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Homework M a s t e r


Use the code to write your spelling words. Unscramble the first five letters in circles to find the spelling word that answers the first riddle. Use the other circled letters to answer the second riddle.


Spelling Connections Grade 6





1. t



2. c b o n 3. c o n f m 4. c t a i n 5. c c u l 6. c t o n 7. i g n 8. d t y 9. c p e n t 10. c o n c n e

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11. p t n 12. t h 13. m ef t e

14. f n a c e 15. c f e w 16. p c h a s e What can cause a draft if you leave it ajar? If five men don't show up for a baseball team, what will there be? a team




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