program was a J2EE application running under JBoss. Migrated the continuous integration engine from Cruise Control to Hudson for ease of use and flexibility. Joined the sales team during visits to promote products, participated in client support calls. Performed live troubleshooting on production systems whenever necessary. Added new features for reports, notifications, scheduled jobs, settings options, etc. Solved database migration issues originating from the release manager. Collaborated with the Perl development team to provide tighter products integration. Improved the overall performance and stability up to 20%, using profilers and static analysis tools. Migrated the J2EE server, the build system and parts of the program from JBoss 4.0.x to JBoss 5.1.0.GA. · Engineered a clustering solution for high availability, load balancing and failover support. · · · · · · · · Programmer Analyst, Direction of University Laval Library (Quebec) May 2003 - June 2008

Designed and implemented Java based applications usually MySQL and/or XML driven. Typical applications were Java Swing products deployed with Java Web Start or Web applications running under Tomcat. · Introduced Apache Maven and Apache Ant in many projects, to automate builds and deployments. · Designed and implemented Swing Desktop applications for reduce manual interventions in workflows. · Worked on custom search engines with Wicket/Lucene/SOLR such as · Maintained and enhanced a custom Content Management Solution. · Originally designed and developed the new Érudit portal ( · Wrote an XML Docbook filter to export MS Word documents (OpenOffice API, XSLT, SAX, Dom4j, RPC, etc.). Java teaching assistant (MBA-BAA courses), University Laval (Quebec) October - December 2004

· Offered Java technical support and performed system administration tasks under Debian GNU/Linux : Virus scanning (Clamav), FTP (Proftpd), Firewall (Shorewall), CVS, Tomcat with JSVC, MySQL, Backups (cron jobs). · Developed a Java hosting solution for students websites (Custom control panel and backend logic).


Relevant Personal Experience

· JerkBot (, a command-based IRC Bot with a plug-in architecture built on top of OSGI (Apache Felix). Administration and commands are performed through JMX. The bot can : o Learn new words or definitions and provide a lookup on its knowledge database o Search Javadocs o Watch SVN repositories for code changes o Display the weather summary for few cities across the world o Support new administrative users and has access restrictions built-in for administrative tasks o Tell random quotes from Homer Simpson, Chuck Norris o etc. · VFSJFileChooser (, a Java file dialog for local/remote files, ~ 6000 downloads. The standard Swing file dialog doesn't allow browsing remote file systems easily as too much code is "hidden" or tied to API. Below are the main benefits of the program : o In addition to local filesystem browsing, VFSJFileChooser supports virtually any filesystem that can be handled by Apache Commons VFS, such as : WebDav, SFTP, FTP, Samba. o VFSJFileChooser didn't inherit weird bugs of the standard Java file chooser under Windows (dialog may freeze if there are many zip files on the user's desktop, other bugs without fix). o Easy integration in any application that needs to support multiple filesystems o Almost the same API usage as in the standard Java Swing file browser.

· XPontus XML Editor (, a Java Swing XML editor, ~ 35 000+ downloads. It's a

modular application with pluggable components (JPF). The XML editor is text-oriented with the following main features : o XPath search (XPath 1.0 and 2.0) o Syntax highlighting (XML related and few other programming languages) o Code completion based on DTD or XML Schema introspection o Batch XML validation as well as single XML file validation o HTML tidying o XML Schema generation o DTD documentation generation o Basic syntax checking (well-formed documents)


· · · · · · · · Java : Core Java, JDBC, Web Services, Swing, Servlet, Web Frameworks, some of Jakarta libraries, etc. Web related : Javascript (mostly PrototypeJs and JQuery), CSS, HTML. XML : Parsing, transformation(XSLT or Java APIs), mapping, validation (XML Schema and DTD). Java servers : Familiar mostly with Apache Tomcat and JBoss. Databases (Relational, Object, XML) : MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Db4o, eXist, Xindice, etc. Build tools : Apache Ant, Apache Maven. Testing : JUnit, XMLUnit, QFtest, JMeter, soapUI. Operating Systems familiarity : Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Windows, AIX.


· MBA, Information Technology, University Laval, Quebec. · BAA, Information Systems, University Of Moncton, New Brunswick.




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