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CherryPicker Update Utility

Version 15.0

Initial Release

Release Overview

This document provides an overview of the features and functions of the Motorola CherryPicker Update Utility (CUU), Version 15.0, and a summary description of known operational issues at the time of release. This is the initial release of the CUU, hence there are no outstanding issues from previous iterations. However, because the CUU is derived from an existing code base, this release is designated as Version 15.0. The CUU is a standalone software product that can be installed on an off-the-shelf Windows PC host. CherryPicker customers can download the CUU software, free of charge, from Motorola. No license or license fees are required for the CUU. In this release, the CUU provides bulk software updates for specific versions of the CherryPicker product line and allows you to easily update multiple CherryPicker DM and CAP systems/devices simultaneously within a common network. You can also discover, add, and delete these systems for the purpose of updating, rebooting, and saving configuration files. The following CherryPicker software versions are supported: · · · · · CAP1000 v2.0 DM6400 v4.2.2 DM6400 v5.0.1 DM6400 v5.1 DM6400 v5.1.1










DM and CAP systems can be upgraded to later software versions, but the CUU does not support system downgrades. Downgrading is a manual process with extra steps and loss of configuration that should only be done when absolutely necessary.

System Requirements

The CUU has the following recommended requirements for operation: · · Must be installed on a Windows PC host using Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 (SP2) or Windows Vista. The environment has the following suggested characteristics:

2.66 GHz CPU or a multi-core CPU with similar performance 2 GB RAM or more 30 GB available disk space


This release of the CUU, Version 15.0, includes the following features: · · · Provides bulk software updates for specific versions of the CherryPicker product line. Allows up to five parallel system updates at the same time. Simplifies operation of your network by allowing you to organize monitored systems into network zones to discover DM systems, CAP systems, and other devices, and to add or delete these systems to or from the system tree, which is displayed in the Zone Configuration window. Allows bulk updates to be made to various systems having different Telnet logins and passwords. Color-coded displays show the current update status at a glance, for each system in the update tree. For example, a yellow check box indicates that the last update was successful. Monitors DM and CAP systems/devices and displays any events generated by those systems. Imports DM or CAP build releases to the CUU's local disk. Includes a TFTP server (Tftpd32, v3.29) with the CUU. Initiates a status poll of the various systems in the system tree, which is located in the Zone Configuration window. Can display this information in the Log text panel in the Motorola CherryPicker Update Utility window. Updates, reboots, or backs up DM and CAP systems. Provides a history of events and messages that have occurred while using the CUU. Supports the following logs: TFTP Update, Backup, Reboot, Login, , Test, and Debug. Provides options for using remote or local TFTP servers for updates.

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CherryPicker Update Utility CRU · Version 15.0

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Allows you to test to see if a system is reachable for an update and a reboot before starting a real update. Provides a choice of backing up each system's database to the host PC alone, before system reboots or software updates. Configures logins and passwords for system authentication.

Operational Issues

As of the release date of CUU Version 15.0, there are no known operational issues.

Motorola Technical Response Center

If you need assistance with the CUU, contact the Motorola Technical Response Center (TRC): Toll-free: 1 888 944 HELP (1 888 944 4357) Direct: 1 847 725 4011 Motorola Online: The TRC is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, Motorola Online offers a searchable solutions database, technical documentation, and low-priority issue creation and tracking. Other toll-free numbers may also be available when calling from outside the United States; for details, please refer to our web page.

CherryPicker Update Utility CRU · Version 15.0


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CherryPicker Update Utility CRU · Version 15.0


CherryPicker Update Utility v15.0, Release Notes

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