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central alabama

2006 annual program report

For over a century, the YWCA Central Alabama has been serving the needs of women and their families. The YW provides a broad array of programs and services to our community including quality affordable child care; free child care for homeless families; after school enrichment programs for school-aged homeless children; safe, quality affordable housing; women's leadership programs; and a comprehensive range of services for victims of domestic violence. You will notice the impact we have made as you review our annual program report. We sincerely appreciate the generosity of our caring donors and the generous support of the United Way in helping us strengthen families in our community. We also appreciate the many hours our volunteers provided, whether it was rocking a child in our nationally accredited childcare center for homeless and low-income families or conducting a class on interviewing skills. We have expanded our services for victims of domestic violence with the addition of two lawyers for the Family Law Center; added a Hispanic translator to assist domestic violence victims in the courts and in the confidentially located shelter for domestic violence victims; and fully occupied eight senior rental apartment homes in Rosedale. We are strong alone and fearless together. Thanks for being part of our fearless team.

our mission

The YWCA is a women's membership movement nourished by roots in the Christian faith and sustained by the richness of many beliefs and values. Strengthened by diversity, the Association draws together members who strive to create opportunities for women's growth, leadership and power in order to attain a common vision: peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all people. The Association will thrust its collective power toward the elimination of racism wherever it exists and by any means necessary.

Yolanda Sullivan


Suzanne Durham


our vision

to create a caring community

AR 1


Sheryl Kimerling President April Deal Vice President Development Yolanda Sullivan Vice President Finance Fran Godchaux Vice President Planning Myla Choy Vice President Programs Lynn LaRussa Treasurer Lisa Q. Miller Corresponding Secretary Kate H. Cotton Recording Secretary

Marcheita Anderson, Dr. Sharon C. Bell , Nan Broughton, Dr. Arthur Ree Campbell*, Elizabeth T. Campbell, Patsy Collat, Majorie Cuckler, Malena Cunningham*, Henrietta S. Emack, Shirley Fagan, Cathy O. Friedman, Dr. Virginia D. Gauld* Nancy C. Goedecke, Hon. Debra H. Goldstein, Gillian Goodrich*, Eleanor Griffin, Brenda M. Hackney*, Sara Fuller Hamlin, Kathryn D. Harbert*, Dr. Kathryn J. Hoar, Jeana Hosch, Nazha Kassouf, Dee Kelly, Ricki Kline*, Cynthia Lamar-Hart, Ina Leonard, Susan B. Livingston, Andrea G. McCaskey, Amy McIntyre, Betty T. McMahon*, Chief Annetta Nunn, Dr. Renee Peacock, Kathryn Porter, Rusti Price, Carla S. Roberson, Kim J. Rogers, Isabel Rubio, Lisa Thompson Smith, Laura P. Sterling, Kelly S. Styslinger, Teresa Thorne, Jennifer B. Trammell, Jeanne B. Voigt, Rose M. Walker, Deborah F. White, Mary O. Wier, Anne R. Yuengert *Executive Committee


Dr. Marquita Furness Davis President Lisa Narrell-Mead President-Elect Susan S. Creel Secretary/Treasurer Laura C. Hydinger Flower Sale Chair Jeanne Shearer Flower Sale Co-Chair

Patrice T. Adams, Tammy L. Baker, Barbara L. Blair, Natalie R. Bolling, Sharon Hamilton Broach, Arnika Clements, Anita N. Clemon, Paige B. Daniel, Melissa P. Darden, Dru Ealons, Regan L. Fisher, Gigi Gauthier, Alice Gordon, Elizabeth Henderson, Trisha D. Hill, Betsy Bugg Holloway, Dawn Gotlieb Holloway, Beverley Hoyt, Tessa Thrasher Hughes, Melissa Kimbrough, Valerie Y. Lightfoot, Joye M. Madden, Carrie C. McMahon, Meredith McMillan, Nena Bright Moorer, Lynlee Wells Palmer, Dawn B. Pilleteri, Dasi R. Price, Laura H. Read, Dawn Reeves, Tellis Porter Shoemaker, Janine L. Smith, Holly H. Stiles, Debbie Stotser, Kelly Thompson, Sally Broatch Waudby, Shelly S. Wiggins, Lynn Petty Williams

AR 2

2006 annual program report


Provided 6,170 nights of emergency shelter Provided court advocacy services for 3,911 victims of domestic abuse in Jefferson, Blount and St. Clair counties Provided legal representation to 363 victims through the Family Law Center Provided victim support group services for 788 women and 122 children in Jefferson county Provided 19 dating violence prevention education sessions to 441 youth in Jefferson county Provided assistance to 2,819 people through the YW Crisis Line Provided individual counseling services to 263 victims Served 112 families through the Department of Human Resources Provided 157 victims support in collaboration with Jefferson County Sheriff's Department


Provided 5,479 days of care to 66 individual children in KIDS Korner childcare center Provided 11,037 days of care to 82 individual children in Calico Corner childcare center Provided academic programs and tutoring to 85 individual children in the After School Enrichment Program


Provided permanent housing to 5 individuals with special needs in Jefferson and St. Clair counties Provided 12,482 nights of permanent housing to 48 individuals in 41 apartments Provided 6,025 nights of transitional housing to 35 women and 42 children (35 families) in 23 apartments Provided permanent housing to 23 individuals in 22 apartments designated for the elderly in Avondale and Rosedale


Provided professional clothing and accessories to 280 women from 30 shelters Provided prom dresses to 94 economically disadvantaged teenage girls from 27 area high schools


5th year of MOMENTUM, Alabama's premier women's leadership program with 25 participants, 25 senior mentors, 19 advisory board members and 94 alumni

AR 3

2006 annual program report Income Sources

core operating budget (unaudited) $4,477,328.41 United Way 30% Contributions 6% Special Events 16%

Bank Interest/ Misc. Income 1% Program Service Fees 10% Grants 37%


Specific Assistance 1% Travel & Conferences 2% Public Relations 5% Telephone 1% Occupancy 10% Postage & Supplies 10% Insurance 3% Dues 1% Equipment 1%

Expenses by Program Services

Women's Resource Center 6% YW Homes 2% Child Care ASEP 7% Job Training 1%

Professional Fees 5%

Salaries & Benefits 61%

Management & General 9% Domestic Violence 31%

Day Care Homeless 10% Day Care 12%

Residency 22%

AR 4

The following pages recognize our 2006 donors. We apologize in advance for any omissions we may have made. If you made a financial donation to the YWCA in 2006, and your name does not appear, please let us know so that we may acknowledge your gift. YWCA Endowment/ Foundation

Ms. Tambra Bailie Mrs. Tammy L. Baker Ms. Mary Beth Balzli Ms. Leisha Harris Ms. Jennifer Dodd Ms.Guila Bustabo Ms. Caroline Barkhurst Ms. Suzanne Durham Ms. Helena Barkworth Mrs. Cathy O. Friedman Mrs. Paula Beck Mrs. Kathryn Harbert Ms. Patricia C. Bell Dr. Kathy Hoar Ms. Sara Coleman Mrs. Ricki Kline Ms. Kristin Harper Ms. Kemberly Blackledge Mrs. Frances Morris Ms. Kristi Blackwell Mrs. Beatrice S. Noble Mrs. Barbara L. Blair Ms. Whitney Phillips Ms. Gayla Blankenship Mrs. Karen Bluestein Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Boggio Ms. Jacklyn Boone Alabama Public Television Ms. Sarah Ann Bowman Alabama School of Fine Arts Ms. Kelly L. Bratton American Behavioral Benefits Ms. Taney A. Brazeal Managers, Inc. Ms. Mary W. Briggs AmSouth Bancorporation of AL Ms. Lauren B. Britt Baptist Medical Center Montclair Mrs. Maggie Brooke Baptist Medical Center Princeton Ms. Dana R. Brown BellSouth Pioneers Ms. Kelly A. Brown Birmingham Southern College Ms. Wendy S. Brown Burr & Forman Ms. Brooke Browning Compass Bank Ms. Loree Buck Constangy, Brooks & Smith Ms. Janine Smith CRC Insurance Services, Inc. Mrs. Lisa Burton Energen /Alabama Gas Corp. Ms. Tammie J. Butts Eta Upsilon Ms. Heidi Caldwell Fultondale United Methodist Ms. Chandra R. Calhoun Women Day Circle Ms. Frances G. Cao Harbert Realty Services Ms. Gladys Rivero Casanova Hare Wynn Newell & Newton LLP Mr. Kevin A. Cassady Honda Manufacturing of Ms. Linda M. Castleberry Alabama, LLC Ms. Kelly Chadwick Ireland Foundation - C. Eugene Mrs. Lynn Chapman Jack and Jill of America, Inc. Mrs. Cindy Chester - Birmingham Chapter Ms. Misti Childress Norwood Clinic Ms. Lisa O'Connell Christopher O'Neal Steel Ms. Lisa C. Churchill Primrose School of Ms. Elizabeth C. Clark Meadowbrook Ms. Cathryn Collins RealtySouth Mr. Randall L. Haines Southern Company Services Ms. Saralyn Godwin Tabernacle United Methodist Mr. Tom Curtin Church T. W. O. Mrs. Susan S. Creel Zion Hill Baptist Church Mr. Robert Crenshaw Mr. Richard M. Adams Mrs. Judy Crittenden-Lathrop Ms. Joanie Aderholt Ms. M. A. Cronin Mr. Mike McKenzie Ms. Tanya Crowder Ms. Patricia M. Albritton Ms. Paige Daniel Mrs. Susan Emack Alison Ms. Melissa Darden Ms. Leslie Allen-Coyne Dr. Marquita Furness Davis Mr. Allen S. Blackwell Mrs. Shayana B. Davis Ms. Ann Wells Mrs. April Autrey Deal Ms. Alicia Anderson Ms. Minnie F. Dial Ms. Sherri Arias Ms. Jennifer L. Dominescy Ms. Catherine Armstrong Ms. Laura L. Dooley Ms. Jennifer M. Armstrong Mrs. Joy Dorn Ms. Cheryl Arnold Mrs. Leigh Dorrough Ms. Ashley Arthur Mrs. Susan D. Doughton Ms. Raunda Atkins Mr. Scott Douglas Ms. Charlotte T. Autrey Ms. Angela Drees Ms. Jean Bailey Ms. Patricia Drentea Ms. Mary B. Dubard Ms. Bunn Duong Ms. Judith F. Dyess Mr. James A. Edwards Mrs. Jennifer Eggers Ms. Patti Rice Eggers Ms. Vicki Ellenburg Mr. William M. Warren Ms. Melissa C. Enslen Ms. Kelly H. Evans Ms. Tina Evans Ms. Diane Faulkner Mr. John T. Feller Mr. Sam Ferlisi Ms. Veleka P. Finch Ms. Angie K. Fine Ms. Anne House Mrs. Rhonda R. Hardwick Mr. Leon Ashford Mrs. Anna K. Harris Ms. April Harrison Mr. & Mrs. Danny Harrison Mr. & Mrs. Keith Harrison Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Harrison Ms. Rachael Hayes Ms. Anne Theresa Hendon Ms. Marilyn Henry Ms. Marie Hill Ms. Nacole M. Hillman Ms. Erica Hollins Mrs. Dawn Holloway Dr. Robert A. Holmes Ms. LaQuisha King Ms. Ursula Kirkpatrick Mrs. Ricki Kline Ms. Elaine Kwarcinski Ms. Carolyn Lafourcade Ms. Jaune R. Lamonaca Ms. Racquelle A. Lane Mr. David J. Langum Ms. Lori Lawrence Ms. Sherrie LeMier Ms. Elizabeth M. Levant Ms. Colette Lewis Mr. Holly Liberman Ms. Sharon L. Little Ms. Cheryl E.H. Locke Ms. Julie C. Lockhart Ms. Beverly Mims Ms. Mary J. Miskell Mr. James Monaghan Ms. Suzanne R. Monk Mr. Ronald Moon Ms. Teresa K. Morgan Ms. Suzanne Moseley Mr. Stephen Michael Moss Mr. William R. Myers Mrs. Lisa Narrell-Mead Ms. Cheryl Nelson Ms. Lynne M. Nicholson Ms. Kimberly K. Norris Ms. Susan Creel Ms. Katherine W. O'Berry Mr. Bill Jones

Flower Sale/ KIDS Korner

Ms. Amy W. Finley Ms. Jennifer N. Fitzpatrick Ms. Terri S. Fliegel Ms. Monica M. Fomby Mr. Marlow Fort Ms. Sheila Fountain Ms. Catherine Fowler Mrs. Nell B. Fredella Ms. Monica Freeland Ms. Debbie Beers Freeman Mrs. Glenda M. Freeman Ms. Suzanne Graham Fritz Ms. Beth Fuller Ms. June Foster Ms. Bettye G. Gable Ms. Beth T. Gann Ms. Tracey Gann Ms. Jan Garfinkle Ms. Stacy Geldzahler Ms. Cynthia D. Gibbs Ms. Ethel Ellis Gibson Mrs. Jaqueline Giovanelli Mrs. Fran Godchaux Ms. Paige Goldman Ms. Teresa Granade Ms. Alyson H. Gully Ms. Jane Hall Ms. June L. Hall Ms. Melissa R. Ham Ms. Majella C. Hamilton Ms. Yuki Hammers

Ms. Carolyn Harper Ms. Cynthia Hood Ms. Athena Howell Ms. Deborah V. Howell Ms. Dejiang Hu Ms. LaShanda Hudson Mrs. Robin Sulzby Ms. Majella Hamilton Mr. Douglas J. Jackson Ms. Susan Jackson Ms. Susan A. Jackson Ms. Rebecca B. Jacobs Ms. Sherrie James Mr. Ronald Jarrell Ms. Lisa Jarvis Ms. Lisa C. Jesse Mr. Gerald W. Johnson Mr. Charles E. Jones Ms. Vernell Jones Ms. Yolanda Jones Ms. Kimberly D. Jordan Ms. Rachel Julian Ms. Cathy S. Karabasz Ms. Nancy Karimi Mrs. Jean O. Kassouf Mrs. Nazha B. Kassouf Ms. Jami Kellum Ms. Ollie Kelly Ms. Michelle Amaya Kilby Ms. Belinda Kimble Mrs. Jenifer Kimbrough

Ms. Becky Long Ms. Bellamy S. Looney Mr. James G. Lovell Ms. Lynn A. Lowry Ms. Kathy Luckie Mr. Harry M. Lynch Mr. J. Mark Lytle Mr. & Mrs. John Mackinaw Ms. Connie Macks Ms. Joye M. Madden Ms. Shannon Mancin Ms. Krista Marbury Ms. Pamela Wittels Marciani Ms. Paula Marino Ms. Georgia Mason-Harris Ms. Rebecca Marie Mastroianni Ms. Vickie L. Maull Ms. Ellise Mayor Ms. Linda Mays Ms. Sally Sanders McCammon Ms. Vickie McCarthy Ms. Angela McCaw Mrs. Cynthia McDaniel Ms. Mary Caroline McIntyre Ms. Ebony McKinney Ms. Katharine B. McMullen Ms. Amy C. McRae Mrs. Jane Menendez Mr. Charles Miller Ms. Debra Miller Dr. Lisa Larson Miller

Ms. Cathy O'Sheal Ms. Denise W. Oliver Ms. Janet Olsen Ms. Sandra Ort Ms. Crystal Outzen Ms. C. Diane Ramsey Paige Ms. Anne Palmer Ms. Julie Parker Ms. Flora R. Parrish Ms. Jane Parrish Ms. Stacy Pate Ms. Susan F. Peddy Ms. Kristi S. Penuel Mr. Antonine Perrier Ms. Lee Ann Peyton Ms. Carol L. Phillips Mr. Frank Phillips Ms. Patricia Pierce Ms. Gola F. Pitts Ms. Linda W. Pope Mrs. Queen Ester Porter Ms. Gloria Powell Ms. Amy L. Prewitt Ms. Valerie Price Mrs. Marianne Prime Ms. Sandra Ray Ms. Emily Redmon Ms. Diedra Richey Ms. Robbie Roberts Ms. Sara Lyn Rogers Ms. Tina S. Rogers

AR 5

Ms. Beth Romano Mr. Mark L. Rowe Ms. Joanna Rumbley Ms. Julie Ryland Mr. Joseph E. Sandner Ms. Joni N. Scofield Mrs. Eleanor E. Scott Ms. Cherie Seier Ms. Jean M. Self Ms. Ginger N. Sexton Ms. Mary A. Sharble Mrs. Dawn Helms Sharff Ms. Roxanne Shuler Ms. Anne H. Simmons Ms. Holly E. Simmons Ms. Reba Simmons Mrs. Lindsay Sinor Ms. Michelle J. Skaggs Mrs. Allison Skinner Ms. Kim Digirolamo Slay Ms. Kim G. Smith Ms. Patti Smith Ms. Takelia Smith Ms. Tara Suzanne Smith Ms. Tas Smith Ms. Carol Sosnin Ms. Lynn Williams Ms. Jessica Stanley Ms. Hannah Stevens Mrs. Vicky Sullivan Ms. Starla Suttles Ms. Susan Swider Ms. Elizabeth Swift Mr. David Swindal Ms. Shannon Swindle Mrs. Peppi Talley Ms. Aneshia Taylor Dr. Angela R. Feeling Taylor Ms. Barbara Taylor Ms. Denise B. Taylor Ms. Laura Taylor Ms. Susan H. Theiss Ms. Jill L. Thomas Ms. Sheila Thomas Ms. Elizabeth B. Thompson Ms. Jenifer L. Thomson Ms. Susan L. Thorington Ms. Teresa Thorne Ms. Kim Thrift Mrs. Kristy Trammell Ms. Heather Treesh Mr. Phillip Triantos Ms. Melanie C. Tucker Ms. Aishea Turner Ms. Donna L. Turner Ms. Abigail Van Alstyne

Mr. Aldos L. Vance Ms. Ann Vaphiades Ms. Susan K. Vawter Mrs. Scottie Vickery Ms. Tina P. Visintainer Ms. Laurie Walls Ms. Yuanjing Wang Ms. Sharon H. Ward Ms. Sheila Wardy Ms. Laurel P. Ware Ms. Cynthia D. Watson Mrs. Sally Broatch Waudby Ms. Linda A. West Ms. Juliamae White Ms. Kimberly R. Whitely Ms. Laura Whitworth Ms. Betty H. Wideman Ms. Chris Wilkerson Ms. Kristine Williams Ms. Denise L. Winjum Ms. Mari Wohlfarth Mr. James J. Wolpert Ms. Tracie M. Wood Ms. Tamula Yelling Mr. David Yother Ms. Elizabeth Young Mr. Philip F. Zeidman


Mrs. Laura M. Abernathy Mrs. Betty H. Acton Ms. Patrice Adams Ms. Marie Agee Ms. Ramona Albin Mrs. Margaret Alexander Ms. Stephanie Alexander Mrs. Allie Allen Ms. Linda Allison Allstate Giving Campaign Dr. Mable Anderson Mrs. Jenelle Andrews Mrs. Rosie Angelillo Mrs. Billy Angell Mrs. Jane Arendall Mrs. Leon Ashford Mrs. Natalie Asman Mrs. Lynn Baxley Ault Mr. Andrew Autrey Ms. Anne Averett Mrs. Candice W. Bagby Mrs. Winfield Baird Mrs. Beverly P. Baker Mrs. Garnett Baker Mrs. Tammy L. Baker Mrs. Anne Moore Baldwin Ms. Ginger Ballard

Ms. Lucy N. Ballenger Mrs. Elizabeth Barbaree-Tasker Mrs. Marjorie Bargeron Mrs. Mary Paty Bargeron Mrs. Katherine N. Barr Mrs. Bernice Barstein Mrs. Ruth Bartow Ms. Melanie Bass Mrs. Michael Battito Ms. Pamela Baugh Mrs. Edith Bauman Ms. Jessie Bean Mr. Chess Bedsole Ms. Norma Grant Bell Mrs. Phyllis Berk Mrs. Anne Lyles Berte Mr. John C. Bird Mrs. Katherine Bishop Mr. William I. Black Mrs. Allison Black-Cornelius Mrs. Barbara L. Blair Mrs. Dalton F. Blankenship Ms. Joyce O. Blunt Ms. Amy Boles Mrs. Sue Boles Ms. Mimi Boston Ms. Kathy Boswell Mrs. Emily Bowron Mrs. Dorothy Boyd Mrs. Genia Brawley Ms. Kaydee Erdreich Breman Mrs. Marion Breyer Mr. Steven Brickman Mrs. Lyn Briggs Ms. Tracy Brill Mr. Rip Britton Ms. Sharon Hamilton Broach Dr. Bill Broatch Mrs. Whitney Brockman Mrs. Dell S. Brooke Ms. Kate Brown Ms. Sandra Brown Mrs. Virginia Brown Ms. Barbara J. Bruegger Mrs. Lee Ann Bruno Mrs. Darthula Buck Ms. Leah Burke Mrs. Barbara Burnette Mrs. Ann Burnick Mrs. Virginia Burnum Mrs. Nancy Burton Mrs. Sara Burton Mrs. James J. Bushnell Mrs. Camille Butrus Mrs. Joyce Butterworth-Engler Mr. Mike Bybee Mrs. Nancy B. Bynon Mrs. Lucie Bynum Mrs. Rene Byrd Mrs. Gayle Byrne Mrs. Lori Callahan Dr. Arthur Ree Campbell Mrs. Michelle Campbell Mrs. Denise Canfield Ms. Leslie Carlisle Mrs. Kim Carney Ms. Cynthia G. Carriere Ms. Eulette F. Carter Mrs. Connie Cary Mrs. Lynn S. Cassady Ms. Joyce Cathey Ms. Annie L. Caudle Mrs. Cora Brasfield Causey Mrs. Pam G. Cezayirli Mr. John W. Chambliss Ms. Pi Ling Chang

Mrs. Norfleete L. Chenoweth Mrs. Susan Christian Ms. Jennifer Clammer Ms. Anne Clark Mrs. Faye Clark Ms. Arnika Clements Mrs. Anne Cobb Mr. Scott Cochran Dr. Jo Anne Hamrick Coggins Mrs. Tammy Cohen Ms. Eileen Cohn Ms. Juanita Colbert Mrs. Kathleen H. Cole Mrs. Laura Colebeck Mrs. Patsy Collat Mrs. Alexis Cooper Mrs. Kathleen Cooper Mrs. Suzie Cooper Mrs. Tanya M. Cooper Mrs. Caryn Corenblum Mrs. Thomas E. Corts Mrs. Brooks Cotten Mrs. Anne Couch Mrs. Carolyn T. Cowan Mrs. Ginger B. Cowley Dr. and Mrs. Robert Craddock Ms. Sue Cranford Dr. Myra Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Bill Creel Mrs. Susan S. Creel Ms. Vickie Crenshaw Ms. Virginia Crichton Mrs. Anthony Crimi Mrs. Francis Crockard Mr. Mark Crosswhite Mrs. Nan Crow Ms. Gayle Cunningham Mrs. Emily M. Curran Ms. Lynn E. Cushing Mrs. Heidi Damsky Ms. Paige Daniel Mrs. Caroline R. Darby Ms. Melissa Darden Mrs. Evelyn R. Dauphin Ms. Miriam R. Davies Mrs. Alpha Davis Mrs. James A. Davis Mrs. Jane Davis Ms. Leigh Davis Mrs. Martha Davis Mrs. April Autrey Deal Mrs. Joanne Dearth Mrs. Adair B. DeBardeleben Ms. Holly deBuys Mrs. Martha Rast DeBuys Ms. Judy Deegan Dr. Kathleen DeFreese Mrs. Vicki Denaburg Ms. Dariana M. Dervis Ms. Patricia Diak Mrs. Belinda Dickinson Mrs. Sue Dixon Ms. Susan Dominick Mrs. Forsyth S. Donald Ms. Kay L. Donnellan Ms. Crystal L. Downard Mrs. George Dreher Mrs. Patsy D. Dreher Mrs. Francis Drennen Mrs. Rachel K. Drennen Ms. Sarah Sumner Duggan Mrs. Betsy A. Dumas Mrs. Ida D. Dunbar Dr. Nancy Dunlap Johns Mrs. Katheryn C. Dunn Ms. Jessellan L. Dunn

Representative Priscilla Dunn Mrs. Mary Sue Durant Ms. Suzanne Durham Mrs. Kendall H. Eagan Mrs. Cheryl Early Mr. Marc Eason Mrs. Ann R. Elliott Mrs. Emily Elliott Mrs. Ellen Elsas Mrs. Henrietta S. Emack Mrs. Lisa Engel Mrs. Melba Epsman Mrs. Eileen Epstein Mrs. Marian Epstein Equifax Community Relations Mrs. Beverly Erdreich Ms. Rachel Estes Ms. Kathleen Evans Ms. Patricia Ewing Mrs. Shirley Fagan Mrs. Claire H. Fairley Mrs. Karle Falkenburg Mrs. Jane G. Feagin Mrs. Carolyn B. Featheringill Ms. Cherie D. Feenker Mr. Sam Ferlisi Mrs. Carole Fierman Ms. Grace Finkel Mrs. Grace C. Finkel Mrs. Grace K. Finkel Mrs. Arlene Fisher Mrs. Elizabeth L. Fitzpatrick Mr. and Mrs. Jared Flake Mrs. Margaret L. Fleenor Mrs. Mary P. Forman Ms. Darby Forrester Mrs. Tharpe Forrester Mrs. Ginny H. Fowlkes Mrs. Patricia S. Francis Mr. Denson Franklin Mrs. Nell B. Fredella Mrs. Jane B. French Mrs. Mary D. French Mr. Richard Friedman Mrs. Cathy O. Friedman Mrs. Sally Friedman Mrs. Catherine Friend Ms. Beth Fuller Ms. Pamela Furnas Mrs. Kay Fuston Mrs. Carla Burton Gale Mrs. Katherine Galloway Mrs. Challis Gamble Mrs. Ellen Gambrell Mrs. Melanie T. Gardner Dr. Carol Garrison Mrs. Shari Garrison Dr. Virginia D. Gauld Mr. Hunter T. George Ms. Ethel Ellis Gibson Mrs. Gerry P. Gillespy Ms. Barbara Glaze Dr. Renitta Goldman Mrs. Ann Goldstein Hon. Debra H. Goldstein Mrs. Billie Grace Goodrich Mrs. Gillian W. Goodrich Mrs. Linda L. Gooldrup Dr. Cynthia Gore Mrs. Sandy Gosdin Mrs. Julia M. Goyer Mrs. Kathy K. Graham Mrs. Jeri Gray Mrs. Mary Dean H. Gray Mrs. Shaun D. Gray Mrs. Anne W. Greaves

Mr. Ted Green Mrs. Judy Greenwood Mrs. Corinne Greer Ms. Ann Jessup Gulledge Dr. Judith Habeeb Mrs. Sandra Hagood Mrs. Madeline Haikala Dr. Patricia R. Hall Ms. Majella C. Hamilton Dr. Lynn Hammonds Mrs. Jeanette K. Hancock Mrs. Judith H. Hand Mrs. Ann Dominick Hardin Mrs. Margaret W. Hardy Mrs. Helen S. Harmon Mrs. Lillie Harrington Mrs. Billie Harris Miss Hazel Harris Mrs. Carol Hart Mrs. Penelope Parker Hartline Mrs. Cathy R. Harvey Mrs. Idie Hastings Mrs. Martha Hastings Mrs. Rebecca S. Hatcher Dr. Mary Hawke Mrs. Lynn S. Hazelrig Mrs. Jane H. Head Mrs. Leta H. Head Mrs. Margaret J. Heath Mrs. Hannah Helman Ms. Elizabeth Henderson Ms. Jane Henderson Ms. Karen Henderson Ms. Patsy Hendley Ms. Jane McGriff Herlong Ms. Blair Herren Mr. Ronnie Hess Mrs. Anne Hightower Mrs. Trish Hiller Ms. Holly Jaap Hilton Mrs. Lamar Hodge Dr. Elizabeth H. Hodges Mrs. Patty Giltz Holbrook Mrs. Ginger Holcomb Mrs. Dawn Holloway Mrs. Eve Holloway Mrs. Dorothy Holyer Ms. Jennifer Holyer Mrs. Jeana P. Hosch Ms. Martha Hosey Ms. Carolyn Howell Ms. Carolyn B. Howell Ms. Gloria G. Howton Ms. Beverley Hoyt Ms. Tessa Thrasher Hughes Ms. Elizabeth Hunter Ms. Jeanne S. Hutchison Mrs. Sharon Hyde Mrs. Laura C. Hydinger Mrs. Orlean Hydinger Mrs. Susan Hydinger Ms. Dolores Hydock Ms. Mamie Hymes Mrs. Caroline P. Ireland Mrs. Faye Ireland Ms. Dora Ivey Mrs. Cissy Jackson Mrs. Debi Jackson Mrs. Jim Jackson Mrs. Jan B. Jaffe Mr. Thomas E. Jernigan Mrs. Kelli Jetmundsen Dr. Barbara Johnson Mrs. Joyce R. Johnson Ms. Pat Sandlin Johnson Mrs. Virginia Johnson

AR 6

Ms. Ann Johnston Mrs. Ann Jones Mrs. Cynthia Jones Ms. Julie Jordan Ms. Lynn Joseph Mrs. Susan H. Justice Mr. Abdul K. Kallon Mrs. Karen Kapp Mrs. Laide Karpeles Mrs. Jean O. Kassouf Mrs. L. Paul Kassouf Mrs. Nazha B. Kassouf Mrs. Maria Katz Mrs. Marty Keller Mrs. Linda L. Kennedy Mrs. Ann Kessler Mrs. Robin Kidd Mrs. Tricia Kilgore Ms. Melissa Kimbrough Mrs. Ricki Kline Mrs. Joy T. Kloess Mrs. Barbara Koehler Mrs. Rochelle Koslin Dr. and Mrs. Steve Kowalski Mrs. Beverly Krannich Mrs. Donna Kraselsky Mrs. Joan Krawcheck Mrs. Sheri Krell Ms. Kathy Kyzer Ms. Jayna Lamar Mrs. Cynthia Lamar-Hart Ms. Carolyn Lankford Mrs. Cornelia LaRussa Mrs. Ann K. Layne Mrs. Shirley Leader Mrs. Leah Leaf Mr. Roy Lechtreck Mr. Chester R. Lee Ms. Laura H. Lee Ms. Mildred A. Lee Mrs. Rose Marie Lee Mrs. Gayle W. Leitman Mrs. Ina B. Leonard Mrs. Susan Letcher Mrs. Helen Levine Mrs. Lila P. Lewis Mrs. Marian B. Lewis Mrs. Anita Lichter Mrs. Roberta Cox Lightfoot Mrs. Sally Lineberry Mrs. Jeannine C. Llewellyn Mrs. Karen Lloyd Mrs. Nancy H. Lloyd Mrs. Betty Loeb Mrs. Eve London Ms. Deborah J. Long Mrs. Gina Long Mrs. Nancy Long Dr. Roberta A. Long Mrs. Roberta Lowe Ms. Janet Lucas Mrs. Sue Ellen Lucas Mrs. Karen Luce Mrs. Gloria Lundberg Mrs. Charles Lupton Dr. Ruth Ann Lyman Ms. Sherry Lyons Mrs. Barrett MacKay Mrs. Koko Mackin Ms. Joye M. Madden Mrs. Joy Magruder Mrs. Letty Marcus Mr. Gordon D. Martin Mrs. Florence Marzoni Ms. Melinda M. Mathews Mrs. June Matsos

Mrs. Judith May Mrs. Roberta May Ms. Amy N. McCain Mrs. Charles A. McCallum Mrs. Lynne H. McCallum Mrs. Lara McCauley Mrs. Isabel L. McCormack Mrs. Dan McCrary Mr. Roger McCullough Mrs. Anna McCutchen Mrs. Lynn McDaniel Mrs. Laura McDonald Ms. Amy F. McIntyre Ms. Virginia McLean Mrs. Betty McMahon Mrs. Meredith McMillan Mrs. Gladys Dowda McNeal Mrs. Louise McPhillips Mrs. Patty McRoberts Mrs. Katherine McTyeire Mrs. Heather McWane Mrs. Dixie H. Meyer Ms. Candy Meyerson Mrs. Elizabeth P. Miller Mrs. Jean H. Miller Ms. Judi Miller Ms. Nancy A. Miller-Borg

Mrs. Pamela Ochsenhirt Dr. Jamie Odrezin Mrs. Jean Oliver Mrs. Cleo O'Neal Mrs. Leslie O'Neil Mrs. Kitty Owens Mrs. Ruth P. Ozment Mrs. Virginia W. Page Mrs. Gayle Palmer Mrs. Mary Martha Parisher Ms. Brandy Parker Mrs. Robert Parsons Ms. Lenora W. Pate Mrs. Melissa Patrick Ms. Virginia Patterson Dr. Renee Peacock Mrs. J. Wray Pearce Ms. Paulette Pearson Mrs. Charlie Perry Ms. Joan Perry Mrs. Mary Allen Wilson Perry Ms. Joan C. Phillips Mrs. Marian Phillips Mrs. Dawn Pilleteri Mrs. John C. Pittman Mrs. Patty Pizitz Mrs. Jenny Plaus

Mrs. Kathryn H. Robinson Mrs. Phoebe D. Robinson Mrs. Stephanie Robinson Mrs. Kim J. Rogers Mrs. Susan C. Rogers Mrs. Sherri Romanoff Mrs. Ann Roth Mrs. Susan J. Rouse Mr. Ralph D. Ruggs Mrs. Lia Rushton Mrs. Lisa H. Rutherford Mrs. Betty Saiia Mrs. Nancy M. Sales Mrs. Jeanene C. Salze Dr. Carole W. Samuelson Mrs. Carolyn Satterfield Ms. Leah F. Scalise Mrs. Beth Schaeffer Mrs. Mattie H. Scott Mrs. Leslie Scrushy Mrs. Frances E. Seibels Ms. Jane Shalhoop Mrs. Jan Shannon Mrs. Jeanne Shearer Ms. Amy Sheehan Mrs. Babbie Shelton Mrs. Win Shepard

AR 7

Mrs. Helen Crow Mills Mrs. Betsy Miree Mrs. Kathryn Miree Mr. Paul Mitchell Mrs. Myra J. Mizerany Mrs. Margaret R. Monaghan Mrs. Maria Montana Mrs. Ceola H. Montgomery Mrs. Sara Allen Moody Ms. Barbara H. Moore Ms. Nena Bright Moorer Dr. Teresa Moran Mrs. Ann Ward Morgan Mrs. Jane H. Morgan Mrs. Jean B. Morris Dr. Elizabeth Morrison Mrs. Catherine Morton Ms. Dorothy Mueller Mrs. Earle B. Murray Ms. Kathy Murray Mrs. Kathy Myatt Mrs. John P. Myer Mrs. Amy Myers Mrs. Sarah Neal Ms. Carol Sue Nelson Mrs. Cheryl Nelson Mrs. Sue Newton Mrs. Katherine J. Nielsen Mrs. Nancy Noble Mrs. Jan Noojin Mrs. Diane North Chief Annetta W. Nunn

Mrs. Diana Plosser Mrs. Paula Pointer Mrs. Kathryn Hicks Porter Ms. Maibeth J. Porter Ms. Marilynn Potts Ms. Bette Weaver Powell Ms. Maude Ryding Powell Mrs. Meg Presley Mrs. Terry Price Ms. Wendy Price Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Program Mrs. Marian Radwin Mrs. Peggy Rafield Ms. Margaret G. Ragland Ms. LaVerne Ramsey Mrs. Rena Ramsey Mrs. Minnie Rast Mrs. Carolyn S. Ratliff Mrs. Joyce Ratliff Ms. Sue Ratliff Ms. Hallie H. Rawls Ms. Laura Read Ms. Mary Frances Forbes Reed Mrs. Elberta G. Reid Mrs. Leya Reznichenko Ms. Kim Rieger Mrs. Carol Ringland Mrs. Ann Ritchey Ms. Susan Ritter Mrs. Beebe Roberts Mrs. Kathryn A. Robins

Mrs. Frances B. Shepherd Mrs. Debbie Sher Mrs. Gertrude R. Sherrod Ms. Connie Sherrod Ms. Betty Shivers Mrs. Barbara Siegal Mrs. Gene Siegel Mrs. Regina Sigman Mrs. Lynne Simmons Ms. Jenny Sims Mrs. Calvin C. Singleton Ms. Alice J. Skinner Mrs. Donna Dearman Smith Mrs. Dorothy Smith Mrs. Elizabeth T. Smith Mrs. Ellen Jackson Smith Ms. Janine Smith Mrs. Julie Smith Ms. LaToya Smith Mrs. Nancy Smith Mrs. Robert McD. Smith Mrs. Robin Smith Ms. Tamika Smith Ms. Dorothy E. Smitherman Mrs. Robert Snyder Ms. Kelly Sorrells Mrs. Murray C. South Mrs. Rita Spencer Mrs. Dolly Staff Mrs. Sally Stanley Mrs. Joan Starnes Mrs. Bart Starr

Mrs. Laura P. Sterling Mrs. Nancy Stetler Mrs. Janet Perry Stewart Mrs. Karin A. Stewart Mrs. Holly H. Stiles Mr. Herbert C. Stockham Mrs. Herbert Stockham Dr. Linda J. Stone Mrs. Debbie Stotser Mrs. Dot Stotser Ms. Debbie Strauss Ms. Jera G. Stribling Mrs. Cindy Strickland Mrs. Susan C. Stutts Mrs. Jennifer Styslinger Mrs. Kelly Scott Styslinger Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Summerford Ms. Marda Sydnor Mrs. Martha Teas Mrs. Lora Terry Atty. Cleo Thomas Ms. Dorothy E. Thomas Mrs. Herbert H. Thomas Mrs. Ruth Thomas Mrs. Harvey Thompson Ms. Judy Thompson Mrs. Kelly Thompson Mrs. Lucille Thompson Mrs. Staci Thompson Ms. Teresa Thorne Mrs. Susan Tieszen Mrs. Susan Mullins Tipler Ms. Judith F. Todd Mrs. Dora Tolbert Ms. Kathy Tracy Dr. Roxanne Travelute Mrs. Lois Turnipseed Mrs. J. Rainer Twiford Mrs. D. A. Tynes Ms. Marcia Unger Mrs. Cheryl V. Upchurch Mrs. Connie W. Urist Lt. Colonel E.L. Vaiton Ms. Eva S. Vare Dr. Pam Varner Mrs. Barbara Viar Mrs. Jim Vickery Mrs. Scottie Vickery Mrs. Beeland Dill Voellinger Mrs. Jeanne Voigt Ms. Ann Vrocher Ms. Laura Wainwright Ms. Jan Walden Mrs. Alice Walker Dr. Martha Wallace Mrs. William Ward Mrs. Joanna Ware Mr. William M. Warren Mrs. Candace J. Wason Mrs. Kitty G. Watkins Ms. Latanishia D. Watters Ms. Susan Watterson Ms. Anne C. Waudby Mrs. Sally Broatch Waudby Mrs. Jane M. Weaver Mrs. Jane S. Webb Ms. Kathie Weber Mrs. Irwin Weiner Ms. Brenda Weinstein Mrs. Kathie Welch Mrs. Louise Welden Ms. Ann Wells Mrs. Deborah F. White Mrs. Gabreilla White Mrs. Kitty White Ms. Mary O. Wier

Mrs. Shelly S. Wiggins Mrs. Alabama Williams Ms. Dorothy B. Williams Ms. Janice Williams Dr. Janie Williams Ms. Susan Williams Mrs. Yvonne K. Willie Ms. Lynn Wilmoth Mrs. Thomas A. Wilson Ms. Jamie Windham Ms. Bobbie Winfree Ms. Joan Witherspoon-Norris Mrs. Nancy Womble Mrs. Leanne Boo Woodall Mrs. David Woodruff Ms. Odessa Woolfolk Mrs. George E. Worland Mrs. Sally Worthen Mrs. Bennie G. Wright Mrs. Louise Agee Wrinkle Mrs. Elizabeth Yeates Mrs. Manly Yeilding Ms. Anne R. Yuengert

General Contributors

Alabama Power Foundation, Inc. Ms. Katrina F. Allen Ms. Dawn Armstrong Allen AmSouth Bancorporation of AL Ms. Susan A. Atkinson Ms. Dianne Baer Ms. Mary L. Baker Baptist Medical Center Montclair Ms. Leslie Beetley Birmingham Jewish Foundation Mrs. Katherine Bishop Mrs. Phil Black Brasfield & Gorrie LLC Mrs. Maggie Brooke Mrs. Nan Broughton Ms. Robin L. Burrell Ms. Sandra Butler Dr. Mary Lynne Capilouto Ms. Lin Carleen Ms. Amy G. Carter Dr. Frances T. Carter Ms. Mary Cash Mrs. Myla Choy Ms. Sandra Cleveland Mrs. Lois Cohen Community Foundation of Greater Memphis Compass Bank Ms. Valerie Cooper Mrs. Caryn Corenblum Ms. Jennifer Cousins Ms. Linda Daniel Ms. Verta M. Danzy Mrs. Anne Dauphin Ms. Eleta R. Davis Mrs. April Autrey Deal Mrs. John F. DeBuys Ms. Sallie Datnoff Downs Mrs. Patsy D. Dreher Mr. Dan Dunne Mrs. Ruth Engel Mrs. Shirley Fagan Ms. Della Fancher Ms. Jean M. Finochio Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Fitzpatrick III Mr. Richard Friedman Mrs. Cathy O. Friedman Mrs. Kay Fuston Ms. Rosemary Gehman Mr. Jimmy Golden

Mr. Miller Gorrie Grace & Truth Church Ms. Ellyn Grady Ms. Linda Grainger Ms. Jessica Green Mr. James E. Griffith Ms. Brenda M. Hackney Mr. Randall L. Haines Mr. John Halliday Ms. Leisha Harris Ms. Jane Henderson Ms. Anne Gober Hicks Ms. Meme Hobbs Ms. Crystal Hodge Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Huffman Mrs. Leigh Hutson Jack and Jill of America, Inc. Birmingham Chapter Ms. Amanda Janis Ms. Alice Wilbanks Johnson Ms. Margaret D. Jones Junior League of Birmingham Ms. Leanne Kaslow Mr. L. Paul Kassouf Ms. Kathryn Keating Ms. Defronia Kelly Ms. Carol Kirby Mrs. Ricki Kline L. Paul Kassouf & Company, P.C. Mrs. Lynn F. LaRussa Mrs. Sandra Logan Macy's Central, Inc. Mr. Nathan Marcus Ms. Mary Kathryn McCain Mr. Mike McKay Ms. Pam Measel Reverend Deborah Meister Mrs. Lee Moncus Ms. Cristy Moody Mr. Norman Murrell Ms. Valerie Nash New South Federal Savings Bank Ms. Dawn Peeples Ms. Marilyn S. Petersen Mr. Benjamin R. Pierce Ms. Jamie Plott Mrs. Margaret Porter Professional Asset Strategies, LLC Mr. James L. Richardson Mrs. Judith Taylor Rogers Ms. Carol E. Rosenstiel Ms. Hilary H. Ross Attorney Katrina Ross Mrs. Amy Saag Ms. Gabriela F. Saito Mrs. Brooks Sanders Ms. Bonnie Selack Ms. Nancy W. Sellers Mrs. Patricia L. Shelnutt Mrs. Barbara M. Shelton Mrs. Debbie Sher Ms. Kim Sisty Mrs. Jane Smith Ms. Janine Smith Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Smith Mrs. Ellen Sokol St. Lukes Episcopal Church Sterne, Agee & Leach Mr. David H. Strickland III Dr. Virginia Sweet Mrs. Becky Swindall Mrs. Eugenia H. Taylor The Amaranth Club The Women's Network Mr. George M. Thompson Mrs. Peggy Thompson

Ms. Barbara Traylor Ms. Emily W. Tynes Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Ms. Ruth Ann Varnell Mr. Joe Vella Verizon Hopeline Mrs. Cameron M. Vowell Ms. Linda Mays Welch Ms. Ann Wells Ms. Peggy Wick Ms. Margaret Wiygul Mrs. Beth Yoe III Mr. Barry K. Zern



Alabama Power Company Blue Cross & Blue Shield of AL Ernst & Young LLP Compass Bank UAB Health System


Brookwood Medical Center Energen Corporation Protective Life Corporation Regions Financial Corporation St. Vincent's Health System Southern Company Generation Southern Progress Inc. Vulcan Materials Company Wachovia Bank


American Cast Iron Pipe Company Balch & Bingham LLP BE&K Inc. Bradley Arant Rose & White LLP First Commercial Bank Johnston Barton Proctor & Powell LLP Synovus Mortgage Corporation Women Lawyers Section of the Birmingham Bar Association

Print Smart Balch & Bingham LLP Professional Choice, Inc. Bayer Properties, Inc. Protective Life Corporation BE&K, Inc. Publix Super Markets Charities BellSouth Red Mountain Bank Bradford Health Services Regions Bank Bradley Arant Rose & White Robins & Morton Brasfield & Gorrie LLC Ross Land Design, PC. Burr & Forman Royal Cup, Inc. Cabaniss, Johnston, Gardner, ServisFirst Bank Dumas & O'Neal LLP Simply Fashion Stores LTD Camany & Company Sirote & Permutt, PC Campbell, Waller & Poer, LLC Southern Natural Gas, Capital Strategies Group an El Paso Company CapitalSouth Bank Southern Nuclear Operating Company City of Birmingham Office of Specialty Landscaping City Council SRM Aggregates City Paper St. Vincent's Cobbs, Allen and Hall, Inc. Starnes & Atchison, LLP Colonial Properties Trust Stephen Bradley & Associates LLC Compass Bank Sterne, Agee & Leach Cowin Equipment Company, Inc. The Brooke Family EBSCO The Cole Family Elements Communications Inc. Energen /Alabama Gas Corporation The Frank and Fred Friedman Family Foundation First Commercial Bank The Hackney Foundation Formation Methods LLC Giattina, Fisher & Aycock Architects, Inc. The Johnson Realty Company, Inc. The Welch Group, LLC GMACCM Thompson Foundation Healthcare Timeless Interiors Inc. Greater Birmingham Convention & Tubular Products Company Visitors Bureau Hare Wynn Newell and Newton LLP U.S. Pipe and Foundry Company UAB School of Medicine Hoar Construction Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, LLC University of Alabama at Birmingham Educational Foundation Independent Presbyterian Church Vesta Insurance Companies Jemison Investment Company, Inc. Johnston Barton Proctor & Powell, LLP Vulcan Materials Company Wachovia Bank Joiner Fire Sprinkler Company, Inc. Whatley Drake LLC Jones & Berry P.C. Women Lawyers Section of the Junior League of Birmingham Birmingham Bar Association Kelly Construction YWCA of Knoxville KHAFRA Mrs. Janet Aarons Ligon Industries Mrs. Susie Abbott Luckie & Company

Ms. Leslie Allen-Coyne Ms. Emily S. Amberson Ms. Carleton Ambrose Mr. Jim America Mrs. Julia Anderson Mrs. Marcheita Anderson Mrs. Tracey H. Anderson Ms. Jennifer L. Andrews Anonymous Ms. Kay Argo Ms. Freddi Aronov Mrs. Suzanne Ashe Mrs. Rusteen J. Ashford Ms. Trinita Ashford Mr. Leon Ashford Mr. Jim Averett Ms. Abigail Avery Ms. Ginger Azbik Mrs. Suzy Baker Ms. Janet Ball Mrs. Stephanie Banks Ms. Gail Barber Mrs. Judy Barclay Ms. Burch Barger Mrs. Coquette Barnes Ms. Cynthia Barnes Ms. Edie Barnes Ms. Carol Jenkins Barnett Mrs. Joy N. Barron Ms. Susan Barstein Mr. Rodney Barstein Ms. Cindy Bartlett Ms. Nancy C. Barton Mrs. Roxanne Batson Mrs. Patricia B. Baughman Ms. Nancy Baxley Ms. Sherri Bayer Mr. Chris Bazaye Mrs. Juju Beale Ms. Kimberly Bean Ms. Robin Beardsley Mrs. Judy Beatty Mrs. Paula Beck Ms. Paula Beck


Ms. Carol Filler Ms. Joy Godsey Ms. Leigh Anne Hodge Ms. Koko Mackin Ms. Cleo O'Neal Ms. Joan Pizitz Ms. Marianne Prime Ms. Carol Privett Ms. Hallie Rawls Ms. Tina Upshaw Judge Virginia Vinson

Purse and Passion

Alabama Allergy & Asthma Center, LLC Alabama Gas Corporation Alabama National Bancorporation Alabama Power All-Rite Janitorial & Window Cleaning, Inc Altec/Styslinger Foundation American Cast Iron Pipe Company American Printing Inc. AmSource AmSouth Bancorporation of Alabama Anthony Underwood Automotive B. L. Harbert International LLC Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC Marathon Corporation Marketry, Inc Mayer Electric Supply Company Maynard Cooper & Gale PC McDonald Construction Group, LLC McWane Inc. Merchandise Vending Company Merrill Lynch Moore Syndication Inc. O'Neal Steel Past Perfect Pearce Bevill Leesburg & Moore, PC Pleiad Foundation PricewaterhouseCoopers Councilor Valerie A. Abbott Mrs. Livy Abele Ms. Louise Abroms Ms. Ann-Marie Adams Ms. Patrice Adams Ms. Terry Adams Mrs. Margaret Aderholt Mrs. Amy Ager Mrs. Kelly O. Aland Ms. Lisa Alexander Mrs. Susan Emack Alison Mrs. Karen Allen Ms. Karin Allen Mr. Andrew C. Allen Mrs. Camille A. Becker Mrs. Joan Becker Ms. Joellyn Beckham Ms. Myra Beckham Mr. Chess Bedsole Ms. Leslie Beetley Ms. Sandra K. Behel Ms. Evivian Bell Ms. Elayne G. Bennett Ms. Debbie Benson Ms. Sheila Benson Dr. Andrea Benton Ms. Sue Bibby Ms. Neeysa Biddle

AR 8

Mrs. Dana H. Billingsley Ms. Gale Blackstock Mrs. Barbara L. Blair Ms. Sheila Blair Ms. Connie Blalock Ms. Irene Blalock Mrs. Dalton F. Blankenship Mrs. Jann Blitz Mrs. Michelle Bloodworth Ms. Linda Bloomer Ms. Jane Bluestein Ms. Pam Bounelis Ms. Amanda Bowen Ms. Ruth Ann Bowers Ms. Kelly Bownes Ms. Joy Braasch Dr. Cathy Bradford Mrs. Lajuana Bradford Ms. Mindy Bradford Mr. Stephen E. Bradley Ms. Lessie Brady Ms. Emily Branum Mrs. Libby Brasfield Ms. Cathy Braswell Ms. Charlena H. Bray Mr. John A. Bresnan Dr. Erica Bridgeforth Ms. Kathy Britton Ms. Sharon Hamilton Broach Mrs. LeTangelon Broadnax Ms. Catherine Brooke

Mrs. Lisa Burton Mr. Rob Burton Mrs. Levoria Bushelon Ms. Rosie Butler Mrs. Katrina D. Cade Ms. Carole Cain Ms. Ragan Cain Ms. Nez Calhoun Mrs. Lynn L. Callahan Ms. Elizabeth T. Campbell Ms. GiGi Campbell Ms. Gigi Campbell Mrs. Joan Cardwell Ms. Kathy Carlisle Ms. Leslie Carlisle Ms. Donie Carlson Mrs. Karen Norman Carroll Ms. Perryn Carroll Mrs. Eva Carson Ms. Amy G. Carter Ms. Yolanda Carter Mrs. Lynn S. Cassady Ms. Linda G. Chambers Mrs. Vickie Chandler Ms. Muchelle Chaney Ms. Lydia Cheney Mrs. Myla Choy Ms. Lowell Christy Mrs. Shelley P. Clark Ms. Virgina Clark Ms. Peggy Clarke

Ms. Vera Copeland Mrs. Caryn Corenblum Mrs. Elizabeth Cornay Ms. Julie Cottingham Mrs. Kate Cotton Mrs. Anne Couch Ms. Jennifer Cousins Mrs. Cathy Covington Mr. James P. Cowin Ms. Meredith B. Coyne Ms. Jane Crain Ms. Missie Crawford Mrs. Susan S. Creel Ms. Robin S. Crouch Mrs. Margie Cuckler Ms. Marlena Cummings Esq. Ms. Betty Cunningham Ms. Gayle Cunningham Ms. Malena Cunningham Mrs. Nancy Kane Curreri Ms. Carolyn Curry Ms. Dolores Curry Mrs. Susan Curtin Ms. Linda Daniel Mrs. Caroline R. Darby Mrs. Kate Dewitt Darden Mrs. June Davis Ms. Leigh Davis Dr. Marquita Furness Davis Mrs. Mitzi S. Davis Mrs. Phyllis Davis

Mrs. Maggie Brooke Mr. Dixon Brooke Ms. Izetta Broom Mr. Tom Broughton Mrs. Betty Brown Mrs. Betty Brown Ms. Charla Brown Ms. Hala Brown Mrs. Roxie Brown Ms. Sharon Brown Ms. T'Arra Brown Mr. Charles Brown III Ms. Malana Bryant Ms. Sallie M. Bryant Commissioner Mary M. Buckelew Ms. Liz Buckingham Ms. Ginny Bugg Miss Carrie Buntain Mrs. Derry Brice Bunting Ms. Ruth Burchfield Mrs. Anne Burke Ms. Patsy Burke Ms. Ginger Burkett Ms. Kelli Burkett Ms. Debbie Ward Burks Mrs. Ann Burnick Mrs. Sharon Burrow Ms. Christi Burrus

AR 9

Reverend Susan A. Clayton Rev. Susan Clayton Ms. Arnika Clements Ms. Nancy Clemmons Ms. Anita Clemon Ms. Michelle Clemon Esq. Ms. Carrie C. Cleverdon Mrs. Melinda Coats Mr. Ron Cofield Mr. Irby M. Cohen Ms. Linda Cohen Mrs. Tammy Cohen Mr. James Presley Cole Ms. Brooke H Coleman Mrs. Cheryl Collat Mrs. Patsy Collat Ms. Michelle Collier Ms. Cheri Collins Ms. Susan C. Colvin Ms. Jane Comer Ms. Pat Comer Ms. Angela Comfort Ms. Evelyn Condon Ms. Marie-Louise Connery Ms. Particia Conrad Mrs. Charlsie Cook Mrs. Suzie Cooper Ms. Susan Copeland

Mrs. Shayana B. Davis Ms. Lucille Dawson Mr. H. Corbin Day Mrs. Carol de la Torre Mrs. April Autrey Deal Dr. William Deal Ms. Yvonne DeBose Mrs. Katherine K. DeBuys Dr. Dawn DeCarlo Ms. Jill Deer Mrs. Jill Deer Ms. Nicole Dellaccio Mrs. Catherine W. DeLozier Mrs. Jan Denaburg Mrs. Vicki Denaburg Ms. Vicki Denmark Ms. Dariana M. Dervis Mrs. Coleen A. Dew Ms. Dian Diamond Dr. Brenda Dickerson Ms. Melanie Dickinson Mrs. Cece Dillard Ms. Trisha Dodson Mr. David Donaldson Ms. Kay L. Donnellan Mrs. Lori Dorsky Ms. Julia Doster Mrs. Ellen Dover

Ms. Augusta Dowd Ms. Helen Kathryn Downs Ms. Helen Kathryn Downs Ms. Maggie Dreher Mrs. Patsy D. Dreher Ms. Betty Drennen Mrs. Helen Drennen Ms. Phyllis Driver Ms. Millie Kay Drum Mrs. Carol A. Drummond Ms. Sarah Sumner Duggan Ms. Sarah Sumner Duggan Ms. Denise Eady Ms. Dru Harris Ealons Ms. Tina M. Ealy Mrs. Susan Earle Ms. Carol Eason Ms. Elaine Eberhardt Ms. Judy Egge Mrs. Lynn Elgin Ms. Jan Elliott Mr. Bruce Ellis Ms. Cherri Ellis Ms. Nancy Ellis Ms. Susan Ellis Ms. Toni Ellis Ms. Michele Elrod Mrs. Ellen Elsas Mrs. Henrietta S. Emack Ms. Yvonne Essix Ms. Becky Estes Ms. Rachel Estes Ms. Lorrin Etka-Shepherd Ms. Sonya E. Eubank Ms. Amy W. Evans Ms. Beulah Evans Ms. Janie Evans Ms. Jenelle Evans Ms. Gerriann Fagan Ms. Julia Fallon Mrs. Ginny T. Farley Dr. David Farrar Ms. Janet Faught Ms. Joanne Favaloro Mr. Tyrone Fenderson Jr. Ms. Patricia Ferguson Dr. Barri Fessler Ms. Pamela Fetterolf Ms. Sara Feuerlein Ms. Cherie Fields Mrs. Carol Filler Mrs. Laura W. Findley Mrs. Barbara Finkelstein Ms. Nancy D. Fisher Ms. Susan H. Fitzgibbon Ms. Eileen Fleming Ms. Linda Flippo Mrs. Ann D. Florie Ms. Beth Floyd Ms. Cathy Floyd Ms. Elizabeth R. Floyd Ms. Kira Fonteneau Mrs. Marynell Ford Ms. Patti Fore Mrs. Pat M. Forman Ms. Elizabeth L. Fox Mrs. Sara Fox Mrs. Nell B. Fredella Ms. Pat Fresk Mrs. Cathy Friedman Mrs. Cathy O. Friedman Mr. Fred Friedman Ms. Elise Frohsin Ms. Cynthia Fuller Mrs. Kay Fuston

Ms. Joanie Gable Mrs. Carla Burton Gale Mrs. Challis Gamble Ms. Irene Gardner Ms. Jacqueline Gardner Dr. Virginia D. Gauld Ms. Harriet Gee Mrs. Melanie Geer Ms. MaryLiz Geffert Ms. Linda Brooks Geiss Mrs. Lee M. Gewin Mr. Joe Giattina Ms. Denise Gibson Ms. Ethel Ellis Gibson Ms. Carolilne Gidiere Ms. Caroline Smith Gidiere Mrs. Susan Gilpin Ms. Mary Glass Mrs. Fran Godchaux Ms. Sandra B. Goddard Ms. Joy Godsey Mrs. Nancy C. Goedecke Ms. Paige Goldman Ms. Betty Goldstein Ms. Carolyn Goldstein Hon. Debra H. Goldstein Ms. Carolyn Goldstein Mr. Mike Goodrich Mrs. Fran G. Goodrich Mrs. Gillian W. Goodrich Ms. Bonnie Goodwin Ms. Lori Goolsby Ms. Becky Gordon Mr. Miller Gorrie Mrs. Alison Gorrie Mrs. Christi Graham Mrs. Lisa Goldstein Graham Ms. Gaile Pugh Gratton Ms. Arlene A. Gray Mrs. Marguerite Harbert Gray Mrs. Shaun D. Gray Ms. Star Gray Ms. Susan Gray Mrs. Robbin Grayson Ms. Andrea Greene Mr. P. Nicholas Greenwood Ms. Bridgette Griffin Ms. Eleanor Griffin Ms. Pamela Griffith Ms. Candace Grimes Mrs. Martha L. Grizzle Ms. Carol Gross Ms. Frances Guthrie Ms. Ann Haas Ms. Anne Morris Hackney Ms. Harriet Hackney Mrs. Susan Hackney Ms. Virginia Hackney Mr. Randall L. Haines Mrs. Dianna G. Hale Ms. Jennifer Hall Dr. Patricia R. Hall Ms. Susan M. Hall Mr. Jason Hallman Mrs. Nancy Hallmark Mr. Joseph Hambrite Mr. Herschell Hamilton Ms. Majella C. Hamilton Ms. Shirley Hamilton Mrs. Willa Yvonne Hamilton Ms. Sara Fuller Hamlin Mr. Billy L. Harbert Jr. Mrs. Kathryn D. Harbert Mrs. Rhonda R. Hardwick Ms. Karla Sass Hardy Ms. Connie Harper

Dr. Doreen Harper Ms. Kristin Harper Ms. Robin Harper Ms. Carolyn Harper Ms. Christie Harrington Mrs. Jackie Harrington Ms. Leslie Harrington Ms. Alesia Harris Ms. Alice Harris Ms. Gwen Harris Ms. Tangela Harris Mr. Todd Harris Ms. Lori Harris Ms. Benga Harrison Mrs. Penelope Parker Hartline Ms. Penney Hartline Mrs. Susan N. Haskell Ms. Lori Hatcher Mrs. Gail S. Hathorne Ms. Carla Hawley Ms. Kathy Hayman Ms. Ashley Haynes Mrs. Tookie D. Hazelrig Mrs. Leah Hazzard Ms. Frances Heidt Mrs. Cissy Held Ms. Andrea N. Henderson Ms. Karen Henderson Ms. Audrey Hendricks Ms. Wanda Hendrix Ms. Kelly Henry Ms. India M. Henson Mrs. Gail Herman Mrs. Ronne Hess Ms. Karen High Mrs. Angela Perry Hill Dr. Connie Hill Ms. Lisa Jo Hill Mr. Nick Hill Mrs. Sherenevelyne Hill Ms. Sherri Hill Ms. Trisha Hill Mrs. Carey T. Hinds Ms. Beth Hinson Mrs. Eve Hirsch Dr. Kathy Hoar Ms. Jennifer Hodges Ms. Melissa Hogan Mr. Peter Holby Mr. Pete Holby Mr. John Holcomb Ms. Donna Holdbrooks Ms. Daisy M. Holder Ms. Theresa A. Holloway Ms. Valerie Holman Ms. Aisha Holmes Ms. Crystal Holmes Mrs. Valerie Holmes Mr. Steve Holmes Mrs. Francoise Horn Ms. Maxine Horowitz Mr. Creig B. Hoskins Ms. Katherine Houston Ms. Stephanie Houston Ms. Joy Howard Ms. Carolyn B. Howell Mrs. Amy Hudson Ms. Nina Hudson Mrs. Cora Huggins Mrs. Alverdean Huggins-Bonner Ms. Connie R. Hughes Ms. Joan Hughes Ms. Nancy Hughes Ms. Tessa Thrasher Hughes Ms. Yvonne P. Hughes Mrs. Jan Hughey

Ms. Juanita Eaton Hull Dr. Sandral Hullett Mrs. Mildred E. Hulsey Mr. Melvin Humes Mrs. Elizabeth Hutchins Mrs. Leigh Hutson Ms. Earnestine Hyche Mrs. Laura C. Hydinger Ms. Pauline Ireland Ms. Lee Sumner Irwin Dr. Lillian Israel Ms. Karen Ivey Ms. Cindy W. Ivy Mrs. Amy Jackson Ms. Bertha James Ms. Janice Jefferson Ms. Renee Jefferson

Mr. Robert Kelly Ms. Natalie Kelly Mr. Bill Kelner Ms. Beverley Kennedy Ms. Shea Kennedy Ms. Dottie Kent Ms. Lynda Kern Mrs. Becky Keyes Ms. Enid Keyser Dr. Shirley Salloway Khan Mrs. Lisa Kianoff Ms. Kate Kiefer Captain Jennifer Kilburn Ms. Sandra R. Killion Ms. Susan A. Kimberly Mr. Josef S. Kimerling Mrs. Sheryl Kimerling

Ms. Bernice Jenkins Mr. Thomas E. Jernigan Mrs. Kelli Jetmundsen Ms. Becky Jetton Mr. Johnny Johns Ms. Susan Kelley Johnson Mrs. Carol Johnson Ms. Christina Johnson Ms. Emily E. Johnson Mrs. Sue Johnson Mr. Alvin Johnson Mrs. Mary R. JohnsonButterworth Ms. Dee Dee Johnston Ms. Martha Johnston Mr. Robert Joiner Mr. Bob Jones Ms. Alesia Jones Ms. Angie Jones Ms. Barbara B. Jones Mrs. Brandi Jones Ms. Elizabeth R. Jones Ms. Frances Jones Ms. Joanna Jones Mrs. Lisa M. Jones Ms. Margaret D. Jones Ms. Mickey Jones Mr. Bill Jones Ms. Carolyn Jordan Mrs. Amy Ward Kabase Ms. Ludmyla Kadlubovska Ms. Ludmyla Kadlubovska Dr. Shirley Salloway Kahn Ms. Joan Kane Ms. Farrah Karadimos Dr. Ginny Karle Ms. Leanne Kaslow Mrs. Kathryn Keating Ms. Denisa Keith Ms. Loretta Keller

Mrs. Annette Kinderman Ms. Dorothy C. King Ms. Kathleen King Mrs. Margaret King Mr. Robert Kinsey Dr. Cindy F. Kirk Dr. Rebecca Kissel Ms. Judi Kitchens Ms. Shari Klementz Mrs. Ricki Kline Mr. Jeffrey Klinner Ms. Barbara Klyce Ms. Mary Ann Knotts Mrs. Julie Koch Mrs. Michele Korf Mrs. Beverly Krannich Mrs. Donna Kraselsky Ms. Holley LaGrone Mrs. Cynthia Lamar-Hart Ms. Gina Lamaster Ms. Christy Langley Ms. Carolyn Lankford Ms. Sarah Y. Larson Mrs. Anne LaRussa Ms. Chelsey LaRussa Mrs. Cornelia LaRussa Mr. Benny LaRussa Jr. Ms. Mary Carson LaRussa Ms. Megan LaRussa Mrs. Elizabeth Lasseter Mrs. Amanda O. Lawson Ms. Cathy C. Lee Mr. Charles Leesburg Mrs. Gayle W. Leitman Mrs. Ina B. Leonard Mrs. Faye Levin Ms. Julie Levinson-Gabis Ms. Anita Lewis Ms. Judy Lewis Ms. Malinda Lewis

Mrs. Andrea G. McCaskey Mrs. June H. McClendon Ms. Deanna McCombs Mr. Rusty McCombs Ms. Laura McCown Mr. Charles McCrary Mrs. Beth McDavid Mrs. Barbara McDonald Mr. Vernell McDonald Mrs. Laura McDonald Ms. Misty McDuffie Ms. Alexa McElroy Ms. Carla McEwen Ms. Kimberly L. McGowen Ms. Molly McGregor Ms. Amy F. McIntyre Mrs. Leah McKinney Ms. Anna McLaughlin Ms. Ashley S. McLaughlin Ms. Kelly McLaughlin Mr. Robert J McLaughlin Ms. Kay McLean Mr. John McMahon Mrs. Betty McMahon Ms. Kathy McMahon Ms. Carrie McMahon Mrs. Meredith McMillan Ms. Melanie McNary Ms. Denise McQueen-Davis Ms. Amy C. McRae Ms. Lesley McRae Ms. Mary McSpadden Ms. Cinda York Meredith Ms. Candy Meyerson Mrs. Ellen Michael Mrs. Elizabeth Middlebrooks Ms. Cathy Curtis Miller Mr. James N. Lombard Ms. Debra Miller Ms. Kathy Love Mrs. Lisa Q. Miller Ms. Brenda Lovell Mr. Maurice Miller Mr. Tom Lowder Mrs. Sophia Miller Mrs. Pat Lowe Ms. Nancy A. Miller-Borg Ms. Katharyn Lowry Mrs. Gail Mills Ms. Janet Lucas Ms. Carolyn Mims Ms. Melinda Lucas Ms. Holly C. Mims Mrs. Sue Ellen Lucas Ms. Teresa Minor Ms. Angela Luckett Ms. Anne Mitchell Mr. Bob Luckie III Ms. Anne W. Mitchell Ms. Vivian Lyle Mrs. Judy Monheit Ms. Tynette Lynch Dr. Kathy Monroe Mrs. Verna Lyons Mrs. Ceola H. Montgomery Ms. Bernadette Mack Ms. Cristy Moody Mrs. Jeanie MacKenzie Ms. Bonnie G. Moore Ms. Joye M. Madden Ms. Ramona Mainess-Anderson Mrs. Angela Scott Moore Mrs. Elta R. Moore Ms. Lynellen Mallett Ms. Cynthia Malloy-Minnifield Ms. Kimberly Moore Mrs. Liz Moore Mrs. Mary Jane Maple Ms. Pam Moore Mrs. Rosalind W. Markstein Ms. Pat Moore Mrs. Melissa Marsh Ms. Pam Moore Ms. Tanisha Marshall Ms. Nena Bright Moorer Ms. Patsy Martens Mrs. Stacey Morales Mrs. Elizabeth Martin Ms. Barbara Morgan Ms. Kristin Martin Ms. Lynda Morris Ms. Anne Mathews Mr. Bill Morton Ms. Melinda M. Mathews Ms. Anne R. Moses Ms. Beverly Matlock Ms. Dorothy Mueller Mrs. June Matsos Ms. Rosie Mullen Ms. Laurie Max Ms. Stephanie Mullins Ms. Carol Bianchi Maxwell Ms. Grace Robinson Murphy Ms. Cindy May Ms. Kathy Murray Ms. Erin May Ms. Amber Myers Ms. Huberta Mayfield-Howe Ms. Nancy Nagrodzki Ms. Amy N. McCain Ms. Samuetta P. Nesbitt Mrs. Ella Byrd McCain Mrs. Anita Neuer M.A., L.P.C. Ms. Kelley McCallum Ms. Barbara Nichols Ms. Shirley McCarty Ms. Mary B. Lewis Ms. Rufie Lewis Ms. Elizabeth R. Lichenstein Ms. Lee Lichter Ms. Tammy L. Liddell Mrs. Valerie Lightfoot Mrs. Patricia K. Lilly Ms. Heather Fisher Lindsay Ms. Shannon Lindsay Ms. Shannon Barnhill Lisenby Ms. Susan Bevill Livingston Mrs. Jeannine C. Llewellyn Ms. Lynn Lloyd Ms. Cheryl E.H. Locke Ms. Janet Lockridge Mrs. Virginia Gilbert Loftin Dr. Virginia Lolley

Ms. Lori Nichols Ms. Sandi Nicholson Ms. Martha Noble Mrs. Nancy Noble Mrs. Tricia Noble Mrs. Susan Nolen Ms. Carolyn Nowlin Chief Annetta W. Nunn Ms. Kathy Odom Mrs. Teresa Odom Ms. Susan Oliver Mrs. Barbara O'Neal Mrs. Dolly O'Neal Ms. Pam Orth Ms. Crystal Outzen Ms. Cynthia Jean Owen Ms. Delores Simmons Owens Ms. Faye D. Owens Ms. Frances Owens Mrs. Lynne S. Owens Ms. Sandra Owens Ms. Lydia Padilla Mrs. Virginia W. Page Mr. Ruffner Page, Jr. Mrs. Dottie Daigle Pak Mrs. Victoria Baxter Palefsky Ms. Julie A. Palmer Ms. Lynlee Wells Palmer Ms. Claire B. Parker Mr. Harold Parker Ms. Janet Parker Ms. Melanie Moore Parker Ms. Elaine Passman Mrs. Melissa Patrick Mrs. Jennifer Patterson Ms. Kim Patterson Ms. Tracy Patton Ms. Jane Pavel Dr. Renee Peacock Ms. Laura Peck Ms. Dawn Peeples Mrs. Mary Peeples Mr. George Pelekis Ms. Susan Perhacs Ms. Marjorie Perlman Ms. Joan Perry Mr. Kenneth Perry Mrs. Cynthia Persall Ms. Whitney Peters Mrs. Bragan Dreher Petrey Ms. Kathy Petro Judge Laura Petro Mrs. Kathleen Petznick Ms. Carrie Phillips Ms. Donna Phillips Ms. Joy Phillips Mrs. Mary Jo Phillips Ms. Whitney Phillips Ms. Kim Pierce Ms. Patricia Pierce Mr. Joey Pierson Ms. Dana Pippins Ms. Margo Pitt Ms. Carrie Pittman Mrs. Carrie Pizitz Mrs. Margie Pizitz Dr. Rick Player Ms. Sherri S. Pledger Rev. Jayne Collins Pool Ms. Cynthia Poole Mrs. Kathryn Hicks Porter Ms. Julie Portera Ms. Aleshia Posey Ms. Elmyra Powell Ms. Maude Ryding Powell Ms. Jennifer Praytor

Ms. Paula Preston Ms. Nancy Price Mrs. Rusti Price Ms. Sarah S. Price Ms. Nan M. Priest Mr. James L. Priester Mrs. Murray Priester Ms. Kianta Prince-Bryant Mrs. Allison Pritchard Ms. Mary Berkeley Pritchard Judge Caryl P. Privett Mr. W. Dan Puckett Judge Teresa Tanner Pulliam Ms. Lydia DeGaris Pursell Ms. Patricia Raczynski Mr. Charles Raine Mrs. Rena Ramsey Ms. Gloria Randolph Mrs. Cynthia Ransburg-Brown Mrs. Lynn Rathmell Ms. Sandra Ratliff Ms. Terri Ratliff Ms. Laura Read Ms. Patsy Reaves Ms. Donna Reddinger Mrs. Caroline Reich Ms. Beverly Reid Ms. Patricia T. Reid Ms. Fran Reilly Ms. Mary Romano Rembert Ms. Pam Remson Ms. Kathy Reuse Mrs. Kimberly R. Reynolds Mr. Van Richey Ms. Georgia S. Roberson Ms. Laura Robinson Ms. Sheri Robinson Ms. Kimberly Rodgers Mrs. Jeanie Rogers Mrs. Kim J. Rogers Mr. Paul Romjue Mrs. Janet Rooney Ms. P. Michelle Rosemore Ms. Carol E. Rosenstiel Ms. Jessica Roskin Ms. Cara Ross Ms. Katrina Ross Ms. Jane Reed Ross Mrs. Bunny Rotenstreich Mrs. Judy Rotenstreich Mrs. Kathryn Roth Ms. Sandra Rothe Mrs. Nancy Rousso Ms. Karen Roy Ms. Laura Roy Mrs. Barbara B. Royal Ms. Gretchen Rudkin Ms. Joanna Rumbley Dr. Julia A. Russell Mrs. Lisa H. Rutherford Ms. Deidre D. Ryan Mrs. Amy Saag Mrs. Jeanene C. Salze Mrs. Brooks Sanders Ms. Jennifer Sanders Mrs. Sheila Sanders Ms. Pat Sandlin Ms. Laura Sappington Mr. Paul Saucier Dr. Frances Marie Saunders Ms. Gerianne Savage Mrs. Tina V. Savas Mr. John D. Saxon Dr. Juan Saxon Ms. Leah F. Scalise Mrs. Emily Scarbrough

AR 10

Ms. Ashley L. Billingsley Scardino Mrs. Mary Ann Smith-Janas Commissioner Shelia Smoot Ms. Lynn Schatz Ms. Debra J. Snider Ms. Candace Schlosser Ms. Ceil Jenkins Snow Ms. Patricia Schmidt Ms. Sandra Sokol Ms. Elizabeth Schopfer Dr. LaDonna Richardson Schultz Mrs. Carol Solomon Mrs. Glenda Sparacio Ms. Esther Schuster Mrs. Robin Sparks Ms. Susan Schwartz Mrs. Caroline Sparrow Ms. Gaynor Scoggin Ms. Angelique Spivey Mrs. Lynnette Scott Ms. Jan Spivey Mrs. Virginia Scruggs Ms. Juanda Q. Spotser Ms. Anne Marie Seibel Ms. Rebecca Stafford Ms. Fran Selevan Ms. Caron Stallings Ms. Mary Noel Sellers Ms. Nicole Stamps Ms. Marsha Semon Ms. Carol Standifer Mrs. Joyce Serwitz Ms. Kathleen Standifer Ms. Terri A. Sewell Mr. Robert F. Stanford Ms. Constance Sexton Ms. Linda Stanford Ms. Meredith Shah Mr. Stan Starnes Ms. Jean S. Shanks Mrs. Susan M. Steele Ms. Mary A. Sharble Mrs. Connie Stein Mrs. Dawn Helms Sharff Mrs. Gail D. Stephens Ms. Lisa Sharp Mrs. DeLois G. Sterling Ms. Lisa Sharp Mrs. Laura P. Sterling Ms. Lauren Sharps Mrs. Carol H. Stewart Ms. Dorothy Cobbs Shaw Ms. Julia Smeds Stewart Ms. Elizabeth Shaw Ms. Linda Stewart Ms. Trinket Shaw Ms. Ina Stone Ms. Nannette Sheaffer Dr. Linda J. Stone Dr. Anne Shealy Judge Sandra H. Storm Mrs. Cynthia Shearer Mrs. Melissa B. Strange Mrs. Jeanne Shearer Mrs. Heidi Strauss Ms. Tracy Sheehy Ms. Jera G. Stribling Ms. Meredith Sheline Ms. Peggy Striplin Mrs. Barbara M. Shelton Ms. Cathy Strong Ms. Theddora Shepherd Ms. Emily Baxter Studdard Ms. Heather Sherack Ms. Ellen Sullivan Ms. Debbie Shevin Mrs. Yolanda N. Sullivan Mrs. Susan Shiland Mrs. Tellis Porter Shoemaker Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Summerford Mrs. Margaret S. Shuttlesworth Mr. Jim Summerlin Mrs. Fran Summerlin Mrs. Rebecca Sibley Ms. Karlotta Swain Mrs. Barbara Siegal Dr. Virginia Sweet Mrs. Rhonda Siegel Ms. Susan Swider Mrs. Toby Siegel Ms. Emily Swift Mrs. Regina Sigman Ms. Martha M. Sykes Ms. Bridget Sikora Ms. Sybil Sylvester Mr. Clay Simmons Mrs. Peppi Talley Mrs. Lindsay Sinor Ms. Marilyn Tanner Ms. Anna Sizemore Ms. Sherrie Tarpley Ms. Nan Skier Ms. Melva J. Tate Ms. Alice J. Skinner Ms. Dedi Taylor Ms. Nancy Skinner Ms. Sue Taylor Ms. Cynthia Owsley Sloane Ms. Sonja Taylor-Claybion Ms. Ashanti Slone Dr. Evelyn Teague Dr. Carol Ann Smith Mrs. Lora Terry Mr. A. C. Smith Ms. Phyllis Thomas Ms. Janine Smith Mrs. Mary J. Thomas-Brewer Mr. Maclin F. Smith III Ms. Sherri Thomas-Jones Mr. Hatton Smith Mrs. Carey Thomasson Mrs. Beverley H. Smith Mr. Michael D. Thompson Ms. Camino Smith Ms. Regina S. Thompson Ms. Carlette Smith Mrs. Renee S. Thompson Dr. Carol Ann Smith Mrs. Tracy M. Thompson Mrs. Ellen Jackson Smith Ms. Teresa Thorne Mr. James Opp Smith Mr. Jared Thornton Mrs. Jane Smith Mrs. Caron Thornton Mrs. Lisa Thompson Smith Mrs. Catherine Thornton Mrs. Michele Smith Ms. Michelle Threadgill Ms. Natalie Smith Ms. Kim Tillman Ms. Pam P. Smith Ms. Judith Todd Ms. Sandra Smith Mrs. Virginia Carruthers Smith Ms. Judith F. Todd Ms. Patricia Tomlinson Mr. Jim Smither Councilor Carole Smitherman Ms. Suzanne Tovar Ms. Jennifer Bice Trammell Mrs. Torrey Smitherman

AR 11

Mrs. Jennifer Bice Trammell Ms. Shirley Trammell Ms. Barbara Traylor Ms. Tamara Trevarthen Ms. Jackie Trimm Ms. Amy Tubre Mrs. Amy Tucker Ms. Jackie Tucker Ms. Stacey McDuffa Turner Ms. Tamika Turner Ms. Yvonne Turner Mrs. Lois Turnipseed Mr. Anthony Underwood Mrs. Connie W. Urist Mrs. Jane Van Eaton Ms. Patty Van Sicklen Mrs. Pat Vander Meer Ms. Ann Vaphiades Mrs. Sharon Venz Ms. Linda Verin Mrs. Scottie Vickery Judge Virginia A. Vinson Mrs. Jeanne Voigt Ms. Virginia Wilson Volman Mrs. Cameron M. Vowell Mrs. Cheryl Vowels Ms. Nancy Wagnon Ms. Laura Wainwright Ms. Carol Waites Ms. Nancy Walburn Ms. Montise Waldrep Ms. Marion F. Walker Ms. Yolanda Walker Ms. Amy Wall Ms. Kathy Carlisle Wallace Ms. Carrie Walthall Ms. Tara Walton Mr. William M. Warren Ms. Patricia Warren Mr. Mike Washburn Mrs. Candace J. Wason Mrs. Jeannette Watford Ms. Rita G. Watkins Ms. Becky Watson Ms. Cindy A. Watson Ms. Royslyn Watters Mrs. Sally Broatch Waudby Ms. Dona Weatherly Ms. Karen Webb Ms. Allison Weil Mrs. Leonard J. Weil Mrs. Lori S. Weil Dr. Sherri M. Weissman Mr. Edgar Welden Ms. Ann Wells Mrs. Jan Wells Ms. Janet Wertheimer Ms. Mary Brunson Whatley Ms. Tonia Whatley Mrs. Myrtle C. Whetstone Ms. Jennefer Whisenhunt Mrs. Deborah F. White Ms. Marjorie Lee White Ms. Mary Lee White Mrs. Wendy W. White Ms. June Whitlow Ms. Sunsiray Whitmore Ms. Mary O. Wier Mrs. Shelly S. Wiggins Mr. Tom Wilke Ms. Shannon Williams Ms. Adeline Williams Mrs. Cheryl Williams Ms. DeValerie Harry Williams Mrs. Gini Williams Mrs. Laura Williams

Farmers Insurance Fashion Consulting By Joan Ms. Cherie D. Feenker Mrs. Deborah Fisher Ms. Regan Leigh Fisher FOOTMAD Ms. Joann Fox Mrs. Nell B. Fredella Mrs. Cathy O. Friedman Ms. Ashley Fulmer Ms. Pam Garrison Dr. Virginia D. Gauld Ms. Gigi G. Gauthier Ms. Daphne Gerald Mrs. Beth Gerwin Ms. Joy Godsey Ms. Arlene A. Gray Greater Birmingham Convention & Visitors Bureau Mrs. John C. Griffin Dr. Patricia R. Hall Ms. Kathleen Hertrich Ms. Theresa Hogland Ms. Alzelda Hollie Ms. Sidney O. Hoover Mrs. Amy Hudson Mrs. Laura C. Hydinger Mrs. Larry Jackson Ms. Amanda Johnson Ms. Martha Johnson Mr. Bill Jones Ms. Dianne Joseph Ms. Brittany Kenny Ms. Sharya Aaron Mrs. Ricki Kline Ms. Wendy Adams Ms. Mary Ann Knotts Alabama Allergy & Asthma Center, LLC Ms. Andrea Krueger Mrs. Susan Emack Alison Ms. Katrina F. Allen American Society of Women Accountants AmSouth Asset Managment Inc Ms. Jeanette Andrews Mr. Gary Arnold Mrs. Tammy L. Baker Ms. Gail Barber Ms. Mary Lynn Bates Bath and Body Works Ms. Jessie Bean Bellsouth Ms. Karen Bertrand Birmingham Allergy and Asthma Birmingham Payroll Association Ms. Pam Blalock Mr. Stephen Briggs Brookwood Forest School Ms. Janice Lee Brownie Troup 515 Mrs. Ina B. Leonard Burr & Forman Ms. Tracy LeSieur Business & Professional Mr. Ronald Lindquist Women/Metro Chapter Little Professor Book Center Ms. Mary Cain Ms. Chanell Loadholt Ms. Joan Cardwell Mrs. Virginia Gilbert Loftin Ms. Linda Carroll Ms. Betty Lowe Ms. Ann M. Chambliss Ms. Joye M. Madden Ms. Pi Ling Chang Ms. Emily Mann Ms. Andrea Chapura Mason Corporation Mrs. Deane K. Corliss Ms. Donna Mathews Cottage Living Editorial Staff Ms. Marilyn Matthews Mrs. Kate Cotton Mrs. June H. McClendon Mrs. Susan S. Creel Ms. Kim McDaniel Ms. Malena Cunningham Ms. Pam McIntosh Ms. Katie Dewees Ms. Amy F. McIntyre Ms. Staci Duke Ms. April Miller Ms. Suzanne Durham Ms. Nancy A. Miller-Borg Ms. Jennifer Elgin Ms. Anne W. Mitchell Mrs. Henrietta S. Emack Ms. Patricia N. Moore Mrs. Shirley Fagan Dr. Sarah L. Morgan

Ms. Lynn Petty Williams Ms. Nici Williams Ms. Sabrina Williams Mrs. Mary Williamson Ms. Katy Morris Willis Ms. Carol Anne Wilson Ms. Catherine Wilson Ms. Sharon Wilson Ms. Sonya Wilson Ms. Kelly Windham Ms. Danielle Winfield Ms. Elaine Witt Ms. Lynn Wood Ms. Rebekah Woods Ms. Rosemary Woods Ms. Kay Worley Mrs. Sally Worthen Ms. Elizabeth Wyatt Ms. Mary G. Yancey Ms. Terri A. Yancey Ms. Nora Yardley Mr. James Yardley Ms. Danna Yarmowich Ms. Alice Yeates Ms. Sharon Yeldell Ms. Heather Young Ms. Anne R. Yuengert Mrs. Sandra Zarzaur Mrs. Peggy Zeiger

Santa's Workshop

Ms. Amanda Morris Ms. Bettye Morton Ms. Anne R. Moses Mountain Brook High School Key Club Ms. Dorothy Mueller Ms. Sharon Mumm Ms. Sara Nall Ms. Rachel Nelson Ms. Susan Nolan O'Neal Steel Ms. Julie Palmer Mrs. Kathryn Hicks Porter Ms. Jeanette Price Judge Caryl P. Privett Public Relations Council of Alabama-Birmingham Chapter Ms. Frances King Quick Ms. LaVerne Ramsey Ms. Georgia S. Roberson Ms. Carolyn Robertson Ms. Sheri Robinson Mrs. Kim J. Rogers Mrs. Nancy Rousso Ms. Lisa Rutherford Ms. Suzanne Salze Shades Mountain Junior Women's Club Ms. Shelia Shaw Dr. Carol Ann Smith Ms. Janine Smith Mr. Jim Smither Mrs. Holly H. Stiles Mrs. Debbie Stotser Mrs. Mary Lou Taber The Women's Junior

Chamber of Commerce Ms. Dorothy E. Thomas Ms. Ethel Thompson Mrs. Kelly Thompson Ms. Judith F. Todd Ms. Cia Tompkins Ms. Shirley Trammell Mrs. Mary Umlauf United Parcel Service Ms. Ann Vaphiades Ms. Laura Wainwright Mrs. Rose Walker Ms. Hollie Watts Mrs. Sally Broatch Waudby Ms. Wini Wetzler Ms. Janet Whatley Ms. Kristine Williams Ms. Dorothy Willingham Ms. Katy Morris Willis Women Lawyers Section of the Birmingham Bar Association Ms. Elizabeth Young



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