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How to fitting variable delay intermittent wipers

DISCLAIMER: This is a guide of how we ( did it. We do not take any responsibility for damaged caused to persons or property while you are using the supplied information. If you are unsure or not confident, please leave it to a professional. 1. You will require an Omega 6 pin time delay relay, part number 90494187 - £29.85 2. You will require an Omega stalk, Saloon with MID buttons, part number = 90494656 - £53.87 Saloon with no buttons, part number = 90494654 Hatch/Estate with MID buttons, part number = 90494657 Hatch/Estate with no buttons, part number = 90494655

3. You will also require a plug/socket with some loom from the scrappy, I used a standard Vauxhall four pin unit. This is not essential but allows the stalk to be removed. 4. First (on MID button stalks) you need to modify the Omega stalk wiring socket, remove the five wire pins from the six pin socket with a small jewelers screwdriver and using the original Vectra socket refit the three MID wire pins into the original Vectra pin positions. Brown = pin C, Brown/Red = pin D and Brown/White = pin A.

5. Next (or for non button stalks) fit the variable wiper wire pins to the new wiper socket. These are Black/White and Black/Yellow wires. The wiper stalk is now ready to be fitted, once the wiring is done.

6. The new wiper plug needs wiring to the Vectra next, the new wiper plug Black/White wire needs joining to the Black/Yellow wire in the large stalk socket (pin 9 or J on the stalk). 7. Next ensure the Black/Yellow wire from the new wiper plug can reach the back of the fuse box. 8. Then you need to join a wire to the Black/Red wire in the large stalk socket (pin 3 or W on the stalk), this wire needs to reach the back of the fuse box.

9. Next remove the fuse box by taking out the three screws at the top hinge. 10. Then run the two new wires (Black/Red and Black/Yellow) to the back of the fuse box. 11. Remove the rear plastic fuse box wiring cover and you can see the three wiper relay wires, in the centre/left. Green, Blue and Black/Violet. 12. Cut the three wires close to the fuse box and fit spade terminals to the loom wires and then fit them to the new wiper relay. Green = pin 31B, Blue = pin 53E, Black/Violet = pin 15. 13. Connect a new brown wire to pin 31 of the new wiper relay, join it to one of the brown wires on the left of the fuse box.

14. Fit spade terminals to the two wires from the new wiper plug and connect them to the new wiper relay. Black/Yellow = pin I (small pin), Black/Red = 53C.

15. The new relay can now be cable tied to the rear of the fuse box, the plastic cover refitted and the fuse box screwed back on. The original wiper relay can be left in place as it is now disconnected.

16. Finally fit the new stalk and refit any trim removed.

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