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Actor - Martial Artist - Director - Choreographer - Editor - Web Designer Cell: +00 86 15910711363 E-mail: [email protected]

Birth Date: 1978/11/10 Nationality: French Height: 178 CM Weight: 75 KG Hair: Dirty Blond Eyes: Grey Blue


MAYHEM (2008) Status: Actor and Fight Choreographer Role: Lead as Faz Director: Jean Marc Mineo Company: N/A THE WITNESS (2006) Status: Actor, Fight Choreographer and Editor Role: Police Officer Director: Fabien Garcia Company: Beijing Yuan Yang Investment Group and Z Team PRE...FACE (2005) Co-Starring: Caroline Ducey, Sagamore Stevenin, Christian Vadim and Romain Duris Status: Actor Role: Himself Director: Jean Marc Mineo Company: Diamedia Productions FANTASY STORY (2005) Status: Actor and Fight Choreographer Role: Straight Sword Warrior Director: Fabien Garcia Company: Z Team BROTHERS FOREVER (2004/2005) Status: Director, Actor and Editor Role: Brothers' Friend Director: Himself

Company: Z Team DUEL (2004) Status: Actor and Fight Choreographer Role: Lead Director: Fabien Garcia Company: Z Team SILVER HAWK (2003) Starring: Michelle Yeoh Status: Actor Role: Drug Dealer's Hitmen Director: Jingle Ma Company: Mythical Films - Han Entertainment WARRIORS OF VIRTUE 2 (2002) Status: Martial Arts Performer Director: Michael Vickerman Company: Crawford Productions Pty. Ltd NENETTE ET BONI (1996) Status: Martial Arts Performer Director: Claire Dennis Company: Imma Films Achievements: Nominated for Breakout Action Star at the 2007 Action On Film International Festival for his performance in the short film Duel.


2004 ARTS FROM OUR LAND COMPETITION (2004) "Seizing Treasure at the Dragon Gate" Live Show Status: Actor Role: Emperor's Agent Company: BTV and MLY Film and TV Agent Co., Ltd




(Non-Exhaustive List) Kang Shifu Instant Noodles TV Commercial (2007) China Real Estate TV Commercial (2007) Citizen Watches TV Commercial (2007)

Harbin Beer TV Commercial (2005) Erdos S'Favori Music Story (2003)


(Non-Exhaustive List) Chateau Glory International Club Apartment Advertisement (2004) International Wushu Federation Promotional Posters (2002)


Movie Directing, Action Directing, Various Martial Arts Knowledge, Wushu, Wushu Weapons Work, Fight Choreography, Gymnastic, Trampoline, Acrobatics, Video Editing, Website Designing, Basic Physical Training and Health Knowledge, First Aid, Driving, Scuba Diving, Swimming, Skiing


Fluency in French Fluency in English Advanced Spoken Mandarin Chinese


Wushu, specializing in Long Fist (Changquan), Straightsword and Spear, coached by former Beijing Wushu Team member and many times China champion Wang Xiaona. Also trained by former Beijing Wushu Team member Fu Yang and by former Tongbei Quan China champion and former Shangdong Wushu Team member: Wang Wei. Completed successfully the 2 years (2001-2003) Wushu training course at the Beijing University of Physical Education (B.U.P.E). Received a Wushu athlete level 2 grade status issued by the Chinese Wushu Association after competing at the Beijing University of Physical Education "Deng Ji" competition (1st place Male Duilian with team mates Fabien Garcia and Chris Lovell & 5th place Straightsword). Trained Shaolin Gong-Fu (2000-2001) in Henan, Songshan Shaolin Monastery Shi Yong Xu's Chan Wu School. Competed during the Shaolin Chan Wu School Competition (Shaolin, CHINA 2000) (Qi Xing Chuan First Place, Shaolin Gun 2nd Place). Experience in Muay Thai (1999), Fought in Phuket, Thailand "Vegas Beer Bar" [1 Win 0 Loss], Kick Boxing/Full Contact (1996 Erick Romeas Club), Karate Do Shotokan (3 years), Judo (3 years). Trained Gymnastic for few years and competed during the 1998 FSGT French Gymnastic Championship. Achievements: 2nd place in Straightsword (Jianshu) and 4th place in Long Fist (Changquan) at the 5th

Hong Kong International Wushu Festival.


Founder and Member of the Z Team.


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