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The history of the Zamprogna family in Brazilian southern market started in 1937, in a small countryside town in the very south of Brazil. A town in which there were natives, Italian immigrants and other European colonizers. Some friends and family members of the Zamprogna's, who were looking for something else than the simplicity and the fertility that the land there could offer, have decided to enter the world of business, by starting a small partnership, which has resulted in one of today's main Brazilian industries in the mechanical-metal field.

about our history.

working with the products of the main national powerhouses.

In 1998, the engineer Paulo Sérgio Zamprogna, who was at the time the Industrial Director of ZAMPROGNA INC., decided to sell his shares of the company and started a different business, called "Centro de Serviços da PS Zamprogna" (Service Center of PS ZAMPROGNA) in the city of Canoas. This business has started to operate like a flat steel distributor, by serving a variety of its clients from different industries: steel, furniture, transportation, refrigeration among Obviously, in the beginning, the commer- others. cialized products were very basic ones. However, the first step had been taken. Since 2003 PS ZAMPROGNA has been working in the south of Brazil together In a very short period of time, that small with INAL CSN (nowadays it is known as business started to work as a sort of Prada), which is the biggest flat steel as a general store, with a very large distributor in the whole country and it assortment of products. The business had belongs to the CSN group. All the material developed so quickly that the small that is sold by INAL CSN in the south of countryside town became too small for Brazil, is granted by PS ZAMPROGNA. the greater plans that the founders had, which have resulted in what today we In the end of the same year, 2003, know as USIMINAS ZAMPROGNA INC. PS ZAMPROGNA INC. has closed a deal with a very important client, at the time During the late 40's, their headquarters one of the biggest steel distributors in the moved to Porto Alegre, the capital of country as well ­ Frefer INC and this the state of Rio Grande do Sul. In the 60's company also became a partner. Today was when they finally spread their this company is known as Frefer Metalpbusinesses and entered the steel market. lus and it is also the biggest independent This was when Zamprogna was steel distributorin Brazil. All the distribution nominated as the distributor of flat of the metal sheets, rolls, steel profiles and laminated steel of the south of Brazil, blanks from Frefer Metalplus in the states

Image of one of the first Zamprogna's Family general stores.

of RS (Rio Grande do Sul) and SC (Santa Catarina) is done by PS ZAMPROGNA and ZAMCAT STEEL, making this client became an strategic partner and also a very important part of the company's portfolio. In 2011 Klöckner & Co (biggest steel and metals distributors of the world) acquires 70% of Brazilian Frefer Group and Christiano Freire will stay as CEO for Kloeckner. PS ZAMPROGNA grants more than 10.000 tons every month for many of its clientsand it occupies a standout position in the southern metallurgical market of Brazil. By using PS Zamprogna's example, its partner and licensed company ZAMCAT STEEL tries to obtain the same results in the market of the states of SC, PR (Parana) and SP (Sao Paulo).



On August 27th, in the city of Guaporé/RS, this company was born, through a partnership established among the brothers José and Ernesto Zamprogna and José Butelli under the name of BUTELLI, ZAMPROGNA & CIA LLC. With an investment of two hundred Cruzeiros (the currency in Brazil at the time) they have started the business by working with hardware and leather articles and also buying and selling colonial products.


In August, Zamprogna bought the building and all the installations of a previous metallurgy workshop company that existed there, which was called "Metalúrgica Nossa Senhora da Penha". This building is where Zamprogna's headquarter is located today. Also, it was the beginning of Zamprogna's President dream: to become an industry. In this year the manufacturing of pipes made with oxygen melted alloy started. The whole production was done manually and it was going well, with an amount produced of 30 tons/month.


The distributor TUBOMAC moved to the modern installations at 2476 Baltazar de Oliveira Garcia Ave. in Porto Alegre/RS.It was projected and manufactured in its installations.

1980 1981


When Butelli had decided to back out from the partnership (due to contractual changes) the other two Zamprogna brothers founded the company called "Irmãos Zamprogna CIA LTDA" (or in English, Zamprogna Brothers LLC), under the registration number of 49.713, on February 28th, 1948. At this point, the company had Dr. José Zamprogna as the President and the other brothers, Ernesto and Hermínio, as the company's Vice-Presidents. The capital invested was one thousand and five hundred Cruzeiros.

1970 1973

The "Telha Autoportante", a type of roofing sheet model AP-200, was released. It consisted of a roofing sheet made of steel, developed with a special profile to cover large empty spaces (without having to use other materials). The production of steel pipes reached 50.000 tons/year.

On March 31 st was signed the contract for the first 20x100m pavilion's foundation. Was ordered was a modern line of equipment, to produce pipes with electronic welding, which required a readjustment made with the guidance and supervision of its technicians.

1954 1955

The "Galpão Guardabem" was released (a shed structured on articulated porches, made with a steel profile of carbon steel, layered with infinite shingles of zinc steel).

On September 20th, when the company merged from a LLC into an INC, was when the main company was established: "ZAMPROGNA S/A IMPORTAÇÃO, COMÉRCIO E INDÚSTRIA". At this point the invested capital was of ten thousand Cruzeiros and it also had a branch in São Paulo/SP, the most important city of the Brazilian economy.

The company TUBOMAC was founded to distribute and sell products for the mechanical metal, construction and agriculture segments. The headquarter office was located on Dr. João Inácio St., in Porto Alegre/RS.


a) The industrial park in Porto Alegre/RS was enlarged, since a 1.800m2 pavillion was built to host the heavy activities of furnace. b) The operations of the new galvanization line by hot immersion were started and the chemical and metallurgical lab was also enlarged.


The branch in Porto Alegre was opened, on Dr. João Inacio St.


The company received the first share of galvanized sheets from CSN, to serve the industrial corrugation sector.

A very modern steel service center was built in Sao Paulo, SP with a total area of 10.000 m2, in the neighborhood of Vila Guilherme which was added to the other one that already existed in Porto Alegre/RS. Both were perfectly capable of executing all the tasks needed by the distributors.


a) The second branch was bought in São Paulo/SP, with an area of more than 10.000m2, in the neighborhood of Vila Guilherme, to produce and distribute the laminated sheets. b) The operations of a NEW HEAVY GAUGE CUT-TO-LENGHT LINE were started in the São Paulo branch, with a cut capacity of 12,7mm x 2000mm, which was one hundred percent projected and manufactured in the company's installations.


Has begun the operation of the first "LINE FOR TUBE MANUFACTORING", designed and manufactured in their factories.


It was nominated the official distributor of flat laminated steel for the steel producers COSIPA and USIMINAS. This made the company be in the top position in this business in the south of Brazil, already during its first year working in this market. An increase of 3.000% was made in the main capital that had been invested in 1954, when the company became an INC in the place of a LLC.


The production of a modern line of corrugated cement roofing sheets was started, under the model number IO-17.



a) The industrial park in Porto Alegre/RS was extended, with the construction of a 4.000m2 pavillion with its structure made of steel to store the raw material. b) The operations of the 6th production line of pipes were started by the company with capacity for a 4" gauge.


Over the years, it was found that this wasn't the primary purpose of the company, considering its strategic location in one of the most powerful districts in the South of Brazil, the Morart Industrial District (in Canoas), among medium and large industries, access to highways (BR116, BR 386, BR 290 and RS 118), and connected to the main industrial centers. In view of these facts, the company became a Steel Service Center, passing to perform the services of transverse cutting, longitudinal cutting, profiled cutting and cutting and bending. The new business, which was the secondary objective, became primordial in their own development. After three years, with the first expansion, the area built was doubled, rising to 4,000 m².



Purchase and installation of the CUT-TO-LENGHT LINE Delta Brands, American high production equipment with Herr Voss Leveller for precise flattening of the products. This equipment added more technology and quality in our line of sheets and blanks. We have added an additional 3,000 tons/month to our production capacity, rising to 9,000 tons/month. The building area reaches 8,000 m². The company is certified according to ISO 9001:2000 standards. Purchase the area and pavilion adjacent to the company (old VW Sivel Trucks). The same is leased to CSN, that uses the area such as Inal's DC of finished products.


The company celebrated its 50th Anniversary. The 7th production line of pipes was started.


The engineer Paulo Sergio Zamprogna, then Industrial Director of Zamprogna Industrial S/A, decided to discard his share in Zamprogna S/A, creating in the same year the Service Center PS ZAMPROGNA in Canoas.


The PS ZAMPROGNA achieves record production in June, with 1500 tons produced.

2006 2007

New investment in Divimec/Ungerer transverse cutting line. This equipment has one of the more accurate levellers in the Brazilian market for cutting and planing sheets up to half inch. Adds an additional 5,000 tons of production capacity/month to our company, estimated at 14,000 tons/month. The company returns to the steel distribution industry sector, working again on the sale of profiles, rolls and blanks. Projected by Paulo Zamprogna Filho, in 12 months reaching 1000 tons of sales/month.

1999 2000

Installation of the DIVIMEC SLLITING line longitudinal cutting line, a major technological step which added much quality to the company's products. Capacity of production raised on 6,000 tons/month. It took more than two expansions in order to improve the coils' storage capacity, raising the built area to 5,750 m².

1989 1991

The PS ZAMPROGNA starts its activities and has as core business the building of prefabricated and modular steel pavilions, of easy assembling, Guardebem type.


PS ZAMPROGNA consolidated a partnership in Brazil`s south region with INAL CSN (Current PRADA), one of the largest steel distributors in the country, and belonging to the CSN Group. All material sold by CSN in the brazilian south is benefited by P. S. ZAMPROGNA.


The PS ZAMPROGNA achieves production record with 11,800 tons in August. It is the market leader in Rio Grande do Sul in processing of steel to others. Another expansion increases the built area to 10,000 m².




ZAMCAT STEEL - Paulo Zamprogna Filho opened the company in 2010 in the city of Joinville/SC, called ZAMCAT STEEL. The new company was originated from the friendship between its founder and Christiano Freire, from Frefer Metalplus, serving 50% of this client's needs and the rest of the capacity was to serve the Brazilian market. The company targeted the market of São Paulo/SP, granting materials from its clients that import raw materials from Itajaí/SC and São Francisco do Sul ports. The service center of the company has 2 SLLITING LINES and 2 CUT-TO-LENGHT LINES in its original scope. The production capacity is approximately of 8.000 tons. PS ZAMPROGNA - The company has increased its built area to 14.000m2 in order to improve the productivity, the storage and the loading lead-time. The production reaches a monthly average of 10.000 tons, with an installed production capacity of 15.000 tons.



we are


In 1988, engineer Paulo Sergio Zamprogna, at the time Zamprogna S/A's Industrial Director, decided to discard his share in Zamprogna S/A, creating in the same year the PS ZAMPROGNA's Services Center in Canoas, which began operating in the distribution of steel, but with the passage of time, acted more as a specialized Services Center for the same processing, attending to all types of customers from the steel commercials, furniture industry, transportation, refrigeration, among others. It is strategically located in one of the most powerful districts in the South of Brazil, the Morart Industrial District (in Canoas), among medium and large industries, access to highways (BR-116, BR-386, BR-290 and RS-118), and connected to the main industrial centers.


ZAMCAT STEEL was founded to support the growing domestic market and importer of flat steel, with more than 10,000 m_ of built area and industrial park containing various equipment for processing/cutting coils. Our services' portfolio is based on Longitudinal Cutting (Slliting) and Transverse Cutting (Cut-tolenght). Working in partnership with the OTM logistics' provider, we can provide a complete solution for processing + logistics. With this competitive advantage, the distributors and industries can really quantify accurately the costs to have their material already processed in their companies. As a result, have lower costs, generating economies of scale for client and supplier through an open negotiation, clear and without surprises until the product's final destination. The final result is the elimination of various processes, bottle-necks and controls needed to work with several suppliers for the same purpose.




The company is located in Joinville, exactly between São Paulo and Porto Alegre, along the BR-101 highway, that connects the main economic centers and ports in southern Brazil.

It is strategically located in one of the most powerful districts in the South of Brazil, the Morart Industrial District (in Canoas), among medium and large industries, access to highways (BR-116, BR-386, BR-290 and RS-118), and connected to the main industrial centers.

São Paulo

São Paulo






Itapoá São Francisco do Sul Navegantes Itajaí

Sea Ports

Navegantes Santos Rio Grande Itapoá Imbituba Itajaí 560 km 1095 km 328 km 698 km 379 km

Rio Grande


Sea Ports

Navegantes 87 km 531 km 328 km 75 km 254 km 98 km


Rio Grande do Sul


Porto Alegre


Rio Grande Itapoá Imbituba Itajaí

541 km

São Francisco do Sul 638 km

Distance between OTM and sea ports

São Francisco do Sul 52 km

Distance between OTM and sea ports


São Paulo Curitiba 1089 km 686 km


São Paulo Curitiba 526 km 130 km

São Francisco do Sul 638 km Blumenau Itajaí Florianópolis Porto Alegre 542 km 541 km 465 km 10 km

São Francisco do Sul 52 km Blumenau Itajaí Florianópolis Porto Alegre 100 km 98 km 186 km 617 km




We produce steel sheets and blanks in various sizes, considering all the requirements of each segment, with wide production capacity and modern equipment that guarantees adhesion to the industrial proccess of our clients.

LCT 01 Zasa 0,43 up to 1,25 mm x 1200 width LCT 02 Mckay 2,00 up to 8,00 mm x 1600 width

LCT 01 Delta Brands 0,43 up to 1,25 mm x 1200 width LCT 02 Ferjaro 0,80 up to 3,00 mm x 1300 width LCT 03 Divimec Ungerer 2,00 up to 13,00 mm x 1600 width

LCB 01 Hap 0,50 up to1,95 mm x 1100 width LCB 02 Honzik 0,30 up to 2,00 mm x 600 width


Total production capacity in tranverse cutting over 3 shifts: 15.000 tons/month




With wide capacity of production and modern equipment in their Service Centers, P. S. ZAMPROGNA and ZAMCAT STEEL produces rolls through slitters, meeting the most stringent technical requirements of the market and providing for all types of customers of Metal-Mechanical segment.

LCL 01 Divimec LCL 01 Divimec 0,43 up to 2,00 mm x 1500 mm width 0,30 up to 2,30 mm x 1600 mm width LCL 02 Ferjaro 2,00 up to 4,75 mm x 1600 mm width Coils Division Maximum input weight: 30 tons Splitted in 10 or 15 tons coils


Total production capacity in longitudinal cutting over 3 shifts: 6500 tons




Did you know that the process of cutting, folding and punching sheets naturally warps any material, resulting in a wavy surface and tightened, if not corrected? We perfectly understand that if a flat material is required in its production process, only the smallest wave or arc can ruin the project. Understanding our clients and the market needs, we became obsessed by doing perfectly flat sheets. That's the reason why we use systems levellers, a Herr-Voss for coils from 0.43 up to 2.00 mm thick x 1830 width in our line of tranverse cutting of flat sheets in cold rolled and galvanized materials, and in the transverse cutting line of flat sheets of hot rolled and pickled and oiled materials we use a Ungerer leveller for coils from 2.00 up to 12.50 mm thick x 1650 width to ensure the sheets as flat as possible.



Materials: Cold rolled, Galvanized, Hot Rolled and Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled Thickness: 0.43 to 12.50 mm Standard sizes and special measures, according with the client's request



Perspective of cold rolled and galvanized packed


Perspective of hot-rolled sheets packed


Materials: Cold rolled, Galvanized, Hot-Rolled and Hot-Rolled Pickled & Oiled Thickness: 0.30 to 4.75 mm Width: 13mm to 1620 mm

Label Plastic Film Espacers

Label Plastic


Perspective of cold rolled coils and galvanized packed

Perspective of hot-rolled coils wrapped



Materials: Cold rolled and galvanized Thickness: 0.43 to 1.95 Width from 100mm to 1225mm Length up to 3000mm Length and Bracket Tolerance + / - 0.5 mm Heavy Blanks Materials: Cold rolled, Galvanized, Hot Rolled and Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled Thickness: 2,00 to 12.50mm Length: up to 12000mm


The conformation profiles have all kinds of use, from construction to the automotive and transportation sectors. They're classified as U Type simple, Hardened and Special. Materials: Cold rolled, Galvanized, Hot Rolled and Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled, Aluminum and Stainless Thickness: de 0,43 a 12,50 mm Length: up to 6000mm Longer lenghts on request


Focused on metal-mechanic sector, ZAMCAT STEEL and PS ZAMPROGNA offer wide storage area, totaling 24.000m² and a technically proper structure, ensuring the integrity of the stored loads.


10.000 m² of built area on high ground




Storage capability

14.000 m² of built area on high ground


30 ton


Storage capability

25 ton


Wide outdoor fenced area Lobby and warehouse with armed guard available 24 hours, performed by specialized security company

Rua Anaburgo 3100 Zona Industrial Norte, Joinville SC - CEP 89219-630 +55 47 3434.0484 [email protected]

Av. Guilherme Schell, 10500 Bairro São Luiz Canoas RS - CEP 92420-000 +55 51 3272.0808 [email protected]



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